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Author Topic: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]  (Read 3438 times)

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A Visit. (Part 1/3)

"You sure I can spend a night here? I'm afraid I'll make your housemate disturbed though." I asked softly as I entered my friend's house.

"It's okay. Come in, come in. Jun's still outside. What would people says if I abandoned a girl alone at this late night? You can use the bathroom over there, I'll prepare some clothes for you to wear, okay?" My friend calmed me down as he took off his jacket while he explained.

I just nodded to him, and put my bag on the nearer sofa before I rushed inside the bathroom to get relaxed in the warm water.

My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. I traveled here to Nagoya so that I can refresh my self from my hectic life in Tokyo. I just arrived at the airport and that guy before is my childhood friend that used to became my crush when I still in middle school, Yuuma. He offered to pick me up from airport as soon as I told him that I'll stay at his town here for a week.

As night was already too late for me to search a hotel, he said that it's okay if I spend a night here at his place. I was just be like complied with it. Yeah, one night sleep without costing money? Who don't want that? But when he said that he got a grumpy person as a housemate,  He even said there's a rumour that his friend is a serial-killer. um ha ha. I kind of, you know, changed my thought and started to freak out.

I asked him "Why you still want to stay with him?! For God sake, Yuuma."

And he just answered jokingly, "He got a smooth money. He paid 80% of our apartement's bill."

Well. Everything can't be helped if it involves money. Deshou?

"I'm back."

Ow. I think, that's him.

I hurriedly try to finish my bathing stuff as fast as possible so that I can welcome him and ask his permission properly to stay the night here. I exited the bathroom after my body has been wrapped by a white towel.

As I want to step in the kitchen where I heard some noises that I guess it was coming from the guys, I kinda ears dropped something.

"—you bring a fucking girl to my fucking place? Without my permission?"

I took a peak to see a quite tall guy standing in front of Yuuma. He's taller than my friend. I just could see his back, but I could tell that his body's hot from the way he standing. So hefty. Wait. What was I thinking. I'm too tired I guess.

"This is my place too, eventhough I just settled 20% of the payment. Moreover she's my close friend. Please have a heart to let her stay here just for a night, Jun." Yuuma was begging so hard for me. Ooh... He's so sweet.

"Fine, then." Finally! He gave up. That's my Yuuma.

"So fast! There's must be a concequence for that..." He narrowed his eyes. Jun shrugged his shoulder.

"I shall give you a punishment~~"

My body's freezing when I saw an unbelievable incident happened in front of my eyes. What in the world is happening?!! It's like a scene that I found inside Rena's BL manga. I didn't know that my friend, my childhood friend, is a gay.

That night, with only a piece of towel wrapped on my body, at my childhood friend's apartement, I witnessed both guys kissed and swallowed each other's lips passionately in the kitchen by my own fucking eyes!

While kissing, I saw Yuuma raised his hand up to take a grab of Jun's hair as the other hand was caressing Jun's chest beneath his tee-shirt. Jun's hand made its way to Yuuma's butt through his pants, caused him to let out a soft moan. Yuuma's face really looked like a hopeless kitten at that time. Before they can continue their affair, Yuuma pushed Jun away.

"She is inside bathroom." Yuuma slapped Jun's head hard with that shy expression plastered on his face.

"Judging by your action before, you know yourself that you can't hold it anymore." He squeezed Yuuma's butt teasingly.

"Shut up!" He got off from Jun and walked away. I immediately pretended just finished my bathing and innocently walked in to greet them.

"H-hey, Yuuma.. Ah! That's your housemate? Nice to meet you, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki." I bowed my head to him.

"So this is your friend, Yuuma? She is gorgeous, though. I don't mind if she staying with me for the whole week. My name is Jun. Matsui Jun."

I glanced up to see his eyes directed straightly to my cleavage that revealed because of the thight towel I wore. When his gaze met mine, he winked seductively to me. What's wrong with this guy!! He's messing around with me, dammit. And why the heck I'm blushing because of that!!

