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Author Topic: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Blues of Love - Evening Blues [24/11/18]  (Read 13370 times)

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [3/4] [18/08/18]
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Reading this story is so exciting. The subtle details in your writing are so great... The various things going on, Maiyan taking Naachan's first time, falling apart, wow. Only one more to go, huh? I wonder how it'll end.

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [4/4] [20/08/18]
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Picking herself up after the tour ends were the hardest thing Mai had ever been through. For a while, she doesn’t feel like going out, her vision spins whenever she saw photographers and people crowding her, her brain couldn’t form any answer whenever someone asked her something.

Various people had come to visit her, only a few of them she let inside though. These people are basically her family, her best friend, and also Terada Ranze. The ex-girlfriend was somehow able to spend an entire day watching Netflix with her and Sayuri- whom the newly turned 20 years old started dating about 8 months after the end of their relationship. But none of them was able to drag her to face the world once more. Not when she is just merely a shell of what she was before.

Sayuri was the one who suggested that she should take a break.

Her father was actually the one who had helped the most, one day the famous producer came to her apartment, opened her laptop, and created a new blank document.

“I think you should try to write.”

At first, Mai had rolled her eyes, retorting that she is not a writer. But her father chuckled at the response.

“Everyone can write. Whether the other perceives it as good or not is another matter, that’s a perspective. That’s why it is a form of art.”

After basically been haunted by that words for several days, Mai finally decided to put an end to it and started writing. It was mostly influenced by everything she has experienced, everything she wanted to fix, and everything she could have done. By the time she is finished and show it to her father, the guy smiled and ruffled her hair.

“Now, I can teach you a thing or two about producing and directing.”

The thing about her father is when he is set to do something he would be really pushy and most of the times unbearable. But this case is a good one and exactly what Mai needed. Being behind the camera has offered her both a fresh start and also a new perspective. Which is a key to slowly push her back and remind her to take the enjoyment of what she is doing.

And after 3 years of struggle, she wrapped it all up. Soon enough, her project was getting picked up by distinguished film festivals all over the world, getting a nod of approval from critics and film executives.

The night where she got a nomination for best screenwriting was the first night for her to publicly out in the spotlight after years. It was strange as if she just realise how everything is different when you don’t really need to keep up with a lie. It’s easier.

And on that night, she was honoured with her second golden statue.

But when she stood on the stage, looking through the huge hall, slowly taking in the audience attention and gulping down her nervousness. Mai decided to not reach for the written notes on her pants pocket.

“You see, the first time I stood here, being honoured with this beautiful golden trophy, I was so surprised that I just read through the note that was prepared for me. It was really bad, as monotonous as 8 years old reading textbook out loud for the classroom,” Mai chuckled followed by a laugh of approval that seems to echo in the hall.

“I wrote The Art of Lying when I was at my lowest. At that time, I wasn’t able to imagine or even set any goal to have it become anywhere near where it is now.” Mai smiled a little. “The title is actually an interesting one and in fact, it was the first thing that our leading actress- the wonderful Hashimoto Nanami had asked me after she read the script. The answer to that is simple, lying is another kind of art. It has this element where it strives to achieve perfection yet it never does as people have different perception about it.”

Mai looks at the statue on her hand, chuckling softly with pride mixed with irony. She remembered the moment she had found out that she is among the nomination list, she had thought that maybe that’s what she’s been looking for- acknowledgement, people nodding at her in acceptance.

But somehow she still doesn’t feel complete.

“The thing is I consider myself a horrible liar. Well, I think some people will think that I just told a lie but actually that’s the truth. My main problem with a lie is not about how I’m bad at keeping people from figuring out, but rather I’m bad because the lie usually caught up with me, clouding my judgement, severing the bonds I have formed with the people that I care about.

When a lie hurts everyone you love when it is so disastrous that even yourself is getting hurt in the process, that’s when you should realise that it’s time to stop to strive for that perfection. And just like what happened in the film, I should have realised that much sooner, I really do.

So I want to say an apology towards everyone that I have lied to whether you realise or not. Also thank you to everyone who had helped to make this film happened, my wonderful father, all the cast and crew, my best friend. I wouldn’t be here now if not for you guys.”

Mai bowed for several seconds, smiling widely as she heard the applause that filled the area.

After that, she had to go through the same ordeal just like the first time. The press complicated questions, the many congratulations, Sayuri trying to lead her on what to do next because she still looks as lost as she was before.

But that day, in the room they had provided for her to freshen up behind the stage, someone she did not expect was also waiting.

“Ah- I think I should check whether they need you to do something else soon or not,” the manager made a lame excuse and fled from the room, leaving Mai alone with the girl.

“Hey,” Mai greeted awkwardly, averting her gaze seconds after the time their eyes met.

“Congrats.” The other one replied, eyes directed to the statue in her hand, “and the speech too. It was beautiful.”

“Really? I thought you weren’t even in the audience.” Her mouth seems to answer that in reflex. She cursed herself, realising that she had just gotten a chance to redo her response to the girl’s praise and she still messed it up pretty-badly. “I- I mean you’re supposed to be presenting soon so I figured you’d be here. I mean somewhere backstage instead.”

She hopes that explanation will suffice to avert the suspicion that she was looking for the other actress from the stage.

“Ah I saw you from behind the curtain,” she explained. “I’m glad to see you doing well.”

“You too.”

“I heard about what happened to you. Even Sayurin-san and Ranze-san had personally asked me to check up on you, but I did nothing. For that, I owe you an apology.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t know what I would do either if you actually came to visit me. I wasn’t really myself at all and I’m glad that at least I can live knowing that you didn’t see me at that state.” Mai muttered as she took a deep breath.

Seeing how awkward the situation is, the other started to think that maybe she is overstaying her welcome and make her way towards the door, “Okay I guess that’s all, I mean I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you.”

“Nanase, wait!”

Nishino Nanase turned to look at her once more, patiently waiting for what she is about to say.

“I want to apologise, back then I didn’t tell you the truth.” Mai sighed bracing herself before saying the next sentence. “I lied to you about not knowing that you’re about to call the relationship off and I tricked you into sleeping with me just because my own inability to sort out my feelings.”

“The situation was- difficult. I can understand.” Nishino gave her a little understanding smile, her foot strode a step away from her.

“Please, let me give you a very late explanation.” She catches Nanase’s hand and begged. “Back then I wasn’t ready to forgive myself for breaking another girls heart. I had this foolish thought that what we had between is a plain lust, I thought that after we slept together I’d see that my attraction to you was nothing more than a person wanting to go all the way for a one-night stand.

But turns out I was wrong.

My problem is that not only I was falling in love with you, but I had also thought that you’re less than you actually are. I found out that it was your first time and I was scared to take the step. It was frightening, realising that I have hurt someone who cares more about what we had than what I think.

I was too afraid to seek forgiveness and I wasn’t even ready to forgive myself for I’ve done. That’s why I say nothing even though I should have stopped you that day and let you know the truth.

And for that I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. It was partly my fault as well, I wasn’t exactly being clear with you about what I felt for you. Even now.” Nanase’s soft smile still doesn’t leave her lips. “You know what, back then I was falling in love with you, and the possibility that you felt the same clouded my judgement. When you did what you did, I was heartbroken, I stopped myself from helping you out of your struggle- thinking that maybe that’s what I need to move on, yet somehow it doesn’t stop me from loving you.”

Mai expression looks sad, “It’s hard for me to believe that you actually feel that way- especially now.”

“But that what makes me love you even more. Because you’re such a good person you failed to see that beneath this façade there is a gentle person who can care more about others that it comes off as selfless.” Nanase sighed, the gentle smile still lingers. “The person who dares to risk her relationship to help her family, this person also tried to ease me from the stage fright, nor she back down from her promises just because her heart was broken.”

Deep inside her heart, Mai knows that now it the time for her to come clean too, especially after the confession. Her gaze moved down below, where her hand still holding the other girl’s. Softly, she let her go, taking a step back before bowing towards her.

“Nanase, I also still do- love you.”

