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Title: RenshuChan's OS Collection (WMatsui, JuriAnnin, JuriMilky & others)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 13, 2013, 02:17:09 PM
Everyone .... RenshuChan here  :welcome I'm a new writer, a useless and lame one. This is my first post. I hope there will be someone who has a big heart to read my lame oneshot. English is not my language, so forgive me if there are some mistakes. Hope you guys like it  :)

Table of Contents

Just Arrived (
Will You Realize My Feeling? (
Will You Regret Your Decision? (
By The Time I Saw You: 1 ( ( ( ( ( (END) (
High School's Memory (
The Police and The Thief (
Fool in Love: The Reunion (
Forever This Way (
The After Event (

Another Story (

Kokoro no Chalkboard (

We are Different (

May I? (
You Change Me When You Step Into My Horrible Life (

Just Arrived

"Attention please to all of the passangers. Please fasten your seatbelt, we're going to land in Tokyo International Airport"

Aaah ... Finally, I'm coming back to Tokyo. My lovely country. I hope 3 years won't change too many things here. I can't wait to meet my family. Even we communicate everyweek through Skype, meeting them in person will never be the same. They said they would pick me up at the airport. I'm looking through the crowd, trying to find them. But there were too many people and really hard to find them.

I almost gave up untill...
"Jurina-chaaaan ... !!!" I looked through people and found my parents and my old friend ran towards my direction.

"Mom ..." I came to her and hugged her. It was really my "most waited" moment, feeling my mom's warm embrace after such a super long time. I was really emotional that I shed tears in her shoulder. God, I really really miss her.

"Hey, what about us ? You don't miss us ? What a shame ..." I heard someone said in an annoying tone. I left my mom and and hug the certain person.

"Mari-nee chan~ of course I miss you. Why shouldn't I ?"

I also see Mayuyu, Yukirin, Yuko-san and Kojiharu-san there. They looked really well. I thanked them who gave their little time just to welcomed me in the Airport, because they were super busy that barely have time to do other things. But, I didn't see Rena-chan there. I didn'y bother to asked them too, maybe Rena-chan was busy. Being a manager of Bakery shop was surely took almost of her time. I tried to be tough, but I miss her so badly.

Then we headed home. My father and my little sister Kanon-chan, already wait at the parking lot. Kanon came to me and hugged me. what a cute little sister I have. She helped me to put my belongings inside the car.


"Tadaima ~"

I came into my house and found nothing much difference since the last time I left. All memories I experienced here coming through my brain and played like a flash movie. 3 years of missing this environment from abroad had vanished by the time I step my feet here.

"Honey, you better take some rest. NY-Tokyo flight is surely long and tiring, right?" My mom suggested.

Then I headed to my old room. It was never change even a bit. I'm sure mom always cleaned it everyday. there was no any such a little dirt spot in my room.

I didn't mind to put my belongings to the wardrobe since my muscle felt really sore. It was indeed a tiring flight. SO, I just went to the bathroom and washed my face and then go to sleep. My bed was thousands time more comfortable than in the dorm back then. In a few minutes, I fell asleep.


I never thought that my pillow became warmer and ... heavier. I hugged the pillow again, but it made sounds like "thump...thump" in rhytm. Wait! What? Isn't it sound of heartbeat ?I rubbed my eyes. It was blurry, but I'm sure I was hugging someone.

"Ohayou Jurina ~" the voice greeted me.

"Oha- kyaaaa ...!!!" I was shocked. it was darkand I couldn't make sure who it was. But I guess ...

"Hey, it's me ! What is wrong with you ?" was her voice. But I couldn't see her clearly. I needed my glasses and better lightning here. She jumped out from the bed and open the curtain. Now, it's too bright ! And I found ...

"Rena-chan ... !!!" I ran to her and hugged her really tight. She was laughing at me. Maybe O looked stupid. But I miss her a lot that I couldn't help. She didn't came to the airport when the others did. She's the one I loved all this time. We never see each other since I went to NY to study and her time cut too much time of hers. She called me just once in two week and in a really tiny time. And sometimes she just called me once in a month. I miss her so badly.

"When did you come, Rena-chan?"

"Last night. Your mom said you already sleep so I asked her permission to stay over here, thus she let me. You looked tired, so I just accompany you here all night long," she smiled.

"You didn't-"

"Yea, sorry. I couldn't pick you up with others. My job really can't wair. I'm so sorry... forgive me okay ?" There she was begging for apologize. I couldn't stand to not to tease her.

"No ! I won't!" I puffed my cheeks and avoid her gaze. Tried to look more assuring.

"Eh, why ? I slept with you. is it not enough?" I shook my head "Come on Jurina, forgive me. I'll do anything, just forgive me, okay?" She shook my body to and fro. I was slightly dizzy of her action. Well, let's see how I attacked her.


"Yea, really ..."



I crossed my hand," Well, if you want me to forgive you, you have to make a breakfast for me. Special without my mom's help. Can you ?"

"Right away miss! What do you want for breakfast?"

"Anything from you will be alright. DOn't forget the milk, okay?"

"Okay..." She smiled and act like a maid. My kawaii maid.

She was about to left my room, then she turned to me. "Ihave a day off today, let's go somewhere. You can prepare yourself while I make you a breakfast."

I walked to her direction and hugged her then I kissed her cheek. "No,"

"Eh? Why?" She looked confused but still cute.

"Let's just spend our time on my bed" I teased her. She was shocked and her eyes grew wider. So, I continued my sentence," I want us to share our own story," I saw her let out a big sigh like she hold her breathe all those time. "What's wrong? You don't want it?"

"A...ano... N-No, o-of course. Let me g-" She was stuttering when trying to loose my hug. I won't let her and selaed her lips with mine. 3 years didn't change the taste of her lips. It was still smooth and felt like cherry. She kissed me back then we parted.

"Such a naughty. New York change you after all." She said the kissed me again. After some seconds fighting our lips and tongue I decided to stop.

"Rena-chan, I want to eat, I'm really hungry. But if I only eat your lips I won't be full ever. Your lips are really tasty, but I need real food. please~" I begged her. She laughed again. Her laugh were so melodic.

"Okay, after that you can eat my lips again as the dessert," she winked at me as we both laughed. She then go downstairs and prepared me my breakfast.

How I love my Rena ...


How? I'm bad at romantic scene.   :banghead:
Give me some reply please  :bow:
Thanks for the kind-hearted people who read this lame story  :otomerika:
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: imteedee on November 13, 2013, 02:32:39 PM
I see this is your first OS, good start  :thumbsup and on top of that I saw my MaYuki  :lol:

Looking forward for more stories from your fresh brain  :D
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: kuro808 on November 13, 2013, 02:38:58 PM
Interesting one shot :thumbsup
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: Kirozoro on November 13, 2013, 04:38:43 PM
Wmatsui!!! I wonder if have Mayuki

They so sweet

Please update more :bow:
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: Koneki on November 13, 2013, 06:11:06 PM
Good! to be your first one!!  :cathappy:
cute WMatsui!! :cathappy: :cathappy:
I hope you can keep writing WMatsui |
WMatsui is the life    8)

ok stop LOL  :lol:

Thanks for the one shot! :bow:

Keep writing!  :thumbsup
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: edogawa4869 on November 13, 2013, 07:30:51 PM
sweet sweet sweet...  :luvluv1:

thanks for the Wmatsui fanfic...  :twothumbs
Title: RenshuChan : We Are Different (Mayuki OS + Just Arrived's Reaplies)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 24, 2013, 01:19:55 PM
Replies "Just   Arrived" :
@imteedee : waa, senpai, you really read it ... It's so touchy ~ thank you ~ I made Mayuki now :nervous

@kuro_808 : Thank you !!!  :deco:

@kirozoro : Yosh (ง'̀⌣'́)ง Right away !!!

@koneki : ( '́⌣'̀)/\('́⌣'̀ ) wMatsui forever :D

@edogawa4869 : Yeay ~ Thanks for reading (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩)

I'm glad that many people spare their time to read my super standard oneshot. It's so touchy ~ I'm overwhelming :lol:

So here it is, my first Mayuki oneshot. Lame as usual. I wrote it in the middle of the night.

I hope you guys enjoy it (∩_∩) (sorry for any mistakes, I write in on my phone)

We Are Different

"Stop watching those stupid anime, Mayuyu," I heard what Yuki said clearly. She called my favorite anime "stupid". She really hate "me and my world".

"Let's watch this newest drama," she take the remote and change the channel. "It's worth to watch than that anime," She sit on the couch. Loving drama and hating anime, that's Yuki. What can I do if she said that ? A little nod and a simple "yes" is Yuki's most-wanted answer, or should I say most-preferred.

I take my phone from my bag. My eyes are super irritated by the sight of this drama I never wanting to see. But I keep my calm face show in front of Yuki.

Yuki and me already dating for one and a half year, even we've known each other since High School. I could say that she was my closest friend back in high school.


From friend to a lover. My normal feelings towards Yuki as a friend grew up to a loving, caring and wanting to having her secretly.

In the very beginning, I was just a little coward who got bullied by people back in high school. I won't call them friends, it wasn't what friends do to their friend, right? Since I got bullied by them, Yuki came and offered her hands to helped me in dealing with them. There wasn't any hint that came to my head about why did they bullied me.

Since Yuki oftenly helped me, her friends started to walked away from her. And she got some harsh treatment from those who bullied me too, the troublemaker.

I wished I could help Yuki with those bunch of mindless people. But I'm just a coward who couldn't fight people who bullied me, how can I helped Yuki ? The very least thing I could do was just treating her wounds after she came through them and became my hero back then.


Finally, the graduation day came. It was my most-waited day in my whole life. It's not that I hate high school. But, getting bullied by people there for my whole 3 years wasn't the sweetest thing to had.

Besides, it was the most fit day for me to letting my mouth expressed my feeling towards Yuki. Why ? Because if the worst possibility happened, I got rejected, I wouldn't have to got embarrassed, because I can easily found many ways to avoiding her after that.

I prepared myself, checking every little thing on me. Nice hair, nice suit and nice words to say. My heartbeat became extremely punding too fast as I stood in front of this particular girl.

"I love you, Yukirin~" the words flowing accompanied by the cold wind that blew here on the rooftop. Silence. Yuki hadn't said anything yet. I tightened my fist, bitting my lip and closed my eyes. The worst possibility seemed like mocking me. Anyhow, I'm ready.

I heard her giggle. Confused, I opened my eyes.

"It's okay, Mayuyu. I love you too" simple yet unexpected answer were clearly audible in my ears. She patted my head and hugged me tightly.

"You know what, your expression just now was totally ridiculously adorable," she smiled warmly to me and pinched my cheek lovingly.

What should be expected? She kissed my lips. My first kiss, and it's with Yuki. My best friend, my hero, my girlfriend


Those bitter memories play in my mind. I think too much about it.

"Let's break up, Yukirin," the wind this time is surely the same wind that blew on the rooftop the day I clarify my love to her. Cold. Again, I decide a big things in my life.

"What ? Why ?" She looks confuse. She turn to look at me after putting the remote down, a little harshly.

"It's just-" my tongue turn rusty. My words stop there. It is really hard for me. But I can't hold it, I can't bear it any longer. Yuki's eyes got watery. God ... I shouldn't stop !

"It's because you hate 'me and my world' too much when I try to appreciate 'you and your world' Yuki.

If you find it ridiculous and too simple, it is NOT for me. I have to struggle this much just because our different hobby.

I don't want to and I can't let myself hating you more than this. I'm sorry, Yuki,"

I take my bag, take a bow to her, and take a step out from her apartment.

I hear all harsh words she says calling me stupid, selfish and childish. Whatever it was, somehow my chest felt relieve. It's like the rope that string my chest too tight already loosen. I should have been crying since I walked out her door, but strangely I smile even wider than usual.


My foot bring me to the parking lot where the actual someone I texted earlier have been waiting for me. The one I asked her suggest about my relationship with Yuki. The one that assuring me about my decision of leaving Yuki. The one that understand me in many ways.

She looks not realizing my existence from a few meters from her car. I put my sad face then approaching her.

"H-how was it ?" She asked in worried face. What is this ? She looks more nervous than me about the result.

I smile widely to her,"Never been better than this," the burden that hit her face finally gone.

"Ooh, thanks God. You make me worried all the time I'm sitting here~" She started her engine and invite me to get inside her car.

I let out a chuckle at her reaction,"Let's go to the anime expo,Rena-chan! I can't wait !" She smile and then Rena with her car bring us to the anime expo she told me recently.

Being with people that share the same interest like you will feel so much better than you have to pretend liking other's interest that you don't like at all.

At least that's what I take from this past years I had with Yuki.


So, don't forget to give me replies :deco: hope you like it. Sorry for being too harsh to our lovely Mayuki (╥﹏╥)
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: Kiri-el on November 24, 2013, 02:17:59 PM
I will never understand why I like RenaMayu, because I'm a MaYuki shipper... But in this fic, Mayu's choice is really understandable.
I like it, thank you!
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: imteedee on November 24, 2013, 03:06:27 PM
I LOLed bigtime at the end  :lol: Yuki and her drama, see Yuki what happens?   XD

oh don't call me senpai  :O , may call me Tii or TD  :nervous
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: kamen_idol212 on November 24, 2013, 03:07:25 PM
hmm, sir. i really appreciate your story, it's so touchy somehow. do you mind make a story about a crack pairing, RenaMayu maybe, even though i'm a die hard WMatsui shipper. hehe, nice start sir.... :welcome
Title: Re: RenshuChan : Just Arrived (WMatsui Oneshot)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 24, 2013, 03:20:38 PM
hmm, sir. i really appreciate your story, it's so touchy somehow. do you mind make a story about a crack pairing, RenaMayu maybe, even though i'm a die hard WMatsui shipper. hehe, nice start sir.... :welcome

Dear, kamen_idol212 san. First of all, I'm a girl :lol:
Then, about requesting fic, I can't promise you. I'm kinda busy and a little stupid at making a story. But I'll try my best to make it.
Well, me too. I'm a hardcore shipper of wMatsui (•̀﹏•́)ง  But I don't mind my charming and cute Prince Jurina having other pair :lol:

Thanks for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 24, 2013, 03:34:18 PM
@kiri-el-san : glad you like it :deco: right, our poor mayu-chan make her move and now enjoying her time with the otaku, Rena-sama

@imteedee : that's right, yuki deserve it :lol: somehow I'm used to call you senpai. Since you're the first writer that helped me on the first time. (∩_∩)
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: kamen_idol212 on November 24, 2013, 03:41:25 PM
hm, it's okay, RenshuChan.
sorry, for my habit to call everyone by "sir".
for the RenaMayu, just my random thought about the "otaku's love".
hehe, well i'm a male/boy/man, every thing you call me is okay XD
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 24, 2013, 03:47:53 PM
hm, it's okay, RenshuChan.
sorry, for my habit to call everyone by "sir".
for the RenaMayu, just my random thought about the "otaku's love".
hehe, well i'm a male/boy/man, every thing you call me is okay XD

It's okay, I'm glad being a "Sir" today :lol:
I might not a good writer, but I'll try it somehow (∩_∩)
Then I'll call you gentleman XD
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: Konoe on November 24, 2013, 03:49:12 PM
They broke up.... :cry:
By the way, Renshuchan please don't call your works lame. Don't decide by yourself that it's lame especially when nobody agrees it's lame. Be confident. :D
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 24, 2013, 04:35:41 PM
They broke up.... :cry:
By the way, Renshuchan please don't call your works lame. Don't decide by yourself that it's lame especially when nobody agrees it's lame. Be confident. :D

( '́⌣'̀)/(˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ) don't be sad konoe-san. At least, mayuyu met rena and share their same world.

Correct me if I'm mistaking it, but does it mean my works are good ? Hehee you build my confidence (∩_∩)

Thanks for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: Chanaline on November 24, 2013, 06:25:13 PM
Why I read it....
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: mo-chan on November 24, 2013, 08:45:44 PM
Why I read it....
because you are a mayuki shipper :P
I was fooled I didn't know that it will end that why (T_T) my heart...
but I think it is new and I like it :3
btw: Jurina was so cute~~ X3
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 25, 2013, 12:22:00 AM
What is this ? My favorite writer Chanaline and mo-chan read my story ??? I feel touchy (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩)

Sorry for breaking your heart chanaline-san, ( '́⌣'̀)/(˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)

Thanks for reading mo-chan. Jurina's cuteness is unbearable XD
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: Chanaline on November 25, 2013, 05:58:45 AM
How can I be your favorite writer... It must be a mistake :cathappy:

Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: mo-chan on November 25, 2013, 07:19:33 AM
How can I be your favorite writer... It must be a mistake :cathappy:
don't be sad chana-chan~~ -patpat- :lol:
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
Post by: RenshuChan on November 25, 2013, 03:36:51 PM
@Chanaline : I might can't mention one by one of your fics (I read too many fics actually) but I'm sure I have read yours (∩_∩)
@mo-chan : good friends, please assure chana-chan that I'm being honest (∩_∩)


Everyone, I'm trying to make a story again. It's SayaMilky now. I hope you like it and keep give me some advice in writing (∩_∩)

Enjoy !

May I ?

It's just another typical day for the NMB48 girls. A really long day for them, especially to the captain and the ace, Sayanee and Milky.

As the 'top-member', they surely have more tight schedule than the others. Dance practice, photo shoot, interview and many other things.


The day for the 2 top members finally end. And the ending was Sayanee's visit to Aki-P office. It was their private talk, so Milky just wait outside.


Sayanee was invited by Milky to stay over in her house, since tomorrow morning they will have another photo shoot together again so it's one of best way for them.

Milky slightly concern about Sayanee. She seems a little quiet than usual.
Is it any relation of her visit to Aki-P's office? I wonder, Sayanee ...

Milky's thought become bolder since she found Sayanee daydreaming on the couch of her bedroom.

"Sayanee..." Milky call her, but there's no respon.

"Sayanee !" Louder, but still no answer.

"YA-MA-MO-TO-SA-YA-KA !!!" This time, Milky turn on her devil side to wake her up from daydreaming.

"Hai! What is it Milky ? You're too loud. What if your neighboor complain ?" Sayanee rub her ears due to the loud voice Milky just made.

Milky's face turn into concern and she sees through Sayanee's eyes. "I called you twice but you ignored them, Sayanee,"

"Really? Sorry then," Sayanee averted her gaze outside the window.

The moon is noticeable in the night sky of Osaka. The lights of every corner of the city make the landscape looks great in Sayanee's eyes.

She let out a sigh.

"Hey, Milky. Can you tell me what the moon is feeling up there ?" Sayanee makes a question.

"Hm?" Milky doesn't get what she tried to say. She turn her head to Sayanee's eyes direction.

"Don't you think that the moon is tired?" Sayanee looks at Milky and smile bitterly.

No respon from Milky.

"The moon looks tired, Milky. It might wanna have a rest."She looks at the scenery again.

"Moreover, people already use the lamp to lighten their night. They don't need the moon, right?" She continue.

Milky smells something from Sayanee. She can't do other thing than ask.

"What do you mean ? Is there something happen back in Aki-P's office ?" Her curiousity urges her to spit it out.

"May I rest, Milky ? It's normal, isn't it ? I'm tired of being the person who have to standing the most,"her voice is trembling. She can't hold it any longer. She might look strong in front of other members. But in front of Milky, she can act normal and even fragile. Her true self.

"There's nothing wrong, Sayanee. You're a human too, same as the other. You don't need to act like you're okay if you think you're not." Milky come closer to Sayanee and lend her shoulder to Sayanee.

"Here, you don't need to say what happened between you and Aki-P. But whenever you need me, I'll be by your side," Milky say while patting her head and soothing her back.

Sayanee let out a sigh and a low-tone sniff.

"Anyway, Sayanee. You're wrong about the moon," Milky continue her sentence.

"People might have lamps everywhere, but they need the moon too. As the sign of night..." She said.

Sayanee just smiles at Milky's words. You're right, Milky.

A sweet and soothing silence fall to the both of them. Until finally one of them dare to speak.

"Hey, Milky. Can I sleep with you like this all night long ?" Sayanee ask while closing her eyes which begged her to sleep.

"Un..." Easy, short, simple answer Milky gives to her. And finally they sleep with the comfortable position for Sayanee that night.


Yeaaay, another oneshot ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : May I ? (SayaMilky Oneshot)
Post by: Chanaline on November 25, 2013, 04:40:50 PM
Yeaaaaaaaah I love Sayamiruki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo cute

And no I think you don't read my fanfic..( I only write one). I didn't finish it and no one want to read it so it's impossible what you had say. (Look at the bottom of my comment! Only one! And it is no complete...)
How can you break my heart when my heart is already break? You're so mean  :cry: (joking)

Mo-chan... Why would I be sad?? I think that's really funny :lol:
Title: Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : May I ? (SayaMilky Oneshot)
Post by: Konoe on November 25, 2013, 10:51:49 PM
SayaMilky's bond  :wub:

Hey! When are you updating your fanfic?! I have been waiting for so long!
Title: Renshu-Chan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
Post by: RenshuChan on January 03, 2014, 01:10:07 PM
Haaaa, being so long not writing some. My fics has no progress too  :smhid But I"ll definetely update it... later  :D I was just really happy that the certain someone asked me to join a fun group. I met my new family there  :love:

I gues this one is surprisingly long and not surprisingly lame from me.
Those who read mine, thanks a lot  :oops:

This one, I wrote just 2 hours ago. I have no idea what came into my mind and it's become like this.
I hope you guys enjoy it.  :jphip:

Will You Realize My Feeling ?

Here I am, enjoying the nice wind combing my hair kindly and softly. I spread my hands beside my body. I don’t hear anything but the sounds of crowded people, vehicles’ horn and birds chirping happily together on a tree.


I was just a normal girl, living in a crowd city. Everyday I went to national university. I was lucky because I got a full scholarship so I didn’t need to worrying the cost. Yes, I’m a college student, in the day. I lived with my mother and step-father, but I had to earn money by myself for my stuffs. Why? Simple. Because my mother was a bitch who roaring at my ear, blaming me of many things that’s not my fault. Step-father? I even didn’t wanna call him father. He was just a loser, a gambler, and just reach home after drunk. They, giving me money? Never.

“You little bitch! What the hell are you doing? You go early and come late! What the hell you think my house is? A hotel ?” she yelled at me.

I didn’t have any energy to went against her. It was not that I wanted to beat her, but a simple act like trying to explain everything to her is useless. She was too angry that she forgot every morning I went to college and after that working to bought my stuff and hers. She only would stop yelling if I gave her much money from my pocket I earn from my job.

“Here,” I gave her some money then I walked inside my room closing the door hardly that maybe it could be broke. And then, silent.

In other day the old man that use “step-father” as his tittle, came home in totally bad condition. He was drunk and got many bruises. I bet he was too drunk and had no money to pay the bills. What a useless man.

“You...come *hic* here and *hic* sleep with me *hic* sweetie...” he said between hiccups and glancing at me. What the hell ? He was asking me to sleep with him ? Until the world ends, I will NEVER going to sleep with this brat ! He was trying to cought me but I managed to kicked him hardly on the certain place.

“Damn! You little bitch! Oouuch .... !!!” he cursing me while rolling on the floor. He even couldn’t stand up anymore.
But then my mother came in a rush and slapped me right away in my face. I glare at her.

“Get out of my house! How dare you kick your father ?! You son of bitch!” she said in angry tone. Leaving my jaw drop with her statement.

“Well, old lady. First of all, I WILL get out from here, it’s an honor. Second, he NOT my father. And last, yeah right ! I AM son of a bitch, I am the SON and YOU are the BITCH !” finally I said everything inside my head. Instead of feeling guilty, I was more felt like all the weight feeling inside my chest gone.

I rushed to my room, packing my stuffs and went away from the place called house. Forever !

