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Author Topic: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)  (Read 66305 times)

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un) Love [First post] (12/30)
« Reply #40 on: December 31, 2011, 04:33:32 PM »
It's the last night of 2011 here and all i can hear outside the house were fireworks, it's really noisy and distracting me from doing what i do here inside the house..

but when i read this AWESOME OS of yours, i felt like i didn't hear any distracting noises outside the house and just focus to the story, imagining all the scenes you wrote. First it was heart breaking, blaming Haruna again for being tsundere and choosing other girl over the girl she really love. She's stupid, really stupid for being cold to her and for not knowing that she's the one she truly love and not Mariko.

Atsumina couple is so cute, i can picture Takamina's face when she's crying lol, and she's really lucky to marry the beautiful Acchan... and Miichan oh god, someone should teach this girl a lesson for being a troll all the time. LOL

When she finally met the maid of honor in the church, and staring at her like there's no tomorrow made me scream inside, i was like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!GO KISS HER YOU TSUNDERE!!!" lol yeah, i was expecting Haruna will do something after meeting her again after 9 years.

I don't want this story to end it just like that, you must continue this! there should be part two! these two should get back together and follow the atsumina couple.


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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un) Love [First post] (12/30)
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wow, this story is soooooooooo sad that it tugs on my heartstrings (literally lol)

now I'm afraid of getting tugged again and again, since you would post this as 'Series'.. :lol:
but screw the fear, I'll wait for your next ones.. :D
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un) Love {Sequel to (Un)Requited Love} (02/20)
« Reply #42 on: February 20, 2012, 04:02:20 PM »
@AFLynx: Thank you so much Lynx! ^^

@oist: Hmm~ You're suggestion of a sequel made my mind started searching for ways.  :D As for the reason why Haruna broke up with Mariko, I'll try to work on that.  And thank you!

@kahem: Yeah, poor poor Yuko. T^T

@haruhi16: Thank you for the kind words! Your words really made me think on making a sequel, even though I never planned on making one. XD

@aruka: I'll try to tug more of those heartstrings ^^

A/N: Since my writer's side kept on bugging me to make a sequel to (Un)Requited Love, I decided to do it. I just couldn't update the other fics without making a sequel of this! Anyways~ Here goes! (And I do apologize for the things that's going to happen  :nervous)

(Un)Selfish Love

Chapter One

Normal POV

Everyone exited through the entrance of the church, and greeted the newly married couple with a shower of flower petals. Cheering, they then asked the ‘groom’ to give a peck on the cheek to the bride, making Takamina act all flustered.

“Come on, Takamina!” Miichan cried as she smacked the flustered girl’s back. “Don’t act like you’re shy! Everyone knows that you’re a beast wh—” The girl’s sentence was clearly cut off, when Mariko shut her up by slapping her palm against the mouth.

That must hurt, everyone thought to themselves as they sweated a drop. Mariko waved her hand dismissively, and sent a warning glare at the girl who just ignored it, and tried to get the taller girl’s hand off her mouth.

When she managed to, she glared at Mariko and began complaining about how dirty it tasted and such. Everyone began to laugh, as the two began to bicker. The newly wedded couple sighed, thinking how childish it was for the two to bicker on their wedding day.

However, among the laughter and smiles that everyone gave, only one had her mind away from the ruckus. Kojima Haruna watched the bickering girls, but had her mind wandering off and away from the scene. Her eyes stared straight in front of her, right to the walls of the church, only to have it staring at the cause of her trance after several seconds.

As her eyes scanned the girl from head to toe, she couldn’t help but think how nine years have passed, and the apple of her eye still had her signature smile, which could make anyone’s frown turn upside down. It was just the brightest smile she had ever seen ever since she was born, and she couldn’t help but wonder how the girl managed to remain cheerful.

Now thinking about it, she had never once seen Yuko’s smile fade away from her beautiful face. Well… Except the time she shouted at the poor girl.

“I hate you.”

The words echoed in her mind and her eyes widened as she was taken out of her trance. She began to shake and tremble as the words kept repeating and repeating in her mind. She tried to cover her ears with both of her ears, but to no avail, the words continued to echo.

She didn’t know why those words kept haunting her. She didn’t know why she broke up with Mariko, after she heard about Yuko’s leaving, and the words began to make her act emotional all the time.

And…Kojima Haruna didn’t know the reason why her eighteen-year-old self, chose someone else over Oshima Yuko.

That was the worst mistake in her life. Not only did it cause Haruna to experience most horrible heartache. It also caused her to realize that her love for Shinoda Mariko, was just infatuation. And not like the love that she really had for the younger girl.

“Haruna-san, are you alright?” Haruna’s eyes widened when the girl who stood on the other side a while ago, now stood beside her, with just a few meters between them.

She quickly removed her hands from the side of her head, and smiled at her awkwardly. “N-nothing. I just found Miichan’s and—” she bit her lip as she tried to keep herself from calling the other girl ‘Marichin’.

“—Mariko’s bickering, a bit noisy.” She said, and heaved a sigh of relief when her words came out the way she wanted.

“Would you like to accompany me to a much peaceful place, then?” Yuko asked as she tilted her head to the side, which Haruna found extremely adorable.

Haruna nodded, and followed the girl to the garden, where she spent the time before the wedding, thinking about the one who was currently walking right in front of her.

Just then, Yuko stopped in her tracks, making Haruna bump against her.

Haruna jumped back in a startle and fell down onto the ground the moment her skin touched with the shorter girl’s. She had felt an electric current ran from her head to toe, and it caused such a shock to her skin receptors, that she fell down due to reflexes.

Yuko looked at her worriedly, thinking that she accidentally pushed Haruna back. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah.” She stammered, and took hold of the offered hand as she stood up. Yuko scanned her body, looking for any injuries, and sighed in relief when she found none. She started dusting Haruna’s suit, and smiled.

“I think this place can do.”

Looking around, she saw a rock bench, and sat on it while Haruna stayed at the same spot, as she watched the girl sit on the same bench that she sat on before.

Seeing that Haruna was not going to sit, she patted the available space, thinking that the cat-like girl must have been feeling a bit shy. “Why don’t you sit here, next to me.” She suggested.
 “N-no! It’s fine!” Haruna cried frantically. “I feel fine with just standing!”
Seeing Haruna act so flustered made Yuko chuckle, and Haruna smiled sheepishly when she realized just how silly she looked like with flailing her arms around. Meanwhile, away from the laughter in the garden, the bickering of the two girls, ceased, and everyone went back on teasing the newly wedded couple.

Miichan began to search around the crowd. When she turned her head to the direction of the garden, she saw a glimpse of Yuko’s dress.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve teased her.” She thought to herself, with a huge grin forming on her face, and began to skip towards the garden.

But just as she was about to enter the garden through the gate, someone grabbed her by the shoulders, and yanked her away to some bushes.

Thinking that she was being kidnapped, she hardened her leg to kick the stupid guy. Bending her knees, she prepared her body to make a tornado kick, only to have it blocked, shocking her. Her ‘kidnapper’ flicked her forehead, shocking her even more. To surprise her even more, her captor spoke in a female’s voice.

“Don’t even think about kicking me.”

She turned her head to face her captor’s face, only to find herself facing with Akimoto Sayaka. Her eyes widened, and she cried. “Gorilla!”

Sayaka frowned at the nickname, and rolled her eyes when Miichan hugged her. A few seconds passed, and the girl felt awkward, making her decide on focusing on her task. She coughed, and tried to make her eyes seem intimidating as she stared into the younger girl’s eyes after pushing her away.

Miichan stared at her, and gulped when she realized that an aura of seriousness surrounded the taller girl, and seemed to be sending an icy glare to her. Her smile dropped, and she began to feel the strength leave her legs.

Seeing the effect on Miichan, Sayaka placed both of her hands on each side of the girl’s shoulder, and stared harder as she spoke. “Miichan.” She started.

“Don’t try to do something funny.” Miichan tried to look away, but something about Sayaka’s eyes seemed to make her look back. “You know how much Yuko hurted before, right?” Miichan nodded.

“So do her a favor, and help me separate her from Haruna.” Sayaka said as she pointed at two people, whom Miichan recognized as Yuko and Haruna.

The two of them watched the other girls laugh happily, making Miichan looked at her in confusion. Why would Sayaka want them separated? Yuko seemed to be enjoying her time with Haruna.

She began to open her mouth to refuse Sayaka, but soon nodded her head in agreement when the taller girl glared at her, making her cower in fright. Satisfied, Sayaka released her from the death grip, and mumbled an apology when she saw the red mark on the younger girl’s shoulders.

Miichan sighed an “It’s alright” and looked at Yuko, who was now talking to the girl she must be separated from. She started walking towards them with hesitating steps, a heavy feeling enveloping her heart as she remembered the face that Yuko showed her once when Haruna hurted her.

“Yuko seems to be happy now. So why should I separate her from Haruna?” Miichan murmured to herself, as she slowly neared the two. Biting her lip, she began to wonder of the reasons that Sayaka had.

When Miichan told her about Mariko and Haruna’s relationship nine years ago, Sayaka immediately ran from school to Yuko’s home, and stayed with the girl until she was able to go back to school without tearing up.
“This is for Yuko’s good, right?” Sayaka nodded, and Miichan sighed. If that was the case, then she had to do it. Sayaka was the other trustworthy friend of Yuko, beside her. And Sayaka WOULD never do something to make Yuko feel pain.

She continued to walk, this time, the heavy feeling slowly fading. But just then, a question came across her mind, making her stop and look back at Sayaka. “Can you tell me the reason why?”

Sayaka nodded her head, and motioned for her to continue walking as she assured her. “I’ll tell you later, but right now, you really need to separate her from Haruna.”

Miichan formed an ‘o’ with her mouth and continued to walk. Sayaka really seemed to be desperate on separating them.

 “Why me, and not you?” Miichan asked as she stopped once again, and pointed at Sayaka and herself.

Sayaka sighed impatiently, and crossed her arms. “Because it would be weird if I was to do it. But if YOU do it, it would seem ordinary.” And murmured to herself, “Because you’re known for being the third-wheel.”

Then staring straight at her, she pointed at the two and growled, “Now go and separate her from Haruna!” making Miichan jump in a startle.

The Gachapin look-alike sighed, and walked towards the two as naturally as she could before grabbing Yuko by her arm, and dragging her away. Taking a deep breath, she looked back behind her and found Yuko looking confused, while Haruna gave her the ‘What are you doing?’ look.

“I want to do some catching up with this girl. I’ve missed her too much!” she lied, as she continued to drag the short girl. Fortunately for her, Yuko went along without a fight and any questions.

As they walked, Miichan looked around to make sure that Haruna was not following them, and that no one was watching them. After a while of walking around by the place where Sayaka took her to, Miichan finally decided that it was safe for her and Yuko to go to Sayaka.
When both of them saw Sayaka, she had a smile on her face. Yuko’s eyes lightened up, and she quickly enveloped the tallest girl a hug as she cried. “Oh, Gorilla! Long time no see!”

Tired of hearing people calling her a gorilla, she looked at Yuko with a pout, and asked. “Do I even look like a Gorilla?”

Yuko and Miichan laughed as they shook their heads, making Sayaka smile at them and hit both of their arms playfully. She sighed as she looked at Yuko for some time, before hugging her. During the time they were hugging, Miichan started to feel a bit out of place.
She pouted, and enveloped the two into a hug, until they could no longer breathe, making Yuko and Sayaka gasp for air.
Yuko cried in a strangled voice. “L-let go, Gachapin!” Making Miichan quickly loosen her grip on the two as she gave a sheepish smile.
Sayaka laughed at Miichan before turning back to Yuko and gave a warm smile as she spoke. “I’ve missed you, Squirrel girl.”

“Oho~ What happened to our Medusa, Miichan?” Yuko asked in pretended disbelief, as she turned to Miichan. Miichan shrugged her arms and gave a laugh.

“Seems like a bartender managed to warm her up.” Sayaka immediately blushed at the statement, making Yuko’s eyes widen in realization, and turn to the younger girl.

“Eh?! No way!” When Miichan smirked, Yuko laughed as she started patting the beet-rooted girl’s back. Miichan and Yuko laughed, enjoying their friend’s rare moment of blushing.

“S-stop it!” Sayaka cried, when Miichan started poking at her ribs, tickling her. Oh, why did her face give her away?

“Anyway, how are you?” Sayaka asked, as she tried to lessen the redness in her cheeks by changing the topic. Yuko and Miichan stopped laughing after a while, and the Squirrel girl gave a shrug.

“I’m fine, and I’ve never felt better!” she cried as she made a muscle action with her arm.

“Are you finally over Har—” Miichan started to ask, only to be smacked in the mouth really hard with Sayaka’s palm.

Miichan gave a muffled cry of pain, only to have Sayaka glare at her, making Yuko raise her eyebrow at the two. She started to open her mouth and ask why Sayaka did that, when someone started calling her, interrupting her even before she could start.
“Yuko!” The said girl peeked out of their hiding place, and saw Acchan walking around by the area, with no Takamina in sight.

“Sheesh! Where are you?!” Acchan cried as she tried to carry the long gown all by herself. Yuko started to wonder where in the world was the bride’s groom, when Sayaka pushed her out into the open.

She looked at Sayaka, who gave her a knowing look that says that she had to perform her duty as the maid of honor and help the bride carry her long gown. Sighing, Yuko took a glance at her two friends, before going to Acchan with hesitating steps.

Sayaka peeked into the open, and sighed in relief when Yuko was finally out of sight. She removed her palm from Miichan, and started to wipe her moistened palm on her gown.

Finally free from the strong girl, Miichan crossed her arms, and pouted at her with a raised eyebrow. “Ok Sayaka, you’re acting weird.”

“And by weird, I mean weird Sayaka, not Weird gorilla.”

Sayaka rolled her eyes at the girl, and turned around to get to everyone else, only to be pulled back by Miichan. “What’s going on?” Miichan demanded.

Sayaka tried to free herself from the younger girl’s grip, only to have Miichan pull her arm again. “Tell me.” Miichan insisted.

The tall girl sighed, and looked at Miichan, who was now looking desperate to find out what was making her act that way. She scratched the back of her head, and stared into Miichan’s eyes.

“Yuko should never be reminded of loving Haruna, ever.”

To Be Continued…

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

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thank for update...

but why???  sayaka why you need to separated them????

i want to know the reason....

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It's been a long time karomuwi-san...I missed your fic and you of course LoL

But Acchan&Takamina is married  :k-inlove:

I wonder...maybe Sayaka didn't want Yuko to get hurt again or something like that
because she was the only one who saw how devastated Yuko was when NyanNyan said the hurtful word "I hate you"

Thank you for your update!
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Im think that sayaka gonna say that she is in love for yuko....

aww my kojiyuu but haruna deserve that for be so.. (insert bad words) .. but know destiny give a chance.. fight for you woman!!

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OMG! Thank you so much Karomuwi for granting my favor! It means so much to me! REALLY!! <333

This kind of story should be continued 'cause it's really interesting and it's like you wouldn't know what's gonna happen next! It's unpredictable!

Now you end it in that part and that made me really curious so much!!

I hope you'll update soon Karomuwi!! Thank you thank you thank you by the way!!

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Yayyyy!! A sequel!!  :w00t:

It's funny how Sayaka's glares are super effective against Mii-chan, but Mariko's are super ineffective.  :lol:

Ah. Yuko, Yuko.. She seems to be on good terms with Haruna. So far, no noticeable problem. I wonder how things will turn out..

Just a random thought, maybe Sayaka knew that Yuko was going to turn all yandere and what not, so she tried to save Haruna from a homicide.........


I am keen on reading your stories despite being ultimately lazy lately (I'm even lazy to procrastinate, if that's possible). They're interesting, well-written, and, of course, features my otp. Will be looking forward to the next chapter!

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No!!! Sayaka!!! Why???

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  • In my world, anything is possible.
this chapter is mysterious to me... it's like a lot has happened in Kojiyuu's past that's why Sayaka said that Yuko shouldn't be reminded of loving Haruna.  XD maybe you could shed some light to us readers about their past  :)

I'll be waiting for your next update! it's been a while since I read your posts... and honestly, I need to update mine as well  :nervous

great work! keep it up!  :thumbup

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yeah, finally the sequel  :cow:

if i were sayaka, i probably would do the same thing..i don't want to see my frient get hurt (again)..

but, because it is kojiyuu, i hope something good will happen to them..

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 :pleeease: Why Sayaka??!! Why!!! Why are you stopping the KojiYuu moment!!

Do you know how many years Kojima waited for this??  :scolding:

Please update soon..... :cool1:

I want to know what will happen next.... :err:

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AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho)
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@chuppachup: You're welcome. ^^ The reason will be revealed soon... and I mean a long 'soon'  XD

@Megumi: Yes. It has been a very long time. And thank you for the kind words. ^^ And yeah. Maybe Sayaka does want to protect Yuko. Or keep her for herself.  :P  :lol:

@Haruko: Maybe Sayaka will sat that.  XD Who knows?  :D And hmm~ since I can be considered as 'destiny' maybe I should make them suffer more?  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

@haruhi16: I'm sorry for not updating!!! :kneelbow: I'll try to make it reach your expectations.  :nervous

@oist: Ahahahaha, maybe? Who knows~  :P And thank you for your comment and kind words. ^^ It helps in giving me inspiration to write. ^^

@kahem: I'll let you figure that out on your own~ Ahahahaha  :twisted:

@AFLynx: Well, since I'm fond of the darkness at this current moment, it'll just be a world of darkness.  :twisted: And yeah! You haven't updated Parent Trap! -3-
@yukofan: Well yukofan-san, do take note that this is my favourite couple to give a tragedic ending to. However, I'll try to give happy moments.  :D

@smarty0821: Maybe Sayaka wants to be troll?  :lol: And I'll update a soon after this post. Maybe a few days, since graduation is almost here. ^^

A.N's note: I would like to thank everyone for their comments on (Un)Selfish Love. :kneelbow: However, I have bad news. This next update is totally NOT related to the ongoing fic. So I do apologize. Anyway... This just came up to me after watching a few funny court cases. I hope that this one is a bit funny, because I really suck at making a funny fic.

For those who are fans of Myao, I would like to apologize in advance if I made her...well...just read it.  :nervous I kind of made her the 'villian' in this fic, so I really apologize. If I have offended any of you by making your oshimen act differently, then I'm sorry. I'm really sorry if I made any other changes in one of the member's personality. You can help me by telling more about them. ^^ So...enough of my long drabbling. Here goes~!

AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho) Episode One: The case of Player Mii

The door creaked as she opened it, catching those in the room’s attention. Her heels gave a tapping sound as she walked on the wooden floor to get to her table, which was located on the far end of the room. Several cameras stood tall everywhere, and cables attached to them made it hard for her to walk.

As she walked towards the table that was a meter higher than her, the murmurs and chatters made by those in the room slowly died down. The ones behind the professional video cameras fixed and aimed at her, as she sat by her desk, and polished her glasses. Two jib arm cameras captured those in the room, before focusing on her.

She looked at the small digital clock placed on her wooden desk, as she fixed the collar of her robe. Then deciding that it was time to start the case, she took a look at those sitting in front of her as audiences, and those sitting on each side of the room as the Jury.

Everyone in the room, except for her and those who seemed to be the ones involved in the case, wore an outfit that seemed to be a school uniform. Interested, she arched her eyebrows and opened the file placed on her desk, reading it as she wondered about the particular group sitting in the room before her.

The words ‘Special Case: AKB48’ was written on the front page of the file, and she read the first paragraph to figure out what type of case she had to judge today. As she read, she find out that this case she had to judge was a special case on Japan’s Top Idol group. She also found out that this was a case far different than any other cases she had judge before, since it was a case of cheating…between two girls.

Several seconds passed by and soon, she was finished with the paragraph. She closed the file before darting her eyes to those sitting in front of her, checking every detail with her hawk-like eyes. Seeing that everything and everyone seemed to be in order, she took the gravel on her desk and gave a slight knock on the sound block to signal every one the starting of the case.

“The filed case for cheating is in motion.” She spoke in a voice that seemed cold, and hoped that she didn’t look bad in front of the Japan’s Top idols.
Fortunately for her,  no one seemed to care. One of the girls sitting in front of her stood up, catching her attention and making her head turn to the girl who now stood up before her. The girl gave her a slight nod, as a sign of respect while she just stared back with emotionless eyes.

She began to inspect the basic details of the girl in front of her, and realized just how the  girl seemed to be a few inches shorter than her. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a neat, greyish suit that made her look very formal.

However, something caught her eyes and a glint of amusement was seen on her face when she saw the shorter girl wearing a pink ribbon. The ribbon made the dull outfit look a little bit colorful.
“Attorney Takahashi Minami, Your Honor.” The short girl introduced herself with an aura of authority, making Karomuwi wonder if she was some sort of leader in the group AKB48.

Karomuwi sat up on her chair, and instructed. “Attorney Takahashi Minami, you may begin.”

The said girl nodded her head in response, and wore the glasses she took from her own desk. She cleared her throat to make sure that she would sound as confident as she wanted. Feeling satisfied with the feeling of her throat, she then spoke.
“I would like to have Minegishi Minami on the chair now.”

Karomuwi nodded her head to signal that she granted the request, making Takahashi Minami smile. Just then, a girl stood up from beside another girl, who also seemed to be an attorney like Takahashi Minami herself. She walked towards the chair in the middle of the room, and sat down.

The cameras moved to focus on the girl, making her feel self-conscious and fix her clothes. Karomuwi titled her face to try and figure out who the girl seemed to look like, getting the feeling that she has seen her face several times.

“Maybe she’s a daughter of a famous entertainer?” Karomuwi thought to herself, as she tried to search her mind for the possible look-alike.

“Your Honor?” Takahashi Minami said, making her train of thoughts stop with a halt.

Karomuwi looked at her with a blank look, before blinking her eyes several times. She gave an uncharacteristic, sheepish smile and cleared her throat as she hit the sound block with her gravel.

“Yes, The ‘Player Mii’ case.” She sat up straight before continuing. “Attorney Takahashi, you may begin questioning her.”

The said girl nodded her head before turning to the sitting girl with a cold stare. She walked towards Minegishi Minami with a book, and motioned her to stand as she placed the taller girl’s left hand on the book.

“Please repeat what I’m going to say.” She instructed before continuing on, after Minegishi nodded.

“I swear to speak truth, and nothing but the truth.” Takamina said, and waited for the taller girl to recite what was spoken.

Minegishi cleared her throat before reciting what was spoken, not noticing the mischievous glint in the shorter girl’s eyes. After she had spoken the sentence, Takamina added.

“If I were to be found speaking lies, I shall stop calling Takamina names such as Takamidget, Bakamina, and etc.”

Miichan’s eyes widened as Takamina’s lips formed a smirk. She looked at the judge before her, asking through her eyes if it was allowed to do such blackmail. Unfortunately for her, the judge Karomuwi was busy trying to figure out who she looked like, to even notice her pleading look.

“Ahem!” Takamina coughed, catching Miichan’s attention. “Please recite what I’ve spoken.”

Miichan gritted her teeth, knowing that she was being blackmailed. She cursed the shorter girl mentally, and clenched her left hand into a fist as she tried to keep herself from pinching the older girl’s cheeks. At the same time, snickers and chuckling were heard from the Juries and audiences, making Miichan turn her head to give them a glare.

Her eyes locked with a girl who was about Takamina’s height, and Miichan instantly noticed the mocking glint her eyes contained. Miichan growled under her breath and swore that she’d get her revenge.

“I’ll get you for this Bakamina and Squirrel!” she cursed under her breath, as she turned back to the smirking girl in front of her.

“Ahem!” Takamina coughed once again. “We’re all waiting, Minegishi-san.”

Miichan swore that her mouth would have shot off names to call the annoying girl, if it weren’t for the fast biting of her tongue. “Mpmhff!”

She winced at the pain and sighed, knowing that she had no other choice. Just then, her eyes caught a familiar face and she started reciting, as she stared at the girl who had her arms crossed. “If I were to be found speaking lies, I shall stop calling Takamina names such as Takamidget, Bakamina, and etc.” (Note that italic words for this line are spoken heavily)

Takamina smiled at her before taking the book out of reach, knowing how much Miichan wanted to throw the book onto the ground and step on it as she called Takamina names. Unbeknownst to her, Miichan was just smiling as she stared at Takamina’s rival.

“Minegishi Minami a.k.a Miichan, you may take your seat.” Takamina told her as she began to pace back and forth, in front of the girl and audiences to start the case.

She started, “I am the attorney for Shinoda Mariko—”

“—who is NOT here.” A voice interrupted, making Takamina stop her pacing and stare at the owner of the voice.

When she did, the nerves on her head popped and she smiled bitterly as she locked eyes with the girl.

Miyazaki Miho or other known as Myao

The girl stood up from her seat, and walked towards the two girls in the middle of the room. She gave a smile and a nod, but respect was not included. Everyone in the room turned their heads Myao before  they started searching the room for the missing plaintiff, Shinoda Mariko.

As Myao neared her and Miichan, Takamina gave a sigh. She knew perfectly well why the girl has decided to speak and interrupt her, since Takamina blackmailed Miichan. And the reason for Myao’s revenge, was the fact that she was Miichan’s attorney.

“I was about to state that reason, until YOU interrupted me,” Minami clenched her teeth as she spoke the younger girl’s name. The rest of the people in the room saw the tension between the two, and knew that an interesting case was to be expected.

Myao smiled with a hint of amusement as she heard the older girl hiss at her, mentally. She arched her eyebrow, and crossed her arms as she waited for the older girl to continue. To irritate the older girl, she started humming as she gave a face that had mockery on it.

Takamina opened her mouth to give her defense, only to be interrupted once again by the younger girl. Myao had decided that there was no reason to wait for Takamina to speak and explain, and instantly wanted her to realize what a difficult opponent she was going to be.

She made a beeline to the front of the judge, but not before standing up tall and patting Takamina on the head. She cleared her throat, and looked at the girl sitting in front of her as she gave a slight nod of the head to mark her respect.

“Your Honorable judge Karomuwi,” she started. “I do not understand how this case will be solved…” and then turned to lock eyes with the fuming girl as she continued.

“…If the plaintiff herself , isn’t here.”

Takamina took a breath to try and calm herself, but Myao only made it harder to calm down when she added, “Care to explain this, Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi?”

“That’s it!” Takamina thought to herself, and walked towards Myao.

Everyone held their breaths in, as they waited for something bad to happen. The Juries quickly turned to the judge, who now had a bored look on her face as she stared at the two girls with emotionless eyes.

“Why isn’t she doing anything?” Everyone thought to themselves as they sweated a drop.

When Takamina was beside Myao by a few meters, everyone could have sworn the glare that Takamina sent to the smirking girl. However, instead of doing what everyone thought Takamina would do, she just patted the younger girl on the shoulder and stared at the judge who now had her eyes looking sleepy.

“Well, Attorney Mi-ya-za-ki…” she took a breath of air, and continued. “I have NEVER heard of a rule that states the NEED for the plaintiff to be on scene.”

Myao arched her eyebrow and crossed her arms. “But Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi, isn’t it COMMON SENSE to have the one who submitted the complaint in the scene?”

“There’s no rule for that.”

“It’s plain common sense.”

“NO Rule.”

“Common sense.”

“NO Rule!”

“Common sense!”

The two began exchanging words, amusing the judge who was sleepy a few seconds ago. Her droopy eyes now looked awake and alert as it darted from the shorter girl to the younger girl. Arguments between the lawyers and attorneys have always been her favorite part of every case. Unfortunately for her, the fun had to end.

The cameras had been recording and capturing every passing second, and as a well-respected judge to look amused for watching an argument based on a missing plaintiff was going to ruin her reputation. She sighed and picked up the gravel with her right hand, and hit the sound block.

The two girls looked at her; confusion was evident on their faces. Karomuwi stared at them with those cold eyes, and spoke.

“I can see that you are enjoying this silly argument of yours, and have forgotten the real reason for this case.” She motioned for them to stare around them as she continued.

“May I bring you to your senses, and remind you that you are arguing in front of millions of people. In NATIONAL television?”

The two girls had their eyes widened, making it hard for Karomuwi to keep her composure. “Now, if you would take a sit Attorney Miyazaki, and allow Attorney Takahashi to proceed with the questioning, then I would be mostly glad.”

“But the plainti—” Myao started to say, only to be shut up by  Karomuwi.

“There is NO certain rule that says the need for the plaintiff to be on scene.” She picked up a piece of paper on her desk, and spoke. “Besides, Shinoda Mariko has sent me an excuse letter saying that she’s abroad for an important modeling project.”

“Then, may I ask why we should still proceed with this case?” Myao asked challengingly, annoyed that she had to be scolded by a girl younger than her (yep, I’m younger than her XD) on national television.

“Well…” Karomuwi narrowed her eyes at Myao as she continued. “Akimoto Yasushi, YOUR producer asked me to let this case continue.”

Myao’s hard stare eased at the sound of AKB48’s producer’s name. Karomuwi added just to make sure that Myao would sit down. “If you have anything to say about it, I suggest that you talk about it with HIM.”

A second passed, and Myao immediately sat back down onto her seat. Karomuwi turned to Takamina, who had a smug look on her face, and cleared her throat. “Proceed with the questioning.”

Takamina nodded, and turned back to Miichan. “Miichan, is your relationship with Shinoda Mariko still good?”

Miichan nodded confidently. “Of course, it is.”

Takamina scoffed as she smacked her hand against the desk that Miichan was sitting by. “But according to what Mariko-sama said, it is not.”

“Well…Uh… We actually have some little problems that could be solved with ease.” Miichan smiled sheepishly as she scratched her head.

Takamina turned away from her as she faced the Juries and started speaking. “And those little” she air quoted, “ problems are the reason why we’re here today.”

The Jury clicked their tongues, as they stared at Miichan with disappointment. Miichan flinched at the stares she received, but it was just the beginning. Takamina was now facing her, and had her index finger pointed at her accusingly.

“You always have some lovey-dovey moments with the other members, girls, kenkyuusei—”

Myao cried as she interrupted. “We all get it!”

Takamina looked at her, and Myao added. “Just continue!”

The short girl coughed as she tried to get back the composure she had, until Myao interrupted her. “Anyway, you always ditch Mariko, is it correct?”

“Yeah…” Miichan nodded, and quickly added. “Sometimes, only!”

“Can you please tell me more about it specifically?”

Miichan scratched her forehead. “Well…Uh…It’s actually nothing much.”

“Oh really?” challenged Takamina.

Miichan sighed. “Well…There was ONE time when I hugged Sae-chan in front of the troll—”

“—Troll?” Takamina interrupted with a question.

“Attorney Takahashi, please don’t interrupt my client!” Myao scolded.

Miichan continued after receiving a nod from Takamina. “Anyway, I DID hug Sae-chan—”

“Then what?” Takamina asked, not realizing that she has once again interrupted the younger girl.

“Interruption.” Myao coughed, making Takamina send a glare to her.

“May the named ‘Sae-chan’ stand up?” Karomuwi asked, wanting to find out who it was.

Just then, a short-haired girl stood up from the Jury’s seat, surprising everybody. She gave a wave to the camera before giving a wink to the audience, who swooned upon receiving it. A long-haired girl beside her smacked her own forehead and sighed.

“Seems like Miichan isn’t the only pimp in the room.” The girl, Akimoto Sayaka, said to herself as Sae sat down.

Takamina nodded her head. “Then?”

“Then, the next three days was…” Miichan scrunched her nose as she tried to find the words. “literally like hell.”

Takamina sighed as she started pacing back and forth in front of her. “And I reckon that Sae-chan is NOT the only one. Am I right, Minegishi-san?”

Miichan looked at her, waiting for her to continue. Takamina stared at her, and asked. “Can you please name those whom you have cheated with on your REAL partner, Mariko?”

Miichan’s jaw dropped, and she started scoffing. “You want me to name them ALL?”

Takamina nodded, but Miichan just moaned as she hit her head against her desk. “There are too many! I can’t remember!

The Jury, and even the judge, laughed to themselves as they watched Miichan moaned, complaining. She had both of her hands massaging the temples of her head as she tried to remember who she had cheated with.

“I need you to be more serious, Minegishi-san!” Takamina scolded half-heartedly, finding the scene of Miichan hitting her head amusing.

“It’s cute though!” A voice cried, making everyone turn and find a girl about Takamina’s height, smiling.

“Exactly!” Miichan cried as she gave a thumbs up to her, who gave the same action in response.

Takamina smiled and shook her head, as she watched Oshima Yuko get hit by a taller female, who made the others give way for her to smack the girl. Yuko moaned as she rubbed the sore spot on her head. “Nyan Nyan~ Not on national television~!”

The audience laughed together with the judge, and Takamina shook her head with a chuckle. After a second, everyone’s gaze returned to the girl sitting in the middle.

“I know that I’m cute, pretty, and talented. I’ve kissed several members even your fiancée!” Miichan cried, making Takamina glare at her before turning to a girl who sat on a Jury’s seat. “I’ve even made the troll and dangerous dog fall for me!”

Myao rolled her eyes and sent daggers to her, which was ignored with ease by the girl.

Miichan added. “My beauty is no joke.”

Takamina scoffed, and then spoke with pity. “But sadly, your beautiful image is destroyed by your GACHAPIN image.”

Something clicked inside Karomuwi’s head when she realized who Minegishi Minami looked like. The green mascot!

But something also made a sound, when Miichan shot straight up from her desk and smacked the desk with her hands as she cried. “That’s my charm!”

She hit the desk once more as she pointed at Takamina with an accusing finger. “This is too much! You are WAY off topic by mentioning that!”

Karomuwi hit the sound block with her gravel, catching the Miichan’s attention. “Please calm down and take a sit, Minegishi-san.” She instructed.

Takamina laughed along with the rest of those in the room, before looking at Miichan. “Anyway, Mariko told me—”

“—Told you what?” Miichan challenged, with a hint of annoyance.

“That there was a time when you went out for dinner with another girl from AKB48. But you DIDN’T even let her know.” Miichan looked at Takamina with a calm exterior.

“How do you explain this? And who was it?” Takamina asked.

Miichan laughed to herself, and looked at Myao. The younger girl had an amused look on her face, and Miichan can’t help but laugh even more as Takamina stared at them confusingly.

“Please take this seriously, Minegishi-san.” Takamina asked, as she crossed her arms.

Miichan sighed, calming herself after a few laughs and stared at Takamina as she placed her elbows onto the top of the desk. “I wasn’t going to talk about this.”

Takamina arched her eyebrow, making Myao chuckle out loudly. She stared questioningly at Miichan as she waited for the younger girl to continue.

“But since you brought it up, I’ll answer you sincerely.”

Takamina nodded. “Please go ahead.

Miichan took a deep breath, making it obvious that she was trying to keep herself from laughing. She rested her chin on top of her palms before speaking. “The truth is… The one whom I went out for dinner with is…”

Her voice trailed off, making Takamina furrow her eyebrows. “Please stop stalling, Minegishi-san.”

Miichan flashed her an evil grin, before she spoke in a nonchalant voice. “Well…The one whom I went out for dinner with is…”

Takamina frowned, getting annoyed with the stalling. Her annoyance grew even more when Miichan sent her a wink.

“Wasn’t it…” Takamina’s eyes suddenly widened in realization, when she finally figured out the reason why.

“Wasn’t it you, Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi?”

The whole room gasped as the news came upon them. Karomuwi dropped the gravel onto the ground, while others started murmuring to themselves. Some were talking about the shocking news, making Takamina blush in embarrassment.

She turned to Miichan who has choked on her own saliva from laughing too much, before turning to Myao who was chuckling to herself. It was obvious just how much Myao enjoyed this, but Takamina paid no heed to it as she smacked her forehead.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Attorney Takahashi?” Miichan asked as she wiggled her eyebrows at the older girl.

Takamina turned directly to the cameras and said, “Hey, Mariko-sama…”

Her voice trailed off as she took a deep breath when she looked down, before she looked up straight into the camera with an annoyed smile. “I thought that you were talking about someone else, but it turned out to be ME!”

She stomped her feet as she cried out, “What the heck?!”

Everyone in the room fell into a fit of laughter. Reporters are writing down on their notepads about the shocking revelation, as they chuckled to themselves. Miichan was smiling to herself and gave herself a mental note to thank Mariko for trolling on their captain.

Just then, Takamina turned straight to Miichan and gave a smile while pleading through her eyes as she asked. “Minegishi Minami, we just went out for dinner, nothing personal right?”

Miichan chuckled to herself as she watched Takamina stare at her, almost bearing a hole through her , if possible.

“Yeah, right.” Myao scoffed, “Just a NORMAL dinner.”

Takamina looked at her to give a glare, but then diverted it quickly to a squirrel-like girl once she heard her speak. “Acchan! Your fiancé is cheating on you!”

“I AM NOT!” Takamina declared, before turning to Miichan with a sigh as she massaged her forehead.

“Let’s skip this UNCLEAR relationship between me and Minegishi Minami.” She said, but then felt a sudden chill run down her spine as she heard the most terrifying voice in her life.

“Minami~” Maeda Atsuko also known as Acchan, called out sweetly. A scary aura could be felt being emitted from her, making everyone around her try to move away.

Takamina gulped in fear, and darted her eyes from her fiancé to the girl in the middle of the room. “A-Anyway, Mariko’s next rival s also a member from AKB48.”

She sighed, knowing that what she was going to say will probably hurt a certain girl. “She kinds of have a great impact on her, making Mariko feel betrayed and brain-damaged because of this CERTAIN girl.”

Karomuwi cleared her throat as she asked. “Is this person in the room, Attorney Takahashi?”

Takamina nodded her head, and Miichan started wondering who it was. Takamina still hasn't continued after the nodding of her head, making Myao tap her feet impatiently.

“Stop beating around the bush and just tell us who it is!” she cried out.

“She is none other than…” Takamina started, before staring straight at the seat of Juries. “AKB48 Team A’s Kojima Haruna!”

The whole room gasped loudly in shock, and turned their heads to the tall, brunette girl. Miichan’s jaw dropped, surprised that had forgotten about Haruna. Karomuwi mumbled to herself, “She cheated on Mariko with those in the Juries. This girl really is a pimp.”

Yuko had her eyes in a teary form as she stared at the tall beauty, shocked and saddened by the news.

“Nyan Nyan.” Her voice croaked as she called out the girl’s nickname.

Haruna turned to her with apologetic eyes before glaring straight at Takamina, who sighed in relief, glad that the attention has now been diverted to her No3b teammate. When Takamina saw Haruna’s glare of daggers, she immediately turned her head and continued speaking.

“Also known as the Airhead Queen in our dearest judge’s story.” She turned to Karomuwi and asked, “Is it correct?”

Karomuwi nodded her head, and turned straight to the camera. “Please read The Akiba Family, Series of (un)Love, and Love’s a Mission.”

Miichan raised her hand like a student, and asked. “What about R.A.Y?”

“That one is still on hiatus. But it’ll be updated soon.” Karomuwi smiled, before turning back to her serious mode.

“Anyway, continuing on with the case…” Takamina said, before she was interrupted by Miichan.

“She’s not really just an Airhead Queen.” She stared at Yuko, who glared at her with deadly eyes. “More like the Goddess of Breasts.”

She smiled a face that annoyed Yuko even more, making the short girl stand up with rage. She tried to get to Miichan, only to be pulled back by the others. Disappointed that she wasn’t able to rip Miichan’s grin off her face, she turned to her girlfriend and gave a pout.

“Nyan Nyan~” tears now started to form in her eyes. “H-how could you?”

Haruna looked at her, not knowing how to react and what to say. Fortunately for her, Yuko continued. Yuko now had her index finger pointing at Miichan, who smirked at the scene before her. “How COULD you?!” Yuko cried in disbelief, before turning to Miichan angrily.

“How could you cheat on me with THAT girl?!” she demanded. “That GACHAPIN?!”

Haruna’s mouth opened, before she closed it once again as she covered her face. “I-I don’t know!” she shook her head and continued. “I-I’m an airhead queen remember?!”

Yuko looked at her, before breaking out into sobs. The audiences looked at Miichan, who just shrugged her shoulders as she spoke. “Don’t blame me, blame Bakamina for revealing that.”

Everyone in the room now stared at the girl with the ribbon on her forehead, and glared. Enjoying the scene in front of her, Myao winked at Miichan. Miichan had winked back at her, before grinning to herself.

“Anyway, I also like Haruna because she…” she stared at Yuko, “has BIG breasts…” then turned to Takamina as she continued. “… and she’s TALL.”

Takamina looked at her, and pointed at her accusingly. “Hold on! I believe that you’re trying to insult us short people!”

Miichan just looked at her, pretending not to know anything as she spoke to Karomuwi. “What in the world is she talking about?” she tried hard to keep her grin from showing, but it was clearly seen by Takamina and Yuko. “I seriously HAD no idea that SHORT people can be this sensitive!”

Yuko stood up straight from her seat, and cried out. “Your honor! That girl is trolling us two!”

“Uh…” was what Karomuwi could just say at the moment.

“Your Honor, please just ignore her.” Myao asked with a smirk.

Miichan smirked and gave a discreet thumbs-up to Myao, before looking at Takamina who now had both of her hands massaging her head. Takamina sighed and turned to her: exhaustion could be seen clearly on her face.

“Minegishi-san, is Haruna the last person on your to-cheat-with list?” She asked.

“Keep dreaming.” Yuko mumbled to herself, “She took my Nyan Nyan.”

Miichan chuckled to herself, before responding. “Yeah, keep dreaming. It’s actually LONGER than your HEIGHT.”

The whole room chuckled, but Takamina just ignored them. Miichan continued, wanting to see more of Takamina’s annoyed face. “If you want to know just how LONG it is, then let’s go out for dinner AGAIN.”

Karomuwi laughed, making everyone turn their attention to her. She had just realized what Miichan meant, and found it really funny. Then turning to everyone else, she gave an apologetic nod. Takamina was now looking at Miichan in disbelief.

“Mariko is going to tear me apart if you keep being like this.” She stated.

Miichan chucked to herself once again, as she spoke, “I hope she will.”

Deciding that if she wasn’t going to be spared from Mariko’s punishment, she sighed and asked Miichan. “Mariko isn’t here today, but I’m SURE that she wants you to stop cheating on her with our Squirrel’s cat.”

Miichan just shrugged her shoulders, as she replied nonchalantly. “Sure. I’m having my eyes on Yuko anyway.”

Yuko choked along with Haruna. “W-WHAT?!”

Takamina sighed, and decided to end her questioning. It was draining every last ounce of energy out of her, and she still needed to have some left in order to make sure that Mariko wins this case.  “If you keep saying such things, then I don’t think I should continue on. This case seems complicated.”

“I’m even involved! It’s so embarrassing!” she cried, before adding. “I think I will stop here.”

She walked back to her own seat, before leaning against the chair with an exhausted sigh. Karomuwi nodded at Myao, motioning for her turn. “Miichan’s attorney, you may begin.”

Myao stood up and bowed at her as she spoke, “Thank you, Your Honor.” Then turning to Miichan, she asked. “Minegishi-san, don’t you think that it’s unfair to call you a player or a pimp?”

Miichan nodded. “Yes.”

“All of your relationship with everyone in AKB48, except Mariko, is just friendship. Am I right?”

Miichan nodded once again. “Most definitely, you are correct.”

Myao nodded, before staring at Takamina. “And about you going out for dinner with someone…” she started to say.

Takamina widened her eyes as she glared at Myao menacingly, challenging the younger girl to continue speaking. But Myao just stuck out her tongue at Takamina. Miichan cleared her throat as she leaned against her chair with her arms crossed.

“Actually, Attorney Ta-ka-ha-shi was the ONE who made the first move.” Everyone gasped audibly, and stared at Takamina.

She was now giving the same look she gave Myao a few seconds ago, to Miichan as she asked in a voice that scared the audiences. “What?”

However, her glaring was easily ignored by Miichan’s attorney. She clapped her hands, and spoke. “Then that cleared up the relationship for the W Minami couple.”

She added. “Miichan is always loyal to Mariko, and the attorney on the other side SEDUCED her.”

“Indeed, she did.” Miichan nodded in agreement.

“Minami~” a  terrifying voice called out once again.

“Anyway, all of the members are beautiful. So why Mariko?” Myao asked.

Miichan looked thoughtfully as she answered. “To me, Mariko is the prettiest. She’s also a troll, and that attracted me to her. And even more because—”

“—of her height?” Myao interrupted as she stared at Takamina.

Miichan grinned at her, and nodded. “Yes. At least she’s taller than SOME people out there.”

“In this room, perhaps?” Myao grinned back.

Takamina scoffed as she spoke out loudly. “What a weird conversation we have!”

“By the way, I want to ask some questions to clear everybody’s head. Is it okay?” Myao asked, ignoring Takamina.

Miichan nodded with a smile. “Go ahead.”

“Your Gachapin image…” Takamina and Yuko snickered to themselves, earning a glare from Miichan.  “It’s so powerful that it even seduced the great Troll, and even Yuko’s Nyan Nyan, right?”

Miichan nodded confidently. “Yes. Yes, it is.”

Myao arched her eyebrow as she continued. “It also made Takamina ask you out for dinner, am I correct?”

Miichan nodded. “Yep.”

Myao stopped to look like she’s in a thought, before breaking a question to her. “Do you think that it’s possible…”

“…With your powerful image…” Everyone held their breaths in as they waited for Myao to continue.

“Do you think that it can change Takamina into a full-fledged girl?” Miichan broke out into laughter.

Myao grinned as she stated. “I mean, she IS a man in a woman’s body.”

Everyone laughed with Myao’s statement. There have been rumors about Takamina being a man, but no one has spoken about it in public. Wanting to make everyone laugh even more, Miichan ignored Takamina’s warning stare and tried to look as serious as she could to answer Myao’s previous question.

“Well…” she tried to look thoughtful as she continued. “…I think that there IS a possibi—”

“—OBJECTION!” Takamina interrupted, and stood up from her seat before slamming her hands down hard onto the desk’s wooden surface.

“I object to that question and answer, Your Honor!” She glared at the two grinning girls, before continuing. “Minegishi Minami and her attorney are going a little too face!”

She crossed her arms, as she gave the table another slam of the fist. “I believe that the topic and the courtroom DO NOT mix well!”

Karomuwi tried to put on a straight face, but found it extremely hard to do so. The look of annoyance on Takamina’s face was just priceless, and the topic just made it extremely funny. She opened her mouth to speak and calm the shorter girl. However, just when she was about to speak out a word, Myao spoke.

“I thought that this was my turn to talk.” Myao said, as she walked to Miichan’s side.

“Who cares?!” Takamina cried out. “Mii?!”

Myao bursted out laughing, angering Takamina even more. Takamina didn’t notice that she had accidentally blurted out ‘Mii’ instead of ‘me’, and glared hard at the younger girl. Everyone was now trying hard to stifle their laughter, seeing how angry their captain was.

“Why are you all laughing?!” she cried out in frustration, when she saw Karomuwi clutching her stomach from laughing too much.

Deciding that it was enough of teasing, Myao cleared her throat and spoke. “It’s me. Not Mii.”

Takamina looked at her confusingly, making Myao continue. “She’s Miichan.” She pointed at the said girl while enunciating the name, before pointing at Takamina as she spoke. “You’re supposed to pronounce it as me, and not her name.”

Just then, realization struck Takamina. She smacked her own forehead with her hands, and sighed depressingly. When she looked up, she saw Miichan sticking out her tongue at her as she spoke.

“That’s right, Bakamina!”

Deciding that it was a mistake to be laughed at instead of fussing over, she smiled. “Eh? Is that so?” She started laughing in embarrassment, as she scratched the back of her head.

As she watched everyone laughing in front of her, Karomuwi smiled to herself. She had never thought that a cheating case would be this hilarious. She had never heard of an idol group called AKB48, since she never paid her country’s idol groups any attention.

But after seeing this case, she formed a conclusion in her head and made a mental note to watch this idol group in front of her once the case finished. Maybe she would even go to one of their concerts, and have an oshimen.

Just then, a vibration from her robe’s inner pocket interrupted her thoughts. She discreetly took out her phone, and read the message quickly.

The ratings are off the roof. You can stop the case now.
               ~Akimoto Yasushi

Karomuwi arched her eyebrow and quickly typed down her reply.

Who wins the case?

Another vibration came, and she smiled with a quiet chuckle. She put her phone back into the pocket and looked over to the girls in the middle. Takamina was now standing in front of Myao and Miichan, and she was giving a talk about the reason she won’t join the others for a bath.

Karomuwi cleared her throat, catching everyone’s attention. “I think that what you’re discussing is way off topic.”

“I have made my decision, so please take a sit.” She said.

The three girls in the middle did as what was said, and sat back down to their respective seats. Everyone in the room has wiped away the smiles off their faces. Cameras and jib arms focused on the judge, who was now looking at Miichan.

“I have made a decision based on what I’ve heard.”

She took the gravel into her hands, and hit the sound block gently but loudly. “Shinoda Mariko has won this case.”

A sigh escape Myao’s mouth as she mumbled to herself, “I knew it.”

But just before she continued, Karomuwi nodded at the cameras and guards that stood beside her, waiting for any order. Getting the knowing look, the cameramen and reporters switched their equipment off. The guards nodded their heads at her, and made everyone, who wasn’t an idol, to leave the room.

Seeing that no one else besides herself and the group AKB48 was in the group, Karomuwi then placed her elbows on top of the desk, and spoke. “However…”

“I declare that Minegishi Minami gets the permission from me…” she narrowed her eyes at the said girl before continuing. “…to continue on.”

Myao stood up, and asked. “With her current situation, Your Honor?”

Karomuwi nodded her head, and took a breath. “Yes. She can continue on being a player or a pimp.”

Takamina’s jaw dropped, along with everybody else’s. Karomuwi sighed, knowing how unreasonable her condition was. But just then, an enthusiastic cry was heard.

“Yes!” Miichan cried happily, and grabbed Myao by the hand. “I can continue!”

Takamina opened her mouth to try and ask Karomuwi, but the young judge has taken the gravel and hit the sound block as fast as she could. “Case dismissed!”

With that, everyone knew that nothing and no one would be able to change the judge’s mind. They all stood up from their seats, and walked out of the room as they talked about everything that has happened during the case.

The moment the guards opened the doors, reporters and cameramen all tried to squeeze their way through one another to get a member to answer their questions. The members’ managers made a way for the whole idol group to walk through, keeping the nosy reporters out of way.

The doors closed, and Karomuwi heaved a sigh of relief. She took off the robe, and folded it. The guards have closed off the room, leaving her alone. However, that wasn’t the case. The moment she stood up from her seat, a figure moved out from the shadows of the dimmed room, startling her.

She stared at the figure as it slowly revealed itself to her, and found a certain person smiling. She smiled to herself, and got down from the high seat to greet the unannounced guest.

“Hello, Yasushi-sama.” She greeted with a low bow.

The said person nodded in acknowledgement at her, before patting her head as he gave a warm greeting. “Hello, Katherine.”

“I did what you asked, Uncle.” Katherine smiled, as she removed her uncle’s hand off her head.

“Thank you, Kath.”

“May I ask one thing, Uncle?” Katherine asked, as they started walking towards the door.

“What is it?”

“Why did you ask me to take this case? And why allow one to file a case against another member?” she asked curiously as she tilted her head to the side.

“Didn’t you want to be on National television?” Her uncle smiled at her, before stopping right before the doors. “And besides, I wanted to raise up the ratings.”

“Ratings?” she asked confusingly.

“My girls didn’t know that today was just one of the shows I made.” He answered.

She arched an eyebrow at him, as he asked. “Don’t you already have several shows?”

“Well…” he started, “…this one is specially made to please the fans.”

She continued looking at him confusingly, making him smile at her as he explained. “You can say that this is a fan service show.”

“Hmm~” Katherine scrunched her nose as she asked. “But won’t this reveal their relationships to the public and cause uproar?”

Her uncle shook his head as he grabbed the doors’ handles. “It’s a show that gives fan service. No one will suspect a thing.”

“This will also help them in revealing any relationship they have with one another.” He smiled proudly at himself.

“Great idea, uncle.” She complimented, while giving a thumbs-up to him.

He returned the gesture as he spoke. “Of course! I’m THE Akimoto Yasushi.”

He turned the knob, and let his niece to exit the room before exiting as he mumbled to himself.

“Episode 1 of AKB48 no Fansābisu no Shō” he smiled widely before closing the door. “End”

To be continued?

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Chapter Two

“Yuko should never be reminded of loving Haruna, ever.”

The words echoed inside Miichan’s mind endlessly, driving her to the point of insanity so much that she had to cry out in distress, and clutch her head from aching. The reasons were also adding to the pain in her head, as she had no idea why Sayaka made her do it.

What did Sayaka mean by that? Why can’t Yuko be reminded of her love for the cat-like girl? And why does it seem that she’s hiding something?!

She cried out in frustration as the words continued to torment her. Fortunately for her, Mariko was there.

About several meters away from the girl clutching her head as if something was trying to bear a hole through it, there was another girl taller by several inches, watching her with hawk-like eyes. In her right hand, she was holding a glass filled with wine that filled only about a fourth of the object, and a red purse that went very well along with her cocktail dress, in her left hand.

As she took a sip from her glass, a conclusion was formed in her mind. She has been watching her girlfriend scratch her head angrily, making it look like a bad condition of nits. Though it was a hilarious sight to behold, Mariko knew that she had to help her girlfriend, sooner or later. That scratching, (or so it seems,) scratching girl was catching to much attention. And for someone like Mariko, who had quite a reputation, she had to make sure that the younger girl doesn’t make a fool of herself, or maybe at this case, seem like a girl with nits.

She leaned away from the wall, and strutted her way to her target. When she was probably a few meters away, she sighed and started wondering what Miichan had done to her, to make her act kindly. Perhaps the Gachapin girl fed her something like a charm? Chuckling quietly to herself, she sat on a chair beside her lover, as she placed her wine glass onto the table and slowly hit the girl’s head with her purse.
Miichan gave no response or whatsoever, and Mariko began to gently shake her girlfriend, hoping that it would snap the girl out of the trance. But then again, not a flinch or a blink came from Miichan, irritating Mariko just a bit.

Mariko began snapping her fingers in front of the girl’s face as she cried, “OI!” But to no avail, was ignored again as the girl was too deep in her sea of thoughts. Mariko sighed in annoyance, and knew that there was only ONE way to get the girl back to Earth.

She moved a bit nearer to Miichan, before positioning her body as she started aiming.


The sound echoed throughout the room, and over the slow music that was currently being played. It gained the attention of the people around them, but Mariko was too busy smiling to herself for getting the girl out of the trance, to even realize it. It wasn’t just that. She was also glad to know that she still had her sadistic side in her, meaning that nothing was wrong with her.

Unfortunately for her, the moment her happiness over the realization ended, she came staring at those eyes watching her. Her smile disappeared, and was replaced by shock. Her throat has gone dry. Her lips opened a bit, to let some water vapor out of her system. And her eyes started darting left and right, hoping that she was just misunderstanding the looks.

The looks were really for her. She realized that the moment she turned to Miichan, who was staring at her with curious eyes. She opened her mouth only to close it back again, unknowing the way she could get out of the mess she just made.

Fortunately for her, the newly married couple were still sober enough to help her. They clapped, and started telling others that they had dared Mariko into slapping her own girlfriend, earning a few ‘aahs’ and ‘oohs’. Some gave the couple a disbelieving look, though they said nothing as they felt that they should respect the couple on their wedding day.

Everyone returned their gazes back to where they had them staring before the incident happened, letting Mariko take in a few relieved breaths. She sat down, and wiped her forehead that had produced a few drops of sweat, and stared at her girlfriend to give an apologetic look.

Her girlfriend had both of her hands at her nape, rubbing the sore spot. She placed them down on top of her lap, and stared at her girlfriend. Well, to be frank, she was frowning.

“That hurts~!” Miichan hissed, before turning to smile at those who still giving them the stares.

Mariko looked down, letting Miichan see her regretting the smack. A few seconds passed, but not a pat on the shoulder or a kiss to the cheek was given to her. She looked up, and saw Miichan pouting. The girl had both of her hands on her cheeks as she pretended to cry, hoping that it would make Mariko feel bad.

And it worked!

Regretting her action, Mariko mumbled out an apology. Everyone by now had their eyes on the two of them. Knowing that it would be bad to leave things as they were right now, Mariko turned to everyone else and bowed. “Sorry for the trouble I caused.”

Everyone continued to stare at her, making Mariko feel uncomfortable with the unwanted attention she’s getting. Fortunately for her, Acchan smiled knowingly and motioned for the DJ to continue the song, making everyone’s eyes divert from the two and onto the wedded couple.

Making a mental note to thank her friend, Mariko started breathing with ease as the pressure from her chest lifted up. She pulled a chair towards her and sat down next to her girlfriend, who now had her back facing Mariko.

“You okay?” Miichan asked her in a cold voice. She never turned her head to look at the older girl, and Mariko started craving for her girlfriend’s look. Mariko sighed and spoke not a word, as she stared at her girlfriend’s back.

A few minutes went by and Miichan turned to face her, unable to take the atmosphere between the two of them. She stared into Mariko’s eyes, before taking the taller girl’s hands into her own.

After seeing the remorseful look on her girlfriend’s face, Miichan smiled and pinched Mariko’s cheeks gently. “Don’t pout~” she said.

“You look like an old lady trying to look cute.” Miichan joked, earning a gently slap to her arm.

“Sorry.” Mariko mumbled to her afterwards, referring to the younger girl’s head. “Does it still hurt?”

When Miichan nodded in response, she began to massage the girl’s head with a slight frown plastered on her face. She didn’t mean to hit Miichan that hard. Just enough force to snap her out of the trance. She must have had the force building up in her hand, after all those time she tried hard not to hit her girlfriend.

“It still hurts~!” Miichan whined to her after a while.

Moving her head to kiss the small bump, Mariko pulled her girlfriend towards her. She was about to place a kiss on the spot when Miichan stopped her and pointed to her lips instead. She puckered her lips after claiming, “My lips hurt as well.”

“Kiss it to make me feel better.” Miichan smiled, as she fluttered her eyelashes as her girlfriend.

Scoffing to herself, Mariko then rolled her eyes. She knew what would happen if she didn’t comply to the request, and sighed. She leaned closer to her girlfriend’s face, before giving a quick peck on the lips. However, just when Mariko was about to move her face away, Miichan grabbed her neck gently and pushed her lips against the soft, rosy lips.

Miichan pushed their heads towards each other even more, and sucked on Mariko’s lower lip. The action made Mariko’s knees to soften, and let out a moan of pleasure. The moaning caught the wedded couple’s attention, and they quickly motioned the DJ to dim the lights and put on a slow song.

As the couples from each table stood up and walked to the middle of the room to dance, Takamina and Acchan went straight to the couple. By now, the two girls were in a heated kiss for dominance and ignored the stares of their friends who sat on the same table as them.

But just then, somebody shouted, “OI!” and threw a table napkin at them. The action went unnoticed, and the couple continued.  Somebody started speaking at the two, but they paid the voice no heed as they kissed passionately.

Just then, two pair of hands pulled the two girls away from each other. The sudden coldness felt by Mariko, made her groan and glare at whoever pulled her. Miichan growled at Takamina, who had her hands in a surrendered state.

“Do it later in your room!” Takamina told her, as she offered her wife a seat and sat down next to Miichan.

Miichan crossed her arms. She was starting to enjoy herself in the boring party, and the short girl had to ruin it. She turned her head to Mariko, and received a mischievous wink that she always loved.

She laughed, earning a questioning look from Takamina. “What?”

She shook her head, and started patting Takamina’s back with a slight force. Takamina was looking at Miichan with a wary look, knowing that whenever she was being patted, a devious prank was to be expected.

“So…” Miichan started, making Takamina narrow her eyes as she waited for what was to come. “Did you enjoy the kissing scene I had with Mariko?”

Takamina arched her eyebrow, and replied. “No.”

“Oh really?” Miichan asked as she wiggled her eyebrows.

Takamina sighed, and started telling her to learn to control herself in public. Miichan just gave a shrug at every reason why she should.

“Next time, do it —” Takamina started, only to be interrupted by Miichan’s apology.

“Hmm. Yeah.”

Takamina stopped her talking and stared at Miichan, who had her chin against the chair. She had the look of boredom evident on her face, and Takamina sighed. She turned to Acchan and Mariko, who shrugged back at her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Takamina asked, wondering why nothing bad has happened to her yet.

The question girl looked back at her. “Huh? What did you say?”

“You’re not your usual self.” Takamina stated. “Is something bothering you?”

Miichan shook her head, and gave a dismissive wave. She wasn’t really in the mood to play a prank on the shorter girl. Neither was she in the mood to make Takamina blush in embarrassment for talking about sex related stuff. All she wanted was to find out the reason for Sayaka’s weird behavior. Sitting here and doing nothing, was not helping her find out the reason why.

“Hey, where’s Kojiharu?” Miichan asked with a hint of boredom, as she played with the hem of the chair’s cloth.

Mariko turned her head around to search for the said girl. “Nyaro?”

“Speaking of Haruna, she’s been acting weirdly.” Takamina stated, when Mariko returned her gaze back to her friends after being unable to find the girl.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Ever since the party started, Haruna had been out of sight. She seemed even more distant that usual, and always seemed to be in deep thought rather than spacing out. She would also casually look at her watch every now and then, letting everyone believe that she has an appointment somewhere.

The last time they saw her was when she sat next to them as they all ate. But just after eating, she stood up and left without a word. They let her go without question, since Haruna didn’t like being asked and preferred to be alone all these years. They never opened their mouths to ask a single question, even though a nagging voice gnawed at the back of their heads.
Silence has now filled the table as each and one of them tried to search for the answer why Haruna acted even more distant, joining Miichan in her train of thoughts. They emitted a certain aura that made others stay away, and just focus on the party.

Everyone sitting by the table now had their hands tapping the surface of the table, making a unique beat of their own. Just then, the silence and the tapping was broken when the bride bit her lower lip and asked out loud enough for just those in the table to hear.

“Maybe it’s because Yuko’s here?”

The tapping stopped, and everyone looked at the black short-haired girl before looking at each other as theu nodded. That was the most possible reason for the tall girl’s actions. After all, it was understandable how Haruna would act around someone whom she have deeply hurted.

“What about how Yuko acted?” Takamina suggested, earning another round of nodding from the rest.

Judging from the said girl’s actions, it was a bit weird. Not in the weird way when she would be extremely hyper or had that never-disappearing smile on her face, like how she was nine years ago. Actually, those actions pretty much seemed normal coming from the short girl, but how she acted in the current moment could be considered as a weird manner for the girl.

It seems that after these nine years, she had matured a lot. The way she spoke, and the way she carried herself was in a very mature manner. It surprised everyone at first, since it was the girl who once acted childishly during their high school years. But it also made every smile, seeing her look okay.

However, no one seemed to figure out a way of breaking the invisible barrier the short girl built around herself. It wasn’t that she avoided them or anything. It was just that…She felt so distant and really different from the past Yuko.

They talked casually with Yuko, and the girl replied with a smile they missed all these years. They laughed with her about silly things as the day progressed on. They even joked about the trouble they had been during their high school days. But as the sun started to set, everyone started noticing how less energetic Yuko was.

Her smile was still the same due to her dimples, but there was no twinkle of happiness in her eyes. Her voice was still the same, only it seemed more mature. But it also lacked a surge of energy that Yuko seemed to be full of.

Maybe it was just their imaginations, or maybe Yuko didn’t seem to be the same as before.

“I would understand why she’s like that now.” Miichan mumbled to herself, not realizing that Mariko managed to hear her.

Takamina spoke out. “I bet Haruna’s dying inside to apologize.”

Everyone looked at her, and sighed. The atmosphere was now cold and different to how it was several minutes ago. It was a bit harder to breath, since the silence threatened each and one of them not to breathe audibly. The music played by the DJ was now blocked out by their minds, like it was being sent to their ears through a narrow tube.

“Sorry guys.” Miichan apologized out of the blue, making everyone turn to her as she continued. “I ruined the atmosphere.”

She sighed and received a pat on the shoulder from her girlfriend, who gave her a warm smile that clearly says that it wasn’t her fault. She smiled before taking the wine glass placed on the table, and lifted it up into air.

“A toast to the married couple!” she said in her energetic voice, making everyone smile.

The heavy atmosphere has now faded, and a smile was seen on everyone’s faces as they took their own glasses and lifted it to the air. Several clinking of glasses was heard, before everyone took a sip from their drinks.

When everyone placed their glasses back onto the table, Miichan smirked and nudged her short friend. “So… Are you prepared for tonight?”

Takamina blushed instantly, and looked away before nodding slightly. The action made everyone chuckle, and made Mariko tease her more.

“Better drink liters of those energy drinks you made.” Mariko smirked, and added. “You know, I think Takamina made the company for this night!”

Everyone bursted out laughing as Takamina denied it in a very flustered manner. She started to flail her arms around, causing her to knock a wine glass towards her bride. The red liquid quickly dropped onto the simple wedding gown, causing everyone to gasp out.

“Ooh~ Takamina’s in so much trouble!” Miichan snickered, as she watched Takamina’s red face turn pale white.

Acchan smiled and took a napkin from the table to wipe away the stain, and Mariko whispered to Miichan. “She’s going to punish Takamina using my gift!”

“What gift did you give to her?” Miichan whispered back, excitedly.

Mariko smiled with the same enthusiasm. “Handcuffs and whips!”

“You’re so sadistic, Mariko!” Miichan laughed.

“Enough with the sex jokes, guys.” Acchan warned them both with a smile that hid death in the girl’s eyes. She sent daggers that made them zip their mouths instantly, and smiled at Takamina sweetly. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad.”

“B-But your dress! It’s stained with wine!” Takamina cried out, stuttering.

But Acchan just gave a dismissive wave as she trailed a finger down the shorter girl’s jawline. “It’s alright. It’s going to be stained by something else anyway.” She smiled seductively, before capturing the girl’s lips. Takamina’s eyes widened as Acchan kissed her harder, earning a smirk and a wink from Mariko, along with Miichan.

Everyone bursted out in a fit of laughter, as Takamina flailed her arms around for help. They clutched their stomachs as pain started to reach their brains from the massive laughing, and began crying as they laughed. Mariko was patting Takamina’s back as she watched the poor girl get devoured by Acchan’s dominant lips.

Miichan was smirking to herself, glad that she was able to turn a heavy atmosphere into…this. She turned to look at her suit’s pocket to take out her phone to capture the scene that was occurring, when something caught her eyes.

Turning her head to get a clearer view of it, she then saw Sayaka slowly pulling a certain girl towards the exit. Miichan arched her eyebrow and squinted to get a clearer vision of the two. When she did, she saw Yuko’s face flushed and she was leaning against the taller girl’s shoulder.

Looking at how Yuko was acting and walking in a strange manner, Miichan only ended up with one conclusion. “Yuko’s drunk?” she mentally asked, as she continued to watch the two.

Just then, somebody tapped her shoulder. Miichan turned her head and found herself staring back at her friends, who were all looking at her with a questioning look. They were wondering what made Miichan stop her teasing on the shorter girl, and found Miichan staring off to someplace.

Fortunately for Miichan, no one bothered to look where Miichan was staring at. Miichan thanked them for that mentally, before flashing a smile at them as she continued to tease Takamina. But as she joked along with everyone else, her eyes would casually dart to Yuko.

She quickly stood up once she saw Sayaka and Yuko exiting the reception room. Thank goodness she kept her eye on the two! She might not be able to find out about anything.

She was about to walk away from the table to follow the two girls, when her girlfriend stopped her by her grabbing her by the wrists. Miichan turned to her, and Mariko asked, “Where are you going?”

Miichan just stared at her, before quickly staring at the exit room just in time to see Yuko trip on a smooth surface. Miichan’s face quickly turned into a panicked look, thinking that Yuko hurted herself. Fortunately, Yuko was quickly helped by the tall girl. Miichan saw Yuko give a weak smile to Sayaka who returned the action, before placing both of her hands on each side of her head.

“Yuko’s really drunk.” Miichan thought to herself, before turning to Mariko to remove the girl’s hands of her wrists.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She lied.

Everyone must have seen through the lie, since they all gave her a disbelieving look. Miichan sighed, knowing that she need to leave now if she was to find out where the two were headed. She looked at them intently and pretended to be in pain. “The cheese got to me. I REALLY need to go.”

Then clutching her stomach, she flashed a (fake) pained smile before dashing towards the exit as fast as she could. Takamina shouted behind her, something about the bathroom being in the opposite direction of where she went. But Miichan didn’t care about that at all.

She dashed through the hallway, and looked around when she came up three paths that led to different destinations.

“Now where would Sayaka bring me if I was drunk?” Miichan thought out loud, before running through the path that led to the outside.

She kept running, wondering how in the world did the two girls managed to get ahead of her with so much distance with the pace they were walking. Miichan sighed to herself, and ran faster. She had to get to the two now. She had to ask Sayaka what in the world was going on. And why was Yuko so drunk.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

She stopped with a halt to catch her breath, as she came out of the hallway. Her heart pounded hard inside her chest, and she swallowed her own saliva, when she felt her throat dry up from the running she did. Wiping the sweat formed on her forehead, she then sighed disappointedly when she saw a car leaving the gates, in a fast speed.

“Great.” Miichan sighed dejectedly as she sat down on the steps of the stairs. “I didn’t even manage to find out about anything.”

She continued to stare at the direction where the car had driven through, and leaned against her ‘seat’ with a very exhausted body. “I haven’t run in ages.” She mumbled, feeling the beating of her heart return to its normal rhythm.

“The things I do for friends.” She scoffed at herself, knowing that she had just lost the opportunity to ask Sayaka about letting Yuko end with Haruna.

Just then, she heard footsteps coming from her back and turned her head to greet whoever it was. When her eyes locked with a certain girl’s, she smiled and patted the ‘seat’. Haruna smiled back, and sat down on the offered place as she sighed.

“Hey.” Miichan smiled at her.

Haruna greeted back. “Hey.”

“Something wrong?”

Haruna stared at her younger friend and shook her head, before looking straight at the fountain that had lights flickering beautifully. She leaned her chin against her knees as she brought them up to her chest, and hugged them by wrapping her arms around it tightly.

“Then why the long face?” Miichan asked as her curiosity growing as she watched the older girl sigh once again.

Haruna looked at her with a forced smile. “Just thinking about something.”

Miichan nodded her head and turned to stare at the flickering lights in front of her, knowing that Haruna didn’t like people probing into her business. Normally, Miichan would have insisted on making the tall girl talk, but seeing just how Haruna was being made her control herself.

The two of them continued to watch the lights, enjoying the slight warmth it released, and coldness of the evening breeze. Miichan watched from the corner of her eyes, and saw Haruna touching her wrist watch. She smiled to herself, knowing that it was Yuko’s last gift before the incident.

“Hey Miichan,” Haruna started saying, making Miichan turn to stare at her completely as she continued. “Does… Sayaka hate me or something?”

Miichan opened her mouth to tell her “no”, but she herself had no idea about that and shrugged her shoulders in reply. After all, Sayaka told her not to remind Yuko about loving Haruna, so there was a possibility.

Haruna sighed once again, and they began to swim in a pool of silence. “Why do you think she hates you?” Miichan asked, breaking the silence that has been formed.

“I was just talking to Yuko,” Haruna started to explain. “When she came in between us and interrupted.”


Haruna continued. “She started pulling Yuko, and of course it would be natural for me to ask where they were going, right?”

“Actually, no. It wouldn’t be natural. You never cared before, that’s why.” Miichan thought but kept her mouth shut, knowing that it would be best to keep that to herself.

“She just looked at me with a glare so intense, and told Yuko to go get her a drink.” Haruna continued on, hurt was evident in her face.

Miichan asked, “Then what?”

“When Yuko was out of earshot, she told me not talk to Yuko…”Haruna bit her lip, “Ever again.

“Wow. That’s really…Harsh.” Miichan said.

“I looked at her shocked, of course.” Haruna told her. “But then, Yuko seemed to be feeling dizzy and almost fell onto the table. I was about to rush to her, when Sayaka growled at me that Yuko didn’t need my help.”

“Growled?” Miichan asked in disbelief, unable to imagine the Sayaka she knows doing that.

Haruna nodded. “She also added before rushing to Yuko, how disgusting and horrible I was.”

“And that Yuko was better off with me far away.” Haruna bit her lip, as she tried to keep the tears that had formed in her eyes from falling onto her face.

Miichan started patting the girl’s back, hoping that the simple action could soothe a bit of the tall girl’s hurted feelings. However, it only made the tears fall from Haruna’s eyes. The tall girl hugged Miichan all of a sudden, and started crying out.

“I want to be with Yuko.” Haruna sobbed harder, making Miichan hug her in return.

“I understand that I hurted her, but I regret that fully. I regret it a lot.” She then stared at Miichan’s eyes as she sincerely added, “I really do.”

“I know.” Miichan told her.

Haruna bit her lower lips, as hot tears flowed down her smooth skin and dropped onto the ground. She started wiping the tears away, before smiling at Miichan with puffy eyes. “Thanks.”

Miichan nodded with a smile but deep inside, guilt was engulfing her. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Haruna how she slightly agreed with Sayaka telling her to stay away from the short girl, but she was sure that she would be unable to see the hurt on Haruna’s face.

She knew how much Haruna regretted her actions all these years. She was there to see it all, how Haruna turned down every confession. How Haruna visited Yuko’s old apartment, thinking that Yuko would return. She saw the tears that formed in Haruna’s eyes whenever they used to pass by a certain cherry blossom tree, and watched the girl’s face flash a pained look.

It was all heart-breaking, whenever everyone would just see how much Haruna was aching and dying inside. They could all feel the regret that Mariko felt. And Miichan remembered just how much Mariko cried in her arms, when the girl learnt that Yuko had left.

Looking at how things were, Sayaka had no right telling Haruna about staying away from Yuko. Neither does she have the right to say all of that stuff. But Miichan saw the pain that Yuko felt.

She saw how much it killed Yuko when the short girl found Haruna and Mariko kissing.


A week ago before Yuko left for Harvard


Water vapor came out of her mouth as she panted heavily. She was trying to catch up with her shorter friend, who seemed to be in a brisk walk competition, since she was breezing past their first floor hallways. In the meanwhile, she was murmuring incoherent words, complaining about the pain that she was feeling in her feet.

They have been walking endlessly for the past hour, and not a single minute have they taken a break. Knowing that they weren’t going to take one any sooner, she decided that she’d make her own break time. She desperately needed a second to rest her sore feet, and leaned against the walls, before dropping to the floor with a groan. She took off her doll shoes, and threw them hatefully across the hallway.

For the first time she decided to use them, she hated them. They were hard to wear, and made the skin at the back of her heel, all bruised up!

Sticking out her tongue at the pair of shoes, she then started massaging her sore feet and gave a sigh of relief the moment she felt the pain fading. Deciding to give her aching back the same relief, she leaned her head against the wall, forgetting the fact that it wasn’t just an ordinary wall, but a wall of lockers.

The moment her head touched the wall, her nape accidentally got hit by the sharp end of a lock. She hissed in pain and leaned away quickly, before turning to glare at the piece of metal and slapping it hard against the wall. The metal lock made a noise that echoed throughout the hallways, catching the attention of her short friend, who was several meters away from her.

“What are you doing all the way THERE?” her friend asked as she placed both of her hands on her hips when she saw Miichan sitting in a very comfortable position.
“Well Yuko, I don’t know if you’re turning blind or just plain blind…” Miichan started to say, before sarcastically pointing out the obvious. “…but I am sitting.

Yuko rolled her eyes at her statement, and walked towards her. She sighed and gave her a look that tells her to stand up, but she just gave a stubborn shake of the head as she crossed her arms. That infuriated the shorter, yet older girl.

She grabbed Miichan by the wrists and pulled, surprising the younger girl by her strength. However, no matter how strong Yuko pulled, Miichan made sure that her butt was plastered to the ground, and even added more weight as Yuko kept trying to pull her up.

The pulling contest continued on for several minutes, until Yuko gave up and decided to continue on her own. She turned away from Miichan, and started walking again. Miichan watched her friend’s back getting smaller, and sighed. With great reluctance, she stood up, and found that she was too tired to even have the strength in her legs to support her, making her collapse onto the ground with a cry.

“Yuko!” she cried, as she laid flat on the smooth concrete floor.

The said girl turned, only to see the pathetic state her friend was in. She sighed, and smacked her forehead loudly, before going back to Miichan to help the poor girl up. As she walked, Miichan kept on moaning about Yuko’s slow pace towards her, earning a roll of the eyes from her older friend.

Once Yuko was right in front of her by a several inches, Miichan held up her hands and began to mimic an infant that has their face implanted against the ground. Yuko sighed, and slapped her forehead again as she started wondering why in the world she was friends with the childish girl.

Miichan smiled as she found Yuko slapping her own forehead amusing, and tried another antic that was sure to make Yuko slap her forehead harder. She held up one of her hands towards Yuko, before acting out as if she was crawling on the floor with great dramatic skills.

“My dear friend Yuko!” she started, before crying out “ Help me~!
As expected, the older girl slapped her forehead and stared at her with a disbelieving look. But just then, it was replaced by a smirk that Miichan always found annoying.

To prove her suspicion, Yuko told her “You know, you should try to lay off the desserts.” Making Miichan pout and sit up on her own, before crossing her arms.
“I’m too tired~” She stubbornly replied.

When Yuko arched her eyebrow, she cried out “I’m not fat!”

Yuko just gave her a slight smirk as she spoke. “I didn’t say that.”

And then added with a chuckle, as she started walking ahead of Miichan once again, “I just told you to lay off on the desserts.” Miichan frowned at her as she stood up with a groan. After taking several large steps, she has managed to catch up with Yuko.

It was right after school, and Yuko was looking for Haruna with her ‘offered’ help. (But now looking at things, it seems that she was only being a burden to Yuko.)

Miichan knew that it was her own fault, and not Yuko’s, since it she was the one who forced the offer of help to the older girl.

“Why did you have to ask for my help?!” she cried dramatically, as she slung her arm around the shorter girl’s neck.
Yuko scoffed at her statement, and stopped to stare at her. Then, deciding that it would just be a waste of time to argue with her friend, she shook her head and continued walking as she mumbled, “Seriously, this girl…”

Miichan pouted and crossed her arms as she followed the girl through the hallway while stomping her feet. She began to moan about the soreness in her feet, making Yuko tell her with a roll of the eyes, “Go home, I’ll accompany you next time to that new pastry shop.”

She sighed and began to do a dramatic monologue about her fatigue, but Yuko just ignored her friend’s drama and continued to peer into each room they passed.

“Why can’t she just text Haruna or something? That’ll be easier than searching for her like this.” Miichan thought to herself, before remembering the fact that Yuko doesn’t have a phone.

As she walked, she remembered how Yuko told her with nonchalance, “I would have no one to text anyway, so why should I buy one?”

That made Miichan stop for a while to think about what Yuko had meant. At first, a thought of Yuko being lonely crossed her mind, but Miichan discarded that as quickly as she had thought about it when she remembered just how much everyone loves Yuko.

Everyone, including the teachers and even the principal, adored Yuko to the point that she was considered as the loveliest girl in school.

Miichan smiled to herself, thankful that she had met someone like Yuko. Speaking of the girl, she had to stop the tiring search.

She said to Yuko, “Maybe she’s gone home.”

“It might just be one of Haruna’s antics to stop Yuko from liking her by breaking a promise she never meant to keep.” Miichan thought to herself.

After all, it was a usual thing for Yuko to look for her Nyan Nyan, and an even usual thing for Haruna to break promises with their squirrel friend. It was just how things work for those two. They always played the cat-mouse game, and it was always one of the entertainments that Miichan looked forward to watching.

Just then, Yuko looked at her and sighed before turning away, ignoring Miichan’s statement that could be more than possible. Miichan sighed, knowing that Yuko was thinking about what she had said. Miichan watched her friend and began to feel sympathetic the moment Yuko spoke.

“She told me that she wanted to tell me something earlier this morning. She can’t have gone home.” Yuko then gave her one of her signature dimpled smiles and continued walking.

Miichan sighed.

She was really feeling bad for Yuko, since the girl was so determined about her love for the taller female. What made her feel even more sympathetic, was the fact that Haruna kept on running away from the girl, and gave promises that she would only break to stop the girl’s advances towards her.

“I wish that Haruna would just stop giving Yuko some hope, and tell her straight that she has no other feelings for her.” Miichan sighed as she quietly thought to herself.

But then she started wondering. “Maybe she DOES have feelings for the girl.”

Miichan was caught up in thinking, that she never noticed her best friend turn back and walk to where she was at. It seems that Yuko has finally decided to give up, and just ask what Haruna wanted to talk about the following day. Since they have gone several rounds inside, and even around the school.

“Why didn’t Haruna tell you to meet her at a specific place anyway?” Miichan asked, when she had finally noticed herself following Yuko to go to their classroom.

Yuko shrugged her shoulders, and Miichan pouted. She knew that Yuko had great patience but at the same time, Yuko also hated walking. It was an amazing feature of love. Love can make a person do anything.
Miichan sighed and leaned against Yuko, making them stumble several times. When they almost fell by the stairs, Yuko pushed her playfully. “You should lay off the desserts!” she said.

Miichan stared at her, before glaring in a very playful manner. She started to attack Yuko by tickling her, and cried out. “I’m not fat!”

“Ugh! Get away from me!” Yuko cried as she started walking ahead of her.

Miichan smiled and sling her arm around the shorter girl’s neck when she managed to catch up with her. “But you love me.”

Yuko scrunched her nose and give her a light punch. “Gross! I only love my Nyan Nyan.”
The two began to laugh, and they started swinging both of their arms back and forth as they walked up the stairs to go to their classroom. She began to skip, and Yuko soon followed. However, what first turned out to be a skipping game, ended in a sprinting race.

Once they reached the fourth floor, they ran towards the last curve to get to the classroom. Miichan gave a playful push to Yuko, making the older girl slowdown in fear of falling onto the ground face on. Then turning to Miichan with fake anger, she cried.

“I can’t believe you’d try and push me!”

Miichan stuck out her tongue at Yuko and gave a mischievous smile, before running away when Yuko tried to grab her. She dashed around the corner and Yuko immediately ran after her, not wanting to let the girl think she managed to get away with the pushing.

“That’s right, you better run away! Because once I lay my hands on you, you’re dead!” Yuko threatened, though it seemed that her threats had no effect on that Gachapin look-alike.

Miichan was just laughing as she ran, and even hummed a tune. She was enjoying this little tag of theirs, and Miichan had no plan on letting the shorter girl catch her to give the chance to tickle her. She continued to run towards the classroom, and was about to open the door to close it the moment Yuko neared her.

Just then, she stopped by the classroom with a halt. She didn’t notice Yuko’s smirk as the girl began thinking that she had her. Miichan only heard the fast steps of Yuko’s feet, and she instantly turned to Yuko with fear in her eyes.
“Ha! I’ve got—” Yuko cried happily the moment she was arms away from her.

But Miichan decided on taking Yuko away from the sight that she had seen in the classroom. She quickly grabbed Yuko by the wrist, and slammed her hand on the girl’s mouth. She started pulling the girl away from the door, and towards the stairs.
When she decided that they were far enough, she let go of Yuko’s mouth, only to be shouted out by the girl. “What the heck?!” Yuko asked her.

Fearing that they have been heard, Miichan covered Yuko’s mouth again with a hard slap to the mouth. Yuko growled at her, but Miichan didn’t care.

“That hurts!” Yuko cried at her, this time a bit softer than before when she managed to take away Miichan’s hand from her mouth.

Miichan sighed, before taking a quick peek from the windows. She saw Yuko walk towards her, and she quickly pulled Yuko away and towards the stairs once again. Yuko was giving her a confused look, and Miichan sighed. She stared into Yuko’s eyes with seriousness, and spoke.
“Let’s just come back for our bags tomorrow.” Yuko arched her eyebrows.


Yuko was now looking at her with an even more confused look. Miichan knew that the older girl was probably thinking and wondering why Miichan has gone from being playful to being serious. She started to take Miichan’s grip off her wrists, but apparently, the shorter girl’s grip was too strong.
“There’s a thief inside the classroom!” she told Yuko, once the older girl managed to get out of her strong grip and started running back up the stairs.

When Yuko stopped in her tracks when she heard what Miichan said. She turned to look back at Miichan, before giving her a disbelieving look. Miichan sighed, knowing that she didn’t fool Yuko with such a lame lie.
“What would a thief steal in there?” Yuko asked, crossing her arms as she walked towards Miichan. “A desk?”

Miichan shrugged her shoulders, before nodding her head furiously. Sighing and shaking her head at the younger girl, she then began to walk back to the classroom. Unfortunately for her, Miichan pulled her again. The younger girl was now pulling Yuko down the stairs by the ear, making Yuko groan in pain.
“Okay, I lied about that!” She insisted as she ignored Yuko’s cries of pain. “But we should just come back tomorrow!”

Yuko growled and flicked Miichan’s forehead, making her stop pulling Yuko’s ear. She then narrowed her eyes before crossing her arms, and waited for Miichan to explain. She just looked at Yuko, not knowing what to say. The older girl just sighed, before walking back towards the classroom.
But once again, Miichan decided to pull her as she spoke. “There’s some people kissing in the classroom.”

This time, there was a sound of truth. Yuko stopped and looked at her as she laughed. “We can just take our bags and they can continue afterwards.”

Miichan sighed as Yuko continued walking, before stomping her feet to make the ones in the classroom hear them coming. She stared at Yuko in defeat, who smiled at her victoriously before trying to take a good look at the ones kissing.

As they stopped right in front of the classroom, the smug smile immediately faded from Yuko’s face. She stared through the windows, letting her brain process what was occurring inside. Her eyes were wide open, and tears formed in her eyes, blurring her vision.

Miichan looked down onto the floor, knowing how much pain was being felt by the older girl beside her. She looked up at Yuko, before touching the girl’s shoulder as a sign of comfort. She felt Yuko stiffen and tremble under her touch.

“Y-Yuko.” Miichan croaked, trying to get the girl to look at her to see whether she was alright. Although she knew that Yuko’s heart broke into shards.

Yuko ignored her friend’s call, and shakily grabbed the knob of the door. She turned it slowly, and walked in. Miichan watched her friend walk towards the two figures, almost stumbling down as her legs lost their strength to keep her standing.
“W-What’s going on?” Yuko’s voice croaked.

The sudden speaking caused the two girls to separate from each other, and look at the arrivals in surprise. The girl who had chestnut, medium-length hair stared at Yuko with widened eyes; guilt was evident in her face. Yuko stepped a bit closer towards the two, before letting out a shaking breath.

Tears started to drop from her eyes, but she was too taken aback to even notice. “W-why…”

“Why did you…” she asked, directing the question to the girl who was looking at her with tears. “How could you do this to me?”

The girl who had long, brunette hair looked at her without a word. Miichan glared at her, hating her for the first time they have ever been friends. She stared back at Miichan, with a look that looked like she was pleading. However, Miichan was not planning on helping her cover up anything.

“You ask Yuko to come meet you for what reason, Haruna?” Miichan demanded in a calm voice, yet terrifying voice.

The brunette-haired girl flinched at the directed anger given by the short girl, before turning to Yuko. “Y-Yuko…Listen, I was—”

Miichan saw Yuko clench her hands into a ball, as she interrupted Haruna. “—I’m seeing things!”

She turned, and ran out of the classroom. The three girls in the classroom looked at each other, until Miichan spoke. “Go after her, Haruna!”

The said girl looked at her; hesitation was stopping her from standing up from the desk. Miichan growled and pointed at the door that her friend just ran out of, and repeated her order.

“Don’t just stand there! Go after her!”

Miichan watched the chestnut-haired girl motion Haruna to stand up, and the girl did. Haruna walked towards the door but not after passing by Miichan, stopped her by grabbing her wrist tightly. “We’ll talk after this.”

Haruna nodded before running out of the classroom, leaving the two girls. Miichan turned to look back at the other girl, and walked towards her. “You knew how much Yuko loves Haruna.” she said.

“But why did you have to do that?!” she demanded, slamming her hand on one of the desks’ surface.

The girl flinched at the sound and looked down to the floor as Miichan came nearer to her. “Why did you kiss Haruna, Mariko?!”

Mariko raised her head, and locked eyes with Miichan’s. She opened her mouth to answer, but closed it back the moment she realized that she had nothing to say. Miichan sighed, before sitting down on one of the chairs. She covered her face with her hands, and sighed again.

What the hell is happening? she thought to herself, as she started massaging the temples of her forehead.

End of Flashback

The sight of Mariko crying in her mind made Miichan snap back into the present. She looked at Haruna, who was now standing right in front of her as she wiped away the trail of tears on her face.

“Thanks for listening, Miichan.” Haruna thanked her, and gave a smile.

Miichan returned the gesture, and stood up. Dusting away the dirt from her butt, she looked at Haruna. “Where are you going now?”

Haruna put her right hand on her nape and sighed, as she answered the shorter girl. “Probably home.”

“Yuko’s gone anyway.” She sighed, staring at the direction, where the car that Yuko was probably in, went through.

Miichan nodded at her, and Haruna sighed once again. The heavy burden she had before has now faded, thanks to her best friend. Then winking at the younger girl, she said in a playful manner. “Shouldn’t you be going back to Mariko?”

Miichan arched her eyebrow.

“She must be missing your kisses.” Haruna chuckled, before walking away with her hand raised in a manner that shows her leaving.

Miichan chuckled to herself, before shouting at Haruna as she saw the girl go inside her yellow Lamborghini Gallardo car. “I’ll tell the Atsumina couple that you’ve gone home!”

Haruna honked the car’s horn, and drove out of the hotel through the same direction Yuko and Sayaka went through. Miichan took a breath as she thought to herself.

Forgive for me for what I’m about to do, Sayaka.

To Be Continued…

Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:

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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

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the anticipation.


Haruna's going after them!
Even after the kiss scene, and Yuko having her heart broken, I'm still rooting for Haruna. She admits that she's sorry, and it's been ages since the event happened. Everyone should move on, and Kojiyuu should be together.  :P

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 :otomerika:Nyan nyan u need to win her !!!!! Kojiyuu FOREVER :otomerika:

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The Atsumina couple is now happily married eh? Well, I'm happy for the both of them. But it seems like Takamina is still distracted to her wife's seductiveness and sexiness, LOL we all know she couldn't stop herself from drooling secretly when Acchan starting to act all naughty, and all she can do is gulped and call her friends to help her stop her wife LOL  :lol:  but that didn't help her either, why is she trying to call her friends for help when her friends wanted the same thing? LOL  XD  trolling, teasing her with sex jokes made me laughed, that is probably one of the easiest way to make her blushed to death HAHAHA what a weak captain we have here eh?  :lol:

LOL Mariko still has her sadistic side of her, i felt pity for Miichan after her girlfriend smacked her really hard  :smhid ....but DAAAMMNNN! MariMii making out like a boss in front of so many guests on their friends' wedding, wow! :w00t: And they didn't even care if they're watching them kissing passionately in the corner, damn! What's with that public display affection girls?! LOL but it's fine, still hot as hell, wew!  :on_hot: I want more keke  :P

Well about Sayaka's case, i really understand her for pushing Haruna away from Yuko. Of course, as a close friend, you don't want your best friend to get hurt again after those horrible heart breaks she had in high school....and SERIOUSLY THAT FLASH BACK MADE ME REALLY MAD LIKE HELL!!! WTF ARE YOU DOING HARUNA?!?! :scolding: SO SHE INTENTIONALLY CALLED YUKO TO MEET HER UP IN THEIR CLASSROOM SO SHE WOULD WITNESS THAT SHE'S MAKING OUT WITH MARIKO?! DAMN I WANNA SLAP YOUR FACE SO HARD, HARUNA!!  :mon slapself:

This girl  :mon exhaust:  ... this girl will always be a coward  :smhid  well keep doing it Haruna, you will live a miserable life for sure....  :smoke:

I'm getting depressed about this story  :err:  Haruna still has a long way to go before getting Yuko back to her.....right, Karomuwi-san?! RIGHT?!?!?!? LOL there will be more angst and shocking scenes right?!?! I know we both wanted it  :mon misch:

I enjoyed reading this whole chapter and i'm glad you updated this after so many years! lol You broke your promise, karomuwi-san!  :smhid But it's okay, you wrote a very long chapter this time anyway, that is totally fine with me, well , for now... cause i want the next chapter so bad!!  :panic:

NEXT CHAPTER!! NEXT CHAPTER!!! I'll be waiting, Karomuwi-san! THANK YOU  :kneelbow:
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oh oh oh this is totally getting intense karomuwi-san!
totally cant wait for whats going to come next :O they've both hurted so much and totally need each other in their lives ...GO MIICHAN FOR WHAT SHES GOING TO DO and what she does best :P hahah but MariMii is just so cute as well making out without a care in the world xD
and takamina is so dead for ruining her wife's dress :P its gonna be a LOOOOONNNNG night for them  8)

thanks for the long update  :thumbup will be waiting for the next chapter  :twothumbs

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yuko T_T
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marimii moment are so <3

poor yuko...kojiharu really broke her heart..

please update..i wonder why yuko changed and why she can't remember she loved haruna..

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Marimii is just awesome....

But I really do wonder about yuko when miichan saw her with sayaka and think she drunk and haruna said yuko feeling dizzy i just hope she not badly sick or anything. ahh maybe i'm thinking too much.

Both yuko and haruna are really hurt but somehow i pity yuko more...
(and haruna as much as i love you,you deserve to get hurt and suffer for what you did)

even if i said that karomuwi-san  I WANT  A HAPPY ENDING STORY^^

Please update soon

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