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Author Topic: A Bit Blind To Love - chap18 (AtsuMina) - 26/12/2011 [DROPPED]  (Read 93741 times)

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 ^_^; Chapter Seven!!!
« Reply #40 on: January 29, 2011, 05:58:51 PM »
Ei Keichan ^_^ san!!!

Dude! Just finished reading ch. 5-6, gotta say this is pretty awesome! :mon deter: (then, I was surprised that you'd post ch. 7 already... :scolding: tsk  :smhid I really dunno if I'll post this here but.... hehehe :]  :grin:)

This was suppose to be my post when you haven't post ch. 7 yet... :mon annoyed: tsk,tsk,tsk..... (But I'm not angry 'bout your fast as in fast :shock: update...) YEY!!! 2nd fan fic marathon coming up!!!  :lol:

My gosh, when I was reading it I was (super blood lost) I mean  WOW! You really write what your readers request/wanted you to write huh... :hehehe:
(Thinking right now.....) Umm, if that's the case, can you pls, write about my favorite pair w/c is the Kojiyuu, since Harunya accepted Yuko sempai's feeling and all... Umm... write something like what the Takacchan pair are currently doing..... (or even better than that.... Oh, sh*t, there goes my image.....again...  :smhid :] )

Ok, I think I should need to worship you right now  :bow: :bow: (I soo do like your style of writing, it's funny and pervy at the same time... I really like it especially the development of the couples... :luvluv1:)

OMiGawsh!! I was like soo imagining it :mon bleed2: hehehe... :mon mischief: (I don't care bout my image right now, :mon fire: because of your fic... :mon mad:) Well c'mon guyz! Aren't we all here the same? We like the part where Acchan would do something with Takamina sama, right? (or do you want me to name you people!! :mon geek: )

HAHAHA!!! gonna quote this :]

dude you always post before you read LOL what would happen if i write something you dislike one day xD...and yes my plan is working.... :mon hobo: all shall be Takacchan fans soon...
Oh, :shy1: are you concerned... :wriggly: :] hehehe... I really don't mind if you'll post something w/c I wouldn't like?? Oh, c'mon I think that's impossible :lol: ... I'm not selfish so if ever you'll write something like that, I wouldn't mind  :D :] Hey! I like your story (so far... hehe) it's just my type so just write until we drop (there goes my egg again :] Oh, pls don't think ill of me, I'm a girl.... Oh, sh... this is soo not like me..  :doh: )  :]

Umm anywho, 'bout your plan, hmm.... seriously, I'm not really a Takacchan shipper.... before... but after reading your story... (I think I'm evolving... :] But I still love my KojiYuu more!!! haha:] ) Just good luck with that plan of yours :]

And there, that was supposed to by my post, then I saw....  :shocked ch. 7.... (You really are a ninja aren't ya' ) :]
Dude, what do you do for a living? I mean what's your life like? I'm sooo curious to know.. :]
Anyway, I didn't know dark-atrox san has tonsillitis... And I think that your fic might somehow make her feel better  :]

MORE BEDROOM SCENE!  :lol: :lol: :lol: right guys? 
 You will get it if you update Mistaken Identity and FNP!!!
You're so damn right 'bout that!! :scolding:

Thanks soo much for the fast update!! Just continue writing (especially the perv parts.... :mon blood: Hope it'll be Kojiyuu next time ) hehehehe :]
Gonna read this tom, well, maybe later (since it's already 12 here :]) :] (Sorry if my comments are soooo late, well, the reason is preeeeetty obvious isn't it :] ) hehe :]

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
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ERGH!!! Really!!! Argh I can't read japanese though >_<!!!

Well on Stage48 Takamina thread, Kanki's translating her blog post if ever you wanna see ^^ I linked to page 283, but there are blog post translated before too. And I know a bit Japanese, but not enough to teach you XD

On another note... YOU FREAKING UPDATE BEFORE I COULD POST ABOUT CHAPTER 6! I read chapter 6 yesterday and told me I would comment tomorrow because it was late and blablabla.... And you update chapter 7! I don't know if I should thank you forever or tell myself to not ever wait with your story XD

Anyways, chapter 6 was nice... except the part where Takamina's mum interrupted their cute and pervert moment.
And chapter 7 was sad... but it's cute to see they are together at the end  :wub: They are so cute worrying about the other ^^

And now... I'm waiting for your chapter 8... If I'm not wrong it will be updated tomorrow XD

P.S. totally agree, dark-atrox should update faster :P I'm not the best one to speak I know... But we are not talking about me now :P And anyways I'll update tonight so :P
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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 ^_^; Chapter Seven!!!
« Reply #42 on: January 30, 2011, 03:14:39 AM »
Thanks for the fast updateeeeeeeee!!

this chapter was a bit sad but i'm glad they got out some of their frustrations during this

lol as if that annoying asshole and his equally annoying sister could every replace Takamina or Aachan  :smhid

awwwwwwwwwww that part where they hold each other in the arms  :)

I'll be waiting for your next update!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 ^_^; Chapter Seven!!!
« Reply #43 on: January 30, 2011, 01:56:41 PM »
Wow...... Already chapter 7....
Your a ninja keichan!!!

Who's that guy!!!!

Takacchan is super cute!
Hmmm.... About the new mendol movie....
Wild guess,,,, acchan is ray kouhai and kuu's love interest!!!!
I can now see takamina's angry face!!!!

