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Author Topic: Falling in love (madonatsu, MaYuki, WMatsui, chiiaoi) 28/05/2015  (Read 3118 times)

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"hey natsu wake up" yukirin said as she slapped her brother's face to wake him up

"hnnngg nee-chan?" natsu said still half asleep

"wake up or we'll be late" yukirin said with her lovely voice



hello~ my name's matsuoka natsu,1st year highschool and the girl earlier is my nee-chan,tho we don't have the same father that's why we have different surnames.

i'm now walking towards downstairs and i can already smell our breakfast

*ding dong*

"natsu~ pls open the door,it's just probably mayu" ren said,and he's matsui ren,our cousin we 3 live together because our parents are always busy so our parents made us live together here,i like the idea though since we're living happily here

i opened the door and saw mayu, watanabe mayu,nee-chan him and i are childhood friends,ah also her sister watanabe sakura. he's nee-chan's boyfriend,well nee-chan's pretty lucky to have him coz he's the candidate for the next valedictorian not to mention he's also the captain of the basketball varsity and also the student council president

"hey natsu,do you really want to show me your body? so gay" huh? ah i'm just wearing my boxers

"why? are you jealous that i have this 4 pack abs~"

"so gaaay you're already proud of that?" mayu lifted up his shirt

"see this,6 pack bro~ and what's that? it's barely 4,it's counted as 2~ you're so weak~"

"and of course i'm not going to be a loser~" ren said joining our convo,he took off his shirt and faced his back to us

"see this back muscles~ your abs are nothing compared to this~ huh! losers~" ren said


ouch that hurts,nee-chan slapped the three of us

"hey yuki~ why did you slapped us? it seriously hurts~" ren said as he massage his head

"don't do that here at the door and don't forget that you're living with a girl,mou~ natsu you should remove that habit of always wearing just your boxers,and mayu why are not wearing your uniform? and where's sakura? did you already eat your breakfast?"

"woah woah easy there,first sakura's sick so i'll be absent today to take care of her that's why i'm not wearing my uniform,second i'll eat my breakfast later"

"eh? then why are you here?" i asked,then he wrapped his arm around nee-chan's shoulder

"because i also have to take care of my princess here" ohh right,we always ride at mayu's car everyday when we go to school"

"speaking of breakfast,i'll not join today's breakfast because we need to be at school earlier than usual today"

"eh?? then did nee-chan cooked today's breakfast?!?!?" well it'll be a disaster again if nee-chan cooks again

"don't worry ren has already cooked our breakfast,mou~ you really don't trust my cooking"

"well the last time you cooked-- uggh i don't want to remember it,btw mayu can you give me a ride? i need to go there quick so i can still review even just for a few minutes" ren said

"college life really seems tough,sure we'll use my motor and we'll be there in just 5 minutes~ well i also need to buy medicines for sakura on the way home"

"ohh~ a great help~ then yuki i'll leave the house to you don't forget to lock the gate"

"eat your breakfast first and i'll come back here later" mayu said, and with that ren and mayu left


after that we prepared for school,ate our breakfast,took a bath and changed in our uniform

*ding dong*

"that must be mayu" i grabbed my bag and went downstairs to see mayu in the couch

"ready? yuki's now in the car"

"un~ so did you buy sakura's medicines?"

"yup i first went to our house before i came here,i went to check her condition"

ohh yeah sakura is the same age as me though she studies at an all girls school,our school and her school are near so we always go first to her school to drop her there then lastly to our school


school gate

natsu immediately got out of the car as they arrived in front of the school gate

"hey natsu ohayou~ " when i turned around i saw my friend haru,kodama haru,we're classmates since we're middle schoolers

"oh haru oha!"

"hey did you already hear the rumors?"

"i don't care about those things haru y'know that"

"eh~ but, they said that there'll be a transfer student in our class~ and moreover.... it's a girl!!"

"tsk i don't care about girls" seriously i don't care about that kind of things,but... well if we're talking about crushes....

"hey natsu, look it's anai-san~ " eh? where?! where?! ,when i turned around i saw her angelic face,demn my mornings can't be satisfied without seeing that face~

"so who said that he don't care about girls~?"

"tsk you're annoying"

"man,you're so moody~"




"hey mayu you sure you don't want me to accompany you? exams just finished so i can skip classes" yuki said while preparing her bag seating beside the driver's seat

"i told you,i can take care of sakura myself and how can i call myself a brother if i can't take care of my sister properly besides her fever got down"

"if you say so.... then mail me if you need hel--" mayu cutted yukirin's words by kissing her fully in the lips,yukirin returned the kiss.then the kiss turned into a passionate one,mayu break free because of lack of air

mayu connected their foreheads together still in their seats while cupping her cheeks

"i told you not to worry okay?" mayu quickly kissed yukirin and locked his seat belt

"saa you need to go now or you'll be late, i don't want my princess to stain her perfect attendance, i'll pick you up after class okay?"