"What are you waiting for, Yuuma? Go give this beautiful lady some clothes. You don't want her to get cold and ruined her plan here to have a vacation, right?"

* * *

"Rise and shine~!" A voice of guy woke me up from my deep slumber. His action really startled me, made me almost jumped out of my bed.

"Hey Sleepyhead. Wake up, sleepy head and hurry get out of my place, Sleepyhead." He said as he opened the curtains and let the sunshine went inside the room.

"Kya! What are you doing here in my room? Are you trying to rape me?!" I shouted as I pulled up my blanket to cover my half-naked body beneath it.

"Oh fuck me." He rolled his eyes in annoyance "It's not even your fucking room. Now get up, and go start searching a place to stay other than here, will you. I can't stand sleeping with your fucking friend Yuuma on the same bed."

During the five minutes I was talking with him I just realized that this guy is Yuuma's friend, the owner of this apartment where I stay for a night.

"Oh I am sorry, but did you just said last night that you don't mind if I stayed here for a whole week?" Damn my blunt mouth. He might just joking at that time. Dammit. Where is the wall, where is the wall, I need to bang my head against the wall now.

"You remember that." He slapped his forehead.

I silenced.

"Pardon me?" I asked. But beyond my expectation, he walked closer to me and snapped his finger.

"You remember that. I actually forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me." He patted my shoulder.

"What? Matsui Jun, I don't get it."

"Kashinori Yuri, are you a dumb dumb?"

"EXCUSE ME–" I rose up from my bed furiously, but I remembered about my half-naked body "?!!!" So I back sat down on the bed to cover it up again "Ex-excuse me...?! It's Kashiwagi Yuki. And what do you mean by calling me dumb dumb?"

"Yes I said you can stay with me." He smiled. "BUT NOT HERE IN YUUMA'S ROOM." he quickly changed his expression to a peevish one.

"I need explanation."

"Oh my, do you think you're so important for me? That I will spend my time for explaining unimportant things here to you? Until your slow brain catch all of my fucking words? Just get up and put on your clothes. Why won't you just listen to me so no one will get hurt." Curses to the Neptune, so all this time he noticed that I'm naked? WALL WHERE ARE YOU.

"No one will get hurt?" I stunned "Wait. You want to hurt me.... HOLD ON THERE. You're going to hurt me?"

"Yes, if you don't do what I told you to do."

"Then, let me ask you this. How you gonna hurt me?" He just walked toward the door ignoring my question.

"Hey. Do you think I'm talking to the wall?! I'm talking to you, dude." I threw him a pillow that already loaded with lots of stones by me. Did I even have a time for that? Hell. It's just a fiction. I don't care. I just want to hurt him because he have a thought of hurting me.

And it's succeed cause I could see he's bleeding. On his head was dripping a fresh dark red bloods. He slided down and sprawled on the floor silently.

Crap I wasn't expecting that I would kill him!!!!

Did I kill him?

I ran towards him to take a better look of his head. I couldn't see where's the position of his wound as it fully covered by a bloods. But I guess it's on the back of his head.

"Matsui?" I poke his shoulder.


"KYA~~~~~~AAAA!!" I screamed in horror as he grabbed my hand out of sudden. I kicked his bloody head spontaneously. Jun's head hit the table's foot hardly and it (his head) bounced(?) off in front of the door.


"Yuki, are you okay? I heard a scream." Suddenly Yuuma swung the door opened, automatically it attack Jun's head vigorously once again. "Wow Yuki you're nake–"


Yes. That loud sound of Jun's head landed on the floor was making Yuuma realized about his friend's critical condition now.


* * *

"How's his condition, sis?" Yuuma rose up from hospital's bench and aprroach a doctor that just got out from the ED room.

"Now he is all okay but, no one can visit him for now. He need to rest." The doctor answered shortly.

