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Author Topic: [N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love PT 2 (260518)  (Read 4117 times)

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[N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love PT 2 (260518)
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:30:19 PM »
(A/N: First of all, thank you for our kind moderator @Sophcaro for making another board for Sakamichi fics,  :deco:.
second, Happy New Year for everyone, hope its still not too late for a wish. Next, well please enjoy this fic, lately I started to ship WakaMai more than I should but hey aren't they lovely? as always mistakes are bound to happen since this is too abrupt for me too, the idea just popped in my head and without me knowing my hands start to move lol what an excuse. yes, any critics are always welcomed.  :cow: )

Year 2046, Nogizaka Kingdom

      Nogizaka Kingdom is a powerful kingdom with no men but all girls. Ruled by a mean but wise king name Hashimoto Nanami, they’re going good with no weaknesses at all, above the King, stands Ministry of Health filled with the Doctor Team taking a good job making sure the residents are all healty and expert at producing babies in pods so it could assure their next generation, to the Ministry of Food Safety so they could have nice meal on dine table and most important Ministry of Defense taking the role of defending the kingdom from any unknown outsider as well as widening the kingdom boundary. For that, the battle of strongest was held annually. To pick the strongest and skillful girl to defend the population but for what more important is to choose who deserve to be Grand General.

      On the Colloseum field, stood hundreds of girls around 19-25 years old; considered as the right age to hold the significant position also the one who had passed three preliminary stage two days before, readied with blue armor suits, a modified digital glass shields and a purple lightning sword on each hand. Each of them were divided into two teams; Team Nogi and Team Zaka. Taking a privilege of winning the turn to attack first, Team Nogi able to chose their opponent first. But before that, everyone had to fill up a taboo form called weakness form.

      As much as it looks like a battle field, the tricky part of this battle is to win the game by getting over your own weakness; this is the newest rule so far. So, various equipments, tools and things was prepared on the side of field, for them to use in the battle, if they’re lucky, it might be their opponents points of weakness. Every minor or major hit still counted but having discover your opponent weakness and use it on them give them winning point as whole, no more fight on second round. This final round hold for thirty minutes long, witnessed by King Nanami and Holy Queen Mai off field and thousands eyes more.

      Among them, proudly stood Wakatsuki Yumi, the winner for three years consecutively, the strongest candidate to win the Grand General position, replacing her mother as previous Head of Defense Department. She looks stern and cool with eyes burned with passion. Everyone afraid of her, avoid from chosing her as an opponent, but not this one particular girl namely Shiraishi Mai, before known  from Beauty and Fashion department with dark long hair tied into a ponytail, fair skinned doubted for not suitable to stand under blazing sun, protecting the kingdom but she unexpectedly make it to the final round.

      Five minutes into the beginning of the battle, each of them were paired up with their chosen opponent. When the only girl from Beauty and Fashion Department was called and paired up against Wakatsuki Yumi the daughter of Head of Defense Ministry and promising fighter, everyone were surprised. Whispers quickly spread around how it was impossible for the girl to fight the youngest candidate for Grand General spot, but most of it were about how the two were rumoured to be together and occasionally were seen by the lake making love or used to be couple in the past.

      Upon mentioning her name as an opponent of the weak girl, Wakatsuki’s eyes blazed with mixture of feelings. For a strong and skillful girl like her to be paired up with the weak girl like Shiraishi, her pride hurts a bit, winning it defined a less meaningful victory, and losing it cost her future life as well. Not she going to choose the second option but for pessimist like her, everything was possible. Aside from it, Wakatsuki had more fears than she supposed to be, Shiraishi is her current girlfriend to be honest, not only her heart but her bracelet inside her armor was also tatooed with the name, Mai.

      While the weak girl on another side, Mai showing less or no emotion at all. She readied herself by filling up the form with her details of reason why joining the battle, her major weakness and closest kin to be contacted if something happen to her. She unhesitantly put Wakatsuki Yumi name in the blank.

      Once done with the preparation, every participants started to digitally appear inside the vast field. Then the timing device in their armor beeping a start mark, everyone wasting no time to attack.

      “Come on Waka! Fight me,” Its just the beginning of the game but Shiraishi Mai already on offensive mode, continuously attacking her opponent, collecting points from minor hit on glass shield, making the opponent, Wakatsuki Yumi agitated, but quickly step sided.

      “Shit Mai, you know I can’t do that, what the heck happen to you to even participate in this battle? This is not for you, you know that right?” Wakatsuki ducked, easily dodging another weak blow from a beautiful girl called Mai.

      For seconds she almost lost focus, blaming her girlfriend stunning appearance with blue armor suit, it strangely match Mai current hair color. Wakatsuki already acknowledged Mai beauty but the thought of her wearing blue armor ever crossed her mind at all, only because the Mai she knew would never be in the same league of violence unlike her. How she missed her girlfriend so much, when the last time they kiss? Wakatsuki poundered to herself.

      “Well that exactly why I choose you, you can’t hurt me. And is that how you talked to your girlfriend? After five months avoiding me?” Mai enraged, making her movement more violent and harsh than before.

      “Gomen,” Wakatsuki sincerely apologized, not expecting it was the real issue here. “But you can just visit me, I live above you remember?” She glanced at the audience seat off the Colosseum, where Nanamin the King and Holy Queen Mai were seated with their three months old baby, Asuka.

      Wakatsuki hates to admit but she saw a hint of disappointment in the King expression, they both had a high expectation on her to win this battle since she is the most promising candidate to become next General of Defense in Nogizaka Kingdom, to replace her mother of course. She has passed all the unreasonable amount of exams and test, this is the last test for her to win the position, fulfilling her mother request. Yet, fully understand her ambition Mai is not going easy on her.

      “You mean ten floor above me plus dozens of guards on your door? Yeah, you must be kidding me then, ever since you’re chosen for the position, I hardly see your face!” Mai half-screaming, pouring everything inside her. She felt relieved.

      “Is that your way saying you miss me?” Wakatsuki chuckled, intentionally stick onto Mai’s back so she could avoid the girl dangerous move and protect her at the same time.  “I’m sorry if that hurt you, but in this period it will more dangerous to be with me Mai” She spun around, smelling Mai’s nice fragrant, vanilla if she remembered it right.

      “You’re a coward Yumi-chan” Mai jagged her sword forward, right onto Wakatsuki’s heart aiming for major points but the latter clumsily manage to avoid it. As expected. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, thought it was funny to watch her so-called ‘girl-friend’ of two years to panic and mad like that. Feeling ecstasy, Mai swung the lightning sword randomly, hoping it might hit the girl. Her original plan is to win this fight by gaining points from minor attack, it was enough for her since Waka couldn’t even attack her.

      “Fuck you Shiraishi” Wakatsuki jumped to the side, sneakily drew both of them away from other fierce contestants; as much as she mad at Mai right now, she didn’t want Mai to hurt not from her or others.

      “You know I’ve been dreaming for the position for a long time already, you could’ve at least support you girlfriend off side but here you are, stand on my way!” Wakatsuki still can’t bring herself to point her sword at her girlfriend, chose to encircle the girl as much as she could, wasting the time and the girl stamina. 
      “You can win this battle if you figure out what my weakness is, we’ve been together for so long, that is easy for you, honey” Mai stated the truth, provoking with her curled sexy lips, battlefield or not, she don’t forget to apply lipstick on her lips  attempt to steal a kiss, or so.
      “Oh yes babe, could you just tell me what it is?” Wakatsuki offered a sweet smile, begging with eyes. She ambled away in relaxed manner, seeing nothing to rush over Mai meaningless attack.

      But in another site, she saw her pod twin, Sakurai Reika also having a hard time to figure out her opponent weaknesses, trying every tool scattered around for them to use, clumsy all the time. Like her, Wakatsuki assured Reika wrote nothing in the column of weakness, maybe there are more, for a fighter like them, its better to lose physically rather than to their own weaknesses, that is obviously shameful.

      Long before they’re properly developed in the pod, they; the Doctors Team all are agreed that twins can’t survive in the same pod, competing for the same limited nutrient and small space, but they prove them wrong for good; the reason behind their same size and height. The Doctors called it magic or miracle or somewhat science but both her and Reika called it fate, a strong fate that even after they were adopted by a different couple, they still in close term with each other.

      Noticed Reika and her opponent coming close to her, Wakatsuki rolled on the ground and tripped Reika’s opponent off the ground. They exchanged gaze in between before both continued to their own business moment later. Wakatsuki sigh, it seems like she needs to give her consent on Reika and Erika marriage next year. Its their absolute promise before this final battle. Not that she hates Erika but Reika is way too good for her.

      “Hey, eyes on me girl!” Mai tugged Wakatsuki’s arm with her sword, furious at the girl who lost focus when she is talking. That unexpected blow gained her ten points. “Wow”

      “Ah yeah, sorry honey. Before that, where did you learn all these fighting skills?”

      “Takayama-san, she is the only one willing to teach me” Mai proudly announced, giving the younger girl a cunning gaze, testing the mood. Wakatsuki, honestly a good girl, too good to feel jealous for no reason. But this, she thinks this new side of her is kinda enjoyable.   

      “Again, shit you Shiraishi, Did you purposely went to her knowing she is my main rival?” Honestly, Wakatsuki not surprise at all, she could guess it only from Mai aggressive movement, if she had to make an assessment on her move, Mai wouldn’t last more than fifteen minutes and if her opponent suddenly attacks her continuously she could hurt badly, for not knowing how to defend well. Attacking is Takayama field of expertise but not defence and with her ways of attacking, Mai could lose her already low stamina quicker than other people would.

      “We even practice all night for this three months.” Her pupils dilated in excitement as if she enjoyed all the harsh practice she went through.

      “You what?” Wakatsuki’s eyes flashed in fury and jealousy, but didn’t miss a girl coming from Mai’s back; losing balance over a blow, she quickly slid between Mai's leg and jumped on the girl’s back, stopping her from reaching Mai. The girl then vanished in the air, already suffered from fatal injuries may be.

      “And that explained why you weren’t in your room at night” Wakatsuki lowly whispered, to herself but enough for Mai who just behind her to hear.

      “You sneaked into my house?”

      “Every night” Lying is not her speciality, “Yes I’m busy with all the preparation, exams and all, but that doesn’t mean I forget about my beautiful girlfriend. I thought sneak into your house is a good move, but then..” Her sentence was interupted by a another flew in their way. Without thinking much, she pushed herself onto Mai, closely manage to evade the fall.

      “You always touch my heart” Mai abruptly turned around, “but that doesn’t mean I forgive you” she crossed her swords, narrowly reaching Wakatsuki chest if not the latter hurriedly twist her body around.

      “Shiraishi Mai!” A yelled but Mai only guffawed at the sudden outburst, enjoying the rarest side of her girlfriend.

      Wakatsuki glanced at the digital clock above them, five minutes and counting. She then look around, noting that few of them already digitally vanish from the field, marking that some of them already decipher their opponent weakness, including Reika who at last settled on releasing spider from a cage, that scared off her opponent well. Wakatsuki only beams a smile to her twin who already on the Podium of Victory; only the winner can stand there. She then signalling Reika a good job. For now, she has less thing to worry except herself for her own good. Time to be serious maybe?

      “Say my beautiful Mai, how did you win previous battle?” Honestly, Wakatsuki still doubts her girlfriend ability.

      “My luck maybe? To be able to choose a weaker opponent, Takayama-san helps me to collect their details. Figure out their weaknesses is the easiest part,” her eyes glinted with neverending satisfaction.

      “I see” From afar, she saw Takayama triumph smile for the mostly major hit, not to miss she also figured out the weakness after two simple guesses.

      “Are you start to lose hope my beloved Waka?” Mai teased, laughed merrily upon seeing Wakatsuki frustrate sigh. She then cutely pouted, a never ending tease. 

      “You’re so confident Shiraishi-san.” Wakatsuki smiled bitterly, making no effort to hide her emotion. She started to imagine how disappointed her mother will be with her lost this time, much more with zero points. “If you’re that confident, there is no point of disclosing your weakness to me right?” Three minutes and counting.

      “Sure, but it more fun for you to guess it right? I’ll give you clue then, though there is nothing for you to use on me anyway,” her eyebrows arched in slyness. Mai also starts to make a countdown, two minutes and a half, one by one start to disappear in the air.

      “What?” Wakatsuki hastily side-stepped, suddenly losing her ability to predict Mai next movement. Two minutes. Her thought starts to wander around, this is a mess, everything she planned end here. Her plan on proposing Mai after her supposed to be victory now crumbling.

      “Say it, don’t you miss me Waka-chan?” One minute and a half. What more she could do to make her realize it? Mai desperately wants to scream out at her oblivious and serious girlfriend.

      “You’re playing dirty Mai, and yes I miss you,” Wakatsuki facepalmed, can’t believe Mai still can be this playful while this means a world to her aside from Mai herself. 

      “I want to win and this called the trick, why don’t you prove it? Do you still love me?” She threw her sword and shield away, gaining questioned stare from Wakatsuki. Backing off, she tempting her girlfriend closer with her glistening lips, something she's done for a while for a fool Wakatsuki to guess.

      “F*ck you, Mai,” frustrated, Wakatsuki also threw away her sword and shield, winning the battle has no point anymore now but winning her girlfriend’s heart might promise another future for her. Maybe they can stop from being secretive about their relationship and live a modest life after this? She might need to find other job to support their life later on.

      Grabbing Mai’s neck and aiming for her lips is the only thing Wakatsuki planned to do, ignored all the stares everyone gave them. “I love you, Mai, don’t make me repeat it again” Rough but filled with passion, she easily gained full accessed into Mai’s mouth, starting another battle of love using their tongue.

      It has been so long but it still tasted the same or better, the way their lips fighting for dominance never failed to amuse her. She always loves it how Mai playing hard to get on her. There is no one could tickle her heart like that aside from this girl.

      Happy by the warmth adrenaline, Mai chuckled, “I love you too” she mumbled between the kiss. She tighten her embrace on the cool Wakatsuki, hoping time would slow down a bit, giving them more chance to enjoy this romance.

      But that was then the device on her armor starts to beep signally her lose. Her body start to feel so light as if she is floating in the air. Looking pass through her girlfriend, she slowly lost sight of her own hands, fading like others.

      “See Waka, I’m trying to help you as much as I can. It’s hurt to not be able to help you with your dream so I decided to enrol in this competition..” Mai give her brightest smile, happy with the outcome.

      Astonished by sudden unexpected result and her inability to grasp on her girlfriend’s physical lips once again, Wakatsuki lost for words. “Mai..”

      “Your love is my weakness. Is it too hard for you to guess?” Mai smiled, leaving Wakatsuki with her triumph victory, gaining a standing ovation from the audience for last standing girl in the field.

(P/S: This was edited for a better ver, nothing much but are welcomed to screen the story again)
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Re: [N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love (150118)
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I don't usually read Nogi fanfics, but Wakaten-san you have converted me.

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Re: [N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love (150118)
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Of course Wakatsuki would be oblivious to what Maiyan wants. XD

It's really cute of Maiyan to do all of that for the girl she loves. :wub:

Hoping to see more from you.

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Re: [N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love (150118)
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Okay, first thing first. I AM LOVING THIS THEME SO MUCHHHHHHH  :heart: x 46
Waka getting shook cause her girl is actual badass is so damn good. And sneaky Mai hanging out with her gf rival :panic: I really hope everything between them was business only, like wouldn't want Kazumin sneakily plotting something bad on Waka  :nervous
This is a really good one shot. Thanks a lot  :deco:

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Re: [N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love PT2 (260518)
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(A/N: A little sneakpeak into Wakatsuki Yumi and Shiraishi Mai married life)

Year 2050, Nogizaka Kingdom

      It was a typical normal day in Synchrony City, a modest city situated southest part of Nogizaka Kingdom away from hustle bustle Sakamichi Metropolitan. Strongly build with glass building standing stoic as the city centre, with same height; not too tall or short, purple pastel in colour, sparkles only when sun blaring hot. Colourful tulips; the only unsynchrony in the city, widely spread under the cottages like carpets to the hills, dancing wildly whenever winds whispered their tiny stalks. So colourful, so beautiful.

      Surrounds the city centre was the village, where family or married couple mostly live in the cottages; obviously not a house; hang down from tree branches only another small part of the city synchronization and uniqueness. It was there where Wakatsuki-Shiraishi lives now too.

      “You’re the love I want to keep safe, we can be happy anywhere as long as we’re together honey,” just how Wakatsuki Yumi got Shiraishi Mai agree on moving from metropolitan after getting married, though Metropolitan is where she works. She didn’t hate the idea after all. That just how they become an ideal couple admire by all.

      She won’t hate the idea if they still could share a cup of coffee early in morning through kisses on the bed enjoying nothing but snuggled in each other arms, desperate for more food but too lazy to move out the bed. Or how bizarre it can get when cooking for lunch with only apron over undergarment and eating meals straight from frying pan on kitchen counter instead of proper meal on table. Or how they can dance barefooted under the rain and naked sky, wet skin grazing each other, laughing every time they step on each other feets that turn into stepping game then rolling on wet grass catching up breath.

      It was their usual days after getting married three and half year ago, rotating same routine and never tired of it, or what Shiraishi thought it supposed to be but somehow lasted for six beautiful months. Honeymoon phase, they said. 

      Times moving on, so they are. Now what seems Shiraishi Mai’s typical days were voluntarily teaching kids at pod centre, the city’s heart, most important place of where babies were made, born and educated, is was their proudest entity as whole kingdom and Shiraishi proud she was part of it though it merely a distraction from bitter reality.

      Teaching has been her new passion ever since she quit from fashion department right after she got married, contribute her knowledge about fashion and styles to the centre and kids while sending fashion critics in magazines once a month; is one of her promise to Nishino, her fellow model.

      As for someone who works at fashion department half her life, teaching kids how to dress properly and nicely, some social ethics as preparation of going out to real life was nothing. The kids might grow in pod, where basically everything was set up but they still lack survival skills, so there she is, doing her volunteering job with her whole heart, accompanied by Fukagawa Mai, Holy Queen as well as head of Pod Centre, observing her class or precisely her kid behaving in class without disturbing other kids.

   The class still half way to go when Eto Misa, the most beautiful doctor in Doctors Team, wearing casual clothes under her white coat, waved over Shiraishi, getting her attention and gesturing to meet in her office after class. Noted the message, Shiraishi flashed her brightest smile, seeing Eto Misa, a woman around her age whom easily become her best friend on their first encounter somehow makes her happy.

      Eto Misa was one of doctor in charge of Pod Development, Shiraishi does meet her often on outside for breakfast or lunch but never this official kind of meeting in her office. Its either she was overthinking or Eto does have something for her. Shiraishi can’t help but nervously think about it halfway to the end.

      Shiraishi cheerfully ended her class soon after that, promised the kids to meet again next week for their hair-styling class. She bid them goodbyes, honestly going to miss them, before lead herself out the class, not missed to meet in the eyes with the Queen, she politely bow as sign of respect.

      As promised, she went to meet Eto Misa after class but the doctor already standing in the hallway, seems to wait for her, with a half-full cup of coffee on her right. The doctor then leads her into her office, a typical small box of white and smell of medicine, remind of Shiraishi of how she used to be so uncomfortable around doctor in her childhood being here, brings back the memories though she now comfortably seated facing Eto.

      “We got a match pod for you and Waka,” Eto Misa reached out for Shiraishi’s hand, trying to comfort, the latter jerked at the sudden touch but smiling back an apology, a smile that grew wider as she realizes what was coming. Almost four years and its coming true. Her dreams finally come true.

      “I could arrange it for you,” Eto said, voice so clear and offering hope. She continues, “just bring Waka along next time, we need to discuss the procedure.”

      Then the smiles, the light in Shiraishi brown eyes died. As if Eto just tick off emergency switch. Realized how obvious her responses is, Shiraishi beamed, straighten her posture, though eyes looking down to her laps, searching for an excuse.

      “You know how busy she is right now, I am not sure when she got time,” not totally an excuse, it’s the truth. “Can we just proceed without her? I want to surprise her.” Shiraishi begged, holding breath as she waited for an answer, hoping Eto won’t caught her lying. Wakatsuki, her partner for almost four year and still counting, would ever approve this, she was assured of it. When Eto brings her mouth open after serious deep thinking, Shiraishi felt her heart about to explode.

      “I am not sure if we could do this, both of you need to know the procedure, risks and everything about having a child. It's about the kid’s future, we need her..” Eto halted a moment thinking, expression concern, before proceed “but maybe I can help,” she smiled, comforting with warm eyes.

      Then, Shiraishi’s face brightens, like sun shines her down from heaven. Eto grinned, not that she didn’t notice how suspicious her friend is right now but at the same time she didn’t want to ruin the moment. It has been a while she saw Shiraishi so bright and excited. It's her dream after all.

      Once excused herself, Shiraishi’s smile faded, not she disapprove the news but sick at herself for lying or to be fair, sick for an ugly truth of her life right now. Honestly, she was tired of it, but maybe she should at least try, make an effort. Then if nothing came out, she will figure another way out. She thought as she makes herself comfortable far in a corner of a self-service café near the centre entrance, avoiding to meet anyone she knows, because right now, she needs some time alone.

      Fished out her high-tech glass phone, Shiraishi typed in text, delete and type another proper long sentence, delete and eventually decide just to send a habitual short question to her partner.

      –Can we talk?

      Weird, too weird for a married couple like them, whom before was all lovey-dovey couple but change into somewhat strangers who need approval even for small talks. Shiraishi sighed, waiting for a reply.

      Shiraishi wondered, did every couple going through same phase like theirs? Not meeting in the eyes, barely talking less than ten words; asking each other’s normal day, hugging but indifferent, awkwardly kissing each other of a very rare good morning before parting to another exhausting day? And its more exhausting to think about it, far from what she wished for, or did she expect too much from her partner?

      Shiraishi obviously was in deep thought to not realized Fukagawa Mai calling for her, asking if the seat was taken but the Holy Queen sit anyway after futile efforts, wakes Shiraishi up with a soft slap on the shoulder. Ashamed, Shiraishi apologized right away, before quickly sipping her already cold green tea, avoid meeting gaze. 

      With Fukagawa showing no sign to leave, and to excuse herself would sound rude, they both sat there in awkward silence, no one makes effort to speak either. And that was when Shirahi’s smart device beeping, signalling long awaited reply. Her face drained in instant upon what she received.

      -We can talk tonight :)

      Shiraishi smirked at meaningless smiley, oh yes, they have an invitation to Takayama-Nishino household tonight, welcoming their second child. How can they talk in that kind of occasion? Shiraishi felt helpless.

      “You know, you can always talk to me Shiraishi-san” Not that Fukagawa could read people’s mind but Shiraishi’s expression was so palpable. She reached her hand towards Shirashi, squeezed it softly against her own, gaining trust from the woman.

      Shiraishi wanted to refuse the kind offer, telling herself it was like accepting their current situation, that she seriously need a help from an outsider in her private problem. Yet, the force in Fukagawa’s eyes are so strong, makes the words slip themselves out of her lips. Maybe the idea of talking to a real human instead of robotic domestic counselor would help, though the human is somebody she never expect.

       “I don’t think we are the same anymore,” she blurted, breathless as pricky pain grew stronger in her heart. “I don’t know if we can make it out safe, but I love her,” somehow the tears welled up in her eyes, blurred her vissions, worsened when Fukagawa scouted closer to her right until their shoulder touch.

      How long it has been? She don’t quite recall, maybe three years. From sharing a cup of hot coffee kiss from kiss to cold coffee left on counter only for her, with the other half already nowhere to be found, from a messy bizarre lunch to hollow silent for whole day until she can’t bear being alone at home, from dancing under rain and sky in the night into cold empty bed on the other side and sleeping alone.

      Their conversation was distracted by four years old Asuka came in running, holding toys in her right hand high up in the air and small three years old Yuki-cho chasing after her, crying hard demanding her toys. Shiori-chan who came in later, watched the two in sympathy, unsure of what she supposed to do.

      Entertained by the kids interaction, Shirashi giggled. Funny how Asuka inherit mean sadist side from Hashimoto the Nation Father but kindness from Fukagawa the Nation Mother, though she always meanly teasing younger kids, but she never turn them down whenever they came to her, again asking to play along. Shiraishi poundered, of how their future kid will be, will she inherit Wakatsuki’s firmness and her beauty? Or will it stay as a dream?

      Once Fukagawa had settle her daughter, forcing Asuka to appologize to Yuki-cho despite Asuka soon to be crowned as nation little princess when she reached ten. Shiraisi had so much respect to the woman.

      Shiori-chan was the last to leave, dutiful bow to her and Fukagawa, she proudly smile and waved back at her niece. It remind her of the day when Ikuta-Sakurai announced their new born Shiori-chan they’ve been keeping as a secret for months even before getting married, about three years ago. Explained the rush to get married just a month after them.

      “No! The baby was a mistake, you can’t have her” Wakatsuki almost yelling, trying to keep her voice low, not wanting Shiraishi to hear, though she was listening across the room. “You just can’t have her yet!”

      Wakatsuki and Sakurai don’t talk to each other for two months. The day when Wakatsuki stepped over all the lines she created between her and her twin. Not to meddle with each other after-married life, is what they promise. And without them realized, the same line emerged between them too.

      Curious and itchy to know the answer behind it, Shiraishi can’t ask a why – Wakatsuki would know she overheard them, can’t even bring up Shiori-chan cuteness too – it only made her tensed, a mode she feared of. One time when she showed her videos of three months Shiori-chan learn to talk, they don’t talk for two weeks. Sh was confused, whether to trust the reason of Sakurai clumsiness to care for a baby or her partner simply hates innocent Shiori-chan. She want to believe the first because she too have same opinion, about Erika. 

      “Lets have a baby too” Shiraishi blurted, in middle of their steamy night, unable to hold back her curiosity. Not only that, its occurred to her, she envied of Ikuta-Sakurai and Takayama-Nishino couples; Yuki-cho is the latter first daughter. The two couple got married five months after them, yet they were the first to have kids.

      Shiraishi regretted her own foul mouth. Wakatsuki dashed out the room, headed nowhere in darkness, away from their heated bed only coming back three days later begging an apology without explanation.

      They continued where they had left. On the bed, hands on each others bare skin, lips crushing so rough unleashing all they had missed.

      “Let’s have kid,” a whisper, a careful second beg, her desire getting stronger the moment they’re one. This time Wakatsuki didn’t left, instead she sat on the edge, eyes mourning for the moon. She sat besides her, hand wrapping her waist, as if her partner could disappear the second she let go. From the way Wakatsuki brushed her face on her palm, Shiraishi knew she was about to say something yet nothing came out.

      “We can do this, if Reika and Erika can, so do we.” She smiled, leant to kiss Wakatsuki on her cheeks. Then Shiraishi hear a sigh, heavy one.

      “No, its not about Reika or Erika, not about you either Mai.” Wakatsuki halted, sucked in heavy breath, gulping down lump in her throat as if in pain, Shiraishi felt the same, except she was hurt for unable to help, to understand.

      “Its me, I’m still too far from my dream..”

      Shiraishi knew, it was about the position she couldn’t get when she was annouced not yet suited to be General of Defense. She never heard straight from her, but she know Wakatsuki took it serious, no matter how she said she cool about it. It was her long time dream after all. 

      “I don’t know if she want the same, about us,” Shiraishi sighed. They both have different dreams, but what matter to her is Wakatsuki happiness.

      “I don’t know what exactly happen with you and Wakatsuki-san, but I believe love is something worth fighting for, that whatever happen is you’re not giving up on it. This is not the end of love, not when two people still thinking of each other..”

      She missed her. To be honest, Shiraishi missed her partner so much, ached for her real presence. Everyday since then was about here but not here.

      -I’m sorry sweetheart but can you go with Reika and Ikuchan? I’ll see you there..-

      IT’S 8PM when they arrived at Takayama-Nishino household in Sakamichi Metropolitan, a big two storey house with private garden and pool at the front. It never failed to amaze them no matter how many times they’ve been here. Nishino has first warned them that she just holding a small homecoming party among their circle of friends so wearing comfortable clothes is acceptable. Exact reason Shiraishi didn’t bother to go home and change but straight to Sakurai’s house with her blue one piece dress, promised to bring Shiori home along the way.

      “Maiyan!” Nishino chirped as she saw them, excited as if they lived far, well actually they’re since Nishino still work at Fashion Department and Takayama’s work place just nearby, so the two stay in metropolitan unlike Shiraishi and Sakurai, thus to catch up with each other had become a challenge.

      “We did like to introduce to all of you, our second daughter, a blessing, Renka..” Takayama proudly announce, standing besides her partner while holding little baby Renka, always looking so excited. They both look at each other, sharing wide smiles before their first daughter, Yuki-cho pulling Nanase’s hand, demanding attention.

      But the whole thing makes Shiraishi feel worst, of course, she feels happy for her best friend but this surrounding is not for her. Everyone was here, including Hashimoto, are with their respective partner, kids having fun running around the house. Everyone except Wakatsuki. As usual, she was late or probably avoiding the occasion. 

      As if knowing Shiraishi summoning her, Wakatsuki arrived from behind, looking a bit breathless. She softly grabed her partner's hand, trying to kiss her cheeks but fail as Shiraishi quickly turning around.

      “Sorry sweetheart, I still have”

      “I know..” Shiraishi faked a smile, everyone is looking at them, Wakatsuki absolutely grabbing attention with her working uniform. Fukagawa was one among many, looking into her direction and meet into her eyes, the queen mouthing her encourage words which she could only return with a smile.

      “So what you wanna say?” Wakatsuki scooted closer, lucky they’re at the corner of Takayama’s house where almost everyone gather in the middle of the house, congratulating the couple of their new family member. She somehow, have not said anything to Takayama, though they're colleagues.

      “We’re not talking here Waka,” Shiraishi turn around facing her partner but not looking in the eyes, because if she do so, she might cry.

      “But I don’t think I can stay long,” She check her time, concern about works she left before rushing here.

      “You can go, I can leave with Reika. That’s how I came too”

      Its not hard for Wakatsuki to sense the distant in Mai’s voice, it always like that when its about her work. “Look Mai, I know I’m late. I’m really busy. But please be patient, just for a litle more time, I can..”

      “Yes I know, you have a dream, and I don’t.. just keep going with it, I understand but until then, we’re through” Shiraishi left, silently wiping her tears hoping no one would notice her missing.

      “Mai,” Wakatsuki chased after her partner, stopping the latter at the garden, afraid people will see them quarelling, she pulled Mai to more hidden place, away from street lights. “What happen to you Mai?” She want to scream, feeling the stress building up in her. She is not neglecting her works to come here only to see Takayama and her kids but missing her partner, Mai so much. And here, her partner is, crying.. she softens. Pulling her into a hug, she whispered.

      “I’m sorry honey, I am really really sorry,” honestly, she didn’t know what make Mai cry, still hoping apologize would make things better.

      “Don’t apologized you stupid girl!” Shiraishi slumped on the grass, feeling her legs weaken at the outburst, she never felt this fragile in front her partner but she guess everything have limits, and in here at wrong timing, she don’t know what they supposed to do. Hugging her knees to her chest, she wipe away persistent tears.

      “Have you ever think about me? Rather than thinking only about yourself. I quit my job so I can be with you, so we can do everything together, so we can grow older together. But see us now, its not about us anymore, you barely home, so busy with your work, yes I know its important but have you ask me what my dream is? I have my dream too,” She cried, not caring if she look ugly right now, Wakatsuki have saw everything but her broken side.

      Wakatsuki also sat down, shoulder on shoulder. She sigh, realizing her biggest mistake. What can she do to make up for all time she have lost? “I’m sorry for being selfish,”

      “I dream of our small family, you me and our kid. But now its so lonely, without you..” She leant on Wakatsuki’s shoulder, wiping tears away this time she feels a hand slipped over her shoulder pulling her closer into side hug, she settle down.

      When the silence is growing thick, she laced their fingers together, admiring how the size fit perfectly with hers. “I know its hard for you right now, but here I am, to share the burden, the work load stress, the frustration of being parents, and you need to share my house chores too” They laugh while playing with each other wedding rings. 

      “I want to prepare three sets of breakfast instead of two, grooming her before going to school and you off to work, I want…” There are more but she felt something wet crushing her lips, sealing the words off her mind. Did she mad?

      “Mai,” Wakatsuki smiled, proving she not mad, instead she kissed her partner for the second time, this time long and burning with passion. Shiraishi could feel rush of adrenaline in her, something she haven’t experience in a long time. Turn on, she wrapped her arms around Wakatsuki’s neck, pulling her closer. Too much force, they both fall on her back with Wakatsuki on top, suddenly growing into a develish smile.

      “We’re not going to do this here right?” Not that she want to do ‘it’ in her friend’s personal garden, she would prefer a private space than this but the idea still irresistable so she pulling her partner close, chuckled when she heard a naughty whisper.

      “Why not? Its dark and feels like our bed, no one would know anyway..” As if testing the texture, she pressed the grassy ground, few times so it sound convincing. They both giggled at pointless efforts, before fall into silence again.

      Still pinning her partner down with both hand, Wakatsuki dove right into her eyes, Shiraishi quickly look away reasoning she in messed after crying so hard. 

      “Lets have our own kid too,”

(A/N: Woww I'm back with second part of WakaMai. This is not a really big deal but somehow I want to cherish this ship, they look cute together right?  :deco:  Hope you enjoy this even a bit  :wub: :wub:)


I don't usually read Nogi fanfics, but Wakaten-san you have converted me.

I'm seriously flatter  :oops: :oops: THANK YOU A LOT  :inlove: Hope this can make you love this bunches of NOGI GIRLS more  :deco:

Of course Wakatsuki would be oblivious to what Maiyan wants. XD

It's really cute of Maiyan to do all of that for the girl she loves. :wub:

Hoping to see more from you.

haha yea, maybe because because of her majime chara? she oblivious in here too.. i'm sorry for my dumb majime waka,  :lol: :lol:
thanks for enjoying this little piece.

Okay, first thing first. I AM LOVING THIS THEME SO MUCHHHHHHH  :heart: x 46
Waka getting shook cause her girl is actual badass is so damn good. And sneaky Mai hanging out with her gf rival :panic: I really hope everything between them was business only, like wouldn't want Kazumin sneakily plotting something bad on Waka  :nervous
This is a really good one shot. Thanks a lot  :deco:

Wow my fave FF author, i'm so happy you love this,  :panic:
HAHAHaaha well you see, Kazumin was married to Nanase now.. i guess they already in love way before WakaMai
thanks for reading too  :inlove:

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Re: [N46] WakaMai OS- Winning Your Love PT 2 (260518)
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I hope they can have kids in the future.
It is kind of rough for Wakatsuki because of her line of work.
Although I feel like Maiyan has a point about choosing her dream over their family.

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