“Thank you for asking me out from this place, ma’am. And don’t come to find me if you need money,” I said my last sentence I really wanted to say then run away achieving my liberty.


As I enjoying the scenery, you came and sat next to me under this sakura tree.

“Wanna drink something, Rena-chan ?” you asked in your deep calm voice I really love. I nod my head as agreement, then you go again.


I knocked the door waiting for the owner of this appartment opening the door for me. I was checking on my outfit, combing my hair with my fingers and clearing my throat. Not forgetting to plastering my best smile.

Then the door openned, showing a tall figure middle-aged man standing behind the door on his pajama. He has this ‘usual’ smile. I mean, the smile which all the bad man always have.

He signaling me to come in then inviting me to ate dinner with him. God, this man. Then we ate dinner calmly. Well, the food was actually delicious but somehow, something was growing inside my head making it not tasty anymore. I wanted it to be faster, I wanted the time to jump faster.

“So, your name is?” he said as he cutting the steak.

“Rena...” I said softly and shortly.

“Well, Rena. Hmm, beautiful name, beautiful face, I hope you can play beautifully too there,” he used his fork to show where the bed was. As a professional, I just gave him a chuckle and a small smile only to gained his smile became wider than before.

The dinner went really slow, making me shifting uncomfortably on the seat. He saw me then quickly put down the fork and spoon, drank the water and cleaned his mouth.

“So, shall we start now?” He asked me kindly.

And the night flowing as I was giving my best serve to my client. Yeah, I was a normal student on the day, but on the night you would see me as a gorgeous bitch you can pay for a night. Everything I did, just for my needs, the needs of money and the needs of I didn’t remember since when, but I just know that I have this needs more than anyone. Beside the fact that my mother never gave me money, why not give it a try to earn much money and, you know what it is.

He was a good man. And he played nicely. Some of my client were kind and some of them were hard to deal with and making me going through the hard time and hard play with them. But, as long as I reach my goal and reach my needs, everything would be okay for me.

But then, suddenly the door openned and standing in front of our bed a cute boy, n-no no, I guess it was a girl with a sort-cut hair. She crosses her hand in front of her chest. Then my client stopped in his track and quickly stood up and came to the girl. I still on the bed, confused about the scene.

“Who the hell you bring this time, Dad?” the girl yelled.
Dad ? So, it was his daughter who came and broke the atmosphere.

“Jurina, listen. I need friend. It’s been 5 years since your mother dead, I’m lonely,” my client said to his daughter.

“Not with the girl who is the same as my age, Dad !” She yelled back.

I silently put my dress on. There was no way I’m going to continue where we left of. Iwas standing beside the bed, taking my bag and ready to leave whenever one of them asks me to. But, they still arguing each other and moved to another place. Because my client already give me the money before, I went out from the appartment silently without any of them know it.

I closed the door and walked slowly. When I reached the elevator, a hand came faster and pressed the button. When I see who the culprit was, it was my client’s daughter earlier.

“Argh, it’s you. What a chance. Follow me, I need to talk to you.” She said to me.

Not wanting anymore fight, I followed the girl. She took me with her fancy car to a garden.

“He is my father, you know,” she started not long after she turned off the machine and parked the car. We sat on a seat under a sakura tree.

The night wind is surely cold. I kept my best to keep my body warm because I left my coat in his house and this sleeve-less dress was killing me. She sees me shifting uncomfortably then she give her jacket to me “Here,” she said in a deep voice.

“It’s okay,” I try to reject her offer.

“Don’t be stupid, just wear it, baka!” shit, she became impatient.

“How about you?”

“Stop asking and just wear it!” I hesitantly took her jacket and wore it. Ahh, so warm, her perfume smell really good.

“T-thank you,” I managed to show my gratitude to her nice action.

Then I didn’t know why this girl told me everything about her father and their current situation after her mother died. Her father already bring many girls inside their house, just to have sex. She said that she never prohibitting her father to get married, but her father just simply wants to have sex without relationship.

“And I never thought that you, the smartest girl in university and get the full scholarship, is a ... umm, you know, prostitute,” she stated and making me jump from my seat.

“Eh? know me?” I widen my eyes. I ask her and observing her face closely. Shit....! She was from the same university as I am, and worst, this girl was in the same class as me.

She chuckled a bit then continue,”Of course, Matsui Rena-san,” She grinned widely at me.

I died, busted, shameful. God, I felt like I want the ground brought me down right then!

“Why are you doing this?” she asked me firmly.

“Money,” I said softly, the shame still mocking me, there was no way I would tell her my other reason on doing this job, and I didn’t want to meet her eyes.

“You should have choose another job rather than this, you’re too beautiful to this kind of job,” she smiled to me.

Wait, she didn’t mad at me ? She just mad at her father ? Well, what can I say? She was being all kind to me while we were talking right then.

Time went on since that day. Now, Jurina and me were closer than before. She even helped me to find this cheap appartment to stayed. She sometimes asking for my company to just simply drinking coffee, or walking around, or eating, or anything she wanted to do.

“Not again, Jurina...” I whinned to her. She came knocking my cheap appartment’s door right before I was going to meet my client. I knew she did this thing just to keep me away from doing my job.

“Come on, I feel bore,” she said as she pouting her lips. Acting all cute beyond her handsome look.

“I need to meet my client, Jurina,” I whinned more. But she was not listening. She simply sat on the couch and crossed her legs.

“How much did he pay you ?” she asked.

“Come on-“

“How MUCH did he pay you?” she asked and emphasized the word.

“A hundred-thousand yen,” I answered hesitantly.

“I’ll give you two hundred-thousand if you come with me,” she said proudly.

“What now? You want to rent me for a night?” I walked to her direction in a seductive manner tried to tease her and her arrogant attitude just now. I lowered my head near her face and looked at her eyes.

“Well, you can say that,” after saying that, she kissed my left cheek and stood up to reach the door and left me dumbfounded. I felt my face hot. Shit !

“What are you waiting for Rena-chan ? Come on ! I’m hungry !” She yelled from outside the door.

I quickly slapped my cheek to gain my conciousness. She’s playing on me again. It’s not the first time she kissed my cheek, the last time, she almost kissed my lips. She and her surprising act is always make me stiff.


She come back to sit beside me and hand me a bottle of drinking water. She sit and then without any sign she kiss my left cheek.

“Hey!” I yelled at her usual childish act.

“What?” she act like nothing happen, like she wasn’t just kiss my cheeks in a crowd.

“What if someone sees us?” I playfully slapped her shoulder.

“Who will it be?” she raised her eyebrow at me.

“You-know-who” I said whisperly to her ear.

We laughed and we chatted under this sakura tree where she always brought me whenever she wanted to freshen her mind.

Then someone waving at our direction. A beautiful girl with long hair, wearing a knee-length dress and a wide smile on her face came to our direction with a half running manner.

“Hey baby, sorry for the waiting,” she said to the certain someone beside me while sitting beside her.

“It’s okay,” Jurina said then kissing her left cheek. “Shall we go now?”

Then the three of us going to the cinema. More like, me, companying them to their date today. I couldn’t say no, since Jurina is my best friend and very kind to me.

Jurina, why you make me suffer like this? You know you have Annin now as your girlfriend, why the hell are you keeping me close to you? I don’t know why, but it’s hurt right here, in my heart, Jurina it is really hurt. Don’t you hear me ? Will you realize my feeling ?


Sooo... how?  :wth
Errr, I'm sorry to make Rena-chan hurt.  :banghead:

Please give me some reply  :roll:

See you next time  :yep:
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rena as prostitute is nice idea  :ding:
poor rena  :smhid
i hope jurina will realise it soon  :cry:
it's end? no continuation?  :?
nice fic :thumbsup
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yeah i want happay rena together with jurina chan
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no no no no! please don't end it as an OS!! I really like LOVE IT  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:!!! please make it a happy ending for WMatsui

Thanks for the JuriAnnin....I love that LOVE TRIANGLE
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WMATSUI  :cow:
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Please update soon
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Please continue :cry:
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no no no no! please don't end it as an OS!! I really like LOVE IT  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:!!! please make it a happy ending for WMatsui

Thanks for the JuriAnnin....I love that LOVE TRIANGLE

Yeah i want too happy wmatsui ending
Title: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Regret Your Decision? (Continuation, WMatsui)
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 XD I see many people like this OS. I'm really glad (∩_∩)
Well, to fulfill your wishes, I made this OS as the continuation. I never know why I always made the tittle as a question. :sweatdrop:

But anyway, hope you enjoy it guys. Forgive my crappy English. Those who give comment, I really thank you guys  :twothumbs

Will You Regret Your Decision ?

I just wake up, I’m still on the bed covering with this warm blanket.


Jurina was very happy being in a good relationship with Annin. She smiled, she laughed, she enjoyed her life. Everything they surpassed together was obviously great. And people around them, including me, are certainly jealous over their nice and great relationship. But there was something bothering me and urged me to say this to Jurina.

“Jurina,” I called her out while we were watching tv programe that night in my appartment. She looked so handsome from this side. Screw it up !

“What is it, Rena-chan?” She answered me with her boyish, warm voice while smiling and turned her head towards my direction.

“A-ano... Umm... Are you... are you okay if Annin know you’re spending your time here with me ?” I said, I heard Jurina chuckled lighly at my words. “I-I mean, well, you know, umm... she’s your girlfriend an-“ right before I was going to continue my sentence, Jurina cut it.

“So what? What if she’s my girlfriend and I’m spending my time with my best friend ? Is it wrong?” She asked me in her calm but I could sense that she was a little pissed.

“I... I don’t know Jurina, it felt wrong sometimes...” I wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong for Jurina, but I guess it was for me.

“Wait. Does Annin ask you to say it ? Does she want you to stay away from me?” she said.

“What? No, never. She is a good person and very kind. She’ll never do that. She knew since the beginning that we’re best friend,” I assured her. No way in hell the Princess-like Annin would have done something like that. “She just don’t know that I’m a bitch,” I said mumbling.


Jurina really slapped me in the face hardly. She looked angry, but her eyes were showing her worry towards me. I didn’t understand.

“What the hell are you saying ?! You ARE NOT a bitch Rena ! You ARE MY BEST FRIEND ! Don’t you call yourself like that again, ever !” she yelled at me. I could never win against her.

Jurina really changed me. Since the first time I met her in her appartment when I was doing my job until now, a lot of things happenned. As always, she always knew everytime I had an appointment with my “clients”. I never told her, she just knew it. She always came to my appartment like she was living beside my appartment and she made me not doing the job for the night. I sometimes free from her trap, but it was hard. I now understand, she didn’t want me to call myself a bitch, because I wasn’t the old me after all. I wasn’t doing the job oftenly anymore.

“Sorry...” she mumbled she then pulled me into her hug. It was the warm feeling I always had everytime Jurina hugged me. I was really weak in her hug, I didn’t want her to loose her hug, I wanna hug her forever. Bu then I realize, she’s not mine. So I decided to loosen the hug.

“No, it’s okay Jurina, I deserve it,” I smile at her. She carress my cheek that she was just giving a hard slap and then kissed it.

“Hey.... !” I smiled and slapped her shoulder playfully. “You are my best friend, but you have your girlfriend now, so you better behave and control this kissing habitual of yours,” I crossed my hands in front of my chest. She just shrugged her shoulder and mocking me with making such a fool face to me.

“Will Annin be jealous towards me, Jurina?” I asked her in serious tone.

“I guess, she won’t ....” Jurina said unsurely.

“You weren’t sure, Jurina.”

“Huh, we’re in the hard time now Rena-chan,” her smile turned into sad expression which showed in her face.

“You could tell me,” I hold her shoulder, giving her assurance that I could help her.

“No, it’s our relationship, so both of us will find the way out somehow,” she said still locking her gaze to her hands.

“Everytime you need me, remember that I’m here, always here to hear you, okay ?” I smiled lighly at her. She just nodded her head. “Come on, big boy, where is your stupid smile before?”

We laughed and she spent the night with me in my appartment.


I feel the sunlight coming through the window, making my eyes slightly hurt. I rubbed my eyes, but still ... I’ll stay a bit longer on the bed.


*Knock knock*

“I’m coming !” I heard the door knocked while I was cooking dinner for myself in the kitchen, so I rushed to see who was coming that evening.

I was a bit shocked by the sudden tight embrace I recieved by the time I openned the door. It was Jurina who was sobbing on my shoulder now.

“She dumped me,” Jurina said between her sobs.

“Come in first, then you can tell me everything,” I dragged her inside.

Jurina still sobbing on my bed, I let her had her own time to cry, pouring all her tears and all her dissappoint feeling alone while I continued making my dinner.

After some times, I finished my cooking and brought her down to eat some. I’m glad she still wanted to eat, even the amount of the food was decreasing extremely than usual.

After eat the dinner, she said that she was ready to tell me the whole story by how she was being dumped by the Princess-like, Annin.

“She betrayed me, since last month she dated Yamamoto Sayaka, her ... her ex. She ... said that... she still love that Sayaka and she accepted Sayaka’s confession to come back together as a couple like they used to be,” Jurina cried, I soothed her back as if asking her to stop crying, even if my tears were flowing nonstop right then.

“She hide it from me, because she said that she didn’t want me to get hurt. That stupid girl, I even more hurt than she thought I would be if she told me before !” Jurina became slightly angry as she yelled while telling me the story.

I felt bad for her. How come this kind, nice, handsome, cute, Jurina betrayed by the came back of her ex ? That was worst ! How I wish I was being Annin who can have Jurina, not only her physical, but her whole heart. Even Jurina looked childish, her caring and gentle personality always appear anytime.

I wish I was her.

That night, Jurina said she didn’t want to go home, so she asked me if she could sleep in my appartment. I knew how she felt right then. She slept on my bed, beside me. Hearing her still sobbing that night, I moved closer to her and wrapped my hand around her body, embracing her, to make her felt comfort.

I wish I could do it everyday.


I’m really sleepy. I don’t even remember why my body feeling like very weak. I glanced at the alarm which ringing loudly inside the room. My ear hurt ! I wtill need some sleep ! But I can’t because of this stupid alarm ! I sighed and go to the bathroom then get down to make some breakfast.


A week later after her broken-heart state, she decide something I never expected before.

“Rena-chan, my father already decided to move abroad with his new wife. They will be hold there, in England,” Jurina stated while we were sitting on my couch.

“So ? What are you trying to say ?” I was sad, guessing that my love would fly far away leaving me behind. My smile almost faded, but I shouldn’t. I didn’t want to make her sad if she really had to go soon.

“I don’t wanna come with him. I wanna stay here in Japan,” She smiled. Hearing this, my smile that almost faded grew bigger and brighter leaving the heavy burden I felt just now. “Well, my appartment is just too big if I have to stay there alone, so ... “

I was eagerly waiting for her next word while my smile still plastered on my face, still happy that my love one wouldn’t go anywhere.

“So, do you mind to stay with me in my appartment ?”

“YES !” I stupidly answer at her question loudly right after she finished it. “Yes,I to,”

She looked so happy hearing my answer. She asked me to packed all my belonging. She helped me with packing and asked for a moving service to move my belongings to her appartment.


3 months have passed since I moved to Jurina’s appartment. I didn’t know what was her father doing, but I was really sure that they were rich. Everyday we spent the time just to play, shopping, and sometimes we went outside the town in our holiday. Of course we still study in college. Nothing much changed except, I never did my old job anymore. Jurina already begged me to totally stop from the job because she promised me to had a better life without that dirty job.

This holiday, Jurina asked me to go to the beach. I knew it was summer and it was a good time to go there.

“Have you done packing your stuffs, Rena-chan ?!” Jurina yelled from the living room. She already waited for me since 10 minutes ago. I really find hard time to choose which swimsuit I would bring. Would it be good or not. Would Jurina like it or not... wait... why should I worrying about what Jurina would say ?

“Can you help me, Jurina ?!” I yelled back at her, asking for help.

She openned the door and stood there with her cool looks, I mean jeans, leather jacket and white T-shirt. Handsome to the MAX !

“Which one is better Jurina?” I showed her the red swimsuit on my left hand and black swimsuit on my right hand.

She made a thinking pose, rubbing her chin like an old man buying clothes to her wife. “Hmm, I guess the red one is cute. But the black one is cool, too. Why don’t you bring both of them ? You can decide there,” I guess she couldn’t decide too, since she scratched her neck while saying it.

“I wanna decide it now Jurina. Come on, which one ?” I urged her to say it.

“Err.... okay, I prefer the red one. Come on, we’re running out of time, Rena-chan.” She whinned.

“Okay, I will bring the black one,” I said to her.

“Eh? I prefer the red one, why do you bring the black one ?” Jurina stated her confuse mind.

“Come on, we’re running out of time,” I said with a wink to her leaving her dumbfounded as I passed her.


Jurina stopped in a villa not far from the beach to put our belongings since we had a plan to stay there that night and came back on the next day. After that, Jurina asked me to change into swimsuit so when we reach the beach we could directly enjoying the water.

I change into the red swimsuit Jurina have choosen before. She didn’t know that I actually put the red one instead of the black one into my luggage. I was just teasing her and it made me happy looking at her reaction back then.

“Rena-chan I-“ Jurina openned the door and became a statue when she was looking at me with my red swimsuit. Shit, I felt really embarassing. It was the first time Jurina saw me in swimsuit. Urgh, I wanna drop myself down to the ground.

“I’m going to change, too.” She continue without looking at me. I wtill stood there, not moving even a bit and almost not breathing while I see Jurina changed into her swimsuit too and wore a short pants and a T-shirt.

“Rena-chan, you better wore a pants and shirt too,” She said firmly.


After changing clothes and put our belongings in her villa, we head to the beach. I still felt uncomfortable by the previous scene, so I decided to keep silent along the way.

“Well, I’m sorry about barging into the room without knocking before. But would please don’t be silent ? I feel bad now,” Jurina said.

God, I was feeling worse. Jurina felt really bad about earlier.

“I just don’t know, it was the first time you saw me in swimsuit, so it’s kinda embarass me, you know,” I said to her.

She grabbed my hand and took it closer to her mouth then she kissed my palm.

“Sorry,” she said with a sad expression.

I blushed really hard as she still hold my hand and put it on her cheek as if it was me who caress her cheek. I have no other choices than to accepted what she was doing. Strangely, she kept holding my hands along the way to the beach.

I guess she was too comfortable because she kept holding my hand everywhere we went to. And I had to kept my face from blushing to hard if I didn’t want her to caught me.

Feeling tired of fooling around we sat on the sand. Still, Jurina held my hand like there wasn’t tomorrow.

“Nee, Rena-chan,” Jurina stated. That deep and calm voice was surely something.

“Hm?” I hummed while turned to see her. She was looking at the sea.

“I... I don’t know where should I start it. But I guess, I need to, have to, say it before it’s too late,” she stated. She still looking at the never-end sea ahead, and I was still looking at her in confusion. Feeling something strange from Jurina. I guess she had been weird since the night she told me we were going to the beach.

“Don’t scared me, Jurina. Tell me, what’s wrong ? Are you sick ? Are you going to go abroad with your father ? Are you gonna work far away from here ?” Shit ! I stupidly barking her many questions like a dog.

Jurina laughed, she really laughed, I could feel she was very happy right then. But still, I didn’t know what she was trying to say.

“Hey, don’t play on me ! Don’t laugh at me !” I crossed my hand and turned my head away from her. I didn’t mad, I was just simply embarassed at my own reaction before.

She stopped rolling on the sand and sat back again. “My God, Rena-chan, where did you find that kind of thoughts ? Are you reading some fictions ?”

I still wasn’t going to meet her face.

“Okay, okay, here,” She turned my body so I was facing her, her hands were on my shoulder. She looked at me right in the eyes. Her beautiful eyes looked so georgeus I could faint there.

“I don’t know since when, but I have this strange feeling towards you. I realize when I was being with Annin, I actually see you in my eyes instead of her. When I said we were having a hard time, it was when I was mistaking in calling her with your name. Since then, Annin getting farther than we used to.

I was being selfish when she decided to come back with Sayaka. I knew it was my fault. I then realize I maybe ... just maybe, already falling in love with you long before I met Annin.”

My eyes blinked at her statement. What was that mean ? Was she really saying the she had fallen for me ?

“The time I asked my father if you could live with me and paid for everything you need, that was the first time I was thinking that maybe I could confess my feeling towards you easier since we live together.

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I tried to show my love for you, I make your breakfast every morning, I take you everywhere I go, I sleep with you everynight, but it seems you never realize it. You just see me as your best friend.

But last night, I reassure my mind, I will completely confess my love to you, today, here ...”

Jurina finished her speech. I couldn’t say anything, my tears flowing, I never knew that Jurina really had a hard time too.

“Jurina,” I called her softly. “You know the hardest time of my life ? It was the time when I know that you and Annin were being in a relationship. I was broken since that day. But I had to keep strong. I was really jealous, you know. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to have a bitch like me as your girlfriend back then.

I also wondering if you would realize my feeling towards you. Would there be a day when you will choose me over Annin,” I stated my whole mind since she already being honest about her feelings.

Jurina took my right hand to her chest, right in her heart. “Rena, you see, my heart beating so fast everytime I come near you. My heart would never stop beating for you. It will stop beating if God take my life someday, until that day comes, I will always love you,” her words made me fly too high, I was sure my face was burning red that time.

“Matsui Rena, will you be mine forever ?”

I couldn’t hold my tears. I couldn’t say anything. I just nodding like crazy, hoping Jurina would understand that I would love to be hers forever.

“I take that as a ‘yes’ ...” Jurina smiled widely and pulling me into her tight hug. Even we were only in our swimsuit, it was really warm right here, inside my heart. I was really happy, that finally my love one love me back and from then on, she would be mine forever.


I back to the room upstair and finding Jurina still in under her blanket. “Wakey wakey ... come on wake up honey ....” I jump on the bed, only to wake up my love one.

“Hmmm.... 10 more minutes, honey. I’m tired ...” there she is, grumbling and mumbling.

“Wake up now, or I will .....” I put my hands around her waist and get ready, “ I will tickle you until you wake up! Jaaaa.....” I yelled and tickle her belly. She laughed out loud at the ticklish sensation.

“Hahaha.... stop it Rena-chan.... hahaha ... I’m awake now, I’m awake !” she’s rolling on the bed until ...


“Ugh... itai ...” she sighed. I rush to the other side and help her to stand up. I’m sure it is hurt. But when I was lend my hand for her to stand, she pull me and make me fall onto her body. How sneaky.

“Gotcha...” She hug me tightly and kiss my cheek.

“Jurina, I’m not dreaming, aren’t I ? We really are dating, right ? Yesterday was real, wasn’t it ?” I’m asking her, assuring that it is really happen.

“Mhmm...” Jurina humming and caressing my hair. It felt so good, I wanna stay still like this more.

“Will you regret your decision about dating me, Jurina?” I asked her, still curious. I lean my head near her heart. I can hear it beats fast.

“Are you doubting me ? Of course, I will NEVER regret any decision I take. It is you that I love, it is you that I want, it is you, only you, the one and only in my heart, forever,” Jurina said in serious tone.

I don’t know how to describe it. If there is a better word than happy, I will use it to express my feeling now. I will be by her side from now on. I will make her feel comfort. I will give her all my love for her. Jurina, my one and only love.


I hope you will never regret with your decision in reading my OS.

