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Author Topic: The secret kisses that I do not know (Himeka x Erika)  (Read 4388 times)

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The secret kisses that I do not know (Himeka x Erika)
« on: March 30, 2017, 05:29:32 AM »
This fanfic is to celebrate the return of Himetan. Which this is a genderbender story, all characters are in Nogizaka46 and no AKB48 members in if there's is maybe only Matsui Rena. It all happened in the private school in Nogizaka.

Chapter 1

"Konnichiwa! I'm Nakamoto Himeka 2nd year in my High school you can call me Himetan also. To tell you a truth that I have a crush lately on my best friend, he's called Ikuta Eri. All of this would have to go way back to one year ago....."

"Welcome to Nogizaka international High School! I'm your discipline master and would not hesitate to punish anyone disobeying my rules. After the speech from the best first year student and I would like you to welcome our next first year student to begin the ceremony - Ikuta Eri to display his piano skills." After that there was a student walking to the piano and before I know, my eyes would be glued to his shadow when he was playing. I felt he was very charming everytime he plays the piano, even after his showcase I couldn't forget about him which luckily I was able to be in his class also.

The school is divided into three division: Elite, Normal and Poor band but I was in the Elite class with other girls like Hashimoto Nanami, Sakurai Reika, Akimoto Manatsu, Nishino Nanase and Saito Asuka and many more. But we do not know how is the division like but I'm glad that there were many girls in the class which I managed to make friends with them as they seem to be kind when I approached them, during the break I saw Ikuta-kun left the classroom which I also followed him out. "I need the washroom for a while."

"Ok! Make sure you don't fall from the stairs!" Everyone stare at Manatsu-san which she look at her bento instead knowing how embarrassing that she has been looked upon. Which I didn't managed to find out where Ikuta-kun went, I know I may sound like a stalker but I'm no stalker but I heard music coming out from the music room and I peek on the small window and saw Ikuta-kun playing the piano enjoying himself. But when our eyes meet, I quickly ran away as fast as I can but I was caught by him. "Who are you?"

"I-I'm Nakamoto Himeka." I was startled by his stern voice and stutter.

" were in my class right? If I remember correctly but why were you outside peeking me?"

"I was on my way to the classroom but I heard music coming out from here and trying to find out who's the culprit for it."

"Culprit? That's fine Himeka but do you want to come in and listen to me play the piano?"

"Himeka? I would love to." Himeka like when Eri was the only one that called her by her name and not her nickname. Himeka sat on the chair nearest to the piano so she could better hear the music and Eri's facial expression when he play. "Ikuta-kun is playing the piano your hobby?" Eri turn around to face Himeka and answer her but she did not think that he would be close to her when he answers her question. "What about you?"

"I love to sing that's why I'm always going to karaoke with my friends."

"That why don't you sing for me when I play the piano?" I nodded and I gave him a song which he laughed at me. "An idol song? But it suits your character. Kimi no na wa kibou I like the name of the song good that I heard that before I can play the song for you now ready to sing?" I nodded and prepare with all my might as I never know that I could have a chance to sing with Ikuta-kun at my side playing the piano.

Soon the door of the music room was open and I finally remember we had music class now as everyone was entering the room and clapping for my performance. "Himetan you're a good singer!" My new friends crowded around me and praise me which when I looked around to find Ikuta-kun he gave me a thumbs up, I knew that he was praising me without any words. Soon all of us settle down and Ikuta-kun and me were sitting side by side, there are times we would talk to each other random things. After that we started to walk together back home just the two of us and my friends would tease me. "Going back with your Ikuta-kun?"


"Gomen! I was joking only"

"Himeka I want to tell you something since this is our last time walking together before spring break starts." That was when I knew that I had been friends with Ikuta-kun close up for a year. "I like a girl in the class and I would like to confess to her but I'm afraid that she wouldn't accept me." I felt my heart was tearing apart in me and the first person that I thought of was Reika-san as Ikuta-kun always look towards her. "Tell her the truth is all you need Ikuta-kun, gomen I remember I had to rush home for urgent matters see you when school reopen!" I ran away from Ikuta-kun with all my might I knew that Ikuta-kun likes Reika-san, when he finally told me that I needed time to accept the fact he likes someone else. 'I like Ikuta-kun......' But I did not have the courage to tell him when I knew it.

I could only be his best friend when he finally tells me the truth of his crush.

"Himeka! Himeka!"

"Why did she run away? Didn't she want me to confess? Did she not like me so she ran away?"


