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Author Topic: LOVE STRIKE - STRIKE#1 [NOGIZAKA46/ HATSUMORI BEMARS AU] 09/08/2016  (Read 8065 times)

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   Somewhere in Tokyo, in one summer night three figures walk along at the river side. One teenage girl and two kids, a boy and a girl. They walk together while holding hands, with the oldest girl walking in the middle of the two kids. The three of them walk slowly while sing along some kids song. Sometimes the oldest one will sing some idol song, just to see her little sister copying some move from the dance. The little girl move her body and her left hand along her big sister who currently sing Girl’s Rule. Their sing along time being interrupted by a loud growl sound coming from the boy’s stomach.
   “Kaachan… I’m hungry.” Said the boy, tugging her oldest sister hand.
   “Un, Hana-chan too. Hana-chan want to eat omurice.” Said Hana-chan with her sparkling eyes.
   “Yeah, me too. But don’t put the peas in it. I hate peas the most.”
   “But you have to eat vegetables Kouki-kun. Don’t you want to be strong like Kamen Raider?” Said Kaachan.
   “But…  the peas taste and smells weird.” Said Kouki-kun, grimacing his face.
   “But Kamen Raider likes it, he eats peas everyday and become strong.”
   “Hontou ni? Kamen Raider eats that everyday?”
   “Of course it’s true, he eats it everyday. He said, after eat the peas he become stronger.”
   “But, how come Kaachan know about that. Did you meet Kamen Raider at market?”
   “Ah! That’s true, yesterday I met Kamen Raider at market. He bought so many peas, and tell me that He eats peas everyday.” Said Kaachan, giving her brother her usual angelic smile.
   “How about Jibanyan, he also like peas too?” Asked Hana-chan, tugging her sister hand.
   “Well Jibanyan also like peas, he wants all his friend to eat peas too.”
   “Then, Hana-chan will also eat peas like Jibanyan.”
   “Me too, I want become strong like Kamen Raider.” Said Kouki-kun, pumping up his fist.

