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Author Topic: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)  (Read 65524 times)

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[AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
« on: September 22, 2011, 03:45:23 PM »
A/N: Note that those in limegreen are the titles of the fics. Those in purple are the latest updates, unless they're news about the fics. Those in blue are the ones in process.

Hey guys! I'll be posting my other not-so-long-maybe-one-shots stories here. Coz I don't want to make another topic thread and etc...Anyways, think that if I keep on seeing this, I will have the inspiration to continue RAY. Thank you for reading!


RAY Undergoing some changes made by the author

- Prologue (This post)
- Chapter One

Series of (Un) Love

*(Un)Requited Love [KojiYuu]

* (Un)Selfish Love - A sequel to (Un)Requited Love

~ Chapter One
~ Chapter Two
~ Chapter Three

~ Chapter Four
~ Chapter Five
~ Chapter Six
~ Chapter Seven
~ Chapter Eight
~ Chapter Nine
~ Chapter Ten
~ Chapter Eleven

* (Un)Forgiving Love
~ Prologue

AKB48のファンサービスのショー (AKB48 no Fansabisu no Sho)

* Episode One: The case of Player Mii

* Episode Two (Special guesting of Shachou from Ikemen) 10% (HIATUS)

A/N: ah~ Finally the re-edited version has been posted! Well..Only the prologue. As I once wrote in one of my trolling posts, I felt guilty with how I left this fic. I wanted to continue it no matter what, even though I wanted to abandon it.  :fainted: Why? Well...if most of you realized that one of my characters here...Rena-sama....who is my's hard. I mean...C'MON! Just read what I had to write at the end of this prologue!!! I just want to kill myself for writing it. a writer...I must...  :farofflook: must...finish my fics... :farofflook: no matter how heart-breaking it is for me :gyaaah: :frustrated: :fainted: :tantrum: :imdead: And now...* :gyaaah: the prologue....


Watching herself on the screen of the TV, she watched every move and speech she made with focused eyes. She wants to make sure that she acted right and did her role well, since she was the leading actress in that drama.

Sighing in relief, she closed her eyes when she saw the commercial came up. Though the way she acted was not as perfect as she wanted, she didn’t look awkward. It was always the same thing whenever she had a new drama.

The worry and anxiety from her chest would always make her dread every mistake she makes. Sometimes, she wonders whether the audiences notice how her lips would quiver whenever she speaks a line. Or maybe, when her ears turn red from so much anxiousness.

Deciding that it would do her no good to keep crying over spilled milk, she looked away from the TV screen and lowered down the volume. She took out her phone from the bag that lay on her carpeted floor, and hugged her knees as she flipped her screen open.

No messages from her.

She sighed, and threw her phone onto the other couch located on the other side of the room. She had thought that keeping her mind off the handheld device would give her some time to even bother leaving a message, or a call.

Jumping off from her spot, she lunged at her phone and flipped it open. There were lots of messages; all were from her male co-stars asking her if she wanted to hang out with them. She actually can’t believe it, how she managed to get eighty-three messages from them, and not a single one from the person she wanted to receive one from.

Clicking on a few buttons, she managed to get her screen open up a folder for her favorite pictures. She pressed on one of the files, and smiled when a picture popped out.

It was a picture of herself and another girl.

They were smiling, with the girl’s arm linked onto her own. The girl’s smile was so wide and bright, that it made her look like she was being forced to smile. However, she knew that it wasn’t the case. She just…found it hard to smile as much as the other girl.

Looking at the banner that was hanging behind the two girls, she saw the words ‘Welcome to AKB48!’ and smiled to herself as she remembered the day. It was the best day for her, and it was the one she has always wanted ever since she started getting involved with her SKE48’s sister group.

It was the day when she was transferred from SKE48, to AKB48.

It was also the day when she realized that she could finally spend more time with her. Smiling to herself, she leaned her head on the arm of the couch as she caressed the face of the other girl on the screen with her fingers.

Then bringing up the phone to her chest, she smiled and felt her heart beat faster. This was something she normally does whenever she was alone with herself. This was how she normally acts whenever she misses the girl, which was pretty recent these days.

She shouldn’t really be missing her. After all, she was now in the same group as her and that gave her more time and reason to be with the other girl. However, it seems like fate was not kind to her and seems to be playing with her instead.

Instead of having more time spending time with the other girl, she seems to be getting less and lesser time. The only time she could spend time with the girl was whenever she goes for their AKBingo shootings, which was really rare with her drama schedule interrupting all the time.

Now that she was thinking about her rare comings to the shootings, she remembers something from earlier that morning that made her sigh sadly. She flipped the phone close, before putting it onto the coffee table beside the couch she was sitting on.

That Morning

She walked into the office with her head lowered after bowing to the man sitting behind the desk. The middle-aged man motioned for her to take a sit, and she did. When she was perfectly comfortable in her seat, she turned to the middle-aged man and looked at him with a curious expression on her face.

“I called you here to talk with you about something, Rena-san.” the middle-aged man informed her, making her nod.

Continuing, he stared at her eyes. “You’ve probably noticed this for quite some time, but…your drama schedules have been interfering with your idol activities, preventing you from joining your fellow members.”

“Yes, I have Akimoto-san.” She answered politely, getting nervous with how the conversation was going.

The look her producer had on his face was so serious that it made Rena’s stomach churn in anxiety, and she leaned away from him. The atmosphere was a bit heavy, and she was finding it hard to breath with how serious they were looking at each other.

“You’ve been in my care for six years; SKE48 for five years and AKB48 for just a year.” Rena continued to make sure that her gaze wasn’t faltering.

“Yet, you’re as busy as Yuko-san and Atsuko-san. You’re even the leading actress in three dramas currently, am I right?”

She nodded.