"I think she might misunderstood us, she thinks you like me not her."

"What how I like you?"

"I know being my cousin is not a thing you can choose but you can choose to tell her went we come back to school and tried not to scare her."


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Re: The secret kisses that I do not know (Himeka x Erika)
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Chapter 2

After the flashback from Himeka, the story is back to after the spring break and all of them return to school as second year students.

Ikuta residence

"Gonna confess to Himeka real today I must do it!"

"Young master Sakurai-san is here already."

"I'm coming out now."

"Sakurai-san please wait here for young master and I would be back to my work." Reika nodded and waited at the doorstep for Eri to come out of his room. "Reika! Thank goodness that you're here, I need your help." Reika nodded as she open the door to walk with Eri to school. "About Himetan? Oh! The confession before spring break?"

"Thanks for rubbing salt on my wounds how am I suppose to tell her when she clearly avoided me before?" Reika nodded since she saw the confession unsuccessfully been made right infront of her. "Did you do something that made her feel that you don't like her?" Eri kept thinking about what he did before spring break but he couldn't think about anything and shook his head. "Let's go to school and then when we meet her and you confess to her before she run away." Eri nodded and prepare his heart for the confession.

Nakamoto residence

"Aahhh......How am I supposed to face Ikuta-kun when I clearly ran away from him?"


"Suu-chan! Don't scare me like that!"

"What are you thinking about so deeply?"

"Nothing important...oh my god! I'm going to be late for school! Bye mom!"

"'re also going to be late for school." Suu-chan ran out also to her school too. "What a pair of look alike sisters having the same habit of being late and not brining their bento also." Their mom could only chuckle bitterly thinking that her cooking have been wasted.

"Hi! Ikuta-kun gomen last time I really had urgent matters that's why I ran! How can I do it so it doesn't look like I really ran away from him? Cannot mess with my head, tied twintails and having the ribbon around them takes time for me so cannot messed my head." Himeka tried to not let her head look messy which then she finally reached the school and saw Eri and Reika. "Himeka!"

"Ikuta-kun! R-Reika-san....Going to be late! Bye!" Himeka pretend to look at her watch and ran inside of the school. "Eri I think I know why Himetan ran away." Eri quickly look at her waiting for her to answer. "She thinks you like me baka!" Eri was confused but was more shocked later when he knew it. "Nooooo! How can it be?" Reika had tried to calm down Eri first before telling him anything. "I will tell Himetan about our relationship so she would not misunderstand us and then you will take time to tell her how you feel."


After they went to school, they find that they were in the same class as Himeka which means that god is supporting them and they quickly went to their class since there the elite class so it takes longer time for them to reach the classroom. "Himetan!" Himeka who was trying to take a nap before class woke up when she heard Reika's voice. "Reika-san what is it?"

"I think there's some misunderstanding you got from me so I wanna to tell you one secret of Eri."

"There's no need for it though."

"You like him right?" Reika whispered and Himeka tried to keep her quiet which Eri who looked over to them were confused walking towards them. "Eri and I are just cousin, his mother and my mother are sisters that's why Eri is always looking out for me. He does not like me since he likes someone else though." Himeka first heard it was so surprised that she stood up, but after that she finally understand why were they always so close together. But after that Himeka felt tired and went back to sleep.

"Hime-she's sleeping....Himeka....well if you don't wake up your lost.....Himeka I like you as in very much like you.....I know you can't heard what I'm saying....please don't be taken by other guys my idol Nakamoto Himeka." Eri uses his thumb to slowly touching Himeka's soft lips. "Himeka gomen but I can't take it already......" Eri bend over to Himeka's level and capture he lips stealing her first kiss, everyone closed their mouths with their hands and scream which after 10 seconds Eri felt Himeka move and released her lips and stood still in front of her.

"O-ohayo Ikuta-kun....Why is everyone looking at us?"

"I don't know....Himeka shall we go home together again today?" Himeka nodded and gave Eri a smile that he misses, which he glare at everyone to not speak about the kiss in front of her which Reika thought that it was smart to claim Himetan as his in front of everyone. "Is class starting already?" Himeka rubbed her eyes as she don't understand why everyone was looking at them. "Himeka a new look for today?"

"Yes! Twin tails! With a ribbon too!" Eri who saw Himeka who suddenly bounce in front of him got shock and step back as he could see that Himeka's body shape more refined. "Himeka did you go on a diet?" Himeka nodded which Eri also thought that she might be on diet that's why she seem slimmer but he felt that her bosom grew also but he decided to keep quiet first. "I'm going back first see you later." Himeka waved a goodbye and when back to her seat. "Eri what do you you're doing? Looking at a women's asset? Thankfully Himeka is naïve enough to be bluff but not me." Reika chided Eri which he explained it was all instinct which when their homeroom teacher came in everyone settle down for lesson.

