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Author Topic: A Bit Blind To Love - chap18 (AtsuMina) - 26/12/2011 [DROPPED]  (Read 93741 times)

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Re: A bit blind to love
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woooooow..... so fast update...  :O greaaaaaaat.......  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: to be honest i really like how the way u write the story.... maaaan....  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup i hope someone could make the dorama about this....  XD XD XD

owgh.... u'll go a few days...  :( means have to wait for another update.... please not so long....  :yep: :yep: :yep: i'll be waiting for the next scene n i guess there will be sudden appearing of acchan ....  8) 8) 8)

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Re: A bit blind to love
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 :mon fu: Thank you everyone! And alexiel17 you crack me up!
bou-j525 and sorakamiya seems like you're both predicting whats going to happen ahaha. ( :mon cute: btw could you update your fics as well!!!) PWEASE!!!
Anyway I wrote this last night because I though I should type as much as I can to keep you all entertained before I disappear for a few days as you all seem to enjoy the quick updates and I feel bad if I don't update quickly now  :mon wind: Anyway here is another chapter for you all.... 

Chapter Four

The show was about to start. My heart was beating quickly. All I can hear is it thumping non-stop. The people in the crowd screaming seemed to be nearly non-existent to me. Suddenly I felt someone rest their hand on my thigh. I looked over at her.

“It’s gonna be okay” She said whilst smiling at me sweetly.

“Hanako I~”

“You don’t have to say anything. Just calm down. It’s just entertainment for the crowd. You’re an idol remember?”

However, it wasn’t that at all. I wasn’t scared of kissing Hanako. I was scared of Acchan getting hurt because I kiss Hanako. After seeing Acchan cry yesterday whilst confessing to me, then seeing her irritated when she found out about the viewer vote, then seeing her cry again this morning due to my near death experience, I just couldn’t stop worrying. Although I seem to lack the ability to read Acchan’s feelings correctly, I knew one thing, and that was she was head over heels in love with me. I can’t hurt her. Holding onto my shirt where my heart is, all I could imagine was the pain Acchan would feel seeing me kiss Hanako. After taking a deep breath I look up at the crowd. Recording starts in less than a minute. I’m seated on the couch next to Hanako and Miichan, Haruna was on the other side of Miichan, and the host was sitting on the other side of Haruna. The rest of the crew sat behind us. Kawano-san  was sitting right behind Haruna blushing wild. Staring back into the crowd a noticed our little squirrel in disguise in the second row of the crowd. She was glaring intently at Kawano. Dressed in a pair of air force one’s, baggy jeans, a white hoodie, a short styled black wig with ash colour highlights and a brown beanie she could really pass off as a boy, only if there was a Mendol 2, I’m sure Yuko would get hired. The only reason I recognised it was Yuko was because of her signature dimples, and she was glaring at Kawano. However the thing that gave it away the most was the fact she was holding a sign which read “Yuko for Riku, Jiro  is a Hentai!!” I glance over to see if Haruna has noticed, however she was too busy staring at her phone waiting to receive a message from Yuko. Miichan on the other hand was staring at the cake on the table at the side of the stage, drooling at the fact that she will soon be feasting on it. When the cameraman starting counting down we all began to stare up at the camera.


“Welcome everyone to the Mendol reunion show!” The crowd began to go wild as we all began bowing towards the host and waving at the camera. “Today with have the three handsome boys from Persona, the charismatic diva Ray, Jiro, Saeko, Marilyn, Sarukawa, and Katsuyuki with us today. So let’s start with Riku, better known as Haruna from AKB48 and No Sleeves. How are you today?” Although she was feeling too well at first a giant scream from someone in the crowd changed her mood dramatically.

“NYAN NYAN I LOVE YOU!!” Everyone in the studio began to laugh at the little “boy” standing in the second row who was madly waving his banner for the world to see. Upon seeing Yuko is disguise Haruna instantly let out a giggled and smile brightly at the host.

“I’m absolutely wonderful”. As the host continued to question us, I couldn’t help but notice Haruna glancing at her squirrel every now and then to make sure she was still there. After a few jokes about our time starring in the drama the host finally reached the topic I dreaded the most.

“Now as most of the fans know we did an online pole as to what people wanted to happen on today’s reunion show. In the end it seemed that you all wanted one thing!” I felt as a bead of sweat trickled down my cheek. “A REUNION KISS BETWEEN RAY AND KAI!!” The crowd in the studio went insane. “Now Hanako, we all know you’re married now, is your husband fine with this?”

“Haha yes yes he is. He knows that even if I do kiss Kai that I still love him more! And also due to the fact that Kai is a girl”

“How about you Kai? Are you ready?” My eyes widened. I forgot Hanako was married. Is it okay to kiss a married woman? Is Acchan watching?

“Ano…I ergh….well…um…yes ready! OSU!!” The crowd began to laugh at me, my face was extremely red.

“Okay then. Let’s see that kiss!!!” The crowd roared, the men screaming “DO IT!!!”, whilst the women started fangirling like crazy screaming “KAWAII!!!”. My eyes began moving nonstop, looking at the crowd then back to Hanako, then back to the host, suddenly someone in the crowd caught my eye. Standing at the doorway was Acchan…Why is she here? Is she here because she doesn’t want me to kiss her? I stared at her and watched as she lifted her little fists in front of her chest and smiled whilst mouthing words to me! I could read them clearing…

“I love you Minami, Ganbette!! Kiss her like you kiss your bowl before you eat katsudon!”

I gently blushed. She was here to support me. I smiled at her before turning to face Hanako. Forming my lips into a kiss I laid my lips onto of Hanako’s.


The crowd went silent…

I opened my eyes and noticed Hanako staring at  me wide eyed. Shit what did I do? Moving away I turned and looked at the host who had his mouth wide open. I looked and Haruna and Miichan who had moved away from me holding onto each other in fear. I turned and stared at Yuko who had dropped her sign and tilted her head with a disgusted expression, then I turned to Acchan hoping she was okay with me kissing Hanako….However…she was standing in the same position, but instead of staring at me she was staring at the ground face palming herself….I didn’t understand what I did wrong until I stared up at the monitor to see the instant replay…I had forgotten about my bad habit….FAILED AT LIFE AGAIN!

So what is my bad habit…well right before I eat I kiss the bowl containing mum’s pork katsudon. However right afterwards I instantly scoop a mouthful in and munch it down….imagine that whilst I was kissing Hanako… I had kissed her lips, slapped her face twice before biting onto her nose… I tried to explain it to everyone and naturally everyone laughed and teased me for a good 20minutes telling me to record my wedding kiss for them to broadcast on live tv! Ergh….why do I do this to myself. However, right after this awkward spectacle some important news was announced. This news however received mixed reactions from everyone at the studio. The host stood up from the couch and pointed out towards the side of the stage.

“Bring out the cake!!!!” Miichan instantly began salivating next to me, a giant grin on her face as the cake was slowly brought out. As the cake got closer all our eyes grew wider….however the only person who was wide-eyed in excitement was Miichan. Slowly turning my wide-eyed, open mouth expression towards Hanako I noticed she was smiling excitedly as well…

“Today with have the special pleasure of having a homemade cake made personally by Hanako herself!!” The crowd went wild whilst Haruna, the rest of the crew and I stared blankly at the poisonous blob of “cake” being pushed towards us. Playing her character, Hanako quickly grabbed onto my arm.

“Kai!!! I made you cake!!!” Turning towards the rest of the crew she quickly said. “It’s only for Kai!!” Most of the crew began nodding straight away, they were being saved. The only one who complained was Miichan.

“Erghhhhhhhhh!!! That’s so unfair!!! You should share the cake!!!” Miichan pouted whilst staring at the cake. Hanako instantly grinned at Miichan.

“Fine! Everyone can have cake, but not until our other crew member comes and sits with us!”

Everyone was confused and began looking at each other wondering who was missing. The crowd also started chatting amongst themselves. I turned and looked at Hanako.

“Who are we waiting for?” I tilted my head confused. Smiling brightly she looked at me and then back at the host. Looking over at the host I noticed a small nod. The host smiled and looked at all of us then out to the crowd.

“Yes, and here she is!” pointing towards the door way. We all looked over… before my eyes reached the door way, the host announced the name and my eyes widened.

“MAEDA ATSUKO!!!!!!!” The crowd was confused, as were we. Hanako on the other hand was clapping excitedly. Acchan slowly walked out from the door way and although the crowd was confused they began clapping and screaming excitedly from seeing Acchan who was smiling sweetly towards the crowd and waving whilst walking towards the stage. Hanako quickly ran up to Acchan and pulled her down onto the seat next to her. I glanced over and looked at Acchan confused as to what was going on. Acchan noticed my gaze and blushed gently.

“WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!” Haruna quickly yelled, the crowd quickly settled down. “What’s going on?”

The host quickly smiled and announced to everyone. “It has been decided that there will be a Mendol Movie!!!!!!!!!!” Right before the crowd went wild again you could hear the painful screams of a certain squirrel in the crowd.