She couldn’t hear anything coming from the other girl, so she decided to continue.

“I know that what I did to you was beyond terrible but I hope you will give me chance to make it up to you. This time, there won’t be no lie, no act, just me as a person who loves you.” Mai stands straight once more to meet her gaze. “What do you say?”

Nanase intertwines their fingers together, leaning forward to land a kiss on Mai’s cheek, “yes.”

At that moment, Shiraishi Mai found it funny how a person would realise how much a lie affect their life even after it ends. If only she hadn't lie- if only she let Nanase know the truth before they had gone all the way, she would have found the missing piece of her life sooner.

But that lie, is also what shapes her to be the person she is now. A person who can live to tell the story of what kind of disaster a person life could be once they started to get tangled in their own web of lies.

At the end of a tunnel, there is a light.

And for Shiraishi Mai, Nishino Nanase is her light.

~ Fin ~

I hope you guys enjoy this short story as much as I do writing it. Please let me know what you think.  :deco:
I'd probably re-read it again later and see if there's something I need to fix hahahaha

Reading this story is so exciting. The subtle details in your writing are so great... The various things going on, Maiyan taking Naachan's first time, falling apart, wow. Only one more to go, huh? I wonder how it'll end.
I really hope this ending satisfies you. I know that I kind of skipped the whole struggle after everything falling apart stuff, but I was thinking that would be straying from the main theme of the story (not to mention making it longer and I am struggling to finish this on time lol)
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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || The Art of Lying [4/4] [20/08/18]
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It was a satisfying ending~ People properly talking about their feelings makes me soft. While I would have liked to see the middle parts too, I think keeping it short like this is nice and clean.

Happy birthday, Maiyan!

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Tender Days [09/10/18]
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Tender Days

She should have realised something is not quite right when the sound of alarm wake her up and she found the other side of the bed empty. The leftover warmth on the sheet and the gentle voice of a running water coming from the bathroom are what makes her sure that the person she has in mind did, in fact, came home last night.

When she noticed the current day from the calendar on the bedside table, her mind think of the possibility of the person she’s looking for is already bringing the kids inside the bathroom to take bath together, something that the person been doing quite often to save time on helping them one by one.

“Maiyan, are the kids with you?” She asked, loud enough for the one behind the door to hear.

However, instead of a coherent answer, all she can hear was some coughing. Feeling worried she pushed open the door that wasn’t locked. Finding Shiraishi Mai standing there, hands gripping the side of the sinks white marble bowl, head ducked down, and messy hair covering the side of her face.

“Are you okay?” She approached the slightly taller person, placing her right hand on top of Mai’s and froze a little when she found it cold and clammy. Mai has been whining about feeling not well for the past two days, but she had sort of ignored woman as Mai herself was still mostly out working and she got three daughters to take care of. Even last night Mai was out having a deal sign meeting until quite late. “you’re really cold.”

“Well, that explains why I feel like about to die soon,” Mai's voice came out a bit hoarse. “Nanase, can you please help to get the kids ready? I’ll do your turn the next time.”

Albeit her nods, she’s still hesitant. Her finger grazed the ring on the woman’s finger. One that has become an oath of their relationship. “Don’t worry about that. Do you need me to notify Sayurin to let you have a rest day today?”

Somehow the woman stubbornly shook her head, “no, I need to watch over the song composer today. Make sure they’re not messing up my work. I’ll just call up a doctor to check up on me in between.”

Nishino Nanase has sort of expected that kind of answer from the other woman. She was about to give a bit of argument, thinking that maybe the wife would listen to her about how the reason her health is going downhill is that of the non-stop work. But before she could say anything loud thunder sounds blared through the house, basically leaving a buzzing after sound in her ear after it’s over.

Soon enough she can hear a screaming sound, followed by a loud crying.

So much for a peaceful day.

“I’ll be back, just- get some rest.” She leaned closer to give a kiss on the side of the woman’s head.

“Let’s just hope I’ll still be breathing by then.”

Nanase rolled her eyes and took a step away from Mai, “you’ll be fine.”

Swiftly Nanase made her way to another room that basically located next to her, her two youngest daughters are still on their respective bed. One is hiding underneath her pink blanket, while the older one is crouching on the bed with hands covering her ears.

“It’s just thunder, nothing to worry about-” she slowly lifted the end of the blanket to reveal her youngest there, hugging the goat plushie that the little girl likes so much. However, once she saw her mother, the three years old quickly abandoned the fury doll to hug the adult instead. Nanase gives her a quick kiss on the top of the girl’s head before picking her up and moved to the other bed where the older sister is.

“I hate thunder,” the other one said, both hands are still covering her ears as she looked up to meet her mother eyes.

Nanase runs her finger along the girls back to calm her down, “hmm… but I think because of this thunder Momoko can stay at home and play today.”

Momoko frowns, “but I want to go to school. I and Zukki are going to take over the slide today.”

“Zukki, huh? I thought you hate her for keep running after you and make you tired,” Nanase raised her eyebrows at the name, reminiscing on the not so distant memory where she had arranged a playdate between her daughter and her best friends which ended up with her 5 years old crying.

Momoko averted her eyes shyly, “I guess she’s not that bad.”

“Well then- I’m happy that you can get along with her,” she smiled. “Now do you want to jump your Nee-chan awake?”

Yuki- her youngest smile widely, seemingly excited at the thought. “Let’s!”

However, Momoko doesn’t budge, the girl instead pulled Nanase’s pajama sleeve a couple of times, “Okaa-san hasn’t given me a morning kiss.”

Nanase chuckled, before leaning forward and press her lips into the girl’s head for a couple of seconds. She wondered whether the girl will forever demand this kind of attention or will she turned like the oldest child of the family, who will frown in disgust whenever her or Mai tried to kiss or hug her.

She opened the next door for her two daughters to come in, chuckling slightly as she observes how her oldest gave an irritated groan when her two younger sisters started to jump into the bed and shake her awake.

“Why do you wake me? I don’t have school today because of the storm,” she trashed around the bed, giving her mother an annoyed look.

For a moment, Nanase was distracted because of some clanking sounds coming from the kitchen. She came closer to the curtain, sliding it to the side so she can see the window that shows the dark grey sky outside. “I will call your school to confirm that. Also, school or not you still have to eat your breakfast.”

Nanase swore she can see the ten years old eyes shine at the mention of breakfast and despite how reluctant the girl was to get out from the warmth of the bed, she quickly jumped out and walk past where Nanase is, her two younger sisters tails behind her. Yuki was shaking her head comically and shrugged, giving a look at her mother, “that’s Erika for you.”

Nanase laughed, loving how it seems like the girl has developed a good sense of humour that her wife possessed.

To tell the truth, she would never think that she’s a family kind of person. When she was young she always hates getting tasked to watch over her younger cousin, always choosing not to bother with children as she has always confused about what to do if they ever break into crying mode. But Shiraishi Mai changed her perception of them, she had shown Nanase that being a parent is a wonderful thing. The three daughters have become the greatest gift she has ever given to Nanase and the joy the couple gained from them is unmeasurable.

Nanase hummed happily as she made the bed, going from room to room before finishing at her own. Reaching for her phone message as soon as she’s done, making sure that the school is really cancelled for the day. One thing that she hadn’t realised before is how severe the storm is going to be, some people have sent her a text to check up on her condition, even her mom has basically sent a message containing a little prayer that everything will be okay.

That aside the old woman had also mentioned how Nanase hasn’t been calling her lately and she misses her granddaughters, this makes the woman feels a bit guilty.

Even though she’s working from home, Nanase is always occupied every single day. The animation studio that employs her seems to never have a shortage of projects. To add to that, her wife is even busier, as a famed lyricist, she is always out there somewhere making contracts and meeting famous people. Is getting even crazier now that a famous American singer has chosen her to write the lyrics for a Japanese album.

Glancing at the calendar once more she wonders if her wife will have a bit of time after she finishes her current deal, she thinks that it’s probably a good idea to visit both of their parents with the kids. Probably spend a weekend in each place.