Lunch break

"I forgot to bring bento today~ Why are you so stupid today Himeka?"

"Himetan what's wrong?"

"I forgot my bento today!"

"Easy isn't it Eri! Himeka forgot her bento accompany her to but bread for her."

"No need! Chii-chan! You're going to the cafeteria also right let's go!" Before Eri could answer Himeka left the room to find her middle school friend Saito chiharu a guy by the way which Eri felt Jealous when Himeka wrap her arms around another guy her bosom so close to his arm also. "Angry? I suppose so....she doesn't know that you kissed her so it makes her available to other guys also." Reika gave Eri a tap on the shoulder which he felt he lost to others for knowing Himeka earlier.

After school ends Eri pack up his stuff without waiting for Himeka and left the classroom. "Ikuta-kun?" Reika knew he was acting childish again and asked Himeka to chase after him. "Ikuta-kun! Didn't you say leaving with me? Why are you so angry?" Eri shook off Himeka and continue to walk by himself. "Ikuta-kun! What is wrong with you? What did I do?"

"Everything is wrong! You like that guy from Normal band right? Saito guy."

"No! He just my friend that's all."

"What am I to you?"

"A friend also..."

"Let me ask you if you were to choose a place to lose your first kiss where would it be?"

"Huh? Anywhere as long that guy is the one I like."

"Himeka can you help me to calm myself down?"

"Wha-mmph" Eri had disregard where they were and pulled Himeka towards him and forced her to kiss him, Eri was waiting for her to push him away but she didn't and held him tighter as if worried he would disappear in front of her. After the red lights in front of the school, they had went to the dark alley and the atmosphere was intense more. Since they started to use their tongue against each other but they pulled out needing a breather. "Gomen Himeka... I wasn't thinking right."

"I understand Ikuta-kun don't worry shall we head back?" Himeka was trying to fight back her tears that it was just on impulse that they had kissed but she didn't know because of Ikuta Eri's coward to not confess he acted out instead of telling her. "I'll see you tomorrow then...."

"Goodbye Ikuta-kun....."
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Re: Life of best friends to lovers (Himeka x Erika)
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Chapter 3

At the next day Eri was waiting at the gates early in the morning for someone, he wanted to speak to her as early as he could but didn't have the guts to do it so he waited in front of the school gates for her. "Himeka!" As people slowly stroll in to the school which Eri finally see someone he wanted to see. "Ikuta-kun?" Himeka was surprised to see him since yesterday something happened between them. "Himeka I wanted to talk about know?"

"Ikuta-kun let's forget about it, it would be disturbing to remember it right since you have someone you like and it would not be good to remember it." Eri was thinking that Himeka was right about forgetting the kiss and wrong that she still thinks that he like someone else. "Himeka if I were to play piano in front of the school would you like to sing with me?"

"Of course you're my best friend right?"

"Right!......." As they enter the classroom, everyone's eyes were on them which Eri couldn't be bothered about it. "Eri what happen? Did something happened to both of you yesterday?" Eri could only sighed and nodded his head. "Then why do you look so down?" Eri didn't say a single word makes Reika think that he might did something stupid. "I k-kissed her.....not just any kiss but a French kiss and asked her to forget about it."

"Baka! You idiot! She's hurt you know?" Reika had to hit on Eri's head since he doesn't know a thing at all but she cannot interfere too much on their relationship too. "You're jealous." Eri looked at Reika not understanding what she means. "You hate to see her being around guys that is not you, you wanted her by yourself right?" Eri nodded at those words. "You need to tell her you're jealous so she would understand why you did all these, that's all I will say don't make her sad all I beat you harder."

"O-of course!"

Which then when the lessons started Eri would time to time take a glance at Himeka which there would be time when Himeka would looked at him too and they would turned away instead. "Himeka....let's have lunch together in the music room." Himeka nodded as Eri helped to take her bento. "Himeka I wanted to talk to you alone so I wanted you to come here with me."

" there something wrong?"

"Remember the first time we talk was the music room?"

"Of course and you seem to be unhappy about it."

"For the first time, I really enjoyed the company of someone when I'm playing the piano. I feel that I'm always enjoying your company every time, when you talk about something there would always be a smile to it and I like it very much. But recently I took away your smile right?"