"Oh thank God. Thank you, sis." He grabbed the doctor's hands, feeling thankful. But that hand of her just being pulled out by herself as she started to bark.

"Just what do you think you've done, Yuuma? You're planning to make him got a brain concussion?"

"No, mayu! I-I don't know he was lying on the floor! When I opened the door, the door hit his head." He defended himself.

"I don't buy that. The wound looks like it caused by dozens of big rocks."

Oh shit that was me. She got meee. I know it! I can't fool a doctor. Now they will sue me!! NO. GOD HELP.

"You're talking nonsense, Mayu. Why would dozen of rocks be in a place like my room? It's just an accident." Yuuma disproved Mayu.

"YES. WHY WOULD DOZEN OF ROCKS BE IN A PLACE LIKE HIS ROOM??" I repeated his words in agreement.

Both of them just looked at me suspiciously. Crap.

"Chill, Yuki." Yuuma calmed me down.

"Ah, Yuki. I just realized it's you that standing there all this time because you look so different from the last time we met. Long time no see. How are you now?" Now the doctor aware of my presence. This doctor is old friend of mine too because she is Yuuma's little sister. Back then, we used to play together because I always got to see her when I visited Yuuma's house.

"Hey, Mayu. You know being a bank employee really squeezing the hell out of my brain cells, and also the money not as rapid as being a doctor. So I'm here for a vacation and end up staying at Jun's apartment." I explained.

"You spend a vacation at Jun's apartment?" She raised her eyebrows and laughed.

"I asked her to. She just arrived here last night, that's why." Yuuma got in our conversation.

"You can stay at my place, though." She offered.

"No, no. I will move out to hotel soon. I won't bother you all. I've caused you and your friend so many trouble here."

Yuuma stratched his chin in confusion."You're doing nothing, right? Ah! Now you said that, I was thinking why Jun laid on the floor at the first place?"

Oh shit it was me again. The cause of it. He got me. I know it! I can't fool his housemate at all. Now they will sue me for sure!! NO. GOD HELP ME.

"I-I-I-I-I-" I stuttered, sounds like EDM, eh?

"YUUMA!!!!!" Someone's scream cut me before I could explain.

"That's Jun's voice!"

Yuuma and Mayu immediately ran to Jun's ward. Well, I just decided to walked follow them from behind. "Huft... I need to thank Jun for helping me. Wait. What if he called them to explain what actually happened?! Crap. WAIT! Wait for me, guys!" I ran for my life.

* * *

"What happened, Jun?!" Yuuma smashed the door open panickly.

"You don't need to broke the door, Yuuma! It's not even locked." Mayu scolded his brother.

"Y-yuuma..." Jun called his friend again with a low and shaky voice. Noticed that, Yuuma jumped and grabbed his lover I mean friend's hand. Shit. Now he will spit it out!

"Y-Yuuma, I want..." He want to tell you that I'm the culprit, Yuuma!! I closed my eyes and slowly took a step back. I could felt my sweats dropped all over my body.

"Y-Yuuma, I want..."

"Yes, my friend? You want what?"

"I want water."

I collapsed. Just kidding. I was not.

"What's wrong with you!" He slapped the back of Jun's head, right where it stricken.

"OOOOUCH! Can you not see that I got a wounded head here!!?" He complained as he winced in pain.

"Yuuma are you out of your mind?" Mayu snapped.

"S-sorry. Blame my habbit. Here your drink, buddy." He helped Jun to sit up on his bed and handed him a glass of mineral water that he just requested.

"What a surprise to know it just took a brief time for you to gain your conciousness back." Mayu shook her head in disbelief as she walked closer to her patient.

"Oh! Look at here. So you are the doctor who's taking care of me? Nice I got a beautiful doctor!" Since Mayu's distance was not that far away from him, he slapped her butt with that annoying guiltless plastered on his face. That gesture made Mayu blushed.