   The three of them then walk faster to their home while humming some song together. However right after humming two songs, five men suddenly appear in front of them. One of the biggest man, who seems to be their boss step forward to the oldest girl.
   “Oiii!! Fukagawa. Where is our monthly share?” Yelled the boss, knuckling his fingers.
   “But I already paid the share for this month.” Said Kaachan, pushing back her siblings behind her back.
   “Then give us, your next month share.” Yelled the boss, pushing Kaachan’s shoulder.
   “I can’t give it now, and beside it’s barely mid month.”
   “Baka onna!!! I don’t care about it, give us our share now. Or else…”
   “Or else what?” Asked Kaachan, trying hard to hold both her siblings behind her back.
   “Or else, we’re gonna take you along as the payment for your parents debt.” Said the boss, grabbing Kaachan’s chin.
   “Now choose one, give us your money or give us your body?” Smirked the boss, pulling Kaachan’s face closer.
   “Neither of them.” Said Kaachan, pulling her face away.
   “Hahahahahaha… Is that so? Then don’t blame us for this.” Yelled the boss, while nodding his head to his men.
   Just then the four men quickly surrounded them, two of them trying to pull Hana-chan and Kouki-kun. While the other two pulling Kaachan towards their boss. Kaachan trying to scream as loud as possible before being muffled down by the boss.
   “SHUUUSSSHH… No one gonna hear you now, and no one gonna help you and your siblings from us. Now, I give you one last chance. Give us your money or I’m gonna take you to our brothel now and sell your siblings along. “ Said the boss grabbing Kaachan by her hair, while her other hand trying to open Kaachan’s uniform.
   Just when the boss finish open the second button of Kaachan’s uniform. One of his man, the one who holding Hana-chan screaming in pain, before going down unconscious. No one aware that near his body a slightly torn softball can be found.
   “What the hell is going on? Oii!!! You go check it.” Said the boss ordering one of the man that holding Kaachan.
Oiii!!! Whose there? Show us your self” Yelled the man passing his unconscious friend body.
After walking quite far from his gang, he yell again than waiting for an answer,but there’s no sound can be heard. The man then turning his head to his boss.
   “There’s nobody here boss, not even a stray cat.” Said him, slowly walking back to his boss, when suddenly he too scream in pain then going down unconscious.
   “Oiii!!! Ryouta what’s wrong with you?!” Yelled one of the man that holding Hana-chan and Kouki-kun.
   “Hey, you two go check Ryouta there, and make sure to beat whoever they are.” Ordered the boss, now grabbing Hana-chan and hold her tight.
   “Let her go!!!” Yelled Kaachan, trying to pull Hana-chan from the boss, before being pushed down by him.
   “Urusai!!! Now shut up, or I’m gonna break her neck.” Yelled the boss, tightening his hold around Hana-chan neck. He then nodding his head towards his two men.
   The two men then walking to Ryouta, one of them notice there’s  something on the road then crouch down his body. He take the thing, that turn out to be a torn out softball.
   “A softball? Oii, Ryuji I found a softball near Ryouta’s body here.” Yelled the man to Ryuji who still walking towards the end of the street.
   The said Ryuji while turning his head, yelled back, “What a softball? Why the hell there’s a softball there?” Then suddenly, he too like his other two friends screams in pain and laying down unconscious.
   “Shit!!! Oii!! Ryuji what’s wrong with you?” Yelled the man who now standing next Ryuji’s unconscious body.
   “Who the hell are you? Show me your face now! I’m gonna kick your ass.” Yelled the man, still holding the softball behind his back.
   Then suddenly at the end of the street, he can see a tall figure wearing a cap while holding a softball bat. The tall figure then walk slowly  towards the man, trailing behind the bat making some eery sound in the night.
   “Yeah, come here you bastard. I’m gonna beat you up.” Said the man, tightening his hold on the ball behind his back.
The said figure walk closer, now the man can see their short hair. He also can see their cap, a big “B” written on it. Then suddenly the man start running towards the figure, shocking the tall figure.
   “Take this, you bastard!!!” Yelled the man, throwing the ball hard towards the figure. Trying to knock down the figure by the ball.
   “Huh… Baka.” Said the figure finally, the tall figure then swing their bat. Hit the thrown ball easily towards the man face. The ball then fly back towards the man, knock him hard on his face making him falls backward.
   “Why the hell you throw a ball towards someone who have a bat in hand? Baka…”Said the tall figure, walking pass the man’s body.
   Meanwhile, the boss can only saw that his two men, being knocked down by a tall figure.  He also can’t hear anything from the scene. He waits for the figure walk closer, so he can beat them. As they face each other, he can see a bat in their hand. But he still can’t see the figure face because the lack of the lights.
   “Put down your bat now or else, I’m gonna break this kid’s neck.” Threatened the boss, ignoring Kaachan and his brother scream for mercy. He tighten his hold, making Hana-chan crying in fear and pain.
   The tall figure then put down their bat, and said “Now release that kid.”
   “Okay, but first you must kneel down, then I’m gonna beat you first before them.” Said the boss, walking closer to the tall figure who now kneeling. The boss then kick the bat away from them. He then start to punch their face, after several punch the tall figure’s cap falls down. The boss then finally realizing that the tall figure is a teenage girl.
   “Hahahahaha… You’re a girl huh? What a surprise. Now I’m gonna teach you how a girl should act.” Said the boss, walking away to take the bat.
   When the boss walk away from the girl, Kaachan can finally see the girl face. It turns out to be one of her softball teammate.
   Wincing in pain, the girl try her best to stand up. She can see the boss’ back while picking up the bat. Not gonna miss the opportunity, the girl then pull out her last softball from her back pocket. She then throw it with her last power to the boss head, the ball knock his head hard. Making him fall with his face first.
   After saw the scene, Kaachan then stand up and walking towards her friend who also fall down with her siblings in tow.
   “Marukyuu, are you okay?” Asked Kaachan, she then sit next Marukyuu while softly holding Marukyuu face to check the bruise.
   “I’m okay, just worn out after all this thing. What about you and your siblings, are you guys okay?” Said Marukyuu, softly put down Kaachan’s hand on her face.
   “We’re okay, you’re the one who get the bruise here. Let’s go to my house, so I can treat your bruise.” Said Kaachan, helping Marukyuu to stand up.
   “Wait a minute, I need to take back my bat.” Said Marukyuu, walking towards the boss body.
Then while crouching down to pick her bat, Marukyuu notice the boss is half awake. She then squat down near the boss ear whispering something in his ear. The boss lightly nodded his head in fear.
   “If you ever do this again to them, I’m gonna find you, and make you feel the wrath of Hashimoto clan.”