"'s not your fault."

"Before the spring break I told you someone I like and you didn't smile at all and I hate myself to the core why did I do all those things to you, yesterday I felt I'm the worst guy in the world." Himeka didn't say a word but blink when Eri kept talking. "Reika told me that I'm jealous about other guys that are close to you, I admit I don't want you to have skinship with other guys." Eri's head was unable to lift up and Himeka had tried to comfort him that it was alright. "Himeka! I don't want to feel that way anymore, I don't want to be your friend anymore. No! I don't want you to be my friend, the one I like is you Nakamoto Himeka! I want to be your boyfriend can you give me a chance?"

"W-why me? There are other girls in the world you can choose."

"But they are not you......I can't smile without you at my side."

"This is too sudden Ikuta-kun I need time to think." Himeka then stood up and left which Eri knew that she would reject him but if he doesn't tell her he will go crazy, which he felt something wet on his face and his eyesight started to get blur. He was crying for the first since birth. Himeka on the other hand was also crying thinking that Eri was only confessing as he thinks the kiss was a responsible that he needed to carry. "He just doesn't love me...." As Reika enter the washroom she heard a cry and tried to find out who was it and find Himeka in the cubicle crying and not locking the door.

"Himetan! Did Eri do something to you? That guy...."

"Reika-san it's not his fault, all mine I only caused nothing but trouble for him...." Reika could only comfort her for now to stop her crying which then bring her back to class to talk with the other girls first. "So Himetan tell us the whole story what happen back then." Himeka had tell them about the kiss and the confession, which they don't get it why she doesn't say yes to him. "Himetan you think he confesses to you because of responsibility?"

"Yes....There's no way he would like me cause there are other girls like naa-chan and nanamin."

"But have you seen them talk to Eri with smiles on their faces?"

"Reika that won't work on her we need to put into action to help Himetan understand the situation better."

"Nanamin you don't mean experiment on him?" Nanamin nodded which they tried to ask their boyfriend for help too. "Wakatsuki-kun! Saito-kun!" Hearing their names they rushed to their girlfriends. "We need you to make Eri angry." The boys nodded and they prepare their act when Eri comes back. "Eri! heard you got rejected by Nakamoto! Got to suck it up right?"

"Yeah! What a disgrace to the other guys hahaha!" Eri had silently keep quiet and not wanting to say a word from anyone. "After school you can try to talk to him and see whether will he calm down or not and decide whether do you want to be with him." The girls left Himeka thinking which she fear that Eri might explode if she talks to him.

"What a bunch of jerk! What kind of friend are they!" Eri who was super pissed off and went home with Himeka no idea how to approach him. "Jealous.....of chiichan?" Himeka then thought of yesterday events and understand what he was jealous of. "Ikuta-kun~" Himeka had ran forward and wrap her hands around his arm which he look down to see Himeka beaming with smiles on her face. "What is it?"

"I got something to show you to make you happy!" Eri stop and waited for Himeka to show him. "Himetan~ Beam!" Eri thought it was funny that there was no beam coming out and was funny. "You laugh! Yeah!" Eri couldn't help but blush seeing Himeka so close to him. "Ikuta-kun....I would be happy to be your girlfriend if........." Himeka didn't finished her sentence waiting for Eri to guess. "If what? You have to tell me! Himeka!"

"If you tell me those words again."

"Nakamoto Himeka daisuki!!!! I like you! Will you be my girlfriend!" Eri stop which Himeka was wondering why did he stop. "Ikuta-kun! You're too loud!" Himeka tried to shut his mouth but he was too tall for her to touch his mouth. "So will you?" Himeka who got on thinking mode was walking away from Eri. "You can't run away from me Nakamoto Himeka!"

"Ikuta-kun if it's me is it fine for you?"

"Is because you're Himeka and no one can replace you."

"Ikuta-kun I would love to be your girlfriend!"

"R-R-Really! Yeah!!!! Nakamoto Himeka is finally mine! You can't go and flirt with other guys got it!" Himeka nodded and Eri let out his hand and held onto Himeka not letting go of her no matter what. "Himeka.....There's something I always wanted to do with you seeing others giving you a nickname and I wanted to do it also." Himeka nodded and ask him what would be the nickname he thought of. "Hime! My one and only princess, I would only have this privilege calling you this."

 "Then I need to come out with a good nickname also right? Iku-kun? Eri-kun?"

"Those two doesn't sound nice at all."


"At least better than the first two."