"Do you know what am I going to do with you?" Mayu said with a scary deep voice.

"What~?" He teased.

"Knock the hell out of you."

"I'm injured, doctor. How you— UUUUUUUKHH!!!?"

Mayu dead-punched him. Straight on his stomach.

"Yes your head. But not with your stomach." She smiled. That smile looked creepy. It's even crept me and her brother out. To see Jun squirmed in pain was not helping at all. It made me getting more scared.

"What kind of species doctor are you? Answer me, you brutal!!!" Jun shouted still clutched his stomach in pain. I could tell how much pain he take by the look on his face. His face was terribly red.

"You're making a scene here. Low your voice, or I will kick you out of here." Mayu threatened him.

"Oh yeah, like such a girl like you have a heart to do that. Kick me, kick me, kick mmmmmmmh!!!!" Mayu wasn't joking. She axe kicked him on his stomach. Oh I just remembered that Mayu is a black belt in Karate. No wonder that powerful kick managed to send him to the cloud nine.

"I guess I don't need to waste any anaesthetic to shut him up."

I and Yuuma just hugged each other, trembled by Mayu's action.

"If something bad happen you guys can call me." With that she just left the room.

"Is it not bad enough for her?" We looked at the lifeless body who layed on the ward's bed.

End of part one.

With my limited vocabulary and grammar, I hope you still can enjoy it.
Please look forward to the next part which I'm gonna update in the near future. Peace and love!
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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 1/3]
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Woow jun and yuuma lol
I cant stop laughing ~
I cant wait next chapter

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 1/3]
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Now I hope its a BL fic about Yuuma and Jun. Lol
But well, gonna wait the nexy chapter~
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 1/3]
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Mayu : sadistic
Jun : masochist
Next chapter please ~

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]
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@kumabear: Yes yes! Please keep laughing when you read this chapter. Eventhough it's not funny, just please keep laughing, I'm begging you :bow:
@junchan: pfft.. I don't know if it'll turn that way dude lol (are you a dude?)  :bleed eyes:
@purnamazaki: now that you mention it, I start to have a thought like that. Do you think I have to add their sadistic and masochist interaction? I'll think about it :thumbup

A Visit. (Part 2/3)

We sat together in one table eating our breakfasts that cooked by Yuuma. It's just an ordinary omelette with sausages, yeah, boy style. They just want simple, glad they didn't give me instant noodle as a breakfast. As you know, well Yuuma keep insisted me to stay here. He said he still miss me and want to hear many things from me after we lived apart for six years.

In front of me there are these two love birds I mean housemates. Yuuma's feeding food to Jun. I didn't see what's wrong with his hands, the injured one was his head, right? He can feed himself why asked Yuuma to feed him. It's not like I'm jealous it's just... Yuuma was not his butler or slave or whatever it is, right? I felt bad for him.

But, seemed like Yuuma did it willingly. Look at that, look at his face, what's with that smile on his face when he's feeding Jun?

Suddenly this omelette tasted bitter.

"I still can't believe the doctor allowed you to leave the hospital this fast, Jun." Yuuma spoke while he swept off some sauce that remained on the corner of Jun's lip.

"Hmph! That Mayu, your sister just don't want to see me for too long. What is it again? The disease she had? Mmm... ah! She will throw up she said. If she look at me for a long time." He fulminated.

"She was just joking. You're the most sensitive guy that I've ever met." I scoffed. That made him suddenly threw a scary glare at me.

"What's wrong with you? I'm not talking to you yet you suddenly mocking at me." He furrowed his eyebrows in anger.

"I just don't like it when you bad mouthing my friend."

"Even his brother just keep quiet when I'm talking about his sibling. Who are you? Are you her bloody Mothe—ummph?!!" Yuuma shut him up with a spoonful of omelette.

