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Author Topic: You're the One for Me (Matsui Jun + Various Parings) Chap. 2 10/12/13  (Read 6856 times)

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A/N: Hey jphip people :cow: this was posted a few months ago in our tumblr account and decided to post it here XDwe already finished two chapters and the next one will probably be release within these week…or … so… :sweatdrop:

You can check out our other akbfics in our Tumblr  account thanks…  :thumbup


The story is about a young man named Matsui Jun, you’re not so typical school boy, as his past still haunts him. He starts a new life when he transferred to Tokyo a year ago living with his family friend.

He finds himself involve to 4 different girls which eventually will have a great impact on his life. Will Jun meet his match and tell her “You’re the One for Me”?


Main Characters:

Matsui Jun

The protagonist… a happy-go-lucky guy who lives with his family friend. He was a delinquent during his middle school days and was involved in a  tragic event that cause him to loss some parts of his memory. He starts a new life by transferring to Tokyo but soon will face the consequence about his dark past . A good friend of Watanabe Mayu, Watanabe, Miyuki, and Sashihara Rino.

Love Interest: Matsui Rena, Watanabe Mayu, Iriyama Anna, Takayanagi Akane

Watanabe Mayu

Childhood friend of Jun, has a cold personality (more like a tsundere) a certified Otaku and the smartest girl in their year.

Love Interest: Matsui Jun

Matsui Rena

A 3rd year student with a princess image.  Currently No. 1 in the most popular girl in school for 3 consecutive years. Her best friend is Takayanagi Akane.

Love Interest: Matsui Jun

Iriyama Anna

A smart girl with a very shy type of personality and a classmate of Milky. Her best friend is Yamamoto Sayaka.

Love Interest: Matsui Jun

Takayanagi Akane

Also a 3rd year student with a yankee type of personality. She’s overly protected about her best friend Rena and is the manager of the track and field club, that Jun will later join.

Love Interest: Matsui Jun

Other Characters:

Watanabe Miyuki:Always 2nd in ranking of the most popular girl in school and even declared Rena as her Rival. She keeps a secret of being a Switch Girl that only her friends and family knows.  She’s also the president of the drama club.

Love Interest: Yamamoto Sayaka?!?

Yamamoto Sayaka:A spunky girl with an ikemen-image, quite an airhead and a transfer student. Her best friend is Iriyama Anna.

Love Interest: Watanabe Miyuki?!?

Kojima Haruna:The school Art’s Teacher, she’s a part-time model and called as the Sunshine Princess. Has a tragic past with Oshima Yuu. Good friends of Kashiwagi Yuki, Itano Tomomi and Maeda Atsuko.

Love Interest: Oshima Yuu

Oshima Yuu:The school Doctor and known as the Ice King. The only heir of the Oshima Corp.  And has a tragic past with Kojima Haruna. Good friends of Takahashi Kai, Miyazawa Sae and Akimoto Sayaka.

Love Interest: Kojima Haruna

Takahashi Kai:The school’s Principal and a good friend of Yuu.

Love Interest: Maeda Atsuko/ Itano Tomomi

Itano Tomomi:The school’s English Teacher and the Adviser of the Drama Club.

Love Interest: Takahashi Kai

Maeda Atsuko:A famous Hollywood Actress.

Love Interest: Takahashi Kai/ Oshima Yuu

Kashiwagi Yuki:Homeroom adviser of Class 2-C and the Track and Field Club. Good friends with Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi and Maeda Atsuko.

Love Interest: Miyazawa Sae/ ???

Supporting Characters:

Sashihara Rino, Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka, Shinoda Mario and many more ^^ (still in the process)

A/N: Chapter 1 will be posted tomorrow... 8)
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Re: You're the One for Me (Matsui Jurina + Various Parings)
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Seems promising. I'll wait until tomorrow then. Good luck smarty0821-san!
 :fap :fap
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Re: You're the One for Me (Matsui Jurina + Various Parings)
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Maeda Atsuko: A famous Hollywood Actress.

Love Interest: Takahashi Kai/ Oshima Yuu

That's all I need to know

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Re: You're the One for Me (Matsui Jurina + Various Parings)
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Yes!!!!!! Remember me? I've been for waitng for chapter 3 for my whole life!!!! XD

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Re: You're the One for Me (Matsui Jurina + Various Parings)
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looks interesting  :w00t:

where can i read the first 2 chapters?

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You're the One for Me (Matsui Jurina + Various Parings) Chap. 1 10/09/13
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@Louise-sama: Thanks...I hope you will like it :D

@AshuraX: AtsuYuu will have it's moment in later chapters... :thumbsup

@Sherin: Oh your're here too?! :twothumbs yeah, we kinda followed your advice so thanks :bow: and Sorry for not updating that long :sweatdrop: were really trying our best to finish it up ASAP...

@Zen: Thanks we will post it here once were done editing...  :)

A/N: Again thank you for all the thanks and comments we really appreciate it....  :deco: Just to let you know there are 3 authors who writes this fic and the flow of the story will be based depending on our bias/crack pairings :twisted: also expect a slow update since most of the writers are still students... any who here's Chap. 1~~


Words = 6,228 (ugh...why so long) :banghead:

[] / Italic *characters thoughts

[Huh? Where am I?… What’s happening?…]

I came to a place that unconsciously hidden deep inside my mind. The place where I myself don’t even want to came back… The Place Where All It Began.

“Oi where’s Jun?” says an older man standing a feet away from me. He sound irritated but I cannot figure it out which he is, as dark shadows where covering his face.

Still confused on what’s happening I tried to—-

“I told you his not coming”, a young man’s voice speak up.

“But I’m standing right here!”  I speak and turned around trying see the young man’s face. 

“So his chicken-out ey!” says the older man.

“What! But I told you I’m right here!” I shout at them.  “And who do you think you’re calling a CHICKEN?!”

“He has something’s that needs to be done and—-“

[They can’t hear me?!]

“So he send his rightful hand just to cover his act ey?!”

[Rightful? What the…. wait!?…Aaargh… ] My head starts to throb and the pain is unbearable.

“Just not today it’s just—-“ the young man said but…

“SHUT UP!!!,” yell the older man“ You waste my time”

[HEY STOP!!Aaaargh!!!]







As I open my eyes and come to my senses the pain already subside. I ended up coming to this white place which…I myself still confused on what’s happening, I then seek  to look for the owner of the voice whose been calling me for a while.

“Jun… Jun…”

[That voice….]

“Where are you? Show yourself!” I said with a commanding tone.



[I—-It’d stop…wait a minute… I kno—-]


“Woohh..wooaahh.. What happened? Wha.. What?” Still in shock and freezing, I gave a questionable look to the person who just gave me a shower in my BED!!

“Good Morning! Jerk,” she says with the sweetest smile on her face.

Weird how could she say that to me when it didn’t match her face.

“Hey!!.. Wh—-What’s the… b—big… ide—-dea?” stuttering… I keep myself warm by wrapping both of my arms around my freezing body.

“Who Me?” she says, looking so innocent.

“No, I meant the person beside you.”Duh. “Who else could it be you’re the only one here?”

“Well… I don’t know about that… maybe I’m just passing by into your room with a bucket full of water and my hand just suddenly sli—.“

“Okay I get it!” I cut her off with a smug on my face.

“Tsk..”,she scorns and mumble some words which Kami-sama only knows.

“Hurry up and get dress or we’ll leave you!” she says looking pissed, As she walks out of the door she turns back and says “ and..  Oh! Don’t mind taking a bath I just gave you one already.” She winks at me then leaves.

Thanks Milky!!..Seriously…she’s a real pain in the butt…. I cannot believe I’m living with her in this house. Sigh.

She’s Watanabe Miyuki or Milky.. I don’t know why she even wanted to be called by that silly nickname of hers. I know everyone in school idolizes her because of how popular she can be being always one of the tops. But to me… let’s just say that she’s not my kind a woman. Why?? Because she’s a Switch Girl!!

What is a Switch Girl?? Well I know that most of you heard it somewhere but in Milky’s case it’s different. When she’s at school that means her switch is ‘On!’ meaning she’s compose, sweet, perfect anything what an “Ideal Girl” would be like but when she’s with us especially at home her switch is ‘Off!’ And if that happens her true self shows up not just her attitude but her appearance as well which is really I mean REALLY Scary!!. And if those fanboys and fangirls of her know her real personality, You don’t even wanna know what might happen.

Any who… Her family is closed with my family since I can remember; I came to transfer here about a year ago to study. I got nowhere else to live so Auntie her Mom, offered me to live with them as they say “family is family”  and she’s consider me as one .Lucky. Which I don’t mind at all because of the free stuffs. I grin on my thoughts.

“Jun…if you don’t hurry up… we’re gonna leave you..”,Mayuyu said with a cold tone and already on her uniform.

