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Author Topic: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS  (Read 4972 times)

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TechiNeru OS coming up next. :) Just saving this post to make it as table of contents in the future. :)
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
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Pass By | TechiNeru OS

Here’s a TechiNeru OS for y’all. Something to keep you busy while waiting for the next chapter of WISH. This fic is inspired by this song: Pass By – Nilo

The song plays an important part for the fic so I recommend that you take time to listen to it and look at the lyrics. Why Korean music, you ask? Let’s just say I am in a place where it is unavoidable to listen to this genre. :)

Anyway, I hope you have a good time reading~ Douzo~

A MISCHIEVOUS smile welcomed me as I made my way inside the counseling room. Suzumoto is sitting at her made up counseling desk complete with a name plaque. The setup and everything smell like business. I guess this club that she established is her way to prepare herself for college.

“Don’t smile at me like that. I am just doing you a favor.”

I watched her chuckled as she tucked her hair behind her huge but I may say charming ears. “Still the tsundere captain, are we? You can go take your seat.”

I gave out a sigh after hearing the word tsundere. At first I was really annoyed to be called like that but everyone has been calling me like that since I was in elementary so I just grew with that tag attached on me.

“Being a tsundere runs in our family.” I casually said as I take my seat.

“Your twin just got all the sweetness that there is when you guys were in the womb!” Suzumoto smiled widely but I just looked at her like she is the lowest person on earth. I know I don’t have any sweetness in my body. She doesn’t have to slap it straight to my face.

“Anyway…” I started as to change the topic. “What kind of help do you want from me, ex-manager of the basketball club?”

The girl just cutely smiled at me with her chin resting on her palms. “As you know, this club is here for me to prepare for college. I really want to be a psychologist but for now all I can do is to counsel with my own wisdom and with what I studied so far. The teachers decided that this club can continue to operate if we are able to counsel a minimum of ten students per month.”

I was nodding with her every sentence, trying to put every word inside my ear. She is talking very passionately in such a speed I had to concentrate.

“Since you are really famous because of being the captain of the basketball club that reached the nationals, I thought having you as our first client would attract students to come and visit this club!”


I immediately stood up from my seat after that statement. I feel like I am being used again.

“STAHP!!!” Suzumoto appeared right in front of me in a flash. Chasing for her breath, she looked at me straight to the eye. “Where do you think you are going, Techi!?

“Going back to practice.” I answered while picking my ear. “You are just going to use me, right?”

“W-W-WAIT!” Suzumoto pushed me back to the chair. I was surprised at her strength compared to her height. “It is not that I am using you! W-Well, there’s a part of it like that BUT…!”

She grabbed me in the shoulders and made me lean to the backrest by having her face near mine. I thought I would fall out of the chair for a second.

“I am just using this as an excuse to talk to you!” She said with a frustrated voice, her cheeks a little pink. “I know you are hiding something from me, from the whole team!”

“What on earth—“

“I can see it in your eyes, in your every movement! There is something that you are lost into!”

The way my body reacted that time surprised me more than Suzumoto’s words. My heart skipped a beat, I know my eyes went wide as well. It felt like I heard a voice inside my head saying that finally someone noticed!

“W-Wait, go back to your seat and calm down first.” I slowly pushed her off. Suzumoto just obediently went back to her place and stared at me. “You got me curious. Let me know what’s up on your sleeves.”

“Don’t even deny it, Techi!” She warned. “You may hide it from other people but I can clearly read every action you make. There is something bothering you for quite a long time now, isn’t there?”

I gave out another sigh. I just found myself fixing my seat so I could properly face her. Was I really hungry for someone to share this burden with?

“Suzumoto…” I called. “Promise me… No one would know about this other than you.”

Her eyes glittered. She eagerly nodded her head and raised her right hand to swear. “I promise! Everything that the client shares to the counselor is deemed confidential. Nothing will come out to the public!”

I took a deep breath and blew my bangs off. “Well then… Let me tell you something…”


Received Message

From: Neru (22:16)

Yurina-chan, are you free tomorrow? Would you mind if you come and study with me? Let’s meet at the public library at 5PM. I’m sorry for the late notice.


Sent Message

To: Basketball Team Group Chat (22:18)

I’m sorry team but I can only practice until 3PM tomorrow. I got some part time job duties. I hope you guys understand. I will make it up to you.


