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Author Topic: Eccentric (TechiNeru+) <DROPPED> - Thank You For Reading, a Summary  (Read 64631 times)

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Checkpoint 27.5 (Feb. 12, 2018)]
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techineru moment at the end made me scream HEHE

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Checkpoint 27.5 (Feb. 12, 2018)]
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It has been a strange entrance of Techi and Neru.
I guess it will make sense later.
Thank you very much for posting!

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Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Interlude 5 + OS (Feb. 27, 2018)]
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So, this is the point where I apologize for not updating for the last two weeks or so. Ahhhh! I'm sorry! This is the official (finally) end of Yuuka's arc, meaning I can finally put that label on, and this update will also have some one-shots attached. Really, I'm sorry for the wait. This is a light update too. Ah...

@Minami-chan: Thank you for reading! TechiNeru's strange entrance. Well, the secrets behind that might be covered in a future interlude, but in case I don't cover it. The truth is, they just overslept.
@mooza: Huhu, TechiNeru is great.
@four4four: The journey of Aoi... tomorrow... Tomorrow, it'll start. I tell myself I'll write it now.

Interlude 5

At the first moment that Yonetani Nanami met Nagahama Neru, she felt that she couldn’t be friends with the girl. Even with that awkward and guilty smile that appeared on the late arrival’s face, Yone couldn’t like Neru.

After that first quiz that the class took after Neru’s arrival, Yone felt even more wary about Neru. The organism-loving girl’s first impression of the new girl was just a gut reaction, but after the quiz, a prideful part of her felt upset to have tied with someone on first place.

Yone and Neru talked, introducing themselves to each other, calling each other ‘Yonetani-san’ and ‘Nagahama-san’ somewhat awkwardly.

Yone let the words out of her mouth, “I don’t think I can get along with you.”

“Oh…” Neru deflated.

Even though Yone wanted to convey her feelings directly to not hide away her distrust, she felt a little bad, “Nagahama-san, sorry.”

“No, it’s okay, Yonetani-san.”

When Neru went back toward Yurina, Yone couldn’t help but watch after the new girl. She kept feeling like she had been too harsh. When Neru was accused of theft and antagonized by Risa, Yone couldn’t stand up for her at all.

Yet, in the end, Neru proved herself to be a good person, getting stabbed protecting her new classmates during a confrontation with the real thief.

Yone watched as Risa later talked to Neru and added the girl to the class LINE. The organism-loving girl sighed. She hadn’t talked to Neru since her original declaration of incompatibility, but somehow, even the slightly delinquent-like Watanabe managed to get past her original misgivings.

The softer Watanabe, Berika, noticed Yone’s expression and asked, “Yone, are you okay?”


“You should talk with her.”

Yone wondered why she was getting this advice from Berika of all people. Yet, she couldn’t deny that the simplest thing to do was to talk with Neru, get to know the other girl better.

The library was quiet. It was about a week after Neru had gotten stabbed. Yone browsed through the reference books, searching for some math books. Although the Keyaki class was very loose on homework assignments, the girls had still been assigned some.

Yone got her math book and walked over to the tables when she noticed Neru sitting and studying as well. Neru still had a bandage over her hand.

“Hey, can I sit here?” Yone spoke.

Neru nodded, a little surprised, “Oh, go ahead, Yonetani-san.”

Together, they worked silently. It was awkward, and Yone kept taking glances at Neru reading. No matter how much time passed, neither one spoke to the other.

Even as Yone realized that she forgot her eraser and Neru lent her own to Yone, they didn’t really talk at all.

Neru was about to say something, “U-”

However, Yone coincidentally started as well, “Na-”

Both girls fumbled over their words, gesturing for the other to speak first. In the end, neither ended up speaking. Quiet reigned their section of the library work space until they had to return to the dorms.

As Yone entered the dorm room, she received a message from Nagasawa Nanako. Reading it, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Then, the organism loving girl had a revelation, “Wait… am I worse at communication than Berika?”

As Yone found herself somehow always skirting around a proper talk with Neru, she didn’t know how to feel when Tsuchida-sensei paired her up with Neru for gym class on a whim. They were doing stretches.

“Nagahama-san… Hi.” Yone greeted Neru.

Neru greeted Yone, “Hi, Yonetani-san.”

Their greetings were so terrible that Risa sent a sharp look of ‘what in the world’ toward them, to which her partner, the other Watanabe, quietly made her stop.

Neru and Yone started doing partner stretches. They were quiet. It was like a repeat of the recent library experience all over again, but it was in gym class instead of a library.

Yone asked, “How’s your hand?”

“It’s getting better.” Neru responded, waving her injured hand a little.

Yone sighed, “...I’m sorry.”

Neru raised her eyebrows in confusion, “You don’t need to apologize for anything? It’s not like you stabbed me.”

“No, no, not for that.” Yone shook her head, “It’s… um… what I said back then.”

“It’s okay. I was the suspicious new girl, so…”

“That doesn’t make what I said okay. You’re really nice, and I judged you before I even knew you. I’m really sorry.”

“I forgive you for it.”


“How about you treat me to something as an apology? Then, everything can be good.”

Yone reluctantly agreed, “Okay.”

They finished up their stretches, still communicating clumsily, but it was a start. Yone hoped that one day, they would be able to become friends.

—Enemies to friends, and friends to enemies.
“Do you want a bite?”
“No, it’s okay.”

Knock, knock. A cool, early summer night found Yonetani Nanami knocking at her friends’ door. From the inside of the dorm room, Neru opened the door and welcomed Yone in.

“Yone-san, thanks for coming.” Neru’s roommate, Yurina, greeted Yone.

Neru asked Yone as she led the organism loving girl to the place in their dorm room where they were ready to spend a night studying, “Do you want some tea? We have snacks prepared already.”

A pile of notebooks, textbooks, and practice problems stood next to some snacks and juice boxes. Yurina was reluctant to sit down, wanting to run away from the evil studying, but with the class’s top scorers next to her, looking at her earnestly, the short haired girl couldn’t do anything else but condemn herself to looking at those incomprehensible equations on paper.

Yone smiled as she saw Yurina’s expression.

“Yurina-chan, let’s do our best.” Neru said.

The short haired girl nodded, “Yea.”

Watching the roommates’ exchange, Yone had a feeling that there was something strange going on. However, she also felt oddly relaxed at the harmony between them.

Yone wondered aloud, “What are we studying tonight?”

Neru responded, “The first test is history, right? We should probably start there.”

They retrieved the history books from the pile and laid them out, ready to study. From there, the three girls spent the night chatting, eating snacks, and studying. By the time Yone left to go back to her own room, Yone felt exhausted from laughing and smiling even though she should felt exhausted from studying instead.

<YUUKA> fin
To be continued...

Perhaps it's weird to end an arc there. However, Yone's interlude really does drop in with the time frame of Yuuka's arc. Don't think too much about it? Tehehe?

One-shots this time include: Really gay MonaRisa, Monta needs to throw chestnuts at Dani, letters from Yuichanzu.

Steal Your Heart

Red lasers showed up in the phantom thief’s eyes, making a web of security around the glass case holding the large diamond. The museum was dark. The footsteps of the security guard were silent, the flashlight wielding person having missed the thief and already moved onto watching over another part of the building.

The thief slinked through the laser web like a cat and reached the case. Taking out a special tool, she stealthily lifted the case, removing the diamond and replacing it with a fake. That would suffice for when the security guard came back.

She tugged the diamond into her pouch and snickered to herself. Yet another success for the Phantom Thief Mona. Tucking her calling card into a corner that would only be searched when morning came and the staff found out about the theft, the thief started to leave.

That was when the lights turned on, white flooding into her eyes.

The detective, Watanabe Risa, ran into the room with a Hirate-Nagahama police pair, “Stop right there, Mona! You’re under arrest!”

“Faster than usual, Risa-sama.” Mona gave the trio a cat-like smirk behind her black masquerade mask.

“You’ve been caught this time. I’ll have you give back everything you’ve stolen.”

“Okay, okay. I surrender.” Mona began raising her black gloved hands in defeat. That was when she suddenly dropped a pair of smoke bombs. “Just kidding.”

Smoke filled the room temporarily. A grappling hook attached to a string went flying up to a ceiling support near a window, and as the smoke cleared, the thief was already on her way up to the window.

Mona crouched near the ledge of the window, casually retrieving a tool from her pouch and broke through the window, exiting onto the roof of the museum. She felt that it was a shame that she couldn’t see the adorable look of frustration that must have appeared on Risa’s face at the thief’s victory, but there were more chances to rile up the detective.

The thief noticed the law enforcement trio hurrying to get up to the rooftop, but she was already on the roof. She sighed, tapping on her headset and looking up to the clear night sky.

In that moment, a helicopter appeared. The ladder unravelled down to Mona, and the thief quickly started up the ladder to get into the helicopter. At the same time, Risa reached the roof, panting, her hair slightly disheveled from her rush.

Mona found the redness on Risa’s cheeks to be rather cute.

“Stop right there!” Risa called out. “Receive your punishment!”

“I’d be willing to be punished by you… in the bedroom, but I guess I’d rather punish you instead.” Mona grinned as she made her getaway on the helicopter. She blew a kiss to the detective, “Adieu, until later. Maybe I’ll steal your heart next.”

