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Author Topic: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 09 20/6 Finally Updated!  (Read 32293 times)

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 03B 4/19
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 04 7/16
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 :mon trudge: ohh hello there  :mon sweat:

@kurogumi-san and anzai-san: if you want to find the answers to your questions hehehe then please do read my updates (even though i'm a lazy writer)
@renaChii-san: hmm we still dont know yet hahaha.
@angel kahem :rofl:: she's hiding something that will be revealed in the later chapters.
@chiqinna-san: this is what happen after that :D
@chichay-san: i'm here  :glasses: well yeah here's the update for this fic

i'm not good at replying messages nor using the emoticons lol and oh sorry for taking too long to update this fic or to be exact my fics since I don't really have the motivation to write  :on cloudeye:
please also do excuse my errors and grammars



The words that made my heart broke into pieces. The words that made my eyes cry. The favour that I know I can’t keep or I can’t do. It’s hard for me to do it and the only option left for me is to hide this feeling in front of you so that you’ll not get mad at me. It’s the only way to see your smile, your face and to spend the day with you even though we are just like friends. I’m sorry Mayu but I’m slowly FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU AND I CAN’T HELP IT.

“why, why would  you not let me fall in love with you?” I asked with no one in particular as I buried my face in my knees, crying while holding the gift I have for her.


Chapter 04

I woke up with swollen eyes, hair messed up and a broken heart. The weather is perfectly good but I’m not totally fine at all. Things just happened so fast last night that even I can’t think clearly. All I know was I don’t have an important place in Mayu’s heart. We are just friends nothing more nothing less.

“yuki!” a sudden knock startled me. I was hoping it wasn’t her who is in front of my door as I still don’t know what to do when I’m already facing at her. Luckily it’s not her voice that I heard, it was Sae’s.

“yes?” I answered with a fainted voice

“do you have a medicine for hangover? My head hurts like hell” She asked while opening the door “ ohh you looks so messed up” she giggled. I was not in the good mood but I tried to act that I’m fine.

“it’s in the right cabinet in the kitchen, and yeah I only have few hours of sleep and head starting to ache already” I lied a little bit. I don’t want her to know what really happens even though she’s my best friend. Well I’ll tell her in the right time but not now.

“oh thank you” Sae was about to leave but stop halfway “oh I forgot Mayu left a note telling that she’ll be looking for a part time job and maybe will go home late. She already prepared breakfast for the 3 of us” she added and then left my room.

“wait 3 of us?” I quickly get off from my bed and hurriedly followed Sae through the kitchen.

“oh Rena, good morning” I said while scratching my head.

“oh Good morning Yuki, you look pretty messed up today huh?” Rena giggled as she looks carefully to my appearance.

“I drank a lot of alcohol yesterday and this is the effect, hangover plus pretty messed up appearance, I will never ever drink alcohol” I lied, I really don’t have a hangover and alcohol is not really the reason why I looked pretty messed up.

“I heard that many times but at the end you will still drink alcohol” Sae who is pouring water to her glass said.

“shut up! And by the way where is Jurina?” I asked as she’s nowhere to be found.

“she have a part time job today so she left early this morning. I think she left with Mayu since there is a vacant position in Jurina’s workplace” Rena said while holding her head “Sae can you give me a medicine for hangover too”

“oh so that’s what Sae means for the 3 of us” I murmured then sat down in the chair.


“thanks Sae, anooo can we eat now? I mean I’m hungry already and these foods are look so delish” Rena said who is already sitting on the chair and looking intensively to the food in front of her.

“oh yeah sure, by the way do you guys have work today?” I asked while getting some food.

“I have night shift ahhh it’s troublesome I don’t want to work but I have to -.-  but oh well itadakimasu!” Sae happily eats her food “oishi! It’s really delish”

“hahaha it’s your fault for drinking too much, and how about you Rena?” I look to the girl who is sitting next to me.

“oh no I don’t have work today” she shook her head then continued eating her food.

“perfect! Can you help me cleaning our mess? As you can see empty cans are still everywhere and well let’s just have a general cleaning, if you don’t mind?” I ask her as I looked at my house in a state of chaos, like a hurricane just passed through it leaving a hell of a mess.

“sure no problem as long as you gonna treat me spicy ramen and melon pan” she grinned

“deal” I said then continued eating my breakfast. Few minutes had passed and Sae bids goodbye.

“I have to go now, need to sleep again. Thanks for the food” Sae said and went to her car.

“now where do we start?” I asked Rena who is scratching her head.

“ehm first we have to get a trash bag and put these empty cans and other stuff” Rena suggested

We headed to the kitchen once again to get a trash bag and then started picking up the empty cans everywhere in the house. After that, I went to my room to clean the mess there leaving Rena in the living room hovering with the carpet.

“clean clean clean to forget my broken heart heart heart. Clean clean clean and start a new life” I said to myself to forget the painful experience I had but when I turned around I found my gift for her lying on the floor and just a mere seconds the feelings went back.

“sigh, I guess I really love you that much and forgetting these feelings will be the last thing that I’ll do in this earth” I went to pick up my gift and an upward curve can be seen through my face.

“being friends is better than being strangers, for now I’ll stay as your friend but someday you’ll learn to love me Watanabe Mayu” I whispered to one in particular. Then I opened my door and went to Mayu’s room. There I lay down in the bed the gift I have for her.

“oh she forgot to fold her clothes” I then folder her things but a sudden thing dropped when I’m about to fold one of her shorts.

“what’s this?” I asked myself while picking a necklace with a key.

“ah this is the thing she was holding so tight when I first met her. It must be so important to her. I must keep it and give it to her later” I put it inside my pocket then continued folding her clothes.

“YUKI! LET’S ORDER SPICY RAMEN I’M SO HUNGRY!” a sudden loud shout can be heard from Rena.

“oh it’s already noon time” I whispered as I looked at the clock in the table near Mayu’s bed.



“geez, this girl never get tired of eating spicy ramen and melon pan” I sighed then get the pile of folded clothes and put them in the cabinet. After doing the things I needed to do, I then went to the living room where Rena is sitting comfortably while watching television and waiting patiently for the spicy ramen she ordered awhile ago until my phone rang and also Rena’s phone.

“hello Yuki speaking” I said as I answered the phone.

“Kashiwagi-san can you report as soon as possible as there is a crime took place near where you found the previous case ‘the unconscious snatcher’” Inspector Suzuki who is on the other line said

“alright sir I’ll be there as soon as possible” I answered back and hang up.

“Rena you are called to report too?” I asked to the other who was also talking with somebody on her phone earlier.

“yeah, but my spicy ramen isn’t here yet damn it!” Rena stood up and gets her jacket.

“I know and I’m hungry but we have a work to do” I was a little bit pissed off but I still obey the order and get my jacket too.

“let’s go” I said to Rena who is now prepared and ready to go out.

“ yeah” she answered back.

At exact time when I opened the door, a delivery man standing firmly outside our house ready to push the bell smiled awkwardly.

“oh s-spicy ramen delivery” He said while giving the ramen to us.

“nice timing!” Rena happily said and quickly gets one big bowl of ramen with a pair of chopstick and headed to her car.

“here’s the payment, you can have the change and ahh I’ll just bring the bowl back to the restaurant later as we have something to do” I said while giving him the payment and gets the bowl of ramen then headed to my car without waiting for his response.

After few minutes of driving we then arrived to the place. There’s quite few people who are there trying to gossip about the crime.

“ahhh should I eat this ramen later or should I bring this to me in the crime scene” I asked myself while watching the ramen bowl sitting right next to me.

“ahh!!!! I’ll just bring it with me” I removed my seatbelt and get the bowl of ramen with a pair of chopstick and went out from my car. I saw Rena did the same thing and now eating her spicy ramen.

“Inspector Suzuki we are here” I said then eat my spicy ramen without hesitation even though I’m already inside the crime scene.

“you two finish first your ramen!” Inspector Suzuki ordered. We went to one of the corner and sat down there eating our spicy ramen.

“slurp! That was really good!” Rena said with a smile leaving her bowl in the corner.

“oi!the bowl put it inside your car! We need to bring it back to the restaurant!” I shouted while wiping my mouth.

“I’ll get it later just leave it there!” she shouted back and continue heading to where Inspector and the others are standing. I sighed in defeat and did the same thing.

“ The victim is Kawashima Jun, 36 years old. A head of a gang and that snatcher who was beaten badly was one of the members of his gang. He’s lucky because an old woman was passing right here and saw him lying unconscious right in this wall. She quickly called an ambulance and police. We are the first one to get here and this is the scene we’ve seen” Inspector Suzuki borrowed one of the camera of the police officer who is also working in forensic science department and showed me the picture of the guy who was really beaten up.

“this is kinda cruel” I said while staring at the camera. The face of the guy was covered with his own blood and swollen parts are found everywhere on his body.

“so where is he now? And what did the criminal used for beating that guy?” I asked

“no items have found here in crime scene nor an eye witness that saw the crime. Doctors are now treating him in the hospital any hours by now, we will know what item did the criminal used” Inspector Suzuki replied

“What about this one?” Rena pointed towards the wall with blood.

“it’s a signature from the criminal” Inspector Suzuki said  “as you remember the snatcher who was beaten up badly too, he had that signature” he added

“WHERE?” Rena and I said in unison

“it was carved right on his tongue” Inspector Suzuki said

“this will be a hard case to solve” I sighed then started working. Rena and I still paired with each other. We then investigate the victim’s background that may lead us into solving this case. The only information we have is that this victim and the previous victim are in the same gang. The criminal also left the same signature. It’s either this is a work of the other gangs that hates them or their own members doing.
Hours had passed and we still didn’t find any clue. Inspector Suzuki ordered us to go home and get some rest and continue with the investigation tomorrow since it’s already dark. He also added that he will go to the Department of Defence since he was summoned by my uncle.

“tadaima” I said as I step inside my house.

“Okaerinasai, there’s a food in the kitchen, do you want me to re-heat it?” Mayu who is sitting in the couch stood up and went towards the kitchen.

“I’ll do it myself” I said and went to the kitchen

“oh ok fine, then I’ll go to sleep then since I’ll be starting to work in the café where Jurina is working” she said with a cold voice

“wait” I shouted and she turned to look at me. Her eyes are so empty like you can’t even read what she’s thinking.

“here, your necklace I found it in your room when I was folding your clothes” I give her the necklace that I kept inside my pocket.

“my necklace!” she said and abruptly gets the necklace in my hand.

“it must be so important to you” I said but she didn’t reply instead she said these words

“I know this is your house and you bought me clothes but please don’t touch my other stuff” I was shocked with her cold attitude towards me. She’s not the Mayu I knew she’s different now from before.

“sorry” the only word I muttered as I look closely to her figure who is slowly fading away.

“Why are you treating me like this? You don’t have to treat me coldly if you don’t want to me to fall in love with you. It hurts deep inside you know. I even wanted to talk to you more today on how exhausting my work is , on how I’m lost in solving the cases that we are currently holding. I even wanted to congratulate you for having a job but you talked to me coldly and then left me” I thought and just quickly went to my room to rest since I don’t have an appetite to eat anymore.

The next day I woke up early to go to work and continue our investigation. I search for a particular figure and to my dismay she’s nowhere to be found instead I only saw a note in the table telling that she left already leaving a breakfast for me.

“is she avoiding me somehow?” I asked myself then sat down to the chair and started eating. After that I hurriedly went to the headquarters to pick up Rena since we decided to use only one car for the investigation today. We then continued the investigation without any leads. We are like looking for something that never exists.

“rena your phone is ringing” I said while driving my car going back to the headquarters.

“hello? Yeah we are heading back to the headquarters since we really don’t have any clues or evidence found in the victim’s background. Wait what? Inspector Suzuki , yeah we’ll go there immediately” Rena with a shocked face said and hung up.

“what happened?” I asked with curiosity

“another crime occurred, the victim is one of your uncle’s men and the other one is Inspector Suzuki. Now let’s head out 2-chome from department of Defence” she said

After minutes of travelling, we then arrived in the crime scene.

“how is Inspector Suzuki?” Rena and I asked one of our teammates.

“he is still unconscious but his life is not in danger anymore. Nevertheless Inspector and one of the men of your uncle are badly beaten up. The same as the 2 case that we are handling right now. Criminal’s signature is there and lucky enough there’s one eyewitness saw the criminals” he said with full of hope

“criminals? How many are they who did this?” Rena asked

“2 persons who were wearing all black with only eyes can be seen” He replied

“now the connection between the two cases are messed up since these 2 victims, my uncle’s man and Inspector Suzuki don’t have any connections with each other neither a connection with those gang but we already have few idea about the culprits, it’s still a good thing” I said while scanning the area.

“what about sketches of the criminals?” Rena asked

“we can’t do that since the witness only saw them for a mere seconds so what the witness saw is not really that accurate” he explained

“can we classified this one as perfect crime? They are professionals” Rena sighed

“for now let’s visit Inspector Suzuki” I suggested and Rena nodded. We went to the hospital where Inspector is being monitored. It’s also the hospital where Sae is working.

“hey Sae” I said when I saw Sae passed by to the information desk

“yo Rena and Yuki! Ah by the way is Inspector Suzuki your boss?” Sae asked without hesitation

“yeah he is, by the way how is he?” Rena asked

“he’s fine now but need to be observe from time to time. There’s no wound that can tell that the criminal uses a tool. Basically their wounds are from the punches and kicks they’ve got from them. Ah by the way Yuki here, a little envelop inside your Inspector’s suit , your name was written in there so it must be for you from your uncle” Sae said while handing me the letter. I opened the letter and saw what was written.

“The Criminals behind the Case You Don’t Want to Remember” that was the first words that I read after opening the letter.

“Rena I’ll go to the toilet first” I said to excuse myself and read the letter with privacy. The information written there are only codenames. 4 codenames but I still think it is good news as I already have a lead to who really kills my father.

“Rena I’ll go home first as I have something to do” I said and hurriedly ran towards the hospital’s exit. After I got home I quickly get open my laptop in the living room and start planning about the investigation that I have to do.

“just as I thought it’s not really an accident, it’s really a murder, thanks uncle” I whispered and tried to analyze the few information that I have. Time to time I watch the wall clock to know what time is it already. It’s running late but Mayu still isn’t home but little did I know my eyes are starting to close and later on I fall asleep.

“sorry Yuki I have to let you go even though I love you so much and thanks for everything. I just have to do this to protect you” I heard a faint sound and after few seconds a warm thing touches my cheeks. I opened my eyes but I saw no one.

“maybe I was just dreaming” I said then  turned my glance in the front door and saw Mayu’s shoes are already there.

“I didn’t even heard your footsteps coming inside the house” I sighed “I miss you, the you before you acts so cold towards me, the you who is a childish one that likes to watch anime all the time, the you that I fall in love with” I said looking down and a tear drops in my eyes.

“please just stay beside me and that would be enough” I added fearing that one day because of her coldness towards me will eventually be the reason of leaving me behind. I cried and cried until I fall asleep once again.

I woke up with the birds happily chirping outside my house and with the sun shining so bright. I went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water but instead I was shocked at the note attached to the ref.

“For these past few days, thank you for taking care of me. I decided to move out coz I don’t want to be a burden to you anymore. You really a great person, thank you really for everything and sorry for this inappropriate goodbye from me --- Mayu”

 I unconsciously dropped the glass and broke it into pieces just like the situation of my heart right now. I hurriedly ran towards her room but she’s not there. I even opened her drawers and cabinets but I couldn’t find her items. The fearful event that I was trying to avoid is now happening in front of me. I’m now at lost, couldn’t think clearly at all and just sat down there crying like an idiot.

“why is this happening to me? Why does everyone that I love always leaves me alone, why?” I cried non-stop not even bothering that I have a work and investigation to do today.

“mayu, why?”

i know it's a boring update from a boring writer hahahahahahah and before I forgot here is the signature of the criminal that rena pointed out earlier which was written on the wall.

if you find this chapter a little bit confusing, oh well you need to read for the further updates to understand really the story.
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 04 7/16
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creamcracker-san~  :wink: I don't think it was boring though~  :ding:
I will wait for your next update!!  :hehehe:
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 04 7/16
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Don't give up Yukirin!!!

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 04 7/16
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 :angry1: Whatttttt!
Go Yukirin!

And no definitely not boring!
Thank you for your long update!
*sits here and waiting patiently for next update!
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 04 7/16
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chiqinna-san: thank you lol but hey i'm back from hiding  :cow: to update chapter 5 YEAY!
kahem-san: yeah i agree with you. Don't give up Yukirin :D
Megumi-san: here's the next chapter and thanks that you didn't find the chapter 4 a boring one.
Anzai-san: i thought you forgot this fic and will never ever read this again but I was wrong.  YEAY  :on woohoo:. I'll try not to be a lazy writer but sometimes in depends on the mood though hahaha.

so much for talking here I present to you the chapter 5 and sorry for the errors and grammar CHEERS!


Chapter 05
I’m still sitting in Mayu’s room still crying not even answering my phone calls that are coming from Rena. I was totally doomed and always asking
myself WHY? even I know I will never ever get a respond. After a while I heard my door bell rang followed by a loud knock and a shout.

“Yuki are you there? Yuki?” It was Rena’s voice. I decided to open the door since I want to talk with someone.

“why won’t you answer my calls? And why does your eyes so swollen?” she asked me with a concern voice.

“Mayu left me” I said then tears began to fall again. Rena hugs me and gave her shoulder for me to lean on.

“don’t worry things will get better soon” she said, comforting me from my love problem.

“I hope so” I said weakly and broke the hug

“Yuki, I know this isn’t the right time for me to say but we have a work to do, and emotions like this are taboo once we are already in the work” Rena said telling me one of the rules that we must obey.

“I know, I have to change my clothes first. I’ll be right back” I said and went to my room and change. After few minutes I went back to the living room where Rena is waiting.

“you know what, she must have a reason why she is doing this to you right now and you might possibly find the answer somehow. So just give your best at your work right now and maybe it will make you forget about her a little bit” Rena said without looking at me and like she knows everything about love.

“well I guess she’s right” I thought

“thanks, let’s go” I said to her and then walked out to my house.

We just did the same thing all over again, investigate the things that might be connected to the cases we are holding right now but there’s no lead at all and I’m also investigating the case where my father was involve. Every night when I went home I always remember her. Her smile, her laugh, the smell of her hair, the delish food that she always prepares, everything that involves with her, I remember them and I don’t want to forget any one of those memories. Every night I shed tears, tears of loneliness, tears of emptiness, and tears of being left behind well I think crying is the only way for me to fall asleep.

“hello?” I said when someone called me through my phone.

“hello Yuki-chan this is your uncle, are you crying? “ He asked, maybe it’s kinda obvious that because my voice.

“no, I was sleeping” I lied

“oh sorry, I just want to inform you that starting tomorrow you’ll have 2 bodyguards that will guard you from afar” He informed me

“but I’m an adult now and I’m in a police department so I’ll not really be in danger” I replied. I know he’s just concern about me but this thing is

“I know, but as you can see you are holding a dangerous case right now, even your boss and one of my men got beaten up. We don’t know if the criminals are really after me. So please just agree to this favour. I promise they won’t bother you when you are at your work” He explained

“alright and uncle thank you for that” I said with a curve in my face

“no problem I hope it will help about the case of my brother-in-law, your father” he said

“thank you very much, good night” I said and then hang up. I stood up and went to my table and open my laptop. It’s still 2:50 am but I couldn’t sleep anymore so I just decided to search and do again my investigation about my father’s case.

I only had my father since my mother died while giving birth at me. He’s always there for me even though he’s busy and I’m so grateful for that. I’m also so proud of him because he was the Chief Officer on the department I’m currently working at but I think happiness is really never meant for me. It was 4 years ago when that crime happened. He said he was going to meet someone that holds a big evidence to prosecute a man but he didn’t tell his colleagues or me the man’s name. The last words he said to me were ‘take care Yuki-chan, papa loves you’ and just that, breaking news popped out in the tv screen announces a car accident that involves my father. At that time I couldn’t believe it and the police only said it was an accident. I know it’s not, I know there’s something more to that accident that’s why I took up criminal justice and became a police officer. I know these 4 codenames that were listed in this paper could help me find the answer. Either they are the one who kills my parents or one of them was the man who my father’s needed to meet.

“sigh, it’s already morning” I looked at my window where the light coming from the sun starting to show up. I stretched my arms then stood up and went to the bathroom to have shower. I then prepared my own breakfast and go to the headquarters.

“Good morning” Rena said when I entered the room.

“Good morning” I replied and sat down near my desk.

“did you get any sleep?” she asked “and what do you want coffee or tea?” she added

“coffee please thank you and yeah just a little bit though” I said softly slapping my face to wake me up

“here, hahay we still got no lead about the incidents but lucky enough there’s no new victim” Rena said while giving me the cup of coffee.

“I hope this case will not become a cold case and by the way how is Inspector Suzuki?” I asked while sipping the coffee.

“he’s pretty fine but still need to take a rest in the hospital. He can’t still partake in the investigation so we must work hard for his share” Rena said and went to the window opening the window blind.

“what’s with that car there” She said motioning me to stand up and look at it. I stood up and went to where she was standing and face palmed.

“sorry, they aren’t suspicious. They are my bodyguards hired by my overprotective uncle” I said and then went back to my desk.

“ohhh hope they won’t bother us from our work” She said and went to her desk “before I forgot at 10 am we have to go and ask questions again to the victims family” she added then continued her work.

“alright” I replied. I then open one of my drawers in my desk and found out a small piece of envelope.

“Kashiwagi Yuki-san” I read the cover of the envelope and immediately open it without a second thought.

“this signature and this codename, it can’t be?” I was shocked after reading the letter then put it back on the drawer and get my gun. I immediately ran outside and start my car engine.

 “hey yuki! Where are you going HEY!” Rena shouted but I didn’t bother at all.

(meanwhile Rena opened the drawer and found the envelope. She then read what was written on it. I know the person who was behind the accident 4 years ago. If you want to know then meet me in the same place where the smuggling case took place ------  creamcracker and I><I.
“I see, it started already” Rena said then gets one of her guns inside her drawer and followed Yuki with her own car )

I’m heading right now to the place where the smuggling case took place. I know it’s dangerous but this is the only way to find the answer. I have to know what happened 4 years ago.

“you can do this” I said to myself while taking a deep breath. Afterwards, I open my car door and headed to the abandoned building.

Gripping tightly the gun I’m holding, I slowly walk to the abandoned warehouse.  Sensing the atmosphere, taking extra care I then hide in a post. I look around to find a human figure but to my dismay there’s none. I took a deep breath and then continue walking until

“hello there Kashiwagi Yuki-san” a familiar voice said. I then turned around and found a figure standing in a door with a hoodie and only eyes can be seen. The figure then ran outside telling me to follow. I chase him still taking an extra care coz it might be a trap.

“do you remember this place?” the figure spoke once again. I look around trying to remember. It was the place where I shot the man who has a shoot to kill order.

“I guess you do” the figured let a small laugh and took a step towards me. I take a back and pointed my gun towards the person in front of me.

“stop moving or else I’ll shoot you” I warned still pointing my gun towards that person.

“you gonna shoot me like what you did to that man?” that person said like he knows what happened at that night. I was caught off guard and he took the opportunity to kick my gun away from me. The person then took my hand and pushes me towards the wall beside me then puts his forearm in my neck trying to strangle me. I admit this person is really strong.

“what do you want from me?” I asked with a faint voice trying to push away the person’s forearm but I didn’t get any respond. I look deeply in the person’s eyes but there’s nothing there. It’s empty the same as mine. Because of my stare the person weakens its grip and I took this a chance and push him away from me. I tried to throw a punch but unluckily he prevented it. 

“you want to play this game huh?” the person spoke once again then throw a punch towards my face which I wasn’t prepare. I close my eyes waiting the punch to land but it didn’t. I heard a laugh and opened my eyes just to see the person’s arm stop half way and then put it down.

“are you making fun of me?” I said annoyed as this person is just like playing a prank on me.

“no no, not at all” the person giggled which make my temper boil.

“look I don’t have time for this prank okay?, if you know something about that accident then tell me NOW” I shouted making him stop giggling.

“if that’s what you want then BEAT ME FIRST” the persons voice became serious. I let out a sigh then ran towards him. I then throw a kick but he block it and throw a punch but then again he stop in the midway. I throw a punch towards his face but he was too fast and captured my flying punch.

“not my face” he said and push me.

“damn it!” I thought as my opponent is really strong.

“ah by the way I forgot, we are the organization behind your father’s accident. Are those words fine to make you angry?” upon hearing those words my anger rises and I couldn’t control it anymore.

“YOU!” I shouted and throw kicks and punch to him and luckily some landed perfectly but he’s still not fighting back.

“YOU!FIGHT BACK!” I shouted angrily

“if that’s what you want Yuki!”

“Yuki,Yuki,Yuki” I thought that voice is really familiar.

He then ran towards me and punches me in my stomach making me bend from the pain and then hit my back using his elbow making me land on the ground.

“you chose this, you forced me to do this” that voice, that familiar voice.

“why are you doing this, what have my father done to your organization” I asked coughing a lil bit from the pain.

“you’ll know at the right time” he said trying to walk away

“don’t give me that shit” I said then picks up my gun which is lying near me. I then stood up and pointed my gun towards him but at the exact time I did that he faces me with a gun pointing towards me. We just stare it each other for 10 seconds. No movement at all just pointing our guns towards each other until

“Yuki!” Rena suddenly appeared in my right side pointing a gun towards him. This scene, these spots it looks like from what happened before.

“Rena” I sighed in relief as I know that Rena can help me capturing this man in front of me but I was wrong.

“gomene, I’m late. Those bodyguards of Yuki-san are a little bit strong but anyways I already knocked them down” a sudden figure came out pointing a gun in Rena’s head.

“ne, ne can you put your gun down, Rena-san or else your brain will explode” the new figure said with a serious tone making Rena put down her gun and slide it towards the person in front of me.

“thank you, I just don’t want to see someone pointing a gun towards her” the person spoke again.

“her?and how did you know our names?” I said since I thought the person in front of me was a man.

“giggled, nice timing             Centre and yeah I’m a girl” the person in front of me said. I was shocked since that codename ‘Centre’ was one of the codenames listed on that paper.

“you are killers, YOU KILLED MY FATHER!” I shouted angrily as I already facing the people behind my father’s accident.

“uh-uh, then you and the person in front of you are equal” the person name Centre said still pointing a gun at Rena’s head.

“what do you mean?” I confusedly asked

“this exact place where I’m currently standing at, a person was shot with a gun and died. That person has a shoot to kill order without given any reason why he has that order. At this exact place a person lost his life without a chance to explain his self” she said. I looked at her eyes now full of pain and hatred.

“you killed my father and our organization killed your father. Really we are born to be mortal enemy not as lover Yuki-chan” the girl said removing her mask revealing a familiar face that I’m longing to see for so long.

“Ma-mayu don’t te-tell me?” I said stuttering as I was hoping this is not real.

“yeah I’m Watanabe Mayu, Nezumi is my codename, the daughter of the person you killed and a member of the organization that killed your father and that person next to you is Centre” she said giving a small smile.

“I’m Centre oh wait to be exact Matsui Jurina, nice to meet you again Yuki-san and you too Rena-san” the girl name Centre said while removing her mask.

 “Jurina, no way” I heard Rena’s voice

“yes way, my dear” Jurina said with a smile

My eyes widened from the truth that is being revealed in front of me. This person in front of me that I loathe for killing my father is the same person that I really do love.

“Mayu is Nezumi. No way” I thought


I hope this chapter is not boring and sorry if it confuses you.
Expect some twist in the next chapters, well not really since next chapters will be Mayu's POV starting from the time before Mayu met Yuki.
Let's explore Mayu's past! :glasses:

and oh i have a cameo  :on gay: LOL

I guess that's it. please leave a comment and please tell me if it confuses you hahaha.

now need to hide again ja ne~~~  :on blackhole:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 05 7/17
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iyadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  :scared:
how can it be Jurina and mayu enemies  :stoned:
poor Yuki and Rena  :pleeease:
whyyyy  :OMG:
I can't wait for the next  :imdead:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 05 7/17
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I know is mayu the antagonist in this story,but jurina! Wow!! I didn't expect much if she's mayu friend

Please be safe...

If im yuki,and im the officer i don't have any choice beside to kill mayu...
And mayu...i think she's still hide something to protect yuki...


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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 05 7/17
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haaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~ Mayuuu~~  :OMG:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 05 7/17
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OMG!!!!!! I'm so looking forwards for the next chapter!!!!!

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 05 7/17
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Waaaaaa no Mayuuuu and Jurina :OMG: :OMG: Poor Yuki and Poor Rena

 :hand: We know you love Yuki Mayu, because you said it:
“sorry Yuki I have to let you go even though I love you so much and thanks for everything. I just have to do this to protect you”
in the chapter 4

So what are you doing??? :banghead:
Update soon please :peace:
Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 06 7/19
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hello minna-san. haha I know you want to know what happens next after the face off of Yuki and Mayu with Rena and Jurina. But this chapter will consist of Mayu's past, of what really happened to her before she met Yuki. More characters will be revealed too :D

thanks to the readers who left a thank you, and also a comment  :)

excuse my errors and grammars again and hope it's not a boring chapter.


Chapter 06

Mayu’s POV (a day before she met Yuki)

“neh mom is dad still busy with his investigation about that man. It’s already been 4 years you know.” I asked my mom who is in the kitchen cooking food for dinner.

“yeah I know but he needs to finish it no matter what, for the sake of his partner” she answered “oh phone is ringing can you answer it for me Mayu-chan” she added as the telephone suddenly rang.

“alright” I said and then went to where the phone is and pick it up.

“hello Watanabe desu may I know who’s calling please?” I asked to the person who is in the other line.

“Asahi Mamoru” the person said

“hello Dad what’s up, I miss you and why are you using your codename?” I asked as he really never uses his codename when he calls to our house.

“I miss you too Mayu-chan, can I speak to your mom for a minute?” he asked without answering my question.

“alright” I said and then shouted to my mom that dad is looking for her.

“hello honey what’s up?” Mom cheerfully said but after mere seconds her face becomes serious.

“Mayu, can you go upstairs for a moment? Me and your Dad has something important to discuss” She ordered

“but mom I’m already a big girl now and I want to know Dad’s mission coz I’m too bored with our childish mission from the organization” I complained and pouted

“Nezumi! Not now, please just follow my order and be a good girl” She said with a serious tone. I know when my mom uses my codename it would be an order and I need to follow it since when it comes to the organization my mom,dad and others are our pioneers that we must obey.

“alright” I sighed and then went upstairs. I can’t barely hear anything from their discussion so I just turned on my tv and watch anime instead.

*Meanwhile in the living room*

“she’s in her room already, what’s the matter?”

“things are getting more dangerous, they found out that I’m a spy and now they are searching for me. please do at what I’ll tell you to do”

“can’t you suspend your investigation and continue it if things will get better?”

“it’s too late to back out now. Please honey, protect Mayu for me and take care of yourself too. I already told Sadist that things getting dangerous and I need him to protect you guys. Listen no matter what happens to me, I love you and Mayu always and forever”

“where are you right now? And please don’t tell something like that”

“I’m currently heading to an abandoned warehouse near the sea. Smuggling will be happening and that man will appear there. It would be really great evidence aside from the evidence that I put in a safe place”

“but you said it’s dangerous, you might lose your life. I don’t want to lose you; we don’t want to lose you”

“this is my mission and I’m obliged to do this and finish this. There’s a small box in the third column of my cabinet. Give that box to Mayu, it contains a key necklace which ------“


“I love you too, please comeback alive” Mayu’s mom tearfully said even though the person on the other phone already hang up.

*back to Mayu’s POV

“are they not done yet? I’m hungry already” I thought to myself now sitting in the chair while reading a manga.

“Mayu, dinner is ready!” a sudden shout from my mom can be heard.

“Alright” I went downstairs and then greeted by a delish aroma coming from the food that my mom made.

“so what did dad and you talked about?” I asked while eating my food.

“nothing and oh wait I need to give you something. It was your dad’s late birthday present for you” she said then got up and went to her room.

“Nothing means something you know mom” I shouted for her to hear. After few minutes she came back holding a small box.

“here” she said giving me the box “open it” she added

“I just want him to be there at my birthday” I pouted while reaching the box and then open it. Inside the box was a key necklace. It’s simple but

“did you like it?” mom asked smiling back at me and I just gave her nod. She went to my side and grab the necklace and then she help me wear it.

“never lose this necklace. Take good care of it” she whispered and kissed my forehead

“I will” I said holding the key pendant.

“let’s eat”


The next day it was shining so bright. Birds are chirping happily, wind blowing softly and people are in good mood.

“good morning” I said to my mom while stretching my arms.

“good morning Mayu, your mom really cooks delicious food”

“Ehhh? Jurina? Jl? What are you guys doing here?”

“hmmm eating breakfast? Right Jl?”

“yeah yeah”

I face palmed as I saw my two best friends from school who are also my partners in the organization eating breakfast in my own house.

“oh good morning Mayu” other voice said

“ehh?Rabutan you’re here too?” I was surprise that almost all of the members from team J are gathered here in my house, well only one member
missing though.

“yeah, I just used your comfort room” she said then sat down to my chair.

“oi that’s my chair” I said but she just smile at me. “these girls just ruined my morning” I thought and sat down to the empty chair next to Jurina.

“it’s so nice to have energetic kids in the morning, right Mayu-chan?” my mom said putting a plate with food.

“itadakimasu” I eat my food together with my mom and these 3 idiots. Well it’s not really a bad idea though and it’s a little bit fun.

“this is bad!we’re going to be late” Jl suddenly shouted and quickly drink her water. The 3 of us did the same and then hurriedly get our things.

“ittekimasu” the three of us shouted

“itterashai” my mom’s replied

School went well, the 4 us were sent in the office again because of our pranks but its fun. Hiding the eraser and chalks in the research class and also
raising our hands when the teacher isn’t looking at us. We also cut classes in our history subject. We’re not really serious about school and life at the moment. We’re just having fun right now. After school we then went to the organization’s building to attend our daily training. It took 2 hours for fighting training and 2 hours of acting training. It’s already 7:30 pm and it’s raining cats and dogs. I didn’t know that it will rain today so I didn’t bring any umbrella.

“geez what a wrong timing” I complained

“we’re going home first, ja ne Mayu-chan” Rabutan said while opening her umbrella and shared it with Jurina and Jl.

“Ja ne Nezumi, tomorrow we’ll be coming again to your house and eat breakfast with you!” Jurina shouted

“the 3 of you! Eat your own breakfast at your own house not at my house!” I shouted back at them

“but your mom’s food are really delicious. Ja ne~” Jl smiled. Then the 3 of them continued walking. We live in opposite direction so I really can’t go with them.

“you guys are really good friends” a sudden voice spoke behind me that startled me a little bit

“oh Sadist-san, yeah we are” I answered

“by the way Nezumi if something happens, call me” I was confused as why she told me that.

“just in case, that’s all and oohh by the way I really do want to give you a ride but unfortunately I’m busy right now haha!” she giggled and gave me a wink then headed to her office.

“you really are a sadist” I pouted then sighed “lucky I’m wearing civilian clothes right now because of that training” I thought then puts my bag on my head and run towards my house which is 10 minutes away from here.

“tadaima” I said softly since I’m too tired and I feel so cold right now. 

“maybe she’s not yet home” I thought to myself as I didn’t get any respond until I heard some noise upstairs. I quickly put my bag in the couch and then ran to where the noises come from only to see my mom fighting with some bad men. I was about to take a step to help my mom but she suddenly shouted.

“Safety first!” I know what she means. She is ordering to me to hide to that place where she knows I’ll be fine and safe.

“NOW!” she shouted making me to take aback. I then run as fast as I could as I can hear some footsteps that are following me but I know my mom will going to take care of them. My feet then lead me to a small room which only 1 person can be suited. It’s the place that I really don’t want to use since this room is made when something really bad happens.

“no matter what happens even you’re strong Mayu-chan, hide in here and never go out until things gets better. No matter what happens you must obey our order, no buts but just yes” they always say that to me and always reminding me. I never thought that a day would come and I must use this.
I quickly get inside in that room eye glued in a small hole trying to see what’s happening.

“where are you kiddo?” 3 men with scary look said

“she’s not here anymore” I heard my mom’s voice kicking one of the men’s face

“I see, you’re a persisting mom trying to protect your daughter, but the game is over ma’am you’re being outnumbered” A tall man walks towards my mom pointing a gun towards her “men hold her” he ordered to his troops

“no matter what you’re going to do to me, truth will be reveal, not right now but someday” my mom said looking fiercely to that man.

“what’s going on?” I thought to myself with confusion

“stop with your blabbering and give me that documents right now!” the man shouted with anger signalling his man to beat up my mom.

“m—“ I was about to shout when a machine covers my mouth and holds my arms preventing me to make a noise.

“I don’t have the documents” my mom said weakly as she spit out some blood.

I couldn’t do anything. Tears keep flowing down my face as I’m watching a scene that I don’t want to see.

“don’t act like a dumb!” the man said holding my mom’s hair making her to stand up.

“I said I don’t have the documents” my mom shouted making the man lose his patience and punch my mom’s stomach.

“you know what if you just give me that damn documents, I will never use this gun towards you” the man said putting a silencer to his gun.

“no matter how many times you ask me I will never give you an answer” my mom still acting strong said.

“what to do? Cellphone! Ahhh Shit!” I thought as I saw my bag laying on the couch where I put my phone earlier.

“mom just tell them, please” I was hoping that she’ll tell them but that thing never happen.

“then I have no choice, sayonara!” the man said then shots my mom. I saw my mom slowly falling to the ground. Blood splatters on her shirt and on the floor. I’m now speechless and numb from the horror scene that is playing in front of me. Now I’m full with hatred, full of pain.

“let’s go” the man said signalling his man to follow him and leave the house.

“I’ll remember your faces and take revenge” I whispered. The machine then loses its grip making me move a little bit. I took this chance and broke the machine making me free. I quickly open the door and ran towards where my mom is laying.

“mom hang in there I’ll call an ambulance and Sadist-san” I said as I saw her still breathing faintly. I was about to get my phone when my mom holds my arm.

“Mayu listen, you must be the one to continue and finish your dad’s investigation. Sadist will explain to you everything” she said with a fainted voice

“mom stop talking please” I asked while sobbing .

“I lied, it’s not really a birthday present from your Dad, that necklace is the key where your dad puts the documents. Don’t you ever lose that necklace Mayu-chan. You have to reveal the truth and protect the people in this country. Remember this always, me and your dad loves you” she said while a tear drop from her eyes “gomene” she added and slowly closes her eyes and after mere seconds she stops breathing.

“mom, mom, wake up, please” I shake her several times but I got no respond.

“I’ll be a good girl from now on so please stay beside me, neh mom” again no respond. I can’t control the flow of my tears anymore as they just continue dropping from eyes.

“no way, MOM!!!!” I hugged my mom while crying. Thunder and lightning can be heard and seen. It’s still raining non-stop like my tears right now. I stood up and went to where my bag is and dialled Sadist-san’s number.

“hello?Mayu what’s wrong?” the person in the other line asked

“my mom” I said looking at my mom who is laying on the floor, lifeless.

“what happened to your mom? She asked worriedly

“she’s ….gone” I said and dropped my cellphone

“I’ll be right there asap, stay there” I heard her voice but I can’t process all of these things in my head right now. I went back to where my mom’s laying.

“from now on I’ll be serious and I promise I will finish this battle with victory in our hands. Your sacrifice will not be wasted. I will make you proud. I love you” I said giving her a kiss in the cheek. I then went outside trying to follow those men but there’s no trace left. My feet are now walking aimlessly while scenes that happened earlier flashes back in my mind without noticing that there’s a car running towards me. Luckily it stopped just few cm away from me. I just stare at the person inside while I’m trembling with coldness until I fainted. Few hours I woke up in a small room which is not familiar to me. I tried to remember what happened but I failed.

“where am I and wait why I can only remember my name?” I asked to the tall girl who is leaning against the wall. I saw her eyes widened then quickly shouted a person’s name.

“Yuki, come here!”

As the time that girl shouted, a new girl came with a long black hair and with a white skin. The tall girl walks nearer to that new girl and said something.

“where am I? and who are you?” I asked with confusion while looking around the unfamiliar surroundings.

“you’re in my house. I saw you collapsed in the road so I brought you home. I’m Kashiwagi Yuki and this is Dr. Miyazawa Sae. Don’t be afraid we are not bad and we are not going to harm you” She said calmly while walking towards me. “what’s your name?” She asked

“Mayu, Watanabe Mayu” I said while looking to my necklace. This necklace is somewhat familiar.

“you really don’t know what happened to you before you collapsed? Or who your parents are and where you lived?” she asked again. I tried to remember but I can’t and I slowly felt pain in my head.

“ahhh,my head hurts” I said holding my head as I couldn’t take the pain anymore.

“calm down, calm down. Don’t think about it too much. You have to rest” Dr. Miyazawa said while brushing my back. The girl named Yuki excuses herself and went out from the room.

“gomene, I couldn’t really remember anything aside from my name” I apologized while trying to hold my tears.

“it’s fine and don’t worry you’ll remember it. Just don’t force yourself ok?” She smiled. I then lay down and closes my eyes. The girl named Sae then went out in the room leaving me alone.

“what in the world did happen to me?” I thought and drifted off to sleep.


that's the chapter 06 HAHAHA hope you won't hate Mayu anymore and also please be aware of some hints in every chapter.

ohhh if you're confuse who JL is, well that's me not my real name though, just the initials.

please tell what you think of this chapter.
ja ne~ :on blackhole:


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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 06 7/19 Mayu's Past
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Poor Mayu T_T

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 06 7/19 Mayu's Past
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Mayuuuu  :gyaaah:
 :badluck: What happened to Mayu is so crual  :fainted:
how can you say creamcracker-san that will gonna hate Mayu  :scared:
What will happen after that  :prayers:
poor Yuki  :cool2:
I can't wait for the next  :pleeease:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 06 7/19 Mayu's Past
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Your story is nowhere near boring. I love it, and I'm glad I was finally able to read what I missed. I want to know the further happenings of MaYuki and RenaJuri. Plz update as soon as you can
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 06 7/19 Mayu's Past
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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 06 7/19 Mayu's Past
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:on gay: hello!!! LOL. Sorry for the late update hahaha cream is being lazy again hahaha anways here's the update still on Mayu's POV and well let's just explore her thoughts lol. and sorry if this chapter will be boring i think? and maybe there's a lot of mistakes and error. i'm lazy to re-read it tbh.


Chapter 07
I’m in a dark room, can’t breathe enough, sweats drop one after another, my mouth is covered by a machine and eyes are wide open as I’m looking at a terrifying scene that no one wants to watch . A person in front of me is about to get killed by those guys.


Those were the words I wanted to shout but every time I tried to neither speak nor move, the machine tightens its grip. Then just a blink of an eye a gunshot can be heard throughout the room. The woman is slowly falling down while blood is dripping on the cold floor. I wanted to shout out loud but I can’t, that moment I know I’m helpless, I can’t do anything to that person. The guys left as they know they couldn’t get any information anymore and the machine that is currently covering my mouth and holding my body is slowly releasing me from its tight grip. I wish that this horrifying moment in my life is just a nightmare, a nightmare that needs to be buried forever and then a light flashes in my eyes making my senses to come back. I opened it immediately then touch it. I can feel a warm liquid, a nightmare tears.

“it’s just a dream” I sighed in relief while tears started to flow again then I heard the door opened revealing a worried Kashiwagi-san. She then hugs me tightly and comforted me brushing my back with her warm hand.

 “it’s fine now. I’m here” she said

“I *sniff* had a *sniff* nightmare. It’s so scary” I said with a broken voice, still crying. That dream was so real, that maybe there’s a possibility that the nightmare I had earlier is connected to why I can’t remember anything about my past.

“shhh. It’s fine now. It’s just a dream. Uhmmm what about we’ll go to an amusement park? What do you think?” she offered. She’s so kind to treat a stranger like me in that way.

“I want to go there but you have work, right?” I asked while wiping my tears away.

"it’s fine. I’ll just tell them I have some important things to do” she replied with a smile

“un” I nodded and gave her the best smile I could give in return for her kindness towards me.

“go and take a shower first. I’ll call my boss and tell him that I can’t come in for work today and after that I will prepare the breakfast” she said and I nodded then followed what she told me to do.

In the shower room, I find myself in a deep thought. What if that dream is real? What if those guys are coming after me? What if Yuki will get involved with all of these matters that currently I don’t remember? And lastly who’s that woman in my dream? Is she important to me?

“Mayu, it’s not real, it’s not real” I keep on telling myself. I then went out in the shower room and change clothes that Yuki prepared for me.

“Mayu-chan, breakfast is ready” She shouted loud enough for me to hear. I quickly went downstairs and saw her in the kitchen putting the food in the table.

“neh, Kashiwagi-san, why did you let me stay in here and take care of me? I’m a stranger you know” I asked and sat down on the chair near the table. There’s only quite few people know that lets a stranger stay in their house. I mean we don’t know if that person is bad or not, we don’t know what’s going on in that person’s mind.

“hmm. I don’t know but seeing you last night makes me feel that I’m kinda responsible to you. I almost hit you with my car too y’know and yes you’re a stranger but I know you’re not harmful.” She said while putting plates on the table.

“responsible” I thought

“you still don’t know me at all” I said while looking at her.

“why?do you know yourself now? I mean you lost some of your memories right?” she said while sitting opposite to me.

“she’s right, I lost some of my memories, but what if I regain them, will she still feels that I’m her responsibility?” I thought. I know this sudden loss of memories is just temporary.

“yeah, you’re right” I replied looking down. It’s not because I’m sad that I lost my memories. I’m just afraid to know what kind of person I am if I already get back my memories.

“don’t worry, I’ll help you remember your past” She comforted her and gives me her best smile “let’s eat now, we still have lots of things to do” she added

“thank you, Kashiwagi-san” I smile “I hope you won’t regret helping me to remember my past” I thought

“just Yuki, call me Yuki” she looks at me with a cute face

“un, Yuki” I said. I like to say it, I really do.

We then continued eating our breakfast then drove off to the police department because she needs to drop some files to her boss.

“just wait here ok? I just need to submit my report and after this we’ll go straight to the amusement park” She said holding her report. She turned on
the music maybe because she don’t want me to get bored waiting for her. She gets off from the car and left me sitting here while enjoying the rock music.

While I’m listening to the music, a sudden appearance of a memory from the past flashes through my mind making my head feels heavy and aching.

I was holding a necklace, just a simple one then a girl in front of me suddenly spoke.

“did you like it?”

“never lose this necklace. Take good care of it”

“the same girl who was in my dream earlier” I thought then another images flash once again.

“Mayu listen, you must be the one to continue and finish your dad’s investigation. Sadist will explain to you everything”

“Don’t you ever lose that necklace Mayu-chan”

“You have to reveal the truth and protect the people in this country”

“Remember this always, me and your dad loves you”

“their slowly coming back” I thought while trying to put the pieces together.

I looked at my necklace then hold it tightly.

“an important piece, a key to solve these mysteries” I whispered. I saw Yuki who is now getting out in the police department. I tried to be cheerful, singing the song that is being played on the radio.

“HOW DO WE GET HERE, WHEN I USED TO KNOW YOU SO WELL~~~” lucky I know this song.

“ehem, you seems like you’re having a good time” She said as she opened the door letting out a small laugh.

 “I like this song” I smilingly said.

“it’s decode by Paramore. My best friend who is on vacation likes that song too. It’s the OST of her favourite movie” She informed and started the car’s engine.

“who is she? And vacation? where?” I asked still playing her air guitar. To put up a show earlier so that Yuki wouldn’t notice that I’m puzzled right now.

“I called her Acchan. She’s in UK right now with Takamina but they will be coming back week after next.

“Takamina…..Acchan” I thought

“wow. Are there lots of castles there? I love castles” I asked while looking outside the window.

Our little conversation is not that interesting at all especially when you’re thinking about something. Then after few minutes we arrived in the

amusement park. The place is really nice and there are lots of people making it livelier.

For an instant, my childishness surpasses my maturity making me eagerly to come out from the car and ride those fabulous rides that the park is offering. When Yuki turned off the car’s engine, I immediately went out from the car without giving her a time to speak that we’re here.

“WAAA! AMUSEMENT PARK!” I couldn’t help myself to shout those words. This is the best place to forget something that is making your life complicated for awhile.

“I’ll solve you later, but for now let me just enjoy the moment” I said to my own self as I feel that after this one, I can’t act like a child anymore.

“YUKI! C’mon let’s ride all of the rides that this amuseme----- WAAA, ice cream ice cream. Can I have ice cream?” I asked her, she smiled. I smiled back at her.

“I’m happy that you’re smiling” I murmured for her not hear my words.

“alright” She agreed and bought me an ice cream then handed it to me. It was a vanilla ice cream with a wafer stick on it.

“ice cream is really the best!!!” I shouted happily

“really?” she said in between her laughter

“uhn, you want some?” I said offering the ice cream I have. She nodded then tasted the ice cream.

“ice cream is really the best!!!” she suddenly shouted making the people around us to stare us.

We chuckled for a moment, then laugh out loud. We shared ice cream; I never thought sharing an ice cream makes it sweeter than it should be. After eating and choosing a ride, I decided to try roller coaster since its kinda challenging.

“are you sure you want to ride this Mayu?” she asked me trying to hide hear fear but failed to do so.

“yeah, it’s fun. Why? Are you afraid Yuki?” I said trying not to give her a smirk

“of co-course I-I’m not” she stuttered. She’s so cute when she’s trying to act so cool in front of me.

“ohh a police officer named Kashiwagi Yuki is afraid of riding rollercoaster” I teasingly said. There’s no more fun than teasing someone.

“sh-shut up, I’m not afraid of it” She said trying to be brave and immediately sat down to the available sit and fastened her seatbelt then pulled down the shoulder harness. I followed her and sat down next to her.

“to see is to believe huh?, hmm interesting” I thought

After few seconds the engine of the roller coaster started and it’s slowly moving. I look to her carefully trying to know if she’s really afraid or not. She then holds tightly to her shoulder harness. When she was about to look at me I immediately look forward so that she’ll not notice that I was staring at her earlier.

“a a a AHHHHHHHH” she shouted loudly into the air.

“weeeeeeeee this is FUN!” I said trying not to laugh of her scared face.

“NO IT’S NOT, IT’S CRAZY” She shouted when the roller coaster arrived at the first drop after the lift hill and followed by a double loop then double dip.

“HAHAHA” I laughed out loud since I can’t hold it any longer. Both are interesting, this ride and Yuki-san too.

It takes few minutes before the ride ended. She quickly ran towards a corner to vomit. I followed her not just because I’m kinda worried but I also want to tease her.

“Are you alright?” I asked sarcastically

“Do I look alright?” She replied with a cute funny face.

“Hahaha, if you just saw your face Yuki, you will definitely laugh at yourself” I put my hand trying not to burst myself into laughing crazily.

“shut up” She said kinda embarrassed.

“let’s go grab some food, I’m hungry” I said then grabs her hand and made my way to a near restaurant inside the amusement park.

“her hand is warm and soft”

We sat down in the right corner of the restaurant and looked at the menu.

“what do you want?” She asked me while I’m still looking at the menu.

“uhmm spaghetti, mango shake and for dessert, chocolate velvet cake” I said putting the menu on the table.

“Waiter” She raised her right hand to get the attention of the waiter. He quickly walked towards our direction and asked what our order is.

“2 spaghetti, 2 mango shakes and 2 chocolate velvet cake please” politely she said it to the waiter.

“please wait for your order ma’am” he bowed at us and went to get our order.

“I have to use the c.r” She said and I nodded then she walked to where the C.R is located.

After her figure vanished, a girl suddenly popped out then sat down to where Yuki was seating earlier.

“Mayu” she called my name but I don’t know her at all.

“who are you? Why do you know my name?” I asked her making her surprised for a second.

“you forgot about me, I see. Well I can’t blame you, because of the trauma of the accident you saw” She said to me like she knows everything about

*meanwhile*writer’s POV*

“jurina, Yuki just finished using the toilet. She’s now washing her hands. You have 2 more minutes left. Tap the mini microphone once if you hear me” Rabutan who just went out in the restaurant’s toilet said through her earpiece. Jurina then tapped her mini microphone who once.

*Back to Mayu’s  POV

“do I know you? Do you know everything about me?” I asked her but she stood up and about to walk away but she paused midway.

*Writer’s POV

“Jurina, minute and a half left, Yuki detected, she just came out from the comfort room door. You’ve got 30 seconds left to give the message to Mayu” Jl who is in the other side of the restaurant and currently hacking the cctv cam of the restaurant informed through her earpiece.

*Back to Mayu’s POV

“I know almost everything about you, if you want to know more about yourself meet me in the starbucks in shibuya district. Meet me during lunch time. Don’t tell anyone even Yuki about this meeting we had today and tomorrow’s meeting too. ” with those words said, she then left the premises.

I saw Yuki walking towards the table. She is staring at the person I was talking earlier.

“who is she?” she asked with curiosity

“Don’t tell anyone even Yuki about this meeting we had today and tomorrow’s meeting too”

“I don’t know, she was just asking if I saw a little boy roaming around the restaurant. Maybe it’s her little brother and got lost” I lied. It’s not that I don’t trust her; I just want to know my whole self before telling her who exactly I am.