To: Fukuoka-san (22:19)

Manager, I’m sorry I don’t think I can make it to tomorrow’s shift. I got stuck with basketball practice. We are preparing for the regionals anyway. I hope you can let me go just for this one. I promise I will work harder.


To: Neru (22:21)

Sure, I’ll be there.


Received Message

From: Neru (22:30)

Yay~ (^o^) See you tomorrow, Yurina-chan~


After reading the last message, Techi threw her phone to her bed and she had to walk back and forth to shake off the cringe that she’s feeling. That was really not like her. She didn’t know what came in to her but just seeing Neru’s name on her phone’s screen would make her heart clench. It hurts but it feels nice at the same time.

The girl shook her head in frustration. “I should stop acting like my brother or I might end up like him.”

Wait, did she just notice that she is acting like her brother? Is she really saying that she liking this girl? “No, it isn’t like that. It will never be like that.” She refused to believe the whispers of her heart.

She picked her phone again just to check the replies of her team and her part-time job manager. They all gave positive responses. Techi just couldn’t believe that she lied to all those people so that she could just see Neru. She started feeling very pathetic.

At days like this, she would tend to stay up late and think of things that they can do at that little time that they are going to spend together. She’s not sure of the reason but she values the other girl a lot. She appreciates the time that she gives her and she gives importance even to the small things that Neru gives her.

After Techi’s brother applied to the army, she decided to transfer to the house their parents left for them. She believes that she has to take care of the house together with the memories of their family. Her brother had taken good care of it and she just can’t leave it like that now that he is away.

It is hard living alone. Her eyes opened to the situation that her brother faced while he was living there all by himself. It is hard to do the chores by yourself and it is definitely hell to manage your time with studies, club activities and part-time job. Her grandparents send monthly allowance but she just feel like it would be better if she could support herself.

Adjusting was really hard but it was all thanks to Neru that she had slowly coped up with the current environment. She can still remember what the girl said to her when she finished moving her things to the said house,

“I will always be here for you, Yurina-chan. I won’t make you feel alone.”

She can also remember how she heard a loud cursing inside her head the moment Neru said that. She would never forget that blinding smile. It made her feel warm. It made her glad knowing that there would be someone to stay with her.

Neru’s older brother went overseas to pursue his studies and she was left alone as well. Techi heard that Neru was homeschooled and doesn’t have a lot of friends so whenever she would ask for her company, Techi would not hesitate to push everything just to make time for her.

There are times that Neru would stay at her home which usually happens during weekends. Techi’s glad that Neru’s brother would give her the permission to stay with her. When she’s at Techi’s though, all she would do is order food and eat. She really loves seasoned chicken and could not get tired of eating it. After that she would sleep like a baby. She usually wakes up late and it is really hard to wake her up. She’s not the type who likes to spend the day outside; she would gladly stay indoors and talk about random stuffs.

It was like that for us but things changed when they got into high school. Neru stepped to highschool and her parents decided to enroll her to the same highschool as her brother’s where started making new friends…


It seems like the basketball team’s ace came too early. She rushed home right after the basketball practice to get some good shower. She can’t just go and meet her smelling like sweat. She made sure that she won’t be that obvious so she came wearing her tracksuit. She decided to get some snacks while waiting.


No matter how Techi stretched her neck, she still couldn’t see the expensive looking car that Neru usually rides when going out. She reached out for her phone but there isn’t any message from her. She then started to wonder if Neru forgot about the meeting.

“But she isn’t that type, I guess I should wait a little longer.”


Yurina couldn’t take it anymore and texted her. She’ll be going home and just do the laundry. That was her resolve but she chose to remain a few more minutes. After some while, she received a text message from Neru.

Received message

From: Neru (17:51)

I’m sorry, Yurina-chan. My school friends invited me to go to Harajuku. I totally forgot that we were supposed to meet today. I got a bit too excited when I got invited out. I’m really sorry.

“Seriously? Are you going to apologize through text? You were the one who invited me out. I even lied to my team and manager in order to meet you today. I made time for you and that’s what you are going to say after not turning up?”

Techi’s whole body just froze right after reading Neru’s message and her mind was rampaged by those thoughts. She felt her cheeks burning but she knows it is not that warm, nice feeling that she feels when she is with her. It’s irritation but… there’s nothing she can do but sigh.