Shida Manaka walked on the warm sidewalks, yawning lightly to herself. Last night was a fun time, stealing a diamond and all. No one recognized her in her civilian outfit, but her grand heist last night was plastered all over the news. She reached a small little coffee shop owned by her friend, Kobayashi Yui or Yuipon, who was actually her accomplice and helicopter pilot.

Ring-a-ling. Manaka entered the shop.

To her surprise, at the counter, there was a police pair already there. Yuipon looked a bit troubled, and the accomplice girl shot Manaka a look and mouthed, ‘Help me.’

Manaka casually sauntered over to the counter and took her own seat. The police pair was the detective, Watanabe Risa, and another investigator by the name of Oda Nana who fell in love with Yuipon two weeks ago. The thief was surprised to see her not-really-nemesis, but she knew that as long as she acted natural, Risa wouldn’t realize who she was.

“Yuipon, what’s up.” Manaka greeted Yuipon.

Yuipon shrugged, “Nothing much. What do you want to order?”

“Some black coffee.” The thief replied. She noticed Risa’s curious gaze and wanted more attention from the detective.

Yuipon commented but proceeded to start a pot anyways, “That’s unusual.”

“But anyways, how was it last night? You know… between you and Zuumin.” Manaka winked, laughing innerly, “Neighbors didn’t complain? Zuumin on top? I bet you two went at it for the who-”

Oda Nana deflated and blushed before deflating again at the thief’s words. Half of it was actually a lie since Yuipon was helping with criminal activity the night before, but the other half was something up to the imagination.

“Stop talking about that!” Yuipon sputtered, embarrassed, causing Oda Nana to deflate even more.

Risa gave Manaka’s antics a small smile as she rubbed the half-dead Oda Nana’s back. The detective coolly sipped her coffee and looked at the thief out of disguise, wondering why Manaka seemed so familiar.

“You’re familiar with Kobayashi-san. Maybe you can convince Oda Nana to stop being a stalker.” Risa chatted up Manaka. “What’s your name?”

“Shida Manaka. How about you, detective?” Manaka asked. She felt that it was funny that as a thief and detective, they had known each other for three years now, but this was the first time that they’d introduced themselves outside of a heist situation.

“Watanabe Risa.”

“Hey, coffee’s ready.” Yuipon interrupted the conversation by placing down a cup of black coffee in front of Manaka.

Manaka picked up the cup and started drinking her coffee. Rather, she tried. Firstly, it was hot. Secondly, it was bitter. Taking just one drop of it in her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and grumbled that it was bitter and too hot. Thus, she asked Yuipon for sugar and cream, turning it into a milky drink with some coffee flavoring.

Risa smiled.

In the backroom of a villain’s lair, a certain conversation occurred. It wasn’t as much a lair as a normal condo. It wasn’t a backroom as much as the kitchen. Nonetheless, a conversation was occurring.

“I’m in love.”

“That’s great.”

“No, I’m seriously in love.”


“Yuipon, don’t treat me like Oda Nana.”

“Why don’t you just kidnap her? You always say things like that when we’re in the middle of escaping.”

The sky was a bit cloudy that night. Phantom Thief Mona hit the art auction auctioning off a highly valuable painting, and as soon as the police got news of that, Watanabe Risa was on the scene. To her surprise, the painting was unmoved, and even with the testing from an expert who had been brought along, it looked like the main item of interest hadn’t been stolen.

Thus, the group that was trying to find Mona headed out on a search and patrol. A small group was left around the painting, and the detective headed off on a patrol as well.

Walking alone in the dark with only a flashlight, Risa felt a chill run up her spine. There was no one around, which made her wonder if the thief was really going to come. She shook her head. It was better for Mona not to come since crime was a bad thing, but Risa had a bit of a soft spot for the thief.

Another cat-like girl also popped up in the detective’s mind as she pondered about her rival. Recently, she had become somewhat close to a girl named Shida Manaka who she met in a coffee shop. Risa didn’t usually stop by there, but she had gone because of her friend Oda Nana’s urgings. Now, she was a bit of a regular, although the main goal wasn’t the coffee.

Suddenly, Risa heard a swoosh behind her.

“Mo-” The detective turned and found Mona.

The thief kissed her index finger and put it on Risa’s lips to silence Risa, “Sorry, Risa-sama, I’m stealing you away this time.”

Before the detective could say anything else, the thief tied Risa up with a funny contraption and tied a soft cloth around Risa’s mouth to make sure that the detective didn’t make any loud sounds. More than anything, Risa was confused. Then, Mona knocked the detective out.

“You’ve really become a criminal this time. When you said you were getting the big prize…”

Watanabe Risa woke up slightly uncomfortable. She wasn’t in a damp, dark cave. Rather, she was in a nice room. However, she was also stuck on a chair, her wrists tied together with cloth that also tied to the chair.

“You’re awake, Risa-sama.” A voice spoke.

Risa noticed the thief, “Mona…? What? Wait, you kidnapped me.”

“Yes, I did.”


Mona took a seat on Risa’s lap, draping over the detective like a cat, playing with Risa’s short hair. Breathing in the thief’s scent, Risa felt herself get a little embarrassed; she could also feel the thief’s warmth. This was the closest they’d ever gotten.


“I wanted to have you.”

The detective was wordless.

“I’m a thief. If I want something, then I steal it. Isn’t that how it works?” Mona explained, “I wanted to steal you away, so I did. Isn’t that fine?”

“You do know that stealing is a crime, right? Kidnapping is even worse.” Risa sighed.



“You have pretty hair, Risa.”

“I guess I use nice shampoo.” Risa blushed as Mona continued to play with her hair,“You smell nice too.”

At those words, the thief also got a little embarrassed.

Risa asked, “Can you untie my hands?”

Unexpectedly, the thief undid the cloth that was holding Risa’s wrists. Despite acting cool and aloof sometimes, Mona seemed eager to please. She didn’t get off from Risa’s lap and gave Risa a smile.

The thief leaned in for a quick kiss. Risa didn’t reject it, so Mona felt giddy with excitement.

“I like you.” Smiling brightly, the thief asked, “Can I steal your heart away?”

She went for another kiss. Slipping in a bit of tongue into Risa’s mouth, the thief felt her mask brush against Risa’s face. Hearing the detective’s soft moan, Mona’s mind went into overdrive. They only stopped kissing for air.

“Stealing my heart away…” Risa murmured, looking at the thief with mixed feelings.

The thief came in for another kiss, and she began to unbutton Risa’s top. Kissing deeply and barely coming up for breath, Mona’s heart raced. Her kisses began to trail down Risa’s jaw, to the detective’s pure collarbone where the thief decided to nibble, eliciting soft groans.

In a way, the detective would have like to lose herself in a night with the thief, wrapping her arms around Mona. However, she grew more and more aware of the mask covering Mona’s face even as a haze covered her mind.

“Stop.” Risa said.

Mona stopped in her actions, freezing at the look on the detective’s face.

“Take off your mask, and… stop being a thief.” Risa stated.

“...I can’t.” Mona looked away. The cowardly part of her wasn’t ready to give up her secret identity, to make it so that Risa could arrest her for her previous crimes. She realized that they didn’t have enough trust between them.

“Then, I won’t give you my heart.” Risa pushed the thief away. She frowned, “What? Will you steal it away forcibly?”

“No…” Mona shook her head and she got up to leave. “I’ll just leave then. You can leave… whenever you want. The door’s unlocked.”

Kobayashi Yui sighed as she looked at her friend, Manaka, who had her head down on the counter of her coffee shop. Manaka’s eyes were puffy and red from crying. This wasn’t an unexpected outcome for the thief’s antics, but it was probably the first time in a while that Manaka had received a backlash for them.

Ring-a-ling. Someone entered the coffee shop.

Yuipon saw the detective who was always chasing Mona around enter. Risa had light bags under her eyes as if she hadn’t slept well, and she looked rather disoriented.

Risa took a seat next to Manaka at the counter, and she ordered a coffee from Yuipon. When the detective took a seat, the thief out of disguise twitched ever so slightly. However, Risa wasn’t in the condition to really think about that.

“Bad day?” Risa asked Manaka.

“Yea…” Manaka nodded.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“...I… I confessed to the person I like, but… I’m not dedicated enough. I don’t treasure her enough. I didn’t want to give up my bad habits, so…”

“That person… I don’t know about that person, but I think that you’re sweet. She should at least give you a chance.”

“Thanks.” Manaka averted her gaze, knowing that she was about to start crying again. She got up from her seat and ran away, “I-I have to leave now.”

The detective could only watch as the girl left the coffee shop. Risa wasn’t sure what she had done wrong, but she let out another sigh. Her ordered coffee had arrived. Thanking Yuipon for the coffee and paying for it, Risa lost herself in thoughts.

As Risa pondered to herself, from nowhere, a black envelope floated down next to her. The envelope had Phantom Thief Mona’s calling card on it.

Risa quickly opened it to read, and her expression straightened out to a determined one.

“I don’t understand her. Telling me this type of thing...”

Wind blew by on the rooftop. The sky was clear tonight, the moon a half of what it could be but still shining brightly. There were no clouds in sight, and even the stars that usually hid away due to the light pollution of the humans seemed to glitter lightly in the back.

