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Author Topic: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)  (Read 64698 times)

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (04/03)
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[AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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@Chichay12:  :sweat: Are you alright? I hope your brain didn't explode. XD

@cisda83: Yep, and now Yuko knows. Dun dun dun dun~  :on voodoo: Thank you by the way, for taking this as one of your favourites. :kneelbow:

@haruhi16: but...If I kill you now, you won't know if this becomes a happy ending fic or not.  :whistle:

@Tam_atsu: Well, since I've been on hiatus for a long time. Here's a quite...long (I think? Because it reached 22 pages XD) update for you! :hee: And you're right. Now...Haruna has a chance!

@kahem: With a handsome and smooth guy like Kuu, it's no wonder that our girls fell for him. XD

@chuppachup: A recurrence? Poor Yuuchan...  :on speedy:

@kurumi: Why, thank you.  :shy2: I'm glad that you enjoy it.  :farofflook:

@AshuraX: :sweat: I actually forgot about that fic. I'm sorry!  :gyaaah: :kneelbow: I'll write about it asap! soon as I finish preparing for college, maybe? :sweat:

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A/N: Everyone...My apologies for the long (long long long loooooonnnngggg~) wait. As a way of making up, here's the next part! :hee: Please go easy on me though guys :sweat: It's been so long since I've written. :kneelbow: I would like to thank you all for commenting and pushing me to write an update. Realizing that this fic actually is liked and enjoyed by you guys makes me so happy~!  :on gay: A-anyway, here's the next update! I'll be posting it in two or maybe more parts, since I can't post it all at the same time.

Chapter Eleven

“Yuko, this isn’t what it looks like.” The black-haired said as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair.

The shocked expression that was completely apparent on her face quickly changed to an emotionless one. There were so many emotions running through her, making it quite hard for her to know what she was supposed to be feeling.

“I swear to you, Yuko—”

“—isn’t what it looks like?” she scoffed.

Yuko’s eyes narrowed to a dangerous slit as she stared at the two figures on the bed, uncertain on how to explain this situation that they have found themselves trapped in. “How could you say that to me, Kuu?”

“You were practically shoving your tongue down her throat!” she cried angrily.

“And you’re still telling me that it’s not what it seems?”

“I knew you were capable of lying, Kuu!” Turning around, she shouted over her shoulders. “But I never expected you lying to me of all people!”

With a hard slam, the brown-haired shut the door and walked down the stairs in a huff, leaving the occupants inside. Despite knowing that it won’t actually do anything, Yuko stomped her feet as hard as she could on the wooden stairs as she made her way down, hoping that it would help her.

She was boiling deep inside, and she knew that she needed to lessen the anger that she was feeling. Her doctor and friend advised her not to overwork herself or cause too much stress, but with what she had just witnessed, stressing herself out doesn’t seem farfetched.

“Yuko, wait!” The said girl heard her name being called from behind her.

However, unlike the other times where she would turn her body with a huge smile on her face to greet Kuu, she kept her head staring in front of her and continued walking away. She was far too infuriated with him, and every memory that she had shared and made with him had just disappeared.

All of it has now been replaced by that one certain scene that she had just come to witness.

The image of Kuu kissing Mariko— her best friend’s girlfriend— just kept on replaying over and over in her mind, effectively blocking away any thoughts and sounds.

She was only brought back to the real world by the black-haired, who came running after her in his shorts. Grabbing her by the arm, Kuu stopped her from walking out of the gate and turned her around.

“Yuko, please listen to me.” The black-haired begged. “If you’ll let me explain—”


“I don’t want to hear any more of your lies, Kuu.” Yuko told him.

Scoffing, the brown-haired rubbed her forehead. “And here I was, being guilty and all because I was having second thoughts.”

“I was suspecting you of having an affair with Mariko— my best friend’s girlfriend!” She stared at him. “And those rumors that I’ve been trying to shut out and end in the office…”

“Yuko, please—” Kuu started to beg.

But the brown-haired only interrupted him once more with a very cold stare. “Tell me, Kuu.”

“Those rumors that I’ve been hearing…Are they all true? Is Mariko having an affair with you? Is she cheating on Miichan? Did you sleep with her? Did Miichan catch the two of you in the act?!”

Kuu kept his eyes on the ground, obviously finding it hard to look at her.

Yuko scoffed disbelievingly. “So they were true after all.”

“And you still had the decency to smile at me, to make me believe that my best friend was lying to me…When it was actually you who was lying to my face?!” Yuko pushed him hard. “How could you break my trust just like that?!”

“What were you trying to prove, Kuu?! Tell me!”

The black-haired kept his silence, his head still lowered. Yuko turned around and tried to fight away the tears that were threatening to spill. When she lost the fight, the brown-haired wiped her tears away furiously.

“Yuko, are you—”

“—don’t you dare say my name.” Turning at him, Yuko glared. “You don’t have the right to say it or ask me if I’m alright.”

She clenched her hands tightly. “I don’t want to see you, hear from you, or even have anything to do with you.”

“Whatever remains between us is over, Otawa.”

Without another word, the brown-haired walked out into the street and got into her car. She didn’t bother to spare him any glance before she drove off, too miffed and occupied with wiping away the overflowing tears.


“How could he?”

“Hey, you’re back early.” A voice snapped her out of her angry thoughts.

Yuko walked into her apartment with a smiling Miichan to greet her. If it were any ordinary day, a greeting would have left the brown-haired’s lips the moment she hears any greeting from the other girl.

However, with everything that had happened, Yuko found herself tearing up. Seeing this, Miichan couldn’t help but replace her smile with a look of concern, shocked to see her best friend near to tears.