She didn’t reply anymore. The ace believes she has the right to be mad about this happening so she’ll let her feel it. After that text, she didn’t send any more messages and there wasn’t any single call from Neru. She guessed that making her wait like a fool didn’t really bother the other girl.

Techi was mad. Usually she would just not care but to this person, it is different. It hurt a lot. She started to wander why she is so affected to the point that she wanted to curse. The fact is she actually cursed. A lot. She hasn’t been cursing so much because Neru pointed it out but she just couldn’t help but to curse that time. She even wanted to punch something. She looked like a fool waiting for nothing.

But yes, it is true that she got angry that time but she couldn’t stay angry for so long. In the end, she was the first one to send Neru a text, asking her about a random thing. She was afraid that everything would end if she doesn’t make a move. The girl replied to her with her usual way of texting like nothing happened.

Techi tried to be the one to invite. Since Neru plays the piano so well, she couldn’t invite her to play basketball with her. She’s afraid to injure her fingers while playing. So even if she is not fond with studying, she tried inviting her to study.

Same rendezvous. Neru agreed to meet her and she turned up but she didn’t say that there would be other people that would join them. She came with her classmates and all were taking her attention, asking questions here and there. In the end, Yurina felt out of place. She felt invisible the whole time that they were in the library to the point that she could go home without anyone noticing her.

She was invited to go to karaoke after that but fearing to completely turn into air, Yurina declined the invitation with a cold response but again Neru didn’t seem to mind. She was even smiling when she was waving her hand to Techi, going their separate ways. There was no trace that she was sorry to send Techi all alone.

But yet again, Yurina tried to be understanding. She convinced herself that Neru didn’t really had the chance to hang out with friends before that’s why she is just enjoying the company of other people. It doesn’t always have to be her. It doesn’t really matter.

“But why can’t it be only me? Am I not enough?”

This was the period where her mood swings couldn’t be explained. Her team mates even started tagging her as the ‘Devil of the Court’ since the practice sessions were like hell during those times. She would give them unreasonable, repetitive tasks and even call out to practice overtime. They were even surprised when they found out that their captain manages to work part time in that kind of schedule. Even though they think that they were being abused, they just followed her orders in respect of her dedication to practice. Her mood swings somehow paid off when the team managed to reach the nationals and her teammates were all saying that it was all because of her passion. They didn’t know that she was just pissed of a certain girl all along.

“I won’t make you feel alone, my ass! People should stop saying things that they would not do. Making other people expect for nothing is f*cking dirty,”

Her ‘close’ friendship with Neru started to fade that way. No more stay overs. No more studying outside. Even messages started to get cold. There are times that she gets curious of how the other girl is doing and decides to send her a message after a tough battle between her heart and mind. But in the end, she will get replies with short, soulless messages. She would love to throw her phone to the wall due to embarrassment but her sister would surely scold her if she does that.

She then promised herself that she won’t contact her ever again but since their brothers are close friends who happened to have little sisters who managed to befriend each other, there are times where they still meet. She is surprised that Neru would turn up despite the fact that she is cold towards her in chats. She would be there and treat Yurina like nothing happened. She’d smile and carry everything out the usual way.

“I guess this is how everything goes for her…”

Techi decided not to care. If Neru talks to her then she talks. If she gets invited out then she would go if and only if it doesn’t conflict with her schedule. She started to learn how to say ‘no’ if she has too.

She tried to be cold as well. She did it to see if Neru would notice it and started paying attention to her but she guesses she only hurt herself with what she did. Nothing happened. Nothing.


“WHAT DO you think about it, Suzumoto?”

I was expecting for an immediate answer but Suzumoto stared at me for a while as if I’m the most pitiful otter in the galaxy. She leaned back to her seat and gave out a sigh.

“Don’t give a sigh as a response. It is time for you to tell me what’s wrong with me.”

Suzumoto just looked at me, her eyes a bit misty for some reason. I guess her eyes got tired after not blinking the whole time I was telling my story. She looked like she’s in a trance for a moment.

“Techi…” she called, her whole expression is so serious I suddenly felt more nervous. “You almost killed your teammates just to release your irritation of that one girl?”

I felt my back straightened and my throat drying up. “N-N-NO!” I waved my hands in disagreement. “It wasn’t intentional!”