Anyways...... Thanks for updating so fast...


Can anyone please write a mayuki fanfic!!!!!! :nervous

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 ^_^; Chapter Seven!!!
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Hey everyone thanks for all the replies and sorry for the late update....well late for me xD

Your a ninja keichan!!!
Hmmm.... About the new mendol movie....
Wild guess,,,, acchan is ray kouhai and kuu's love interest!!!!
Hehe...I enjoy the fact that you are guessing has taken me 8 chapters and I still haven't finished writing about the events of a day and you are guessing about could be the far away future if it takes me this long to write each day! lol! Anyway I will try to update as quickly as possible for everyone!

Anywho! Hope you all enjoy this chapter...I didn't really like it as it was quite rushed and I'm 100% brain dead from work lately!

Chapter Eight

You know that saying “nothing ever lasts forever”? Well I’ll have to agree…


“Oi Minami! Acchan! Stop being anti-social and come out for dessert!”

My eye twitches upon hearing my brother’s stupid voice. I’m going to murder him….


Turning I start screaming at the door.


Acchan covers my mouth giggling.

“Be nice to your brother. He must have been told to call us for dessert.”

Removing her hand from my mouth I sigh heavily. My fail at life expression slowly begins to take over my face.

“Why do you always help him…” I head bows down dejectedly. Wrapping her arms around my neck she moves up off my collar bone and rubs her nose against mine.

“Because I know deep down you love your brother….and as I said before I want your family to like me so of course I have to help out the younger sibling.” She smiles proudly with her eyes closed a slight blush on her cheeks. So cute…

“Fine…stick up for him all you want…but if you help him instead of me…hmmph!” I turn my head away pretending to be annoyed. She gently nibbles on my cheek bones. “Hey what are you doing?” I chuckle as I try to move away from her lips.

“I’m being affectionate!” She laughed as she continued to nibble me!

“How is this affectionate?” I giggled whilst trying to push her head away from mine. She stops and pouts at me.

“Well since you like cats so much I decided to nibble you like a cat does but it seems that you don’t even notice my efforts to please you!” I gently blush before cuddling her close.

“You so cute.”

“Hmmph!” she turns away.

“Aww you’re annoyed…Maybe I should act affectionate towards you like a puppy?” Although she’s turned away from me I can see the upturned corner of her mouth as she smiles upon hearing my words. Turning around she looks at me before moving closer to me.

“How are you gonna do that?” She says whilst pouting her lips out cheekily. I giggle gently.

“Like this!” Grabbing hold of her face I quickly lick the side of her face from her jaw up to the side of her brow earning a squeal from my victim. I quickly get up and start running towards the door. “DESSERT TIME!” I gets up off the ground giggling as I open the door and begin running out. Putting on an evil voice she yells from behind me.



Running into the living room my mum calls out to me.

“Your cake is in the kitchen”

“Thanks!” I quickly say before running into the kitchen. I hear as Acchan runs into the living room. Her footsteps slow down as she notices everyone already eating.

“Um…where did Takamina go?” My mum turns to her happily.

“She just ran into the kitchen to get your dessert”

“Thanks” Suddenly Acchan starts running towards the kitchen. I move behind the door, cake in hand. I hear as her footsteps closer get closer. She’s creeping towards the door.

“Takamina…where are you…” She begins to slowly creep into the kitchen. Looking around she can’t see me. She begins pouting until she hears me bump into the wall. Opening the door she smiles proudly as she sees me. “GOTCHA!” She begins jumps forward to grab me. However as a automatic survival reflex I smash the cake into her face.


“Oh crap…” I freeze in horror my hands automatically retract back to me. My shoulders and hands flinch upwards as I retract my neck and my facial expression changes immediately to the “ugh” face if you get what I mean! Wiping the cream away from her eyes she glares at me. “Oh baby it wasn’t me I swear!” She stares at the cream on my finger tips and begins to move closer to me. “Ergh…” I begin looking for an escape route but to no avail. “It was a careless mistake! Careless! CARELESS!!” She grabs onto me and rubs her face against mine. Cream instantly covering my face. As she moves away she giggled whilst looking at me before saying.

“Oh honey…sorry I didn’t see you there! It was a CARELESS mistake!” She smirked at me cutely. Ergh I failed again… Moving forward I gently kiss her lips before licking some of the cream off her face.

“Woof! You taste nice” I say whilst I smile at her. Wrapping her arms around me she licked my cheek.

“Meow…you taste purrfect!” Blushing furiously I then begin to laugh at her.

“You are so lame!” Pouting at me and moves forwards and licks my nose.

“Only lame for you though…” I blush gently. “Gotta make you feel better about yourself every once in a while!” she giggled. I instantly look at her emotionlessly and sigh heavily. Holding me close and nibbling the cream off her face. “I love you so much taka-cake!”

Upon hearing footsteps coming towards us I quickly grab a paper towel and begin wiping the cream off Acchans face.

“What happened?” My mum stares at us from the doorway. Acchan gently blushes before holding onto my arm.

“Minami was being mean to me!” She instantly pouts.

“ERGH!!!” My eyes widen in shock.

“Minami! Be nice to Acchan! She’s a guest!” Sighing softly I bow my head down.

“Yes mum!”

“Now hurry up and clean yourselves up and join the group!”