Another lightning strike distracts her focus for a moment. Realising that probably needs her help, Nanase quickly finishes the task in her hand and walked out from the room. She hasn’t even taken 3 steps away from the door when Momoko came running towards her with tears.

“I think mama is going to die,” she sobbed.

Raising her eyebrows Nanase kneels so she can meet the eye of the five years old. “No, she’s just not feeling well, she’ll be fine in no time.”

“This is all momo-nee fault, she was so annoying so mama’s head hurting,” the youngest child approaches them with a judging look.

“Yuki, don’t say that. It’s no one fault, okay?”


Nanase’s give the small girl a look, one that she gave to her children only when they’re about to get in a big trouble and that pretty much stop the girl from continuing her sentence. Her two youngest daughters often argue about a lot of things, this is probably because of their close age gap. This most often caused by really simple things like who is the quickest in taking bath, who will sit near the window of the car, even they can fight just from trying to be the one who helps the adult.

As if to make situation worsen, the electricity is suddenly taken out, leaving the family inside a darkness. Momoko’s crying got even worse, “Okaa-san, they’re really going to take mama.”

Nanase wanted to laugh at the young girl imagination, but somehow able to stop herself. After adjusting her eyes to the darkness, she reached for her youngest children to keep her close. One hand is still keeping a secure hug on the one crying. “This is just because of the storm, sweetie.”

Gently she led the girls towards the dining table, moving towards the curtain to slide it open so the daylights can come inside the room. Her eyes found Erika, who’s giving her a concerned look, the girl is standing next to Mai who sits in one of the 6 chairs head buried inside folded arm on the table.

“Mama is sick,” Erika said, her small hand grasping the sitting woman’s arm in a comforting manner.

“She will be better after some rest, you can finish your breakfast, Erika. I will take care of her,” Nanase ruffled the girl’s head, ushering her towards another chair where the girl usually sits. “Momoko and Yuki too.”

The three daughters nodded, eyes still staring at her as they try to finish what’s left of their breakfast. Nanase shook Mai gently “I think you should go back to bed.”

“Give me a moment, it seems like the world is spinning whenever I move.”

Nanase raised her eyebrows, her hand wiping the woman’s hair behind so she can see the face clearly. Starting to get worried when she noticed how pale the woman is. “I’ll call Maimai and see if she’s home, maybe she can come and check up on you. Also, no work, you will end up giving trouble for everyone if you go out there in this condition plus the weather is also bad anyway I’m pretty sure no one is out today.”

Nanase hand fished the phone from her sweatpants pocket, dialling the contact quickly as she made her way to the kitchen. Turning on the loudspeaker and place it down the counter as she started to check the fridge to see if there’s anything that could help the girl.

‘Naa-chan, good morning,’ comes the reply from the phone.

Nanase silently thank the coincidence when she found an apple cranberry muffin stored in the fridge, “Maimai are you home now?”

‘No, I am spending the day in the hospital. Will take care of the patients until the storm pass, we are quite short on people because of the weather. Is everything alright?’

“Yes, I think so, it’s just Mai isn’t feeling well. She looks like she’s about to faint,” Nanase continues to describe what she can notice to the doctor on the line as she waited for the muffin to be heated.

‘She’s probably too tired, just make sure she is not dehydrated and get her something sweet and soft to eat. I’ll have Nanamin deliver a fever medicine for her because I feel like she’s about to heat up sooner or later. Just have her eat a tablet after eating. I’ll come by and check up on her as soon as my work ends but do let me know if she starts vomiting or if something else starts to happen okay?’

Nanase nodded, realising that the person couldn’t actually see the confirmation gesture via phone call she quickly speaks up, “I will, thank you so much Maimai.”

‘It’s totally fine, also Nanamin can help you with the children for the day. She’s home and totally free to help.’

Nanase was about to turn down the offer, not wanting to bother the other family when Erika started to shout. “SAY YES PLEASE.”

Possibly hearing that from the phone, the person on call laughed softly.

“I think probably just Erika. Yuki and Momo will only bring more trouble for Nanamin.”

‘I’ll let Nanamin know then. Take care, Naa-chan.’

“Thanks, Maimai,” she said before ending the call. Shoving the device back into her pocket before reaching for the plate in the cupboard, placing the warm muffin on the white plate and grabbed a glass of water.

She served the dish in front of her wife, who doesn’t seem to have move at all. Gently she runs her fingers along the woman’s hair, “Mai, please try to eat a bit.”

Slowly Mai lifted her head, looking at the food in front of her blankly before grabbing the small fork near her hand. Albeit seeming really disinterested, the older woman put a piece of the soft bread inside her mouth, chewing it in a painstakingly slowly movement.

Nanase averted her focus to Erika, who seems to be inspecting her mother as well. “Erika, if you want to go hang out with Asuka and Miona you better take a bath now.”

The oldest daughter mood seems to lighten a bit as she quickly put her empty plate to the sink before doing a half dashed towards the bathroom.

Nanase checks on the plate in front of her two other daughters, Momoko has finished her stuff while Yuki seems to be playing around with it. Leaving Mai side once more, she gathered all the empty plates and stack them inside the sink. “Yuki, please eat your food.”

“I’m eating it!” the young girl replied in annoyance, gulping down a spoonful of her porridge as if to prove her statement.

Nanase stood next to the small girl, meeting her straight to the eye so the girl will understand how serious the words that she’s about to say. “Look, you’re sad that your mama is sick right? She will be feeling much better if Yuki eats her food properly, so I really hope you can finish your food instead of sneakily pouring it out of the drain”

The young girl looks at the adult sitting across of her before hesitantly nodded, “okay. I promise.”

“Good girl, let me know when you’re done okay.”

The small girl nodded once more, starting to seriously eat the food in front of her.

Nanase slides a chair next to Mai, grabbing a bowl of porridge herself and start eating, one of her hand is navigating through her phone while her eyes check on the one next to her every several seconds.

“Are you feeling nauseous?”

Mai shook her head, “it’s just the food feels bland.”

Nanase put down her phone and hold out her hand to touch the other’s cheek. “Maimai is right, you’re heating up. How long have you been feeling unwell?”

“I don’t know, I… have been feeling under the weather the past couple of days but not really this bad.” Mai leaned to Nanase’s touch, lips curled into a small smile when she founds it comforting. Suddenly she jolted up and say, “what if I am having one of those mosquito fevers that Sayurin caught the last time she was in Bali?!”

Nanase rolled her eyes, “you’ll be fine. That was a tropical thing anyway so pretty much impossible for you to catch one unless you had somehow sneak out on a secret vacation.”

Mai nodded, seemingly trying to believe the words that her spouse had said, giving an assuring smile when she caught the eyes of Momoko who steal glances at the pair. The girl quickly averted her eyes back to the iPad on her hands when she met her mother’s eye.

The electricity is already come back on when Nanase finished her food and soon after Yuki had followed, moving her empty plates to the middle of the table towards where the parents sat as if showing them the proof. However, Mai is still struggling to shove the soft muffin into her mouth. “Will you be mad if I can’t finish this?”

“It’s fine, you can always eat little by little. You should get back to bed, I’ll clean up the dishes and get the kids to the bath.”

Mai nodded, slowly standing up from the chair and starting to make her way back to their bedroom. Nanase silently watches, making sure the older woman actually reached the bed before continuing her chores which basically consists of cleaning up the dishes and selecting the outfits for her daughters to wear for the day, she was making sure that Erika is dressed appropriately when the door-bell rang.

“That must be Nanamin,” the youngest daughter said cheerfully before dashing straight to the front door. Nanase chuckled, reminding herself that she needs to tell the daughter to start addressing the guest properly considering that she’s a mature adult around Nanase and Mai age.

After picking up the clothes for her two youngest daughters she entered her bedroom and found the guest there, sitting near Mai who is sitting on the bed, back propped with pillows.

“Naa-chan,” the woman greeted her with a smile.

“Nanamin, thank you for coming and also for agreeing to take care of Erika for today.” Nanase gives the woman a quick hug.

