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Title: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. TERMINATED (27/01/2012)
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on June 18, 2011, 01:03:12 PM
 :cathappy: Ohayo Gozaimasu!!!!!
So...I'm bringing in something new! (Because I've given up on updating A Bit Blind To Love due to the fact that I have no idea where I'm going with that!)
This on the other hand will be entirely based on your decisions... I'm currently thinking about ending as a Two-shot. However depending on your reviews I will decide how long I want to keep it going. I am no guaranteeing that I will make your wishes come true as I only update when I have time to type which is hardly ever.... hence it could be a two shot  :lol: Anyway I present to you another fanfic that got me out of boredom today.

Chapter One

Here I lay outside. Absorbing the moonlight as the soft breeze gently caresses my body. As I open my eyes I watch as the moon smiles back at me. The peaceful sound of Tokyo night life surrounds me, subtly entering my ears like an unspoken melody. It’s times like these that I savour. I feel as tiredness sweeps across my eyelids. I slowly begin to fall into a deep sleep.




I jolt awake.

Damn it! Fell asleep outside again…

I look towards the balcony door and watch as Kuu emerges from inside.

“There you are! Hurry up! The boys are waiting in the car!” He quickly runs out the door as I push myself off the sun bed. “And good morning!” I look up and see his head pop back in between the doors before it disappears again, a giant grin on his face.  Smirking I quickly run after him after getting changed and grabbing my necessities, my iphone4 and my wallet.


Upon entering the limousine I am greeted by the other four members.

“Morning Sunshine, did you remember your hang bag?” Turning I face a smirking Mar-kun-kun dressed in a casual pinstriped dress suit.

“Yes father, did you remember your lollies for your victims?” I smirk back towards him as he grins back at my devilishly.

“Of course!”

“At least he has victims! Unlike you Kai” Rolling my eyes I look over at Sae-Kun, casually dressed in a dark blue vest.

“I told you, I’m not wasting my time on some stupid girl who just likes me for my looks and my prestigious background.”

“Are you ever going to find a girl who actually loves you for being a shy yet grumpy midget?” I gently chuckle to myself before smiling over at a white-suited Riku.

“Well Riku are you ever going to tell your little “friends-with-benefits” girl that you actually love her and you’re not just using her for sex?”

I watch as he smiles at his chest, a giant grin on his face. Yet again, he is in denial of his true feelings.

“Kai, you know Riku doesn’t have a choice. She’s madly in love with him and doesn’t let any other girls near him. She must think sex keeps him interested!”

“Hmmph! Must be good sex then if he’s still letting her hang around him!” I smirk towards Riku who begins to laugh.

“Well there’s only one way to find out…” Riku grins towards me with daring eyes.

“Well maybe I may just go find out” I wink at Riku as I watch his smile slowly disintegrate.

“You can try but you won’t succeed” He says in a bland lifeless irritated tone. Seems like my speculations are true… The white-prince has fallen for the young girl. I chuckle lightly.

“Don’t worry Riku! I would never dare cut your grass. You should know me the best. I’m trying to find an ever-after not a one-nighter.” I watch as a smile spreads across his face again. The other boys in the car begin to laugh at my comment.

“Kai you are going to die a virgin with how picky you are!”

“Shut up Mar-kun at least I’m not a pedophile like you!”

“Excuse me but my lolitas are of legal age! At least I don’t go after old-hags like Kuu!”

“Hey don’t bring me into this! They aren’t old anyway! Just because I’m a junior and they are in your grade!”

“Are you implying I’m old?”

“Oh come on Mar-kun! Botox isn’t going to work forever!”

“Shut up Sae!”

I lie back against the soft leather of the seat and laugh as Mar-kun hits Kuu’s head! Looking out the window I stare as the clouds slowly drift in the blue sky. When will I find the one girl who will love me for me?


As the Limo stops outside the main gate of the University I hear the scream of the girls standing outside waiting to see us. It’s the same thing every school day… when will things change? The door is opened by Kuu’s driver and the screams increase dramatically. Cameras begin to flash nonstop. I watch as the other boys straighten themselves up. First to step into the spotlight, Mar-kun, Heir to Shinoda Enterprises, the most well known Model Agency in the whole of Japan. Secondly, Sae, Heir to Miyazawa Enterprises, owner of the best dance clubs in Japan. Thirdly, Kuu, Heir to Minegishi Enterprises, the most well-known chain of cake shops. Then there is Riku, Heir to Kojima Enterprises, the backbone of Japan’s Military. Then…there is me, Kai, Heir to Takahashi Enterprises, the most powerful family in the whole of Japan. I don’t want to talk about it that much. I’m not actually that keen about talking about my family. This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t talk to my father much after finding out about my arranged marriage… The boys know about my arranged marriage to Ray but we don’t talk about it as they don’t particularly like her and I never plan to marry her. She is the daughter of my father’s business partner and attends the same school as me. She’s short tempered and extremely cold-hearted towards any girls that come close to me. Although she’s head-over-heels in love with me I have no feelings towards her at all. She’s too perverted and self-centred. All I ever want is to find a simple, down-to-Earth, intelligent girl with a great personality. Not a girl who lives off her parents prestigious upbringing.

As I step out of the Limo I am blinded by the endless flashes of the camera. I watch as the boys soak up the love from the crowd. As I walk towards our private lodge within the school I watch as each of the individual boys walk towards their respective groups of fangirls, leaving myself and Riku to walk ahead. That is until a similar pair of arms wrap around Riku’s waist and pulls him back. I smirk and continue to walk ahead.


As I enter the private lodge I fall back onto the couch and look around the living room. I watch as the front door opens after a few minutes and Riku emerges through the doors whilst dragging a cute little dimpled face girl behind him.

“Morning Kai!”

I smile back at the bright smiling face before me.

“Morning Yuko.”

She quickly releases her grip on Riku and runs towards me.

“I got that thing for you!”

“Oo0o0o0o thanks”

Riku quickly strides across the room towards us, pretending not to care about how close Yuko was sitting next to me.

“What are you guys talking about?” He asks whilst stuffing his hands into his pant pockets.

“None of your business” Yuko quickly says before poking her tongue out at Riku and then turning her attention back towards me.

Taken aback by Yuko’s behaviour he quickly pouts and sits down on the couch across from us.

“Fine! Have your affair with Kai!”

I smirk at him whilst wrapping my arm around Yuko’s shoulder and pulling her close to whisper something into her ear.

“HEY! What are you whispering!”

“What’s wrong Riku? Are you jealous?” I grin at him.

“N-no!” He turns away in a huff and crosses his arms across his chest. Yuko and I continue to whisper quietly to each other. Giggling in between. Riku begins to become irritated and quickly pushes himself off the seat and walks into his room slamming the door behind him.

Yuko quickly looks up at me.

“He’s really angry this time!”

“Well then my plan worked!” I stretched my arms out before laying against the back of the couch. Pouting at me Yuko begins to feel guilty.

“But he’s angry and what if he goes off and flirts with some other girl?”

“Well if he was going to cheat on you and didn’t love you he wouldn’t have gotten angry!”


“No buts! If you are that worried go talk to him now.” She quickly gets up and begins to walk towards Riku’s room. “Oh wait!” She turns and faces me. “Keep the sex a bit quieter this time please! I have an exam tomorrow!” Gently blushing she pokes her tongue out and enters the room.

I sigh deeply and look out the window. Getting off the seat I walk towards my own room. Looking through my draws I quickly change into a hoodie and jeans before grabbing my new camera I asked Yuko to find for me. After all she is the heir to the biggest photography company in Japan. Walking out of the lodge I unlock my bicycle and begin riding out of the school via the back gates. A new day. A new moment to capture.


After riding around for half an hour I stop at small nature park. After locking my bike I grab hold of my camera and begin taking photos of the birds and flowers before walking to the vending machine and purchasing a bottle of water. Walking towards the small playground I watch as a blue ball bounces towards me.
Bending over I pick it up, only to look up and be faced by a cute little girl’s bright smile.

“Is this yours?” I smile at her whilst holding the ball up.

“Yes!” She smiles brightly as I place the ball in the hands and ruffles her hair.

“Hehehe with that cute smile of yours, you’re gonna melt a little boys heart.”

“If you think I’m cute you should see my sister! She’ll melt your heart!” She playfully replies whilst bouncing the ball.

“Ergh! Hehe well I hope I meet her then.” I gently chuckle as I pinch her cheek.

She suddenly grabs my hand and begins to pull me towards the playground.


“Hey kid, what are you doing?!?!?!” I stop walking immediately making the little girl turn and face me.

“I thought you wanted to meet my sister” She looked at quizzically.

“Haha I was just joking! Anyway I have to go back to my Uni now.” I said as I patted her head gently.


“Hehe yeah I snuck out, but Shhh don’t tell anyone!”

“Hehehe okie dokie I’ll keep your secret! Pinky swear!” Pulling out her pinky finger she waited for me to wrap mine around hers. Smiling brightly I wrap my pinky around the little one before me.

“Ok you help me keep this secret!”