“Yuko?” she reached a hand out.

She was barely able to touch the older girl when Yuko suddenly dropped her bag and enveloped her into a hug. Not knowing what was making her act that way, the only thing that Miichan did at that moment was hug her back as she gently lowered the two of them onto the floor when Yuko’s legs gave away.

“H-hey, are you alright?” Miichan asked worriedly.

The brown-haired started to tremble in her hold, making the younger girl act all flustered as she helplessly watched her best friend break down in front of her. Thankfully, instincts from the past came back to her in reaction to the familiar scene happening.

As Yuko sniffed and sobbed wordlessly, the younger of the two rubbed on her back in circles and hummed, hoping that it would help to soothe her in some way. Fortunately, the brown-haired managed to calm a bit within a few minutes of soothing silence.

“I’m sorry.” Yuko sniffed as she pulled away.

Wiping away her tears, she looked down on the floor. “It’s you who’s hurting, yet you’re the one who’s comforting me.”

“Hey.” Miichan lifted her chin up and smiled at her. “That doesn’t mean that I can’t be here for you when you need me.”

“And whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.” She scratched her head. “I mean, I’m stuck with you.”

The two girls laughed, lifting up the atmosphere that Yuko’s crying and the rain outside have caused. With the same smile on her face, Miichan stood up and offered a hand to the older girl, who took it willingly.

The dark-haired started swinging their hands to and fro. “Come on, Yuuchan. Let’s raid your fridge to feel better.”

“Food’s our best friend, after all.” Miichan smiled.

As the two girls walked into the kitchen, Yuko debated with herself about telling the younger girl of the scene that she had come across earlier that day. But with how cheerful and happy Miichan was at the moment compared to the previous days that have passed, the brown-haired doesn’t think that she has the heart to break the news to her.

“It’s probably for the best if I keep it to myself.” Yuko thought inwardly.

It’s not that she still wants to protect Kuu from Miichan. She can’t help but think that keeping it from the younger girl would stop her from hurting. And as the dark-haired’s best friend, it was her duty to make sure that she was happy all the time.

Throwing away all her worries even for just that day, Yuko hopped onto her seat and hummed happily to herself as she watched her best friend rummage her fridge for food. She watched in bemusement as the younger girl placed most of the food onto the table.

“Don’t tell me we’re going to eat everything?” Yuko raised a brow at her.

Miichan only grinned as she hangs an arm around the older girl’s shoulder. “Of course, we are!”

“Food is the gateway to a person’s heart, after all.”

“Well, if you say so.” Yuko sighed as she already started making plans to hit the grocery later that night to restock her food.

Miichan beamed at her and started to mincing some onions for their first meal. The older girl didn’t bother asking where she managed to find the apron that the brown-haired had been searching for forever when Miichan suddenly appeared in wearing an apron.

Miichan told her with a smile. “You’re going to love this new recipe I just made, Yuko!”

“Can I assume that it’s edible?”

“Yuko!” The younger girl chastised. “How dare you question my culinary skills?!”

“I’m none other than the great Minegishi Minami, the one that brought back the bacon when I joined that international competition!” She cried in exasperation. “Why would Minegishi Minami the Awesome, make something inedible?”

Yuko merely laughed at the girl, finding it hilarious that her best friend hasn’t changed despite all those major achievements. Right at this moment, Miichan had a spatula in her right hand whilst using a kitchen stool to step on with her feet.

If it weren’t for the plastic bag that the younger girl has on her head as an alternative for a chef’s hat, Yuko would have believed that this girl in front of her was one of the greatest chefs in the entire world.

But then again…

Appearances CAN be deceiving.

“I expect you to kneel and kiss my feet after tasting my newest recipe, Oshima!” Miichan pointed the spatula at the brown-haired with a huff before turning back to mincing the onions.

The older girl merely smiled at her playfully in return. “Whatever you say, oh great Minegishi.”

The dark-haired smiled back. Placing a whole chicken on top of the table, Miichan began to rub some butter on its skin, along with the onions that she had just minced. As the younger girl worked her magic, Yuko watched in fascination.

There was a determined look written on the younger girl’s face— something that she only sees whenever Miichan’s in the kitchen. Her aura had completely changed from outgoing and flighty to a mature and serious one.

It was almost breathtaking to watch for Yuko, considering how rarely she sees the younger girl act this way. She knew that Miichan could be mature and amazing when she wants to, but to actually see her in action was something that she has never expected.

“You’re kind of cool, Miichan.” Yuko smiled.

“Kind of cool?” The younger girl gave her a glance before turning back to the food. “Now, you’re just hurting my feelings.”

The brown-haired chuckled. “I’m being serious here, Miichan.”

“When you touched the knife, it’s like you’re a completely different person.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Miichan laughed.

Yuko poked her tongue out at her. “It’s a compliment, silly.”

“Well, you made it sound like I could be psychotic killer or something.”

Yuko shrugged. “Well, that doesn’t seem far from your usual self.”

“Hey!” The younger girl cried out indignantly. “I’m not psychotic!”

“Do you remember what you’d do whenever we have to slice a frog for Biology class?” Yuko raised a brow.

Miichan stopped to think and the brown-haired swore that a mischievous glint was seen in the girl’s eyes as memories of their high school life flashed back in the dark-haired’s mind. However, her smile turned to a look of worry when she noticed how the knife in Miichan’s hand was pointed at her chin, in the same manner that she would have her hand under her chin whenever she was thinking.

“The knife, Miichan.” Yuko lowered the younger girl’s hand and heaved a sigh of relief when it was finally away from her friend’s neck. “Anyway, do you?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I still remember the first time we became partners.” Miichan laughed, unaware of the fact that she could have died if she slipped accidentally or had done something that would have made the knife pierce her throat.