“NOOOOOOOOOOo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o!!!!” Looking up I instantly watched as the squirrel rose out of her seat in protest, however due to her small stature was quickly engulfed into the rest of the taller crowd who stood up cheering. All you could see of her now was her small fists in the air and a beanie bouncing up and down every now and then. As for us we were all quite excited! Although we didn’t know the plot or what roles we played. It was just exciting to know that we were working on a movie together. We all began cheering and Hanako had her arms wrapped around Acchan excitedly. Acchan just smiled seeing how excited we were. Although I was happy, I still felt a bit uneasy when seeing Acchan sitting there…most likely I had to be Ray’s love interest again and most likely due to viewer’s interest I had to kiss her again. But what was Acchan’s role in the drama? Did she have to kiss someone? I felt a bit jealous thinking she had to kiss either Jiro or Katsuyuki, maybe even Keigo if he had a role in the movie, I stared back into the crowd and began to understand how Yuko would have felt upon hearing the announcement. I turned back and looked at Miichan and Haruna. Haruna was being madly hugged by Kawano…he must have been extremely excited at the fact that he may be getting a kiss scene from his crush. Miichan on the other hand had begun feasting into the cake on the table…I was happy to see her sacrifice herself for the rest of us. Placing a hand on her shoulder I smiled at her brightly as she turned to return the smile with cake cream plastered all over her mouth.

“You want some? It’s nice!”

“Err….no I’m fine you’re the hungry one!” Smiling at me happily she quickly continued eating. The host was smiling into the camera and began to end the programme.

“Now today we have heard some exciting news and I guess that’s all you’re going to be told so far! Watch out for more news regarding the Mendol Movie which will be announced in the coming weeks once filming begins! As for now a big farewell from your favourite Mendol crew!!!”
We all looked up at the camera and smiled waving excitedly.


“CUT!!!” The director yelled. Chatter among the crew continued as the director came over to give us pats on the back and handshakes. I looked over and noticed that Hanako still had a good hold of Acchan who was glancing over at me, smiling upon seeing me.


After the show ended and a few photos and autograph sessions for the crowd I sincerely apologised to Hanako who was laughing at me, just like everyone else in the crowd after the silence had broken after my awkward behaviour…

“Er…sorry…I didn’t mean to kiss you like that…” I looked down at the ground whilst blushing in embarrassment. Hanako chuckled whilst lifting my head up.

“When people tell people use the expression “to eat out someone’s face” to imply kiss I never imagined someone to actually eat out my face!” She continued to laugh loudly as I began to blush nonstop, stomping my little foot on the ground and putting my hands on the side of my head hoping she’d stop laughing.

“Ergh!!! Come on leave me alone.” Hanako stopped and hugged me.

“You’re so cute!!! Okay I’ll stop….Just don’t do that whilst we’re filming!!” She began to laugh again. Wrapping her arm around my shoulder she began to walk us back towards the rest of the crew. Miichan was excitedly introducing Acchan to the rest of the crew whilst Kawano was busily trying to flirt with Haruna who was too busy looking at the door expecting Yuko to bust in but never did.

After a few more minutes of catch up and introductions we all began walking back to the change rooms to get changed. Whilst walking down the hallway I felt a hand grab onto my arm and kiss being placed upon my cheek. I already knew who it was and pulled her closer to me.

“Are you angry?”

“Huh? No why would I be?”


“Are you angry?”

“Hehe how could I be angry at some eating another girls face!!” She began giggling. Slapping her hand gently and nudging her playfully.

“Ergh! Not you as well!!! You were the one who told me to do it!!!”

“No I didn’t I told you to kiss her like you kiss your bowl! I didn’t tell you to eat her like you eat katsudon!”

Turning my head to the side and scratching my head.

“Egh….so embarrassing!!!” She gently chuckled at me.

“It’s okay I still love you” I began to blush as we walked into change room. To our surprise however we were greeted by someone standing before us.

“Who are you?!!?!?!” Acchan quickly demanded to know as I began laughing. Turning around the other person began to announce.

“I am Riku’s gay love interest! Way better than Jiro or Katsuyuki!!!!!” I continued to laugh furiously as Acchan finally began to pick up on who it was and started giggled. “Oi!! Why are you laughing!!!” The little squirrel began pouting. “I will win my Nyan Nyan’s heart as both a male and female!” Lifted her fist in the air she began pumping it furiously. “GANBATTE GANBATTE GANBATTE WIN WIN WIN SKINSHIP SKINSHIP SKINSHIP!!!!” We continued laughing until we heard the others enter.

“Ergh what’s so funny?” Miichan asked whilst walking into the room stopping once noticing the little boy standing with his hand in the air. Haruna and Kawano entered together with Kawano holding onto trying to hold onto Haruna’s hand whilst asking her out on a date.

“DATE?!?!?!?! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!” We watched as Yuko pushed us to the side and quickly pushed Kawano-san away from Haruna. “Stay away from my girlfriend” she growled towards him.

“G-g-girlfriend????” confused he looked at the boy and then back to Haruna. “You have a boyfriend already???” Looking absolutely frustrated Haruna hit Kawano on the arm for being stupid and then grabbed the squirrel pulling the beanie off her head.

“It’s Yuko!” The squirrel quickly wrapped her arms around the girl and pointed at her threat.

“You keep your hands away from my Nyan Nyan you Hentai!” Although Haruna was annoyed with Yuko for acting the way she was towards Kawano, she was happy deep down inside that someone was so protective of her. However…she wished it was a guy not a perverted little girl. Looking down she hit Yuko on the head.

“Itai!” Yuko pouted looking up at her Nyan Nyan.

“Both of you get out! I have to get changed!” Yuko held onto Haruna.

“I can stay I’ve seen you half naked before!!” Blushing furiously she began pushing both of them out of the room and locked the door!

“Okay sorry guys we can get~” Turning around to face everyone else she noticed that the others had already gotten changed and left. Noticing a note stuck on the mirror she slowly read it. You’re busy with your two lovers so we’ve gone to the Takoyaki shop to eat! Come once you choose who you’re dating! “ERGH!!!!”
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EH????? ALREADY AN UPDATE?!?? You're fast!  :w00t: THANK  :w00t: I LOVE YOU  :w00t:
LOL Takamina, seriously, talking about katsudon wasn't the best idea from Acchan XD I can't wait to see what role she will get...I bet it will be Ray's rival or something like that XD Or maybe she will just date a random guy and make Taka jealous XD And lol@Yuko too   :rofl:

And my update will arrive until the end of the week. I finish the chapter, but I'm already working on the next one which is pretty long, so sorry about that!

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I was so depressed about Hanako being married to that nishima guy.... :catglare: :catglare: :catglare:

nice update, and lots of hilarity!  :lol: :lol: :lol: i just hope there's no clashing between acchan and Ray here (I'm RayxKai worshiper too) thought it would be hilarious seeing them fight over Kai again and again and again..... :twisted:

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KojiYuu SO CUTE~!! KAWAII~!!

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Re: A bit blind to love
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woooowwwww.... you are so great keichan....  XD XD XD i really like the fast update and interesting story.... please keep updat as fast as you can...  :thumbsup :thumbsup this story getting excited....  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

by the way about my fanfict i got stuck to continue...  :banghead: :banghead: so i try to make a oneshot but i'll try to update my other FF as soon as i can...  :thumbsup

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Re: A bit blind to love
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 :mon XD: RAWR!!! I am back! Bringing with me a new chapter for you guys to read! This time I think I will space it out properly ahaha since all the other times I'm too lazy... :mon pick:
 :mon sweat: Hehe... Anyway! I feel like it takes me long enough to just write the events of a day! Haha if you guys prefer me to write in a different style let me know because I don't want you guys to get bored!  :mon cry: jk! Anyway let me know what you guys want to happen and I will try to include it in the next few chapters! As for now its a public holiday so I shall scoot away and spend some time with my friends!

Chapter Five
We had just gotten changed and are currently walking down the path towards the Takoyaki store down the road. Haruna, Miichan and I always come here together when we feel like Takoyaki after filming PON! The reason we enjoy going to this shop is because it is owned by one of our fans called Kentaro. Kentaro is around 50 years old and is a jolly fat man with a beard, quite similar to Santa Claus. He and his wife enjoy having us there as they believe we bring with us a string of customers in the form of spying fans. Everytime we go there Kentaro and his wife sing to us whilst making our food! Miichan usually joins in as well pretending that she’s an employee. Haruna and I however quickly eat whilst Miichan sings as we both know once she sits down to eat we wouldn’t get much to eat. This was the first time Atsuko has ever come here. She slowly walks in behind us holding onto my arm.

“SANTA CLAUS!!!!” yells Miichan. From around the corner we could hear Kentaro’s footsteps quickly approaching, he bounces around the corner in front of us holding onto a wooden spoon.

“MIICHAN! TAKAMINA!!! HARU…..” Walking a bit closer towards us, he quickly moves past Miichan and tries to peer over my shoulder to see who was hiding behind me gripping tightly onto my arm. “Hello to the little shy lady behind Takamina with her head down. May you be Takamina’s girlfriend?” My eyes widen and my mouth drops, how could he ask such a question in public!!! I look past his shoulder at a laughing Miichan. From behind my back I can head a soft giggle from Acchan before I feel her nose move against my shoulder. She slowly peers over my shoulder at Kentaro and smiles.