Watanabe Risa walked onto the rooftop, and she spotted a masked figure at the other end. As she approached that figure, the figure, the thief, Mona, starting walking toward the detective as well. They stopped with a little less than two meters between them.

“I love you.” The thief greeted the detective.

Risa nodded, “I know.”

“You didn’t bring anyone else along. To arrest me.”

“This is a personal meeting. Even if we’re detective and thief, I’m putting that aside right now.” Risa boldly declared, “To be honest, I like you too.”

“Eh…?” Somehow, Mona got flustered.

“I like you, Manaka.”


The detective walked up to the thief. She wrapped her arms around the thief’s neck and leaned in for a kiss. At some point, she removed the thief’s mask. “This time, let me steal your heart.”

Office Life

Lunchtime in the office was a time for everyone to relax. The office workers either went out to grab a bite with their friends or ate their bentos at their cubicles. Suzumoto Miyu finished compiling a folder of important papers for an overseas project proposal and sent an email to her supervisor.

The short haired woman had recently cut her hair, prompting her co-workers to ask if she had a heartbreak occur, but this office lady didn’t have any romance in her life. She wore a normal suit, forgoing the classic office lady pencil skirt for pants. The heels on her shoes added onto her height. Once in a while, she put on glasses when she forgot her contact lenses, but all in all, she didn’t pretty herself up for romance and made herself presentable for her own pleasures only.

Suzumoto took out her homemade bento and said a word before starting to eat.

As Suzumoto’s cooking was always meticulously arranged, her co-workers would often drop by to filch a bite. It was the cutely cute octopus weiner side dish or the tamagoyaki. It could be a bit of soup from her thermos. It could even be the desserts that she would bring once in a while. However, it was never the chestnuts. No one touched the chestnuts.

“Miyu~” The worst offender of food-theft made her appearance, rolling over on her chair.

This was Oda Nana, constant stalker of the CEO Imaizumi’s secretary, Kobayashi Yui. To Suzumoto’s chagrin, Oda Nana was also her neighbor—both in Suzumoto’s apartment complex and in the cubicles of the office.

Oda Nana reached over to grab a piece of tamagoyaki, which was right next to Suzumoto’s beloved chestnuts. Suzumoto sent a sharp look toward Oda Nana for even daring to come near her chestnuts. Oda Nana didn’t notice Suzumoto’s look at all as she chewed the tamagoyaki happily.

“Miyu, you’re a great chef.” Oda Nana praised, “You’d be a great wife.”

Suzumoto replied half-heartedly, “Thanks.”

The two spent a few minutes eating quietly. Halfway through the meal, Suzumoto realized that Oda Nana was completely leeching off of her. She had gotten so used to this glutton next to her that the size of her bento had gradually increased to include a portion for Oda Nana. The increased chestnuts were still Suzumoto’s though.

As they were eating, the manager Ozeki popped in grinning, “We’re going out drinking tonight! Everyone’s free right?”

The people in the office at the moment made varying sounds of commitment. Suzumoto and Oda Nana nodded as well. After work drinking parties were just a part of office life. If someone didn’t go, they could miss out on a promotion. Although, in this company, missing the drinking party wasn’t a big deal.

Ozeki spotted Kobayashi Yui walking by, “How about Yuipon?”

Kobayashi shook her head with a smile, “Ah, sorry. I have plans tonight.”

Shida lazily snickered, sliding out on her office chair, sitting on it backwards, “Haha, probably spending the night with Imaizumi right? Enjoy yourselves.” She made a few suggestive movements with her hands.

“No comment.” Kobayashi replied somewhat flustered with an embarrassed expression on her face.

After Ozeki finished chatting up the office workers, she quickly left. Everyone knew that she was going out to chat with the tiny university student that worked part-time during later lunch hours at a food stand outside. The office workers had covertly promised each other that they would cover for their clumsy manager if she forgot to come back to work.

“Yuipon is so cute.” Oda Nana let out a longing sigh.

Suzumoto huffed at Oda Nana’s melting expression, “Treat me to a few drinks tonight in exchange for eating my food.”

“Okay, sure.” Oda Nana nodded, still looking toward Kobayashi’s direction dreamily.

“I’m holding you to that.”

“Hm, I got it.”

Knowing that she wouldn’t get a better response from the distracted Oda, Suzumoto went back to eating, somewhat annoyed. At least she had her chestnuts.

Work was out. Since the company had recently finished a large project, there wasn’t much of a need to pull all-nighters or extreme overtime hours. The office workers went out to a bar to grab a drink and some dinner, side dishes to go with the alcohol.

The sky became dark soon enough. The place that the workers were in was lit a yellow light, creating a drunk ambience. Everyone ordered their drinks and food and ate. Soon enough, they were just sipping at their alcohol and chatting.

The workers noticed that their manager Ozeki had only taken a sip or two of alcohol the whole night.

Habu asked, “Oze, you’re not drinking tonight?”

The manager’s eyes darted back and forth as she explained suspiciously, “Uhhh, actually, I have plans tonight.”

“You invited us out thou-” Shida who had been drinking suddenly made a realization, “Oh, I get it. A date. Our Oze-manager got a date! And she doesn’t want to be drunk!” Afterward, she started laughing, slapping the person next to her with laughter.

Oda Nana clapped, “Congratulations!”

“H-hey, cut it out.” Ozeki scratched the back of her head in embarrassment.

Shida gave Ozeki a thumbs-up after she finished laughing, “Congrats.”

“Thanks.” Ozeki smiled and returned the thumbs-up in the Ozeki style. “Yey.”

“When do you have to go?” Harada asked curiously.

“Actually… right now!” Ozeki jumped to her feet, nearly spilling over her drink in a panic, as she looked at her watch. She fumbled to put on her jacket and mumbled, “I hope Rina doesn’t get mad at me if I’m late…” Hurriedly, she left, “See you tomorrow!”

“See you.” Suzumoto said.

Everyone waved the manager goodbye. Once Ozeki left, they returned to chatting about random things and drinking.
Shida let out a sigh, ears red, signalling that she was drunk, “Young love. Ozeki’s romance. That’s cute.”

“You’re younger than Ozeki.” Suzumoto asked, sipping some chestnut flavored beer, “What, something wrong?”

“You know that Saitou Kyoko girl? Risa’s been mad at me since I apparently flirt with Saitou a lot.” Shida sighed, taking another gulp of alcohol, “I was just talking about ramen with her, you know? But I can’t go home right now.”

“Huh.” Suzumoto made a noise.

Moriya jabbed Shida and said, “You should just go home and apologize to Risa.”

Shida pouted, eyes becoming teary, “I don’t want to.” She wanted to make up with her wife, but she didn’t want to apologize.

“Hypnosis then?” One of the co-workers suddenly suggested.

“What’s with that?” Suzumoto asked, not believing in hypnosis.

The co-worker shrugged, taking out a coin on a string, “I found a cool thing online. Here, I have it in my pocket. Want me to show you?”

“Try it on Oda Nana.” Shida said offhandedly. “Tell her to kiss Monta.”

“Huh?” Oda Nana turned around in confusion upon hearing her name. She had been talking about the greatness of Kobayashi to Ishimori since Ishimori was too nice to tell her to shut up.

One way or another, Oda Nana ended up sitting watching her co-worker swing a coin in front of her eyes. Nothing seemed to happen. The co-worker laughed wryly and shrugged that the hypnosis item turned out to be a scam. The drinking party continued on.

By the time everyone was ready to head home, Shida was a sobbing drunk mess, clinging to Moriya and whining about wanting to make up with her wife. Oda Nana was half passed out on the table, mumbling something about ‘Yuipon.’ Suzumoto had enjoyed herself modestly.

“I’m going to take Manaka home.” Moriya took Shida and spoke to Suzumoto, “Suzumoto, you live next to Oda Nana, right?”

The chestnut loving office lady nodded, “I’ll take her home.”

With the power of a taxi and the elevator, Suzumoto Miyu somehow dragged Oda Nana home to her apartment. Suzumoto dug out Oda’s key from Oda’s pocket and entered Oda Nana’s apartment.

Dumping Oda Nana on the couch, Suzumoto was ready to leave. Just as she took on step, she found Oda Nana’s hand tugging on her sleeve not to leave.

Suzumoto said, “You’re awake? I left your keys on the table right in front of you.”

To Suzumoto’s surprise, Oda Nana mumbled, not letting go, “Miyu, don’t go.”

“It’s kind of late now. We still have to get up for work tomorrow morning.” Suzumoto shook her head, confused as to why she would stay.

“I like you.”

“Huh? The person you like is Kobayashi.”

“No, I like you.” Oda Nana flipped Suzumoto onto the couch, leaving the two girls in the situation where Oda Nana was pushing Suzumoto down on the couch. “I want to kiss you.”

“’re just hypnotized and drunk.” Suzumoto grumbled, pushing Oda Nana’s face away.

In a moment of Suzumoto slipping, Oda Nana gave Suzumoto a light kiss on the lips, “I like you, Miyu.”

Suzumoto was flustered, blushing. The co-worker with the coin on string said that once the hypnosis commanded deed was over, the person would snap out of the hypnosis. She hoped that Oda Nana would snap out of it soon.

Suzumoto said again, “You like Kobayashi.” She felt a small pang of jealousy at those words even though she didn’t like Oda Nana as far as she was concerned.