“You lied to all of us that you were going to work but you just went to meet her?” Slowly but slowly, I could see her face changing like she is being enlightened or something.

“I-I’m sorry! You see, I just really wanted to spend time with her!”

“You lied to your store manager at the same time?” Suzumoto’s eyes are now on me. It feels like she is going to shower me with guilt.

“W-Well… Yeah, I go undertime every Saturday just to meet her…” I scratched my head as I answer, avoiding Suzumoto’s stare. I suddenly remember all the money that I could’ve earned if I spent it in working instead. Weekends pay is twice anyway.

“Most importantly…” I saw Suzumoto gulped before continuing with her statement. “You let her in your house for you-only-know how many times but you never let me in even though I volunteered to cook for you for you-also-know how many times!”

Now I felt like my life is really in danger. She did tell me that she wanted to come to my house and cook for me but I kept saying no to her. I’m dead.

“Techi…” she called in a now much calmer voice. “Do you remember what you told me when I asked if I could go to your house?”


“Techi, do you remember? You said you can’t just let anyone to your home because that place is very special to you because of the memories that your family had there.” Suzumoto gave out a somehow faint smile. “But you let her in there because she is also special to you.”

I felt my jaw hung by itself after hearing those words. “What do you mean?”

“She’s not just special to you, Techi… The reason why you are so lost… I somehow could understand it… You might not believe what I am going to say because you don’t believe that such things last but this is just too obvious.”

“Cut the chase, Suzumoto.” My hands balled into fists. I got enough of all the thrills. “I need to get this fixed right away!”

“Techi, listen to me.” Suzumoto shook her head before looking straight to my eyes.


“You’ve fallen inlove with her, my friend. And you’re in deep, deep trouble.”


Song cue!

I FELT LIKE my whole world is rotating the other way around. I feel so dizzy and my eyes couldn’t stay in one place, I had to look around in order to keep my brain busy with processing other things but it doesn’t help at all.

The coach sent me home, telling me to get some rest or else I might fail the upcoming college entrance exams. My thoughts are lost and but not my feet. It led me to the store where I work but I was immediately sent home by manager. The reason—I look extremely pale.

“You’ve fallen inlove with her, my friend. And you’re in deep, deep trouble.”

No! There’s no way that I would be inlove! Love is just an infatuation, a temporary bliss. It is like a mental illness that will tell you that you can’t live without that certain someone when you lived your life perfectly fine even before that ‘fateful meeting.’

It doesn’t last. Never true. I’ve seen my brother fell in love so hard that he literally gave all his life for it but ended up being treated like a trash by the girl that supposedly ‘loves’ him as well.

‘F*ck. Suzumoto, you won’t have a future in that field. You better focus on cooking than trying to counsel other people. I’m not inlove with anyone!”

“Tell her about what you feel and it would release the burden from your chest. But you have to accept the fact that you are inlove with her…”

“D*mn it, Kuritaro! Just eat your f*cking chestnuts and stop loitering in my head!”

“Who is Kuritaro?”

Then the earth felt like it stopped spinning. How long has it been? When was the last time that I heard that voice?

I held my head up and recognized where my feet have brought me. I am already in the uphill street where our house is located. I almost passed by my house if only that voice didn’t wake me up from wondering.

Standing in front of the gate is Neru. She’s wearing her school’s uniform and is looking at me with a pout. For f*ck’s sake. Suddenly appearing in front of me like this.

“Hey~” she called. “I was asking who is Kuritaro and why is that person inside your head?”

“Why are you here?” I asked. I heard my voice and I know I sounded so cold.

“Answer me first.” She pouted even more but then smiled when she was not able to receive any answer from me. At that time, I literally didn’t know what to say. My mind was like a curse machine gun that time. “Why are you looking so tired, Yurina-chan? I told you not to abuse yourself with club activities and work. You don’t really lis—“

“Why are you here?”

I guess cutting her in mid-sentence surprised her. It was clearly written on her face. Her smile faded for a moment but she managed to return it quickly.

“Stay over~” she lifted up her bag to show it to me.

“Tell her! Tell her! You’re inlove with her!”

“D*mn Kuritaro!”

“Hey, stop cursing!”