He sighed, and looked at her as he intertwined his hands. “The point is, you’re no longer capable of participating with your fellow members due to the schedule given to you.”

Rena’s heart almost stopped when she came to realize the reason for Akimoto Yasushi asking her to have a talk with him. It was one thing she feared that she had to go through, and it was the one thing she didn’t want to hear at the current moment.

“You do know that if you want to remain in AKB48, you have to be participating with the girls more.” he pointed out. “And in order to do that, you have to stop some of your dramas.”

Rena looked down to her feet. She knew that. And knowing that was just killing her. She loves being in AKB48 with everyone. She loves being with them and spending time with them, that she can’t imagine the thought of doing what other members have done before.

But she also knew that she was spending less and lesser time with them. It was so rare of her to join them on idol shows and activities, to the point that she only sees them whenever she learns songs and takes the photo-shoots with them. And then after that, she would leave for her drama.

She knew that this was going to come, and that it was inevitable. But she never knew that it would be so soon. She never knew that it would just take her ONE year in AKB48 to have this decision in her hands to make. And she never knew that she would be so torn to choose.

“I’m sure that you’ve heard of this from the other two?” Akimoto-san asked her, making her nod at him in response.

She has, just before she left from their drama shoot to talk with Akimoto Yasushi. The drama shoot that she came from, was a drama that she, Maeda Atsuko, and Oshima Yuko were acting as the leading actresses. During the break that they were having, the two seemed so depressed with something that Rena couldn’t bear to watch and asked them what was wrong.

The response given to her by the two Aces, shocked her. It seems that the question and decision being given to her at this current moment, was given to the two before as well. And knowing this, made Rena’s stomach feel an indescribable feeling that she wishes would go away.

“You want to ask me which one I would choose: AKB48 or my career?” Rena asked, hoping that what she was thinking was not the one Akimoto-san meant.

Unfortunately for her, Akimoto Yasushi nodded his head and looked at her, waiting for her decision. Rena sighed, and covered her face as she tried to calm down her nerves and anxious brain. She had to choose between being an idol and being an actress— a dream she had ever since she was young.

“What’s you decision, Rena?” Akimoto Yasushi asked, his deep voice making her look at him.

She took a deep sigh, before covering her eyes as she felt tears forming in them. She bit her lower lip, and took a deep breath. The question she didn’t want to hear, was given to her several years earlier than expected, and she wanted to reverse time to stop herself from coming to the office.

However, she knew that it was impossible and she had to make the decision now. She let out a shaky breath, as she started thinking which decision she should make. Her chest heaved up and down in pain, and she let out another shaky breath.

“What’s your decision, Rena?” Akimoto Yasushi asked once again, this time with a softer tone as he watched the girl debate with her inner self.

Looking at him with tears in her eyes, she swallowed the lump in her throat. She has made her decision, and she was dreading to say it. Her future depends on this, and she wanted to make the best out of it. She wanted to make sure that whatever her decision would be, it would be for the best.

She gripped onto the edge of her skirt, tightly to the point that it would have torn if she had never let go of it. She looked away, for the pain was too much. But then looked again, this time locking eyes with the producer with unwavering eyes as she spoke.

“I will graduate.”

To Be Continued...

Please do comment about this. And please tell me what you think. I changed several things about this fic that's why I re-edited it. And please do comment!!!  :gyaaah: I don't know what to do with this fic, since Rena-sama is graduating!!!  :temper: Me and my stupid ideas! So... please... do comment. The plot have been changed. And your comments might inspire me to write something nice about this fic, since its so angsty for me from the very beginning.

Thank you for reading! Please do suggest anything! ^^ Thank you!
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
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Am I reading right?! Rena will graduate?! And even the AtsuYuu graduated?! That is so sad, I can imagine their partners (Haruna, Jurina-well if it is her in this fic and Takamina) looking so glum when they learned about the graduating thing.

Gee I bet this is a heartbreaking story.

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2011, 05:17:46 PM »
Okay, I'm being bad and just chucked my books  :thumbsup

Noooooo I don't want Rena to graduate and Acchan and Yuko too  :(

I agree with AAAice, this already sounds so sad!

Please continue.... think positive.... think positive...... *cries*

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
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Graduation??? Noooooo T_T don't want them to graduate

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
« Reply #4 on: September 22, 2011, 06:50:31 PM »
Renaaaa!! Why leaving so soon?

I can't even imagine if Rena, Acchan and Yuko were to graduate for real.
 :bleed eyes:

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
« Reply #5 on: September 22, 2011, 10:22:35 PM »
I'm so curious about this story~!  XD

I hope Rena didn't really graduated in real life~  :cry:

Please update soon~  :bow:

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
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This is too much! Acchan, Yuko, AND RENA?! THIS IS TOO MUCHH!!! (Q A Q)

please continue~

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
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This looks pretty interest but I got to agree with AAAice, that this story is going to be depressing and sad!!!

I don't even want to think about how this would progress right now...... and you even made AtsuYuu graduate!!!!  :(
but please try make it less depressing and sad! I can't stand seeing pairing/couples being depress and sad and emoish XD

and yes just what immortal_k (Kirachan) said, please think more positive! be more positive XP
Can't wait for the next chapter

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title)
« Reply #8 on: September 23, 2011, 04:41:57 AM »


Ahem... but yeah, this looks very interesting. I can't wait to see where you take it :on GJ:

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Re: [AKB48]RAY [by Karomuwi](currently unknown title)
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@AAAice:Yes, I plan on making those three sad  :mon star:

@immortal_k: Really now? Hehe, I just left my books and proects hanging because of this. I just couldn't let this idea slip up. I'll try to make it less sad  :mon sweat:

@Spicy Sapphire: Me too, and it's kinda hard to imagine.  :mon wind:

@RenaChii: Nope. Well... I hope that Rena won't really graduate. It's too early for her. And besides, she's my favourite in SKE48! She mustn't graduate!!! But for this story, she does.  :mon waterworks:

@ShibuyaDokiDoki: I will  :hee:

@blughise: I'll try not to make it so sad ^^ And yes! Postive! Thank you ^^

@haruhi16: Thank you  :kneelbow:

@Vanui: There IS danger for W matsui  :glasses:  :mon determined:

A/N: Just something to help you guys with their age. Pleae note that this happened in 2014
Jurina: 17 years old

Rena: 23 years old

Yuko and Haruna: 26 years old

Takamina and Acchan: 23 years old

Chapter 1

Taking deep breaths as she walked towards the elevator, she began to feel the anxiety and nervousness growing inside. She lifted her hand to press the button of the elevator to make it open its doors, but the shakiness and trembling of her hand made it hard to do so.

