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Author Topic: 444's K46 Fics - I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Finale [OdaPon] (2018-08-11)  (Read 39344 times)

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Hello all!

This is my collection of Keyakizaka46 fics that I have written.


The Titan and The Penguin (2018-05-05)

Just Wait A Little Longer (2018-03-02)

I Met Her on The Subway - Part 1 (2017-11-27)
I Met Her on The Subway - Part 1.5 (2017-12-15)
I Met Her on The Subway - Part 2 (2017-12-22)
I Met Her on The Subway - Part 3 (Finale) (2017-12-29)

I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Part 1 (2018-03-23)
I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Part 2 (2018-05-11)
*NEW* I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Part 3 (Finale) (2018-08-11)

Why Do I Love You? - Part 1 (2018-01-19)
Why Do I Love You? - Part 2 (2018-01-26)
Why Do I Love You? - Part 3 (2018-02-03)
Why Do I Love You? - Part 4 (Finale) (2018-02-09)

I Thought We Were Friends - Part 1 (2018-03-16)
Why Are You Blushing? (2018-01-05)

She Was Never Really There (2017-11-24)
Hurry Up (2018-01-12)

Our Confessions Were Unromantic, Weren’t They? (2018-04-27)

Without You (2018-03-09)
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Re: four4four's OS - She Was Never Really There [TechiNeru] (2017-11-23)
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She Was Never Really There [TechiNeru]

“Run. Just keep on running. Don’t stop, Hirate Yurina,” I told myself as I was running.

I didn’t know why I was running. All I could remember was that I had to keep on running and never stop. What reason did I have for running like this? Was I being chased? Was I chasing someone else? I didn’t have the answers to my own questions.

The city lights blinded me as I ran down the street. People stared at me as I ran past them. Their gazes felt threatening, as if they were targeting me. I sped up my run as I tried to escape them.

The next thing I knew I was running down a dark alleyway. The darkness terrified me. I could feel something lurking in the shadows. Someone or something was definitely waiting for me. I had to escape them.

The headlights from the passing cars illuminated the bridge that ran over the river below. I stopped running as I made it halfway across the bridge. All the running finally caught up to me and I was exhausted. I tried to catch my breath, but I suddenly felt a push from behind me.


I have been stuck in this hospital ever since that incident. It wasn't so bad at first. My friends and family visited me often. I was happy to see them. But one day they suddenly stopped visiting.

It felt lonely not being able to see them. I felt threatened by the people in this place. There was a feeling in my stomach that told me I couldn't trust them. But there was one person that I knew I could trust, Nagahama Neru.
Neru was the first person to talk to me when I arrived at this place. She still accepted me even after hearing about what happened to me. You could even say that she became the light that dispelled the darkness from my heart.

“Yurina-chan, what are you doing? You look lost in thought.” Neru asked as she sat down across from me.

“I was just thinking of something...” I replied as I looked down at my hands.

“Ne, Yurina-chan,” Neru placed her hands on my hands as she moved closer to me. “You can tell me anything that is on your mind. I am here for you.”

I felt my face redden as Neru held my hands in her hands. Her gaze always made my heart beat faster. It was hard to break eye contact once she gave me that gaze.

“I have just been wondering… Have you ever thought about leaving this place? Like running away?” I asked.

Neru let go of my hands as she put her hand under her chin while tilting her head to the side. It was her thinking pose. For some odd reason, I became fond of it. To be honest I became fond of everything that she did.

“Hmm… I wonder about that.” Neru replied mysteriously.

I wanted to ask about what she meant, but a nurse walked up to us. She was the nurse who normally checked up on me throughout the day. My stomach told me that I had to be careful around her.

“Hirate-san, what are you doing?” The nurse asked me.

“I am just talking with my friend here,” I replied as I turned to look at the nurse.

The nurse gave me an odd look. She checked her wristwatch before taking out a pen out of her chest pocket. She began to write something down on the clipboard in her hands.

“Okay. Thank you, Hirate-san. Don’t forget to continue eating properly and drink plenty of water,” the nurse told me before leaving.

I turned around as the nurse turned the corner out of view. My heart raced as I saw where Neru was sitting. Her face was a mere inch away from mine.

My eyes widened as I stared into her eyes. They were staring deeply into mine. I could smell her scent from how close we were from each other. It was a good fragrance. I really loved it.

Not this again. My heart was beating rapidly and there was this feeling that existed. I know what it meant. But I kept on telling myself it was not normal to have these kinds of feelings. Especially towards another girl. But I just couldn’t stop it. These feelings kept on returning whenever I talked with Neru.

I always denied these feelings. It never felt normal to me to be this close to any of my female friends. For them it felt normal, but I always shied away from that kind of skinship. But with Neru, it felt oddly comfortable.

“Pft… Ha ha ha ha,” Neru began to laugh as she backed away from my face. “Yurina-chan you should look at your face. You are as bright as a tomato. I love teasing you.”

“Neru!” I yelled as I pouted.