“When will I get to introduce you to my sister! She’s really pretty and your handsome! You can be her boyfriend!” She says excitedly making me chuckle lightly.

“Do you always come to this park?”

“Yeah. I come here with her every week!”

“Where is she then?” I begin looking around.

“She’ll be over the other side sleeping or reading her book.”

“Well I’ll meet her next time! I’ll come back here next week and see you okay?”

“Okay!! Pinky promise!!” She again shows me her little finger. Automatically I cling mine around hers before smiling at her.


“Um…by the way…My name is Nami, but you can call me Namichan, what’s yours?”

“My name is Kai.” Scrunching her nose she scratches her head.

“Can I call you Kaikun?”

“Of course! Anyway I have to go now!”

“Okie Dokie! Bai Bai Kaikun!”

“Bye Namichan!”

I slowly walk away whilst waving at the small girl. Whilst getting onto my bike I watch as she runs off towards the playground with her blue ball.


The little girl quickly runs happily to the other side of the park. Seeing the figure on the bench she quickly climbs on top of it and bounces the ball on the victims head. The figure quickly jolts up and attacks the little girl. Tickling her nonstop.

“Hehehe ANECHAN!!! STOP!!!”

“Who bounced a ball on my head? Hehe!” the older girl asks as she continues to tickle the other girl.

“I-i-i-I’m sorry!!!”

Engulfing the smaller girl in a tight hug the older girl then gently lays a kiss on her little sister’s forehead.

“You better be! And why is your hair so messy. Have you been playing tag with the other kids again?”

“No!! Kaikun ruffled my hair!”

“o0o0o0o0o0o! Kaikun! You found yourself a boyfriend now?” The older girl teases as she begins to tickle the little girl. Giggling nonstop the little girl finally grabs hold of her sister’s hands.

“No no no! Kaikun is your boyfriend! He’s really nice and handsome!”

“Nami I told you not to talk to strangers!” She pouted at her little sister. “I told you to not talk to adults because they could be dangerous. Remember that weird girl called Alexiel who wouldn’t leave us alone!”

“But Kaikun is different! He said he’ll play with me next time he comes!!”

“Nami!! You can’t just make arrangements with strangers!”

“Kaikun isn’t a stranger!”

“You met him today!”

“Well you could’ve met him but you were asleep”

“Well you could wake me up!”

“Well Kaikun said he had to go back to Uni…um…Acchan….what’s Uni?” The little said with a confused face. “Is it where the unicorns live?”

All the anger in the older girl suddenly dissipated into laughter. Cuddling her little sister tightly she lifts her up and begins to walk towards their home.

“No Namichan, Uni is where all the people go to study.”

“Why don’t you go to Uni ane-chan?”

Stopping immediately the older girl sighs before looking back at the little girl in her arms.

“I really want to, but you know I can’t afford to, and even if I could I wouldn’t be able to leave a little monster like you with anyone!!!”

“Hey I’m not a monster!!!”

“Wah!! Look you’re turning into one now!!!” She begins to swing the little girl around in circles making the little girl scream.


As the young girl walks past the giant gates, she looks up at the prestigious university. Rich girls with designer handbags and handsome guys with expensive cars were walking past her. Some weren’t taking notice, whilst some girls looked at her with a disgusted snarl on her faces.

“When will I get the opportunity to go here…”

Sighing deeply she turns away with her little sister sleeping against her back as she continues to walk home to their little broken down apartment.

However, before she could take another step she hears the sound of screeching tyres and the loud beep of a horn. Taking a step back she regains her step as a car barely misses hitting her. Still shocked and motionless she watches as a figure steps out of the car.

“ARE YOU BL~” the sound of a male voice screeched at her before it suddenly stopped. Looking up she watches as a handsome boy walks towards her. “Are you alright princess?” His hand gently caressing her cheek.

“E-e-er…” Taking a step back she feels as her younger sister stretches awake.

“Ane-chan what’s happening?”

Turning to look over her shoulder she smiles.

“Nothing Nami.” She then turns to face the boy. “Watch where you are going, you nearly killed us.”

Grinning widely the boy quickly steps forward leaving mere inches between them.

“I’m sincerely sorry. My name is Sae. Could I drive you home as a way to apologise?”

Taken aback by the boy in front of her she quickly side steps the boy and walks past him.

“No, we’re fine thanks” As she walks away she listens as the girls and boys who had surrounded them begin to gossip about them.

Sae on the other hand was a bit taken aback by the blatant rejection. However quickly recovers as a smirk covers his face as he turns to face the beautiful girl who is walking away from him. Looking at her she notices as the child on her back pulls down her eye and pokes out her tongue at him. Chuckling gently he steps into his car.



As Acchan arrived home she laid down on the single bed she shared with Nami.

“What was that… Ergh rich kids, they all think everyone will fall in love with them… He was quite handsome though… but his personality was just pathetic… I wonder if there are any decent guys in this world…” Suddenly a head poked up beside her making her immediately move back, slamming against the wall. “Itai…”

“Kaikun is a decent guy!” Nami says as she grins widely.

Giggling softly Acchan pushes her sister’s head back down.

“Why don’t you date him though!”

“Because he likes you!”

“He’s never met me!”

“But you will and then you will love him!”

“Nami…Love doesn’t work that way!”

“Yes it does! Haven’t you watched Disney movies! The prince always falls in love with the princess immediately!”

“Nami!!!” She tackles her little sister down and tickles her. After a few minutes she finally leaves the little girl alone and begins to get changed.

“Acchan are you going to work?”

“Yes, so you better be a good girl at Auntie’s house ok?”

“Yes mam!” The little girl salutes at the older sister.


After dropping her sister off at her Auntie’s house she arrives at the Florists.

“Acchan! You’re early!”

“Hello Yuki!”

“We’ve got heaps of orders so I’m glad you came early.”

“Hehe no problem!”

Acchan quickly ties up her apron and proceeds to start work.



“So what?”

“Where did you go this morning?”

“Just went for a ride around the park.”


“Do you have a problem with that?”

“Well yeah I do!”

“And that would be?”

“Your fiancé came again…”

“Tsk…You know that I don’t care if she comes Mar-kun”

“Kai when are you going to accept that one day you will have to marry her.”

“Never, because it will never happen.”


“No! I have an exam to study for. I don’t want to think about my stupid father’s plans for my future.”

“Okay… I’ll leave you alone then.” Kai continued to study as the tall figure walks out of the room.


“Talked to Kai again?”

“Yeah” The tall figure took a seat on the lounge across from the feasting figure and watched as the latter continued to eat his cake.

“So let me guess, he went off somewhere alone and didn’t want to think about Ray and his father?”


“Always the same…”

“Mhmm, by the way where is Riku and Sae?”

“I think Sae finished his morning classes and went to the club, he’ll be back soon. Riku is still in there!” The boy turns and point towards the room Riku and Yuko entered earlier in the day.

“STILL?? Man the sex must be good…”

Suddenly the door they were referring to clicked open. A tall figure waltzed out.

“Shut up guys. Yuko left ages ago. I’m studying for the same test as Kai at the moment. I want to beat him at least once.”

“Well that’s near impossible, the midget is a genius.”

“I HEARD THAT!” Kai’s voice screamed through the door.

“A freak of nature by the looks of it as well.” The three boys began to chuckle gently. However, the sound of the door opening made the three boys cease immediately.

“Who’s a freak and midget?”

Riku immediately points at Kuu.

“Him of course, he’s short and a freak just look at him stuff all that cake into his mouth!”


“Hmmph!” The real midget scoffed and returned to his room.

“That was close…”

Suddenly the short figure reappeared, again donning a hoodie.

“You’re going out again?”


“Where to?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” The short figure smiled before exiting the building for the second time that day.

The three boys just looked at each other before Mar-kun stabbed a folk into Kuu’s cake began feasting on it as the latter screamed in displeasure.


With his music blaring Sae was speeding back to Uni however only to slam on the breaks upon seeing a familiar figure riding a bike towards the uni. Immediately stopping his car a few metres ahead of the figure he quickly jumps out and runs in front of the bike blocking its road. Thus, making the bike skid across the ground before stopping right before the him.

“Hey hey watch it there, if that wheel hit the baby maker we won’t be able to make heirs.”

He leaned forward and rested his hand on the bike handles surprising the latter. However, the latter regains her composure and begins to move past him.

“Hey you’ve gone past me once I won’t let it happen again, tell me your name or I won’t leave.”

“Get out of my way I have a delivery to make.”

“Oh… so… if I take these you can’t work” Sae quickly grabs the flowers out of the basket.

“Give them back” the girl immediately gets of the bike and grabs the flowers in frustration. Immediately settling them back into the basket and begins to push the bike around Sae.

“Oh come on don’t be mad!!”

“Just leave me alone before I contact the police for harassment.”

Sae immediately stops, however only after glancing at the name on the bike.

“Fine…I’ll court you some other time.”

“Ergh!” The girl immediately jumps on her bike and cycles away through the park.

“So her name is Yuki….” He smiles to himself before getting back into his car and speeding off back to uni.