“Tch!” I slapped myself and opened the gate. I wasn’t really inviting her in but she made her own way inside the house. I just ignored her and went to my room. I told her that I am going to shower first and she could go order her favorite seasoned chicken while I try to cool myself.

“You still remember my favorite~!” She interjected with a wide smile. Stupid. Ofcourse, I remember. But I bet you don’t even know what I like.

Taking a shower somehow helped me. I realized that I shouldn’t act like I am affected of all that she has done to me. Showing her how affected I am doesn’t really matter anyway. She doesn’t really care at all. She’s here right now just to kill time, just like always. She’s not really here for my company. I have to act mature.

The chicken already arrived when I went back to the living room. She’s already in her pajamas, eating the chicken alone while watching TV. See? She didn’t even wait for me.

“I became so hungry while waiting for you.” She cutely said, her lips tainted by the seasoning.

“Why didn’t you just eat with your friends?” is what I wanted to ask her but I ended up saying other things. “Just enjoy eating.”

So, it is Friday, eh? I stopped looking forward to it when she stopped this stay-over thing but here she is, coming over without any notice. I guess she thinks that she can just do whatever she likes.

The atmosphere between us remained tense until it is time for us to sleep. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk at all. My heart that time was really heavy. I hate what I was feeling.

“Yurina-chan, where are you going?” Neru called when I was about to get out of the room. “Are you seriously telling me that I should sleep here alone?”

I turned back to her and saw that cute pouting face again. “I’m really tired, Neru. I don’t think I am up for the chat. Good night. Sleep well.”

“B-But, Yurina-chan—“

I immediately shut the door close and walk-run towards my room. I let her use Manaka’s room and that should be enough for her. Manaka has kept her room clean but she hasn’t been visiting lately because of the upcoming entrance exam.

I was already under my blanket but Suzumoto’s voice still echoes inside my head. I could hear her annoying voice and it was preventing me from sleeping. Then I suddenly felt the other side of the bed sinking. I jerked up and saw Neru already halfway inside the blanket. She just smiled at me before securing her place to the bed.

“Why are you here?” I asked, massaging my forehead a bit.

“What kind of stay-over is it if we are not going to sleep in the same bed like usual?” She answered with another question, peeking at me from under the blanket.

I heard myself release a sigh. I threw myself back at the bed and forcefully close my eyes. Hoping that all of this is just a dream. That Neru would stop talking but ofcourse, all that I hope for never failed to disappoint me.

“Yurina-chan…” she called in a voice tainted with loneliness. “Didn’t you miss me?”

Stupid. Of course I missed you. A lot in fact. But you were the one who drew distance between us, didn’t you?

“I did.” I answered with composure. “If that is what you want to hear. Now, let me sleep.”

“Yurina-chan…” she called once more. “Do you hate me? Why are you treating me like this?”

Why? Are you seriously asking why?

“I don’t hate you. Can you we just go to sleep, Neru—“

“If you don’t hate me then hug me.”

F*ck. There she goes again with her cunning skills.

I turned around and gave her a hug but I didn’t open my eyes. I don’t want to see her face that would surely give me a smirk because of how I easily fell to her trap. My heart was telling me to open my eyes, but the walls my mind has made prevented me to. But, I am sure I heard a gasp.


“Hm?” I tightened my hug to her to keep her from talking further. My chest felt like it is going to explode because of how my heart is beating.


Please, Neru. Stop calling me with that tone.

“Yurina-chan… Would you please open your eyes and look at me?”

And guess what. Yeah, once again I just fell to her soothing voice. I opened my eyes and looked at her. For a moment she seemed surprise of what I did, she even looked down a bit before looking back at me with her playful face.

“What is it?” I asked, trying my best to be as calm as I could be.

“Well…” she started. “I just want to ask what your plans are for college.”

“College, huh?” To be honest, I don’t really know what to do. “The coach of Waseda University offered me a scholarship if I would join their basketball team. I accepted the offer but I still have to take the entrance exam for formality. I’ll be majoring in astronomy though.”

Neru chuckled at my statement. “Basketball and astronomy? What a combination!”

“At least it’s not as weird as your friend who is crazy about microscopic creatures.”

Her smile widened. “Are you taking astronomy because of your brother?”

I nodded and closed my eyes. “I just thought that I can pursue what he really wanted to pursue. I don’t really have anything I want to do so I am borrowing my brother’s dream.”