"That's it. Stop mouth fighting each other. Now you're done with your food, Jun. Finish your milk. I'll change your bandage after I clean the dish. And you Yuki, you better prepare now cause after I'm done with Jun, I'll give you a drive." He took our dirty plates and went to the other side of kitchen. Oh Yuuma, I really miss you and your motherly love.

When I turned my head back, damn, it's his face again. Really the opposite of Yuuma.

"What are you lookin' at?" He remarked.

"Nothing. Apart from our quarrel, what do you mean by I can stay here but not in Yuuma's room?" I still puzzled by his word before. He just showed me his smirk. Then moved forward near my face and spoke up.

"That means you have to sleep in my room, dumb dumb. Have a make out session together."

I slapped him. Yes. Without thinking further I slapped him. And I rose from my chair leaving the scene. I could hear him chuckled in amusement when I climbed the stairs.

Shit. This guy really great at messing around with me.

* * *

"Out of many places in Nagoya, your first destination is here? Really, Yuki? Convenience center?" Yuuma laughed.

"Stop laughing, Yuuma. This convenience center keep many memories of our school days." I smiled remembering such an old days as I kept licking on my ice cream.

"You're so lovely, Yuki. You've never changed." He patted my head.

"Thank you. Thanks for giving me a ride and provide me a place to stay."

"No." He shook his head. "You should thank Jun. He is the one who give you a permission to stay at his place."


Jun again!!?

Oh come on. What's so special about him that makes you always say something good about him, Yuuma??? OPEN YOUR EYES. One day with him is enough for me to know that he is the last person ever in the world you would staying with.

"Away from his harsh words, deep inside his heart, he is a good person." Wow wow did he just read my mind? I have known Yuuma since I was a child, I never know he is a mind reader.

Or was he?

Well, okay okay. Honestly, HONESTLY, alright I will admit it. Jun is a kind person *sigh* He didn't tell anyone that actually I'm the one who gave him his wound on the head. Yeah. Okay. THANKS JUN.

"Um sure, I guess I'll thank him." I laughed nervously.


*Author POV*

A phone rang loudly throughout the room. While the owner still busy with his game.

*Ring!* * Ring!* *Ring!*

"I'm not home, I'm not home! Stop calling me." He ignored the call and kept playing on his computer. It's something that you can't pause, yes, it's online game.

*Ring!* *Ri—...*

"Yes finally." He smiled as the phone had stopped ringing.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


"Damn. Okay, fine! Fine! I'll answer you." He left his computer and went to the bed to pick up his phone.

"What?! You'd better be real quick."

"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO ANSWER IT?! Jun! HELP ME!!" Shouted from the other side.

"Gosh you make my ears bleeding. Who are you?"

"I-I'm Yuki. I'm calling using Yuuma's cellphone. I need yo—"

"Oh Yuki. Yuki who?" Jun cut her sentence.

"Kashiwagi Yuki!!!"

"Oh. Dumb Yuki. How's it?"

"Urrrrgh..... huft huft" Yuki tried to restrain her nerves from bursting "We went to a pub and Yuuma seem to lose his conciousness because he drank too much alcohol."

"Hm? Yea? So? Why are you calling me? You bring him back here yourself then." Jun shrugged off his shoulders in a carefree way.

"I can't!"


"Because I can't send him home safely!!"


"Because I can't drive a car, I don't wanna crash into a tree and die!!!"


"BECAUSE I'M STILL VIRGIN AND STILL WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE!!!! Stop asking me why again. Just hurry up come here to the nearer pub from your apartment. Now!" She ended the call.

"She's sick. Why can't she just call a cab? Well, guess I'm just gonna continue my game then."

* * *

"This Jun. He makes a lady wait him for long! I'll make him pay for this!" Yuki grumbled outside the pub.

"Ugh... My shoulder starting to get cramped." Yuki was encircled Yuuma's arm around her shoulder to support him. Then she took a glance to her wristwatch.