“oh I see” She replied.

I’m now trying to think who that girl is. What is she to me? I want to force myself to remember my past.

“we’re going home first, ja ne Mayu-chan”

“Ja ne Nezumi, tomorrow we’ll be coming again to your house and eat breakfast with you!”

“the 3 of you! Eat your own breakfast at your own house not at my house!”

“but your mom’s food are really delicious. Ja ne~”

“ahhh, my head, it hurts” I said putting my hands on my head. This is driving me crazy. The pieces slowly going back to its original places and little by little, I’m remembering the ME before I forgot some of my memories.

“hey, are you ok?” Yuki asked then stood up from where she was sitting and sat right next to me.

“drink this” she added then gave me a glass of water for me to drink.

“are you alright? Did you remember anything?” She asked while brushing my back up and down.

“no-nothing, I just remembered the dream I had earlier” I lied once again.

“are you sure?” She asked worriedly

“yeah, sorry for making you worried” I reassured

“Jurina” I whispered while looking at the door of the restaurant. Now I remember her, I remember them.

“did you say something?” She asked. She must heard me murmured something.

“oh nothing, I said let’s eat” I replied and start digging my meal for her not to get suspicious behind my actions.

After eating and resting, we continue riding the rides that the amusement park offers. We really have fun, sharing laughter together. I had fun teasing her while she didn’t complain at all. She bought me clothes for me to wear. She’s one of a kind I swear.

I woke up early, and I was kinda surprised that I’m already in the room and also that there’s someone hugging me.

“ehhh?” I said when I turned to face who that person is hugging me from behind.

“Yuki” I whispered. She’s still sleeping like a child. I stared her for awhile while caressing her warm and soft cheeks with my cold hands.

“good morning Yuki” I whispered but still the girl beside me is still sleeping. I decided to prepare a breakfast for her and also an obento for her to eat during lunch time. It’s the least thing she could do for the great help you had given. Minutes had passed and Yuki woke up and breakfast. We had a little breakfast conversation too and after that I give her the obento and then send her off to her work.

“now it’s time for me to prepare for today’s meeting with Jurina” I said to myself then headed to the shower.

~meeting place : lunch time ~

I saw Jurina who is waiting for me patiently inside the café. Without hesitation, I then opened the door and sat opposite to her.



“what do you want to drink?” She asked me

“mocha cookie crumble frap and brownies” I said

“your order in this café really haven’t change at all” She smiled then walk to the counter to take our orders. Few minutes she get back and now holding 2 frap and 2 brownies.

“so I’ll introduce myself to you Mayu, I’m—“

“Jurina” I said not waiting to finish her sentence.

“I remember you and the others too. I forced myself to remember all but I couldn’t. Now tell me what really did happen, to my mother and to my father. Those are the two remaining pieces of my puzzled memories that I vaguely remember” I stated.

“where should I start?” Jurina who seems having a hard time trying to figure out where should she start the story, scratches her head. I just keep silent, waiting patiently.

“to be honest” she said then inhaled deeply before releasing the last words that will complete her sentence.

“you’re parents are no longer alive” I was shocked and couldn’t believe her words. Then she started to tell the story of what happened that night, when my mother was killed by those men and also my dad’s story.

As she continued explaining and telling the story, image keeps flashing in my mind one after another. My memories of my past, I’ve regained it but a fragment of hatred is now created inside my heart.

I saw what happened to my mother, but to my father, to be killed by a police officer, I didn’t know.

“who, who’s that police officer that killed my father?” I asked trying to control my anger. I know that the organization already knew who’s that person is but before Jurina could tell me the person’s name. I saw a familiar face running away. It’s one of the guys who were there at that night. I quickly get up and followed that guy for revenge.

“Mayu wait!” I heard Jurina shouted my name and I know she’s following me.

Too much from running I finally cornered the guy in a dark messy corner. With hatred burning in my eyes, with anger inside my heart I immediately throw a punch to that guy.

“you brat! How dare you punch my face!” the man shouted angrily to me and throws a punch but to his dismay it didn’t landed to his target. I quickly grab his hand and twisted it behind his back making him shriek in pain.

“who are you?” He asked

“who’s that guy? The guy who killed my mother,Who is he?” I asked

“What do you mean?”

“you know what I mean” I shouted with anger. I hold his hair then bang his head towards the wall making his forehead bleed.

“don’t tell me you are”


He throws a punch when he finally realizes who I am using his free hand but luckily I’m faster than he is and dodges the attack. I then kicked his stomach making him bend because of pain then hit his back using my elbow making him fall into the ground. I then made the guy face me and sat on his stomach and punch his face several times.

“TELL ME WHO IS HE!” I shouted to the guy who is now bleeding badly.

“K-k-kawashima J-Jun” He said while trying to breathe enough air.

I then saw a metal tube near and decided to pick it up but when I was about to hit it to the man’s body Jurina appeared and interrupted my doings.

“Mayu! That’s enough!” she shouted

After hearing those words, I was back to the normal me. I couldn’t believe of what I did to this man. Laying unconsciously, taking a bath with his blood.
“sorry I was carried away by my emotions” I apologized to Jurina who is putting her gloves to help me remove my fingerprints on that tube.

“It must be hard for you but remember that we don’t kill anyone. Our organization is made not to bring terror but peace” She said while taking out a cutter from her pocket. She then opens the man’s mouth and engraved the symbol of our group on his tongue. She then left a cut a little bit on the guy’s head.

It’s one rule that every group must engrave their symbols to the people or group that they have encountered. It’s like a mark that they are part or evidence to our own investigation.
“Sorry” I bowed

“it can’t be help. You’re suffering right now and it’s normal to build hatred inside your heart but we know you’ll overcome this one since you are our leader and ohhh this is my little revenge of what they or this person did to your mom” Jurina smiled at me

“but ahhh even though you have a small and body, you really did a great job with this man. Scary Mayu tsk tsk” she added while looking at the person I beaten.

“you’re scary too in your own way Jurina.. ahhhh SHIT! We have to get out of here before police would find his body” I face palmed as I realized that what I did is sort of a crime.

We then ran and escape the crime scene.

“thank you Jurina”

“no problem”


that's the chapter 07. if you find any mistakes or whatever, please tell me and i'll fix it later.
hope you didnt find this chapter boring. and well need to hide again ^_^.

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 07 8/20 Finally Updated!
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AHHHH. FORSOMEREASON... I find Mayu's part of the story much more interesting than Yukirin's... Ahaha, I'm excited for the next part...  :heart:


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3 idiots and master of all Idiot Me

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Personality 3: ahm . . . :mon sweat: hehehehe nothing~ :mon lol:
Personality 2: Nothing means something!!! :mon annoy:
Personality 3: 1 HELP ME!!!!! :mon ref:
Personality 1: hu? :mon huh2:

after an hour

Personality 3: :on kimbo: --------------► :mon ouch:
personality 1: that's how you should treat a BITCH!! :bingo:
personality 3: Traitor!!! :mon fierce:
Personality 1: Did you her something?... :mon huh:
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Personality 1: we only treat a dog . . . :lol:
Me:  I see  :huhuh   but I heard something weird awhile ago . . . :mon dunno:
Personality 1: It's just in your head . . .  :lol: It's nothing right 2? :mon ehh:
Personality 2: yah~ . . .  :mon lol: it's nothing :lol:
Me: [I feel something Bad about this Nothing means something you know :smh ]

at the dark room personality 3 tie there!!

Personality 3: Someone help me!!!!! :frustrated: don't leave me here!!! :fainted:



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I like the other one shot too!!! hope you make one for mariharu . . . hehehe :lol:

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Re: [MaYuki] I LOVE You But I Have To KILL You Chap 07 8/20 Finally Updated!
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jaa ne jnaiwaa  :pleeease:
you're already leaving  :fainted:
I want to know more  :on speedy:

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