I don't even know why the hell I give Sayanee to Annin, but maybe because I have seen some photo of them plus Yuihan, I guess they looked good together
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thanx a lot!... it weird for me about sayaka x annin but if this keep my wmatsui together its ok..
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sayanee x annin?  :?
i think that slap surely hurt  :err:
ah finally jurina realized rena's feeling  :D
yay wmatsui together  :on woohoo:
nice fic  :twothumbs
i'm waiting your other fic  :on GJ:
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Finally they are together


I want to see Mayuki

Please updatesoon
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I am so happy that you decided to continue.
This story is so awesome.  :grin:
Title: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Another Story (JuriAnnin)
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I'm happy people like it  :luvluv1:
About Mayuki ... I'll try to write some, later ... I'll give my number 1 priority to Jurina-sama  :doh:

Actually I made a long fic and it was the flashback story with some modification. But then, I don’t know how to continue the story. So, I just wanna share this flashback as a one-shot story.  :rofl: It’s lame as usual. But I hope you’ll manage not to puke while reading it.  :bow:

I *hopelessly* hope you'll enjoy it.  :sweatdrop:

Another Story

   Every after school, Iriyama Anna always go home alone by walking to the nearest bus stop and waited patiently there until the bus which would take her home arrived. It was after the rain. Annin walked slowly to avoid any contact of the sirt water which might splashed her if –


The thing on Annin’s head thought would happened, really happened. A motorcycle splashed her and made her uniform wet.

“Hey ! You crazy rider! You dirt my uniform!” Annin yelled at the top of her lungs. She really pissed off. And then the rider stopped and came approaching Annin.

The rider opened the helmet that caused Annin to got shocked because the rider was a girl, but somehow Annin thought that the girl was very handsome with her dimples showed everytime she talked.

“Are you okay, miss? I’m sorry, really sorry. Um, where’s your house? I’ll ride you home,” She said
Annin was dumbfounded looking at the girl’s face,”We’re just met in an unpleasant situation, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know if you’re a bad person,” Annin glared at the girl irritatingly.

“Wow, that was harsh, young lady. You know, it’s rude to treat someone who were going to help you like that,” the girl smiled but got pissed off too, she put both her hands in her own waist. “Well, I’m Matsui Jurina, just call me Jurina. Now you know who I am and honestly I’m not a bad person,” the girl called Jurina offering a handshake but got ignored by Annin, but she shook it anyway. “Now, please let me ride you home to pay my fault. Um, what’s your name by the way ?”

“Iriyama Anna,” she said coldly. “Okay, you can ride me home, but don’t think I already forgive you,”
Jurina then asked Annin to ride her motorcycle and use the helmet Jurina gave her.

“Hold on tight,” Jurina said. Then Annin hold Jurina’s shoulder. Jurina let out a chuckle. “You know, it’s better to put your hands here,” Jurina said as she led Annin’s hand to her waist.

“Too much asking! I won’t! Just ride!” Annin yelled.

“I’m starting to like you,” Jurina said. Without her knowing, Annin slightly smile at her sentence. Jurina ride her motorcycle with Annin who led the way to her home.


“Nice house, Iriyama-san. Well, I guess we’ll meet again someday and I’ll ride you home again someday,” Jurina winked to Annin.

“We’re just met yet you said those kind of things? You’re over confident,”  she said irritatingly. Actually Annin was shocked and somehow she felt happy at this newbie’s sentence. “Thanks for the ride, anyway,” Annin didn’t bother to mention Jurina’s name.

“It’s okay, my princess,” Jurina said as she ride her motorcycle Annin didn’t know.

Annin was slightly faint by the way Jurina called her. Annin thought that she liked Jurina and wished to be able to meet her again someday. But she shook her head. She couldn’t let her mind thought about this stupid and nonsense thing. Moreover, Jurina already made her uniform wet and dirty.


Next week...

Annin just got out from her class because the lesson was over that day. She ready to go home that day. She passed the headmaster office. The door opened and someone walk outside the room.

“You?!” Annin never thought it would be a yell and made the certain someone turned towards her direction. “What are you doing here? You stalker!”

“Hi, princess, you still act rude towards me. Give me a smile first then I’ll answer,” she said dreamily. But Annin’s face didn’t change even a bit, her eyebrows twitched and it creep her out. “Wow, okay, I’ll tell you even you’re bothered to smile. Well, I’m a new student here. And for your information, I’m not a stalker. I guess we talked about fate,” She grinned widely.

“Fate?” Annin thought. Her heart were overwhelming but she refuse to smile, she won’t let her pride away. But she couldn’t hide it forever from Jurina, her face blushed.

“But in two weeks more, because I have to clear things at my former school,” Jurina smirked realizing that Annin’s face got redden. “Let’s go home!” without waiting any answer from Annin, Jurina dragged Annin by her wrist. Many other students were looking at Annin walking hand in hand with someone who wore different uniform and those charming aura.

They reached the park area where Jurina’s motorcycle were. Annin sat behind Jurina and this time, she put her hands around Jurina’s waist.

“Nice movement, princess,” Jurina said.

“Just shut up and ride,” Annin who never let her pride down said.


“Here we are,” Jurina announced as Annin got down from it. “Iriyama-san, I’m new here, so I’ll pick you up at 7 tonight. I need accompany to show me many places here. I won’t take no for answer. So, see you tonight, please wear something nice,” with just a wink, Jurina left Annin behind.

“What a nice way to asking someone’s company,” she snapped out. Wanting it or not, she had no choice other than accompany Jurina that night.


When the time came, Annin showed many important places in the town just like hospital, stores, restaurant and many others. Feeling enough of it, both of them went home.

In front of Annin’s house...

“Thank’s for today, My princess,” Jurina said smilingly which made Annin slightly blushed.

“Umm, no problem. By the way, pleas stop calling me Princess, I’m not a princess,” Annin answered while facing the ground. She has not enough braveness to see those sparkling eyes of Jurina. She afraid that she would be too atracted to it. She did her best to hide her blushed cheeks from Jurina. But then Jurina hold up her chin. Annin bot busted. Her red cheeks was kissed by Jurina.

“I won’t, because you’re as beautiful as a Princess. So, would you like to be mine, my Princess?” Jurina’s confession was so flawless as Annin thought it was childish. However, Annin felt her knees got weak and her face really hot due to the confession. But she didn’t give any response. She couldn’t move her tongue.

“Hmm, it seems you still hate me. Maybe I should go now,” Jurina frowned. After saying it she was about to use her helmet before Annin’s hand stopped her and gave Jurina a kiss on her cheek instead. Jurina’s eyes grew wider. She never thought it would happened. Annin too, never know exactly why she accept Jurina’s feeling. Jurina was just like a magnet to Annin, she kept atracting to her even she said she didn’t like her before. Even it’s kinda weird to accept someone she just knew in a short time, anyway she did it.

“We’ll go out again tomorrow at the same time, my Princess,” Jurina said then kissed the girl’s forehead,”Good night, have a nice rest,” Jurina almost started her engine before Annin called her again.

“Hey, wait!”

“What else, my Princess?” Jurina asked without dropping her smile.

“At least you can leave me your phone number or your mail address. Ju...just in case if...” Annin’s word was cut by Jurina.

“If you miss me in the middle of the night so badly after I go home, no problem,” Jurina said proudly. Annin was still being all shy just to asked her ‘freshly’ girlfriend’s number and mail address.

“I thought you won’t asked my number. You’re really cute! I can’t handle it,” Jurina said while she pinched Annin’s cheek lovingly.

“M..mou, stop it, just go home, my ....” Annin said whisperly. Jurina almost didn’t catched it.

“What did you say? I can’t hear you,” Jurina teased her girlfriend with her sarcastic look.

“I said just go home!”

“Not that part, the last part,”

“My ...nce”


“My Prince!” she said loudly which made Jurina laughed at her cute girlfriend.

“Okay then, my Princess,” one last wink sent Annin to the cloud.


Annin who used to be cold towards Jurina had changed. Now, she became really warm and spoiled towards Jurina. She always felt this kind of heavy feeling in her stomach whenever Jurina called her name or called her ‘Princess’. Everytime she saw Jurina’s smile, she felt like a mindless person, she only thought how lucky she was to have Jurina by her side.

Jurina really spoiling Annin. They looked like a magnet. Everytime they went through the school’s area, the other students would envy towards the two.

Until ...

“Okay students, today we have a new student, please get along with her,”

A beautiful girl walked inside the class. All the students were stunned by the beauty. Her flawless face, her twin-tailed hair and those cute expression were totally stunning.

“Good morning, everyone, my name is Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you” the new student introducing herself in front of the class. She averted her gaze towards all the student and locked her gaze to Jurina’s direction. She smiled mischievously. Annin then grabbed Jurina by her shoulder. Jurina just smiling back to Annin, reassuring that everything was okay. Annin was just worrying about this new girl. Somehow she felt intimidated by her existence.

“Well then Watanabe-san, you can sit beside Iriyama-san,”

“Thank you, sensei,”

Then she walked to the seat beside Annin, she felt more uncomfortable. She tightened her fist when she saw that the new girl looking at Jurina almost seductively.


“You won’t cheating on me, will you?” Annin said sadly. She didn’t know what got into her, but she had a bad feeling since the new student appeared.

“Why would I ? Of course, I won’t,” Jurina said, cupped Annin’s face with both of her hands. “Annin, listen here, if you have your trust in me, I will be really honest to you that at this time I only see you, I only love you, my Princess,” Then she kissed Annin’s cheek.

Annin who felt really weak then pulled Jurina closer into her tight hug. “I’m sorry for doubting you, it’s just, I’m afraid of loosing you Jurina, I love you too much,” she said between her sob.

Jurina loosen the hug and face Annin,”Trust me, I love you too,” Jurina leaned in closer to Annin’s face and kissed her lips softly.

“I trust in you, Jurina,”


Jurina and Annin were chatting happily inside the class. They didn’t go to the cafetaria to eat since Annin brought extra bento so then both of them could eat it on lunch break. Jurina told many joke to Annin. Well, actually it was not a really funny joke, but Annin still laugh respecting her girlfriend and her lame joke. But Annin really love how Jurina giving her best to make Annin smile everyday.

“Ahem...” a fake cough could be heard behind them. Both of them turned their head and found a smiling devil. “Ano, Jurina-san, I have a trouble on my English subject, Sensei said that you’re good at English. So, would you like to help me study this Sunday in my appartment?” She said cutely.

“Of course Mayu-san,” Jurina said easily with a bright smile on her face. Jurina and her over-kind-hearted character this time made Annin glared at her with the deadly fire burning in her eyes. Jurina realized it and continued her sentence,”But I’ll only come if you invite my girlfriend here too,” The fire on Annin’s eyes suddenly gone.

“Err, umm, y..yeaa...yeah of course, why not ? Hehee...” an unpleasant laugh escaped from her lips then she went outside the class.

“Why do you asked me to join ?” Annin asked with full of curiousity.

“I knew what you were thinking when I said yes, my Princess. Moreover, trust me, just come with me. I have a bad feeling about it,” Jurina said holding Annin’s hand with hers. She was really sure that there was something suspicious about this ‘study together’ thing.

Annin just nodding as her respon. She too, won’t let this fresh monster messing up with her girlfriend when she wasn’t around.


Sunday came sooner than usual. Finally, it was the day Jurina would come to Mayu’s appartment to study together. Jurina already in front of her motorcycle when Annin mailed her.

“Prince, I’m sorry I can’t come with you, my mother needs my help to cook, because my siblings will come tonight  :(”

“It’s okay Princess, then I’m not going too since you’re not coming,  :)”

“No, it’s okay, you can still help her. I trust you. Sorry, I’m in a rush. See you tomorrow, Prince. I love you  :love:”

“Well, if you say so. Thank you, Princess. I love you too  :-* ”

Jurina closed her phone. I’m going to her appartment alone, I hope there will nothing bad happen.

Jurina really had a bad feeling.


“Ah, finally you came,” Mayu said inviting Jurina to came inside her appartment.

It was a quite expensive appartment in town. Mayu lived there alone because her parents were working outside Japan and just visited her rarely once a month. At least, that’s the information Jurina got when she was asking about Mayu’s reason of living alone in the appartment.

“Why are you alone? Didn’t you say that your girlfriend will come along?” Mayu asked while serving soda and some cookies on the table.

“She has something to do, so she asked me to come alone here,”

A smirk appeared on her face,”Shall we start now ?”

And the lesson start. Jurina helped Mayu with her English problem. And actually it wasn’t hard as she thought before. Or should she say, she’s actually no need any help. She’s smart after all.

Why she needs my help if she can learn this fast. Was it just her excuse to study with me ?

“Ano, Mayu-san, you seems not having serious trouble in English. Why do you need my help?” Jurina asked as her curiousity eat her brain.

“Uh? Really? Hahaha ... well,” Mayu rose up from her seat and walked behind Jurina. “You got me, huh? Actually, I just need you, Jurina,” she said as she hug Jurina on her neck from behind. She smell Jurina’s perfume,”You smell good,” she licked Jurina’s earlobe and whispered,”You taste good, too,”


END ?!

Haaah, it stopped there. I told you I lost words on how to continue this story. :banghead:
Anyway, if you want to create your own continuation, I would be happy.  :yep:
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aaah it's sweet  :inlove:
annin became tsundere it's cute  :lol:
no jurina don't let lust consume you  :(
it's great!! :thumbsup
but it's better when you continued it  :D :twothumbs
please update soon  :bow:
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please kindly visit this too ...

School's Lunch Break (
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Seriously?! Just when it was getting hot and troublesome (for Jurina).

Mayuuuuu dont do this!!! Go find a Yuki andandand  :twisted:

Why you lost you words? You should continue~ Dont give up yet ><

As I promised, I read the newest one ;) but I'll read the rest when i have a bit more of a spare time o/

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I'm really glad you use both JuriAnnin and SayaAnnin cuz it's rare pairing here (and I ship SayaAnnin haha).

I really wanna read more of SayaAnnin though 8D *is shot*
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Anyone here? No, it's okay, I'm okay :roll:

Okay, here's my other obsession. I hate when I got too many ideas but then I don't know how to pour them into words. I'm a bad writer, I really am. This story... I don't know, I guess I'll make it into some short parts.

Hope someone would read it :D Enjoy !

By The Time I Saw You - Part 1

It was hard for me to fell in love. Love wasn’t the thing I gave my first priority to. I live my life for these 22 years without giving too much care about love and the related things. I believe love would come by itself, no need to looking for it, my true love would find me however. I wasn’t a freak who wanted to live by myself for the rest of my life. I was just haven’t found this someone yet.

The only thing I’ve been in love with was photography. I wasn’t an expert or something like that, I was just simply loved to took many pictures. There were many things I could only seen once in my life, and it was what I love about photography. The pictures I have taken somehow brought many memories back inside my brain everytime I saw them. I didn’t want to lost any moment in my life, that’s why I always brought my camera with me.

“Rena-chan, stop taking pictures, will you? I’m tired, let’s take a rest,” Airin whinning behind my back. She was my very best friend. The only one I always sticking with since I was a little kid. Today I have nothing to do so I asked Airin to accompany me to looked around, taking some good pictures. Maybe it was already too long since whe looked really tired.

“Hai, hai. We’ll take a rest, but I don’t know any good place to go. You can decide,”

“Your treat?” Airin’s face lit up, showing her wide, bright smile.

“Well...” I shrugged my shoulder. It couldn’t be helped, she was already too excited about the rest, I didn’t wanna see her sad face just because I rejected to treat her.

“Let’s go!” Airin pull my wrist. The tired Airin had changed into the energetic Airin just then. Her childish manner was adorable.

Here, both of us stood in front of a small cafe. Well, the cafe looked cool from outside. Airin pushed the glassed-door and the sound of a door bell you usually heard in another cafe made someone turned her gaze towards us.

“Irasshaimase ....” the girl happily greeted us.

“Churi,” Airin greeted the girl. Maybe the girl was Airin’s friend. It wasn’t strange, Airin was very good in socializing. She might had many friends I never knew, but Airin knew indeed that she was my only friend. What a fail girl I was.

There, they lost in their conversation. This wasn’t a rest, she was stood in front of the counter while chatting. Maybe she forgot that she was whinning because of tired a while ago after chatting with her friend.

And worse, I was being ignored by the two of them. Well, I wasn’t tired actually, so I might better did my own stuffs. I found this cafe quite nice. The decoration was very nice, full of colors, she got a very nice sense.

I took my camera and took some pictures of the cafe.


“Hmm, maybe if I take some-“

“Ouch!” someone yelled behind me. This is bad.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry...” I quickly helped this person to cleaned her shirt which was getting dirty by the coffee stain.

“No, no... It’s okay miss, I didn’t see you in the first place, that’s why I bumped into you,” she said while kept her face smile. It should have been my sentence.

“Urgh, It was really my fault. Again, I’m sorry miss ....”

“Jurina,” she offered her hand while the other hand still tugging her wet shirt.

“I’m Rena,” I accepted her hand. Well it was kinda shocking me. She should had been angry at me or yelling at me, but no. She didn’t. She was simply smiling at me. She was really kind.

“It’s okay, Rena-san. I can ask Churi to make the new –“

“My treat! It would be my treat. Well, sign of my deep apology,” I cut her words.

“Well, thank you so much then,” she smiled.

And as I promised, I bought her 2 new cups of coffee. I was really glad that she didn’t mind about her dirt shirt before. Yeah, she smiled too much. And that was too bright. She looked so charming, fabulous. Too bad that she had to go soon. After she closed the door I realized that I have fallen in love with her. My mind told me that she got everything that I really need.

But then, I saw someone stood up from a bench in front of the cafe. I saw Jurina handed one of the cups to the person and ruffled her bangs affectionately. I saw them walked away hand in hand.

Just like this? My newly-begin love has just ended?

That's all, the first part :wth
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For the 2nd time, Hi again !

Here's the next short part 2. Not enjoying much ? I know it  :rofl:

By The Time I Saw You - Part 2

I didn’t want to accepted everything just like that. Quite stubborn, eh? But I just couldn’t.

“Rena-chan, this is your coffee,” Churi said while flailing her hand in front of me.

“Oh, yeah, thanks... churi,” I answered her.

I was too focus on the entrance door while waiting for my coffee today. But again, nothing. I was thinking if everything would work out. Should I gave up on everything?

I had been coming to Churi’s cafe almost every 2 days a week and it had been 2 month I spent my money to bought a cup of coffee. It wasn’t like I was coming here all along just to enjoy a cup of coffee as a coffee lover. The main reason was waiting for someone to came through the door and had a little chat, or more.

“Everytime you come here, you will always sit here and looking at the entrance door intensely,” Churi stood beside my table and looking at the door while folding her hands in front of her chest.

I looked up to her and smiled,” It’s just nice to sit here while enjoying your great coffee, Churi,” I talked to her and showing the cup to her and took a little sip before put it down on the table again.

“Come on, Rena-chan, even it’s just a cup of coffee, you never drink it till the last drop. You just drink a few sip for almost 4 hours everytime you come here. There must be something,” Churi then sat down in front of me and looking intensely right in my eyes. “Say, who are you waiting for to walk in my cafe these 2 months?” She said in a very curious look.

“Should I?” I asked her and she just answered the question by sharpenning her gaze at me. “*Sigh* Okay, I give up. And yes, I have been waiting for someone,” I said shortly and hopefully she would stop asking about it.

“Heee, who’s this lucky guy?” her eyes sparkling at my answer and eagerly waiting for more information.

“I have told you what I wanted to share, stop asking, please,” but hell, she didn’t care if I wanted to share it or not, she would keep asking more.

“No, you should tell me the whole story. Airin told me many things about you and your zero experience in love. Now, you look like you’re falling to the deepest hole of love,” I should talked to Airin after this. She became unreliable and embarassed me in front of Churi, my so-called new friend.

Churi kept pushing me to tell her the whole story. However, I couldn’t keep it as a secret anymore. Maybe Churi could help me. Who knows?

“Say, do you believe in love at the first sight?” I asked her.

“Um... kinda,”

“ I believe in it, Churi. I have an experience about it... I mean, I am in the middle of the experience. I met many people, but
this person is different. I can tell it,” I took a sip from the cup.

“I met her here before, at the very first day I came here with Airin. That’s why I keep coming back here, hoping for the fate makes both of us meet again here, the first place I saw her,” I looked outside the window telling the rest of the story to her.

“There was a click sound in my heart when I saw her, my knees weakened and my stomach created some strange feeling I couldn’t describe. My heart beats faster everytime I remember her gentle smile and her face feature,” I smiled at my own thought.

“Kyaa... that’s too sweet, I hope you’ll meet her soon,” Churi held my hands and assuring me to not lost at my hope.

The door bell ringing and Churi stood up directly towards the door.

“Irasshaimase... ah Jurina,” Churi greeted the customer.

I stifenned at the mention of that name. Did I hear it correctly? It wasn’t part of my imagination, was it?

“Hi there, Churi. Usual order, please,”

That voice, I remember that voice clearly, that was really familiar in my ears. Curse my curiousity, I looked up to the new-arrived customer to reassured my expectation.

I was still in awe when both of the involved in those short chat before the person noticed my existence.

“We meet again, Rena-san. I guess this is a fate,” she said in her calm voice while smiling widely at me.

I nodded then looking down to hide my red face. I look up to her and giggling softly,”Well, kinda...”

She left me and heading to the counter where Churi’s skillful hand mixing a cup of coffee that Jurina ordered before.

#3rd POV   

Churi realized something when Jurina arrived, it wasn’t about Jurina though, it was Rena. Churi saw something from Rena, a relieved and happiness look imprinted on her face.

Could it be that Rena-chan was talking about Jurina all along?

Churi knew who Jurina was. Churi really knew many things about Jurina. Realizing that the biggest possibility about Rena liking Jurina hitted her mind. She had an urged to tell Rena all the way. But she wasn’t 100% sure about the two of them. She might be hated by Rena if she decided to separate them.

Maybe they were just friend. I shouldn’t hastily take a conclusion about it. Not yet. But ...

Churi was really troubled at her own thought. After giving Jurina the cup of coffee she looked at Rena’s direction. She looked at Rena’s red face while averting her gaze towards Jurina.

It can’t be wrong. I should talk about it with Rena.

But before Churi got a chance to approach Rena, both of them already left the cafe, together.

Just like that ? Yeah, just like that.
Please kindly, wisely, cutely wait for the next part  :thumbsup
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Well, if it's like the last part and we only have to wait for about 20 min ,i can live with that :)
But Churi's reaction made me curious about Jurina, so please update soon !
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LOL  :lol:glad that someone read it.
It's still on proggress and I only done some parts.
here's the next ^_^

By The Time I Saw You - Part 3

#Rena POV

She walked towards my table, or rather the door. Maybe she wanted to go. But I didn’t want to lose the chance to talked to her. I couldn’t make sure where and when we would meet again. I stood up from the chair and approached her.

“Jurina-san,” I greeted her. She looked a little surprised. After collecting my braveness, I pushed my self to talked to her.

“Rena-san,” she answered calmly and stopped in her track. Just like any other greets, she smiled.

“Wanna go already?”

“Um, yea, I don’t have anything to do, so I better go home soon,” she said.

“I want to go home too, wanna walk together?” I tried to be cool and friendly towards her. I was sure she wouldn’t deny it, which was right.

Even I was the one who offered her to walk home together, I fell in a bad silence since the time we walked out the cafe’s door. I didn’t know where to start and about what. I shouldn’t directly confessed my feelings towards her, it would be strange. It was just our 2nd meeting, it’s impossible. She might thought that I was a crazy person or a freak person who randomly confessing her love to a newly-met person.

I sometimes took a glance at her face. She looked really cool and calm from this side. I wanted to walked side by side with her, maybe forever.

“Um, Rena-san, here’s my appartment, wanna come over?” she said. It was surprised me that her appartment wasn’t far from Churi’s cafe. And everytime I went to the cafe, I always passed this building.

“Is it okay? Won’t your girlfriend mind me?” I said. Remember the girl I saw in front of Churi’s cafe at the day I saw her for the first time.

Jurina looked surprised. She then laughed before she dragged me inside the building.

“I don’t have a girlfriend, trust me. So no one would mind if you’re coming over my place,” she said. Pulling out a key from her pocket and openned the door. She offered me to came in first. I might just really like her, but really, she was a gentlewoman if that word even exist in a dictionary.