"It's been one hour. I guess, he won't come." She thought it will be better if she call a cab instead and leave Yuuma's car here for a night was not too dangerous. But when she took out Yuuma's phone again, she cursed herself. Unfortunately, he's running out of battery.

"Damn. It's off already??! Could it get worst? I shouldn't have left my phone in Yuuma's room." She let out a big sigh.

"Excuse me, miss. Do you need any help?" A stranger suddenly tapped on Yuki's shoulder, woke her up from her deep thought.


"I saw you since earlier. You just stood here with this friend of yours that seem to need... a help?" He asked.

Looks like he is a nice guy. Maybe I'll trust him.

"Ah yeah, apparently my friend here get too drunk but I can't drive a car. Could you help me to drive us home? Is it bothering you?" She asked him carefully, afraid if she'll trouble the guy.

"I won't be bothered to help such a beautiful lady like you. The key?"

"Oh sure. The key..." She searched it inside both Yuuma's jeans pocket, and then goes up to his shirt's pocket and found the key in there. "Here's the key.".

"Okay, let me bring your heavy friend over there." He offered and let go off Yuuma's arm of Yuki's shoulder.

"Oh yeah. Right. He is really heavy." She said jokingly.

The guy supported Yuuma's body whilst they walked towards the car. He opened the door to put him inside the car, next to the driver seat and closed the door back. He then opened the car's door for Yuki to enter.

"Thank you. That's so gentle of you." Yuki smiled to the guy who opened the door for her. The guy just gave Yuki a smile. But not an ordinary smile that people usually had. It's a smirk.

Unexpectedly, the guy hardly pushed Yuki hard that made her fell to the seat. She lied there with mouth-agaped. He bent down and then dive in to taste Yuki's neck with his filthy tongue. Her hand try to push his shoulder, but she can't. She didn't has any power left. Yuki can't even let out her voice to scream for a help. She stunned. She didn't expect it turned out to be like that. The guy skipped his action to lift his head and met Yuki's eyes.

"I even can be more gentle than you can imagine. Let's find out, shall we?" He licked his lips as he already eaten by his lust. He started to unbutton Yuki's shirt.


When I said I don't want to die virgin, that doesn't mean I want it like this!

Nooooooo! someone, HELP!!
She cried.

"Who's that?" He turned around irritated because somebody tapped several times on his head.

"Dude, can I join?"

Yuki heard a not so unfamiliar voice from the back of the guy.

"What?? Fuck off."

"You're so meanie. I want to taste her, too." The other guy replied.

"You're so noisy!! Later, okay? After me." He turned back to Yuki and try to continue his business that had been delayed.

"No. Me first." The guy got pulled away from Yuki.

 :on kimbo:





"Yuri, are you alright?" The guy that Yuki knew the voice approached her.

"It's.... It's Yuki, J-jun." Her breath was still heavy as she still tried to catch up with everything after what happened.

"Easily believe a stranger? You really are a dumb dumb." He took Yuki's body in bridal style and put her inside the car properly.

"Button back your shirt." Jun said before he closed the car's door. He went inside on the driver seat and started the engine.

* * *

Yuki sat and rest her back on the sofa after she saw Jun went upstairs piggybacked Yuuma to his room. She confused. Why her heart still hammered strongly inside her chest?Eventhough she already felt safe now, but why she couldn't control her heartbeat?

It's weird.

"You still here? Not go to sleep?"


"What? You look surprised." He said as she took a seat beside Yuki on the sofa and turned on the TV.

"Are you drenched?" She noticed his wet hair.

"What, Yuri?"

"Is that sweats? You ran all the way from here to pub?" Yuki strengthen her body and reached out her hand to swept away those sweats on his forehead.

"Don't pretend as if you know anything. I was jogging when you called me." He didn't bother to brush off Yuki's hand that still comfortably sat on his forehead. He just busy changing TV's channel. Yuki hate it when someone ignore her. So she lowered her hand to cup his cheek and made him turned to look at her.