Acchan smiles and cutely salutes to my mum. “HAI!”

“Aww you’re so cute Acchan!” I mum says gleefully holding her arms up against her cheeks.

Blushing gently Acchan grabs some paper towels and begins wiping my face for me.


After cleaning off the cream we walk out together towards the couches. Her arm tightly wrapped around mine and her head resting against mine.

“Acchan!” my brother calls out “Sit here!” he pats at the empty spot she was sitting at previously.

“No its okay Su-chan can sit there! I’ll sit on the ground with Minami” Still holding me tightly she sit down on the carpet. Our backs rested against the wall behind us, Acchan gently rests her head on my shoulder. We sat there listening to the conversation, whilst still whispering between ourselves. We didn’t care to look at Su-chan or Asshole. It didn’t matter if they were looking at us, or how they were looking at us. We were too busy looking at each other.


“Nehhhhhhhhh, Nyan Nyan!!! Let me hold them!”


“Then…let my look at them!”





“No buts!”


“Stop it”

“It’s so unfair!”

“Stop whinging!”

“Hmmph!” Yuko turned away pouting, resting her chin on her arms against the table.

“Don’t be like that!”

“But I want to see them”

“No! It’s embarrassing!”

“How is it?”

“It just is!”

“But you look so cute!”

“No I don’t!”

“You look cute to me!”

“You still don’t get to see them!”

“But Nyan Nyan I showed you mine!”

“I didn’t ask for you to show me!”

“That’s so unfair! I share everything with you!” Yuko pouts towards her Nyan Nyan, puppy eyes in full force. Feeling sorry and guilty Haruna finally obliges. Nodding towards her squirrel. “YES!” The squirrel squeals!

“WAIT!...Only with one condition!”

Yuko looks at her Nyan Nyan puzzled.

“You can’t tell anyone I showed you!”

“Of course not!!! I would never tell anyone!!”


“Anything for my princess!”

“Okay… come over then...”

The squirrel quickly bounces across to sit next to her Nyan Nyan. Smiling from ear to ear from the excitement! As her Nyan Nyan turns towards her her eyes begin to beam with excitement!!

“Don’t laugh okay!”


“Okay…here you go…”

The squirrel quickly moves her arms towards her Nyan Nyan, hands trembling like crazy from the adrenaline upon seeing the gift before her.

“K-K-KAWAII!!!!!” She screams as she grabs onto her prize!

“Ergh!!! Keep quiet!!”

“O o o” The squirrel nods whilst still grinning like a massive pervert. As she looks at them tears begin to well up in her eyes! She can’t believe her Nyan Nyan finally let her hold them in her hands whilst looking at them.

“Neh!! Why are you looking at them like that!” Haruna says as she pouts at Yuko. Wiping away her tears and saliva Yuko quickly bows in apology.

“Sorry…I’m just…so happy.”

Haruna looks at her confused for a while before smiling tenderly towards her squirrel. Reaching out she pulls the other girl into her and hugs her tightly.

“Stop being a baby”

Holding her Nyan Nyan close Yuko blushes and nods as her head rests against the other girl’s chest.


After kissing the squirrels forehead the girl begins to move away.

“Okay that’s all you get to see today!”

“No0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o I didn’t even get time to look at them properly!”

“I don’t care!”

“But Nyan Nyan!!”

“You can look at them another time!”

Pouting at her Nyan Nyan she puts her hand infront of the other girls face, her pinkie finger outreached towards Haruna.


Smiling at the gesture, Haruna wraps her pinkie around the other girls.


Excitedly the squirrel bounces in her chair as the other girl begins to move away from the table.

“Where are you going?”

“Well I don’t want anyone else to see them!”

“Hehe I don’t get why you wouldn’t! They’re so cute!”

Pouting at the squirrel, Haruna replied.

“I don’t like people seeing my baby photos! They always talk about how big my ears are!”

TBC  :mon blblbl: IF YOU WERE THINKING SOMETHING DIRTY YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!! jk jk Anyway sorry if this chapter was a bit boring lol my brain has been dead from working so much lately! Will make the next chapter better!

Since you updated you may get your bedroom scene...key word: MAY!!!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
« Reply #45 on: January 31, 2011, 09:41:28 AM »
LOL I really thought Kojiharu was showing her precious prize to Korisu  :lol: :lol: :lol:
You really got me with that one, kei-chan  :P
Does that mean I have a perv mind?  :shocked :shocked :shocked
Nooooo :bleed eyes:

Well,  :yawn: if you won't write a BEDROOM SCENE with AtsuMina, then write one with KojiYuu  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
« Reply #46 on: January 31, 2011, 08:50:45 PM »
KojiYuu~  :luvluv1:

Maybe . . . I'm a pervert too . . .  :shy1:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
« Reply #47 on: January 31, 2011, 11:29:33 PM »
If you two are pervert... I am too XD

Thank for the update! I lol'ed at the cake thing XD And of course, at the KojiYuu part XD

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
« Reply #48 on: February 02, 2011, 01:42:53 AM »
:hehehe: I'm a pervert too

Thank for the update!  :mon cute:

I really like   :mon thumb:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
« Reply #49 on: February 02, 2011, 04:43:39 PM »
This was my reaction when I haven't read ch. 8 yet......  and seeing the other readers' posts here....
"Tsk tsk tsk..  :smhid people nowadays saying what's on their mind....  :smhid Saying that they're pervs out loud...  tsk, tsk, tsk... no shame...  :smhid