"un~" yukirin removed her seatbelt and got out of the car

mayu started the engine,but before he could step the gas,yukirin knocked the window from the outside

"hey mayu~" mayu lowered down the window

"left something?"

yukirin shook her head "just last one" yukirin kissed mayu,which surprised mayu but eventually also returned the kiss

after that kiss yukirin immediately ran which made mayu giggle


at class 1-A

natsu and haru sat at right side row,natsu's chair is at the corner beside the window,while haru's chair is just in front of natsu's

natsu's phone buzzed and it turns out that it's a mail from mayu

from: yukirin's husband
subject: forgot to say :3

hey you're classmates with anai
chihiro right?

can you pls inform her about my
absence and tell her to give the
form later to the baseball club
thanks could also confess to her

         -THE END-

' i thought i changed my phone's password but still he can have a access,seems like he's really good at hacking *sigh* this is the nth time he changed his name in my contacts,should i just leave it like this? well whatever.......WAIT HOW DID HE KNOW ABOUT THAT,HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW I LIKE SOMEONE'

then his phone buzzed again signaling he has another email

from: yukirin's husband
subject:i know what you think

you're probably wondering how
i knew that?

it's obvious natsu :v
        -THE END-

"demn that mayu  he's really a genius,well... need to inform anai-san"

natsu goes near chihiro's chair and call her

"anai-san" chihiro look back to see who called her and when she saw natsu she smiled at him

"what is it matsuoka-kun?" chihiro smiled at him again which made the lad crazy in the inside

'demn those smile~! wah~ i could stare at it forever~'

"etouu.. matsuoka-kun are you okay?" chihiro asked showing her worried face

"a-ah just came to inform you that--

*school bell*

"ahh sensei's coming just tell me later ok?"


then natsu returned to his seat still smiling like a fool

"hey natsu what did you talked about? did you confess? did she reject you? or she'll be thinking about it?" haru said

"don't jump to your conclusions mayu told me to inform her about his absence"

"ehh~ just that~ boring~"

then kojima haruna,their homeroom teacher entered the classroom

"good morning class~" kojima-sesei greets

"good morning kojiharu-sensei~!!" the class answered joufully

"so today.... we're gonna have a new classmate"


"it's probably a girl"

"hey i told you she''ll be transferred here in our class"

"i wish she have some nice oppai~"

the class started talking about the transfer student

"moriyasu-san pls come in~"

then a girl with a princess aura and a cool beauty face entered the classroom which made the classroom in a awe

meanwhile in natsu's chair, he's taking a nap so he still doesn't know about the transfer student

"moriyasu madoka desu yoroshiku negaishimasu~"then lass bowed in front of the class

"hmmm let's see~ ah sit beside matsuoka-kun there~ matsuoka-kun pls raise your hand~" kojiharu said but no one raised their hand

"sensei~ natsu's sleeping~" one of their classmate said

"then sit beside matsuoka-kun who's sleeping there~ and kodama-kun pls wake him up"

"hai~" then haru slapped the back of his head which made the lad groan

"hey haru what was that for!!" haru didn't answer his friend instead he points at the transfer student who's seating beside his chair

"ohh who are you??" natsu asked while rubbing his eyes

"i transferred today~ moriyasu madoka desu"

"ohh you're the rumored transfer student"

"enough shit chat there at the back or i'll send you to the guidance" kojiharu said

"okay attendance check~!"

their names was called one by one and everyone answered present while raising their hands

"motomura aoi-kun~" kojiharu said

"motomura aoi-kun" kojiharu repeatedly said

"absent huh?"



aaaaand i'll leave it here~

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Re: Falling in love (madonatsu,mayuki,WMatsui,chiiaoi)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2015, 09:59:00 PM »
Nice start but a little confusing with the Mayu side, trying to decipher the relationship.

I want to see how this goes
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Re: Falling in love (madonatsu,mayuki,WMatsui,chiiaoi)
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2015, 04:38:37 PM »
I want to know the next
Waiting for the update  :lol:

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Re: Falling in love (madonatsu,mayuki,WMatsui,chiiaoi)
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2015, 04:54:23 PM »
Yeey another genberbend story
This is great, interesting
Can't wait for next chapter

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Re: Falling in love (madonatsu,mayuki,WMatsui,chiiaoi)
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2015, 04:39:27 AM »
Haha. I really love it when you made yuki being the sister of natsu. Dunno why, just love it.
N the way mayu teases natsu. Haha. That was epic.
Thx alot, author-san. :-D

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Re: Falling in love (madonatsu,mayuki,WMatsui,chiiaoi)
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2015, 05:41:52 AM »
yeyy story genberbend  :deco:
I really like  :deco:
natsumado, wmatsui    :deco:

next chapter   :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Falling in love (madonatsu,mayuki,WMatsui,chiiaoi)
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2017, 01:37:54 AM »
Please update
I want to see NatsuMado :deco:

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