Neru leaned towards my ears and whispered, “I can also never get enough of that pouting face of yours. It’s cute.”

“Cute?!” My eyes widened with shock. I felt my face getting even redder.

“Oh, it’s time for me to get going. I will see you later,” Neru said as she got up.

“Okay, see you later, Neru,” I replied as I waved at her.

She was the only person who could make me feel this way. But all of it was teasing anyways. There was no way she could feel the same way as me. I let out a sigh as I stood up to return to my room.


“Yu… rina… Yurina… YURINA-CHAN!” I heard as I was shaken awake.

I sat up on my bed in shock. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the night. I was surprised to see Neru standing beside my bed.

“Neru? Do you know what time it is?” I asked as I let out a yawn.

“Get up. We are getting out of here,” Neru commanded with a serious tone.

“Eh?” My eyes widen as I heard Neru’s reply.

She grabbed my wrist and started to run out of the room, pulling me with her. Her hand was soft and small. I wanted to feel her touch in my hands. My face flushed red when I realized what I was thinking.

“Now is not the time,” I thought as I shook my head to get rid of the thought.

We ran through the halls. Everything was enveloped by the darkness of the night. The only source of light that I could see was the flashlight that Neru used to guide us through the halls.

There should be nurses on duty, but I could not hear anything. There was always at least one nurse who would be at the nurse’s station, but I saw no one when we ran by it. This situation didn’t make any sense to me.

It was oddly silent. Even for a hospital at night, there should be more signs of life. There was clearly something wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The whole way from my room to the stairwell was void of life.

Neru turned off her flashlight as we entered the stairwell. Each landing had a red light to illuminate the stairwell. They were flashing and spinning, but I ignored that.

Neru was oddly quiet. I have never seen her like this silent before. It stayed this way as we climbed the staircase. We finally reached the roof after what felt like an eternity of climbing stairs.

Neru let go of my wrist and placed her hand on the doorknob and twisted it. The door opened and she walked out onto the roof of the hospital. I followed along behind her.

The moonlight covered only half of the roof. It was odd considering that the moon was over our heads. We continued walking until Neru reached the moonlit portion of the roof and suddenly stopped, leaving me covered by the shadow of the moon.

“Neru… Is there something wrong? What are we doing up here?” I asked.

Neru turned around. It was the first time that night that I got a clear view of her face. She looked radiant as the moonlight shone on her face.

I could feel my heart skip a beat. My left hand moved up to my chest to calm it down. This isn't a normal reaction. I shouldn't have these kinds of feelings.

“Yurina-chan… I have something important to tell you,” Neru said with a serious expression on her face.

“Hm? What is it Neru?” I replied.

Neru began to walk towards me. Her gaze focused on me. She never once looked away. My eyes couldn't move away as if it was captured by her gaze.

She eventually reached me and stood in front of me. There was a moment of silence between us. I was about to say something, but Neru suddenly hugged me. My body tensed up.

“Yurina-chan,” Neru began to whisper into my ear. “I am not quite sure how to say this… But… I love you, Yurina-chan. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I was captured by you. I knew right away that I had feelings for you. I guess you could call it ‘love at first sight’? Please become my girlfriend.”

My eyes widen in shock as Neru tightened her grip on me. I didn't know what to say. It was beyond abnormal for me to have these feelings. But for her to also have the same feelings? I didn't expect that.

But what should I do? I always told myself that these feelings were not normal. But the feelings are mutual. It's normal to return the same feelings, right?

My body relaxed as I gripped Neru’s shoulder to pull her off of me. I stared directly into her eyes. Her deep eyes were beautiful. They were the eyes of the girl that I loved after all.

“I love you too, Neru,” I say, much to Neru’s surprise.

Neru jumps at me as tears fall from her eyes. I didn't consider her the clingy type, but I return her embrace. We stay like that until I couldn't hear any tears come from her. I hold her shoulders to pull her back so I can get a clear look at her.

My eyes fell towards her lips. They were a reddish colour. I never looked at them like this before. My heart told me that I was captured by them.

Neru seemed to realize what I was looking at and closed her eyes. She was ready to accept my feelings for her. I close my eyes and move closer to her.

Just as our lips touched, I suddenly felt the roof disappearing underneath my feet. I realize what was happening. After all, there was a smile on my face.

“She was never really there.”
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Re: four4four's OS - She Was Never Really There [TechiNeru] (2017-11-23)
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Wonderful oneshot... ahhhhhhh, Techiiiiiiii!!! I think Techi works oddly well for a tragic heroine, but... my heart is in pain from reading this. Ah, this was a wonderful oneshot. Fufu, I'll look forward to more of your work in the future. I'm always happy to see more Keyakizaka46 stuff.

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Re: four4four's OS - She Was Never Really There [TechiNeru] (2017-11-23)
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ahhh!! so thats mean neru is her illusion good job on this wonderful work  :thumbup

looking for your next work!  :twothumbs

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Re: four4four's OS - She Was Never Really There [TechiNeru] (2017-11-23)
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This makes me want to read more on how neru became techi's imagination. But yes, i agree too. Techi is so fit for a tragic heroine

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Re: four4four's OS (K46) - I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa] (2017-11-27)
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@Shinoki: I was originally thinking of having a different pairing with a slighty different plot, but I guess this turned out okay.

@RyoZakiji: Yep Neru was just an illusion.  :)

@Kairi65: Hmmm I never really thought of a backstory for it. The idea just came to my mind.

So here is my next OS. This one is starring MonaRisa. Since my previous OS was tragic, I wanted to write a more happier one. This may end up being multiple parts.

I Met Her on The Subway - Part 1 [MonaRisa]

My name is Watanabe Risa. I guess you could call me a map enthusiast. Maps are so fascinating.

There are train lines that run all across Japan. I love looking at their maps. There are so many places that I never knew about. I plan to visit all of these places some day in the future.

The only problem is that I don’t like taking the train. I have lived in Tokyo all of my life and have never left the surrounding area. The subway here is always crowded. I find it uncomfortable and annoying to be surrounded by so many strangers.

Even though I say I don’t like taking the train, I must say that I am grateful that I am a map enthusiast. I never would have met her if I didn’t discover this interesting place on one of my maps.

There was one place that I never discovered on any of my maps. I was excited to go explore the area, but I ended up on the wrong train. I didn’t know what to do and decided to sit down in defeat. It would be awhile before we reached the next station.

Then I looked up, and there she was, sitting directly across from me. My heart started beating faster and I knew that I fell in love at first sight. What a beauty she was. She wore a pair of light blue headphones and listened to her music, drowning out the surroundings.

I wanted to know more about her, but I couldn’t approach her. We just sat across from each other the whole way until the next station. One of us unfazed by the world around them, while the other stared at the former. I became obsessed with her, but I thought I would never see her again.

But fate had other plans for me. It just so happened that we both got off at the next train station. She dropped her school ID as we were getting off of the train. I picked it up and got a quick glance at her name.

“So her name is Shida Manaka…” I whispered to myself.

I hurriedly ran up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and asked if I needed anything. I fumbled around a bit before giving her school ID back to her. She was surprised but thanked me for returning her ID back to her. We then parted ways.

Ever since that day, I have made sure to return to this spot on the exact same train at the same time every day. It was the only way I had of seeing her. I found out that she always took the train home at that exact time every day.

She always got on at Shinjuku station, and got off a few stops later at Meguro station. I always made sure to get on earlier at Ikebukuro station to get a seat. She always sat in the same seat when she got on the train.

My obsession with her became stronger every day that I saw her. I hope I wasn’t becoming a strange girl. I drew the line at when she left the train, but I have to admit that I have done some stalker-like things.

There was one time where she was wearing a cute outfit. I feel ashamed, but I couldn’t control myself. I took a picture of her from my seat. My hands moved on their own and I pretended to be taking a picture of myself, so no one would suspect anything.

I kept on trying to delete the picture from my phone, but I couldn’t. My hand would shake uncontrollably every time I tried. It resisted my will to delete the picture. I guess it would be better to say that my hand was following what my heart felt.

Ever since that time, I promised myself I would never do something like that ever again. It honestly felt disgusting. It felt like I was defiling her beauty with that picture. I didn’t want to do anything to make her hate me and my heart agreed with me.

I was content with just being in the mere presence of Manaka. She probably forgot about me after our first encounter, but I was happy with being able to see her. I want to talk with her, but I am just too shy to walk up to her. I have even tried to talk to her a few times, but they all ended with me running away in embarrassment.

Today felt like a different day. I oddly felt confident in myself. It felt like today would be the day that I would talk to her. I felt butterflies in my stomach at the thought of being able to talk to her. I just had to wait for her to get onto the train.

The train arrived at Manaka’s station. We waited there for a few minutes for people to board and I became concerned. She was nowhere to be seen. I let out an internal sigh of relief when I saw her walk onto the train just as the train was about to leave the station.

She sat in her normal seat across from me. She had her signature light blue headphones on and was distracted by her music. She looked beautiful just like any other day. But I suddenly became nervous.

My confidence from earlier vanished. I couldn’t move to try and talk to her. My legs didn’t want to move. I tried forcing them to move, but they were stuck to the floor. Today was supposed to be the day that I talked to her and I felt defeated. I wanted her to notice me for once, but I realized I didn’t have to do much to get her to notice me.

Manaka suddenly looked up and stared me directly in the eye. Her deep brown eyes were mesmerizing. I didn’t even realize that she was looking at me. My heart was drowning in the beauty of her eyes.

I don’t know how long we were sitting like that, but it felt like an eternity. My trance was suddenly broken when she flashed me a big smile. My heart stopped for a moment. My eyes widen in surprise when everything processed in my head. Manaka caught me staring at her.

I quickly averted my eyes away from her. My cheeks felt red like a tomato out of embarrassment. How could I make such a simple mistake? She must be creeped out by me now. Is this how it is all going to end?

I took a chance and took a quick glance at Manaka. She wasn’t looking at me anymore. Her eyes were focused on the piece of paper on her lap. She was writing something with a pen. I must admit that I was curious about it.

Manaka stood up from her seat. She began walking towards me. I didn’t know what to do and started staring at the ground. What is she thinking right now? Is she going to tell me off for staring at her? Oh god no this isn’t happening right now.

She stopped right in front me. I didn’t move my eyes away from the ground. She tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention. She was giving me a bright smile when I looked up. A paper appeared in my hand as she gave me a wink. My eyes widen when I opened up the piece of paper. It was a cell phone number.

“Call me.”
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Re: four4four's OS (K46) - I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa] (2017-11-27)
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AAAaaaa~!!!!! (σ≧▽≦)σ
So sweet~!!! Diabetes! Diabetes!!
More! I want more! JUST! SO! SWEET!!

Can't wait for continuation! PLEASE SAY THERE'S GONNA BE MONA'S POV AS WELL!!! (σ≧▽≦)σ

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Re: four4four's OS (K46) - I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa] (2017-11-27)
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So good! My heart was pounding in anticipation alongside Risa's when I read it the first time. Risa was a little bit of a stalker in a cute way, but... nngh, that was a great read. As expected of my oshimen, Manaka.

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Re: four4four's OS (K46) - I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa] (2017-11-27)
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That "Call me" line tho. Simple yet give me too much happiness~
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: four4four's OS (K46) - I Met Her on The Subway [MonaRisa] (2017-11-27)
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I need mona's pov :imdead: :imdead:

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@Kairi65: I guess this is the reply to your comment. :P

@Shinoki: I was thinking of ways to make Risa's obsession with Manaka a bit interesting, and this seemed to be a good way to do it.

@junchan: That line fits so perfectly with the context of the scene. :drool:

@wakasama__: I hope this is able to satisfy you. :)

Hey guys! It's been a while since I wrote something. Been to busy with school to write anything.
So seems that people wanted to see Manaka's POV, so I decided to do Manaka's POV of the first part.
Hope you guys enjoy it!

I Met Her on The Subway - Part 1.5 [MonaRisa]

Music. It is my only salvation in this world. Listening to it always calmed my mind and emotions. I could drown out my surroundings by just putting on my signature light blue headphones and pressing play on my phone.
Commuting on the subway is always noisy. The sound of the train, the people, and the chatter was just too much for me. There were always too many people around. I always felt sick by this environment.
I hated commuting by subway, but I didn’t have any other options. It was the only convenient way of getting around Tokyo for me. Rush hour was the worst of it. The trains were always jampacked with people going to work or going home.
I always avoided taking the subway during those hours. The less people around, the less I felt sick. I always left early in the morning and left later in the afternoon just to avoid the traffic of people.
My afternoon commute home tended to be quieter. There was a seat that I always favoured when I got on the train. I tried my best to sit there any time I got on the train, but sometimes it was taken when I got on.
Today’s afternoon commute was the same as always. I got on the train and my seat was empty, so I sat in it. I placed my headphones over my ears and hit play on my phone. The music began to play and the surroundings were washed away.
My mind was always tranquil during these times. It gave me time to reflect about the day so far. I always took this time to plan out the rest of my day. It was also the perfect time to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Although it wasn’t enough time, as my stop was a few stations away from where I got on the train.
The train arrived at my stop. I stood up and made my way to the exit onto the platform. My school ID fell out of my bag as I was getting off without me noticing it. I walked a few steps before feeling someone tapping on my shoulder.
My heart skipped a beat as I turned around. My eyes found a beautiful girl standing in front of me. She had short brown hair that reached just above her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep brown. It combined with her face to give an allure that prevented me from looking away.
I could not even hear the music that was coming from my headphones. My world suddenly revolved around this girl in front of me. She was looking down at the ground while fumbling with something in her hand.
“Can I help you?” I manage to ask.
She took a few moments before presenting something to me. It was a school ID. My eyes widen in surprise as I looked in my bag. My school ID was missing. I took it from her hands, and read the name on the inside cover to make sure it was mine.
“Shida Manaka…,” I whispered low enough for the girl to not hear me.
It was indeed my school ID. I thanked the girl before she gave me a quick nod and hurriedly left. My eyes were glued to her until I could not see her anymore. My music finally returned to my ears. I knew what I had to do.
“I have to make her mine,” I said with a grin on my face.
The next day I had my headphones on before I got on the train. My surroundings were already drowned out as I looked for my seat. My eyes locked onto the person sitting across from me as I sat down. I was surprised to see that it was the girl from yesterday. I was not expecting to see her again that soon.
My heart beated faster as my music once again vanished from my ears. My world became focused on the girl. The whole train ride was like that. I pretended to not notice her, but I was keeping my eye on her. She kept on giving quick glances at me. It was amusing to see the girl look flustered.
My music returned to my ears as the train arrived at my stop. My emotions calmed and I quickly got off the train before they became erratic again. I had a feeling that it was not a coincidence that I saw the girl again.
My feelings were right as I would see the girl everyday on the train in the same spot for the next month. I learned a lot about her during that time. It was amusing to watch the girl over the period of a month.
She was very timid and did not seem to speak much. It seemed that she was always by herself on the train. She never had company with her. I could tell that she had a good personality based on my observations.
There was one peculiar thing that I found out about her. She had some stalker-like tendencies. Normally I would hate people like her, but I found it cute and amusing as she was the one I wanted to make mine.
One time I decided to dress differently instead of my usually style of fashion. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a cute outfit. I went through my usual routine when I got on the train. The girl was already sitting in her spot across from mine. My focus was already on her as I waited to see her reaction.
I was very surprised to see that she had her phone out. She never had phone out as she was always too busy giving me glances. It looked like she was taking pictures of herself as she was posing with her phone in her stretched-out arm, but I quickly realized what she was actually doing.
She had the phone’s rear camera facing directly at me. I pretended to not notice as she took a few pictures of me. I chuckled inside as she swiped her phone to look at the picture. Her expression looked blissful as she viewed the pictures. It gave a warm feeling in my heart to see her expression like that.
It was after that point that I knew for sure that the girl had feelings for me. I could have made it easier for both of us by going up to her myself, but I didn’t find that enjoyable. I wanted to mess with her for a bit longer.
After that incident with the cute dress, I never saw her using her phone on the train ever again. It seemed that something changed a bit in her, and I felt a bit disappointed. I wanted to see her blissful expression again, but she was probably scared that I would catch her in the act someday.
There were a few times where she walked up to me. I pretended to not notice her, as I looked in a different expression. I could feel that she wanted to say something, but she never did. Every time she just ran off with an embarrassed expression on her face.
I was running late one day and almost missed the train. I got on just in time as the doors closed behind me. I made my way to my seat and the girl was already in her seat across from mine. I had already decided that day that I would change the relationship between us.
She gave me her usual quick glances. I turned my head just as she was about to avert her eyes away from me. Our eyes locked for the first time in a month. It reminded me of the feelings I felt during our first encounter. I had vowed on that day that I would make this girl mine.
I gave her a big smile. Her eyes widen in shock as she realized that we were making eye contact. She quickly averted her eyes away from mine. I giggled as I was amused by the embarrassed expression on her face combined with her bright red cheeks.
An idea popped in my head. I got a piece of paper and a pen out of my bag. Now was the perfect opportunity to make it clear to her that we had mutual feelings and to end this amusing game. I wrote down my cell phone number on the piece of paper.
I put the pen away in my bag and stood up with the piece of paper in my hand. The girl was looking in my direction, but she quickly stared at the ground as I stood up. I walked towards the girl and stopped in front of her.
I could tell that she was panicking as her shoulders raised a bit when she saw my feet stopping in front of her. I waited a few moments before tapping on her shoulder. There was a bright smile on my face as she looked up at me.
I placed the piece of paper in her hand as I gave her a wink. She took a few moments to open the piece of paper and read its contents. Her eyes widen in shock as she realized what it was. I had a big grin on my face.
“Call me.”
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Cute! So cute... Ah, Manaka is way too cool for my heart. Lol, Risa's stalker tendencies were seen through right away.

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This got me go all kyunkyun!! the best part is how you said this is only the first part!  :ding:

Mona wanted her from the beginning! Otsukare and waiting for the next update!  :tama-laff:

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@Shinoki: Manaka knows everything. 8)

@Kairi65: Ahhhh the pressure of writing sequels. I hope you enjoy this one. XD

I am back with the continuation of my MonaRisa fic.
I was originally thinking of writing it in Mona's POV, but then I got an idea for the final part, so this will be in Risa's POV.

I Met Her on The Subway - Part 2 [MonaRisa]

I can’t believe it. This could not actually be happening right now. What sort of magic is this? What if this is all just a dream? I am not dreaming, am I?

I pinched my arm to try and snap out of my dream. It hurt a lot. There was a big red mark where I pinched my arm. It was a confirmation that I was in fact not dreaming.

There were a few fragments of memories in my head of what happened. The last thing I remember was suddenly realizing that I was in my room. I don’t remember when I got off the train or when I arrived at home.

I was lying down on my bed. My body rolled to both sides of the bed repeatedly. My heart was out of control. It was beating erratically as if it was mirroring my current actions. Exhaustion eventually hit me, and I settled down in the middle of my bed.

My eyes wandered to the white ceiling of my room. I reached my right hand out towards the ceiling. It was shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed it with my left hand, but it was also shaking uncontrollably.

It was only then that I remembered I was holding a piece of paper in my right hand. I lowered my hands to a comfortable distance from my face to read the contents of the piece of paper. It was Manaka’s cell phone number.

“Call me,” her voice echoed in my head.

My heart went into another frenzy. This is what I cannot believe. I never once thought that it was possible for her to remember me after the first meeting. Let alone giving me her cell phone number and telling me to call her. I was very shocked, but at the same time ecstatic.

I reached for my cell phone beside me and opened the dialer on it. My hands were shaking as I tapped in Manaka’s number. I pressed the wrong numbers a few times as my shaky hands moved from the correct number. The correct numbers were eventually tapped in.

My finger hovered over the call button. I hesitated as I was thinking of something to say when she picks up. Do I tell her how I have been stalking her for the past month? Should I just introduce myself properly to her?

“Hey there, my name is Watanabe Risa. I have been stalking you for the past month,” I thought to myself.

I shook my head to get rid of the idea. What kind of introduction is that? She will probably get the wrong impression of me, and then she will decide to never talk to me ever again. That was something I had to avoid.

“Hello?” I suddenly heard Manaka’s voice come from my phone.

The sudden sound surprised me. I almost dropped my phone to the ground as I threw my phone up in surprise. The phone landed in the palm of my hand after I fumbled about to get a grip on the phone.

I must have tapped on the call button when I was thinking of something to say. My heart started to beat faster as my head was in chaos trying to think of something to say. The next few words were going to be important.

“Hello?!” I suddenly yell into the phone. I smacked my forehead with my free hand. What kind of reply was that?

There was a moment of silence before Manaka broke the silence, “Ah! Is this the girl from the train?”

“Ummm… I guess it is?” I replied, doubting myself.

I could hear a giggle on the other side, “What do you mean ‘You guess’? But I guess with that kind of reply it means it really is you.”

“Ummm…,” I was lost for words to say.

“What is it?” Manaka asked.

“I-I-I don’t know what to say…,” I replied in a soft voice.

There was laughter coming from Manaka, “I guess you could introduce yourself to me. I don't even know your name. But I guess I should introduce myself first. My name is Shida Manaka, yoroshiku.”

“I already know what your name is… I saw it when I give you your school ID back. My name is Watanabe Risa, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

“Ha ha ha. I guess I should have expected as much. ‘Risa’ is a nice name by the way. I like it. Can I call you by your first name? You can call me ‘Manaka’ too.”

I could feel my cheeks redden from Manaka’s reply, “Yeah, that is fine, Manaka-chan.”

“You don’t need to add ‘-chan’. Try saying my name without any honorifics.”

“Ma-Ma-Mana….. ka,” my heart was beating intensely. We were already on first name basis after only a few minutes of interaction.

“I’m happy to hear you call my name, Risa. But I want to get straight to the point. I guess you already understand why I gave you my number, right?”

“No, what for?” I pretended to be ignorant. I knew very well why she gave me her cell phone number, but I wanted to hear the words directly from her mouth.

“What? I thought you knew…,” I could hear a sigh coming from Manaka’s mouth. “I guess we should just forget about all of this…”

My heart was suddenly thrown upside down, “Wait! I know why you gave me your number. Don’t leave!”

Manaka bursted out in laughter, “I knew it! You do know the reason.”

“Mou! I hate you, Manaka!” I pouted even though Manaka couldn’t see me.

“Wait Risa! I was just joking. What I wanted to say is that I love you Risa. Please go out with me,” Manaka suddenly confessed her love to me.

My cheeks became even redder than before, “I love you too…,” I replied with a very soft voice.

“Huh? What did you say?” Manaka asked.

“I said… I love you…,” my voice was still soft.

“I still can’t hear you. Can you say that again?”

“I said I love you!” I yelled. I felt a weight off my shoulder by saying it out loud and clear for Manaka to hear.

There was a moment of silence before Manaka replied, “I am very happy that you told me that right now. To be honest, I heard you the first time, but I wanted to hear you say it again and again.”

“Mou! Stop teasing me!” my voice was filled with annoyance.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t stop. I love to tease you. Your reactions are cute and I love that about you,” Manaka confessed to me.

My heart melted at Manaka’s words. She seems to like teasing me. I honestly don’t like it, but she knows what to say to get at my heart. This was the person that I became obsessed with, and I love every part of her.

“Say Risa…,” Manaka’s voice suddenly went soft.

“What is it?” I asked with curiosity in my voice.

“Let’s go on a date.”

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Manaka is too cool for my heart.

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@Shinoki: Manaka is always cool, so I decided to show a different side of her for the finale. :P

So we have finally reached the conclusion of this short MonaRisa fic.
There are some interesting scenes in this finale.  8)

I Met Her on The Subway - Part 3 (Finale) [MonaRisa]

I am so ecstatic right now. Even though I didn't sleep much last night, I was full of energy. How could I not be? Manaka and I were going to have our first date today.

I was so nervous about what I was going to wearing. Should I go with a pair of jeans? Should I wear a long sleeve shirt? I spent a lot of time deciding on my wardrobe for the day. In the end, I decided upon a skirt and blouse.

“Risa!” I was brought back from my thoughts by someone suddenly calling my name from behind me.

I turned around to see who was calling me. Just like I expected, it was Manaka. She was running towards me.

Manaka was panting heavily when she stopped in front of me, “Am I late? Have you been waiting long?”

“Hello Manaka. No, you're just on time. I just got to the station too,” I replied to Manaka, but the truth was that I have been here for two hours already. I was too excited for this date and just ended up coming here early.

Manaka heaved a sigh of relief, “I am glad. Hey, what do you think of my outfit?”

My eyes shifted down to Manaka’s outfit. It was cute, and I liked it. But there was something familiar about it. Something very familiar about it…

I suddenly heard a click of a camera. Manaka had her phone out and it was pointed directly at me. She gave me a wink when our eyes met.

My eyes opened wide in realization, “Don’t tell me… You knew?”

“That's revenge,” Manaka had a smirk on her face.

I looked at the ground in embarrassment. My cheeks became flushed. I can't believe that she knew what I did. This is so embarrassing. She doesn't hate me, right?

Manaka grabbed my hands. I looked up and was surprised to see her face a few inches from my face. My face went completely red as my heart beated faster. She was staring deeply into my eyes. I could see my reflection in her deep brown orbs.

Manaka leaned in towards my ear. “Don’t worry, I love that part of you too,” she whispered into my ears.

“Wh-wh-what?” I managed to give a response.

Manaka backed away from me, and began to laugh uncontrollably, “Risa, you should see your face right now! It’s hilarious! I honestly can’t get enough of it.”

I pouted at Manaka, “Mou! I hate you Manaka! I’m leaving!”

I then began to walk away from Manaka. I wasn’t actually mad at her, but I wanted to get revenge on her for teasing me. She doesn’t control herself when she teases me. It irritated me because it kept on making me lose control of my emotions, but I can’t complain because it made me fall deeper in love with her.

It seemed that Manaka’s biggest weakness was when I was mad at her. She couldn’t handle having me mad at her. She tried her best to get my forgiveness and make me happy again. This time I wanted to get back at her for teasing me.

“Wait! Risa, come back! I’m sorry!” Manaka ran after me.

I suddenly turned around, stopping Manaka in her tracks. There was an angry expression on my face, “No, Manaka! I’m tired of your teasing! I’ve had enough!” I crossed my arms and turned around.

There was a grin on my face that Manaka couldn’t see. I knew for sure that my reaction would force another reaction out of Manaka. I waited a few moments, but there was no reaction from Manaka. All of a sudden I heard sobbing coming from me.

I turned around to see Manaka crying with her hands covering her face. It surprised me to see her crying from my teasing. My heart sank as it felt guilty for causing this pain towards her just for revenge. It turns out that my weakness was seeing Manaka in such a vulnerable position.

“I’m sorry…” Manaka was the first to break the awkward atmosphere.

I was confused by what she meant, but then it hit me, “You don’t have to be.”

Manaka was surprised when she felt my arm suddenly cradle her body in my embrace. One of my hands was stroking her head, while the other supported her for balance.

“Please don’t cry, Manaka. I hate to see you cry. It just hurts me so much,” I whispered softly.

Manaka removed her hands from her face, “You don’t hate me?” Her eyes were red from crying.

I looked deep into Manaka’s eyes and gave her a smile, “Of course not. How could I ever hate you? You are my obsession and the person that I love the most in this world. I just wanted to get revenge on you. I didn’t mean for you to take me seriously. I’m sorry, so please stop crying.” I wiped away a tear that threatened to fall from Manaka’s eyes.

Manaka wiped the remaining tears from her eyes before burying her face into my shoulder, “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t tease you so much, but I can’t help it. This is the only way that I know how to show my love towards you.”

I smiled before patting Manaka’s head again. I was happy to know that Manaka only teased me because she loved me. People gave us weird stares at they walked by us. I paid no heed to them as this was a moment between Manaka and me.

We stayed in this position for a few minutes. Manaka was the first to break our embrace. Her normal cheerfulness returned to her face, which made me happy to see.

Manaka reached out her hand to me, “Let’s get going.”

I replied with a nod and reached out to grab Manaka’s outreached hand, “Un. Let’s go.”

We walked away from the station and started walking down the street. The first shop we stopped by was a crepe shop. I bought myself a banana crepe, while Manaka bought herself a strawberry crepe. We found a bench nearby and sat down to eat our crepes.

I noticed that Manaka was staring at my crepe while I was eating it, “Do you want some?”

“If you don’t mind,” Manaka leaned in and took a bite out of my crepe before I could offer it to her.

Manaka gave me a confused stare when she saw me giggling at her reaction, “What are you laughing at?”

“You seem so mature, but you also have this childish side to you. I can’t help but laugh at it,” my giggles became outright laughter.

Manaka uncharacteristically pouted, “I don’t want to that from you, Ms. Stalker.”

“Hey! That was only one time,” I responded defensively.

A grin formed on Manaka’s face, “I was just kidding. Do you want some of my crepe?” Manaka moved her crepe in front of my face.

I instinctively took a bite out of the crepe that was offered to me before I could give a reply. My eyes widen when I tasted the crepe, “It’s delicious!”

Manaka giggled at my reaction, “That’s the reaction I was looking for. I really love it when I get to see your blissful expression.”

I punched Manaka’s shoulder lightly, “Mou… You are such a tease.”

“I can’t help it. After all, I only tease you because I love you,” Manaka replied.

We quickly finished the remainder of our crepes and got up to leave. We began walking down the street. There was nothing planned out for the date today. Manaka just wanted to spend some time with me, and I was happy to do so with her.

“Hey, do you want to go back to my house?” Manaka suddenly asked me.

“I would love to,” I replied with a smile on my face.

We then went back to the subway station to take the subway back to Manaka’s house. The train ride was silent as both us just stared at each other without saying a word. We got off the train and made our way to Manaka’s house. Her house was only a few blocks away from the station.

I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to Manaka’s parents as they were not home at the moment. Manaka led me up to her room. She opened the door and allowed me to enter first. Her room was normal looking. There weren’t many things in it, and it looked like it fit with her cool personality.

Manaka entered the room and closed the door behind her. I suddenly felt her hand grabbing me and pulling me towards her. My body was spun around and I felt the door appear behind me. Manaka slammed one of her hand on the door beside me.

“Eh?!” I let out in surprise.

Manaka had a flirtatious look in her eyes, “I can’t hold back anymore, Risa.”

I knew what Manaka was trying that to say. I tried escaping in the opposite direction of her hand on the door, but her other hand suddenly slammed the other side of the door. I was trapped from escaping her grasp.

My body instinctively flinched. I was not ready for this kind of situation. It was my first time after all.

“Manaka, I’m not ready for this yet,” my voice shrank to a whisper.

A grin appeared on Manaka’s face, “Don’t worry. I will be gentle.”

Manaka remove one of her hands from the door. She moved her free hand under my chin, raising it. Her eyes were telling me that she was eying my lips. I didn’t know what to do and my heart was racing.

Manaka’s lips started moving closer to me. I instinctively close my eyes and waited for her kiss. All of a sudden I felt the softness of Manaka’s lips on my own. We were having our first kiss.

There was a sweet strawberry taste coming from her lips. I was surprised to suddenly feel her tongue forcing her way into my mouth. Her tongue fished around in my mouth looking for my tongue. Our tongues intertwined, and I felt my mind go a bit numb.

I reached my arm around Manaka’s head and pulled her closer for a deeper kiss. Manaka was surprised by my sudden boldness, but she was happy to oblige. She moved her hand to my waist, and guided us away from the door and towards her bed.

Manaka broke our kiss and suddenly pushed me onto her bed. We were both panting heavily for air. I completely forgot that we needed to breathe while we were kissing. I could see the lust in Manaka’s eyes from my position on the bed. Manaka licked her lips before moving towards the bed.


“MOM!” my daughter, Dani, suddenly interrupted me.

“What is it, Dani?” I asked curiously.

“I’m still 11! This isn’t something to talk about in front of your daughter!” she responded.

Manaka, who I am now married to, entered the room, “Don’t worry honey. We can tell her the rest of the story when she gets a bit older,” she gives Dani a wink.

“Dad! Stop embarrassing me!” Dani yelled with her cheeks flushed.

Manaka gave her a mischievous look, “Or we could just show you the rest of the story right now.”

Manaka walked towards the chair I was sitting in. She leaned forwards and placed her fingers below my chin. I played along and let her tilt my chin upwards to get a better look at my lips. Manaka moved in closer for a kiss.

Dani yelled before our lips could make contact, “DAD! MOM!” She then ran out of the room, embarrassed by us.

“I love teasing you and our daughter,” Manaka began to laugh.

I flicked Manaka on her forehead, “At least she doesn’t have your bad traits.”

Manaka rubbed her forehead with her hand, “Ow! That hurt!”

I give Manaka a light giggle, “I love remembering the story of how we met.”

Manaka gave me a surprise kiss on the lips, “Yeah, me too.”
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They've married!!! When you said this was the final part, i honestly thought that I'm not gonna be satisfied but this...!!! I don't think I'm gonna need a refill for the week!!! So sweet!

Mona is just like a kid. I was so surprised when she actually cried bcoz of risa mad! And the house scene...  >///<

Kinda funny that dani is their daughter when there's a fanart of dani being their mother  :lol:

It has been a fun reading. Thank you and お疲れ様でした!!!!

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Crybaby Mona is cute too. And aggressive Mona! Wha! They got married~ How nice~ Huhuhuhu. (Unexpectedly, their child is Dani. XD Dani will become a stalker too and find her own crush Pon only to find out that she has her own stalker Monta. That type of situation? Stalker genes)

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Dani will become a stalker too and find her own crush Pon only to find out that she has her own stalker Monta. That type of situation? Stalker genes) that you mentioned it... :huhuh  :rofl:

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I did not expect that ending but it was nicer than I thought  :twothumbs :inlove:
Thank you for sharing this story. I really liked it a lot. MonaRisa is a couple that I love and unfortunately there are not so many stories about them  :heart: :heart:
I hope you have a happy new year  :cow: :cow:

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