After reading the chapter....  :lol:

"WTH!!!!???  :scolding: Why is there no BED ROOM SCENE BETWEEN THE KOJIYUU PAIR!!!!!"  :mon headbang:  hehehehe   :on lol:

*ehem*  :mon sweat: umm... I mean, umm... thanks so much for the update?  :on ksweat: (that's really it...  :mon lol:)
 I was like O.O  :mon closeup:  what are those two doing, and then it hit me...  really hard...  :mon bleed2: hehehe...  :grin:
Is it my fault? :mon innocent: It's the way you wrote it, really...  :mon impatient: What do you think we'd imagine with those words you'd use..  :mon huh2: It's not our fault, right?  :yep: hehehe :]
But really, if you're not gonna create a BED scene between the Takacchan pair, then create one for the Kojiyuu instead... (since they're my favorite and all... hehehe... Me head is already imagini'n it...  :drool:  )  Oh, sh*t my image  :gyaaah:
Hmmm...  :mon dunno: but if everyone, as in everyone is saying that they're perv,  then I should at least do the sa..... OH WAIT, my image!!!!   :mon ghost:
No, just joking, I'm not gonna say that I'm a perv... nope, not even a bit..  well, maybe a little... hehehe... NO REALLY I"M NOT A YADONG, HENTAI, PERVERTED FREAK!!! (I'm breaking the chain, people!!! hehehe...  :lol: :lol: ) there goes my image for the 3rd time... :banghead: I give up...  :mon surr:
But really, Keichan ^_^ san thanks soo much for the story :]  Pls. continue updating like a ninja :]
YEY finally I'd post in time  :mon fyeah: :]

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #50 on: February 03, 2011, 02:41:41 PM »
 :mon geek: HENTAI! ~points at dark-atrox~
 :mon suspect: ECCHI! ~points at RenaChii~
 :mon wtfmm: PERVERT! ~points at bou-j525~
 :mon unsure: SLEAZE! ~points at Airidoki~
 :mon slapself: YADONG! ~points at alexiel17~
Lol! sorry! anyway sorry! but you can imagine all you want ahahahaha that was my aim! lol....
Anyway here is the next chapter, its quite small sorry, didnt feel too comfortable writing it!

Chapter Nine

“I don’t want to be out here” She gently whispers in my ear. “Let’s go back to your room”. I turn and look at her.

“I want to go as well but my mum will yell at us afterwards for being rude.” She pouts at me.

“Can’t we just tell her we ha a long day and we’re exhausted?”

However before I could reply I heard Loud-chan’s voice.

“WELL IT’S GETTING LATE! We should head home!”

A giant smile appears on Acchan’s face as she begins to shake my hand in excitement. I smile at her, she’s just so cute… As we walk the guests towards the door Acchan gently nudges her hip against mine whilst gently giggling.

“Why are you so excited?” I say to her softly so nobody else could hear. Leaning into me smiling she whispers into my ear.

“Because very soon I’ll be straddling you again!” I immediately stop walking. My eyes widen as I stare at her….did she just say what I think she said? Laughing at my expression she quickly adds “Just joking!”

“Er…d-don’t say things like that!” Looking away awkwardly I begin to fidget with my shirt, well her shirt… wrapping her arms around my neck she smiles at me.

“You’re so cute…”

“Tsk…” I turn away

“I mean it” Before I could tell her I thought the same way about her the asshole yelled over to Acchan making both of us stare at him.


I look at him emotionlessly…dickhead! Acchan looks at him awkwardly with her head tilted whilst still wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I drove here alone, so I can take you home! It’s dangerous for such a cute girl like you to go home alone” He said proudly with a smirk. Stupid pervert trying to take my girl from me… I’ll punch that grin off his face! Cuddling my into her chest she smiles at him.

“Sorry but I’m fine thank you. I’m staying here tonight so Takamina can protect me.”

Looking at me annoyed he turned back to face her.

“How can she protect you? She’s a girl and she’s shorter than you as well…”

I was about to push myself away from Acchan and belt him down to show him that I could drop him one, however…

“She can protect me more than you ever could” She smiled proudly. Mean while our parents were watching this scene in awe. They couldn’t yell at either of us for being rude, well if I was rude I would get yelled at. But Acchan was innocent, and the asshole is like his family’s treasure so they aren’t going to belt him for being the dickhead he is! He’s grin widened.

“Pfft! Oh come on babe everyone here knows I could protect you more than she could! Don’t embarrass her more than you have!”

My blood was boiling… I’m going to murder him…

“You would never understand!” She grinned at him. “Your heads too far up your~” I quickly covered her mouth.

“What did you say?” He asked her with a raised eyebrow. Turning to look at his retarded face I slowly begin to cast a serious expression on my face, getting yelled at by mum didn’t matter, I had to protect my girlfriend.

“You can’t be serious!” I tilt my head in disgust. “Not only do you have an oversized head that looks out of proportion, but it’s thick and hollow as well.”

“What did you say you little bitch?” He moves forward from the door.

“Tsk...” I turn to look to the side.  “I’m saying that you’re brainless, most likely dumber than a baby.  Are you that stupid that you can’t see she’s not the slightest bit interested in you!”