“ERGH! I can’t believe I bumped into that idiot twice! Now I’m late!” She immediately begins to pedal faster however upon turning the corner she comes crashing face on into another bike.

Both riders falling onto the hard concrete. The latter immediately pushes himself up off the ground and runs over the help out the girl.

“A-are you okay?”

Moving the bikes away from girl he immediately runs back over to help the girl up. However, only earning a cry of pain as the girl attempts to stand up.

“ITAI!!” Falling over she immediately clings tightly onto him. Opening her eyes she notices dark brown orbs staring directly back into hers. Her face flushed she tries to move back however only to pull the other figure on top of her as they collapse onto the ground again. Sensing the close contact, Kai immediately scrambles off the girl. Holding out his hand Acchan looks up and grabs it, face flushed. Kai gently pulls her up and holds onto her waist to keep her stable.

“S-s-sorry I’m just holding your waist to help you stand” The cute stutter making the girls heart beat at the boys shyness.

“T-t-thanks” Hearing her own stutter she immediately mentally curses herself for being shy as well.

“I-i-I’ll help take you over to that bench.”

Walking over slowly he slowly helps her down onto the bench. However once seated the girl immediately attempts to stand up upon seeing her bike.


“Hey don’t rush you’ve hurt your ankle!”

“I have to deliver the flowers to the uni! I’m already late”

“Which building are you delivering them to?”

“The private lodge.”

“I know where that is I’ll do it for you, just wait here.”

Before Acchan could stop him Kai immediately runs off and pedals away on Yuki’s bike.

“H-hey!!...I guess I’ll just wait here…”

After a few minutes wait she hears the sound of a bike bells ringing. Looking up she notices the young boy riding towards her with a vibrant smile. She can feel her heart beat increasing as he gets closer. She feels her cheeks blushing furiously. Stopping next to her he parks the bike and pulls out a shopping bag from the basket before settling down next to her.

“Are you okay?”


“I’m sorry I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“No it wasn’t your fault I was going too fast and not concentrating.”

“Hehe this could last forever.” He gently scratched the back of her head making the girl giggle. “Anyway I bought a bandage for your leg.” He began to rummage through the shopping bag before pulling out a bandage. “I also got you some water and curry doughnut to eat whilst I help you bandage your ankle”. He then gave the shopping bag to the latter and he slowly began to help the girl bandage up her ankle.

“T-t-thanks” She gently smiled at the boy. Looking up from her foot Kai was immediately faced by the sweetest smile he had ever seen. One that as he said earlier, had the ability to ‘melt a boy’s heart’. Blushing furiously he immediately looked down to continue wrapping her ankle.

“N-n-n-no problem!” Acchan slowly smiled to herself upon seeing the cute actions displayed by the boy. She slowly began to feast on the curry doughnut, however her eyes never leaving the figure before her.

After wrapping up her ankle Kai swiftly got up.

“Wait here.” Acchan watched as Kai ran over and picked up his bike. Locking it to the park’s bike rack he immediately ran back to help Acchan stand up. “I’ll take you back to your home since you’re hurt.”

“I’m actually suppose to be at work…”

“I’ll take you to work then?”


Kai helped her onto the back of Yuki’s bike before jumping onto the seat.

“Hold me tight I don’t want you to fall off again”

Acchan slowly wrapped her arms around Kai waist tightly. Both of them immediately blushing from the gently contact and close proximity of their bodies. Slowly but swiftly Kai rode the bike back to Yuki’s Florist. Upon helping her back into the shop Yuki ran over to help them out.

“Acchan are you okay?”

“Y-yeah I just hurt my ankle.”

“Thank you so much for helping her, I can look after her from here.”

“No problem. I-I better go now. Um…take care.” Kai gently bowed to the two girls. “Oh and here’s the money for the flower delivery” He quickly fishes out more money than needed before walking away. He gently bumps into a flower pot on the way out as he dorkily waved at them. Stumbling out onto the footpath he mentally cursed himself.

The girls gently giggle before Acchan abruptly tries to stand up again. Only to hurt herself for the third time.


“Acchan why are you getting up!”

“I didn’t get his name…” she gently pouts.

“o0o0o0o0o0o! Someone’s in love!!!”

Acchan immediately blushes and hits Yuki’s arm.

“No I’m not! H-h-he’s just a nice guy…”

“Hehehe whatever you say! Anyway you can’t walk but you’ll still have to work! Now go I’ll bring some flowers and you just make up the bouquets okay?”

“Okie dokie!” The latter smiles as she begins to start work again.

“OH MY!”

“What’s wrong?”

“He must’ve charged way more than he should’ve!”


“He gave us $300! It was only $80. I have to get him to deliver flowers more often! Acchan go find your boyfriend again”

Throwing water at Yuki, Acchan gently laughed whilst her face blushed furiously.


Smiling like a dork the short boy jogs back to the park to recollect his bike.

“Acchan…what a nice name…” Smiling brightly he begins to ride back to the private lodge.


Anyway that's all I got for you! Now it's for you guys to decide what should be done with this piece of writing!

Anyway if you havent noticed i got the idea of Nami's Character from a mixture of Mendol and Acchan's Flower PV.
Anywho it's all up to you! Anyway Jaa!

Keichan ^_^
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: nyaha00 on June 18, 2011, 01:49:18 PM
 :lol: that was funny xD  :rofl:

u even added Alexiel  :shocked i wonder what will she say l XD

seee now who's the.uhm..nvm
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: dee1711 on June 18, 2011, 02:01:49 PM
Continue continue continue pleasssseeeeee!!!!  :cow:  You make me like :panic: :panic:

Please updateeee!!  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: Flean on June 18, 2011, 02:20:56 PM
Kai x Acchan!!!!!!  :luvluv2:

This is priceless~~  :on GJ:
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: kahem on June 18, 2011, 03:10:12 PM
I like the characters!!! Kai and Acchan's shyness is so cute!!!
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: bou-j525 on June 18, 2011, 06:10:08 PM
Pff I guess this means you will never update your other fic  :smhid Like this one though ^^ Do whatever you want as long as you update and that Acchan and Kai end together. Awww little Nami is too cute <3 Gonna rewatch Flower PV now :P

You're looking for trouble by adding Alexiel in your story XD She's so gonna kill you XD
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Post by: blughise on June 18, 2011, 07:35:17 PM
first of, thank you for this amazing story.  :inlove:  as i was reading , i thought it was so similar to meteor garden or boy over flower or hana yori dango, anyways i thought it was really same. Anyways you get what i mean right.  waiting patiently for the continuation.  :)
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: Arakawa on June 19, 2011, 11:30:46 AM
K a 2-shot would definately be too short!

Please make it into a series :D
Love the atsumina

Hope you write more kojiyuu haha
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on June 20, 2011, 04:29:26 PM
 :mon cry: Hello peeps!

So I had a shit day today and nearly necked myself from frustration, hunger, anger and boredom!
However was saved by Sukebechan for awhile and then died again and then brought myself to life.
Anyway I wrote this yesterday but due to the commotion of the shit events today have not had time to post this until now.
As for the possibility of another quick update....not likely!
Anyway quick replies~
@nyaha00: Happy you started a fic!!!! and yes being murdered by the jperv senbatsu winner yadong will be quite nasty but she hasnt read this that i know of which is lucky for me!
@dee1711: Here is your wish! lol I guess you really wanted an update xD!!! lol but i cannot guarantee another one in the near future for any of my fics i am sincerely sorry!
@Flean:  :mon thumb: you continue to update yours as well please! PLEASE!
@kahem: Hehehe Idk if you will continue to like the characters after this but let me know! ahahahahaha! -hides-
@Byunchan (Yes this is my name for you, it does not mean i think you are a perv): Yes, my death is near.... and about the other you actually enjoy it enough to read my random rambles in which there is not direct storyline? and what happens if your ending does not come as your wished?
@blughise:  hehehe kinda where i got the idea of the characters from! storyline is kinda...idk xD I'm trying to make one i swear! hope you enjoy chapter two!
@Arakawa: and how about....a 3shot? xD lol what is considered a series? lol and i knew you would ask for kojiyuu!! you always do!!!!
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Chapter Two

“Acchan…” The small figure unconsciously whispered. He hasn’t been able to get her out of his mind the entire night. Every time he picked up a book to study, all
he could see was her face. Every time he listened to music on the radio, all he heard was her sweet voice. He could easily accept the fact that if one of the boys said he was in love and it was love at first sight that he would agree immediately. However, despite his mind being clouded by this girl he only met for a few minutes, he still continued to study for his exam. He knew knowledge was power and he knew as the heir of Takahashi Enterprises he had to maintain his ranking at the University. If not, the dire consequences of his father’s wrath. Being sent away from his friends to study abroad, and right now he knew he had to study harder because he had a new reason to stay in Tokyo. Acchan.

Flipping through study notes one last time. He then made his way to his bedroom. Walking out onto the balcony he smiled whilst looking into the clear night sky above…

“I wonder if she’s thinking about me…”


In the small apartment a young Nami was running around cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Whilst washing up the rice with her little hands she sang her own made up song.

