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Author Topic: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)  (Read 65523 times)

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (12/22)
« Reply #140 on: December 22, 2012, 01:48:01 PM »
After how many months of waiting, finally! YOU UPDATED!  :w00t:

I really miss this story. Ya know I've been waiting for this story to update, because this is like one of my favorites so i was kinda sad when karochan didn't even showed up here in jphip  :( ... and I also miss the author of this story ya know~  :( sigh*
But i'm not mad, i was thinking maybe Karochan was just busy on her studies, schedules and other activities in her life so......I totally understand her.  :)

Onto the new chapter.....

OMFG! Miichan tried to kill herself?! FOR REAL?!  :shocked :shocked That was horrible!  :smhid
But I felt like there's something wrong with this one, i'm sure Mariko didn't even know about this at all, i'm not saying this because I'm on Mariko's side, it's just that they still don't know what had real happened yet! They didn't even tried to call Mariko to explain her side! I'm sure this was just all misunderstanding. :smhid
Miichan was saying that her girlfriend was cheating on her, right? It wasn't mentioned here that Mariko did cheated on her. Maybe someone planned this all up! I really smell something fishy on this one :angry:
I know Mariko loves Miichan so much and she's always really worried about her, she really do care about her.  :(
But...but..... Miichan should have never done that! It was scary ya know! Suicide is seriously not a joke and i'm really against with it!  :smhid

So Sayaka wanted Miichan to move on and forget Mariko without even hearing the other girl's side? Not good. She's also really scary. :smhid
Now this just answered my questions.... Sayaka was the one who made stories so she'll have the reasons to tell Yuko why she should move on and forget about Haruna   :smhid :smhid

...and OMG! KUU?  :shocked :shocked! He's Yuko's fiance? LOL okay i honestly wasn't expecting that!  XD Now i can't wait to read more!  :w00t:
Haruna would probably rage once she knw about Yuko having a boyfriend!  :smhid


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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (12/22)
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yey! and i managed to finish all your kojiyuu chapter and my emotions are really on a roller coaster! :oops:

and you're making me start to hate Sayaka now~~ :nervous manipulating memories isn't good ~~ tsk tsk!!

i can't wait for the next update! please update soon!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (12/22)
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Update pleasee~

Silent reader for now

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (12/22)
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unfortunate love mayuki or kojiyuu
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[AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (04/03) FINALLY AN UPDATE!!!
« Reply #144 on: April 03, 2013, 08:00:00 AM »
@riderchick: Hmm... I see. Well, it makes me glad that I was able to make you hate Sayaka. Maybe through her, more revelations would come up? I'm not sure.  :err: I know that I once said that I will update Sayaka's own fic, and I haven't even written the first chapter.  :fainted:

@smarty0821: When you wrote 'so loving it', McDonalds came right up to my mind with Yuko wearing a cape.  :hiakhiakhiak: *coughs* Okay, please ignore my imagination. Anyway, I don't think that you can really blame those two. They just wanted the best for their friend, even if it means going to such lenghts.  :sweat:

@haruhi16: I'm really sorry about making you wait until now, Haru-chan. :kneelbow: School really did took a huge toll on me, and I kind of had some thoughts of just leaving the story unfinished. :sweat: It was thanks to you and the other readers' comments that pushed me to get out of my block and write an update. Sorry bout that, Haru-chan.

Okay, it seems that you've noticed that there's something wrong with the situation. That's my Haru-chan! :on GJ: Anyway, I'm glad that you mentioned how Mariko loves Miichan. It made me want to emphasise on that point, which pretty much helped me finish this chapter.  :farofflook:

YAY!!! Haru-chan's my saviour!!! :onioncheer:

As a reward... maybe I should give a hint? Though... you're already aware of the fact that Sayaka's the one with all of the answers. :sweat: Hmm... Fine. Kuu's not the &@!^&$

@freakymonday:  :dunno: :farofflook: Thank you for reading this fic! I'm really happy that you liked it Monday-san! Even more when you said that it drove your emotions on a rollercoaster ride! I'll definitely make you hate Sayaka even more! (wait...what?) I'm just kidding! :P

@Tam_atsu: Here's the updated you wanted, Tam-san. Enjoy~

@mayuki_daisuki: Thanks for the answer! I'll update as fast as I can to let you know if you were right. :on GJ:

A/N: How many months have passed since I've last updated this story?  :sweat: Sigh... I know that I've probably apologized about procrastinating, and I'm really sorry about it. Truthfully, even though you guys were giving me some great reviews, I'm still lacking in the inspiration area. Maybe it's because this story is supposed to be angsty or sad (a different type from what I'm used to write). Still, you guys helped me get back onto this story because of your reviews and requests for an update. Thank you so much!  :on speedy:

Anyway, onto the update!

Chapter Ten

“Kuu?!” Yuko shouted in complete surprise, her eyes widening.

She stared at the young man in front of her, gaping at him as she continuously blinked her eyes, trying to figure out if the guy she had her eyes on was real, or some sort of illusion that her mind had made for her see.

Loosening the hug he had enveloped her into, he cried her name. “Yuuchan!”

Nope, he was no illusion and the brown-haired knew it from the very moment that she was hugged by the black-haired. He was emitting the warmth of his body despite the thick blue jacket that he was weather, overpowering the cold surrounding.

Crying her name once more, he grinned widely and turns her around. “Yuuchan!”

He was laughing heartily by now, choosing to ignore the stares that the people passing-by were giving to them. After a minute or two of continuously turning her around, he stopped and grabbed her by the shoulder, blinking his eyes as he tries to blink away the dizziness. When he was finally able to do so, he stared at her with a serious expression on his face.

Seeing the guy scrunch his brows whilst staring at her, Yuko knew that he was trying to figure out what seemed to have changed in her, something that he would usually do whenever they’d meet— even if they just met the previous day.

Flashing that signature smile of hers, Yuko began to pose for him and chuckled as Kuu played along and started taking imaginary pictures of her. The two of them continued to play like this until Yuko grew tired of trying to stand on the tip of her shoes for her to look taller, grabbing Kuu by the hands afterwards as she started jumping in glee.

“I thought that you’d be here on the week before the wedding?” she asked, punching his arm playfully.

Kuu winked at her. “I wanted to surprise you, Princess.”

“Mou~” Yuko blushed in response whereas the two people— who came along with the black-haired to the amusement park— cringe to themselves. “I’ll call you ‘Prince’ if you continue to do that!”

Grinning widely, Kuu started calling her with the royal title, obviously enjoying the reaction he kept on receiving from the brown-haired. At the same time, the two people who came along with Kuu remained standing on the same spot, watching the two of them flirt with each other.

They were staring at Yuko and Kuu with a curious expression on each of their faces, obviously wondering to themselves about the type of relationship that the two have with each other, especially a certain brunette named Haruna.

“Who does he think he is to hug her that tightly?” Haruna angrily thought to herself, forming a scowl on her face as she continued to watch the two interact with each other.

Much to her annoyance, Kuu hugged Yuko once again, making her nose flare up in anger as she glared at him, trying to shoot imaginary daggers through her eyes in hope of actually hitting the target. Right now, all she wanted to do was run up to them and pull the brown-haired away from Kuu, but her feet remained stuck, preventing her from doing so.

“I’d never thought they knew each other.” Mariko stated, noticing the glare that her best friend was sending to the oblivious guy.

Haruna gave a curt nod in agreement, clenching her hands tightly as she tried to calm herself down, clearing her throat to get the attention of the two— who seemed to have completely forgotten about their existence.

When that didn’t work, the brunette gritted her teeth and muttered some incoherent words under her breath. She became acquainted with Kuu because of the short-haired beside her, who was as equally clueless with the situation as her.

She actually came to like him because of his friendly nature and charming talks, but all of that seems to have been replaced by jealousy and anger the moment he cried out the brown-haired’s nickname— the same nickname that only Haruna was allowed to use before— and hugged her.

After clearing her throat loudly for the second time, Haruna called the black-haired’s name with a dark aura. “Otawa-san.”

The sudden loss of formality through their names caught the black-haired’s attention, making him turn his head to the direction of the voice and finally coming to his senses that he had been too caught up in his little reunion with the brown-haired.

At the same time that he did, he found himself staring right at Haruna’s smile. Noticing how her smile seemed to be forced at that moment, Kuu decided to ask her about her health and whether she was feeling well.

His question never got answered after Yuko locked eyes with Haruna’s own brown orbs, making a warm smile make its way to the brunette’s face, replacing the dark aura that she was emitting just a while ago.

“Hello, Kojima-san.” Yuko greeted, formally greeting the person she currently works for.

Haruna’s brows twitched. “Kojima…san?”

It earned a slight annoyance from the older girl, disappointing her when she came to realize that the brown-haired has actually decided to act formal with her despite them being out of the office. She even called her by her surname despite being told to refer to her by her first name.

Why was Yuko acting so formal with her all the time? Can’t she act the way she was before— before Haruna made that stupid mistake of toying with the brown-haired? Her formality was bringing such heartache to the brunette, who found it uncomfortable to have the well-known talkative girl around, yet have the surroundings as silent and cold as the time Yuko left.

“H-hey.” Haruna greeted back awkwardly, swallowing back the words that she was so tempted to say.

Her awkward greeting caused silence to envelop the four of them, making Mariko sigh to herself as she shook her head discreetly, knowing how affected Haruna was with the brown-haired. She’s been with Haruna for so long that she knew how the brunette would run to her crying, the moment they are alone.

“I heard that you started working for Haruna as her new Fashion Editor.” She said to Yuko with a smile on her face. “It’s a shame that I didn’t manage to get to you first.”

The smile that the brown-haired had on her face suddenly fell, replaced almost instantly with a nervous and panicked expression. Kuu raised a brow in question after hearing Mariko’s statement, staring afterwards at Yuko with a hard look on his face as he release her once again from his hold.

Not liking the look that she was receiving, Yuko turned her body and faced Haruna completely, trying to avoid locking eyes with the black-haired in fear of getting questioned. This earned a frown and a crossing of the arms from Kuu, who obviously didn’t like what he had heard.

“Yuko…” Kuu spoke, calling the younger girl with her first name— a sign that he was completely serious right then.

At this point, his voice sounded almost too serious for the brown-haired to take, making her move even more fidgety. When she saw how narrowed to a slit his eyes were, she lets out a nervous chuckle before turning back once more to Haruna to ask for the reason why she had come to the amusement park, hoping to divert the attention away from her.

Despite being confused with the way that she was acting, Haruna still answered her question with sincerity, slightly glad that the brown-haired’s attention was focused on her instead of the person who came along with her.

At the same time, Kuu has yet to remove that hardened expression on his face, earning some curiosity from Mariko, who was keeping silent all the while. Haruna noticed this as well and smirked to herself, enjoying that it was the black-haired’s turn to be jealous because of Yuko paying her some attention.



Kuu had started to call the brown-haired, but was midway interrupted by someone else who seems to have been coming from quite a distance. The four of them each turned their heads to figure out who the owner of the voice was— finding out that it was none other than a certain raven called Miichan.

Judging from the expression that she had on her face, it seems that Miichan has yet to realize that the girl that Yuko was helping her to forget about was currently around. It was only by the time she was right beside Yuko did she notice it, making it far too late to run away.

“Miichan…” Mariko uttered her name, her face still having that pokerface of hers that prevented any one from knowing what was going inside her mind.
Ignoring the call of her name, the newly-arrived girl grabbed Yuko by the arm and started heading towards the exit of the park. She babbled to Yuko about nonsensical things to prove that she wasn’t the least affected by the presence of her girlfriend— the cause of her desire for suicide.

But despite all of her efforts to act that way, the brown-haired knew better. Yuko saw how her smile disappeared the instant her eyes landed on Mariko, filled with longing and pain that the younger girl was desperately trying to hide in order not to worry the brown-haired.

Yuko knew that it would be bad for them to stay longer with the other three, especially with how recently the younger girl tried to drown herself in an attempt to stop her pain. With that in mind, Yuko allowed herself to be pulled.

She was secretly glad that Miichan had arrived at the right time and prevented Kuu from saying anything against her working in Haruna’s company, saving her from embarrassment and questions from the said brunette.

Involving herself with Haruna, was a sensitive topic discussed over and over again when she was in the States with the older boy. She had been lectured by Sayaka and the black-haired, talking about the same reason that made no sense over and over again, making it sound quite an earful whenever she’d hear it.

Just as she was about to release a sigh of relief, she felt someone grab her by the arm, halting her and Miichan in their tracks. When she turned her head, she found herself staring back into Kuu’s serious expression that clearly states how he wasn’t going to allow their conversation to end just like that.

She opened her mouth to try and explain that having a conversation at the moment was not going to be the best situation, but right before she could even do so, she hears a loud smack at the same time that she was released from Kuu’s hold.

Yuko stared in shock as Miichan pushed the black-haired to the ground after getting slapped, frozen to the spot. The younger girl was now pointing her index finger at him angrily, glaring at him intensely.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” She growled.

Meanwhile, Mariko and Haruna had just arrived to the scene, running towards them with a shocked expression on each of their faces after witnessing the slap that had occurred before them clearly, startling them.

Looking at the younger girl in confusion, Yuko started wondering to herself why in the world the younger girl did that to someone that she had just met. She wasn’t given enough time to think though, since Miichan has once again started pulling her towards the exit, leaving the other three.

All that Yuko could do as they leave was watch helplessly at the sight of Kuu’s bleeding lips and dirty light blue shirt. The desire to stop walking and question the younger girl to figure out the reason why she had done that grew, yet the brown-haired kept her mouth shut and entered the car, allowing herself to be driven off to who knows where Miichan wanted to go.

“Well, that was awkward.” Haruna stated as she remained staring at the direction that the brown-haired has gone off to.

Turning her head, she found her best friend helping the guy who had caused a spark of jealousy in her. She didn’t mean to, but the moment she found her eyes locking with Kuu’s, a scowl appeared on her face and she walked towards the two people with clenched fists.

“I want to apologize for that person’s behavior.” Mariko said to the black-haired with a disapproving look on her face.

Kuu gave a small smile and a dismissive wave in return as he replied. “It’s fine.”

“This isn’t the first time she did that anyway.” He added with an awkward laugh, though Haruna could sense some bitterness in it.

Miichan just slapped him. She should feel sorry for him, but to be honest, what she was feeling was far from pity. In fact, she felt that he really deserved it. If it weren’t for Kuu hugging the brown-haired, then maybe Haruna would have pitied him.

“I’m sorry.” Mariko suddenly sighed, lowering her head.

She had her eyes open and staring at the ground she was standing, yet the two could clearly see that tears were forming in them. Haruna knew that despite the poker face that her best friend had previously, seeing Miichan actually made her day complete.

Why couldn’t the younger girl see how much Mariko loves her?

If she was Miichan, she would forget all those rumors that she has heard about without any hesitation. The younger girl was completely lucky when it comes to love, unlike her. The older girl was known for disliking any sort of lovey actions, yet Mariko did them just for Miichan.

Yet, the younger girl still accused her of having an affair.

She turned down a wonderful opportunity to study in the States just so that she could be with Miichan, and despite how she prefers to be alone after work, Mariko kept allowing the younger girl to visit her in the office at any time.

She had done so many sacrifices just to be with Miichan, yet the younger girl instantly decided to break up with her because of a guy whom she suspects that Mariko was cheating on her with. Why couldn’t she see how lucky she was to have the person she loves, loving her back?

How can someone be so stupid?

“Marichin…” Haruna looked at the short-haired with sad eyes, sensing the pain that she was trying to hide.

Together with Kuu, the brunette stared at Mariko with worry on each of their faces, making her look up a second later at them with an apologetic smile. She lets out a forced laugh before smiling at them sadly.

“Thanks for trying to cheer me up, you two.” She sighed. “I really appreciate your effort, but maybe the best thing that can help me is to be alone for now.”

“Mariko—” Haruna started, but the short-haired quickly interrupted her with another chuckle of hers, along with a dismissive wave.

“—it’s fine, KojiHaru.”

She assured. “Don’t worry about me.”

Kuu gave a curt nod before walking out of the amusement, with the other two girls following right behind him, already preparing to return back home despite arriving at the place just recently.

During this time, Haruna made sure to keep an eye on whatever expression her best friend had on her face, though knowing better that it would be of no use to her since she was never successful in deciphering what the older girl was thinking.

It was funny how time changed the two of them.

At times, Haruna couldn’t recognize Mariko or even herself. Everything that they had come to learn about each other seemed to have dissipated into thin air since they were so different from the people whom used to be.

“Where are you going, Mariko?” the brunette asked the said girl, raising a brow when she saw how the older girl was not entering Haruna’s car.

Mariko gave a small smile. “I’m just going for a breather.”

“Want me to accompany you?” she offered.

Mariko rejected the offer politely and motioned for her to get into her car, telling her that she would just give her a call once she had reach home. Convinced by this, Haruna switched on the car’s engine and uttered her goodbye to Kuu and Mariko.


Haruna sighed wearily as she enters through the door of her apartment, eager to get away from the cold air from as quickly as she could. She started complaining about how today was the coldest day of her life, whining to no one in particular as she sluggishly made her way up to her bedroom.

Despite the painkiller that she had taken earlier on, her head was still aching. Thinking about what would have happened if she turned the wheel to chase after a certain black-haired did not help, since she could think of several scenarios that could have happened.

It was a good thing that she didn’t.

She probably might have blurted out words of anger, showing just how jealous she was of how close Kuu seemed to be with Yuko. It was something that the brunette hopes that the shorter girl would never come to witness, considering how Haruna becomes violent sometimes.

She sighed.

What should she do in order to get closer to the younger girl? She can’t possibly ask Kuu to set up a date for them to talk to each other, since... well, Haruna no longer sees him as a friendly acquaintance.

Kuu— in her eyes from now on — is Haruna’s rival for Yuko.

Anyway, asking Kuu to set them up is completely out of the question. Haruna sat on the edge of her bed after placing her bag by the night table, tapping a finger on her chin as she started pondering to herself.

“Work?” she asked herself, forming a pout later with her lips.

Using work as an excuse to get closer to Yuko probably wouldn’t work well, since Haruna was already kicked out of the brown-haired’s office. She may be yearning to get closer to the shorter girl, but the thought of getting kicked out of Yuko’s office once more despite being her superior would be too much for Haruna to take.
But then, that seems to be the only way to get to her.

In the office, she would deal will less obstacles. Sayaka hates her gut too much to even pay a visit for the past nine years, so there’s no way that she would try to get inside. Mayuyu’s probably busy with being the new director of the hospital.

Now the problem left is… how is she going to talk to her? Should she act like nothing had happened between the two of them before? Would that work?

The brown-haired doesn’t seem to have any ill feelings harbored for her, considering how she actually decided to start working for Haruna despite their past. Unless, she’s plotting some evil plan to destroy Haruna’s reputation and ruin her entire life.

“That can’t possibly be.” She laughed, giving a dismissive wave at the mere ridiculous thought of it. “I should limit the number of dramas I’ve been watching.”

Alright, so she’ll just act the way she needs to depending on the situation. Moving on, she needs to think about what she should do with Kuu. Haruna reminisced about the hug that he initiated in the amusement park, concluding that he is quite close to her.

And their closeness is not in the brotherly-sisterly manner.

Judging from the loving gaze that Haruna noticed him having, the brunette could definitely sense that there was more than friendship. He’s most likely harboring feelings for her, but is unsure on what he should do.

“But what if he’s a suitor?” she gasped at the thought, shaking her head as she tried to push the negative thoughts away.

Plopping herself onto the pillows, she started thinking about the possibilities of the black-haired courting the apple of Haruna’s eye. If he had confessed to her, then it’s a high possibility that Yuko didn’t reject them, since she DID return the hug he initiated.

“Argh!” she cried, clutching at her hair in frustration. “Maybe I should call Takamina and ask her for some advice.”

Thinking that it’s the best idea, she got up from the bed and took her bag, letting it drop beside her after she sat back down. She started rummaging through the contents of the bag, grunting afterwards when she was unable find the particular object as quickly as she had expected.

Right when she found it, she carelessly threw the things that she had taken out of the bag to the side, and lay on her back. She dialed her close friend’s contact number and waited for her call to be picked up.

“Is she doing something?” Haruna muttered to herself after several seconds of continuously hearing the phone ring.

Feeling that her call wouldn’t be picked up and that she might be disturbing the short girl from something important, Haruna ended the call and sighed. She threw the phone somewhere in the room, disregarding the thought that it might get broken in the process.

Switching the light on the top of her night table, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting weariness to lull her to a sleep that she so-desperately needs.

The Following Day

Yuko opened her eyes and found herself frantically searching for a certain someone, remembering the events from last night. When she realized that she was not alone on the bed, she relaxed and lay back down, staring at the sleeping figure beside her, who remained unaware of the brown-haired being awake.

Sighing to herself, Yuko started caressing Miichan’s black tresses with her fingers, staring at her facial features with a motherly smile on her face. She thought about the events that the younger girl had to encounter recently and sighed, feeling sorry for her.

Despite the peaceful expression that Miichan currently has on her face, a few trails of tears on the girl’s face could be seen. The younger girl’s puffy eyes were evidence of last night’s crying session that she had with Yuko.

“Miichan…” she softly said the black-haired’s name, caressing her mane once more when she saw the younger girl form a pained expression on her face.

It was painful to witness her best friend suffer and cry because of her break-up with Mariko. If there was a way to ease her from her pain, the brown-haired would surely do it without asking for anything in return.

“But I never expected this from Mariko.” She muttered to herself disappointingly.

Despite being able to barely recall the short-haired from her memories, Yuko has been told that Mariko was a good person by several people, including Miichan. At this point, she’s uncertain of it because the person who spoke highly of her was in so much pain.

“Is love really that painful?” she wondered.

Even though she remembers every single detail of her break-ups, she can’t remember the time she was in the same situation as Miichan where she would cry her heart out, begging for the pain in their chest to stop.

Just thinking about it already seems foreign to her. If pain was really part of loving someone, could that possibly mean that she’s not really in love with him?

“I hope that’s not the case.” She wished, biting her lip as she thought about it.

Just then, something vibrated from underneath her pillow, making her retract her hand and lift the soft object up for her to get it. Staring at the screen, she saw Kuu’s name flashing, along with the amount of missed calls and text messages that she had received from him.

One by one, she read the messages and their contents filled with exclamation marks, making her pinch the bridge of her nose. Like she had thought, each and every one of them was talking about the issue of working for Haruna.

As she read on, she was completely certain that she could perfectly imagine the expressions that Kuu had on his face as he typed down those messages. She was sure that his brows were knitted together, and his face would scrunch every now and then.

“Why are they so adamant with me working for her?” she asked no one in particular, letting out a sigh afterwards.

It wasn’t like she had planned to actually work for the brunette when she first came back to Japan. Actually, if there were any other fashion companies that she knew off other than Mariko’s and Haruna’s, she would have tried working for them.

“Ugh…” she groaned, feeling a headache coming.

Blinking to somehow ease off the pain, her hands instantly flew to each side of her forehead, massaging them in a circular motion, wondering why she has been experiencing these headaches recently despite taking the pills that Mayuyu has prescribed to her.

“Yuko?” Miichan yawned, scratching her sleepy eyes with a hand.

Ignoring the throbbing pain in her head, Yuko forced a smile at her and started caressing Miichan’s black mane once more, trying to soothe the younger girl back to sleep. After a few strokes, Miichan’s eyes fluttered close.

Seeing that she was successful in lulling the younger girl to sleep, Yuko carefully got up from her bed and tied her hair into a bun, heading straight for the kitchen afterwards to make a breakfast for each of them.

Knowing that she has to finish preparing their meal before her headache starts making anything impossible to do, she cooked as quickly as she could. She drank some cold milk and damped her entire face with a towel soaked in icy water afterwards, hoping that it would help her forget any stressful thoughts.

A few minutes passed and her headache fortunately receded, allowing her stand on her own feet without relying on any of the furniture to. Smiling to herself in satisfactory after tasting the meal, she started setting the table.

Now, all she has to do was wait for the younger girl to wake up and come downstairs to take her breakfast. Though it would be easier and quicker for her to wake the black-haired up, it would be quite rude of her to suddenly interrupt Miichan’s sleep after bawling her eyes out until four in the morning.

Deciding to make use of that free time to do whatever she wanted, she sat by the television and started flipping through the pages of one of the magazines that she has written when she used to work in the States.


Yuko felt some vibration coming from her pocket, interrupting her in the middle of her relaxation. Placing down the magazine back on the coffee table, she took out her phone and lets out a long weary sigh once after looking at the screen, throwing it to the end of the couch after she had done so.

Laying her head on one of the armrests of the couch, she covered her eyes with her arm, suddenly feeling tired after seeing a certain black-haired’s name flashing on the screen. He was calling her once again.

Usually, she would pick it up without any feelings of annoyance or hesitation. So what was the reason for these feelings coming up now? Could it be because of that slap that she has seen Miichan give to him? Or perhaps…

…It was what the younger girl told her?


Yuko bit the inner side of her cheek in worry as she stared at the younger girl in front of her, letting her mind think of a certain black-haired despite seeing Miichan’s action of crushing the soda can in her hand, making it bleed.

The scene of Kuu getting slapped by the younger girl sitting beside her was still playing in her mind, driving her partly mad as she remained clueless to the reason why. With a sigh, she turned her attention back to the younger girl and handed a wet cloth whilst trying to see if the younger girl was in any mood to be questioned.
When she saw that there was no longer a frown on Miichan’s face, she took a deep breath and opened her mouth, only to be interrupted by the younger girl the instant she tried to let out a sound.

“You must have been surprised with what you’ve witnessed.” The younger girl pointed out.

Yuko nodded her head in reply, staring afterwards at the black-haired sitting across the kitchen table with her hands gripped tightly into balls. She wasn’t showing any form of expression that would help the older girl figure out what was going in her mind.

“Can I ask you a favor, Yuko?” she asked.

Yuko nodded.

“Please help me hunt that guy down and kill him.”

Yuko’s eyes widened from complete shock, obviously taken aback by the younger girl’s unreasonable request. Her surprised expression was noticed by Miichan, who placed the bloody cloth down onto the table.

Instinctively, Yuko backed away when the younger girl lifted her hand to reach for her. However, Miichan was faster and managed to grab her by the hands without any hints of what was to happen right then.

“Please, Yuko.” Miichan begged.

Yuko speechlessly stared at her best friend as she kneeled to the ground, uncertain on how to react with the way the younger girl was acting. Well, how could she? Miichan just asked her to hunt Kuu down and kill him!

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down the younger girl. “M-Miichan—”

“—I’m begging you!” the younger girl cried, loosening her hold off Yuko’s hands as she broke down crying.

Retracting her hands to her chest, Yuko watched as her best friend cried in pain, feeling useless and angry with herself for not being to do anything. She doesn’t want to do what Miichan had requested, especially when he has nothing to do with the break-up between the two.

“Miichan…” Yuko bit her lower lip. “…I can’t do that.”

“Why can’t you?” her best friend asked in frustration.

Yuko took a deep breath and stared at the younger girl, hoping that by doing so, she would be able to express how serious and insane the question was. “You shouldn’t involve others, when they did nothing wrong.”

“That’s unfair!” Miichan cried at her, startling the older girl with her sudden outburst.

What came out from the younger girl’s mouth afterwards completely took her by surprise. It made her forget every single word that she planned on speaking, leaving her speechless as she stared at the girl in completely surprise.


“It’s so unlike of him.” She muttered under her breath.

The mere sound of it already seems far from reality, yet Miichan kept on insisting that he did it. But that couldn’t be possible, right? After all, it was Kuu they were talking about. Her Kuu. They’ve been friends for more than nine years, forming a deep bond with each other throughout all those years.

However, she can’t just pretend not to hear the younger girl’s words no matter how much of a lie it seems. This was the Miichan after all— the same girl who has never spoken a lie about anything, despite knowing how it would affect her.

On the other hand, it was still the same girl who exaggerates the truth and over-reacts with whatever situation, complicating it to the point that she gets others involved and hurting them in the process despite those very people being innocent.

“What am I going to do?” she groaned, propping her chin on the arm rest of the couch as she started to ponder to herself.

The younger girl had warned her not to trust the black-haired completely, yet Kuu was one of the few people whom Yuko consider important to her. He was someone who she could confide in, and was one who practically saved her from killing herself after getting bullied in Harvard.

“Maybe I should give him a call.” She tapped her fingers on her leg.

She hasn’t heard his side of the story after all. Maybe if she talked to him, it would clear up all the misunderstanding that he had gotten into with Miichan. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. She just hopes that he doesn’t avoid her questions by asking her about the reason for working for Haruna.

Yuko sighed.

Her morning was already stressing her, and the headache that she was able to get rid of was starting to come back because there was this trouble between her two friends, and she has no idea how she was going to start fixing it.

“What are you thinking about so deeply in the morning?” a voice suddenly came from behind, startling the brown-haired who was so deep in her thoughts.

The brown-haired opened her eyes and sat up before turning her head to the girl that she has been waiting for to wake up, smiling as she stood up to give a pat on the younger girl’s shoulder. Instead of answering the question, Yuko ushered her to the dining room to have their breakfast.

The black-haired only raised a brow as she sat down from across the older girl, wondering if she was having those headaches that Sayaka had previously told her about. Sensing this, Yuko smiled at her began a conversation about nonsensical things, which fortunately made the younger girl forget about the question.

The two girls ate their breakfast with Yuko continuously trying to mask the pain that she was currently feeling, thinking that the younger girl has had enough of problems to think about at the moment.

Just a day had passed after the incident that Yuko had witnessed, yet her mind was already driving her partly mad from thinking about the possible reasons why, unable to come up of anything despite spending the entire night thinking.

Several Days Later

The smell of coffee filled the place as Yuko’s break commenced. She was currently having her break for the day, relaxing off her eyes and mind through a coffee break that she desperately needed. Just as she was sipping her drink, she heard a conversation from her back.

“Nee, Himura-chan.” a girl that Yuko could distinguish as Nana, whispered to her fellow co-worker. “Have you heard?”

“Heard about what, Nana-chan?”

“The reason for Shinoda-san’s break-up.” The girl stated.

“Ah~ That one?” Yuko heard the ‘Himura’ girl hum in response. “Yeah, I know about it.”

The brown-haired chided herself for trying to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation. However, her curiosity got the best of her right when she heard about Miichan and Mariko’s break-up, something that wasn’t much of a secret.

“I can’t believe that Shinoda-san would actually cheat on her girlfriend and sleep with her editor.”

Yuko stiffened, dropping the paper cup that she was holding in her hand and gaining the attention of the two girls who sat away from her. Turning her body to the direction of her fellow co-workers, she rushed to them and grabbed Nana by the shoulders.

“W-what did you say?” she asked, shaking the younger girl. “What did you mean by Mariko sleeping with her editor?”

Nana looked at Himura before staring back at the brown-haired who was shaking her, almost looking like she was afraid to speak any further. However, when Yuko heard no response and began to tighten her hold on the younger girl, Nana spoke.

“The two of them were seen together coming out of Shinoda-san’s apartment for several consecutive days.” The short-haired stammered, letting out a sigh afterwards when the older girl released her from the hold due to shock.

Himura added. “And apparently, they were seen making out in Shinoda-san’s office by her girlfriend.”

“That’s a lie.”

Himura and Nana looked at each other before staring at the girl before them. Yuko was currently clenching her hands into fists as she looked at the ground with a shocked expression on her face, allowing her bangs to cover her eyes.

“Kuu would never do that.” Yuko told them, still not lifting her head up. “He’s not that type of guy.”

“He’s not like that.”

“O-Oshima—san?” the two girls uttered, looking at her in concern when she began to tremble.

All of a sudden, the brown-haired lifted her head up and stared at them with angry eyes, scaring the two girls and making them back away in fear. Yuko started walking towards them as she clenched her fists even more.

“You’re all making up those stories!” She cried at them, running off back to her office afterwards, coming to realize what she had just done.

Just as the door slammed, Haruna came out from her own office with a curious expression on her face before coming to stare at the two girls, wondering why two of her employees looked so taken aback when there doesn’t seem to be any reason for them to.

“Get back to work, you two.” She instructed before getting back to work, muttering under her breath about how she kept on catching those two gossiping.

Propping her chin on the top of her palms, she sat by the desk and sighed in disappointment. She came out of her office after thinking that she had heard Yuko’s voice, only to find out that two of her employees were having their break.

Closing her eyes, she lets out a sigh once more and massaged the temples of her forehead effects of staying up late starts to take a toll on her. Several days have passed since the incident in the amusement park and she has yet to ask the brown-haired about her relationship with Kuu.

The guy had admitted to be in a relationship with the brown-haired, during the time the two of them met by chance at the mall just recently. But despite the confession, Haruna was in a phase of denial and refuses to believe him unless she hears it from the girl herself.

“He could be lying.” She assured herself.

Or he could be telling the truth…

He looked so serious when she asked about his relationship with Yuko, and Haruna felt like he was mentally stabbing her through his eyes. Despite this, Haruna continued to question him about Yuko and their relationship stubbornly, ignoring the menacing aura that he was emitting.

“Yuko and I met in college.” He stated, narrowing his eyes at her as he continued to speak. “We’ve been together ever since then.”

“Oh, I see.” Haruna nodded.

Kuu’s eyes narrowed even more as he stared at her. “I don’t understand why you’re questioning me.”

“I’m just curious about her, that’s all.” Haruna told him, sipping her juice as she tried to keep herself from showing any signs of jealousy.

Kuu raised a brow at her. “May I ask why you’re curious?”

“Well, let’s just say that she and I were very close in high school.” She sighed, mixing her juice with the straw.

Kuu scoffed and crossed his arms, staring at the brunette with disbelief in his eyes. “You were close?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, choosing to ignore the irritation that she was feeling.

He chuckled. “That’s actually sad.”

Looking at her with a mocking expression, Kuu propped his chin atop of his palms and smiled, raising a brow a second later before innocently staring at her as he spoke words that fueled her gauge of irritation.

“Yuko never mentioned anything about you.”

That statement gave such a huge blow to the brunette, causing her to drop the cup of juice that she was about to drink from. Her expression and action earned a smirk to form on Kuu’s face— a clear sign that he was satisfied.

Standing up, the black-haired took his coat and gave a curt nod to her before walking away with his hand waving back at her with the smirk still in its place. Haruna muttered a curse under her breath, clenching her hands tightly whilst forming a scowl, her face hardening as she remembered the mocking expression that the editor had.

“That guy seriously pisses me off.” She growled, crushing the can of soda that she had in her hand as she came back to the present.

Gritting her teeth, she stared at the door and imagined it to be the black-haired that she was despising so much. When she successfully managed to picture the guy in front of her, she aimed the crushed soda can and threw the soda can with an angry cry, slamming her hands back down to the desk afterwards.

“If she’s seriously dating that guy, I’ll be damned to know that I lost to him.” She muttered angrily under her breath.


Yuko was pacing back and forth in her office by her desk, biting her thumb as she anxiously thought about the situation that Kuu has gotten himself into. The information that her fellow employees had told her earlier on continues to haunt her, replaying over and over again in her mind.

Whatever the two girls had told her previously couldn’t possibly be true, right? They had to be rumors. That’s right. Nana and Himura were known as the Gossip Queens in their company, and truths were bound to get exaggerated.

Besides, Kuu’s not the type of guy to sleep around with people, especially with the knowledge that they are already dating somebody. In fact, he did not sleep with her. That is why Kuu, sleeping with Mariko after recently arriving to Japan, sounds quite far from reality.

“That’s right.” She inhaled, calming her nerves. “Kuu may act like a player or a ladies’ man, but he’s not like that.”

“Don’t believe them, Yuko.” She advised, slapping her cheeks with her hands in hopes of helping her gain control of her thoughts.

Nodding to herself, she talked herself to take a seat on her chair and work on the latest project that she has to write about for the company. It irritated her when she was unable to type a single paragraph consisting of two sentences because of the problem left unsolved.

Even if she believes that Kuu was innocent, what about Miichan?

The younger girl doesn’t know him as much as Yuko does. She might not give him a chance to prove himself innocent of the claims that others had made— about him sleeping with Mariko and staying in her apartment for several days— since she already requested to hunt him down.

The younger girl would probably destroy his reputation without batting an eyelid, completely bent on having her revenge for being the cause of her break-up with Mariko.

“Maybe I should call him.” She said to no one in particular, rummaging her bag for her phone.

She still couldn’t help but remain anxious despite trying assure herself that there was no need for worrying. However, deep down inside her, there was this assumption that she was completely surprised.

She was doing a good job of staying neutral to both of them, right?

“Who am I kidding?” she scoffed.

Even she was having trouble believing who was right. If what Nana and Himura had told her was true, then Miichan has the right to be angry with Kuu. On the other hand, if the younger girl had somehow misunderstood the situation by believing the rumors of Kuu and Mariko sleeping together, then Yuko would be in the wrong for not even trusting the guy.

“This is so complicated!” she cried, clutching her head as she started finding herself returning to her frustrating train of thoughts. “Who am I supposed to side along with?!”

“I can’t just wait for Miichan to make her move!”

Bolting up from her chair, she started dialing Kuu’s number in her phone, resuming the pacing she had been doing throughout the entire day. Her thoughts were being a huge disturbance to her work, preventing her to fully concentrate on the project that she was supposed to be finishing off by now.

“Please don’t answer.” She muttered under her breath once she heard the ringing.

It would be bad to interrupt the older boy in his work because of such thoughts, right? No one would be glad to hear being accused of having an affair with their boss because the person, who was supposed to be supporting them, actually believes that they had done something wrong.

Besides, the brown-haired has no idea how to start the conversation once her call has gone through. They’ve practically known each other for at least ten years, meaning to say, Kuu would immediately know that something was off.

Yuko never calls anyone without a reason, which was quite troublesome for her at the very moment, considering how her mind was all juggled up and not a single lie could be formed. Her inner Yuko was telling— screaming, to be exact— at her to just hang up and make up some sort of excuse that she had accidentally pressed a button.

To her dismay, right before she could put the phone away from her ear and end the call…Kuu picked up the phone. Hearing him yawn in the background caused the brown-haired to halt with the pacing, stiffening in the spot when Kuu asked the question that she was begging God not to be asked.

“What’s with the sudden call, Yuuchan?” he asked.

When she didn’t utter a reply to him, his tone turned more serious and he asked. “Yuuchan, what’s wrong?”

“Well, I was just wondering if the rumor about you and Mariko sleeping together was true. You see, I just had a little chat with my fellow co-workers, and they told me that you’ve been seen staying in Mariko’s apartment for several days.”

Yuko inhaled.

“I’m just wondering if you’d actually betray me and Miichan, since I already gave you a heads-up that Mariko was dating my best friend. But of course, you couldn’t have done that. I just want to hear from you directly that you never did sleep with her, since even I am having trouble trusting you at this moment.”














“Yuuchan?” Kuu called her name once again, bringing her back to the real world.

Right, she would never say something like that to him since that would make her seem like an insensitive jerk that has trouble trusting him. And it’s not like she wouldn’t say that— which she knows is an extremely bad idea. She’s too much of a coward to even let the first sentence come out of her mouth.

“Yuuchan, are you there?” he asked, sounding concerned more and more by the second.

His concerned tone instantly made her feel guilty, making her think back on the reason why she even bothered to give him a call. Biting her lower lip, the feeling of distrust quickly dissipated into the air.

“S-sorry.” She stammered, smiling into the phone afterwards. “I was just lost in my thoughts.”

Turning, she sat back down on her chair and leaned against it, twirling a pen with her fingers as she continued her conversation with the black-haired. When Kuu gave a light laugh in response to her statement, she lets out chuckle.

“Anyway, where are you?” she asked, tapping the pen on the desk as she glanced at the clock on the wall.

“I’m at home.” Kuu replied, and the brown-haired could imagine right then that he was smiling. “Why do you ask?”

Humming, Yuko answered. “I just want to know if you’d like to have dinner later at my place.”

“Sounds tempting…” he told her, making her smile.

However, his words afterwards made her drop the smile. “…But I can’t.”

“What?” Yuko raised a brow, surprised that the black-haired actually refused her offer for the first time. “But why?”

Kuu sighed. “I’m doing something.”

“Well, if you want I can go over to your place—”

“—NO!” he interrupted immediately, startling the brown-haired by his tone.

He inhaled deeply and apologized, speaking in a calmer voice. “I’m just occupied with something at the moment, and I have something to do.”

“I really want to have dinner with you, Yuuchan.” He told her. “Trust me, I really do.”

Yuko lets out a disappointed sigh and muttered an ‘oh’ to the phone, her vibrant smile and mood instantly gone the moment he began to explain the amount of work that he has to do in order to make the deadline.

“Maybe some other day, Yuuchan.”

“Fine.” She huffed, smiling a second later as relief came over her.

Now all she has to do was make Miichan realize the same thing. It may not seem like it to others because of the way she acts, but Yuko knew that the tall girl was seriously in love with the younger girl.

Just as Yuko was about to open her mouth to utter an apology and tell the black-haired about the reason for calling him, she suddenly hears a girl’s voice coming from the other side of the call. It was faint, but the brown-haired was certain that it was not Kuu’s voice.


Yuko narrowed her eyes to a slit and turned up the volume, making sure to listen for any other sounds coming from the other line. Kuu seems to be occupied in conversing with whoever it was with him, and Yuko was certain that he was trying his best to cover the phone in order to prevent the brown-haired from hearing anything.

Fortunately for her, the black-haired was not covering it completely or properly, allowing her to listen and hear the two people on the other side quite clearly. By now, her brows were knitted together as she tried to figure out who the girl was.

“No way!” Yuko cried in surprise, bolting up from her chair.

Was her ears messing with her? Or did she really hear what she thought she heard? It must be impossible. That’s right. There’s no way that could happen. Kuu heard her speak and asked. “What’s wrong, Yuuchan?”

“I-I just realized that I need to submit my work now.” She stammered, clenching her hands tightly as she tried to calm her nerves down.

Kuu seems to have bought her lie since he started chuckling, telling her to stop missing him and just finish her work. Yuko bit her lower lip and asked the black-haired once more, wanting to be certain before she makes a move.

“You said that you were at home, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing.” She lied, adding an excuse to prevent any suspicion from arising. “I just want to remind you not to forget to eat.”

And with that, she uttered a goodbye to him and hang up, ending the call without hearing what the black-haired has to say in response. Placing the phone down onto her desk, she propped her chin on one of her hands, letting the other massage the side of her forehead.

The headache has returned once more and was being a bit more painful than the previous one, irritating her as the time passes her by. She was obviously stressing out, and thinking was definitely not helping her at this point.

Why did things have to be more complicated? She was already relieved of the problem just a minute ago, and now it came back. It almost seems like it was haunting her, taunting her to make a move or else she would suffer from headaches if she were to turn a blind eye on this.

Letting out a sigh, she sat down on the desk and tapped her fingers on the surface, pondering to herself. She could be imagining things. There’s no way that was true. Maybe Kuu was watching some movie or TV series, which could explain the reason for the female voice.

“There’s only one way to give me a peace of mind.” She muttered, grabbing her car keys and phone before walking out of her office.


“Please let me be wrong.” She wished, biting her lower lip.

She was currently sitting in her car, staring at the house right in front of her as she anxiously tapped her fingers on the wheel, ignoring the calls that she has been receiving from Haruna. Before leaving the office, she had asked the brunette for a certain girl’s location, which to her dismay, was currently unknown.

“Damn this.” She growled as she took her car keys and got out of the car, quickly making her way to the house that she has been staring at for almost an hour.

Taking a deep breath, she inserted the key that Kuu had given to her into the keyhole. It was given to her by the black-haired before she had left for Japan, saying that she might need it just in case she was unable to find an apartment to stay in.

When she successfully unlocked the door, she slowly and quietly opened it, not wanting to alert the black-haired and get her into a mess despite being well-prepared to give the excuse that she has thought of.

It seems that spending an hour in the car has given her plenty of time to think of an excuse if she were to get caught, which she hopes wouldn’t happen, since she plans on checking and leaving quickly after proving her suspicions wrong.

By this time, she had managed to infiltrate almost every room in the house without catching a glimpse of Kuu, which means that the bedroom was the only place left to check. Walking up to the room, she stopped by the door and prepared to knock, wanting to give a surprise to the black-haired.

After seeing how Kuu’s shoes were found in the shoe rack along with the sight of the living room in a mess, Yuko was certain that the black-haired wasn’t lying about being at home. She felt relieved that she hasn’t seen any heels along with it, making her scold herself mentally for suspecting the older boy.

Turning the knob of the door, she smile widely and prepared herself to give a hug to the black-haired even if he was sleeping, wanting to surprise him and maybe give a kiss on the cheek as a reward for not betraying her trust— even though she actually suspected him.

Pushing the door open, she opened her mouth to let out a happy cry and prepared to launch herself at the sleeping black-haired, planning to tickle him until he wakes up. She never thought that her smile would drop and her eyes would widen in complete surprise when she walked in, catching Kuu kissing someone whom Yuko had suspected as the woman from the other line.


She breathes out the black-haired’s name in shock, dazed by the sudden sight that her eyes had latched themselves upon. The two figures kissing on the bed has yet to notice her presence, obviously caught up in their making out session.

Yuko had to utter the words ‘no way’ in order to make them stop kissing and turn their heads to the brown-haired, who obviously startled them judging from how they jumped back in surprise. The three continues to stare at one another without uttering a word, unable to form any coherent words due to the shock that each had received.

Yuko was the most speechless one of all. Well, who wouldn’t be? There right in front of her was Kuu, wearing only his shorts. Right beside to him was the one whom he has been passionately kissing, wearing just a bathrobe.

Even though she had suspected of this happening, she never really thought that she would be actually witnessing it with her eyes.

Because it was none other than Mariko.

To Be Continued…

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Ah... so Mariko did cheat on Miichan with Kuu

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OMFG!!!! First I was scared for Miichan! Then I thought it must be a mistandersting. But now! I can't believe Mariko-sama really betrayed Miichan!

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After finished reading this ......


AND MARIKO again . First with haruna and now with kuu This is just so wrong. My poor yuuchan  how many time do you have to get hurt.

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Update Please

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I just discovered your story and really enjoyed it. Things just get more and more complicated!
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P- Please! Continue with RAY!

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Where are you???

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i love this fic...
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (04/03)
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update please  :bow: :bow: :cry:

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (04/03)
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