I suddenly felt her poke my cheek which made me open my eyes again. “Don’t sleep yet.”

“I can talk with my eyes closed.” I answered and then closed them again but Neru was persistent. She returned an embrace, surprising me bigtime. She just beamed at me when I looked at her.

“Yurina-chan… I’ll be going overseas to study.”

And with that, I couldn’t close my eyes anymore. I just looked at her. I know my eyebrows were in a deep knot that time, my face asking, ‘seriously, dude?’ She just gave out a faint smile and continued talking.

“I got accepted in the University of Cambridge. I decided to pursue medicine. For the first time in my life, I made an important decision for myself without being dictated by the will of my parents. I’ll be leaving right after the semester ends.”

Talk. Yurina, you need to talk!

“G-Good for you then…” I gulped. I just lost my d*mned composure.

“Aren’t you going to stop me?” she asked. Somehow her voice felt like she was asking a favor.

I want to. I don’t want you to go. But I know my words won’t matter.

“Why would I stop you?” I sighed. “You just said that it is the first major decision that you did in your life. I just have to support you with whatever you want to do. I know you would do well even in other countries.”

F*ck. I think my heart just failed that time. I managed to say something nice but I just feel hollow inside. It feels like there is a vacuum in my heart that is trying to consume the whole of me.

I gave her forehead a soft flick but she still said ouch and covered her forehead. “That hurt!” she then pouted and gave me a ‘soft’ slap in the shoulder. Well, that may be soft for her but not to me. This girl’s strength is just amazing.

“Why even bother asking me about it when even the date of your flight is already decided? Whatever I say won’t really matter, right?”

Neru looked at me straight to the eyes and with a faint smile she breathed out, “Tsundere.”

She then hugged me tighter, burying her face to my chest. “Don’t forget about me, okay?”

“You might be the one to forget about me as soon as you step in that land.”

She just chuckled and then stayed quiet for a while. I thought she has already fallen asleep. I also have gathered my thoughts and processed everything that I have heard that night. My feelings would stay with me and she would never know about it. Yes, at that exact moment, I admitted it to myself--Suzumoto is right.

For now, all I can do is to hug her and wish that this annoying feeling that I have for her would just fade away in the wind.

“Ne, Yurina-chan…”


“I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“Can you tell me you love me even if it is a lie?”

What. The. Actual. F*ck.

“What’s with that request?”

“Just tell me you love me.”

“But why?”

“I’m going to leave soon. Aren’t you going to fulfill my requests?”

Just look at how spoiled she is. She’s asking me something unreasonable without even looking at me. She loves making fun of my emotions.

“Please, even if you don’t mean it… Tell me you love me.”

I shook my head in disbelief. I took a deep breath and gave in. She won’t know that I mean it anyway. She has given me the chance to say it without being busted. I caressed her hair and then placed my face on top of her head.

“I love you, Neru…”

I said it! I f*cking said it! I felt like all that I have been carrying has been lifted up. Suzumoto you’re a genius! I should go and make a shrine for you tomorrow!

I heard her chuckle once more, probably delighted that I really couldn’t say no to her requests no matter how absurd they are. Then, I felt her grasp to my shirt tighten. My heart stopped.

“I love you, too, Yurina-chan…”


NERU waved goodbye to the short hair girl before finally going. They dropped Techi to her work before going back to her mansion. Her trustworthy butler was the one who picked her up just like the usual.

“How did it go, Ojou-sama?” Sebastian asked. “Did you manage to say what you want to say?”

Neru, whose thoughts were wandering, came back to her senses after her butler spoke. “Well, I guess I managed to say most of it.”

“Going overseas?”

“Yes. Told her that.”

“The engagement with Watanabe Risao-sama?”

Neru shook her head. “No…”

The butler just gave her a nod as a response. He guesses Neru can’t really be fully honest at all.

“Have you told her about the reason you made distance from her?”

Neru took time to ponder with her answer but then, after taking a deep breath, she spoke, “I think I managed to say that but I don’t think she would take it seriously. I said that in a manner that she would think I’m just making her do a muchaburi.”

“Is that so?”

Neru leaned her head to the window and closed her eyes, “I think it is better for Yurina-chan to think that I just passed by to mess with her… I think that would be the best for the both of us…”



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I realized that I haven't used these emoji (?) things on jphip in a long time. But, these were my feelings as I read this. Uwah, it was really good to read, but also, my TechiNeru shipping heart is crying.