“Ohayo gozaimasu, Maeda Atsuko desu” she said softly before nodding.

“ACCHAN!!!!” Kentaro screams, quickly moving me out of the way he grabs onto Atsuko’s hand and shakes it nonstop. “Kawaii!!!” tears start running down his cheeks, the jolly fat man was indeed jolly and fat right now. Pulling Atsuko behind him he quickly moves inside and seats her at the table. “Shinobu!!! Your oshimen is here!!!” Out of nowhere Kentaro’s wife appears and begins crying and shaking Atsuko’s hand, unable to even speak she starts moving her mouth as if speaking. Acchan happily smiles and nods her head.
“Sit down girls, we’ll bring food straight away!” Shinobu finally says after wiping her tears away. As Miichan and I begin to sit down Miichan quickly turns and begins to speak with me.

“Ergh Takamina you better watch out now! Your girlfriend is hot property!” Winking right afterwards. Acchan who is sitting beside me gently blushes, as for me…my face looked like a tomato.

“Wh-wh-what are you going on about!” quickly crossing my arms and looking down at the table. Upon hearing my words Acchan begins to pout at me and shifts across the seat away from me. Noticing Acchan’s movements I quickly turn to look at her and instantly moves closer to her. Gently pushing me away and sadly pouts at me.

“Don’t come near me, I’m nothing to you” Moving in closer and grabbing hold of her hand I quickly respond.

“Acchan you mean everything to me”. With her head turned away from me I noticed a red tinge appearing on her cheeks.

“HA!!! I heard that one!” Miichan says whilst pointing at me, turning way immediately with her arms crossed she continues “Fine! I understand! I’m that third wheel nobody wants!” However before I could respond I hear another voice approaching from behind.

“I want you!” We all turn and notice Haruna walking in holding onto her bag smiling. She quickly sits down next to Miichan and hugs her tightly. “Don’t be sad I’m here so you won’t be a third wheel!” Miichan smiles and hugs her back.

“Yeah!” However she suddenly stops smiling and begins looking around behind Haruna.

“What are you looking at” Haruna looks at herself for awhile thinking there was a bug on her. Acchan understanding what Miichan was doing quickly comments.

“Where’s Yuko!” Haruna looks up and nervously smiles…



“Ergh!!!” Putting down the piece of paper Haruna quickly gets changed. “I can’t believe they left without me….” Unlocking the door she pauses before opening the door. Deep in thought she thinks about the consequences of opening the door. Gently opening the door she peers through the crack of the door. There she sees Yuko screaming at Kawano. “Er….” Closing the door immediately she blinks a few times and begins to slowly open the door again. Looking through again she notices Kawano pointing at Yuko and complaining about Yuko dressing up as a guy. Closing the door again and leaning against it Haruna sighs deeply. “How am I going to get out of here…” Looking up she suddenly smiles.


“You climbed out the window?” I say.


“Isn’t that a bit dangerous?” Miichan asks. Putting her finger on her lower lip and tilting her head to the side in thought she then replies.

“Hmm…I guess I figured that it was safer than walking outside and past the two of them…I wouldn’t be here if I walked out the door.”
We all nodded. “Mmm…”

“Food is ready!!!” Kentaro and Shinobu approach us with three giant plates of Takoyaki whilst Miichan quickly turns her attention to the food and begins to drool excessively. Acchan hugs my arm close against her body as she stares at the food being placed on the table.

“Looks yummy” she says before smiling brightly at me.

“Mmm! It does doesn’t it!” I say whilst smiling back at her. Haruna and Miichan smile at us whispering gently.

“So they are finally together aye?” asks Haruna

“Yep, took awhile for stupid Takamina though”. They both begin giggling amongst themselves.

“Okay, what should we sing for you girls today?” asks Kentaro after he places the last plate on the table.

“AITAKATTA!” Yells Miichan excitedly as she jumps out of her seat and joins them.

As we begin eating we watch as Miichan, Kentaro and Shinobu begin to sing and dance for us. I look over at Acchan as she smiles brightly and gently giggles. I lift my hand up and gently wipe the sauce off the corner of her mouth. She turns and stares at me, a smile slowly appears on her face as her cheeks begin to redden. She gently nudges into my arm before picking up a piece of Takoyaki.
“Aaaaa!!” She waits for me to open my mouth. Opening my mouth she pops the piece of Takoyaki into my mouth. Munching it down I can’t stop my heart from beating quickly. This girl has a spell over me.


 After a good hour of eating, singing and gossiping we decide to go clothes shopping at the mall a few blocks away. After paying for the food we wave our goodbyes to Kentaro and Shinobu before we begin walking towards the mall. Acchan clung close against me whilst Miichan clung close to Haruna. However before we even made it 10meters down the path Yuko appeared clinging onto Haruna’s arm.

“ARGH!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!” Haruna screamed trying to fling Yuko off her arm. Yuko who was holding on tightly still dressed as a boy turned towards Haruna and quickly kissed her. Haruna stood frozen staring at Yuko blushing furiously….and furious she became and she slapped Yuko’s forehead nonstop whilst still blushing. Taking this opportunity Yuko quickly wrapped her arms around her Nyan Nyan’s waist holding her close. Staring up at the other girl who was about to push her away again she said in a serious voice.

“I can’t let you leave me again because everytime you do I die a little bit more on the inside.” Looking down at her squirrel a soft complexion appeared on Haruna’s face. She had never seen Yuko so serious. She was blushing, her heart was pounding, and for the first time it was not due to embarrassment or anger.

“Yuko…” Pulling her Nyan Nyan closer, the squirrel got onto her tippy toes and placed a kiss gently on the other girls lips. Startled the other girl stepped back and turned her face. Breathing heavily she turned and looked back at the smaller girl. Miichan, Acchan and I had moved away and were now watching the two girls in awe. Hoping that for once, Haruna may respond to Yuko’s heart-felt feelings. As they both stared into each other’s eyes Yuko finally smiled and broke the silence. Looking down and moving away she said softly.
“I know that you may not feel the same way towards me…and I use to think that it wouldn’t hurt to try…but right now it does…” Looking to the side she sighed deeply before she looked back up at her Nyan Nyan smiling. “I’ve placed my heart in your hands, I know you need time to think it over and I am willing to wait for eternity for you to decide because I know I could never love anyone else but you” Smiling brightly and stretching her arms behind her head she said “You can keep it or give it back to me, please just don’t throw it away.” Placing her hands in her jean pockets she turned away and began to walk away leaving Haruna frozen and staring silently at the squirrel’s back which is slowly getting farther away from her. Acchan grabbed onto my hand tightly, she was thinking about how she could’ve been in a similar position as Yuko, or even worse if I ran away in fear. Miichan on the other hand became frustrated and pushed Haruna who quickly turned around.

“What are you doing Miichan!”

“What am I doing? What are you doing! You love her don’t you? Why are you letting her get away!” Miichan yelled as Haruna turned her head to the side in uncertainty, confused about how she felt. “Stop pretending you don’t care about Yuko as much as she cares for you! You’re just hurting the both of you!” Looking up at Miichan Haruna quickly turned and ran after Yuko.

Running down the path and around the corner she caught sight of her squirrel.

“YUKO!” Slowing down, however continuing to walk towards the other girl who had stopped upon hearing her name, she could feel her heart beating out of her chest. The other girl slowly turned around tears which had been streaming down her cheeks had stopped when she heard her Nyan Nyan’s voice. Looking at the taller girl approaching her she wiped the tears away with the sleeves of her white hoodie. Smiling and pretending she was okay she began to speak.

“Ergh Nyan Nyan what are you doing? I accidently bumped into a pole it hurt but I’m o~” She couldn’t speak anymore. Her wide red eyes were slowly closing. Her heart wasn’t aching like it was seconds ago. Instead it was beating steadily. Her body was warm and her cheeks were red. Her lips…were perfect. Opening her eyes and slowly pulling away from the taller girl she looked up.

“Nyan Nyan…” The other girl smiled back at her before grabbing her hand and pulling her back towards the rest of the group.

“Come on! We can’t waste any more time can we.” Smiling brightly the smaller girl quickened her step so she was walking next to the taller girl. Turning to look at her princess she felt as the other girls arm wrapped around hers. The other girl turned and stared at her. “If you ever hurt me I won’t talk to you ever again” Turning her head away straight away.

“I could never hurt you I love you too much!” She said whilst smiling brightly at her Nyan Nyan. A red tinge appeared on the other girls face immediately.


“Do you think they are alright?” I asked Miichan.

“I hope so…”

“You shouldn’t have yelled at her Miichan” Acchan said softly whilst holding my arm tightly.

“Ergh…Oh come on Acchan, without that little push she wouldn’t have went after her!”

“Yeah but still, what if Haruna doesn’t love her the same way!”