“What do you want to drink?” she asked me from the kitchen.

“Anything is okay,”

“Make yourself home, Rena-san,” she told me. I sat on the couch in front of the tv. I guess that was the only seat I could find in her appartment.

I took a better look at her appartment. It wasn’t a big yet not really small. I guessed it was because she just live on her own.

Her bed wasn’t far from the living room, or should I say TV room. There was just a thin curtain which separate her tv room and the bed room. It was really tidy.

“Sorry for the wait,” Jurina announced her arrival and put two glasses of hot tea on the table. “I’m sorry if my appartment is not like what you expected before. Have a drink,”

I took a sip of the tea and saw Jurina took something under the table. It was a jar of cookies.

“This is the only leftover, enjoy it, I’m sorry if it’s not delicious, I cooked it myself,” Jurina scratched her head. A smile of proud could be seen on her face. I eat one and it was extremely delicious.

“It’s very delicious, Jurina-san. You’re a good cook! I want to eat more,”

“Well, you can come over anytime,” she smiled widely at me. I couldn’t help but felt overwhelmed by her aura. If nosebleed was real, I bet I already dropped litres of blood.

“I will,”

That's the 3rd part.
I just couldn't help but posting it, maybe someday I will make its full version  :roll:
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Soon? Nah, it's just your hallucination  :fap

By The Time I Saw You - Part 4

Since that day, me and Jurina became closer. We changed mail address and sometimes, Jurina would call me or I called her. I also came to her appartment when I badly wanted to meet her. We shared many things and got to know each other. I knew that she lived alone in Nagoya. Her parents already divorced years ago and she choosed to live alone than lived with one of them. I felt so sorry about her family, but she was really strong and faced the reality however.

She worked in a club as a DJ. Well, if there was any other better word than “cool” I would love to say it. She invited me to came to the club, but I never thought about visiting a club, not even a slight bit. I wasn’t ready, so I declined her invitations.

“Come on, Rena-chan. You can order orange juice there. Club isn’t as bad as you think. You should visit first before conclude anything,” Jurina stood up from the couch, heading to her so-called room to change her clothes.

I came here today, because I wanted to meet her. Because I had leisure time, paid her some visit after such a long time, 2 weeks, I didn’t come. I was thinking of any possible reason to decline her invitation this time. I was thinking and thinking, but no idea popped in my head. I was stucked by her shadow of her changing clothes on the curtain. Blame her too tiny appartment that has no other room.

After some minutes, Jurina came out with her ripped-off jeans, a white shirt, sweater, sneakers and a bag. Her soft perfume could be sensed when she came nearer.

Finally, I stepped on the club’s entrance. Heck, I couldn’t walk away this time. She got me said “yes” after a long while of her begs. I never dreamt to stepped my foot in this kind of place. I always had this “good-girl” attitude my parents always taught me since I’m a little kid. No boyfriend, no hanging out until midnight, no sex, no drugs, no alcohol, no everything that they thought negative.

The first time Jurina openned the door, the loud music that made some thuds sound made my ears deaf. I couldn’t hear anything but the music. And, I could smell something really strong everywhere, smell of alcohol? I don’t know, maybe. It was all new to me.

“Come on, Rena-chan. Don’t be shy,” Jurina shot a wide smile and more like looking down on me. Well, I’m okay with that, she could always looking down on me if it was about this environment.

“I am NOT!” I yelled at her.

She was just laughing at me and continued bringing me along with her to ... I don’t know, somewhere.

It was really hard to walk inside the club. People were too enjoying the music and gave no interest to anything. They were jumping and bumping to one another, including me who bumped into them. At that time, I just realized that I lost from Jurina’s grip. Shit! How could I found her? Thanks a lot to the darkness.

I looked around, averting my eyes to every direction to got a glimpse of Jurina’s whereabout. Until I felt someone rested his hand on my shoulder. A smell of something strange coming out from his mouth. I could see a bottle dancing on his grip. I was stiffenned, I didn’t know what to do. I was just too afraid about this man. Now I know why my parents always forbid me to came to this kind of place. Mom, dad, forgive me...

“Come on, let’s dance~” He put the bottle into her mouth and started to drank. He was totally drunk and laughing for no reason. He started to made his face nearer to my face.

Someone, help me ....

Before he kissed me, someone put a hand on my cheek, so the man kissed the hand. “Sir, can you let her go, please,” thanks God, that person just went away without a protest.

I let out a sigh. Safe .

“You’re Jurina’s friend, aren’t you? Are you okay?” the person who saved me earlier asked. Oh my, I really owe this person.

I just nodded, still unable to catched some words as my rapid heart kept beating uncontrollably.

“Come on, follow me, make sure you won’t be lose again,” she dragged me along with her to found Jurina.

I saw Jurina at the DJ’s stage. She looked concern and looking all over the places. She must have been looking for me. Silly me.

“Yo, kiddo,” the person who dragged me earlier called Jurina and made her spun around and run to our direction.

“Oh God, thanks for helping her, Mariko-sama,” Jurina looked relieve after seeing me and her friend came. After saying thanks to her, Jurina’s friend went to another place.

But the most shocking event was just about to start. Jurina then hugged me tightly. I was so sure if the club was full of lights, she could see my face burning deep red. My heart beated more rapidly, if earlier was because of that drunk person, now it was because Jurina’s contact with me. It was the first time, she hugged me.

“I’m sorry, I lost you earlier,” she looked at me.

“It’s okay, just this time. Don’t make me lost again,”

“I won’t, I’ll always keep you by my side,” she smiled and started to play her mix.

See ya, I'm working on it again, please kindly to wait ^_^
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You are a great writer so please do not think you are a bad writer. I enjoy your stories! I hope you update soon :)
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Thanks for reading, you made me feel to work harder and write more ^_^
This is the next part, I just write anything in my head.
Sorry for the lame stor, sorry for the short part.
Anyway, hope you'll enjoy  :roll:

By The Time I Saw You - Part 5

The music started. Even I wasn’t really enjoying the typical music, I just enjoying Jurina’s style in form of a DJ. She was really cool. Jumping and dancing at her own music with the earphone hanging halfly on her neck, looked really enjoyable. She really an awesome DJ, people in the club yelling at her name.

Unlike the idols on television who were singing and dancing and the fans would calling their names over and over again, this was the contrary. People dancing and enjoying the music while Jurina’s smile grew wider at the sight of those people.

Not long after, a girl came on the DJ’s stage and started to go all over Jurina. My eyes hurted. She was hugging Jurina from the back and whispered something to Jurina which made her smile. If I could do something, I might have punched that girl.  But no, I had no rights to do that. All the things I could do were just sitting there and averting my eyes to another direction.

But, oh well, my eyes were so itchy to looked at their direction. And, I saw the girl kissed Jurina. Shit! Even it was just on her cheek, still, my head and eyes and heart are burning like hell’s flame.

Jurina walked to my direction,”Rena-chan, I’m going for a while, just don’t go anywhere, okay. I’ll be back soon,” she went away with that girl holding her hand.

I couldn’t help but curious about where they were gooing to and what would they do. But before I could stood up and followed their way, Jurina’s friend grabbed my hand.

“Don’t. If you like Jurina, you better forget it. You’ll just get hurt,” she gave me a convincing eye. Could it be .... I loosen her grip and started to walk away. I didn’t trust her words. I just needed to made sure it by myself.

I found their steps were heading to another side of the club which were full of rooms. I saw Jurina and the girl came into one of the rooms. Thanks again to the darkness which kept me almost unseen.

I took a peek inside the room and was really shocked at what happenned before my eyes. My eyes got watery and made everything I witnessed blurred by the water.

I  should have trusted Mariko’s words...

I ran away from the scene. Ran away straight away to my home. Glad that the taxi still could be found at that night. My heart was thobbing hard and it was hurt as hell. I couldn’t take the fact that Jurina was .... messing with that girl. Okay, I know that I wasn’t her girlfriend or something like that, but.

“Miss, we’re here,” the driver called out. “It’s 1,500 yen,”

I was about to took my purse, but stupid me leaving the club without taking it with me. It wasn’t just my purse, the key house also there! And it was still at the stage.

“Ano, sir, can we go to another place,” huh, I guess it was a bad day.

I needed to go to Airin’s house and lend some money from her to pay the taxi bill, and also sleep there. I have no other choice, I won’t go back to the club, I hate that place. Maybe I would just send someone to take my purse there.

Mariko was right. I shouldn’t like her in the first place. I didn’t know much about her life, we were simply just a chat buddy. I should have done more research about Jurina before liking her and fell on her feet.

“Wait here, sir,” I told the driver and waking Airin up in the half past midnight. Hope she would just woke up right away.
After a long wait, the door openned and reveal an unfamiliar person.

“Ch-churi?” I was shocked because Churi was there and, looked messed up.

“Eh, Rena-chan? What’s up? Airin already slept,”

“I’ll tell you later, please lend me some money to pay the taxi please,” I begged.


I told Churi after that because Airin wasn’t up then.

“I’m so sorry, Rena-chan. The day you met Jurina after you tell me the story that day, I was about going to tell you about her. But I have no chance because you went away before I get back to your seat,” Churi said.

“Eh? What do you mean?” slightly confused, I asked Churi for more details.

“Jurina was my schoolmate back in High School. She was really popular. Well, she wasn’t smart, but she was popular because of her flirty and player attitude towards girls in high school. Much to my disappointment, my cousin was being one of her victims,”

“Victims?” I don’t know what the victims stood for, a criminal case?

“If a girl confessed her, she would just turn down the confession. But if the girl insisted in being her girlfriend, she would have just asked the girl to bed. You know the rest. Then she would just leaving the girl without any mercy after dirt the girl,”

It was just too much for me. I don’t know how to react. How to react to myself who was being in love with her all along.

After Churi finished her story, she asked me to sleep.

“Wait, sorry if I’m being rude, but why are you here?” I asked her.

Churi laughed lightly at my question. “Well, spending time in your girlfriend’s house wasn’t bad, right?” Churi then left me to Airin’s room and sound of the door being locked could be heard.

I smiled at the fact that Airin already had a girlfriend, but me, just fooled by my own mind about Jurina.

Should I give up on you, Jurina...?

That's for the 5th part. I'm working again. :sweatdrop:
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I should end this story soon, or I'll make it more confusing, not just you readers, but me too.
So this is the last chapter.
Boring and a no good way to close the story.
Sorry for the crappy English and mistake here and there.

I should create a new story, later (^_^)/

By The Time I Saw You - Part 6 (END)

It has been 2 weeks. The last time I saw the most heart-breaking fact about Jurina both from Churi and my very own eyes. Thank God, I didn’t need to go inside that club since Airin helped me to get my purse back.

Again, I tried to forget about my feeling towards Jurina. The very first person I fallen for also the very first person who told me what breaking heart felt like. I had no idea, but I just couldn’t accept the fact that Jurina was, truly, really, a flirt. I really would love to deny the fact, but, there was no way my eyes would lie to me.

Why do I have to feel this?

“Thinking about her again?” a too familiar voice broke my daydreaming about my first love. I couldn’t say no if she asked me that question, but it was too hard to believe that I was like being dumped before I could say anything just because of that fact about her.

“My God, Rena-chan, you really need to stop. There’s no point to think about her. Look, she never looking for you, right?” Churi a bit pissed about me loving Jurina. I knew it was her way to show her care towards me. She left me at the usual table where I always sat in her cafe to greeted her customer.

Even Churi already been my best friend, but I didn’t tell her everything. Including the fact that Jurina actually looking for me. Not like she looking for me like I was a lost person. She had my e-mail, thus she kept sending message since the day I left the club. She asked me the reason why I left that day, asking where I was, why didn’t come to her house. Even until this very day, she kept asking about me. But none of them I replied. That night still haunted me, not just in my reality but also in my dreams.

My phone vibrated, a new message.

From : Jurina
Subject : I miss you  :cry:

Where have you been losing all this time? Didn’t you already promise me to always come to my house. You’ve been losing for 2 weeks. Did I do something wrong to you? Then I’m sorry. Please, don’t mad at me  :cry:

No, I shouldn’t reply that message. I still had too many thoughts about her to consider about replying her message or not. But
I felt bad not replied those message. Again, my mind circling around her.

What should I do ...?


Screw me up ! I had no idea why my feeling was stronger than my positive mind. I should really visit a psychiatrist, I guess my mind have broken since the first time I met her.

I stood up in front of Jurina’s appartment door. I replied her message that day and promised to visited her on the weekend. But it was postponed because I wasn’t ready to meet her. So the next weekend I visited her.

I pressed the bell and waited there. It was a cold night and I almost frozen by the wind. I waited impatiently because of the wheather. Glad that Jurina wasn’t too long to open the door.

“Rena-chan !!! I miss you !!!” Jurina throw her body to me right away after openning the door. It was too tight, but it was very warm. After loosen the hug, she pulled me inside her appartment.

“Say, was it true?” Jurina suddenly asked me after served a cup of hot tea for me. Really, why she couldn’t start with a normal conversation like normal people did when she met her old friend? More importantly, what she was asking about?

“What?” I asked confusedly.

“Yesterday, Mariko told me that you were following me that night when I was going out with that girl. Was it true?” she didn’t look into my eyes. Was she embarassed ? could it really happen?

Instead of answering with words, I was just nodded as an agreement, agreeing what Mariko said to her.

“Oh, well. So, err... did you... did you” I felt that she was really embarassed.

A nod. Yeah, I saw you, clearly.

“Was it the reason you walked away from the club without saying anything to me that night? Also the reason you never replied my message?” her voice cracked, could it be that she was crying?

“I...I’m sorry Jurina, really. I didn’t mean to go that far, I was... I was just curious. I was je-... I was a jerk, I’m sorry for crossing your privacy, and sorry for not replying your messages,” I said. All this time, I was just about to say about the real fact about our problem there, glad that I was abled to cover that.

“That girl was my smex partner,” Jurina said out of the blue.

“What? Err, you don’t need to tell me if it’s your private life, I’m okay, I-“

“She only come when she need me to fulfill her lust,” Jurina cut my words with a shocking new fact about her and that night girl. “Mayu never sees me as I see her. Even so, I still accept her everytime she comes to me to get some smexy time,” Jurina smiled bitterly.

I heard too much. Why did my heart hurt? Why this Mayu girl made Jurina like this? Could I still love her after knowing all these fact?

“But that night was the last time she would visit me, because I asked her to leave. I wanted to run my life without her messing around. And I said to her that I already have someone who care about me, looking after me. And the most important thing is that she never wants me to juat fulfill her lust, but filling her heart,” Jurina explained.

So, she’s no longer with that Mayu in any kind of realtionship. But she has another person who seemed to really love her. Huh, I guess I have no chance at all...

“Do you want to know who the person is, Rena-chan?” Jurina smiling at me.

I already going to cry, but I really need the continuation. Maybe it was my last time being with Jurina before she and her new special person being in a relationship, soon.

“This girl has a long dark hair, but recently she change the color into brown. She got an almond-shaped eyes, a pale skin that I thought she was sick, a sweet smile, she got this princess aura surrounding her that makes me feel that I only could be her fan, she got a same family name as mine, but she’s not my sibling,”

I cried at her description about that person. How could it be? Was it real?

She run her thumbs in my face. Taking every teardrop with her soft touch. She smiled before landing her lips into mine.

“Yeah, it was you all along, Rena,” she looked at my eyes.

“Is it real? Or, is it just one of your many ways to flirt me before taking me onto your bed for a smexy time like what my friend said to me?” I asked her seriousness. I didn’t want to be one of her victims like Churi said.

Jurina let out a chuckle, “I never do that, I swear. Who told you that ?”

“Churi did,” I answered sharply.

“You know what, Churi is Mayu’s cousin. If Churi told you that I was a flirt and slept with many girls back in high school, well, that was what Mayu said to her,” Jurina explained.

I only gave her a questioning look.

*sigh* Okay, the flirt part was right, but the sleep thing, ugh... I sounded like a ho. The sleep thing wasn’t. Mayu told Churi, not only her but the whole school about that so people stayed away from me so she said that she could have me on her own,”

“Can I trust you? Because I’m just a dumb, I never fall in love, I never have a relationship, you’re the first. So if you hurt me when the time being, I might never going to trust anyone and anything when it comes to love,”

She made a swear sign. I didn’t know why, I fell so hard in her waves of sweet smile and love.

“I hope, I can rely on you, Jurina,”

“Like I told you before, I will always be by your side, today, tomorrow and forever. I guess I’ve been in love with you, by the time I saw you at the cafe. But stupid me, I still didn’t realize about that until you left me that day and Mariko told me why you left,”

“Same here,” I hold her tight, I wanted to feel her warm and feel her love.

“Can I asked some questions, Rena-chan?” she asked while hugging me.


“Just answer me with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ okay?” she said.

I looked up to her,”Why does it seems fishy?”

“Mou, I said answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” she started whinning like a child. It was cute...

“O- umm, yes,”

“I love you, Rena-chan. Do you love me?” she started the chain of questions.

“Yes,” I answered with 100% sure ‘yes’ from my deepst heart.

“Next, do you trust me now, Rena-chan?” her next question was kinda serious.

“Yes,” I soften my gaze toward her.

“Last question! Are you ready?” She was really childish ! But why did I have a bad feeling about the next one ?

“Y-yes...?” instead of an answer, my answer sounded like a question.

“Can I ...” she held my hand tightly and closed the space between us. “Can I get my smexy time with you now ???” she looked at me with her puppy eyes.

“HELL NO !!!” I answered her. No, not this fast ! But, oh well... “Just one last ki-“

She even didn’t let me finish my sentence and kissed me straight away.

“Thank you Rena-chan, for trusting me,” she leaned closer and tilted her head to deepened the kiss.


Well, yeah, that's all folks...
See you in another story.... :jphip:
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Ur story are awsome :thumb:

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Ur story are awsome :thumb:

whoaa, arigatou !!!  :fap
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you are doing good job.. :D
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Why there's not much people commenting this? :catglare:
Well let me be your fighting spirit!!!  :yossi:
This is GREAT, RenshuChan!!!! Keep up the good writing! :thumbsup
I'll be expecting for moooore WMatsui stories from u~  :cathappy:
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Well, Minami-pops -san and Embee5442-san thank you for your support. thank you for reading too  :thumbsup
Yeah, I tried to write another pair but I can't. I ended up pairing this two.
Whatever, I guess I have a writer illness. I don't know how to write a good story, but if someone read it and someone like it then I would be very happy and makes me want to write and write again  :yep:

Thus, I ended up writing a WMatsui story again.

Not much from them, but generally it's about the pairing, but they don't appear much. LOL
Just read it and hopefully you'll enjoy this  :fap

High School's Memory

My name is Matsui Jurina. I’m a girl, definetely. And I do like girls, that can’t be helped. Since I’m quite popular and all. It’s not that I’m cocky, but it’s the truth. Well, fans do explain everything.

Being loved by many people is a very great thing for me. You know, I can get anything that I want just by mention it out of the blue in front of my fans. It’s not that I’m using them, but they really make me think that I’m the luckiest person to get anything almost easily. But sometimes, they can be creepy and do any ridiculous thing. For example, I need to buy new P.E uniform almost everyweek, because I will always lose it once in a while after I use it. I don’t know how, but maybe they steal it when I was in a changing room ? I don’t know.

The other part of my story is, I have some creepy girls who go crazy about me. Wait, if you think that I’m a player then you’re in a big mistake. I am NOT a player, people just fall in love with me way too easily. That’s why I have some stories about this “magnetic” story about me.

The first one is Watanabe Mayu. She’s from another school. I met her when I had a visit to her school as a student council’s member.

:hip smile:

“Jurina-san, please help me to give this letter to the president council of AKB High School,” Rena said.

She was the President of student council. She was really strict when it came to work. Well, she asked me to deliver this letter to the president council of another school. It was about a social event we would do together. Not only from AKB high school, NMB high school and also HKT high school also invited by our president to join this social event. Another member of student council already asked by her to another high school, and I got a task too.

The AKB high school was a very prestigious school. The student who studied there wasn’t a usual people. Most of Japan’s richest people’s daughter were studied there. Including the president council, Watanabe Mayu. She was the daughter of Tanabe Corp, an industry which created all kind of robots in Japan. That caused her to be called the cyborg girl. I wonder if she wasn’t a human but a real cyborg. That was too amazing !

I knocked on the student council’s room and got inside when a voice let me in.

“Excuse me,”

“Yes, Matsui-san, right? Please have a sit,” she asked me to sit as she kept writing on her desk. She looked really serious about her work, yet looked cute with those glasses on.

After finishing her works, she put down her glasses on her desk and look at me who sat at the guest room. This school was too amazing, how could a council room be this large? It was like an appartment ! I guess I could play tennis there.

“So, Matsui-san, what bring you here?” she sat in front of me while crossing her legs. She looked... hot. Oh, well, screw my brain!

“Uh, erm, I come here in the name of student council, bring you the letter from our president council. It was about the social event we hold every year, and this year we try to ask another school to join this social event. You can read the rest on the letter,” she tiptoed me while I was speaking. She was smiling at me before taking the letter on the table.

“Matsui Jurina-san, isn’t it?  I guess I don’t need to read the letter because I will definetely join this event,” she said with a too bright smile.

“Err, just you?”

“Oh, hahaha, sorry I mean me and the rest of the school will participate, so what date will it be held?” she said. Was it me, or this president really enthusiastic while talking to me? Nah, I guess it was her personality.

“You can read the letter, Watanabe-san,”

“Nah, I’m tired of reading, please just tell me,” she said. She turned her position from formal into a too informal manner. She leaned closer across the table, I mean, really crossing the table and got too close to me. What was it? A rape?

“S-sorry, Wata-“

“Shh, call me Mayu, Baby,”she said all to seductively while put her index finger on myy lips.

I might make girls fall for me, but not this fast ! I tried to keep our space, but hell, I was trapped in that sofa. She leaned closer and closer until a knock coming from the door.

*Sigh, safe...

“What?!” She yelled and stood up from her position before. That was a 180 degrees of personality change.

“A-ano, Watanabe-san, there is someone looking for Matsui-san,”the voice answered timidly.

“Who?!” she yelled again.

“Matsui Rena-san,” the voice answered.

“K-kaichou?” I whisperly said. What was she doing here?

“Tell her to wait!” she yelled, for the third time. But she never left her eyes from me. She made me trembling from her cold aura just then.

She then leaned her body closer to me again. I was really afraid, I had no idea what she was thinking. How could a girl had double personality? Well, I had heard that rich people are strange, but she’s just really strange. I haven’t sat there for an hour but she already seduced me and tried to rape me! Crazy! I stood up immediately, not wanting any physical contact with the president. I grabbed my bag and ready to bid a goodbye to her.

“Before you go, I have a favor to you. Can you do it for me?” she said.

Urgh, what should I say? If I say yes, would it be fine? If I say no, would I leave the place safely?

“I’d do what I can do,” I said

She grabbed my hand and put it on her chest, “Be my girlfriend,” she said.

“WHAT?!” oops, I was yelling. “Sorry, wh-what are you talking about Wata-“

“Ma-yu,” she cut my words.

“Y-yeah, ma-mayu-san. Isn’t it too sudden? We haven’t met each other before, now...”

“I read your profile, it says that students in SKE high school are go crazy about you. I guess same here,” why her image suddenly became creepy? Who wrote the profile about me? Who told her about that? Wait, I know, rich people were surely had a creepy mind, I couldn’t deny that fact.

“If you reject my feeling, I won’t promise you to pass that door safely,” okay, someone REALLY HAVE TO SAVE ME !


And suddenly the door openned with a hard thud. Someone seemed angry and going inside the room forcefully.

“MATSUI JURINA! You really have to go back to school!” it was Rena-san. Okay, what was it all about?