As he moves towards me I quickly push Acchan away from me, I don’t want her to get hurt. As he moves forward to grab onto my shirt I quickly hit his hand away.

“Hmmph, so not only are you dumb, you’re a pervert who tries to grab a girls chest?”

“Bitch!” He tries to punch me in the face, I quickly move away and elbow him in the face whilst he’s in motion. I feel as the cartilage in his nose makes a popping sound. “ARGH!” I holds onto his nose as I move away standing in front of Acchan to make sure she’s okay. She quickly grabs hold of my arm to make sure I’m okay as the asshole’s mum and sister run up to him to make sure he’s okay. My mum rushes over to check up on me, whereas my dad begins to apologise to his friend. My brother on the other hand bends over and laughs at the guy on the ground. Acchan rubs my arm gently, she pouts sadly at me.

“What’s wrong?”

As she begins to reply she’s cut-off by an angry Loud-chan.


I turn and watch as she storms towards me. However before I could move forward and yell back at her my mum moves in front of me.

“HOW DARE YOU YELL AT MY DAUGHTER AFTER YOUR SON TRIES TO HIT HER! IF YOU DON’T LEAVE MY HOUSE IMMEDIATELY I WILL CALL THE POLICE AND MY LAWYER AND SAY YOUR SON TRIED TO PHYSICALLY ASSUALT MY DAUGHTER!” Before Loud-chan can respond my mum continues. “DON’T SAY SOMETHING STUPID LIKE ‘OKAY FINE CALL THEM BUT MY SON IS THE ONE WHO IS HURT’ OH NO DON’T YOU EVEN DARE! MY DAUGHTER DID IT IN SELF-DEFENSE BECAUSE YOUR SPOILT LITTLE SHIT OF A SON IS SO FUCKED UP HER PICKS FIGHTS WITH A GIRL! HE MIGHT BE A RISING STAR FOR THE LAST MONTH BUT YOU START SHIT WITH ME AND HE’LL BE A RUINED IN AN INSTANT!” Loud-chan immediately grinds her teeth in anger, turns away, picks up her son and storms out of the house with him. Su-chan bows apologetically and follows her mother, whereas Ishihara-san walks over to me and apologises to all of us for his son’s behaviour. My father then follows him and closes the door. I finally sigh in relief. I feel as my mum hugs tightly onto my small body.

“My little girl is finally growing up! Standing up for herself and her friends!” Tears begin to stream down her face.

“Muuuuuuuuuuum get off meeeeee!” I begin to whine. Acchan stands beside me giggling gently.


After my mother finally let go of me Acchan and I went back to my room. Flopping forward on top of my bed I feel the bed move as Acchan moves down next to me. Moving across she gently kisses my elbow a few times before resting her head against my back. Slowly she moves her fingers over my elbow. Looking over my shoulder at her I watch as her eyes move from staring at my elbow to my eyes. Smiling gently she moves up and kisses my shoulder blade. I can’t help smirk at her before leaning back to kiss her forehead.

“Sorry for scaring you…”

Smiling at me she moves forward and kisses my cheek.

“It’s okay…thanks for protecting me…”

Turning away in embarrassment I begin to blush.

“It was nothing…just a reflex…that’s all…”

“Why are you always so modest?”

“I’m not!”

“You so are!” she giggled.

“Hmmph!” I turn away. Moving up close against me she kisses me underneath my ear.

“Neh…Minami…” I move away as her lips tickle me. Sliding her arms underneath me she pulls her body against mine. I move to look at her whilst pouting. She giggles upon seeing my pout and kisses my lips gently before moving down to nibble my neck. My body begins to quiver upon her soft touch. “…you don’t even want to know how you make me feel right now…” I gulp slowly. Gently running her nose against my neck her hot breath melts my skin. “…all I want to do is…” she gently kissed my collar bone, “…please you…”
I feel as a rush of shyness streams through my body.

“A-a-acchan!” I turn away. Holding me close she rests her head near mine.

“I mean it…I would do anything for you…” I look down at her, her eyes looked so soft, they were subtly drawing me into her….and before I knew it I had already kissed her.

 I pull her close to me, my hand moving along her waist. Her body seemed so delicate in my arms. I feel as her arms move up and around my neck.  As her lips press harder onto mine I feel as her stomach grinds against me. Our legs become tangled, our movements are ambiguous, unsynchronised. Each time I go to kiss her I feel her move away, yet after I move back she comes in for a kiss. Frustration. All I can hear is her heavy breathing. All I can see is a blur. All I can feel is pure bliss. And all I know is I want her. I feel as my hands move her shirt up, she gently bites my lip as she feels the cool touch of my stomach against hers.

 I begin to feast upon her neck. Her skin so smooth Her scent so sweet. Her gentle moans piercing my ears as I push on top of her. My hands guide her shirt off. Her soft white skin which is now pressed up against me makes me shake.  Moving down I gently plant kisses along her chest as she pulls my shirt off and throws it over the edge of the bed. My body seems to move on its own. My hands subconsciously pull away her skirt as my lips gently caress her navel. I feel as her hands move through my hair, her voice gently moaning my name. As I begin to move lower I suddenly feel her hands tighten around my neck. She begins to pull me back up. As my body moves up against hers I feel as her legs wrap around my body. My body quivers gently upon realising the only thing separating us is our underwear and my shorts. I feel as she pushes my shorts down. My legs automatically kicking them off. She pulls me into a bruising kiss. Her tongue tracing against the edge of my lips.