Oda Nana’s head jerked. A fog seemed to disappear from her eyes. She looked down at Miyu, realizing the situation, and she said, “I just kissed you…”


“That was the hypnosis…”

“It was. Can you get off?”

“...I don’t want to.” Oda Nana shook her head. “Miyu, I like you.”

“What are you talking about?” Suzumoto’s voice came out robotically.

“You’re nice to me. You can cook. You’re cute. You’re hardworking. You’re a perfect wife.” Oda Nana began listing.

Suzumoto frowned, “But you still like Kobayashi.”

“I do like Yuipon… but…”

“That’s right.” Suzumoto laughed dryly.

“I only like her like I would like an idol.” Oda Nana fumbled through an explanation.

“Good night. See you tomorrow.” Suzumoto shook her head as she managed to slip through Oda Nana’s grasp, which had weakened.

She briskly walked out of Oda’s apartment. The chestnut loving woman felt her eyes tearing up as she stepped into the cool night air. Suzumoto entered her own apartment, closing the door behind her. She leaned on the wall weakly.

Her heart was pounding.

Then, she realized to herself. “I like Oda Nana too.”

"Are you well?"

Are you well?
        I’ve reached the Nogi port up north. The waters at this time of year are beautiful and crisp. The model Nishino was having a photoshoot, and I was lucky enough to be able to look. I got an autographed photo of her for you. She’s very pretty against the snowy backdrop, I think you would fit the scenery even better.
        Wow! It’s white! Even if it’s with just that type of feeling, I think we should come visit here together.

I’m doing well. How are you?
   Right now, it’s still summer in Keyakizaka. The waters are clear here too, but recently, we had a boat race through the water-streets. Otter-team, Techi and Memi, won the race, but The Cool were close behind. I wish you could have seen.

I ate something strange.
   Deserts are weird. I got all fired up by myself listening to Kana-san’s music and ate a weird fruit. I thought I hallucinated a desert camel race, but apparently Dani went on vacation too, and Miyu-chan tagged along.
As expected, I’m weak with deserts. When I come home, let’s ride on the gondolas in the water together.

Are you okay?
        I was wondering why Oda Nana wasn’t around. Akanen received a shipment of mikkabi mikans that were supposed to be for Oda Nana. In the end, Naako-chan ate them all. I took a picture.

I’m well.
        I’m currently in the Toku forests, but I might have gotten myself a little injured. It’s okay! Don’t worry. Reading your letter and seeing the picture heals me. I want to meet with you again soon.
        Your letter smelled like mikans. Yui, did you eat some too?

Please come home safe!
        It’s been over a year since you left. The annual red-white festival has already come around again. It just doesn’t feel right without you here. One day, let’s stand on that stage together as Yuichanzu.
        This year, the stage went down the streets as usual. I’m glad that our streets are actually canals here, but there was actually an incident. Since the stage was a big float rather than the usual boat-thing, it got stuck making a turn.
        Suzumoto almost fell down, but Oda Nana caught her. Afterwards, Oda Nana said something weird.

I’m okay.
        I got some good ideas for lyrics for a song. Let’s make a new song together. Since I haven’t been able to practice guitar for a while, I’m sorry if I’m not good when I come back home.

It’s okay. Are you well?
        I only received your letter yesterday. I wonder if it got caught up in the mail. Don’t worry if you haven’t played guitar in a while. I’m not very good at guitar either, so let’s practice together. I want to sing together with you again soon.
        Recently, Techi finally confessed to Memi. Since they confessed near the streets, they ended up falling into the water. They’re cute.


I love you.

Are you well?
   I still haven’t received a reply. Has something happened? I’m worried.


Kobayashi Yui looked listlessly at the calendar on the wall. It was the anniversary of when she had met Imaizumi Yui. They had both been riding boats in the streets of Keyakizaka, singing when they met each other. The boats collided lightly, throwing Imaizumi off balance into Kobayashi’s embrace, and the two girls ultimately fell into the water, getting soaked.

Imaizumi, or Zuumin, had gone off on a journey two years ago for a reason she hadn’t explained. Kobayashi, or Yuipon, eventually learned that it was for health reasons, to visit the various famous healers around the world. Even so, the two Yuis didn’t talk about that.

Instead, they exchanged letters about what was happening around them.

Yuipon waited patiently for Zuumin to come home to her. What she wanted the most was a happy, healthy Zuumin. Yet, at some point in the course of their letter exchanges, Zuumin stopped replying. Yuipon worried and worried over what could have happened to Zuumin.

Even if Yuipon put on a cool front, she could help but hope for the best for the girl she loved. She developed bags under her eyes from her anxious awaiting.

As she looked at the calendar on the wall, Yuipon grew tired and set her head down. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

She felt a warm feeling in the darkness. Then, there was a soft feeling on her cheek. Wanting to keep hold of that warmth, Yuipon slowly opened her eyes and grabbed onto whoever was there.

Yuipon’s eyes widened as she saw the familiar girl, her hand still not loosening from its grip on the girl’s shirt.

“Are you well?” Zuumin greeted Yuipon with a smile, “You looked tired. I’m sorry for worrying you.” Zuumin looked healthy and healed.

“Zuumin…” Yuipon’s words were lost on herself as she could only say Zuumin’s name.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome home!”
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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Interlude 5 + OS (Feb. 27, 2018)]
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Interlude 5:
I know you say don't think too much about it but...
Does this mean that there could be a NeruYone Arc in the future? XD

Steal Your Heart:
Ah, the thief and the detective.
One lives the life of evil, while the other lives the life of putting away those who are evil.
I don't know why I found, “Why don’t you just kidnap her? You always say things like that when we’re in the middle of escaping.”, hilarious, but I did. :lol:
What killed me though was, “This time, let me steal your heart.” :wub:
What will detective Risa-sama do now? Will she follow her heart's desire or will she follow her duty? :?

Office Life:
I don't think Monta needs to throw chestnuts at Dani, but throw Tamagoyaki instead. :P
So it turns out the key to figuring out if you like someone is them being hypnotized and being drunk? :huhuh
Monta you could've probably figured this one out while both of you were sober. :lol:

"Are you well?":
I don't know why, but I always found your Yuichanzu OS to be soothing.
I kind of got worried in the middle there when Zuumin stopped sending letters back to Yuipon. :cry:
Just glad to see that they are back together in the end.

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Interlude 5 + OS (Feb. 27, 2018)]
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Thank you very much for the update.
Interesting to see the development of Yone and Neru.

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Interlude 5 + OS (Feb. 27, 2018)]
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Can I just ask, since I already read the OSs on your Wattpad. But is the Yuichanzu oneshot you posted based off 1-Gyou Dake no Airmail?

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Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Eccentric <Short Hiatus> + OS (Mar. 11, 2018)]
« Reply #106 on: March 12, 2018, 02:11:20 AM »
I'm sorry for the wait. After sitting on a half written chapter for a while, I realized that I can't keep up with the update rate that I want to have with Eccentric. Thus, I'll be taking a short hiatus from updating Eccentric for the time being. Hopefully, I can write more checkpoints and get back to updating soon. I need to really figure out what it is that I'm actually writing.

Although Eccentric is going on temporary hiatus, I'll drop in with one shots now and then. Hopefully, this hiatus doesn't last that long. Who knows. I'm absolutely amazingly terrible at time estimates.

@MaYukiIsLife: Well, I've already answered the question previously in chat with you, but... Yup~ the Yuichanzu letter one shot was based off of Airmail.
@Minami-chan: Thank you for reading!
@four4four: The truth is, there is a Yone-san arc! Although, it's technically Nijika's arc. A story of the baka and the smart kid, and maybe Neru will help smooth out their friendship. MonaRisa are smooth, really smooth. I don't know what the thief and detective pair will actually do, so that's up to your imagination. Thank you for enjoying the Yuichanzu~ Yuichanzu are great. (Although, they also kind of distract me from writing anything but Yuichanzu. Haha)


The sky was a pretty reddish color, the sun setting early in the colder season. The club room was empty besides the pair who shared a name, Yui. Imaizumi Yui sat on a desk while her lover Kobayashi Yui sat in the seat.

In the middle of their light hearted conversation, Imaizumi hugged Kobayashi and stated, “I love you.”

Like the pair of lovebirds that they were, Kobayashi replied sweetly, “I love you too.”

“So, isn’t it okay?” With that, Imaizumi gave her lover a confident grin.

Kobayashi smiled wryly and shook her head, “No, I think that’s completely another issue.” Sometimes, she felt that her girlfriend had outlandish ideas.

“It’s okay. I trust in you, Yuipon.”

“This sounds like a terrible idea…” Nonetheless, she went along with Imaizumi’s idea. Yuipon’s fingers touched her other half’s inner thigh.



“No, it’s okay. Um, I’m just a bit sensitive there.”

“Are you sure?”

Zuumin nodded, “Go ahead.”

“Zuumin’s the one who’s cute…” Yuipon mumbled as she lowered her head, moving Zuumin’s skirt a little, and bit down lightly on Zuumin’s thigh. Her ears were blushing.

“Huh? Nn...”

Just as the atmosphere in the room began to turn weird, filling with slightly heavy breathing, the door to the club room slammed open. Another member of their club, a club of supernatural creatures and their human companions, Shida Manaka came in, looking embarrassed.