“Why?” I said timidly. I was still in a hard shock with the sudden confession of this crazy president council of AKB, now my own president council. Sigh... my heart really needed a break.

“WHY YOU ASK? A girl is sobbing in tudent council room because she said you took away her virginity!” Rena-san yelled.


“WHAT? WHAT THE HELL?” right before I said my own ‘what’, Mayu-san continued it for me.

“Uh, I’m sorry Watanabe-san, but this ‘shitty’ in front of you is not a good person. It’s already the... I don’t remember how many girls reported that she was raped by this ‘asshole’ !” Rena-san? Really? You’re a liar, a BIG LIAR! I never raped anyone!

“You should thank me because I come here instead of her, or she will surely kill you,” Eh, wait. What was it? She looked at me and gave me a very short-short knowing smile. So...

“Ugh, that girl,”

I really needed to thank her if I could went out from that crazy cyborg’s room safely.

“Y-YOU... GET OUT! GET-OUT!” That’s it! She pointed her finger at my face. She yelled again as I gained my victory.

“But, please make sure your school will join our social event, Watanabe-san,” Rena-san bowed to her before got out of the room.

“YES! And bring that punk out of my room, NOW!”

Rena-san took my hand with her full strength. It was hurt actually, but I knew that it was part of her plan. So, I just following her path. After reaching the park area, Rena-san let out my hand and went to her car where her driver had been waiting.

“Ano, thanks Rena-san, for your help,” I said to her.

“No, need to thank me, Jurina-san. It was my mistake because I sent you to her. I forgot that she had said that she was interested in you. I should have asked someone else other than you,” Rena-san explained.

So, Rena-san knew that Mayu-san had a crush on me but just a little forgot and got me into trouble. Huh, what a day.

After apologizing, Rena-san went home, and so did I. I really didn’t know what would happen if she wasn’t coming through that door. Maybe I would have been Mayu-san’s grill meat.

:hip smile:

Well, that was my other story. I got this kind of treatment very often. In other times, a girl confessed her feeling in the middle of Seira-sensei’s lecture. She was in the same class as me. And it is just too memorable to forget.

:hip smile:

Seira-sensei was teaching English that day. She wrote some Japanese words and asked us to translate it into English.

“Anyone knows? Please raise your hand and write the answer on the blackboard,” Seira-sensei said.

“HAI!” someone raised her hand.

“Yes, Kizaki-san,”

The mentioned girl then wrote an English word beside the word “KAZE”. She smiled brightly and walked back to her seat with a proud smile. And the next thing I saw was a flying chalk which landed in Yuria’s forehead perfectly. And the whole class laughed at her.

“Itta...” Yuria said under her breath.

“Kizaki-san, are you fooling around?” Seira-sensei said. She was a bit pissed off with Yuria. “What is the Japanese word?” Seira-sensei asked.


“What is your answer?”

“Tornado,” she answered nonchalantly.

“Where’s your mind going? ‘Kaze’ means ‘Wind’. What makes you answer ‘Tornado’?” Seira-sensei massaged her forehead in depressed manner.

“But, tornado is part of ‘kaze’ too, right sensei? So my answer is not totally wrong, right?” Yuria said as it was a normal thing.

“What do you want? Do you want the smooth wind which blowing your hair turned into tornado? Do you want to get killed?” Seira-sensei gritted her teeth. She was indeed, looked like going to burn Yuria with her flame.

Yuria just looked at her in her style. She didn’t pay too much attention if she done something wrong. She always thought that it was right, from her point of view. What a selfsih-stupid person she was.

“Urgh, next, this is the easiest one,” Seira-san spotted someone from the back row raising her hand. “Yes, Takayanagi-san,” Seira-sensei let the girl wrote her answer on the blackboard.

The girl took the chalk from Seira-sensei’s hand and wrote something. But, instead of writing the answer, she continued the word with word ‘shiteru’ and wrote my name.

“EEEEEHHHH???” the whole class made a unison reaction, excluding me. I wasn’t in charge of react about anything. Another confession...

“What’s with your ‘Ai shiteru, Jurina-chan’, Takayanagi-san?” Seira-sensei, again, burned by her own fire.

The girl didn’t respon to Seira-sensei’s question, she looked at me with her sparkling eyes and wide smile.

“Will you marry me?” she said as she knelt down in front of the class.

And the whole class made another unison sound but longer ‘Eeeh,' for the second time. Seira-sensei couldn’t accept that she was being ignored by the girl and ran away from the class.

Another student circling us and started to tease us. Urgh, I really hated confession. I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I just wanted to be free and enjoying my life alone. No one to butted in, no one to prohibitted me, no one to whinning to got my attention everyday.

“I can’t, I’m sorry,” I said. I turned my gaze back into my book. But then I heard someone sniffing and it was non other than Takayanagi Akane, the one who was just confessed her feeling towards me and got rejected by me.

She pulled out something from her pocket, and I could see it clearly, it was a knife! What the hell?

“S-say ye-yes, or I... I’ll kill myself!” she said. Okay, she prepared everything well, even cronologiccally.

This was bad, totally bad. The whole class started to whispering one another and some of them who stood behind me urged me to just say yes.

“SAY!” she demanded me.

And the whole class went like ‘Whoaa’ in unison. I guess they were trained to do all that unison reaction if any case happen at class.

“Excuse me, is Matsui Jurina-san here?” the door openned and revealed a not so familiar long black hair and melon-pan lover, Rena-san, the president of student council.

“Hai,” I said as I raised my hand.

“Wait, what’s happening here?” Rena-san asked, as she looked at Takayanagi-san directed her own knife to her abdomen.

Then another student explained that there was just a sudden confession and turned out like this because I rejected her.

“Wait, Takayanagi-san, can I have a word with you?” Rena-san came nearer her as she turned the knife to Rena-san’s direction.

After that, I saw Rena-san and Takayanagi-san walked to the corner of classroom. I saw Rena-san whispered something and then Takayanagi-san dropped her knife and looked at me like a ghost. She then ran away from the class. And it was the second time Rena-san helped me to avoid to say yes.

“Jurina-san, we will have an athletic festival next month, because we’re in student council so we will start to prepare for the festival next week.” Rena-san explained her real reason to come to my class.

After saying that, Rena-san walked out of my classroom. But before she went too far, I catched her in front of the door.

“Well, thanks for your help earlier. But, what did you say that made Takayanagi-san scared of me all of a sudden?” I voiced out my curiousity.

“Nothing, just scaring her. See you later,” Rena-san left me with a big question mark. I hope she didn’t tell anything bad about me like the last time she did with Mayu-san.

:hip smile:

But yeah, that was just an old story. I already graduated from high school. I’m still popular here in university, but I’m relieved that there’s no creepy girl who would confess to me and doing all crazy things to get me.

“Hey,” I called someone who have been my hero back in high school.

“Hey, going to class now?” she walks while her hands are full of books. She never changes, always put study as her priority. She’s really clever, that’s why she gets good marks in almost of the subject.

“Yes, let me help you, that looks heavy. Don’t force to study too hard, you need a cooling down,” I take half of her books and walk beside her to our class.

“I have to. I’m not the one who can get good marks even she’s not studying, I’m not that smart, so I need to keep study hard,”

I somehow feel my heart is breaking. Is it my fault?

“No, you blame yourself again. No, baby, I don’t blame you. I just want to study, okay?” she continue to walk after assuring me with a short hug that she’s okay with study hard everyday.

Well, I never regret those creepy moment with some girls. At least I will certainly get a hand to help me solving the problem. And now that hand who always helped me back in high school, already been mine. Thanks to that prom night and all stupid things that night which made us as a couple.

I’m glad she accept my feeling. She was the first one I really wished to buts in, prohibits me from doing anything and whinning to get my attention. I never regret that night I asked her to come to another side of school to had a private talk. I never regret being a student council member because there where I met her.

“Rena-chan, I want to ask you the same question, since you never give me the clear answer. What did you say to Takayanagi-san that day?”

“That one? Urgh, it has been a long time, and it was just my suddent thought, so I’m really sorry that I forgot about what I said,” really? She forgot? Yeah, maybe. Let me just forget it too. I’m okay if finally, I ended up with Rena and I can see her smile everyday just to all myself.

:hip smile:

#Rena POV

Yeah, that day I just said that you still have a problem in controling your pee when you were sleeping so you ended up soaking your bed. Hehehe, I’m sorry Jurina ....


Okay, I'm bad at finishing and making a good story and finding a good words. Sorry for my bad English  :doh:
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 :on spit:
It was clever from Rena, that pee stuff.
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What a clever president

Lucky Jurina have Rena help her out of trouble

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Your stories are amazing! I wish more people would comment on them!
Rena is so intelligent! She is like a guardian angel to Jurina, helping her out everytime.
I can't wait for your next story!  :twothumbs
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Your stories are WONDERFUL!  :w00t:
But I wanna know how Jurina and Rena became a couple... so a sequeal, pretty pleease??? :mon cute:
I'll be waiting for more~!!! :D
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Hahahaha I don't know if it's good or bad the form that Rena help jurina...but still I love WMatsui...thanks

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Why is this so CUUTE and FUNNY too??! :w00t:
Rena is soo COOOL saving Jurina stealthily like a ninja~ :ph43r:
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"I already graduated from high school. I’m still popular here in university, but I’m relieved that there’s no creepy girl who would confess to me and doing all crazy things to get me."

Little did Jurina realize how come the stalkers and admirers around her had disappeared one by must be due to the hard work of the president of student counsellor, in the name of justice and being protective and a saviour, with the hidden goal to keep the charming yet dense girl all to herself. hahaha.

Nice story!  :deco:
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Nothing much, I don't have any good story to share. Still have many things to do in my study. But this story just popped out and viola...

This story is kinda nonsense but.... Judge it by yourself.  :doh:

Thanks for the previous reply, I don't have anything to give you as a present to commenting my fic, hahaha :rofl:

The Police and The Thief

"Look, my mother bought me a new bag, and it's the freaking Channel!" Itano Tomomi showed her newly bought Channel to her friends. She was a daughter of a politician, it was not strange for her to had such an expensive thing.
"Whoaa, it's surely expensive!" Kashiwagi Yuki blurted out. Her eyes were sparkling at the sight of the Channel.
"I can buy the more expensive one," Watanabe Mayu commented under her breath, but no one heard her.
The other girl in the other seat of that group kept silent while staring at the girls blabbering about the certain Channel bag Tomochin just bought.
"I wanna go home," she said as she stood up.
"Eh, why so fast ? It's still early," Tomochin said.
"Right, we can still talk about many things," Yukirin said.
"Nah, I'll pass, I'm a little bit sick, need some rest. Jaa," the girl walked out from the cozy club. Leaving her friends. They just watched her walked out to the door in such a careless manner as she bumped into another customer.
"Freaky," Tomochin spitted out.
"Let's go home Yukirin, I'm tired too," Mayu stood up and ready to go. Putting on her hoody and straighten her bangs.
"Okay then. Tomochin, Chiyu, we're heading home, Jaa," Yukirin then went home with Mayu.
Mayu then turned to Tomochin and mouthed something to her and smile. Something to warned Tomochin about something. The rat sometimes could be suspicious and creepy.
"What was that about?" Tomochin said and just neglected Mayu's words.
 :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile:
"Ma'am, there's a regular small fish just caught today," the police reported to his Captain.
"Who?" The captain said coldly. No wonder from a strict head police in Nagoya. She stopped writing and turned her gaze to the police.
"You can check her in the jail. I guess you won't be too surprise," the police said with a half joke.
"Her? Bring me there," the head police then stood up and put on her hat then led by her staff to the jail, to meet the culprit.
Once they reach the jail, the head police just face palmed. Never did she guess the culprit would be this person, again. Maybe it had been the third times the culprit got caught by the police.
"You again ? My God, you never learn how to stop taking people's goods, huh ?" The head police said in her most irritated voice.
"Hi!" The culprit greeted her. Like someone who met her friend, too normal.
"Don't act like nothing happen!" the Police in irritated voice yelled.
The head police then asked her staff to brought the culprit to the investigating room. Guess she had some things to be cleared by investigating this regular thief.
"What did you take this time?" The head police asked in a strict manner. No smile could be seen on her face. She just looked at the culprit with her sharp glare.
"Hey, no need to be so strict. Why don't we  drink some coffee and such things we can enjoy. You know, I'm very sick of this dim light room with this only lamp hanging in the air," the culprit acted like her friend. But, yeah, she was the head police's friend. Or maybe more.
"I'm a police here, don't act like we're friends here. Put that aside. If you feel sick of this room then don't thieve anything!" the officer said coldly. Tried to kept her anger in control but her high pitched voice maybe failed her anger management.
"It was just a bag," the culprit said lazily while laid her head on the table in front of her. She looked really careless about the fact that she was got caught because of her thievery case and soon to be lived in a freaking jail.
"It was the freaking Itano Tomomi's bag don't you realize ? It's like you are creating your own burial. " The head officer then said loudly. Her anger consumed every single cells in her body.
"You! Urgh, you'll get in a huge trouble for God's sake !" She yelled again.
"Urgh, you're too loud. I can hear perfectly even you are whispering," the culprit rubbed her ear as if it was really loud.
"Give back the freaking bag to her, she said that if you give it back to her, she won't make you live in the jail," the head officer sigh.
She then stood up and prepared to leave the room before the culprit called her.
"What?" The head police stopped in her track and answered her without turning back at her.
"You know, I never do this thing without any reason behind it," the culprit told the police.
"Then you should try another way to make people understand why you steal their goods, Rena" the police said. She then walked out of the room and called the victim and told her that she would get back her bag.
She was quite lucky because her victim prefer to win the bag back instead of brought the culprit live in a jail and forgave her. The case was closed.
"What do you have in the fridge, Jurina?" The long haired girl asked as she walked in Jurina's house or their house, literally.
They lived together since both of them finished their study in high school. They lived in the city in different reason. Jurina was joining the election to be a police. Her parents let her joined since it was her dream since she was really young. It was 6 years ago and now she was a head police.
Different than Jurina, Rena's reason  was quite complicated. Her father was a politician, just like Tomochin's father. And her mother already died by so called accident in Nagoya. Since her mother died, her father just focus on his work. Too focus to his work and forgot that he had a daughter to kept his eyes on. One day, she found out that her father was involved in an illegal business between politicians, corruption. Ever since that day, Rena never looked up to her father. She left the house with her best friend, Jurina, and lived in the city. Her father always offer her so much money but she never accepted any of it. She told her father that she wanted to earned money by her own efforts.
"You can just take it, no need to ask me. You never ask if you can take people's belongings by the way," Jurina trailed off. She said it without too much care since it was a fact.
"I told you I never steal without a reason! Stop bringing this topic, Jurina," Rena yelled at Jurina.

Rena was a bit irritated, or maybe much. Ever since the last case of Tomochin's bag, Jurina asked her to stop thieving. She was just too stubborn to keep her so called job.

"Oh, yeah, the thief just admit that she really steal things," Jurina rolled her eyes and laid down on the couch.
"Why are you so annoying today?!" Rena folded her arms and came to Jurina.
Jurina stood up and face the girl, "The last time has been the third time you steal and caught by police, maybe there were thousands  but we never caught you. What do you want ? Live the rest of your life in the jail ? You have reason you said, okay, but I never know what is this darn reason you always talk about. I don't know if you can be safe for the next time, Rena!" her breathe was messing up, her emotion really ate her mind. She never liked Rena's way.
Rena didn't say anything. Her face got red and all Jurina could see was Rena's tears flowing at her cheeks. Jurina felt guilty and reached Rena's face with her fingers. But Rena slapped her hand.
"Don't touch me! You don't know anything-"
Jurina cut her words and hugged Rena, "Then let me know, tell me, share it to me. We live for 5 years and you still keep a secret that I never know,"
"I'm sorry," that was all Rena could say.
"Tell me if you're in a trouble, let me help you. You know, we're ... we're friends," Jurina said to Rena.
"The word friends felt so hurt" Jurina thought.
 :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile:
A week after the quarrel, Rena brought Jurina to somewhere Jurina never been before. Rena wanted to tell Jurina about her secret, the reason behind everything.
"Rena Onee-chan ~" the loud and crowded kids sorrounding her. Some of them were hugging her body as she bent down to the kids.
"Hello, how are you guys ?" Rena greeted them.
"Good!" The kids answered in unison.
Soon, Rena was sorrounded by the kids. Jurina just watched them from afar. Looking at how Rena was really kind to the kids made Jurina's smile grew on her face. How she laughed together with the kids and listened to their noisy voices, Rena just amazed her that time.
"This thief," Jurina thought, let out a small chuckle and made Rena turned her head towards Jurina.
"Ah, guys, meet my friend, Jurina," Rena introduced Jurina to the kids.
"Konnichiwa, Jurina-nee-chan," said the kids. Those smiles were really innocent. As innocent as they never know that their onee-chan was a thief.
"Konnichiwa~ Come here and help me," Jurina kindly asked the kids to help her brought many things from Jurina's car.
And the kids help them. There were many things given to the kids. And, no, those weren't from Rena's money, nor Jurina. Those were from some  organization who wanted to donate the orphanage.
After moving things into the orphanage, they took a rest while some of the volunteers in the orphanage were cooking in the kitchen for all of them.
"So Rena, what about it?" Jurina asked Rena while they were sat on a bench near the orphanage.
"About what?"
"This, helping the orphanage without robbery? Isn't it good?" Jurina asked.
Rena was a little bit frowned, that was when Jurina realized that she shouldn't talk about it.
"Um, sorry. I mean-"
"Yeah, you're right. This way is much better. Helping the kids with a clean way. I like it," Rena turned to Jurina and smiled widely.
Jurina thought that Rena was really beautiful. That smile ...
Jurina's heart pounding fast for some seconds. She spaced out and not moving a bit.
"Jurina?" Rena called her.
"Ah, un, better right," Jurina broke their eye contact. She wiped her forehead from any possible sweat.
Silence. No one talk about anything. They let the silence lingered between them. Rena leaned her body on the bench. She closed her eyes. While Jurina just looking at her silently. Praising everything in Rena. Her pale skin, her brown hair, her cute face. Rena was truly a thief. She took Jurina's heart away.
"Daisuki da yo, Rena-chan," Jurina whisperly said and kissed Rena's cheek. "You're really tired, aren't you?" She reached Rena's sleeping face with her fingers.
"Huh, I wish you could hear me," she let out a long sigh and leaned her body as well to the bench. And slowly, she drifted away to the sleeping land.
Never did Jurina knew that Rena haven't fully sleep. A small smile showed on her face.

"Wakaru yo, Jurina,"


Okay, that's it. Thanks  :hip smile:
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Thanks for the previous reply, I don't have anything to give you as a present to commenting my fic, hahaha :rofl:

Eeeeeh??? Then I won't comment next time :P Just kidding~
Rena as a thief... i can't even XD
Write more, RenshuChan I'll be waiting~ :thumbsup
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O-O lol Rena is the thief

Wmatsui are so sweet!!!

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Do I still have some kind heart people to read my fics?
No? Oh... okay  :D

Soooo..... not much for an update, I just want to share this freshly-written one-shot.
So lately I'm liking a song, and the song makes me wanna write something...

So here's the thing, hope you enjoy  :jphip:

You Change Me When You Step Into My Horrible Life


I don’t understand why, I always end up being alone. Is it because I’m not interesting to be friend with or any other reason, I don’t know.

I end up being alone and I’m used to it. I’m used to being ignored by my classmates, teachers and even my parents. Being alone all the time change me into an anti-social person.

From being “used to” into “hate to”. Now I hate all my surroundings. I don’t care about anything. Because I think people also don’t care about me. People don’t care if I am even exist. Their lives will continue whether I live or I die.

To lessen the fact that I’m just a loner, I “befriend” with my music player. Listening to some musics is way much better than have to listen to people gossiping and mocking behind the other’s back. Human’s suck, right? Though I’m a human, I hate those type.

Musics keep me feel alive, at least. I can hear their love, anger, confusing and many other feelings they put into the 4-5 minutes length. I always find some songs that suits me very well. It always makes me smile by the lyrics. It’s about someone who used to be alone and then meets someone who changes his life. I wonder if I could really experience that thing...


As usual, I come to school every morning to study. Though at some subjects which I don’t have any interesting in, I’ll always save my self with my music player. Today’s that day, history subject. This subject is stupid. You have to recall all the past events, remembering the dates, months, years when the events happened. You have to learn about everything in the past. Isn’t past is the past? Why don’t we learn about now? Why not about future?

I put my earphone secretly, playing some instrumental music. These musics make me feel calm. The beauty of how every instrument match with another instrument amazed me. Maybe someday I could be a composer or song writer?

In the middle of my thoughts about the music, the teacher claps his hand to gain all students’ attention. There must be an anouncement. I don’t care about it. I just simply laid my head on the table, turning up the volume to the full blast until I can’t hear anything what he said. I only can see his mouth moving, mouthing something that I don’t catch anything.

He then points his finger on my face, I still don’t get any word he says to me. Maybe he tells me to give my full attention to him? I don’t know.

Next thing I see is a girl walking inside my classroom while smiling brightly. She stands in front of the class while the teacher writes her name on the chalkboard. Then I see he gestures the girl to introduce her self. She says something which surely her name and then she bows.

After the introduction she walks to my direction, wait... she really walks to my direction? She pulls out a chair and smile to me. She extends her hand and asks for a handshake with me. I grab her hand and doing the handshake. She chuckles and reaches to my ear. She pulls out my earphone.

“Watanabe Miyuki, yoroshiku nee...”

“H-hai, Yamoto Sayaka desu, yoroshiku...”

Her smile... I guess I finally find someone who comes into my life and will changes everything...


So the song I've been liking lately is NMB48's - Kimi to deatte, boku wa kawatta
Not sure gonna make the sequel of this story, just wait. MAYBE I'll make the sequel....
Until then.... Bye ~ :welcome
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thank god i found your os, RenshuChan!
i like all your os since "Just Arrived" until "You Change Me When You Step Into My Horrible Life" !

Just arrive, nice start with WMatsui :)

We Are Diffrent, you break up MaYuki but you make me laugh with the end, enjoy your time with Rena at anime expo mayu XD

May I?. a SayaMilky moment

Will You Realize My Feeling ? & Will You Regret Your Decision ?. yeay WMatsui! you shocked me with made rena became prostitute but but but theres Jurina! yeay! i wont regret my desicion to read your os :D

Another Story. JuriAnnin! annin annin annin my princess annin... :inlove: lil bit lame but i can hold my self to not puke (just kidding!) hohoho what a naughty mayu here....

By The Time I Saw You - Part 1 until Part 6 (END). Rena's first in love experience and it's love at first sight with jurina... there are Mariko, Churi, Airin.....and Mayu. what a girl you are mayu... hem smexy time... teehhee~

High School's memories. again, wth mayu... Rena you are (Jurina's) hero! lol with your whisper to churi XD

The Police and The Thief. i though, it's MaYuki but it's WMatsui! yeah stop that rena. i know you have your own reason but there's another better way. :)

You Change Me When You Step Into My Horrible Life. at first i though it will be Mayu and Yuki, but you surprise me with Sayanee and miruki... update more!

keep writing and dont forget to update more! i want more! gimme more! hehehe
arigatou gozaimashu RenshuChan :bow:
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a flash reply you got there Sastio-kun. Thank you for reading  :thumbsup
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That was a nice OS~ Sorry for being a silent reader, Renshu-chan :heart: I love the Goosebump too~

(I cannot stop laughing at my profile pic btw XD)
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 :twothumbs thank you!!!  :heart:
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LOL... I'm currently writing a fic, but I postpone it for a while, kinda busy with mid-term test.
But this one suddenly appear.
Though it's quite weird and strange and nonsense, but that's me!
Hopefully you'll like it.
So the pairing is Jurina of course! and Milky. Don't ask me. I just love to mix-matching Jurina with everyone.  :lol:

So here's the thing! Enjoy!