   After walk about five minutes, the four of them arrive at Kaachan house. Surprisingly the house is quite big, although it looks old and kind a worn out. The four of them take turn to take a bath. Marukyuu had to try her best to softly decline Hana-chan invitation to take a bath together. The chubby little girl trying her best pout and sparkling eyes to Marukyuu, so the older girl willing to take a bath together with her and her older sister. After some fruitless attempts, some light scolding from Kaachan, and some monotone answer from Marukyu. Hana-chan then give up, and take the bath with Kaachan.
      30 minutes later the four of them already take a bath. While waiting for diner, Hana-chan and Kouki doing their homework, well more like Kouki doing his homework with Hana-chan doing some drawing and colouring. Marukyuu decide to help Kaachan in kitchen, only being push away from the room and ordered to keep an eye on her siblings. Marukyuu then waiting for diner with the two siblings. She was not the type of people who got along with people let alone a kid, she don’t even know how to handle a kid if one of them suddenly cry or fighting or yelling or anything kids can do. She try her best to looks calm and collected when Hana-chan asking a question to her in every two minutes. She try her best to keep smiling when Kouki-kun can’t get the right answer on his math homework even after being told 5 times by her. She try her best to not scream in frustration when suddenly Hana-chan ask her to be her Touchan. And she try to hold her self to stay with the two, when the two of them decide to call her Touchan. Marukyuu then asking the two why they call her Touchan, although she is not a boy.
   “Well… Touchan has a short hair.” Said Hana-chan pointing her finger to Marukyuu short hair.
   “Touchan is strong and can easily beat 5 people.” Said Kouki-kun swinging his fist on the air.
   “Well… Yeah, but I’m not your father, and beside I’m a girl.” Explained Marukyuu hoping the two will continue calling her Marukyuu-san or oneechan instead Touchan.
   “But Hana-chan want to have a Touchan...” Pouted Hana-chan with her teary eyes.
   “Eh… But I’m not a boy.” Said Marukyuu, panick in her voice.
   “BUT HANA-CHAN WANT TO HAVE A TOUCHAN...”Yelled Hana-chan while crying.
   “EH… But I…”
   “HUUAAAA… MARUKYUU-CHAN HIDOI... HUUUUAAAAAAA…” Cried Hana-chan hysterically. She then run to her older sister in the kitchen with her brother in tow.
   Marukyuu let out a deep sigh, her dizzy head now throbbing in pain. “Oh God, I’m just trying to help them, but how come you give me this problem…” She stop her thought when Kaachan walk in the room carrying Hana-chan with her brother in tow.
   Hana-chan still sobbing a little, pouting her cheeks. She looks at Marukyuu sadly. Marukyuu feels miserable, she then looking at Kouki’s face. Big mistake… Kouki’s face is far away from better. He too pouting his face sadly, his feet pounding to the floor. The two older girl let out a deep sigh, looking to each other eyes. One pair of eye looks miserable for help, while the other pair looks sorry for her siblings behavior.
   “I think I should go home now, it’s already late.” Said Marukyuu, get up from the couch.
   “No! please don’t go home now. I’m sorry for my siblings, they just like you too much. They never act like this before, it seems they feel so save with you around.” Kaachan walking to Marukyuu and try her best to stop Marukyuu.
   “Ah… is that so. Well I’m sorry too for make Hana-chan cry, it’s just I’m not really good with people let alone to kids. The truth is I’m not angry with them, I just nervous and panic when they start calling me Touchan and start to crying over it.” Said Marukyuu looking to the two kids who still silent. She then takes her bat and walks toward the door.
   “Marukyuu-chan, please don’t go. Hana-chan won’t call you Touchan again.” Said Hana-chan.
    “Yeah me too, we’re not gonna call you Touchan again so please don’t go.” Said Kouki-kun tugging Marukyuu shirt shyly.
Marukyuu let out a deep sigh, before answering them with a single nod and a faintly ‘Okay’.