“It’s better when Erika-chan is there anyway. Ashuu and Miona do nothing but fights all day if there aren’t any other kids around them.” The Hokkaido born chuckled. “Also, don’t hesitate to let me know when your wife is being troublesome like she’s now. I am always available to knock some sense into her workaholic ass.”

Nanase laughed when she saw Mai jokingly punch the side of the guest’s body after the statement.

“Well, now that it’s all settled. I need to go back home before the kids burn this entire tower to the ground, let me know if you need anything, okay?”

“Will do, again, thank you so much.”

Nanami stands up and Mai’s hair messily, “No need to thank me. This one is like my sister, sort of my obligation to take care of her.”

Nanase chatted a bit about stuff regarding the apartment building that they’re living in as she escorted Nanami towards the front door. Reminding her eldest daughter not to make any trouble for Mai’s best friend before letting her go. Her eyes meet the other two daughters as she spun on her heel after closing the door.

“Okay, now let’s take a bath,” she ushered the two girls towards her room, thinking it’s easier to keep a check on both of them and also her wife if they’re all inside the same room.

Good thing that even her youngest is already independent enough to take a bath without needing her to watch over and Momoko should be fine as long she’s not the only one in the bathroom- she still get scared in her own house, so all she had to do is to help them with the soap and shampoo and after that she can basically trust them to soak in their own devices. That doesn’t make her trust them enough to be away from a hearing distance though, often, she’s scared they would fall from the slippery floor.

She furrowed her eyebrow when she found Mai attention focused the tablet screen, fingers typing something.

“Mai- remember Maimai said you need to rest,” she exhaled keeping herself calm enough not to grab the white tablet from her lover’s hands. “Have you eaten the meds that Nanamin bring?”

“I did- Nanamin makes sure that she saw it with her own eyes.” She answered. “My nose is stuffy whenever I lay down. I can’t sleep while sitting, so I’m trying to make myself tired enough to fall asleep.”

“This is not the way,” Nanase muttered, squeezing Mai’s fingers with hers. “Stop working please, for me. I’m sure they will understand.”

“Fine, how do you suppose I spend the day then? Laying down on the bed is really boring,” Mai said, closing the tabs and put the thin device on the nightstand near the bed.

“Well, TVs, DVDs, Netflix,” Nanase pointed at the screen hung on the wall facing the bed, passing the older woman the remote. “I’ll get the kids dressed and after that, we’ll join you.”

Nanase went to the generously sized ensuite bathroom of the room, calling the two girls to go out from the tub, helping them with the towels and outfits. Before leading them out towards the bedroom where Momoko eyes sparked excitedly at the sign of the TV being on.

“Can we watch Dora please please please,” the girl begged to Mai, the mother smiled as she tosses the remote onto her smaller hand.

“So much for a good Netflix show,” she commented, earning slight chuckle out of Nanase who’s helping Yuki to comb her hair while Momoko hands Mai another comb to help her.

“There, all nice and pretty,” Nanase said as she finishes the task, Yuki who’s entire focus is taken by the children shows says nothing, her mouth silently follows the words that instruction that the show has.

Momoko moved closer to the edge of the bed so she can be even more near to the TV once her hair is combed properly, this leaves an empty space next to Mai, which Nanase soon occupies.

As Nanase lies on her side so she can face the sick woman, Mai took this as a chance to snuggles closer onto her, burying her face under’s Nanase’s chin.

“I thought your nose is stuffy if you’re laying down,” Nanase mentioned, fingers slowly tracing the woman’s back.

“Your smell is somehow more effective than a vapour rub.”

“You’re weird,” Nanase noted as she nuzzles her nose on the top of the woman’s head.

“I know, hence I’m asking you to please never leave me because I don’t think anyone else can handle my weirdness.” Nanase could feel Mai’s hot lips pressed against her neck for a second.

“I won’t,” her fingers found Mai’s chin to lift it up so they eyes can meet. “But please control yourself, it will be bad if both of us ended up sick.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Mai laughs come out hoarse, but still, she can tell that the woman is truly amused by the whole situation. “Cuddle me till I’m asleep?”

Nanase nodded, sliding her right arm in the space between Mai’s neck and pillow while her left hands slowly making circles on the woman’s side. Certainly, it wasn’t long until the woman fallen asleep.


Hiii So I'm back with a new OS, this was written over this past few weeks and considering how hectic it has been so it most likely will feel a bit rushed so I'm sorrymasen for that  :cathappy: However, I'm still hoping you will like it soo... Please let me know what you think  :cathappy:

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Re: Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Tender Days [09/10/18]
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I love this, so soft and soothing  :on drink:

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Alone [03/11/18]
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Trigger warning: Character death
Pair: Nishino Nanase X Shiraishi Mai


Nishino Nanase jolted up from her sleep when she heard the crackling feedback sound coming from the headset on her ear. Her right hand raised up to rub her eyes, trying to lure her consciousness back.

"Nanase, are you there?" A voice asked for her.

"Yes, I'm sorry I accidentally fall asleep. Is there anything I can help you with, Shiraishi-san?" She stiffly answered. Her forehead wrinkled when the monitor isn't showing any visual of the caller even though she has turned it on. "Something is wrong with the visual."

"Oh yeah, it's from my side. I'm just not feeling like fixing it now, still a bit exhausted from all the grunt work I did today," the voice gave a low chuckle. "Hey Nanase, could you keep me company for a bit?"

Nishino raised her eyebrows. "Yeah, sure, why not. I mean... I'm here anyway, right?"

She had forgotten when was the last time they have a talk that's not about their job, a year? Two? It's hard to pinpoint the time after they had broken off their relationship.

Shiraishi Mai has always wanted to go to the outer space, where Nishino Nanase is just trying to keep up with her family name, making sure that the child of a famed astronaut is as good as her parents.

Ironic, since everyone and their mothers could probably tell that Nishino Nanase will never live up half of her family name. Well, it used to be a possibility, but that was crushed to the ground after Nanase was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

Seeing how much Mai loved the space, Nanase was starting to worry that the older girl will sacrifice her longtime dream just because she couldn't. And with that in mind, Nishino Nanase decided it's better for them to go a separate way.

"So how is space?" Nanase tried to make a small talk, realising that both of them have been silent for a while.

"Honestly, it's amazing but less exciting than how I always think it would be."

Nanase nodded even though the person wouldn't be able to see her, "what's the verdict, then?"


Both of them laugh for a while, Nanase was the first one who managed to calm down. At that point, she couldn't even remember why did she think that it was funny. "I'm pretty sure, Ikuchan will disagree if she heard that."

"Well, everything is overrated when you're not next to me."

The sentence put Nanase in silence, never did she think that Mai would go back luring her with her sweet words. You see, Nanase has seen a great flirt in action, the one that has a seductive tone which will make people knees goes wobbly. But Shiraishi Mai is different, the way she said it is like saying simple facts, as if the words have no hidden intention underneath it.

"Maiyan, I think this isn't the time," she warned the one on the outer space, her hands slowly glide to move her wheelchair towards the window, gazing up to the night sky. The name sounds strange on her tongue, denoting the long period of time she had to prevent herself from saying it. "Save that when you get home, okay?"

"What can I say, I'm the kind of person who wouldn't waste any of my spare time." When she noticed that Nanase is ignoring her boast, Mai added, "but seriously, it's overrated. Why did I even think about going from the first place."

"Hmm... Only you know the answer to that," Nanase remind the other girl, her tone turned a bit sad. Knowing well it used to be the dreams that both of them could share.

"True." The voice coming from the soft earpads cracks a little, " say Nanase, did you think we had a good run?"

The question pulled Nanase into the time they have spent together, long before the arguments, the misunderstanding, their flawed expectation on each other. Long before that, they were not just a mere lover but also a good friend. Mai has always been there for her, the one that makes her think that going to space can be more just proving the world Nanase could do what her parents did.

Nights they spent sneaking into the facility, eating the cold sandwich in front of rockets, dreaming about the time it would be launched into the sky with them inside.

Back then, it seems like outer space was made for the two of them. A common goal they will reach together. Hand in hand.