Suddenly she becomes gentle. She holds me close against her. I open my eyes and find myself looking into hers. She smiles at me and I can feel as my lips forms one itself. She gently kisses me and wraps her arms around me. My arms reciprocate the gesture. We lay there, not speaking, not moving, just understanding… We both knew we weren’t ready for this next step yet.

TBC!!!! Sorry guys i really dont feel comfortable writing the bedroom scene at all! lol....maybe someone else can write it for me!!!!
Lol gomen!!!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
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wow,I love this!Please more Kojiyuu!!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #52 on: February 03, 2011, 04:18:08 PM »
Kei-chan, you chickened out writing the interesting parts!  :smhid :smhid :smhid

*so you know what i felt now, eh? ;)* that's why i can't deliberately say yes to your request  :nervous
and i ended up staying late again cause of you  :smhid jk

Minami should've pummeled down the asshole though!

PS: More bed scenes when you're up to it  ;) ;) ;)
*glad u continued writing this one  XD XD XD*

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #53 on: February 04, 2011, 02:44:39 AM »
Thanks for updating!!

hahahaha glad that stupid flirt got some punishment for even trying to make a move on Aachan  :twisted:

Woahhhh Takamina's mom totally burned his mom!!!  :twothumbs don't mess with the Takahashi family!

you totally left us hanging but that's alright if you don't feel comfortable writing it, the Takaachan moments is still amazing and adorable  :)

Update soon!
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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #54 on: February 04, 2011, 04:06:54 AM »
Awww that was cute  :wub:
Hehe don't worry for the rest of the bed scene or anything about it, I don't feel comfortable writing AND reading them so XD I'm not as pervert as you think I might be XD

Already waiting for the next update!!!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #55 on: February 05, 2011, 10:06:57 AM »
Keichan ^_^ san!!  :mon hi: It's really ok if you can't write "those" kind of scenes... (you know what I'm talking about :])
Anyway, the truth is, I really can't read those stuffs... (yet... hehehe)
That's why when I'm reading your fic especially with the Takacchan parts when they’re expressing their "love" I'm like :on freeze: Really, I'm still a bit embarrassed 'bout those things....   :mon sweat:

Anyway, I'm just really joking 'bout my last post and all... (since I'm not really comfortable reading those kinds of stuff... hehehe  :lol:) Umm.... I really don't mind if you can't write bed scenes since it doesn’t make you comfy  :P

Umm.. just like what bou-j525 san said, we are not as pervert (in my case I'm not a Yadong Freak!)  as you think we are... :]

Just wondering, why did you use :mon slapself: for pointing at me? Am I the worst? :gmon tears:  (doing that "puppy eye dog look" right now...  :mon hanky: :cry: )
I'm not really a Yadong!!!  :tantrum:  :mon whine: huhuhu....  Hope this comment would prove it to you....   :mon nyah:
Anyho, pls. continue this and I hope more Kojiyuu next time!!  :mon roll: :]

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #56 on: February 05, 2011, 05:25:12 PM »
I lol'ed so hard when you said that you're not comfortable writing the bed scenes.
Well we don't really mind,you started it so you better continue
and please more KojiYuu


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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #57 on: February 06, 2011, 12:30:44 AM »
yeeeeaaaaaaay.....another update...  :cow: :cow: :cow: thanks keichan.... i curious with the next chapter... what will happend...?  :panic: :panic: :panic: how taka will handle acchan and how acchan will handle taka now in the mendol shooting... ??  :grin: :grin: since they in the max tenshion of jealousy...  XD XD will wait for your update...  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

btw there wasn't my name so i'm not pervet or etc...  :lol: :lol: XD

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #58 on: February 11, 2011, 08:10:24 AM »
Hey guys so so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry I haven't kept up with the fast updateness! Been flat out with work and everything else! GOMEN!!!
@ riama: hehe give me time i will work on it!
@ dark-atrox: ....hentai! you and that perverted wink all time!
@ mangobanana15: hehe yes takahashi family may be tiny but!
@ bou-j525: hehe thanks for not pushing the bed scene! unlike someone.... -glares at dark-atrox-
@ alexiel17: sorry for calling you an yadong! hehe and i didnt mean to put that monkey for you! but it was cute ^_^ ahaha
@ sorakamiya: mwahaha I shall keep you intrigued as to what will happen during the shooting!!

Anyway since i have been so flat out i just finished work and pushed out a chapter for you guys! So here it is and hope its alright although its rushed!

Chapter Ten

So…nothing happened last night… well something did but not the something that most people may be thinking. However I felt that is was close enough to the other something! Well okay maybe totally different but it still involves a certain pervert getting naked and trying to get me naked. Acchan tried to get us to bathe together again… I guess it ended with me crying whilst holding onto the door whilst Acchan who was naked was trying to pull me into my bathroom.

No we weren’t in the hallway! That’ll just give my family a reason to flood the house with blood from their bleeding nose. I actually live in the main bedroom with the ensuite. This is because mum and dad got sick of me walking around in the hallway and bumping into things early in the morning to get ready for work! The only reason Acchan let me go was because my brother knocked on the door to see if we were alright because I was screaming so loud that it most likely interrupted his “special touchy touchy self time!”….gag! or he heard why I was screaming and wanted to see Acchan naked….idiot… anyway once he knocked on the door Acchan bolted into the bathroom as she forgot the door was locked and thought my brother would walk in on her.

