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Author Topic: FAndoM48's OS Collection (AtsuMina, MaYuki, WMatsui)  (Read 17420 times)

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FAndoM48's OS Collection (AtsuMina, MaYuki, WMatsui)
« on: April 28, 2015, 05:49:37 AM »
Hi. :D I just wanted to say that I don't just write fics for KojiYuu, but I write fics for my other otps as well. :3 Here is AtsuMina with a little hint of KojiYuu. :) Thanks for reading!


It was the end of another shooting of a beach-themed AKB48 PV. The group decided to calm their nerves and celebrate by taking a break in the public bath which they had all to themselves, and later have fun during dinner time. As usual, Minami Takahashi excused herself from joining them, and decided to take a bath in her private bathroom in the hotel room she shared with Atsuko Maeda.

Probably worried about Minami, Atsuko excused herself too, and followed her to their room, unbeknownst to the midget captain.

When Minami got to her room, she headed straight for the bathroom, closed the door, took her clothes off, and turned the shower on.

She closed her eyes and wandered the insides of her thoughts while she felt the lukewarm water come in contact with her small figure.

A giggle.

She opened her eyes slowly, until it widened all the way. "Atsuko?!"

Atsuko stood there with a grin on her face with nothing but a towel wrapped around from her chest to her waist.

"So you really are a girl," she smiled. Minami tried her best to cover her chest and lower area from the eyes of the taller girl, "Of course I am!" Atsuko removed the towel covering her entirety and hung it on the door knob. She reached for Minami's hands which covered her body. They wouldn't budge. "What are you doing?!" her hands tightened around herself, as if her life depended on it. "Oh, shush you," Atsuko's eyebrows furrowed, trying to expose Minami's small body, "You don't have to hide anything else. I've seen everything already." After a few brief moments of trying to convince Minami to show her wholeness to Atsuko and to allow her to bathe with her, she finally gave in. Atsuko turned the bathtub's faucet on and soaked in the shower with Minami while waiting for the tub to fill. "How come you never join us in taking a bath?" she asked, hugging Minami from behind. "Are you kidding? Isn't it embarrassing?" the other replied, trying to repress a shudder as Atsuko's chest pressed against the small of her back. Atsuko didn't notice this and continued talking, "We're all friends, aren't we? And plus, we don't judge each others for our bodies. Don't tell me you haven't seen Yuko dance naked in front of everyone else yet." Minami laughed. It seems Atsuko had proven her point.

A few minutes later, the bath was ready. They turned off the shower and stepped into the tub, huddling together inside the cramped space, with Minami turning a bright shade of red due to their close proximity. She swore it wasn't this cramped when she took a bath last night. "Minami? You're flustered. Are you uncomfortable with me here?" Atsuko asked, breaking the staring contest she didn't even notice she was competing in with Atsuko's naked submerged body. She mentally slapped herself. How could she lose herself in thought while staring at her like that? Just then, she noticed that she left the girl to stare at her while waiting for an answer. "I-It's fine. I'm fine," she stuttered. A few minutes of awkward silence passed. Atsuko stood up, droplets of water trailing downwards along her body, and exited the bathtub. "Minami, come. I'll wash your back." The mentioned girl wrapped her arms around her knees and pouted, "I can do it myself though..." Another giggle from the tall girl. "Don't be silly. I'm here, you know." After a few seconds of thought, Minami stood up and walked over to Atsuko's direction.

- - - -

They went downstairs to eat dinner with the other girls. A few minutes too late, they were. The fun had already started. Yuko was chasing Haruna with outsretched arms and lips in a pout, ready to kiss once in contact; Rena was feeding Jurina half of the portion of her food, while Jurina did the same with hers, basically, they were exchanging food; Mayu was sitting on Yuki's lap opposite the table, eating, while Yuki's arms wrapped around her waist; Mariko and Minegishi wrestled affectionately somewhere in the corner; The two Tomomi's were engaged in a deep conversation. Minami was about to run off somewhere, but the fingers she felt entwine around hers told her otherwise. She tagged along behind Atsuko to get their food, and once they did, ate in silence. Itano was the first to acknowledge their presence and the both of them slowly drifted away from each other.