"For what it's worth, that was the best relationship I was ever in." She admitted.

"For what it's worth..." Mai repeated the sentence, causing something to move inside of Nanase. Lighting up the guilt and regret once more. "Well this is getting heavy, I'm sorry."

"You really don't need to be." Nanase slowly eased herself.

"How is it like down there?" Mai tried to avert the conversation.

"Just normal I guess, I'm pretty sure it's nothing when you compare it to what you are seeing now." Nanase said, "is the star bigger out there?"

"Trust me is really different than all of those photographs, definitely has no 5 ends either." The one on the other hand joked, earning a laugh from Nanase. "What time is it down there? Have you eaten your dinner?"

Nanase averted her eyes towards the digital clock on her desk, "a little bit past 2 AM. Yes, of course, I have."

"What did you have?"

"Pork stew, Fukagawa-san cook a lot and brought some to the facility." Nanase explained.

"That sounds amazing," the woman on the other end groans, "I'm actually surprised that I haven't puke from eating those foods in the pouch, because let me tell you, it somehow tastes even weirder when you're in the space."

Nanase laughed, "I'll make sure we will welcome you with non-pouch food once you're back in the earth."

"Sounds like a plan I would love." Nanase can imagine the ex-girlfriend smile as she said that. "What are you up to tomorrow?"

"I have the class to teach, but it's late afternoon one, though. After that nothing much. What are you up to tomorrow?"

"Not sure actually, I already did my main task to helped the station to work on their grunt work. But I guess they want me up here for a day or two more just in case something happened."

Nanase nodded, feeling a bit déjà vu as a few years ago they call each other in the midnight often. Funny how back then Nanase is always afraid of her parents finding out that she was staying up talking all night. They don't like that she sacrifices good night sleep just for the sake of talking to her girlfriend.

Not until that minute, Nanase realises that she kind of miss talking to Mai about pointless stuff.

"Nanase, can you tell me a story? I'm really bored."

Nanase sighed, "shouldn't you be using your spare time to rest?"

"Well, let's just make it a bedtime story then."

"What are you 3?" Nanase shook her head. Her brain trying to come up with a story for a while before finally started. "Okay, let's say there's a princess who fell in love with a prince."

"Is this frozen?" Mai teasing is somehow true.

"Well, I'm not exactly a story writer so I can't really come up with something in such a short duration." Nanase replied in annoyance. She could never understand Mai dislikes on the animated film, to begin with, the astronaut has never actually watched it, she just saw the snippet as the song was popular and started to say that it's too overrated. "Besides it's not like you know the whole story."

"Let me bet, it is one of those where love solve all the problem?"

Nanase has wanted to say that it wasn't how it went, but then she re-think the plot and realised how technically Mai is not wrong. "Urgh you're so annoying, I wish they created a button so I can hang up from this conversation."

Mai laughed, "put that on suggestion box."

"Will totally do first thing in the morning," Nanase played along.

"Okay so now that we know you're really bad at decent bedtime story, we shall go back to the boring conversation." Mai proposed, she continued before Nanase could even defend herself. "How's your therapy?"

"Seriously, we're going to talk about it now?"

"I tried to talk to you about it before I left but you ignored me straight away."

"I haven't gone to any session for 2 months now." Nanase looked down to her knees, wondering how many years she has before it becomes jarringly thin like one of those people she saw on the rehabilitation centre. "I know I'm supposed to go, so please keep the lecture to yourself because I've heard enough."

"Nanase it's okay." Mai said, much to the other girl surprise. "They're not you, they don't know how it feels like. Don't push yourself to do anything that you don't feel like doing, okay?"

"I'm not... I mean, I'm totally not pushing myself."

"Good, I'm glad that you do."

Nanase blinked a few times, it seems like after the breakup, she had started to implant this idea that Mai would never care about her wellbeing anymore. Not after she had broken her heart to pieces. Turning her down for many times that she had lost count, all without even telling her the reason why they can't be together anymore.

"Uh okay," Nanase squirmed a bit, feeling lost from the direction of their conversation. "I also hope it works well for you, whatever it is that you're facing out there."

"It's not much, just helping them to fix some stuff. We were having a couple of meteor shower up here. Just one more coming up and then my job is done."

"Sounds good."

"Yup, easy peachy." Mai chuckled. "One thing for sure is space is really overrated, I can confirm you're not missing anything down there. If anything, the only thing that looks beautiful from here is the earth."

Nanase laughed, appreciating how hard Mai is trying to convince her about that. "You've been saying that a lot, so I can't help but agree with you now."

"I'm really happy to hear that. Anyway, approaching the time for the next shower. I'm switching the comm to the space station. That was a good talk, Nanase. Thank you."

The line was cut even before Nanase could give any response. She sighed, wondering to what extent Shiraishi Mai actually thinks that the outer space is less appealing than how she always thought it would be. A part of her knows that the girl just wants to make Nanase feels better because she will never go to space, but a part of her think that might be because of all of the meteor showers that must have been quite a headache for the young astronaut.

Nanase spun the wheels on her chair, heading towards the monitor to check Mai current position. Her eyes followed the movement that the one-person space shuttle is heading, feeling a bit confused on why does it go further from the space station. Isn't it better for Mai to land on the station so she can be on a steadier surface when the next shower strikes?

She pressed the communication button, thinking that maybe Mai got her coordinates wrong. "shuttle 46, you're heading away from the station. Suggesting to turn-back soon. ETA storm breaching station coordinates in 30 seconds."

No replied coming from her headset and the movement of the shuttle is getting faster towards where one of the big-meteor is coming.

With the mass of the rock that the shuttle is trying to face head-on, there are only two options. Letting the rock hits straight into the station, possibly breaking it into half because of the massive force. Or deviates its direction.

That's when it hits Nanase.

Shiraishi Mai isn't trying to avoid the storm, she is trying to push it away with the shuttle. The one with her in it.

"Shuttle 46 do you copy?" Nanase pressed the communication button harshly, hoping that somehow she can still reach the girl and changed her mind. "MAI!"

That was the quickest 30 seconds in Nanase's life. As if the time is being played in fast forward inside the radar and the one inside the earth is slowed down. What's worse is that there's nothing that she can do, not even with additional 5 people who ran inside the communication room on the last 10 seconds, trying to give any support and advise that seems to go to waste as the signal couldn't even reach the shuttle anymore.

It seems like Nanase's finger had frozen in place to keep the button pressed, her mouth repeating Mai's name over and over again despite how it must have been minutes since the data shown the massive increase of temperature in the shuttle.

It wasn't until Takayama Kazumi engulfed her in an almost suffocating hug that Nanase realised that there is nothing else they can do.

Shiraishi Mai is gone.

She doesn't know when she had started to cry, she felt numb, she doesn't even think that her brain was able to process anything that people around her is talking about.

If only Nanase knows this would happen, she would never choose to break their relationship off. She would have let Mai destroy her own dream just because Nanase could never reach hers. She wouldn't have torn down Mai resignation letter in half, wouldn't have begged for the board members to consider sending Mai for the mission, wouldn't have spent their last 10 minutes speaking nonsense.

She would have said goodbye, told her how much she's sorry for breaking her heart, how happy she is that Mai has reached her dream to see the outer space with her own eyes.

Everything has turned into a painful reminder that Nishino Nanase was even trying to avoid her all this time and that was because it was a struggle not to ask her to please let her back into her heart once more.

Nanase sobbed harder, realising the fact that she can never tell Mai that she still loves her is as painful as the fact that she could never talk to her again, see her laughing at random things, getting offended by her dislike of Nanase's favourite shows.

And never before Nanase has ever felt so alone.

~ Fin ~


I'm really sorry I just want to write sad angst so much and somehow spent 8 good hours doing nothing but writing this. And I haven't even reread it so it most likely a whole big mess, but oh well. Let me know if you need tissues

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Blues of Love - Afternoon Blues [20/11/18]
« Reply #26 on: November 20, 2018, 03:44:34 AM »
I'm back with the continuation of the KazuMai in celebration of my upcoming birthday. After a lot of thinking I decided to separate it into 3 parts. Which is basically the morning, afternoon, and night of the valentine's day. I hope you like it  :deco:

Blues of Love
Afternoon Blues

"So, Takayama Kazuya-san, the owner of one of the biggest developer company in the world. I wonder, what makes you interested to bring your fancy tower idea into my small city?" the woman crossed her legs, lips curled into a friendly yet cunning smile.