“I instantly knew then that we were meant to be best friends.” The dark-haired smiled at her.

Yuko laughed. “How does getting thrown out of class make you think that we were meant to be best friends?”

“Well, you stayed with me even after that.”

“True.” Yuko nodded in agreement,

“And…” Miichan placed the chicken into the oven. “…you didn’t freak out when I accidentally spilled the frog’s blood on you.”

“Then you actually helped me prank the entire class.”

Yuko chuckled. “Do you still remember that look on everyone’s faces when we placed the dead frogs in their bags?”

Miichan beamed at her. “Of course, I’ll never forget that one!”

“It was one of the best times we’ve had in Biology!” the two girls cried in unison.
Miichan waved a finger at her. “But that doesn’t make me psychotic.”

“That doesn’t, but laughing as you slice a living frog’s stomach open isn’t normal.” The brown-haired told her.

Miichan huffed. “But that’s the reason why I laughed most of the time.”

“Everyone else is so freaked out whereas the two of us are just slicing our frogs casually. Their horrified expressions made me laugh!”

“Well, you scared the heck out of everyone whenever you laughed as you sliced the frogs.”

“Who wouldn’t laugh at a frog that farts as it gets sliced into two?” Miichan crossed her arms across her chest. “It went pururut~”

“Any sane person.”
Miichan narrowed her eyes at the brown-haired during a pregnant pause, not wanting to make the defeat obvious. At the same time, Yuko was looking at her with a playful expression on her face, obviously enjoying the little banter they were having.

“I’ll get you back, Oshima,” The dark-haired told her before turning around to resume preparing the ingredients. “So, how was work?”

Yuko’s smile instantly dropped as she froze to the spot. Her eyes quickly averted themselves away from the girl in front of her, fearful of what the younger girl might ask if they lock gazes with one another. It was something that she has always loved and hated about Miichan. The dark-haired always seem to know what was troubling her.

“Did Kojima-san do something?” Miichan asked, noticing the sudden change in the older girl’s mood.

Yuko forced a smile, just in case the dark-haired decided to turn around. “No, I didn’t even see her.”

“Oh.” Miichan continued to chop the onions. “So, she didn’t say anything to make you cry?”

“What?” Yuko stopped smiling and stared at the younger girl in confusion. “Why do you think that she’ll say something to make me cry?”

Her best friend sighed. “Nothing in particular.”


The said girl turned and placed the knife to her side, sighing to herself before looking directly into the brown-haired’s eyes. “Yuko, I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“What’s with everybody worrying about me getting hurt?” Yuko asked exasperatedly. “I’m not as fragile as you guys think!”

“First it was Sayaka, then Mayuyu. And now, you!”

“What’s going on?” Yuko stared at her, begging her with her eyes to answer the question. “What are you guys not telling me?”

The brown-haired kept her eyes locked with Miichan’s, not wanting to relent and have herself going crazy at night as she tries to figure out what the reason was. It’s been nine years since she has last since her classmate. In fact, she has no recollection of the girl whatsoever.

So why were they acting like Kojima Haruna had a huge impact in her life? Why do they keep on telling her to stay away from the brunette, when the model has done nothing wrong but being kind towards her?

“Well, Miichan?” Yuko looked at her expectedly. “Say something!”

The younger girl merely sighed. “Nothing.”

“She did nothing, okay?” The dark-haired smiled. “It’s just that…you never really trusted her in the past.”

“It’s quite shocking that you wanted to work for her.”

Miichan ruffled Yuko’s brown hair with a smile. “Don’t think about it too much, okay Yuuchan?”

The older girl narrowed her eyes suspiciously, obviously not believing her best friend. But after a minute or two of staring at Miichan’s smiling face, Yuko couldn’t help but let out a sigh and raise both of her hands in surrender.

“Fine, I believe you.”

Miichan’s smile widened and Yuko couldn’t help but do the same. The dark-haired always seem to infect her with her smiles and laughter during times like these. It makes things look like nothing even happened.

“Why don’t you go take a bath as I cook this?” Miichan suggested, showing the older girl her unfinished product.

Yuko smiled and took her bag as she walked out of the door, commenting about how tired she was. She was extremely glad that Miichan didn’t try to push the subject as to why she came home upset, even though the subject concerning her boss rose into question.

“Do you want me to set the bath afterwards?” Yuko shouted as she climbed the stairs.

Miichan replied back as loudly. “No, I’ve already taken a bath earlier.”


Miichan heard the older girl’s door slam and sighed. Placing the knife aside, she wiped her hands on her apron and took out her phone from the pocket of her shorts, instantly pressing the second person on her speed dial.

“Hello?” A voice from the other side of the line greeted, sounding quite irritated.

Miichan sat down on one of the chairs and stared at the door where Yuko had just walked through. “She came home crying in my arms.”

A pregnant pause.

“Did she tell you what it was about?”

“No.” Miichan shook her head with a sigh. “When I asked if it was related to Haruna, she said that it wasn’t.”

“Do you believe her?”

“I don’t know.” The dark-haired admitted. “Maybe?”

She sighed.

“She’s starting to question me.” Miichan leaned against the table. “I almost slipped about Haruna earlier.”

“I know it’s hard, but it’s for her own good.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to keep this up if this goes on.” Miichan rubbed the temple of her head. “I feel uneasy with this.”

“I’ve never kept anything from her.”

A sigh was heard. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon.”

“I just need to deal with a nuisance here.”

“Miichan!” Yuko suddenly shouted, startling the said girl. “I forgot my towel! Can you please bring it to me?”

The dark-haired yelled back. “Okay! I’ll bring it in a sec!”

“I need to go.”

“Keep an eye on her, Miichan.”

“Don’t worry.” She sighed. “I’m not going to let Kojima Haruna hurt her again.”

“Not when I can stop it.”

“I’m depending on you.”

“I know.”

(end of part one)

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[AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14) [Part Two]
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(part two)

Yuko shouted for Miichan once again, making the dark-haired click the ‘end’ button with a sigh before placing it back into her pocket. Standing up, she headed for the laundry room and took a fresh towel for the brown-haired.

She quickly climbed the stairs to hand it to the older girl, not wanting to give her a chance to suspect her. She doesn’t want to risk anything for their friendship, not when Yuko’s all she has left in the world.

Meanwhile, as the dark-haired worried about how she was going to keep her best friend from getting hurt without hinting that they were hiding something from her, a certain brunette was walking towards her car.

It was awfully cold today, but it was nothing compared to the previous days where even a few minutes outside her warm office was unbearable, which makes the tall girl wonder why she seems to be sneezing quite a lot.

“Somebody must be talking about me.” She sniffed as she stopped by the car. “Or I just caught a cold.”

Sliding into her seat, she started the engine and drove off. The sun has yet to set all the way down, which meant that traffic wouldn’t start until an hour or so, giving her the time to leisurely drive around town and maybe even stop by for a drink or two.

She was planning to wait for Yuko, maybe take a chance of asking her for a drink. But it seems that the brown-haired decided not to come back after all, and it’s not like Haruna can reprimand her for doing so, considering how they have agreed in the contract that Yuko will be having a flexible work schedule.

“I really should have thought things through.” She sighed as she carefully made a turn to the left.

If she hadn’t given Yuko a flexible work schedule, then she could probably use the excuse of having the brown-haired buy her a drink or a meal whenever she decides to pull the disappearing act on her.

Oh, alright. She sucks in planning things. But she’s not worried, considering that she has a lot of time and chance to take the brown-haired on a date. Sayaka and Mayu have gone off for a seminar somewhere she doesn’t care about, hopefully far away enough for her to make a move.

Now all that she has to worry about is that dumb Otawa Kuu.

She doesn’t want to break Yuko’s heart, but she has no idea how in the world she could get the two of them to break up. If the brown-haired is still the same girl that Kojima Haruna has fallen for, then it’s most likely that Yuko won’t break up with him, unless he does something incredibly stupid, like she did.

“Okay, brain.” Haruna frowned as tightened her hold on the wheel. “You’re supposed to be helping me.”

“You’re not supposed to remind me of my stupidity.”

“But someone needs to remind you that you’re stupid, stupid.”

“Can’t you stop being such a jerk to me?” Haruna narrowed her eyes. “You’re MY brain.”

“Sorry, Nyan Nyan. I own you, not the other way around.”

“Great… I’m talking to myself.” The brunette muttered under her breath, cursing her brain silently for being too smart for her own good.

Why can’t her brain help her think of a plan instead of going against her? Shouldn’t it be doing what she wants? She is after all the one who controls her brain, despite being completely useless without it.

“I’m must be going mad.” She said to no one in particular, shaking her head a second later as she tried to concentrate on her parking her car the moment she realized that she has arrived at her destination.

Satisfied with her parallel parking, the brunette got out of her car and started heading for the building across the street. She was just about to push the door to get inside when it suddenly opened by itself.

“Welcome to Chokoron Cafe!” a girl wearing a maid outfit greeted cheerfully, startling the brunette out of her stupor.

As the bell signaling an arrival of a customer chimed, Haruna stared wide-eyed at the girl that pulled her inside, uncertain on how she would act. The girl was wearing the usual maid outfit, only this time, extra accessories of cat ears and tail could be seen.

If only she didn’t have this crazy smile on her face, Haruna would probably squeal from the cuteness of the outfit as she was forced to sit by a table. The brunette watched as the younger girl whipped out a notepad from her pocket, ready to take her order.

Smiling, she asked. “So what would you like?”

“Yagami Kumi!” a voice suddenly shouted. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop scaring the customers?"

Haruna turned her head and saw a familiar face. “Jurina?”

“Haruna!” the raven-haired beamed, quickly engulfing the older girl into a tight hug. “I had a feeling it was you when the bell rang!”

The brunette laughed as she hugged the younger girl back, sitting as she gestured for Jurina to do the same afterwards. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, you always seem to come in whenever there’s no customer.” The raven-haired told her.

“Oh, I hope that Kumi here didn’t scare you.” Jurina quickly added, remembering about the girl standing by her side. “I don’t know what would happen if my most loyal customer stops coming by.”

“It’s fine, Jurina.” The brunette smiled, easing Kumi’s anxiety. “She’s new, right?”


Haruna turned to the new girl and gave a smile. “I wish you all the best in working under Matsui Jurina.”

“Hey!” the raven-haired pouted, hitting her on the arm playfully. “I’m not the bad!”

“Why don’t you go get Haruna here some chamomile tea? And get the chocolate caramel cream pie.” Jurina told the girl, who only gave a curt nod to the both of them before leaving.

Turning back to the brunette, Jurina placed her chin atop of her palms and looked at her curiously. “So…Anything special happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you stopped coming by ever since…” The raven-haired’s sentence trailed off as she stared at the older girl, uncertain on whether she should say something.

Haruna raised a brow in question. “Ever since when?”

“Well…” Jurina heaved a sigh with closed eyes, looking at her straight in the eyes afterwards. “…Ever since Yuko-san came back.”

“Did…Did something happen?”

“You can say that.” Haruna lets out a quiet chuckle.

Looking up at Jurina, she sighed. “I received some talking from Sayaka.”

“She didn’t do anything, right?” the raven-haired asked, her eyes scanning the older girl’s skin for any bruising.

Haruna laughed. “No, of course not.”

“She’s not that type of person, Jurina.” She smiled. “I just got told to stay away from Yuko, that’s all.”

“Other than that, I received the same threatening from both your sister and your girlfriend.”

“Neesan and Mayuyu?” the older girl looked at her bewilderedly.

Nodding her head, Haruna sighed and looked at her pitifully. “Why are you surrounded by scary people?”

“Are you a masochist?”

Jurina scoffed in disbelief and pointed at the older girl with an exasperated expression on her face. “I’m not a masochist!”

The two started laughing, wiping away the tears forming in their eyes for the several seconds that followed after, breathing in air as much as they could when they soon found themselves gasping for air.

“Remind me to come here whenever I need to laugh for no apparent reason, Jurina.” Haruna smiled at the raven-haired, who only nodded her head in reply.

She opened her mouth to start asking about how she should ask a certain fashion editor out when a wonderful aroma filled the air and caused the older of the two to close her eyes. As the delicious scent started getting stronger, Haruna opened her eyes and found herself staring at Jurina’s Cheshire smile.

“What?” The brunette asked, blushing when she realized that she was caught.

The raven-haired merely smiled and shook her head. “Nothing.”

Haruna looked at her with confusion written all over her face, which was quickly replaced by a famished expression Kumi came back with a tray. As the girl placed her food and tea down in front of her, Jurina took out her phone.

“Looks like I need to get going, Haruna.” The raven-haired sighed as she stood up. “I’ll leave you in Kumi’s care.”

“I can take care of myself, Jurina.” The brunette laughed as she watched the younger girl take out her car keys from the counter.

“If you say so.” Jurina nodded at Kumi with a smile. “You know the drill.”

And with that, the raven-haired walked out of the café, leaving the two alone with each other. Feeling slightly uncomfortable with someone watching her as she eats, Haruna turned to the new girl and smiled.

“I’m alright, Kumi.” She assured. “Why don’t you go and take a break?”

“But, Jurina-san said—” the younger girl started to say.

“—Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.”

She kept the smile plastered on her face as Kumi stared at her, uncertain on whether she should do what the older girl suggested. She didn’t know if she should stay because of Jurina’s orders, or go and take a break.

“Kumi, do you know what’s Jurina’s golden rule is?” Haruna asked, knowing exactly what the younger girl was worrying about.

The black-haired nodded her head and recited. “The customer is always right, unless they are perverts, Pedophiles, an enemy or rival of Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu during her period, or mainly Kashiwagi Yuki.”

The brunette stared at Kumi with bewilderment, amused that Jurina actually made her memorize such a long and unreasonable rule. Adding to that, the last time she came by the girl’s café, the golden rule was only ‘The Customer is always right’.

“When did Jurina change that rule?” she asked.

The black-haired began to ponder on the previous events that caused her boss to change such a sensible rule to something…unusual. But before she could even think any further, Haruna smiled at her.

“You know what? Don’t answer that.” She sighed. “Knowing Jurina, that girl can have any reason.”

“Anyway, you should go and take a break. You don’t have any reason to disobey me because I’m not her girlfriend or her sister’s girlfriend for that matter. And I’m not on my period.”

Watching Kumi hesitantly make her way back to the staff room, Haruna sighed and took the cup of tea. She brought the cup near her nose and inhaled the scent of her chamomile tea, smiling unconsciously.

Taking a sip, her eyes widened in surprise. She quickly brought the cup down to the table and stared at it in bewilderment, taken aback by its taste. Her eyes instantly went to the room where Kumi went in before going back at the cup of tea that was right in front of her.

“How…” she brought the cup back to her lips and sipped, humming in appreciation as the hot liquid made it down her throat.

Not wanting to finish her tea before she could even take a bite out of her food, Haruna placed the cup back down and took her spoon. With a small piece of the chocolate caramel cream pie on her spoon, she took a bite and chewed.

Her breath hitched and she froze to the spot, an unreadable expression was written on her face. Then, as if nothing happened, she went back to eating and drinking her chamomile tea, unaware of being watched by Kumi.

“You should stop watching her like a stalker, Kuumin.” The girl behind her sighed.

“I’m worried, Non-chan.”

“About what?” she asked.

Kimoto Kanon watched as the older girl turned to her and sat by the chair, an obvious look of anxiety written all over her face. Sighing, she made her way to Kumi’s side and sat down, rubbing her back in circles.

“I knew that I never should have experimented with the food!” the older girl cried as she buried her face into Kanon’s neck. “What if she tells Jurina-san?”

“What if I get fired?” Kumi bolted up and started pacing back and forth, her hands clutching at her head as she started muttering to herself about the things that might happen.

All of a sudden, she turned to Kanon and hugged her tightly. “I’ve only been here for a month, Non-chan!”

“What will Rena-chan say if she finds out what I did?” she cried.

The younger girl sighed and patted her on the back, silently letting Kumi sob into her shoulder. She knew that saying anything at this moment would do nothing, waiting for the moment that the older girl is finally calm so that she can assure her that she has nothing to worry about.

“What am I going to do, Non-chan?” Kumi hiccupped. “Why did I do that?”

The younger black-haired sighed. “Because Kuumin is an idiot.”

“Non-chan!” Kumi pouted and pulled away. “You’re supposed to be make me feel better—”

“—But it’s alright, because I love Baka Kuumin.” Kanon interrupted as she enveloped the older girl into a tight hug, not giving any hint of letting go any sooner.

As the older girl relished in the warm hug of her best friend, all of her worries dissipated into thin air. She started caring less of the situation that was happening right outside the room, too busy with enjoying the sweet smell of Kanon’s hair.

Meanwhile, the girl sitting outside the room had stopped eating and was currently leaning against her chair, her spoon being casually moved by her fingers. She stared at her food with a blank expression written all over her face, though a smile would appear every now and then.

“Nee, Nyan Nyan.” An all-too-familiar voice called out to the brunette, making the said girl look up from her plate of food and turn to the energetic girl sitting across from her. “You should try mine!”

Eighteen-year-old Kojima Haruna stared at the brown-haired blankly, shaking her head afterwards when she realized what the younger girl was trying to do. She may be an airhead, but she was not stupid when it comes to these types of scenarios.

It’s delicious, I promise!” Oshima Yuko assured with her signature smile.

Haruna looked at her blankly. “No.”

“Now, stop staring at me and finish eating your food.” She said as she resumed to eating her own order.

Yuko merely sighed and placed her chin on her right palm. “But I like watching Nyan Nyan eat.”

“You look so cute whenever you chew.”

Haruna coughed out a blush and made sure to avert her eyes from the younger girl’s brown eyes, not wanting to give her any chance to tease her of actually flushing from being flattered by her. It’s Oshima Yuko for heaven’s sake.

“What is it this time?” Haruna sighed for the nth time that day when she could still feel a pair of eyes watching her every move.

Yuko started fidgeting with her fingers, her eyes diverting from the brunette’s eyes and food. “W-well…”

Haruna shook her head at the younger girl’s actions and went back to eating, only to slam her spoon down on the table when the brown-haired didn’t cease her fidgeting. The way her eyes would lock on Haruna and her food was starting to bother the older girl, and she doesn’t know if she could take any more of it.

She asked exasperatedly. “Yuko, do you want to taste my food?”

“I’m feeling full already, Nyan Nyan.”

“Then that means that you don’t want it.” The brunette told her, lifting the spoon to take the last bite of her cheesecake.

Yuko’s eyes widened and she quickly grabbed the brunette’s wrist. “No! I’ll eat it!”

Opening her mouth, she ate the last bite of Haruna’s cheesecake and sat back down, chewing the food with a smile. Haruna watched the younger girl and shook her head, knowing better than o comment about it.

“It’s delicious, Nyan Nyan!” the brown-haired told her.

The brunette rolled her eyes and smacked her on the head. “I know that, idiot.”

The younger girl pouted and leaned back against her chair, taking a bite off of her own order. When the dessert touched her tongue, Yuko couldn’t help but squeal as the slight bitterness of chocolate and sweetness of caramel filled her mouth.

“Oishi!” she hummed in appreciation, before taking another bite.

Haruna sipped her jade tea, unknowingly smiling to herself as she watched the younger girl chew her food and squeal as quietly as she could whenever she would take a bite off of her cream pie. There’s no chance in hell that she would ever admit that she actually found the brown-haired cute.



“Nee, Nyan Nyan.” The younger girl sighed in content.

Haruna raised a brow at her as she placed the cup of tea down. “What?”

“Don’t be jealous.” The brunette looked at her in confusion. “I think that I just fell in love with another.”

“Isn’t that right, my delicious chocolate caramel cream pie?” Yuko gushed as she raised her third plate near to her face.

The older of the two girls rolled her eyes and lowered her head down immediately when she realized that they were gathering attention from everyone in the café. She resumed drinking her tea with her left hand hiding her face, too embarrassed with the girl in front of her.

“Why did I have to come here with you?” Haruna muttered under her breath, rubbing the side of her head as a headache started.

Despite being spoken almost in a whisper, the younger girl’s ears picked up the sentences and she placed her plate down. Taking the hand that was covering the brunette’s face, Yuko looked at her with a smile

“Because Nyan Nyan loves me.” Haruna stared at her with a blank expression. “And it’s our second year anniversary!”

Ignoring the eyes that the brunette has narrowed into a slit, Yuko picked up her own cup of tea. She sipped as the girl in front of her muttered some incoherent words to herself, enjoying the taste of it.

“Why are you so happy drinking your tea?” Haruna asked, finally stopping the murmuring that she had been doing when she noticed that doing it won’t actually matter, considering how the brown-haired expertly tunes out whatever she says and does.

“It’s the most wonderful drink in the world.” Yuko put her cup down and traced its designs, a genuine smile playing upon her lips. “It helped me through the tough times.”

“How can tea do that?” Haruna looked at her skeptically.

“It’s the same way as hugging a teddy bear whenever you’re sad, Nyan Nyan.” The brown-haired wrapped her hands around the cup. “Besides, it reminds me of my mom.”

The frown that was etched all over the brunette’s face instantly disappeared as realization came over her. The first time she met Yuko’s mother, it was during one of their ‘dates’ when the younger girl brought her over and introduced her as her future daughter-in-law.

It was quite embarrassing, considering how she almost strangled the brown-haired right in front of her own mother. However, despite meeting her for the first time, Haruna instantly took a strong liking for the older woman. She was extremely kind-hearted and treated the brunette as if she was her own daughter, caring for her as a parent than her mother ever did.

Whenever she looked at the older woman, Haruna would always see Yuko, despite the opposite personalities that the two have. Yuko’s mother was warm and comfortable to be with even though silence fills the air, whereas the brown-haired could never last thirty seconds without uttering a word.

The only thing that Yuko seems to have gotten from her is that way that she grows on people. Yeah, even though Oshima Yuko was like a perverted old man that would never let an opportunity pass her by to harass Haruna, the brunette somehow misses her when she’s not around.

That’s why when the brunette heard the news of her passing away, Haruna locked herself up in her door room and cried herself to sleep for a week. That was also the only time she ever saw Yuko break down.

But that doesn’t mean that she likes the brown-haired or anything. Heck. She can bet that it’ll take hell to freeze first before she ever starts liking this perverted girl in front of her.

But thinking about it now, it seems that hell has already frozen. It’s either that, or she was just too much of an idiot to even realize her growing feelings for the younger girl.

“Guess that it’s the latter.” The brunette thought to herself as she took the last sip from her cup.

She never really cared about what she ate, but ever since that day when she woke up and realized that Oshima Yuko was never going to return, everything she does and eats has to do something with the younger girl.

Going to the places where Yuko took her out on dates would warm the brunette, and even though it’s only temporary, the loneliness inside of her disappears. Somehow, doing so makes her feel as if the younger girl never actually left and that everything was back to the way it was, only this time around…Haruna actually reciprocates.

Sure, the first time she tried to do it in a public place, she got mistaken for a mental patient and was instantly taken to the nearest asylum. Haruna can probably say that Yuko leaving actually scarred her and left her near to the point of insanity.

She didn’t apply for any of the colleges or universities that she was well-qualified for, too depressed with the way things were. Truth to be told, she actually went back to the asylum on her own and stayed under everyone’s radar for a whole year, finding the silence comforting.

Her sudden disappearance was probably the reason as to why she and Mariko broke up. Well, it was either that or how the older girl noticed Haruna’s true feelings during the times whenever they would go on dates.

The brunette didn’t mean to offend the taller girl, but whenever they went out, everything that leaves her mouth always had something to do with a certain brown-haired. Like that time when they ate in a restaurant, Haruna would comment on how Yuko would squeal about how delicious it was and even spoon-feed her despite her protesting.

Everything was Yuko this, Yuko that. And much to her surprise, Mariko never spoke up about it. Not even once. That is why when Haruna suddenly realized that she was in love with Yuko, she ran away to the asylum, too ashamed to face the older girl.

It’s quite funny actually.

She went to the asylum to get away from everything, spending a year trying to forget how she hurt Yuko and replaced it with memories that she made with the brown-haired, only to be brought back to reality when Mariko suddenly came by.

It seems that when the doctors found out that Haruna was only depressed and not mentally insane, they instantly called up the first person in her call log, which was unfortunately the last person that the brunette wanted to see.


Haruna looked up from her interwined fingers, her eyes widening in surprise when they locked on the standing figure by the door, obviously taken aback. Right there in front of her stood none other than her girlfriend, Shinoda Mariko.

The brunette looked back down at her fingers, her eyes discreetly watching the taller girl make her way towards her. As Mariko sat by the white bed, she lets out a quiet sigh, pretending that the older brunette wasn’t even there.

“Haruna,” the older girl started as she placed a hand on the said girl’s shoulder. “It’s time to go home.”

“I don’t want to.” She replied stubbornly.

Mariko sighed at this and retracted her hand to her lap. “Everyone has been worrying about you ever since you disappeared a year ago.”

“I just don’t want to go, Marichin.” Haruna bit her lower lip. “I’ve never felt better when I came here.”

“But this is a place for people who are…Well…disillusioned, and you’re not one of them. You don’t see things that aren’t there or talk to yourself. You’re not traumatized by anything that should. You don’t belong here, Kojiharu.”

Mariko lifted the younger brunette’s head and looked at her straight in the eyes. “Please stop running away, you’re only hurting others and yourself even more.”

An expression of shame formed on Haruna’s face as she processed the girl’s words. She has to admit that even though she managed to escape from the pain of the outside world and relish in her illusions, the harsh reality always seems to find a way to get to her.

“Marichin… I want to tell you something.” Haruna sighed, clenching the sheets as guilt bubbles within her. “I—”

“—I knew about it, Kojiharu.” The older brunette interrupted.

She added with a smile. “You’re not really good at lying or acting.”

“I’ve known, even before you did.” Mariko cupped her cheeks. “That’s why if you really want to make it up to me, please don’t throw everything away.”

“She may not be here any longer, but we’re here. Please don’t forget that there are people who still care about you. You don’t have to be my girlfriend, because no matter what stupid things you do, it’s my job as your best friend to clean up your mess.”

“But how will you help me clean up the mess I made with Yuko?”

“Well for starters, I have to help you get back to being the girl she fell in love with.” Mariko stood up and pulled the sheets off. “Now get your butt out of the bed and get changed into something more desirable.”

Haruna chuckled to herself as memories of how the older girl had to drag and force her to get back to the life that she had run away from. The days that followed her after she left the asylum were hard, and so did the months that came by.

She missed a whole year and it was like stepping into another world when she came back. Everyone was happy for her and welcomed her back with open arms, but there were also several people that looked at her with disgust and hate in their eyes.

Actually, now that she’s thinking about it… Sayaka never said anything to her back then. But she didn’t really have to for the brunette to figure out that she was hated by the older girl. Just from the way her surroundings would feel cold whenever they meet was enough proof.

She wanted to go back to the asylum after being faced by that, as well as several other hard situations, but Mariko would always make sure that she was rooted to the ground. The older brunette played a huge role in bringing some of the ‘old’ Haruna back.

Mariko made sure that she didn’t apply for just any university and got her into one of the good ones. And it wasn’t only her who helped her get to where she was now. With help from Takamina, not only was she able to become one of the top students in her class, she received one of the highest honors in her university.

Her close friend, Maeda Atsuko, asked her parents to become her sponsors when she planned on starting a clothing line as she modeled for one of their products. Besides that, she was successfully able to reach London with the help of Tomochin, who had decided to partner up with her in order to get the $1.8 billion dollar deal with Calvin Klein.

That is why when she thinks about how she can repay any of them for the help that they have given her generously, nothing comes to mind. After all, how can you repay someone who stayed with you despite of how you treated them and their friend?

As she thinks of the past, she can’t help but feel like she had taken advantage of them.

Even now, she still feels that way. After all, she never did anything special or worth mentioning about to have such great friends. Maybe her father was right. She IS lucky. She just doesn’t know that she is.

But if she really is lucky... Is she pushing her luck too far by going after something that she had lost? Something that she took for granted? Someone who loved her, cared for her, and stood by her even when Haruna pushed her away?

Or is she just being too greedy for wanting too much?

Haruna sighed as her mind bombarded her with questions. It seems that she ended up going back to the questions she has left unanswered, as well as staying at Jurina’s café longer than she had actually planned.

Standing up, she went over to the counter and left her payment under the ledger along with a note thanking Jurina for the wonderful food and tea. Looking at the room where Kumi had gone into, the brunette added some compliments, telling the younger girl that her new recruit did a job well done with the preparation and that she was a keeper.

Once she was done, she wrapped her coat around herself even more and braced for the cold dusk, her eyes closing once she was out of the warmth of the café.

“Looks like another cold night for me.” She said to no one in particular as she walked hurriedly to her car.

To Be Continued…

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How did you feel about Yuko going to Kuu’s house? Was it good that she doubted him? Or was it bad that she didn’t trust him? If you were in Yuko’s place, would you do the same?
How about Kuu? What do you think of him? What did you wish that Yuko did? And Mariko?
How would you want Haruna to find out about this?
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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Finally !!!

You update this wonderful fic !!!!  :bow:

Anyway, I'm curious...
Doesn't Miichan supposed to help Nyannyan with Yuko??
But now, she is helping the person on the other line of the phone (I think it was Sayaka) to keep Nyannyan away from Yuko??

I like the setting where Yuko went to Kuu's house..
But, I want Yuko to be more harsh to Mariko..
I mean Mariko is hurting Miichan, too..
It's not just Kuu's fault.. It takes two to dance..

I want Nyannyan to find out about this so she can start her move to get Yuko back..  XD
Maybe she could hear it from Yuko herself..
It'll be more interesting to see..

I'll be waiting for your next update..

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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OHMYGOD an update!!!!!
I have this shocked mixed with extremely happiness expression when check the board out!! After a while, finally.. Thankyou author-san m(_ _)m

Hmm just imagined how broken-hearted yuko in this story, it's so sad.. All the things that happened to yuko is killing me..
How the kind, perfect, caring, cheerful yuko can deserved these??? Life is so cruel with her..
But I like how you made this story goes, really get my feeling <3 *thumbsup*

Now I hate that damn guy!
"It's not like what you think, let me explain", really?! You just get busted, for godsake!!
Why you help yuko brought her smile back this all 9 years just to crush her to cry in the end? Duh -__-
Okay, now I need to chill out. Lol XD
Really love that scene.. I'll be as same as yuko if putted to such a situation..
So complicate, hard to choose who to believe, her bestfriend or her boyfriend.. She trust them both so much.. But yuko doesn't wrong with her insecure, I think :)
Mariko.. You did it twice.
But does she even know that Kuu is Yuko's boyfriend??
Yes, she hurt Miichan though..

Wow everything's so blur! Great emotion you presented here :D

Haruna should know this from yuko herself, maybe.. A bit time for them to talk person to person..

By the way, I'm totally shocked with Haruna in asylum for a year! She really depressed back there..
Not only Yuko who suffered, Haruna was in sorrow too over her stupidity..
Now Yuko somehow forgot about it, Haruna still remember..

Hope to see Yuko be strong after all what happened, and get along well with Haruna :D KojiYuu really need to released from the pain..
If Yuko still love Haruna, there's no right for Sayaka, Mayuyu, and Rena to hold her back..

Geez I'm blabbering too much! Sorry for such a long comment m(_ _)m
I'm eager to see next update, looking forward to it! Do your best author-san, ganbatte! :D
Thankyou again~~ :D

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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Eh... Updates...yeah...

Poor Yuko... What's going to happen with her relationship?

Haruna was told not to come near Yuko

Well what about Kuu and Mariko?

Did they want to cheat on thier respective partners?

Can't wait to see the next chapters

Thank you

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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Imma back :cow:
.................…… :shocked….......... Noooooooo
YUKO don't cry  :cry: dammit kuu.... Sigh
Right now I really wanna know more about yukos past after reading about harunas
And I'm curious what yukos gonna do if she sees kuu again
Actually I'm curious about a lot of things I wanna know more....
Come back soon... :panic:
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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I justwanna yuko and harun together is all

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
« Reply #168 on: July 26, 2014, 04:27:14 PM »
It's interesting. Not as all. When it continued?

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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Are the fanfics still being continued?  :? :? :?
They fics you wrote are cool and I think I loved (Un)Requited Love the most.  :twothumbs
I like R.A.Y too is it still being continued?
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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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I just read it all in a few hours... Why did you give up on this?  :cry: :cry:

even though its been a year........ update pls

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Re: [AKB48] Series of (Un)Love - (Un)Selfish Love (05/14/14)
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 so sad :cry: :cry:

Why'd you have to do it to kojiyuu :cry:

And why the heck did they lie :angry: :banghead:

Come on yuko :smhid wake up :angry: haruna's your nyannyan

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