“What the hell are you two doi-” Manaka called out, having been disturbed by their noises that she could hear from the hallway with her superior hearing. She froze for a moment, eyeing her vampire friend up her human friend’s skirt, and turned around mechanically to exit the club room, “Oh, don’t mind me.”

Yuipon tried to clarify the situation, her head still up Zuumin’s skirt, “I’m just sucking her blood!”

Manaka covered her eyes and stumbled out of the club room, trying to close the door and running away, “No, no, don’t mind me!”

“You know I’m a vampire!” Yuipon managed to get out of her compromising position and ran to the door to yell after Manaka, but Manaka was long gone.

Seeing that she had no way of catching up with Manaka, Yuipon could only sigh and go back to where Zuumin was. She glanced at her lover and blushed, thinking about what Manaka was implying that they were doing.

In that moment, the shorter human girl mumbled quietly, “...well, it felt good.”

The sky was reddish, the beautiful red of sunset in the winter, and somehow, it felt a bit warm in that club room on that day. Of course, that was a secret for the two of them only.

Chasing After Someone

Kobayashi Yui looked at the last message that her partner Imaizumi Yui sent her. Those simple words on the screen on the phone seemed like a lie. Without the smaller yet older girl’s sweet voice, without Imaizumi’s smiles and strange expressions, Kobayashi’s hand unconsciously shook as she looked at the phone.

The phone read, ‘I’m sorry. I have to go for now.’

Imaizumi, Zuumin’s funny emojis were nowhere to be see. A promise of seeing each other later was nowhere to be seen. Simply, Imaizumi Yui had disappeared

Kobayashi Yui ran past her friends, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to accept such a thing. If Zuumin left, then Yuipon would chase.

“Yuipon, where are you going?”


“But, Zuumin is-”

The screen was cracked. I just didn’t want to notice.

She didn’t know how long she had lived. Some people just lived longer. There were humans, and then there were the immortal humans. Kobayashi Yui had been a little disenchanted with humanity, yet when she met the other Yui for the first time, she felt herself feeling glad to be undying.

Imaizumi’s warm smile warmed her up. Before Kobayashi knew it, she was attached to Zuumin and never wanted to let go.

As Kobayashi hummed a lullaby from long ago, she noticed Imaizumi lean on her shoulder. She wondered if the shorter girl had fallen asleep, but because Imaizumi was warm, Kobayashi was happy to be a pillow.

She continued humming, quietly singing the lyrics to a song forgotten by man.

She felt a stir on her shoulder. Glancing over, she saw Imaizumi say with the most earnest expression of love, “I love Yuipon’s voice.”

Kobayashi couldn’t help but blush, but she kept singing softly, a song for only the two girls’ ears to hear.

It was hot as the two walked together through the busy streets of the city. Kobayashi felt the heat too strongly, so Imaizumi told the immortal girl to stay under the shade. Kobayashi sat on the bench under the shade, but to her surprise, Imaizumi ran off.

Kobayashi wanted to chase after Imaizumi. She told herself to trust in the short girl, but she didn’t want to be alone. Sitting anxiously by herself, swinging her legs back and forth, she waited for Imaizumi.

Soon enough, Imaizumi was back, and she held two ice cream cones in her hand.

“Yuipon! I got ice cream.” Imaizumi beamed, handing Kobayashi a cone, “You like vanilla, right?”

Kobayashi smiled softly as she took the ice cream, “Ah, thank you.”

They ate ice cream together, enjoying the cool sweetness. Seeing Imaizumi lick at her own vanilla ice cream, Kobayashi couldn’t help but giggle at the shorter girl’s cuteness. She remembered that one time where she was shocked to see Imaizumi chomping on ice, a bad habit that the human liked to indulge in.

Imaizumi smiled back at Kobayashi. Then, to the immortal’s surprise, the shorter girl leaned close to Kobayashi’s cheek, and she licked off a little bit of vanilla ice cream that had gotten there.

At some point, one of them said, “Let’s spend forever together.”

Winter came as soon as summer passed. The small white snowflakes fell from the sky as the illumination lights of the holiday season brightened up the city. The lights replaced the stars, creating a twinkling beauty of a modern time that seemed so nostalgic to Kobayashi’s mind.

Walking together, holding hands, the two Yuis strolled through the city together. A thought passed through the older’s mind on how long they had known each other for at this point, but the time seemed like just an instant.

“Will you marry me?”

That day was late December, in the year—

The year seemed wrong. There was something wrong.

No matter where she ran to, Kobayashi Yui couldn’t find Imaizumi Yui. The places that they used to visit together seemed to have changed. Everything was just wrong. Before she knew it, her feet led her to a place that they had never visited together.

The grass was wilted. It was a place filled with stones, tablets with names and dates, marking the final resting place of loved ones. Zuumin wasn’t here.

Kobayashi noticed her friend, Oda Nana, standing in front of a grave, setting down a flower. In her heart, the immortal knew that she didn’t want to look at the name on the grave.

“Wh-where’s Zuumin?” Kobayashi shakily asked Oda Nana.

Oda Nana replied somberly, “Yuipon… Zuumin’s already gone.”

The strong and bright smile that had gradually turned into a weak smile on a pale face, the black and the red, and the rainy day filled with eulogies stabbed into Kobayashi’s mind as if threatening to stay there forever.

She wondered how long ago that had been. She wanted to forget. She wanted to hold Imaizumi’s warmth once more. She wanted to pretend that the slab of stone with Imaizumi’s name wasn’t already decades old. She wanted to keep clinging onto their memories together just like she carefully took care of that old cell phone that they had bought together all those years ago.

She wondered what good there was to living forever as an immortal being if the person she loved passed away so quickly, at such a young age, without even allowing her to say goodbye.

Kobayashi Yui cried, soaking Oda Nana’s shirt, falling to her knees on the dirty ground. It was raining, and it wouldn’t stop raining until the world ended.

At the end, I realized that I was chasing after someone who I couldn’t chase after anymore.
She’s not here… anymore.

Happy Yuichanzu and sad Yuichanzu. They're both somewhat fantasy, but... just to be clear, the cute high school Yuichanzu doesn't get a bad ending! They get happiness properly.

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Eccentric <Short Hiatus> + OS (Mar. 11, 2018)]
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Yuipon, you shouldn't be so bold at school. :shocked
I was thinking the same thing as Manaka when you stuck your head up Zuumin's skirt. :P

Chasing After Someone:
Yuichanzu was split up. :cry:
It's comforting to know that even after so many decades that Yuipon still loves Zuumin.
What I want to know is what happened to Zuumin.
Based on the cracked screen, it seems like she was in a car accident or something similar.

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru +) [Eccentric <Short Hiatus> + OS (Mar. 11, 2018)]
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TT^TT Chasing After Someone is sad!!!! It's really making me cry!!!!! Specially since I was listening to a sad Yuichanzu song while reading it, so because of that I cried more TTTT^TTTT
Keyakizaka46 and Hinatazaka46 fan

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Eccentric <Short Hiatus> [OS (TechiPe) (Mar. 17, 2018)]
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@Keyaki--Otaku: *hands over some tissues* Thank you for reading. Yuichanzu deserve happiness! which is why, the next Yuichanzu I write will definitely be happy.
@four4four: Yuichanzu are madly in love. They're so precious. Lol, sorry, I'm going to ramble a bit.
For what happened with Zuumin, I want to say that Yuichanzu managed to be happy together during a proper human lifespan for Zuumin, but Zuumin's life was cut short by illness. After they got married, Zuumin's health began deteriorating from illness, and not wanting to worry Pon, she went off alone one day, and by the time Pon found Zuumin, Zuumin was already gone.
I didn't really think of the specifics of how Zuumin died, so a car accident could have been it.
The crack on the screen is partially symbolism, partially emphasizing the wear and tear of time, and partially from Pon throwing an angry fit of denial that Zuumin was gone. She regretted it afterwards, but luckily, the phone survived. Pon wouldn't let it die no matter what because she wanted to cling onto her memories together with Zuumin even though Pon kind of falls apart in grief.
More trivia than anything else, that phone was also something that Yuichanzu bought on a date together.

Getting away from the sadness, TechiPe! This is totally a crack ship, isn't it? I wrote a light hearted and random one shot set in the TokuDare universe.

Stabbing with Chopsticks and Love Sickness

Hirate Yurina sat in her desk group during lunch, eyeing Watanabe Rika eating. After the whole ordeal with their teacher, Tokuyama, the class had miraculously come out whole and well. Rika’s cry and attempt to take responsibility made the class see the strange girl who clung to her plushie Karaage in a different light, and the class began to interact with her more.

As Yurina had sat in the same table group as Rika during the incident, the short haired detective girl couldn’t help but be drawn toward Rika. The way that the false-culprit of the murder held herself was intriguing.

For a moment, as Rika chatted with the headphone wearing Shida and giggled, squeezing Karaage, Yurina felt a tinge of jealousy. She wanted to monopolize Rika’s time and find out more about the mysterious girl.

Soon enough, Shida left. Rika noticed Yurina’s stare and smiled, somewhat confused. Yurina’s eyes widened a little as she noticed what she was doing and averted her eyes for a moment, almost childishly pouting. Rika smiled even brighter in response, squeaking Karaage in delight.