"Your so city has a low population, low crime rate- sorry to say this, but also, low development. I'm just here to help you make your time as a mayor more-" he halt to build up the momentum with time. "Impactful."

"By creating a first-rate shopping mall in the little green area that we have left? High towers for business and residential areas around the park?" the young mayor voiced her disagreement. "Let's be honest, with the close to nature living that is in trend among the people here, the development will only provoke unnecessary protests."

"Let me tell you something, Sakurai-san," the man cleared his throat. "We are not going to demolish the green area in the city, but instead we are going to expand them. Once the residential area is done, we can start migrating some of the house owners to live there, in returns turning their land into green areas. My architects are the one that has been making a ground-breaking eco-friendly building style. So instead of making the city less eco-friendly, our development will turn the city into a more beautiful place to live."

"And how do I convince the people to not start a protest against your construction? They won't be able to see the result until it is finished."

"We will be completely open with the whole development, we will hold a meeting with the other founding members of the council to explain all of our plans. But it's all comes back to you, you are their visionary leader, their most beloved youth. I think if you support our cause they will also follow you."

Sakurai Reika sighed, looking past the young man where a huge window allows her a view of the small town. She knows the man is right, a change it's probably what the town needs to start attracting small business to be opened again, to increase the low growth of their economy. "How about instead of building almost ¾ of the city at once you start little by little? That way it wouldn't disturb the city so much and that first construction could show them your vision towards this city."

Takayama Kazuya smiled, putting his cup of tea back to the small plate on the table in front of him before holding out his hand. "That would be wonderful, it was nice to talk to you Sakurai-san."

The mayor shook his hand, "likewise, Takayama-san. Say Hi to your fiancé from me."

The man chuckled as both of them walked to the front door, "I will, but wait- do you personally know her? This is the city where she was raised."

"Oh, no. I'm just a fan of her. But yes, she used to be my senpai in senior high school. Not that I talked to her much." She gushed.

"Ah, I see. Well- I have to get going. Maybe someday we can have a dinner together along with Mai too. She cooks amazing food." He said casually, not even looking surprised that Sakurai admitted into admiring his other half, probably that has been a normal occurrence in his life.

"I definitely won't say no to that."

Kazuya gave her another smile before stepping out of the building and went straight into a black luxury sedan where a chauffeur is waiting and opened the passenger seat for him.

"Take me to Haruyama tower," the young man ordered as he scrolled through his mobile phone screen.

The chauffeur gave him a smile through the rear-view mirror, "leaving work early to spend the day with Shiraishi-san today?"

"Well, she skipped half of the fashion week just to be able to spend the Valentine's night here. I know how big those events are for her, so I think this will make it even."

The man who's driving the nodded, "you are a nice man, Takayama-san. If only my daughter will be able to find someone like you."

"Did you say that she has introduced you to her new boyfriend? Did it work out well?"

"Well her current boyfriend steals cars for a living, the one before was a high-school Yankee. Yes, high school since he was too dumb to graduate."

"that sounds bad, I can introduce her with some of my colleague younger brother if she wants." Kazuya flinched. "Oh, before I forget, Mai also mentioned wanting to have her come and join her for a project. She said that Asuka-chan might have a talent for modelling. She's planning to launch a collaboration line and thinks that the theme will fit Asuka-chan perfectly."

"I can't make any promises that she will be willing to come but I will definitely try to persuade her. Thank you so much for everything Takayama-san, I can never thank you enough."

"It's all right, Hashimoto-san."

Hashimoto has always reminded Takayama on how Shiraishi Mai situation is much better than how it could have turned out.

Hashimoto was living a normal life until he got his long-time girlfriend pregnant. His girlfriend's parents were ashamed and basically kicked her out. Hashimoto's family took her in. Their son took responsibility for the baby, but they were among people with the lowest level of the economy. Because of the sudden additional person and another one that was currently on the way to be born, Hashimoto made his choice to stop going to school and work instead.

He can only imagine how hard it must have been for him. Considering it looks hard enough for Nishino, even with the guy family and Shiraishi's family able to put their mistakes as the past and let them go forward.

The young billionaire remembers the time when Nishino break the news to him. He had found his best friend alone on the university's smoker spot. Well, he knows well how the guy prefers a quiet place but never before he has ever seen him around that area, let alone to actually smoke cigarettes.

It was obvious how the freshmen were not used to smoking as he was coughing like crazy after one sip.

"Woa woa take it easy, the thing about smoking is that you do it slowly, so your lungs break just as slow. Not the opposite way." That's what he said. His mind was trying to figure out the perfect sentence to know what made the man suddenly sipping the little poison.

Nishino huffed, eyes looking to the gloomy sky above them before his lips moved. "I am going to be a father."

"Well of course you are. I mean I am pretty sure you can always adopt or maybe in the not-so-distant future they could do something with genetics. So, you know, you and your future lover could have a little Nanao running around."

"I don't think I will need to care about the 'how' ever again." He put the cigarette between his lips again. Taking another sip that thankfully went smoothly than before. "I am really going to have a baby. It's going to be born in 6 months."

Kazuya looked at his best friend with mouth wide opened, waiting for the guy to start laughing and say that he was joking. But as the time pass with pregnant silence, Kazuya realised that he is serious.

Now everything makes more sense. How lately he seemed to be distracted all the time, turning down his offer to hang out on the weekend, the smoking. "Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"It was stupid. We were a bit drunk. I was talking to this girl about how I wish I am straight so my life will be easier. Like no one will call me heterosexuals, not that much difficulty on saying to someone that I like them. Then this girl she was like 'how do you know you were straight?' She asked me if I ever tried being with a girl. I said nope. She mentioned that I can never be sure if I never did it. So, it happened."

"Shit." Kazuya didn't mean to voice that out, yet he ended up saying it louder than his normal volume.

"Yeah. Shit."

Kazuya looked at the guy. Nanao is still looking towards the sky, as if waiting for the brooding clouds to get swept away and reveal the blue sky. He sighed. "I take it you're going to keep the baby?"

"It's not fair for her if I left her just like that." Nishino Nanao nodded, a bitter smile on his lips before he continued. "I asked her whether she wants to keep it or not, assuring her that I will respect no matter what decision she took. Like if she doesn't want the baby, I won't judge her. But if she's keeping it, I will help to raise it. After all, it will be my kid too."

Kazuya nodded in understanding, not actually that surprise of that statement, his best friend is one of the most understanding and respectful person he has ever met. He is also really patient and kind, which is why he knows that even though it sounds too early for him to raise a child, he is sure the young man will be a good father. "May I know who's the mother? Is she someone that I know?"

"Ah, I think you know her but has never spoken to her before. In fact, you've probably heard tons of stuff about her lately."

Kazuya raised his eyebrows, trying to match the little information with a list of women that he knows. Nanao isn't exactly someone who knows a lot of people, women and men alike. Especially for them to get close to him enough to be called a friend. Finally, Kazuya gave up on predicting. "I don't feel like playing the guessing game."

"Its Shiraishi Mai," Nishino Nanao said before sipping the last bit of the cigarette.

It's probably the combination of the really unpredictable name and the smoke that makes Kazuya start coughing relentlessly. Seeing this Nanao to slam the tiny poison to the ashtrays before throwing it into the dustbin.

"Thank you." Kazuya said when he finally calmed down from the coughing fits, "you shouldn't smoke, man. Think about your unborn, surely you'd want them to grow up without worrying about a lung cancer that is haunting their old man."

"Sorry, it's just been rough on me lately." Nanao sighed. "I'll try to keep that in mind, thanks."

