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Author Topic: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS  (Read 10437 times)

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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a/n: ((There is now way this depicts the real events or something with similar tone in real life. This work is merely a work of fiction and in no way depicting a real life situation))
also this is a hirate centric fanfic, all other names will be using alias. I don't think it's easy to be figured out but let's see.

7. hirate (Who Do You Love the Most?)

This is the first time since I was born
That I've felt so much pain
Love is silently driving me mad

Yurina fiercely threw a punch on a wall, hitting it so hard it bruised her fist, gushing out fresh bloods from the gaps of her knuckles. She gritted her teeth in frustration, seemingly wanting to throw everything on her room to create one big mess. Nobody could hear her, it was already 1:27 AM after all, even nurses were tired and probably fell asleep on their night shift.

Nothing could ever calm her down.

She wiped her hand with a pinkish handkerchief, a small "A.S." initials were embroidered with a thin black thread. This obviously wasn't a part Yurina's belonging, as much as she wanted it to be. It was from her, the one who drive her mad, madly in love. Ever since they met last summer, Yurina couldn't take her eyes off of her. The little mouse, a nickname Yurina gave to the particular girl, charmed her to the point she couldn't refuse. Her doctor had introduced Yurina to The little mouse and said, quote, "Probably she needs a friend around her age to talk to.". She had been coming here often due to her problems, countless voices she couldn't stop hearing and multiple shadows she couldn't stop seeing. Her family seek for a professional help, and thus leading her staying on the hospital for a therapy this summer.

She had never had a friend.

A loner, an outcast. Someone deemed to be labelled eccentric by the society, not like that she wanted to be popular or validated by them as well. It's no use. She was just tired living such life with fake smiles and useless small talks. It sort of destroying her from the inside, thus why she ended up here anyway, thinking that it wouldn't even change a thing.

It was until she met The little mouse.

Her sessions were all dull and boring. It's always the same "How did you feel today?" question every time she saw her doctor. Not that the doctor wasn't a nice lady or anything, she is actually, but just Yurina being pretty much disinterested. She wanted out, locking herself on her room again instead of being forced to spill out what she couldn't even suppressed. She made friends with her devils anyway, both voices and shadows.

One day, Lady doctor asked her if she wanted a friend, or at least someone to talk to on the facility. She suggested calling a friend, or opening up to someone she trust and knew. But Yurina shook her head, she didn't have anyone to return to, even her family. They all just wanted her to be functional again for their agenda. Lady doctor obviously took a pity, she told stories about her only daughter whom she loved so much. She had been married to someone for a long time and had one daughter, only 3 years older than Yurina. It was The little mouse.

The little mouse had come during the summer break, cladded on a short-sleeved sailor uniform, something that Yurina hadn't worn for quite a long time. She had always wear the winter uniform no matter what, since her school had it only different on the length of the sleeves.

Clouds are gathering
In the sky of my heart
I can't see the moon anymore
How long do I have to wait
Until a ray of light
Will pierce the darkness

"You're nice." The little mouse once said to her, while they both munching a big size of burger on the fast food chain near the hospital. Yurina was not sure if she meant it for real or if she was just being sarcastic. They have been engaged on various activity and talk topic, something that the Lady doctor had encouraged her to do so. It's been really fun actually, something that Yurina hadn't experienced before. The little mouse only came on her free time, a few but somehow something that Yurina always longed for.

"I'm not. I'm sick." She said nonchalantly, sipping her cola regardless.

"How so? You look fine." The little mouse said again, frowning. "I don't get why you have to go to my mom."

"Of course, you don't." Yurina said, half laughing.

"You'll be out from here in no time, trust me." She said again, "By the way, you got a sauce on your mouth."

Yurina paused a bit. "Looks like bloods."

"Calm down, edge lord. It's just ketchup."

The little mouse reached for her pocket and pulled out a small handkerchief. "Here, wipe it."

"Thanks, I guess." She did so and noticed a red stain on the fabric. "I'll ask the nurse to wash it."

"Sure, you got plenty of time to return it to me."

An imaginary bird of jealousy
Is spreading wide its wings
As if in suspicion of the truth
Something heavily weighs it down
And the dream becomes a nightmare

Was it a dream life? Having someone caring and talking about you, just like every normal girl of her age doing nowadays. Happily linking arms, walking with joy towards their favorite store after school ends. It was her initial thought, her trips with The little mouse had brought her so much joy and so much confidence, she began to be afraid to lose sight of her even it was just for a second. It started as a simple question, "Is she coming back tomorrow?" on every session, and quickly turned into something like "Where is she? What is she doing right now? I want to see her right now! I don't want her to do something without me!".