   The four of them then go to the kitchen, and have dinner together. Marukyuu sits a cross Kaachan, with Kouki-kun sits next to her. Hana-chan sits happily beside Marukyuu, she keeps looking at Marukyuu every 5 seconds. Marukyuu try her best to calm her nerves for once again in the night being the center of attention of this little family. They eat in silence for a while, before the two younger siblings start to munching and talking at the same time. Marukyuu eat in silence, enjoying her meal. It’s been a long time for her to eat a home cooked dinner with other people. She try to keep up with the siblings talking pace, but the two of them talk so fast. She then decide to just hear their talk, and sometimes nodding her head in response.
   “ Hana-chan, Kouki-kun don’t forget to eat your peas.” Said Kaachan.
   “ Uhmmm… but it’s taste and smell weird…” Said Kouki-kun putting all his peas at the side of plate.
   “YEAHH… and it’s green… I don’t want to eat it Kaachan.” Said Hana-chan
   “ EHHH… But, Kamen Rider and Jibanyan really like it. They said they’ll come and eat together with kids who like peas too.”
   “Hontou ni?” Said the two younger siblings at the same time.
   “Of course it is, but too bad you two won’t eat it. Kamen Rider and Jibanyan must be sad, because they can’t eat with us. Maybe they’ll find other kids who like peas so they can eat together.” Said Kaachan letting out a deep sigh.
   Just then Hana-chan and Kouki-kun eat their peas in super speed. They keep munching it and try hard to swallow at once. Kaachan looks at them happily and secretly wink to Marukyuu.  Marukyuu who see it all, left dumbfounded. She still can’t believe what happen before her eyes. The holly mother of Nogizaka High can lie smoothly, she even use her famous angelic smile to make her siblings to eat peas.
   “Poor them for falling to that angelic smile…” Thought Marukyuu.
   When the two finish eating their peas and start questioning Marukyuu peas, she then answer it with “I’m allergic to peas.” She then secretly wink back to Kaachan who looks at her worriedly.
   After dinner the four of them then prepare their beds. They lay together while hearing for Kaachan story telling, with the two younger siblings sleep between the two older girl. After some minutes the two kids already fell asleep. Marukyuu and Kaachan then quietly leave the bedroom to the living room. The two of them then enjoying some hot tea together in silence as the two of them left in deep thought.
   “AHHH… I almost forgot. Wait here a moment Marukyuu.” Said Kaachan suddenly then walking out of the room.
   Marukyuu just nod her head in response. She close her eyes and thought back all the things that happens that day. She thought to enjoy her day off with play batting games all day and end the day with some basketball match marathon. But then here she is now, in her friend’s home. Never in her weirdest dream that she gonna watch her friend being surrounded with some big bad guys, that led her to help them out. Then she’s draged to her friend’s house to get some nerve wrecking drama from the siblings and being the first ever Nogizaka High student that witnessing the lies of Nogizaka High number one Holly Mother.
   “What a day off eh??? Just when I start to wondering my bored day off, I’ve got this - fan fiction like -  things for my day off.”
   “ Hey are you asleep?” Asked Kaachan breaking her thought for the day.
   “ Nah… not yet, I just feel a bit tired.”
   “ Well let me treat your bruise first, then you can get some rest.” Said Kaachan while cupping Marukyuu face and moving her face closer to get a better look.
Their face is so close to each other, Marukyuu can see Kaachan face clearly than ever. She can see her silky black hair that still slightly damp after shower, down to her beautiful brown orbs eyes that always look calm and her red lips that always give the other her angelic smile. That usually angelic smile lips now somehow looks so plump and red, it looks so delicious and kissable - . “ Wait wait wait… kissable? What the hell I’m thingking? This must be because all the punch, yeah it’s because all the punch and nothing else…” Thought Marukyuu closing her eyes to get rid her weird thoughts and to calm her heart beat that beating faster than ever.
        Kaachan who notice Marukyuu closed eyes thought that Marukyuu is sleepy, so she quickly finish applying the ointment and stick the band aid to the forehead and the tip of her mouth. After mouthing a thank you the two fell silence again. One of them trying to act normal and get rid of any weird thoughts while the other one trying to find a nice way to show her gratitude.