Kokoro no Chalkboard

From    : Jurina
To    : Milky
Where the hell are you! It’s almost 9!
The class will start soon!
You better come faster!

I read the message from Jurina and it’s ended with interjection marks, she’s angry and I know she’s scary when she’s angry. The same as her sister, she and Rena-chan are unbelievably scary when they’re mad. Well, at least they won’t bite me or eat me when they’re angry. But they will scold me all day long if me don’t stop them.

Oh my god! I’m gonna be late! I’m still on the bus right now and it’s 15 minutes before the class start. I have to reply her message.

From   : Milky
To    : Jurina
I’m sorry >_<
I woke up late and now I’m still on the bus.
Please left one seat for me beside you.
I’ll try to reached on time.

I sigh, pressing the send button. No way, I'm sure I can't make it on time. Curse this traffic jam! Why in the world there would be a traffic jam? Something happen? What? A monster from other planet strike Japan? No way! I'm not living in a stupid Ultraman's Japan!

I hope Jurina will read my message and forgive me. Even if she oftenly angry at me, she’s actually very kind. I consider her angry as the way she shows me her care. She will never angry at me if I’m not making a mistake.

She once angry at me because I didn’t work on my task. But then the deadline came and I was begging for her help. She scolded me all day long while helping me finish the task.


”I told you to work on it earlier! Look at you now, whining like a kid when doing your task. Just do it!” she yelled at me. She was right, it was my own fault.

I turned my face from my task. I left it on the desk and walked to her who was sitting on my bed, reading her magic book which only she and God who knew what was written inside it. She never let me saw it, even just a single peek. Only the cover who was written 'Magic Book' and some equation symbols. Maybe it was about all subjects. You know, all smart people had secret. So had she.

I held her arm, “Jurina~ I’m sorry...” I apologized at her but she didn’t answer me. “Jurina~ please~” I clapped my hands in front of my face, begging a mercy from Jurina-sama.

“*Sigh* you're helpless Milky," she messaged her temples. And finally she forgave me and helped me working on the task.


I don't know if it's right or wrong. But I feel glad to have a smart best friend like Jurina. She's the top student. She never failed her exam. Perfect scores. Kind heart. Good looking. Sweet smi- Oh wait, I'm crossing the line far too much.

I mean she's great in all subjects and I'm just an average student, maybe below average in the class. Since high school until we're learning in college, it never changes. Am I being like a parasite hanging around the big tree? I was wondering if people thought so. But I'm really glad I have her. She helped me a lot, eventhough I have to pay her back.


"And that's how you finish this calculation. Simple isn't it? Your empty head just need to be filled Milky," she said to me while resting her back on the seat.

"Yeah yeah, Miss Smartass~" I rolled my eyes. She sometimes sounded cocky too. But nevermind, she was smart after all.

"I'm not a smartass, baka!" she voiced it a bit too loud and earned some 'shush' from people around. She said sorry and slapped my arm. I was giggling at her awkward smile to people.

"Don't forget we're still in the library, Miss smartass~" I mocked her.

"Told you, I'm not a smartass! I'm... I'm a smart, smart. Yeah, smart smart!" She yelled under her breath. Sounded impossible but that was how I heard.

We left the library. Lunch time. We headed to the canteen.

"You have to pay me," she said while we were walking side by side. I knew it, she would always say this after helping me.

"Sure, just don't ask something impossible like getting a signature of your favorite singer like the last time," I said to her.

She laughed,"I was just kidding, and you were just too stupid to say yes. Let me think first... Umm... I want a... Umm..." She pretended to think so hard and playing her finger on her chin.

"Just say it!" I said, losing my patience.

"Just buy me a lunch for today, I can't think of anything good for now," she shrugged her shoulder and walked ahead. Glad that she didn't ask me to do something stupid like stealing her sister's melon pan. That sounded like giving your soul to a demon. Well, Jurina might be smart and all serious when she was studying. But she could set up a bad prank for me if she wanted to.


Oh, shit! 5 more minutes? You're kidding me? Someone please tell me that my wristwatch is broken or ran out of battery! Oh no! Jurina would eat me for sure this time.

My phone vibrated.

From : Jurina
To : Milky
You're running out your time,
You have a tollerance to enter Furukawa-sensei's class no more than 10 minutes or you'll die.
You know how 'H' he could be.

This message from Jurina made my blood goes all cold. I felt like I'm freezing. Furukawa-sensei is just another nightmare in our class. Maybe I would rather have a strict lecturer than a pervert one.


"This is the equation," he wrote some weird characters on the chalkboard, the equations.

I didn't have any idea why do I do here? How could I ended up in a class of genius people? I was scratching my head, frustrated of this crazy, super long equation. Until Jurina nudged my arms and a death glare could be seen, she asked me to keep focus.

"How to remember this Sensei?" One of the girl who sat far in front of us asked.

"Oh, Takayanagi-chan," What? She called her with '-chan'? Eww gross! Another girls were giggling at it, even Jurina, but I'm not.

"It's simple. Look at this form," he began to circling the above formula. "Imagine this as the boy, and the bottom one is the girl. Then you'll have your formula, a boy on top of a girl," he smiled with his stupid wide grin on his face. That was totally nonsense! What the hell?


No! I don't want to be teased by that pervert if I come late. I took a look at my wristwatch, oh hell, it's already 9! 10 more minutes and I'll be eating by Jurina.

Glad that the traffic jam has stopped. And I guess it's still need 5 minutes to the bus stop near the college. If I run, I guess I will be on time. God please, don't let me die today. Don't let Jurina eat me today. Please slow down the time... I shut my eyes tightly. I hope He will hear my pray.

There! The bus stop! I reach the bus door so I could run fast then the door open. I make a tapping sound with my feet, can't be more patience than this, I have to run!

The bus stop now in front of the bus door which open really slowly. I dash through the bus door and run as fast as I can. I'm not that sporty to run really fast. But I try. I want to yell loudly if I can, I don't want to eat by Jurina! Please help me run faster, my feet! I climb the stairs that brought me to the second floor of the building and run again to the farthest class. I don't care if I bump into many students! I have to reach my class!

I see Jurina in front of the class. This is odd. Why is she in front of the class? Isn't the class starting about 10 minutes ago?

I stop running, supporting my body to keep from falling right now. I try to breathe. Jurina there just stand and reading her magic book again. When I can control my breathe to normal, Jurina turns to look at me. She put her magic book inside her bag and talk casually.

"Done?" She asks. I just nod my head even I don't understand what she says. "Wanna get inside?" She asks again and all I can answer is just a nod.

She hold my hand with hers. It is really warm, as always. Wait, shouldn't she angry at me for being late? Why is she even stand here waiting for me?

She opens the door and I'm sure my jaw is fall on the floor. I look at her in the most disbelieving way.

"Are you tricking me?" She laughed. I'm sure that she's playing a prank on me. I hit her arms continously. "You mean creature!"

"Ow ow ow, sorry, hahaha. I know it, you just too easy to be tricked," she sticks her tongue to me. "Now here's the thing, the class is canceled, Furukawa-sensei has something to do. I hope it's not peeking on someone's skirt," she says.

"I'm still mad at you," I turn my body so I'm not facing her. But then she tickles me. And it makes me almost cry as I laugh so hard and my stomach hurts. She stops her attack and leaves me breathlessly.

She leaves me and she walks to the chalkboard. Looking for something that I have no idea about. "What are you looking for?" I ask her.

"Ah, I got it," she smiles while showing me a chalk. She hides the chalk behind her back. "A-actually... I have something to tell you," she's stuttering. Oh wait? This is the first time! I wonder why?

"Okay, just speak," I say nonchalantly.

"But I can't, I'll just write it," she says then write something on the chalkboard.

I don't want to be your friend anymore, nor best friend

"Jurina? What do you mean? Did I do something wrong?" I shake her shoulder. No, this is not happening! Didn't she just laugh at me and tease me a while ago? Why now?

She looks at me with her flat expression. Her smile is dry. I feel like I hear my heart shattering into pieces.

I look at her again. I try to find a good reason. Oh well, "No, this is just your prank right? I know it. Okay, you win, you got me there Jurina~" I laugh and slap her shoulder playfully. But she just not moving.

She looks at the ground and mumbling,"No, I've never been this serious." She looks up and says "Let's not be friend anymore, Miyuki."

I know her, she's not calling my name if it's not serious.

I try to run but I find her hand gripping tightly on my arm. "Why do you stop me? Didn't you say you don't want to be my friend? Then so be it!" I yell without even looking at her.

She pulls me closer to the chalkboard again. I'm just crying and not caring about anything, until she calls my name again.

"Miyuki, look," she shows something she just write on the chalkboard. I see an 'arrow' which directing to a 'heart' above it. In the sides of 'arrow' I read 'Jurina' and 'Milky'.

"What does it mean?" I turn to look at her who smiles at me.

She chuckles,"I know you're stupid, but I don't know that you're really stupid and  don't know what the symbol means," she continues to write something after the previous sentence.

Let's move to the next stage, would you be my girlfriend?

I look at her in the most disbelieving way. Is this Jurina who write it? Did she just confess her feeling to me? Am I going crazy? Is this a dream? Don't wake me up!

"I know I'm just a coward. I can't say this to you. My tongue just tied into a messy bun everytime I want to say it. So, I thought asking for a help from the chalkboard can be used as well," she laughs awkwardly. "So, what do you say?" She asks.

This is my turn to speak? Wait I'm still stunning by her aura and this confession issue.


"Ah, oh, uhm *cough* Ano... Why do you have um... feeling for me?" I ask. Why am I asking that question?

She thinks,"I don't know, maybe because your stupidity? Easy to be teased? Making me busy with your antics," she says smilingly.

I roll my eyes,"You just want to tease me."

"But I never mind it. I'm happy when you ask me for a help, spending time together finishing your tasks, sleep over when it was too late for me to go home after helping you. I'm happy, to be near you, have a sight of your grumpy face and then smile after your tasks finish. Since high school, I never forget it. I write everything here," she shows her magic book.

"Wait! That's not about subjects, formulas, study? No?" My eyes widen. "But you're really serious when reading it," I snap at her.

"You just never see me laughing so hard reading it, every failing moments, funny, sad, happy, I write everything here," she says.

"Why do you never let me see it,"

"Because it's a secret all this time, but I'll let you see it later," Jurina says and put the magic book inside her bag.

The silence suddenly take its place. None of us talking. The sound of our breathes are the only thing I could here.

I decide to end the awkwardness, "Are you serious about that?" I glance at the chalkboard. She nods her head.

"I don't know what to say, but I know that I do feel the same as you. I'm happy to be so close to you. Even you teased me and prank me, I can't say anything about that," I laugh. Remember about all shameful and strange prank she did to me. "But I want to give it a try,"

"Give it a try?" She's kinda confuse.

"Try to let you a stage closer to me, try to let you make me happy. Can you?"

Jurina nods furiously,"Of course! I can, and I will, Miyuki," she jumps to hug me. I almost fall to the ground but I keep my composure and stand still.

Jurina losen the hug. We smile together. I don't know why but I feel happier than usual.

The next thing is, she kisses me. It feels funny to have a kiss with my best friend, oh no, my new 'girlfriend'. I feel her hand reaches my neck, she pulls me closer. I hug her on the waist as the sign of approval of her action this time. But suddenly she let go of me.

"Eh why?" I ask her.

"Oh, someone love the kiss," she laughed. "Want some more?" She wiggles her eyebrow.

"W-well..." There there, she grabs my lips with hers. Oh, what a beautiful first kiss. I smile and yell inside my heart.

I'm so in love!!!
:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Nice OS Ren-san
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I'm guessing Furukawa-sensei is Airin and it has FuruYanagi XD Knowing Airin, something like this would've happened XD

"It's simple. Look at this form," he began to circling the above formula. "Imagine this as the boy, and the bottom one is the girl. Then you'll have your formula, a boy on top of a girl," he smiled with his stupid wide grin on his face. That was totally nonsense! What the hell?

I like Mirukii fanfics :heart:
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DAMN!!!! I don't know how to continue my fanfic!!!  :panic:
But here I am writing for a oneshot.
It's what I thought about lately.
Sorry if it's a mess...
BTW... it's a wMatsui angst oneshot  :nervous
Hope you enjoy   :thumbsup

Fool in Love : The Reunion

Urgh... My head hurts. I guess it’s because of the party. Well, I didn’t take too much alcohol, I simply just can’t stand too much alcohol. Glad that I could reach my home safe. Or  I should have said thanks to my collegue from the office for taking me home last night. Anyway, it was their party, they invited me and I joined since it was Friday night. I grab the drinking water near my bed and take a sip, some pills maybe can reduce the hangover as well.

I messaged my temples trying to reduce this floating feeling. For some times I feel like everything is dark when I try to stand up. I close my eyes and cursing for sipping that alcohol last night. I swear I would never drink anymore!

I walk to the bathroom with my hand leans on the wall supporting my body to not falls down and crashes the hard floor. Lucky me could reach the mirror and observe my face. It’s still in a good shape. Nose, mouth, eyes, teeth, everything’s complete. I wash my face and brush my teeth before take a warm bath in the morning.

Freshly step out from the bathroom, I feel all better. I dry up my hair with a towel and I spot a nicely wrapped envelope at my dressing table. I don’t remember getting a letter. Ah, there’s a small note as well.

Rena, a postman delivered it on the day you were in a meeting with the CEOs outside. I almost forget about it but don’t worry I haven’t read it. – Nisishi –

Oh, so I guess Nisishi put it here after taking me home last night. I read the letter, it’s an invitation to a reunion party from my former high school. Knowing where it comes from, my mind flashing back to the old days.


I was just a ghost. Not literally, but I was. I didn’t have any friend to talk to, or to hang out every after school. I was one of the bright student at school but I just loved to be all by myself. I was the number 1 at that time, that was how poeple call me. My favorite spot to study was at the library. Not much people there and it was quite there which really supported me to study well.

Anyway at my second year, the number 2 at school started to befriend with me. She was the bright student too. Tailing my name in every test we had. We didn’t know each other too well since we were in the different class. However because her name was always under my name I knew her name very well, Matsui Jurina.

The twin, poeple said. We both share the same family name, Matsui. She was really kind. I understand why people adored her. Bright student, kind-hearted, beautiful smile, that was what she was consisted of. We started to hang out together. It wasn’t like me and her hanging around the game station, we hang out to study together.

Because we met each other for the first time at the library, we decided to just met up every lunch break or sometimes after school to have a short time to study together. The frequency of us study together at the library escalated to the next level. We started to study at each other’s house, our parent’s house literally. Since then, our proximity got higher.

One fine Sunday, Jurina gave me a call and asked me to walk around. I agreed and proceeded to go to the place we had decided. Since I didn’t really like the crowd, I asked her to go to the park near my house. Quite and peaceful, two things I loved the most.

We talked about things like usual, the book we recently read, or any things that happened recently. Just like how we used to be. But suddenly Jurina changed into serious mode. She turned her head to me and talked.

“You know Rena, I never feel like this to anyone before,” She smiled. Somehow I knew what she meant but acting dumb and pretended to be fool.

“Like what?” I asked her.

“I feel this happy feeling when I’m around you, everything I could see is you, you’re special in my eyes,” she looked at me.

“Is this a confession?” I blinked. Well, it wasn’t so surprising, but it was the first time someone said their feeling towards me. “I’m sorry but, I’m just not used to this kind of thing,” I said honestly to her.

“It’s okay,” she smiled again then grabbed my hands and held it tight. “Rena, would you be my girlfriend?” there, the confession happened so fast.

“Jurina, I really appreaciate your feeling towards me, and I’m very happy to hear it from you. But let me tell you, I never date anyone before, I don’t know how to build a relationship, I don’t know what to do. Moreover, my parents never let me involved in any kind of love relationship. I’m afraid that I will just disappoint you in the end. I’m a total fool in love,” I said the honest thing about me. Just let her know.

Anyway, she didn’t step back. She even getting more fired up after hearing that. “It’s okay, everything would be okay as long as we united together, so your answer?” she asked again.

I didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t wanna made her sad by turning her down. So I nodded my head as she jumped in happy. It was funny to see her happy like a little kid. She sat back to the seat and held my hands again,”Thank you Rena, I really love you,” she said.

I hummed a small ‘me too’ to her. It felt like a dream. A never-got-into-relationship girl like me finally having someone to be called a girlfriend was really something I never thought of. And my anxiety started to roll like a snow ball in my mind.

I was just a fool in love. It was the very first time I got myself into a love relationship. I never felt all nervous when I walked hand in hand with her. It was just like all eyes are looking at me. It wasn’t like I dislike our relationship. It was just I felt like hurting her so much. I never answered her call, I was afraid if my parents found out about us and separated us. I was like being all salty and cold when I reply her messages while all her messages were sweet and just normal between two lovers. But I just couldn’t be myself anymore in front of her. Somehow, the friendship we build before crashed and changed into this ‘sour-love’ relationship. Whatever it meant, I just felt like that.

Until the day I decided to end the relationship. I was a shitty coward when it came to her. I texted her and tell all my anxiety to her. I told her that I just couldn’t be in this love relationship anymore with her. That I missed when we were being friends, nothing more, nothing less. And I thought that maybe the two of us were much better when we were friends.

In the result, she gave me a cold shoulder. For the first time, her name was above my name in the last test. I tried to congratulate her and offered a hand but she just looked at me with a cold stare and ignored my hand. I felt like the most horrible person. I knew it, just blame me, I was the one who did everything wrong.

Some times passed, that time was my last year in high school. The hardest thing I ever had was being in the same class with the one that once filled my heart with happiness, anxiety and fail in my life.

Slowly but surely we rebuilt the friendship we had once in our second year. Even it was totally different, unlike the friendship we used to have. She was busy with her circle of friends, and I was busy with my own self. At the last days in highschool she even mentioned my name in front of the class and said her gratitude to me who had filled her life in high school. She said she would never forget me. Yeah, she and her surprising act. Making me all red and got my self woo-ed by the whole class. Our relationship wasn’t a secret since both of us were quite acknowledged by the students even the teachers, that was shy they always teased us. I counted her act as one of those sweet-talk she had ever done to me.

We didn’t really communicate after our graduation. I continued my study in administration management while she continued to study about Japanese literature. We studied on the different major and that was why our distance kept on growing. But one day, I found myself facing her, asking for her help about my study. Because I knew she was good at that kind of thing, and we weren’t in that bad relationship anymore, thus I ended up calling her and had her beside me and did my task. And I did it quite good, everything was because of her help.

Once again, we met at one of the night when I accompanied her doing her task. She wasn’t good at English so I helped her a little. And we built our relationship back. I, who already grew up, finally thought that I could do a much better relationship with her. I started to be able to tell her that I love her. And in the end, we officially dating, again.

However, our relationship wasn’t running well. She became more busy with whatever she did. She didn’t text me frequently. We didn’t meet frequently. We met once maybe in 2 weeks or in a month. I didn’t protest at what she did. Maybe she was really busy that we couldn’t meet.

“I want us to meet seldomly, but once we meet we would have a deep miss feeling, so when we meet there will be a high quality time for both of us,” that was her answer when I asked her the reason of why she never reply my message or came to my house.

It was hard for me when I found that she took a two-shot with a girl I didn’t get the idea of who it was. Moreover, she made it as her profile picture on her social account. My heart was bleeding. I confronted her and texted her.

-What the hell, Jurina?! Who is that girl in your profile picture? What do you want? What do you mean by this?- That was the message I sent. But damn, she didn’t even reply it, or changed her profile picture. I could only cry my heart out.

After a long time, it was her birthday. I texted her if she was busy. She said that she was just arrived from outside of the town, joining an event and she said that she got sick. I told her that I would go to her house, and then I off to her house. Suddenly she said that she wanted to go outside while I was thinking it would have just in her house if she was sick. But she insisted to go out even just a little while. We ate at a small restaurant, eating a hot ramen that night then we went back to her house. I gave her a present, it wasn’t really good, but I just wanted to give her a scarf with a card full of wishes I had for her. After giving her the present I went back home. Wishing that she could get rest than risking her health to got even worse.

A few weeks later she asked me to go out. She brought me to a shoe store, I didn’t understand but just following her. It was like one of her friend asking for a help to bought a shoe. After that we went to her friend’s house.

“I’m Oshima Yuko,” she offered her hand.

“I’m Matsui Rena,” I said my name and shook the blonde girl’s hand. She smiled widely at me.

“I know you, Jurina told me many things about you,” she laughed. I was wondering what she told to her friend about me.

From Oshima-san’s house, we met some of her friends. I didn’t know why she brought me to her friends. I, who was the anti-social person, could only smiled and nodded in agreement while she and her friends talked about whatever things I never understood.

“Oh, so this is your girlfriend, Ju-chan,” one of her friends eyed me. I wasn’t feeling comfortable with their eyes. They were like didn’t believe that I was her girlfriend. Her friends were models in some magazine, from what I heard. But I didn’t know or careless of who they were. I only knew that one of them was the tallest, had a short-blonde hair and made people around laughed by her jokes. The other ones were the girls who didn’t give a damn about me. As if whether I was there or not, everything wouldn’t be matter as long as Jurina was there.

Finally she asked me to go home. Along the way she talked quite a lot. But this one was catching my attention and made me breatheless for some times. And it hurted me a lot. But she didn’t know. She was just too happy to tell it to me.

“I have another model friend named Nao-chan. Once when I visited her house her mother said to me that she liked me. She said she wouldn’t mind if I dated Nao-chan. That was so funny,” she laughed.

Funny she said. My heart tightened. It was one of the horrible things that happened to me. I couldn’t say anything. Right, she met a lot of people. It was normal for her if she could get another girl who was far better than me.

“Rena, how is our relationship? What do you want in our relationship? Should we end this relationship?” she asked.

The last question rang in my head like a sound of thunder. Right when I was ready to built a serious relationship with her she said it to me. My world had crushed into pieces. But her face was still calmed.

I panicked. What if she wanted to walked away from me? What if she already bored at me? Could it be that she was giving up on me? Was she serious about ended our relationship?

“Whatever you want, I will do it.” I was bad at words. I just talked about what I was thinking about. “I would be okay if you built another relationship with other girl if you’re bored at me, but in the end you have to know that we would always be together,” I blurted out. Just what the hell I was saying?! I became nuts?

“Okay then,” she said when we reached my house. “Please think about it,” she said then walked away.

Since then, she never replied my texts. I gave up and changed my number. Deleted her number, her social account, everything related to her. I was disasppointed at her but I never hate her even once. I didn’t care how many times she would hurt me, I would always love her no matter what. I was a fool in love. And the next thing I knew was, I didn’t know if there was still ‘something’ between us or not.


I roll my eyes. And look at the date, it’s next week. I check on my phone, marking the date so I will not forgetting the reunion date. I wonder if we will meet again, Jurina...

I look at myself in the mirror. All is set. Right after I put on my make up my phone ring. A call from my old friend.

I pick up the phone call,“Moshi moshi...”

“Rena-chan! Where are you? You forget that we have an appointment today? I’m already at the ramen shop!”

The voice is all too familiar. It’s Airin. My seatmate back in highschool. The rumour said that actually Airin had feeling towards me but because there was always Jurina, she didn’t have the courage to confess to me.

“Sorry Airin, I wake up late. I’m heading there now okay,” I talk while walking to the garage.

“Okay, don’t make me wait any longer!” she says then hang up the phone call. She never changes. Always grumpy about many things. I only late an hour, well blame the alcohol!


I walk inside the small restaurant. Fixing my glass and narrow my eyes to spot Airin. There she was with a girl who is one of our classmate as well. I wave at them and they wave back, it means that’s really them. I sat in front of them and make my order.