She was being attached, and overly jealous every time Lady doctor told something about The little mouse. That one time she went ballistic when Lady doctor said that The little mouse had recently came back from a trip to Fukuoka and had bought matching key chain with her best friend. A special person. Something Yurina didn't want to hear because it's obviously should have been her.

The key chain girl ruined it for her.

Who is the one
You love the most? Tell me
I asked you with my gaze
But you closed your eyes
And tried to run away

"I told you, I love you. Only you." The little mouse said on the verge of tears as Yurina had held her hand very firmly to the point it hurt her slightly. It was amusing that their relationship had developed from a small companion to an obsessive one fueled by Yurina's desire to finally be in control of something. To finally feel love and be loved. They had been keeping it a secret from Lady doctor and Yurina had tried her best to wear her facade everytime she asked her about it on their session.

"I know you've been talking to her." She said again in a coarse voice, making pointless assumptions over things she didn't know for sure. The little mouse obviously looked like she's scared, but Yurina didn't bother. The voices told her to said so, the same voices that kept her heart at bay for uncertainty. The little mouse had sense her insecurity and tried to reach for her cheeks while stuttering. She cupped it gently with every bit of bravery she still had on her heart, and mumbled soft assuring words.

"Calm down." She said, but the voices inside her won't.

"They wouldn't stop talking." Yurina said, shaking.

"Then would you listen to mine instead of theirs?"

"I will when you stop talking to her."

The little mouse hesitated, averting her eyes and putting down her hands.

"I know it. I'm always a second choice."

So, even if I come second
I'll understand, I just want to know
You're everything to me
To make you all mind
I'd be okay with killing anyone

"Here's your medicine for today." A nurse greeted her softly, entering her small and all white hospital room. Yurina nodded softly, eyes looking up to the high ceiling above. She felt rather drowsy, couldn't remember much about what had happened the night before, or even few days ago, but she knew for sure that things probably didn't go well at such time. After all, only for a specific reason would a patient be transferred to this very room.

She tried to reach for her phone, it was showing a warning of a critical battery in a red pop-up. It was easy to ignore it and still went straight for the apps tho.

46 messages, all from the same person.

Her eyes widened, trying to keep it open as hard as she could but it was useless. The voices already sang her a lullaby and the shadows already lurking right before her eyes, telling her to exactly fall asleep again.

Tho she wasn't sure whether she wanted to be awake again or not.

I wipe my fogged breath
Off the window
I wanted to fly through the clouds
Even if I wait for a wind
The moon won't wax to full
On time for me

"What happened to me?" Yurina asked, begged for answer. It's been days of being held on the same room, tightly surveillance as if she was a criminal or some sort. She didn't understand, or to be exact, didn't remember what she had done. Her inbox was full of curse words and repeated I hate you sentences.

"Explain!" She barged the door, banging it to create a loud noise. Other residents were curious and tried to peek through from the outside, while nurses tried to assure her that everything is obviously alright and under control.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" She said, still banging the door, wanting to be let out. A nurse finally came, restraining her trying to make her sit on her bed.

"What happened to me?" Yurina asked again, confused.

"Just calm down for now. Are you sure you didn't remember anything?" The nurse said, eyes filled with pity. Yurina had never seen the nurse before, tho she had been staying here for months. Probably she was a new girl, or even an intern.

"It's really foggy... I remember being outside but... maybe something like running away?"

"I'm not supposed to tell you this but..."


She sighed, "God I might get fired but you're really a poor thing..."

Yurina gulped, what exactly did she do?

"'s right that you tried you run away from here, and went somewhere. Like a house? And kinda waited there for someone to show up."


"...and then you... kinda held her and hurt her. I don't know much but seems like you were saying something as well to them? Locals were worried and contacted the police."

"And then I went mad?" Yurina said.

"...seems so?"

It was probably her house. The key chain girl's house. Probably she got overly jealous and took it too far.

" did you get and know the address is puzzling to all of us." The nurse said again, "That's why the tight surveillance."

"I don't know, probably from someone."

"Listen kid... are you aware on things that you do?"

"Aren't you supposed to know this kind of things? You're a nurse, probably with a medical degree."

"Well, I'm not here because I want to... anyway... the name is Seven, in case you need something."

"Aye capt."

"My desk number is 48, come by to the nurse office and say hi, okay? I'm pretty sure you can get out of here soon! Don't lose hope."