"Jun..." She called his name.

"Thank you for saving me." It's time for her to surprise him.

"Wha—?!" Yuki shut him up with her index finger attached to his lips.

"Don't cut my words. I haven't finish it!" She took a deep breath before words come out from her lips again.

"Thank you for saving me." He just stayed silent, waiting for Yuki to continue.

"Thank you for not telling anyone that I'm the one who made you injured..."

"Thank you for letting me to stay here."

"Thank you for being nice eventhough I just met you one day ago." Yuki made a bold move by kissed him on the cheek and pulled away to show him her smile.


"Are you sick? I think you still stressed after the incident before. Here let me take you to your room." Jun rose up and grabbed Yuki's arm before he pulled her to Yuuma's room.

"W-wait. J-Jun! I mean it!" He let go of Yuki's arm.


And then he slammed the door.

Yuki stood there behind the door and touched the door with both her hands and lowered her head, not sure of what to do.

"I... I really mean it. Jun..." She sighed and closed her eyes.

You make me felt weird. You make me can't recognize myself anymore.

In front of the room, Jun leaned his back on the door. He touched his cheek, he could felt Yuki's lips that still lingered on his cheek.

* * *

*Ding dong!* *Ding dong!*

"YUUMA!!!! There's a guest!" Jun shouted.

"Waiiit! I'm still showering!" Sound of noises could be heard upstairs. And then a guy with a towel wrapped on his waist was descending the stairs.

"You're the closest to the door, why don't you open it yourself?!" Yuuma said as he passed Jun who's still playing his console game casually.

"I'm doing my stuff here, Yuuma."


"Yuki!! Thank God. My prediction is right. You're still here." Said the guest.

Yuuma looked at both figures in front of the door. "Ck. shimatta" he shook his head and went back. He didn't forget to punch Jun's shoulder as he passed by "Why don't you tell me that Yuki has already opened the door?"

"You're the one who took too much time to go out from bathroom. I wondered what did you do in the bathroom?" Jun smirked.

"Get your dirty thought out of your mind!" He left to continue showering. And Jun focused back to his game. "Now now, baby. Yes eat that. This present is for you. Grenade for yaaa~ Fire in the hol—?!!" Someone shut the game power off.

"MAYUUU!! I want to ask you. Do you have any problem with me which makes you hate me that much? Stop ruining my lifeee!" Jun shouted.

Mayu ignored him and pushed him away so she could sat on the sofa freely and turned on the TV to watch her favorite TV show. Jun lose of words.

"Why are you here?" He finally afford to throw out a question to her.

"I want to visit Yuki."

"Take her somewhere. To cafe, park, or wherever you want. I want to rest."

"How if you rest on the cafe, park, or wherever you want unless here instead. I want to talk to her." She returned his words.

"THIS IS MY FUCKING PLACE. Why you kicked me out from here. Do what you like! I'll just go to my room." He left.

"Wow, Mayu. You sure can handle that guy without facing any problem." Said Yuki amazed.

"He can't counter his own fiancé, doesn't he?" Mayu replied leisurely.

Moment of silence for Yuki to process Mayu's words.


End of part two.
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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]
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EEHHH??? Mayu is Jun's fiance???
Great! You really know how to give a surprise~
And you really know how to make me annoyed with the cliffhanger-,-

I'm a girl(?). Lol
But dude sounds cool for me~
Thanks for the update^o^
Gonna wait the next chapter~
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]
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Yuki and Jun likes cat and dog
Wow I dont believe if mayus jun fiancee
Yess next chapter please ~

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]
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Jun is Mayu's fiance yet he is having a BL relationship with Yuuma....
Iinee... :nervous :nervous

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]
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Awwww,,,Jun and Yuki moment ~
Yukiii pleasee kiss Jun on his lips not his cheek

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Re: Weird Panda's Most Haphazard OS Collection. A Visit [Part 2/3]
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