   “Who are those guys?” Asked Marukyuu break the silence between them.
   “They are debt collectors, they come to take their money. I’ve already paid for this month, but then they force me to give them their next month share. When I didn’t give them the money they start to pulling me and my siblings to their brothel.”
   “Those bastard, I should beat them harder.”  Thought Marukyuu. Her eyes full of anger and both of her hands gripping the tip of the couch tightly.
   “I was so scared and already losing any hope, but then you come and save us. Thank you Marukyuu for saving me and my siblings.” Said Kaachan noticing the angry in Marukyuu’s eyes, she slowly take both of Marukyuu’s hands to her own lap and holding them gently. Her calm eyes never leave Marukyuu’s who slowly losing her anger.
   “It’s nothing, that’s what friend do, right? I’m glad that you guys okay.” Said Marukyuu averting her gaze. “How come she can calm my anger with just a gaze and a touch of hands? She surely is a holly mother then…” Thought Marukyuu in wonderment.
   “Yeah, we’re all okay, and that’s because of you. Ah… and I’m sorry for my siblings behavior. They must be bothering you with their antics.” Said Kaachan still holding Marukyuu hands.
   “Nah… They didn’t bothering me, it just that I’m used to live alone and rarely interact with kids. So I kinda confused how to act with them.” Said Marukyuu who now start to wondering why on earth she likes the touch of Kaachan’s warm hands on hers. She thought she has mysophobia, she hates when other people even her family to touch her hands or her body. She hate to feeling the weird sensation in her skin when other people touch her and her thought about the uncountable germ they’ll give to her hands annoyed her to death. But now in Kaachan’s hold she didn’t feel it any of it. Strangely she likes it, she feels calm and somehow safe in Kaachan’s hands.   
   “You live alone?”
   “Yeah, after my twin brother dead, I live alone. My parents already died when I was in Junior High, since then I live alone with my brother until last summer…” Said Marukyuu starting to missed her twin brother.
   “Did you missed him?”
   “Yeah… sometimes I kinda missed him. We were twin so we were so close with each other. At first I really missed the time we spent together or the time we used to fighting over small things. But as the time walk by, I get used to be alone. I start to live my life like before and try to enjoy it.” Said Marukyuu, her eyes look slightly wet from tears that ready to fall down. “Don’t cry.. don’t cry.. don’t cry.. shit.. don’t cry now. Hashimoto Nanami get hold of your self now, or else you’re gonna lose your face.” Thought Marukyuu trying hard to hold her tears. Her resistance, however quickly end up when she feels a pair of hand envelope her in a tight hug.
   “Eh… Kaachan??” Said Marukyuu hoarsely, tears start to fall down from her confused eyes.
   “I’m sorry for your brother Marukyuu. It’s okay if you want to cry now, it’s okay you know. I’m right here with you now…” Said Kaachan, she rubs Marukyuu’s back up and down softly trying to calm Marukyuu down. 
     The short haired girl crying in silent as she too start to hug Kaachan tightly, Kaachan then tighten her arms around Marukyuu and rocks their body slowly. Faint sobs from Marukyuu along with some sweet words from Kaachan is the only sound that can be heard in that silent night. The two keep hugging each other until Marukyuu stops crying, they slowly break the hug and looking to each other eyes. One pair of eyes look relieved after cry out her heart with a slight shyness all over her now red cheek. While the other pair of eyes gazing the other with her calm eyes trying to read any sadness that might be still left out. After some minutes that feels like eternity (well that’s what Marukyuu thought), Kaachan lead them back to bedroom. Quietly the two girls tiptoeing to their early position then slowly lay their body to the futon. Then after some minutes passed Marukyuu’s voice break the silent night.
   “Arigatou...” Whispered Marukyuu to the already asleep Kaachan, she then closing her eyes with a slight smile on her face.
   “Thank you for turning my bored day off into this unpredictable – unsual day off.” Thought Marukyuu before she drift off to a deep sleep, something that never happen again after her twin brother death last summer.