I took the opportunity to grab my clothes and use the other bathroom quickly. Of course when I returned to my bedroom Acchan was pouting at me whilst sitting up in bed and then decided to guilt trip me by ignoring me when I got into bed. Although I did attempt to cuddle her she simply held onto my head and kept me at an arms length away…well her arms length is longer than mine so I couldn’t touch her….fail…

I wish I was taller….i guess that’s why I want to be Luffy….all he has to do is hell a few words and POW! He’s body becomes longer….argh…life is hard…I guess I will just continue to dress as Chopper….although when I’m angry I still remain the same height…but people at least respect me a bit more! In the end I just sighed and fell back against the pillow to go to bed. Who knew the saying “Be mean, keep them keen” was true because once I did that guess which little pervert instantly clung onto me again because they thought I was angry at them….Acchan of course….wouldn’t let anyone else hold me like she does.

Today was the first time Acchan woke up before me….when I say first I mean FIRST! She even woke me up….by grabbing hold of my nose and covering my mouth so I couldn’t breathe… it’s like she wants to kill me every morning I swear, first drowning now suffocation! Tomorrow she might stab me and think I’ll come back alive again!

Anyway we are currently at the theatre practising. I’m practising the dance to Beginner in front of the mirror whereas Acchan is chatting with Haruna on the seat. I tried calling her over before but she told me she couldn’t start yet because she was too bloated from breakfast…I can’t complain because my mum did seem to increase the breakfast size to three times our normal amount for Acchan who gobbled it down quickly. How does she still have such a nice figure….ergh shit dirty thoughts…back to dance practice Takamina!!!

After three and a half hours of practice I decided it was time for a break. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly exhausted and most were complaining that they were hungry and out of energy. Maybe I do work them too hard. However I guess you need to work this hard in order to perform well enough for our supporters!

“Okay guys we will have a two hour break for lunch!”

The girls instantly squealed in excitement. Some instantly ran out of the room to grab their bags whereas the rest seemed to congregate into small groups to decide where to go for lunch whilst the rest dropped to the ground instantly to lie down for a quick recovery snooze. Wiping the sweat off my face with my towel I began to walk towards my bag to get a drink of water.

“Oi Takamina!!” I turned around after grabbing my water bottle. Haruna was walking towards me with Yuko tightly attached to her arm. We’ve decided to go to gyoza shop down the road for lunch, grab your bag.

“Oh, okay…” Grabbing my bag quickly I started following the couple in front of me. “Who’s us?”

Walking through the door I noticed a group of girls standing there waiting. Our lunch group today consists of Mariko, Sae, Sayaka, Miichan, Yuko, Haruna and Acchan. We began walking down the path together towards the gyoza shop. Mariko, Acchan and Haruna were chatting amongst themselves about the latest gossip in the magazines, Miichan, Yuko and Sae were acting like kids and running around playfully trying to jump over random objects left on the path. I on the other hand was engaging in a serious conversation with Sayaka about the dance routine. Although Sayaka resigned as Captain of Team K, I still acknowledged her as a captain. When we reached the shop we quickly sat down to order our food. At the table Sae, Sayaka, myself and Acchan sat on one side, whereas Mariko sat across from Acchan followed by Haruna, Yuko and Miichan.

“Egh…Takamina why are you sitting there?” Mariko asked in a surprised tone. I looked at where I was positioned and stared back at her blankly as I didn’t understand what the problem was. Snickering at me she continued. “Acchan, Kojiharu and I are discussing lingerie at the moment”

“Er… so?” I raised an eyebrow at her as a smirk began to appear on her face, leaning over and resting her chin on her palm she says.
“Well don’t you think that when girls talk about lingerie they don’t want a man listening in on their conversation?”

As everyone at the table began to chuckle I glared towards the old lady as she continued to grin at me. Miichan quickly added her input making the situation worse.
“Er!! You guys don’t know yet do you!! Yesterday Takamina dragged Acchan into a change room to watch her change into a SEXY bra!!!

“So desu ka?” Mariko asked quickly with a shocked face.

“Mmm!!!” Haruna began nodding. “Takamina is secretly a massive male hentai! Poor acchan was victimised!”

My mouth dropped open as Mariko began nodding whilst looking at Acchan, who was blushing furiously and me, who looked like a train had run over my face. Sae and Sayaka just smirked whilst chuckling and whispering between themselves. Suddenly Yuko intervened.

“Stop picking on Takamina!” Everyone went quiet as I began to nod towards Yuko. Finally someone on my side! “It’s not her fault she was born a pervert!” A trickle of sweat went down the side of my brow as my eye twitched. “It’s a gift from god…and Acchan willingly showed her boobies to Takamina” I think I just got shot in the forehead. Everyone at the table began to laugh again whilst Acchan began clinging to my arm shyly, her cheek against my shoulder.

“Neh…Acchan could this be true?” Mariko asked with a smirk. Acchan didn’t say a word and just remained pressed up against my arm with a cheeky grin on her face. “Aww….must be!” She winked at me. “Takamina finally showing her true male self!”