"Good. Damn... Thank God you are there for her. It must have been hard, with all the gossips and media making this such a big deal. All those things they're using to call her." Kazuya spoke, remembering the news he had seen far too many times whether it's on the screen or of the screen, never did he guess that his best friend will get involved in something like that.

"Media is most likely the reason why she wants to keep the baby. I am afraid she will regret it later but then it won't be that simple because this is a human that we are talking about."

Kazuya went into silence realising the real meaning of the guy sentence. He knows that deep down Nanao wanted the baby and thinks that the woman who's carrying it might not be as keen as he is.

Nishino Nanao thinks that if not for the media finding out the truth about the pregnancy, Shiraishi Mai wouldn't have wanted to keep the baby. But with the situation, the famous politician's daughter needs to at least try preventing the family's name got tarnished even more. Which by simple logic can be solved by keeping the baby, raising it to show people that she is responsible enough.

Kazuya pats the man's shoulder in assurance. "Then, that would be more reason for you to keep supporting her. She'll need you. I know you out of all the people will be able to do it."

Kazuya blinked a few times, pulling himself to the present time where he sat on the comfortable back seat of his car. His hands were still on his phone, as he was trying to decide whether he needs to give someone heads up or not. He ended up typing a short message to his fiance's manager, asking if it's already okay for him to come or not.

Just before the car passes the building's entrance, the thin device beeped.

No worries. Already notify the reception. We're at the rooftop now. BTW you owe me a dinner at Park Hyatt for this. I'm not that charitable :p

Kazuya rolled his eyes, taking a mental note to notify his secretary to arrange the stuff that the woman demands. Then he looked at the rear-view mirror to speak with the driver properly. "Just drop me off at the front gate. Thanks a lot, Hashimoto-san."

"Always a pleasure, you know how to call me once you're done." The man gave him a bit of a smile as the car smoothly comes to a halt, the sound of a click from the door being unlocked following it.

Takayama Kazuya stepped out, strutting down to the reception table as he played with his tie in hope to make it even tidier.

"Takayama Kazuya-same, we've been expecting you. Please follow me," one of the receptionist said before he could even say anything. She left the counter and started to walk towards the building elevator. Kazuya quickly tailed behind her.

Shiraishi was still in the middle of shooting when he reached the location, the woman is looking in the opposite direction, back facing Kazuya to where the camera is. Her assistant Sayuri gave Kazuya a big smile once he stood next to her.

"Just a bit more. Oh, actually, you can hand her the flower bucket if you want." The assistant offers, both of their eyes moved to a decent sized flower bucket on the table.

"Yup, just approach her with that when that director says that it's the wrap," one of the crews assured him.

However, Kazuya shook his head, "it's fine. That's from you guys. I'll fetch her here once it's done and you will give her the flowers."

The crew nodded in agreement, "that will be good as well."

They observed the activity in front of them in silence, which is basically Shiraishi saying several phrases and walk around a bit with a well-known male actor. Camera following their every move.

Once the director who is sitting on his high chair finally announced the end of the shooting, Kazuya swiftly walked to where his fiancé is. He gave the male actor a little smile, thankfully the man seems to understand the meaning behind it and promptly stepped out of the area.

Shiraishi Mai looked surprised when she noticed that it's her fiancé who stood in front of her. Kazuya briefly glanced at the woman's business attire before his gaze stop on her beautiful face, extending his hand to help her get down from the pedestal that she's standing on.

"If I know you look this good on business outfits, I would have begged to have you work in my office," Kazuya joked as Mai took his hand and stepped down.

She bumped into his side a little bit, her voice came out in a whisper, "what the hell?"

"You skipped half of the fashion week just to be able to spend today with me, so it's only fair I clear half of my schedule on this week to spend the rest of the week with you." He basically repeated the same explanation that he had given earlier.

"That's sweet of you," Mai beamed stopping his movement to pull him into a passionate kiss.

Kazuya smiled into the kiss, cherishing the taste of the Mai's lips.

The building underneath them now was made from the first contract he has ever signed as a developer. In front of them spread a modern yet eco-friendly city with most of the recent buildings was done under the name of his company. Yet somehow all the proof of his ground-breaking career is not as important as the woman that stood in front of him.

"Shiraishi Mai, you make me the luckiest man in the earth."

Mai chuckled, her eyebrows raised at his statement. Realising how the phrase is a bit out of character for him. "I thought we agree that I'm the extra one and you're the realistic one."

"I am not being extra. It's me being realistic. I love you so much." He said. Hand raised to caress the soft cheek. Smiling when he noticed the woman's face redden from the declaration. "I would love to just stand here admiring your beauty for the rest of the day, but we have dinner to go. So, shall we go now?"

~ To Be Continued ~

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Nogizaka46 One-Shots || Blues of Love - Evening Blues [24/11/18]
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Blues of Love
Evening Blues

Kazuya might be one of the most serious people Mai has ever met when it comes to business, but the thing is he’s also incredibly fun. He’s the kind of guy who knows when is the time to joke and when he should not. This time for example, Kazuya had this idea that their dinner should really be a surprise. Meaning that he basically took Mai for a ride in the car with his tie covering the woman’s eyes.

At first, Mai was against the idea, reminding the man that she’s scared of darkness. But Kazuya holds her hand and say that it won’t be long. He had even promised Mai that it will be worth the effort. Which pretty much melted Mai’s objection away.

When the car finally stopped, Kazuya told her to stay put as he opens the door and guides her.

“Is this really necessary?” She protested, her initial thought that what she’s doing is ridiculous has crept back into her mind.

“Come on it’s just a few more seconds.” He said, squeezing her arm in assurance as he led her in the chilly February night. It wasn’t long until he cleared his throat, “okay, here we go.”

When the cover is finally down, Mai blinked a couple of times, eyes quickly adjusting themselves to the well light garden. Eyebrows raised in confusion as she felt a sense of familiarity with the shape of the fence at the back of it, but the white Victorian style gazebo and the well-tended garden are foreign to her.

She turned her body around and saw Kazuya standing with a satisfied smile on his face. The house behind him pretty much confirms Mai suspicion about their surroundings.

Mai smiled along with him, “so you did the backyard.”

“You’ve mentioned it a couple of times about wanting to plant some flowers and trees, so it’ll look better than just a flat ground. Considering the wedding coming up, I was thinking that it might be good to have a family dinner out in the garden. So, I call up some people and voila.” Kazuya explained. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Of course, I do, this is perfect,” Mai said as she landed her lips on the man cheek.

Kazuya smiled as he took her hand, together, they walked side by side towards the gazebo. Where a table with two chairs is set in the middle. Another table stood not far, several cloches neatly arranged on top of it.

As Mai sits at one of the chairs, Kazuya grabbed one of the serving pans and put it on the table. His hand moved to open it and reveal several rice paper rolls complete with the dipping sauce. “I was wondering what to do for this Valentine, as lately we’ve been out frequently and try many restaurants. Then I realised that maybe, this time I can re-do our first valentine.”

“Uh- do you mean the one at Paris where you forgot to reserve a seat?”

“No that’s technically like the second one. We haven’t even dated each other in the first one. Remember that time, you were having this really bad cold and had to stay home, Nanao was being Nanao and getting worried for you so I volunteer to watch over you for the day. That was also the first time you have to let Momoko sleepover at her papa for more than two nights because you were contagious.” Kazuya reminds her. “That was valentine’s day.”

Mai grabbed one of the rolls, dipping it on the sauce before putting it inside her mouth. Her head nodded in approval of the taste that she knows well.

“I really didn’t know that it was valentine’s day. If I know I would have told you to go and spend the day somewhere else, must have been devastating that you had to watch over a whiny girl instead.”

Kazuya laughed, finishing the food inside his mouth before giving a response. “It was all worth it, that was the time I get to know a lot about you.”

Mai feels the heat rising up from the statement. She put more food in her mouth instead, hoping that Kazuya wouldn’t notice the faint blush on her cheeks.

Just a simple gratitude wouldn’t suffice how much Mai appreciate what Kazuya has done. The man was one of a few that didn’t judge her for what she did, even though he has every reason to. He loves Momoko not just because she’s a child of the woman he loves. He truly cares for her daughter and will gladly spend his time with her.