“You make me starving Rena-chan, just to wait for you,” Airin says act like she is irritating by this.

“I already said sorry, Airin. Please forgive me,” I beg.

A few moment later, our orders serves on the table. We eat and chat about things. Like any normal old friend, talking about our lives. From the conversation I know that Akane-san is taking a midwife major after finishing high school, and now she works on one of Japan’s best hospitals. While Airin already become a success mangaka.

“Nee, Rena-san. Jurina-san now has a new girlfriend, and I recently found out that she’s my co-worker,” Akane-san says nonchalantly.

I’m taken aback a little by her statement and stop eating for a while, but then continue to eat. “Oh, that sounds good,” I smile wryly at her.

Airin who notices the change jokingly pushing the topic aside,”Oh come on, let’s just talk about our lives, not others.” I look at Airin and smile at her as she nods knowingly.


So here comes the day. The reunion day. I looked at the clock, it’s almost 6 in the evening. I turn my gaze to my reflection in the mirror, inhaling a deep breathe to brush off the nervous feelings.

“Why am I feeling nervous?” I sigh when remember why. The thought of Jurina who already gets herself a new girlfriend makes me uncomfortable to come to the reunion. What if I meet her and her girlfriend? What should I do? What should I say? Should I just ignore her? Or should I approache her instead? I shrug off the thoughts as I walk to my car, driving alone to my old school building.

At the parking area I find that there are already a lot of people coming. It’s not from my year, but also from another year. So there would be a lot of poeple I probably doesn’t know. I walk to the entrance and meet Airin who wears a simple knee-length black dress.

“Don’t go far from me, or you’ll get lost,” she says. I walk behind her, to keep me away from getting lost in this crowd of people. Airin brought me to the foods and drinks stand. I take a glass of orange juice. I wouldn’t take the whine or vodka or I will die when driving back home later.

I sit on one of the table while Airin keep talking with other people. I gazed to every corner of the room, looking at the decoration, enjoying the music and also praising their best orange juice in my hand.

Not long after the event starts. I spot the teacher who now already become the school principal, Takahashi Minami-sensei, giving her forewords about this event.

“She never changes right? Still short and have a bad taste of clothing,” someone whispered in my ears.

I’m kinda startling and turned my gaze. “J-jurina?” My eyes widen in shock to see the last person I want to meet.

“Un, it’s been a long time, Rena,” she smiled her genuine smile. Her hair grow longer and she makes it kinda wavy. Different than her short hair. Okay, it was 10 years ago.

I don’t know what to do. I just smile at her and offer her a handshake. “Long time no see.”

“How are you?” she asks.

“I’m good, what about you?”

“Well, I’m alive,” she jokes. We laugh. The meet after 5 years? Well yeah...

“I heard from Akane-san that you already have a new girlfriend. So where is she?” Shoot. Why should I bring this topic out of many things I could have asked?

She smiles and nods her head,”She has a night shift so she can’t come.” Jurina take a sip of her drink. The same as me, orange juice. “How about you? Where’s your girlfriend, or boyfriend?” she asks me back.

I laugh. Actually if I could I would prefer cry, but my pride is just too high that I can’t let myself cry in front of her and moreover in front of a lot of people. “I never build any new relationship, I’m single until today,” I tell her. Her face is kinda shock. Then I look at the crowd again, averting my eyes from hers.

Well, just being honest. I just don’t know how to make a good relationship. There were some guys and girls asking me out, but then again I don’t know if the relationship between us had ended or not. I wish I could have a normal life but I can’t. The memories about Jurina keep haunting my nights. She comes to my dreams, and makes me even harder to simply forget her. If only I could say these things to you, Jurina...

“Well, Jurina, I guess I have to go. See you next time,” I wish there would be a next time.

“Alright, see you next time,” she says and waving her hand to me.

I leave the reunion party even before the main event started. My tears flowing on my cheeks. She has move on with her life. So I guess I have to do the same as well. I wish her happiness with her new girlfriend whoever it is. Blame me, everything is my fault. The fail of our relationship is my fault since the beginning. The young me who wasn’t ready for love and the teenage me who was ready but sadly she began to gave up on me. The only thing I know is that I love her with all my heart. I don’t know until when, but she will already take the bigger part of my heart away. I’m just a fool in love.


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You do realize people obviously gonna demand a sequel for this, right? XD
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My expression after read this --->  :ptam-hbk:  :on speedy: :fainted: :mon waterworks: :pen_cry:
Agree with Sherin-san, I want a sequel too! :pleeease:
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Why it so sad
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Forever This Way

Just as always, I will wait for you here at the canteen because you have a lot of activities to do before going home. It's not your club activities, in fact you're just join the track and field club and today you're free. But still, you're involve in many things. One of it is running away from those creepy girls, the fans of yours.

"Sorry for being late," I know that it's your voice. I look up to find you, dress up in a baggy jeans, black jacket, a black glasses, a mask and a hat. Nobody knows, unless me, that it's you. Your long hair is hidden under that hat.

"It's okay," I stand up and grab my bag. "Let's go," then we're off to go home.

We run, literally, until a few yards away from school and will always turn right by the T-junction. This dark hidden place is our favorite place to hide and waiting until everyone from school, maybe, reach their homes.

We're panting, out of breathe.

"Ah, that was tiring," I say.

You lean your body against the wall of the hallway we're hiding in,"Sorry for always drag you into this, Rena-chan," you look at me with those pitiful eyes.

I can't help but laugh,"You're funny, Jurina. I'm already used to it since our first year."

Your chest keep turning upside down, you're tiring. I see your sweat rolling from your forehead. You're all wet, and I'm sure that thick jacket makes it even worse.

You smile at me, now look at me with those caring eyes. "I'm glad that it's our last year in high school. Those creepy girls wouldn't run for me everyday anymore. And we don't have to hide here anymore."

You're right. I just realize that we're in our last year. Somehow, I don't want that to happen. If that happen, it means no more time you will hold my hand tightly like your life depends on me while we're running together, no more time for just the two of us in this dark hallway chatting about things and-

"But, I'm gonna miss this. Somehow, I want it like this, forever," you smile again at me.

"Me too," I say.

Both of us leaning against the wall. From this dark place we could see the girls who use the same uniform as us passing by. You would close our mouth with your palm, not letting them to spot where we are.

"Jurina-sama is running away again this time,"

"Mou, I planed about to hug her and kiss her today,"

"That annoying Matsui must be the one who steal her from us,"

"Right! I can't forgive her!"

There, those random girls talking about you, and bad things about me. After their voices fade away, you pull back your palm from your mouth. I gasp for air, I guess I was holding back my breathe.

"Huh, the annoying one is you guys, not Rena-chan," you curse them under your breathe. I can hear it clearly and it makes me laugh. But when I'm about to laugh harder, you close my mouth again with your palm.

"I wonder where Jurina-sama right now, I made her cookies but she's gone way too fast,"

"Me too, I bought this super huge teddy bear for her yesterday, but she's just gone,"

"What a waste,"

I see you roll your eyes hearing those girls blabbering about you. I smile look at you copying them silently.

Again, their voices fade away. There are still some girls passing the way. Maybe it sounds stupid to hide here for hours. But there's a story behind it.

Back then, the earlier days>>>

"Let's go home," you said after changing to your uniform.

"Un," I nodded then I stood up from my chair.

It was a week after your popularity became knowledgable by the students. One by one, whisper by whisper, the story of someone who brought back the school's pride by winning the 1st place in running competition after like years our school joined just to feel the bitter to be defeated by the other school.

We went home like usual. Walking the usual path, passing the usual places. It was a calm evening, until we reached your home. There are a lot of girls from our school (we're studying in all-girls school, so yeah).

"What's this occasion?" You asked.

I thought you were just whispering it to me, but then those eyes looking at you like maniac and approached you, more like attacked you. Once we had surrounded by them, they started to pinching your cheeks, your arms, and some tried to kiss you.

I pulled you from those crazy people. But no, I failed, they pulled you harder and made me fell to the ground.

"Don't go near Jurina-sama, you unknown girl,"

"Jurina-sama deserves someone better,"

Where was this insults going on, I didn't know either.

After that I felt, for the very first time in my life, someone kicked my stomach. It was like really, really hurt. I clutched on my stomach. I couldn't breathe properly and it was too hard for me to stand up. I saw your worry face between them, you tried to reach my hand but for another times, stoped by them.


I opened my eyes when I flinched, a thousand needle were like barging into my stomach. And I felt something terrible in my arms, bruises.

"I don't believe those bunch of stupid people did this to you, Rena-chan. Oh please, for God's sake, wake up Rena-chan..." I heard your hopeless whisper. I tried to answer you but failed, I couldn't say a word, instead a cough.

"Oh my God, finally you're awake, thanks God." You hugged me really tight and a small winched from me made you let go of the hug.

"It's okay, you better rest." You kissed my forehead. The habbit of yours that I secretly like.

I didn't come to school the next day, and I heard from you that they kept on coming to your house. Since my house were quite close to your house, so it couldn't be helped that I would go home with you. That day they found you, or us literally. They catched on us and we ended up hiding together in the dark hallway near our school. That was the first time and your mom would give us a call and tell us if they already left your house.

Now everything is different...

Hearing that you will miss this 'run away' things makes me really happy. This feeling isn't one-sided after all. We will truly, really miss our way home after school. It's like we're in a club where the member is just the two of us, the hallway club or run away club.

We smile to each other still leaning our back on the hallway. It's finally dawn. I see your face glimmering under the dawn's shine.

You look at me right in my eyes, maybe right through my heart, with your calm eyes. I quickly wash away by your look, you make me calm as well. Finally you make your move. You trap me between your body and the wall. Your slender body cover me, everything I see is you, everything I smell is you. Slowly but surely, the gap between your face and mine getting closer.

"You know, Rena-chan. I will miss this moment so much after we graduate," you say half whispering.

"We still have time, 2 months is quite a long time, Jurina," I tell you. Right, our graduation will be held the next two months. I just try to make you calm. "We still can have this time for another two months."

I hear you let out a small chuckle. "I wanna make a lot of moments with you, Rena-chan," you look at me right in the eyes, again.

"We will."

You close the distance between us. You kiss me gently right in my forehead and go down. That's when our lips meet for I don't know how many times already. We're not lovers, but we've done things like kissing and clinging to each other when we sleep. There's no further action between us. We're more than best friend, but less than lovers. People call it friends with benefits, but we don't care about it at all. As long as there is 'you and me', we will be happy.

This, is the moment that I will miss the most...

You deepen the kiss by tilting your head and dive in further inside my mouth. I can feel the warmth radiating from your palm to my cheeks and behind my neck as my legs lose it's balance and force me to cling to you. I clutch on your uniform tightly, not gonna let my body fall down.

Your hands find their way under my shirt, and your kisses reach my neck, but that is when your phone suddenly rings. But you keep on your job.

"Jurina, your phone," I try to stop you but you don't stop.

You pull out from my neck and look at me,"That must be mom tell us those creepy girls have gone home," you continue on biting my neck, but your phone keep on ringing. You pull out your phone from your pocket and turn it off.

"Bad girl," I tease you.

You shrug your shoulder, put it back inside your pocket and look back at me. "Should we continue?"

"It's getting darker, we better go home," I tell you. You're sulking, protesting it but end up following me to go home. You put your right arm around my neck and start to share your day along our way home. What happen in the hallway will end there.

Graduation Day>>>

"Congratulation on your graduation, girls," our parents congratulate us. They gave us their warmest and tightest hug. They shed tears knowing that their little kids are one step closer to adulthood.

They wait for us in the car, leaving us with our friends and enjoy our last time as a highschool girl a bit longer.

As usual, people will have their eyes on you. Greeting you here and there, take a two-shoot picture with you, giving you their last presents. Right now your hand is already full with presents, chocolates and flowers.

"I thought today isn't valentine's day," I nudge your arm and make you laugh.

"You know that everyday is valentine's day for me since I get these everyday," you say confidently and show me those presents.

"Yeah, I know that Miss Popular~ Shall we go home?"

"Can we stop there for a moment?" You ask while wiggling your eyebrow.


You put all your things inside your parent's car. We tell our parents that we have something to do and they let us go.

"Just don't be too late, Jurina. You have to-"

"Yeah, yeah, reach home before 7. I got that, Daddy. Bye bye~" you pull my wrist and then we leave.

Of course I know where you will drag me, to the dark hallway, our favorite place. Today is different though, nobody catching on us, it's just us catching the certain place. As we reach the hallway, you pull me in for a kiss. I lost any words, instead of pulling back from the kiss, I deepen the kiss. I don't know why, but this kiss... You look desperate to kiss me as I notice your tears slowly roll down from the corner of your eyes.

"Wh-what happen, Jurina?" I look at you, you're crying silently, avoiding my gaze by looking at your feet.

"I... Tomorrow..."

"What? Tomorrow what?" I ask you, shaking your shoulder to find an answer. You're just being oblivious today. I don't get it at all. You're scaring me.

"I will... leave to England..." You say in a low voice, but in this hallway even a whisper could be heard clearly.

"Oh..." All I could say. I don't know what to respond that. It's tomorrow anyway, moreover I don't have the right to judge you or prevent you to not to go wherever you want.

"For years, I would be there to study," you continue. Eventhough your voice isn't cracking, your tears keep on flowing from your eyes, even your smile keep plastering on your lips. You're just amazing.

I tap your shoulder, signaling it would be okay for me. I pull you for a hug,"I understand, it's your dream, right? Nothing to worry about," right, nothing to worry about. I inhale deeply, memorizing the smell of your perfume and your body.

"I'm gonna miss you so, so bad," you sigh.

"I know that, me too."

We go home after that. I guess it would be hard for us, from now on.

The next day>>>

"Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much Jurina..." Your mom says and give you a hug, as well as your father.

"Give us a call everyday, okay?" Your father adds.

You nod your head, agreeing whatever your parents say. After that, you drag me to another place. Toilet.

Right after locking the door, you approach me and hug me really tight. "I don't feel like to leave now," you cry. How adorable.

I pull back from the hug and look at you, full of tears in your beautiful face. I brush away the tears from your face. "Don't cry, we'll meet again-"

"Years later," you cut me. "I can't stand it," you whine again.

"Just call me, I'll always answer your call."

You pull out your necklace from your neck,"Keep this, I want you to bring it with you everyday," you say then put it around my neck.

I don't have anything for you, but then I remember,"Then here," I put my bracelet on your wrist. "Bring it with you everywhere as well, just to know that I'm here waiting for you."

"I love you, Rena," this is the first time I hear you call my name in such a manner. And this is the very first time you say that you love me. I hope it's not a mere dream, if it is, then I wish I will never wake up.

"I love you too, Jurina."

You pin me against the wall and lean in for a deep kiss. The memories of us being catch by your fangirls, hiding in the dark hallway, waiting until your mom calls us until it's down and kissing in that dark place, all flashing through my head. How I'm gonna miss those times so bad. Unconsciously, my tears flow as well as yours.

I try to pull back because I can hear the call for your flight has announced. "Let me kiss you, just a bit longer," and thus, we continued for a moment until the announcer speaks for the second time.

"I guess, it's really the time," you say.

We head to the departure section. Along the way, I have a big question in my mind.

"Wait, are we... Um..." I'm not sure about it, but I have to ask you right away. "Are we dating, now?"

You laugh at my question,"Yes, we are officially dating now, Rena-chan," you say with a wide smile.

With that, I send you to leave...

4 years later>>>

"Good work, Matsui-san," another worker greets me after the day end.

Working in one of the well-known advertising company isn't easy. I have to deal with many things like deadline and photoshoot for the product. It's not like I'm the model for the photoshoot, I'm just a mere assistant of the manager and I have to follow his tight schedule.

However, the end of a day is the thing I always waiting for. To meet a shower and my fluffy bed are the best job in the world. I pass the same path I used back in highschool. And the memories are just too sweet and fun to remember. I hold the necklace in my neck. It has been 4 years since your departure to England. I sigh. I miss you just so bad.

Maybe I'm just spacing out way too much along the way back home, now I almost reach my house. I spot a figure in front of my house. A tall figure with those classy outift, looking at my house and just stand there. The two of this stranger hands are hide inside her thick jacket.

I approach that figure and tap her shoulder only to find an all-too-familiar girl that I miss a lot in front of me.

"Ah, Rena-chan!" That voice... "I miss you so much! I really miss you, Rena-chan..." The voice talk, mixing Japanese and English.


"Yes, tadaima~" so it's really you. That smile would never become someone else's smile, it's yours.

"Okaeri..." Finally, I meet you again...

<<< END >>>

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This is an awesome OS. :D good job! I'm quite surprise there isn't much comment. So commented! :D I love it. I hope there is more wmatsui one shot. :D thanks for the fic. [emoji51]
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@wmatsui fanfic : facebook? tumblr? wordpress? I have them. but I'm not update anything from tumblr and wordpress for a long time  :lol: and I only check updates about Jurina from facebook  :P
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I'm Just too lazy to continue my Goosebump fic,  :lol:
But this idea just came out, and I can't just ignore it.

The After Event

Finally I’m coming back to my hometown after spending years exploring to another side of world. It’s about my dream, when I was a child I had been dreaming about going around the world and finally I made it. I’ve been stepped my feet to many countries in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It’s not that I have a lot of money to spend, I’m just lucky enough to have an ability to speak in front of people about peace, and bring this mission to the entire world. In other words, I went for free.

I left many things behind when I started the journey. My parents, my friends, and of course the one I’ve been liking all this years. My parents were sending me with full of tears and tons of advices. My friends, well they didn’t all dramatic about my departure, they just reminded me to come back safe and sound. The girl that I love, well it’s complicated. And after 3 years, I’m coming back to my hometown, to my house and find many things has changed. Like my parents who are getting older, their gray-hair could easily noticed by just a split second when I see them. My friends, some of them already married and even got their child.

And about that girl, I don’t have any idea. Besides, I don’t even bother to ask my friends about her. Nobody knew about my feeling toward her at that time, and maybe until this very time. Our relationship back then was a secret which only the two of us who knew, not even our parents knew about it.

Back then...

Our relationship started to bloom when we were in highschool. At the last year of our highschool, I confessed to her and she gladly accept it. But because we were already close to each other as best friends, our friends didn’t notice it. We already clinged to each other since we were getting closer, so there would be no one knew whether it was our ‘friendly act’ or ‘more than friendly act’.

Until one time...

“We better end this relationship, Rena,” I said to her.

She flinched and looked up at me, I was sure I made her lost her appetite. She put down the chopstick, almost angrily as the sound of it rang on the entire house.

“What the hell are you talking about, Jurina?”

“I mean... I’ll go to another side of the world for who knows how long. I can’t do a long distance relationship. It would be so hard for the both of us,” I explained to her.

“You’ll never know until you try. Why decide it so sudden? No, I don’t want it,” she snap back at me.

“Because I know that I can’t, so we better end it,” I tried to reassure you.

“I don’t want it! And we’re never gonna end this relationship. You know that we love each other, right? It’s not like we’re still a kid. We’re adult, Jurina. I believe we can make it no matter how long and how far you will go,” Her eyes got teary when she said that. But I was still standing on my opinion.

“Whether you like it or not, I will consider that our relationship ends tonight.” I stood up and gathered my things inside my bag. “Goodbye Rena, I hope you’ll be alright and find someone else who is much better than me.” I smiled and left her on the dining table with our unfinished food.

I could hear her yelling at me, calling my name over and over with her hoarse voice, she was crying for sure. Who wouldn’t? Even I was crying at that night. But I would keep on my decision.

A week later I left Japan with the team I was joining in for the mission. I was sent by my parents and some of my friends. But Rena wasn’t there. Maybe she was still angry. I don’t mind it, the more she angry at me, the more she would easily forget me. That was right... right?

A few months later, I was a bit surprised. When I checked on my email, I found one from Rena. She hadn’t deleted my email address after all this time. And the most shocking part was her to the point message.

-Can’t we be together again, Jurina. I miss you so badly that I can’t forget you since that day. I keep dreaming about you every single night. Jurina, please, let’s rebuild our relationship.-

She said that through her message. I didn’t know what to respond. But I decided on replying her message.

+We can’t Rena. I know I’m the one who is wrong all this time. But I can’t. Maybe I will fix everything if God give me the chance.+

Not long after a vibration coming from my phone.

-God gave you the chance since months ago, it’s just you who didn’t take the chance and didn’t fix anything! You also don’t fix it this time. I’m really disappointed at you, Jurina. I hate you, I do really hate you. I wish for your happiness. Goodbye.-

She was angry. But it was alright.

+I’m sorry Rena. I wish for your happiness as well. Goodbye.+

With that I closed my phone. No other mail came from her. Maybe she really stopped mailing me? Maybe.

But I was wrong. A few months later right on my 24th birthday, I wasn’t expecting recieving a mail from her. It was surprising as well.

-Happy birthday Jurina. I wish you all the best.-

It was short. But it was enough to brought a smile for me. On my 25th and 26th birthday, I didn’t get any mail from her. actually after that birhtday email, she never sent me any mail. Maybe that was the real goodbye from her.

Back to present...

Maybe I’m the worst person ever. After all this years I’ve been trying to forget her, but I fail it so bad. The first thing that popped up in my mind on the time when I know I would coming back to Nagoya, is to meet Rena again. Even if I would recieve a slap or a punch from her, or worst she wouldn’t even open the door for me.

I excuse myself to my parents. Try to bring back the memories and nostalgic things from this hometown, that’s what I tell them. While in fact, I’m heading to Rena’s house. It’s not far from my house. Since we knew each other in highschool, we always went to school and came home together.

Finally I reach her house. Though some part is renovated, it’s still here and it’s right here. I inhale and exhale deeply a few times. Making myself ready for anything I would face behind that door. I step forward, walking to the door and try to keep my heartbeat on steady. I press the bell near the door and I could hear sound of steps getting closer to the door. I breathe deeply again to prepare myself meeting Rena.

“Welcome,” the voice said after opening the door.

But it’s surprising me to see that it is not Rena who opens the door. I don’t remember she live with anyone. She lived alone back in high school, that was why I could easily come to her house and do whatever we wanted in her house. But this  person, who is she?

“Can I help you, Miss?” the woman asks.

“Oh, um, can I meet Matsui Rena-san?”

“Matsui Rena? Hm, I never hear that name, I’m sorry, maybe you got a wrong address.” The woman bowed.

Before I leave, a man coming out from the house and asks the woman,”What’s the matter, honey?” oh, I presume that he’s her husband.

“This person is looking for Matsui Rena-san,” the woman answers.

“Yes, sir. My friend named Matsui Rena used to live here 3 years ago,” I explain.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I don’t know about that name. But I bought this house 2 years ago from someone named Nakanishi Yuka. Maybe she knew about the previous owner of this house,” the kind man answers. So she have moved from here. I thought this seeking thing would be short, but I guess it will be longer than I expected. And Nishishi, she sold this house?

“Thank you for your information, sir. It really helps me,” I bow then decide to go.

It’s 4 in the afternoon. I sit on a bench of a park where we usually played and met up for our date back then. It was full of memories. The scenery, the wind and even the bench. Nothing change except I’m alone this time, unlike the past.

At that time...

“I don’t get it why you like this place so much, Rena.” I said while looking at her feature from the side. She was glistenning in the twilight here in this bench.

“Because I can see the sun sets from here since this place is higher, it’s beautiful,” she said dreamily. She turned her head to me and said,”Don’t you think it’s beautiful?”

“No,” I shook my head.

“Eh? Why?” she turned sadly.

“Because you’re far more beautiful than whatever you think it’s beautiful,” I grinned widely at her.

“You and your cheesy line. But yeah, I know I’m beautiful,” both of us laugh. The most beautiful memory I could remember.

Back to present...

Maybe I have to ask Nishishi about it. I can’t keep it forever. I scroll down the contacts on my phone to find Nishishi’s number and called her.