"Hey what does that mean!" Eri had ran away before Himeka could hit him. "Iku-chan I have reach!" After playing around for so long they finally reached Himeka's house. "Where's my goodbye kiss?" Eri stood there waiting for Himeka to initiate the kiss which she slowly approached him and...."Himetan!"

"Suu-chan? Mama!"

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Re: The secret kisses that I do not know (Himeka x Erika)
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Chapter 4

"So you're Himeka's boyfriend?"



"Eh......Mama the one that make Himetan cry during the night!"

"Suu-chan sshhhh!"

"I just hope that Himeka's study would not be interrupted when both of you are dating and no more tears from her or her father is going to do something to you."


"Iku-chan you need to go right?"

"Oh! I have piano lessons so I'm going first, thanks so much erm...Himeka's okaa-san."

"Call me Okaa-san can already." Eri nodded and Himeka lead him out of the house. "Suzuka learn like your sister find a boyfriend, I can't be here for both of you I need to go back to Hiroshima." Suzuka nodded and head back to her room. "Iku-chan! Kirai!" Himeka had closed the door not caring the confusion of Eri is having right now. "Eh? Why did she hate me for!" Himeka who is in the house ignoring the scream from her boyfriend and enter her bedroom. "Himetan are you going that you hate him?"

"Suu-chan I'm serious about hating him, someone who lies is not a good guy. Especially guys like him." Himeka who took her stuff to change not noticing Suzuka who was taking notes about it. " Hime listen to your phone please....Hime....." Eri who is on the phone for an hour feeling unpleasant for not knowing why did his girlfriend hate him. "Baka Iku-chan!" Himeka who is doing her homework was staring at her phone ringing for an hour but did not care about the phone and work on her homework and went to sleep early.

"Mama Himetan went to sleep already."

"So early is she too tired?"

"Who knows?" Suzuka hid the truth that Himetan had a small fight with her boyfriend and ate her dinner.

"Ohayo~" Suzuka saw Himetan all already for school already with her hair being tied nice already. "Himetan are you still.....angry?" Himeka smile at Suzuka and shook her head at her sister who was glad that her sister was not angry anymore. "I'm leaving first!" Himeka who was a foot out of her house saw Eri at her doorstep and turn around to leave not wanting to care about him. "Hime!"

"Would you mind hands off! Ikuta-kun!"

"What did I do to make you angry?"

"Nothing~ I'm just being unreasonable only."

"Fine! Be it that way as you wish!" Himeka who heard it ran as fast she can from Eri who left harsh words to her. "Why is she running?" Eri who saw Himeka ran and follow her catching up on her. "Hime......why are you crying?" Himeka tried to shook Eri away but as a guy who is stronger than her held her firm and let her lean onto him and cry. "Do you hate me? Do you even like me?"

"Hime of course I like you very much why wouldn't I?"

"You couldn't even tell straight in my mom's face the nickname you gave so am I shameful to you?"

"G-Gomen.....I didn't know you were hurt by that.....I was just shy about calling you that in front of others."

"Then in school is also the same?"

"I'll try my best I'll show you I really like you, so if you're upset don't keep it and let me know, listen to my call I'll be there for you when you need." Himeka nodded which they held their hands to school which knowing how shy is Eri Himeka doesn't hold onto his hands but still walk beside him. Eri knows that Himeka is trying to make him not feel shy and was thankful about it. "Chii-chan!"


"What's wrong?"

"I heard that we are going to have a meet up wearing back our uniform is that true?"

"Yeap! Do you want me to fetch you then?"

"No need text me the address I can get someone to send me there." Chiharu nodded and left. "Iku-chan~ Are you jealous of him?"

"Who? Me? No way! My girlfriend has keep a distance away from him why should I?"


"Then can I have a reward?" Himeka nodded as they enter the classroom. "Hime sit down first." Himeka who was confused why did Eri asked her to do it but she did it anyway, he had her held onto her tie and asked her to pull it which she did it anyway. Eri then slowly closed their distance to capture her lips without her knowing he took two photos also. "Hime there's something I want to show you."

"That photo....give it to me!"

"No way! I'm setting it as my wallpaper I'm showing the world my cute girlfriend."

"Give it to me~"

"Then give me another kiss I'll consider it."

"Fine!" Eri kabedon Himeka as they were close to the lockers in the classroom which Himeka couldn't ran away. "Hime I like you." That was Eri's last words before Himeka could say anything he once again capture her lips again not knowing that there were people entering the classroom. "Eri! Stop bullying Himetan!"


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