Rika asked, “Hirate-san, are you going to eat that?”

Yurina looked down at the bread in her hands and realized that it was a little mangled, squished by her hands, which had unconsciously been holding it tightly. She loosened her grip and wondered if she wanted to eat it anymore.

Seeing Rika’s curious gaze, Yurina couldn’t help but nod, “Yea.” She stuffed the bread into her mouth; she felt a little self-conscious being watched.

“Hirate-san is cute.” Rika giggled.

“Actually, you can just call me Yurina, um, Rika.”


The short haired detective girl nodded slowly, watching Rika’s reaction. Luckily, Rika seemed happy to call Yurina by her name.

Rika stabbed her chopsticks into her bento’s rice again as if using them like a fork. Putting that glob of rice in her mouth, she hummed a song happily to herself. Yurina smiled while watching Rika, completely unaware of her classmates’ warm looks and the apathetic group’s snickers that they should just kiss already.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Class dismissed for the day. Each clique was heading out. Watanabe Risa and Nagahama Neru were going on a makeshift date with their other friends, Ishimori Nijika and Saitou Fuyuka, tagging along to make sure that they didn’t do anything strange. The two Yuis in the class were laughing over new lyrics.

The class rep, Sugai Yuuka, called out to Yurina, “Hey, Techi, do you want to go karaoke?”

Yurina shook her head, “Maybe next time.” She spotted the somewhat pushy Moriya Akane getting pushed by the headphone wearing Shida toward Yuuka. Having long deduced Moriya’s crush on Yuuka, Yurina silently cheered them on.

Rika had already headed out, leaving for somewhere. Although the class had started making friends with Rika, they still weren’t all that close, and Rika wasn’t often invited for outings in the spur of the moment.

The short haired girl exited the school building.

She walked through town by herself, looking at shops and whatnot. There was a place with cute accessories and a collection of blue whale shark plushies from an aquarium in Okinawa, and it just made her think of Rika.

Yurina stopped in the shop and bought a plushie.

“What do I name this?” She wondered aloud.

Then, she shook her head. She couldn’t believe how much Rika had been on her mind recently, and she couldn’t quite figure the reason out. Holding, the whale shark plushie, Yurina continued her way along. Her house was close enough to the school that she could walk there if she really wanted to.

Passing the grassy area near the river bank, Yurina suddenly heard a cry.

That was Rika’s voice, “G-give it back!”

Some delinquent boys were bullying her, the leader sneering as he held her phone, which was playing something on the screen, “Haha! What’s with this? Some dumb videos?”

“Please give it back!” Rika told them while on the verge on crying.

The lackey snatched Karaage out of her hands, “And, some stupid plu-”

Before Yurina knew what she was doing, she had slid down the grassy hill leading to the river bank and walked over to the group, giving the delinquent leader a good, hard kick to the shin, “Give them back to her.”

Rika exclaimed in a whisper, “Yurina…!?”

The boy who was kicked hissed in pain and threw a sloppy punch toward the short haired girl. Yurina calmly evaded that punch and gave him a cold glare, asking him how dare he bully her girl.

“Give them back to her.” Yurina repeated coldly, stepping into their space like a wolf into the den of a bunch of cowardly hyenas, “And scram.”

“Why should we, you little bitch?” Another boy spat in her face, charging at her.

She slipped to the side again and gave him a kick as well. However, Yurina was aware that she couldn’t take on the boys in a fair fight and get away with it. She slipped a hand into her pocket and pressed a small bluetooth device.

“Who knows? The police should be coming any moment now.” Yurina spoke nonchalantly. One of the delinquents managed to punch her in the shoulder, sending pain through her body, which she winced and tried to hide away.

On her signal, the sound of police sirens started blaring out from nearby.

The delinquents froze. One of the lackies cried out to the leader, “S-shit! Dude, we better get away!” The other lackies also nodded along to that statement.

The leader scowled, throwing the phone at Rika, hitting her, and had the other guy throw Karaage back, “Take your stupid dog-thing and phone back then!”

The delinquents retreated with tails between their legs.

Once the delinquents were out of sight, Yurina pressed the bluetooth in her pocket again.

Yurina asked Rika worriedly, “Rika, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, but… Yurina, your shoulder…” Rika shook her head.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t really hurt at all. Ack!” Yurina put on a mask of bravado until Rika suddenly poked at Yurina’s shoulder.

Rika murmured, “...thank you…”

Yurina went up the hill to retrieve her phone, bag, and a portable speaker, revealing her scheme where she put a recording of the police on to trick the boys. What she needed that for in the past was a secret. Rika followed Yurina along.

The two of them took a seat on the grassy hill leading down to the river bank.

Feeling curious as to how Rika was holding onto the phone desperately along with Karaage, Yurina inquired, “What were those videos?”

“Precious treasures.” Rika replied quietly.

Yurina peeked over. Those videos were actually the gags that she and her classmates had done and allowed Rika to film all that while ago during the Tokuyama incident. They were nostalgic but ultimately embarrassing.

“Oh.” Somehow, Yurina couldn’t think of a good thing to say.

Rika squeezed Karaage, letting him make a squeaking sound to Yurina.

Words flew out of Yurina’s mouth, “I’ll make you more precious memories from now on.”

Rika’s eyes widened.

The typically cool headed detective girl felt herself get flustered. She fumbled through her bag and brought out the blue whale shark plushie that she had bought just a while ago. She tried to change the conversation.

Yurina gifted the plushie to Rika, and it was thus named Aoko.

They chatted for a while and watched as the sun set.

Yurina looked at Rika’s phone awkwardly and asked, “By the way, are you ever going to delete those gag videos?” The gag that she did was still embarrassing to think of.

“Nope.” Rika shook her head. She pressed Aoko’s mouth onto Yurina’s lips with a small giggle.

The class had been left alone by the teacher for a period of study hall. As would be expected from the chaotic group that hid their teacher’s dead body and panicked in trying to solve an outlandish mystery, they weren’t properly studying.

Risa and Neru were flirting out right in the back of the room. Yurina finished up some homework from another class before she looked up, noticing Shida chatting animatedly with Rika.

Yurina shook her head. Even though she clenched her pencil tighter, it was a good thing that Rika was getting along with their other classmates. Just because she wanted to monopolize Rika’s time didn’t mean that she could.

However, Yurina couldn’t keep her gaze off of the chatting pair.

When Shida got a little touchy-feely with Rika, Yurina couldn’t take it anymore. She got out of her seat and walked over to Shida and Rika. Yurina smoothly separated Shida and Rika, sending Shida an unhappy look.

The blue headphone wearing girl raised her eyebrows before grinning. “Good luck, Techi.” She ruffled Yurina’s hair and walked away casually.

Rika looked at Yurina in confusion. She held Karaage and Aoko, moving them as if they were confused as well.

Yurina grabbed onto Rika’s wrist, not wanting to let go. Even though she knew that she was probably bothering Rika, Yurina didn’t want to let go.

The classroom seemed to go silent, eyes on the odd pair.

Yurina confessed, articulating her words clearly, “I like you.”

Surprised for a moment, Rika didn’t say anything in response. Yurina deflated on the inside, but she put up a strong front because she didn’t want to guilt Rika into anything. Then, to her surprise, she felt soft lips on her own lips.

Yurina’s brain couldn’t quite catch up.

Hiding their faces with Aoko and Karaage, Rika gave Yurina a small peck on the lips. When she finished the chaste kiss, she blushed and hid her face behind Karaage, giving him a soft squeeze and a squeak that meant yes.

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Re: Eccentric <Short Hiatus> [OS (TechiPe) (Mar. 17, 2018)]
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That's a sad ending for Yuichanzu.
Zuumin shouldn't have left Pon after getting sick.
I think it made it even worse for Pon to cope with the loss of her lover.
Hopefully, they will find love in the next life (AU).

This was a really cute TechiPe. :wub:
Didn't think of shipping these 2 together, but I ship most things. :P
Techi was really bold taking on those delinquents.
It was adorable that Techi gave the plushie to Rika as a gift. I guess we can say that is the origins of Aoko. :lol:

What I'm more interested in knowing is what is this secret that Techi has for having a police siren recording on her phone. :?

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Eccentric <Short Hiatus> [OS (Techi-centric) (Apr. 11, 2018)]
« Reply #111 on: April 12, 2018, 03:19:24 AM »
Wait a bit more for Eccentric please! For now, a one-shot inspired by a dream that a friend had about the members finally finding Techi in the forest. Please enjoy~ although, you might have already read it on my Wattpad.

@four4four: The secret to the police siren? Hm. I realized that... I don't really know. Haha, I think in my mind, as I wrote that sentence, I had the image of a delinquent Techi, but I'm not sure that it would work out. Probably a delinquent that preyed on other delinquent.


The crisp, cold air looked foggy white now. Trekking through the woods, her shoes crunching on the leaves and sticks below, Hirate Yurina glanced upward through the trees. There was faint light filtering through, yet it didn’t feel warm at all. Her fingers casually grazed against the tree bark, feeling the rough texture.
She wondered what it was that she was running from, what is was that she was searching for.

—Hirate doesn’t understand.—Hirate should just stop and listen.—Hirate should become more social—Fit in. Fit in. Fit in. Fit in.—You’re not cute at all.—Why can’t you be-

The short haired girl halted in her steps. She let out a breath that she hadn’t realized that she was holding and gripped her arm in a shudder. There was no one around. Even though none of those ghosts were here, they still haunted her, jeering, but now there was no more warmth around her either.