“COOK! Cooooooook. COOK! Cooooooooook. GOTTA COOK! Cooooooook. FOR ANECHAN! o0oo0o0o0o0o!”

“Namichan what are you singing!” A soft giggling interrupts the young child from her intense cooking stance on the small stool in front of the sink. Turning around she watches as her sister hobbles into the kitchen with her bandaged ankle.



“Stop walking around!!” The girl whined whilst putting the bowl down and jumping off the stool. Walking over she forces her injured sister into the chair. “I said I’ll cook dinner!”

“Nami you’ve never cooked before so I have to watch to see if you’re doing it right! I don’t want to die from food poisoning!”

“Acchan~” The girl whines as she pouts making the latter giggle.

“Okay okay but you have to do what I tell you to! So show me how much water you have in the rice.”

“You need water in it? I thought you just wash it!”

The girl quickly puts water in then grabs the bowl to show her sister with a giant grin on her face. Looking down the older girl’s eyes widen.

“Nami….how many cups of rice did you put in here?”

“Cups? You use cups? I thought you just fill the bowl we eat with rice and…”

The girl was cut off as the latter stood up and hopped over to the sink to re-rinse the rice before putting more water into the bowl before settling it into the rice cooker and turning it on.


Giggling softly the older girl kisses her little sister’s forehead.

“Stop pouting or you’ll get wrinkles!”

The younger girl immediately covers her forehead with her hands and gasps loudly.

“So that’s how aunty got them!”

Laughing at the girl’s reaction the taller girl begins to cut up the ingredients.

“Acchan I want to cook for you! You’re injured!”

“You can help but I won’t let you cook! It’s too dangerous.”

“Okay but I want to do something!”

“Wash the vegetables for me then set the table. We’ve got enough rice for our meals tomorrow so I’ll make you a bento box for school tomorrow okay”

“Yummmmmmmmmm!!!” The girl quickly ran off to do her chores.

The taller girl continued to cook whilst smiling at her bandaged ankle.

I wonder what he’s doing now…


“Kai…you look like shit today!”

“Kuu don’t say that!”

“I’m just stating the obvious! He must’ve stayed up all night to prepare for this exam!”

“Despite the fact that it’s obvious you don’t have to say it!”

“It’s alright Mar-kun. I know I look like crap and we all know what Kuu is like.”

“How do you think you’ll do in the exam today?” Riku asked from the seat across from Kai.

“I think I’ll be fine. By the way, where’s Sae today?” Kai looked at the other’s sitting in the car.

“Oh he said he has to see his lover this morning so he’s driving to school.” Kuu answered.

“Haha which one?” Mar-kun answered before laughter filled the limo.

“I don’t know but supposedly she blew him off yesterday at the gates.”

“Someone blew off Sae?” Riku asked with a puzzled expression.

“That’s the rumour that’s going around school”

“Wait there’s his car!” Mar-kun immediately moved to the other side of the car making Riku and Kuu turn the same way. Kuu immediately pressed the voice button and told the driver to slow down. Although Kai wasn’t taking much notice at all he suddenly looked up from his study notes and over at the boys across from him. Hearing a familiar voice coming from outside the car he looked through the gaps towards the sound of the young girl’s voice.

“Wow she’s cute…”Kuu immediately said.

“Yeah… wonder what she’ll look like dressed in Lolita…”

“You’re a freak you know that?”

“Shut up at least I don’t get a high from feeding girl’s cake!”


“Shhh! Sae’s saying something!” Riku immediately elbowed Mar-kun in the ribs.

Moving forward Kai notices Sae with flowers in his hand and a small box of chocolates. To his dismay, he was presenting them to non-other than Acchan. Looking away from the scene he feels as a rush of jealousy and sadness streams through his veins. Settling back down he picks up his notes and continues to read.
Before the other boys to hear the conversation a truck beeps at the limo. Forcing the driver to continue driving to the university.

“OH LOOK THEY HUGGED!” Riku exclaimed.

“OH DAMN IT! WHAT IF THEY KISS!” Mar-kun added.


 The three boys fell back onto the seat in dismay.

“She’s cute though! No wonder Sae is dating her!” Kuu quickly adds, unaware of Kai’s sudden piercing glare towards them as the word dating was mentioned.


As they arrived at school the yet again walked through the giant crowd before separating to their own classes and exam rooms.

However, although Kai was suppose to be thinking about his exam, all that ran through his mind was three things, Acchan, Sae, and the unspoken rule “Never cut another mates grass”. Sighing defiantly Kai shook his head of the thoughts before starting his exam.


“Hey baby”

Looking up ahead Acchan noticed the idiot from yesterday standing in front of her. She then continued to walk past him.

“Hey wait” he slowly jogged up next to her holding onto her wrist. “I’m sorry about yesterday I’ll make it up to you”

She again tried to move past him, however only to stop as the pain in her foot erupted as she miscalculated her step.


“Are you okay?” He held her close against him.

“I’m fine” She gently pushed him away only to have her hand held by him again.

“I know we got off on the wrong foot but please let me try to set us on the right path again.”

“What do you want from me?”

Sae smiled immediately. This was his second chance and he knew it.

“A second chance. How about we start from the start?”

Acchan looked away contemplatively. Finally looking back up to face him.

“Will you leave me alone if I do?”


“Then what’s the point of this conversation?”

“Well, I’ll make it simple, I like you and I’ll do anything to court you” Sae smiled brightly as he handed over the flowers and chocolates. Acchan stared at the gifts in uncertainty. Noticing this Sae immediately added. “I won’t leave until you accept them.” 

Acchan slowly began to take the gifts. However upon receiving them the loud sound of a truck horn immediately made her drop them on the floor. Instinctively, she dropped down to pick them up, only to collide heads with Sae. Falling over she felt as the latter pulled her up into an embrace.

“Are you alright?” Looking up at the boy, she noticed the close proximity of the boy. Noticing the girl’s eyes staring into his, Saw immediately bent down to kiss the girl, only to be slapped in the face by the box of chocolates.

“Get away from me you pervert!”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Just leave me alone!” Shoving Sae into wall she hobbles away, leaving the latter to be eyed by the group of bystanders shaking their heads.

“I won’t give up!” Sighing in defeat he makes his way back to his car and drives off back to uni.


Arriving at work the young girl immediately throws her back onto the table before sitting down on the seat. Huffing loudly in anger and exhaustion.

“What’s wrong Acchan? Someone get on your nerves this early in the morning?”

“The idiot from yesterday just attacked me this morning!”

“Idiot? Did you and your boyfriend have a fight?”

“He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Hehe I know that but he was nice enough to bring you back here yesterday!”

“Huh?” Acchan looked at Yuki confused until she realised that she was talking about the ‘him’. “O-o-oh no it wasn’t him.” She blushed just thinking about the other boy, for some reason every time she thinks about him her heart seems to beat an extra beat. Oh how I wish it was him…

“Who was it then?” Yuki asked she watched Acchan blush. “Stop dreaming about your prince charming!”

Snapping back to reality Acchan immediately apologises.

“Sorry! Um… this rich kid nearly ran me and Nami over at the university gates and then tried to steal my flowers during my delivery and now just attempted to declare his love for me this morning.”

“o0o0o0o0o got all the boys after you! And rich kid…hmm…”


“I’m joking! Calm down! Anyway it seems like you already know which one you want to date” The latter said whilst winking at the blushing girl.


After a full day of exams Riku and Kai walked back to the private lodge. Only to find Mar-kun and Kuu interrogating Sae about the mornings events.

“So did you and your girlfriend kiss and make up?”

Sae just sat there laughing whilst Kuu and Mar-kun tickled him.

“Did you kiss?”

“Did she fall head over heels in love with you?”

“Did you do it?”

As the commotion continued Kai walked into his private room and slammed the door behind him before lying down on the bed in frustration.

Outside the boys immediately stopped interrogating Sae upon hearing Kai’s door slam shut.

“What’s wrong with Kai?” Kuu asked Riku. Although the latter was with Kai the whole time, he was unaware as to why Kai was behaving in such a way. Therefore, he came up with the most logical explanation.

“Maybe he didn’t get enough sleep and the exam was quite hard so maybe he’s just annoyed at himself”

Taking that as a viable explanation the boys continued to interrogate Sae. However earning nothing more than laughter and shrugs from the latter as he was too egotistical to admit he had been rejected for the first time in his life.


Lying on the bed, Kai stared blankly at the ceiling.

“So they’re together…”

Pushing himself off the bed he quickly got changed into a white V-neck t-shirt and black jeans. Grabbing the keys for his motorbike he swiftly slings his leather jacket over his shoulder and proceeds to the garage. Walking past the group of boys who are still attacking Sae for answers he is stopped by Riku’s worried voice from behind.

“Hey Kai, where are you going?”

Turning around he smiled at his worried friend.

“I’m hungry so I’m just going out to find food”

“FOOD!” Kuu immediately pounces up off Sae. Mar-kun immediately slaps his forehead and glares at him. Kuu immediately back tracks and adds. “I’ve just had some…you go ahead Kai.”