Dinner time ended after quite a while.
Each of them returned to their respective hotel rooms.

Atsuko and Minami met in front of their room's door.

They entered and both plopped down their individual beds.

"Minami... Are you going to join us in taking a bath tomorrow?" Atsuko asked, turning over to the direction of Minami's bed. She nodded, "Yeah. You made your point a while ago, right? I'll join you guys in bathing from tomorrow onwards." Atsuko sat up and swung her legs over the bed and onto the carpeted floor. She approached Minami's bed and ushered the latter to make room for her. "About that..." she mumbled, sitting beside Minami, "...Could you not join us?" "What? But why?" Minami raised both of her eyebrows while staring at Atsuko with confusion. The other simply let her eyes glance downwards. "Am I the first one out of all the other members who saw you naked?" she asked. "You are, actually..." said Minami. "Then," Atsuko smiled, turning to the short captain, "Let that naked body of yours be for my eyes only." She trailed her fingers along Minami's jawline, earning a shudder from the other girl. "Wh-Wh-What-- Atsuko? Are you okay?" Minami kept stuttering as the younger girl pushed her onto the bed. "I am okay. As a matter of fact, I'm better than ever."

- - -

Meanwhile, in the room beside the two lovebirds' nest...

"There it is again! Nyannyan, I'm scared!" Yuko cried, burying her face further into Haruna's shoulder. She just heard another loud moan from the room beside them, and Yuko was getting scared each passing minute. And Haruna was getting annoyed. "For the last time, Yuko, this hotel isn't haunted. Maybe the two people in the other room are just watching a scary movie with their televison in maximum volume." With those words, Yuko calmed down slightly. Another moan. Yuko squealed and hugged Haruna tighter, making the latter wince in pain. "Yuko! It hurts, you know! Quit being a kid and sleep on your own bed, will you?" Yuko sniffled, got out of Haruna's bed and dragged her feet until she got to her own bed. She swung a leg over and onto the bed, and did the same with her other leg, and covered her whole self in a blanket. Seeing this, Haruna felt guilty. "Ugh," she groaned, "Come here, you." In a flash, Yuko flew into Haruna's arms and sobbed with freight.

- - -

When morning came, Haruna went out of her hotel room, forcibly dragging a silently sobbing Yuko who clung onto her legs with her. She didn't sleep well that night. In the corridor, she met Atsuko and Minami who exited their own room; the room beside Haruna and Yuko's. "Ah, Acchan... Takamina... Good morning," she greeted. The other two greeted back. "You two look horrible. Did you guys sleep well?" asked Atsuko. Haruna shook her head, "Did you guys leave your television open while watching a scary movie last night? Yuko kept crying, saying she keeps hearing moans." Minami hid behind Atsuko, flustered, while Atsuko told something to Haruna that Yuko overheard, and made the short girl wail more loudly and become more scared, "We don't have a television."[/size]
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Re: Bathing ( AtsuMina OS )
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 06:05:14 AM »
This was an adorable OS~ More, author-san, more! :mon beam:

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Re: Bathing ( AtsuMina OS )
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2015, 06:22:41 AM »

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Re: Bathing ( AtsuMina OS )
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2015, 08:41:30 AM »
Ahaha,. thas was good... AtsuMina, you are awasome!  XD :D
But poor Yuko..  :lol:

Hope to see more from you author-san!  :)
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Re: Bathing ( AtsuMina OS )
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2015, 07:31:45 PM »
Ah... a twist that Atsuko saw Minami's naked body...

Get intimate later on the night...

Poor Yuko... so scared of ghost...

Naughty Atsuko for lying saying that what Yuko heard would have been a ghost...

Great fun OS

Can't wait to see more Atsumina twists...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Bathing ( AtsuMina OS )
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That was a great OS  :twothumbs
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Tokyo Dome Team Reshuffle 2012 (MaYuki OS) - COMPLETED
« Reply #6 on: April 29, 2015, 12:55:00 PM »

To be honest, I don't think this has much of a plot. The only idea that popped into my head while making this was its ending. But thank you for reading if you read it. :3 To that person who requested this from me, I am sorry if this didn't turn out like you expected (^◇^;)

Tokyo Dome Team Reshuffle 2012

Mayu cried on Yuki's shoulder as a hand softly stroked the back of her head. She would be transferred to Team A, and she was scared. No matter how many encouraging words Yuki said, no matter how many 'Team A would be lucky to have you's she received, Mayu didn't calm down. She didn't want to be torn apart from her team; from her friends; from Yuki.

A few weeks after the reshuffle, Mayu and Yuki saw each other less and less. The only way they would see each other was if all three teams had the day off, or, if fate wasn't the usual killjoy, Team A and B had practice on the same date and time. Fortunately, fate was forgiving one day.

Mayu entered the studio late, out of breath from all the running she did just to be able to get to where she was on time. She silently cursed and blamed herself. She had been up all night, immersed in watching her favorite anime, which slowly led to her losing track of time. By the time she woke up, she only had merely a few minutes to prepare. When she reached the room where they were going to practice, a voice stopped her from her tracks. "Mayuyu?" She turned around. The girl towered over her, wearing the blue Team B shirt she could also be wearing right now, if it weren't for the event that happened a few weeks ago. "Yukirin..." she mumbled, eyes still glued to her. She pulled Mayu into a hug. The other hugged back, of course. The door from behind them opened and out stepped Minami Takahashi, much to Mayu's frustration, ruining their reunion. "Mayu? We've been looking all over for you. Practice is about to start," said Takamina. Sure, Mayu appreciated the captain's worries, but Minami just really came out on the wrong time, making her glare at the short girl. She pulled away from Yuki, exchanged temporary goodbyes, and proceeded to each of their rooms with Mayu continuing to glare at Minami who had her back turned.

No one bothered to approach Mayu when they practiced. She gave off a dark aura, but even so, her dancing was nearly perfect with only a few improvements needed. "Lunch break!" The choreographer shouted. Mayu sat in the corner, wiping the pouring sweat from her face and neck with a towel. Her head drooped downwards and her eyes glued to the floor, her mind wandering. She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice the girl who sat in front of her. "Mayuyu.." she whispered. No answer. She placed a hand on Mayu's cheek and this snapped the cyborg idol to her senses. She raised her head and found the person she was longing for. She attacked Yuki with a hug, which the Kagoshima princess gladly accepted. They fell backwards onto the floor, causing many eyes to turn to them. Mayu didn't mind though, and neither did Yuki. Mayu got off of Yuki's chest after regaining composure and helped Yuki up to her feet. "What are you doing here?" Mayu asked. "We're on our break right now," Yuki grinned. They both walked side by side towards where their bags were. Suddenly, Mayu's hands shot up to her temples and a look of horror formed in her face. "I forgot my lunch!" she cried. "You could have half of mine," said Yuki, showing her her lunch box that was nearly wrapped in a blue towel. "Coincidentally, mom made chicken karaage today. It's your favorite, right?" she smiled. Mayu nodded, appreciating the usually black-hearted girl's kindness. They sat in the corner and ate with Yuki casually feeding Mayu from time to time. They soon finished eating Yuki's meal and had a couple more minutes to sit there and converse with each other. "Are you free tomorrow?" Yuki asked, "Why don't we go on a date somewhere?" Mayu was delighted with the thought of her and Yuki happily alone, but a glum frown appeared on her face. "I'd love to, but Team A has practice tomorrow..." Yuki comforted the distraught idol, "It's okay. Let's do it sometime soon, then." Mayu nodded. The door to Team A's practice room opened. It was Minami Minegishi. "Captain?" she called, referring to Yuki. The called girl turned around. "It's almost time to practice. Come back." The two once again exchanged goodbyes. A few minutes later, Team A's practice resumed.

With the weight of having to have missed the chance of going on a date with Yuki on her shoulders, her dancing was affected. When she regained control of her dancing again, it was less than an hour before they finished practice. They were asked to stay in the studio for a few more minutes. Team A Captain Minami told the whole of her team to gather around because she had an important announcement to make. By the time Team A was dismissed, all of Team B already went home.

Needless to say, Mayu skipped home happily that evening with her phone in hand, rapidly texting Yuki the good news. "Are you still okay with the date tomorrow? Team A's taking a day off."[/size]
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Mine (MaYuki OS) - COMPLETED
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2015, 05:52:55 PM »
After 3 days of no ideas, FINALLY!!! If you read it wholly, I thank you, and feel free to comment your thoughts. Improvement suggestions is WIIIDDELY accepted. :3


AKB48 had just finished filming Gingham Check. The girls were treated sukiyaki and ramen by Minami Takahashi and their managers. Only one of them wasn't present for she had excused herself for being sick. Yuki Kashiwagi excused herself too, halfway while eating her spicy ramen when the worrying finally got to her.

She entered her apartment and found a number of scattered clothing. All of them belonging to Mayu. She entered her bedroom where she found the lights off. There she was on the bed. Her long raven hair that was bonded by two ponytails just a while ago, flowed straightly on her shoulders and along her back. Her laptop was on her lap and she had her earphones on. A faint constantly changing hue of light illuminated her face. On her bed was a variety of empty anime DVD cases along with a few mangas and AKB48 single CD's. She walked over to the bedside and sat beside Mayu's outstretched legs. This slight movement triggered the cyborg idol's senses.

She took her earphones off, closed her laptop, and lay it beside her.

"Yukirin?" the girl uttered. "You're home early."

Yuki let out a sigh. "Speak for yourself... Are you okay?"

Mayu's head drooped downwards. She went silent, biting her lower lip to suppress any sound to escape.

"How did the kiss feel like...?" she mumbled.


Mayu raised her head and looked at Yuki. Tears pooled around her eyes, ready to fall down any moment.

"Ma-Mayu! What happened--" "Don't touch me!" she shouted, slapping away the hand Yuki drew out to reach for her.

"Mayu...? I-I don't understand.." she looked at Mayu. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks already as she sobbed silently. "What did I do...?"

"You... Kissed him..." she sniffed, "...Even though I told you not to..."

It took a while for Yuki to process what the girl said.

She sighed.

"I know, but that was just a part of work. I had no choice."

"The guy was even asking you if you wanted to do the kiss scene or not! It was your choice, Yuki! And you didn't even tell me that you were going to do it."

"Of course-- I know you'd prevent me from doing it."

"You know I would! If I was told to make out with some guy I don't know as a part of work, would you let me do it?"

Yuki shook her head. "No..."

"Then why did you ignore me and did it anyway?"

"It was for the fans, Mayu..."

"Even so... Why didn't you consider my feelings?"

"I'm sorry. You aren't jealous of him, are you?"

Mayu gave her a weak punch on the shoulder and stared at her.

"Isn't it obvious?"

Yuki slightly bit the side of her lower lip. She smiled.

"You don't have anything to be jealous about--"

"Oh, believe me, Yuki, I do."


Mayu lunged at Yuki, pinning her down against the bed.

Her hands were on the older girl's shoulders, making sure her movement was limited.

Her eyes stared deeply into Yuki's.

"He stole what was mine."

Without another second passing, Mayu leaned in and claimed her territory; Yuki's lips.



Yuki lay on her bed. Wide awake. Naked. Unable to sleep. Her whole body was aching from the reckless acts from the night before.

Mayu, on the other hand, also naked, slept peacefully beside her.
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Re: Mine ( MaYuki OS )
« Reply #8 on: May 10, 2015, 07:01:49 PM »
That awesome author san..thanks for the story one touch mayu territory~

Thanks for the update  :thumbsup
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Re: Mine ( MaYuki OS )
« Reply #9 on: May 11, 2015, 03:01:37 AM »
lol! this had me chuckling at the end! good job on the OS!  :bow:

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Notice Me? (WMatsui OS) - COMPLETED
« Reply #10 on: May 28, 2015, 07:24:07 PM »
La la la la~ I'm outta the writer's block~ Have a WMatsui fic. Haha. Anyway, I honestly don't know how to feel about this. Thanks for reading if you read it anyway. :3
My account will be on hiatus starting next week until who knows when. La la la~ Back to the writer's block I go.


It was another day in SKE48's theater.

Most members were practicing, while others were goofing off.

"My arms will tear off!" cried Kumi, whose arms were both being forcefully tugged by Kanon and Yuria who were arguing about who will take the elder girl home.

"It's my turn!" yelled Kanon.

"No! It's my turn!" Yuria retorted.

"Shut it, idiots! We're practicing!" shouted Mizuki.

She stopped the music and halted the other girls she was practicing with.

Mizuki walked closer to the three.

"Just settle this fair and square with a good ol' game of rock-paper-scissors, so we can carry on without any worries."

The other members watching murmured in agreement.

"Who do you think will take unfortunate Kuumin home?" Nakanishi grinned, nudging Akari's shoulder.

"It'd be Yuria of course!" Suda replied.

"I bet on Kanon!"

Not far from the ruckus at the center of the backstage, RenAirin was doing their usual flirting in a corner.

"Airin, you're really cute, you know?" Rena swooned, pinching one of Airi's cheeks.

"Sheesh, Rena-senpai, this is embarrassing!" Airi blushed.

"I told you to cut off the honorifics, didn't I?"

And so, the two continued flirting.

While the older Matsui had her eyes on Furukawa, the younger Matsui was running around, kissing the other members.

Eventually, the day ended.

The members bid their goodbyes, Kanon and Yuria clinging on both uncomfortable Kumi's arms, Airi reuniting with her best friend Akane, and the others coupled up, going to different directions.

All who were left in the studio was WMatsui.

Rena was packing her bag in a corner, while Jurina, surprisingly, waited silently.

Rubbing her arms coyly, Jurina approached the elder Matsui, whose back was facing her.

"Rena-tan..." she mumbled audibly.

"Hm?" Rena had just finished putting her stuff in her bag and turned around, "What is it?"

She looked down at Jurina, who didn't look like her usual cheerful self.

Her signature Cheshire smile was nowhere to be seen either.

"Jurina? Are you okay?"

The shorter girl frowned.

"Jurina's jealous, you know?"

"Eh? Why's that?"

"There are more fans of RenAirin nowadays... And I barely see fans of WMatsui anymore."

Rena sighed.

"Jurina, we've talked about this."

"But Rena-tan!" she whined, "I'm jealous!"

"Speak for yourself. You think I'm not jealous with you kissing other members?"

"But I only do that because you're busy with Airi!"

"Whatever. Let's go," she said, grabbing the younger girl's wrist.

Jurina pouted, frustrated at Rena's ignorance, and allowed herself to be led to the theater's exit.

They walked from the theater to a small bakery and bought some melonpan, and afterwards, they set off for a place to eat dinner together.

They found a still-open place to eat at, and Rena had soon ordered their meal.

"Jurina, are you going to say something or what?" she turned to the girl who hadn't spoke since they left the theater.

Jurina shook her head.

Rena sighed.

Silence spread between them until their food arrived, and even then, the two stayed silent.

Eventually, they finished their food and left the diner, walking side-by-side until an intersection greeted them.

"I'll see you tomorrow then," Rena smiled lopsidedly.

Jurina merely nodded.

They turned their backs to each other and walked their separate paths towards home.

After a few minutes of walking, Jurina felt a tug on the back of her shirt, and found herself lip-locked with Rena.

After the older Matsui pulled away, Jurina managed to find her words.


"I may always be busy with Airi," Rena spoke, "But I'll always have time for you."



"Rena..." Jurina mumbled, squirming on the bed with a smile on her face.

Rena had been gazing at her for a while now.

Jurina had been mumbling words in her sleep.

The older Matsui could tell that whatever she was dreaming of, it was about the two of them.

Jurina squirmed one more time and mumbled one last sentence that was slightly incoherent.

"I love you..."

"How adorable," Rena grinned.
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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
« Reply #11 on: May 28, 2015, 07:34:46 PM »
Cute  :)
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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
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So cute

Wmatsui~~~ kyaaaa

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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
« Reply #13 on: May 28, 2015, 11:11:18 PM »
wmatsuiiiii tan~

 :shy2: :shy2: :shy1:
:ding: :kneelbow: :on drink:

niceee....thanks author san~
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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
« Reply #14 on: May 29, 2015, 12:15:01 AM »
soooooo cutee!!!!

 :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
« Reply #15 on: May 29, 2015, 02:47:33 AM »
Rena is so sweet! i know you love her rena chan~

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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
« Reply #16 on: May 30, 2015, 09:12:24 AM »
Jurina is so adorable! Can totally imagine her puppy eyeing Rena~  :wub:

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Re: Notice Me? ( WMatsui OS )
« Reply #17 on: June 03, 2015, 12:10:20 PM »
rena-tan... jurina-tan...
wmatsui tan... kawaii!  :cathappy: :inlove: :wriggly:
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Idiots and Tests (AtsuMina OS) - COMPLETED
« Reply #18 on: June 14, 2015, 05:52:10 AM »
/is supposed to be on hiatus..  :bored:
Anyway, school gave me an idea for a fic, so hurray~  :farofflook:
Thank you for reading if you read it.  :hee:
Back to school for me  :fainted:

Idiots and Tests

Minami groaned and smashed her forehead against the open textbook on the table in front of her.

"Come on," Rie poked the captain's head, "Do you want to go on that date with Acchan or what?"

"Rie-san's right. You won't get anywhere with her if you're like this," added Annin.

There was a small laugh from the chair near the three of them.

Renacchi was holding a piece of paper in her hand, and a red ballpen in the other.

"What's up?" Rie strode towards Renacchi, with Annin following a few seconds later.

Minami turned her head and stared at the three, figuring out what was going on.

Rena was pointing at some part of the paper she was holding, and the other two soon burst into laughter.

"What?" Minami asked, lifting her head from the book.

When the three recovered from laughing, Rie spoke.

"I love watching the sun-( ? ) in the morning," she read a problem from the paper out loud in rather poorly accented English, and waited for Minami to answer.

"Rice," she replied confidently.

Annin and Renacchi snickered.


"What?!" Minami involuntarily slammed her fist on the table.

"You heard me," Yuko grinned, "If you manage to get at least half of the questions I gave you right, I'll give you tickets for two to a private resort."

"How did you get these tickets again?" Minami asked.

"I won them at some lottery, and Kojipa's busy with gravure photo shoots so I can't take her with me. It'd be a waste to just throw them away."

Minami scratched the back of her head, wondering about the last time she and Atsuko went on a date together, and realized that they hadn't gone out in a month.

She looked at Yuko who was playing with her hair with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Deal," she said.

Yuko's grin widened.

"I'll give you two weeks to brighten up that brain of yours."


And so, Minami called three of the smartest people she knew in AKB48; Rie Kitahara, Anna Iriyama, and Rena Kato.

The three of them were in charge of teaching her in different subjects; Rie handled Japanese Lessons, Anna was in charge of Math, while Rena took English.

They all had quite a hard time in teaching Minami, but still, they didn't give up. Especially her juniors.

"8 x 2 isn't 17," Anna sighed, smacking her palm against her forehead, "You're just like Kawaei sometimes."

"No way, no way. I'm smarter than her," Minami said smugly.

"Prove it then. 7 x 7?"

"Uh... 48?"


"It was so close!"

"Yeah, yeah," Anna said.

Rena approached them, holding another piece of paper in her hands.

"You mistook 'eat' for 'it' again," she said, showing her a handwritten examination that Minami answered.

"It's hard to tell the difference, you know?" Minami replied, scratching her non-itchy head.

"It's not that hard, really."

"Hey, Takahashi."

Rie strode her way towards where the other two were and showed Minami another handwritten examination.

"I asked you to write 'tomato' in katakana. Not this."

Rie pointed at the answer she was referring to.

There, written in hiragana was the word 'Acchan'.

"Honestly, stop daydreaming. This is serious."

Annin stepped into the conversation, "Yeah. Your date with Maeda-san is at stake."

"Or worse," Renacchi gasped, "Your relationship."

Minami's hands shot up to her temples and shouted, "I don't want to break up!"

"Then study harder," Rie said, giving her a light pat on the head.

Minami nodded and returned to her study sessions with the three.


Two weeks passed.

Minami arrived at the entrance of Haruna's apartment, and knocked.

The door opened a few moments later.

"Ah! Takamina!" Haruna grinned.

"Nyan nyan!" Minami greeted back.

"What are you doing here?" the tall girl asked.

"I was going to meet with Yuko. Is she here?"

There was a small voice from behind Haruna.

"Nyan nyan~ Come back to bed~!"

A pair of arms snaked around Haruna's waist.

"Yuko, stop! Takamina's here."

Minami blushed at the small scene in front of her.

Yuko's head appeared from behind Haruna.

Her eyes widened.

"Nyan nyan, cover me!"

The small girl jumped up and clinged on to Haruna's back, making the girl topple forwards and fall on top of Minami on the cold floor of the apartment corridor.

The midget captain winced at the weight of Haruna and Yuko combined.

They got up to their feet after a few minutes of struggling.

"Put some pants on, Yuko," Haruna scolded her.

The younger girl ran back inside the apartment.

"Sorry about that, Takamina. Come inside."

Haruna led Minami inside her apartment and ushered her to sit on a couch in the living room.

After a while, Yuko returned, finally fully-clothed.

"Alright! Come with me, midget," she gave her a toothy grin.

Minami stood up and followed her.

"Don't forget that you're a midget too, Yuko," Haruna sighed.

Yuko laughed and pushed Minami through an open room, "Whatever you say, honey~!"

The room had dim lights, a bed on the corner, and a desk beside it, with a piece of paper and three pens on top.

"The exam is over there," Yuko smiled, "Take all the time you want. I'll be waiting outside."


Atsuko came over Minami's house that night, carrying bags of groceries with her.

She knocked on the door, waiting a few moments for an answer.

When she didn't get one, she tried opening the door, and was surprised to find it unlocked.

"Minami?" she called, entering the almost empty-looking home.

She sought for the midget captain's room, putting the groceries on the table by the kitchen first.

She knocked before entering the pink-themed room.

Her eyes were set on the figure laying sprawled on the bed with a pillow covering her face.

She walked over to the bedside and crouched, smiling.

"Hey," Atsuko greeted softly.

Minami squirmed a bit with a groan, but kept the pillow on her face, muffling her voice.

"How did you get here?" she asked.

"Your door's unlocked. I did knock, though..." Atsuko ran her fingers along the pillow, "Furthermore, are you crying?" she added.

The pillow moved, indicating a shake of a head from Minami.

"Come on, I can tell."

Atsuko pulled the pillow off and revealed Minami's usual pathetic crying face, her cheeks wet with tears already.

"What happened? Did Yuko brag to you about her 'marrying' Nyan nyan again? I swear, if she did, I'll pop ten balloons in front of her—"

"She didn't," Minami stated, trying to stop Atsuko before she jumps to anymore conclusions and becomes violent, "I lost to a deal with her."

"A deal? What deal?" Atsuko leaned in closer to listen.

Minami explained everything.

"So you got 48 points out of 98 questions?"

The midget nodded.

Atsuko counted on her fingers for a few minutes, calculating.

"49... You only needed one more right answer to get half of them," she answered.

"It's frustrating," Minami sniffled, "But..." she turned to her side to look at Atsuko in the eyes, "You're not gonna break up with me, right...?"

Atsuko giggled, giving the midget a playful pinch on the cheek.

"Of course not. Now get up. I'm cooking dinner."

Finally having a huge weight on her chest lifted, she stood up and followed her Acchan to the kitchen.

"Look. They're here. Now, apologize."

Haruna and Yuko were surprisingly in the kitchen, with the tall girl pushing the slightly taller midget towards the other couple.

"Yuko? What are you two doing here?" Atsuko asked.

The mentioned girl rubbed her arm with a pout, and turned to Minami.

"Sorry for lying."


Yuko took out a folded piece of paper from her pocket and gave it to her fellow midget.

Minami unfolded it, revealing the exam paper she answered.

To her surprise, all of her answers were in fact, correct.


"Believe me, I didn't believe that you got it perfect either," Yuko snorted, earning a slap on the shoulder from Haruna.

"But you told me..." Minami said confusedly.

Yuko flicked her forehead, making the other wince.

"I told you, I lied."

"Anyway, here. You earned them," Haruna smiled, handing Minami two matching tickets.

And without another word, she dragged Yuko outside Minami's house, apologizing for their intrusion.

The midget turned to Atsuko, who flashed her a wide grin.

"Well, well, well... Look who studied hard."

Minami blushed, "Oh shush."

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