Once she pressed that button, she’ll enter the elevator.

Once the elevator reaches the practicing floor, she’ll meet everyone.

And once she meets everyone— whom she have been with for several years— she’ll have to say the dreaded news of leaving them.

Thinking of how she’ll break the news of her graduation was too much for her to bear, and it was making her feel like the world was turning. It was suffocating and terrifying, that she wasn’t even sure that she’ll even make it to the practicing floor, without fainting.

Maybe I should just faint. she thought to herself, before smacking her head in the process of thinking.

“No!” she cried. “I can’t do that! That’s cowardly!”

Taking a shaky deep breath, she managed to calm her nerves down. She took several more, and soon found herself smiling and acting the way she was before she had ever stepped into the building. Deciding not to wait for her anxiety and nervousness to come back, she pressed the button and got in.

The elevator started to move and play her some AKB48 music, making her sway along with the beat. She started to feel more and more relaxed as the time passes her by, making her smile widely once she had reached the floor she was dreading to walk into a few minutes ago.

She started walking towards the practicing room with a smile on her face, before stopping to a corner right behind the door that leads to the room she dreaded the most to enter. She leaned against the wall and started panting as she sweated profusely.

“I can’t do it.” She sighed, as she shook her head.

She licked her lips and swallowed the lump at the back of her throat before taking a peek at the transparent doors from her hiding place. When she saw her team captain entering the room with Mayuyu, she quickly hid back and placed her left hand onto her thumping heart.

They almost saw her!

Her heart was now thumping and beating like there was no tomorrow, and the sound of its rhythmic beats echoed in her ears. She clutched her shirt and nipped her lips, making them bleed a little. The taste of copper sent Rena gulping and covering her face as she tried to keep herself calm by sucking on the bleeding lip.

It was a habit she managed to stop, but with how nervous and anxious she was right now brought it back. She started biting her nails and tapped her feet as she stared at the elevator she just walked out from. That’s right, she was going to run away and she was not going to tell the other members about her graduation.

“I’ll just surprise them about it on the day itself.” She smiled to herself, before walking straight towards the elevator.

But just as she was about to press the button, she heard familiar voices coming from the stairs— which was right beside the elevator— making her turn around 180 degrees and walk towards the doors she was trying not to go through.

As soon as she reached the doors, she opened it like she wasn’t nervous a few seconds before and walked to the space no one was occupying. With her great speed and agility, she was able to take a sit by the corner without anyone taking a glance at her or even noticing her presence.

Just then, the doors bursted open and she saw the two figures of the people she was running from earlier, walking in. The sudden bursting of the doors made everyone turn around to find out who it was and jump in excitement as they realized who just walked in. They started to crowd around the two actresses Rena worked with in her current drama, and failed to notice the third one in the room.

Rena heaved a sigh of relief and tried to keep herself hidden, using the dark curtains beside her. Unfortunately for her, a short actress who was being covered by tall members saw a glimpse of her and cried out her name as she got out of the crowd surrounding her.

Before enveloping her into a tight hug, the short actress cried out her name again. “Rena-chan!”

“Ah! Rena was here? I never noticed her!” the said girl heard some of the girls mumble to themselves.

She turned to the girl clinging onto her like a koala, and smiled. “Good evening, Yuko-san.”

“Mou! Again with the ‘san’! Call me Yuuchan, Rena!” Oshima Yuko told her with a pout.

She started enunciating the nickname she allowed the younger girl to call her. “YUU.CHAN. Try saying it now.”

“Y-Yuuchan…san” Rena stuttered, making the short actress pout at her once more.

Just then, Rena felt Yuko stiffen against her as a smack was given to her head. “Stop it, Yuuchan. You’re making Rena-chan uncomfortable.”

The two actresses turned to the top actress, Atsuko Maeda, and smiled. The top actress smiled back at her fellow actresses, before turning back to Yuko and pulled her away from the frail-looking girl. She started lecturing Yuko about not making Rena uncomfortable by hugging her and making her call the short girl by her nickname, even though they’ve were working together in several sequels of the same drama for two years.

“Acchan, it’s alright. I’m not the least comfortable, but I don’t hate it either.” She told the older girl, as she hugged Yuko from the back.

“Acchan?!” Yuko cried at her, as she released herself from the younger girl’s back hug. “Why can’t you call me Yuuchan, when you call her Acchan?”

“It feels natural, Yuuchan-san.” Rena laughed, who was soon followed by Acchan laughing.

The two actresses were given a pout by the shortest actress, before receiving a light smack on the head. “You meanies! You’re ganging up on me again!”

She glared, before laughing along with the two girls. The three top actresses continued their laughing session, unaware of the smiles being given to them by the other members in the room. They haven’t seen the three actresses for a month, and to have them laughing in the same room was like making the room feel alive once again.

“What’s going on?” a familiar voice asked, making the three girls along with the other members in the room, turn to the girl who spoke.

“Takamidget!” Yuko cried, before running towards Takahashi Minami aka Takamina.

She lunged on the short girl and laughed as Takamina tried to keep herself standing with Yuko’s weight. When the actress let go of their captain, the other two actresses made their way through the crowd and gave their ‘hellos’ to the AKB48 captain.

“We’re back.” Acchan told her, as she and Takamina hugged each other awkwardly.

Noticing how Rena was not joining in the hugging, Yuko pushed the said girl towards Takamina’s open arms. “Go hug her, Rena-chan!”

The said girl looked at their captain, and smiled before hugging the shorter girl quickly. She missed the older girl, but she wasn’t someone who shows it through hugging people tightly, like Yuko. Everyone started to bombard them with questions about how they were for the past month and whether they were going to stay in Tokyo for a little bit longer before going back to Kyoto for their shooting, not noticing the sad smile that Acchan was giving to everyone.

The other two actresses noticed this, making them look at each other. They were going to try and take the girl outside for a talk, when the two of them were separated from one another by their own circle of friends. Rena saw the older girl get pulled to the far end of the room by her ‘Butt sister’ Mayuyu, before turning around to find herself being pulled by her two close friends, Kuumin and Airin.

“Rena-chan!” Kuumin and Airin cried before enveloping her into a death hug.

“H-hey guys.” She managed to squeak out, as she hugged them back.

The three of them stayed in that position for quite some time, until Rena felt like passing out and pushed them away gently. When the three of them were looking at each other in smiles, Rena couldn’t help but feel tears forming in her eyes. Oh, how she missed their hugs.

She took a deep breath and hugged Kuumin and Airin separately, before the two girls started to jump up and down as they asked her questions. They started asking her about how it was like to be known internationally and work with top artists from other countries.

“C’mon, Rena-chan! Tell us!” Kuumin begged, as she tugged on the said girl’s hem like a child.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“C’mon, Oshiriko-chan!” her ‘butt sister’ Mayuyu cried, as she formed their signature ‘butt’ sign with her hands.

She smiled at her. “Let’s do some skin-ship with everyone!”

Yuko laughed and patted the younger girl’s head, before hugging her tightly. She missed Mayuyu and loves her like her own sister, making her tear up as she let go. She wiped away the tears, before nodding at the younger girl. Mayuyu smiled at her widely, before pulling her to some unsuspecting victims of their skin-ship.

Mayuyu and Yuko crept up behind the Team B’s captain, before lunging at her and groping her chest. The sudden groping shocked Kashiwagi Yuki, making her look at them with bulging eyes and a gaping mouth. Yuko and Mayuyu gave her a cheeky smile before running away in fear that Yukirin would process what the two had done to her.

Speaking of Yukirin processing what the two had done, the moment the two disappeared from her sight, she clenched her hands tightly and ran after them as she breathed out fire. The ‘Butt Sisters’ merely laughed as they ran away from the angered girl.

Everyone laughed at the scene that was unfolding in front of them, and started talking about how they missed Yuko’s and Mayuyu’s crazy antics. When Yuko and Mayuyu got caught by Yukirin and Sayaka— who decided to help her fellow captain—a few minutes later, the two were forced to kneel onto the ground with their arms raised up as the two captains began lecturing them about keeping their hands to themselves.

“But I miss Oshiriko-chan!” Mayuyu whined, as she hugged Yuko tightly.

Yukirin placed both of her hands onto her hips and narrowed her eyes at the young girl, before looking at Yuko. “Go skin-ship someone else!”

With that, she stomped off to her seat and left the two ‘Butt Sisters’ with Sayaka. The captain looked at Yuko and shook her head as she gave a laugh. She can’t believe that Yuko was already getting into trouble on the first day that she managed to see everyone after a month.

“Go bother someone else.” She chuckled, before separating the two girls from each other.

As the two girls waved at each other whilst saying their goodbyes to each other, they parted away in a very dramatic manner that made everyone who was watching them laugh. Mayuyu started to pretend that she couldn’t live without Yuko by her side and started to act as if she was dying, making Yukirin shake her head when she saw what Mayuyu was doing.

Yuko, on the other hand, was still walking away from Mayuyu while saying ‘No’ dramatically. She was walking very slowly and pretended to trip on something, causing her to turn away as she cried out ‘Oh no’. She was just going to fall slowly, but her shoelace was untied, causing her to fall faster than expected.

She tried to keep her hands in front of her to keep her face safe, and closed her eyes. But then moment she thought she was going to fall, she felt her face landing on top of something soft. Her hands immediately found themselves touching the soft cushion she landed her face on.

Just then, her eyes widened in realization as it dawned upon her that the softness was so familiar. She opened her eyes and looked up, finding herself locking gazes with the girl she mostly had ‘skin-ship’ with. She was about to remove her face off Kojima Haruna’s chest, when a slap from the taller girl saved her the effort to do so.

“Hentai!” Haruna shouted at her, before pushing her back and walking off.

The shock from being slapped caused her instincts and body reflexes to fail, causing her to fall back against the table in the room behind her. She dropped to the ground, but not before hitting her head against the corner of the wooden table.

She dropped to the ground and started clutching her head as the pain reached her brain. Everyone started to gather round before her, but Haruna just scoffed and crossed her arms as she watched Yuko lying on the ground. The girl is just probably pretending to be hurt just so she could be pitied. Haruna thought to herself.

“Stop pretending, Yuko.” She sighed, as she started to walk away.

Hearing Haruna’s cold voice made Yuko sit up, and give an apologetic smile to everyone. She laughed and scratched her head as she started apologizing for making them all think that she was really in pain, making everyone sigh as they walked away.

They really had thought that Yuko was in pain, and found out that she was just joking about it. When Yuko looked beside her, she saw Takamina looking at her before giving a disapproving look as she spoke. “You should stop pretending, Yuko.”

“That way, Haruna will be warmer to you.” Mariko said, before following Takamina to where Haruna was sitting.

When everyone around her was gone, Yuko sighed and walked to a seat by the corner. She leaned against her chair, smiled at everyone who came by her to ask if she was really fine. She gave a dismissive wave, before telling them that it was just a joke. In order to stop people from coming to her, she took out her phone and started to type on it furiously.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

As she watched Takamina and Mariko joining her and Tomochin, she couldn’t help but look over at the girl that Haruna scolded. She saw Yuko secluding herself at a corner, looking like she was busy typing her phone furiously when in fact, she was just pressing random buttons.

Oh, Yuko. Acchan thought to herself as she saw a tear drop from Yuko’s eye.

Yuko immediately wiped it to prevent others from seeing it, before lowering her head even more. Acchan sighed sadly as she watched one of her few closest friends cry. She knew that Yuko was just trying to divert the attention away from the pain she was feeling in her head, and Haruna shouldn’t have been so cold to her.

She frowned and turned to Haruna, who was now talking with their friends. The girl was acting like Yuko never accidentally tripped on her shoelaces— even though it did seem like she didn’t trip— and touched Haruna’s chest by accident. But that wasn’t a reason to scold her after having her head hit by a table!

What is wrong with everyone? she thought to herself, when she remembered the disapproving look given by Takamina and Mariko to her best friend.

They knew that Yuko tripped, right? But why did they have to side with Haruna and scold her like that when she was feeling the pain in her head? That was just cruel!

Just then, she saw a glimpse of Takamina staring at her and turned her head to look at the shorter girl. But when she turned, she found Takamina no longer looking at her. Acchan decided to shrug it off, thinking that it was just her imagination. But when she caught another glimpse of Takamina staring at her every now and then, she realized that it wasn’t.

When she tried to catch the girl’s eyes, she started to realize that Takamina was in fact avoiding locking eyes with her. Sadness started to swell up in her, making her stand up and give an apologetic smile to her friends before she walked to where Yuko was sitting.

Yuko needed her more than Takamina.

“Hey, can I join you?” she asked, as she took a seat next to the short actress.

Yuko just nodded, as she tried to hide her sniffling and tears. “Hmm? Yeah.”

Acchan thanked her before taking out her phone and started typing out some messages to her co-workers. She would sometimes take a glimpse at Takamina from the corner of her eyes, and found the shorter girl stealing a glance at her.

She must hate me. Acchan thought to herself, before sighing depressingly.

Taking a glance at the actress beside her, she began to notice just how Yuko seemed to be sweating profusely. She was going to open her mouth to ask about it when Yuko turned to her and smiled, making the worry in Acchan grow even more.

“I’m going out for some air.” The short actress told her, before leaving her alone.

Acchan opened her mouth to ask her if she could follow her, since she didn’t want to be alone— even though she was being surrounded by several members— but was unable to speak a word when Yuko walked out of the room quickly.

Is she going to be alright? Acchan thought worriedly, as she bit her lower lip.

She knew just how Yuko hated to show her real feelings— just like Acchan herself— but the pain was evident on Yuko’s face, and she wanted to let the shorter girl lean her head on her shoulders. She knew just how much Yuko wanted to cry, but was unable to because of the reputation she made for herself.

A girl who never cried.

Acchan frowned to herself and crossed her arms. She really hated it when Yuko tried to hide or bottle up the feelings she had in her chest, but she knew that even if she tried to ask the girl whether she was fine, she would always lie and give her the same answer.

I’m fine, Acchan.

Yep, that was what Yuko would tell her if she asks her in public. So the only way to know how she was really feeling was to ask her in private, where no one would ask her why she was crying when they thought that she was someone who never did.

Sighing and leaning against her seat, Acchan started pretending to type on her phone when she saw Takamina looking at her once again. Is she still thinking about what I said? she thought to herself, as she started gripping the phone tightly.

Deciding that it would do her no good to stay alone and secluding herself, she started to search for Miichan. When she wasn’t able to find the girl in the room, she sighed and crossed her arms. She really couldn’t go and talk to the other person close to her— Rena—, whom she had become close to ever since she started working with her.

The younger actress was with her friends, talking and chatting happily— well she was quietly listening to her friends ramble about how great it was to have her back— and with a huge smile. Rena was actually one of the closest members to her besides Yuko, and having her far away was making it hard for Acchan to bear the slow passing time.

Fortunately for her, Miichan came in through the doors with a few girls. One of the girls that was behind Miichan, saw Rena and quickly ran towards her before latching herself onto the girl’s back. She covered the younger actress’s eyes, before asking her a question that Acchan was able to make out.

She asked Rena with a sing-song voice. “Who is this~?”

“Jurina?” Rena answered, before removing the hands off her eyes.

The said girl cried, “Ding ding ding! Correct!” before hugging Rena tightly from the back.

Acchan saw the actress smile at Jurina before pushing her back, as she chuckled. She raised an eyebrow when she saw Rena excusing herself after a while before walking out of the room, making Rena’s friends look at the younger actress curiously. Standing up, Acchan started to walk and follow Rena out of the room, but was stopped by Miichan.

“Acchan, we need to talk.” The younger girl told her, as she grabbed Acchan’s arm lightly.

“It’s about Takamina.”

Hearing the girl’s name from Miichan’s tongue made her want to stay and talk with the younger girl, but the curious looks that everyone— especially Takamina— being given to her made her think about it and come to a conclusion.

“Sorry, Miichan.” Acchan said to her, as she removed the girl’s grip off her arm. “But I have to go somewhere right now.”

She started walking out of the room, but not before flashing an apologetic smile to the younger girl. “We’ll talk about it later, okay?”

And with that, she walked out of the door and to the place that the other two actresses would probably be at. Making sure that no one was looking or watching her, she started walking up the stairs near the elevator and found herself standing on an empty floor that no one occupied.

When she saw the rooftop’s stairs, she immediately walked up and— just like what she had expected— found the two actresses leaning against the rails as they sat next to each other.

“Hey.” She greeted to the two, before leaning against the rails as she sat down in between.

The two replied back in unison. “Hey.”

“Such a nice night.” Acchan breathed out, as she stared at the starless and cloudless sky above them.

The other two nodded in agreement, and the three smiled at each other. Looking at each other, they knew that those smiles they were giving to one another were just one of those masked smiles they always give to the other members. Knowing and not wanting to keep the masks up with their closest friends, they removed the masks and sighed depressingly.

“Sad night, eh?” Yuko laughed forcefully.

The two nodded. “Yeah.”

“I wish I was at work.” Yuko admitted to the two actresses, before heaving a sigh.

The three of them didn’t utter another word after that and started enjoying the serene and tranquility of their surroundings. True, they missed their friends and the other members, but they preferred being by themselves or just being the three of them. There seemed to be something that made the three feel comfortable whenever they were near each other.

Perhaps it was the respect they gave to one another when they realized that one wanted to keep things to herself and just let it go? Or maybe the fact that the three of them were experts at masking a smile that they had managed to perfect?

As they basked in the silence that grew between the three of them, they each took out their phones and silenced it just in case a call or a message interrupt the beautiful silence. When a light coming from a plane passed them by, Rena looked at Yuko and leaned her chin against the rail she was sitting next to.

“Ne, Yuuchan?” the girl called, making the said actress turn, and look at her. “Is your head feeling better now?”

Yuko touched it, and smiled at her. “It’s fine now. It was just a hit against the table.”

“But I saw how you winced when you dropped,” Rena told her, sitting straight up as she peeked at the spot where Yuko hit her head. “Let me see.”

“Mou~ Rena-chan. I’m alright.” Yuko laughed when Rena made her leaned her head to the younger girl, and started inspecting it.

“Right~” Rena rolled her eyes when she touched the bump, making Yuko hiss in pain. “Come here, and let me kiss it.”

“What?” Yuko and Acchan said, dumbfounded.

Yuko and Acchan stared at the youngest actress in the area, and blinked their eyes several times. They didn’t just hear the shy and composed Matsui Rena offer a kiss to a pervert such as Yuko, right? That was like…near impossibility! The girl never offers those type of things! She would always just say something about taking care of the injury!

“Has stress finally gotten to my head?” Acchan looked at Yuko in disbelief. “Or did I just hear Rena offer your head a kiss?”

“Acchan,” Yuko looked at the said girl and checked her head if she was having a high fever, before continuing. “I think I’m getting a concussion and I’m hallucinating right now!”

“You guys!” Rena moaned, before sending light punches to the two’s arms.

She crossed her arms, and stared at Acchan “You’re exaggerating too much!”

“And you!” She turned to the eldest out of them, and pointed a finger at her. “You should feel honored that I’m offering my rosy lips to your injury, so stop mocking me!”

Crossing her arms and exhaling out of her nose, she then pouted. “You two are teasing me!”

Acchan and Yuko looked at each other, before turning to the youngest girl and giving her a bear hug. They started swaying back and forth as they apologized to the girl about teasing her, when they all slipped off their seats and fell onto the cold floor.

“I-ittai.” The three mumbled as they stood up and dusted their clothes.

After doing so, they found themselves locking gazes with one another and falling into one of their laughing fits. The three laughed at their own silliness for falling of their seats, before linking arms with one another as they sat down. Yuko pointed to her head, and nudged the youngest of them all.

“You said that you’d kiss it.” She said, as she titled her head to the side cutely. “Where’s my kiss?”

“Here you go~” Rena said as she planted a kiss on the bump.

Leaning away, she then smiled at the eldest girl and titled her head to the side. “Is it feeling better now?”

Yuko nodded, making Acchan pout at the two. She crossed her arms and slapped Rena’s arm lightly, before crying out to the youngest of them all. “Hey! That’s not fair!”

“I fell down and hurted my forehead!”

Yuko chuckled, as she watched Acchan cling onto Rena’s arm like a koala. Acchan was pouting and giving the youngest of them her best puppy dog eyes. Seeing how much effort the older girl was giving to her— and the fact that Acchan rarely uses her puppy dog eyes on anyone—, made Rena sigh and kiss the older actress’s forehead.

“Sheesh, you two act like kids whenever there’s only the three of us.” Rena chuckled to herself.

The two older girls just smiled at her cheekily, before each giving her a peace sign. Just then, the two older actresses caught each other’s gaze and nodded knowingly. They started to form a smirk on their faces, which made Rena start backing away as she realized that an idea had formed in their minds.

Just before the youngest one could run away, the two girls grabbed her arms and planted a kiss on each side of her cheeks. The kisses Rena received made her blush and cover her face as embarrassment spread throughout her face. When the two laughed at her reaction, Rena pouted at the two as she crossed her arms.
“This is the reason why I don’t like being touchy with you guys!” she cried.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

The three of them leaned against one another’s backs, and sighed in unison. The shortest of the three raised her hand up into the air and tried to catch the passing-by plane, though she knew that it was impossible. The other two girls leaned away and looked at her, with a curious expression.

“Sometimes,” she breathed out, as she stared at the beautiful sky above. “I just wish that I can fly away from everything.”

Acchan patted the girl’s back, before she let Yuko lean her head against her shoulder. Rena sighed and leaned her head against Acchan’s other shoulder. She really enjoyed this kind of times with her friends; it makes her feel so relaxed and stop wearing the mask that she learnt to perfect after a few years.

“Will the three of us be together, even after we graduated?” Acchan asked quietly, leaning her head against Rena’s

Yuko leaned back and looked at her, before standing up in front of the two. “We will!”

“We will be together no matter what! We’re the three musketeers!” she cried.

The two actresses looked at her with a sad smile. They wanted to believe that as well, but graduating from the group meant separating from one another. Then without realization, tears started to form in each of their eyes. Yuko walked to them the moment she saw the tears, and wiped them away as sat in front of them.

“No matter what, we will be best of friends.” She whispered to them, hushing their quiet sobbing as she hugged them both.

Rena muttered, before wrapping her arms around the shortest girl. “All for one and one for all.”

“Best of friends, forever.” Acchan added, before she nuzzled her face into Yuko’s brown hair.

The three of them stayed like that for a while, enjoying the warmth they were emitting to one another. Just then, a song played from one of their pockets, causing them to separate from one another as they each took out their phones.

Yuko and Rena looked at each other when they realized that it wasn’t their phone that rang, before turning to Acchan, who was staring at the phone without a word of emotion or any expressions on her face. She was quiet and that made the other two actresses to peek over her shoulders.

Where are you? Practice ended and the three of you haven’t been back since you guys left. We still have to talk remember?               ~Miichan

“Were we gone for that long?” Rena asked Yuko, who shrugged her shoulders.


Just then, Acchan started typing on her phone. Yuko and Rena leaned over her shoulders one more time, and ended up looking shock at what the actress has typed.

Has anyone left yet? I’ll be back soon. I just want to tell you guys something important.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“Hey guys, can you guys stay back for a little while longer?” Miichan asked the girls in the room. “Wifey said that she wanted to say something.”

“Something?” Takamina asked, as she packed her used clothes away.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“You’re going to tell them now?” Yuko asked in shock.

Acchan nodded, before putting the phone back into her skirt’s pocket. She sighed and smiled at the other two actresses, before biting her lower lip as she watched Yuko’s face form a frown.

“Why now?”

“Why can’t it be now?” Acchan asked back sadly.

Yuko pointed out. “You’ll be graduating in June. Not April.”

“I just want this out of my chest, Yuuchan.” Acchan sighed, as she covered her face with her hands.


Rena placed a hand on the eldest girl’s shoulder, before giving a shake. “Let her be, Yuuchan.”

Yuko took a glance at Acchan, before giving a defeated sigh as she massaged her temples. She and Rena watched Acchan bite her lower lip as she tried to prevent the tears that had formed in her eyes to fall down onto her smooth face.

“Hey,” Yuko said softly, as she tucked in a hair strand behind the girl’s ear shell. “I’m sorry. I was just shock that you wanted to tell them so early.”

“It’s just that… I planned on telling them a day before graduation.” Yuko admitted, as she started caressing Acchan’s back.

Rena hugged Acchan and told the both of them, “I planned on telling them on the day itself, before we go onto stage.”

The girl’s statement made the three of them enter into one of their silent sessions. It was what Acchan wanted to do, but she had made her decision and wanted to tell the members sooner. She knew that she would feel guiltier as time passes, and she wouldn’t be able to handle all of the stress. She might even break down because of it, that’s why she didn’t want to wait.

The three didn’t utter a word after a few seconds, which made Acchan remove the cover from her face and look a them with red puffy eyes. Smiling at the other two actresses, she then enveloped them into a tight hug. The other two didn’t complain with the suffocating hug they were receiving, and hugged her tighter in return.

“We’ll be with you.” Yuko assured her, as she patted the younger girl’s head.

Rena smiled, before wiping Acchan’s tears away with her handkerchief. “Three musketeers, remember?”

“All for one and one for all.” The three of them said in unison, before hugging each other tightly once more.

To Be Continued…

A/N: I really like that line, that’s why I added it into this chapter. ^^

Thanks for reading~! :mon bye: :byebye: Byee~!

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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 1
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Update soon~ Update soon~  :bow:

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 1
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no way....

did their partners know about their graduation......takamina and haruna are all acting weird.....
hey where's Jurina?

update soon

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Re: [AKB48]RAY [by Karomuwi] Chapter 1
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@RenaChii: Here's the next one ^^

@blughise: The others don't actually know. They just continued looking at Rena because it has been a long time since thet've seen each other. And yeah... the two are supposed to act weird. ^^

Thank you for commenting Here's the next chapter...

Chapter 2

The three of them sat down together after having several chats with the others. They sat on the chairs that they moved away from the rest by the corner and had their dorama scripts in their hands. The others wanted to continue chatting with them, but after seeing the three focusing on their scripts, they decided to leave them alone and eat outside.

“Hey, guys, let’s go eat.” Miichan told the three.

“Sorry, but we’re still full. We’ll follow you later.” Acchan told her and returned her gaze at her scripts.

Miichan turned to the others and shrugged. She walked to where everyone was and they left the three.

“Are they gone?” Yuko asked Acchan in a whisper, not looking away from her script.

“They’re gone.” Acchan replied as she dropped her script onto the ground.

The other two sighed and leaned against their chairs. They have been pretending to memorize their roles in order to escape the others’ questions and such. They slowly started feeling guilty for deceiving the others. They sighed.

Rena looked at Yuko.

“Yuko, what happened between you and Haruna?” Rena asked the girl, who was using her script to fan herself.

“What do you mean, Rena?” Acchan asked when Yuko looked at Rena.

“Well, I saw how Yuko acted with Haruna and it wasn’t the normal her.” Rena told her.

Acchan frowned and stared at Yuko, who only smiled at the two while saying “That’s not true.”

“Is something bothering you?” Acchan asked Yuko with concern.

Yuko smiled at them and said, “There’s nothing! Seriously! I’m just stressed from work!”

Acchan and Rena narrowed their eyes, not believing her. Yuko saw this and just smiled.

“Spill it.” Acchan told her.

Rena nodded. Yuko looked at them while grinning. Then, after a few seconds of silence, she finally sighed in defeat.

“Fine.” Acchan and Rena smiled and looked at her like children listening to a story being told by their grandmother.

Yuko took a look before she sighed.

“Nyan Nyan doesn’t like me the same way I like her. I mean, I love her… but she told me that she only liked me.” Yuko admitted.

Acchan and Rena looked at each other.

“No wonder she wasn’t acting the same around Haruna.” Rena thought.

“I asked her whether she was sure that it was only ‘like’… but then she told me that I was becoming bothersome. That I was becoming an annoyance to her.” Yuko started to sob as she continued.

The two tried to comfort her by patting her back. Just then Rena stood up and walked to the door. She locked it. No one must hear their conversation. If someone was to ever hear them, there would be endless questions of ‘why’. She sat back down to her chair and continued listening to Yuko.

“I started asking myself whether it was worth it waiting for her. Whether I should continue going after her and stay by her side… Or just give up.” Yuko sobbed, letting her tears fall down.

“So… Are you giving up?” Rena asked her.

“Well…” Yuko looked at them and smiled as she said, “I AM graduating.”

“I’ve actually thought of graduating before, but I couldn’t…” Yuko’s voice trailed off as she couldn’t bear to say the name.

“Because of Haruna.” Acchan and Rena said in unison.

Yuko started to cry harder. Acchan wiped away Yuko’s falling tears with her own handkerchief while Rena hugged her tightly.

Rena’s heart ached. She hated seeing Yuko in pain. She wanted to help Yuko, but she didn’t know how. She started feeling useless, since all she could do was listen to Yuko’s pain and try to comfort her.

Yuko kept on sobbing for a while before turning to Acchan when her tears started to dry up.

“W-What about you, Acchan?” Yuko asked as she sniffed.

Acchan froze to the spot and looked away.

“Please talk about it. I can’t be the only one crying.” Yuko told her in a joking manner.

Acchan faced them and smiled as she wiped the drops of tears falling from her eyes. She took a deep breath and sighed before she talked.

“Well… I AM graduating.” Yuko and Rena laughed at Acchan’s obvious statement.

“Which means that, like Yuko, I’m giving up on Takamina.” Acchan told them proudly.

Acchan started laughing while tears started to trickle down her face. Yuko looked at her, amused by how she was saying it. Rena just stared at a laughing-crying Acchan.

“I mean, I have told Takamina about my feelings…” Acchan’s voice trailed off as she took another deep breath and sighed before continuing.

“…And then, she started avoiding me.” Acchan continued as she wiped her tears.

“I tried to joke about it but she just kept on avoiding me.” Yuko handed her the same handkerchief Acchan lended her a while ago.

“And, whenever I mailed her, she won’t reply. Then…She…I heard her say to Miichan…” Acchan finally broke down, making a sniffing Yuko and a quiet Rena hug her.

“She…She said that she didn’t want to see me when I asked Miichan to ask her to meet me!” Acchan cried out.

Yuko started sobbing with Acchan and they two hugged each other, their cries like a song. Rena hugged both of them tighter. Acchan and Yuko buried their faces against Rena’s chest, soaking her shirt.

“H-Hey…My shirt’s wet now.” Rena told them as she wiped their tears away.

“I’ll miss Takamina!” Acchan cried, hugging Rena tighter.

“I’ll miss Nyan Nyan’s chest!” Yuko cried as she hugged Rena tighter, making the other two chuckle.

Yuko looked at Rena.

“Your chest is really small. It’s kind of cute.” Yuko told her, earning a laugh from Acchan and a light slap from Rena.

“Hey!” Rena laughed.

The three laughed for a while before looking at each other.

“It’s painful… to let go after such a long time.” Yuko said.

“Yeah… Very painful.” Acchan agreed.

“Come on! Let’s fix you guys up before the others become suspicious of your red and puffy eyes!” Rena told them as she helped them get off their chairs.

When they were in the bathroom, Acchan and Yuko stared at Rena, watching her as she washed her hands.

“What about you, Rena?” the two asked.


“Why are you graduating?” Acchan asked her as she quietly wiped her hands.

“Career and probably loneliness.” She answered as she left the bathroom, leaving the two.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading this story. I'm surprised that this story hasn't failed yet. LOL anyway... :byebye: :mon bye: Byee~!
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 1
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LOL Me gusta! but then... they're graduating...  ah! my heart!

please continue~!

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 2 (9/25)
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poorAcchan and Yuko.. Rena don't worry I'll be there for you! We all are!

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 2 (9/25)
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Ah man... I can't read these updates fast enough! XD

But Yuko and Acchan... ; w ;
I wanna give those two a hug.

And the way that you're avoiding mentioning Jurina makes me think something bad has happened to her. Really bad. XD My WMatsui T A T

Anywho, great job~ :on GJ:

I look forward to the next update.

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 2 (9/25)
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this story is so sad T____T
it seems like acchan and yuko are having the same problems
what are haruna and takamina doing anyway, ignoring yuko and acchan like that
and, Rena! there's no way that you are lonely since you have a little puppy with you
update soon

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 2 (9/25)
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T_T so sad. Kojiharu, Takamina, why?

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 2 (9/25)
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So sad~  :cry:

Don't say something like that Rena! You must have someone beside you!  :banghead:

You just didn't notice it!  :yep:

Looking forward for the next chapter~ update soon~  :bow:

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Re: [AKB48]Karomuwi's Story (currently unknown title) Chapter 2 (9/25)
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 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
that's so sad..........

Acchan and Yuko :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
and Rena, poor Rena :(

This is really sad :cry:
nice update....
I wanna know why Jurina still hasn't appeared in here, if the pairing will be WMatsui.


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