“Shut up!” I glared at her intently. Acchan quickly held onto my arm. Looking down at her she quickly shook her head at me. Pouting at her I sighed. “Sorry Mariko, but you have to stop teasing me”

Although Mariko was a bit taken aback by my brash words she casually shrugged.

“It’s okay, maybe you just didn’t get any action last night.”

My eyes popped out as Miichan added.

“Yeah sexual frustration”

“You can’t be that horny can you Takamina?” Sae asked.

“Don’t ask her such an open question!” Sayaka quickly intervened.

Yuko on the other hand held onto Haruan tightly.

“I’m extremely sexually frustrated because Nyan-Nyan won’t touch me the way I touch her… but its ok because I still get to touch her…sometimes.” Everyone looked at Yuko in disbelief of her openness, Haruna just sat there blushing and playfully hitting Yuko.
“Maybe Acchan just doesn’t let Takamina touch her enough!”

Everyone turned and looked at Acchan who was still clinging to my arm whilst rested her cheek on my shoulder. Noticing all the attention on her she smiled and turned to look at me in a dreamy gaze.

“Takamina loves me and is very gentleman like.” She slid her fingers in between mine. “She wouldn’t be perverted towards me unless I let her or initiate it!”

“ER!!!!!” Everyone moved back against their seats. Mariko quickly bent forward whilst looking at Acchan with a shocked expression.
“So he hasn’t tried to touch you?”

“HEY YOU CALLING HE!” I said angrily.

“Did she ask to touch your boobs?” Miichan bent in to ask.

“DID SHE GET TO TOUCH THEM? WHAT DO THEY FEEL LIKE?” Yuko quickly added before getting hit by Haruna.

Acchan placed her finger on her bottom lip and thought for a while. Moving her hand away she smiled.

“She’s touched them but she never asked!”

Sayaka quickly hit me! “TAKAMINA!”


Quickly pulling me close to her and rubbing my arm Acchan pouted at Sayaka.

“Don’t hit her! It was my fault!”

All the girls stared at Acchan in shock.

“Acchan… you really are the perv…” Mariko said slowly before bowing at me apologetically. Acchan just smiled happily whilst holding me close.

“Minami would never force me to do anything I didn’t want to.” Remembering the events of the night before Acchan quickly kissed my cheek. I blushed furiously.

“ITAI!!!” We all looked over at the screaming squirrel. Haruna was pinching her arm.

“Why can’t you be like Takamina!”

“Nehhhhhh…Nyan-Nyan” Yuko pouted at Haruna sadly as the girls shook their head at Yuko.


Later on that day after we had finished practice Miichan quickly ran up to me.

“Takaminaaaaaaaaa” She quickly pulled me into a tight hug. “Are you excited for tomorrow?????” She grinned at me excessively.

“Yeah! We get to meet the Mendol cast again and find out what the movie is about!!!! Oo0o0o0o0o0o do you think that maybe Acchan will be your new love interest? Then the entire world will know!” I blushed before pushing her off me.

“Ergh get off!”

“Hehehe or maybe… I get to have her as MY love interest because I don’t have one anymore”

I quickly glare at her.

“You better not kiss her!”

She shrugs innocently.

“Takamina the storyline is out of my control! It’s not like I can stop Ray from kissing Kai’s character” She smirked at me evilly. I had forgotten that I had to kiss someone as well… stupid writers better not make up some storyline that will end in me getting yelled at by Acchan after work everyday!

“Fine. Whatever happens in the course of fliming happens….but afterwards….don’t even think about it!”

“Hey you can’t yell at me! Remember Acchan is MARRIED to ME! NOT YOU!!!” Miichan quickly poked her tongue out. Before I could move in to strangle her I felt as Acchan’s arms wrapped around my waist.

“Why do you look so cranky?” Turning around to look at her I pout sadly.

“You’re holding onto the wrong person, your husband is over there” I pointed over to Miichan who smiled brightly and waved. Acchan giggled and waved back at her before whispering into my ear.

“I don’t want my husband. I want my lover.” She gently nibbled my earlobe. Giggling gently I held onto her hands and began moving.
“Are you sure you want to nibble me, I’m salty and sweaty.”


“What do you want for dinner?”

“KOREAN HOT POT!!!!” Miichan yelled loudly.

“I want to come!!!” Mariko quickly ran over.

“Me too!!!” Tomochin added whilst quickly catching up to Mariko.

Miichan smiled brightly.

“YAY! Takamina’s shout!” Before I could intervene I was cut off by Mariko and Tomochin.

“Thank you Takamina” I smile at them politely before glaring at Miichan.

“You’re so nice” Acchan whispered into my ear before kissing my cheek. Moving off me she then grabs onto my hand before she begins walking. “Okay let’s go!” She smiled at me. I sigh deeply. I’ll do anything to keep a smile on her face.

Nothing happened during dinner, we all just chatted about random things however somewhere across town a small argument was erupting…


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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< no nose bleeds please!
« Reply #59 on: February 11, 2011, 08:58:41 AM »
LOL poor Takamina was getting accused of being a pervert towards Aachan

I'm totally lovin all the Takaachan moments they are just too sweet to each other. even Haruna is jealous of Takamina being such a nice "boyfriend" :twothumbs

I am very curious what role Aachan has in the movie. also that small arguement at the end. i hope it will be revealed soon!  :?

Update as soon as you can! :)

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