There was a moments silence. We were all staring at the ground thinking of the possibilities. Looking up I smiled remembering Haruna’s subtle actions during our Mendol reunion.

“I’m sure everything will be okay” Acchan and Miichan both turned and looked at me.

“How do you know?” Acchan asked. Turning to her I smiled at her.

“Because Haruna’s like me, we both hide our feelings because we’re scared of getting hurt. We don’t know how we really feel until something triggers us to look deeper. However if the person we love confesses and is hurt we finally realise how we feel and will respond to them immediately.” Blushing at me, Acchan quickly nudges me.

“Stop trying to act all sweet and cool!” She giggled

“Ergh! Aren’t I always sweet and cool?” I say whilst pretending to pout at her before I begin to giggle.

“URK!!!” Miichan pretends vomit. “You guys are too mushy!!” Acchan and I turn and begin to laugh at Miichan who joins in. Noticing to figures moving towards us I quickly turn and look, smiling instantly.

“They’re back!” Acchan and Miichan turn and look at the Squirrel and her Nyan Nyan walking happily towards us.

“ERGHHHHHHHHH….” Miichan beings to pout. “NOW I’M A MASSIVE THIRD WHEEL!” We all begin laughing at her before I feel Acchan let go of my arm. She quickly grabs onto Miichan’s arm and smiles back at me.

“No way! Takamina is definitely the third wheel!” My mouth drops open as they begin to run down the path laughing and leaving me behind. I close my mouth and quickly I run after them.

“Hey wait! That’s not fair!”


Arriving at the mall I was walking behind the two couples pouting.

“What are we shopping for?” I asked pretending I didn’t care that Acchan was wrapped around Miichan’s arm instead of mine. Miichan turned and looked at me smirking.

“Well I want to see Acchan in sexy underwear so let’s go bra shopping!” Miichan said whilst smirking at me and nudging at Acchan who began to giggle. I felt the nerve above my right eyebrow begin to twitch when Acchan suddenly nodded in agreement. My mouth dropped open. I felt the space around me darken slowly….it was like one of them scenes you see whilst reading manga where the picture is angled downwards and I’m in the spotlight staring at the ground with the word failure written above my head and darkness around me.

“O0o0o0o0o underwear shopping! Nyan Nyan I’ll watch you try bra’s on!” Yuko said whilst her eyes began gleaming with stars.

“Hentai!” Haruna said whilst slapping Yuko’s forehead. Yuko just giggled and smiled whilst rubbing her forehead.

“Come on!” Miichan said whilst walking with Acchan towards the bra shop. Haruna and Yuko followed as I slowly dragged my legs with my head down looking at the ground pouting. However right as we began entering the bra shop I felt a serpent wrap around me. My eyes open in fear…not only am I small as a mouse….I’m practically gonna die like one as well! EATEN ALIVE!!! The snake was sniffing me as I began squealing and squirming in its tight grip.

“Ta…ka…mi…na….” GLOMP!

“Argh!!!” I screamed making the girls turn around to look at me. Mocchi was wrapped around me tightly nibbling onto my ear. Sashihara ran up behind Mocchi breathless and panting nonstop. Once Mocchi had seen me from afar she had dropped all the shopping bags and begun sprinting towards me leaving Sashihara to quickly grab their shopping bags and run after her. Acchan who was glaring at the girl from Miichan’s side had quickly let go of Miichan’s arm and begun stomping over like a girl on a mission! Pinching onto Mocchi’s cheek like she was popping metal bubble wrap she glared intently at the girl who was on top of me.

“WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Letting go off me and stepping backwards she rubbed her cheek furiously once Acchan let go. Looking up and prepared to yelled at Acchan for pinching her so hard she suddenly stopped in the process and started bowing apologetically immediately towards Acchan. From Mocchi’s point-of-view all she could see was a deadly looking Acchan with dark flames surrounding her, similar to Akuma from street fighter when the Dark Hadou took over him.  Turning around Acchan pouted at me before walking back into the shop annoyed with me. Upon seeing Acchan’s expression the rest of the girl’s  quickly scrambled out of the way to let her through. In no mood to shop anymore Acchan began to pick up random bras. Instantly throwing them back on the rack each time Miichan told her it looked cute. Miichan turned and looked at me, signally me to fix up the problem immediately. Quickly I walked after Acchan as she approaches the next rack of bra’s. Although I am quite shy about commenting on lingerie I quickly begin to provide my opinion.

“I think that would look nice on you.” Smiling whilst trying to move into a position to see Acchan’s facial expression. Deadpan Expression. Attempt One: FAILED.

As she grabbed another one off the next rack I moved closer.

“That colour would suit you nicely.” Ignored. Attempt Two: FAILED.

Watching her grab the next one I quickly took it out of the hers.

“This one would look perfect on you!” Walked away….Attempt Three: FAILED

Acchan grabbed another one.

“I don’t think that your boobs are that big are they?” Haruna, Yuko, and Miichan all face palmed immediately. Throwing the bra at me Acchan walked away angrily whilst saying under her breath.

“Give it to Mocchi then.” Almost knocking the rack over I tried putting the bra back onto the rack as quickly as possible. Quickly catching up to Acchan I pulled a bra off a rack and grabbed onto Acchan’s hand and pulled her into the change room locking the door behind us.

“What are you doing!” She tried to get past me, extremely annoyed with being with me. After a while of trying to prevent her from leaving she suddenly yelled. “I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!”

My arms dropped to the side of my lifeless body, the bra in my hand seems to fall out of my hand by itself, my eyes shifted downwards as my head tilted to the side. My heart was aching. Acchan took a step back and looked at me.

“Sorry…” I said softly as I turned around and unlocked the door. As I began to open the door I felt my chest tighten in pain. Pulling the door towards me I felt as though my body was extremely heavy. Suddenly I felt her arms wrap around me, her cheek was pressed against mine. A warm liquid trickled down the side of my face as I felt her breathe hit my neck. Her arms tightened around me. She began nudging her cheek against mine roughly. Slowly she began move down and kissed the side of my neck. I turned to look at her.


She turned me around and pushed me against the door, locking it. She kissed me furiously. Her lips bruising mine. Her arms moving against my body, pushing down onto my stomach. My arms reach out and pull her towards me. Grabbing onto her waist. I feel as her tongue pushes against my lips. Gasping for air I feel as it enters and explores my mouth. As I feel it starting to retract mine automatically follows hers back into her mouth. She tastes so sweet. Breathing heavily we both begin to slowly move away from each other. Opening my eyes I feel as she rests her chin upon my shoulder. I gently kiss her cheek. Holding onto me tightly she says softly.

“Don’t ever leave me Minami”

I slowly wrap my arms around her, one holding her head against my shoulder.

“I’ll never leave you if you never leave me”

Time seemed to stop. We both stood there listening to each other breathe. After a while there was a knock on the door.
“Are you guys okay in there?” Miichan’s voice sounded. Acchan moved off my shoulder and looked at me still holding onto me. Kissing me gently on the lips she turned and replied.

“Yeah, everything’s fine.” Smiling at her I gently kissed her back. She giggled and pulled me towards her and onto the seat behind her. Standing in front of the door way she pulled her shirt off. My eyes widened and I moved back against the seat.

“Er..Um…Erg…W-What are you doing?” Moving forward and sitting on my lap, she gently whispered into my ear.

“Trying on the bra you brought in.” She unclasped her bra and I watched as straps slid down her arm. Her white breasts slowly being exposed as her bra began to fall down. Turning my head to the side and trying to get off the seat I began to stutter.

“A-a-a-a-no, um..A-A-Acchan I-I-I Um..” She giggled softly and kissed my cheek. Bending over she picked the bra off the ground and pulled it off the hanger. Putting it on slowly she moved and kissed neck.

“Can you help me?”

“Huh, W-what do you mean?” I stared at her, gulping down the saliva built up in my mouth. She smiled at me.

“Clipping me up course!”

“O-o-oh! Yes ok ok” My hands shaking as I clipped her bra together”

“Thank you!” Kissing my nose gently “You’re so cute.” Moving off my lap she stood back. “How does it look?” Looking up I couldn’t stop staring at her with my mouth slightly open.


She pretended to pout “Only good?”

“N-no, you look absolutely beautiful”

Smiling at me she giggled. “You’re such a pervert!”

“ERGH!!” She began to laugh as I crossed my arms and pouted sadly. Pulling me off the chair she began to push me out the of the change room.

“Hurry up and get out so I can get changed you little perv!” She said as she giggled.

“I’m not a little perv!” I protested as I was being pushed out.

“Fine…you’re a MASSIVE hentai!” she said as she slapped my bum out of the change room and closed the door. I turned around to object however she had already closed the door. Turning back around Miichan’s face was in close proximity of mine.


“Did you touch her boobs?”Blushing furiously I crossed my arms and turned my head to the side. “Ooo0o0o0o0o0o you did…”


“Heh! Say what you want Takamina, everyone heard Acchan call you a MASSIVE hentai!”

Looking around I noticed Yuko, Haruna and Sashihara laughing as Mocchi pouted like crazy whilst staring at her own breasts, most likely wondering why I didn’t perv on hers. My eyes widened in fear at the thought that she may come running up to reveal her breasts to me. I heard the click of the lock behind me and turned around. Acchan walked out of the change room and latched back onto my arm with the bra in her other hand. Miichan grinned at me then turned to Acchan.

“Is that gonna be your sexy lingerie for Takamina?” Acchan laughed and nodded.

“Just have to get the matching underwear off the rack” she replied jokingly. Miichan quickly grabbed a pair and pushed it into my face.

“Here you go Takamina! Go pay for your woman’s lingerie!”

Grabbing the undies and slapping her hands out of my face I turn towards Acchan who was staring at me smiling. Smiling back at her I sighed deeply and pulled her towards the counter.

“Come on let’s pay for these”

 :mon duh: Don't kill me if you don't like it...
 :mon bye: TBC!

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Re: A bit blind to love
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jealous Acchan is scary  :panic: :panic: :panic: though she's really cute  :inlove: really, really cute  XD XD XD but poor mocchi though  :( she was like the receiving end of Acchan's wrath all the time  :smhid

You really made Atsuko a perve here, Kei  :lol: :lol: :lol: their hot and cold relationship is quite funny and fluff i may say  :twothumbs

PS: Like the KojiYuu as well  :twothumbs
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 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: keichaaaaaaan..... finally u back....  XD XD XD maaan as usual.... i like your wrinting....  :thumbsup chapter 5 really excited and jealous acchan really scary...  :panic: :panic: please write more and update as fast as u can... i really like how u write this... so where should i submit my form to join your fans club???  :cow: :cow: by the way, why dont you make takamina the one who jealous for the next story...  8)2 8)2 acchan pairing in q-10 would be fit i guess... :P :P gudluck...  :thumbsup :thumbsup

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@Keichan Keichan~!!  :mon thumb: Your fic is AWESOME~!!  :mon XD: I LIKE KojiYuu part THE BEST~!!  :mon lovelaff: PLEASE WRITE MORE ABOUT THEM~!!  :kneelbow: THANK YOU~!!  :on GJ:

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Wooooaaaawwww..... I think you're like the person who updates the faster all over the world XD I mean, you were supposed to be absent for a few days? If it is what you call being "absent", then I'm like... EHHHHH????? I mean, I'm writting since three days non stop and I still haven't post anything because I'm not done yet XD Hey, I'm not saying I don't want you to update of course, but you're damn FAST! XD I like it though  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: So keep on updating this way  :grin:

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I loved, Acchan is so pervert :mon blood:

please continue :mon fyeah:

 :mon psst: please more Acchan pervert

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Keichan ^_^ san...... I don't know what to say.....

Dude!!  you totally rock!!  :rockon: Thanks for the super fast updates!! I'm so loving it!!! :mon mad: (Super duper ultra fangirl mode!!!!  :mon lovelaff: :mon headbang:)

Sorry bout that... I don't know if I'll be happy and mad at the same time because of my blasted school!!!  :banghead: :mon study:
Really, this is truly awesome!!!  :grin: :grin:
I haven't read your chapter 4 and 5 yet!! W/c is good because I'll be having fan fic marathon this weekend!!! :mon crazyinlove:

Bec. you're soo fast, I have no time to comment 'bout your other chapters....  :mon zoom: :mon scare: Really, seriously, I'm sooo happy :mon angel:

Gonna quote this again :]   
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« on: January 23, 2011, 08:02:40 AM And alexiel17 you crack me up!
Ha! I'll keep on cracking you up if that's what you want!!!  :mon roll: But soo busy right now (I should really be at school by now but... never mind :roll:)
Sorry if my post doesn't crack you up a bit,  :mon sweat: I still have my class (until 7pm!!!) No, I am not skipping class.... I am NOT really skipping classes.... :grin: (maybe a little *jokes.... hehehe  :grin:) I'm a kind student after all  :grin:  :yep:

Pls. continue this, can't wait to read this since you're making me somewhat a Takaachan shipper bec. of this :grin: (but still like KojiYuu more  :P)

Thanks sooo much!!!  :mon inluv: Gotta go now  :mon rush:... school  :mon study:....  :smhid But really thanks again :]  :mon roll:

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 :mon ghost: I am back!!! have been horrible! Anyway thank you all for reading my last chapter!

please write more and update as fast as u can... so where should i submit my form to join your fans club???  :cow: :cow: by the way, why dont you make takamina the one who jealous for the next story... 
Haha fan club?  :mon duh: um...i dont know how to respond to this xD However the other two I can do for you!!!

I loved, Acchan is so pervert :mon blood:

please continue :mon fyeah:

 :mon psst: please more Acchan pervert

Haha I don't feel that comfortable writing perverted parts but if you want it you got it!!!

Wooooaaaawwww..... I think you're like the person who updates the faster all over the world XD I mean, you were supposed to be absent for a few days? If it is what you call being "absent", then I'm like... EHHHHH????? I mean, I'm writting since three days non stop and I still haven't post anything because I'm not done yet XD Hey, I'm not saying I don't want you to update of course, but you're damn FAST! XD I like it though  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: So keep on updating this way  :grin:
:on cny1: Thank you thank you! I try to keep up with all your requests! but hmm...fastest in the world....  :mon beam: ....Maybe because.... IMMA NINJA!

I haven't read your chapter 4 and 5 yet!! W/c is good because I'll be having fan fic marathon this weekend!!! :mon crazyinlove:
 you're making me somewhat a Takaachan shipper bec. of this
Lol...fanfic marathon! But dude you always post before you read LOL what would happen if i write something you dislike one day xD...and yes my plan is working....  :mon hobo: all shall be Takacchan fans soon....  ahaha jk!

ANYWAY... Here is the next chapter!!!

Chapter Six
Walking out of the bra shop I felt a bit awkward. Mocchi and Sashiharo ended up leaving whilst we were paying for the Acchan’s lingerie leaving the five of us again.  Acchan was in a good mood again tightly wrapped around my arm. Miichan was now holding onto Yuko’s other arm. Of course Yuko was tightly holding hands with none other than Haruna. As a group we continued to browse the shopping centre. However whilst we were shopping at ‘Snidel’ my phone began to ring. Acchan unclasped her hand from my arm immediately and moved away. I looked at her and pouted, the warmth from her body had disappeared. Seeing me like that she quickly smiled and blew me a kiss.

“Stop pouting and hurry up and answer it!” she giggled. “I’m going to get a juice from outside!” She smiled and walked outside as I quickly rummaged through my bag for my phone. Pulling it out I immediately answered.


“Minami! What took you so long to answer? I was worried!”

“Oh Okasan! Sorry I couldn’t find it in my bag! What’s wrong?”

“I’m just calling to see if you are coming home for dinner”

“Oh…” I glanced down at my watch, it was already 5pm. “What time would you like me home?”

“6:30 if you could! One of your dad’s friends and his family are visiting!”

“Oh.. Okay okay I will be home by then!”

“Are Atsuko’s parents home yet?”

“No why?”

“Ask her to come to dinner as well, she can stay the night as well! It’s a bit dangerous for a girl to go home alone at night!”

“Oh okay…I’ll ask her!”

“Okay then I’ll see you soon!”

“Ok ok bye mum!”

Placing my phone back into my bag I looked around to see where everyone was. Miichan and Yuko were playing around with the hats trying every single one on and laughing at how each other looked. Haruna, who was not to be seen was most likely in the change rooms as Yuko always glanced over at them impatiently waiting for them to open. Acchan however still wasn’t back from purchasing her juice. I decided to browse around the shop, looking for a new t-shirt. After a few minutes of browsing, Miichan ran over to me.

“Oi! Where’s Acchan?”

“Huh? Oh, she said she was going to buy juice when my phone rang.”


“Where’s the other two?”

“Just walked outside to…Oh no wait here they come!” Looking over I noticed Yuko and Haruna running back into the shop towards us.

“Hey Takamina you better go out there before that guy sweet talks her girlfriend!” Yuko chuckled as she approaches me.


“Yeah Acchan is getting sweet talked by some random guy!” Haruna added. Unsure as to what they meant I stared at them confused. Yuko stared at me in disbelief.

“Are you really that stupid that you don’t understand?”


“Oh god she really is stupid!” Miichan said with her eyes wide. Yuko stared at me emotionless in disbelief, moving her hands whilst she explains to me slowly.

“There is a guy!” I nod “Outside” I nod again “Talking to Acchan” I nod again… “…” I continue to wait for Yuko to continue… “Oh bloody hell!” grabbing my arm Yuko drags me outside and points over to the juice shop. Acchan stood there waiting for her juice swinging around her shopping bags. I smile whilst looking at her until Yuko slaps the back of my head. Miichan and Haruna shaking their heads whilst standing behind Yuko.

“Itai! What was that for!”

“Are you even looking?”


Face palming herself she points over at Acchan again.


Glancing across I finally realise what Yuko was talking about. The guy standing next to Acchan was leaning against the counter speaking to Acchan as they both waited for their juice. He was talking to Acchan whilst she was nodding and laughing.

“It’s just a fan! Calm down.”

“I can’t believe she’s that stupid…” Haruna and Yuko slowly nodded to Miichan’s comment.

“It’s nothi~” I was cut off by the sight of the guy pulling out his phone in an attempt to get Acchan’s details. I immediately began to quickly walk towards them, my eye twitching furiously. Who does this guy think he is!

“Sheesh….took her long enough….” Yuko commented.


“So what’s your e-mail and number?” Asked the random guy.

“Ano…um…” Acchan, although she enjoyed the jokes the guy said beforehand, felt quite uncomfortable in the situation she was currently caught in.

“Don’t be shy. I’m not a bad guy! I just think you’re really cute.” He smiled at her whilst leaning in towards her, moving his phone towards her hand. “Just put it in, I promise I’ll message you”, Looking at the phone Atsuko quickly turned to check if her juice was ready. Still in the blender…What was she going to do? She was sure he was a nice guy but she was not interested at all about trading information with him. The only person she ever wanted cheesy romantic messages from was Takamina.

 “Come on babe.” He leaned in close, a few more centimetres and he might even be close enough to sneak a kiss in. Flustered and annoyed at the close proximity of the guy Acchan took a step back however she didn’t get further than a few centimetres, instantly bumping into the counter behind her. She felt cornered. Trapped, she felt like she couldn’t escape.

“ATSUKO!” She turned in the direction of the angry voice immediately. Takamina was walking towards her angrily, her fists clenched and biting onto her bottom lip. Although she felt relieved her little prince was here to save her, the angry expression on her face seemed to imply that she had misunderstood what was going on.

Once the guy leaned back from her to see who had yelled her name. Acchan took the opportunity to quickly step away from him, collect her juice which was just being put onto the counter, grab a straw, bowed apologetically to the guy and quickly dashed towards Minami.

Grabbing tightly onto Minami’s right arm she instantly felt safe again. However this warm feeling she felt quickly evaporated due to the coarse sound of Minami’s voice.

“Who was he?” Looking up she noticed her prince glaring at the guy standing by the juice bar who was smirking at her. Giving her a small pretentious wave.

“Nobody that matters” I say cheerfully whilst moving closer towards her, hoping that her anger would subside. She looked at me with an insecure pout. I hold onto her hand tightly to reassure her that I was only hers. A small smile appeared on her face as I feel her hand tighten around mine.

“Come on let’s join the others!” Pulling Minami back towards the other girls. Shaking the juice in front of Minami’s face she quickly added.

 “I got your favourite flavour so we can share”. I watch as she looks down and sighs before looking back up at me smiling. I can’t let anything like that happen again I tell myself endlessly. Looking over at her I feel my heart beating irregularly. Since admitting to her how I felt yesterday it seems like we were both becoming emotionally drained from jealousy. Looking at her now all I know is that I can’t lose her... I’ll die from heart break…


Who the hell was that guy…Ergh that stupid smirk on his face…I just want to punch him in between the eyes…I wonder if Acchan gave her e-mail to him…No of course she wouldn’t! She loves me…right? Of course she does…I hope…

As they approach the other girls Takamina diverts her gaze at Acchan. Looking at her warily. “I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU!” Acchan’s previous words come back. Clenching her teeth and squinting her eyes she tries to get rid of the thoughts in her head.

“Minami…” Acchan’s soft voice draws me back into reality. I look at her, she’s looking at me worriedly. “You okay?”

“Yeah just tired” I smile at her.


Trying to change the mood immediately I smile and nudge into her.

“Mum called before.”

“Oh what did she say?”

“She told us to go home for dinner at 6:30”

“Oh…you have to leave soon…”I giggle at her. “What’s so funny?” She looked up at me pouting.

“I said ‘us’ not ‘I’”

“Huh?” I sigh deeply, she’s such an airhead.

“Us meaning you and me” Realising what I meant she smiled at me, her cheeks begin to redden. “She said you can stay tonight as well”

“O0o0o0o0o0o you girls are gonna do some sneaky sneaky stuff tonight!” Yuko said immediately, her head right next to ours.

“ARGH!” I jump back.

“Smexy smexy stuff” Miichan said whilst standing behind us making me jump again.

“What the hell guys!” I yell at them out of fright. Acchan on the other hand stands there blushing. Haruna approaches Acchan from behind and rests her hands on Acchan’s shoulders and whispers loudly into Acchan’s ears.

“Watch out Acchan, you know how much of an Ecchi Takamina is! Pulling you into change rooms and forcing you to get changed into underwear for her and all!”

I glare at Haruna! Oh if only they knew who the real perv was! Looking back at Acchan who’s blushing like a tomato she suddenly broke the silence.

“That’s okay!”

My eyes shoot open, I can feel the steam exploding out of all the holes in my head. Cuddling me close she continues.

“As long as its Takamina” I blush furiously as I feel my legs turn into jelly.

“ERGH!!!” Miichan and Yuko both scream at the same time.

“Oh that’s so unfair! We’re married and I haven’t touched anything!” Whinged Miichan

We all laughed at her. She always seems to know what to say in awkward situations to change the mood. Thank god she’s here!

“Well you love birds better hurry up and get home!” Haruna said

“Yeah!” Yuko nudged Acchan “Don’t want to keep the future in-laws waiting now do we?” Raising her eyebrows cheekily afterwards. Acchan giggled and gently hit Yuko’s arm.

“Shut up guys!” I pout at them.

“Aww look at the wittle wittle protective boyfriend!” Miichan said in a mushy voice whilst pinching my cheeks.

“Neh!!!” I moved my arm hitting away her hands. They all laugh at me for a little while longer before we excuse ourselves for leaving early.

“See you tomorrow!” I yell

“Bye” Haruna waves

“Don’t do something Yuko would do!” Miichan yelled earning a hit from Yuko!

“Don’t listen to her Takamina! Do everything I would! Skinship is a symbol love!” Yuko yelled before being slapped over the head by Haruna.

“Protect your innocence Acchan!” Haruna yelled.

Oh shame on them for not knowing that I’m the innocent one who needs the protection. I turn and glare at Haruna who quickly sticks her tongue out at me. Turning back around to continue walking towards the train station I feel a pair of warm lips press against my cheek. Looking over I see her smiling at me.

“Hehe you are definitely the pervert” I say whilst smirking at her. Leaning into me she whispers softly.

“You haven’t even experienced anything yet…” inhaling my scent she nudges into my ear with her nose “…you have so much more for me to explore…” A shiver streams down my spine. I turn and look at her. She’s smiling at me whilst she bites onto her lower lip. Man….what have I gotten myself into this time….


Here we were, outside the front door of my house. I finally feel safe again. Well not that safe…I’ve brought my perverted girlfriend home with me now.


The train ride seemed so much longer than usually. We had sat in the last carriage of the train. It’s not as busy as the other carriages thank goodness. Acchan couldn’t keep her hands off me….(v_v) stop thinking in a perverted way!...she just kept tickling me the entire train ride that’s all! The fact is, I’m not ticklish…therefore Acchan tried harder than ever. I guess you could just say she was stabbing me with her fingers rather than tickling. After a good 10minutes of jabbing her fingers into me she gave up. Holding tightly onto my arm she rested her head on my shoulder she played with my fingers.

“Your hands are so cute and small”

“Well they have to be small, if I had massive hands I’ll look out of proportion to my height” I pouted slightly, I hate being so small… people still think I’m a middle schooler.

“You’re the perfect height for me” Acchan gently moved her head in order to kiss the nape of my neck. I felt my body tingle gently. She closed her eyes and rested on my shoulder for the remainder of the train ride. Never letting go of my hand.


I felt as she gently nibbled on my ear as I search through my bag for the house keys. A shiver slightly upon the touch of her breath against my ear. Turning towards her I gently kiss her soft lips before I turn back towards the door to unlock it. Pushing it open we slowly walk in together.

“I’m home!!”

“Welcome back honey! Hello Acchan come in!” My dad happily greets us as we take off our shoes.

Smiling brightly Acchan bows towards my father. “Hello uncle thank you for having me here!”

“It’s a pleasure! You go put your stuff down in Minami’s room and come back out for a chat!”


Walking towards the hallway, my mum pokes her head out of the kitchen.

“Hello aunty!”

“Hello Acchan! I cooked a lot of food tonight so I hope you’re hungry!”

Smiling happily upon hearing there was heaps of food Acchan quickly responded by saying

“Your too nice to me!”

“Well you’re practically like family!”

Acchan blushed immediately. Before yesterday Acchan would usually giggle in response. But since we had progressed forward in our relationship and both our parents weren’t aware Acchan was quite confused as to respond to such comments.

“Come on.” I called out as I began walking down the hallway towards my room. Acchan quickly followed me.

“ACCHAN!” My brother jumped out of his room scaring the living daylights out of me. Jumping backwards to run I slammed into the wall.

“I…tai…” Seeing that it was me he quickly pushed me aside and walked up towards Acchan.

“Stupid brother” I mumbled underneath my breath as I rubbed my elbow.

“I haven’t seen you for AAAAAAAAGES Acchan” my brother said gleefully. “I’ve missed you SOOOOOO much”

“Hehe I’ve missed you too!” Acchan replied. “I’ll come out and talk to you after I put this stuff down”

“Okay I’ll wait for you in the living room!” My stupid brother smiled brightly….what a little perv he is!

Walking into my room Acchan quickly closes the door and locks it before jumping onto my bed.

“Er…Why’d you lock it?”

“Come here!” She patted on the empty spot beside her on my bed. Walking over nervously I sat down next to her.

“What’s wrong?”

She quickly moved and sat on my lap facing me. All I could think about right now was that moment a few hours ago in the change room. Her soft white bre~ damn it Takamina what are you thinking about! Looking up at her as she placed her arms around my neck. I gulp straight away. She gently leans in and kisses me. My hands automatically hold onto her waist as I press my lips back against hers. Moving away slowly she gently brushes my fringe to the side.

“I wish we could do this anywhere” She said softly as she stares into my eyes. “Everytime I see you I always have the urge to kiss you but I know we can’t do it in public…”

Smiling at her, I gently nudge my nose against hers making her giggle.

“Lucky theirs change rooms everywhere then?” I say whilst moving my eyebrows before I chuckle.

“Mmm…” She pushed me down against the mattress and gently plants kisses along my neck.

“Acchan…” I say softly as her lips send blood rushing to my head. Her slowly move down the length of my body, holding onto the hem of the shirt she lent me. Pulling it up, her hands begin to gently touch the smooth skin of my bare stomach, sending chills down my spine. Her lips begin to kiss me and before long I feel as her tongue seeps into my mouth. I gently moan as I feel her hands sliding up along the core of my body. I hands seem to have automatically made their way from her waist down to her soft white thighs. Slowly inching higher up her skirt until my fingers begin to creep underneath her underwear. My hands cupping over her soft cheeks. I listen as she moans my name gently.

“Mmm…Minami…” However before we progress any further there’s a knock on my door. Acchan automatically collapses on top of me and giggled. I sigh in frustration before responding to the knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Minami! Dinners ready and the guests are here”   

“Yes mum we’re coming!” Looking up at Acchan I quickly give her a peck on the lips. She begins to laugh at me. “What’s so funny?” I asked confused. Blushing softly she kisses me back.

“Can’t do it here either” She rolls her eyes cheekily. Wrapping my arms around her waist I nudge my head against hers.

“You’re such a pervert.”

Pushing herself up onto her elbows she looks down at me with a grin on her face.

“Excuse me! I’m sure it was you who was going up my undies!” I blushed immediately.

“W-well I-I J-just um…” Giggling she whispered into my ear.

“Hope it felt as good for you as it did for me” She pushed herself off me and started heading towards the door. Only turning back around to wink at me before pulling the door open. This girl is…unbelievable…. I quickly jump off the bed and follow her out to the dining room. However I noticed her standing in the door way frozen.

“Are you okay?”

Walking up beside her I quickly notice someone sitting across from the doorway at the dining table staring at Acchan. It’s the asshole from the juice shop. Could this really be a coincidence? He smirks as he notices me glaring at him. This is going to be one awkward dinner…

TBC   :mon curtain:
Hehe sorry if you guys don't like where this is going!!

I got a feeling my story is becoming more serious.. I will try and make it a comedy again!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
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MORE BEDROOM SCENE!  :lol: :lol: :lol: right guys?  :twisted:

Boo....who's that guy?  :twisted: I hate guys associated with Acchan  :banghead: esp. that Takeru from Q-chan....LOL  :catglare:

I want Taka-boy to kick whoever that guy's ass is.. :lol:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
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 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: keichan.... u make my wish come true....  :cow: :cow: :cow: thanks2...  :bow: :bow: and this story getting extreamly excited...  XD XD maaaan... i cant wait for the next update....  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup please update as fast as u can...  :yep: :yep: :yep:

by the way, u are takamina fans to right? just wanna give a info suppose u havent known yet that takamina blog now can be commented  8) 8)

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
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OMGG thanks for the update!!!

God that dude shouldn't be flirting with Aachan or he's gonna feel the powers Takamina

lol Takamina's parents totally ruined the Takaachan moment

aww man why is that stupid flirt there at dinner  :thumbdown: total killjoy!

Can't wait for your next update!

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 >_< UPDATED!!!
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OHAYO!...Well more like Konbanwa! Anywho I am updating this because it supposedly cures dark-atrox's tonsillitis....Ask her how that makes sense!
MORE BEDROOM SCENE!  :lol: :lol: :lol: right guys?  :twisted:
...You will get it if you update Mistaken Identity and FNP!!!
u are takamina fans to right? just wanna give a info suppose u havent known yet that takamina blog now can be commented  8) 8)
ERGH!!! Really!!! Argh I can't read japanese though >_<!!!
lol Takamina's parents totally ruined the Takaachan moment
Hehe sorry!

Anyway thanks for reading and hopefully you guys enjoy this chapter!

Chapter Seven
I hate assholes…now there’s one sitting across from me…actually correction. I hate assholes who perv on my girlfriend…I really want to gouge his eyes out.

Here we are seated at the table. I’m sitting down across from the asshole at the end of the table. Acchan is seated two seats to the left of me…why may you ask? Because I have an annoying brother who demanded that he sat next to her…why they can’t switch seats you ask? Because my mother wanted to sit next to Acchan as well…egh I’m starting to get withdrawals. Looking over at her I notice that she’s giggling to my brother’s jokes…Tsk…Stupid brother….Oh my god am I jealous of my little brother… Do I really fail at life that badly…. Looking back up I noticed the idiot across from me watching Acchan’s every move…Supposedly he’s a rising star according to his mother who is nested next to him. My father is sitting at the head of the table. Adjacent to him is his friend Ishihara-san from highschool…aka asshole’s father… next to the father is asshole’s younger sister who is the same age as us, Su-chan. She’s quite cute, seems like a nice girl. Then of course the loud mouth mother is next to her, let’s just call her Loud-chan. The assholes name is Shinji, Ishihara Shinji. 21 years old and a massive perverted asshole.

“Er…Minami-chan…” I look up from my bowl of rice at Su-chan. Quickly swallowing my rice down I answer.

“Er y-yes?”

“I was looking forward to meeting you today.” She said with a soft voice.

“Hehe why is that?”

“You’re my oshimen” she said with a smile, her cheeks gently glowing a light pink colour”

“ERGH!! Really? Thank you thank you” I nod towards her “Thank you for your support” I begin scratching my head and giggling in embarrassment before my mood becomes shitty upon hearing assholes voice.

“Su-chan maybe we should trade spots so you can talk to Minami-chan properly.” I think the vein just popped out of my head.

“Really?” She squeals. I watch as the asshole quickly trades places with Su-chan, my eye twitching like crazy….now he’s sitting directly across from Acchan and attempting to engage in a conversation with her…curse that sly bastard!

For the remainder of the dinner I try my best to continue my conversation with Su-chan. However, my eyes kept diverting towards Acchan and the asshole. What was he saying to her. I can’t hear because everyone at the table seems to be speaking really loudly. My father and his friend have started on the Sake and have begun getting loud and tipsy. My mum is screaming across the table to loud-chan and Su-chan is speaking so loud and enthusiastically with me, trying to get my attention endlessly. Acchan is speaking with my brother, however the asshole is leaned across the table and trying to engage into their conversation, if not he’s trying to look down Acchan’s top and I’m definitely going to punch him in the face.


After dinner everyone begins to move into the living room. They all slowly walk across to sit on the couches to continue conversing.

However, before I had a chance to secure a seat next to Acchan my mum had grabbed me into the kitchen to help her wash the dishes. As I walk through the doors I turn back and see Acchan on the couch next to my brother…however the asshole has just taken my seat next to her. I feel as anger rushes over my body…How dare that idiot make a move on my girlfriend! Acchan jumps in shock as he taps her shoulder. Not noticing until then that he had moved onto the couch next to her…and to my disbelief a smile appears on her face. I felt my chest clench in pain as I disappear around the corner.

As I stand in the kitchen helping my mum wipe up I zone out, not listening to anything she’s telling me. The image of Acchan smiling at him replays continuously in my head. Right now I don’t know what to do, how to feel or what to say. All I know is that I don’t want to leave the kitchen because I’m scared. I’m scared that once I walk outside, I would realise that I had lost her.


Where did Minami go…I thought she was behind me…ergh…how could she leave me here with this guy… Why didn’t she sit down next to me? Right now I wish that they never called us out for dinner. I just want to be in her arms again… Maybe I just wish that we stayed in the change room forever… I wouldn’t have gotten juice and met this idiot, and Minami wouldn’t have been angry, and then we wouldn’t have been separated… Oh… I just want her here again. As much as I like her mum and her brother, I really didn’t want to sit in between them. I couldn’t see Minami half the time because she’s so small when I turned towards her, her brother took up half of my vision because he was endlessly in my face. In addition that idiot changed seats and kept leaning into me… I thought he was just a nice guy to begin with when he approached me at the juice shop but now… he just freaks me out.  Sitting here right now I can hear his heavy breathing behind me, I want to move but I don’t want to cause a scene. All I wanted to do was make a good impression for Minami’s family. I didn’t know all these people were coming for dinner. Ergh why didn’t she warn me… but I guess she would never have known these would be the guests… I don’t like them, but for the sake of being accepted by Minami’s family I guess I have to…. I even have to pretend I’m interested in what this idiot is talking about…actually I’m not really listening…I think I’m just smiling and nodding. And ergh….his sister… I don’t like her. It’s like she’s trying to annoy me subtly. First she speaks with Minami and tells her that she’s her fan, then she sits across from her and leaves me with the douche…then she spends all of dinner flirting with her…. Now she’s…. wait where is she? She couldn’t be with Minami could she? Where did they go? Are they in the room? Minami…


“Er… yes yes?” I stare at Minami’s brother.

“Are you even listening?”

Before I could answer, the idiot behind me cuts me off.

“Seriously, can’t you see she isn’t interested in what you’re talking about?” Leaning in behind me he begins to move his arm around me. I quickly jump up off the couch.

“Sorry I need to use the bathroom” I apologise and walk down the hallway. As I begin to walk down the hallway my heart begins to race. Is Minami with Su-chan….I stop metres before Minami’s room…the door was closed… my heart begins to break. Contemplating what I should do I begin pacing outside around in circles. I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly turn the handle and push into the room… its empty. Suddenly I hear a door open behind me. I quickly turn and spot Su-chan coming out of the bathroom… Is she in there? Walking closer to the bathroom door my heart begins to race again. I quickly turn in and look. Empty… where was she? I need her… I miss her touch…

Atsuko leans against the wall for support before she slowly slides down against the wall onto the ground cuddling tightly onto her legs.



I jolt out of my current state of thought.

“Y-y-yes mum?”

“What’s wrong with you just now! Is something wrong?”

“No I was just thinking…”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No I’m fine, it’s nothing just thinking about our new dance routine” I chuckle lightly…is it bad to lie to my mother?

“You’ve been working too hard lately! You need a rest soon!”

“I will mum, I’m okay”

“Okay…don’t lie though! I’ll be more worried!”

“Hehe it’s fine! I’ll be better in the morning!” …will I?

“Well we’ve finished cleaning so let’s go and join everyone” My mother smiles brightly and disappears out the door… I don’t want to go outside… I stand there for a while. Finally I decide to confront my fears and slowly I walk out of the kitchen.

Turning to face the living room area I notice that Acchan isn’t there. The asshole and my brother at sitting on the couch arguing, whereas Su-chan and trying to pull them off each other. What did they do to my Acchan… I clench my fists and begin storming towards the couch. However out of my peripheral vision I notice someone cradled on the ground. I stop and automatically turn to walk down the hallway. Who is it? I can hardly see the hallway is dark apart from the light shining from the bathroom. Then I notice…it’s my girl…

Quickly I begin to rush down the hallway towards her. What happened? Why is she crying on the ground? What did them idiots do to her? I watch as she moves upon hearing my feet rushing towards her. Once she sees me she pushes herself of the ground and dives into me. My arms automatically envelope her into me. Holding her tight I feel as her tears dampen my shirt.

“Are you okay? What did they do to you? Did he touch you?” I tighten my grip on her as I feel her slowly move in my arms. “I’m going to get that asshole now!” Slowly I began to let go of her and begin to turn around towards the living room. My blood was boiling. That bastards gonna die. Suddenly I feel her hand grip tightly onto mine. She pulls me back into her. I quickly turn and the next thing I feel is her lips against mine, her arm tightly around my neck not letting me leave her side. Kissing her back as I cradle her in my arms I feel as her lips detach from mine. She slowly begin to rub her tear drenched cheek against mine.

“Where were you?”


“Where did you go…I couldn’t find you… I thought you had gone off with Su-chan and…” She began to move uncomfortably in my arms not wanting to say the next few lines. Holding onto her waist I gently turn and kiss her cheek.

“Mum dragged me into the kitchen to do the washing with her”

“Oh…” Nudging my head against hers I continue.

“I thought you were enjoying your time flirting with my brother and that idiot”

Moving her head back to face me she pouted at me sadly.

“You just want to make up reasons to break up with me so you can be Su-chan don’t you” She turned her head away from me pouting angrily.

“Er…I…er, no”

“See you can’t even respond properly” She let go of me immediately and turned her back towards me with her arms crossed. I was left looking at her wide-eyed with my arms frozen where her waist was supposed to be. “Fine, I’ll leave so you can be with her.”

She then began to walk towards my bedroom to retrieve her belongings. As I watch her disappear into my room I finally snap out of my frozen state and run after her. Scrambling into my room I see her picking up her bags. I quickly close the doors and lock them. I turn and quickly run up to her pulling the bags out of her hands.

“What are you doing?”

Moving away, she sat on the bed pouting.

“Leaving so you can be with Su-chan” She said with a bland tone with her head turned away from me.

I instantly dropped down onto my knees with my head bowed down startling her.

“Minami!” She quickly ran across to me holding onto my shoulders. “Are you okay? Minami answer me! Mina~” She instantly stopped as she felt a tear fall onto her arm. Slowly she reached up and cupped her hand against my cheek, lifting my head up to face her as she brushed away my tears. Looking at me with sad eyes I swallowed my tears back heavily before saying.

“I don’t know what to do anymore.”


“I thought I was fine. Thought I knew what I wanted. But ever since I saw you with him I don’t know anymore. Every time I see you with him my heart clenches in pain. Every time I see him touching you my blood races through my body. Every time I see you smile when you’re with him I die a little bit more on the inside. Then every time I see you sad my mind is filled with guilt. Every time you want to leave I feel empty. Every time you push me away… I just want to die.” Looking to the side I continue. “I don’t know what you want anymore. When we were just friends everything seemed so easy. When you were angry or sad I could just cheer you up. But since yesterday I feel like I have to think harder about what I should say and what I should do to cheer you up and by then you had already left my side” I feel as tears I’ve been trying hard to hold back begin to stream down my cheeks. Suddenly I feel the warmth of her body on mine. Her head pressed against my chest and arms tightly around my waist. Her soft trembling voice filled the room.

“I really love you Minami. I can’t lose you.” Her grip tightened around me. “I love you how you always were. You don’t have to change. I fell in love with you long ago and I can’t imagine my life without you at all.” Moving her head closer against me so she could hear my heart beat she continued. “I don’t love anyone but you. And I definitely don’t like that guy, I swear on my life. I just feel as though I have to act nice to him in front of your parents. I don’t like his sister either because I feel like she’s taking you from me.” I wrap my arms around her as I rest my chin on top of her head smelling her soft hair.

“No one could ever take me from you.” I gently kiss her forehead and burrow my nose into her hair. “I’m in love with you Maeda Astuko.”. Pushing herself up to face me she leans in and kisses me, gently biting onto my bottom lip before she rests her forehead against mine.

“I’m in love with you too Takahashi Minami”. As I tighten my arms around her she rests her head against my collar bone and moves into the crescent underneath my neck. In this moment of time, all our worries seem to have faded away. We were safe in each other’s arms. All we could hear was each other’s breathing. I wish I could listen to this melody forever…

:mon rush:

Hope you like the chapter! Sorry if it was sad!!!! Hope it cures tonsillitis! ...btw anyone here speak japanese and would like to teach me?????  :mon lol:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 ^_^; Chapter Seven!!!
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OHAYO!...Well more like Konbanwa! Anywho I am updating this because it supposedly cures dark-atrox's tonsillitis....Ask her how that makes sense!
WAW! you really updated Kei-chan!  XD XD XD well, your fic somewhat or rather your update makes me feel better, it somewhat cures my tonsillitis!

WAH! Where's my BEDROOM SCENE?  :catglare: well, umh...about my fics, well, ano...well see about that! *runs and hides somewhere*

Su-chan? Sato Sumire?  :?

Acchan is really hard to please eh?  :( Poor Takaboy!  :P

Acchan's really possessive though if i were Takamina i wouldn't mind at all... :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS: You're really fast in updating your fics  :huhuh and here i thought you're busy with your work  :P I'll try to update this week, probably the fics you already read LOL  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 ^_^; Chapter Seven!!!
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OMG...OMG....OMG.... keichan....keichan....  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: i think now u read my mind.... this chapter... i really like it...  :inlove: :inlove: eventhough it's a bit sad...  :( but it's ok.... still great...  :thumbsup :thumbsup for all this day i have waited for your update... i even check the tread every 1 hour...  XD XD please continue and i'll be waiting for the next chap...  :cow: :cow: :cow: please as soon as possible...  :bow: :bow: :yep: :yep:

well, i'm not speak japanese but i try to learning it now and since takamina blog can be commented now my spirit tense up...  8)  XD for a simple japanese maybe i can help you..  :) here i give you a suggestion... use google trans  :nervous i use it too.... it'll be easier...  :thumbsup

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