“Nishishi, it’s me, Jurina,”

“Jurina? Oh my God. It’s been a long time! How are you?” Nishishi sounds cheerful in the other line.

“I’m doing good. I’m in Nagoya right now, I arrived yesterday,” I answer her.

“What? You’re already in Nagoya? Wow, finally huh? Anyway, what’s up?” she asks.

“Um, do you know where is Rena right now? I visited her house but the new owner said that they bought the house two years ago from you.”

“Yeah, right. Rena asked for my help to sell her house. But I’m really sorry Jurina. I don’t know anything about her after that. I heard that she came back to her parents house. Some of our friends said that she’s still in Nagoya. But I don’t know since I moved to Tokyo not long after selling her house,” Nishishi says.

“Oh, is that so? I guess it can’t be helped then.” I sigh in defeat. “Thanks Nishishi,” after saying goodbye I hang up the call.

I sigh again. I don’t know how would I meet her again. I actually want to give her a surprise by appear suddenly in front of her. But I guess I can’t do that because she’s nowhere to be found right now. I lost of her track. The only and the last way is to mail her and ask her to meet up. Will she reply my message? Now that’s the problem.  I won’t give her a call as well. It would be super awkward for me. I can’t!

I flip my phone on my hand. Mail her, don’t mail her, call her, don’t call her? What should I really do at this very moment? Now I wish I never ask for a break up with her that time. I bet she’s already move on with her life. Maybe she doesn’t want to meet me anymore, and if I meet her she would become really angry, or whatever she would do to me.

The sky turns dark. It’s getting late. I guess I should go back home and I guess I would looking for her tomorrow. I’ll searching for her everywhere, every corner of this town. If she is really still in Nagoya, I’m sure I will find her however.


It has been 2 weeks and I still don’t have a glimpse of clue about Rena and her whereabout. Should I finally give up? I shouldn’t , right? Maybe this is the way she take a revenge on me. Yeah, I’m sure I do deserve that. After all this years she must be suffering because of my stupid action. If only she knew that I still love her until this moment. But I guess she doesn’t, she only knows that I’m a selfish and stubborn bastard who left her 3 years ago for an unclear reason.

I take a train to go home. My searching is ended today. I’m tired and lost much of energy today. But I can’t just leave it like that, I have to find her no matter what. Even if it’s just for a minute, I want to apologize to her about my stupidity that time. And if she let me, I would us to make it up and rebuild our relationship. Silly, huh? She was begging for it that time, and now I’m the one who want it so badly. I can’t be more ridiculous than this.

The announcer tell us about the next station. It’s still 2 stations away to my destination, home. It’s a bit crowd today and I’m struggling to keep my balance standing between many people. The train stop in the station and some people coming in. Heck, it’s getting a bit too tight here, but at least I can keep on standing on my feet.

“Ouch, you step on my foot!” I yelled in pain.

“Ow, I’m so sor..ry, Ju-Jurina?” the well-known voice is greeting me. Oh my God, this can’t be!

“Rena? Rena is that you?” I blurt uncontrolably. Too much happiness that I’m overwhelming.

She smiles kindly at me, the action I’ve never imagined she would throw at me after all this years. I was expecting to get a slap or a punch or maybe she would spit on my face. But no, she’s just too kind to do that thing, isn’t she?

“It’s been a while,” she says.

“Yeah, it’s been ages,” I say and she laugh at my words.

“You come back to Nagoya, since when?” she asks.

“2 weeks ago, I visited your old house but found out that you have moved.” I say to her. Honestly I’m sad to say that. It was the hurtful moment when I found that she have moved from that house.

“Yeah, I have moved,” she smiles.

“Hey, let’s eat. I’m hungry actually. Come on, my treat,” I assure her.

She nodded and finally stop at my destination station. We enter a small ramen shop and order two bowls of ramen. It’s fun to have a meal with someone you love, right? Even if you’re not together with her anymore. But still you’ll still remember about her favorite.

“You never change after all. The spicy things would always be your favorite beside melon pan, am I right?” I tease her. Trying to lighten the situation.

She chuckles,”Are you playing ‘I know about you’ game, now?”

“No, it’s just...remind me about many things,” I say.

The ramen come in front of our face and we happily eat it till the last bit. Indeed, it’s the most delicious ramen I have ever eaten. Or maybe because I’m eating it with Rena and it’s our sa called reunion meal? I don’t know, it’s just taste special.

“I’m full. Thanks for the meal, Jurina.” She says.

“Don’t mention it,” I smile back at her.

We sit for a little bit longer and because of my aim finally come true and I meet her flesh and blood here, I will utter the most important part about this searching thing.

“Rena, I want to be honest with you,” I start. I get her attention as she look up at me with her curious eyes. “I...actually have been searching for you all this time since I step my feet in Nagoya. I’ve been in almost every corner of this town to look for you. Now that I meet you in person, I want to say sorry,” I look down on my feet. I’m not brave enough to meet her eyes.

“If it’s about 3 years ago, don’t worry, I have forgiven you even without you ask for it,” she says. I look up at her and find her smiling at me. Is she really mean what she said?

“Really? Wow, I never expect that. I also thought that you would slap me, kick me or spit on my face if I meet you.” I say.

“Am I that mean? No, it’s okay. Let’s just forget about the past. We can still be friends, right?” she say it nonchalantly.

Huh? Friends? Did she just say friends? I was about to ask her to be my girlfriend again, but...

“Yeah, right. We can still be friends,” I smile bitterly, maybe she knows it really well that I want to be more than friends.

“I’m sorry Jurina, we can’t be more than friends anymore,” she holds my hand, caressing it in a soothing way.

I can’t hold my tears anymore, unconsciously my tears fall freely on my cheeks, down to the table and makes it wet. I don’t know why, but it is worst than being kicked or slapped by her. It’s truly hurt right inside my heart, it is stabbed by her simple word.

“I know it, I shouldn’t ask for a break up back then. I was so stupid to not believe in you. I was so stupid letting the chance slipped away from my grip that time. You’re right, I got the chance but I didn’t fix anything. Damn it, you were so damn right! And I feel horrible right now,” I cry. I don’t care if people turn their heads to look at me and laugh at me, but I just want my words reach Rena’s heart.

Rena pats my head. Very comfortable that I want her to pats my head forever. After 3 years, this little action even feels precious, maybe this will be the last time she would do this to me.

“It’s okay, don’t blame yourself,” she says comforting me. How can I not blame myself? Everything is my fault after all.

After remorsing about everything in front of Rena, the cry finally subsiding. After feeling better, Rena asks us to go home. I send her to the station by walking there. Along the way, we involve in some conversation.

“Why are you moving, by the way?” I ask.

She takes her time to think about it before answering my question. “My parents died 2 years ago. I had to go back to their house and accompanied my sister, Non-chan,” she trails as she drinks the lemon juice. Because she raises her hand, I notice something in her ring finger.

“That ring...” I mutter under my breathe, but she notices and hears me.

“I’m married,” she says without laying her eyes on me. “If only we meet a little earlier,” she sighs.

I gasp at the fact that Rena, the girl beside me, the girl that I always think about, the girl that I love, now is a married woman. It’s like a thunder hit me right inside mmy heart. Everything is so full of surprise, isn’t it. I stop my track, as well as she,“Wh-when?”

“Last year, I married-“

“No, don’t tell me anything about him, I’m sure I can’t stand it,” I laugh wryly while she only smiles at me. We continue to walk. I almost shed my tears for the second time tonight, but I have to hold it as strong as I can. I can’t let her sees my tears again.

“You’re funny, but you have to know that he’s a good man. You don’t need to worry about me,” she taps my shoulder.

Finally we reach the station. It’s hard to step on this station.

“We still have 30 minutes untill the next train arrived, we should have been a little longer on the way and walk slowly like a snail,” she jokes. I laugh at her joke. She’s really doesn’t mind and being freely talk with me after everything I have done to her.

We decide to wait by sitting on the waiting room. We chat about many things, reminiscing about our high school time and high school friends. Remember about our silliness while skipping school just to go to a game center and played there all day until the night came.

“That was stupid. And we got scolded the day after,” I laugh at the memory along with her.

I glance at my phone, it’s 15 minutes left. The sadness come again. I don’t know since when I become a cry-baby like this.

“Hey,Jurina, do you remember Airin and Churi?” she asks.

“Of course, that otaku girl and bird girl from our class, why do you ask?”

“They are married,” I choked on my drink. “Hey, easy there,” she laugh at me.

“Like, seriously? When?” I ask.

“Umm, I guess it was 2 years ago,” she answers.

I become dumbstruck by that statement. They married, but I don’t know that they have those romantic intention back in highschool. Rena tells me that they even dated on each other far more earlier than us. Maybe it’s just me that didn’t notice it at all, since Rena looks all happy and smiling while she was telling this story to me.

10 minutes left.

“Umm, Rena, please accompany me to the toilet, I’ve got to pee,” I stand up and soon followed by her. I walk faster, I really have to go to toilet and pee.


By the time we reach the toilet, I drag Rena inside one of the cubicles and locked the door. I launched myself to Rena and trap her in a tight embrace.

“Jurina, you startled me,” she chuckles and hugs me back. I cry again, sobbing right on her shoulder.

“Let me be selfish and have you for this last 10 minutes Rena, after the time’s over, you can go forever with your husband. I won’t disturb your life again, I promise,” I say as I tighten my embrace. She soothes my back and hugs me tight as well. I have to remind this warm from her body, since it would be the first after 3 years and the last forever.

Without letting her go, I pull out my phone and see the time. Less than 3 minutes left.

I put my phone back to my pocket before let go of her from my embrace,“Rena, I’m sorry.”

After warn her, I pull Rena’s face closer to mine and steal a kiss from her. A deep kiss. A desperate kiss I share with her. It usde to be lovely when we were together, but it feels hurtfully sweet, if that’s even possible. I tilt my head to deepen the kiss, holding the back of her head with one hand and another hand holding her waist. Meaning to keep her not pull out the kiss, trapping her with my strength.

But then again, I’m surprise that she doesn’t stop the kiss. She clutches tightly on my body and I could even feel her tongue invaded into my mouth. Hurtfully sweet, kissing the girl that I love who’s already married with another man. Tasting the cherry taste of her lips collided with mine couldn’t be more sweet than this.

We pull out from the kiss, her face is red. But she isn’t angry, she smiles at me. “Silly, you can ask for a kiss if you really want to, I would give it to you sincerely from the bottom of my heart,” she states as it was the most common thing to do.

“But I guess it’s almost the time I have to go home,” she says.

I glance at my phone for the last time. Right, 1 minute left. I grab her hand and hold it tightly heading to the train.

“I can’t lie that I still love you, but we can’t be together. I have a super kind man who willingly to do anything for me to keep my smile and protect me. He’s just too perfect to be leave just like that,” she trails as we keep on walking.

The train is coming closer, the sound could be heard now. A few seconds more.

“I do love you too, and I never can let you go just like this. I’m sure I will mess up your life and your family if I’m still near you.” She laugh as I saythat and carressing her hand with mine. “I guess this is a forever goodbye, but I will still remember you forever. Because you’re special,” I look at her eyes.

“I know that,” she responds. She hugs me again, for the very last time. The train came and stop in front of us.

“Goodbye Rena, send my regards to your husband,” I kiss her forehead.

“Goodbye Jurina. I will make sure Yuki-kun accept your regards.” She smiles. “Oh, this baby inside my tummy too,” again she gives me a heart attack.

I carress her tummy and says a goodbye to the baby. “I hope you live a good life with my lovely Rena, you lucky baby,” Rena laughs. Her laughs. This will be the last laugh I hear from her, too.

She waves her hand and walks to to the train. The door of the train closes. She keep waving on me and mouthed a ‘Goodbye’ and ‘I love you’ through the transparent glass. I reply by mouthing the same words. I could see she cries but keep on smiling. I sighs again. Today is surprisingly short isn’t it? But I will cheerish this time to the entire of my life. The memories about me and my lovely girl.

I never thought before that 3 years will change many things. Rena moved from her old house because her parents died, she got married last year, and now she’s pregnant. Just how many surprises will appear if I go longer? Rena gave birth a child? I chuckle on my own thought.

But I guess, it can’t be helped. If only I never travel around the world, or never dumped her that day, or say yes when she ask me to come back. If only... But the time will never walk back, it’s too late. I just have to face the truth and the future.

I hope that Yuki guy will protect my Rena and makes her happy. If she’s not happy, I’m gonna be the one who will kill him. I’m serious about it!

10 years later...

“Hahaha, I know it, she’s already a stubborn girl since our highschool time. Didn’t know that she will be like that after this while. Aren’t you just too old already?”

“Who do you call old, old woman? Look! You already have a daughter and a son, while I just have a daughter,” I said irritatingly hearing the comment of my ex.

The two other people just smiling sheepishly looking at our behavior. And the kids look boring looking at their parents debating over silly things. This is the very first time we meet after that memorable night. Surprisingly, my wife is Yuki’s cousin and after persuade me to finally meet Rena and her familiy, here we are reuniting. But it isn’t the same situation like 10 years ago. It’s warmer and the feeling isn’t tense, it’s carefree and familiar.

“Ren-kun, Juri-chan, go play with Aeri-chan on the backyard, becareful okay,” the tall man shoves the kids to the backyard to play. And they nod happily and run right away after his command.

“Yes, papa!” the two older kids yelled and bring my little angel along with them. “Come on, Aeri-chan, let’s play!”

And the kids go playing whatever they can play. My wife and Rena walk to the kitchen and say that they would cook for us. I come near Yuki-san.

“Hey, Yuki-san, right?” I call him. He turns his head and looks at me with a wide smile.

“Yes, Jurina-san,”

I look at the happy kids. “Are you and Rena happy all this years?”

He stands beside me and looking at the kids as well,”I’m always happy to be with her, and I always try to make her happy as well,” he turns to see me and look at me. “I have tried my best.”

“Have you made her cry? Have you disapointed her?” I blurt more wuestions at him. Being the protective I am.

“Not even once, Jurina-san,” he looks at me with his kind eyes.

“Good,” I avert my gaze from him but he’s still looking at me with his creepy smile. “Stop looking at me, and you’re looking down at me, you tall, handsome, lucky guy!” I snap at him and he laughs hard at me.

“What about my lovely cousin? You never hurt her, right? I will kill you if you make her cry even once,” he clenches his fist near his face while keep on smiling with his creepy smile. I told you, he’s creepy!

“No! I love her with all my heart, I will never have a glimpse of mind to hurt her. Mayu is the mother of our daughter, Aeri. She already give me many things, happiness, love, she’s just so great,” I dreamily say that.

“Good,” he lands his right hand on my shoulder. “I guess we could be good brothers, don’t you think?” he glances at me and wiggling his eyebrow. His eyes makes me shivering

“Let me go!” I snatch his hand. “I’m a girl! I can’t be your brother!” I slap his arms.

“Hey,hey, stop arguing, guys. Come on, let’s eat!” My wife call us.

“Kids, let’s eat,” Yuki-san and I call them in unison.

“Yes, Papa!” “Yes, Daddy!” the kids answer and come inside the house.

“See, you’re the guy! We can be brothers,” he opens his arms like he’s going to hug me.

I ignore him and stick out my tongue at him.

We eat the food our wives have cooked. Never been this delicious, maybe because of the family atmosphere. It’s really great. I see everyone chitchatting and eat togehter happily.

I can’t deny my love for Rena never change, but maybe it turn out to be more sisterly way since I love Mayu after all. The one who brought me out from the darkness that I couldn’t move on from Rena at that time. But she patiently and sincerely help me to forget about Rena. Because of her, I can have the feeling to be loved after a long time. I open my heart for her and finally married. And this Aeri-chan is our adopted daughter. We love her like our own daughter. She’s the complement of our relationship.

Thank you Rena, for being in my past. Thank you Yuki-san, for protecting my Rena. And thank you Mayu and Aeri, two people who delightfully be by my side all this time. Thank you for mom and dad who give me the chance to live in this wonderful life.


Thank you... See you in another world  :thumbsup :jphip:
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Is so sad but happy at the same
Title: Re: The After Event (wMatsui+Yuki+Mayu OS)
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Mid term test ahead, but there's no courage for me to study.
In the end I write this short story.
Sorry if it's not good....

A Courage

Next week is mid term test week. Matsui Jurina, our new college student will experience it for the very first time since it is her first year. But, one of the problem is she lost her will to study. She feels tired. This whole week is the worst, there are lots of task she needs to finish so she will be able to join the mid term test, and it is not easy at all.

“Aah... Public relation is hard. Why the hell did I choose this major to study...” she mumbles by herself.

Remember it, she smiles, of course it is because this certain someone is studying in the same major. She remembers how silly she was when begging to study there.

“I wonder how she could manage it. She was a quite person and studying in Public Relation major is a bit... Aaaah.... I need to study!”

Right, Matsui Rena was a total quite person when Jurina met her in highschool. A charming senior who succesfully steals her heart since the very first time their eyes meet up until now. Cliche, but that’s how it is.

Jurina starts to open her note (she copied from her friend), she needs to re-read everything since she often fall asleep or just simply doesn’t really pay attention of anything even if she never skip any class.

She starts to read... First page, second page, third page....

“Aaah... What the hell is this?! I don’t understand!” she throws the note to the floor. She rolls on her bed, covers her face with a pillow and yells. She’s helpless.

“This is bad!” she looks for her phone and makes a call.

“Rena-chan! This is an emergency, come to my house now, I need your help!”

That is the quickest call she has ever made with Rena. Not even a single word spoke by Rena. She’s waiting in her room, hoping for Rena to come quickly. About 10 minutes, her door is banging by Rena. She runs to the front door.

“Rena-chan!” she launches herself to Rena. Some sniffing sounds coming out from her.

“Wh-what’s wrong Jurina? You make me worry, is there a thief?” Rena hugs Jurina while looks around Jurina’s house.

Jurina shakes her head.

“So what? Your mom? Something happen with your mom?” Rena asks.

Jurina shakes her head again.

“Tell me, Jurina,” Rena pushes Jurina’s body.

“I can’t understand anything when I will have mid term test,” Jurina cries.

Rena smacks Jurina’s head.

“Emergency you said?!” hot... anger flame emits from Rena.

Jurina cries again.

“Of course it is, what if I can’t pass the test and have to drop out from the college because my grades are bad?”

The anger flame suddenly stop emits from Rena. After some arguments, Rena agrees to help Jurina study.
Rena then helping Jurina study. She explains everything slowly so Jurina can understand it.


“Time out, time out...” Jurina said before scratching her own head.

“T-time out?”

“I need to- *growl*”

Rena laughs, “What do you want to eat?”

“I have some instant ramen, let’s take a break,” Jurina smiles.

Rena looks at the clock, it’s already two hours so she agrees to take a break. They go to the kitchen. Jurina pulls out two cups of instant ramen, Rena helps to pour the hot water inside the cup. It will be ready after three minutes, so...

“Rena-chan...” Jurina hugs Rena from behind, her hands circling around Rena’s waist. “Thanks for coming,” she rests her head on Rena’s shoulder.

Rena pats Jurina’s heads and ruffles her hair before turns to face Jurina. She smiles lovingly, caressing Jurina’s cheek. Jurina smiles back as she leans closer to take a sneaky kiss from Rena, but Rena pinches Jurina’s cheek.

“Ouch ouch... Rena-chan, let go!” Jurina cries

“You stupid monster, don’t kiss me after what you did to me today. You made me rush, what if something happen to me?!”

“I’m sorry, okay? I swear I would never do it to you again,” Jurina says while rubbing her cheek. She looks down on her feet.

Rena makes Jurina looks at her and swiftly kisses her lips for a second. Then she sits down to eat her ramen.

“Not gonna eat?” Rena asks to the stiffen Jurina.

“I’m gonna eat you,” Jurina teases.

“Not before you understand all subjects," Rena sticks her tongue out to Jurina.

"Oh, you know I will, Rena-chan...."

And they live happily ever after, LOL.
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Yeaaay Renshucan's backk with os wmatsui
More wmatsui or more pair with jurina

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Such a great sempai
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i just read kokoro no chalkboard. its first time i read jurimilky fanfic  :lol: and its fun author san  :twothumbs :cow: waiting for more jurimilky fanfic  XD
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I write a short fic in the end, this morning, I don't know... The pair that catches my interest lately :lol:


It was one fine day for Mukaichi Mion have a walk around the capital city of Japan. Mion, that was how she prefered to be called, wasn't a loner or an introvert like some people might conclude.

Well, she enjoyed being with herself a lot. Going around the city, enjoying sight seeing, exploring new places all by herself. With a digital camera, she took pictures of every rare moment she caught. Either it was flowers, old buildings, animals, and also human interactions.

Yup. She really enjoyed watching people around her. Parents and their kids, schoolmates, work collgues, old people and lovers. Lovers were the most interesting view for Mion. How they walked hand in hand and being all clingy with each other made her stomach flutter. Maybe because she never felt how love really was, she didn't have any idea.

While walking around, she caught a glimpse of a guy who was leaning his back against the wall in front of a shop. He looked like he was waiting for someone as he played with her phone and once in a while he looked to the left and right. He looked nice with his blonde hair. And that face feature. Also that nice clothing. Mion shook her thought of that guy.


Mion didn't understand why suddenly she raised her camera and took his photo. Suddenly the guy looked at her direction.

"Crap! I forgot to shut the flash off,"

Mion saw the guy walked to her direction. She cursed her feet for not moving. She was stood there like a statue.

"That's rude, taking pictures without a permission," the guy said.

Without talking, he took Mion's camera, looking what she took just now. And as he expected, it was his picture.

"T-taking someone's camera without asking their permission is rude, too," Mion retorted.

The guy laughed at her. He gave back the camera to her,"You're a good photographer. Well, I don't mind it, you can save it," he smiled at Mion.

Mion felt her stomach made some weird motion as her face felt hot. She averted her eyes from the guy while muttering a low thanks.


"My name's Mogi Shinobu, what's yours?"

So blunt. It was the first time someone introduced themselves and asking for her name after a rude moment of hers. The guy still offer his hand in front of her, waiting for a handshake. Mion grabbed his hand and introduced herself.

"Mukaichi Mion,"

They smiled at each other without letting go their hands. No one dared. No one wanted to let go of it. It was too fast to let go. It was too warm to let it slip off of their hands.

"Buu-chan..." The guy turned his head and smile.

The warmth disapppeared from Mion's hand. Someone waved at Mogi as he waved back.

"It's nice to meet you, Mukaichi-san. But, I guess I have the clue to go," Mogi with a bit of disappointed face said.

"Un," Mion nodded. Mogi walked to the girl who called his name. But Mion stopped his steps.

"A-ano... Can we... Can we meet again?!" Mion half yelled at him because of the distance.

Mogi smiled as he nodded his head and waved at Mion. Somehow, Mion felt happy. She would really waiting for the time they meet again. Mion saw Mogi walked with the girl. The girl looked clingy to him as he circled her arms around Mogi's arms, clutching onto it real tight. 

"Maybe they're lovers,"


Mion's thought followed by a rolling liquid on her cheeks.


Sooo... How was it? Hope you enjoy my first time writing Mogion XD

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but.....renshuchan san.....
will they meet again??
continuee pleasee...
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What a fic!-,-
What the... Why you hang up the story?>O<
You should make Mogi dating Mion, then they married, have many kids, and life happily ever after-,-
What kind of ending is this? T^T
Poor Mion T^T
Now I demand a sequel, continuation, or whatever is it called-,-

But I love your first MogiMion fic~
Thanks for kindly make this fic despite your 'tight schedule', Ren-chaaaaaan~
Gonna wait your another work, patiently^^
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Oiiii! This is my first time reading MogiMion. And it's sad. :(

Please add another part! :depressed: