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Chapter 1: No such animal? (Scroll down)
Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore!
Chapter 3: Damn that 1%!
Chapter 4: Revlon sweat, spit and tears!
Chapter 5: Uncharacteristically speaking!
Chapter 6: Everybody loves Mariko!
Chapter 7: When the crazies unite to the rescue!
Chapter 8: Betty's weirdness level increases!
Chapter 9: Cutting fruits is an altruistic deed!
Chapter 10: Betty, the Religious-Goody-Goody-Self-Proclaimed-Lesbian!
Chapter 11: That Damn 75-80% and Betty's Promise!
Chapter 12: Want to, Have to Part 1!
Chapter 13: Want to, Have to Part 2!
Chapter 14: From Confusion to Clarity!
Chapter 15: Status? In a complicated relationship!
Chapter 16: The 'G' word!
Chapter 17: The Pouting Princess!
Chapter 18: It's all in the lips Part 1!
Chapter 19: It's all in the lips Part 2!
Chapter 20: It's all in the lips Part 3!
Chapter 21: It's all in the lips Part 4!
Chapter 22: Liar Liar Seashore's on Fire!
Chapter 23: Karma's a BEACH Part 1!
Chapter 24: Karma's a BEACH Part 2!
Chapter 25: Karma's a BEACH Part 3!
Chapter 26: Karma's a BEACH Part 4!

Haruna's POV

Chapter 1: My Roommate.
Chapter 2: Words aren't enough.
Chapter 3: Fleeting stares.

Note: Haruna's POV are at the end of each chapter. Posting this at AO3 as well for archiving purposes. Plus i'm spending time there recently lol. I'm PotatoFoF

Character List

# Itano Tomomi :
  • Freshman of Akihabara University
  • Childhood friend of Takahashi Minami
  • Madly in love with Takahashi Minami
  • Roommate of Minegishi Minami
  • Taking up Fashion Design and Merchandizing
  • AKA Fang to Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami
  • Miichan also calls her Friendzone because of her situation with Takamina
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Overprotective Fang girl

# Takahashi Minami :
  • Professor at Akihabara University
  • Professor of Shinoda Mariko and Akimoto Sayaka in Creative Writing
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Dense clumsy midget professor

# Akimoto Sayaka :
  • Freshman of Akihabara University
  • Roommate of Miyazawa Sae
  • Co-worker of Shinoda Mariko in DAFUQ bar
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Amazon-like Snorlax
  • (Accrdg to Itano Tomomi) Amazon girl

# Miyazawa Sae :
  • Freshman of Akihabara University
  • Roommate of Akimoto Sayaka
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Creepy Megaphonic girl with an obsessive attachment to fairy tales

# Saito Kazuhiko :
  • Lead vocalist of a band named ACK!
  • Bestfriend of Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami
  • In love with Shinoda Mariko
  • Mariko and Miichan calls him Smiles or Buffoon
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Smiling-Flirty-Pretty Boy-Buffoon; Twin (in terms of attitude) of Minegishi Minami

# Oshima Yuko :
  • Counselor of Akihabara University
  • Psychiatrist
  • Boss of Kojima Haruna
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Creepy midget squirrel

# Kashiwagi Yukirin :
  • Worked as a Secretary at The Maruyama Group Inc. before she was "demoted" as Assistant Manager of DAFUQ
  • A few years older than Miichan and Mariko
  • Close friend/Confidant of Miichan as she often helps her with whatever she needs
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Big Boobed Sexytary

# Shinoda Manami :
  • Nickname: Maachan
  • Little sister of Shinoda Mariko
  • She has taken a dislike to Miichan which results to a senseless war between the two
  • Loves and adored her big sister, Mariko
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Overly Attached Sister
  • (Accrdg to Minegishi Minami) Satan's daughter

# Murayama Kuu :
  • Son of the President of The Maruyama Group Inc.
  • Little brother of Minegishi Minami
  • Likes/Loves Shinoda Mariko
  • Shinoda Mariko calls him Suck-Up
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) The Suck-Up-Fatheaded-Egotistical-Son

# Matsui Rena :
  • Goes to Akihabara University as well
  • Friend of Kojima Haruna
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Her blood is white thus she calls her, Whitey

# Sata :
  • Freshman of Akihabara University
  • Classmate of Shinoda Mariko and Akimoto Sayaka in Creative Writing
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Asian Johnny Bravo

# Kiyoto :
  • Freshman of Akihabara University
  • Classmate of Shinoda Mariko and Akimoto Sayaka in Creative Writing
  • (Accrdg to Shinoda Mariko) Comb Hater sidekick of Asian Johnny Bravo

Big thanks to aidodaisuki (of tumblr), yanouchi and crazywota for the images above. Seriously! A BIG THANKS!!  XD XD


Title: Basket Case
Pairing: MariHaru, TakaTomo, Miichan pimping
Summary: This is soooooo predictable you don't need a summary! Seriously.  :lol:
AN:I know, I know. Another story from FoF when I still have a few unfinished. But the lack of fics about these pairing(s) made me want to write about them. That and talking to Ryo Hiroshi that helped me find some MariHaru fics. :lol: Like I said in the General Discussion, I love MariHaru and I'm liking TakaTomo as well especially when I read a fanfic about them in Tumblr by jaesook, AFlynx and Loveforever's TakaTomo fics. :twothumbs :twothumbs  Anyway, as for MariHaru fics, I've read caghaunt and Immortal-Ks. :twothumbs :twothumbs But the thing is, they're (Mariko and Tomochin) always the third wheel to the famous pairing of AtsuMina and KojiYuu. Thought I'd change that here in this fic, make it the opposite. Hope readers would have an open mind about these pairings since everything is pretty much fiction.

This idea came to me a couple of weeks ago while I was writing Hinata's chap and listening to Greenday's song, Basket Case. Obviously that's where I got the title. This is my new outlet for when I need to take a break from POF since TDDUP is on Hiatus. So I guess...I'm sticking to this until the end for a...couple of chapters maybe? Not sure. But it'll definitely be shorter than POF. :lol: Anyway, with that rant out of the way, enjoy!  :)


many thanks to yanouchi and crazywota for the poster

Chapter 1: No such animal?

Ever had that feeling that nothing surprises you anymore?

Horror movies and other things that pops out of nowhere don't count because those definitely surprises you. What I meant is in life. Politicians going corrupt. Homeless man instantly becoming rich. Celebrity marriage lasting only a day...or was it a few hours? Huh. World ending in 2012. A 5 year old being the youngest mother of all. Couple who were high duct taped their son on the wall for fun. An 11 year old girl being the youngest to be convicted of murder. Group of idols that consist of hundreds. Sister joining that said group of idols, becoming famous. Bestfriend having identity crisis.

"You really look great Shinoda-san. That dress really suit you."

That said bestfriend hitting on your mom in the car wherein you are seated behind that said bestfriend.

"Why thank you, Miichan. That's very sweet of you to say over and over again. It's nice to be appreciated repeatedly for 2 hours."

Your mom obviously liking your bestfriend's flirtation, smiling at her while you are seated on the back.

Surprises? Is there such a word nowadays?

"It's the least I could do for driving me and Mariko towards Akihabara University. It's a pleasure to be driven by such a wonderful and beautiful woman such as yourself." Miichan said probably looking all charming and all. I rolled my eyes when my mom giggled behind the steering wheel. Maybe I should remind her that I have a father and that she's married to him for 20 years. Still is. Unless she elopes with the flirty girl beside her.

Miichan turned to look at me, grinning and wiggling her eyebrows as she give me a thumbs up. Yup, that's Minegishi Minami, my bestfriend since I have no idea when. I'm having trouble remembering really. She's my crazy psycho bestfriend that's looking at me like she's going to get it on with my mom any minute now. Maybe I should remind her as well that the person she's flirting with is my mom. Because seeing her looking at me like she's proud and all makes me think she's forgotten who it is she's flirting with.

Ah, my crazy psycho bestfriend. How and why did I befriend thee?

"So, are you two excited to be in college or what?!" My mom smiled widely, her eyes darting between me and Miichan as she drives. My mom. My ever so caring, loving, happy go lucky mom that's always been supportive of every decision we've made. She is so supportive that she told me it's okay for me to be gay and that she'd like to meet my wonderful girlfriend that would make my heart go 'dug-dug.'

Her words, not mine.

Ridiculous sound effects aside, I do love that she's THAT supportive of a mother to us. I mean who wouldn't love a mom that would accept your sexuality without the whole drama right? But I do have a problem with it. The thing is...

...I'm not even gay and she kept on insisting that I am. Quite disturbing really.

She even set me up in a blind date with her friends daughter who had no idea why my mom suddenly wanted her to meet me. I explained to her in full detail what she's in for inside my room as we 'get to know each other.' Again, my moms words, not mine. Anyway, she's pretty cool about it. I actually expected her to go ballistic knowing that she herself isn't gay but she just shrugged and giggled telling me she wouldn't mind if me and her hook up. Told her the whole 'I'm not gay and am not up for experimentation any time soon' thing in my oh so famous monotonous voice and again she's cool about it.

We hang out for a bit. And by hang out I mean I did my homework while she took a nap on my bed for the rest of the afternoon. I find it weird as I watched her after I finished my homework. I mean she can just go home and sleep in her own bed you know. Tempted to push her out of it but...decided to play nice since she really looked like she's tired. I wonder why for a few second then decided to move on living not caring.

Anyway, after her whole siesta, she bid me farewell and told my mom politely how she's not gay.  She left with my mom waving sadly at her by our front door as that girl walked away from our house. Yeah, clearly my mom was disappointed with her not being gay. Oddly enough, that girl gave me her number and told me to call her if ever I want to hang out. She's okay I guess, but...she could've at least helped me in convincing my mom that I'm not gay you know, rather than giving me her number.

"Yeah!" Miichan squealed excitedly again for the nth time. Seriously, she kept on answering that question with so much enthusiasm for the past months now. I think I'm going to blame my mom's repetitive question for the squealing thing. How many months has it been since she first started asking that question anyway? Since the start of senior high?

"I have a feeling you two will get to meet lots of friends there." And I'm pretty sure that that statement has been said even before I started schooling. Seriously? Friends?

"I think I'd rather focus on surviving college and getting a college degree rather than make new friends there." If by friends she means another Miichan...then no. I don't need another Miichan. One is hard enough to keep you know. You have to feed her, walk her, pet her and remind her to take a bath. So much responsibility right there.

"And if luck is on our side, hopefully we'd also find someone that'll help unscrew Mariko coz she definitely need a lot of unscrewing." Miichan smirked making me to narrow my eyes. The way she said that sounded perverted. Typical.

"I'm hoping it'd be a nice girl to help unscrew her." My mom added still beaming. Ugh, and my mom agrees. Figures she'd add that whole girl thing though.

"Don't keep your hopes up then. And nice girl? No such animal." I said as I looked out the window. Nice girl huh? Yeah right.

You probably know what kind of person I am just by this conversation that we're having. If not, then let me sum it up to you with words uttered by my crazy psycho bestfriend when she described me. To her, I am a sarcastic, apathetic, sucky, Scrooge incarnate bitch sent from earth to spread needless emotions throughout the land.

Kinda hurtful, right?

It would've if I just cared.


"Here we are."  Mom said as she parked the car in front of the university dorm. I can see a few students scattered around with their luggage. Some were with their parents others were just alone. I sighed looking at some of them wondering who among these creatures would try to befriend me. Looking at this brings back unwanted memories of my childhood days.

We all get out of the car and pulled out our luggage. Of course mom helped us or rather helped Miichan because apparently she exaggeratedly over packed with having four luggage. I only have two plus a backpack by the way. 

"Okay. So you girls wait here while I park the car and--"

"Whoa. Time out." I waved my hand to stop my mom from talking knowing exactly where this is going.

"I think we can handle it ourselves mom. No need to trouble yourself by going with us. Really. And I mean really REALLY." Surely she gets that right? I mean, I just said that in practically bold and capitalized letters. So yeah, she'd get that. My mom is not dense.

"Oh I see. You want some alone time with your new girl roommate huh? I got it." Mom winked. Okay, maybe she is a bit dense but whatever. She's my mom. She painfully gave birth to me for hours. The least I could do is tolerate her for the rest of my life, right?

I sighed and shook my head.

"Mom, like I've told you a million times. I'm not gay. No gayness resides inside me. No gay bones anywhere." I tried to reason but like the other million times, she misunderstood.

"Oh right. It's a secret. Hush hush. Don't want you to get bashed on your first day. Got it." She whispered looking around. I rolled my eyes. Why do I even bother? Might as well respect her delusional wishes.

"Anyway mom, thanks for driving us." I waved, giving her a forced smile. I think I just pulled a muscle there.

"That's it? Not even a hug from my baby?" She pouted and I can't help but wonder if she really is my mom. Miichan seems to find it funny though as she smirks.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but babies are supposed to be small, unable to talk and walk. I think I fall out of those categories." I deadpan. Plus I'm taller than her for God's sake.

"True, but you're still my baby whether you like it or not." And I have no comeback for that. Like I said earlier, she's my mom. I should tolerate her for the rest of my life.

"So? My hug?" She opened her arms, beckoning me to give her a hug. I groaned inwardly and walked towards her, stiffly wrapping my arms around her, giving her some...uh...what's that funny word again? Oh, right. Love. She returned it I think as she squeezed me tightly, making me groan.

"My beautiful baby. So grown up now." I sighed and gave her another painful forced smile as she pulled away, beaming. She then turned to Miichan who looked amused. She walked to her and pulled her to a tight hug as well which Miichan returned happily. She better not be thinking perverted stuff right now. That's my mom damn it.

"And that goes for you too Miichan."

"Yup, all grown up now as well. I got all the right curves in all the right places. Although not as perfect as yours Shinoda-san." Miichan said, smiling as they pulled away from the hug.

"Awww, such a sweet girl." Mom pinched her cheek as she giggled making me to narrow my eyes at them.

"Stop flirting with my mom, Miichan. That goes for you too mom. Please stop flirting back. It's giving me the shivers." 

"Flirting? But I'm merely pointing out the truth." Miichan defends, grinning. I rolled my eyes at that.

"She's not flirting dear. She's just a sweet girl." Miichan beamed at what my mom said. Again, for the third time, she's my mom. I double checked my birth certificate a couple of times you know. And yup, her name is there under the title 'Mother.'

"Right. Anyway, you better go mom. It's a long drive and...uh...the house is probably waiting for you." I scratched my cheek. She's a housewife so the house is probably waiting for her. My sister is still at school and my dad is still working at this time you know.

After the whole tearful goodbye wherein mom made me promise to write a handwritten letter to her because email and a phone call just isn't emotional enough for her, that my distance won't be felt if I just wrote to her in a modern way, again her words not mine, she finally left us to stare at her car moving away for awhile. Honestly, I felt a bit sad looking at the car with my mom probably putting on her Bieber CD because I'm not there anymore as she drove away...ugh just the thought of her dancing to that makes me cringe...anyway...moving on...I'm sad right? But then I remember I'd get to see her again with dad in a few weeks because of parents day. Sadness suddenly gone but I'm still cringing about the whole CD thing. I seriously need to check on my birth certificate again and call a few people to check if it's authentic or not.

"Well, let's go." I said as I pulled my luggage thankful to whoever invented luggage with wheels. It took me a couple of steps and hearing a few curses from behind to realize that my companion is no where near me. Turning to look I found my bestie struggling with her luggage. And I can't believe I just used that word in my mind. Seriously? Bestie?

"Need help?" I offered after watching her for 10 minutes of battling her luggage. It kinda reminds me of watching Animal planet really. It's...entertaining. Like an orangutan battling to open a cooler or something.

"Oh, what gave you THAT idea?" She growled, rolling her eyes. She's using sarcasm, cute. Probably got it from me. I knew I'm going to be a good influence on her. I shrugged though.

"Saying no would've been enough you know. Oh well. See you up there." I said as I walked away, a smile tugging at my lips. As I take a step, I started counting inside my head until finally I heard the familiar plea for help from my bestfriend.

"I need help." She sighed defeatedly. I knew she'd crack. Guess she still has a long ways to go till she becomes like me.

"Ugh! I should've just taped my luggage then tie them up and just drag them!" She growled, kicking one of her luggage.

"Or you could've just NOT over pack."

"How'd you know if you're overpacked?"

"You not being able to carry it all by yourself might've been a clue."


Definitely a long long LONG ways to go then.


It took us almost an hour to reach our floor. We had a long useless chat from the dorm head telling us about the rules and regulations that we must ABSOLUTELY abide. Yeah she said it in bold and capitalized letters adding how scary her eyes went when she said that word. It was probably the first time I looked and notice the veins in someone's eyes up close. Creepy. Anyway, her rules were pretty basic like no boys in the dorm ever, no parties, don't set the place on fire, don't bang your head on the walls while studying or during exams, don't jump out of the balcony if you are going to commit suicide, don't draw on the wall with crayons and yada yada yada and more yadas than your normal Japanese porn. Obviously I stopped listening after the whole no parties thing. But you must be wondering why it took us almost an hour if the rules were pretty basic. Well...I blame that on Miichan who had a fit when she found out we're not bunking together, which I'm very very VERY thankful for, and yeah, it took an hour for that whole fiasco. She finally calmed down when she found out we're on the same floor and our rooms were a room apart from each other.

Disturbing? I think yes.

A few girls were walking around as we reached our floor. They were giving us the curious glances and whispers that were pretty common whenever someone new enters.
I'm sure everyone experienced that before. Hate it really. Especially when someone looks at you from top to bottom like right where you can see them. Hate it. I mean, it wouldn't hurt for them to do it in a subtle way you know. Or right after you walk pass them. But no, some people do it right in front of you in an intimidating manner. Don't they know the meaning of the word 'rude?'

"Wow, there are a lot of girls here. I'm so going to like living here." Miichan grinned as she winked at some girl who looked at her with a weird expression. I think that's disgust right there or maybe a painful look, I'm not really sure. Could be both.

"Well this is a dorm for girls so it wouldn't be surprising if there are a lot of girls here." I rolled my eyes then noticed a bunch of girls looking my way, their mouths slightly open looking a bit stunned. That's another look I hate being thrown at me most of the time. I best try to ignore those looks of interest and appreciation. Really, I hate being in the spotlight.

We soon reached Miichan's dorm. Placing the bags that she's carrying on the floor, she fished for the key on her pocket and then opened the door.

"Honey, I'm home!" She said in her sing song voice as she stepped inside, her arms stretched as if she's expecting a hug. It made me roll my eyes. Anyway, the only thing that hugged her unfortunately is the gust of wind from the opened window. No human life form has yet to reside in her dorm room. Guess her roommate isn't here yet.

Sighing, I made my way inside her empty dorm room, carrying her bags.

"Remind me to bake a cake to whoever assigned rooms for us." Really, cause if that's how she'd greet her roommate whenever she comes to their room, then I'm so going to treat whoever is in charge of our room assignments like God. He/She definitely saved me especially Miichan from dying by my hands.

"Ehh? My roommate's not here yet?" She pouted, lowering her arms to her side, obviously disappointed by these turn of events. Placing her luggage at a bed, I turned to her and raised my eyebrow.

"What gave it away I wonder."

"Bummer. Oh and can you place my bag on the left bed?"

I looked at the other bed on the other side of the wall then looked at her bags, my eyebrow still raised. Do I dare ask why?

"I prefer the left bed rather than the right." She said as she placed her bags on the bed in question. I guess that's enough answer for me. Shrugging, I carried her bags again then placed them on her preferred bed.

"Alright, let's see your room now. Here, I'll help you carry that." She grabbed one of my bags then walked towards the door with me following behind.

"You just want to see my roommate don't you?" I sighed as she closed the door, beaming.

"Why of course! She might be hot you know. Can't let any hot girls pass me by." I would've rolled my eyes at that, but I'm tired of doing it so many times a day. So I'm just going to let what she said slide without the eye rolling thing.

Much like what Miichan did, I placed my bags on the floor and fished for my keys. I was about to put my key in when I noticed that it was unlock. Frowning, I opened the door wide, took hold of my bags, stepped inside then scanned the room for life. What I saw surprised the hell out of me. The bed on the right looked to be occupied alright as a bag was laid on it. But that wasn't the thing that disturbed or shocked me. It's the other things that my 'roommate' placed around her side of the room. There were a bunch of photo framed pictures in the wall of beardish people with a halo looking all...holy and a crucifix. I turned to look at the table on the end of the bed and saw a bunch of figurines of other holy people, a rosary and...holy water?? Is that...a bible I see as well??

"I hope I'm not bunking with a nun." I groaned.

"'s either that or your roommate is a vampire slayer."

"I'd rather have that."

"Who wouldn't. But...I don't see a stake anywhere." She's got a point, making me groan. Our eyes then turned towards the bathroom as the door slowly opens revealing her non-Buffy-like features. No...she was more like Ugly Betty what with her thick rimmed glasses and that God forsaken fashion statement. Honestly, her clothes look like they belonged to her mom or someone older.

"Oh, hello." She said shyly as she noticed us, a blush covering her pretty face as her eyes darts between me and Miichan. No braces huh. Maybe she's not actually like Ugly Betty. But she does reminds me of her.

"Uhm...My name is Kojima Haruna. N-nice to meet you." Again in a shy voice, bowing slightly. The moment she stopped bowing, I noticed her crucifix necklace hanging on her neck.

"I of you is going to be my roommate?" She smiled slightly making me groan as it dawned to me that this Ms. Goody-Goody, self-proclaimed nun is going to be my roommate for God knows how long.

"Oh God." I shook my head, feeling the impending headache coming as I look at her.

"Amen." Miichan said, nodding her head.

Surprises? This girl in front of me is probably full of it. I can't believe there is such an animal.



OMAKE! Haruna's POV (Chapter 1: My Roommate.)

“Thank you for driving me to Akihabara University, Oshima-san.” I said as I turned to look at the person beside me behind the steering wheel. A smile quickly made its way to her lips, her dimples deepened as she kept her eyes on the road. Seeing that, I can’t help myself but smile as well.
“I told you before, it’s no big deal.” She tells me as she glanced at me for a second then turned to look back on the road. “I owe your Grandfather a lot, so this is just a little payback for what he did to me in the past.”
She turned to face me for a moment, giving me a firm gaze despite the smile on her face. “Like I said; No. Big. Deal. It’s fine Nyan-Nyan.”
Hearing her call me Nyan-Nyan, I looked away from her and let out a sigh. “I…I wish you don’t c-call me that, Oshima-san.”
“And I wish you don’t call me that as well.” Was her quick reply. “But we can’t have everything we want now, right Nyan-Nyan?”
I hesitantly glanced at her, not surprised when I saw her grinning behind the steering wheel, eyes glinting with mischief. Seeing her like that, I can’t help but let out another soft sigh, my eyes slowly making its way to hands that were on my lap. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what she calls me. It just that…when she calls me that, it feels like she’s making fun of me. And somehow, I was right as she spoke up once again, causing me to look back at her.
“Like I said a while back; you remind me of a cat, so calling you Nyan-Nyan seems fitting.”
“I d-don’t get how I remind you of a cat.” I mumbled, frowning a little. I watch her as she glanced at me for a second then looked ahead, chuckling.
“Well for one thing, you’re cute as a cat especially when you’re pouting like that.”
“I…I don’t think c-cats pout.” I mumbled before biting my lower lip just so I could stop myself from pouting like she said I was doing.
“Well, you’re a special cat then since you can.” She replied after she chuckled some more. Letting out another sigh, I turned my head towards the window to quietly watch the scenery pass by. Somehow, looking out the window made me think back on my Grandfather, how he looked worried for me as we stood by the porch, saying our goodbyes. A part of me could tell that he didn’t want me to go. That he wanted me to stay. I can’t blame him because there’s a part of me that feels the same way.
I didn’t want to go.
I clenched my fist tight, frowning at the window as I silently berate myself from being a coward. As much as I didn’t want to go, I have to will myself to go because…I have to. This is…this is for my future as well. I can’t just stay at home all my life and do nothing. That isn’t what I want. I want to be somebody. I want to be able to interact to other people normally. I want to have lots of friends. Hopefully, people who are close to my age. And if I’m lucky enough and they would come to like me, maybe we can turn out to be friends. Maybe even best friends. Or maybe, as time goes by, maybe it can turn out to be something more than that. Something more than being friends and best friends.
Something like……?
With an ironic smile on my lips, I pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose, thinking how absurd that thought was. Who am I kidding? Like someone would like me like that. I mean, look at me. I’m just…plain and boring. I don’t even know how to take care of myself like most girls my age do. I have a somewhat frizzy hair. I don’t wear make-up. I wear thick rimmed glasses. My clothes are completely outdated and…apparently to Oshima-san, I look like a cat. Though she said it’s cute, but still…I’m a mess. A complete mess. So…who would ever want to be my friend? Much more, to be with me?
Who would even dare to fall in love with a mess like me?
No one. I’m sure.
“A thousand yen for your thoughts.” Oshima-san says. Glancing at her, I found her to be doing the same, that familiar playful grin on her lips. “Whatever you’re thinking, stop. You’ll be fine. I’m sure of it.” She assures me, causing me to turn to her fully.
“Y-You can tell what I was th-thinking?” I asked feeling a bit amazed. I know Oshima-san is a Psychiatrist, but can a Psychiatrist easily read people’s minds? Is it really that easy for them to tell what it is that one person is thinking?
Probably noticing the confusion on my face, Oshima-san let out a soft chuckle while she covers her lips a little with the back of her hand. “I may be a Psychiatrist, but I’m not a mind reader. Given your situation, it’s not that hard to guess what’s inside your head. You really don’t need to be a Psychiatrist to be able to see or tell what you feel.” She tells me as she glanced at me for a second.
I pursed my lips and turned to look away from her, hands clutching my oversized skirt. “W-well, given my situation, I guess…it can’t be helped that I…that I’m nervous about going to c-college.”
“True. But you really shouldn’t worry much. I mean, you’ll be fine.”
I glanced at her through the corner of my eye, biting my lip as I do so. I wasn’t surprised to find her smiling, looking ahead as she drives.
“Just be yourself and you’ll be fine.” She added with a nod, glancing at me for a second before looking back ahead. My eyes made its way back to my hands that was clutching my skirt. A moment later, I let out a sigh as I turned to look out the window. Just be myself…but…that’s my main problem. Given how I am and how I look…
…I don’t think people will like me for being me.
“Here we are.” Oshima-san says as she placed a box on the table. Ignoring the whisper from behind as a two women passed by the room, I walked inside the room with my suitcase on tow.
“Y-you didn’t have to help me and c-come up, Oshima-san.” I tell her as stood in the middle of the room, watching her as she pulls out my things from the box and place them on the table. Feeling embarrassed at what she’s doing, I took a step forward, trying to stop her. “Um…I…I can do that myself. Y-you don’t need to—“
“Nyan-Nyan, you should close the door.” She tells me without looking as she continues to pull out my stuff from the box. I stood there for a while, just watching her mumble amongst herself as she looks confusedly at the picture of St. Francis of Assisi, one of my favorite Saints. She looks at it for a moment then turned her confused gaze towards me. I quickly looked away, my face burning at her gaze.
I know…I’m weird.
Biting my lower lip, I decided to follow her order as I walked towards the opened door without a word. Halfway through the door, I see two girls looking at me. I instantly froze as their eyes sized me up, scrutinizing me with their amused gaze that traveled from my head to toe. I watch feeling torn as a smirk formed unto their lips as their eyes once again reached mine. As if their smirks weren’t enough to torment me, one of them let out a biting chuckle as she pulled her companion away while her eyes continue to lock into mine for a second, silently mocking me with her gaze. I clenched my jaw tight as my eyes slowly made its way to the floor, my eyes burning to let out the tears that had formed in my eyes.
I know…I’m weird.
“Seriously Nyan-Nyan…” I hear Oshima-san groan, causing me to wake up from my musings. “…How many pictures of Saints have you got in here?”
Wiping the little tear that had fallen from my eyes, I slowly closed the door and walked back towards her. She turned to look at me, hand on her waist as she gives me a stern gaze. It was only for a second though as her stern gaze was quickly replaced by concern. Her hands slowly slides down to rest on her side as she took a step forward.
“Are you…okay, Nyan-Nyan?” She asks as she frowns. Despite the pain inside me, I gave her a smile, trying to somehow convince her that everything is fine.
Even though…it’s not.
“I-I’m fine. Just…I guess I’m just g-getting nervous again.” Was my half-truth, half lie answer. I try to keep my smile in place as she looked at me for a moment, looking like she’s trying to determine if I’m lying or not. My right hand—that was on my side—subtly took hold of my skirt as I nervously wait for her reply. And when she did, I can’t help but let out a sigh of relief, thankful that she somewhat believes me. Yes, somewhat as I think a larger part of her doesn’t believe me. It was obvious by her forced smile she was showing me.
“Don’t worry about it too much. Again, you’ll be fine. Have faith.”
“Y-yes. You’re right.” I replied as I lowered my head, eyes downcast to the floor.
“But then again, I actually don’t need to tell you to have faith. I mean, just having all these just…screams the word faith.” She says with a chuckle. Keeping my gaze on the floor, I notice her turn back to look at the things she placed on the table. Glancing at her, I noticed her looking confusedly at the Bible on her hand while her other hand scratches the back of her head. A genuine smile graced my lips upon seeing it. Somehow, despite how embarrassing it is for her to help me with these stuff, I’m glad Oshima-san is here with me. Despite our age differences, I’m glad I have at least one person whom I could call as a friend. Maybe just having one friend is enough for me.
Surely, I don’t need lots of friends, right?
My pleadings for her to stop unpacking my stuff went unheard to Oshima-san as she continuously pull out most of my stuff out of the boxes I brought. I felt embarrassed that she’s helping me when it felt like she had done enough by driving me here. However, she was persistent, telling me that it was fine and that she doesn’t have any other things planned for the rest of the day. I almost believed her and decided to just let her help. But then her phone rang suddenly and without thinking, she picked it up and answered it. Words like ‘later’ ‘okay’ ‘I’ll be there in a while’ could be heard as Oshima-san growled at the receiver. After a moment of talking, a sigh left her lips as she closed her phone. She turned to after that and gave me an apologetic smile. Seeing her look at me like that, I instantly knew what it is she’s trying to tell me. With a smile, I shook my head and told her,
“It’s okay. I-I can manage this by myself.”
Another sigh once again escaped her lips as she walked towards me. She stood in front of me for a moment until she placed a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently as she smiled at me.
“You’ll be fine okay? Just remember to just be yourself.” She tells me softly. I could only stare at her dumbfounded as her other hand made its way to my other shoulder. “Don’t mind what other people may think about you. You are who you are and that itself is amazing. Believe me.”
And as she looked at me with a soft, sincere smile on her face, I did believe her. I know she can see that as I see her dimples deepened as she smiled widely at me. Oshima-san is right. I am what I am and I shouldn’t let what other people think get me down. Besides, I’m sure there are nice people around here as well that aren’t judgmental.
Hopefully, my roommate would be one.
After assuring Oshima-san that I’ll be fine and thanking her non-stop, she finally bid farewell, waving her hand excitedly as she gave me a smile. I waved back, giving her a smile as well as I promised to come visit her in the Psychology Department once I’ve settled down. Her smile beamed at that, telling me that she’ll expect me to visit her soon then as she pointed at me and gave me a wink. Nodding my head in reply, I watch her as she gave me a nod then slowly closed the door, leaving me with my things scattered around. I turned to look at the mess that Oshima-san and I had created, keeping the smile on my face. I hope my roommate would get here after I tidied things up. That way, I can help her with her things as well. I believe that being nice to people and being helpful would make them warm up to you. I hope with that thought, my roommate would warm up to me then because if there’s one person that I hope would be my friend…
…it’s definitely my roommate.


Next up: When Scrooge incarnate and crazy psycho meets overprotective fang girl.

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2012, 04:05:04 PM »
waaaah! new story from FoF-san!  :luvluv1: :kneelbow: and I got a special mention too! *faints*  :farofflook:

I really like your writing style! I can imagine Mariko talking to herself as she watches Miichan flirt with her mom lol  :nervous her monologue is just so natural that i was laughing while reading how she has to endure her mom for the rest of her life ( i bet everyone felt/feels that way too sometimes  :nervous

I like how you described Haruna, and it made go  :shock: but in a good way. It makes me wonder what kind of antics they will do in their dorm life.

"Oh God." I shook my head, feeling the impending headache coming as I look at her.

"Amen." Miichan said, nodding her head.

^ that really cracked me up  :lol:

 You've actually inspired me to make another TakaTomo fic... it's still in the works in my head and I've written down ideas about it. But I'm afraid that I'll have to set it aside first until I'll learn how to update three or more fics simultaneously  :nervous Maybe I'll just post it once I've written a prologue about it.  :)

thank you for that wonderful chap FoF-san. We'll be waiting for your updates!

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
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Continue different pairing are always welcome!!!
I really like Miichan character in your fics ^^

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2012, 05:54:23 PM »
LOL the comedy duo!  :grin: I like the fic so far, keep up the good work FoF san ! you're doing a great job.  :nervous

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
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Gosh I love this! You are a natural at writing comedy. Miichan and Mariko's mum are freaking hilarious :lol:

And I'm glad it's MariHaru. I've always preferred this pairing to the more popular KojiYuu.

Keep up the great work!

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #5 on: January 30, 2012, 04:15:11 AM »
Yey! You posted it! You edited Kojipa's eyes and added a cross. It looks great. Mariharu is looking at each other now!   :luvluv1: I am working in the office! I did that while I was taking a break and after office hours.  :scolding:

About your story: I know you told me the gist of it but I'm still curious on how each character is going to develop in the story. How you wrote Mariko to be apathetic and a bit egotistical is convincing enough. I do agree that her monologue here feels natural. Good job on that!  :thumbsup Your writing style still hasn't changed but it feels like it improved a bit if you compare it to your other stories on your other fandom. It's more organized now.  :on lol:

And lol at this:
and yada yada yada and more yadas than your normal Japanese porn.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Update your fics soon and let's have coffee again sometime. You owe me for the image.  :kekeke: I registered here just to say that. Goodluck this feb!  :thumbsup And I'm back on lurking. I will come out of lurking again if you write something smutty. Okay FoFy? Try it. :wahaha:
Certified Lurker. :P

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
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Unorthodox pairings are awesome. Your writing style is really funny, too. Looking forward to more chapters!

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2012, 04:50:05 PM »
MariHaru!!! MariHaru Finally!!!
Finally I can spazz over MariHaru fic that isn't mine!!
Oh, and thank you for the special mention.

You wrote Mariko-sama's PoV very naturally. Sarcasm and her mature-ness all reflected on your writing.
Mariko-sama's Mom is... biased, I think? She still thinks her daughter is an L. Although maybe she was right in the future.

Miichan is... Miichan.
LOL-ed at she flirting with Mariko-sama's mom.

Waiting for the next chapter.
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SKE48 fic - Silent Understanding (Matsui Rena/Furukawa Airi) [2015.05.15]

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #8 on: January 30, 2012, 06:22:04 PM »
FoF-san! I love the pic! Tell your friend that she made an awesome pic for your fic!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
Is it okay if I make an image for my stories too? 8D

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
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Another fic frm FoF-sama *bows down x100*  :bow: :bow: :bow:
like a loyal reader would do, will be waiting for the next great update (´・ω・`)

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #10 on: January 31, 2012, 11:48:43 AM »
WOW  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: YAY another FoF fic, full of awesomness!

First fic I click on since my long disappearance hahaha

Love the pic right at the beginning  :twothumbs

MARIHARU!  :wub: Something different from the usual, I personally like
this pairing just as much, but I'm guilty for not contributing enough for them  :roll:

Thanks for the awesome read, please update soon, I'll be waiting.

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #11 on: February 01, 2012, 04:46:21 AM »
Omg a new fic from FoF
And different parings too
It sounds really interesting, can't wait for the second chapter

Please update as soon as possible(also for your other fics)
I'm a huge fan of your stories
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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #12 on: February 05, 2012, 05:26:55 PM »
MARIHARU!!!!!!!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

Okay, I’m sorry but this is just too good to be truth! A MariHaru long fic?! I can die happy right now!  :imdead:

I was like… Smiling every single second I was reading your story, Mariko is too cool and I just love how you put Haruna here.

TakaTomo is a really good pairing too (still prefer Atsumina but that doesn’t matter) 

Please please please please! Don’t take too much longer to update! I beg you :on cny2:

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
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You got me the moment I see TakaTomo. Such cute pairing :wub: It's shame there's not many fics abt them.

1st chap & I like the story already :lol: Sucks to be Mariko. Or not? Can't wait for the next update

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 1: No Such Animal?)
« Reply #14 on: February 13, 2012, 06:44:20 AM »
Thanks so much for liking this.  :bow:  :bow: I honestly thought that only a few people would read and like it so I'm surprised to get this much comments, thanks and views. Thanks so much. Guess I'm not alone here.  :lol: Hopefully I can make this a bit interesting even if the plot is predictable.  :)

My replies to commentors:

@AFLynx: You have no idea how glad I am that I inspired you to write a TakaTomo. I'm so looking forward to that! Don't take too long to post it. And it's okay for you to make an image for your stories you know. It is pretty nice. It somewhat adds to the imagination.  :lol:
@kahem: Now that you said that, Miichan seemed pretty whacked up in most of my stories huh. Glad you like how I write her.  :)
@Loveforever: Thanks for liking it. Miichan and Mariko duo never gets old for me really.  :)
@seigus: Glad you like it. I think I exagerrated a bit on Mariko's mom. lol. I like KojiYuu but nowadays I'm more of a Mariharu.  XD
@mythic_Chaz: I thought it'd be nice for Haruna to look at Mariko as well so yeah I edited it. Thanks for the image, really. And smut fics?? Seriously? Uh...I only tried that once and got erased for the wrong rating. Ugh. But...I'll think about it. That goes for your coffee as well.  :lol:
@SharkAttack: Thanks for liking it. Unorthodox pairings ARE awesome.  :thumbsup
@caghaunt: I'd go with you and yell 'MariHaru' as well. MARIHARU! lol. Mariko does seem mature here huh. Mariko's mom implying her daughter is gay...there's definitely a story behind that. And Miichan will always be cracked up to me.  :lol:
@CrimsonGrxy: Wow thanks. I'm really glad that you like most of my stories. Means a lot.  :)
@immortal_K: I had a feeling you liked MariHaru as well since you did write one yourself. :) Thanks for reading!  :)
@RJay: Thanks! I'm glad you like my stories no matter how whacked up they may be. lol. I'm updating the other one once I finish writing it. hehe. Thanks so much!  :)
@AtsuNami: I'm glad you like it. Hopefully it'll be a long and enjoyable ride. Hopefully.  :nervous
@badsaints: Yeah it is a shame that there are only a few people who write about them. That's the main reason why I'm writing TakaTomo and MariHaru. lol. Thanks for reading.  :)

For silent readers and thank you pressers: Thank you so much.  :bow: :bow:

Oh yeah. If by any chance I offend some people with what I'm writing. I apologize. I have no intention of offending anyone. If I have offended you, please let me know.  :)

With that here's chap2. Enjoy!  :)


many thanks to yanouchi and crazywota for the poster

Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore

Do you believe in curses?

And by curses I mean the cause of great harm or misfortune. Kinda like what's happening to me. You know, I'm really not the type to believe such things but there are certain instances in my life wherein I thought I'm cursed. An example? Well having a Crazy Psycho bestfriend seems to tell a lot about me being cursed, right? Being stuck for years again and again and again with this person who doesn't seem to get the idea what no means is pretty bad fucking luck for me. Other things beside her? Sure. Add other unwanted people coming in my life and my happy go luck mom who constantly puts in her Beiber CD singing and moving to the tunes of 'Baby fucking baby.' Obviously there are a lot. But you know, never had I encountered a curse who's clad in an Amish fashion and has a lot of religious items that can make  the head nun cry buckets of happy tears.

It's odd.
It's weird.
She's WEIRD.

Seriously, why the fuck am I so cursed?!


"You see her too right? I'm not hallucinating a religious ghost or whatever in front of me?" Miichan whispered to me, glancing at Saint Mary who tilted her head slightly looking a bit confused.

"No, I believe that's not Casper the religious ghost we're seeing." I deadpan.

"Well, if she's real, then I guess she's your roommate."

"Thank you captain obvious. God." I groaned again. Maybe I should do the chanting thing and say that there's no place like home. Think that'll work with my curse?

"P-please stop using the Lord's name in vain." Sister Act suddenly said giving me a full frown. I stared at her for awhile then glanced at Miichan who glanced back. Obviously we're both stunned. I mean, is this girl for real? Psycho shrugged as if to answer my unspoken question. We both turned to look at Saint Mary who was still frowning at me. I narrowed my eyes at her and leaned towards her.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh...GAHDDD." I said in my monotonous voice leaning closer and closer with every word just to spite her. A blush easily spreads across her cheeks as she leaned back. She's still frowning though. Looking at her, it's hard to tell if her blush is because of the anger that's probably building inside her or because of embarrassment as my face is only a few inches from hers, invading her personal space. For a second I was curious to know which is which, until I saw her gulp, her nervous eyes darting between my eyes and lips. It woke me up from that curiosity creeping inside me. I couldn't careless which is which anymore.

Sighing, I shook my head and decided to just ignore my nun roommate, heading towards the unoccupied bed, placing my bag on it. I can feel their eyes on me, but I was beyond caring as I unpack my stuff. That whole cake thing for the one who assigned our rooms will be replaced by something poisonous. Someone needs to die for this.

"Ahahaha...yeah, so your name is Kojima Haruna huh?" My bestfriend asked nervously. She's here to save Saint Mary over there from the awkwardness that I created. Probably smitten by her nerdy looks. Typical.

"Uh, th-that's right."

"I'm Minegishi Minami and that over there is going to be your roommate from wwwwaaaaayyyyy down under. You're pretty familiar with that place right? A hot place? Lots of people with horns?"

"A Chicago Bulls game?" I answered as I looked at her. She rolled her eyes at my answer, taking the bait.

"No. I meant hell you know. H-E-L-L. Hot place, lots of people with horns, bad people dancing around having the time of their life. That place."

"Sounds like a club to me." I shrugged as I got back to unpacking. I let out a scoff as I glance at Sister Act over there who was wearing a slight frown on her face looking a bit disturbed at the word Miichan used AND spelled. Figures she won't like that. How predictable. That goes for Miichan as well. Knowing her, she'd probably think I was serious when I answered the whole Chicago Bulls thing.

"So yeah, that place. Anyway, she's your roommate." And Captain obvious once again appeared, rejuvenating my tired eyes as I'm able to roll them once again.

"I'm sure she's aware of that what with her seeing me unpack. It's not like any one would unpack other people's stuff." Unless they're unable to. But that's not the point. No need to add that.

"Just introduce yourself Ms. Smarty-grouchy-pants. It's courtesy you know." Miichan sighed. Ha! Courtesy she says. This coming from a girl who often chews like a pig. Whipped. I bet she's already whipped by Betty here.

"The name's Shinoda Mariko." I sighed as I turned to look at the Ugly Betty wannabee. My arms crossed as I give her an empty stare.

"Uh...I-It's nice to meet both of you, Minegishi-san and Shinoda-san." She stammered softly as she gave a small bow, a shy smile on her face.

"Aww, you don't need to be so formal. We're all friends here, right?" Miichan wrapped her arm around Sister Act and pulled her towards her, their sides touching. She grinned at my roommate who in turn gave Miichan a nervous smile obviously feeling awkward about the whole thing. Miichan then turned to me still wearing that irritating grin of hers.

"Right Mariko? We're all friends right?" Two pair of eyes were now on me as they wait for an answer. Miichan is giving me that eyebrow-wiggling-eat-shitting grin she always shows whenever she's amused or excited. Clearly, she's enjoying this predicament I'm in that obviously torments me or she's enjoying holding Saint nun over there who's looking at me curiously. Which is which? Probably both. I gave her a look making her smirk. As for my roommate Betty and her look of curiosity towards me, I returned that gaze of hers for a few seconds until she looked away, her cheeks tinted pink from embarrassment. I'm dubbing her shy Betty from now on.

"Whatever." I shrugged then grabbed a couple of stuff that needs to be put on the bathroom and headed towards there ignoring their gazes as I pass by them. At least the dorm has private bathrooms. Thank God for that.

"Don't mind her. It's her time of the month everyday. You'll get used to it." I hear Miichan say. I let out a scoff. I doubt that.

"Hey, why don't you sit down. Let's get to know each other."

"This isn't your room Miichan, so don't act like it is." I reminded her, my voice echoes to the bathroom. Somehow I have a feeling that she's rolling her eyes or mumbling out something about me to my nun roommate. Whatever.

"So, where are you from?"

I shook my head and tried not to listen as I place my stuff on the cabinet. I couldn't help but frown seeing the lack of things inside it. Well, there is a soap, shampoo and conditioner inside but still...where's her girly stuff like make up, lotions and stuff? Where the hell IS this girl from??

"I'm from...Osaka."

Osaka isn't that secluded. I've been there for a few times. So why...?

"Really? We're practically neighbors then! We're from Kyoto!"


"Yeah. Kyoto and Tokyo are practically neighbors as well you know."

Not that again.

"What do you mean?"

"Well if you take 'to' from Kyoto and place it in front, you'd get to Tokyo."


"Seriously, you need to stop telling that lame joke." I sighed as I made my way back in the room. Miichan was sitting on my bed while Betty was on hers. She looked pretty unsure if she should laugh or not. I think Miichan broke her.

"Your mom liked it." She shrugged. And I have no comeback for that. Should I tell her I'm guessing that I'm adopted? Nah. Maybe when I'm 100% sure about it. I need more proof on that you know.

"It's still lame." I said as I made my way towards my stuff again.

"So anyway, Haruna-chan...I can call you that right? Great. Do you have anything to do right now?"

"I was...planning on looking around the campus."

"Really?!" Miichan said excitedly. I can feel her eyes on me now probably silently asking me if we could join Betty. I best ignore that gaze of hers as I continue to dig through my stuff.

"We'll join you." I saw Miichan nod her head through the corner of my eye. Looks like she ignored my ignoring as well. Then maybe I should subtly say...

"No. WE. Won't." Oh yeah I forgot. I don't do subtle.

"Aww. C'mon! We don't have anything to do right now. Don't be such a party pooper like always." She flails her hands, frowning and pouting at me.

"If you want to you can go. I'm staying here."

"Party-pooper-Scrooge-incarnate." She mumbled still pouting. I'm hurt.......NOT.


"Bah humbug. C'mon Haruna-chan, let's leave Ebenezer here and look around." She huffed as she stood up, stomping her feet loudly as she walked towards the door then opening it and walking out. God Miichan, what are you, five? I roll my eyes at her childishness.

"Um...are you sure you won't join us Shinoda-san?" A soft voice came from behind me making me frown as I remember her. Betty. How can I forget. Without bothering to look, I waved her off.

"I'm sure. Go on...leave." Silence followed for a couple of seconds before I hear footsteps made way towards the door. I was waiting for her to close it but it never came. I glanced at it and there she is, standing by the door frame, looking at me with uncertainty. I turned to her. What now?

"I guess...I'll see you later?" She says offering me a shy smile. Makes me want to raise my eyebrow or roll my eyes at what she said. Of course she'll see me later and for God knows how long since she is my roommate. I think captain obvious possessed her or something. But instead of saying that to her, I decided to play nice.

"Yeah sure. Whatever." Hearing how flatly I said that made her smile falter. Was she expecting me to be enthusiastic about seeing her later? Seriously? Why is she still staring at me? What's with that look anyway?

"Something in my face?" I asked as I raised my eyebrow. That seemed to wake her as she winced. She shook her head nervously making me narrow my eyes.

"Uh n-no. Nothings in your f-face...just...." She's blushing again, her eyes on the floor.

"Just what?"

"N-n-nothing...I...I'd better go. S-see you later." And with that she closed the door. What was that about?


"Finally finished." I sighed as I flopped down on my bed. It took me half an hour to finish unpacking. Looking at the other side of the room, it looks like Saint Mary is also done with the whole unpacking. I wonder what time she came here. Her parents probably dropped her off just like us. You know, it's a bit creepy looking at her side of the room what with those portraits seemingly looking back at me. And what's with that holy water in her desk? Creepy. Maybe she is a vampire slayer. Knowing Miichan, she'd probably look into that as they walk around the campus. Yeah she'd be like...

'So Betty, are you a vampire slayer? Kill any vampires lately? You know like Dracula, Blade, Lestat...Edward...'

I can totally see her asking that. Thank God I didn't join them on their campus tour. Miichan is probably making her moves on my roommate. That girl would flirt with anyone who have boobs on them. Why is she my best friend again?

I closed my eyes trying to enjoy the silence. I frowned when the image of my roommate flashback to my mind. What was her name again? I know it starts with the letter H. I can't seem to remember. Oh well, the name Betty suits her just fine. God, I can't believe I'm going to be stuck with her. Why is it that I'm always stuck with the weird ones? She seemed shy though. Keeps stuttering and blushing. And what's up with her stares? Does she like me or something? Geez I hope not. She's probably just feeling awkward around me because of that whole God thing. Ugh. I can't believe I'm stuck with a shy religious girl. It's an irritating thought but...she's going to be my roommate, I should just tolerate it like what I'm doing to Miichan and my mom. Tolerating one more of their kind isn't going to change anything anyways. Plus, I can always ignore her and treat her the same as how I've treated air my whole life. So yeah, ignoring her is probably the best option for me.

It's easy enough to do, the whole ignoring thing. That is if I don't have a bestfriend that is having an identity crisis cause seriously, I have a feeling she'd befriend that nun roommate of mine. If that is the case, then ignoring Betty seems useless huh. Makes me wonder how many crazies like her and Miichan I'd get to meet here. With my luck, probably a lot more.

"Ugh. I hate my life." I groaned hiding my face with a pillow.


Shaking. Earthquake?

"Shinoda-san....Shinoda-san....please wake up...."

Earthquake doesn't talk. How come this one is? And how did it know my name?

"Shinoda-san...wake up..."

Oh, it's not an earthquake. I think  it's them hands on my arm that's shaking me. The hell?


Is that...Betty...?

Groaning, I slowly opened my eyes, seeing a blurry image of a person leaning over me. I blink back a couple of times until I got a better view of Sister Act, a look of panic across her face. What the hell is she waking me up for?

"What?" I growled hoarsely as I slowly sat up, giving her a murderous glare. I really hate it when someone wakes me up. Looks like she got that as she quickly removed her hold on my arm and her panic look was replaced by a nervous one.

"S-sorry for waking you up's an emergency." She explained.

"Emergency?" I raised my eyebrow and looked at my watch. It's 3pm. I skipped lunch huh. Oh well, I'm really not that hungry anyway.

"Yes. It's Minegishi-san."

What is that crazy psycho doing now?

"She's fighting with her roommate."

I narrowed my eyes at her. She woke me up for that?

"If it's Miichan, don't bother worrying about her. She can take care of herself." I waved off as I laid back on my bed, closing my eyes.

"But..." She trailed softly. Even if I'm not looking at her, I can tell she's pretty bothered by the whole thing. Probably because the bible says 'No fighting amongst others' or something. Hmmm. Thinking about it, is that really from the bible or is that one of them rules that the dorm head said earlier?

I open one of my eye as the door suddenly opened revealing my crazy psycho bestfriend fuming while holding two of her bags.

"I'm sleeping here from now on." She growled as she walked inside. Sighing, I sat up leaning my back on the headboard. I crossed my arms to my chest as I look at her.

"What is it now?"

"I refuse to sleep with that...uh...five letter word that starts with the letter B." She said pouting as she eyed Betty who tilted her head slightly. Trying to be considerate with the nun huh? Interesting. And Miichan being miffed by a girl? Another interesting thing.

"Bitch or Beach?" Her eyes widen at my question. Both of us glanced at Betty and found her frowning slightly at the floor.

"Mariko..." Miichan chided as she frowned at me. I shrugged.

"Whatever. Anyway, you're not sleeping here."

"Why not?"

"Two beds. Three do the math." I pointed out.

"I can sleep on the floor."

"No, I have a better idea. Just sleep on your own dorm room and deal with your roommate."

"Let's exchange rooms. I sleep here, you sleep there." She offered. I glanced at Betty whose were eyes darting to me and Miichan. Miichan's offer is pretty tempting...but...

"What's wrong with your roommate?"

"Didn't I tell you a little while ago that she's a...uhm...B-E-A-C-H?"

"How is she being a seashore? I want details."

"See for yourself." She crossed her arms to her chest, glaring at the door. I better see what is up with that roommate of hers before I take that offer. For all I know, she's worse than Sister Act over there. Sighing, I stood up and told her to lead the way. We made our way to her room with Betty following us behind. She's probably curious or just wants to make sure there's peace and order in this meeting. I'm betting on the latter. Miichan went to open the door but groaned when she found it locked. Grumbling, she knocked on the door. A couple of seconds later, the door opens slightly and her roommate's head peeked out to look. She let out a groan when she sees Miichan and me.

"You again? And you brought a stick with you. Great." The girl said flatly, looking unimpressed. Made me raise my eyebrow at the stick comment.

"You need your eyes checked. Normally, it's really not that hard to distinguish sticks from a human. Seriously, even a child can do that." Miichan smirked at what I said. Her roommate just frowned.

"A talking stick...great." She drawled. Miichan stepped up, glaring at her.

"Look here fang girl. I don't know what your problem is but you better not insult my bestfriend here, got that? And give me back my bed! I got first dibs on that." She pointed out. Her defending my honor impressed me, but that thing about the bed? Shattered it to pieces. All this for a bed??

"Gachapin has a stick for a bestfriend. Funny. And it's Itano Tomomi to you, not fang girl. And for your information, I undibs your dibs on the bed and proclaimed it as mine. Not my fault you weren't here." Fang girl shrugged.

"There is no undibsing a dibs!"

"Yes there is. I just did that earlier."

"Take it back!"

"No way!"

I narrowed my eyes as I continue to watch them. Even though this fang girl seems a bit like me, I'm still placing her on my 'weird one' list just to be sure. That makes two in one day. Any more weirdoes I can add?



OMAKE! Haruna's POV (Chapter 2: Words aren't enough.)

“Freakin Scrooge incarnate. Always killing joys in the world. Like it wouldn’t kill you to have some fun every now and then!” I watch a few steps behind Minegishi-san as she mumbled her frustrations. She suddenly stopped causing me to do so as well. I tilted my head, wondering why she—

“SCROOGE HER!” Was her sudden outburst, surprising me. I took a step forward, feeling a bit worried as she began groaning and scratching her hair with both her hands. Sh-should I—

“Can you believe her?!” She asked as she quickly turned to face me, startling me enough that my body convulsed a little. She glared at me, unaware that her hair is in disarray from her actions earlier. “What kind of bestfriend wouldn’t want to go around the campus with me?!” She stomped her feet. Few passersby seem to notice as they glanced at us. A weird look. Shaking of heads. A biting laugh. I know despite Minegishi’s messy hair…

…it was all for my benefit.

"…you’ll be fine. Have faith.”

My clasped hands tightened while I bit my lower lip, eyes lowered to the ground.


“I’m sorry…” Whispered words followed by a breathy sigh. I turned to look at Minegishi-san who seemed uncomfortable, her hand holding her forearm as her eyes side glanced to a group of women talking a far. “Didn’t mean to shout at you. I was just—“

“No.” I quickly tell her. “P-please don’t apologize. Y-you did not do anything wrong.” This is clearly a misunderstanding. I shouldn’t have…

She wore a frown, looked to be unconvinced of my plea. “Are you sure? You look like a wounded puppy just a second ago.” She pointed.

I bit my lower lip, fighting the urge not to frown as I remember how Oshima-san compared me to a cat earlier. Now it looks like I’m a puppy as well.

"No, I believe that's not Casper the religious ghost we're seeing.”

To my roommate, Shinoda-san though, I am…a religious ghost named Casper…? Who is Casper? More importantly, am I really like those? A ghost…an animal…

…Can I not just be…me?

A sudden noise near me snapped me out of my musings as someone quickly walks past me. Blinking a few times, I turned my gaze to the ground and saw an empty can of soda rolling its way near my feet. Without any second thought, I picked it up and began and looked at the person who dropped it. A man wearing what appears to be headphones continues to walk, seemingly uncaring of the can he dropped. He probably dropped it in purpose.

Like he doesn’t…care…

“With how the world continuously develops, one would think the world would move forward. But things are going backwards nowadays Haruna. Wars are happening and crimes continuously increases.” My Grandfather tells me as we watch a broadcast of a conflict in the middle east. “People do not care anymore. They have forgotten the good in them. They have forgotten about God and I do not wish for that to happen to you.”

I turned to look at him, his eyes stay rooted at the bright screen. I clasped my hands tight unable to tell how I feel. Much like any other day, how it usually is, I nodded my head and turned my gaze back at the screen. With a heavy heart, I tell him my customary phrase,

“I understand Grandfather.”

“Are you thirsty?” Minegishi-san suddenly asked, causing me to look back at her confusedly. She pointed at the empty can in my hand. “If you are, I can buy you one.”

“Uh n-n-no.” I shook my head as I stammered before looked away, my face flaring a bit. “I’m n-not thirsty…j-just… I was just…thinking of th-throwing it…” I admitted foolishly. She will probably think I’m weird now. And after that she’s going to tell my roommate and…

I let out a soft sigh, thinking of how my roommate would react. She would most definitely say—

“—well we better hurry because the guy is getting away!”

…um what?

Before I can look at Minegishi-san, she surprisingly grabbed my hand and began pulling me to run.

“Wh-why are w-w-we…?”

“Hurry Haruna-chan!” She exclaimed as she continues to pull me. “A little more and we can aim and throw it at him!”


“N-no! Minegishi-san! S-stop!” I said as I pulled her to stop. Thankfully, she did. She turned to me, looking at me confusedly. This is clearly a misunderstanding.

I let out a sigh. “I d-didn’t mean that I would throw it at him. I meant that I want to throw it at the t-trashcan.”

And the confusion disappears, a look of understanding as she nodded her head. “Ooohh.” But then her bearing ones again changed. She sheepishly smiles as she scratched the back of her head looking a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, I got used to being with Mariko that I thought you wanted to throw it at him.”

Hearing that alarmed me a little. “Um…Sh-Shinoda-san would throw a can at a p-person…?”

“There were times, yeah. But not because someone is littering. She did it a couple of times to grab someone’s attention.” She shrugged nonchalantly with a grin, like what she said is what normal people do, that it is a fun thing to do.

Is it…?

“I wouldn’t worry much about that though.” She assures me. “Mariko just does that whenever she’s angry. Extremely angry. Normally, she just…doesn’t care so you’re good.”

“She…doesn’t care…?” I asked, tilting my head slightly.

“Yeah, I mean, you must’ve seen how she was earlier which I’m sorry for on her behalf by the way.”

I shook my head, giving her a nervous smile. “I-it’s okay. It didn’t b-bother me. It’s just…just…” I trailed frowning a little as I remember how Shinoda-san was. I saw it, the moment she didn’t care, but…

Something crosses her face. Irritation. Next thing I know, she moves towards me, invading my space as she irritably calls out to God. She stares at me, our face inches apart. I leaned back a little feeling a bit disturbed. Her eyes, stayed on mine, probing, looking…curious. I can feel her breathing, the closeness of our face, her eyes…it’s making me extremely nervous that I couldn’t help but look down a bit to her lips.

Her pink glossy lips…

It felt wrong to stare at her lips that I quickly looked back at her eyes. It felt different. She wasn’t interested anymore. She quickly pulled up her walls. A defense mechanism.

…she was hiding.

I saw it for a few seconds. Her eyes gave it away. I found it amazing though, he wall seemed…well built. Once it is up, all you see is just the emotionlessness in her. Cold, hollow, empty. It reminds me of my Grandfather’s eyes occasionally whenever I try to talk about something I saw outside. Something that reminds him how much I wanted to break free and explore the world more. He was just…trying to protect me. My Grandfather was trying to protect me from the world, Shinoda-san on the other hand…

…who is she trying to protect?

“Why won’t she come out, Grandfather?” I remember asking my Grandfather when I was 7 years old as I crouched the grassy ground of our front yard, trying to see the stray cat through the bushes a few feet from me.

“You’re the unfamiliar to her, Haruna.” My Grandfather says as he stood beside me. “That’s why she won’t come out. She’s afraid you’ll hurt her.”

The cat, with grey and white fur, looked at me with its cautious yellow eyes. I wanted to hold her, to comfort her and tell her that it’ll be okay. That I won’t hurt her so she can come out. But it stood still by the bushes, staring blankly at me.

My words…it didn’t work.

I felt a soft yet heavy pressure on my head, I glanced upward and found my Grandfather’s hand on top of my head. He looked down at me, wearing a warm smile. “Sometimes, words aren’t enough for someone to trust you, Haruna. It takes effort. It takes patience. Remember that.”

And I did remember it. It continuously echoes inside me, causing me to act. If words aren’t enough, you have to put an effort and show them that you’re trustworthy. For the past couple of days, at that time, I offered half of my food to the stray cat, setting it on a small plate and placing it in front of the bushes. I remember being extremely happy after an hour later as I found the plate empty. It would give me hope that she was slowly trusting me.

I made the effort.

I remember crouching down and looking at her with a smile. Soon, I found myself talking to her, asking her how she was, telling her how I was. I remember how I didn’t tell her to come out of the bushes. How I didn’t whine for her to come out. How I didn’t care that she never responded.

I was patient.

Then one day, as I was placing her plate on the ground, she came out surprising me. She walked towards me and then began brushing her body against my legs as she purrs.

It was enough. She trusts me.

I smiled widely then crouched down and began petting her. I remember feeling her fur for the first time. It was so soft. She seem to like my touch as she continues to purr, seemingly urging me to continue. I remember thinking how pretty she was.


“What?” I hear Minegishi-san say causing me to realize that I was reminiscing openly in front of her. I blinked a couple of times and shook my head, trying to shake off the nostalgic feeling.

“Wh-what…what?” I asked with a small frown. She looked to be…stunned and somehow that alarms me. Did I…say something weird…?

“You said she was beautiful.” She pointed out, her eyebrow raised. “Your first impression of Mariko is that she’s beautiful?”

My eyes instantly widened. My face quickly flared up. I said Shinoda-san was—


“You know what, it’s cool.” Minegishi-san says as she held up both her hands and took a step backward. “Yeah I’m used to hearing people call Mariko beautiful. And yeah, maybe she is and you think so as well—“

I-I-I what?

“—and that’s cool. Respect. It’s cool.”

“Bu-bu-bu-but…I-I…” I stuttered, but I was unable to say what had happened as Minegishi-san placed bother her hands on my shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. Calm down. Seriously.” She said with a comforting smile. “It’s okay if you think Mariko is beautiful. No harm done. So calm down, okay?”

I opened my mouth.
Say something. Explain everything.

Still no words came.

I closed my mouth. I looked away. I bit my lower lip. I blushed as I remembered Shinoda-san’s face a few inches from me...

…and then I nodded, hesitantly. It was done.

Shinoda-san is beautiful to me now even though it never really...crossed my mind.

This is clearly a misunderstanding.



Next up: Mariko's weird list continues.  :lol:

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore!)
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FoF-san!!!!  :luvluv1: I'm so glad you updated! You just put a smile on my face  :whistle:
Lol I can totally imagine how Mariko feels - cursed  XD I have to laugh at Mariko, Miichan and Harunyan's interaction  XD Calling Harunyan "Saint Mary" is hilarious!  :on GJ:
Yeah, I have to agree with Mariko that the Kyoto-Tokyo joke is lame  :err:
Gah, I have to contain myself from grinning and fangirling while at work when I was reading Mariko and Haruna's interaction. Again, you have creatively written this chapter that it feels like I'm watching a comedy-drama.  :lol:
Oh yeah, I wasn't expecting Tomochin to be Miichan's roommate  :nervous the undibsing of dibs totally cracked me up  :lol: :rofl:

I'm currently working on the summary of my 2 upcoming stories (which includes TakaTomo pairing) I hope you'll be patient with that coz as of now, I think my writing muse is on vacation and I'm kinda struggling with my writing  :cry:  One of these days, I'll try to get some images as well for a banner for my fics. Thanks for the suggestion.

As always, we'll be patiently waiting for your update! Thank you FoF-san!  :kneelbow:

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore!)
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Hahahaha!!! Poor Mariko!!! She hates her life but I like it xD

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore!)
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Ahhh How did I forget to leave a proper comment here!  :bow: :bow: I bow for forgiveness  :panic:
Time to bump this back to the top so people can see this awesomeness, it's not right for it to be way at the bottom.

So back to the story,

YAY more of Mari-troll/ sadist. Loving the way you write this in her view, keke.
OMG Saint Mary/ Betty, can't even remember Haruna's name properly but wow full on religious sister act from Haruna, but it seems that she isn't as perfect as she should be. I bet you she already fell in love with Mariko on first sight and was lingering by the door because she wanted to tour with Mariko and not Miichan. It was a blush! on Haruna's face when Mariko inched close to her. If not then just say I'm delusional and think it is haha. :twothumbs

Miichan is just such a comedian in this story, telling lame jokes and just making a fuss about everything. Arguing with Tomochin and refusing to stay in her own room just because of a bed. I don't see what's the big deal just a bed but seems like a big thing for Miichan. Please Mariko put some sense into your mind and DON'T trade rooms with Miichan. Tomochin just called you a talking stick! so Stay with HARUNA!!!!!  XD I'm sure Miichan can work out the Beach and Seashores alone. Just leave her be to fend for herself.

Maybe put Miichan with Takamina together for a joke telling competition keke, Poor audience......

Thanks for the update FoF, Sorry for the super late reply, I lost sight of your thread for a bit..... but its okay its been found.  :P
Also thanks again for reading my MariHaru, but I really didn't do a good job for them. I should make it up and write them a proper OS or something.  :nervous

Hope you update soon, I'll be waiting in the shadows  :twisted:

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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore!)
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Just now I read both parts in one go. I loved it  :)
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Re: Basket Case - (Chapter 2: Don't be a seashore!)
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I'm officially sold.
I'll definitely follow this story all the way. The first two chapters were too interesting, it made me grin and laugh. You sure know how to handle your humor well. I'm also curious with how you're going to make TomoTaka work, I never almost see any fic about them to be honest, or maybe I'm just not looking deeper.

Anyways, I like your first two chapters, and Mariko. She's really interesting, she almost reminds me a bit of myself with how she acts. :lol:
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