PS: Thanks to Noel Nguyen for his/ her PM to me, I hope you enjoy this one too...
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« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2016, 06:52:07 PM »
Omg this fic seems really cute! I can't wait for more Maimai x Nanamin

Keep up the good work, @gee-san!

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thank you for writing nogizaka46 fic with nanamin x maimai pairing :) they are cute together :inlove:
3 chapter? just for nanamin x maimai or you want to make it OS for 2 more pairing? :? anyway keep your work author-san :twothumbs :bow:
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I like it  :twothumbs

Nice work I like how you've given Kaa-chan more depth in character in having to pay debt collectors and such to help her siblings and herself continue on.

Hashimoto clan? So Nanami's family is some sort of mafia or am I looking in to this too much?

The siblings are adorable btw.

I have a question though three chapters so the main focus will be Hashigawa (Fukamoto) right so will you be adding in other pairings?

Nice job I look forward to the next chapter also remember to eat your peas Kamen raider eats them after all

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« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2016, 09:26:25 PM »
:on woohoo:  I've been waiting for someone to write a Nogi fic based on Hatsumori Bemars. I like that drama and its characters, thank you!
I even get more excited as soon as I read "Kaachan" haha
How dare you people hurt the Holy Mother!!!  :mon mad:  :scolding: :mon zoom: :on voodoo:

Marukyuu to the rescue (hey, that rhymes! lol). Oh...Hashimoto clan? That's interesting, sounds like it could be a Yakuza clan or something with the same power.
I'm not good with kids either so I can understand Marukyuu being awkward with them...
“Poor them for falling to that angelic smile…”
Careful, you're gonna fall for that too  :hehehe:

I love that this fic focus on NanaminxMaiMai. I somehow see them as parents figure for Nogizaka46 as they're part of the oldest, loving/kind Mother MaiMai and silent/charismatic Papa Hashimoto. So when the siblings want Marukyuu as their Touchan, I was like "I get you, kid. I totally get you."  :lol:


The pic said it all.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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It's about time for Bemars fic to appear, thank you author-san :D. In most fanfics people pair Nanamin with Maiyan or Asuka, so as a HashiGawa shipper this is something that I've been waiting for  :cathappy:
Marykyuu is so cool, standing up to protect holy Maimai  :luvluv2:
 I'm wondering whether the timeline is after the series or around the same time?

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« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2016, 05:00:26 AM »
Another nogi fic!  :cathappy:

I'm wondering too, is all 3 chapter a fukamoto or other pairs as well? And yes, i totally get the kids calling marukyuu papa  :grin:

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« Reply #7 on: October 27, 2016, 07:47:40 AM »
Oh goodness! I saw this fic in wattpad and liked it! I never thought I'd meet the writer here! Genius! Will this get another chapter?
Thanks for the wonderful story! m(_ _)m

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« Reply #8 on: August 31, 2017, 02:50:19 PM »
yes another hatsumori bemars au fic :onioncheer:

woah :mon huh2: nanamin x maimai

marukyu so cool protecting kaachan :on bleed: :wriggly:

damn debt collectors how dare they touch the holy mother(kaachan) :grr: :angry1: :scolding:

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