Sometimes, Shiraishi Mai wonders about her lucky she is to have the people around her. That thought provokes a smile in her lips. Eyes gazing at the features of the man in front of her, which is now busy with his fettuccine to notice. The ambience of the garden is perfect, the small fountain in the newly established pond is easy to the ears. It’s not too quiet but not loud either.

Mai started to wonder what kind of arrangement will be good for their wedding dinner. The Gazebo that they’re in is big enough to have 8 of the tables they’re in now. Or they can change it into a long table instead, putting the two families face to face through the night seems like a good idea to get acquainted with each other too.

“What are you smiling about?” Kazuya finally noticed when they got to their desert. Which consists of a perfect serve of matcha pudding with a soft serve of kumquats adorning its top. Combination of their favourite dessert that he had it specially made by one of Mai’s chef that specialises in the desert.

“Nothing much, I’m just thinking about what kind of arrangement will fit to host a wedding dinner here.”

“Actually, it was just a suggestion. We don’t have to do it here if you don’t want to. We can always do it in one of the hotels around instead.”

Mai looks at the man with fondness. “No, that is a brilliant idea. I love it. I don’t want it to be too open for the public eye. For once I want something for myself. Without all of those cameras and media tailing me around.”

Kazuya nodded as if he already predicted that is what she wants. “Okay then. We can still get an event organiser to help you with stuff. I’ll make sure they aren’t going to put your name for publicity or sell pictures of our house furniture for all to see.”

That kind of gesture. One where it feels like he can read her easily, knowing all her worries and coming up with something to get through that.

That’s one of the main reasons why the man is really the one that she needs.

Because of the nature of their dinner, both of them helped each other to bring all those plates back inside the house afterwards. Earlier before, when Mai was busy getting ready for the night in the shower, Kazuya sneakily had someone coming over to bring all the food and help with the plating. But that’s all the help they can get for the night.

After they did the dishes. Mai had jokingly remarked that it’s kind of a ridiculous turns out of event considering she’s wearing $1200 dress and Kazuya himself also wear a nice evening suit which is even more expensive as she had requested a well-known tailor to made so it fits his slender form.

To her surprise, suddenly Kazuya splashed her with a bit of excess water in his hand after he washes them.

“You’re a nightmare for designer clothing,” Mai chuckled, as she saw the small droplets of water on her dress. She had tried her best to have it spotless during the entire dishwashing activity and the guy had just ruined all the effort she has given.

Kazuya smiled, rolling down his sleeve that was up before. “Whoops.”

“Valentino will cry if he knows that you got his stuff wrinkled like this.”

“You will be the one at fault, I did suggest using a hoodie tonight.”

Mai jokingly punches his shoulder, “well yeah, did not expect that we will end up in our own home. Why did you even try to drive around and acted like we’re going somewhere else, again?”

“Because you love surprises?” Kazuya teased the woman, a hand reached up to undo the hair tie that Mai used whenever she does the dishes. His hand lingers when the soft tresses fell down, gently combing the hair with fingers, tucking in the stray at the back of her ears.

“I love surprising people, not being the one getting surprised.” Mai corrected him. “Seriously, if you don’t stop pulling a trick, I will die young from a heart attack.”

“Now you’re just being dramatic,” he chuckled.

Mai pouted cutely. Taking a step closer to pull him into a hug. “Thank you.”

She closed her eyes. Inhaling the scent that she has grown to love over the last couple of years, merely enjoying their physical touch as she rested her head on his shoulder, smiling when she can feel him starting to sway them gently.

“Do you know how amazing you are?” He whispers, head turning slightly so he can meet her eyes. “You’re one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. Your dedication in raising Momoko while balancing your job. The patience you have when you handle her and the never-ending questions. You really are something, do you know that?”

Mai shook her head, “I’m… not. I didn’t want Momoko before I feel her skin on mine. I considered not having her for too many times to count. I got angry often. Sometimes drink more than I should. I’m the lucky one to have you on my side.”

Kazuya uses his thumb to trace the woman’s jawline. “No one is perfect, Mai. It’s okay to make mistakes once in a while.”

“See? This is why I’m the lucky one,” Mai chuckled, pulling him into a gentle kiss for a while. “Nanao and I only did what we had to. But you stayed with us through the whole ordeal. Convinced him that Momoko is lucky to have her father no matter the gender of the person he fell in loves with. Telling me that I’m doing all right at my lowest state. You and Nanao have become an important person in my life. One is the father of my child and the other being the love of my life.”

“Okay, I surrender, you’re better than me when it comes to words.” He said. At that point their foreheads are pressed against each other, both laughing nervously every now and then from the lack of distance. “But at least I did win in impressing you today, am I?”

She acted like she’s thinking for a moment, “considering that last year we spent Valentine's night eating McDonald so yeah this one is pretty impressive.”

“Hey, it wasn’t really my fault. We were in the airport and you don’t feel like eating any other food that you are not familiar with. I was just trying to keep you and Momoko healthy through the entire trip.”

“By eating junk food?” Mai teased

“Well, you’re the one who said you’re not sure about the deep-fried Vietnamese food. The other option was either McDonald or local fried chicken. You, my darling, were too sceptical about the quality of the local fried chicken food there.”

Mai laughed at how weird the sweet callings sounds when Kazuya said it. “Yes, it was my fault. But still, that was valentine’s day.”

“I feel like Momoko appreciate my choice more that night,” Kazuya frowned childishly.

“It was her first McDonald so yeah, most likely.” Mai nodded. “Wait you didn’t take her to any of the junk food chains during my trip, right?”

“No, ma’am. We only ate healthy food as per your instruction.” He reported. “To be fair, that girl will choose yakiniku over popular American food chain, so you really have nothing to worry about.”

Mai smiled, “again, thank you for taking care of her.”

Kazuya shook his head. Placing both of his hands on her shoulders, making a distance between them so he can face her properly. “You don’t need to say that, we are going to be married right? I would love to be her father too, taking care of her because she’s also my daughter.”

“You need to stop before I get emotional and cry.”

Kazuya smiled, pulling her close once more, his lips starting to shower the beautiful face with kisses. “Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better now with the hangover. Seeing what happened this morning, I put the wine bottle back in the cellar.”

“Ouch, sorry. Even though we were looking forward to tasting that one.” Mai apologised.

Kazuya shrugged. “Things happens, no need to be sorry about it.”

Her mind goes to a bottle of fancy wine she had gotten as an engagement gift from her parents. They have this agreement where they won’t touch alcohol whenever Momoko is around, afraid that the influence will put them in a bad position with the young girl. Because of that they have been waiting for the day where both of them will be home and Momoko will be at her father's.

Of course, Mai and recklessness destroyed that plan. After what happened the night before, right now touching alcoholic beverages is something she has to avoid for at least a couple of days. Putting into account that Momoko will back tomorrow means they will have to wait at least for a week to finally taste the well-aged Italian wine.

Mai pouted, feeling even more disappointed at herself.

“Oh, come on. I assure you we can spend the night doing something better than drinking,” Kazuya assures her. One of his hands is at her back, while the other is rubbing a comforting circle on her shoulder.

“Can you give me an example of that?”

Kazuya hummed. Considering the options for a while before finally said. “Well, we got Netflix… Or…”

“Or?” Mai flirted.

“Isn’t this the part where you said you’ve prepared a surprise for me?”

She laughed. “Oh, should I be the one taking control now?”

“From the way, I observed you at work today I can see that you’re quite the boss.” Kazuya kisses her lips. “I’d like to see more of that Shiraishi Mai.”

Mai broke their kiss, catching her breath as she slowly led the man towards where their bedroom is. Once the door closed behind them, her hand took Kazuya’s with hers, guiding it to find the zipper on the side of her dress.

She leaned forward, lips an inch away from his ear but not touching, “well my love, if you insist.”

~ Fin ~

That concludes the mini saga of KazuMai love story. YEAY!!! I hope you like it  :wub:

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