Once Kai proceeds out the door all the boys turn back and glare at Kuu.

“What did I do? I was just hungry!!”

“You know when Kai rides his bike he needs time alone!”

“What’s so bad about me going with him!”

“Let’s just say the last thing I would want to see if I was in a bad mood would be a pig stuffing his face full of food!” Kuu immediately pouts and pushes Mar-kun. Taking this opportunity to get away Sae jumps over the seat. However only to be chased by the three boys as Riku notices him running away.


Speeding around on his motorbike to clear his head, Kai finally feels his stomach grumble. Slowing down he parks his bike before walking around the streets in search for some food. Looking around the area he notices a small street market selling random gifts, clothes, and food. Walking into the busy street he begins to follow the wave of people. Gently stepping to the side each time he saw a shop which intrigued him enough to make him push through to have a look at. The first stop was a bubble tea store. He ordered a large taro flavoured pearl tea with extra red bean. Rejoining the crowd he sailed through the market only to accidently bump into someone. Holding them tightly he moved them away from the wave of humans. Looking up he was yet again met with the soft eyes he stared into yesterday.


“H-hi” They both looked at each other as an awkward silence surrounded them before the piercing screams of a child brought them back to reality.

“ANECHAN I GOT THE BEANS!” Turning to the side, Acchan bent of over to pick up the small girl who ran into her arms. Smiling happily at the little girl she gently kissed the girl’s cheek.

“You’re so smart Namichan!” Grinning happily the small girl turned to the side.

“KAIKUN!!!” She began bouncing in her sister’s arms, ecstatic from seeing her self-proclaimed brother.

“What?” Acchan asked confused.

“He’s Kaikun!”

Kai immediately scratched the back of his head embarrassingly before grinning at the two girls.

“H-h-hi Namichan, s-s-sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet. Takahashi Kai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Be bowed forward before smiling at the two girls.

“O-o-oh hi, I-I-I’m Maeda Atsuko” She mentally cursed herself for her stutter. However upon seeing his bright smiling she immediately looked down nervously.

“Kaikun!” Kai immediately took his eyes off Acchan and turned towards the little girl.

“Yes Namichan?”

“You can call my sister Acchan! And Acchan you have to call him Kaikun like me!”

“Oh really now?” Acchan began to tickle the girl.

“S-s-s-top!!” The little girl giggled in her sisters arms before suddenly pouncing through the air into Kai’s. “Kaikun save me from her evil fingers!”

“o-okay Namichan” Kai smiled at Namichan before diverting his eyes towards Acchan. “How’s your ankle?”

“It’s alright, still hurts a bit” Acchan gently blushed as Nami looked at both of them confused.

“Kaikun how do you know Anechan?”

“Oh we accidently bumped into each other yesterday. That’s how your anechan got hurt.”

“YOU HURT ACCHAN!” The little girl gasped before pointing at Kai. “You can’t hurt her! I won’t let you marry her anymore!”

“NAMI!!” Acchan immediately swatted Nami’s arm in embarrassment.

“Acchan why are you hurting me! Do you like Kaikun?” Embarrassed as all hell, Acchan turned away. Kai on the other hand was grinning happily before images from the morning flooded his mind.

‘Never cut a mates grass…’

Kai immediately snapped out of his thoughts. Looking at Acchan he knew he had no right to step into her and Sae’s relationship. To ease the situation he turned to Namichan.

“Stop teasing your sister, she likes someone else, not someone short like me”

“Really? But…”

“No but’s, come one let’s get some food, I’m hungry!”

“Food? Yay!” He then begins to walk away holding Nami, with Acchan standing on the spot watching as they slowly get further. She whispered to herself whilst staring at the back of Kai’s head.

“But I do like you… Is that your nice way of rejecting me… maybe he’s already got a girlfriend…”

Sighing deeply she slowly walks to catch up with them.



“Shut up!”

“MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” The three boys began to laugh nonstop.

“The great Sae got rejected for the first time ever!”

“Hey she’s just playing hard to get! I’ll capture her heart soon enough!”

“Are you sure?”

“I guarantee!” Sae said with pure confidence.

“Is this a bet?”


“What are we betting?”

“Well I’ve always liked your car!”

“o0o0o0o0o nice choice Mar-kun!”

“Ok fine my car! But if I capture her heart I get Kuu’s Limo!”




“How about something we can all put in for?” Riku interfered the small argument between Kuu and Mar-kun.

“Like what?” Sae asked.

“How about whoever loses the bet has to pay for the next ski trip?”

“But that means Sae pays more when he loses because he’s alone.”

“I’m not gonna lose!”

“Well with such confidence it’s settled then!”

“What about Kai?”

“You know Kai doesn’t waste his time on such trivial bets!”


“Okay then let the bet begin!”

Placing their hands in the middle they all smirk at each other.



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Chapter Three
Catching up to Nami and Kai, the taller girl slowly limps behind them on her sore ankle. Noticing the lack of Atsuko’s presence Kai immediately ceases walking and turns around abruptly only to bump into the young girl who was lost in her own thoughts about the young man before her. Instantly wrapping his arm around the girl’s waist to hold her up, he pulls her close in one swift motion. Looking up the girl instantly becomes mesmerised by the dark orbs which have been captivated by her own. After a awkward yet blissful moment in each other’s arms the gagging sound of a young girl’s voice pulls them back into reality.

“Eww…you were gonna kiss weren’t you!!!”

The awkward couple instantly blush and frantically move away from each other, a crimson blush spreading over their faces. Hitting her little sisters arm gently, Acchan immediately holds the little girls hand and begins limping forward. Noticing the pain etched across the girl’s face, Kai scoots next to the girl and gently holds onto her arm.

“I-I-I’ll help you, Y-you look like you’re in pain”


In reality, they were both in pain, both unsure if their feelings were mutual or not. However the simple sensation of the others touch seemed to bring some form of comforting feeling which soothed their hearts from the pain they felt a few minutes ago. Walking into a okonomiyaki store together they were instantly greeted by an old woman which led them to their seats. Nami instantly pushed Atsuko into the booth next to Kai whilst she quickly ran to the seat across from them.
Smiling brightly at the old grandma Nami instantly turns on her cute child-like charm.

“Obasan~” She cutely wails.

“Kawaii!” The grandma gleefully smiles “What would you like?”

“Can I have the pork special and can they have the lovers set if there is one?”

“NAMI!!!” Acchan immediately blushes whilst throwing the wet towel at her little sister. Kai on the otherhand remained silent and blushed whilst gently chuckling at the child’s antics.

“Hehehe of course!” The old grandma gently winks at Acchan and Kai before giving a small high-five to the ecstatic Namichan. As the grandma walked back to the kitchen Acchan instantly pouts at Namichan.

“I can’t believe you did that! So embarrassing!” Unconsciously, Acchan buries her face into Kai’s neck whilst holding his arm from the sheer embarrassment. In reply Kai gently chuckles and comforts the girl by gently moving the bangs out of her face.

“Hey it’s okay.” Kai grins widely upon seeing the girls cute pout looking up at him. It wasn’t until then they notice their close proximity. Instantly both parties moved away from each other, frantically bowing and apologising towards each other. Nami on the other hand sat at the table silently watching the couple across from her. It’s been awhile since she’s seen her sister genuinely happy. Despite the insecurities the two older individuals felt towards each other, this little girl knew deep down that they were meant for each other.


“Who’s the man?... I’M THE MAN! WHO’S THE MAN! I’M THE MAN!!! YEAH!!!!!”

Sae kept screaming to himself whilst sitting in the front seat of his car a block away from the florist. After half an hour of discussing the bet with the boys he began to stress about the possibility of failing. Not only will he be rejected by a girl he likes, but he also has to pay for an entire trip. Now he was ready. He had psyched himself up and it was time for him to pursue the girl. Stepping out of the car Sae picked up his bouquet of flowers and a jewellery box which enclosed an exquisite pearl necklace. Slowly picking up his pace with confidence he continued to jog towards the florist. Quickly spinning around to face the shop with a piercing bright white smile he flung his flowers in front of him towards the girl bent over fixing the flowers. With extremely high confidence he bent down on one knee before exhale his lungs with a peace tearing scream.


Finally opening his eyes in hope of staring at the beautiful brown orbs he had visualised in his mind, he was utterly shocked and embarrassed to see a girl with a disgusted, yet confused face staring back at him.


Picking up the bag of fertiliser next to her, she threw the bag of chicken manure at the dumbfounded boy in front of her.  As the bag hit its target, chicken manure scattered in slow motion onto the young man. To the bystanders disgust the boy’s mouth was agape at the time of contact, allowing beads of chicken poo to instil its putrid attack on the latter. Coughing frantically, the young boy dove over onto the ground before scurrying forward in search of some form of release. Grabbing hold of a flower pot he quickly began to wash out his mouth. To his bad luck, he found himself staring into a pot stained with algae. Quickly blurting out the water he finally recovered to face the unnamed offender before him with an eye-twitching glare. His glare was however met with the devil’s eyes making him back down immediately into an apologetic bow. The former had, in his rush hour, blurted water all over the girls face.


He immediately covered his ears as a high pitched scream escaped the girl’s mouth. Hitting him frantically the girl accidently kicked the boy’s precious jewels, more precious than the one the boy bought. However, these jewels weren’t protected by a hard box. Falling to the ground the boy bellowed in pain as he watched the girl retreat back into the shop, immediately closing the doors behind her. Before blacking out, the last thing he heard was the locking of the metal door and the distant enunciation of the word “jerk” behind the closed doors.


“This is the best black mail footage ever!!!” Smiling brightly Kuu was video recording the scene before him. Sitting next to him in the driver’s seat Mar-kun smirked with his arms crossed.

“He’s quite pathetic… He even went to the wrong girl…”

“Well it’s not his fault he flirts with so many girls. Maybe that’s an ex-girlfriend.” Riku chuckled whilst leaning across the back seat. Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, he quickly retrieved it and flipped it open. Grinning at the screen her turned towards Mar-kun. “Hey buddy, drive me to gym!”

Looking at the rear view mirror at Riku, Mar-kun raised his eyebrow.

“I thought Yuko was at the studio?”

“She is. I’m meeting with a friend.”

“Which friend?” Kuu turned around to face Riku after turning off the camera.

“Just a friend okay! Just drive me there!” Getting irritated by the questions Riku turned away from the two boys infront.

“Fine. I’ll take you there.” Mar-kun turned on the engine and began driving towards the gym.

“What about Sae?” Kuu turned back forward to ask Mar-kun.

“His own fault. He’ll be right.”


As Riku quickly ran out of the car he turned back and quickly waved goodbye before disappearing into the gym.

“Who do you think he is meeting in there?” Kuu said as he watched the suspicious boy run into the building.

“Why don’t we go check?” Mar-kun smiled as he parked the car on the side street.

Sneaking into the gym, the two boys were immediately caught by a cute girl with pigtails. Overly energetic and happy the girl smiled brightly and linked arms with the two boys.


Leading them to the desk to fill out forms Mayu happily skipped dragging the two along with her.

“You’ll never see Kai do that. He’s retarded!” Kuu giggled.

“Or maybe he is actually a man who doesn’t like to cross dress like you…” Mar-kun said with a smirk on his face. Kuu returned a glare before being shoved into a chair in front of a demon like gym Nazi. Mar-kun quickly spoked.

“Sorry we were just looking for a friend”

“Sign the form” The guy glared at the two boys.


“No buts”


“Shut up”


“I’m the one who is gonna help you lose that fat on your body.”


“You have no authority in MY gym you little insect”


“Yes you are a bit taller but you hardly have pecs and I bet you look like a dried up corpse when you’re naked”

Dropping his head down Mar-kun immediately began filling out the forms. Kuu looked over at his friend before turning back to face the devil before him with a nervous grin.

“Sign the form!”

“YES SIR!” Kuu immediately saluted to the former and began to quickly jot his details onto the form.


“I’ll be seeing you both tomorrow.” The gym Nazi said whilst pushing the two out of the gym.

“YES SIR!” Kuu saluted yet again.

Walking out outside Mar-kun turned and glared back at the building.

“Who does that guy think he is!!”


Looking flabbergasted Mar-kun stared at the gigantic billboard featuring the gym Nazi dressed similar to Super Saiyan Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

“Well (viewer discretion) my life…”

“Um… by the way…we didn’t even see Riku!”

“Goddamn it!” Mar-kun immediately hit the street post before groaning in pain. His little friend gently patting his back.


“So…what do you do apart from work at the florist?” Kai asked as he strolled quietly through the park with Acchan. Nami on the other hand was ahead of them chasing ducks.

“Nothing really…” Acchan shyly replied.

“You aren’t at school or university?” The curious boy asked making the shy girl turn towards him.

“I wish, but I could never afford it…” The girl looked down embarrassed and disappointed.

“Oh…” He simply answered before pondering in his own little world. He suddenly grabbed onto the girl’s hand. “Why don’t we apply for a scholarship for you at my university?”

“Huh?” The girl was too busy concentrating on their linked hands than the actual content of conversation.

“Well my university offers scholarships so you can apply for them and come to my university with me!”

“I don’t think I’ll get it though.”

“Well how were your marks at high school?”

Scratching her head in embarrassment she smiled innocently making the latter feel guilty for asking such a question. However, this feeling of guilt was quickly turned into shock.

“I got the second highest mark in Tokyo actually.” The girl innocently giggled at the boy’s dumbfounded expression.

“You’re A. Maeda?” The guy quickly rattled.


“I’m K. Takahashi. The one who got first in Tokyo. I thought I’d meet the mysterious A. Maeda at university this year but they never showed up so I thought they went to study abroad…” Kai stared at the blushing girl before him. “I always thought they were a guy…” Looking up immediately Acchan began to hit Kai on the arm playfully.

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying girls are too stupid to get high marks.”

Chuckling gently Kai held Acchan’s hands down before releasing one and poking her nose and running away.

“Well the fact I got a better mark than you just shows males are smarter!”

“ARGH! Just because I can’t run! I hate you!” Pulling out a tomato out of her shopping bag she pegged the red fruit into the boys back. The red juices spreading across his leather jacket. Stopping immediately the boy turned around with are devilish grin whilst gently chuckling.

“Oh no you didn’t!” He immediately began sprinting towards the screaming girl.


DUN DUN DUN!!! That is all! Hope you enjoyed that update and it was worth the month long wait! I am sincerely sorry! I can't guarantee a quick update for the next update... it may be slow but it will come... i think xD I make no promises in case you come chasing after me with katanas!!!!!!

Anyway please comment! Until next time.... EAT CHEESE!!!!  :cow:
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hahah u killed me with a katana before O_O

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Sae's fault huh

heh Mar-kun and Kuu got scared XD

Nami-chan nice one   :twothumbs

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It's really so good!!!
I wish I can write like this too!!!
Acchan and Kai are so cute together
Please update as soon as you can XD
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Ah that's so sweet. <3 Oh Kai, you tiny thing, such a tease. LOL. xD I hope you can update soon. xDDD :3
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Kai and Acchan are so cute and I laugh so hard at Sae and Yuki's scene  :twothumbs

Thanks you, hope you can update soon.
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Thank for updating. And yeah, seeing everyone updating so much totally discouraged me to start another fic.  :nervous
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Ahahaha Saeyuki scene was so funny poor Sae and his little brother lol It should hurt xd
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LMFAOOO no i wouldn't get mad,  :hee:

LMFAOOO!! No, in then end i didn't end up in an asylum~ but i was pretty close to it <-- No I kid  :hee:

I'll wait patiently for an update Keichan!!!
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...JK  :on blackhole: But seriously it was annoying... cos i'm a lazy bitch... and I feel weird repeating myself...

Anywho a few quick replies (again)
@Flean: Sorry to make you wait... I'm receiving angry feedback from you in my other fic so... do I get more in this one?
@Turtle: A Katana is quick and fast. Wouldn't you rather that than something slow and painful? Anywho hope you like the update!
@blughise: Hey there bluggy, i'm sure you can write like this as well if you tried. It doesn't take long to type it... just heaps long to get motivated to do it xD
@arisa03: Sorry that it took so long. haha Kai is a cutey but we shall see if he can continue to be this sweet aye..  Btw like your fanfics.
@Kirachan: Lol you like Sae getting bashed? xD Well I'm I can make more for you! Anyway, I'm too unmotivated for this stuff. You can write for me xD
@Bouchan: I have called you a proper name are you happy? haha and yeah im so unmotivated to update. When I come on here and my fanfic is not on the first page I go "Shit.. I have to click an extra button... ok give up" xD and then I don't update for months until I build the effort to click the button...then its not even on the second page! and it starts again for a few more months!
@Kahem ahaha I know right. I did it to a guy when I played soccer and he didn't enjoy it much... it was an accident though!
@hott3stson3: Hehe are you locked up in an asylum? I'm not going to see you reply until you get let out am I... stay safe!
@haruhi16: Sorry I didn't update soon... x[
@skytsuna: Hahaha thank you for loving my fic. I hope you continue to enjoy it!
@Popsicle: As you can see.. When I can seems to be a few months... by then it seems as though people forget about the fic.
@Thank You givers THANK YOU RIGHT BACK AT YA! Thanks for reading and appreciating my fic. It's good to get some feedback.
@Secret readers: Can I get some feedback? Kinda motivates me because when authors don't get feed back... they will stop writing because they believe no one is enjoying their fics.
I present to you...

Chapter Four

Fatty and skinny were at it again. Skinny was running on the treadmill and Fatty was attempting, let me repeat that again. ATTEMPTING, to do a push-up. As expected Fatty failed at doing a push-up and instantly found comfort in the crème brulee he had hid in his gym bag. However, such a sugary and salivatingly sweet delicacy could never be unnoticed by “THE INFAMOUS POWERFUL MUSCULAR BLOOD PUMPING BODY SWEATING PROTEIN SATURATED GYM INSTRUCTOR OF DOOM AT GYM-GYM-GYM, AKIMOTO THE SUPER SAIYAN!!!” The crème brulee was snatched from Fatty’s hand and crushed like an insect in the palm of such a powerful gym freak. This earned a chuckle from Skinny who was now casually striding on the treadmill. However upon receiving the slightest glare from the super saiyan, Skinny immediately increased the altitude and speed of the treadmill sprinting endlessly as if the muscular man was chasing him. One thought was going through Skinny’s head.

“Stop and the bastard is gonna skin you alive. Run. Run. RUN!!!”

On the other hand Fatty was sitting on the ground. He, unlike Skinny, was more traumatised about the crushing of the crème brulee than the deathly aura emitted by the super saiyan. Pouting endlessly the young boy finally broke down in tears.

“WHY~~~~.” Sniffling non-stop as booger dangled from his nostril. It was indeed a sad story. You could say it was a shocking life-changing experience. Never has he ever felt the loss of such a delicate dessert. Rummaging around he finally detected the leftovers of the once perfect crème brulee. He instantly began licking up the left over bits of the crème brulee to the Super Saiyan and Skinny’s disgust. Upon finishing he finally leant back against the gym mat, absolutely satisfied of his personal workout.  Opening up his eyes he was faced by the glare of the muscular man. He could see steam streaming out from the latter’s flaring nostrils. He immediately flipped over and began to pump out endless amounts of push-ups. The super saiyan walked away leaving the Fatty and Skinny to breathe in a sigh of relief.

However, the opening of the front door, the sound of the Saiyan’s voice, but in particular the calling of a particular name drew their attention.

“RIKU! How are you my young boy!” The Super Saiyan called.

Riku slowly strode into the gym and gave the giant a fist pump.

“Hey Sayaka I’m ready for the next work out.”

“Haha why so keen lately? Picking up a lot of girl’s?”

“You could say that.” Riku grinned towards Sakaya before lifting up his arm and flexing his muscles. “Ever since I came here and began working out I have received endless compliments.”

“Haha is that just on the streets or in bed as well?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know!” Riku chuckled and continued walking into the personal training rooms with Sayaka.

Skinny immediately turned towards Fatty.

“So that’s why Riku is hitting the gym so much… I wonder if he is cheating on Yuko…”

“Mar-kun you know Riku isn’t that type to cheat on Yuko.”

“How would you know Kuu? You’re too busy eating cakes….”

“I trust Riku and I swear he loves Yuko even though he says that she is annoying.”

“Hmm… true… Anyway I’m going to continue working out to spy on him.”

“You mean you are going to try and get fit like him and get yourself some more chicks…”

“Shut up. I have more than you!”


In the gym room.

“So seriously Riku, how has it been since you started at the gym?” Sayaka asked as Riku continued punching the boxing bags.

“A lot better.” Riku stopped and wiped the sweat off his brow. “I’m finally able to keep up with her. She usually drains me in bed but now I feel as though I’m keeping her excited” He grins gingerly and punches the bag a few more times. “I was so scared she’ll just get over me if I couldn’t perform well in bed. She’s such an energetic bunny…”

“Haha you should bring her in one day.”

“Hell no! What if she works out more! I’ve dead! Or if she falls in love with someone else here!”

“I thought you said she only loves you?”

“Yeah… but I’m still a bit scared… she was speaking really closely with Kai the other day…”

“Really? Well you better watch out then. Kai has been working out like crazy lately. Even though he has his own gym at home he has been running here every day and working out like crazy. I swear his abs will be like razor blades even though he’s so small.”

“WHAT?” Riku immediately lifted up his shirt and looked at his abs. “Is my 6pack better or his?”

Sayaka turned and looked at the anxious boy.

“Sorry to say but I’m sure Kai has a 12pack…”

Riku immediately dropped down and began pumping out crunches.

“Gotta catch up then!!”

Sayaka chuckled and left the room.

“Don’t hurt yourself or you’ll have to sit out and Kai might get ahead of you!”


Kai casually strolled into the gym. Wearing his token black Jeremy Scott Adidas winged hoodie with matching trackpants he dumps his gym bag onto the ground. Dancing on the spot to the tunes on his iPod he gently stretches his muscles. Smiling to himself he reminisce the events of yesterday.


Sprinting after Acchan he dodges the tomatoes flying towards him. However just as though he was about to grab her she pegs a tomato square in his face instantly blinding him. Crashing on top of the younger girl, he opens his eyes only to be faced by the mesmerising brown orbs of the younger girl. Both panting breathlessly he feels her hot breath against his lips. Suddenly he feels a cool sensation as the girl’s delicate hand gently caresses his cheek. Slowly removing the bits of tomato spread across his face. Smiling brightly he allows her to continue her small gestures. His heart was racing and he could feel that hers was beating as madly as his. He looked at her soft lips and unconsciously he began to move down towards them. However before they touched the screaming voice of a child startled them both. Making them instantly move apart.


Looking up they saw the disappointed face of Nami-chan.

“Aww man are you serious!” The little girl rolled her eyes as the two adults chuckled gently, trying to forget about what nearly happened. Kai turned and smiled as Acchan who blushed furiously. Unexpectedly he felt as a pair of soft lips touched his cheeks. Turning he saw the girl shyly packing up the shopping bags.

“T-t-t-there was tomato on your cheek.”

Grinning like a dork he decided to tease the younger girl.

“There’s some on my lips as well.”

He watched as the girl instantly reddened like a tomato.

“YAH!” She hit his arm before she slowly got up. “Help me up my ankle hurts.” She pouted towards him. He instantly rose up off the ground held onto her waist. Slowly walking her and Nami back home. Upon arriving at her house he noticed the small apartment block that she lived in.

“Do you live here?”

“Yeah.” She smiled brightly. “Do you live near by?”

Kai finally realised that Acchan had no idea who he was and the prestigious background he had. This made him smile instantly. Finally a girl who may actually be down-to-Earth and who would love him for him and not his family’s power. He unconsciously smiled.


“Maybe you could come over for dinner sometime?”

“Sure, I’d love to.”

Finally he remembered what had been eating at him all day. What was her relationship with Sae? Does she have a boyfriend?

“Um Acchan…”


“D-d-do you have a boyfriend? I-I-I saw some guy giving you flowers this morning on my way to Uni…”

“Oh that creeper! No way! He has been pestering since he nearly ran me over at the Uni.”


“It’s okay I’m alright.” She didn’t know why but she instantly held onto his hand.

“Are you sure? I’ll go yell at him!”

“No it’s okay.” She smiled towards him and gently pecked his cheek for the second time. Suddenly she let go of his hand and moved away. She was so in the moment that she had forgotten to ask whether or not Kai had a girlfriend before making a move on him. She began hitting her own head in frustration. Suddenly she felt his hand holding onto hers. Preventing her from hitting herself.

“Are you okay?” Looking up she instantly blurted out an endless sentence of rambles.


She was cut off by a pair of lips on hers.

“I’m single unless you want to be my girlfriend.”

She smiled towards him. Absolutely flabbergasted as to what was happening. It was going too fast. Suddenly she was brought back into reality by a squealing voice behind them.


Turning around they looked at a hyperactive Nami-chan jumping on the stool. Turning back around Acchan instantly smiled towards the anxious boy before her.

“I would love to.”

End of Flashback.

Here he is now. Still smiling like a fool that he is. A loved up fool. After the confessions and goodnight kiss that followed dinner at the younger girl’s house he hadn’t stopped smiling. He immediately got onto the treadmill and began running. Unknown to him he had finally began to skip for the first time in his life. However this didn’t go unnoticed by three pairs of eyes.

Fatty and Skinny stared in shock. Their jaws touching the ground.

“Oh my fucken god… Did he get laid…” They said in union.

On the other hand, the other boy stood frozen in fear. Here he was thoroughly exhausted from the workout, sweating like a bitch, and breathing like someone having an asthma attack. However, there he saw his greatest gym enemy happily skipping at an incredible pace like it was normal to be happy during such a hard workout.


The entire gym, except for Kai who had his iPod blaring, turned and watched as the young boy collapsed to the ground.


On the other side of town Sae was busy yet again. He was not giving up on courting “Yuki”. He had on a black tuxedo, a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear in hand. Strutting towards the florist yet again he mentally prepared himself.

“Hey sexy let’s go out! No no… Hey there again let’s have lunch! No… You got a nice smile, so do I, let’s kiss! Nah…. Um… Let’s have sex! Shit she’s not like that…”
Suddenly his attention was diverted towards the direction of the sweet voice he had been waiting for.

“Hey I’m just going to deliver these and pick up Nami okay?”

Suddenly the evil chicken manure throwing testicle crushing girl walked out of the shop following her.

“Okay, travel safely! I’ll see you soon.”

Watching the girl bicycle towards him he immediately stood in front of the younger girl’s bike for the nth time that week.

“What do you want again?” She asked in exasperation. He stared into her beautiful eyes and let the first words slip out of his mouth hoping they would get her attention and they definitely did.

“Let’s have sex.”

She immediately glared at him, he on the other hand hadn’t realised what he had said and waited patiently for the dramatic confession of love from her. Instead he received his second blow to his genitals in two days. Coupling over he watched the departing figure through tear drenched eyes.

“Why~” He wailed with his arm outstretched. The saying “Love Hurts” finally made sense to him because right now it definitely does hurt.


Back at the gym Riku had finally woken up. He looked around the bright room and spotted two faces he had never expected to see in a gym.

“Mar-kun? Kuu? What the hell are you doing here?”

“You know a ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ would be greatly appreciated” Mar-kun said as he rolled his eyes.

“Sorry I just never expected you to be here, did Sayaka call you to pick me up?”


“No way….” Riku said in disbelief. “Where’s Kai?”

“He is still working out. Something’s wrong though, he was skipping. SKIPPING!!! He can’t skip!! But he was! Something must have happened… Kuu and I think that he got laid.”

Riku’s eyes widened remembering that Yuko had rejected his invitation to go to a conference ball with him last night claiming she had to meet with someone important. In addition, Kai didn’t show up for it either. Piecing one and one together he finally began to fear the worst. Instantly he let out his second scream and like before fainted for the second time that day.


Kai casually jumped off the treadmill with an extra spring in his step. Walking over to his bag he called up his new girlfriend. Listening to the ring tone he waited patiently for the latter to answer.

“Hello Acchan speaking.”

“Hehe hello Kai speaking.”

“Stop teasing me.”

“I’m not”

“You are~”

“Hehe what are you doing?”

“I’m just delivering some flowers and then going to pick Nami up.”

“Oh okay.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just at the gym.”

“Gym? Isn’t that expensive? Are you flirting with some hot girls?”

“Hehe I’m only flirting with one but she’s too busy delivering flowers.”

“Hehe flirt!”

“Only towards you.”

“I hope so… Oh yeah you know that creeper who was following me.”

Remember Sae the smile immediately disappeared from Kai’s face.


“He came up to be today and asked me to have sex with him!”

“WHAT? He asked you for sex?”

“Yeah… Then I kicked him in the baby maker…”

“Hahahahahahaha…. DON’T HURT ME!”

“I would never hurt you like that!”

“OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo so you wanna have sex with me but not him!”

The sound of a male screaming loudly behind Kai was heard before the sound of something dropping loudly on the ground. Shuffling was then heard before mumbling and sighs.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know but I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Argh stop being a pervert or I’ll stop talking to you!”

“Hahaha ok ok I’ll stop you know I’m not after that.”

“How would I know?”

“Because I love you.”

There was silence on the other side of the line. Kai was scared, maybe he had been a bit too upfront and full on a bit too soon. However, he suddenly felt a sigh of relief when he heard four simple words.

“I love you too.”

Smiling widely he continued chatting to his girlfriend as he began packing his belongings and then left the gym.


“What do you mean Kai has been flirting with someone else?”

“We saw him with some girl in the park yesterday.”

“Yeah, they seemed…” Gulping slowly the girl continued. “Intimate…”

The former immediately threw the closest object on her desk at her mirror. Smashing the glass into multiple pieces the raged girl immediately stood up from her seat.

“Find out who that girl is and make sure she knows where she belongs. No one. And I mean no one can ever take Kai from me.”

“Y-Yes Ray.” The two girls immediately bowed towards Ray before scurrying out the door.

Ray peered out the window from her office. Starring down towards the people who were busily running around for their day-to-day lives she glared towards nothing in particular. She clenched her fist tightly.

“That family ruining bitch will never come in between Kai and I.” Turning around she sat back down at her desk. Grabbing hold of the photo frame on her desk she smiled bitterly. “No one can have your heart but me.


Well that is it! Please provide some feedback peoples! And people who might have given me feedback last time i updated this and it kinda got deleted as the site shut down could you reupdate your feedback please. Oh and I said last time that I am planning to update on a private blog instead of here as it requires less effort than clicking the button... And I actually have an idea if its worth me updating cos I'll know if there are readers xD. What do you guys think about that?

Love you all like I love cheese.
Peace out
Keichan ^_^
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Kai confession is sweet. I smell jealousy (Ray). She going to do something on it.
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LOL. Riku being worn out by Yuko? Oh Come ooonnn. LOLOLOL Riku do your best! xDDD and Mariko and Miichan wtf. LOLOLOLOL. xD Oh Kai you tease. Poor Acchan. xDDDDD

And thank you. ;A;
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I'll start commenting every time you update now! (^O^)
Yea! For Kai and Acchan~ :wub:
Poor Sae.. But sorry Acchan is Kai's~ :P

Thanks for the Update :twothumbs
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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Yay an update !  XD
Omg sae u dumbass  :lol:   
Lawl kai nd acchan too cute  :heart:

Please please update soon this fic is amazing !! :twothumbs
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Jealous Riku is so funny! Now it's time for pay back Riku! LOL sadist xD ! please update soon!
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Keichan I've been waiting for so long and was wondering if you will ever update this...

I'll give you feedback so you will continue to update  XD

LoL fatty and skinny with Akimoto hahahha  :rofl:
Pfft OMG LOL Riku training to keep up with the squirrel

“Are you okay?” Looking up she instantly blurted out an endless sentence of rambles.


Hahhaa Nami is such a cute kid...

Can't wait for your nect update Keichan and please on't make us readers waiting for too long

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Riku.. LOOOL. Gandbatte!  :lol: and sae you perv.
acchan and kai is together now...
i wonder what will happen now that Ray is here..  :twothumbs

.. and i don't mind kai x ray being together in this story anyways.

and thankyou so much for the update!  :bow:
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Hell yeah you update thanx. Jaja riku so fu ny he have only six pack and he is fighting for yuko

And kai's confessions so cutie im waiting for he NeXT chapter
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OMG x3 ! i'm so excited ! Ray finally shows up ! Wonder what will happen next !
me really hope Acchan will join in to Uni with Kai !  best triangle love i've ever seen !   :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Oh happy you called me with my name  :thumbsup After all this time...  :thumbup
Thank for updating  :bow: And I understand the unmotivated part... though I'm not unmotivated for now *Tears of joy* just lacking time  :smhid
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. FINALLY UPDATED! 27/1/2012
Post by: mythic_Chaz on January 30, 2012, 04:19:08 AM
I read this in one sitting and loled a lot.  :rofl: Waiting for your update soon!  :thumbsup
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. FINALLY UPDATED! 27/1/2012
Post by: immortal_K on February 01, 2012, 07:21:46 AM
WOW Keichan you actually updated, and I actually went and read it LOL

Took a while but finally found some time for me to be able to slowly go over the new stuff that has been appearing here.
You should be happy that yours was one of the first ones that I've decided to read  :P

Now you make me wait for the next update  :(

Write fasterrrrrrrrr buddy  :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. FINALLY UPDATED! 27/1/2012
Post by: bou-j525 on February 14, 2012, 01:39:07 AM

Message from Keichan who hates being a thread bumper: this fic is over as well. She will stop writing after one last OS.

It seems no one wants to take over this fic, so she ends it here.
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. TERMINATED
Post by: miayaka on May 23, 2012, 09:27:00 PM
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. TERMINATED
Post by: chichay12 on May 24, 2012, 09:11:20 AM
pls update this :cry: :cry:
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. TERMINATED
Post by: Suicchin on May 26, 2012, 06:10:26 AM
Please please continue this story Keichan! ;A;
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. FINALLY UPDATED! 27/1/2012
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Message from Keichan who hates being a thread bumper: this fic is over as well. She will stop writing after one last OS.

It seems no one wants to take over this fic, so she ends it here.

yeah why!!!
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 :mon thumb: :mon cam: :mon thumb:

okey! 8) this is one of the fic I newly discover 8)2

 :V KEICHAN!!!! :peace: Like what they say :peace:

 :rock: YOU SHOULD or  ;) better to say YOU MUST :twisted: CONTINUE THIS :thumbup

okey!!! I will read this in E-book :pen_read:
whooooo!!!!!  :pen_whirl: I can read where ever I want

 :pimp: take care always and keep up your good work!!! :thumbsup

 :skull: :cat: :pen_wave: :cat: :skull:

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Post by: shazrey on February 22, 2015, 06:32:39 PM
eto, i know its already long ago update almost 3 yrs ago isnt  :O
but somehow i wish if there is miracle happen where u will suddenly appear and update this story  :lol: XD XD
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Post by: Saint0angel on August 08, 2015, 11:17:44 AM
 :wub: hey, Author will you continue writing this story? I like your your story, please continue. :)
Atsumina :cow:
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. (Kai X Acchan & Various pairings.)
Post by: Saint0angel on November 15, 2015, 06:03:08 AM
:lol: that was funny xD  :rofl:

u even added Alexiel  :shocked i wonder what will she say l XD

seee now who's the.uhm..nvm
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Author-san will you continue this story??? :? :?
 i really like your story  :cry: :cry:
i hope you continue this  :)
Title: Re: Priceless Love. Keichan ^_^ Production. TERMINATED
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Author-san will you continue this story??

Please continue it
I really love kojiyuu :deco:

Please update it :bow: :bow: