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Author Topic: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)  (Read 65524 times)

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@bochang: lol. Sky is falling? Hmm~ That suddenly gave me an idea for a new fic. But...nah~ :bigdeal: I already have six fics to worry about. haha
eh~ Yuko-san die? Hmm~ That's not so bad. But then...She's my second oshi in AKB, after Rena-sama.

@haruhi16: well then...I'm sure that once I've managed to finish Kojiyuu, I'll work on their version. ^^
and who says that it WILL be W Tomo? XD I want some Meetan X Tomo. :hiakhiakhiak:
And like I said. These couples might NOT end up. So who knows~! (me!) :hiakhiakhiak:
AS for the fiance...I might make him someone NONE of you would expect. Or just make him into someone like who Pan-chan guessed. :hiakhiakhiak:

@kahem: Kahem-san...It might NOT end up as KojiYuu, you know. XD

smarty0821: hmm~ Why can't Yuko be with him? =3= Haruna treated her harshly, and even made her watch her kiss with Marichin. = w=

@Haruko: how about berserk Miichan? Hmm~ That might be fun. :hiakhiakhiak
And Yuuchan's disease...I said that I wouldn't make her have a disease or die...but the temptation was far too much! So...yeah. Who knows if she'll die?
And why must you hate her fiance? TTnTT He loves her!

@pandah: Hmm~ sah? :bigdeal:
I'll tell you guys what she did further in the chapters OR in their version. ^^
haha. I think that I should stop keeping you guys in the dark...But I'll just give out some hints at some parts? XP
and Riku? Hmm~ Sah?
Maybe it's Kuu, or Kai? Who knows~ :hiakhiakhiak:

A/N: I'm sorry for such a delayed update. School will start in two days...And I'm trying to get this vacation hangover. TnT Anyway, thank you for the messages you guys sent me! The decision has been made! And I shall reveal the position in which the fics will get posted! Some of you got correct BUT I won't tell you who did. After all~ where would the fun in that be? XD
Anyway~ Since some of you never guessed for some couples....I'm going to push that forward or maybe write it at the same time as this one.
So... here's the result!

Chapter Seven

“ Help me~!

She slapped her forehead for the nth time that day, turning the white skin as red as a tomato. Her friend had just cried at her, asking for her help in getting up when she was perfectly capable of standing up by herself. It would have made her laugh at the sight she was currently looking at with her friend crawling on the floor oh so dramatically, but due to the fatigue that has decided to catch up to her, she only slapped her head once more.

Giving a disbelieving look at the crawling girl, she sighed and started wondering why in the world she was friends with her. All she wanted to do was to search for a certain brown-haired guy, who had asked her through a letter he had letter placed inside her shoe locker, to meet up with him.

And this girl currently crawling in front of her, was just being a drag.

“Patience, Yuko.” she voiced inside mentally, hoping that taking quick shallow breaths would somehow prevent her from slapping her forehead again, or slapping her friend’s forehead down onto the ground. “Patience.”

As she took in several shallow breaths, an idea formed inside her mind. It would be mean of her to say such thing, but the girl who was holding her back from meeting the apple of her eye was staring to seem deserving for such thing. Deciding that it would be a good thing to try whilst taking away certain words like ‘fat’, she formed a smirk with her lips, knowing how much it annoyed the other girl most of the time.

“You know,” she started, letting her voice trail out to the younger girl before continuing with a teasing tone. “You should try to lay off the desserts.”

As she had expected, the statement she had made irked the younger girl, causing her to sit up on her own and pout whilst crossing her arms across her chest. The look that was being given to her, made the shorter girl laugh evilly inside as she started enjoying the rare expression being given to her by her friend, Minegishi Minami.

“I’m too tired~!” the girl who was also known as Miichan, stubbornly replied to her.

The whine in her voice made the older girl arch an eyebrow, causing the other to cry out at her. “I’m not fat!”

“I didn’t say that.” Yuko smirked even more, amused that the girl was the one to say what she had made sure not to mention.

Wanting to make the girl scowl as payback for burdening her, she chuckled and started walking ahead of Miichan again. Her mood has slightly gone up due to the teasing she managed to do, and she was no longer feeling tired as before. Without turning, she continued on walking and spoke.

“I just told you to lie off on the desserts.”

She heard a groan from behind, and smiled to herself when several steps followed suit. Within a few seconds, a familiar taller figure was beside her, causing the shorter of the two to smile slightly. Her plan worked well, and now she knew what she had to do in order for Miichan to stop lazing off.

As they walked whilst looking through the windows of several rooms, the sky outside turned from blue and clear, to a cloudy and yellowish one. It was after school and everyone has gone home early, since it was the last day of the weekdays.

The only reason why the two of them were still walking around in the empty school was because of letter sent to her by a certain Satsuki Saito. It contained the information about needing to meet him after the bell has rung, and to meet somewhere inside the school.

“I just wish that he told me where to go.” she thought with a sigh.

Just then, the girl beside her decided to break the serenity that has formed in between them by slinging her arm around Yuko’s neck, and crying out dramatically. “Why did you have to ask for my help?”

Stopping, Yuko stared at her and scoffed. SHE asked for the girl’s help, who was practically known as the laziest person in school when it comes to stuff like this? What was she? An idiot?

“Seriously, this girl…” she mumbled to herself as she continued to walk on ahead, deciding that it would just be huge waste of her time to stay and argue with her.

Some stomping of the feet was heard, and Yuko knew that she was still being followed. She sighed and kept thinking about the happiness she would feel when she has finally found the guy she has been searching for hours. It was hard since the girl beside her was practically moaning about the soreness in her feet, but all she could do was to roll her eyes in hopes that Miichan would finally get the hint that she wanted to walk in silence.

Unfortunately for her, the younger girl continued on with her whining, and this time added a monologue about her fatigue. Unable to take it any longer and hoping to keep her sanity with her to prevent herself from messing up in front of Saito, Yuko sighed and turned to her.

“Go home. I’ll accompany you next time to that new pastry shop.” She said, before fastening her steps and search.

A second passed and it wasn’t soon when only a single person’s footsteps could be heard. Yuko sighed in relief, thinking that she has finally ridden herself of a burden. Unfortunately for her, Miichan had no plans on going home by herself. She walked quickly to the shorter girl, and spoke.

“Maybe he’s gone home.”

Yuko sighed to herself as a voice from the back of her mind agreed to the younger girl’s statement. That thought has crossed her mind several times, but having her crush send her a letter JUST to see him made it disappear as fast as it would come to her mind.

Wanting to show the younger girl how much she trusted the tall brunette in staying just to see her, she turned to Miichan before looking away and ignoring the possible statement. She hasn’t been able to spend as much time as before with Saito, since she was always busy with the Drama club and their college applications.

Speaking of her college applications, she needed to ask him which college he planned on entering. Their classroom teacher has given an Oxford application to Yuko but she immediately turned it down, knowing perfectly well that the slightly airheaded guy would have a hard time in getting into the school.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Why are you refusing this opportunity, Oshima-kun?” her teacher asked, with a sigh and disappointed shake of the head as he placed the application back into the brown envelope.

Smiling as brightly as she could, Yuko thought of a lie as quickly as she could. “I actually want to choose between going to London and America.”

“America?” her teacher raised a brow. “You mean, Harvard?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

She patted herself on the back for thinking of such a great lie, and smiled ever so brightly at her teacher that sat on a chair with a blank expression. All of a sudden, the blank look was replaced by a wide smile, making the student look with worry at her teacher.

“That’s a good thing then.” he told her with a sigh of relief.

She looked at him in question, wondering what he meant until he took out another brown envelope and handed the papers inside it. Taking it with both hands, she let her eyes read the sentences in the paper and found herself looking wide-eyed at it.

“It’s an application form for Harvard.” her teacher told her, confirming her suspicion.

Her mouth was shut as she was unable to utter any more lies, since she was completely taken aback by the sudden change of things. How could an application form from such a school arrive to her school? It was completely surprising, since she have never sent any application form to Oxford OR Harvard.

As if reading her mind, her teacher smiled at her while intertwining his hands. “The Principal decided to send your exam scores to both of the schools, since he kind of have a feeling that you won’t do it.”

“It’s such a rare opportunity, Oshima-kun.” he said, before placing his hand on her shoulder as he stood up. “To actually have two such tremendous schools asking you to study abroad.”

“B-but…” she was dumbfounded.

She never planned on going abroad and getting separated from her Saito. It was all too sudden. Her teacher asked her to come to his office for her college applications, and just casually tells her to leave everything she has come to love?

“Don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling your parents’ dreams.” her teacher told her, reminding her of the promise she had made to them in front of him.

Clenching her hands into fists, she gritted her teeth to prevent her from blurting out anything she would come to regret. After all, the man was just trying to tell her to go after what many would have wanted. The thing was… She really didn’t want to go anywhere but Japan.

“I…I’ll think about it.” she replied a second after.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“He told me that he wanted to tell me something earlier this morning. He can’t have gone home.” She said with a smile, hoping that it was enough for Miichan to stop making her have such thoughts of Saito leaving.

After all, why would Saito want to see her? Not only did he give her a letter inside her shoe locker, he also spoke to her without any hint of annoyance in his voice. That really was weird of the older guy, since everything that comes out of his mouth would be ‘Yuko, you pervert!’ or ‘Get away from me, you hentai!’.

“Wonder what he wants to talk about.” she thought silently to herself.

Hearing a sigh from the younger girl, she continued to walk with her signature dimpled smile on her face. It masked away the worry she held deep inside her heart, making her thankful for being a member of the great Drama club. If there was one thing she learnt the most, it was pretending to feel something else and masking away the pain or worries.

She had no idea why she had this nagging feeling at the back of her mind, telling her to stop tiring Miichan and herself for someone who always pushed her away, even though it was just a joke. It was making her feel something heavy on top of her chest, and it felt so burdensome that Yuko made a decision instantly.

“Let’s go home.” She said with a sigh, turning to Miichan who seemed to be in a deep thought. “I’ll just ask him about it tomorrow.”

Walking back from where they passed, Yuko started to head back to the classroom with a slightly disappointed look on her face. She was really looking forward to meeting up with Saito but since the boy was nowhere to be found after doing several rounds in the school, there was no point in wasting time any longer.

“Why didn’t Saito tell you to meet him at a specific place anyway?” Miichan asked her on their way back to the classroom to get their bags.

Shrugging in response, Miichan pouted and kept quiet, probably to think about the several reasons why. As she did, Yuko sighed and tried to remember if there were any certain locations written in the piece of paper she read a while ago.

Just then, Miichan sighed and leaned against her, causing both of them to stumble several times. It also occurred while they were by the stairs, making the older of the two push Miichan playfully with a laugh. “You should lay off the desserts!”

“I’m not fat!” Miichan cried at her, glaring playfully as she did.
When she started to tickle the shorter girl, Yuko started walking ahead of her as fast as she could while crying at her. “Ugh! Get away from me!”

However, instead of following what was told to her, Miichan merely smiled at her and slung her arm around the shorter girl’s neck after managing to catch up with her. “But you love me.”

“Gross! I only love my dearest Saito!” She cried whilst scrunching her nose, and giving a light punch at her.
The two began to laugh, and they started swinging both of their arms back and forth as they walked up the stairs to go to their classroom. Seeing how Miichan was enjoying herself in skipping, Yuko soon followed. However, what first turned out to be a skipping game, ended in a sprinting race.

They started to run as fast as they could, mocking the other as they did. Once they have reached the fourth floor, they ran towards the last curve to get to the classroom, with a smirk on each of their faces. Giving a playful push, Miichan made Yuko slowdown in fear of falling onto the ground face on.

Turning to Miichan with fake anger, she cried. “I can’t believe you’d try and push me!”

The younger girl only stuck out her tongue and gave a mischievous smile, before running away when Yuko tried to grab her. Dashing around the corner, Yuko ran as fast as she could to catch up with her with the thought of getting back at her for pushing her by the stairs.
“That’s right, you better run away! Because once I lay my hands on you, you’re dead!” Yuko threatened, though it seemed that her threats had no effect on that Gachapin look-alike.

All she heard was some laughing coming from the younger one, and even a tune being hummed. With how they were both acting, it was pretty much obvious how they were enjoying themselves in this tag of theirs. Slowing down a bit to catch her breath, Yuko allowed Miichan to get a few steps ahead of her.
She was about to laugh and call the game off when she saw Miichan reach out to grab the knob of the door, before stopping almost with a great big halt. Smirking, she began to think of a way to get back now that she had her. But just before she could take a giant leap at her, she was faced with a look that had fear evident in their eyes.

“Is she really scared?” Yuko laughed mentally, enjoying the look she was receiving.

Ignoring it, as well as the nagging feeling at the back of her mind, she cried happily the moment she was at arms’ length away from her. “Ha! I’ve got—”


A hand was slammed into her mouth, muffling the continuation of her sentences. Her wrist was grabbed, and she was quickly pulled away from the classroom to the stairs they just ran by. After a while of being pulled, Miichan finally let go of the hold she has over Yuko’s mouth, causing the older girl to shout at her in irritation.

“What the heck?!”

Another hard slap was given to her mouth, turning it instantly into a pinkish color. She growled at the culprit, only to be ignored as if it didn’t matter to Miichan. Taking the girl’s hand off her mouth, she cried at her a bit softer this time. “That hurts!”
Quickly walking away, Miichan went to take a peek through the window as discreetly as she could. The action that she was doing caused the curiosity gauge inside Yuko’s mind to rise up to a higher level. She started walking towards the peeking girl, only to be pulled back to the stairs once more.

She gave a confused look without uttering a word, fearing that her already-reddish mouth would turn blue or purple after having another slap to it. The younger girl just sighed, before staring deep into her eyes and speaking in a very serious voice.

“Let’s just come back for our bags tomorrow.” She said.

Arching a brow, Yuko asked. “Why?”

She gave an even more puzzling look, hoping that it would somehow make the younger girl answer the questions that were forming inside her head. It worked, though the answer given to her wasn’t the one she was really expecting. And the answer only came when she started to run towards the classroom after being able to get the girl’s strong grip off her.
“There’s a thief inside the classroom!”

Hearing that sentence instantly made Yuko stop in her tracks, only to turn and give Miichan a look that clearly states ‘are you seriously kidding me?’. She has this huge disbelieving look on her face as her expression, to show how much she knew of the truth that there couldn’t be a thief inside.
“What would a thief steal in there?” she asked, crossing her arms as she walked towards Miichan with a scoff. “A desk?”

The younger girl only shrugged her shoulders in response, before nodding her head furiously once the words were processed by her mind. Sighing as she shook her head at the younger girl, Yuko started to walk back to the classroom.

Much to her dismay, Miichan seemed to have taken a huge liking in making her feel physical pain. The said Gachapin look-alike has pinched her by the ear, and pulled her towards the stairs for the third time that day, making her groan in pain as she did.

“Okay, I lied about that!” Miichan admitted, before insisting as she easily ignored the cries of pain the older girl was making. “But we should just come back tomorrow!”

Growling, she flicked Miichan’s forehead and managed to stop the girl from pulling her right ear out of her head. She narrowed her eyes at the girl who stood in front of her, before crossing her arms as she waited for Miichan to explain the truth.

Miichan merely looked at her, unable to think of any other lie that wouldn’t seem pathetic, causing the older girl to heave a disappointed sigh. After she did, she walked towards the classroom with her instincts on high alert in case Miichan tried to make her cry in pain again.

Miichan did try, but Yuko managed to get out of whatever grip the younger girl was planning on doing to her. Unfortunately, she was pulled back to the stairs by the collar of her school shirt and before hearing a statement that mostly seemed truthful.

“There are some people kissing in the classroom.”

Laughing at the truth that has finally been revealed, Yuko sighed and told her with reassurance. “We can just take our bags and they can continue afterwards.”

And with that, she started walking to the classroom with a new interest; to watch the couple who decided to stay after school just to make out privately. As she neared the classroom, she heard some stomping coming from the younger girl, causing her to look almost victoriously whilst Miichan stared at her in defeat.

She stopped by the windows and turned her head to see who it was, through glass without any difficulty. However, as she watched, realization came to her and the smug look on her face was instantly replaced by an emotionless expression that she never knew she had.
She stared through the windows and watched a girl and a guy kissing passionately with one another, as she allowed her brain to process what was occurring inside. It wasn’t soon after, when her eyes were wide open from the shock whilst tears formed in her eyes and blurred her vision.

She didn’t have to turn to find out who touched her at the shoulder, knowing fully well that it was Miichan who had tried to prevent her from seeing the scene that was occurring right in front of her. As the younger girl continued to place her hand on Yuko’s shoulders, she stiffened and trembled.

Her heart felt the most painful thing in the world, breaking into shards of glass that made her heart bleed even more. The throbbing pain in her head was caused by a voice that continuously told her to tear her gaze away, but her brain refused to listen and made her eyes stay and watch.

There was this indescribable feeling she was feeling everywhere. It felt so painful, that it was making it difficult for her to breath and stand. Just inhaling a single breath was painful enough to send liters of tears forming in her eyes, no matter how shallow it was.

“Y-Yuko.” Miichan croaked, trying to get the girl to look at her to see whether she was alright.
Yuko ignored her friend’s call, and shakily grabbed the knob of the door even though her mind was screaming at her not to. Turning it slowly to the left, she pushed the door open and walked in whilst trying not to drop onto the ground due to the shock that she has received.

Her legs are slowly losing the ability to stand, making her stumble and fall as she neared the two with small steps. Her lips were dry as her throat, but her eyes were ready to rain several more liters of tears. A huge lump in her throat prevented her from speaking out the words she wanted to say, but when she finally found the voice to do it, she croaked with a hoarse voice.

“W-What’s going on?”

The moment the words left her mouth, the couple who were passionately making out in front of her separated from each other as fast as lightning. They were now looking at the two new arrivals, completely taken aback by the sudden visit.

Yuko breathed in slowly to try and stop the tears from falling as she stared at boy, whom she have been looking around the school for several hours. She tried to open her mouth to speak the girl’s name who was sitting beside Saito, but the widened eyes and guilty look on her face prevented Yuko from doing so.

Stepping a bit closer towards the two, she let out a shaky breath as she asked without any care for the tears that has already broken down the dam that kept it back. “W-why…”

“Why did you…” she asked, directing the question to a certain Kojima Haruna who was looking at her with tears slowly forming in her eyes. “How could you do this to me?”

Then turning to Saito, she noticed how he merely looked at her without speaking a word, and that made Yuko’s heart ache. It was as if…he didn’t care about being caught in the act of kissing Kojima Haruna— Yuko’s other best friend.

Just then, Miichan’s voice broke the trance that Yuko was starting to enter. She asked in a calm voice that has a hint of demanding in it, making the two girls in front of them flinch back in slight fear. “You ask Yuko to come meet you for what reason, Saito?”

“Y-Yuko…Listen, I was—” Saito started to say, turning her gaze from Miichan to the said girl.

The short girl only gritted her teeth whilst clenching her hands into tight fists, before crying out loud. “—I’m seeing things!”

And with that, she ran out of the classroom as her heart felt like breaking into several more millions of glass. It was too painful to witness. The image of the loving look that Saito had on her face as she kissed Haruna was flashing in her mind repeatedly, whilst the scene of the two with locked lips continued to play over and over again.

“Get out of here.” her inner voice told her, helping to block away the painful images that flashed repeatedly in her mind.

Yuko nodded to no one in particular and fastened her steps. It didn’t take her long enough to run down the third stairs, since she was practically leaping from step to step. The fear of falling didn’t even cross her mind, as the pain helped to mask it away.

“Run, Yuko.” the voice kept on telling her. “RUN!”

And that was she did. She dashed through the long stairs of the third floor and managed to get her feet onto the second floor stairs, making the voice keep quiet for a while. The adrenaline pumped through her veins as fast as her blood, making her a bit light-headed from it.
The running she was currently doing ended up in calming away the pain she was feeling in her chest, and caused the numb feeling to disappear. Her breath has slightly ran out of track, causing her to slow down with her running as she jumped from the stairs of the first floor and landed on the floor that headed to the shoe lockers.

Panting heavily, she staggered to her own locker and took out her shoes. Her hands were shaking terribly and her heart beat hard against her chest, making it painful to even take slow and shallow breaths. Once she has changed her shoes, she started to jog towards the gate.

Just then, a hand grabbed her by the arm, causing her to stop almost instantly as she smelt a familiar smell that invaded her nose. Knowing that it was none other than Saito holding her, she stiffened under the touch and tried to run away in fear of breaking down in front of him.

Unfortunately for her, she was stopped once more and was this time forcefully turned around to face him, causing for her eyes to lock on the boy who was currently looking down at the ground panting hard. As she did, she couldn’t help but have a smile creep up to her face as she thought happily about how much Saito ran just to catch up with her.

“He likes me more than Haruna!” she cried gleefully inside her mind, completely forgetting the fact that she had just witnessed him kissing the long brunette a few minutes ago.

As she cried in happiness in her mind, tears suddenly started to fall from her eyes due to the feeling that has overcome her whilst she watched Saito try to catch up with his breathing. She kept her mouth shut as she stared at him, who still looked handsome even though he was almost drenched in sweat

“Just how much energy do you have?” he suddenly asked through his pants, surprising her enough to take her out of her trance.

“Do you have the same amount as Sae’s?”

She tried to answer given to her by her crush, only to find out that she has lost the voice to do so. All she wanted at that very moment was to hug Saito and say how much she loves him, but some kind of force stopped her from doing so. Her mind was screaming something at her from the back of her head, but it was ignored as she watched Saito run a hand through his hair, totally mesmerizing her.

She wanted to compliment the taller of the two for looking so perfect, but remembered that she had lost her voice due to being caught in a trance. Closing it, she smiled and tried to tell the voice in her head to stop talking, who just answered her with more shouting.
“Why?” she croaked out loud; suddenly gaining her voice back when she asked the voice why it was screaming non-stop at her.
The blurted out question made him look up at her, misinterpreting the question for him. Yuko tried to tell Saito that she was just talking to herself internally, only to be interrupted by the boy’s question in return with a voice so cold, it felt like an icy blade had cut the upper part of her skin.

“Why did I call you just to let you see me kiss Haruna, is that your question?”
“Let me see her kiss Haruna?” Yuko repeated the question in her mind, confused by what the guy standing in front of her had meant.

It made her heart ache seeing how cold and distant Saito seemed to be looking at her, making her hesitate to make a gesture. Reluctantly nodding her head, she tried to hide away the confusion and pain that have been built up inside of her.

Just then, some ringing of the bells was heard; the very same ringing that she would hear whenever something bad was to be expected or occur. It even grew louder the moment Saito scoffed and turned his gaze away from Yuko, to the tree that stood right beside them.

It made Yuko think that he was about to say something that would inflict some pain to her, scaring her a bit with the short silence that has formed with them. A second passed, and that certain feeling was proven to be true when Saito answered her with an even colder voice.
“I want to stop your advances towards me.”

“I told you.” a voice from the back of her head said to Yuko.

Yuko stared at him, who only added with a sigh. “That’s why.”

The voice was now starting to talk, telling her that it was time to face the music and get on with her life. It made the pain that has disappeared from a while ago, to come back once more with an even more unbearable pain that stunned her senses.

It all felt like a dream and a horrible one, to be exact. A dream that made everything around her seems like an illusion, untouchable yet real enough to make her feel pain. It made her feel like she was drowning in nothing but a sea of complete serenity that had sadness and pain mixed into it.

Looking at Saito with a disbelieving look in her eyes, she tried to search for any hint of humor in his eyes. It disappointed her to realize that there wasn’t any, and when Saito continued to stare at her with those cold emotionless eyes, a painful stab to the heart was felt by Yuko.

She said in a voice that almost seemed pitiful. “I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t you get it?!” Saito asked as he sighed in frustration from the statement that Yuko has spoken, pulling his hair whilst he stomped his feet to the ground hard.

Flinching from the glare she received from the boy of her dreams, she tried to reach out for Saito’s hand to calm him down only to be stopped by the pointing of the finger and angry cry by the brown-haired. “I made you come after school, to WATCH me kiss Haruna!”

“I don’t believe you!” Yuko stubbornly cried, not wanting to believe the words being spoken by the guy she loves.

It all seemed surreal and unbelievable for her to take. And she started wondering why in the world Saito would want her to witness such a painful thing, knowing that it would give a painful blow to the shorter girl. The result of trying to deny the boy’s statement, only made him cry out in anger even more.

“Are you an idiot?” he asked with a scoff.

Adding a sneer, he then asked. “Are you stupid? Blind? Clueless?”

The boy’s questions and mocking sense of tone brought nothing but pain to Yuko’s heart, stabbing her repeatedly with its cold sharp blades. The cut that the boy’s made with the painful words were so deep, that Yuko was sure it scarred her enough to drain her heart of its blood.
To make it worse, Saito decided to add salt to the wound by enunciated the following words slow and clear. “I. Don’t. Love. You.”

“I never reciprocated your feelings!”

The boy’s following words left her soul fragile, when Saito cried with a scoff. “I don’t even like you!”

That certain sentence was enough to knock the air out of Yuko’s lungs, leaving her completely breathless. It left her sobbing, as her tears started running down her eyes without any sign of stopping. To make it worse, the look of happiness on Saito’s face, made Yuko think that he was very much enjoying the pain he was inflicting upon her.

“I don’t—” she started to say once again, wanting to mask away the pain by pretending that she never heard the boy’s words a second ago.


Her eyes widened in surprise, completely surprised from the tingling sensation on her face that was delivered to her by none other than the boy she loves the most. It stopped her in the midway of the sentence she has repeatedly several times, silencing her instantly.
Her eyes were staring right at the tree beside the both of them, away from the boy’s face. Her hearing has toned down and it seemed to be blocked by the deafening silence in her mind, but she was still able to hear the sigh of relief that escaped his mouth.

“This is NO dream, Yuko.” Saito said to her with an even harsher voice, making her flinch back in fear of getting slapped once again.

A growl was heard from the boy’s mouth, which was soon followed suit by his voice. “Believe it.”

“This is REALITY.”

Yuko merely blinked at the sentence delivered to her by Saito, still paralyzed on the spot from the slap she had received not so long ago. The tears have finally stopped dripping due to the shock the slap had brought her, leaving her face tear-streaked and left to dry.

“This is real life!” He told to her firmly.

Then crying out in pure irritation, Saito added. “So deal with it! And stop telling yourself that it’s not true!”

A pregnant paused formed.

“Has the words finally sunk into your brain?” he coldly asked.

Looking away from the beautiful sight of the cherry blossom tree, she turned and focused her dazed eyes onto the boy who slapped her. Tears threatened to fall once more from her eyes when she locked gazes with the him whose eyes seemed to have gotten colder, reminding her of the slap she had received.

Moving her right hand to the tingling spot in her face, she touched it to check whether it all happened or she was just dreaming. When she touched it, she felt the swollen area and the slight pain, slowly waking her up to realize that it was the truth.

“Why Nyan Nyan?” she sobbed, almost like a whisper.

“Because I’m tired.” he answered, before sighing as he continued. “I’m tired of being nice to you, and it’s leading you on!”
The voice from the back of her mind told her to ask a question, making her tremble in fear when she did. “Does Nyan Nyan hate me?”

“Yes.” Came a quick reply.

Saito added angrily. “I hate you. I despise you!”

“I despise you for being annoyingly beside me all the time!”

“And I hate you for making Haruna stay away from me because she thought that you and I were going out!” Saito screamed.


The girl’s name continuously rang in her mind, only to be blocked by the voice from the back of her head. It spoke to her, reminding her of the times she found Saito and the brunette girl laughing and seemingly comfortable with one another.

It reminded her of how she pretended not to notice and ignore it, even though a voice from the back of her head was already screaming at her. It made images of the two hugging each other when they won first place at a fashion contest the two joined, before making the scene of the two kissing appear.

Dazed and numbed, she asked. “Nyan… Nyan’s in love with Haruna?”

“Yes! I LOVE her.” he confirmed, before adding with gritted teeth. “And I HATE you!”

The words struck her hard, making her tears filled up her eyes with the threat of falling down any moment. Biting her lower lip, she tried to get her feelings of love to him. When it the cold look refused to disappear, she took a step closer towards Saito and lifted an arm to try and touch his arm whilst she pleaded.

“Nyan Nyan, please don’t hate me.”

The words seemed to be ineffective, since Saito swatted her hands away in disgust before looking at her with nothing but anger in his eyes. “Don’t touch me!”

“You’re a pervert!” he cried at her as, taking a step backwards.

“And whenever you’re near me, it bothers me!”

With her arm still reached out, Yuko tried to retract it to her side and failed. She was far too shocked to do so, as the words of the cold prince echoed endlessly in her mind. Her sobs have stopped, as she tried to tell the voice inside her head to stop telling her in giving up her love for the boy who stood right in front of her.
“Nyan—” she started say, wanting to say that she could stop being perverted and assure her of the skin-ship she planned on lessening.

The boy never even gave her a chance to continue, interrupting her with an angry voice and scowl on the face. “— Don’t call me with that stupid nickname!”

Stomping his feet hard to the ground, Saito stared hard at her, making her retract the hand that was stretched out to touch his arm. The short girl stood staring at him, hurt by the fact that he refused to be called by the nickname she gave to two dearest living things in her life; her cat and Saito.

Staring into the boy’s cold and unwavering eyes, she kept her mouth shut as Saito spoke. “Listen carefully.”

“I LOVE Haruna, not you. I WANT Haruna, not you. I NEED Haruna, not you.”

“Do you understand?!” he asked in an angry cry.

The three words that were enunciated for her to understand, caused something inside her chest to shatter and stop abruptly, making her clutch the shirt she wore over it. The pain was too unbearable, making her yearn to tear it away from her body and throw it someplace far away.

She had bitten her lips hard, cutting the soft skin and making some blood to slowly seep out. She felt her legs tremble as she tried to keep herself standing on the spot, while her upper body shuddered as she tried to breathe properly. Her lungs and heart seemed to have stopped working, bringing nothing but difficulty to her.

“I-I’m sorry.” Yuko managed to sob out, as she watched Saito turn her gaze away from her and onto the cherry tree beside them.

“I’m sorry. I-I thought that Nyan—” she started to say; only to receive a sharp look from the boy she loves and remembering that Saito hated the nickname she gave to him. “— Saito likes me back.”

“I thought that Saito likes me back because he agreed to go on dates with me, and he said that he liked me back when I asked him.” She said, trying to remind him of the times they have spent together in hope that it would somehow change Saito’s mind about everything.

Unfortunately for her, it was not well received and was only giving a cruel scoff and laugh in return. “Dates?”

“You kidnapped me and forced me to go! I had no choice because I know that you won’t stop asking me if I don’t agree!” Saito cried at her, narrowing her eyes as she did.

“I also said that I liked you back to shut you up!” the boy sighed in frustration, before crossing his arms as he cried. “I can’t bear hearing your voice any longer that’s why!”

“It’s even more irritating than Kasai’s strawberry voice!”

Yuko stared at him in complete shock; taken aback by the sudden addition of the girl she was slightly annoyed with these past few days. Closing her mouth shut, she stared hard at the ground as she tried to bottle up the anger that was starting to boil inside her.

Hearing the boy’s harsh words did not make it any easier, making her clench her hands into tight fists while her breathing came back properly. She was trembling in anger, remembering the fact that Saito dared compared her voice to such an annoying one that caused almost everyone to hate Tomo~mi.

She was unaware of how her knuckles had turned white from the clenching she did so hard, and the gritting of the teeth she was currently doing. Her breaths started to come out ragged, as hot tears started to break the dam she had built up with her resolve.

She heard a few steps towards her that came from boy who slapped her, making her look up with angry eyes. She realized that he was now stretching out a hand to place on her shoulder, making her swat it away with a loud slap as she thought of the hatred for Saito that has now erupted.

“Then why?” she asked, unable to hide the anger that was boiling inside of her.
Taking a step a forward towards Saito, she continued with gritted teeth. “Why didn’t you tell me straightly? I can understand if you told me to stay away.”

“But why did you give me hope?! Why did you make me think that you were in love with me?! Why did you made me make a fool of myself?!”

He took a step back. Continuing and wanting to let out the pain that she bottled deep inside, she cried out in anger at him. “Why did you make me waste three years on you?!”

“Y-Yuuchan.” he called her name, hoping that by calling the girl with the nickname Yuko adored would calm the her down.


“I hate you.” Yuko murmured as sobs slowly escaped her mouth.

Gritting her teeth even more, she glared at him and took a step back as she shouted out loud. “I hate you!”

With blazing eyes of anger staring right at him, she walked back without wavering. Saito was now looking down at the ground, probably shocked from the slap she had given him after everything he had told her. Turning, she started running to the school gates as she wished for nothing but to escape the place.

As she did, hot tears streamed down continuously down from her eyes. She was sobbing hard and was whimpering as her heart threatened to stop pumping after receiving such painful happenings. As she was about to step outside the gates, she turned and looked at him.


~o~ ^o^ ~o~

She sat up from her bed, with her forehead completely drenched in sweat. The painful throbbing sensation from earlier came back once more, and it was doing a great deal of damage to her sight. Clutching her head with both of her hands, she started whimpering as she tried to take quick shallow breaths.

“Hnnngh.” She gritted her teeth, clutching her head even harder as the pain refused to go away.

Just then, the pain stopped and disappeared as if it never even came. The fashion editor merely took several breaths as she tried to gain focus of her sight. Her room was tilting from side to side a while ago, whilst being blurry enough to prevent her from distinguishing which was which.

“That’s the second time this week.” She sighed, massaging the temples of her head as she tried to stand up from her bed.

Ever since she went to the wedding of Takamina and Acchan, she had two strange recurring dreams of the past she had completely forgotten about. Not only did she have a recurring dream of the past, but the headaches that would followed suit once she wakes up.

For the first time after seven years, she never had these strange happenings to her. Perhaps it was because she came back to the place she once hated, or the fact that she met the girl who seduced the person she used to love the most away from her?

“I should take up Shiriri’s advice.” She mumbled to herself, before hauling herself up with the help of her desk chair.

Turning to the clock on the wall, her eyes widened and she smacked her forehead. She had completely forgotten to eat her lunch! No wonder she was feeling strange! She was on her way to eat lunch when she accidentally met up with Haruna, and slept after eating a slice of cake!

“Should I eat or go to the office?” she asked no one in particular, once she realized that the sky would soon darken.

Sighing, she then decided on getting something to eat on the way to Haruna’s office and headed to the bathroom to freshen herself up. After an hour of getting ready, she got into her car and started heading to Haruna’s office, which was really just several blocks away from her apartment.

Parking her car, she got out and went to the lobby with a file of papers in hand. The moment she entered the room, she saw several pictures of Haruna modeling along with other models. She stared in awe at how the tall girl looked extremely sexy and beautiful while being cute in others.

“Oshima-san?” a woman in a black dress walked up to her with a clipboard in hand.

Turning, she smiled and nodded her head in confirmation before following the woman to the elevator after being motioned to. It didn’t take long for them to reach the level where Haruna’s office was located, before the woman led her to a room that looked quite extravagant.

“She’s waiting for you inside, Yuko-san.” The woman informed her, using the name that the shorter girl requested her to call her with.

Nodding with a thankful smile, Yuko grabbed the handle of the door. “Thank you, Hana-san.”

And with that, the new co-worker turned the knob and entered the room. But just as she did, a pillow was thrown right at her face, causing he to freeze right at the spot. The pillow was plump and stayed right where it was aimed at, causing her to blink several times into the soft surface as she tried to process what had just happened.

“Hey,” a voice spoke, sounding almost disappointed. “You’re not Mariko.”

Taking the pillow of her face, she smiled apologetically at the girl who was peeking from behind the couch. “I’m afraid I’m not.”

“Wait, do I know you?” Yuko suddenly asked when the girl stood up whilst dusting her skirt off.

The question caused the other girl to look up at her properly before smiling widely as she made her way quickly to Yuko, and engulf her in a huge hug. The gesture she had received made Yuko arch an eyebrow before hugging the taller girl back with slight hesitation.

“Yuko!” the girl cried before moving away, as she took in the figure of the shorter girl. “Wow! You look amazing!”

“Uhh…” was what the complimented girl could utter, completely lost on how to react with the girl who seemed to know her pretty well.

Realizing that she needed to remind the shorter girl who she was, she crossed her arms across her chest as she posed in a way that she was sure would instantly make Yuko remember. It took the fashion editor a few seconds before realizing who was in fact standing right in front of her.

“Tomochin!” she cried, before hugging the said girl tightly.

Letting go, she started to jump up and down along with the other as excitement ran through their bodies. “I’ve missed you so much, Yuko!”

“Oh my god,” Yuko breathed out, as she noticed something. “How long has it been since we’ve met?”

“Four years ago. Why?” Tomochin asked, while the two of them stopped their jumping.

Yuko tilted her head to the side and clicked her tongue. “I don’t know. It just looked like you—”

“— Oh come on!” Tomochin cried, sighing in slight irritation even though there was humor evident in her eyes. “Can everybody just stop mentioning that I gained a bit of weight?”

“I wasn’t going to say that, you know.” Yuko smirked, crossing her arms as she watched the ‘fat’ girl plop herself down onto the comfy couch.

“Oh yeah?” Tomochin narrowed her eyes at the shorter girl who remained standing. “What were you going to say?”

“I was going to mention how much you’ve grown THINNER, and that it was such a waste of you not to have been a model.” Yuko told her, with the rolling of the eyes that followed suit from the girl who was now slouching.

Tomochin leaned against the couch, whilst motioning for Yuko to sit across her as she spoke. “I’m going to ignore the sarcasm, and pretend that you just complimented me.”

Yuko merely laughed, before looking around her as she took a sit. The owner of the company was nowhere to be found, and the short girl couldn’t help but have her curiosity rise from the missing CEO. Turning to the girl who was now checking her nails, she asked.

“Where’s Kojima Haruna?”

Tomochin looked up from her nails, and shrugged in return as she replied. “She went out to send Mariko to her office across the street, and talk the troll’s Gachapin girlfriend.”

“Apparently, Troll and Gachapin are having a lover’s quarrel or something.”

“O-okay…” Yuko dropped a sweat as she watched Tomochin talk so casually, as if she wasn’t even worried or anything about her friends fighting.

“By the way,” Tomochin sat up, finished with checking up on her nails. “What are you doing here in Kojipa’s office?”

Yuko smiled at her, before showing her the file that she held in her hand. “I’m going to work here as the new Fashion Editor.”

“Really?” Tomochin asked her and got a nod in return from Yuko, causing her to beam widely before hugging her tightly. “That’s great!”

Yuko smiled back in return before hugging her back. The two of them have been close friends since high school, and even worked together during a fashion project in London.

Just then, the door opened and revealed the girl whom Yuko was searching for. She turned her head and stood up to greet girl she would soon be working for. When she lowered her head and uttered a greeting, she was given a look of surprise.

“Yuko?” Haruna blinked.

“What are you doing here?”

Yuko gave her the file she brought along with her, and smiled. “I’m the new Fashion Editor.”

“I hope you take care of me.” She bowed.

Haruna’s face lit up instantly, before she grabbed the shorter girl’s hand and shook it almost severely due to the happiness she was feeling. Yuko shook her hand back, whilst her left hand went to the back of her head as she felt a sting, probably from a mosquito.

But unbeknownst to her, it was caused by the slight tearing up of the scar she had received from the incident. The inside of the scar already opened up to the size of a needle’s hole, and a nerve had started to bleed. The blood slowly seeped through the small opening, and small specs started to flow down her neck.

To Be Continued…

A/N: So yeah…It ends like this. I’m sorry. I actually wanted to write some more, but this is taking more time than expected. And this chapter really isn’t that great. Anyway, there’s a huge reason why this chapter is like this. You can refer to Haruna’s flashback in Chapter Four, I think? The questions might be answered once I update a few more chapters? And there’s going to be an arrival of someone who plays an important(?) role in this. Who knows? It just might be Yuko’s prince or Miichan’s rival in love.

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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Will edit after i finished

Finished. LOL

at first...


I think i have read this before. LOL

so this one is Korisu's version? and before is NyanNyan's version? :3

and their memory is different?

who's the right one? LOL

it's NyanNyan for me, since Yuko had a brain damage that had a possibility to altered her memories.
and why this Saito guy called NyanNyan? LOL

a guy.. NyanNyan.. EWWW!
it felt so gay. LOL

and the end is nearing.. i think.. a new tragedy will be unfold.. LOL
so what will happened to Yuko? Will she die? :3

UPDATE! FAST! or i won't write any smutty YukiRena. LOL JK
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but that it real? 'cause the (Un)requited Love seemed different! :)

anyway, I really like it, please continue writing, 'right? :thumbsup :thumbsup
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So that was Yuko's thought about her past...meaning what she knew is that Saito is the one that she loves but the truth is it's Haruna whom she loves.... :? :?

But the question is....who did this to Yuko??! Sayaka?? but how?? after the incident ...Yuko got an amnesia and after that they manipulate her past??!  :mon duh:
WAHHH!! :mon whine: It's so confusing!! I NEED MORE CHAPTERS!!

Please update soon  :mon hanky:

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OMG!!  :shock:  So it's like Yuuchan had an accident and had an amnesia! AND THE SAD PART IS, SHE FORGOT WHAT HAD REAL HAPPENED BETWEEN HER AND KOJIHARU!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOO  :frustrated:
So her friends told her some different stories about her love life before, WHYYY!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT!?!? THEY'RE SO SELFISH!!!  :scolding:

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Yuuchan~~~~~~ (T~T)


Yuuchan is not going to die right?


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OMG!!  :shock:  So it's like Yuuchan had an accident and had an amnesia! AND THE SAD PART IS, SHE FORGOT WHAT HAD REAL HAPPENED BETWEEN HER AND KOJIHARU!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOO  :frustrated:
So her friends told her some different stories about her love life before, WHYYY!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT!?!? THEY'RE SO SELFISH!!!  :scolding:


Yeah i think that.. someone says Yuko a false story.. why? because that person want that yuko hates haruna...

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so,yuko had the wrong memory *i'm shock*

awww..yuko's prince was so sweet..i approved yuko and her boyfriend..

btw, i hope that you will write a churijurimayu fic ^_^

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omg im commenting all over the place D:
lolol everythings a jumble~ but omg this  :bleed eyes:
i have many things to say but at the same time i dont know how to voice it into you can guess with my expressions
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that pretty much sums it up  :thumbup
dont know whether i should thank you for this depressing update or not ....LOL JK thanks for the update :D looking forward to a happier chapter next *nudge nudge* haha

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Where are you???
Pls update this!!
This is killing me!i want more and now

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@Nab: Thank you for the comment, Nab-san. I'll try to do better in the upcoming chapters. :mon beam:

@bochang: Well, Haejin-oppa. You can't be sure just yet that the right one is actually Haruna's. I mean, there might be some twist? I dunno? :hiakhiakhiak:
But then, you might be right OR wrong. Though... :sweat: I think that you already know which was is true. Ahahahaha

@YuuMitsuaki: Well, Yuko may have suffered some brain damage? Perhaps that's the reason for the difference, and the misleading POV. hahaha
And I will! Thank you :hee:

@smarty0821: Aha! That will be revealed...pretty soon! :sneaky: You'll just have to wait and see, coz I'm planning to drop in some hints from time to time. :hiakhiakhiak: And I'll try to give them to you. I'm so sorry that I'm updating so slowly. I'll try to make it up to you...somehow?

@Haruhi16: Your guesses are pretty my right on. :on GJ: And that may sound selfish, but Haruna really deserved to be forgotten you know. =3=

@Ohayou Well... I'm contemplating about that.  :bigdeal:

@Haruko: :glasses: And that person is...?

@yukofan: A ChuriJuriMayu fic? Hmm... why not make it a love pentagon? :hiakhiakhiak:

@Pandah: Hahaha, that's alright Pan-chan. ^^ Thank you for commenting haha :hee:

@Chichay12: Oh my...  :err: I'm sorry for disappearing from this thread. How long has this chapter been posted? Two months? Three?
I apologize for that, Chichay-san. :kneelbow:

A/N: Wow.... This thread hasn't been updated for more than five weeks. :sweat: I must have partied too hard with lazyness. :hiakhiakhiak: Sorry about that
guys. But hey, at least I updated? Better late than never, right? Anyway~ Onto the next chapter! :on gay:

Chapter Eight

"Well, here's your office." The tall brunette said with a smile, placing both of her hands on her hips as she gave the room a good look.

The walls were in the color of light pink, with mixtures of different light colors that made everything seem so lively and fitting for a girl like Yuko. It was a good thing that she decided to use the colors she preferred on the room, instead of using dark colors like what Tomochin wanted.

"It's great." The other girl in the room said with a huge smile, taking in every simple detail her eyes could remember.

Though it had no fancy designs like what top fashion companies had, the simplicity of the environment brought a huge smile to the brown-haired girl. She always wanted a room designed simply, and yet comfortable to the eyes in a way that it shows how fashionable and creative the company she was working for.

Taking several steps from the middle of the room the table located by a huge windown, Yuko started running her fingers along the edges of the well-made stationary with her eyes closed, enjoying the smooth surface her hands were feeling.

All of a sudden, her actions were stopped with a halt the moment her hands caused something made out of glass to fall onto the carpeted floor with a thud. Opening her eyes, she saw an empty picture frame lying by her feet.

Bending down, she took it in her hands and stared at it for some time. The tall brunette merely watched her from across the room, wondering the sudden halt in the girl's excited actions. Her eyes found themselves staring at the picture frame, making a brow rise up from her smooth face.

"Haruna," Yuko suddenly spoke, looking at the said brunette without an emotionless expression on her face.

When the said girl looked straight at her in the eyes, she tilted her head to the side and gave a small smile as she asked, "Did you know that putting a picture frame of your loved one on top of your desk will bring bad luck?"

The short girl's question out of the blue caused Haruna to furrow her eyebrows together, as well as tilt her head to the side like what Yuko had done not so long ago. She started searching through her mind for any smart answer to give to the girl, only to find herself frowinng in discontent when nothing came to mind.

Pouting, Haruna then shook her head in manner that would have normally made the past Yuko squeal about how cute she looked like, if it wasn't for the fact that she had no memories of the past between the two of them.

The one who asked the question let out a small laugh, before tracing the designs on the frame with her index finger.

"Why do you say so?" Haruna asked the girl with a curious glance, tilting her head to the left side this time.

Yuko looked up and tapped her chin, letting out a small hum before replying. "They said that the relationship won't go well."

"I don't get it."

Haruna gave her a pout while at the same time, having a confused expression written all over her face, making the short girl smile gently at her before starting the explanation for the question she knew the answer to.

"Hmm..." she started, tapping her chin as she continued on. "They said that seeing the person you loved all the time at work would just bring pain."

"A-ah...I-is that so?" Haruna asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the bringing up of the word 'pain' in their conversation.

It was because the moment the word pain entered her cat-like ears, memories of the past that she has yet to forget started flashing right before her eyes like a film set on replay. It caused her eyes to widen as the guilt that she has been unable to remove from her chest, to come back in haunting her with an even more painful throb.

Staring straight into the girl's eyes was not helping as well, since the look Yuko had at the moment was suddenly mixed with the different expressions that haunted Haruna's dreams every night. It was not a pleasant sight to see, though it was caused by nothing but the tall brunette's own imagination.

Feeling the pain and guilt ten times more painful, she tore her eyes away from the girl and focused her sight on something else that might help in numbing the throbbing pain deep inside of her. Unfortunately for her, her eyes decided to troll her by making her find herself staring once more at the girl.

With a pained expression written all over her face, the brunette watched Yuko place the frame back onto the surface of the table gently before sitting down on the office chair, and turning herself around like a child who has found a new toy to play with.

The sight of Yuko being childish in front of her, reminded Haruna once more of the past when the shorter girl used to act that way most of the time. It reminded her of those times that came before she shattered Yuko's heart into millions of pieces, bringing a smile to form on her lips.

"Wow." Yuko suddenly stopped the turning of the chair and stared at the transparent window, enjoying the view that she was able to take in with her eyes.

The sky was slowly starting to turn dim. The clouds that were in colors of grey and black hinted the coming of a heavy downpour, bringing the thought of getting cramps in the middle of the night to Yuko's head.

The thought of waking up with a painful cramp caused the brown-haired to wince, and that wasn't left unnoticed by Haruna, who was staring at her intently without intention. Somehow misunderstanding the wincing made by Yuko by thinking that it had something to do with her, she then focused her eyes on the picture frame before taking a few steps to her it into her own pair of hands.

"Is that the reason why our relationship ended horribly?" Haruna unconsciously mumbled, the moment she held it in her hands.

Yuko hummed in question, yet never turning the chair around to face the taller girl. "Hmm?"

Though her mumbling was soft, it managed to catch the attention of the shorter girl, who then decided to stop staring at the window and turned to face her. Just then, seeing the taller girl in front of her brought the reminder of how Haruna was her boss.

Feeling slightly guilty for not giving the respect Haruna should have received from her, Yuko immediately sat up and motioned at the couch for the girl to sit on. The brunette, however, remained her focus on the frame.

Yuko tilted her head to the side, tucking a strand of hair as well whilst she watch the taller girl with a curious look on her face. "Is she thinking about something?"

Her boss seemed to be so engrossed in staring at the frame, making Yuko feel like the girl's eyes would somehow manage to bore a hole right through it. Without a word, she stood up and went to Haruna's side.

"Haruna-san?" Yuko lifted her arm to tap the girl gently on the shoulder, only to end up stopping when she felt something jelly-like fall from her neck and onto her upper back.

Looking up, she tried to search for any hole that might have had some sort of jelly substance dropping from it, only to find a well-made ceiling. She shrugged and then concluded that it must have been her imagination, before lifting her hand to the back of her neck to give it a little scratch as it suddenly felt itchy.


A squishy sensation was felt by the short girl, making her furrow her eyebrows together as she started pressing and squeezing the slimy thing at the back of her neck. It was sticking to the fingers she was using, making her give it a slight pull as the curiousity of finding out what it was, came over her.

"What in the world..."

Her eyes widened in shock and horror, the moment she pulled the slimy thing from the back of her neck and raised it in her line of sight. A squishy line of redish substance was stuck to her thumb and index finger, making Yuko wonder why something like that was sticking at the back of her neck.

"Don't tell me..." she muttered, before letting her left hand find the spot where the redish substance was found.

Feeling through the small hair from the back of her head, she started panicking. This has never happened to her before, but seeing it from several TV series and medical shows made her wonder if it was actually occuring.


She gulped, stopping the search the moment her fingers found themselves on the same spot where the scar could be found. Biting her lower lip, she ignored the slight stinging sensation that she was feeling from the touch and immediately placed both of her arms down before turning her look on the tall brunette, who was still pretty much engrossed in staring at the frame.

She needs to go to the bathroom and check whether what she suspected was true; if the scar has opened up. Quickly tapping the taller girl on the shoulder, she cleared her throat and formed a smile.

"Haruna-san?" she asked, making the said girl look up from the frame and turn her gaze to her.


"Thank you for showing me the way to my office." she said with a smile, trying hard to mask the anxiety she has at the moment.

Adding up, she said. "Haruna-san is the CEO of this company, so she probably has lots of works to do."

"That's why I think that Haruna-san should go back to her office and let me do everything on my own."

The brunette looked at her with a blank expression, debating with herself internally on whether she should stay for a little while longer to make sure that Yuko would be able to adjust herself in the new surroundings, or leave as what the girl had requested of her to do.

Sensing that the girl was having a hard time in choosing, Yuko took the initiative and started to push Haruna towards the door gently. "You probably have to do lots of paperwork, Haruna-san."

"B-but..." the taller girl pushed her hands against the edges of the now-opened door, looking at Yuko with concern. "I can do that later-"

"I insist, Haruna-san!" the shorter girl shouted, forcing herself to continue on wearing the smile until she had managed to get rid of her boss.

The taller girl just looked at her in surprise, blinking her eyes several times as the voice that Yuko used on her remained ringing in her ears. Seeing how the shorter girl's smile seems to be faltering, Haruna heaved a sigh and allowed herself to be pushed out of the room.

She then turned to Yuko and held a hand against the door to prevent it from closing, and spoke. "Just press the button on the phone if you need any assitance from me."

"I'll promise you that you won't hear any call from me, Haruna-san." Yuko said to her, gritting her teeth as her head started to feel like something was hammering on it.

She was about to close the door on Haruna, but the taller girl stopped it again and gave her a smile. "It's fine to bother me from time to time, Yuko."

"Really, Haruna-san." the shorter girl said through clenched teeth, still trying hard to keep her smile. "You need to go and start on your papers."


"Oops," Yuko said, pointing at her watch. "Looks like break has ended!"

And with that, she slammed the door shut, leaving Haruna staring at it with a sad expression on her face. With a heavy sigh, she walked away and went to her own office, which was located on the far end of the hallway.

Unbeknowst to her, Yuko was leaning against the door with ragged breaths. She winced in as she tried to lift her head, feeling the painful sting. She started taking quick, shallow breaths to maintain her breath intake, making her way as slow as possible to her table.

Once she was sitting down on the chair, she took out a bottle of pills prescribed for her to drink by Mayuyu. Gulping it down along with some water, she then laid her head on top of the cold surface of the table, closing her eyes for a while, hoping that by the time she opened them once more, the pain has resided.

The short girl stayed in that position for quite some time, until the stinging ache that has spreaded a while ago, has finally ceased to exist. Feeling better and refreshed, she stood up and stretched herself, remembering the advice given to her by her American doctor.

Once she had finished doing so, she went back to her chair and started on the work given to her. She began to read slowly and thoroughly along the files that was stacked on her table, allowing her brain to remember every single detail needed for her to make an editorial report and such.


"Ahhh..." she stretched her entire body, spreading her entire body on the surface of her table.

Several hours had passed since she first started working at Haruna's company, and let's just say that it was a bit easier than her previous job at New York. The only thing that made it hard and difficult was the details and information, along with the different articles that she has to cover.

Leaning back against her chair, she started to massage her temples. She had turned her chair to face the scenery outside her windows, allowing the beaiutiful lights of Tokyo to captivate and mesmerize her.

"Yuuchan?" a knock came on the door, followed by the sighting of Oshima Yuko's previous model, Kasai Tomomi.

Turning her chair, Yuko smiled. "What's up, Chiyuu?"

"It's time to go home." the long brunette said with a smile in return, pointing at the watch on her wrist. "Wanna grab some dinner?"

"Dinner sounds great." Yuko told her, standing up as she began to clear up her messy desk. "Just let me fix this."

Quickly classifying the files from her notes and edited reports, she placed them neatly inside the drawers of her table. She took her coat from the coat hanger and slung her designer's bag on her shoulder, before following her good friend to the hallways.

"So, how was your first day of work?" Tomo~mi asked, taking glances at Yuko every now and then as they made their way to the elavator.

Entering the the said elavator, Yuko sighed wearily. "Quite tiring."

"Well, make sure not to stress yourself out." Tomo~mi laughed.

Yuko let out a chuckle and crossed her arms. "What about you?"

"Oh, just did some modelling thing." Tomo~mi told her, giving a dismissive wave of the hand as she exited out of the elavator the moment it had reached their desired floor. "The usual."

"That sounds...equally tiring." Yuko laughed,

"By the way, Chiyuu." Yuko said, catching the said girl's attention as they both entered the car.


"Do you still have that specialist's number?" Yuko asked as she started the engine of her car.

"I still do." Tomo~mi replied, before tilting her head to the side as she looked at Yuko with a curious expression on her face. "Why?"

"Can you give it to me?" the short girl asked as she made a turn with the wheel to drive them out of the building. "I have a friend asking for some help."

"She has this condition wherein she would have memories of the past appearing in her dreams; memories that she has no recollection of." Yuko said with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders, not wanting to let the younger girl get a whiff that it was herself she was actually referring to.

"She told me that she would also have blood trickling down from the scar every now and then." Yuko added, trying to maintain her composure as the guilt in lying grew. "And it's really worrying her."

"And I presume that you suggested your doctor?" Tomo~mi asked.

Yuko only nodded, glad and relieved that the younger girl had no knowledge over the fact that she wasn't informed that she has ever gone to a specialist like that. The doctor that the two of them were referring to was a person who specializes in medicine and anything that was connected to the brain.

Since Sayaka told her that she was well enough to stop seeing the specialist that Yuko has no memory of, the short girl decided that the best way to get herself checked-up and possibly treated, was to find the person who saved her from near-death.

"Yeah, I did." she nodded.

Tomo~mi gave a curt nod and took out her phone, making Yuko smile to herself as she tried to calm her fast-beating heart from giving her a possibility of a heart attack with the way it was pumping so quickly.

"Here." Tomo~mi sent a message containing all of the doctor's information, including the address of the building.

Yuko gave a word of thanks as she felt her phone vibrate almost instantly. The younger girl beside her only smiled, and the two started another coversation that did not contain anything related to the possibility of someone dying, lightening up the atmosphere inside the car as they drove to their favourite restaurant.


"So, have you heard that Miichan and Shinoda-san fought?" Tomo~mi asked as she ate a spoonful of Okonomiyaki.

Raising a brow as she ate one, she shook her head. "No."

"Well, it seems that Mariko has this new editor." Tomo~mi said as she chewed her food. "And you know just how Michan easily gets jealous right?"

"Uh huh, go on."

"It seems that Miichan apparently tried to humiliate the new guy by making him turn out as a pervert in front of everyone." Tomo~mi let out a chuckle. "She even tried to make him quit the company by pretending to be the CEO."

"Miichan needs to seriously stop getting so jealous over Mariko's co-workers." Yuko sighed, shaking her head as she wiped away the oil from her lips.

Tomo~mi nodded in agreement. "Yeah, and I heard that the guy she tried to humiliate was a big-shot from the US."

"I also heard that Shinoda-san actually had to sacrifice several projects just to get him for the company."

"So, what happened?" Yuko asked as the two of them handed the bill over to the waiter. "I bet that Mariko's fuming mad."

"Oh, she's wasn't just mad." Tomo~mi said to her. "She broke up with Miichan."

"No way."

"She did!" Tomo~mi cried. "Shinoda-san even slapped her after finding out that Miichan tried to punch the poor guy!"

"Maybe the new guy was hitting on Mariko? She could have just done that because he was being rude you know." Yuko defended, not wanting to allow her friend be labelled as a jealous girlfriend so easily. "Miichan must surely have felt that he was trying to hit on Mariko."

"She would never punch a guy just like that." Yuko added.

Tomo~mi raised a brow at the confident statement given to her by the older girl. "Have you actually heard what happened the last time a male editor came to work for Shinoda-san?"

Yuko shook her head. "No."

"Miichan reported him to the police, saying that he was rapist." the bruneete informed, taking a sip from her iced tea before carrying on. "She even had his house set on fire."

"Those are probably rumors." Yuko said with a dismissive wave, unable to believe that such a lovable girl such as Miichan could do such a thing. "She wouldn't have gone off that far."

Tomo~mi shook her head and sighed. "That's just the thing, Yuuchan."

"She actually set his whole apartment on fire."

Yuko frowned at her. "Where did you hear all of these nonsense?"

"From Tomochin."

"As in Itano Tomomi, the Fashion Designer?" Yuko asked.

The younger girl nodded her head, standing up along with Yuko after receiving the receipt from the waiter. The two girls started heading towards Yuko's car, which was fortunately parked right on front of the carpark, continuing on with their conversation.

♥ Suika BABY ~  ♥
 ♥ Sekai de ichiban suki da yo ~  ♥
 ♥ Mizumizushii sono egao ga suki da ~  ♥
 ♥ Suika BABY ~  ♥
 ♥ Mabushii taiyou no shita de ~  ♥
 ♥ Kagayaita kimi wa manatsu no MADONNA ~  ♥

Yuko's phone suddenly rang, making the two stop talking as the short girl tried to take the call that interrupted them. Flipping her phone open, Yuko unlocked the doors of her car, allowing her and Tomo~mi to enter it.

However, she was momentarily stopped the moment the person's words from the other end of the line, processed inside of her mind. "What?"

"What do you mean?!" Yuko suddenly cried, making Tomo~mi turn and look at her curiously as the panic on the older girl's tone was not left unnoticed. "Where did she go?!"

Tomo~mi could only stare at the older girl as she muttered a curse under her breath, looking stressed and frantic as the seconds passed whilst she speak with whoever it was on the other end of the line. A few seconds later, the short girl flipped her phone close and entered the car quickly.

"What happened?" Tomo~mi asked as she closed the passenger's door.

Yuko ignited the engine, answering her once she started to drive out of the place quickly. "Miichan's missing."

"And Sayaka says that she just might do something really stupid."

To Be Continued...

A/N: Well, it seems that I might start the other SoUL series, since I've already done this part and I'm starting to lose some inspiration due to enormous amount of school work.
Besides that, I would like to apologize to the Anon who requested for the RenAirin OS. That one might take a few more days (maybe weeks) since my entire year is going to do this stage play. I'll try to update that part as soon as possible, so please look forward to it though.
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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Love's A Mission
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SoUL (Series)

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (09/16)
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At last you've updated this fic  :w00t: i'm freaking tired of waiting for this fic to update but i'm glad you update  :twothumbs:  so for the story, Miichan is missing?!?! Hope she won't do anything stupid....  :cry: please update

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (09/16)
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omg what happen with miichan.. and yuuchan.. what happen to you im really worried about this

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (09/16)
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OMG! You updated!  :nya: I was waiting for this!  :farofflook:

I completely understand you, karo~chan! I'm also a student and my school is killing me as well  :mon uggh: BUT of course! You still need to continue and finish this story! I'll always be waiting for your update  :mon cute:

Onto the new chapter...

OMG! I'm really worried about Yuuchan  :cry: , too worried that i almost cried reading the rest of the story.  :cry: Yuuchan will be fine, right? Nothing bad is gonna happen to her , right? RIGHT?!?!?! ANSWER ME, karo~chan!  :pleeease:

I am happy that Haruna is really eager to get Yuuchan back to her life, i hope she'll win her heart again this time and do the right thing and never break the smaller girl's heart again ..... BUT I KNOW IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN- FOR NOW 'CAUSE KARO~CHAN IS A SADIST SO SHE WILL STILL BE ENJOYING BREAKING OUR HEARTS FOR THE NEXT FEW CHAPTERS. SIGH*  :mon exhaust:

And for the MariMii couple....WHAT THE HELL MIICHAN?!  :shock: I just couldn't imagine Miichan doing something really terrible to that guy, it's kind of shameful for Mariko's side for what she had caused so i totally understand Mariko for breaking up with her...... but still  :smhid

Well, i was thinking maybe that guy threatened Miichan and told her that he's going to steal Mariko away from her....?  :dunno:  Well.....  :bigdeal:

NOW YUUCHAN NEEDS A DOCTOR!! SHE'LL BE FINE! Everything will be fine!  :on drink:

Thanks for this update, karo~chan! IT'S A GREAT CHAPTER! (AS ALWAYS)
UPDATE SOON!  :kneelbow:

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love{Sequel to (Un)Requited} (09/16)
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No Kojiyuu in the end? I'm going to cry T_T
OMG!!! Miichan is scary!!!

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[AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Forgiving Love (09/23)
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@smarty0821: I'm so sorry for taking such a long time.  :fainted: That's why I really want to thank you for waiting ad commenting, despite the long waiting time I've given to you. :kneelbow:

@Haruko: :sweat: Y-yeah... Well, as for Yuuchan, she's currently in a neutral state? As for Miichan....She's depressed?

@haruhi16:  Of course! I'll definitely try to finish this story, since I can't wait to *bleep**bleep*  :mon lol: And well, Yuuchan's going to her doctor, right? So, she'll definitely be fine! That is...  :mon geek: IF she goes. :sweat:
And maybe Miichan will be next to suffer? I dunno~ :bigdeal: hahaha
Thank you so much, Haru-chan! And thank you for the update on VIP as well! :mon beam:

@kahem: There'll be KojiYuu, Kahem-san. I can assure you that. :hee: And thank you so much for commenting on my fics. I really want to thank you. :kneelbow: I just don't know how to show you my gratitude.

A/N: I really want to thank you guys!  :mon angel: Despite having to wait for such a long time for an update, you still commented! Thank you silent readers. Thank you button pressers. Thank you commenters!  :mon waterworks: Thank you! Thank you!  :mon inluv:  :mon XD: It's because of you guys that I became inspired to write a prologue, and start writing on the next update for T.A.F!
Since my school break is nearing, I plan on doing some massive updating, so please look forward to it? Ah! I might end up blabbering here, so onto the new prologue! Oh...and don't worry. I'll be updating this and (Un)Selfish love at the same time, along with the others. Just a warning though. :glasses: They'll be quick updates, which would sometimes mean that they'll be short. And for real, let's go onto the story!

Couple: SaeYaka
Song: My Immortal by Evanescence

I'm so tired of being here ~

What's the use anyway? I don't have any good reason to go on. No one to be with me. No one to take care of me.

No one me

Suppressed by all my childish fears ~

Everywhere I look, I see nothing but her.

Every shadow reminds me of her.

Every sound reminds me of her.

Every scent reminds me of her.

I can't stop thinking of her.

I can't stop loving her.

And I couldn't stop being scared that I'll die if she doesn't come back.

And if you have to leave ~

But that's what you wanted...

To leave me.

Is it because you couldn't stand being with me anymore?

I wish that you would just leave ~

I can't stop myself from feeling this pain...

...So please just leave me

'Cause your presence still lingers here ~

Because all I think of is you.

My dreams, along with the pain...

...Consists of you

And it won't leave me alone ~

Why won't it?

Why do I have to suffer this badly?

All I did was love you.

You, and only you.

These wounds won't seem to heal ~

After all these time...

All those moment we had together...

Do they mean nothing to you at all?

This pain is just too real ~

It's hurting me...

Killing me deep inside...

It still hurts so much even though it's been so long.

There's just too much that time cannot erase ~

All those times I have spent with you...

So many memories I made with you...

Do they mean little to you?

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears ~

I was there for you to confide in...

To comfort you...

To love you when no one did...

When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears ~

When you had no one else, I was there.

Did you forget what I did then?

Did you forget how I bravely tried to protect you...

Even when I was completely outnumbered?

And I held your hand through all of these years ~

So, why did you leave?

Why did you have to hurt me?

Why did you toy with my feelings?

How could you use me and toss me aside like how they did to you?

But you still have ~

But despite all of the things you did...

All of those years you made me ache...

All of those years you made me suffer and miserable...

You still have...

All of me

You used to captivate me ~

Why do I still care?

Is it because with your smile, all of my anxiety disappears?

By your resonating light ~

Because of your energetic smile and beautiful face?

Now I'm bound by the life you left behind ~

They are completely intact in my mind.

And everything I say...


Think of...

Reminds me of you.

Your face it haunts, my once pleasant dreams ~

Do you know how many sleepless nights I've had?

How many times I woke up crying...

Begging for you to come back...

Just to love me again?
Your voice it chased away, all the sanity in me ~

Just to hear your voice would be probably be enough.

Probably enough... to bring back the sanity I've lost.

The same sanity that you yourself drove away.

But then...

These wounds won't seem to heal ~

And having you back would just mean opening them up...

This pain is just too real ~

 ...making me feel the same pain that I've grown accustomed to.

There's just too much that time cannot erase ~

So much pain and suffering for me to deal with again...

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone ~

And it took me such a long time to get over you...

But though you're still with me ~

Memories of you failed to leave.

The happy and merry times remained.

Along with the pain and suffering you caused me...

I've been alone all along ~

Thanks to you...

I'm now like this.

Thanks to you...

I don't trust anyone to give my heart to.

Because I'm afraid.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears ~

I won't forget those times...

When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears ~

I'll make sure to remember each and every one...

And I held your hand through all of these years ~

To remind me of the reason why I came to hate you...

...because after all these time

You still have all of me

To Be Continued...

A/N: And that has been the first prologue for another Series of (Un) Love fic. I'm currently trying to finish the next chapter of T.A.F, but that may take long. I'll try to update fast though, after all, I managed to get this done. Sorry about that guys.
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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[AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (12/22)
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Chapter Nine

“Where are you?” she anxiously muttered to herself as she scanned the bustling streets of Tokyo.

Her fingers kept tapping at the wheel, showing just how worried she was at the very moment. Her eyes would dart from left to right, scanning each scene carefully to make sure that she does not miss the figure of her good friend.

“Miichan…” she muttered to herself, biting her lower lip as she let out the nth sigh that hinted of her anxiety.

Talking to no one in particular, she spoke. “Where are you?”

Earlier on the phone


“Yuko…” Sayaka spoke in a grave voice, causing the younger girl to instantly zip her mouth as she wait for the black-haired to continue on speaking.

“…Miichan’s missing.”

Yuko froze to her spot as she remembered the latest news about the break-up between Mariko and Miichan. Her breathing suddenly became as heavy as the atmosphere between her and the older girl, who only continued to speak.

“What?” she muttered in shock.

The words that left the older girl’s mouth did not manage to enter through the brown-haired’s ear as fear managed to creep up to Yuko and cause her to block out anything else. She started to feel a dreadful feeling coming, and the passing seconds did not help to ease it at all. Neither did the following words that her brain was able to process despite the shock and trance that she was in at the moment.

“-she left a note in her house that says nothing but goodbye in it.”

That caused her to snap out of her trance, and soon she was wide-eyed. Her brain has processed the words and the meaning even further, which resulted in Yuko clenching the poor device tightly as she cried at the older girl on the other end of the line.

“What do you mean?!”

Not even giving a second for the older girl to give her reply, Yuko demanded. “Where did she go?!”

“I don’t know, that’s why I called you.” Sayaka replied as she gave an exasperated sigh, obviously upset with the current events occurring. “Just help me find her, and give me a call if you manage to.”

Without another word, the black-haired dropped the call and left Yuko to stare at the beeping device in her hand. The brown-haired muttered a curse under her breath and entered the car through the driver’s side, slamming the door and instantly inserting the car key to start the engine.


Yuko leaned her elbow against the cool window, breathing in the cold air that was caused by the low temperature made by the air-conditioner in her car. The car that she was driving has yet to move an inch, which might have something to do with the practically opaque curtain of rain that has been enveloping the whole city ever since she dropped Tomo~mi off at a street filled with bars.

The younger girl was convinced that their good friend, Miichan, might pay a visit to one of the bars, considering that it was how people like them would normally do whenever something unpleasant happened to them for the day.

Remembering what the said girl told her when they went out for a friendly drink before, Yuko muttered to herself. “Knowing Miichan, she’d prefer to be at a quiet place.”

“But where in Japan can that girl be?!” she cried to herself, hitting her fist against the window.

Hissing in pain, she started to regret about her action as well as not giving a call to the younger girl when she arrived at her office. It was a wishful thinking, but if she had called then, she might be able to find out where Miichan was located before she went missing.

“Miichan…”she called out to no one in particular.

She was hoping that somehow, whatever it was Miichan had in mind would be held back until Yuko was able to find her. With what Sayaka had told her about the younger girl writing a note with nothing but the word ‘goodbye’ written in it, bad thoughts couldn’t be helped but enter through her mind.

“Yuko, you better find her before she does something stupid.”

The words that Sayaka told her after calling once more to check if the missing girl was finally found, kept on ringing through the brown-haired’s ears. This caused Yuko to tighten the grip that she has on the wheel, and pressed down hard on the horn several times to alert the cars in front of her before closing her eyes and leaning her forehead against her hands.

"If I were Miichan, where exactly would I go?"

She kept that thought encircling around inside her head, letting out a few sighs every now and then. Whenever she thinks of a place, the brown-haired would then shake her head as realization about the girl going to that place would be at a minimum level.

"Miichan..." she sighed, probably for the nth time that night.

Just then, her eyes snapped open. She instantly lifted her head up high and started tapping her fingers, as well as her feet. She was anxious to press her foot down onto the accelerator and drive to the location that she thinks Miichan might be at the very moment.

“But at this rate, I might not be able to reach her soon.” She muttered to herself, mentally cursing the traffic enforcer that has accidentally caused an accident to happen after having the traffic lights to go off.

Letting her eyes trail down to the compartment, she thought. “I need to find her, but I can’t do that if I’m stuck in this stupid traffic.”

Closing her eyes, she looked away and opened the compartment to take out a familiar siren that her good friend Sashihara Rino of the Detective Department has accidentally left in the car after getting herself sent home due to a drinking party held in her office.

“Forgive me, Sasshi.” She mumbled, lowering the glass of her window and placing the siren right on top of the car’s roof. “But this is an emergency.”

Looking behind her, she quickly pulled her arm back in after pressing the switch on the siren, causing a loud sound to suddenly come out from it, startling the girl herself, as well as alerting the rest of the drivers.

As she had hoped and expected, the traffic enforcer noticed the loud siren and made a path just for her to pass. Taking the chance, she pressed hard on the accelerator and left the other honking cars to find an opportunity to get out of the heavy traffic.


The rain eventually fell even harder, making things even more difficult for the brown-haired, considering how her sight seemed to have lessened its clarity. Fortunately for her, when the drops of rain came down even harder, she has already arrived.

Getting out of the car, she jumped out into the rain and tried to open the umbrella that refused to open. It took her a few seconds to realize that it wouldn’t even matter if she did open it because the rain was being moved by the strong wind from almost every direction.

Tossing the broken umbrella to the side, she rummaged the inside of the passenger seat for an extra jacket. Once she has managed to get her hands on it, she started running off to the beach, battling against the strong force of the wind as the thought of losing her best friend kept encircling inside her mind.


She looked around. “Miichan!”

“It’s me, Yuko!” she cried.

When she heard nothing, except for the raging wind, she inhaled a large amount of air and screamed out loud. “MIICHAN!”

“WHERE ARE YOU?!” she shouted, ignoring the prickling sensation the rain was having on her skin.

She continued to walk by the beach, letting herself be soaked by the harsh and cold rain without any second thought of going back to the car and waiting for the weather to get better. The waves roared loud and terrifyingly, startling the brown-haired as well when the waves managed to reach her feet despite being several meters away.

She cried, her throat feeling the scratchy sensation after a few minutes has passed her by. However, the wind only silenced her shout, and deafened her with its tremendous loud roar. Not a single word could be made out due to it.

“Miichan!” she cried, her eyes widening in horror and fear when she saw a glimpse of a familiar scarf floating on the water near her.

Running towards it, she picked it up and instantly started shouting the girl’s name even louder, to the point that her mouth would seem like it would be ripped off as it made contact with the harsh rain. She threw the scarf to the side and started scanning the water, covering the front of her face from the rain to help her in seeing better.

“Miichan?” she muttered, slightly closing her eyes to a slit the moment they managed to catch sight of something floating on the water.

Eyes widening, she instantly rushed towards it and started swimming against the strong current. The salty water would smash against her face, making her cough out the water that her nose and mouth would accidentally take in.

But despite all that, she continued to swim and was finally rewarded for her efforts. Grabbing the heavy body, she lifted the girl’s head up and started slapping it slightly, hoping that it would wake her up.

When Miichan didn’t, Yuko decided not to wait for her to do so and began to swim back to the shore, dragging the heavy body behind her. It took almost all of her energy to get the two of them to a spot where the water wouldn’t reach them.

“Miichan.” She said as she laid the girl down on the wet sand, slapping the said girl’s face a little bit harder this time. “Oi!”

“Wake up!”


The beeping of the machine filled the air, breaking the silence and tranquility that has enveloped the girl inside the room. She had her head buried in her hands, lifting it up every now and then to take a peek at the sleeping girl that lay on the hospital bed in front of her.


The door suddenly bursts open, startling the said girl and causing her to take her eyes off the girl on the bed. Standing up, she muttered a greeting to the new arrival and walked to her side, right by the bed.

“How is she?” the black-haired asked, not averting her eyes from the sleeping figure in front of her.

Rubbing the side of her head, she replied with a sigh. “She’s fine.”

“She just needs some rest, that’s all.”

Sayaka sighed in relief and touched the sleeping girl’s arms seeming afraid that if she didn’t, all her worries would refuse to cease. The moment her fingers made contact with Miichan’s pale and slightly cold skin, the black-haired closed her eyes and gripped the younger girl’s hand.

“I thought that we’d be too late.” Sayaka muttered, her voice shaking.

Yuko placed a hand on the older girl’s back and patted it soothingly, letting a relieved sigh to come out from her mouth at the same time. Her heart clenched at the sight of Miichan’s slightly bruised face and pale features.

“It’s a good thing that you made it in time, Yuko.” Sayaka told her, turning to the said girl with a warm smile on her face.

Giving a nod, the brown-haired returned with a small smile. “Yeah.”

“By the way,” Sayaka slightly frowned as she placed a hand on Yuko’s shoulder, taking notice of the wet fabric that she had her hand on. “You should go and get changed.”

“You can’t get sick.”

“I’m fine, Sayaka.” She sighed, taking the girl’s hand off from her shoulder as she stared back at the girl in front of them. “And it’s Miichan who we should be worried about.”

“You’re right.” The black-haired sighed in agreement, taking a sit down by the bed after tucking the younger girl to make sure that she wouldn’t feel cold.

Knock. Knock. Knock.


A familiar voice caused the two girls to turn her heads to check out whether their guesses were right, and sure enough, it was. A smile appeared on each of the girls’ faces as Mayuyu came walking into the room in her doctor attire.

“How is she doing?” the young doctor asked, taking the stethoscope from her neck to start her hourly check-up on their friend.

Yuko sighed. “She still hasn’t woken up.”

“Well, she seems okay.” Mayuyu said, taking out a small flashlight from her pocket. “So, there’s no need to worry.”

“When do you think she’ll wake up?” Sayaka inquired.

Biting the inner wall of her cheek, Mayuyu calculated. “Hmm… I’d say tonight or tomorrow.”

“That’s good.” The two older girls sighed in relief, earning a smile and a pat to each of their shoulders from the young doctor.

“Yuuchan, you should go have a warm shower and change.” She said, staring straight into the girl’s eyes with a message hinting that she should do as what has been recommended.

Getting the message, the brown-haired gave a sigh and nodded her head in compliance. She turned to Sayaka and reminded her to give her a call if Miichan were to ever wake up whilst she was gone.

“Well then, I’m off.” She said, turning her back at the two girls and getting out of the room.


A few days have passed since the drowning that Miichan had attempted to do at the beach during a huge storm, and it was very fortunate that she has finally woken up after lying on the bed unconsciously.

Right at the moment, Yuko opened the door to her room and found Sayaka with her arms crossed over the other. As the brown-haired walked closer to the two, she started to notice that the eldest of the three, apparently had a huge frown on her face.

“Hey,” Yuko spoke, hoping that by doing so, she would somehow help in easing the atmosphere between the two girls. “I’m glad that you’re awake, Miichan.”

The moment her voice was heard by the two girls, the heavy atmosphere that seemed to have enveloped the two girls was finally lifted off, replacing it with another that was better and easier to breathe in.

“Hey, Yuuchan.” Miichan greeted as she smiled weakly.

Placing the purse she held on the table, Yuko took her by the hand and asked. “How are you feeling?”

“Feels like my bones have been broken, but other than that, I’m doing well.” She replied, earning a frown and a sigh from the eldest.

“She has been insisting on getting off the bed.” Sayaka said wearily, rubbing the temple of her forehead as she did. “She wanted to talk to you.”

Yuko raised a brow. “Talk to me?”

“I wanted to thank you.”

Miichan nodded at her and gave a warm smile. “You saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Now I realize…” she stopped for a while, blinking several times to prevent her tears from flowing down her slightly pale face. “…that I shouldn’t have been so blind to ignore the signs that she has been cheating on me.”

The bedridden girl looked at them with tears ready to overflow her eyes, forcing herself to give them a smile. Seeing that Miichan was trying her best to make it look like she was fine, Yuko mentally sighed and smiled back in return.

Placing a hand on the younger girl’s head, she started patting it. “It’s alright now, Miichan.”

“We’ll never leave you.” She added with a smile, earning a sniffle from Miichan.

This time letting out an audible sigh, she enveloped the younger girl into a tight embrace, wanting to show her that she was not going to go anywhere. That made the girl that she held in her arms to finally let down the barrier that she had been trying so hard to keep up,  causing the tears to flow down her face.


“She’s finally asleep, huh?” Sayaka asked, giving a small smile as she watched the brown-haired tucking a thick strand of hair behind the shell of Miichan’s ear.

Returning with a smile, she nodded and sat down. “Yeah.”

The two girls let out a sigh in unison and stared at the sleeping figure in between the two of them. Seeing the girl’s calm and sleeping face brought some warmth to their souls, relieving them that she was alive and no longer in distress.

“She looks so peaceful and innocent.” Yuko said, smiling to herself as she began to caress the girl’s hair. “I want to protect her.”

“You’re not the only one, Yuko.” Sayaka told her, crossing her arms across her chest as she stood up.

Standing by the windows, she stared out into the open and kept her back facing the brown-haired. Yuko noticed this and looked at her, waiting for the older girl to start speaking about whatever it was that she had in mind.

“Yuko…” Sayaka started, still keeping her eyes focused on the scenery outside the window. “I don’t want you to ever mention that girl’s name.”

Yuko raised a brow. “Mariko?”

“I said not to mention her name.” Sayaka sharply spoke, snapping her head to face the startled brown-haired. “Don’t even let me find you or Miichan with her.”

Walking towards her, the black-haired clenched her hands into balls tightly. “Miichan should not be reminded of the events that took place, understand?”

“Yeah, I do.” Yuko nodded at her. “But don’t you think that it’s a bit too much?”

“I mean, she’s our friend-“

Sayaka interrupted her with a growl. “That girl’s not our friend!”

“I don’t have friends who hurt and break hearts of those who love them!”

Yuko stared at the black-haired in shock for the first few seconds, before clearing her throat inaudibly. The older girl does have a point in not wanting to let Miichan remember the events or spending time with the Mariko, who caused the younger girl’s desire to take her own life.

But to say that she’s not their friend any longer?

“I understand where you’re coming from, Sayaka.” Yuko told her, standing up and walking to the said girl in hope of minimizing the noise level of their voices in the room.

Letting out a sigh, she accidentally blurted out. “But Mariko’s not like Sae—“

“—Don’t you dare mention that name to me!” The black-haired interrupted with a growl, her eyes sharp and dangerous as a newly-sharpened dagger, startling the younger girl and making her back away slightly in fear.

Pointing a finger at the brown-haired, she took in a quick and huge breath to calm herself down before speaking. “Make sure to keep that vile girl away from Miichan, because if I see one teardrop on our friend’s face…”

“…Hell’s going to break loose.”

With that, she dropped her arm down to her side and walked out of the room, leaving the brown-haired alone with the sounds of her heels clicking on the floor echoing inside her head. Rubbing her closed eyes, Yuko started to pinch the bridge of her nose and began to wonder what she should do now.

Now that Miichan’s plan to propose seems to have been cancelled.

Several Days Later…

After staying at the hospital for a few more days, Mayuyu has finally given her permission for Miichan to take her leave, as well as be allowed to return to her work. Since Sayaka has been sent by Takamina to take control of the branches in Europe whilst she stays in the States, the black-haired figured that she wouldn’t be able to look after Miichan, thus ending up entrusting her to Yuko.

The brown-haired agreed without any second thoughts, and began her plan of trying to get the younger girl to forget about Mariko, even if it would be just for a day or two. Thinking that fun would make her forget the pain, Yuko instantly bought two VIP tickets for them, knowing fully well that Miichan’s day lightens up whenever she goes to the amusement park.

“Can we try that?!” Miichan exclaimed, jumping up and down excitedly as she pointed at the rollercoaster.

Looking up, Yuko gulped and started counting the number of turning and such that the ride they would have to go through if she ever agreed. “T-that?”

“Yeah!” Miichan nodded, grasping at her hands tightly as she looked into her eyes with a pleading look in them. “Please?”

Yuko sighed. The two of them have been going on lots of extreme rides for the past four hours, and yet she still wants to continue on? What kind of stomach does that girl has? A stomach meant for a cyborg or something?

“Please, Yuuchan?” Miichan pleaded, giving a slight pout. “You kept on saying that we’ll ride this once we’ve ridden every last exciting ride, and we’ve done everything!”

“Fine.” The brown-haired agreed, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to change the younger girl’s mind no matter how hard she tried, thought thinking deep inside that she would soon regret the decision of not trying.


Her guess was right on, and it somehow made the brown-haired wish that she was wrong. At the moment, she was sitting on one of the benches near the bathroom, covering her face with both of her hands as she tried to prevent herself from puking out the food she had for dinner.

Right beside her was Miichan, who kept on looking at her with worried eyes as she noticed how the brown-haired seems to be trembling, as well as look extremely pale. Wanting to at least try and take her out of her misery, Miichan started patting her at the back.

“Do you feel better now?” she asked, though it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t.

Closing her eyes to prevent herself from seeing her surroundings twist and turn in her vision, Yuko forced herself to give a nod. “Y-yeah.”

“Maybe we should go home now.” The younger girl suggested, a hint of guilt could be heard from her tone.

She has been with Yuko for at least an hour, and the girl has yet to look like she was back to how she was before she rode the fastest rollercoaster in the country. “Sayaka’s going to kill me if she learns that you got sick because of me.”

Giving a shake of the head, the brown-haired gave a weak smile. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Besides, we still haven’t ridden the Ferris Wheel.” She added, taking a deep breath afterwards.

Miichan only raised a brow at her and gave a sigh. The brown-haired has finally stood up from the bench and was now giving her that signature smile of hers, hoping that she hasn’t completely ruined the mood and fun for Miichan.

The staring continued on for a few seconds before finally being broken by the younger girl, who began pulling Yuko by the arm to start heading towards the direction of their next ride.


“It’s so beautiful.” Yuko thought to herself as she looked out of the window, staring at the lights of the city from below. “I feel like I want to stay here forever.”

Turning to the girl sitting across her, her smile fell. She suddenly felt a quick tug on her heart the moment she saw her friend looking out of the window, with tears forming in her eyes and a few falling down from them.

“Miichan…” Yuko softly spoke, alerting the said girl and causing her to turn away as she tried hiding away the evidence that she was crying.

The older girl stood up and quickly sat next to her, placing an arm around her shoulder as she hugged her whilst caressing her hair soothingly. “There, there.”

“I wasn’t crying.” Miichan told her, though letting out a few sniffs afterwards.

Yuko sighed. “I know.”

“You were just sweating from your eyes.” She smiled, earning a small chuckle and light punch from the girl beside her.

Miichan wiped the trails of tears from her face. “I don’t sweat.”

“I’m just…” she bit her lower lip. “…angry at myself.”

Yuko kept her silence, waiting for the younger girl to continue on with whatever it is that she had to say. After all, with just that look in her eyes, she knew that those weren’t the only words she would hear from her.

“And sorry because I kept on remembering the times the two of us spent here.”

Yuko raised a brow in question, but uttered nothing in return. The younger girl has turned her head away from her and though she was tempted to ask for the reason why, she concluded on remaining silent and patient.

“You probably think that I’m pitiful, don’t you?” Miichan asked, letting out a forced laugh before replacing it with a sad expression on her face.

Facing Yuko this time, she sighed. “Don’t worry, even I think that I’m pathetic.”

“I mean… I tried to kill myself.” Miichan scoffed. “I feel so stupid for not realizing that she has been cheating on me on that douchebag.”

Yuko stared at her friend, feeling sorry that she was unable to say anything at the moment to make her feel a little better.  She knows nothing about Mariko’s side of the story, and maybe it was all due to a misunderstanding.

She opened her mouth to ask what happened between the two girls and how their argument started, but that was kept on hold when she saw the tears forming in Miichan’s eyes once more. If she asked how everything started, it would surely cause more pain for her.

“I’ll meet you at the exit.” Miichan suddenly told her, standing up all of the sudden.

Not waiting for the older girl’s reply, she walked out and left her. Yuko could only sigh to herself. There was no point in trying to go after the younger girl. She’ll just have to wait for Miichan by the exit, and hope that when they meet, she’d be able to make her feel better.

She started heading towards to the entrance and exit of the amusement park, letting out a few sighs here and there as she began to mentally scold herself for bringing the younger girl to the place. She should have remembered that it was the most favored place by Miichan because of Mariko.


A voice coming out of nowhere suddenly called her, making the said girl to turn her head. She started looking for anyone familiar, but then concluded that it must have been another person who had the same nickname as her, since she couldn’t see anyone she knew.


Her nickname was called out once again, and it didn’t even take a second or two for the girl to turn her head due to the sudden hug she has received. The person who called her name was hugging her so tightly, almost squeezing the air out of her.

Struggling to take a breath, she turned and ended up being wide-eyed when she found out who it was who called her name before, and was currently hugging her. It was none other than the person she had thought she wouldn’t meet until her wedding.


To Be Continued…
A/N: Well, that was surprising, wasn’t it? Ahahahahaha :hiakhiakhiak: Well, Yuko’s boyfriend has finally arrived to town~! YAY~! Well, I wonder what would happen next. I mean, should I spoil it? Hahaha. What will Haruna do if she hears that Yuko has a boyfriend, and it’s none other than the person she went to the amusement park with? Hahahaha That’s a wonderful scenario. Mwuahahahaha!
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Finally an Update :w00t:  save spot for a comment later 8)


So MariMii broke up... and Miichan wants to commit suicide :smhid ... good thing Yuko arrives and save her :D.... Honestly I don't like Sayaka's character here.... I mean come on what's up with her :angry: first on KojiYuu now on MariMii this girl has problems I tell you that... maybe Sae has something to do about it (need to check on her past  8)).... and the biggest shock for me is Yuko's boyfriend has finally showed up... oooohh :fap can't wait for the next chapter on what will Haruna do about this will she and Yuko be together??... Anyways thanks again for the Update :twothumbs
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Milky: “With Sayaka… I’ve been wondering what she thinks of me.“It’s not that type of relationship, but I wanted to figure out what she thought of me so… I kind of tried to seduce her. And she blushed.”

Sayanee: “I did not!” || Milky: “You did.”

Sayaka: “I actually wasn’t though! I didn’t know what she was trying to convey with that in the first place.” || Milky: “She was kind of shifting around in her seat and looking really puzzled so it was fun.”

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OMG!! Miichan's trying to kill herself??!  :panic: :panic:

Good thing Yuko save her at the right time  :mon squee:

Yuko is like a superhero~ :mon lovelaff: so loving it!!

But wait...Sayaka and Yuko trying to make Miichan forget Mariko??!! that can't be!! It should be a happy ending for them!  :mon annoy:

Oh and I read that there is between Sae and Sayaka... :mon cigar:

But the BIGGEST REVELATION for me is Yuko's Boyfriend has arrived in town!! OMG  :banghead:

Can't wait for the update :mon fyeah:

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