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
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how nice!
I loved it.
the end has been so beautiful and dramatic at the same time .....
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
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OH MY GOD i'm going to cry... techineruuuuuuuu
It can't just end like that please tell me you'll add another part

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
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Whyyyyy oh whyyyyy?!?!??

You're a living angst machine. :O
Make everyone happy... Por favor! XD
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
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if it's not because i'm fasting i might as well cursing right now  :cry:

when i say techineru and 'yurina suffer' you really did it oh master of angst.....and master of troll
i was scrolling hoping this will be happy end for both but for the love of God why?

please please tell me this is not the end of them and if it is please tell me this is non-cannon to the Wish's universe  :bow: :bow: :(

and to be honest........

when i read that neru's going to be engaged with risao.... i .....feel such deja vu what happen to yurina almost exactly what happen to me (the girl you love is about to get engaged with someone except i never get as lucky as yurina who can spent her time with neru ) that i write a techineru fanfic based on my personal experience (it's not finished yet, i don't know how to finished it anyway)

i'm sorry for blabbering but you know.....same thing happen to me and yurina so i can't help but blabber to much your fic is always good (and sad)

p.s : please excuse me for i need some fluffy happy ending techineru now   :cry:  :bow:

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
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Yes! Another heartbreaking OS from our Cut-sama. You have once again pleasure my masochistic heart. Anyways, here are my comments for this OS.

When Suzumoto said:

“Your twin just got all the sweetness that there is when you guys were in the womb!”

Hmmm... Techi has a twin? I have a feeling.......

“I should stop acting like my brother or I might end up like him.”

Brother? Could it be......

“Neru’s older brother went overseas to pursue his studies and she was left alone as well”

It all makes sense... :bow: :bow: :bow:

I won't quote the TechiNeru scene but all I can say is OUCH.  :mon hanky:

See you on the next update.

P.S Waiting for the Wish update
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
« Reply #8 on: May 19, 2018, 02:05:45 PM »
I only have one line to say to you.....

I wanna punch you. 

:temper: :temper: :temper: :temper: :temper: :temper:  :temper: :temper:
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
« Reply #9 on: June 07, 2018, 04:13:53 PM »
@Shinoki-san, thank you so much for sharing what you felt through emojis. :) I'm also glad that you liked it. Sorry about the lame ending tho. Haha.

@Minami-chan-san, Wow~ Thank you for liking the ending. I know it is a bit off ('cause I'm really bad at endings) so I just left it open. Thank you for reading, I'm glad you liked it. (p.s. saw the comment while it is still in Spanish[?] Thanks a lot!)

@akbffreader-san, Thank you for reading and commenting~ ^^ Let me see what I can do about it. :) Thanks again and please don't cry~~ :)

@porkofdoom-san, Well... There are things that you can only express through writing.. For me, that's the case. XD

@FZA02-san, I thought you liked to see Yurina suffer? XD I'll be looking forward to that fic you are writing then. :) Thank you so much for always reading my stuff. :D

@LuckyMatsui-san, hey! you got you name changed! Oh... you noticed! XD

@Goto24-san, Oh.. I got threatened. XD haha. Thank you for reading the fic despite your busy schedule. :D

Thank you to those who read this fic. I have a lot of alternate endings in mind but yeah, it is hard to pick. (actually it's not really a lot. Maybe 2 or 3. How about post an alternate ending for it. It's open anyway so you guys can share me the ending you have in mind. (Oh yeah, I know I'm just talking to myself again. Haha.) But if you are interested, you can post it here anytime. (Just don't turn it into comedy, I think. haha)

Again, thank you for reading. See you again in the next post or in WISH. :D
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2018, 07:02:25 AM »
Please we need a happy ending :mon scare:  :farofflook:
I already create several versions in my mind  :miichan:
I think Techi will know Neru's true feelings and will do everything possible to prevent her from marrying or maybe the years go by and they meet again in spite of everything but it's a lot of drama  :wigglypanda:

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS- Zakamichi edition] Pass By | TechiNeru OS
« Reply #11 on: November 27, 2018, 07:14:38 AM »
more keyakizaka46 fics please. I really love how you write the stories.

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