The usual, Sigh. This girl here is Watanabe Mayu or Mayuyu…again weird nicknames, She’s Milky’s twin sister and unlike her she’s actually nice but always shows her cold personality. She also knows Milky’s double personality, but doesn’t give a damn. Deep down she loves and cares her sister and I know when Milky’s in trouble she’s ready to help out anytime.

She loves Animes and Mangas or better yet you can call her an Otaku what usually most people call nowadays. Also she has this craze about Alpacas.   

Not to mention she’s quite cute too.

“Yup! On my way” I smiled to her and immediately jump out from my bed and go to the washroom.

When I first got here I don’t really know the place and where to begin with. My Mom just gave me directions on where Auntie lives which by the way hard to understand since I’m not really good at directions and as you know I got lost, so to not feel bad to myself I went to some nearest fast food chain to think about a plan and also to fed myself since I was tired of walking the whole time.  Then suddenly BOOM! We’ve met.

At first I didn’t recognized them at that time since we’ve grown apart. Basically the story was Milky and Mayuyu is on the store where I’m actually having my break. They’re arguing on whose gonna pay since Mayuyu didn’t brought her wallet so it’s Milky on the hook again to pay for it and as you know her “switch off” personality shows up and everything is history.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

It’s a warm sunny morning, and we walk side by side.

“You know…Someday I will get my revenge on you two.“  I growled. “Can you even imagine telling me that we’ve only got 10 more minutes till our school bell rang…when in fact were 1 hour EARLY?!”

“We just don’t want to happen like the last time, if you know what I mean” says Milky with an irritating look on her face.

“Didn’t you hear me I said where an “HOUR” early.”

“Yeah… But we all know that you’re the last minute person.” She says raising one brow at me.  “In fact you should even thank me for doing that *Milky
Switch Off* and blah blah blah”

I rolled my eyes and ignore on what she says as she starts to nag.

She sounded like an annoying big sister…

“What’s with that attitude young man, are you listening to me?” She suddenly stops walking and pulls my arm behind.

Now she sounded like my mother…

“How many times do I need to tell you that blah blah blah“

Arrghh…there she goes again… this ‘switch off’ thing of hers is really annoying. Oh please Kami-sama make this woman Stoooppppp!!

“So if I were you I—-“ She then suddenly stops.

I smirk on my thoughts.

“Hmm..What’s wrong?…Milky?”  I say trying to hold my laugh.

“Where’s Mayu?”


As I start looking around she’s nowhere to be found. What the heck?!? Were thus that girl ran out to this time.

“Oi, Mayu-chan!” Milky shouts and dashes away from me.

Looking at the direction she is heading too I see Mayuyu which is 5 meters ahead from us.When did she get there so fast?  To the fact she’s just walking beside me a minute ago when Milky starts to—- I cut myself off realizing what just happened. Geez…Mayuyu you’re such a cold hearted person…




“Cho—Chotto matte!” I shout running from behind.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

We almost reach the school gate with PLENTY of time left... when...

“Oi minna Ohayou!!” a voice from behind suddenly shouts at us.

We turned our heads around to see the owner of the voice.




“Rino!” I smiled widely and gave him a big hug! I’m quite a hugger actually

“Sashihara-kun” Mayuyu bowed

“Sashihara! It’s been a month” Milky smiled

“Yeah I know..! I’ve never seen you three since summer”

“Well we’ve been busy…So how’s your summer man?” I asked him.

This fella right here is my good friend Sashihara Rino I’ve met him a year ago we’re actually classmates at that time hopefully this year too. He’s a Wota and an Otaku fan like me and Mayuyu. But what makes him to be fun with is his… An idiot and sometimes has this creeps among Loli’s. Oh! And he also knows Milky’s switch off personality so if he leaks it out death will soon arrive. But all in all his a real friend.

“Guess what?!”

“What?” we said in union.

“You will never believe what just happened?”

“What?!” we said again.

“I’ve finally met” he said grinning widely


“Mmm…I’ve finally met…”


“I’ve finally—-“

“Just cut to the chase already!” Milky cuts him off impatiently.

“I’ve finally met Hatsune!” Rino replied with a peace sign and a wide smile on his face.

“No way!”  I say with my eyes widely open.

“Yes way!”

“Oh Dude this is HUGE!!”

“I know, High five!”

*high five*

And we celebrate like Dorks. Wow he sure is a lucky guy meeting an Idol like her. I started grinning on my thoughts.

“Hatsune as in..Hatsune Miku?” Mayuyu suddenly interrupts our dorky moment.

“Who else could it be Mayuyu of course it’s—-“

“No.” Rino suddenly says interrupting my sentence.

“Hold up… what do you mean No?” I questioned him looking confusedly.

“It’s not Hatsune Miku…pfft…..”  he chuckles.

“So, who was it then?” says Mayuyu

“It’s her brother Hatsune Riku!” he said proudly.


“What…Hey.. Jun… what was that for?” he said as he rubs his head.

“We all know that Miku has no brother!” says Mayuyu.

“ Na ah!! She does have a brother!”

“No she doesn’t!”

“She does!”


“Does!” he says just a few inch away on Mayuyu’s face




“Ah!..Horumonyaki” Mayuyu replied with a blank expression.


“I think she just smelled your breakfast this morning” Milky chuckles.

Rino turns red and starts smelling his breath…” Did I forget to brush my teeth again?” he said whispering to himself.

Such an Idiot

“Come on now Rino don’t start an argument with her?” I said separating them from each other. “We all know that Mayuyu has the most knowledge about Vocaloid and anything about Anime!”

“Sou” Mayuyu respond quickly and crossed her arms.

“Well… I— I saw him in the streets back there… and he even told me that he was her brother.” He then pulls up a cardboard sign from his back pack with a black ink written on it that says (You’re No. 1 Idol Hatsune Riku <3). “See, He’s the real thing! He gave me his autograph.”

I shake my head looking a bit disappointed. This guy is so easy to be fooled. I put my arm around his shoulder to give him a little sympathy.

“There..there… my friend …you know it’s alright, at least you have fun and gained a little knowledge about Miku and his false brother right?” I smiled at him

“Tsk… but still…” he said pouting like a child.

“Well it doesn’t matter, at least you have an autograph to the person whom you don’t even know…And besides…it’s free!”

Rino look straightly into my eyes for a few seconds like he wants to kill someone. Unknowingly my whole body freeze and a sweat drop escape on my face. Trying to think on what I’m gonna say he then removes my arm and—-

“No it’s not!” he said looking all serious.

“Eh?” I doubly ask

“I just gave that man 50,000 yen.”



“Idiot” I said

“Baka” says Mayuyu

“Useless human. “says Milky with a smirk on her lips.

“Ehhhh….You don’t need to say it that harsh…” he whispered.

This guy really?? How can he pay that so much money to a stranger .If I see that fake Dude, Man! His totally gonna pay!

“Ugghhh.. This is so boring… Mayu-chan let’s not waste our time here talking about useless stuff okay?”  Milky says and grabs Mayuyu by the arm.

“But it’s Hatsune?” Mayuyu replies back.

“Come on you’re my twin sister don’t be like this freaks especially the one right—-“

Milky suddenly cuts herself off and looks a bit shock, biting her lower lip she looks irritated.

“What’s up?” Rino ask.

Looking at the direction that her eyes caught onto, I saw a black limousine car that suddenly stops in front of our school yard.

Wow! That thing really do exist.. Huh?! Never saw that one—-

“Will this day can’t get any more worst?” she says cutting my reverie.

“Hmm… what’s wrong?” I ask

“Ah! She’s here” Mayuyu answered

“Oh… Great timing..” Rino smiled

“Wait who’s ‘SHE’?”

“My Rival” Milky says looking pissed.

As the driver of the limousine opens the passenger seat a shoulder length dark-haired girl with white pale skin and a princess like image stepped down from her car and gave a charming smile to everyone.

“KYAHHH~~!” the people around us starts screaming and run towards her.

Each one of our classmates and schoolmates started fanboying and fangirling to this rich person. While the four of us just stares at her.

“Everyone seemed so energetic huh?…” Mayuyu stated.

“Yeah right….My Rival, 3rd year Class A.. Matsui Rena… I really don’t know why she’s on the no. 1 spot in the popularity list…. I’m much more pretty and smarter than her right?” Milky angrily said.

Matsui Rena..who the heck is she.. wait.. Matsui??.. can’t it be..

“You can’t blame her Milky she’s—- … Hey Jun where are you going….?!”

I didn’t quite hear what Rino says after that as my feet automatically starts to run towards this Matsui Girl, I—I don’t know why..maybe.. just maybe.. I need to clarify this to her immediately…

*pant*  *pant*

Oh wow…She’s pretty. My heart starts beating non-stop as I finally stares at her this close. No she’s beautiful…. Wait that’s not right. I shake my head thinking the right word to describe her. What I meant is that She’s Gorgeous..yup that’s the  one…. “Gorgeous”… I smiled.

“Ano…?? Can I help you?” she says confusingly as she looks at me

“Ah..ah.. ehh..” OH! Shoot! I start to lose my words. “ Ah… ah… I…” What’s wrong with ME?!.Why Now?!! Especially in front of HER?!? Focus Jun… FOCUS!!!

“ I’m sorry, if you don’t have noth-“

“MATSUI RENA!!!”  I shout.

“Ha-Hai!?!” she answer nervously as I give a serious face to her.

Ehh…Kawaii!!.. Wait..Wha-..NO!.. I shouldn’t be thinking about her like this.. Because I know.. I know that she’s my…




“A—Are you my long lost twin?!” I started blurting out the first idea that comes to my mind.

“Huh?” everyone says in union.

This is bad now everyone thinks that I’m an Idiot…Nice Job! Way to blow up your first impression. I— I need to think something quick…

“Well… You see my Mom once told me that I have a twin.. I— I don’t know if that really is it but anyway, you have the same surname as mine so I conclude that you’re might be my twin…and of course it’s impossible that we’re married… hehe.. because you see.. I’m it’s clearly impossible”





Oh Man! This is really awkward… I glance at my friends thinking that they might save me but it’s no use. All I can see is that Milky giving me a shock face with her mouth widely open, Mayuyu giving me a face palm and Rino giving me Run-For-Your-Life look!




Gulp..I am surely done fo—-

“HAHAHAHA!!” Everyone starts laughing.

“Wha- What’s so funny?” I ask looking embarrass

“’re funny… Matsui-kun…Right?” She said with her eyes a little teary because of the joke that I just made.

“Hai! Matsui Jun…at your service!” I salute at her. What is happening to me… I’m acting like a different person right now.

“Matsui Jun?.. Jun..” She smiled. “That name really match you Matsui-kun.. It’s very cute…”

“Ahehe..Thanks…” Did she just call me Cute??”. ..and by the way, call me Jun!”  I chuckled as I scratch my head.

“Mmm… then call me Rena” she says and gives a bright smile.

“Yes Ma’am!” I salute her once again.

“And who the heck are you?!” says an unfamiliar voice

“Oh.. Hi! I’m Matsui Jun.. It’s a pleasure to meet y-“… as I turned around to see the person from behind I suddenly felt pain in my knees.

“OUCH!! Wha-what did… you tha-that..for?” I said in pain.

“Because you’re in a restricted area!”

“What the…who the heck are you?” I look up to see her clearly

“Just stay away from Rena! Understand?!” She said raising her voice.

“Wait… You’re not the boss of me!”

“Says who??”




“Akane stop…! Please..” Rena interrupts us with a worried look on her face.

As I look at her closely she’s a feisty girl, with her hair tied up. Looking like a Yankee.

“So your name is Akane? It fits you well…Angry Old Man!” I said to her as I clean myself up then finally stand up. (A/N: Akane means an Angry Child in Japanese)

“I’m a Woman! Can’t you see?” she says angrily.

This girl has some serious attitude.

“Akane..please.. Jun I see you later okay?” Rena took Akane’s arm and move forward immediately

Before she enters the school’s front door I ask her…

“So you’re not my twin sister?”

She stops and turns around “ I’m not…” she said smiling. Oh shoot!! She’s so beautiful

“O-oh is that s-so? Well okay” with that I put on my widest smile.

“Sorry to disappoint you though”

Good thing she’s not my twin, I can think about her and admire her without any hesitation

“RENA!!” Akane called her

“Coming..oh, and Jun..”


“Good Luck finding your twin!” she says and waves goodbye.

“Yes! I’ll do my best Ma’am!” That’s just it!! I think I’m falling for Rena-san…

As the two entered the school, their fans followed…and…then…




“JUN!!!” Rino quickly run to me

“Oh hey—ufft” Rino suddenly hugged me “What are you doing man?”

He broke the hug and inspects my body to check if some things wrong?? After that he looks straightly into my eyes “Are you okay? OH! I’m so glad you’re still alive”

“What?” I answered confusedly

“He is just worried that those fans might ate you up” Mayuyu said.

“Eh?! What do you think of those fans? Man-eaters?!”

“Heck YEAH! ” Rino says “You know that those fans are dangerous.. I even heard some rumors that one of the students that said to be having a Mutual Understanding with Matsui-san.. got killed.. and it’s said that those fans are the reasons behind it” he gives me a solemn face.

“Really?” I whispered.. Woah! Those fans really love Rena-san so much…

“Well… I don’t know if they really killed him or anything.. I just knew that he is not in this school anymore..” Rino says putting a smile on his face.


“Whattda? JUN!!” He suddenly pouted like a little pissed kid

I then shook my head “Making up stories dude.. that’s bad..”

“Real or fake…I’m still glad you’re alive” He hugged me AGAIN!

“Hey!! Stop hugging me!!…” I pleaded


Oro? The speaker is on..

“Good Morning students… Welcome to a New School Year… for those of you who still don’t know their respective class… kindly check the School Bulletin Board for more information. And to all first year students please precede to the gymnasium for the Welcome Ceremony Thank you! This is your Principal speaking and once again a pleasant morning to everyone”

“Eh?! Rino.. do you know your class?”

He broke the hug. Finally! …“Hmmm.. Now that you ask me.. I actually don’t know”

“Oh.. Eh! How about you Ma— Mayuyu?!” I turn around and look for her

“Hey did you see Mayuyu? And her witchy witch twin?” I asked Rino

Rino just gave me an I-don’t-know-too look

I sighed.

“Well.. we should go now—” before I can even finish my sentence I sense a dark aura behind me

“W-I-T-C-H!?!” Milky said emphasizing each letter in front of the school door *Milky Switch Off*

Woah! She even heard me.. Oh man.. she’s coming here.. better ru—ufft… Milky then suddenly grabs my uniform  … Too Late!

“And who are you calling a witch? Young boy?” Milky whispered in my ear with a vicious voice

Before I can think straightly… I suddenly knelt down in front her.. “Oh! Please spare my life!!” I pleaded… 

The hell this so embarrassing, luckily students are now inside the school… Man!! This is the last thing I even want to do to my entire life or then again this is the thing that I DON’T EVEN WANT TO HAPPEN!

“Heh..” She smirked “That’s not gonna work”

I gulped.

Oh Kami-sama .. whatever happens to me… hope that it won’t end my life here.. I still want to have a wife and kids of my own.. Please someone.. anyone.. save me…

I suddenly closed my eyes to prepare myself for the incoming the attack... when

“Oi! Milky!”

A sudden voice called her. As I opened my eyes to see the owner of the voice to my surprise... it's..




“Mayuyu!! I’m glad you came!!” I shout and ran off to her.. Mayuyu you saved my life! Oh thank you Kami-sama! Thank you Mrs. Watanabe for giving birth to this heroic girl!

“Huh? Why what’s wr—ufft”

“Oh!! Mayuyu!! Your my savior.. don’t worry!!  If there’s anything you want.. I mean anything.. I’ll do it for you!” I gladly said without noticing that I’m hugging her now.

“J—Jun.. le-let me go!” Mayuyu said blushing… She really is cute when she blushed!! I want to hug her even tighter. She’s actually like this to everyone… even when her sister hugs her…She’s not the kind of person who loves showing affection to everyone… That’s why she always put a cold feature…

“Hey! Get a room you two” Rino smiled and enters the school building

“What?” I turned my head.

But then I saw Milky storming into my way.. I hid behind Mayuyu’s back… Instead of continuing her action a while ago, she only gave me a Your-Safe-For-Now look and entered the building as well.

I deeply exhaled “That’s was close! Ne~ thanks again…Ma—”




“Eh.. Mayuyu?” I said as I looked at her with her face brightly red….Hmm…By then I realize why she’s like that… I’m still hugging her.

I broke the hug and slightly bowed my head “Sorry about that… It won’t happen again..hehe” I said hoping for an approval.

She didn’t say anything after that and just enter the building quietly.

“Oh she’s mad!” I sighed following her.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

Before we go to our classrooms, we first went to the School’s Bulletin Board and looked for our own class. Unfortunately …Or should I say luckily ;) Milky is in another class. She’s actually happy because she’s being separated to Me and Rino, but at the same time sad as it's the first time that she and her twin will be separated from each other.

Mayuyu then comfort her and said “It’s not like we’re gonna be in different school right?” by that being said she smiles and went to her class.

As I see those two comforts each other it gives a warm feeling inside that I just can’t help but smile. But suddenly—- Aaaargghhh!! My head?

“Jun you okay man?” Rino suddenly ask.

“Ye—yeah I’m fine… it’s nothing” I smile at him for he will not worry

Weird…why do I keep having this headaches… Ugh… need to bare this for now….

We headed to our classrooms as classes will finally start. By then our new homeroom teacher walks in.

[Class 2-C]

“Ohayou minna, I’m your new Homeroom teacher Kashiwagi Yuki desu. Yoroshikou Onegaishimas.”

“ Sensei, Ohayou Gozaimasu”

“Now let’s begin with the class attendance”

“Iwata Karen”


“Wow it’s Kashiwagi-sensei talk about luck” says one of the boys in our class.

“Sou… But I do think it’s better if it’s Kojima-sensei” says the other one.

“Sashihara Rino”

“Hai!…Hey Jun who do you think is the better Sensei?” Rino ask overhearing those boys.

“I don’t care” I answer automatically. Honestly I don’t mind who will be our teacher as I don’t give much of attention to them.

“Shimazaki Haruka”


“Heh.. If I know you like Kojima-sensei” he said smirking that stabs straightly to my heart.

“Shu—Shut-up!!” I say stomping my desk as my face turns red.

Come to think of it Kojima-sensei is really HOT!…ehehehe… What am I thinking… I’m not a Pervert…

“Matsui Jun? Is there any problem?” Kashiwagi-sensei ask.

“Huh? Uhmm… No Mam I’m sorry”

“Please take your seat then”

I sighed. This is the 2nd time I felt embarrassed to everyone again. I give Rino a death glare who’s sitting just beside me; he then saw it and immediately gives me an apologetic face. Geez!! I swear I’m gonna punch this guy straight onto his face if were not in class right now.

“And Watanbe Mayu”


“Okay so everyone for our first assignment in Homeroom I need you guys to take a club this year, For those of you who have already join a club, you can just re-new your club application to your club president or Advisers and for those of you haven’t, you need to submit it as soon as possible.”

A Club huh?

“Hey Jun are you planning to join a club?” Rino ask

“Nope.” I answer automatically.  I don’t plan on—-

“And Matsui-kun” Kashiwagi-sensei suddenly interrupts my thoughts. “Since I know that you’re not interested on joining clubs again this year.”

Did she just read my mind?

“As the Adviser of our Track and Field team I already sign your application. I’ll be seeing you in the field soon.” She says with a smile.

“Chotto matte, I did not agree on this!” I start to protest. The Heck! How can she sign me up without me knowing it?

“It’s for the best Matsui-kun and besides I see that you have some potential.”

“Tsk… Whatever…” I take my seat and ignore the rest of the class. As if I can argue with the teacher…

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[Lunch Break at the Cafeteria]

The four of us take our lunches at the Cafeteria. I’m glad that the twins are not mad at me anymore. It seems like they forgot about it. Well that’s a relief but I’m still on the dumps on what just happened earlier. I really don’t think this club thing really suits me.

“What’s up with him?” Milky ask.



“OUCH!… Jun that’s the 4th time already!!” says Rino as he rubs his head.

“That’s for being an Idiot all the time” I say with a cold tone.

“Jun is on the Track and Field team” Mayuyu said eating her homemade lunch.

“Oh really?” says Milky with a smirk on her lips.

“Oi! What are you smirking about” I said to her irritated.

“Nothing in particular” she smiled.

Tsk… I’m not in the mood to argue with her again

“I’m just gonna get us some drinks wait here” Milky stood up and went to the vending machine.

As she turns her back and realizes that she forgot to ask what we’re having, a girl with long browned hair suddenly bumps into her and drops her food all over her body. Looking at Milky’s face I swear that her switch is already off and the girl will be dead for sure!

“I—I’m really sorry” the Girl said and starts cleaning Milky’s shirt.

This looks trouble…

[Milky’s POV]

Aaarrggghhh!!!… This f***king Bit*h…. She’s so dead!! ..Grrr…Wait No!…. Milky get a grip you’re at school!! And everyone is looking, you can’t show your real self here… If that happens all those hard work will go to waste. Calm down…calm down.

“I—I’m really sorry Watanabe-san” the girl said bowing to me.

“A—Ahh.. you know me?” I said holding my anger.

“Hai!…*sniff*.. Iriyama Anna desu… I’m in your class *sniff*” she said with her eyes a little teary.

Wait is she crying?? I’m the one who’s supposed to be crying right now?!!? Now I look like the villain here! Oh this girl—-

“What’s going on?”

I turned around to see the owner of the voice… Oh no!! Not her?!? Not Now!!




-Earlier at Milky’s Class-

[Class 2-A]

“Yamamoto Sayaka desu, Yoroshikou”

A girl with a spunky look arrives as a new student in our class. She has a short hair kind a look like an Ikemen with a bright smile on her face. Looking at her I feel a sudden thump in my chest. I can’t explain what I am feeling as if it not happened to me before and it’s so irritating! As our teacher assigns her to take a seat, I notice that the seat from my back is empty. Oh my oh my oh my…. What I’m feeling so nervous all of a sudden?!?! This is insane!!

“Ano…?? Sayaka desu” she says standing right beside me.

I look at her and see that her hand is extended showing that she wanted me to shake it as a sign of greeting. Why do I suddenly feel doki doki about this??!!

“Mi—Miyuki… Wa—Watanabe Miyuki” I stutter not looking at her.

“Sou…” she says and takes her seat behind.

Waaahhh!!! That was so close… I hope I did not offend her…it’s just that if I shake her hand my heart will explode. Aaarrgghhh…. What is this feeling??

Note to self never ever become close to HER! Too dangerous!

~End of Flashback~

“Annin what’s wrong?” Sayaka asked

The girl named “Annin” shook’s her head and says “I’m fine, it’s just that I accidentally tripped and slipped my food onto her uniform”.

This girl is hopeless. I rolled my eyes.

“Here let me help you up!” Sayaka suddenly says then lifts me up from my back.

Standing this close to her I can hear her breath touching my ear. My heart starts to beat so fast that it’s giving me a heart attack. Catching my breath I felt that my whole body is turning hot! Unknowingly she turns me around to face her and puts her forehead onto mine.

“Do you have a fever?”

Too close… too close… “Eeeekkk… Get Away from Me!” I push her looking all shock and red.

“Wha-what are you talking about?” she says confusedly.

“STAY AWAY!!” I shout…

What to do?? Kami-sama!!

[Jun’s POV]

Oh.. this is bad..

Looking at Milky’s face like a bright tomato, I immediately stood up from my seat and went to them, before she explodes.

“Please excuse us..” I say and grab Milky’s arm.

“Wait!…Please… if it’s okay, let me help her change at least” The girl with a short hair said

I stare at her confusedly

“Oh.. I’m sorry. My name is Yamamoto Sayaka.. I’m in the same class as Watanabe-san. So please let me help her” she says.

I look at Milky and she’s giving me a “No- Way” face written all over it. But then I look back to Yamamoto-san and..

“Sure, it’s alright… I suppose…you’re both girls anyway” I smiled. Take that for my revenge earlier Milky! I grin on my thoughts.

Milky look at me viciously and says “After this.. I’ll kill you!” then she stormed off the cafeteria.

I gulped and nod at Yamamoto-san signaling her way off. What’s up with her?

When Yamamoto-san left, I tried to make my way to our table but I felt some pair of eyes staring at me.




“Pardon?” I ask her

Still.. she’s staring at me.

“Uhmm Miss…” I tried to put my hand onto her shoulders but she flinched.

“Ah.. sorry” I bowed at her

“Ahh!! I’m really sorry” she also bowed to me. She’s a bit weird but…

“Ah don’t be!” I smiled shyly “So you’re a friend of that Yamamoto girl right?”

She nods

“I’m really sorry about Milky… she’s like that when she’s not in the mood..”

She shook her head “No, I should be sorry.. I made a huge chaos” then smiled embarrassingly. Wow! She’s pretty good looking.

“I’m Matsui Jun by the way!” I extended my hand to her. She step back a little making a distance between us. She’s really a shy girl. I smiled to her to show that I’m not gonna hurt her.

She whispers something that I didn’t quite hear then she deeply exhaled and shakes my hand.

“Iriyama Anna…” she smiles. Anna… what a lovely name…

“Jun! your food is getting cold!” Rino shouts.

“Oh sorry…! Uhmm.. Iri—” I suddenly noticed that Iriyama-san is nowhere to be found.

That’s strange.. Too bad.. I want her to have lunch with us… well I still can ask her next time. I still have 0.01% to see her.

I went to our table and started eating

“Hmm.. where’s Mayuyu?” I ask the only person left.

“She said she’s going to follow Milky… and asked if she’s okay” he happily said

“Oh.. Okay!”

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

When class starts I slept as always and before I knew it it’s over. Heading out of the door I remembered that Kashiwagi-sensei told me about something. Thinking on what it is I seem can’t remember anything. Letting it go I head out. As I make myself on the field I hear someone’s been calling me

“Glad you’ve made it Matsui-kun” she says with a smile.

“Eh? What are you talking about Kashiwagi-sensei?” I give her a questionable look

“Don’t tell me you’re skipping your first club activity?”

Oh! Shoot! Now I remember, Earlier before our last subject starts Kashiwagi-sensei advise me that a welcome greeting for new members will start today. Sigh… I think I’m getting another headache…

“Matsui-kun if you don’t take it seriously I’m afraid I’m gonna give you a failing grade in my subject” she says with a threatening voice.

Why does she even want me so badly in this club?

“Hai… I understand sensei” I say in defeat.

“Oh! Before I introduce you to everyone… I like you to meet our manager” Kashiwagi-sensei said and calls the manager.. “Churi! Please come… I want you to meet someone”

Churi.. haha! What a nickname! It’s even weirder than Milky and Mayuyu! I should keep my laughter to myself. Gotta hold it Jun!

“Eh? Who’s the one you want to introduce to me sensei?” Churi ask

Wait… isn’t she…..

“AKANE!!” I shouted

“Yea— YOU!!”she blurted out

“Hmm.. seems like you two know each other already” Sensei smiled.

“Sensei! Don’t tell me he’s the one you told me that is very good in this sport?” Akane ask angrily

“Yup! He’s the one!” she said and smiled again.

Oh! Please stop smiling sensei.. especially in this situation

“Will you please stop smiling.. It’s irritating!” Akane said looking really pissed

Woah! This girl doesn't have any fear!

“Mah…Mah… Please introduce yourself properly to him okay?” Sensei says then looks at me.

Akane sighed then looks also at me with a smile.

“I’m Takayanagi Akane from class 3-A.” She starts. “ I’m the Manager of this club” she then extends her hand; I looked at it for a moment and turned my gaze back to her.

Wow she’s my Senpai?? That’s a Shocker?!?, but then again looking at her smiling right now, I think she’s not that bad, If only she does that to me earlier I might not get the wrong impression.

“Is there any problem?” She asks me irritatingly. This girl really knows how to act

I shook her hand and said. “Nope, I’m Matsui Jun by the way. I’m a newly recruit member here so please be GOOD to me” I smiled giving her a wink.
Her eyebrows knitted on what I just did then say. “Don’t worry… I will!” she assured to me

“Alright now we’re good then! I’ll introduce you to the other members…  so follow me!” Sensei then interrupts us and leads our way.

“You made a big mistake joining here Matsui!” Akane whispered

I smirked “Don’t worry TA-KA-YA-NA-GI-san… I’ll try my best not regretting this choice of mine.” I smiled at her which made her even more pissed.

“I’ll make you suffer” She says.

I stop on my tracks…What the?!?… Aaarrrgghhh?!

My head starts to throb again and suddenly I felt dizzy.

“Come on you two hurry up!” Sensei waved at us

“HAI!” Akane says then starts to run towards her.

The pain it’s …Aarrghh?!….My sight becomes blurry and the next thing I knew…. I… was….





“Heh… what a feisty woman..Tsk.. Will see about that?!” A dark voice says with his lips grinning widely.

A/N: For other characters they will have their moments and own version of the story in the next chapters... :rock:
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You remembered me!  :twothumbs

Lol I ended up reading the whole chapter 1 again. XD

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@Sherin: Ah yeah... it's 3 authors now since there's a lot of pairings to write about... :nervous


Words = 6,096  :doh:

[] / Italic *characters thoughts

When everyone is going to hurt you. You just need to find, the ones worth suffering for.

The sun begins to set. I find myself lying on a grassy plain, with clear flowing river in front. Up ahead is a bridge where cars and people pass by.

[What am I doing in a Riverbank?]

I let a ‘Big’ sigh.



I stood up immediately to see the owner’s voice. Looking around I see two boys walking under the bridge heading to the direction where I’m currently in. Judging by their looks they seem like their gone into a fight, with all the bruises and scratches they have. One boy seems taller than the other. They stop in front of the river just below me._

I can hardly see their faces even I’m just a meter close. [I think I need to have my eye check] I rubbed my eyes again to see if there’ll be any difference?

“What a fight, don’t you think?” the smaller guy asked.

[His voice seem familiar…??]

“I know that they’re no match for you!”  He said and tapped the taller guy’s shoulder.

The other guy did not answer then continues to walk.

[That guy isn’t he—-?!]


“Ugghh!” I groaned.


That alarm clock is really annoying.


MILKY! SHUT YOUR FREAKING ALARM CLOCK OFF!”  I shout and covered myself with a blanket trying to get more sleep.

Just a little more…

“Oh no you don’t!” Milky quickly pulled the blanket off me. “You’re not going to sleep again!”

This woman… I ignored her and grab my blanket back off to her hands.

“Hey..Jun!” she shakes me off.

I need to come back to that dream…


And to sort this out as soon as——





“What the?!?” unknowingly my whole body got stunned.

“Now you’re completely awake” Milky smirks with a pitcher on her hand.

“Not again?!?” I whisper to myself.  When can she wake me up normally…

I shake my head and sighed.

“Jun?!  What’s wrong?” Milky asked worriedly handing me a towel.

I face her and give an irritating look “You know what’s wrong, 3 reasons. 1st your alarm clock, 2nd I’m wet and 3rd I still haven’t seen HIS face! You don’t even know how many times I already dreamt about that same dream” I answered her madly.

“His?” She questionably asked.

I’m really pissed at what Milky did, but the other side of me tells that I shouldn’t. I know she’s only helping me, which she normally does, and I thanked her for that, but that dream is really important. It’s been a year since I repeatedly dreamt about that. I think there’s some kind of message. But what?!

“Can you leave my room… NOW!!” I didn’t realize that I just raised my voice at her.

“Jun….” Milky suddenly puts her hands onto my shoulder and make a serious face “Are you Gay?” she said in firm tone.

“Whatttt!??? “ My eyes bulge in surprise “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?”  Then I felt my face suddenly burn up.

“Well you said ‘his’ face,you still haven’t seen ‘his’ face?? Judging by your look you still want more and..” She then puts her hand under her chin. ”when the moment when you two will finally kiss my alarm clock rang on…I see…I’m sorry you didn’t get your chance” She said disappointingly.

Where did she get all this now?!? My face twitch.

I’M NOT GAY! AND THE HIS THING IS NOT ABOUT ROMANCE! It just bugs me every time I dreamt about that same dream and… when finally I can see his face, YOUR ALARM CLOCK STARTED RINGING!” I stand shouting at her

“” she pats my shoulder to calm me down “ There’s nothing to be mad about” She smirks then grab my face.

“Wha-what are you doing?” I start to panic.

Milky looks at me intensely for a second then smile. I felt my face suddenly redden.

She move her face closely to my ear and whisper “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me” Then pushes me back to my bed and left me dumbfounded just like that.

Why is this keep happening to me?

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[Class 2-C]

Mayuyu and I went to class with enough time before the school bell rang. I placed my bag on my desk when Rino come running full of energy.

“Ohayou!” He smiles to everyone. Some in our class replies and some just ignore him.

Seems like his in a good mood ….again…?!?  I rolled my eyes.

Rino walks towards me and place his arm around my shoulder

“Ohayou Jun! You need to know what just happened last night” Rino said with a big smile

I sighed.

“Eh? Waking on the other side of the bed again?”

“No man it’s nothing” I replied and slump my head on my desk

“I bet it’s Milky!”

I rub my forehead not thinking the event happened earlier.  “She really ruins everything.”

“Well, it’s not her fault that you’re Gay?!” Mayuyu said popping between us.

I looked at her with disbelief “I told you I’m——”

“EH? YOU’RE G-uffufufu” Before Rino can finally say that word again I quickly cover his mouth and look him with serious eyes. “I told you I’m not!”


“That’s not what I heard?” Mayuyu continues, with a blank expression.

“Come again?”

“You and I lived together remember?” she said.


“Did Milky set you up on this?” I said irritatingly.

She shakes her head” I was there the whole time.”

Crap… More witnesses…

I release my hand from Rino and sit on my chair “That witch…” I murmur to myself.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

After the bell rang, I immediately ran to the door and opened it. Finally! The class is over. I’m starving!

“Mayuyu, let’s have lunch together!” I shouted.

With Mayuyu’s reaction, she seems annoyed.

“No need to shout dude…” Rino said while finding his lunch

“Hehe…  sorry…well Mayuyu-”

“I can’t I have something to do.”  She said cutting me off. “I’ll catch up to you guys if there’s time”

“Eh! But it’s lunch. I said as she tries to get pass through me. “Don’t tell me you’re skipping?”

She sighed. “No I’m not, so stop blocking my way!”

“But today is special Yakisoba, they have this special—-“

“Save it for me later! Now please s-step a-si-de J-Jun!!” she said trying to push me aside. Seriously she’s really weak?? I smirk on my thoughts.

“Why are you in a hurry anyway?”

“It’s none of your business” she says trying to push me again.

“I’ll let you pass if you tell me where you’re going.”

She then stops and looks at me annoyingly. “I’m going to the club room. You happy? Now move!”

“Oh? You joined a club? Now this is interesting” I gave her a mischievous smile and grab her wrist.

Mayuyu never really joined a club before, just like me. She sometimes has her own pace in this kind of stuff.

“Wh-what? No!” she removed her hand and backed away a bit.

“I’m coming too!” Rino then said.

“Not a chance” she replied at him with a death glare.

“Why not?” I ask. “And why are you sweating so much?” I pull out my handkerchief and wipe some sweat in her face but she shoves my hand right away.

“Is it hot?” Rino asked.

“You’re hiding something, aren’t you?” I questioned her.

“N-no I’m not!” she stuttered her words.

Then someone opened the door.


Everyone’s gaze turned to look at a certain person who’s at door.

What the??  I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now…




“KYAAAHHHH!!!!”  Everyone shouted.




RENA-SAN!!” “RENA-SAMA!!” “OJOUSAMA!!” they shouted in union.

Matsui Rena is here AT MY CLASS! Seriously?  I’m screaming my lungs out in my mind. Then I wondered why is she here….?

“This is the thing I want to prevent on happening. It’s your entire fault!” Mayuyu looked at me angrily.

Eh?! Why Me?

“You mean to say, you’re the reason why Matsui Rena-san is here?” Rino asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You heard her say my name right?” She answered with a boring face.

“Ahh… minna please just let me talk to Mayu-san okay?” Rena said with her angelic pleading voice.

“HAI!” Everyone answered. Then they starts to create a way leading towards us.

Psshh.. Fans. I rolled my eyes.

Mayuyu then tried to sneak behind us but Rena-san immediately called her. Rena is coming here! I can’t believe it! I thought I don’t have a chance to see her again. Am I lucky or what?

“I told you I’m coming to the club room. You don’t need to waste your time coming here” Mayuyu said in a cold tone.

Rena smiled. “Eh? But our deal was, when the bell rang you need to be at our club room in 30 seconds or else I’m coming.”

“Well it’s this entire guy’s fault ” Mayuyu then point her finger at me.

“M-me?” I stuttered. Rena is looking at me, she’s actually LOOKING AT ME!

“Oh, Jun right?” Rena gave her sweetest smile

I’m gonna bleed… I’m gonna bleed right now!

“Y-yes” I blushed.

Mayuyu then sighed and tried to go out again but Rena grabbed her wrist

“I’m Rino”  He stretched his hand to Rena. And she happily shakes it. “Nice to meet you Rino!”

Why do I sense some dark aura surrounding us? Creepy! My body shivers.

“Ah! Mayu-san, where’s the list?” Rena –san said looking at Mayuyu.

Mayuyu give the notebook she’s holding and ask Rena to leave but in a polite way she’s still our senpai after all. Then again her fans followed her.

“She’s so beautiful~” I happily said.

“Yeah~” Rino then joined me.

“Whatever. I’m hungry” Mayuyu said in cold, then make her way out from our class.

I stopped with my daydream and followed her “Wait Mayuyu! Does this mean that Rena and you are in the same club?”

“Yeah, so?”

“But your club is about anime, right?” Rino followed.

“So? Is it wrong to be a fan?” She asked.

“No, but this means…” Rino and I suddenly looked at each other.



“YEY!~! SHE’S AN ANIME LOVER!!” Then we are in our own world again.

Mayuyu sighed and kept walking.  Then a brilliant idea pops up to my head. I whispered it to Rino and then he pushed me to Mayuyu.  I curled my arms
around Mayuyu shoulder’s.

“Mayuyu!” I happily said.

“Wh-what?” She stuttered on her words and then blushed. Mayuyu’s really a shy person.

“You know I love you right?” I pouted at her

She then turned cold and removed my arms off her. “I’m not doing it Jun!”

“Eh? But I haven’t said a thing” I whined.

She stopped from walking then turned around “I know what you want, and it involves me, So No!”

“Mayuyu…” I pleaded

“Mayuyu, don’t  you believe in love at first sight?” Rino suddenly asked.

“E-eh?” She said suddenly turning red.

Rino stood beside Mayuyu and explained “Our friend here believes in that, right?” I nodded.

“He’s planning if you would help him to be with Rena-san, because you two seems to be in a same club, so what do you say?” he said with full of confidence.

I looked at Mayuyu’s eyes with a puppy look face. I hope she say yes…

Mayuyu looked at the ground for a second then looked at us with glare. “Okay, but you two will be my servant for a whole week.”

When I heard her answer, I hugged her immediately and Rino was asking why he is included but ignored anyways.

Then Mayuyu pushed me away. “I’m hungry” she said.

“I have lunch! Let’s go to the cafeteria” I smiled then ran for it.

“Wa-wait for me!” Rino then followed me.

When the three of us went to the cafeteria, Milky came angrily shouting at us. She’s complaining about not inviting her to lunch. Well to make the story short, she made us paid her lunch. Evil…

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

“Ahhh… I’m full!” Rino said with a smile while rubbing his stomach

I looked at my watch and realize there is still a plenty of time left before the next subject. “Guys, there’s still time. You want to play outside? I’ll borrow some st—-”

“Sorry dude, I think I’ll pass for now. I have something to do.” Riso said cutting me off. “ I still need to finish my assignment unless…” He then looked at me with his puppy eyes.

I simply ignored. “Oh okay then, how about you t—”

“Eh? You won’t let me copy yours?” He widened his eyes as if his only hope had gone.

“Dude, that’s Math.” I said to him and seems like after hearing my statement he frowns and walks out. I feel sorry for him… If only he knew that I also haven’t done my assignment.

I looked at the two girls with a smile “Well how about—”

“I need to be in the clubroom, Rena-san is out.” Mayuyu said cutting me off again while reading a text message then left….

So the last person is….

“Not interested.” Milky finishes her drink and left.

I’m not even gonna ask her but oh well. I left the cafeteria and went to the school garden.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[At the School Garden]

What a peaceful scenery. It’s been two months since I came here but it looks like a whole lot differ than before. The only thing that didn’t change is my favorite big tree at the middle of the garden. I sat under the tree and relaxed myself. I felt sleepy and I didn’t realize that my eyelids already shut by themselves.




Eh? Someone’s calling me… Nah, maybe it’s just my imagination


There’s my name again…

Suddenly I feel someone’s poking my cheeks. I shook the person’s hand away and went back to my nap. I thought that person already left but when I start to lost my conscious; I feel a pinch in my cheeks.

“O-oww! That hurts man… what do you wa—” I stopped at my sentence as I saw the person who’s a centimeter close from my face.

“MATSUI RENA… -san” I backed away a bit and covered my mouth. Oh Man!! She’s here…? What do I Do…?

She stood up and sat beside me. “I told you, it’s alright to call me Rena right?” She smiled.

Can someone call a doctor? I may have a serious epistaxis right now.

“Something wrong Jun?” She asked.

Did I hear right? She called me “Jun” without the –san

“Y-you called me “Jun” right? without a –san”

“Yes, something wrong?”

“W-well no, it’s just that you’re Matsui Rena and I-

She giggled “As what I remembered, you told me to call you Jun right?”

“Oh?” She’s right, the incident from before. I suddenly make a mental face palm to myself. Then suddenly I can’t seem to sense any dark aura from the fans or from that Churi girl.

“What’s the matter?” She looked at me worriedly.

“Huh? Eto…I just wonder, if someone you know who… came along with you” Hopefully she knows what I meant.

“Don’t worry, I’m alone” She giggled.

Unknowingly I simply gaze at her. I can’t help it she’s really beautiful. One of a kind. This is probably the first time I felt something like this. But then I wondered why is she here?

“If only staring could kill, I maybe dead right now” She smiled waking up me up from my reverie.

I felt embarrassed and apologize to her immediately. She just giggled and our conversation died there. I can’t go back to sleep nor go back to our class right now. Because first, the most popular girl in school is here, second she’s Alone…!!  And third we’re sitting next to each other!! I felt uneasy with her by my side and my heart just keeps beating so fast. After a minute, she broke our awkward silence.

“Why are you here Jun?” She asked me while her eyes are closed.

“Uh… I’m just bored and every time I got bored I just go here and sleep until the bell rang” I rubbed the back of my head feeling kind of embarrassed with my answer.

“Really?” she smiled peacefully

“Yeah, how about you?”

“I always come here to be at peace” I can’t point out what kind of look she showed me just now.

“You see…” she continued.

I tried to focus on what she was saying but MAN! She is absolutely gorgeous!  I just pretend listening to her….  When suddenly…

“Arrgghhh…” I held my head tight

Arggh… my head hurts… why? I think I need to….

“Jun, something wrong?” I heard a concern voice from Rena but I don’t want to worry her.

“Ahh… don’t worry Rena-san. I’ll just go to the clinic and have some meds.” I smiled at her

“Are you sure? I’ll come with you” She stood up and gave her hand to help me stand, but I refuse.

“No need to worry, I can go there by myself” I gave her a reassuring smile. She seems like she has something to say but I hurriedly turned my back and left.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

As I came to the clinic my headache suddenly went down. I made my way and ask our school doctor for a check-up just to make sure everything’s alright, when…






“Don’t mind it… It’s just the wind” he said with a cold tone.

“Oh, Right Oshima-sensei”

That’s weird I’m sure I heard it coming from the hallway.

Our school doctor named, Oshima Yuu a very serious person with a mysterious aura and known as the “Ice King”, that’s what Rino told me. He’s quite popular among the students here especially from the girls since his very good-looking. I wonder if he has girlfriend.

He continues on examining me, checking if everything’s alright until—-



The voice coming behind the door makes his face twitch.

“Ano…” I whispered to him.

It sounded like a woman?? But he seems to ignore it.

“Yuu-chan hey Open-up…!!”

The woman keeps on knocking for several times but Oshima-sensei still ignores it.

“Ah Sensei I think som—“

“Ignore it!!” he said glaring at me.

Eeeekk… Oshima-sensei sure is scary.

After a while the woman on the other side stops knocking and Oshima-sensei’s face becomes relief but then…





“Oi Oshi——ma…!!!” a woman with her long browned hair and tall slender body suddenly burst in front of the door with a ‘big’ block of wood on her
hands. How did she—??

“Not now Kojima-san I’m quite busy” he said in calm.

“Eh… you… meanie” Kojima-sensei said pouting like a kid.

Kojima Haruna our Arts teacher, she’s the dream woman of mostly all the guys here in this school. To be honest mine too. Ehem.. More importantly she’s a very cheerful woman that shines everyday not to mention she’s also a model of some high fashion magazines as what some girls in our class talks about it.

Oshima-sensei lets out a big Sigh. Then continues to check on me

“Yuu-chan come play with me!!” Kojima-sensei insisted.

“Not now!” he said firmly

“Oh, Yuuchan come here!”

As Kojima-sensei runs to him with her hands widely open, without any hesitation Oshima-sensei then extends his arm shoving Kojima-sensei away without even looking. Whoa?! It’s like his reflex knows what’s coming!

“Afft… Itai!!” she said bumping her hips on the floor.

“Sorry Jun I think this will get your head a little bit better” He then gave me some meds.” I advise you that it’s best that you take a rest for a while and do not exert too much to not strain yourself okay!”

“Ah..H—Hai…” I answered confusedly.

“Sumimasen… Ano…Oshima-sensei?”  Says a student suddenly coming from the door.


“The Principal wants to see you.”

“Arigatou… Tell him I’ll be there at the moment.”

“Ne, Yuu-chan…let’s go together!” Kojima-sensei suggested.

“Jun, make sure you drink that ok” he then grabs some of his paper works.

“Oh okay sensei” I said still confused about the situation.

“Yuu-chan…Yuu-chan…” Kojima-sensei said still trying to get his attention.

“Well..I’ll leave you for now…”

“Eeehhh…. Yuu-chan… chotto—-?”


Wow awk~ward, seeing how Sensei left just like that…

“Hmpff.. Baka Yuu-chan” Kojima-sensei muttered

“Uhm, Kojima—-“

“Sorry that you kind of see that Jun?” she said disappointingly

“” I don’t know what I’m going to say to her since that—-

“….you think that I’m an easy girl don’t you?”

“Eeehh.. No—no—no of course not Sensei??”

She sighed. “It’s alright I’m kind of used to it…” she said trying to put up a smile. “It’s just that I owe a lot from that guy.”


“Uhmm what do you mean??” I asked

“Heh… you wanna know a secret?” she said grinning


“It all started way back, when we’re still a couple in this academy.”

“Eeeeeehhhhh!!… Y—-You two are a Co—couple?”

She chuckled “Were a Couple”.

Still… “Well that means …?”

“Yup, were classmates but not just us, there’s Yukirin, Tomochin, Sayaka and Kai too” she said smiling.

Oh, so it’s our Homeroom, English, P.E. and Principal that still living they’re Alma Matter.

“What happen?” I continued.

“Basically, he’s a transfer student back then, when we were already in our senior year. He is known as the Genki student in this school not to mention
he’s smart and also a good friend of Kai. But the only downfall about him is that he’s not very attractive… I mean really, as he is now…”

Seriously Oshima-sensei?? That’s a Beauty you don’t expect!

“On the first day when he arrived he confesses his love in front of the whole class to me.”

I gave a shocking look on my face and Kojima-sensei is holding her laugh as soon as she sees it.

“I don’t wanna be mean to him you see…” She continues. “…I know I’m pretty and all…since I’m on the top of the list” she shyly said.

Oh! No Kojima-sensei you’re not pretty you’re HOT!! And a perverted thought starts to…

“Jun, you with me??”

“Ah…Yeah…you we’re saying Sensei” Darn it. Jun! Stop being a pervert!!

“What I’m saying, was that we just met at that time, so I declined him.”

It’s only natural for a person to do that…But Oshima-sensei sure does been struck by cupid doing recklessly like that.

“But a couple of days later, I accepted his proposal and we become a couple ever since”

“Whoah! That was fast?!?…B—but I—I thought…??.. Why?”

They’re love story feels a bit weird…

“I ‘used’ him” she answered.


Then it becomes weirder…

“I know what I did was wrong b—but… I—I already…” tears then starts running from her eyes.

 “Kojima-sensei?” I ask worriedly

“Oh! *sniff* Where this comes from *sniff* Sorry you have to see me cry like this *sniff*” she sighed and wipe her tears off.

We stayed silent for a while till Kojima-sensei calms herself down. It must be real hard for her to cry like this all of a sudden. Maybe the way they are now really has something to do about they’re past.

“Yosh! For now I need to bring back the old Yuko…and make him smile again don’t you agree?” she said happily with a bright smile on her face.

“Uhn… Ganbatte Sensei” I pumped my hands up

Kojima-sensei sure is tough!!

“Hehehe… Thanks Jun… Well I need to get to class now…Oh! And don’t tell anyone about our little secret Okay?” she said with a wink.

"Hai! But if there’s anything I can help you out with Sensei just let me know okay?"

"Uhn. Take care of yourself Janne~" she then waves goodbye and leaves the room.

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[Meanwhile at the Principal’s Office]

[Yuu's POV]

“Oi Midget What do you want?!?” I said with in an irritating voice.

“Eh? What are you so mad about?”

“I’m busy you know!!”

“Look ..I just…need to”

“I’m leaving.” I cut him off before he can finish his sentence.

I told him many times to not interrupt me when I’m busy… sheesh

“Wait Hey…What’s the rush? Oh, 'She’s' there again isn’t she?” He said.

My body suddenly freezes and I can feel the sweat drop escaping from my face.

“Hehehe… you’re acting so cold to her…yet you still can’t get enough of her?” He said with a wide grin.

How did He?! “Wh-What are you talking Midget?!” I said turning my gaze away from him.

“Oh, Dude it’s written all over your face!” He then starts to laugh.

I gulped.

“Besides after all you've knew everything, your still doing this? Dude that’s too harsh seriously?!”

“Well I still can’t forgive her after what she did…”

“Oh please…that’s old news… “He said cutting me off. “If you want to be with her, be with her. Don’t make the two of you suffer not being together. If you love each other, then admit it. Don’t Deny it. Love isn’t something you plan, you just have to let it happen. So please…let it happen…”

“Can you blame me?!? I’ve changed my life because of her…” I said raising my voice a little.

“Still….she already apologized many times…It’s been 5 years already and your just making circles…Don’t you think it’s time to forget about it and move on. Don’t waste your time stalking her again after all you’ve been through.”

“I know that … but there are some things that time cannot mend, some hurts that go too deep… that have taken hold…How do you go on? When in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no turning back… unlike you did?”

“You know that’s a different story….” His voice then became serious.

I knew it, he still has some doubts… about her…

“Whatever… so why did you called out me for?” I changed the topic before everything became more serious.

“Right well…this is what it is…” Kai then hands me a document where a big notice is written on it.

“This…can’t be? Our school might…?”

“I know…the board wants me to fix it as soon as possible…”

She strikes again? Huh?

“I’m sorry… I know this is my family’s company… but”

“It’s alright she just wants me to stop all of this again… and to be serious that’s all…”

“Sorry…Dude…” He then pats my shoulder

"No worries… I’ll handle this…"

I can’t let her control me again….No not this time….

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[Jun’s POV]

After Kojima-sensei left, I stayed behind. I’m just letting the time flies because you know, I’m skipping my Math class because of that freaking assignment. I’m planning to take a nap but then I heard the door opened.

“Ah, Jun you’re still here?” Oshima-sensei gave me a surprise look while holding some papers.

I stood up and rubbed my head “Sorry sensei, I’ll leave right away and thank you by the way” I bowed to him and smiled

“That’s my job anyway… now go, you might be late on your next class” He said with a cool voice. No wonder he’s popular

As I walk myself to the door….

“She left?” Oshima-sensei said while looking at his papers.

He might be asking about Kojima-sensei. “Ah… Yes”


He’s really cold. But I can feel that he still care for her. Good luck Kojima-sensei!

When I closed the door, I sighed. How the heck will I waste my time? I think and think, then an idea of going to the school garden and sleep pop into my head. I’m really a genius person. I grinned and started walking.

As I walk at the corridor I saw a familiar figure ahead of me. And as that person came closer, I figured already who that person is. I calmed myself and smiled

“Churi!” I waved at her and got closer. She seems shocked and backed away a bit. I tried to be good to her because I owe her one. How? To make the story short, I lost my consciousness yesterday and I don’t even know how. When I came back, I realized I was at home already. Auntie said I was carried by our team manager.

Make a wild guess…! I know that she may be forced or volunteered; but then again I never had the chance to ask her, so I just decided to be nice to her as a payback.

“Why are you still here? You have classes right?” She asked me angrily and quite a meter away.

“Yeah but I don’t have an assignment so I decided to skip” I proudly said


“I know, I’m bad but what can I do? My teacher is a terror one. I don’t want to mess with her” I cut her off and answered defensively.

She still looks angry but calmed down a bit

“Well, how about you? Cutting classes like me?” I grinned

She crossed her arms and said “Don’t compare me to you, I’m not like you. I’m excused you know, I have many things to do in our club”

“Eh? You can be legally cut class” I show my amazement. No wonder being the manager/president of a club can be fun, you all have the privilege to cut class

“I’m NOT cutting class!” She angrily replied. Then suddenly an idea pop into my head

“Okay, okay… but can I ask you something?”

She sighed “What is it?”

“Is there any chance you’ll quit the club? I’m just wondering…” I smiled

“Don’t play innocent you jerk. You just want to cut class right?” She said raising one eyebrow at me.

Man, she over thought me. Darn it

She smirked and said “Wait until graduation or if you want to make it fast, try to make me suffer maybe I’ll quit then”

I thought about it and smiled“Okay, my goal is to make you quit before graduation” I pointed at her as if I’m challenging her. “Yosh! It’s the start of a new goal” I walked away happily and left her

[Akane’s POV]

“You gotta be kidding me?” I chuckled a bit and then sighed.

He’s quite different from yesterday. I blushed about that thought. Man, why am I thinking this things? I shook my head and tried to get rid of my thoughts. I then remembered that I have something to do. I ran off and hoping to get this nasty feeling off me.

[End of Akane’s POV]

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[After Class Teacher’s Faculty]

“Ah yes Miyuki… I know you’re quite busy and all but please reconsider my offer”

“Well you see…Itano-sensei it’s really an unexpected offer”

“Come on now Miyuki I’m sure you’ll be a great tutor to her…besides you’re the President of this club”

Sigh… “But sensei…?”

Itano Tomomi our Homeroom Teacher and adviser in the drama club. She’s very fashionable as what normal teachers should be. Also rumor has it that she’s already engaged and soon to be marry…I wonder who is it??

*Knock* Knock*

“Oh she’s here” Sensei happily said.

“Sorry Sensei I have something else to do”

“Chotto Miyuki-chan—“

As I opened the door a familiar face suddenly bumps into me.

“Whoa! Thank You”


“Ah, Sayaka-chan glad that you came.”

“Oh! Good afternoon Itano-sensei” she bows at her.

Why is she here..wait a minute.... *doki*doki

“I’m sorry Sayaka-chan but I’ll go and get to the chase” Itano-sensei started

“Huh? What do You mean..” She said confusedly.

“Sigh. You see—-“

“Yamamoto!!… Y—you’re the new recruit?” I shout before Itano-sensei even continues her sentence.

“Ah Hai…!” she said in surprise.

I face Itano-sensei in despair and grab her turning our self away from Sayaka.

“Ne…Sensei why her of all people?” I whisper to her.

“What about her?” Itano-sensei whisper back and looks at me confusedly

“Please anyone but her?!”

“Oh come on Miyuki she’s perfect!” Sensei smiles.

“You don’t understand ‘SHE’ and ‘I’ definitely won’t work”

“Give her a chance I think this play will make a great impact…Besides you want to be on Top right?”

Ngh..she caught me off guard

“Uhm…is everything alright?” Sayaka says realizing about the situation.

“Well Miyuki??” Itano-sensei turns to me.

“Gulp..guess.. I have no choice” I said in defeat

Both of them smile, satisfied how it turned out, Sayaka then comes to me and extends her hand… “It will be great working together with you” she said with a smile

“L—let’s work hard” I said nervously and shake her hand back.

But then she…






“I’ll do my best” Sayaka said hugging me tightly.

“(O////O)” ….*faint*



“Uhmm.. Itano-sensei I think Watanabe-san just caught a fever again?”

"Hihihi…Don’t mind about it she’s just shy that’s all"

My soul just left my body…

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[On the way home]

“My house is this way… so see you guys” Rino then bid his farewell

The three of us waved our hand and bid our farewells at him. I turned around and looked at the girls.

“You two go ahead, I’m just going to the bookstore” I smiled and waved but Milky stopped me

“No way mister! Not another ****** magazine!” [A/N: Pervert Anime Mag ;D]

“I already bought the latest edition so you don’t have to worry.” I winked at her” I’m just gonna buy a Math reference”

Mayuyu raised an eyebrow and then looked at Milky “That’s new”

YOU BOUGHT THE LATEST ED?! I’m so gonna burn it!” Milky shouted angrily and immediately runs away.

“W-what? MILKY!” I screamed and then I looked at Mayuyu with teary eyes

Mayuyu sighed and said “Buy me a new manga” then walks away like a boss

I saluted to her as my respect. Mayuyu’s really my savior

┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛┗(^0^)┓    ┏(^0^)┛

[At the bookstore]

I scanned at the bookshelves for a Math reference.

“Math… Math… Math… Ah! Found one~” When I’m going grab it, another hand grabs it too. I looked at the owner of the hand and was shocked.

“Ah! Iriyama-san!” I smiled

“Ma-matsui-kun!” She seemed shocked too.

“Too formal… just call me Jun” I extend my hand but she hesitate to shake

-awkward silence-




“Hehe.. well see you later the,” I smiled.

She then blushed. She’s really shy, might as well leave.

“Ano…” she shyly said


“The book…” She pointed. “Can I have it?”

“This?!” I sais in surprise. But I really need this book…!

She nodded “you see…”

“What are you gonna do with this?” I ask.

“Ah… well I have someone to tutor so I really need it.”


“You have a tutor class?”

“Ahh… no! It just happen that I need to tutor my neighbor, her mother pleaded to me” She said blushing


“You’re from 2-A, one of the top students, always excel in Math, and the president of the book club” I said while having a thinking pose

“How’d you know all that?” She seems shocked

I scratched my head and said “Oh! Well yesterday, I searched your information because Milky commanded me to do it”

“Milky?” She confusedly said

“Ah! Watanabe Miyuki ”


She seems tensed up “Well… she wants some revenge but don’t you worry I already handle it!” I said. After hearing what I said that she calmed down and nodded. Then I asked her

“Can you tutor me too?”

“W-why?” She blushed

“You see, I’m not really good in Math, a while ago I skipped my Math class without any permission but my teacher saw me walking at the corridor and said that I will have an “easy test” which I know is not,  that I need to pass every week”

“Harsh…” she whispered

“I know right! So please please please help me! Having a tutor is much fun than studying alone! Please!!!” I pleaded and praying that she’ll say yes

As I looked into her face, she hesitate at first but then she nod and accepted it anyways.

“YES! Okay let’s go…!” I grabbed her wrist but she pulled away

“Wa-wait” she blushed

“What?” I looked at her

“Can we start it tomorrow?”

“Why not now?” I pouted.

“I need to fix my schedule. Don’t worry I won’t run away” She smiled shyly

I blushed. That’s the first time I saw her smile “O-okay then” Man… I’m stuttering my words again

After that I gave her the book and wave our goodbyes.

I can sense this year will be a stressful year...

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