In truth, this dark forest was a scary. The childish part of her that still lived on dimly, that part that just wanted to be at home, pampered while watching comedy shows, questioned why she was here.

“I just wanted to be alone.” Rebelling against the adults, she muttered. She wondered why for some reason it seemed too quiet here, why it seemed like a cage of solitude rather than a freedom in flight.

She kicked at a rock, but rather than having it fly away, she fell onto the ground instead, the rock still lodged into the dirt. Getting to her feet, she winced and let out a small whimper. It hurt, not injuring her enough to draw blood but enough to scrape some skin off her palm.

Any other time, someone would scold her gently while patting her clothes down to get the dirt off. Those people weren’t here.

Yurina walked forward, and then, she stopped. Leaning onto a tree with her back, she put her hand on her forehead and bit her lower lip in frustration. She slid downward until she was sitting on the dirty ground.

She mumbled, “I just wanted to get away from there.” Hugging her knees closer to her body, she thought about where she wanted to go—back to before Keyaki—that wasn’t that answer at all.

For a second, she closed her eyes. She was tired; maybe it would have been okay to just go to sleep. Yet, she couldn’t sleep. She knew that she couldn’t find comfort there. In the darkness, she wandered for a moment but jolted awake with a sharp breath, hugging herself more tightly.

“Does anyone realize that I’m gone?”

She received no response from this forest.

Getting up, walking forward, tick tock, tick tock, crunch crunch, crunch crunch, she felt tired. She could only keep going. Wasn’t that right? She asked herself. The asphalt where the bottle in her heart shattered had turned to dirt and stone. That dirt and stone finally turned to blades of grass.

Here was a clearing with grass. Beyond the grass, in visible view, was water. And in the sky, she laughed as to where the sun was.

A face reflected in the water, which was disrupted by ripples from that girl stepping into the water. Her feet sank into the mud in the lake, and the water chilled her, but she walked and walked in the shallow water. Maybe at one point, it would swallow her whole just like the city’s fumes, the manufactured people, had tried to do so. Maybe, she was trying to consume herself.

The water reached right below her knee.

Yurina stopped. She breathed. She still couldn’t take a deep breath, that deep breath that she was searching for. In fact, she wondered if she had already started drowning in this knee-deep water.

Silent. Quiet. Then, it wasn’t.

“Techi!” A voice.

Hands. Warmth. Crying. There was a moment of confusion as to what this was supposed to be.

She felt herself be embraced from behind and smelled a familiar fragrance. That person embracing her from behind hugged tightly, not letting go but rather burying her own face onto Yurina’s shoulder in tears that she had finally found Yurina.

A voice escaped from Yurina, “...Pippi?”

Manaka, still clinging to Yurina, said, “Yea, it’s Pippi… hic… hic… You… you just disappeared like that.”

“I’m sorry.” Yurina apologized. Yet somehow, she felt warmer now.

Before they could exchange any more words, the pair heard more sounds, hurried footsteps along the grass that started splashing in the water. Glancing toward the direction of the sounds, they found Yuichanzu quickly approaching, calling out their names with faces of relief, “Techi! Manaka!”

The shorter of the Yuichanzu, Imaizumi, quickly jumped up and tackled the pair into an embrace. However, that tackle was too much, and as they hugged, the three fell over into the water. Sputtering and getting up, they laughed.

Yurina sighed with a budding smile, “I’m soaked…”

“Ew, I think I got some mud in my mouth.” Manaka groaned.

Imaizumi replied sheepishly, “Oops?”

Yurina wiped her eyes with her wet sleeve. It wasn’t as if she was crying. It wasn’t that at all. She wasn’t trying to hide her tears or anything like that.—She was just happy to see the other members again. Because being alone was lonely.

“You guys…” Kobayashi Yui walked through the water toward the trio in a more calm manner than her counterpart. “Let’s get out of the water?”

“Sorry, Yuipon.”

“Zuumin, geez.” Yuipon smiled wryly at her partner, and she turned to the younger girl, extending a hand, “Techi?”

They all got out of the water and back onto the grassy land. Before long, the rest of the Keyaki members arrived as well. After burying Techi in a big group hug filled with worry over her disappearance, which had lasted longer than just a day, they let her breathe a little.

Naako dug out some towels from her backpack and gave them to Techi and the others to dry off a little. Fuu-chan, Dani, and Uemura brought out some snacks. Even Pe-chan gave Techi a gentle bop on the head with Aoko and said, “Don’t… disappear again like that, okay?”

Yurina whispered, “You’ve found me.”

A sudden flick to the forehead came from Akane, “Yea, welcome back.” Those words met with consensus from all the other members.

Hiding her eyes with the towel she had used to dry herself off, the girl who had been lost in the forest smiled with a tremble, “I’m home.”

This was the place that she had been searching for. The cold air and the wisps of fog seemed to be starting to disperse. Maybe the sun would begin shining again.

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Re: Eccentric <Hiatus> [OS (Techi-centric) (Apr. 11, 2018)]
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Good Short!
Techi does not stop being a very mysterious person, I believe that right now he is the member of the one who really knows less about her.

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Re: Eccentric <Hiatus> [OS (Techi-centric) (Apr. 11, 2018)]
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why this feels real, techi is really the most mysterious member (or person) i've ever known and strangely it makes me feel....connected

i truly believe that this is how keyaki really is.....a warmth family, without any big conflict or major rivalries they just.....a family that happen to be idol

and manaka indeed is techi's hiraishin while yuukanen is like techi's parent who will always be there for her

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Eccentric [Checkpoint 28 (Apr. 27, 2018)]
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@FZA02: Thank you for reading. Keyaki's bonds are an extremely precious thing.
@Minami-chan: Techi is mysterious, right~

Eccentric is back!! Also, I have exams basically the entirety of the next month, so... I don't know about writing. I haven't actually made that much progress in writing, but since being on hiatus doesn't make me write more, let's just see how it goes. I think I have a pretty clear idea of the progression of this arc. I do have some checkpoints written.

Aoi arc, start!

Checkpoint 28

The sun filtered through the windows brightly. Harada Aoi was rummaging through her locker in the back of the Keyaki classroom while Watanabe Risa sat on a random desk, scrolling through her phone.

They were the only two in the classroom on this fine summer day because summer break had started.

Risa glanced over to Aoi with a somewhat disinterested look, “What were you trying to find again?”

Aoi ignored Risa. “Aha! I found it!” After looking through her locker, she let out a noise of joy. Then, she accidentally elbowed the back of the locker as she grabbed the object, “Ouch!”

The locker gave off a hollow sound, but neither girl noticed. Risa sighed, sliding off the desk and walking over to Aoi who was cradling her arm, wincing. The cool, short haired Watanabe plucked the object out of Aoi’s hand and took a look at it.

“A camera?” Risa played around with the small black prism, turning it on.

Aoi nodded with an expression that seemed to be asking Risa to ask more, “Yea, I bought it recently.”

“For what?” Risa snapped a picture of what she felt was a dumb expression on Aoi’s face.

“Memories!” Aoi cheered, “We can’t let our high school life go by without making some memories, right?”

Risa nodded, looking through the near empty memory of the camera, “Uh-huh.”

“There’s been an inflation in the cost of things in points, so I thought I’d buy it before the price went up. Also, it’s summer vacation, so I want to take a lot of photos.”


“Hey, Risa, are you listening? You’re not listening right?”


“You’re really not listening! Hey, hey, hey.”

“Uh-huh.” Risa smirked.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. She took it out, handing the camera back to Aoi. Risa read the LINE message that had been sent through the class group chat and showed it to Aoi who had left her phone back in the dorms.

“Eh? Yay!” Aoi smiled brightly as she read the message.

Risa made a vague comment, “The pool seems nice.”

Neru apparently asked some teachers in charge of the pool if the Keyaki class could use it. Since the Keyaki class was a special class, their gym class didn’t get a chance to have swimming lessons, so the only thing they could do was go there in their free time.

Amazingly enough, after asking about the pool, a reservation was made for the Keyaki class to enjoy a whole section of the pool with water slides and recreational items by themselves for a full day.

“Anyways, you’ve gotten your thing, right?” Risa started out the classroom door, “Let’s go back.”

“Risa, you’re such a meanie. Yea, I got the camera. Wait for me!”

The lounge area of the dorm, which was basically treated as the common room, was surprisingly rowdy. Although the dorm was filled with places that the girls could go, and the campus was large despite the restriction of staying on campus, much of the Keyaki class was hanging out there.

Hirate Yurina glanced at Neru who was looking at her phone. The short haired girl ended up staring, watching Neru’s soft eyes reflecting the light of the screen while hiding something more. Yet, undeniably, Yurina was mesmerized.

“Yurina-chan.” Neru seemed to have noticed Yurina’s look.

The short haired girl replied, a little surprised, “What is it?”

“Do you want to go buy swimsuits together today?” Neru asked. The class would be having fun at the pool tomorrow.

Yurina shook her head, “I’m fine with the school swimsuit, but if Neru-” She suddenly stopped.

