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Title: Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao (Updated on 31/3/2014) -COMPLETED
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Derailed (OS featuring Aya x Nao)

Part I

The big clock at the train station just struck 8.00 am. A panting girl in Himawari Girls' High uniform was sighted rushing to the train platform.

Furuhata Nao. 17 years old. A 3rd year student from the prestigious high school, was trying hard to catch her breath while bending forward her body slightly.

Nao raised her head and stared blankly at the clear blue sky. It was approaching the end of autumn and the air was getting colder than before. Mist was forming and escaping from her mouth as she continued to grasp for air.

If it was on normal days and at this hour, she should have reached her school by now, hung her school bag by her desk, checked her homework for the last round and went to the washroom before the class started. She couldn't figure out how she could have slept in and be late for her class today, since she had never failed to be in class 30 minutes before the lesson started. It had never ever happened on a single day in her whole school life. Till today.

Somehow, back in her mind in that instance, she had this strange feeling that today would be a different day from her daily routine. Or rather, some major event was going to happen today that might change her life.



The sound of the train approaching the platform cut off her thoughts. The passengers around her were moving closer to the platform and that made her feel suffocating by the lack of space and getting annoyed at the slight pushing she got from the crowd.

The noise, smell and sight ... from cheap perfume smell from some office ladies, the unpleasant morning breath from some Oji-san blue collar workers, the disturbing engine sound of the train…were causing a ruckus in her mind and starting to get on her nerve.

Something seemed to have snapped in her mind and as the sudden surge of energy filled her body, she turned away from the front and started to back out from the crowd of passengers who were eagerly trying to get into the most advantageous position to board the train. Nao practically ran away from the platform. Her slim long legs brought her out of the gates and carried her back to the the entrance where she had came in from just 20 minutes ago. She stayed put at a corner and leaned her slim body against the wall, trying to figure out what could have happened.

Oh god, did I try to skip school today?

The thought of doing something that outrageous struck her mind heavily and she slowly dropped her bag down to the floor and took out her handkerchief to wipe the beats of sweat off her forehead. It was strange to be perspiring in this cold weather but she couldn't help it. She could feel her heart beating furiously against her chest and unconsciously, she clenched the hanky in her palm tightly while trying hard to process what had happened to her.

Me, Furuhata Nao. Skipped School for the first time in my life. What is going on? Am I unhappy with school or something? All in my 17 years I have been following the teaching of my parents and teachers. I was raised as a "good girl" - a studious and attentive student in class, an obedient and well-mannered girl at home. All the remarks in my school report card from elementary school till high school stated that the predictable same old thing - "Gentle and hardworking. Keep up the good work". As if putting on the old antique song record on repeat mode.

Indeed, this is the more than perfect model of a boring but stable life for a teenager. Probably next year I will be going to the college that my homeroom teacher had chosen for me, getting a career as an accountant or something in the adult working life, married a decent promising guy recommended by my parents, started a family and devoted all the rest of my prime years in bringing up my kids as the same obedient and well-mannered ones like myself.

But, is this the kind of life that I really yearned for?

Time passed and Nao felt as if she had been standing alone at the train station forever. Thinking of the unthinkable stuff that she had never imagined that she would have thought of one day. Pondering over questions about life and what she really wanted to be. Yes, the buzz word was what she really wanted in life and NOT what her parents and her teachers wanted her to be in life. A gust of strong wind blew past her frail body causing her to tighten her grip on her uniform jacket even though the action failed to help her in anyway to fight off the coldness that was starting to invade and numb her body.

Part II

Sensing that someone was staring intensively at her, Nao looked around with suspicion and spotted a woman leaning against a black car which was parked at the lots in front of the station. The said woman was wearing a large pair of shades and had wrapped her body with an expensive looking coat. She looked kind of petite even though she was wearing heels. Nao could not figure out how a woman of that image could be at the train station at such early hour. It just seemed too mysterious to her all of a sudden. The strangest part was Nao could tell that the woman was staring at her behind the large shades even though she could not see the stranger's eyes behind those shades. She just knew it though she did not know how she could have done so.

Was she waiting for someone?

As if the other party could sense that Nao had spotted her staring, the woman responded by walking towards Nao.

Nao could feel her palm wet with excessive sweating, thanks to her overactive sweat glands on her palms that never failed to display her true feelings of nervousness on her sleeves especially during such crucial moments. Damn!

Hey there. It's kind of cold today, isn't it? Why not warm yourself by joining me for a cuppa in a cafe?

As she spoke, the woman took down her shades and gave Nao a warm smile that instantly radiated heat around the atmosphere, enveloping Nao.

Nao was shocked of what she had heard. Is this what they called a "pick-up line"?

She couldn't help staring at the perfectly-shaped reddish lips of the woman as she watched every movement of the lips were moving to form the words that she had just heard. And Nao continued admiring the features of the woman in details. She should be in her early twenties. Nao thought. Big sparkling eyes with matching deep set double eyelids, wavy bangs covering her forehead which swayed oh-so-slowly with the movement of wind blowing against them gently. Porcerlaine-like complexion with moderate amount of make up put on.   

She's such a beauty.

Seeing that Nao did not respond, or rather, not responding favorably to her invitation, the woman's expression changed to a frown as she took it as a rejection from the high school girl standing in front of her. With a slight disappointed look, she retreated back to her car.


Nao's heart began to beat pretty fast when she rushed towards the stranger, just before the stranger sitting at the driver's seat could close the door of the car.

Yes, I would be glad to. Nao said with a determined look.

Cute. Thought the stranger as she smiled at Nao and simply said. Just hop in.

Nao got into the passenger front seat and adjusted her uniform neatly before putting on the safety belt.

Shibata Aya. The calm and melodic voice of that woman named Aya reached the ears of Nao. Nao couldn't resist but to turn to her side to meet the eyes of the stranger.

Furuhata Nao.

Silence remained throughout the ride after the over simplified self-introduction but none of them felt any awkwardness to it. In fact, it just felt like the most natural things to do. Especially for our good girl Nao. It was weird to her that she could still remember very clearly how since young, her parents and teachers had been telling her not to follow strangers as it could lead to some serious crime and tragedies.

Instead of feeling any dangers ahead of her, at this very moment, she was enjoying the thrill of trying out things that were obviously out of her usual track.

Part III

The 2 strangers sat at a table at the windows in this small cafe, overseeing the passers-by, mainly making up of working adults getting to work at this rush hour. The rest of the tables at the cafe were pretty empty, with the exception at the takeaway counter where you could witness a long queue of patrons waiting to get their morning coffee fix. Contradictory to the calm atmosphere at the surrounding, the duo was in their little own world, each engulfing by their own deep thoughts.

Despite her nervousness, Nao managed to bring the cup of hot chocolate to her mouth in a calm manner. The warm liquid had indeed brought warmth to her body by traveling all the way from her throat down to her tummy, in the process successfully made her relaxed a bit, though her palms were still sweaty from being seated so close to the gorgeous-looking Aya in front of her.

Aya was sipping her cafe latte in silence while occasionally stealing glances at the nervous girl in front of her. Furuhata Nao. She repeated her name in her mind. And then she suddenly realized that she was being creepy. What's wrong with me today? Aya could feel her cheeks burning along with her thoughts.


Instead of heading to her office, here she was, sitting in this small yet cozy cafe not too far from the train station, having an inprom-tu date with a high school girl that she had randomly picked up from the train station. She couldn't help not to approach this girl from the first time she caught eyes on her. This was not the usual thing that the President of Shibata Corporation would do at the early rush hour of the day. This was the first time that she did such a bold thing without giving it a second careful thought.

Why me? Nao was in a fix when she realized she had absent-mindedly slipped those words out from her mouth.

After a few minutes, Aya took a deep breath and broke the silence.

It's because…you look like the type I would like to ask to go out with when I was in high school.

Aya locked her eyes with Nao after gathering all her courage to reveal her secret to the young girl. A secret that she had kept all to herself all these years. She felt the heaviness off her shoulders in that instance.

I don't care how she will think, this is what I feel like telling her at this moment. She thought and then smiled at her own silliness.

Nao was surprised. Not at the revelation of Aya's secret but to how she felt towards it.

Indeed, she felt happiness. Strange but happy.

Why is this so?

Nao closed her eyes, trying to think hard and search for the reason for her to feel this way towards the stranger.

Nao-chan? Aya asked in a soft voice. She blushed when she realized that she had use that honorific on the girl whom she had just met. Anyhow, she felt right and comfort enough to pour her hearts out at the young girl.

I had always wanted to try dating a girl but I wasn't allowed to do so. I grew up from this strict family. My mom died when I was borned and my father was the one who controlled my every movement and action. He was a powerful man who was a total control freak at the same time, ensuring that I worked hard to be the successor of his multi-million company. Unlike most girls who had their fair share of fun, there were unmentionable house rules bounding me - no dating, no parties, no alcohol, no sex…

Unfortunately, I was always attracted to the same sex and have to restrain myself so hard to get my sight out of the pretty girls surrounding me. Given no choices, I had distanced myself from the classmates around me and had no close friends so as to avoid falling in love with anyone of them. School days suck and what I did all days were to study, study and more study. Well, I would say that the study had indeed paid off and I could get into the most prestigious college in Japan with minimal efforts.

And after that, it was again work, work and more work in order to run the family business before my father could finally hand over the business to me.

It was only on his last day that he cared to explain to me why he had made me worked so hard over the years - it was because he had this terminal illness and knew that he only had a few years to live and had no choice but to be extremely strict with me so that he could train me up to take over the business and be ready to face the harsh business world.

Aya paused and took another sip of the coffee. She was conveying her life story as if it was something normal.

And he apologized to me and told me to go find my happiness…so all these years he knew that I had been yearning to live the life of a normal girl but due to his own selfish reason, he had chosen to ignore my needs and restrain my life. But no, I don't really hate him. I can fully understand the emotional burden on him to desperately wanting me to be ready to take over the business from him and time was running out. I accepted his apology and promised him that I will go find my happiness when he passed away peacefully last night.

Nao leaned forward and used her hanky to wipe away the string of tears that were flowing from Aya's eyes.

I think I am in the same situation. The new discovery echoed inside Nao's mind.

Thanks… Aya felt embarrassed to be seen tearing uncontrollably and getting consoled by the younger girl.

And I had never imagined that I could go on a date with a cute girl. Aya added.

Apart from having coffee with a "cute" girl… Nao giggled when she realized she had shamelessly called herself a cute girl.

…what else would you like to do?

Aya's eyes lit up immediately. I would like to bring you to somewhere, if you don't mind following me.

Sure, why not? Since you should have guessed that I have already missed my class. Nao chuckled.

And off the duo hopped on to the car once again and sped to somewhere faraway from the city.

Part IV

It could be the craziest idea to go to the beach in the morning of autumn. No one else was as insane as the 2 girls who had taken off their shoes and dip their bare feet into the icy cold seawater while holding up their skirts.

Their coat, jacket, socks, shoes and heels were placed neatly on a dry sandy spot not far away from them.

This is fun! Exclaimed the well-mannered girl Nao whose cheeks were getting rosy from the cold weather as well as from the excitement she received from kicking water around aimlessly while holding on to Aya's hand.

On the other hand, Aya was busy admiring the smiling face of Nao as she witnessed the cute little one playing with water. Aya was truly happy that her old wish for many years had came true: a perfect date with a girl that she admires, playing water at her favorite spot at the beach. Emerging in pure bliss.

Nao-chan, thanks for making my wish come true. Aya grabbed Nao's shoulders and looked straight into her eyes and spoke with such gratitude expression.

Nao who was the taller of the two, took Aya by surprise by stepping a step forward and close the gap between them with a hug, followed by pressing her lips gently on Aya's. Her hands automatically found their way to Aya's slim waist.

It was a kiss that lasted only a few seconds but it felt like eternity for the both of them.

Aya-chan, thanks for granting me my wish too. A blushing Nao blurted out softly after releasing Aya who was still in a daze from her embrace and gentle kiss.

The truth is: I had always wanted to taste the lips of a girl.

Do I love her? I don't know yet but right now I just wanted to taste her lips which look so delicious to me. Somehow, with her, I wanna try doing a lot of different bold things.

When Aya finally recovered from her composure, she started asking Nao in a teasing tone. So, what else would you like to try with me?

Hmm… Nao placed her slender index finger on her chin and pretended to be thinking really hard.

How about getting a hotel room? She smirked at Aya. Little did I know that I had it as a teaser.

Wow, never know that little Nao-chan could be that bold and direct! Aya's giggles were like the pleasant and crisp sounds made by the wind chimes hanging at the windows during summer.

Nah…dun get the wrong idea. Because I was up studying all night, I feel I could just drop dead on a fluffy bed and catch some good sleep. Perhaps with you by my side to help warming up the bed for me. It will be the most wonderful thing to do now.

With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Aya continued.

How about a love hotel? A normal hotel is no fun. A love hotel is something you and I had not tried before, right? Aya stared at Nao as if challenging her to take up the "dare".

Not to appear defeated, Nao decided to take up the challenge. No problem, but first of all, I need a change of clothes since I couldn't get into the love hotel with my current attire. Nao pointed at her high school uniform.

Oh, right, not to worry, let's go get you properly attired for the special occasion before we go on to our adventure. Aya smiled seductively at Nao.

Inside her car, Aya planted a loving kiss on Nao's cheek, earning a deep blush from the younger girl.

How cute! Aya squealed in delight before stepping on the accelerator of her car and bringing both of them to a new yet unknown journey that seemed to be derailing from their normal track.


Author's note: Decided to pair up the 2 after watching the final episode of "Ebi-friday night". Lots of chemistry between the 2 girls so I was drawn to give them an OS.

Thanks for reading.  :)


Title: Re: Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao (Updated on 31/3/2014)
Post by: kuro808 on March 31, 2014, 10:10:58 AM
Very good one shot and Nao becoming closer with Aya seems to be too perfect  :nervous
Title: Re: Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao (Updated on 31/3/2014)
Post by: DC2805 on March 31, 2014, 10:18:09 AM
kuro-san: it is a simple story of 2 normal girls doing crazy new things together. lol.

Thanks so much for the comment.  :)
Title: Re: Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao (Updated on 31/3/2014)
Post by: kuro808 on March 31, 2014, 11:23:20 AM
kuro-san: it is a simple story of 2 normal girls doing crazy new things together. lol.

Thanks so much for the comment.  :)

lol the point is how and what they do makes it interesting :)
Title: Re: Derailed - OS featuring Aya x Nao (Updated on 31/3/2014)
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*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*
I think I love you now.............................
This...was great....
The atmosphereeee~ the mood~ *clap clap clap*
Ahhh~ :D Aya x Nao is an awesome ship...
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Good OS.. :hip smile:
I hope u make another Aya x Nao fic  :hip smile:
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 :) Many thanks to Shinoki-san and Tiptip-san who had shown their appreciation to the story. Hope I can get more inspirations to write on other unusual pairings.

The perfectionist me had done some editing to the FF, correcting the grammar, tenses, as well as changing some phrases and words.  :otomerika:

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Just came across this!! Am I too late...? :doh:
Whoaaa Aya so straightforward here XD
I ship Nao x evryone she wants~ :P

Make more! I want more!  :cathappy: thank you~