I'll take on overwhelming sadness
And absolute loneliness
I'll fall into despair countless times
For my own sense of justice
These days are nothing but agony

"I'm not really sure why she didn't want to come here again, I thought you two get along well."  Lady doctor said, taking notes on her medical sheet. She was sitting in front of Yurina, legs crossed.

"Probably she's just busy." Yurina said. "She had friends after all."

"And you're one of them." Lady doctor said, "You've been improving a lot."

"Or maybe I just able to hide it better."

Lady doctor frowned, "Is that true?"

"Who knows."

"Alright, maybe we'll see again in next few days... Apart from the incident 2 weeks ago everything seems fine." She said again, sipping her coffee until she emptied her porcelain mug.

"Is there anything you want to ask before we end today's session?"

"Can I see her again?"


Yurina nodded. That's all she need for today.

Who is the one?
You love the most? Tell me
Digging my nails into the back of your hand
To urge you on
I wait for your answer

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She sobbed to no one, alone in her room with darkness surrounding every corner or such place. She had been loving her, truly, with every bit of her being. But it was wrong, she wasn't capable to do so. Her lack of experience and her yearning for dominance had consumed her for good. There's no way at this point she still held a high place on The little mouse's heart. It was gone, her chances. Her chances to redeemed herself, to be a brand-new being.

"I'd love if you enter the same school as mine." She had once said to Yurina, back to their calmer days where she wasn't as infuriated by herself like now.

"If I ever get out from here."

"You will. I'll be waiting."

"You will not."

"Suit yourself but you owe me a drink if you found me on the other side of the door."

Gone. It was all memories. Her scent, her kiss, her breathings were all merely a distant memory.

I couldn't care less who's who
For you I'll devote myself
And make this whole life a sacrifice
I'd be okay with killing anyone

Maybe it's finally time to get it together, to not bathed in sadness and despair but to greet energy and optimism right on the front door. It was something that never really crossed her mind, as she enjoyed the presence of her devil basking her with tears and glorified all her sufferings. Maybe Lady doctor was right all along, or everyone whom had been talking to her before she fell into such seclusion. She wasn't sick. She could be normal, and enjoying her life just like before.
It's time to kill the shadows and her old self for good.

Losing something
To gain something
Doesn't mean they're worth the same
Loving someone
And being loved by someone
It's an unsatiable

It was funny how she thought by erasing anyone on her way is the same with erasing The key chain girl she despised so much. It was all wrong, coming from the mouth of thousand shadows lurking under her bed. She didn't do anything wrong, so is The little mouse. Perhaps Yurina had been deciphering it wrong the whole time, the blame wasn't meant to be for somebody. The blame is solely for her, for her old broken self.

She wanted to meet The little mouse one more time.

Who is the one
You love the most? Tell me
I asked you with my gaze
But you closed your eyes
And tried to run away

So, even if I come second
I'll understand, I just want to know
You are everything to me
To make you all mind
I'll erase anyone who gets in my way
So I'm the only one in your world
I'd be okay with killing anyone

"I told you. You'd find me waiting on the other side of the door."

Yurina eyes widened upon seeing a familiar figure outside the glass door of the hospital. She had been discharged, finally after months of agony being held and after countless therapy sessions she had to undergo. She had killed most of her shadows and the voices were started to become quitter as days went by.

"I didn't expect you to be." She said, stretching her arms as if inviting the latter to be embraced by both of her arms.

"I have missed you."

She had told The little mouse before, that she was sorry and that she resolved to be better each and every day. It wasn't an easy decision, and forgiveness proven to be hard to earned. She had spoken also to The key chain girl, apologizing formally for seemingly a crime she had committed.

"I owe you a drink?" Yurina said, half-chuckling. She held The little mouse's hands on hers, "And a fresh start."

"I guess."

The little mouse walked over, "It's been a while but... I want you to say my name. Somehow."

"Why?" Yurina asked, confused.

"Just say it. My first name."

"Alright... A-"

And then the car honked really loud.

Is this the future she wanted?

Is this way things supposed to end?

Who knows? After all, the shadows never really go anywhere.

Losing something
And gaining something
Loving someone
And being loved by someone
The future only
Falls further into darkness

- when a bird falls in love with a tree -

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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To be honest the only name I can think is "Akimoto Sayaka"  XD

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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only one person i could think of, could it be .....asuka ?

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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To be honest the only name I can think is "Akimoto Sayaka"  XD

Same  :lol:

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Aww Techi and Asuka  :heart: can you write a TechiNeru story later?

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Really like these OSes.

Please write more.

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Re: (Keyakizaka46) wafflekyun's short OS
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Please update if you're not busy. I really like the stories!  :)
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