Although the Keyaki class wasn’t going to have swimming lessons, swimwear was provided along with uniforms. The swimsuits weren’t normal school swimsuits, resembling wetsuits more, with short sleeves and form-fitting shorts.

“But?” Neru inquired.

Yurina shook her head, “It’s nothing.” Her heart sped up a little bit at the thought of Neru in a bikini.

“Okay.” Neru smiled, “But, I think Yurina-chan would look cute in a cute swimsuit.”

“No, Neru’s cute, but I’m not really...”

Suddenly, interrupting the roommates’ conversation, Aoi popped up with her camera, “Hey, hey, what are you two talking about?”

Neru answered Aoi’s question with a question, “Yurina-chan’s cute, right?”

“Techi’s cute.” Somewhat confused, Aoi nodded.

Manaka, intensely playing Pokemon on her 3DS while Risa watched, decided to chime in as well, “Yea, Techi is cute.”

“Cute~” Imaizumi strolled by, adding the conversation to her impromptu made up song that she was humming.

The short haired girl could only smile awkwardly at the praise. A poisonous voice in her heart whispered that this was just like before and would end just like before—a bunch of liars—even if these people were different and didn’t know about that time.

Snap. The sound of a camera shutter broke Yurina out of her thoughts.

“Oops.” Aoi grinned sheepishly as she looked at her camera. She accidentally clicked and took a picture of Yurina. It was framed weirdly, and the short haired girl’s expression was strangely melancholic as well.

Aoi remembered what she came over to bug the pair about, “Oh, yea! Can you two pose and let me take a picture?”

—Although I’d like to forget my memories.

The picture was quickly taken. Aoi promised Neru that she would send it to Neru through LINE later. Yurina had yet to get a new phone, and it looked as if the short haired girl wasn’t planning to get one anytime soon.

Just as the conversation began to wrap up, Aoi’s wristband suddenly showed a small point gain of ‘+100.’

A sound came on through an intercom, causing the girls to look around in confusion. This system hadn’t been used before, and the intercom was nowhere in clear sight.

The voice of the mysterious figure who usually appeared on the screen in their classroom spoke, “Congratulations on passing your exams and starting your summer vacation.”

“Do your best to make some good memories. Your youth will not last forever as life is fleeting. As there are no classes, a few of the venues to earn points will be unavailable for this time period.

“Instead, throughout the summer, a number of tasks will be provided for you to complete, allowing you to earn more points. Do take advantage of this situation. However, be careful not to make any mistakes.”

Neru frowned, glancing at her roommate.

“You won’t be able to move onto the next task without completing the previous.” The voice continued explaining. “The first task is to-”

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru+) [Checkpoint 28 (Apr. 27, 2018)] <AOI>
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Yay, Eccentric is back! :)
I still wonder what Aoi's arc will be about. :?
I really want to know about Techi's back story. :huhuh

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Re: Eccentric [Checkpoint 28 (Apr. 27, 2018)]
« Reply #116 on: April 28, 2018, 03:34:49 PM »
“You won’t be able to move onto the next task without completing the previous.” The voice continued explaining. “The first task is to-”

what is the task! which?!

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Eccentric (TechiNeru+) [Checkpoint 29 (May 3, 2018)] <AOI>
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@four4four: Aoi's arc is a story of friendship! (what an amazingly vague explanation) It's also where Techi meets a certain Hiragana member and opens up the way for a certain person from Techi's past to catch up to Techi in the next arc (in a bad way).
@Minami-chan: Tehehe, sorry. The truth is, when I was writing it, I wasn't sure what to write for the task at that point. But since I had set it up as a cliffhanger, I decided to just leave it at that for now.

Checkpoint 29

Splash, splash! The feeling of muscles that hadn’t been used in a while burning was oddly refreshing. Kicking her legs, moving her arms, swimming through the water was still okay. She could hear voices on encouragement, but she blocked them out because she didn’t want to hear them turn into something else in her mind. Yet, she could still hear Neru’s voice.

Yurina swam furiously, spotting her classmates, Akane and Risa, just a little ahead. Through some flow of conversation, they had decided to hold a swimming competition.

The whiteness of the wall was just in sight beyond the coloring of swimming goggles and the blueness of the water. She extended her hand, reaching for the wall. She touched, and she stopped, letting her feet touch the ground, resurfacing.

Just two-three seconds before she reached the wall, a whistle had already been blown.

“You three are all too fast!” Yurina could hear Aoi’s surprised cry.

The short haired girl shook her head to shake some of the water off her hair. Then, she removed her goggles, letting it drop to her neck, getting out of the water. She sat down on the pool edge, feet in the water.

Suzumoto placed a towel on to Yurina’s head, “Good race, Techi.”

“Yea, it was fun.” Yurina used the towel to wipe her face. “Although, I didn’t win…”

Akane swam over with Risa in tow. The competitive girl’s eyes sparkled as if she found a new comrade who she wasn’t about to lose to, “Tecchan, you’re surprisingly competitive sometimes, huh.”

Risa hummed along in agreement.

Neru approached them, holding a cool bottle of water in her hand. “That was a good race.” She handed the bottle to Yurina, “Water for you.”

“None for us?” Risa joked.

Neru responded in a similarly light hearted manner, “Hehe, sorry.”

The Keyaki class was having a day of fun at the pool, this area reserved just for them for a day. Aside from having swimming races, the girls were playing on the water slides, lazing around on floats, and enjoying themselves outside of the water.

Snap. Snap. Snap. Harada Aoi was taking a lot of pictures of everyone having fun. She managed to catch the perfect moment of Ozeki style, Ozeki Rika falling into the pool in a stupid manner, entangled with Uemura Rina, coming from a water slide.

The slightly dark girl even nearly captured a picture where the Yuichanz couple in their class nearly kissed, although they hadn’t said anything about going out, and their faces were simply rather close. That moment was interrupted by Oda Nana.

Aoi grinned as she saw Risa being bugged by her counterpart. She snapped a picture of Manaka and Risa playing together, a picture that she would later look back on as those two flirting disgustingly in front of everyone.

“Techi, what are you doing?” Aoi walked along, almost stepping on her short haired classmate.

Yurina got up from her lying position and removed the towel from her face. “Taking a break.”

Aoi gave her classmate a skeptical look but didn’t comment on Yurina’s explanation. She took a seat next to Yurina and started chatting about random things in a way that would make the class’ most long-winded talker, Sato, proud.

Just as Aoi reached the high point of a story that she was telling to Yurina, they suddenly heard a soft voice scream. “Kya! Ah! C-cramp…!”

Their heads immediately turned toward the direction of the voice, finding Koike Minami flailing in the water, her leg having cramped up, leaving her in a tough spot. Before Aoi could even react, Yurina jumped into the pool.

As the penguin loving girl starting sinking into the water, Yurina grabbed onto Koike’s body and dragged her to the edge of the pool. Koike then held onto the edge of the pool.

Yuuka swam over with Akane and sighed in relief that Yurina had saved Koike.

“Mii-chan!” Aoi ran over, aiding Habu help their friend out of the pool.

“H-Habu-chan, Aoi-chan, that was scary…” Koike quickly latched onto her tall roommate and sniffled. She looked about to break out into tears, but she quickly thanked Yurina, “Thank you, Techi. Ouch, my leg.”

Then, she winced. The whole issue came from not stretching properly before playing in the pool, which caused her leg to cramp up.

“I can’t just stand by and do nothing.” The short haired girl stated.

“That’s a cool line.” Someone commented.

Yurina shook her head, “It’s a borrowed quote though.” She quietly refrained from elaborating on who it was borrowed from.

Habu helped Koike stretch and get rid of the cramp, leaving Aoi to feel a little sad since she hadn’t been able to help her friends with anything.

The bottom of the pool felt oddly cold and dark. Diving through the water, Neru felt out of place. Of course, a pool wasn’t the same as the water in her hometown, but as she stopped, feet touching the ground, she knew that there was something else.

Glancing at the bracelet on her wrist, Neru knew that she didn’t have to delude herself about anything.

“The first task is to deliver a package.”

That person had said something along those lines.

Neru glanced through the distortion of the water and saw her classmates playing around in the water. Fuyuka dived down for a moment and waved to Neru. Neru waved back with a smile before Fuyuka resurfaced.

Small bubbles of air floated up. Neru could hold her breath for a long time.

She squinted her eyes. For a moment, she thought that she saw something bright, but there was no such thing.

Neru noticed her roommate swimming listlessly. Grinning mischievously, knowing that the short haired girl had yet to notice her, she headed up through the water. As Neru got closer, Yurina noticed her with a look of pleased surprise.

Letting out a gasp for breath, Neru broke through the surface of the water. At the same time, Yurina also came up.

—Smiles are extremely precious things, are they not?

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru+) [Checkpoint 29 (May 3, 2018)] <AOI>
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That's too vague! :lol:
So Techi's past is finally catching up... :cry: Although, I really want to know what happened.

Wahhh, Techi so cool saving Koike.
Techi and Neru surfaced at the same time? In different locations? :? Or... in the same location? :wub:

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Re: Eccentric (TechiNeru+) [Checkpoint 29 (May 3, 2018)] <AOI>
« Reply #119 on: May 06, 2018, 11:24:34 PM »

“The first task is to deliver a package.”

There are still many mysteries to solve!

Thank you very much for the new episode.

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