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Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) [COMPLETED]
Post by: nguyen23 on August 15, 2015, 04:02:01 AM
Hello everyone, this is a new fic. It just pops in my head. Hope you guys like this.  :D

Part 1

In a small town outskirt Tokyo

At night

Minami’s POV

My name is Takahashi Minami. I’m a math teacher in a small middle school in the town. I live a very peaceful life here. I like to me by myself. I rarely contact with people around me, so I don’t have a lot of friends just some childhood friends. My students see me as an old, lonely, unfriendly, and cold teacher. Actually, I’m only 25 years old

Here I'm sitting in a family restaurant. Today, I have an appointment with my childhood friend.

Opposite me is him, Oshima Yuu. He is a house agent. Next to him is his wife, Kojima Haruna. She is the owner of a coffee shop in this town.

"Hey Bakamina, I don't know why did you want to come back to this town and work in a small school like that." Yuu said

"Hey stop calling me like that" I said to him

"I call you that because you are an idiot. You graduated from a famous university in Tokyo as a top and honor student. You are the youngest student in the whole university received a master's degree in business major. A lot of companies want you to work for them. A lot of offers passed to you. However, you denied all of them just to come back here. With your talent, even the biggest company in Tokyo, I think you will become a CEO in no time." Yuu said

Once again he nagging about doesn’t understand why I'm back to this town while I have a master's degree.

I sigh

"I returned here because I like countryside." I answer shortly

He just sighs and cannot say anything.


In the forest near the town

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

A girl runs with all her mind to escape from a group of men

“Catch her, don’t let her escape” A man shouts

She runs as fast as she could while looking back to see if they are still after her. Suddenly she accidently trips and fall.

In the town

Minami’s POV

After talking with them I walk back to my house. I don’t know why he keeps on nagging about that.

"What is not good about this place?" I thought to myself

"The air is fresh, the wind is very cool. Around here is so silent too." I said and enjoy the weather.

“Maybe, today I could change my way to go home” I thought

Then I turn and walk to the lake near the forest to take some fresh air

Suddenly, I hear some noise comes from the forest. I slowly walk to the sources of the noise. I see a young girl lying on the ground. Quickly I rush to her. I pull her into my arm and rest her head on my knee. Then I feel something wet on her head.

"Blood" I thought in surprise

"What happened to her?" I panicky thought

"Miss, miss, are you ok?" I call her but she doesn't respond.

I was so scared. I check to see if she is still breathing. I sigh in relief. She is still alive. Because it is already almost midnight and very late, I carry her back to my home. When I reached my home, I put her on my bed and go to take the medical box to take care of her wounds.

I bring some warm water to clean her wound on her head. It seems very serious

"What is really happened to you?" I thought while cleaning her wound

After cleaning up and bandaged her wound on her head, now I can see clearly her face. She looks so young. Maybe, she is about 19 or 20 years old. She is so cute. Her face looks like an angel. I don't know why but her face mesmerizes me. It makes me to look at more and more. I cannot stop looking at her.

Suddenly, her eyelids move. She opens her eyes and looks directly at me. Her eyes are big and the black orbs are so beautiful. Now, I really cannot take my eyes of her eyes.

However, I then snap out of my thought when she sudden moves.

"Ah, I....I'm not a bad guy. I saw you..." unable to finish my words she sits up and hugs me tightly.

"Miss, are you ok? Do you need me to call a police for you" I ask her in worry tone.

"Papa, Papa" She calls me

"Eehhh, Papa?" I shout in surprise

I push her out and ask her

"Who do you call papa?"

"You, you are my papa" She said and smiles innocently.

"Eehhhh!! What are you saying?" I shout in shock once again

Unfortunately, she seems to be startled because of my shout. She starts crying.

"What happened....hix...did I... did something wrong?” She chokes

“What should I do now? What shout I do now?" I thought in panic

She cries harder and harder. I have no choice. I hug her and pat her back

"Ssshhh....I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I shouldn't shout at you like this. So stop crying ok" I said to her and she nods

Then I pull her out and look directly at her eyes

"I'm not your papa. My name is Takahashi Minami. I think our age is not different so much. You can either call me Minami oor Takamina" I slowly and gently said to her

"Do you understand?" I ask her

However she still looks at me with those teary eyes. Her look is so innocent.

"Do you understand what I said?" I said again but slower

She slowly nods

"Good girl" I pats her head and she smiles

Her smile is so cute and bright. It likes the sun shine

"What is your name?" I ask her

"What is your name?" she asks me back

"I said, what is your name?" I said again

"I said, what is your name?" she repeats my words again then she tilts her head aside

"What is wrong with that girl?" I thought to myself

"Don't tell me the wound on her head make her like this" I thought and sigh

I try to ask her one more time

"Miss, tell me what is your name? Your name?" I ask her and emphasize the words

"Name?" she looks at me with innocent eyes and scratches her head.

"Ugh...what a troublesome. What should I do to her now?" I thought and scratch my head.

She seems to notice my strange action. She calls me


I look at her and sigh

"She just confirm that she understand my words moment ago"

"Look, I'm not your father. Just call me takamina or Minami" I said again

"" she hesitantly calls me
"Yes" I said and smile to her

Seeing me smile, she smiles back at me with her brightest smile

"Minami" she calls me again

"Yes" I said

She smiles again

"Minami" she calls me again

"What did she want" I thought annoyingly.

"Yes." I answer but in different tone

Then she smiles again

"Minami" she calls me again

"Ugh... I reach my limit." I thought


"What do you want?" don’t let her finish her word; I raise my voice and ask her

"Oh no" I thought to myself

Seem like because I raise my voice, she is about to cry again

"I'm sorry for raising my voice at you. However, if you call someone, you have to have something to talk to that person." I explain to her

"Do you understand" I ask her, and she nods again

"I hope she really understand" I thought

Then I notice something shiny on her neck. I take a closer look. That is a necklace with a letter “A” on it. Maybe the first letter in her name is A. I close my eyes and thought for a little. Then I got an idea.

"Why don't I call her Acchan?"

Then I open my eyes and look at her. She still sits there and stares at me with confused look

"From now on, I will call you Acchan, ok" I said

"A...Acchan?" She seems to don't get it

"Your name from now on will be Acchan. I will call you Acchan, and you will call me Minami" I slowly explain to her.

"Do you get it now?" I ask her, and she nods again

"I hope so" I exhaustedly thought.

"Minami" she calls me
"Not again" I sigh

"Yes, Acchan" I answer, and she smiles

"My name is Acchan, your name is Minami." She happily said

"Thank goodness she finally understands a little" I thought and sigh in relief

Then I hear some noise like stomach growl. I look at her, and she looks at her stomach

"Are you hungry?" I ask her

"Hungry?" She asks

"Do you want to eat something?" I ask her slowly while using my hands to show her the meaning of eating

She smiles and nods

I stand up and extend my hand to help her stand up

"Come on, let go to the kitchen. I will get you some food." I said

"Food, food, food," she mumbles

That is the only word she said on the way to the kitchen

Because I go out with Yuu, I didn't cook anything. I take out some rice, eggs, and other ingredients. I make her omelet rice. After I'm done, I put the dish in front of her.

"Eat it" I said and give her a spoon

She smiles and starts eating the food. She looks very happy when eating. Suddenly she is choking. I quickly rush to the kitchen to take some water for her. I give it to her and pat her back

"Eat slowly" I said, and she nods

After she finishes all her food, I take the dish to the kitchen and wash it. When I come out, she already falls asleep on the table. I shake my head and carry her back to my guest room. Luckily, I have a spare room. I put her on my bed and cover her with a blanket. When I'm about to leave, she opens her eyes and looks at me.

"Where are you going?" She asks me

"I go back to my room to sleep" I said to her

"No, I don't want to stay here alone." she said

"Sleep here. I'm just in the room next to you. Not far." I said

"No, I don't want too." She pouts

"Stop that pouting and sleep" I use serious tone to said to her.

I really tired now. I don't have enough energy to play with her anymore. I have to go to school early tomorrow.

She seems to notice that I'm angry. She slowly lies down and pulls the blanket to cover her body until the top of the head like she is mad at me. I sigh

"Do whatever you want" I thought and close the door

At midnight

When I am sleeping, I feel something snuggle in my blanket. I sit up and turn the light on. I see her again. She hugs me

"What are you doing here?" I said annoyingly

"Go back to your room now." I raise my voice

"No," she said and hugs me tight

"Acchan!!" I raise my voice

She lets go of me. She sits up and looks at me. Now that I notice, her eyes are all red. I can see her hands are shaking. She looks like a little puppy just was abandoned by it owner. She slowly steps down from my bed.

"I'm sorry" she shakily said and leaves

Somehow I feel my heart tighten when seeing her like that.

"Wait" I hold her hand and said.

Her hand is very cold

"Why did you come to my room? Are you crying?" I asks

She looks down

"Tell me what happened?" I lift her face up and ask her

"I cannot sleep. I'm afraid of the dark. That is so scary." She said and sobs

"How about I turn on the light for you?" I said

"No, don't leave me alone. I'm scared" she said and cries

"Ssshhh....ok, ok." I hug her and pat her back

"So, you want to sleep here?" I ask her, and she nods

"Ok, I will let you sleep here. But only for today, tomorrow you have to learn to sleep by yourself, ok?" I said to her

Finally she smiles and nods

“Now, let’s get on the bed and sleep. I have to work early tomorrow.” I said and leads her to the bed

She climbs on the bed and snuggle closer to me. I can even feel her breath on my neck

“Now, how am I supposed to sleep?” I painfully sighs

“I hope that I’m able to stay awake during my class” I thought and slowly fall in sleep because of tiredness

End Minami’s POV

In Tokyo

In a very big mansion

“Did you find her?” A man said while hugging his crying wife

“We still cannot find Oujo-sama everywhere.” An old man in butler suit said

“I ordered you to go and pick her up. I told you clearly that she is not familiar with Japan. Why did you let this happen?” The man angrily said

“Sorry master, I will call more people to look for her.” The butler bows and said

“Honey, what should we do now? She just came back here from New York. Now she is missing. Maybe we should call the police” the woman cries and said

“Calm down honey, we will call but not openly. I don’t want it to turn into a big commotion.” He said

“Koji, call Jun for me. He is the Chief of Police. He will be able to help us to find her” the man said

“Yes sir” the butler said and bows


Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 1 15/08/15
Post by: purnamazaki on August 15, 2015, 04:54:41 AM
author-san I really liked all the fanfic you please continue to update okay
 :bow: :twothumbs
Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 1 15/08/15
Post by: cisda83 on August 16, 2015, 06:54:07 AM
Interesting twist...

Is atsuko the Oujosama that went missing?

If she was in US then isn't she acting too much like a child than adult?

Who were the one that run after Atsuko?

What's going on?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the new fic

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Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 1 15/08/15
Post by: sadrilim on August 16, 2015, 01:31:38 PM
This story is very interesting.

Hope you update soon.
Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 1 15/08/15
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I agree with others about interesting story..  :roll:
Hope to read more of it..  :)
Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 1 15/08/15
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An Interesting story :D
Good job author-san
Update soon :D
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you know what, minami is really cool in this story and I'm looking forward a new update :D
Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 2 22/08/15
Post by: nguyen23 on August 22, 2015, 01:12:25 AM
@purnamazaki: Thank you for liking my fic!  :D

@cisda83: Thank you for reading my fic!  :D

@sadrilim: Thank you for reading my fic!  :D

@black_maa: Thank you for reading my fic!  :D

@AI712: Thank you for reading my fic!  :D

@kazuko: Thank you for reading my fic!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  XD

Here is part 2  :)

Part 2

In the small town

In the morning 

Minami’s POV

I slowly open my eyes. I startle when I see a pair of eyes looking at me.

“Ah...ah..what is it?” I shout and push myself away from that


Because of that I lose my balance and fall on the floor. Then I remember that last night Acchan came to my room to sleep. I sit up and rub my head.

“What are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask her with annoying tone.

“I woke up, but I don’t know what to do. Therefore I sit and wait for you to wake up.” She innocently said

I sigh

“Next time, don’t ever do that again, you can give me a heart attack because of that.” I said and stand up

Then I notice the clock near me. It is 8:00 am.

“What?? It is already 8:00. Why did my alarm not ring?” I shout in surprise

“You mean the very loud and noisy sound that woke me up?” She asks me and acts as the sound is very terrible

“It did ring?” I ask her, and she nods

“What did you do?” I ask her

“It is so annoying. I’m afraid that you will be woken up by that. Then I decided to turn it off but don't know how. Therefore I put it under the pillow to silent it” She said

“I want to scream out loud right now. My peaceful life, I want it back.” I shout in my mind and rush to change my clothes and quickly prepare for school.

I immediately rush out of the house. Before closing the door, I turn around and said to her

“Stay inside, don’t go out alone. I had some food in the fridge. Take it out and eat if you are hungry. Turn on the TV if you are bore. I will be back in the evening.”

Then I rush to school.

“I’m going to be late.” I thought while running as fast as I could.

Luckily, I reach the school at the same time with the school bell. I tiredly walk on the hall way

“Yo Takamina, What’s up” someone calls and pats my shoulder.

I turn around to see who that person is

“Mii-chan” I tiredly said

Minegishi Minami, she is my cousin. She is English teacher.

“Wow Takamina, You look like you just work overnight for a week"

The man next to her said

“You could say that, Mario” I effortlessly said

Shinoda Mario, science teacher, Mii-chan’s boyfriend. He is my childhood friend. He older than me though. He is son of the principle of this school.

“What happened?” Mario asks

“I will let you know after school. Now, I have to run. I have early class.” I said and rush to the classroom.

In my classroom

“Good morning sensei.” My students greet me

“Good morning” I said

“Did you prepare for today test?” I ask them

“Yes,” They said in union

“Ok” I said and write the questions on the board

Then I sit in my table

“Is she really ok by herself?” I thought

“I wonder if she knows how to warm the food.”

A lot of thought pass through my mind. Suddenly

“Sensei” I hear the class representative call me

“What? Did you finish your test? What are you doing here?” I said

“Sensei, the bell just rings. I collected all the test here. Are you ok, sensei?” He asks me

“Oh, I’m fine. Good, give me the test.” I said and stand up

Then I clean up my thing and walk out of the room back to the teacher room

In the evening

“Finally, the school is done. What a tiring day. Because of her, I cannot focus on my teaching. The whole day, I just spaced out in every of my classes.” I tiredly sigh

“My students look at me like I’m an alien. That is really embarrassing” I shake my head and keep walking

“Hey, so tell me what make you look like this” Mario pats my back and said

“Let go to my house, you will know” I said

Then Mii-chan and Mario come with me to my house

On our way out of the school

"Hey, Akira,” Mii-chan calls and waves a girl who is walking before us

Akira is also my childhood friend. Though, I rarely talk to her since I move back here. She is also a teacher in this school. She is art teacher.

"Hello Mii-chan, Mario, and Takamina" She greets us.

"Do you want to go to Takamina's house? He has something very interesting to show us." Mii-chan said

"When did I say that is interesting?" I ask her

"Something that can make you look like this is definitely an interesting thing." Mario said and laughs

"That is so true" Mii-chan adds

"You two really are couple" I said and sigh

"Are you ok, Takamina?" Akira asks me

"I'm fine. Don't trust my cousin’s words" I said

Then she joins us to come to my house

“I hope she will not destroy my house.” I thought

When I get near the house, I hear someone voice. I knew that voice

“Yuu?” I thought

I rush inside. While my mind is still processing what happening, I feel someone rush to me and hug me tight

"Minami, I miss you" she said

"Acchan" I call her in surpise

"Acchan???" Mario and Mii-chan shout in shock

"Bakamina, who is this cute girl?" Yuu steps out and said

“Is she your secret lover?” Yuu asks me

"Yuuchan stop joking" Nyan Nyan said

"I just curious" Yuu said

"What happened, Takamina? Is she your..." Mii asks

"Wow, I cannot believe that" Mario said

"Ugh... I want to smack on their heads" I angrily thought

"Ugh, you all shut up" I shout

“She is not my girlfriend or anything” I said

"I just found her in the forest, yesterday." I continue

"Her head is hurt very badly. When I asked her about her name, she didn’t remember anything. Based on her necklace, I named her Acchan" I explain

"I see" everyone said

“Not only doesn’t remember anything, but she also doesn’t know anything. Just like a kid.” I said

“So, that injury on her head might affect some of her brain’s function.” Mario seriously said

“I guess so” I said and nods

"Since she doesn't remember anything, I guess I will let her live here for awhile." I said

"Wah! Takamina, you are so lucky. Being able to live with a cute and beauty girl like this" Yuu said

"So, you want huh Yuu?" Nyan Nyan glares at him

"Of course not, My Nyan Nyan is the cutest" Yuu said and hugs his wife.

"Wait, how can you two get into my house?" I ask him

"She opens the door for us" he said and points to Acchan

"Acchan, why did you open the door for stranger?" I ask her.

"But they said that they knew you" she said and continues drinking something in the glass

However the color of that thing is very weird

“Hey, how can you call us stranger?” Yuu shouts, but I ignore him

"What are you drinking?" I ask her

"Juice, he gave me this." She said and point to Yuu

"Where did you get that, Yuu?" I ask him

"I saw it in the fridge, so I get for her" Yuu said

"That juice is expired. I forgot to throw it away. Why didn't you check it before give it to her" I worriedly said and take the juice away from her.

Seeing me take away the juice, she pouts

"Listen Acchan, you cannot use anything that old ok. It is not good for you." I explain to her, and she nods

"Hey, don't scold me like that. If we did not come here, she will be dead because of hungry." Yuu said

"What do you mean?" I ask

"When she opened the door for us, her face looked very pale. I asked her if she ate anything. She shook her head." Nyan Nyan said

"What! Why didn't you eat anything? Didn't I say that there is some food in the fridge for you to eat?" I ask

"I wait for you to cook for me. The thing that you cooked last night" she said

“You didn’t eat anything from the morning until now?” I ask her

“Yes” she said

"What can I do with her now?" I scratch my head and sigh in defeat

"So did you eat something?" I ask, and she nods

"I bought for her some sushi." Yuu said

"Thank you" I said

"Oh, this is the first time I see my cousin so worry about someone." Mii-chan playfully said

"W...what are you saying?" I stutter

"Why did I stutter?" I thought

"You are stutter. The heart of our lonely and cold Takamina finally awake." Mario said and wipes his fake tear

"You guys shut up. Stop saying nonsense." I shout

“That is truth. You always act cold toward everyone. However she is a different case.” Mii-chan said and giggles at me

Then they all laugh and keep teasing me. I can feel my face really hot right now. I look at her. She is still playing something on my laptop. She smiles while playing. She looks so cute. Then she looks up at me and smiles brightly. I can see crinkle on her nose

*Badump* *Badump* *Badump*

"What happened to me?" I thought and touch my left chest

"Am I really?" I thought

"No, it definitely isn't. I just want to help her that is all." I thought to myself

“Hey, I wonder what really happened to her.” Yuu said

“Uh” Everyone nods

“Why don’t we ask her?” Nyan Nyan said

“Takamina, you said that you found her at the forest right?” Mario asks

“Uh” I nod

Then Mario turns to Acchan

“Acchan, do you remember what happened to you in the forest last night?” he asks her

She looks at him in confused look

“Do you remember that you are in a forest before?” Mii-chan asks her

End Minami’s POV

“Forest? Forest, forest…” Acchan is mumbling

Then suddenly something flash in her head


“Catch her, don’t let her escape.”

“Where is she now?”

“In the forest, let split up and catch her”


Minami’s POV

Acchan is sitting silently and thinking. Suddenly she rushes to me and hide behind me. She holds my shirt tightly. I can feel that her hand is shaking.

“What happened, Acchan?” I turn and look at her

“They chase after me, they chase after me.” She said in terrify tone, and her voice is shaking

“Minami, Minami” she hugs me tight 

“Acchan, calm down, I’m here. No one will harm you.” I said and pat her back

“I guess that is something very terrible. Maybe we shouldn’t ask about that.” Mario said

End Minami POV

Then they sit and talk with each other happily. Unknowingly, there is someone still staying silent and looking at Acchan.

“It is already late. We will go home now, see you later Takamina” Yuu said

“Ok, bye Yuu, Nyan Nyan” Minami said

“We will also leave now” Mario said and stands up

“Ok bye guys” Minami said to them

"I will go with you two" Akira said to Mii-chan and Mario

"See you later guys" Minami said

In the street

"It is new to see Takamina so care about someone like this, right guys" Mii-chan said

"Uh, certainly" Mario answers

Akira still keeps silent

"Akira?" Mii-chan calls

"Ah, sorry, it surprises me too." Akira said and smiles reluctantly.

"I forgot that have some other thing to do. I will go this way. Bye guys, See you guys at school." Akira said

"Ok, careful it is already dark" Mii-chan said

"Ok, I will." Akira said and leaves.

Then they keep walking while holding hands

"Hey Mii-chan, do you think she still has that feeling for him?" Mario said

"Uhm...I guess so. She acted very weird today. Even weirder after she meets Acchan" Mii-chan said

"But, Minami never sees her that way" Mario said

"It cannot help. That feeling has to be mutual. Hope she can find someone for her" Mii-chan said while clinging on Mario's arm

“However, I get a feeling that Takamina like Acchan ?” Mario looks at Mii-chan and said

"Uh, I think so, too" Mii-chan said and nods

Back to Minami’s house

After they all leave, I turn and look at her

“Are you ok, Acchan?” I ask her

“Uh” she nods

“What did you...never mind.” I said

She looks at me with confused look

“I don’t want to remind her about that again” I thought

"Acchan, let's go to your room and sleep." I call her and pull her up

"I want to sleep in your room" she said

"What did you promise to me, yesterday?" I ask her

"I will sleep by myself in my room" she said and pouts

"Good, now go to your room" I said

I go with her to her room. I brought my old lamp to her room so that she will not afraid because of dark anymore. After that I go to my room.

Every day, I will wake up early than before. I make breakfast for me and her. I also make some food for her to eat at noon and evening.

In Tokyo

In a big mansion

“Hello uncle.” A man wears a very neat suit come in

“Jun, glad to see you. Did you find any information about her?” the man asks

“We just got some information through the security cameras in the airport. When she just got off the airport, three men surrounded her and led her to somewhere.” Jun sits down and said

“Did you see their face?” the man said

“No, they wear a black mask” Jun shakes his head

“Did they kidnap her for money?” the woman sobs and said

“Akio, if they need anything, just give that to them. I don’t want Atsu to meet any danger” she cries

“Calm down Minako, Atsu will be fine. If they call me, I will do everything to get our daughter back” Akio hugs his wife and said

“Don’t worry, uncle, aunty, I will definitely save little cousin.” Jun said.

In the forest

“Did you find any information about her?” a man sits on his chair and asks

“No sir”

“You guys are a bunch of idiot. How did a group of big guys cannot handle a girl? My plan is ruined because of those stupid.” He said and slams the table

“Sorry sir, we will go and find her before those police find her.” the man said

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Thanks for the update :)
Atsuko.... kawaii :D and cool Takamina :D
Update soon :D
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Post by: sadrilim on August 22, 2015, 06:04:32 AM
YEAHHHH!!! An update.

thank you so much author san.

hope you update it fast.

can't wait for the next chapter.

long life atsumina  :cow:
Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 2 22/08/15
Post by: cisda83 on August 22, 2015, 03:14:19 PM
Ah... Atsuko is some rich daughter....

Who is the kidnapper mastermind?

Would Atsuko remember her past?

Would Atsuko be able to love Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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I'm so curious about what's going to happen next >.<
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The Plot thickens.....
Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 3 29/08/15
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@AI712, @sadrilim, @cisda83, @kazuko, @hackata48: Thank you!   :D

Here is part 3  XD

Part 3

In the evening

I go back home after a tiring day. I open the door of my house

“Why is it so quiet?” I thought to myself

“Acchan,” I call her but still silent

“Acchan, Acchan” I run to her room to look for her, but she isn’t there

“Acchan, where are you?” I run around the house to look for her.

Suddenly something flashes on my head

“How do you feel if one day she disappeared from your life?”

I stun with that thought


In principal's room

“Why did you call me to your father’s room” I ask Mario

“To talk.” Mario answers

“Where is uncle?” I ask

“He attends some meeting, so he didn’t come to school today” He said

“I see” I said and sit down

“How is Acchan doing??” Mario said

“She is fine. However, I don’t know why these days she looks somehow exhausted” Minami worriedly said

“I see. You seem to worry about her a lot” Mario said and smirks

I’m a little surprise with his words.

“Uhm….Well, she is in trouble, and since I’m the one that found her, I have to take care of her. Don’t you feel sorry about her? She lost all her memories” I said

“Oh,” Mario said but his tone is weird

“What with that sound?” I glare at him

“Nothing,” Mario smirks

“Liar, you sound like you doubt my words” I said and frowning

“Yep, I did.” He said and shrugs

“What do you mean?” I ask

“Takamina, don’t say that you don’t have any feeling for her, that you just want to help her. You take care of her more than a pity feeling” Mario said

“I...I don’t know what you are talking about” I said and stand up

“If you don’t have any business, I will go home now. Acchan must be hungry.” I said

“Hee!! Worry about your Acchan” Mario said and smirks

“S..shut up” I said

Before I close the door, Mario said to me

“Takamina, how do you feel if one day she disappeared from your life?”

End Flashback

I run around the house to the backyard to look for her again.  I don’t know why my heart starts beating so fast. Suddenly, I hear the sound of the door open. I rush to the door. I see Acchan walks in. She is with Yuu and Nyan Nyan and smiles happily.

I walk toward them and angrily shout at her

“Where are you going? I told you that don’t go outside, didn’t I?”

“I’m sorry” she looks down and said

“Calm down, Takamina. I just took her to the store nearby. I wanted to treat her some food” Nyan Nyan walks in and said

“Sorry Minami, I will….”

“You don’t have to apologize, just do whatever you want. It is none of my business” cutting her words, I said and go back to my room

“Takamina, what's wrong with you?” I hear Yuu call me, but I ignore him and slam the door

In my room, I still can hear those two comforts Acchan

“It’s ok, Acchan. Maybe he is exhausted because of work.” Nyan Nyan said

“We will leave right now. Tomorrow, I will go and pick you up again” Yuu said

“What? She will be with them again. What are they doing?” I though

Then I hear the door closes. I guess they all leave now. Then I hear the footstep coming closer to my room. Then a knocking sound

“Minami, Tomorrow I will go with Nyan Nyan one more day.” Acchan said to me

“I don’t care” I coldly said

Then I didn’t hear anything outside.

After awhile

“Maybe she goes back to her room now.” I thought

I open my door and come out. The house is dark and fills with silent. I shake my head and come back to my room.

In the morning

I’m woken up because of my doorbell. I guess that they come to pick Acchan up. I don’t want to come out. After awhile the house is silent again. I guess that they already left.

Today is the weekend, also my birthday. I want to celebrate with her, but she goes out. I lazily lie on the bed while thinking what she is doing right now. It is very frustrated. I sit up and scratch my head. I look at the clock. It is already 1:00 o’clock.

I open the door. When I’m about to go out, I kick on something. I look down

“A present?” I thought

I pick it up. Then I see a small piece of paper

“Happy birthday Minami” It said

“Acchan?” I thought in surprise


Acchan is sitting and watching TV. Then she sees people in the show singing and celebrating. She turns to Minami and asks

“Minami, what are they doing?”

Minami is working on his paperwork.

“They celebrate his birthday” Minami looks up and said

“Celebrating birthday?” Acchan looks at Minami

“That is the day someone was born. Friend or relative of that person will secretly prepare the party to make that person surprise. That way the birthday person will be very happy.” Minami explains

Acchan sits back and thinks. Then she asks Minami

“What is your birthday Minami?”

Minami looks at Acchan and said

“April 8”

End flashback

I go back to my room and sit on my bed. I open the box. It is a new pair of shoe. While I still thinking my phone rings

(Yo, Bakamina)

"Yuu" I uninteresting said

(Hey, what with that attitude?)

"What do you want?" I sigh

(Why did you get mad at Acchan, yesterday?) Yuu asks me

“How do you feel when one day she disappeared from your life?” The question rings on my head again

(Do you afraid that she will disappear?) Yuu continues

My heart sudden beats faster when hearing that

“Shut up. Who care about that” I said

(I see. Hey, did you see that?) Yuu asks me

"Does he mean the shoes?" I thought

"See what?" I said

(Uhm...Hey, you know that Acchan went out with us this early morning, right?)

"So what"

(I thought that I will be a generous person to tell you where she is. However, since you said you don’t care, maybe I will hang up)

"Hey, wait. Where is she?" I blurt it out

I can feel his smirk

(Hee!! So you want to know?) Yuu said in teasing voice

“Yes” I admit

(What will I get if I spill that information out?)

“What do you want?” I ask him

(Treat me coffee and cake)

“What? Your wife is a coffee shop owner. You can eat whatever you want. Why did you ask me that?” I ask him

(Stop complaining, Yes or No)

“Ok, ok, whatever you want” I said

(Deal, I will pick you up and we will go to that coffee shop.) Yuu said

“Hey, how about Acchan?” I ask him

(Don't rush, I will tell you when we get there)

“Hey” doesn’t let me finish, he already hangs up.

I sigh and go to my room to prepare and wait for Yuu. Then he takes me to

“The coffee shop opposite Nyan Nyan shop” I shout in my mind

“Hey Yuu, are you lost your mind. Do you know where this is?” I ask him

“Yes, opposite Nyan Nyan's shop” He answers

“Why did you come here not there?” I ask him

“I got her permission” Yuu said and winks

“Why?” I ask

“Look” He said

I look at the direction that his finger point.

“Acchan?” I said in surprise

She is wearing waitress uniform

“What is she doing there?” I ask Yuu

“Last week, she called Haruna. She said that she wants to earn some money. Therefore Nyan Nyan let her work there" Yuu said

"She needs money? For what? If she wants something, she can tell me I will buy for her. Why did she have to go to work? Why don’t you tell me before? You know about her condition, right?" I worriedly said

"She said she want to buy for you a birthday present. She told us about what she asked you, and said that she want to see you happy.” Yuu said.

"She works there from yesterday?" I ask Yuu

"No, she works there for a week. However, because you have to work at school that why you did not notice. That pair of shoes is all her money." Yuu said

"Acchan!" I thought

"What about today?" I ask Yuu

"She wants to buy a cake for you. Nyan Nyan said that she will give her one. However, she said that she want to buy the cake by herself for you. That way you will be happier" Yuu said

"She works there the whole week. No wonder, this week she looked exhausted." I thought

I look at her. She is trying very hard for my sake while yesterday, I shouted at her, made her sad. I’m such an idiot.

Then I see something strange. She looks scared. That man holds her hand. I stand up and rush out of the shop.

End Minami’s POV

Haruna’s shop

When Minami get there, he sees that man is about to hit Acchan. Minami rushes there and pulls her into his arm. Then he raises his hand to catch his

“What are you doing?” Minami raises his voice at him

“This is none of your business” He said

“Her business is my business” Minami shouts back at him

“She spilled coffee on my shirt” He said

“That doesn’t mean you can do any inappropriate action to her” Minami shouts

People around the shop stand up and look at Minami and the man. He looks around and steps back

“Today, I will let it go like this. Next time thing will not easy like this” He said and leaves the shop.

“Sorry everyone, it is just some small problem. We are sorry. Please enjoy your time.” Yuu and Haruna said and smile to them

Then Minami looks back at Acchan. She is silent and looks down.

“Sorry Nyan Nyan, but her shift is over now. She will go back with me.” Minami said and pulls her with him

“Ok” Haruna said

“But the...” Acchan said

“The cake right, I will buy it for us. Yuu can you give me a chocolate cake." He said and looks at Yuu

“Ok” He goes into the kitchen and takes the cake

Then Minami takes Acchan back to the house.

At Minami’s house

Minami’s POV

When we get home, I take the cake to the kitchen and open it. I feel very happy about this special day. When I look up, I see her stands there and looks down. I come to her and lift her face up

"What's wrong Acchan?" I gently ask her

"I'm sorry Minami" she said and sobs

"For what, Acchan?' I ask her

"I leave the house without asking you. I made you mad. Minami, I promise from now on I will never do that again. Please don't hate me. Don't ignore me" She said and cries hard.

I feel so sad. I make her cry again. Immediately, I pull her into my embrace. I stroke her back and pat her head

"It's ok, Acchan. I'm not mad at you. I just worried about you. I’m worried that you will get lost. I'm sorry that I yelled at you the other day. I'm sorry for ignoring you." I said

“You wasn’t mad at me” She asks

“Uh” I said and stroke her back

"So, you don't have to apologize to me. The one have to do that is me. You tried your best for this whole week just for my sake. I'm very happy right now, Acchan" I said to her

She looks at me with those beautiful eyes

"Really? You are really happy?" She innocently asks me

"Uh, I'm very happy right now. This is my best birthday ever." I said and smile to her

Finally she smiles at me.

"What do you want to eat before the cake, Acchan?" I ask her

"I want that rice again" She happily said

"Ok" I smile at her.

After finished cooking, I sit and watch her happily eat the food.

"Acchan, thank you for the shoes" I said to her

"Do you like it?" she asks

"Yes, I like it a lot. Since you are the one bought this for me, this is my most favorite shoes from now on. I will use it everyday” I said and smile

She looks up and smiles at me her brightest smile

End Minami's POV

At night

After Minami finished his work, he goes back to his room. When he passes by Acchan’s room, he sees her blanket fell on the floor. He comes in to put the blanket on her again. He sits on the edge of her bed and looks at her sleeping face. He moves the hairs that cover her face.

“If you disappear from my life, my heart will also disappear.” Minami whispers

Unconsciously he slowly bends down closer to her. When his face is an inch away from her lips, Acchan moves her head, and their lips touch each other. After a few seconds, Minami realizes that he is kissing her. He widens his eyes in surprise and sits up.

“W….w..what am I doing?” Minami thought in panic.

His face is getting hot. He quickly stands up and goes back to his room. He lies on his bed. He raises his hand to touches his lips.

Monday morning

In school

Minami is walking on the hall way. He is humming a song while walking. He is very happy

“Hi Minami, happy be lated birthday” Mii-chan and Mario said

“Hi guys” Minami cheerfully greets them

“Wow, Minami, you look happy today.” Mario said and strokes his chin

“Am I?” Minami said

“Something definitely happened” Mario said

“Yesterday is my birthday, so I’m still happy” Minami said

“I’m pretty sure that it is obviously not because of your birthday” Mii-chan said

“What is it? You look suspicious” Mario said

“Aha, you wear a new pair of shoe” Mii-chan shouts

“Hey, don’t be too loud” Minami said

“Where is your old one?” Mii-chan asks in surprise

“I threw it away” Minami said

“You what? You throw your shoes away?” Mario said

“Are you sick, Takamina?” Mii-chan asks

“What? Why?” Minami asks in surprise

“You never throw anything in your house. Your house just like an antique store.” Mii-chan said

“The old one, I told you a thousand times to throw it away, but you ignore me. Why did you throw it now?” Mario said

Mario fake spills the coffee in his hand near the shoes

“Hey, be careful.” Minami steps back and said

“So I guess the reason is this thing. You seem treasure it a lot” Mario said

Mii-chan and Mario approach him. Minami steps back

“Is this Acchan’s birthday gift” Mario said and smirks

Minami blushes

“Bingo” Mii-chan said

“Tell us about that” Mario said

“Ok,” Minami said

“They will never let me go if I’m not telling them about that.” Minami thought

Then Minami tells them everything about that
“So, she went to work at Nyan Nyan's shop to buy you a gift huh?” Mario said, and Minami nods

“It is a nice shoe huh?” Mii-chan said

"Uh" Minami nods and smiles

“I don’t know why somehow just looking at the shoes makes me very happy.” Minami looks at the shoes and smiles

Seeing that the two stand there and giggle

“What?” Minami asks

“Do you want to look at your face moment ago? It is really funny” Mario asks

“Huh?” Minami look at him with confused look

“The happy face” Mii-chan said and laughs out loud

“Shut up” Minami shouts

“T….t..the bell already rings. I will go to my class now.” he said and leaves quickly

“It is really funny to tease him” Mii-chan said and giggles

“I know right” Mario laughs

Far away from them, there is someone watching them


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Ah... Minami and Atsuko kissed

Who was the one looking at Minami, Mario and Miichan from far?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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just wondering why minami didn't try to report this case to the police..

and, Atsuko acts like a kid, how can she fall in love with minami??

update soon author-san!
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I just want to say 'Update soon' :D
Thanks for the update... :D
Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina) Part 4 05/09/15
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@cisda83, @AI712: Thank you!  :D

@Kazuko: Thank you! This chapter will answer your question  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic   XD

Here is part 4   :)

Part 4

In Tokyo

Police department

In Jun’s office

Jun’s POV

I’m sitting and watching the security cameras again. Hopefully, I can find more clues so that I can find little cousin sooner. Even Though I see who led her, I cannot see the car that took her. Maybe they knew about the cameras.

However, it is very weird.

“How did they know that she will come back that day?” I thought

Suddenly I notice something in the video. I see a long black haired girl in the scene. Seem like she was taking picture around there.

“That girl, her standing position, she properly captured the car.” I thought

I should zoom in the picture and tell them to find this girl. Maybe she can help me.

When I’m zooming in the picture, I see her face

“She is cute” I thought

“What am I thinking about? I should focus on serious business.” I shake my head and thought

After finishing, I print the picture out. Then I leave the room

“Tomorrow, I will tell them to look for this girl.” I thought

In the town

In the evening

At Minami’s house

Minami’s POV

While I’m cooking in the kitchen, I hear my doorbell rings. I step out and open the door

“Hello, Takamina” Mii-chan and Mario greet me

“Hi, what are you doing here?” I ask them

“Hey, don’t be so cold. We come here to visit you and Acchan. I bought some snacks and candies for her” Mii-chan said

“She just lost her memories. She is not a kid that you bring candies for her” I said and walk back to the kitchen

“Where is she?” Mii-chan asks

“She is in the family room and watching TV” I said

Mario comes with me to the kitchen

“What do you want?” I glare at him and ask

“As expect from my childhood friend, you know my intention. You are getting smarter everyday” He said and pats my head

“Hey, I’m not a kid. And what do you mean by saying that? You mean I’m stupid?” I said in annoying tone

“Sorry, Sorry. I was just kidding” He said and laughs

“So, any progress?” Mario asks me

“Her condition is getting better. She acts more like an adult than the first day I saved her.” I answer

“Not that, I mean any progress with her so far?” He asks and winks at me

“What?” I said

“You know what I mean” He said and giggles

“We are….”

When I’m about to say something, I hear Acchan’s voice. She is screaming. Immediately, I rush to the room. I see she is screaming and struggling in Mii-chan’s grip

“Minami, Minami, help me, Minami.” She calls and cries

“Let go of me” She struggles and tries to take her hands of her

I quickly run to her. I hold her shoulder and turn her face to look at me

“Sshhh… calm down Acchan. I’m here, look this is me. No one will hurt you here” I said to her

“Minami, I’m scared, I’m scared” She hugs me tightly and buries her face in my chest.

I stroke her back to calm her down.

“What happened, Mii-chan?” Mario asks her

“I don’t know. When I came to this room, I saw she was sitting on the floor and watching some music program. I just want to play with her” Mii-chan said

“So, I stealthily walk behind her. Then I hug her and cover her eyes with my hands. Then she starts screaming and struggling in my arms like what you saw just now.” Mii-chan continues

Acchan is still shaking in my arms.

“What make her so scare like that” I thought

After she calmed down, I ask her

“What happened, Acchan?”

“I don’t know. I just suddenly feel so scared. I don’t know what to do. I feel someone hold me from behind. They cover my eyes with something and push me into some place. Then they use something to cover my mouth” She shakily said

Her body is shaking again because of scare

“Don’t worry, Acchan, you have me here with you. I will never let anyone hurt you. I will protect you forever.” I hug her tightly.

After a while, she finally calm down

“Come on Acchan, let go to eat before our food get cold.” I said and wipes her tear

“Uh” she nods

Then Acchan, Mario, Mii-chan, and I go to the dining room and eat

At night

While I’m sitting in my room and thinking, I hear my phone rings

“Hello Mario” I said

(How is Acchan doing?)

“She is fine now. She is sleeping in her room” I answer

(I see)

(Hey, what do you think what really happened to her?) Mario asks me

“Uhm… I don’t know. However, I knew one thing for sure. That thing is very terrible.” I said

(Uh, I think so too)

(Did you bring her to the police?) Mario asks

“I did. However, they said that there is not any report about missing or kidnapping case in the past two weeks. Plus, since she doesn’t remember anything, they cannot do anything” I said

“They said that when they have any information about her, they will inform me.” I said

(I see. I hope they will find her family soon.) Mario said

“Uh, me too, I want to know what really happened to her” I said

(Uh…well, I just want to ask about that)  Mario said

(Take good care of her, ok) Mario continues

“Ok, I will. Bye” I said

Then I go to bed and sleep.

At midnight

I wake up and go to kitchen to get some water. I stop at Acchan’s room. I walk into her room. I put a blanket on her. Suddenly her facial expression changes, she is frowning and struggling on her bed.

“ me… me.” she weakly calls

I sit on her bed and wipe her sweat.

“I’m here. Don’t worry, Acchan.” I gently said and kisses her forehead

She slowly calm down

“What really happened to you Acchan?” I thought while stroking her hair

In Tokyo

In the big mansion

“Uncle, I finally find some clues that can help me find her.” Jun runs to the house and said

“Really?” Akio said

“Yes, There is a girl who was standing near little cousin’s place. She was taking picture everywhere. That time, her camera was pointing to the direction of those kidnappers. I think might be in some of her picture, I can find the car that took her.” Jun said

“Who is she? Did you find her?” Akio asks

“Don’t worry uncle, I ordered my men to go and investigate about her. We will get her information very soon.” Jun said

While they are talking, Jun’s phone rings

“Hello, this is Matsui Jun” Jun said

“Ok, I got it.” Jun nods

“No, give me the address, I will go there myself.” Jun said

“Ok, good job. You guys continue to investigate around the airport. Remember, don’t let this information leak out, ok” Jun said

“Bye” Jun hangs up

Akio turns to Jun and asks

“What is it Jun?”

“They found the girl. I will go to her place right now.” Jun said

“What a relieve” Namiko said

Then Jun leaves the house. When he steps into the car, his phone rings announce that he received a message. He opens the message and reads. After that he turns on his GPS and goes to the witness girl’s house

In the forest

At an abandoned factory

“Did you find any information about her?” a man ask

“No sir” his underlings answer

“You all are useless” he shouts and throws the ashtray at them

“We are terribly sorry about that sir.” they bow and said

“However, I got information about her.” the boss said

“You three go to this place and find her. Remember to act as normal people. Don’t let anyone suspect about you. When you specify that is really her, catch her and bring her here immediately. Are you clear?” He said and gives the direction.

“Yes sir” they said and leave the place

“You two come here” The boss calls the other two

“Yes sir” they come closer to him

“Follow that cop. I think he knows something. If he finds any clues, remove that right away. You two get that?” He said

“Yes sir” They said and leave the place

“Maeda Akio, I will catch your precious daughter. What will you do to exchange for her life?” He said and laughs out loud

Far away from him, there is a person standing there and smirks

In the town

At Minami house

In the morning

Acchan’s POV

I slowly open my eyes. I see Minami is sleeping next to me

“What happened? Why is he here?” I thought to myself

Suddenly Minami moves closer to me

*Badump* *Badump* *Badump*

“H..he is so close.” I thought to myself

“What is this feeling?” I thought to myself

I can feel that my face is getting hot. Then he suddenly opens his eyes. I jump in surprise and move back

“Good morning, Acchan” He said and smiles to me

“G..good morning, Minami” I stutter

“Why are you here?” I ask

“Last night I saw that you got some nightmare, so I come here to comfort you. Then unknowingly I fell in sleep.” He said and yawns

“T...Thank you” I said to him

“What wrong with me today? Why cannot I act normal in front of him” I thought

End Acchan’s POV

Minami’s POV

While I’m cooking breakfast in the kitchen, Yuu calls me

“Hello, Yuu” I said

“Why did he call me this early?” I thought

(Hey, are you still sleeping Takamina?)

“Nope, but what’s up with this early call.” I said

(I just got some interesting news that I want to share with you) Yuu excitingly said

“What is it?” I ask him

(Today, I go to Tokyo to meet my client. I heard some interesting rumor from them) Yuu said

“I see. What is it?” I ask

(Do you know the president of the biggest company in Japan?)

“The Maeda’s group?”


“His name is Maeda Akio, right?”

(Yes, that’s him)

“What about him?”

(The rumor said that his daughter was missing.)

“His daughter?” I said in curious tone

(Yes, he has a daughter. What is her name again? Ah, I forgot. Let see Maeda That’s it her name is Maeda Atsuko. She went to study at New York 10 years ago since she was 10. Rumor said that she will be a very talented heir.) Yuu said

“Ok, enough of her. So what is the point?” I ask

(Didn’t you hear me say? The rumor said that she was missing at the day she went back to Japan.)

“So...” I said

(Ah… you are too slow. The rumor just started this month. Since you found Acchan in the same time, do you think maybe she is her? Also her name start with letter A) Yuu asks me

“Acchan” I thought

“How can that be?” I said and laugh

(Why?) Yuu asks in curious tone

“I told you a lot of times, ‘don’t believe in those rumor in the street.’ They all are just a lie” I said

(Why that is not true?)

“Think about this, if the daughter of the president of Maeda’s group is really missing, do you think Tokyo will be silent like that? Do you think police will not investigate crazily, and the journalists will not write about this?” I explain

(Uh, you got the point) he said in agree tone

“Uh, she is the heir of the biggest group. Her missing will be a big commotion throughout not only Tokyo but also around Japan.” I reason more

(Uh, I guess so. Ok, just want to talk to you about this. I have an appointment with my clients. I have to take them to see some apartments. Talk to you later) He said

“Ok, bye. Good luck” I said and hangs up the phone 

“Acchan, the heir of Maeda’s group” I look at my phone and thought

At a modern house

Jun part his car and ring the doorbell. A beautiful girl opens the door

“Hello, my name is Matsui Jun, police. Are you Matsui Rena?” Jun introduces himself and asks the girl


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Getting more interesting :D
Update soon :D
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Rena was the witness?

Who are getting closer to get Atsuko 1st, the kidnappers or Jun?

Ah.. if only Minami believe Atsuko is Aachan....

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 5 12/09/15
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@AI712, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

This is part 5  :D

Part 5

“Hello, my name is Matsui Jun, police. Are you Miss Matsui Rena?” Jun said and raises his badge

“Yes, this is me. What can I do for you?” Rena answers

“Can I come in Matsui-san?” Jun asks

“Yes, please” Rena said and steps aside

“I want to ask you some questions” Jun said and takes out the picture

Rena nods

“Three weeks ago, did you come to this airport?” Jun asks

“Yes, I came there to take some pictures for my cousin. She lives abroad, so she wants me to send those pictures for her project.” Rena answers

“Did you send them?” Jun hurriedly asks

“No, not yet, I still have to take some picture from other airports.” Rena answers

“Thank goodness” Jun thought

“Can I see those pictures in this airport?” Jun said

“Ok, ok” Rena hesitantly answers

“Don’t worry; you are not in any trouble. I’m investigating a case. Your pictures might save a person’s life” Jun said and smiles

“Is that so? Wait here I will go get them right away.” Rena said and runs to her room

After a while

Rena comes out with a bag of picture

“Here are all the pictures that I took that time. I still haven’t looked through them yet.” Rena said

“Ok, thank you. Can I bring them back for one day? Tomorrow I will give you back right away” Jun asks

“Ok, I don’t mind” Rena said and smiles

“Thank you Matsui-san.” Jun said and leaves

“Another thing, when you take picture there did you see this girl” Jun asks Rena and shows her his cousin picture

“Uhm….No, I didn’t see her there” Rena said while thinking about that day

“Oh, ok. Thank you for your pictures” Jun said and stands up

“No problem” Rena said

When he is about to leaves,

“Ah, I forgot. Here is my number if you remember anything on that day. Please let me know.” Jun said

“Ok, I will. Here is my business card. If you need to ask anything, I gladly to help you” Rena said

“You are a doctor?” Jun asks

“Yes, I’m. Uhm… don’t I look like one?” Rena sadly asks

“Ah no... Of course not… I did not mean that. Of course you look like one. That job very suits you. I mean...” Jun panicky said

“What am I saying? This is so not cool” Jun thought while scratching his head

Rena laughs

“You are very cute, Matsui-san” Rena said

Jun feels that his face is getting hot

“I…I... have to go now, Bye Matsui-san” Jun said

“Ok, see you later.” Rena said

“By the way, just call me Rena” Rena smiles

“Oh ok, R..Rena. Then just call me Jun.” Jun said and smiles

In the town

At night

Minami and Acchan are walking back to their home after eating with Mario and Mii-chan. Afar from them in the forest, there are three men hide in there

“That is her. Let’s prepare then we will attack them.” a man whispers

"Remember leave out the man" another man said

While Minami and Acchan are walking happily beside each other, those three men jump out and block their way. They are wearing a mask

“Who are you?” Minami said while pulling Acchan behind him

“Get her” They ignore his question and rush to catch Acchan

Minami stands and blocks them.

"Get out. This isn't your problem." a man shouts

"If you want to harm her that is my problem" he said.

Then he rushes to them. Minami jumps up to kick the man in front of him at his face. Then Minami turns and punches the man at his left side at his jaw. The third man takes a staff and hits his back makes Minami fall

“Minami” Acchan calls

“Don’t worry Acchan, I’m fine” Minami stands up and said

The three men rush to him again. Minami dodges their attack. He uses side kick to kick the man who holds the staff at his throat making him fall and unable to stand up.

Then Minami catches the man near him by his collar and throw him in Judo technique. Then he turns to the last man and kicks him at his temple.

The man that he threw stands up. He takes out his knife and rushes to attack Minami. Minami steps back to dodge his attack. The man swings the knife and injures his right arm. Then Minami catches the man’s hand and twist it making him lose his grip on the knife. Then Minami bends his right knee and hits the man’s stomach by his knee.

After finish them, Minami runs to Acchan

“Acchan are you ok? Let get out of here” Minami said

“I’m ok. Minami, you are hurt” Atsuko worriedly looks at Minami’s arm



A sound of gunshot echoes throughout the place.

“Minami” Acchan shouts and hugs Minami

“Acchan, Let’s get out of here” Minami said and hold Acchan’s hand to run.

On the road

“You are an idiot. Why did you shoot? Didn’t boss said that we have to do this silently.” a man shouts

“I’m sorry. I was mad because he hit us, and I want to catch her quickly” another man said

“Anyway, let’s get out of here before someone see us” the last man said

Then they rush into the forest

Minami and Acchan run for awhile. They reach Minami’s house. Minami opens the door and pulls Acchan in. Then he closes the door and sits down at the door

*pant* *pant* *pant*

“A..are…you…ok, Acchan?” Minami said while panting

“I’m fine Minami, what happened, Minami? You sound very weird” Acchan worriedly said

When Acchan turn on the light, she gasps when seeing Minami leans on the door while panting. He holds his stomach tightly. There is a lot of blood all over his stomach and clothes

“Minami, Minami, are you ok?” Acchan calls Minami in tear

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Acchan calls and touches his face which now slowly turns pale

“Acchan...I’m...fine don’t...cry...ok.” Minami weakly said and then faints

“Minami” Acchan shouts in tear


At Jun’s house

Jun is looking through all the pictures.

“This one, this car looks suspicious” Jun thought

Then he continues looking at them

“Those men, why did little cousin walk toward them?” Jun thought

“They walk to that car. Now the only thing I need to find is the picture with the car’s tag on it” Jun smiles and looks through the picture.

“No, none of the pictures here has that car’s tag on it. Man!! I was so close” Jun said and slams the table

Suddenly his phone rings

“Hello, this is Matsui Jun” Jun said

(Hi Jun, this is me Rena) Rena said

“Oh, hi Rena, may I help you with something?” Jun asks

(Sorry Jun. This morning, I gave you those pictures. I thought that is all. However, after I checked once again, there are still some pictures left.) Rena said

“Really?” Jun stands up and said

(Yes, I will put them in a bag for you to take when you come here tomorrow.) Rena said

“No, it is fine. I will come to your place right now to get them. I really need them” Jun said and rushes out of his room

“Master, are you leaving.” a servant said

“Uh,” Jun said and rushes to the garage

“Hello Rena, are you still there?” Jun asks

Jun open Bluetooth in his car and continues his conversation

(Ah, yes) Rena answers

“Can you check for me those pictures? Do you see a black car with a clearly car tag number?” Jun said

(Ok, let me check) Rena said

While they are talking, there are two men sneak into Rena’s through the window.

(Ah, I see that. Yes there are.) Rena happily said

“That is great, thank you Rena. I’m near your house now.” Jun said


Suddenly he hears something broken

(Ahh, who are you?) Rena shouts

“What happened, Rena” Jun asks worriedly

(There are two men suddenly broke my house’s window and jump into my house.) Rena panicky said

(Give me those pictures) Jun hears a man shouts through the phone.

“Rena, run out of the house now. I’m near your house now.” Jun shouts

Jun turns at the street corner and quickly parks his car. He jumps out from his car and rushes to the house

“Rena, Rena, are you ok?” Jun calls in worry

“By now, Jun. However they chase after me” Rena scarily said

“Don’t worry; I’m at your house right now.” Jun said and kicks the door

Jun sees Rena run down from the stair. Behind her is two men are chasing after her

“Jun” Rena calls

“Rena” Jun rushes to her and pulls her behind him

A man raises his knife to stab Rena. Jun raise his hand to block it. Then he kicks the two men at their face make they fall and then roll down from the stair

Jun takes out his gun and point to them

“Don't move, I’m police. You are under arrest" Jun said

“Kneel down and put your hand behind your neck.” Jun continues

Then he takes out his phone and calls for police. After that Jun takes out his handcuffs and arrests them together. Then he walks to Rena

“Rena, are you ok?” Jun asks

“I’m fine”

“Your hand, it is bleeding. Let me treat your wound.” Rena said

“Ok, thank you” Jun said

After a while

The police finally come. After talking to them, Jun turns to Rena.

“Rena, maybe those two are related with those kidnappers. They knew that you are the witness of the case. Therefore this is very dangerous to leave you here alone. I will take you to my home. The security in my house is very high, so you can be safe.” Jun said

“Thank you Jun” Rena said

“Sorry Rena, I knew it is already late, but can you come with me to the police department for a little.” Jun said to Rena

“Ok, Jun. I don’t mind” Rena said and smiles

“You guys take them to the department. I will go there and examine them now.” Jun said and leaves with Rena.


In the forest

“You all are an idiot. Who said that you can shoot? I ordered you only capture the girl” The boss said and kicks the three.

“And the two idiot, how can they let the cops arrest them. Now we have to leave to another place before the cops comes here.”

At police department

Jun sits in the room and examines the two

"Who are you?" Jun asks

"Why did you attack this girl" Jun said and shows them Rena's picture

"..." They still keep silent

"Don't think that staying silent like that can escape your criminal act. I know who you are" Jun said

"You are the one that kidnap Maeda Atsuko, daughter of the president of Maeda's group right?" Jun said and shows Atsuko's picture.

"Don’t think that I will spill any information out. I will never betray my boss" one of the man said, but his voice is shaking

"You know that kidnapping isn't a small crime, right? Plus attacking witness and attempt to kill them is also not a small crime" Jun slowly said while looking directly at the two.

They are shrinking back because of scare.

“If you two cooperate with me, I will tell the court about this. Then they will consider about your punishment" Jun said

“Or you two want to stay in jail and get a heavy punishment instead of that criminal? You two just follow your boss order right? Is that worth to bear his crime on you?” Jun supports his hands on the table and looks closer to their eyes

“Ok, I will confess” a man said

"Good, if you say that sooner, we don't have to go through all that scary things" Jun said and leans back to his seat.

"Our boss ordered us to kidnap her. He said that we only have to stand in the gate of the airport that girl will come to us" he said

"After she come near us, we will threaten her and take her to the car without anyone notice." the other man adds

"How can he be so sure that little cousin will come to them" Jun thought

"So maybe my suspect is true. He is someone she knew"

"Where is she right now?" Jun asks

"We don't know. She took the chance that I was carrying away. She escaped from the old factory, and ran into the forest." the man said

"So, little cousin ran away. Why didn't she come back to the house? What happened to her?" Jun thought

“Where is that old factory? And who is your boss?” Jun asks

“That is all I can say. My boss helped me in the past I will not betray him.” A man said

“How about you?” Jun turns to another one

“Me too. He also helped me a lot. I won’t betray him.” He said

“Good, if you want to bear all his crime then be it” Jun slams the table and leaves the room

On his way

"Who is that boss?"

"Where is little cousin?" Jun thought

“Those two really don’t spill that information out. The only clues left are Rena’s picture.” Jun thought

“I should take her back to my house now. It is already very late.” Jun through

When he opens his office door

“Sorry Rena….” He stops when he sees the girl is already asleep on the sofa

Jun takes out his jacket and put on her. Then he goes to his desk and works. He takes a look through the pictures that Rena gave him

"This is the one" Jun looks at the picture of a black car.

Then he comes out of his room to order his men to look for the car.

In the hospital

In Front of the Emergencies room

“Nyan Nyan, Minami, Minami….” Acchan choked

“Don’t worry Acchan, he will be fine. I’m sure about that” Haruna hugs Acchan and pats her back to comfort her

“Nyan Nyan is correct. He will be fine.” Yuu said

Far away from them, there is someone standing and looks worriedly. Then the person turns to look at the group

"That girl is really annoying" It thought

Back to the operating room

The nurse hurriedly rushes out of the room. Seeing that Acchan rushes to her

“Minami, how is he?” Acchan holds the nurse's arms and asks

“Calm down Miss. Mr. Takahashi lost a lot of blood. However our blood bank is out of his blood type. Do any of you have the same blood type as him?” The nurse said

Yuu looks at the nurse and shakes his head.

“Take mine. I have the same blood type as him” Acchan said

“Ok, follow me.” The nurse said

After awhile the nurse comes back with a blood bag.

“Acchan, are you ok?” Haruna asks and Acchan nods

“How did you know your blood type, Acchan?” Yuu asks

“Minami took me to the hospital before to check on something. I asked him about the blood types. He said to me that I have blood-type A and he has blood-type AB. He also explained for me about blood donation. He said that my blood-type can donate for his. However his blood can only donate for his blood type ” Acchan said

“I see.” Yuu said

“Nyan Nyan, will Minami be ok?” Acchan looks at Haruna and asks

Her eyes are filled with tear again. Haruna looks at her and smiles

“Don’t worry Acchan. After receiving your blood, he will be fine.” Haruna said and pats her head

Then Mii-chan and Mario hurriedly run to Acchan, Haruna, and Yuu.

“What happened, Yuu?” Mario asks

“Minami got shot. He is in the operating room now.” Yuu said


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Part 6

4:00 a.m. in the morning

In front of the ICU room

Acchan is standing and looking at Minami through the glass window.

“Acchan, Let me take you home and rest.” Yuu said

Acchan shakes her head

“I will stay here” She said

“Acchan, you are tired. You didn’t sleep for all night. Plus you were drawn out a lot of blood. You should rest” Haruna said

“I’m fine. I want to be here with Minami” Acchan said

Her eyes still fix on Minami.

“Acchan, the doctor said that Minami will be fine. He just has to stay in the ICU for 24 hours for the doctor to check on him.” Mario said

“...” Acchan just stays silent

“Acchan,” Miichan call her

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Everyone just go back. I will be here” Acchan said

Mario, Miichan, Yuu, and Haruna don’t know what to say. They just sigh in worry

“Ok, then Acchan, we will go home now. Tomorrow we will come again” Yuu said

“Uh, see you guys later” Acchan nods and said

Then they all left

In the morning

In police department

Rena slowly opens her eyes. She realizes that she is in someone's office. She quickly sits up. She sees Jun is sleeping on his deck. Then she remembered the incident that happened yesterday

"That's right, I was attacked. Jun saved me and took me here." Rena though

Then Rena looks down. She sees the jacket

"It is Jun's" Rena though and smiles to herself

She takes the jacket and puts on him. However, he wakes up. He sits up and greets her

"Good morning Rena" Jun said while rubbing his eyes

"Good morning Jun. Sorry for waking you up" Rena said

"It is ok. I'm the one who should say sorry. Sorry for making you wait here. You must be really exhausted." Jun said and stands up

"It is ok. I'm fine. Today is my day off anyway. I can sleep as long as I want” Rena said and smiles

"That is good. Come on let's me take you to my house, Rena" Jun said and holds her hand

Then Jun takes Rena to his house. After 20 minutes, Jun reaches his house.

"Good morning master" the security greets him

"Good morning" Jun said

The he opens the gate for Jun

“Your house is very big and nice” Rena said in amaze tone.

"The garden feel so good" Rena said and takes a deep breath

“Thank you. Welcome to my house, Rena” Jun said

Then they go into the house

“Welcome back master Jun” a butler bows and said

“Sebastian, she is my friend, prepare for her the best guest room for me.” Jun said

“Hello, my name is Matsui Rena, nice to meet you.” Rena said

“Hello Miss Rena, nice to meet you, too.” Sebastian said and bows

“Call someone to make her breakfast and prepare everything for her ok. I want her to be comfortable." Jun said

"Yes, Master." Sebastian said

"Rest well, Rena. I will go to my uncle house a little. I will be back later. Just see this as your home. Don't hesitate to ask my butlers or maids to do something for you. “Jun said to Rena

"Are you leaving now?" Rena asks

"Yes. I have something to asks my uncle" Jun answers

"But you haven't eaten anything yet" Rena said

"I'm fine, don't worry Rena. If I'm hungry, I will just buy some fast food on my way" Jun said and smiles

"Skipping breakfast is not good. Eating too much fast food is also not good for your health. You are a police, so you should consider about your health more" Rena seriously said to Jun

Jun looks at Rena with surprise look. Realizing what she just said, she looks down and blushes

"S...sorry Jun…" She said in low tone

"Hahaha… it is ok Rena. Now I see that doctor is very suit you." Jun laughs and teases Rena

"Sebastian, prepare breakfast for me too. I will eat with Rena." Jun said

"Right away Master" Sebastian said and bows

Then a maid comes and leads Rena to her room.

After awhile

Rena and Jun go to the dining room

"Master, here is your food." a maid said and puts the plate in front of Jun

"Miss Rena, this is yours" another maid said

Then they start eating and happily talking with each other. When they finished eating, Jun stands up and said

“Rena you should go to your room and sleep more. I think last night, sleeping on the sofa is very uncomfortable, right?" Jun said

"Uh, thank you Jun. " Rena said and smiles

"Ok, I will..." When he is about to say something his phone rings

"Hello... you found it. Good. Take some people and go there right away before those criminals escape" Jun said

"Ok, inform me when you done" Jun said

"What is it Jun?" Rena asks him

"They found the car and the old factory.  Police go there and investigate right now. I also can based on that location to find my cousin” Jun happily said

“That good Jun” Rena said and smiles

 “Uh, all thank to your pictures Rena. Thank you." Jun happily said and hugs Rena tightly.

Rena is taken by surprise

"'re welcome." She shyly said

She can feel that her face is getting hot. Realizing what he is doing, Jun jumps back and said

"S...sorry, I was too happy" Jun said while blushing.

" is ok, I don't mind" Rena said and smiles

Then an awkward silence fills between them.

"I...I will go back to my room now" Rena breaks the silent

"Ok, I also have to go now." Jun said

When she is about to go upstairs, Jun calls her and said

"Rena, tomorrow is Saturday, do you want to go to see a movie with me?" Jun asks while scratching his head

"Ok, I'd love, too" Rena turns around and smiles.

Jun can feel that his heart just skip a beat.

"Yay!" Jun shouts in his mind

"Now, back to the main business" Jun thought and goes out

In the Maeda's mansion

"Hello master Jun" a maid said and bows

"Where is uncle?" Jun asks

"He is in his office to do some paper work." a maid said

"Ok, I will go there to meet him" Jun said

Jun comes to the office and knocks the door

"Come in" Akio said

"Hi Jun, did you have any news?" Akio asks

Jun turns and closes the door

"What happened Jun?" Akio said in curious

"Uncle, I caught some of the men that kidnapped little cousin." Jun said in low tone

"Really Jun, do you know where Atsu is?" Akio hurriedly asks

"They said that little cousin ran away from them." Jun said

"So, she is really missing now?" Akio stands up and said

"Yes." Jun nods

"Uncle, I suspect that the person who behind this is very close to your family." Jun said

"What?" Akio asks

"In the picture I found, I saw that little cousin is the one walk toward them. And through their confession, they said that their boss told them to wait for her to come by herself" Jun said

"Uhm, uncle, do you know anyone who hate you or want to go against you?" Jun asks

"Uhm….I don't know." Akio answers while thinking all the possibility that can appear.

"I see. I will investigate more about it." Jun said

"What should we do now Jun? Atsu is nowhere to be found?” Akio worriedly asks

"My people just found their place. I will order police to go near that place to find information about her." Jun said

"Please do it as soon as possible, Jun. Maybe she is in danger, right now." Akio said

Next morning

In the hospital

In Minami’s room

Acchan sits next to Minami’s bed and holds his hand. She rests her head on the bed and sleep soundly. Mii-chan, Mario, Haruna, and Yuu sit and talk with each other while waiting for Minami to wake up.

“Thank goodness that he is ok” Yuu said


In the ICU room

"How is he now, doctor?" Mario said

"His condition is stable now. We will move him to a normal room. He will wake up soon." the doctor said

"Thank you very much doctor" Yuu said, and they all bow before him

"No problem. That is my job." he said and leaves

End flashback

"Poor Acchan, she is very worry about him. She did not take any sleep yesterday even though she looked really exhausted." Haruna said


"Why did those people attack them?" Mario said

"Don't know. We have to wait for him to wake up." Yuu said

"Anyway, they are safe now is all the matter." Mii-chan said

"Uh" they all nod

Minami's POV

I slowly open my eyes.

"Where am I? Is this the hospital?" I though and I sit up

"Agh..." I groan in pain

"That right, I was shot. That is why it's hurt." I thought

"Acchan, Acchan, where is she?" I thought in panic

"You are awake, Takamina" I hear someone said

I look at the direction. I see Mario, Mii-chan, Yuu, and Nyan Nyan are here

"Hey, guys" I smile and greet them

"Don't “hey” us. You was about to go with the dead god you know" Mario said

"However, you are lucky; the bullet did not hit any of your important organs. If the bullet goes up 1mm, you are in big trouble." Yuu said

"I see" I said

"And thank to Acchan that you are alive. You received a lot of blood from her" Mario said

"Acchan donated her blood for me" I thought


“Acchan, where is she?” I worriedly said with a high voice

“Keep it down. Do you want the girl who is sleeping there to wake up?” Miichan said

I feel something holding my hand. I look down and see that Acchan is resting her head on my bed and sleeping. She is frowning and moving her head. I stroke her hair to comfort her

"Luckily, you are ok now. If something does happen, we don't know how to comfort her." Nyan Nyan said

"I'm glad that you are ok and thank you Acchan" I smile and thought

"She was very worry for you. She did not get any sleep yesterday. When you were shot, she cried a lot. We did a lot of thing but she still cried hard. Until the doctor said that you are ok, she calmed down a little. She really is exhausted." Yuu said

"Baka" I thought and caress her face

"You all stay here with him. I will go and call the doctor." Mario said and leaves the room

"What happened to you two?" Yuu said

"We were attacked by three men when we were walking back home. I fought all of them. Then one of the men got mad and shot. Then I got shot." I said

"I think I will skip the part that they are looking for Acchan" I thought and look at Acchan.

"Is that all? Who are they? Why did they attack you guys?" Yuu asks me in doubt tone

"Yes, that is all. I don't know. Maybe they are thieves. They properly want to steal money from us." I said

"Really?" Yuu raises his eyebrows and asks

"Uh" I nod

Then the doctor comes in. He checks my condition.

"How is he now, doctor?" Mario asks

"He is fine now. He recovers faster than I expect." the doctor said

"Maybe he can discharge soon." he continues

Then he leaves the room

"That is great Takamina" Mario said

"Mii-chan and I have to go back to school now. Evening, we will come back to visit you. See you later." Mario said

"Ok, bye thank you" I said

"I think we should go too. I have some business to attend. See you later" Yuu said and leaves with Haruna

"Thank you, see you later" I said to them

Then they all left the room. I look at the angel is sleeping soundly. I wish that this moment can last forever.

"I want to see this peaceful face forever." I thought

Last night. Their target is her. They also have gun.

"What really happened to you, Acchan? Who are they?" I thought

"Anyway, I will protect you no matter what Acchan because you are the most important person in my life." I smile and caress her face.

I slowly bend down and kiss her forehead

“I love you” I whisper in her ear

Then I sit back and watchlook at her sleeping face.

After awhile, I see that her eyelids are moving. I think that she is about to wake up. She sits up and yawns

"So cute" I though

"Hi Acchan” I call her

"Hello Minami" She greets me back while rubbing her eyes

Suddenly she stops. She looks up in surprise

“M…Minami?” Acchan calls me in surprise

"Huh?" I smile at her

“You are awake” Acchan stands up and hugs me tightly

“Minami, I’m so glad.” She said and buries her face on my shoulder

“Uh, I’m awake now. Sorry for making you worry, Acchan” I said and pats her head

"Are you thirty Minami? I will get you something for you. Are you hungry Minami? I will find something for you to eat...." Acchan keeps asking me worriedly

Her face is so cute when she looks like this. I take her hand and pull her closer to me. Then I kiss her lips.

"I only want this" I said and smile to her

“She looks down. Is she shy?” I thought

"I...I...I will get you some water." Acchan said and rushes out of the room

“Acchan, wait” I call her, but she already left

I lie back and smile at her cuteness

End Minami’s POV

Outside of the room

*Badump* *Badump* *Badump*

"Minami kissed me. He kissed me" Acchan thought while feeling her face is getting hot.

Suddenly, she bumps into someone

"Ah... Sorry" she said and bows

Then she looks up

"Ah, it is you" Acchan smiles and said

"I want to talk to you" the person said

In Minami's room

Minami's POV

"Acchan is so late? What is she doing?" I lie on my bed and thought

"I should go and find her" I said and stand up

When I'm about to go, I hear a knocking sound

“Come in” I said

“Hello Takamina” Akira greets me

“Hi Akira” I greet her

“I heard Mii-chan said that you are awake, so I come here to visit you” she said

“Thank you” I said and sits up

“How are you doing Takamina? Are you ok now?” She asks me

“I’m fine, now. Thank you. My injury isn’t too bad” I said

Right now I’m not in the mood to talk. I want to go and find Acchan. I still haven't confessed my feeling to her yet

“Was she scared because I kissed her so sudden?” I thought

“I screw up everything” I scratch my head

“Takamina, are you ok?” Akira asks me

I forgot that she is still here

“Ah, sorry I’m fine. I feel a little tired.” I said

“Do you need any help? I can be here to help you?” She asks

“No, thank you. I just need to sleep” I answer

“Ok, then I will go now. Get well soon” She said

“Thank you again for coming here” I said to her

Then she leaves the room

Acchan's side

Acchan sits on the corner of the waiting hall in the hospital. She uses her hands to cover her ears. She bends down and cries silently

“You are the reason that he got shot”

“You are his burden”

“Everything you have done is always causing him trouble”

“He does all of that just because of pity.”

"You should get away from his life"


Acchan comes to Minami’s room, but she doesn’t come in. She hides behind the wall and peaks into the room

“He is reading something. He seem to be fine now” Acchan thought

Suddenly someone calls her


Acchan jumps in surprise

“M..Mii-chan, Mario” She calls

“Why did you stand here? Why don’t you come in?” Mii-chan asks

“Ah, sorry, I have to go now” Acchan said and leaves immediately

“What’s wrong?” Mii-chan looks at Mario

“Don’t know” He shrugs and walks in

“I heard you guys just call Acchan, right?” Minami stands up and asks

“Uh, but she left” Mario said

“Why?” Minami asks in confuse

"I don't know" Mario shakes his head

“What’s happened?” Mii-chan asks

“I don’t know. This morning, she still acts normal. Then, she said that she will go and bring me some water, but she didn't come back. I looked for her everywhere, but I can't find her anywhere.” Minami worriedly said

“I see. That is weird” Mario said

“Acchan” Minami worriedly thought

At midnight night

Minami's POV

I woke up and looks around the room

"She still doesn't come back here. Where is she now?" I thought while stepping down from my bed.

I don't know why but something inside me telling and urging me to walk out of my room. I listen to my instinct. When I open the door, I see a small figure cowers beside my room’s door.

"Acchan" I thought in surprise

I sit down to look at her

"She is sleeping"

"Why don't you come into my room?" I whisper and touch her face

"She is cold. Her body is shaking" I thought

Then I carry her into my room. Luckily my wound didn't hurt so bad that I cannot carry her. I put her on my bed. When I’m about to step down from the bed, she holds my clothes tightly.

"Don't leave me" She is sleep talking

"See who is the one saying that." I thought

"You are the one who left me alone the whole day" I whisper and pinches her cheek

Then I lie down next to her. She snuggles closer to me. I round my arms around her waist and pull her closer. She buries her face on my chest. I can feel her hot temperature. Maybe she got a light fever.

"Acchan, what happened? Why did you let yourself get cold like this?" I thought and hugs her tighter

Then I also slowly fall in sleep

Somewhere In the forest

“Those cops look for us everywhere. Those two idiots, they spilled out everything” The boss said

“Luckily, I made a move soon. If not we all end up in jail right now” He continues

“That girl, she is in the hospital right now. It is hard to catch her there. You two keep observing the hospital. Looking for a chance to capture her ok” He said

“Yes, sir”

Then they leave the place.


I hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :)
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oh! wmatsui!!!! that's nice jun! hehe
so.. who's that man? i hope jun will capture them soon!
update soon author-san! :) :) :) :)
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Yeaaay jun and rena will date
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yay! wmatsui!! :ding:
what will happen next?
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thanks for the update :D
what are you doing akira !!!? -_-
Minami more honest with his feeling...and Atsuko, please dont blame yourself......

update soon :D
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Oh... Atsuko is in very dangerous position

Why did Minami lie to his friends about the attack?

What about Atsuko, Minami and Akira?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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@key17, @purnamazaki, @kazuko, @AI712, @cisda83: Thank you!  XD

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is part 7  :)

Part 7


In the morning

In the hospital

Acchan slowly opens her eyes. She realizes that she is in a room

"Where am I?" she thought and sits up

“Minami’s room? How can I get here?” She looks around

Suddenly a voice startles her

“Why did you sleep outside of my room?”

She turns around and realizes that Minam is lying next to her

“M...Minami” She stutters

“Why am I here?”*cough* Acchan said

“You are sick now. That is because you slept outside. You know that outside very cold right.” He said and sits up

“Let me see your temperature” He said and leans closer to Acchan

His forehead touches hers.

“I…I…I’m fine” She said and leans back

Then she steps down from the bed. However, because she stands up so sudden, she feels dizzy and loses her balance. Minami quickly steps down and catches her.

“I told you that you are sick. Don’t get up so fast like that” Minami worriedly said

“I..I’m fine, thank you Minami. I will go out a little” She said and rushes to the door

“Wait Acchan” Minami rushes to her

He catches her hand and pulls her back. Then he blocks her way.

“Tell me why did you avoid me?” Minami said

“I’m not avoiding you” Acchan said in low tone

“Liar” Minami said

“I’m not lying” Acchan said in small tone

"I really have something to do" she said while trying to avoid Minami’s gaze

"You are sick. You will not go anywhere. You should lie down and sleep now" Minami said to her

"I'm fine. I....I... had an appointment. I should go now." she said

"Liar" Minami said while frowning

"It is true" she said and looks down

Minami lifts her face up, and looks directly at hers

"What is your appointment?" Minami asks her

"I...I…it is none of your business." She said

"Answer me, what is your business?" Minami said again

"I.I...I have to go shopping with Nyan Nyan" She said

"Really?" Minami asks while raising his eyebrows

"Uh" Acchan is shaking

“She is scared. Somehow her scared face looks so cute.” Minami thought and smiles to himself

"Liar" Minami said

"Why?" she said and pouts

"Today Yuu and Nyan Nyan go to Tokyo for his work. How can she go with you?" Minami said

"I...” Acchan looks down

"So, the truth is you want to avoid me" Minami said

"No, I'm not" she said and shakes her head

"Why did you avoid me, Acchan?" Minami softly said to her

“Please Acchan, tell me what really happened. You act very strange.  Acchan, what really happened?” he said in sincerely tone

“Do you know that it is very hurt when I saw you slept outside my room cold and shaking? What make you act like this?” he continues

“I...I…” Acchan looks down

Suddenly Minami drops down on the floor and holds his stomach. He groans in pain. Seeing Minami lying on the floor frowning, Acchan immediately bend down next to him

"Minami, Minami, are you ok?" she worriedly asks

"I'm ok. You don't have to bother yourself because of me. You are avoiding me anyway. Let's me just die in pain." Minami said and turns away

"Minami don't say thing like that. Let me help you to go on the bed. You just recover. You should rest more." Acchan said

"I won't go anywhere until you say the reason why did you avoid me?" Minami said

"Ok, I will tell you. However, you should get on the bed first" Acchan said

"No, you say first. Why did you want to leave? Do you...." Minami pauses

"...hate me?" Minami said in small tone

“…” Acchan stays silent

“Did I scare you because of that kiss?”

“...” Acchan still stays silent

“So, that is true huh.” Minami sadly said

“The truth is I’m really happy about that” Acchan speaks up

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“What did you just said?" Minami asks

“I’m very happy when you… kiss me” Acchan shyly said and blushes

“So you don’t hate me?” Minami happily said and turns her face to look at him

“Uh” Acchan nods

"I do not hate you, Minami. Recently, I just realize another thing Minami...” she said and looks down.

Minami catches her face to look at him and asks

“What is it Acchan?” Minami gently asks

“...” Acchan stays silent and shakes her head

“Then let’s me tell you this first” Minami said

Acchan looks at him with puzzled look.

“Do you know why did I suddenly kiss you, Acchan?” Minami asks

Acchan shakes her head.

“That is because I love you, Acchan” Minami caresses Acchan’s face and gently said

Hearing that tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks. Seeing Acchan is crying Minami panics.

“Don’t cry Acchan, I’m sorry for scaring you. If you don’t have any feeling for me, it is ok. I’m sorry” Minami said while wiping her tear

Acchan shakes her head

“I’m very happy, Minami” Acchan hugs Minami tightly and said

“I’m very happy that you love me.” she said and buries her face on his neck

Then Minami breaks the hug and gently looks at Acchan

"Then why did you avoid me Acchan?" Minami lifts Acchan's face up and gently said

"I thought that you help me all those time just because of pity. Therefore, I don’t want to be your burden. I don't want you to hurt because of me. It is not worth" Acchan said and sobs

Suddenly he pushes her down and pins her on the floor

“M...Minami” Acchan calls in surprise

"Who told you that you are my burden? Who told you that I just feel pity on you? Who decide that saving your life is worthless?" Minami said

"I...I...” Acchan don't know how to answer

Minami bends down and kisses her lips

"I just told you right, I love you, baka. I do everything is just for you. Remember that." Minami said and kisses her forehead

Acchan doesn't know what to say. She is very happy right now. She hugs Minami tight and cries like a kid on his shoulder.

“I love you, too Minami” She said and buries her face on his shoulder

“Really Acchan?” Minami happily said

“Uh” Acchan nods while blushing

Then Acchan remember something. She looks at Minami and asks innocently

"You don't feel hurt anymore?"

"Hahaha… I tricked you. I'm not hurt" Minami said and pulls Acchan up

"Minami, do you know how worry I am when I see you drop down on the floor. Don't ever use your health like that again" Acchan said in tear

"I'm sorry Acchan. However, that is the only way to stop you. I don't want to lose you." Minami said and wipes Acchan's tear.

“I love you Acchan” Minami said and kisses her lips

“I love you, too” Acchan said and kisses him back

Outside of the room

A figure stands there and angrily holds her fists. Suddenly someone pats her shoulders

“Mii-chan, Mario” the figure turns around and calls

“Akira, why don’t you come in?” Mii-chan asks

Then she turns to the room. Mario and Miichan take a look

“Oh, Takamina finally confessed huh?” Miichan said and giggles

“That guy. Finally huh” Mario said and chuckles

Then they left the room

On their way

“Are you ok, Akira?” Miichan asks

“I’m ok” Akira said and smiles

“I’m happy for him that he can find someone that he really loves.” She continues

“I knew that he doesn’t have any feeling for me. Therefore, I gave up my unrequired love from long time ago.” she said

“Good to hear that, I hope you can find a good man for yourself” Mario said

In Tokyo

In the evening

In the movie theater

Jun and Rena step out of the movie theater.

"How is the movie, Rena?" Jun asks

“I really enjoy it.” Rena said

“The movie is really exciting” she smiles and continues

"Glad to hear that. I just worry that you don’t like action movie" Jun said and scratches the back of his neck

“No, I really do like it. Actually I really enjoy watching action movie” Rena said

“Really? Will you come with me next time?” Jun happily said

“O..o..of course if you have time.” he continues

“Of course” Rena smile and nods

“So, Rena where do you want to go next?” Jun asks

“It is up to you” Rena said

“Are you hungry, Rena?” Jun asks

“Uhm… a little” Rena said

“Let go to eat something first” Jun said and pulls Rena to his car

While Jun is driving, his phone rings

“Hello, what is it, Natsu?”Jun said

(We went and checked on that place. I got the report.) Natsu said

“Uhm… send that report to me. I will read it. If I need something else, I will call you” Jun said

(Ok) Natsu said

Then he hangs up

“Sorry Rena, I have some business to do. I will take you to my house now.” Jun said in disappointed tone

“It is ok, Jun. Your work is more important. You can pay me this dinner another time” Rena said and smiles

“Really? I will” Jun happily said

Then they go back to Jun’s house

Jun quickly rushes to his office to see the report. He turns on his laptop and read through the report

“As expected, no one is there. They escape before that” Jun said

Then Jun sees a picture of a stack of newspaper. Jun clicks on it and looks through it

“Sakai Haruto” Jun thought in surprise


“Daddy, what are you doing?” Young Jun asks

“I help uncle Akio investigate about his company. He said that he suspects someone in his company sell the company top secret out.”

“I see. Did you find anyone that suspicious?” Jun asks

“The man named Sakai Haruto; the police follows him these days.” His father said

End flashback

“Isn’t he still in jail? Does he have any relative?” Jun thought

Then he calls Natsu

“Hello, Natsu”

“About the man named Sakai Haruto, can you investigate about him for me. Does he still in jail?” Jun said

(Ok, Jun) Natsu said

"Another thing, can you also investigate about his family background? I want to know if he still has some other relatives or something" Jun said

(Ok, I got it) Natsu said

"Thank you Natsu" Jun said

Then he hangs up. Jun leans back and caresses his temples. Then Jun takes out his phone

(Hello, son) a man speaks up

"Hi dad" Jun said

(How are you doing, son?) Jun's father asks

"I'm good. How are you and mom, dad? Where are you and mom now?" Jun asks

(We are doing well. She really enjoys this long vacation. We are in Italy now. Did you find Atsuko?) His father asks

"Uh-uh, not yet. However I got some new information" Jun said

"Dad, when you investigate about Uncle Company’s case, do you know any information about Sakai Haruto?" Jun asks

(Why did you ask so sudden? Aren't he still in jail?) Jun's father asks

"When the police investigated that place, they found a lot of old newspaper about that his case. Does he have any relative?" Jun asks

(I remember when I investigate about him. He graduated from a famous university. He lives with his mother and sister in a small town. About his father, there is no one know about him. We just got the information that his father used to be a normal worker. After he was laid off, he becomes a drunkard. He used to abuse him and his mother. He left them when his sister was 3 and he was 17. He moved to Tokyo alone after his mother died one year later.) his father said

"I see. By the way, what did he do that time, Dad?" Jun asks

(He stole Akio company's new product plan and sold it to other company. I caught him red handed when he was about to give the actual plan to the other company)

(However since your uncle want to give him a second chance, I didn't make it into an actual case until that incident) He continues

"I see. That is a despicable man. He still did that after uncle just forgave him" Jun angrily said

(Uh, I’m really satisfied when I can throw him into prison) His father said

(If you need more information, I will call my assistant to find the case and send to you) his father said

"Ok, thank you dad. I will hang up now" Jun said

(Ok, goodnight son) he said

"You and mom have fun. Bye" Jun said

Then he hangs up

Next morning

At Jun's house

Jun is sitting in the dining room and eating breakfast. Rena steps in

"Hello Miss Rena" a maid greets her

"Hi" Rena smiles and greets back

"Hello Rena,” Jun greets her

"Hi Jun." Rena greets and sits down

"Miss Rena, here is your breakfast" A maid said

"Ok, thank you" Rena said

Then they start eating and talking to each other. After a while, Rena finished her breakfast. She stands up and prepares her things

"Are you about to go to work" Jun asks

"Uh," Rena nods

"Since I have to go to police department early today, I will take you to the hospital" Jun said and stands up

“Also, I will order some police to protect you at the hospital.” Jun continues

"No, I cannot trouble you like that" Rena said

"It's ok. It is not trouble at all." Jun smiles

“However, If you feel that way, how about go with me to the amusement park this weekend” Jun said and smiles at Rena

Rena looks at Jun with surprise look

"Ok," Rena said and smiles.

“Ok, that is decided. Let’s go to work now” Jun said and pulls Rena with him

In the Central hospital

In Rena’s office

She is looking at the window and smiling while remembers what Jun said in the morning. Unknowingly, there is someone in nurse outfit walk into her room. The figure looks at her and grins

"He looks so cool and handsome, right?" The girl said

"Uh" Rena unconsciously nods

"What make you look so happy?" the girl continues

"He invited me to the amusement park with him this weekend" Rena still doesn't notice

“What do you like about him?” She asks and giggles

“He is very nice and gentle, somehow a little clumsy.” Rena said and smiles

"Hahaha... Our Rena is in love" the girl sudden laughs out loud

Rena startles and snaps out of her thought. She turns around to see who is laughing

"Saki" Rena calls in surprise

"When did you get here?" She asks

"Long time ago, but you still spacing out and think about your boyfriend" Saki said

" boyfriend? Jun is not my boyfriend." Rena said

"So his name is Jun huh? Call by first name basis too." Saki said and giggles

"Wait, how did you know him?" Rena asks

"I saw he walks out of his car and opens the door for you." Saki said

“And you just told me everything about him. He invited you to a date this weekend. He is also nice and gentle.” Saki said while imitate Rena's voice

“Stop it” Rena shouts in embarrass

" is not what you think. He is police. I witness something in a case. Last time I was attached, so he lets me live in his house to protect me. This morning, he also goes to work early, so he just takes me here. That is it" Rena said

“I see, no wonder I see some police walk around hospital” Saki said

“Uh, he ordered them to protect me” Rena said

“Remember to be careful ok, Rena” Saki worriedly said

“Uh, I will. Thank you” Rena said and smiles

“By the way, why did you are here?” Rena asks

“I have some patience’s information to give you.” Saki said

“Thank you Saki” Rena said and takes the papers

“I also want to ask you to go to eat lunch with me” Saki said

“Ok, give me a sec…” when Rena is about to say something her phone rings

“Hello Jun” Rena said

Saki stands there and grins

(Are you free for lunch Rena?) Jun asks

“You want to ask me for lunch. Sorry Jun I…”

“It is ok, Rena. you just go with him. I forget I have another appointment.” Saki whispers and winks at Rena

(Are you busy?) Jun said

“Ah no, I’m free now. When will you come here?” Rena said

(About 30 minutes) Jun said

“Ok, I will see you later” Rena said

Then she hangs up

“How romantic. Maybe I should find for me a boyfriend” Saki said and leaves

“Saki” Rena said while blushing

At police department

After hanging up the phone, Jun leans back to his chair and is humming some melodies. Then he hears a knocking sound

“Come in” Jun said

“Did you find anything about him, Natsu?” Jun asks

“Yes Jun. We came to the jail. Sakai Haruto was released 2 months ago.” Natsu said

“What? I thought he still have to stay for some years, right?” Jun stands up and said in surprise

“He was released sooner because of his good behavior.” Natsu said

“I see” Jun said while frowning and sits back

“Where is he now?” he asks

“At this moment, we still don’t know yet. We still investigate about him.” Natsu said

“Ok, if you have any news about him, inform me immediately.” Jun said

“Yes, I will.” Natsu said

Then he leaves the room. After that Jun comes to the hospital and takes Rena to the restaurant nearby for lunch. Rena and Jun order food and eat. Rena sees that Jun is still working while eating

“Jun, why don’t you put that aside and eat properly?” Rena worriedly said

Jun is still focusing on his work

“Jun, if you invite me here for lunch and then doing this, leaving me here and talking alone. Then I will leave.” Rena angrily said

Then she stands up

“Wait Rena, I’m sorry. It is just I want to find my cousin sooner.” Jun said and catches Rena’s hand

"You still can’t find any new about her?" Rena asks

"No yet. I ordered a lot of police to look around, but still no news about her" Jun sighs and said

"Don't worry Jun. I'm sure that you will find her soon." Rena said and smiles

"I know but this morning I just got some clues about the one that might be the kidnapper. I’m very worry. I don’t want the history repeat again" Jun worriedly said.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)
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what? what kind of history? update soon please!! i want to know!
ahh.... i always love wmatsui XD XD
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Well Sakai is out... but who is his sister?

Are they all involve?

Why did Atsuko go to him in the 1st place?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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More!! More!!! More!!!!  :inlove:
So sweet Atsuko and Kai  :twothumbs
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@key17, @cisda83, @kazuko, @Dianalrs: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 8  :)

Part 8

In the restaurant

"You still can’t find any new about her?" Rena asks

"Not yet. I ordered a lot of police to look around, but still no news about her" Jun sighs and said

"Don't worry Jun. I'm sure that you will find her soon." Rena said and smiles

"I know but this morning I just got some clues about the one that kidnapped her. I’m very worry. I don’t want the history repeat again" Jun worriedly said.

“What do you mean Jun?” Rena asks

“His name is Sakai Haruto. I suspect the kidnapper is him. He hates my uncle very much because my uncle fired him in the past. This thing happened before. Atsuko was taken away from my hand” Jun said

“That time she was only 5, and I was 12.” Jun continues


Jun’s POV

I just went back from my grandma’s house after 2 months of summer vacation. This is my new school year. My school includes from preschool to high school. Today my uncle is busy, so I will go home with my little cousin.

“Jun-nii, where is papa? Or Koji?” my cousin asks

“He and your mama have an urgent business. Koji is with them. Therefore they cannot go to school and pick you up.” I said

“Oh. So I will stay at home alone today” She sadly said

“Atsuko, today Jun-nii will play with you. Is that ok?” I bend down and said to her

“Really, Jun-nii? You will play with me” She smiles brightly and happily said

“Of course” I smile at her

“Yeah” she jumps and hugs me

“Atsuko, it has been 2 months since I come to your house, right?” I ask her

“Yes, Atsuko miss you a lot. Today, I will show you my garden of tomatoes. Mama helped me plant them.” Atsuko innocently said

“Wow Atsuko, you plant tomatoes. You are a good girl” I said and pat her head

“Of course” Atsuko smiles and said

“I heard that you just bought a dog and named him Cocoa, right?” I ask her

“Uh... Papa bought it for me when we went to a pet shop. Cocoa will play with me whenever Papa and Mama aren’t at home” Atsuko said

“I see. I also want to be friend with him. Can you introduce me to him?” I said and smile to her

“Of course, he is very friendly” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

After walking for a while, we reach her house. When I’m about to call her security to open the door for us, someone pushes me down and snatches Atsuko away from me

“Atsuko” I shout

“Anyone comes out here, Atsuko is caught by someone” I shout

Then the gate opens. A lot of men rush out and surround the man

“Release Atsuko-sama now” The chief of the bodyguard shouts

“Call Maeda Akio here, if not I will kill his daughter.” The man shouts

“My uncle is not at home. Give me time, I will call him back” I said

“Ok, I will give you 20 minutes.” He said

I rush to the house and call uncle. After 20 minutes they comes back

“Papa, Mama” Atsuko calls them when they rush out of their car

“Atsu” My uncle and aunty call her

“Haruto, I’m here. What do you want? Release my daughter now.” My uncle shouts at him

“Haruto? He is the one that father suspicious” I thought

“Give me 1 billion as indemnification money and tell the police to let me leave Japan. Then I will release her” Haruto said

“I did not do anything or harm you. Why did you want me to give indemnification money for you?” my uncle said

“You fired me. My girlfriend because of that left me. I have nothing now. I need that money” Haruto shouts.

“I was very generous when I did not turn you into police when you stole and sold my company’s secret. I thought that you were still young, so I gave you a second chance. My brother in law is correct. I made a bad choice.” My uncle said

“Shut up. Give me 1 billion now, or I will cut her throat” He shouts and places the knife closer to Atsuko’s throat

“Papa, Mama” Atsuko calls in tear

“Atsu” My aunt call her in tear

“Stop, don’t do that. I will order people to gather that money for you” My uncle said

“You better make it quick. I don’t have much patience” Haruto said

“That is a big money. How can I gather that quickly? I need 1 hour” My uncle said

“Don’t lie. A president of the biggest group in Japan doesn’t have that much money in his hand. Don’t joke with me” He starts to lose his patience

Then he raises his knife. Suddenly sound of gunshot appears.

“Father” I shout when I see my father standing afar with police

Haruto’s arm is shot. He drops his knife. The chief of the guard rushes to him and takes his hand. I quickly rush to Atsuko and hold her. The police rush to him and press him on the ground.

“Maeda Akio, one day I will make you pay for this.” The man shouts while struggling

“You ruined my life. I will take revenge one day.” Haruto shouts

“Take that man to the police department” my father said

Atsuko is shakily crying on my shoulder. I take her to her parent.

“Papa, Mama” She hugs them and cries very hard

“Atsu, don’t cry. Mama is here” My aunt said in tear

“Atsu, it is ok now. You are safe now. Papa is sorry. You were scared right” My uncle said and pats her head

Then my uncle comes to my father

“Thank you, brother in law. If you weren’t here, I don’t know what to do.” My uncle said

“No problem Akio." My father said

“Uncle” I call him and look down

“What is it, Jun” My uncle asks me

“I’m sorry. I didn’t take good care of Atsuko. It was my fault that Atsuko is scared like that” I said in low tone

“It is ok, Jun. That thing came so sudden. Not only you but even an adult who is in that situation still cannot do anything. Don’t blame yourself ok.” My uncle pats my head and said

“I still have to bother you to play with her when we aren’t home.” He smiles at me and said

“Thank you uncle” I smile and said to him

End flashback

“After that she got a trauma. She always had nightmare and easy got sick too. Plus, she was extremely afraid of stranger. I see her as my little sister. Seeing her like that makes me very mad at myself. If I were more careful, she wouldn’t be in that situation.” Jun sadly said

“Jun, your uncle is correct don’t blame yourself about that. That time you still a kid and that thing happened so sudden” Rena worriedly said and holds his hand

“After three year, she slowly forgets the incident. Although she acts more cheerful, she still has some trauma about that. Therefore, two year later, my uncle sent her to study abroad in New York with the hope that she can fully forget about that.” Jun said

“If that is just some normal kidnappers, they will just need money. However, if it was him who kidnapped her again, that will be a big problem. With his grudge to my uncle, I don’t know what he will do to her. Although she ran away from him, she is still missing. Maybe he will look for her and catch her once again. Therefore, I want to find her quickly so that she doesn’t have to experience those things again” Jun said

“Don’t worry Jun; I believe that Atsuko is still safe right now. I have confident that you will find her soon without any harm” Rena smiles and said

Jun looks at Rena’s eyes

“Thank you Rena. I hope so, too.” Jun smiles and said

“Sorry Rena, you have to listen to my story and can’t not enjoy your lunch” Jun said

“It is ok, Jun. I’m very happy that you share that story with me” Rena said

“I also very happy to eat lunch with you” Rena continues

“Really?” Jun smiles and asks

“Uh” Rena shyly nods

“Then we will eat lunch like this every day” Jun happily said and eats his lunch.

At the hospital

Minami walks around the hospital hall to look for Acchan.

"Where is she going?" Minami thought

"Why did she always run off to somewhere? I should tie her hand with me so that she doesn't run out of my sight" Minami thought while looking around

“Last night she also acted so weird.” Minami continues


At night

Acchan is lying next to Minami. She snuggles closer to him while Minami hugs her and strokes her hair.

"Acchan" Minami calls her

Acchan looks up

"What is it, Minami?"

"I wonder..." Minami said

"Huh?" Acchan looks at him with puzzled look

"What make you think that I think of you as a burden?" Minami looks at her and asks

"..." Acchan stays silent

''Also what make you think that I'm only feel pity on you?" Minami continues

"..." Acchan once again keeps silent

"Acchan" Minami calls her while caressing her face

"I'm sleepy, Minami." Acchan said and buries her face on his chest like a puppy.

Minami looks at her with confused look. Then he smiles at her

"Ok, my puppy. Goodnight" Minami said and kisses her hair.

End flashback

He goes out to the hospital's park. He looks around the place. Suddenly he hears someone's voice

"So you broke your promise."

"That sound familiar" Minami thought

"I promised that because I thought he didn't love me. I'm his burden" another girl voice appears

"Acchan?" Minami said

Minami walks toward the sources of the voice.

“But after all you are the cause of his injury. Did you forget that?” the girl shouts

Minami comes to the corner of the park

“Akira, Acchan” Minami thought

“I...I…” Acchan looks down

"You caused his injury. Is it not enough? Do you want him to die?” Akira shouts

“So she is the one that say all those things to Acchan” Minami thought

“Akira, why did you shout at Acchan?” Minami said and steps out

“Minami” Acchan turns and calls

“Takamina, what are you doing here?” Akira asks him in surprise

“I come here to see what you are doing behind my back” Minami angrily said

“Since when did you become my personal manager? Who give you permission to control my life?” He continues with a high voice

“Minami” Acchan holds Minami hand and calls him

“Calm down Minami. She is just worry about you” she continues

“I don’t need that kind of worry.” Minami raises his voice

Then he turns to Acchan

“Acchan, so she is the one that say all those things which made you avoid me, right?” Minami asks

Acchan looks down and silence

“Answer me, Acchan” Minami lifts her face up and gently said

“Yes, that is me. I said those things to her so that she can get away from you” Akira said

“You… why did you do that?” Minami said while trying to calm down

“Because she is annoying. I hate her” Akira shouts

Hearing that Atsuko holds Minami’s arm tight and looks down

“How can you say that to her? What did she ever do to you?” Minami said in anger

“Why did you so protective to her? She is just a stranger to you. A trouble stranger” Akira shouts while pointing at Acchan

“Acchan is not a stranger to me. She is my girlfriend now. To me she is very important. I will do everything to protect her” Minami said while holding Acchan’s hand tight

“Therefore, don’t bother her with those nonsense. Burden, pity, worthy, I, myself, decide that.” Minami said

“Since you are my childhood friend, you knew what I hate the most right. I hate people step on my private life. I will control my life, myself.  Don’t ever step on that boundary” Minami continues.
“If I ever see you shout at her or hurt her again, even you are my childhood friend, I will not forgive you.” he continues

“Let’s go back to my room Acchan” Minami said and pulls Acchan with him.

“But Minami….” Acchan stops and looks back at Akira

He pulls her close to him and kisses her lips.

“Or you want me to carry you back” he said

She stuns at my action. Her face is all red. She shakes her head

“How cute” He thought and smiles in his mind

Akira angrily holds her fists tight. Her eyes are read because of anger. Tear fills her eyes. She looks up

“Why don’t you realize my feeling for you?” Akira shouts at Minami

He turns to look at her

“I knew, but I don’t see you that way. You are no more than a childhood friend to me. However, now, I have to think about that once again. I feel disgust with your action. I can never imagine my friend will do this” Minami said and walks away

At the back yard

“Why did you always interfere with my life? Why don’t you disappear already” Akira angrily thought

Inside the hospital

"Why didn't you tell me that is Akira’s action?” Minami sits next to Acchan and asks

“I don’t want you to angry like now” Acchan said

“But you were saddened by those words.” Minami said and strokes Acchan’s hair

“Uhm” Acchan nods slightly and looks down

“Acchan” Minami calls and turns her to look at him

Acchan looks at him with confused look

“From now on just trust me ok. Don’t listen to other. I love you. You should only remember that” Minami said and smiles at her

“Uh” Acchan smiles and nods

After 2 day

Minami’s POV

I finally discharge from the hospital. Now I can go back to my home

"It is so good to be home" I thought and lie back on my bed

"I wonder what Acchan is doing" I thought and walk out of my room

I hear some sound in the kitchen

"She is cooking?" I thought and walk in

I see she is chopping something

"Can she really cook?" I thought in doubting


As expected, she cuts her hand. I rush to her and ask

"Acchan, are you ok?" I take her hand and look at her bleeding finger.

"Minami, what are you doing here?" She asks me in surprise tone

"Let's go and treat your injury" I said and pull her to my room to take my medical box.

"Minami, I'm fine. It is just a scratch. You should be relax now" Acchan said

I just stay silent and pull her with me. I take bandage and cover her finger

"What with that cooking thing, Acchan?" I ask her

"You are hurt, so I thought I will cook something for you" Acchan said

"Do you know how to cook?" I ask her and smile

"No," she said and shakes her head

"Then how can you cook?" I ask her

"I saw you chop the meat the other day. So I copy what you did." she answers

"That is why you cut yourself like that." I said and point her injured finger.

"That is just an accident" she pouts

"Ok, then what will you do next?" I tease her

"I...I..I  will read the book" Acchan said

"Can you really do that?" I ask her.

"Of course" Acchan looks at me and answers confidently

"Do I need to prepare some medicine before eating" I said and teasing tone

“Minami,” Acchan hit my chest lightly and pouts

I hold my chest and lie on the floor

“Ahh… Acchan, it is hurt. You hit my injury” I groan in pain

“Minami, are you ok? I’m sorry. Are you ok?” Acchan panicky said

“What should I do now, Minami?” She asks me and sobs

“” I breathlessly said

“What is it, Minami?” She asks me while holding my hand

I pull her down and kiss her lips. Then I broke the kiss and said

“I need that” I said and pinches her now red cheeks

“Minami, you tricked me. I hate you. You made me worry” Acchan pouts and stands up

"Wait, Acchan" I catch her hand and pull her to sit on my laps

I rest my chin on her shoulder

“I’m sorry, don’t hate me” I said and kiss her cheek

She keeps silent. I guess her still mad

"Don’t mad at me, please.” I said in pleading tone and bury my face on her neck

“…” She is still silence

“How about I will cook for you omelet rice, and you will forgive me?" I said

"But you are just discharged from the hospital, you need to rest." she turns to look at me and worriedly said

"I'm fine now. I can do everything for my Acchan" I said and smile

"But you have to rest. Your injury is not small. I will cook" She strictly said

"But I don't want to bandage all ten of your fingers." I said and kiss her hand

"What do you mean?" she pouts

How cute

"But I really want to do something for you" she said while playing with her fingers

"I have another plan" I said

"What is it Minami?" She looks at me and happily said

“Let cook together” I whisper in her ear and caress my face with hers

"Ok, Minami" Acchan happily said

“Then let’s go, Acchan” I peck her lips and said

Then we go to the kitchen and happily cooking and eating together.

In the forest

“Good, you did a good job” The man said to a figure stands in front of him

The figure smirks

“Thank you for good information. When I finished my work, she is all your” The man continues

“Deal” It said

In the town

Next evening

Minami’s POV

I walk back to my house after school. When I open the door, I stun at what I see. The house is all messed up.

“Who did this? Is those men the other night did this. How did they find my house?” I thought

Then I run to my room and Acchan’s room to check. They were all messed up. Everything is broken and scatters the place.


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"Wait, Acchan" I catch her hand and pull her to sit on my

"Don’t mad at me, please.” I said in pleading tone and bury
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" “Then let’s go, Acchan” I peck her lips and said

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Part 9

Next evening

Minami’s POV

I walk back to my house after school. When I open the door, I stun at what I see. The house is all messed up.

“Are those people again?” I thought to myself

Then I run to my room and Acchan’s room to check. They were all messed up. Everything is broken and scattered all around the place.

“Luckily, this morning, I asked Nyan Nyan to take her to her shop.” I thought in relieve


In the morning

(Hello) Yuu said

“Hello Yuu, sorry for this early call, can you do me a favor?” I ask Yuu

(What is it, Takamina?) Yuu asks

“Can you take Acchan to Nyan Nyan place for me? I will go there to pick up her in the evening” I ask

(Ok, But why?) Yuu asks in curious tone

“Uhm...I don’t want to leave her alone at home. She might get bored” I said

(Really?) Yuu asks

"Uh” I said

(Ok, if you say so, I will go there and pick her up before you go to school) Yuu said

“Thank you Yuu, bye” I said

Then I hang up

“I don’t know why I got this uneasy feeling” I thought

End flashback

“Who are they?” I thought in worry

While I’m cleaning the house, I hear my doorbell. I go to the door and open it.

“Hello, Mr Takahashi” a policeman greets me

"Hello sir. Do you have any news about Acchan?" I greet him and ask

"Yes, I did. The other day, I just got a notice from Tokyo, but I can't contact you. Luckily you are here." the policeman said

"I was stayed in hospital these days" I said

"Please come into my house" I continue

"It is ok. I just want to tell you that the notice attached her image on it. Her name is Maeda Atsuko. It said that if we have any new about her, contact the chief police of the Tokyo police department, Matsui Jun." the policeman said to me

"Maeda Atsuko, she is really the president daughter" I thought in surprise

"Mr. Takahashi, do you want me to contact him for you or you will do it yourself. After all you're the one who found her." he said to me

"I will contact him." I said

"Ok, this is her file. His contact is in there." the policeman said

"Thank you" I said to him

"Ok, I will leave now. If you need anything just contact me." he said

"Ok, thank once again" I said and bow.

Then he leaves. I also leave the house to pick Acchan up. We silently walk back home

At home

When we go into the house, Acchan calls me


I turn around and look at her

"What is it Acchan?" I ask her

"What's wrong? You are so silent today" Acchan asks me in worry tone.

"Nothing Acchan, don't worry" I said and smile at her

"Acchan, I have a good news for you" I continue

"What is it, Minami?" Acchan clings on my arm and asks

“Let's get to the living room first" I said

Then we go to the living room and sit on the sofa.

“Acchan, your parent is looking for you. I got your file from the police.” I said

“Really Minami” Acchan happily asks me

“Uh” I smile at her

I open and look at her file. There is nothing much in there except her picture and name, together with the chief of police department, Matsui Jun.

“I will call this person. He will take you to your parent” I said to Acchan

“Matsui Jun” She said in wonder tone

“What is it, Acchan?” I ask her

“I have a feeling that I heard this name somewhere before” Acchan said in confuse

“I see. Maybe you will regain your memories when you meet him and your parent” I said

“Let me call him” I continue

“Uh” Acchan nods

I take out my phone and call the number

End Minami’s POV

(Hello this is Matsui Jun) the other side said

"Hello my name is Takahashi Minami. Several weeks ago, I found a girl unconscious in the forest. I took her back to my house. Because she lost her memories, I didn't know who she is. Today, police officer in my place told me who she is and tell me to contact you" Minami said

(You found Maeda Atsuko?) Jun asks

"Uh" Minami said

(Where do you live?) Jun asks

"I live in a small town outskirt of Tokyo." Minami answers and tells Jun about the place.

(Can I talk to her?) Jun asks

"Ok, she is next to me right now." Minami said

Then he turns to Acchan

"Acchan, the police want to talk to you." Minami said

Hearing that, Acchan looks at Minami with scared eyes. She shakes her head and holds Minami's arm tight

"It is ok, Acchan. I'm here with you. He just wants to help you." Minami said and kisses on her forehead

Then Acchan nods. She takes the phone and places on her ear

"Hello" Acchan said in small tone

(Atsuko, is that you? I'm Jun-nii, do you remember me?) Jun happily said

"Who are you?" Acchan asks in confused

(I see) Jun thought

(Atsuko, can you give back the phone to Takahashi-san?) Jun said

Then Acchan gives Minami the phone

“He wants to talk to you” Acchan said

“Ok” Minami said and takes the phone

“Hello, sir” Minami said

(Are you free tomorrow?) Jun asks

“Yes, I’m.” Minami said

(I want to meet her. Tomorrow, I will go to your house to meet you and her) Jun said

“Ok” Minami said

Then they hang up. Minami turns to Acchan and said

“Acchan, tomorrow, he will come here to meet you. You will be able meet your parent soon” Minami said and smiles at her

“I’m so happy, Minami.” She smiles and hugs Minami

"Minami" Acchan call him

"Huh?" Minami said while stroking Acchan's hair

“Even I’m back with my parent, Minami will still be with me right?” Acchan said while looking at Minami and smiles

Minami doesn’t say anything. He hugs her and pats her head

“Acchan, are you hungry?” Minami asks

“Uh” Acchan nods

“Come on, let go to kitchen, Acchan. I will make you some food.” Minami said and holds Acchan’s hand

“Minami” Acchan calls him again

“Huh?” Minami turns and looks at her

“I love you” Acchan said and pecks on his lips

Minami smiles and looks at her

“I love you, too Acchan” Minami said and hugs Acchan

However, his eyes somehow are filled with sadness


At Jun’s house

Jun leans back on his chair and puts down his phone

“Takahashi Minami, Takamina. This world is really small” Jun though and smiles

“What is a relief, Atsuko is still in good hand” Jun thought

In the early morning

In Minami's house

While Minami is cooking in the kitchen, he hears the doorbell rings. He goes to the door and opens it

“Hello Takahashi-san” Jun smiles and said

“Hi sir” Minami said

“Sorry for this early, I just want to meet her sooner” Jun said

“It is ok, I awoke anyway” Minami said and smiles

“Please come inside sir” Minami continues

“No need to call me that, just call me Jun” Jun said

"Ok, then just call me Takamina" Minami said

"Ok" Jun said

“I know” Jun mumbles

Hearing something Minami turns and asks

“What did you say?”

“Ah, nothing, where is Maeda Atsuko?" Jun asks

"Please come to the living room. She is still sleeping. I will call her" Minami said

"Ok" Jun said

Then Minami goes to Acchan's room. Acchan is still sleeping soundly on her bed

"Acchan, the police came" Minami sits on her bed and gently calls her

"Uhm...Minami" Acchan opens her sleepy eyes and calls Minami

"Good morning Acchan" Minami smiles and said

"Good morning Minami" Acchan sits up and said while rubbing her eyes

"Come on Acchan, let prepare and go to meet him" Minami said

"Ok" Acchan said and steps down

Then Minami goes outside

Minami sits and talks to Jun while waiting for Acchan.

"Can you tell me more about how can you find her?" Jun asks

"One month ago, when I went back to my house, I saw her unconscious near the forest. Her head was covered with blood. Therefore, I brought her back here. After she woke up, she didn't remember anything. I took her to the police but they said that there was no missing case. Also they said that since she doesn't remember anything, I should keep her until they find any news." Minami said

"I see" Jun said

"Jun, can I ask you something?" Minami asks

"Of course" Jun said

"What happened to Acchan?" Minami asks

"Acchan?" Jun repeats in wonder tone

"Ah sorry, that is the name I named her since she doesn't know who she is" Minami said

"Oh." Jun said

"Her name is Maeda Atsuko." Jun said

"Uh, I know. I saw her file" Minami said

"She is the daughter of the president of Maeda group" Jun said

"She is 20 years old. She was kidnapped on the day she came back to Japan after ten years study abroad. However, somehow she managed to escape from them, and the rest is what you knew" Jun continues

"I see. Do you know who did that?" Minami worriedly asks

"No, not yet, we still investigate about it." Jun said

"Fortunately, that she is safe now." Jun continues

"Uh, that is a relief." Minami sighs in relieves

"You seem to worry about her a lot" Jun said

"Uh, I’m happy for her that she is safe. It must be very terrible to be kidnapped after just came back here" Minami said

"Uh" Jun said and leans back on his chair

"I have something to tell you, Jun" Minami said

"What is it?" Jun asks

"One week ago, we were attacked by three men. They said that they want to capture her. They also have gun" Minami said

"Gun" Jun thought in surprise

"Yesterday, they also come to my house. I think they want to find her" Minami said

"I see" Jun thought while frowning

"Did you tell anyone about that?" Jun asks

"No, I think this is too danger to let other know" Minami said

"Uh, you did right." Jun said

"By the way, Takamina" Jun calls

“Huh?” Minami asks

"Don't you scare? They also have gun. Don’t you afraid about trouble?” Jun asks

"No, I don’t. Because of Acchan, I'm not afraid of anything” Minami answers immediately

“I will protect her no matter what. I won't let any bad happen to her. I will use my life to protect her." Minami seriously said

Jun looks at Minami and smiles.

While they are talking, Acchan steps down. She hides behind the wall and calls Minami


They turn to her. Minami stands up and goes to her.

"Acchan, you go there and talk to him. I will go to the kitchen to take some water for us" Minami said

"No, Minami" Acchan shakes her head and holds Minami's hand tight

"Don't be scared Acchan. He just wants to help you. Just answer his questions, ok." Minami gently said and kisses her forehead

"I will be back soon" he continues

"Ok." Acchan nods

"You want tomatoes juice right?" Minami asks

"Yes" Acchan finally smiles

"Ok, I will take the juice for you" Minami said

"Thank you Minami" Acchan hugs Minami and kisses his cheek

Then Acchan come into the room. She sits on the sofa opposite with Jun.

"Atsuko, do you remember me?" Jun said and smiles

Acchan shakes her head.

"I see" Jun leans back and frowns

"Did you remember anything about the day you were kidnapped?" Jun asks

Acchan shakes her head

"Do you remember them, Atsuko?" Jun takes out a picture and asks her

Acchan looks at a family picture. There are three people in the picture. There is a gentle looking man, a beautiful woman, and between them is a little adorable girl. Acchan touches the picture and looks closely to each of the person there.

Suddenly her head aches. She holds her head tight. Seem like there is something flashes in her head

"Atsuko, are you ok? Do you recognize them?" Jun asks

Acchan still focuses on the picture. There is something that she feels very familiar and dear with. However, she doesn't know what it is. Acchan touches the face of the woman

"Atsu, you should remember this. Patience is the most important thing helps you to success."

She holds her head tight.

"Atsuko" Jun calls in worry

Then she touches the man face

"Atsu, each job will have their, own importance. There is no bad job"

Acchan's face shows confused expression. Then she looks at the little girl

"Papa, Mama I love you"

Now her head is hurt a lot. She bends down and holds her head tight

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Jun worried said while coming to her

At the same time Minami steps in the living room. Seeing Acchan's condition he quickly rushes to her

"Acchan, are you ok?" Minami holds her shoulder and asks

"Ojou-sama you will go with me"

"I will make your father pay what he own me"

“Papa, Mama, look at this”

"Good job Atsu"

"I will go back to Japan next month."

"Where are you Koji?

There are a lot of thing appear in her head. It makes her head about to explode

"Acchan, are you ok? Don't scare me" Minami lifts her face up and said in worry tone

Acchan opens her eyes and looks at Minami

"Minami, my head hurts. They look so familiar. Why can’t I remember them? There is something in my heart that urges me to remember them, but I can’t remember them Minami." Acchan said and hits her head

“Ssshhhh….Acchan, calm down.” Minami hugs her and strokes her back

“I want to remember them, Minam” Acchan said and buries her face on his chest

"What happened, Jun?" Minami asks

"I just showed her, her family picture. Maybe, her memories come back to her so sudden. Plus she tried too hard to remember everything. That is why her head is hurt." Jun worriedly said

"Acchan, take it easy Acchan. Don't rush. Breathe slowly. Relax. It is ok, if you don't remember all of this now.” Minami gently said while stroking her back

After a while Acchan finally calm down. She hugs Minami and sleeps in his embrace

"Thank goodness, she calmed down now" Jun sits down and said in relief.

"Today, I will leave her here. Tomorrow her parent will come here to pick her up" Jun said

"Is it ok to leave her here?" Minami worriedly asks

"Don't worry, I will order some police to stay outside to protect you two." Jun said

"Plus, right now, Atsuko's condition is not stable. The only person she trusts is you. I think it is the best to let her stay here" Jun continues

"Please take good care of her" he continues

"I will. With all I got" Minami said and hugs Acchan tight

"Good, I will leave now" Jun said

Then Minami puts Acchan down the sofa and leads Jun to the door

"Thank you for saving her" Jun said and bows

"No problem." Minami bows

When Jun is about to walk back to his car, Minami calls him


"What is it, Takamina?" Jun asks

"Did I meet you somewhere? Somehow you look so familiar" Minami said while furrowing his eyebrows.

"It feels like I already knew you long time ago. I didn't feel any stranger feeling from you" Minami said

"Maybe" Jun laughs and said

"You will find out soon" he said and leaves

Minami stands there. His face is filled with confusion.

"What a weird person" Minami said

Then he stops

"When did I say those words?" Minami thought

"Anyway, let see if Acchan is ok" Minami mumbles and walks back to the living room

Minami comes to the living room. Acchan still sleeps on the sofa. He takes the blanket and covers her. He sits on the floor next to her. He moves the hair that covers her face aside and looks at her sleeping face

In the evening

"Catch her. Don't let she escape." a man said while running around the forest

There is a young girl hides behind a bush nearby.

*Panr* *pant* *pant*

She breathes heavily.

"What is going on here? Who are they? What do they want with my father? I have to find the way back" she thought

Suddenly a man shouts

"She is there. Catch her"

The girl stands up and rushes toward the pit dark forest without thinking where she will come. She just wants to escape from those scary kidnappers.

Suddenly she trips


"Minami" Acchan shouts and sits up

Minami is cooking in the kitchen. Hearing Acchan shouts, he immediately rushes to the room.

"Acchan, are you ok?" Minami asks

"Minami" Acchan quickly hugs Minami

Her body is shaking

"Acchan, what happened?" Minami strokes her back and said in worry tone

"I don't know. A group of men is chasing me. I hid but they found me. They keep chasing me" Acchan said while burying her face in Minami chest.

"Sshhhh....Acchan, don't worry. I'm here. No one can harm you now." Minami said while stroking her hair and patting her back

"Uh" Acchan nods and continues hides herself in Minami's embrace

They stay like that for a while until Acchan calmed down

"Acchan from now on you don't have to be scared because tomorrow your parent will come here and pick you up" Minami gently said and smile while caressing her face

"Really Minami?" Acchan happily asks

"Uh, and you will be back to your normal life. Forget all the bad things that happened. You should also..." Minami pause

Acchan looks at him and waits for him to finish. Minami takes a deep breath and said

"You should forget about this place as well. Back to where you belong and..."

"What do you mean Minami?" Cutting his words, Acchan holds Minami's arms tight and asks

"Why should I forget this place? Don't you say that you will stay with me even if I go back" Acchan asks in confused tone

“Sorry Acchan but I can’t” Minami said and stroke her hair

“I can still see you right, Minami?” She asks him again

“…” Minami pauses

“I don’t know, Acchan.” Minami said

“Then I don’t want to go.” Acchan said

"Acchan, your parent is looking for you. I think they must be very worry about you. You are missing almost a months. You have to go back there.” Minami reasons

“But that doesn’t mean that I cannot see you again.” Acchan said

“If I have to separate from you then I will not go there. I don’t want to be separated from you. Minami, I love you. I want to be with you” She continues and hugs Minami tightly

“You do not belong here, Acchan.” Minami said

“No, this is my house. This is where I belong” Acchan retorts

"Acchan" Minami seriously calls her

“Your house is not here, you are house is in Tokyo. You are the heir of Maeda’s group. This place is not suit for you" Minami said in serious tone

She releases her hug and stands up

"So you want me to leave after all." Acchan said and looks down

"Ok, do whatever you want. Minami, I hate you" she shouts at him and rushes back to her room

"Acchan" Minami looks at her back and whispers

“Acchan, this is the best for you. I know this is impossible to us. We are far too different” Minami leans back to the sofa and thought while tear rolling down on my cheeks

While he is still deep in his pain, Sudden his phone rings

"Hello Yuu" Minami tiredly said

(Can we talk a little?) Yuu said

"Ok" I said

"What is it, Yuu?" Minami ask him

(Acchan just called Nyan Nyan. She cried a lot) Yuu said

"..." He stays silent and look down

(She said that you want to leave her. You don't love her anymore) Yuu said

"..." Minami still keep silent

(Tell me the reason Takamina, what's happened?) Yuu asks him

“I finally found her family. Today I meet the police who investigate about her case. Tomorrow, her parent will come here and pick her up.” Minami said

(Really?) Yuu asks

“Uh, you are correct Yuu. She is that Maeda Atsuko. Heir of the Maeda’s group” Minami answers

(Oh, I see. Then why did she say that you don’t need her anymore?) Yuu asks

“…” Minami keep silent

(She said the you don’t want to meet her anymore) Yuu said

"I have no choice. That is where she belongs. Her world and my world are so different." he sadly said

(So you are willing to separate from her?) Yuu said

"Of course not, I want to be with her forever" Minami said

(Then why did she say that?) Yuu asks me again

“What can I do? I’m just a teacher from a middle school. Who is she? She is Maeda Atsuko, the heir of a biggest group in Japan.” Minami said

“Do you understand Yuu?” Minami asks him

(Of course I know. I know that maybe, her parent won’t approve this.  However, you never know if you don’t try. Why don’t you ask her father about that?) Yuu said

“…” Minami stay silent

(Are you willing to let her go without a try? Does your love for her just stop at one obstacle?) Yuu asks

"I just don't have enough confident, Yuu" Minami said

(About what? This is new. This is the first time I heard that Takahashi Minami loses his confident) Yuu said

"I'm serious. I don't know if I can make her happy." Minami said

(Why did you say that?) Yuu asks

"Because I love her" Minami said

(Huh? I'm confused. Why can't you make her happy while you love her) Yuu said

"Uh, I'm also very confused right now" Minami said

(Takamina, what is your definition about happiness? I believe that you already have one in your head right?) Yuu said

(I also believe that the definition which Acchan has will be the same as you regardless of who she is.) Yuu continues

(That is all I want to say to you. Think about yourself and think about her feeling. Think about the time you two spent together. All that time, was she happy or not?)” Yuu continues

Then Yuu hangs up

“...” Minami sits and stays silent

"What is my definition of happiness?" he whispers

He sits for a while then he walks to Acchan’s room. She is sleeping now. There is some tear left in the corners of her eyes. Minami sits on her bed and wipes her tear

“Minami don’t leave me” She said while sleeping

“I’m sorry, Acchan” he whispers and kisses her lips


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)

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I knew you would update it. but shit the website was under construction. now thank you for updating :)
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Wait...,how could Jun know minami ?  :banghead:
Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 9 10/10/15
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Who is Minami to Jun?

Can Minami keep Atsuko saved until Jun comes with her parents?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Arrrgghh come on Minami, don't be such stupid!
Go meet her parents and tell them that you were shot just to save her. Show them the scar!!
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At least Acchan is in safe..  :) but how long..?  :huhuh
Ah... heart breaking moment.   :(
Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 10 17/10/15
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@kazuko, @ChrunchyCream, @cisda83, @black_maa: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is part 10  :D

Part 10

In the morning

At Minami's house

Minami’s POV

While I’m cooking in the kitchen, I hear my doorbell ring. I go and open the door. There is a middle aged man. Standing next to him is a woman. She looks worry. Behind them is a group of black suit men

“Are you Takahashi Minami?” The middle aged man ask me

“Yes, I’m. Are you Mr. and Mrs Maeda” I ask

“Yes we are.” He said

“Where is Atsuko?” Mrs. Maeda asks me in worry tone

“She is inside. I will call her for you” I said

When I turn around, I see her standing there and looking at us

“Atsu” The woman cries and rushes to hug Acchan tightly

“Acchan, they are your parent. They are your family. They come here to pick you up” I said to her

Acchan keeps silent. Her eyes show no emotion. She just likes a completely different person. Somehow, my heart feels very tight when seeing her like that

“Atsu, do you remember Papa and Mama?” Mr. Maeda gently asks her

Acchan stays silent and shakes her head

"I believe that Jun already told you about her condition right.” I said to them

“Uh, thank you for taking care of her” Mr. Maeda said to me

“No problem” I said

“Takahashi-san, I want to repay you something for saving and helping my daughter. What do you want?” Mr. Maeda asks me

“I don’t need anything. Her safety is all matter” I said

“You really don’t need anything?” He asks me again

“No, I don’t” I answer shortly

“Ok, Then I will leave now. Thank you again” He said to me

“Let’s go Minako”

Then Mrs. Maeda leads Acchan go out of my house. She looks downs and slowly walks through me. She stops a little beside me. Suddenly, I see some water drop on the floor.

“Tear?” I thought

Then I hear her whispering

"Sorry for troubling you Minami. I actually very love you"

I can feel tear build up in my eyes. My heart beats like crazy. Her words like needles pierce in my heart. Then she continues following her mother. They slowly walk out. I’m standing there and watching her slowly walk farther and farther away from me.

End flashback


In the central hospital

Jun parks his car and takes out his phone

(Hello Jun) Rena greets him

“Hi Rena. Are you ready for lunch?” Jun happily said

(You are happy today) Rena said

“Uh, I will tell you later” Jun said

(Ok, I will be right there) Rena said

Then she goes out of her office

On her way

“Going out with your boyfriend?” Saki said

“Saki?” Rena calls

“I told you he is not my boyfriend” Rena said

“Yet, right?” Saki said and laughs

Rena blushes

“Ok, let go now. Don’t make him wait. Have fun” Saki said

Then Rena goes to Jun's car. After that they go to the restaurant that they use to go.


In Minami's house

"Do you want to be separated from Acchan"

Yuu's words flashes on Minami head

“What is your definition of happiness, Minami” He asks himself

"No, I don't want this. I don't want to be separated from her. Acchan is my happiness." Minami mumbles

Then He rushes out of his house

“Now or never” He thought

Then he shouts

“Acchan, wait. Please don’t go”

Acchan quickly turns around and looks at him with those beautiful teary eyes. She releases her mother hand and rushes to hug Minami tightly

"Minami, please don't leave me." she said and buries her face on his chest

“I’m sorry Acchan, I’m stupid. I promise that I will never leave you no matter what. Acchan, I love you” he said and tightens his hug

“What is going on here?” Akio angrily said

Minami holds Acchan’s hand and walks toward Akio

“I love your daughter. Please accept me as her boyfriend?” He bows and said

“Huh?” Akio raises his eyebrows

“You want to be my daughter’s boyfriend?” Akio raises his voice

Then he laughs

“Who do you think you are? What is your job?" He asks

"I'm a middle school teacher. I teach math" Minami answers him

"You are a Math teacher of a middle school in a small town? Just a teacher? What do you have for my daughter? Don’t say that nonsense.” Akio raises his voice.

“Koji, take Atsuko-sama back to the car.” he orders his butler

“You and her are completely different level" he continues

Koji comes and holds Acchan's hand

"Sorry, Atsuko-sama, please come with me" he said and pulls her with him

“No, I don’t want to go. Minami, Minami” Acchan struggles and calls Minami

Minami catches her hand and pulls her behind his back

“Please accept me. I will make her happy” He bows and said

“Don’t say those nonsense again. What do you have to yourself? How can you make her happy?” He said

"Please accept me. I will use all my life to love her and protect her" He emphasizes his words and bows at Akio and Minako

“Nonsense, you two hold him. Koji, take Atsuko back to the car” Akio said

"No, I won't let you take her away from me" Minami said

Then two big bodyguards take his hands and hold him tight

"Let go off me" Minami shouts

“Minami, Minami.” Acchan cries and shouts when Koji pulls her to the car

“Acchan” Minami struggles and calls her

In the restaurant

"So, what makes you happy Jun" Rena curiously asks

“Yesterday, I found my cousin. She is safe. A good person is taking care of her now." Jun happily said

"Really Jun? That is why you left the house very early right?" Rena happily asks

"Uh, I went to his house to meet her. I planned on taking her back yesterday. However, seeing her condition, I changed my mind. Today, my uncle will go there to pick her up. If I didn’t have an important meeting this morning, I will definitely go with them" Jun said

"I see. What happen to her?" Rena asks

"She lost her memories. Takamina said that he saw her at the forest. Properly, she tripped while she ran away from those kidnappers and hit her head" Jun said

"Rena, when she is back here, can you check on her?" Jun asks

"Sure" Rena said and smiles

"Thank you, Rena" Jun said

"You're welcome" Rena smiles

"By the way Jun, Takamina you said. Who is it?" Rena asks

"Ah, he is the person that saved Atsuko. He is really a nice guy. Seem like he also have feeling for her and likewise." Jun said and smiles widely

"You seem to trust him a lot. Is it too soon to conclude a person you just met is good?" Rena asks in curious

"You are curious why did I trust him that much while I'm a police right? I trust my eyes. Also I knew him long time ago" Jun said

"You knew him?" Rena asks

"Uh, we used to play with each other in my hometown. I used to teach him martial arts while he taught me fishing. He is really an interesting person" Jun said

"I see. Did he recognize you?"

"No, he didn't. It can't help. We played with each other for only two months. However, it was fun to know him. Especially the first time I met him. At that time, I was 12 years old and he was 10"


Jun is walking on a sidewalk near a big field. Then Jun sees a little boy near the river bank. He is doing something on the tree.

“What is he doing” Jun thought

“Hey kid, what are you doing?” Jun calls

The boy is startled by the call and falls from the tree

“Ouch” he shouts while sitting up

“Sorry, are you ok, kid?” Jun said and rushes to him

“I’m ok.” The boy said while rubbing his head

“What are you doing up there, kid? That is dangerous” Jun said

“Stop calling me kid, I’m not a kid. I’m already 10 years old." the boy said

"You are still a kid. Plus your height looks just like one" Jun teases and laughs

"How about you, how old are you?” The boy said in irritated tone

“Hahaha… I’m 12 years old. I’m older than you, so I can call you kid” Jun laughs and said

“Only 2 years old. It can’t show anything” the boy mumbles

“Ok, so what are you doing?” Jun asks

“When I come here to fish, I see a little bird fell from the tree. I tried to put it back to its nest.” the boy said

“I see. Did you put it back? Do you need my help?” Jun asks

“I did. When I’m about to climb down, your call made me fall” the boy said

“Sorry about that” Jun said and smiles

“It is ok” The boy said and walks to the bank

“You come here to fish right?” Jun asks

“Uh” the boy nods while putting bait to the hook

“Interesting. Can you show me?” Jun said and sits next to the boy

“Ok,” the boy said

"I always think that fishing is very interesting. However, my parent is too busy to take me to an actual fishing. Maybe, after I learn from you, I can show this to my little cousin" Jun excitedly said

"Cousin?" Minami curiously asks

"Uh, she is five years younger than you. Her parent is also super busy, busier than my parent. Therefore, I always come to her house to play to make her happy" Jun said

"Oh" The boy said and nods

"Here, take this. Luckily, today, I bring two fishing rods" the little boy said and gives Jun one of his

"Thank you" Jun said

Suddenly they hear someone screaming

“Someone helps me”

The boy stands up and rushes to the sources of the sound.

“Hey wait for me” Jun calls

Then Jun also rushes to the place. When he gets there, he sees a little kid is drowning in the middle of the river. The boy immediately jumps into the river without any hesitation.

“Hey wait” Jun calls

Then Jun notices something strange from that boy

“What? Is he kidding me? He doesn’t know how to swim” Jun thought

Then he immediately jumps into the and save both of them

“*pant*...*pant*...*pant*” Jun breathes

“Thank you for saving him” the girl said and bows

“It is ok, remember to be more careful next time” Jun said

“Yes, thanks you two once again” the girl said and then leaves the place

*cough* *cough* *cough*

The boy still sits on the ground and coughs

"Hey kid, do you want to die? Why did you jump into the river while you don't know how to swim" Jun asks and sighs

"I forgot. I just want to save that kid. And by the way, I told you not to call me kid right? You only 2 years older than me" the boy said

"This kid is very interesting" Jun thought


"I have a name. Not kid. My name is Takahashi Minami, or Takamina" cutting Jun's word, the boy said and pouts

Jun looks at him with amusing look.

"Ok, Takamina" Jun said

"However, you are braver than I expected" Jun helps Minami up and said

"Of course, I'm. My father said a man have to be brave and fearless." Minami confidently said

"But you are only a kid" Jun teases him again

"I'm not a kid" Minami haft shouts

Jun just stands there and laughs

"So can you continue showing me how to fish?" Jun said

"Ok. However, I have to go back to my grandpa house to change my clothes" Minami said

"Oh man! Mommy will scold me for sure" he said while looking at his clothes

"Ok, I also have to change my clothes. When I'm done, I will wait for you here." Jun said

"Ok" Minami said

"By the way, what is your name?" Minami turns around and asks

"My name is MJ" Jun said with teasing tone

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

"MJ? Your name is weird" Minami innocently said

"Uh, I'm a foreigner. That is not my full name. I'm back here to visit my grandparent" Jun said with joking tone

"Wow” Minami said in amazed tone

"You are kidding. He believes me. So cute. Let's tease him more" Jun smiles and thought

“What is your full name?” Minami asks

“It is very long. You properly can’t remember that” Jun said

“Oh, I see.” Minami nods in understanding

“I have to go back now. I will be back soon" Minami said and rushes back his house

“This kid is very interesting.” Jun though and smiles

End flashback

Jun smiles while telling Rena about the first time he meet his little friend in his summer vacation.

“In those two months, we always played together. We did a lot of crazy stuffs and got scold together. We also helped the police in town. That is my best summer vacation ever” Jun said and smiles

"I see. That sound fun huh? He is like your childhood friend, right?" Rena said and smiles

"Uh" Jun nods

"So, at the end did he know your real name?" Rena asks

"No, because he went back to his house with his parent sooner, until now, I think he still thinks of me as a foreigner" Jun said and laughs

"With that memories and what I saw yesterday, I'm sure that he is still him. Plus he cares a lot for Atsuko. His eyes when he looks at her, it is full of care and love" Jun said

"I see." Rena said

“That is great that you finally found her. Congratulation” Rena smiles and said

“Uh, I’m very happy.” Jun smiles and said

“However, I still can’t find any clues about Haruto or the person who kidnapped her. They definitely have to know my uncle very well. Therefore, they can make her voluntarily walk to them” Jun reason his thought

“Uh, I think so, too” Rena nods

(President of the Suzuki’s group is said to be innocent by the court from a lot of accusation about illegally works. He was sued to be related to mafia and other crimes. Today, the court’s decision is he is innocent) The TV reporter

“That man” Rena said while looking at the TV in the restaurant

“What is it, Rena?” Jun asks while turns around to see the TV

“That is Suzuki Kenji. He is a jerk. Police suspects him for a very long time. However we can’t find any evidence to put him in jail. He related to a lot of illegal works such as selling drugs, illegal gambling, loan shark, trading weapon…” Jun said

“Oh, I see.” Rena said

“Why did you ask about him, Rena?” Jun asks

“I saw him before, at the airport with your uncle's butler, I guess” Rena said

“My uncle butler is with him? How did you know that he is my uncle butler?” Jun asks

“Last night, when I got back to your house from hospital, I saw two men at your gate. They are your uncle and his butler, right?" Rena asks

"Uh, I call my uncle to come to tell him about Atsuko. The man followed him is his butler" Jun said with wonder tone

"That butler, is he the one that responsible for picking up your cousin?" Rena asks

"Uh, but he is late because some traffic problem. Why did you ask?" Jun asks in curious tone

“He is the one who I saw at the airport” Rena said

“The person you saw is him?” Jun asks

"Uh" Rena said

“You saw him at the airport?” Jun repeats her

“Uh, He is talking to that man, Suzuki Kenji” Rena said

"Are you sure Rena?" Jun asks again

“Uh” Rena nods

Mean while

At Minami's house

“Mr. Takahashi, what do you want in order to leave my daughter alone?” Akio asks Minami

“I don’t need anything. I just need her and her alone" Minami said

Achhan struggles out of Koji's grip and rushes to Minami

"Catch her" Akio shouts

"Minami" Acchan shouts

"Don't you see that we love each other?" Minami shouts while trying to escape the grip of Akio's bodyguards

“You are still going on about that. Do you really love my daughter or her money?” He said with a very scornful voice

"I really want to punch his face if he is not Acchan’s father" Minami thought

“10 million or more” He continues

Then he takes out his checkbook and writes on it

“Mr. Maeda” Minami call him with serious tone.

"Here is the evident. If I don't show you, you will think that I lie." He said and gives Minami the check

"10 million" Minami said and smirks

He raises the check in front of Akio and tears it without any hesitation.

"I don't need your money. I don't love your money. The person I love is Acchan. I only want to be with her" Minami said and through the torn check on the ground

"You don't like that amount. How about 20 million" he said and takes out his checkbook again

"Mr. Maeda," Minami seriously calls him again

“What?” He said

“Don’t compare my love for her with your money like that.” Minami shouts in anger

“I can accept you look down on me because I’m just a teacher. You can look down on me because I’m just a person come from a working class.” Minami continues

"However, I will not allow you to look down and mortify my love for her. My love for her is priceless. It is more precious than everything that existing in this world” Minami shouts at him with anger

He is taken back and silent

“Don’t be so highly mighty. That is just talk.” He said and smirks

“I said what I have to say. Believing or not is your choice” Minami angrily said

"Who care" he smirks

"Take Atsuko back to the car now" he orders

“No, I don’t want to go. I want to be with Minami” Acchan shouts

“Mr. Maeda, Don’t you see, she is crying. Why did you want to separate us?” Minami asks him

“Her mind is too naive. I’m her father. I knew what is best for her. One day, she will thank me because of this" Akio said

“Why did you force your thought on her?” Minami said

“This is none of your business." Akio said

"By the way, I already choose a person that match perfectly for her. Give up already" Akio continues

Before he leaves, he turns around and said to Minami

“What I, Maeda Akio hates the most is coward and pathetic people. They are useless. I will not allow my daughter to be with a useless man”

Then they back to the cars leaving Minami fall on the ground. Minami sits on the ground and thinking

“Give up? I will never give up. My happiness is Acchan.” He stands up and thought

He furrows his eyebrows to look at the cars which are getting smaller and smaller. He takes a deep breath and rushes to them

“Acchan, I will take you back by my side no matter what.” Minami shouts and chases after the cars


Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :)
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It's so sad :( What are you thinking Mr. Maeda? Let Acchan be with her love!
I'm afraid that the butler will do something bad to Acchan, especially when Minami won't be with her anymore.
Uhm, so interesting! Update soon, Author-san
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Minami! Time to plan a daring rescue mission now!
Title: Re: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 10 17/10/15
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Here comes the drama. I know Minami isn't the same level as Maeda, and Acchan's dad won't easily let her with Minami. But his words to Minami was too harsh.

Time to chase your love, Minami. If it's not easy, then do it harder.
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I hope Minami can make it through.
Atsumina fighting!  :grin:
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Post by: cisda83 on October 17, 2015, 10:29:19 PM
Eh... Minami is just going to run all the way while chasing the car...

What about the butler?

Would Jun be able to solve the case?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 11 24/10/15
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@tong99826, @hackata48, @kazuko, @phoenix0i, @cisda83, @key17: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is part 11  :D

Part 11

At Minami’s house

The cars slowly run into the road

"By the way, I already choose a person that match perfectly for her. Give up already"
Minami sits on the ground and thinking

“Give up? I will never give up. My happiness is Acchan.” He stands up and thought

He furrows his eyebrows to look at the cars which are getting smaller and smaller. He takes a deep breath and rushes to them

“Acchan, I will take you back by my side no matter what.” Minami shouts and chases after the cars


In the restaurant

“You saw him at the airport?” Jun repeats her

“Uh, He is talking to that man, Suzuki Kenji” Rena said

"Why did he talk to him?" Jun thought

"Really Rena?" Jun asks

“Uh” Rena nods

“When did you leave the airport Rena?” Jun asks

"About 6:30 pm." Rena said

"6:30 pm, Atsuko's plane landed was 5:30. She came out at 6:00. Uncle ordered Koji to go there at 4:30. He said that he got some traffic problem, so he came there at 7:00." Jun thought

“Then he lied about the traffic problem” Jun thought

“Rena? Do you remember the time when you saw him?" Jun asks

"I think about 5:25 pm. Because I saw him when I just check my watch, I remember that time correctly." Rena said

"This is suspicious" Jun thought while frowning

Suddenly his phone rings

"Matsui Jun is speaking" Jun said

(Sir, we got some more information about Sakai Haruto)

"Really? What is it?" Jun asks

(The truth is Sakai Haruto was already dead 1 year ago.) Natsu said

“What? He was dead for 1 year?” Jun half shouts in surprise

(Yes, last time, we came to investigate, that person lied to us. When we look up to Sakai Haruto again, we saw that there is no amnesty statement from court for him. Therefore, we go back to the prison and investigate again. Then we saw his dead certificate and some other thing belong to him) Natsu said

“I see. Did you arrest the person who lied about that?” Jun asks

(We did. We were able to arrest him before he escape to another country) Natsu said

“Did he confess why did he do that?” Jun asks

(No, he just keeps silent) Natsu said

“Try to make him confess everything. I will go back to the department right now” Jun said

(Yes sir.) Natsu said


Minami runs with all he got to chase after three cars that getting faster and faster every second.

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

“I won’t give up no matter what” Minami thought while running

In his mind, there is only Acchan’s face. He remembered all his time with her

“I cannot sleep. I'm afraid of the dark. That is so scary.”

“Minami, I miss you”

“Happy birthday, Minami”

“Minami, don’t leave me”

“Minami, I love you”

Then he remembers her beautiful smile. He always feels relieve when he sees that smile of her.

“Acchan, I will not let you go off my hand” Minami thought

However, when he reaches the Sakura middle school, the cars are already out of his sight. He bends down and put his hands on his knee and breathes heavily

“*Pant*...where...are...*Pant*....they…?” He said

He holds his fists tightly and shouts

“Acchan, where are you? I promise you that I won’t give up. I will definitely take you back to my side. I won’t let you marry anyone else.”

A lot of people around look at him with a weird look


“Acchan” Minami calls her name


Suddenly he hears a girl voice. The voice, he loves dearly. He loves her with all his heart. He looks up, and tears unconscious rolls on his cheeks

"Minami" Acchan calls him while running toward him

"Acchan" He calls

Then he walks toward her. He slowly speeds up and rushes to her

"Acchan" he hugs her tightly and buries his face on her neck

"Minami" Acchan buries her face on his chest

Minami breaks the hug and looks at Acchan

"Acchan, is that really you?" Minami caresses her face and asks

"Yes, it is me, Minami" Acchan smiles and said

He pulls her closer and kisses her lips. Acchan closes her eyes and replies his kiss. Minami kisses her passionately and deeply. He puts his hands on her waist and pulls her closer to him while Acchan rounds her arms on his neck. They kiss until out of air. They break the kiss and hug each other tightly.

Suddenly three cars stop in front of Minami. Akio steps out together with his wife and claps his hands. Minami pulls Acchan behind his back and shields her.

"What do you want?" Minami said

"I won't let you take her away from me again" he continues

"If I do that, what will you do to me?" Akio said while crossing his arms

"Do that and you will know" Minami said while frowning

"You dare to do anything to me." Akio said and smirks

"You bet. Because of Acchan, I can do everything even the craziest one. I can go against the world because of her." Minami said with serious tone

“Is that so? However what can you do if you don’t have money?” Akio said and smirks

“Just trade with me. I will increase the money. What do you think? I will give you 50 million, and you leave her” Akio said

“Keep that to you. Even if you give me all your money, I’ll never leave her. I will make her happy for sure even without your money. Happiness can’t ever define by money” Minami strongly said while holding Atsuko’s hand tightly.

"Good words, Takahashi" Akio said

"I'm very pleased with your words and action." Akio smiles and continues

Minami looks at him with confused look. Then Akio looks at Acchan

"Atsu, do you like the person that I choose for you?" he smiles and asks

"Yes, I love him." Acchan smiles and said

"Acchan?" Minami turns and looks at Acchan with puzzled look

"What do you mean Acchan?" Minami holds Acchan's arms and asks

"The person that Akio chooses is here right now" Minako said

Minami looks at them with a stupor look. Acchan raises her hand to turn Minami's face to look at her

"That person is you" Acchan said and kisses his cheek

Minami widen his eyes in surprise. He turns to look at Akio and Minako. They smile gently and nod. Then he turns to Acchan

"Really Acchan? What does that mean?" He asks while holding her hands

"Akio just want to test you" Minako explains

"Test me?" Minami asks

"Uh, I want to see how strong your love to my daughter is. As I said before, I won't let my precious daughter be with a coward" Akio said


Inside the car

Acchan kneels on the back seat of the car and look at the back window.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls

“Atsu, sit down. Kneeling like this is very dangerous” Minako said to her daughter

Atsuko looks down and sits back. She says nothing except Minami’s name

“Takahashi is a good man” Minako said

“I think so, too.” Akio nods

“I can feel that he really love our Atsu” he continues

“Atsu” Akio calls Acchan

“Yes” Acchan scarily said

“Don’t be scared Atsu. We are really your parent. We will not harm you. We are really happy that you are safe and sound.” Akio said

“Thank you” Acchan said in low tone.

“Honey, do you love him?” Minako gently asks while stroking Atsuko’s hair

“Yes, I love Minami. I want to be with him” Acchan said

“Please I don’t want to marry anyone else. Please don’t let me marry that person” Acchan said and tear rolling on her cheeks

“Calm down, Atsu. Your Papa won’t force you to marry anyone else. Don’t cry. Mama will be sad when seeing you like this” Minako hugs Acchan and said while patting her back

“Atsu, Papa sorry. The truth is I already accepted him. The person who I said I choose for you is him. Papa just wants to see how strong his love for you. Therefore I said that.” Akio said and strokes her hair

Acchan looks up in surprise

"Uh, I know that he loves you and likewise. I don’t like to see my precious daughter sad.” He said and smiles

“He is also a good man. I can feel he also very love you” Minako adds

"I did that just to test him. I want to know how strong his love is. I don't want to give my daughter to a useless man" Akio said

“Thank you...uhm…” She don’t know how to call them

“It is ok, Atsu. You can call us again after you regain your memories” Akio said and pats her head

Suddenly his phone rings

"Hello" he said

Then he looks up at the back window

"Good." He said then hangs up

"Koji, slow down a little" Akio turns around and said

"What is it, Akio?" Minako asks

He smiles and looks at the back window. Minako and Acchan turn around and look at his direction. Then Acchan sees Minami is chasing after the cars. Seeing Minami, Her tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks

"Minami" she calls him in tear

“Atsu, sit down a little. I will let you meet him in minutes” Akio said

“Yes” Acchan sits down

“Koji speed up and turn to that school” Akio orders

“Yes sir” Koji said

Then he did what Akio said

“Atsu, he really loves you. He chases after our car just to take you back.” Akio said and smiles

“So he passed” Minako asks

“Uh.” Akio said and nods

“Atsu, do you want to meet him” Akio gently asks

“Yes” Acchan nods

“You can go there to meet him. We will go there later” Akio said

“Really?” Acchan asks in a small tone

“Of course, my baby” Minako smiles and said

“Thank you” Acchan smiles brightly and said

Then she comes out of the car and rushes to Minami

End flashback

“I already prepare my bodyguards to hide along this road to see if you will chase after her to take her back or not. And you aren’t disappointed me. You ran with all your mind and said those things. I’m very comfortable and please to give her to you” Akio said

Minami looks at them with surprised look

“How can you know about our love? As you said, you seem to prepare everything way before you go to my place.” Minami said in confused tone

"Jun told me everything about you." Akio said

"By the way, the sponsor that gave you scholarship to study in that university is me. I’m also the sponsor of your school, and the principle is my best friend. Therefore, I knew a lot of thing about you" Akio continues and smiles

"Oh! Eeehhh!! You are the one who gave me my scholarship?" Minami doesn't know what to say except that one word

Akio laughs at his reaction

"yes, that is me. I also offered you to work at my company, but you denied it." He said

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

"Sorry about that. That time I just want to find a peaceful job" Minami said and bows

"No, that is ok. You just like me when I was young. However, I still keep that thought in my. My offer is still there. I will wait for you to work in my company." Akio said and laughs

"Thank you" Minami said and bows

Suddenly he remembers something, Minami quickly bows to Akio and Minako

“Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Maeda for my rudeness.” He said

“It is ok. I actually like your action. Especially when you shouts at me” Akio said and laughs out loud

"I'm sorry" Minami said and looks down

"No, it's fine. Really. Don't worry" He laughs and pats Minami's shoulder

In the restaurant

“Sorry Rena, but I have to go now. Maybe my cousin is in danger right now” Jun hurriedly said

“It is ok Jun, go ahead.” Rena said

Jun rushes out of the restaurant to his car. While he is running, he takes out his phone to call

In Jun’s car

*Tut*….*Tut*… *Tut*

“Uncle, please pick up the phone” Jun thought in worry


Inside the restaurant

(By the way, we went to his hometown and find out some more information about his father) Natsu said

“What is it?” Jun said

(As we got the information about Takashi, he lived with his mother since he was a child. She passed away when he was 15 years old. However his father is still alive, and he also has
one little sister. His name is Himura Kojiro, and her name is Sakai Akira.) Natsu said

(His father abandoned him, his little sister, and his mother to come to Tokyo when he was 17 years old and his sister was 3 years old.) Natsu continues

“Do you know what he is doing here?” Jun asks

(I got some information from his old neighbor. They said that he went to Tokyo to work for some rich family. However they don’t know specific name of his boss.) Natsu said

(Also, when we went to the cemetery, they said there are two people who always come here to pay Haruto a visit. There is also one rich man come to this place once.) Natsu continues

“Who are the two? Also who is that rich man?” Jun asks

(As the security said, he is Suzuki Kenji, president of Suzuki’s group. About the two, we drew their pictures as the witness describes. I will send for you right now.) Natsu said

“Suzuki Kenji.” Jun thought

Then he check his phone

“It is him. Why don’t I notice this sooner? That girl, I saw her once in Takamina’s home town. This is not good. I have to call uncle now” Jun thought

End flashback

At Minami's side

While they are talking, suddenly Minako’s phone rings

“Hello Jun” Minako said

(Aunty, can I talk to uncle) Jun hurriedly said

“Honey, Jun calls you. He seems to be very hurry” Minako said

“I see” Akio said and takes the phone

“What hap…”

Suddenly two bodyguards stand behind Minami and Acchan fall down. Akio sees Koji and a man with a mask standing there. They hold in their hands an stun gun.

“Koji? What are you doing?” Akio said in confused

(Man!! I’m late) Jun shouts when he heard Akio's shout

(Uncle, Koji is Sakai Haruto's father. He wants to take revenge) Jun said

Akio widen his eyes in surprise.

“You are Haruto's father” Akio said

“Yes. He is my son" he said

"How can you betray us like this? You watched Atsu grow up since she just was born. How can you do that to her? Don't you have any feeling?" Akio said

"Sorry, Akio-sama. I don't have a choice. I have to repay Haruto. I owe my children and their mother a lot" Koji said

"Get him." Akio shouts

"Don't move" the man next to him shouts

He puts the gun behind Minami’s head while Koji puts his gun behind Acchan’s head

"Let get out of here" Koji said

"Don't follow us. If you do that, they will die right away" The man beside him shouts

Then they lead Minami and Acchan into the forest.

“Minami, I’m scared” Acchan shakily said

“Don’t worry Acchan, I will protect you” Minami said and hold her hand

The man behind Minami kicks his leg making him fall on the ground

“Minami” Acchan rushes to him

“Worry about yourself first shorty. Don’t be a hero here. I swear that I will make you pay what you did to me last time” The man said

“You filthy criminal, you will definitely be arrested” Acchan shouts at him

“Shut up” the man said

When he is about to hit her, Koji stops his hand

“Don’t hurt them. You guys already promised me” Koji said

“Whatever” The man said

“Minami, are you ok?” Acchan worriedly asks

“I’m fine Acchan. Don’t worry” Minami said and smiles

They lead them to a van. Then they take something and cover their mouth. Slowly they lost conscious

In some place

Minami slowly opens his eyes. He sits up and looks around. The place is dark. There is only a small light bulb to light up the room.

"Where am I?"

"Look like they lock me up in some kind of abandoned house" Minami thought

"Acchan? Where is Acchan?" Minami said in worry tone

Then he sees Acchan is lying unconscious next to him.

"Acchan, Acchan" he calls her softly

"Don't touch me." Acchan shouts and struggles

"Acchan, Acchan, calm down. It is me, Minami." Minami gently said

She opens her eyes and sees Minami is in front of her

"Minami, I’m scared” Acchan hugs him tightly and said in shaky voice

"This place, I have a feeling that I used to be in this situation before. I'm very scared. I...I...I..." Acchan said in tear

“Don’t be scared Acchan, I will protect you, and we will definitely get out of here” I said and stroke her back

Then Minami hears some noise from behind. He pulls Acchan behind his back to shield her and then looks at the sources of the sound.

"Akira?" Minami calls in surprise

"Why are you here?" Minami asks

"So at last you realize my presence." Akira said and stands up

Then she walks toward them

"What do you want? Don't tell me you did this" Minami furrows his eyebrows and said

"So you already decided that I'm a bad person huh?" Akira said

"I did. After that incident, I can't find any reason to trust you. What do you want to do with Acchan?" Minami said

"Hahahaha.....that girl again. I don't know if I owe her something. Why did she always appear in my life? In the past until now, she always has what I want even you." Akira said and laughs bitterly

"What do you mean?" Minami asks

"When the time comes, you will know" Akira said

Then she walks out of the room.

“Stop” Minami shouts stopping her

“So you really did that?” Minami asks

“Uh, I thought you knew that already” Akira coldly said

“That is just a small hope. I still don’t want my friend to be like that. However I was wrong” Minami said in disappointed tone

Akira looks at him in surprise look.

“Too bad huh?” She said and laughs out loud

In the police department

Akio and Minako are sitting in Jun's office while waiting for Jun to investigate.

“Akio, our daughter will be ok, right?” Minako said in tear

“Don’t worry Minako. Jun will definitely find her” Akio hugs his wife and said

Then Jun opens the door and comes in

“Uncle, aunty, I got some news” Jun said

Akio and Minako turn to Jun

“What is it, Jun” Akio asks

“We receive this letter” Jun said

“It said that they want you to transfer all your money to this account and resign from your current president position. If tomorrow they don’t receive the new, they will kill her” Jun said

“Akio, what are we going to do?” Minako worriedly said

“If they want me to resign, then I will do that right away. Atsu’s safety is the first priority” Akio quickly said and stands up

 “Uncle, wait” Jun said

“There is one thing we need to do first” Jun seriously said

In a dark room

There is a man sits silently


A man sits silently by the lake in a big mansion. A little girl walks toward him

“Koji, when will Papa and Mama come back from their business trip” little Acchan said

“Atsuko-sama, you are awake” Koji said in surprise

“Tomorrow, Master and Mistress will be back.” Koji lifts Acchan to sits on his lap and said

“Oh, I miss them” Acchan sadly said

“Don’t be sad Atsuko-sama. They also very miss you. They just called you. However, because you was still asleep, they don’t want to wake you up.” Koji gently said and pats her head

“Oh” Little Acchan still sad

“Atsuko-sama, how about I will play with you?” Koji asks

“Ok” Acchan finally smiles and said

Then she looks up at Koji

“Koji, are you sad?” little Acchan innocently asks   

Koji is surprise by her question

“Why did you ask, Atsuko-sama?” Koji asks

“I saw you are sitting so quiet by the lake. Your eyes look different, so I ask” Little Acchan said

Koji smiles at her innocent. He didn’t think that she will concern about him that much

“I’m fine Atsuko-sama. I just miss my family, my children” Koji said

“Oh, do they also go to business trip like Papa and Mama?” Little Acchan asks

“, it is not like that Atsuko-sama” Koji laughs and said

Little Acchan looks at Koji with confused look

“They live in very far away from here. I can’t go and meet them. Therefore, I miss them so much” Koji explains

“Oh, that must be sad. If I can’t meet my Papa, Mama for that long, I will be very sad” Little Acchan said

"Then I will tell Papa bring them here for you” Little Acchan said and smiles innocently

"They properly don't want to see me. In the past, I did something really very bad to them. They really hate me" Koji sadly said

"Then you have to say sorry to them. Mama and Papa said that if you did something wrong and regret about your action. Say sorry to that person and they will forgive you" Atsuko said

"I really want to do that but I can't find them anywhere. They really don't want to see me again" he sorely said

Some tear drop from his eyes. Then little Acchan hugs Koji and uses her small hand to pats his back to comfort him. After that, she looks up at Koji. She raises her little hand to wipe his tear.

“Don’t be sad Koji. Then Atsuko will be your family ok, Papa and Mama, too. So you don't have to feel lonely anymore" Acchan innocently said and smile her brightest smile

Koji looks at her with blurry eyes because tear already built up in his eyes.

“Thank you, Atsuko-sama” Koji hugs little Acchan tightly and said

End flashback

“I’m sorry, Atsuko-sama. I'm sorry” the man cries and said


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :)
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At first it was good to know, that Minami got back Acchan in his arms..  :)
but then..  :huhuh
..Oh No!  :O
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I thought Akio was bad when he didn't allow Minami to be with Atsuko, but then, everything is fine...
Until Koji appeared with his men and...oh my god, my AtsuMina :(
Maybe Koji didn't want to kidnap Atsuko, but after what he had suffered... so sad.
Be strong, AtsuMina!!!
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I'm glad that it's not ended up like a classic rich-parents drama.
at least their love is not forbidden. even they're talking about marriage already...

I imagined how it would be if Acchan marry Minami.

But this kidnapping trouble comes, but I'm sure Jun can handle it.
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Koji should do something to help Atsu.
Minami and Atsuko.. Please be ok.
Thank you for the update.
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Oh... Oh... Atsuko and Minami are in trouble...

Would they be able to get themselves out of their prison?

Will Atsuko's father resign his position?

Will Jun be able to save them?

Will Minami's friends help Jun?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Getting more interesting :D
Update soon , please :D
Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 12 31/10/15
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@black_maa, @tong99826, @kazuko, @phoenix0i, @cisda83, @AI712: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is part 12  :D

Part 12

“Hello Papa” Acchan said

(Hi baby, how are you doing?) Akio said

“I’m fine, Papa. I will take off tomorrow.” Acchan excitedly said

(If Papa and Mama don’t have an urgent meeting, we will go to New York to pick you up) Akio said

“I’ll be fine Papa. I’m 20 now. Plus, Koji will pick me up right after my plane landed, so don’t worry.” Acchan said

“Mama also brought almost all my thing back to Japan. The only thing I have to bring back is my clothes and some minor stuffs. Therefore it will be fine” Acchan reassures

(Uh, I can’t wait to meet my lovely Atsu) Akio said and laughs

(By the way, Atsu, Mama want to talk to you) Akio said

“Ok” Acchan said

“Hi Mama” Acchan happily said

(Atsu, will you be fine? Mama is worry. I shouldn’t go back here first.) Minako said in worry tone

“Mama, I will be fine. Don’t worry, ok. You and Papa have an important business, so you should go back first. By the way, you and Papa should rest as well. I don’t want to see your and Papa’s tired face because lacking of sleep when I’m at home.” Acchan said

(Ok, we will) Minako said

(Be careful ok, baby. When you get out remember to call Koji, right away. Don't go off somewhere, ok) Minako said

“Yes, I will” Acchan said


“Koji, are you here? Where are you?” Acchan pulls with her a big luggage while talking to the phone

(Y..yes, Atsuko-sama. I saw you) Koji said

“Oh, that is a relief. If you aren’t here, I really don’t know what to do” Acchan said and laughs softly

(Did you see that black car with four men there? I’m there. You just go toward them) Koji said

“Ok, I got it. By the way, Koji, are you ok?” Acchan worriedly asks

(I’m fine, Atsuko-sama) Koji said

“Oh, that is good. Because your voice is a little weird, I thought something bad happened to you.” Acchan said

“Also, I miss you Koji.” Acchan said innocently

Then there is a silence between the lanes

(Atsuko-sama…) Koji calls

“Huh, what is it?” Acchan asks

(Ah..nothing Atsuko-sama) Koji said

Then Acchan hangs up and walks toward the car. Suddenly four men surround her. One of them points the gun at her back

“Keep silence or I will shoot” He said


When Acchan is about to say something, she feels the gun pointing closer on her back

“Be a good girl and go into the car” the man continues

Then Acchan go into the car

“Koji, what happened? Where are you?” Acchan scarily thought

Then they push her into the van. When she looks up, she sees Koji is sitting inside the car.

“Good job, buddy” the man said

“Please don’t harm her” Koji said

“Koji, what happened?” Acchan said

“I'm sorry Atsuko-sama” Koji said

Tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks.

“Why Koji?” Acchan said in tear

Sudden, the man covers her mouth with something. Slowly she lost her consciousness


In the abandoned store house

Minami is woken up feeling Acchan is struggling in his arms. He sits up and looks at her. Her face looks very hurt. There is some tear rolling on her cheeks

“Papa, Mama” Acchan weakly calls

“Acchan, Acchan” Minami gently calls her while wiping her tear

“Papa, Mama” Acchan sits up and shouts

“Ssshhhh….Acchan, everything will be fine. Don’t be scared” Minami hugs her and said while patting her back

“…” Acchan calls him

“Uh, I’m here” Minami said

“Minami” Acchan hugs him tightly and buries her face on his chest

“Don’t be scared Acchan, I will protect you, and we will definitely get out of here” Minami said and strokes her back

Suddenly the door slowly opens. A man walks in

"Hahaha...what a touching moment" he laughs and said

"What do you want?" Minami shields in front of Acchan and said

"I want to collect what you owe me, shorty" He said and takes out a metal bar

Then he rushes to Minami and hits his head. Being taken by surprise, Minami doesn't have a chance to react. His head is hit hard.

"Minami, are you ok?" Acchan calls in worry while checking his head

“You are bleeding” She gasps while touching his wound

“I’m fine Acchan, don’t worry” Minami said

The man rushes to him again and takes him by his collar.

"Let go of him" Acchan stands up and tries to pull the man hands out of Minami

"Get out of my way" he pushes her fall on the ground

He throws Minami on the ground too. Then he walks toward Acchan. He bends down in front of her

"Because you are our money tree, I leave you like this. You dared to run away from me before. I will make sure to make you pay for that later" he said

"By the way, look at you, you look so cute. I think I will play with you more after finishing that annoying guy" he said and touches her face

"Take your hand off her you filthy jerk" Minami shouts while rushing to the man.

He kicks the man at his face and pulls Acchan into his arms.

"I will kill you if you dare to touch her again" Minami angrily shouts

"You dare to kick me. I will kill you right now" he shouts and stands up

"Acchan, please step back. I don't want you to get hurt" Minami gently said

"Be careful, Minami" Acchan worriedly said

"I will." he smiles at her

The man take the metal bar and hits Minami at his stomach


Minami bends down and coughs

"Minami, are you ok?" Acchan worriedly asks

"I'm fine, Acchan. Don't worry" he said and stands up

However, because of the hit on his head, he feels a little dizzy.

“Are you ok, Minami?” Acchan worriedly said

“Uh, I’m” Minami said

Then the man rushes to Minami again. Suddenly, he falls on the ground and lost conscious. Acchan looks up

“Koji” Acchan thought

Koji is standing there. He is holding a stun gun in his hand.

"You..what ar..."

"Sshh...don't be too loud" cutting Minami words koji whispers

"Please Takahashi-san, please takes Atsuko-sama and runs away from here quickly" Koji said

"What do you mean?" Minami asks

"Don't ask. We don't have time. Just go. I really don't want to harm Atsuko-sama. She is just like my family" Koji said

"Is that so? She is your family and I’m not?" a female voice said

Koji turns around and sees Akira and two men walk in.

"Akira" Koji calls in surprise

"Please don't harm them. They are innocent. Everything wrong is me" Koji said in pleading tone

"You knew that you are wrong huh? You know how hard it is for us to live? We had to move back to grandma's house and lived under the contempt of others." Akira shouts

"My mom had to work very hard day by day to raise us. She worked until she got sick and died because of over work. At that time where are you?” she continues


"Then my brother was thrown into jail with no reason and died in there. At that time, where are you?" Akira shouts

“You are happily being a faithful servant. You are busy taking care of the treasure of Maeda's group, the only daughter, the only heir of a biggest group in Japan. The little girl who is envied by others, and who was born with power and money" Akira continues while pointing at Acchan

Acchan holds Minami hand tight and hides behind his back.

"Tell me why did you hate her that much? She didn't do anything for you. She is innocent in your stupid game" Minami said

"Takamina, this is not a game. I don’t have time to play. This is our revenge. For my brother and me, I will take revenge her father and that man.” Akira said

"Today, no one can leave this place." Akira coldly said

Then a lot of men rush into the place

"Good job Akira. I like to work with a person like you. Very effective" A man walks in and claps his hands

"Thank you, Uncle Kenji. Everything just as you planned, everything was perfect" Akira said

“Uncle, your plan? Didn't he just give her his men?" Koji thought in surprise

"Suzuki Kenji, you are behind all of this?” Koji shouts in surprise

“Yes, I was the “good person” who planned all of this to kidnap little Atsu of Maeda Akio. I want to take revenge on him because he dared to go against my company” Kenji said and laughs

“So everything was your plan?” Koji said

“Yes, it was me.  It was me who told her that Maeda Akio’s daughter will go back to Japan on that day. I also was the one that hinted her the idea to force you to cooperate with her. I did everything.” Kenji said

“You bastard. You use my child for your dirty plan” Koji shouts in anger

“How can I use her? This is a great cooperation, right, Akira? This is a win to win situation. I can take revenge and take all Maeda Akio’s money while she can take her own revenge and get what she want” Kenji said

“You are right, Uncle Kenji” Akira said

“Akira, don’t listen to him. He only wants to take revenge. He only wants to use you to do all his dirty work while he stands out and take all the benefit” Koji said

“Shut up. I don’t believe an irresponsible person who abandoned his wife and children for over 20 years.” Akira shouts

"It was him who helps us. He raises me and my brother. He helped us in everything. He also helped me to go study abroad. It was him who let me know that her father is the one who threw my brother into jail because he knew his dirty work." Akira continues

“Believe me, I did try to find you three, but all of you already moved out of that place. I can’t find you” Koji said

"Akira, Master Akio didn't do anything wrong. It was your brother stole his company secret. However, Master forgave him. He didn't turn him to the police. He was thrown into jail because he tried to kidnap Atsuko-sama when she was a kid. Don't listen to that man he tricked you" Koji sincerely said

Akira stays silence a little.

"He tricked you, Akira. Don't forget, he abandoned you, your brother and your mother. He worked for her father so that he defense for him" Kenji said

"Don't listen to him Akira. All I said is true" Koji said

Akira holds her fists tightly. She looks up and said

"But you did. You abandoned us. When you went away, I was just three. However I can still remember clearly that you were never smile or gently taking care of us. All you did was abusing my mother and brother. However 16 years ago, coincidentally I saw you again, smiling and gently taking care of her. You showed her the side that you never did to us. Is it because her parent has money so you did that? Is money that matter?" Akira said in a very hatred tone

While Akira is reading book on the bench at the park, a ball rolls to her feet. She looks up and sees a little girl runs to it.

“Onee-chan, can you give me the ball?” The little girl nicely asks

“Ok” Akira smiles and gives the ball to her

“Thank you” the little girl takes the ball and said

“Atsuko-sama, don’t run off like this. It is dangerous to go around alone” three bodyguards said

“Sorry, the ball slips from my hands, so I chase it” Acchan said

“It is ok, Atsuko-sama. Don’t do that again” one of the men said

“Ok” Acchan smiles and said

Then she turns to Akira

“Onee-chan, do you want to play with me?” she asks

“Huh? You want me to play with you?” Akira said in confuse

“Yes. Actually I come here to play with Koji, but he is busy talking to my Papa. That is why I play by myself. I want someone to play with me” Acchan said

“Ok” Akira smiles and said

“But Atsuko-sama, Mr. Koji said that you can’t play with strangers” one of the bodyguards said

“She helped me pick up the ball, so she is a good person. It is ok” Acchan innocently said

Then Akira goes and plays with her. They throw ball to each other. When it is Acchan’s turn, she slips and the ball rolls out to the road. Acchan chases after it to the road. Acchan steps down from the sidewalk to pick the ball. Suddenly a loud horn appears. The bodyguards see that. They quickly rush to her, but they are very far away from her. Fortunately, a figure rushes to her and picks her up.

“Atsuko-sama, why did you run out of the park? This is very dangerous.” a man voice said

“Koji, you are back. I just want to pick up the ball” Acchan smiles and said

Then the three bodyguards rush to them

“What are you three doing? She nearly gets hit by that truck.” Koji shouts

“Sorry sir. We got carried away.” The three bow and said

“Atsuko-sama, why did the ball roll that far?” Koji asks

“I was playing with onee-chan over there. When I catch it, it slipped from my hand” Acchan said

“Who is onee-chan that she mentions?” Koji asks

“That little girl over there. She picked up the ball for Atsuko-sama. Then Atsuko-sama wants to play with her” the bodyguard said

He looks at Akira and turns to Atsuko

“I told you before right? Don’t let Atsuko-sama play with strangers. That is very dangerous” Koji scolds them

“Sorry sir” they bow and said

“Atsuko-sama, let's go back to the mansion. Master and Mistress are about to be home.” Koji said

“But onee-chan…” Acchan said

“Atsuko-sama, listen to me, don’t play with strangers. That is very dangerous. Your parent doesn’t want you to be in any danger. I’m also very worry for you” Koji said with serious tone

“Ok, I will listen to you. Don’t be mad at me ok” Acchan said

“I’m not mad at you, Atsuko-sama. I just worry” Koji said and pats Acchan’s head

Then they all left the park leaving Akira standing there and holds her fists tight. Then a man walks to her

“We finally found him huh?” he said

"Haruto-nii, is that him?" Akira calls the man and asks

"Yes, that is him. The cruelest man in the world" Haruto said with very hatred tone

"So he abandoned and went here to work as a butler huh?" Haruto said

"Look like he is very happy with his job" Akira said

"Uh, that smile, that look, he never shows us even once. But he can do that to a stranger. Money is so scary" Haruto said in bitter tone

He holds Akira's hand tightly. Akira looks at the little girl and the man with hateful eyes

End flashback

"That time, you don't even look at me. ”Stranger" used that word to address your child. What a funny thing" Akira said and laughs bitterly

"Akira, I..." Koji doesn't know what to say

“That is why I hate her. Why did she have what I don’t? My father who supposed to treat me like that doesn’t treat me that way. All my memories with him were yelling, shouting, hitting. Very dark memories” Akira said in anger tone

“When I was back from Korea, I got the shock news that her father threw my brother into jail, and he died there. He ruined my brother’s life.” She continues.

Tear keeps falling from her eyes

“Don’t blame your unfortunate on Atsuko. Plus the one who destroyed his life is the man standing next to you, Suzuki Kenji” A man voice appears

Everyone is surprised and turns to the sources of the voice.

“Matsui Jun” Kenji shouts

Jun comes with a police and special unit. They surround Kenji, Akira and all Kenji’s men

"How can you get here?" Kenji shouts

“I called him” Koji said


In police department

While Jun is checking all the information and trying to find where Acchan and Minami are, he gets a phone call

“A strange number” Jun thought

“Hello, Matsui Jun hear” Jun said

(Master Jun, it is me) a voice said

“You? What do you want?” Jun coldly said

“Where are they?” Jun continues

(Please listen to me, they are captured in an abandoned store house not far from Tokyo. Please go there and save them) Koji whispers

Then Koji tells Jun the direction. Jun widens his eyes in surprise

“Why did you do that?” Jun asks

“Because I don’t want to harm Atsuko-sama.” Koji answers then hangs up

End flashback

Akira turns to Koji

"You, you betray me again" she shouts and points at Koji

“Sorry Akira. But I have to fix my mistake. Atsuko-sama is innocent. Everything you did is wrong. I don’t want you to be buried in the hole of hatred.” Koji said

"Shut up. You always betray us. What did he give you that make you sold me?" Akira shouts

"They didn't give anything to me. It is just I can't let you harm Atsuko-sama." Koji said

“Maeda Atsuko, Maeda Atsuko, Maeda Atsuko. All of you only think about that little Ojou-sama.” Akira shouts in anger

"That girl, because of her, you willingly send your children to the police. What did she has that make all of you care for her like that? Is that because her money" Akira continues

“Today, I will kill her to take revenge for my brother” Akira said and takes out her gun

“The truth is you are just jealous of Atsuko." Jun said

“Shut up, I’m not. I did this to for my brother” Akira said

"Really? Can you confidently say that all your actions are purely to revenge for your brother? At first when you kidnap her, what did you think other than revenge?" Jun said

"16 years ago, when you saw your own father loves her and took care of her carefully, did you hate her? Did you ever wish that you can be in her position?" Jun said

Akira is taken back. She just stays silence.

"When you see Takamina with her, what did you think at that time? Did you think that ' why did that girl has everything that I don't?' that is also the part that you hate her other than Maeda Akio threw your brother into jail right?" Jun continues

"..." Akira just stays silence

"Tell me Sakai Akira" Jun shouts

“Shut up! Yes that is correct. I want her to disappear from this world. I hate her existent” Akira shouts.

"However, you are wrong Mr. Police. I hate her, but that is not mean I have to do all of this. It is true that I feel jealous of her. Why did Takamina love her not me? I'm his childhood friend. I knew him way longer than her. But I did all of this is to take revenge. I did this to take revenge on people who made us suffer." Akira said

"I forced that man to cooperate with me to make him drown in the sea of regret because he betrayed someone he cares for." Akira said and points at Koji

"I kidnapped her to take revenge on her father because he was the cause of my brother's dead. My brother is my only family after my mother died. Suddenly one day, uncle Kenji told me that he was threw into jail by Maeda Akio. Then 12 years later, I received the shocking news that he was dead in the jail. I swore that I will make Maeda Akio feel the same way as I feel. The feeling of losing his only daughter" Akira said while holding her fists tightly.

"I believe that my brother's soul will very happy with my action right now" Akira said and laughs

"You are wrong. You are wrong from the very beginning" Jun said

"Your brother won't be happy about this" Jun continues

"Liar, what did you know about my brother? how can you say that?" Akira protest

"I think Suzuki Kenji only told you that he was dead right? Did you know about the existence of this letter? The letter which contains all his thought and love for his little sister." Jun said and raises the letter.

"Letter?" Akira thought in surprise

"That is a lie. Don't trust him Akira. Everything I did is good for you and Haruto" Kenji said

"Why don't you read it? I believe that you can recognize this handwriting right?" Jun said and gives Akira a letter

Akira takes the letter and opens it

"Haruto-niichan." Akira thought, and her tear unconsciously drops on the letter

(Dear Akira,

I'm sorry Akira. I can't fulfill my promise to you. I'm a bad big brother. I did a lot of wrong things. The time I stay in this prison made me realize a lot of thing, my stupidity, my mistake. I shouldn't listen to his words. That Suzuki Kenji, all he did was just using me for his plan. I was just a pawn in his game. I'm also stupid, stupid enough to listen to all his words and steal Maeda group's secret. I also attempted to kidnap president Maeda’s daughter. I did a terrible thing in return of his kindness in forgiving me. Akira, Suzuki Kenji just wants to use us. Please be careful with him...)

Akira turns to look at Kenji with anger eye.

"You used us. You used my brother to steal Maeda group's secret. You made him become that" Akira said in anger tone

Kenji sighs

"Well, if you already know, then I don't have to keep that secret anymore" he said and shrugs

"The truth is, I took you two in and helped you two because your brother's potential. I knew that I can use him for my revenge to Maeda Akio. I knew that with his potential, he would definitely be hired by Maeda Akio, because Akio really likes hardworking people. I spent a lot of my money to him just to that intention." He said

"However, what a disappointment, he failed before I can take that secret." He continues

" can you use my son like that" Koji rushes to Kenji and punches his face

"Hahaha...that is not all. I also was the one that forced him to kidnap her and asks that money. At first he denied. He said that ' president Maeda was tolerant with him. He is grateful'." Kenji said

"Do you know why did your brother do that?" Kenji asks

They all look at him

"I said that if he doesn’t do that, I will take back all the scholarship which I gave you" Kenji said

"You..." Akira shouts in tear

"I knew that his action will definitely fail. I just wanted to find someone to be blamed for me. I told him to act as crazy as possible so that no one will suspect about that. Then it is your turn.

Taking the chance that you didn't know anything. I tricked you. I want you to do all of those things. Then I just sit back and enjoy the result." He said

"I will kill you right here" Koji shouts

Koji rushes to him and keeps hitting and punching Kenji's face

"Pull him out" Jun orders

Then he walks to Kenji

"Arrest him and all of his followers" Jun said

"You can't arrest me, Mr. Matsui. I didn't do anything. You can't accuse me just through those conversations." He said and smirks

"Too bad, but I have enough evidences to throw you into the jail forever. The two who I arrested before finally agree to confess everything. We also arrested the person who you bribed to lie to us about Haruto's dead. He also confessed everything. We also got permission to investigate your company. We got evident that you traded weapon and other illegal drugs." Jun firmly said

Suzuki Kenji drops down on the floor in defeat

Then Jun orders Natsu to lead Suzuki Kenji and his men to the cars.


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Poor Akira... is she going to get punish...?

She was tricked.... by Kenji... she lost her brother because he wanted to protect her future...

I can't blame her for wanting to punish her father, for he was a bad guy

I am sure if Koji was really really regret and wanted to find his family, he could...

He could just ask Atsuko's father for his help... but I think he didn't want to tell them his abusing and neglecting side

What about Koji's punishment?

Also Minami's injury?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@black_maa, @cisda83, @Saint0angel: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is Part 13  :D

Part 13

After that Akira slowly raises the letter and continues

(...Also Akira, when I'm in jail, that person came to visit me. He bowed before me and apologized about his action. I asked him ‘how did you know me here?’ he said that he recognized me since I attacked and kidnaped president Maeda’s daughter. Because I changed my name, he knew about me, but he didn’t think that was me. Then at that time he saw me, he was very shock and hated himself because of that.

Then he asked me to forgive him. He said he wants me to give him a chance to be our father again. At first, I didn't want to see him. However he came to visit me day by day. Looking at his eyes, I knew he came to see me with his very honest feeling.

Slowly I started talking to him. He told me about the reason he left. He never planned on abandoned us. He knew about his violent behavior, but he can’t control himself. He just didn't want to do that when he got drunk so that he left. He wants to find a better job, so he can take care of us more. Maeda Akio is the one who helped him. He gave him the job as a butler in his house. He also helps him to find us.

However, 2 years later when he came back to Osaka, he didn't see us anywhere. He said that he tried a lot of way to find us but useless. He told me the stories in tear. I can feel his sincerely in his words. Therefore one day, I decided to forgive him and call him my father again. He cried in front of me as a kid. He happily talked to me and planned a lot of things when I can be released from jail. However his hope disappeared when I found out about my sickness.

I'm sorry Akira for hiding this from you. I knew my days are not much. I just want you to forgive him too. Lastly, Akira, I'm sorry. Please forgive this terrible brother who can't take good care of you.
 ----- Haruto)

Akira drops down on the floor and cries while hugging the letter tightly.

"Akira" Koji comes to her and hugs her tightly

Akira hugs him and cries on his shoulder.

"Atsu" Akio and Minako rush into the house and hug Acchan.

“Papa, Mama” Acchan hug them back

Akio and Minako are surprised. They break the hug and look at her

“You remember us, Atsu” Akio asks

“Yes, I did” Acchan smiles and said

“Acchan, you regained your memories” Minami happily said

“Yes, Minami.” Acchan smiles and said

Then Akio goes to Koji.

"Thank you for doing this. I will talk to my brother in law about this. He is the judge. I think he will consider about you and your daughter." Akio said

"Thank you master, but I know that I did was wrong. This is what I deserve." Koji said and bows

"You are correct master. Because I took care of her since she just a baby, I really love Atsuko-sama as my daughter. I can't forget Atsuko-sama innocent smile and her talk to me. I don't want her to hurt and sad. That is why I did that." Koji said.

"Thank you Koji" Akio said and bows

“Koji, last time I was able escaped is your work right?” Acchan walks toward him and asks

“Yes, I did. I hoped that you can run away. I already prepair to receive my punishment at that time. However, I didn't think that you were in danger. Luckily Mr. Takahashi saved you” Koji said

“To be honest, when I saw you in that car, I was really mad at you. I felt like I was betrayed by my family. However hearing your stories, I do not hate you anymore. I’m waiting for you to come back” Acchan smiles and said

“Atsu is correct. We are waiting for you to come back to our house” Akio said

Minako and Acchan smile and nod at him

“Thank you, Master, Mistress, Atsuko-sama” Koji bows and said

Then Akia stands up. She walks toward them. She bow before Akio and Minako

“I’m sorry for kidnapping her. I did a lot of wrong thing. I’m deeply sorry for my action. I know my action can’t be forgiven just by a mere apology, but I want to do it to ease my guilt.” Akira said

“It is ok, Akira. I knew that you were tricked by Suzuki Kenji. Those things are not entirely your fault. We understand that” Minako gently said

“Uh, we will forgive you. We are waiting to welcome you as a part of our family together with your father if you don’t mind” Akio said and smiles

Akira’s tear fills her eyes.

“Thank you. Thank you very much” Akira said

Then she turns to Acchan and Minami

“I’m sorry” She bows and said

“It is ok. You don’t have to do that. Just like my father said. Everything is in the past. Just forget about it. From today on, we will be friend and family” Acchan smiles and said

“I’m sorry about those harsh words that I said to you, Akira. Will you still consider me as your friend?” Minami said

“It is ok. I deserve those words. I should be the one that asks you that question. After all of my action to Acchan, will you still consider me as your childhood friend?” Akira asks

“Of course you are” Minami said

“Thank you” Akira bows

Then Natsu takes Koji and Akira to the car. Then they all leave the place and go back to the police department. Jun takes Minami and Acchan to the hospital to check on them. Akio and Minako follow him

In the hospital

While Minami is taken to emergency room to check on his injured head with Akio is waiting for him, Jun takes Acchan to Rena's office to check on her head

In Rena's office

"Rena, this is my cousin, Maeda Atsuko, and she is my aunt." Jun introduces them

"Hello, my name is Matsui Rena" Rena bows and said

"Rena, can you check on my daughter. She already regained her memories, but can you check to see if her condition is fine now?" Minako said

"Yes, I will." Rena smiles and said

"Mama, is Minami ok?" Acchan turns to Minako and asks in worry tone

"Don't worry Atsu? Your Papa is there with him. If you are worry, how about I will also go there?" Minako said

"Thank you Mama" Acchan said and smiles brightly

"Worrying about your Minami that much. Mama is jealous" Minako said in teasing tone

Acchan blushes

"To Atsu, Mama is the best. Atsu loves Mama the most" Acchan said while clinging on Minako's arms

"Ok, Mama also loves Atsu the most. Now go with Rena-chan ok" Minako said and laughs softly

"Jun, please watch over Atsuko for me" Minako turns to Jun and said

"I will" Jun answers

Then Minako leaves the room. Jun sits in the waiting room and waits for Rena.

In Rena’s office

“Please sit down” Rena said and smiles

“Thank you Matsui-san” Acchan said and smiles

“Just call me Rena” Rena said

“Ok” Acchan nod

“Atsuko. Since you regained your memories, did you feel any headache or dizzy?” Rena asks

“No, I didn’t feel any” Acchan answers

Then Rena takes her to do some other checkup and X-ray. After everything finishes, Acchan and Rena sit down and talk to each other

“Sorry for my curious, how did you know my cousin, Rena?” Acchan asks

“I was the witness in your case” Rena said and smiles

“Really? Wow, that is a surprise” Acchan said in surprise and smiles

Then they continue their talk for a while. After that they go to the waiting room. Seeing them, Jun stands up and walks toward them

“How is she, Rena?” Jun worriedly asks

"Don’t worry Jun, her condition is fine. There is nothing to worry about her head." Rena said

"That is a relief" Jun said

"Rena, will you go to dinner with us?" Jun asks

"I want to, but I still have a conference to attend." Rena said

"It is ok, we can wait. We still have to go to check on Minami. After you finish, we will leave." Acchan said and smiles

"Then ok" Rena smiles

Then Acchan and Jun leave the room and go to Minami’s place

On their way

"Atsuko, I'm glad that you are ok" Jun said

"Thank you, Jun-nii" Acchan said

"What do you think of Rena, Jun-nii" Acchan asks

"She is cute, beautiful, nice, and kind" Jun said

"Rena is also smart and elegant, right?" Acchan adds

"Uh," Jun nods and smiles

"Wow, the cold chief of Tokyo police department finally fell in love" Acchan said in teasing tone

"Uh, I'm" Jun nods

"So, I'm about to have a cousin in law huh, Jun-nii?" Acchan said and smiles mischievously

"You are still playful as always" Jun said

"Is that so?" Acchan asks

"Uh, toward me and your parent, and no, toward strangers" Jun said

"I still don't get it. Why did you stay in New York for over 10 years and didn't even have a single friend" Jun said in wonder tone

"I just don't feel like it. Somehow, I feel some distance, so I just let it be. I will just go to school then go home. Playing with my pets, Mama is also always there for me too so that is not necessary to find a friend" Acchan said

"Is that because of that incident?" Jun worriedly asks

Somehow, he is still sad about what happened

"Of course not. Don't worry Jun-nii. I forgot about it long ago. It is just my personality" Acchan smiles and said

"I see. That is good" Jun smiles and said

"Then when will you make your move? Don't wait too long. If you wait for so long, somebody will snatch her away from you" Acchan said playfully

"Don't scare me. I will definitely keep her by my side. No one can take her away from me" Jun said

"That is my Jun-nii" Acchan said and pats his shoulder

"To be honest, I'm glad that you found someone you love, Jun-nii" Acchan said seriously.

"3 months ago, you said to me that you still single. I start to worry that you won't find any girlfriend because your favorite girlfriend is your work" Acchan said

"Uh, I never thought that I could meet my destiny through your case." Jun said

"That is really fate" Acchan said

"That also happened to you, too" Jun said

"You also found your destiny in that incident. Fate is something really mysterious, right?" Jun said and smiles

"Uh" Acchan nods

"I'm so glad that my little cousin can find a person she loves" Jun said and pats her head

"I'm not a kid" Acchan pouts

"Hahaha, but to me, you are always a little girl who always follows me around" Jun said and laughs out loud

Acchan also laughs together with him. They continue their happy talk while walking toward Minami. Unknowingly to them, there are very fierce eyes looking at them. When Acchan sees Minami, she happily calls and waves him


Didn't answer Acchan, Minami quickly rushes to her and pulls her with him.

"Minami" Acchan calls in surprise

He keeps silent and pulls her with him. Before he goes, he turns and glares at Jun with fierce eyes

"Huh?" Jun thought in confuse

Then Minami pulls her to the hospital's park. Behind them, Akio and Minako look at Minami with an amusing look while giggling

At Jun's side

"What happened?" Jun asks while walking toward Akio and Minako

Akio and Minako are still standing there and giggling.

"Akio, he looks just like you when you get jealous" Minako said and laughs out loud

"Really?" Akio asks

"Uh, definitely. Remember when you saw me with my brother for the first time. That time, you didn't know he is my brother. His face looks just like yours at that time" Minako said

"Hahaha...that is why I choose him as my son in law." Akio said and laughs

"Uncle, aunty what are you two talking about?" Jun asks in confuse

"We are talking about how cute Takamina is” Minako said and laughs

“Huh?” Jun looks at them with puzzled look

“Didn’t you see the way he looked at you?” Akio asks

“Uhm...his look somehow feel dangerous” Jun said in wonder

Suddenly, he realizes something

“He is jealous” Jun said

“Uh” Minako and Akio nod


Akio and Minako are sitting outside of the emergency room and waiting for Minami. After a while Minami comes out. They stand up and walk toward him

“Are you ok, Takamina?” Akio asks

“Yes, I’m ok. Thank you, Mr. Maeda” Minami said and smiles

“That is good” Minako said and smiles

Suddenly, Minami furrows his eyebrows. Seeing that Akio and Minako turn around. When they turn around, they see Acchan and Jun are walking toward them. Realizing what’s wrong. Akio smirks

“Minako, aren’t that is Jun and Acchan? They are close with each other as ever” Akio turns to Minako and said

Minako looks at him with puzzled look. Then Akio signals Minako making her realizing Akio’s intention

“Uh, that is normal because Acchan plays with him since she was a kid. She really “likes” him” Minako said trying to emphasize the word “like”

“Jun also “likes” her too. When she was missing, he was very worry, right?” Akio continues with the same manner

“Uh” Minako nods

“They are knew each other since they was a kid” Minami mumbles

However, his mumbling didn’t escape from Akio and Minako’s ears. They look at each other and smile slightly. Because Minami still focus on the two who are happily talking with each other, he didn't notice that.

“Why did she so close to him?” He continues

“That Jun, he is also so close. What is he doing? Patting her head like that” Minami keeps mumbling

Minami’s face turns darker than ever

“Minami” Acchan waves her hand and calls him

“I’m sorry. Can I take Acchan for a little?” Minami said

“Sure, as long as you want” Minako said

“Go for it, boy” Akio said and pats Minami’s shoulder

Minami walks toward Acchan and pulls her with him

End flashback

"I see. He still doesn't know that I'm her cousin" Jun said and laughs

 “He is really easy to trick” Jun thought

At Minami's side

"Minami, where are we going?" Acchan asks in confused tone

Minami keeps silent.

"What's wrong?" Acchan thought in confuse

Minami takes her to the backyard of the hospital. He pins her on the wall.


Haven't finished her words, Minami already kisses her lips. Acchan widens her eyes in surprise. Because his kiss full of love, slowly, Acchan closes her eyes, and replies his kiss. He hugs her and pulls her closer to him. Acchan also raises her arms and hugs Minami's neck to deepen their kiss. Slowly, their kiss turns into more passion and intense. Minami kisses her hungrily and wildly. They kiss until neither of them has any air left. Then they break the kiss. Minami looks at her with his loving eyes while touching her lips

Acchan still don't understand what happened. She stands there and tries to regulate her breath

"What hmm..."

When Acchan is about to ask him, he kisses her lips once again still hugging her tightly. He kisses her wildly but still gently at the same time. After a while they break the kiss. Minami hugs her tightly while burying his face on her neck

"What's wrong, Minami? Did something bad happen to you?" Acchan said in worry tone

"..." Minami still stays silent and keep burying his face on her check

"I love you Acchan" Minami whispers

"I love you too, Minami" Acchan said

"Are you ok, Minami? Your action is weird. Did something happen? Don't scare me, Minami." Acchan continues in worry tone.

Her voice is like she is about to cry. Quickly Minami breaks the hug and looks at her

"Don't worry, Acchan. I'm perfectly fine. The injury in my head is nothing" Minami reassures her while wiping tear in the corners of her eyes.

"Really?" Acchan asks again

"Uh, a hundred percent" Minami said and smiles.

"Then why did you act so strange, Minami?" Acchan asks

Minami pulls her into his embrace again and rest his head on her shoulder

"You look so close to Jun, huh?" Minami asks

"Uh, we play with each other since we were kids. Since he is older than me, he always takes care of me very carefully." Acchan said

Minami tightens his hug.

"Is that so?" Minami said in sad tone

"What's wrong, Minami? Why did your voice seem so sad?" Acchan asks in confuse

"Is he important to you, Acchan?" Minami continues asking her

"Uh, he is" Acchan said

"How about me?" Minami asks

Acchan breaks the hug and looks at Minami

"Of course you are. You are my everything, Minami" Acchan said and smiles

"Then between me and him, who is more important?" Minami said

In his tone there is some jealous sound

"Huh?" Acchan looks at him with puzzled look

"What do you mean, Minami?" Acchan asks in confused

"Acchan, answer me" Minami said while looking at her with serious look

"You and him are different." Acchan said

She still doesn't understand the whole thing

"How so?" Minami asks

"About Jun-nii, he is important to me because he is my cousin. He also likes my brother to me." Acchan said

"Huh?" Minami said

Now is his turn to feel confuse

“Jun is your cousin?” Minami asks

“Uh, his father is my mom’s older brother” Acchan said

“Ehhh!” Minami said in surprise

“You didn’t know that. I thought you already knew about that” Acchan said in surprise

“So the truth is Jun is your cousin. I thought you and him…” Minami said in low tone

“Jun-nii and me what?” Acchan asks

Then she realizes something

“Minami, don’t tell me you think that there is something between me and Jun-nii?” Acchan asks

Her question making Minami blush

“You are jealous” Acchan said in happy tone

“I...I...that because you are too close to him. You two are talking, smiling, and he even pats your head, too.” Minami said and pouts

“That is because he sees me as his little sister.” Acchan said

“Moreover, I heard that you “like” him.” Minami said

 “Who said that?” Acchan asks in confuse

“Your father” Minami said

“My father?” Acchan said in surprise

“Uhm... I guess Papa just wanted to tease you. Probably, he notices that you are jealous that why he did that.” Acchan said

“Really?” Minami asks in surprise

“Uh, that is his character. He likes to tease someone he likes or is close to him” Acchan said

“I see.” Minami said in embarrassment

Then he pulls her into his embrace again

“I was so scared when hearing that Acchan. I was scared that you love him. I was scared that when you remember everything you will leave me. I was so scared” Minami whispers in shaky tone

“Minami” Acchan calls him and tightens her hug

“Then let me answer the last part of your question, Minami” Acchan gently said

"To me, you are very important, the most important person in my life. I love you. You are everything to me. I can't ever imagine my life without you." Acchan sincerely said

Then she breaks the hug and smiles her brightest smile at him

“You are the first and only person makes my heart feel this way." Acchan continues

"Acchan, you are the most important person in my heart, too. You are the first and only person I love. I love you" Minami said and kisses her lips

Inside the hospital

Jun is talking to Akio and Minako in the cafeteria. Then Acchan and Minami walk toward them hand in hand. Seeing them are near, Jun turns to Akio and said out loud

“Uncle, did you smell something?” He asks in playful tone

Akio notices that he adds

“What is it, Jun?” Akio asks

Minako looks at them and giggles. Minami and Acchan look at them with confused look

"What smell, Jun-nii?" Acchan asks

Then Jun stands up and walks toward Minami and Acchan. He fakes sniffing around Minami. Then he looks up and smiles evilly

"That is the smell of someone jealous" Jun said

Then Akio, Minako, and Jun laugh out loud. Minami can feel his face is getting hot.

"Jun-nii, stop teasing Minami" Acchan said

"Look uncle, Acchan is taking Takamina’s side, and not me. She forgets me" Jun said fake crying

Jun's words make Acchan blush

"Jun, it is enough, I guess. Their faces look like tomatoes now" Minako said and laughs

"Ok, Takamina, let me introduce myself once again. My name is Matsui Jun. Atsuko's cousin. And my other name is MJ" Jun said

"MJ?" Acchan thought

"Since when did you have that "MJ" name, Jun-nii?" Acchan asks

"Takamina will know" Jun said

"MJ, MJ..." Minami closes his eyes and thought

"Ah, you are that foreigner" Minami half shouts

"Yep. That me. I never thought that you believe my story back then" Jun said and laughs

"You tricked me" Minami said and pouts

"What is it, Minami?" Acchan asks in curious tone

"I will tell you later, Acchan" Minami said

"Uh, but in short, we knew each other for long time ago, and we also are best buddy" Jun said and pat Minami's shoulder

"Really?" Acchan asks

"Uh" Minami said

"That is good" Acchan said and smiles brightly

"Ok, everything is settled now. Takamina, let go to eat dinner with us" Akio said

"Yes, thank you Mr. Maeda" Minami said

"That is what I want to tell you. I think you should change the way you address us" Minako said

"You can call us whatever you want except Mr., Mrs. Maeda, Uncle, aunty" Akio adds and winks at Jun

"Huh? Then what can I call them?" Minami thought in confuse

"Let me give you a hint Takamina" Jun said

"What is it?" Minami happily asks

"You can call them like Atsuko" Jun said

Hearing that Minami and Acchan blush madly

"Ok, that is a good hint. Come on Takamina, let practice" Akio said

"Papa, Jun-nii, stop teasing him." Acchan said

"Mama" Acchan asks her mom for help

"Atsuko, we just want him to be close to us." Akio said

"You also want him to be that close right?" Jun said

"I...I..." Acchan looks down in embarrass

Minami holds Acchan's hand and confidently stand in front of Akio and Minako

"Thank you for accepting me, mom, dad" Minami said and bows

"Good. Hahaha...." Akio said

"Remember to take good care of her" Minako said

Then Acchan sees Rena is walking toward them. Beside her is a young and handsome doctor. She smiles evilly and turns to Minami

“Minami, you are about to smell the same smell on Jun-nii in minutes” Acchan said

Everyone looks at her with confused look. Acchan turns her head toward Rena’s direction. Minami realizes that

“Oh, I can smell that right now” Minami said in teasing tone.

“Uncle, aunty, can you go to the restaurant first? I will take Rena and go there later” Jun said and quickly walks toward Rena

At Minami’s side

“Another person with the same expression, interesting” Akio thought and laughs

Then they all leave the place

“By the way Minami, did you call Mario and the rest?” Acchan asks

“They just called me while ago. I said that I’m fine. They don’t need to come here” Minami said

“Oh ok”

At Jun’s side

“Rena” Jun calls her while walking toward her

Rena turns to him

“Jun. I’m about to go to you” Rena said

“Then let’s go Rena” Jun said and pulls her with him

“Sorry Dr. Fujimoto, I have to go now” Rena said

“It’s ok, Dr. Matsui. See you later” he said

Then Jun takes Rena to his car

In Jun’s car

“Why did he stay so silent? Did something bother him?” Rena thought

“When he left with his cousin, there still be fine.”

“Just now, did he misunderstand about me and Dr. Fujimoto.” Rena thought in surprise and sighs

“Why did I sigh? Am I scared that he will misunderstand?” Rena thought

“Am I …”

“Rena” Jun calls her

His call pulls her out of her train of thought. She turns and looks at him

“What is it, Jun?” Rena asks

“Who is he?” Jun asks

“He is one of my colleagues. After the conference, we just happened to go in the same direction” Rena quickly explain

“That good” Jun said in small tone

“What did you said, Jun?” Rena asks

“Ah nothing” Jun said and laughs softly

“One more thing Rena” Jun said in happy tone

“Huh?” Rena asks

“Tomorrow is Saturday. You still remember our promise right?” Jun said

“Uh. I’m waiting for that.” Rena smiles and said

“That will be very fun” Jun said in happy tone

“Uh” Rena said

“Tomorrow is my chance” Jun thought


Hope you guys like it!  :)
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author-san why you updates every Saturday? fast update please.. You make me crazy waiting
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“Uh. I’m waiting for that.” Rena smiles and said
I'm waiting too:") thats really great great great
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yeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,THERE WILL BE A LOT OF WMATSUI IN THE NEXT CHAPTER RIGHT ?,RIGHT ?,RIGHT ?,well sorry I got to excited,update soon,your fic is interesting~
Title: Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) Part 14 14/11/15
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@Purnamazaki, @vickystar, @ChrunchyCream: Thank you!   :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is Part 14.  :D

Part 14

In Jun house

Today is the day Jun and Rena go to the amusement part. Jun is very happy.

In Jun’s room

He is humming a song while preparing. After finished, he comes out of his room. He goes to the family room. At the same time, Rena comes down from her room.

“Let’s go Rena” Jun smiles and pulls her to his car

At amusement park

Jun parks his car and goes into the park with Rena

"Rena, let's go and play" Jun happily said and pulls Rena with him

Rena smiles at his childish act

"What do you want to play first, Jun?" Rena asks

"Haunted house" Jun said

"Why?" Rena asks

"I heard my colleague said that this haunted house here is very scary. I want to try." Jun excitedly said

"Oh ok" Rena said

Then the two go into the house.

In front of the haunted house

Rena takes a deep breath.

“It’s ok, Rena.” Rena reassures herself

Seeing Rena's strange action, Jun worriedly asks

“Are you ok, Rena?”

“I’m ok. Let’s go Jun” Rena said and smiles

“Ok” Jun said and goes into the house with Rena

When they just step in the house, suddenly a ghost jumps in front of them. Rena screams and hugs Jun tightly

“A...a..are you ok, Rena?” Jun asks

“I...I’m fine Jun, Let’s keep going” Rena said

However, she still hugs Jun’s arm tightly. Somehow Jun feel very happy about this. After awhile they step out of the house. Rena shakily hold Jun’s arm very tight. She is still scared.

"Rena, you should tell me that you scare and uncomfortable in there" Jun worriedly said

"B...but you are very excited. Therefore, I think I should try once" Rena said while catching her breath

"Sorry Rena." Jun looks down and said

"Don't be sad Jun. Today we come here to play. Let have fun as much as we can, ok." Rena said and smiles

"Ok" Jun said

Then they go to the rolling coaster

"Rena, are you sure that you don't afraid of high or anything right?" Jun seriously asks

"Don't worry Jun. I'm fine." Rena said and smiles to reassure Jun

"Ok" Jun said

Then they go in and play. Instead of afraid, Rena pretty much enjoys it. They excitingly enjoy their ride.

"Wow, that is super fun" Jun said

"Yes" Rena said

"Are you thirsty, Rena?" Jun asks

"Uh" Rena nods

"Let me go and buy us some snack and drink" Jun said

"Ok" Rena said

"Sit here and wait for me, ok?" Jun said

"Uh" Rena nods

Then Jun rushes to buy them. Rena sits on the bench. She takes out a book in her bag and reads while waiting for Jun. Suddenly someone comes and takes away her book.

"Excuse me" she looks up and said

When she looks up, she sees a group of boys and girls

"You guys" Rena scarily said

"Rena, long times no see" A girl steps up and pats Rena's shoulder

"You change a lot huh? I nearly cannot recognize you" another girl said while looking around Rena

"W..what do you want?" Rena scarily said

"Nothing, we just see an old friend, so we decide to go here and greet you" a man said

"Wow, you really turn into a swan huh? A beautiful lady. Not a nerd with a big glasses." he said and comes closer

"How about go and play with me?" he said and touches her face

Rena steps back to dodge his hand

"I’m waiting for someone here" Rena looks down and said

"Aww, don't lie, little girl. This guy like you is your lucky day. You know that he is rich. Why don't you go with him" another man said

"Hey don't scare my girl, man" the first man said.

He comes and tries to hold Rena shoulders

"Get away from me" Rena said and steps back.

Suddenly she trips and falls. She thought that she will fall on the ground. Then she feels someone hold her, and a warm voice said

"Rena, are you ok?"

"Jun" she turns around and happily calls

Jun sees some tear in corner of Rena eyes

"Who makes Rena cry?" Jun wipes her tear and said

Then he turns to the group

"Who are you?" Jun coldly said

"We are Rena's best friend when we were in high school. Today we are very happy that we meet her again after a very long time." the girl said and ground her hand on Rena shoulders

Rena scarily looks down.

"Rena is in love with that man for a very long time. He just confessed to her. That is all." she continues

"How about we have dual date? Rena will go with him, and you go and play with me, handsome" The other girl said in seductive tone while touching his T-shirt

"Take your filthy hand off my clothes. Disgusting" Jun said

“What are you calling me” The girl shouts

Jun ignores her and turns to Rena

"Is their words correct Rena? You are their friend, and you are in love with that jerk" Jun said

"Who do you call jerk?" the man shouts

"Shut up. I'm talking to Rena" Jun shouts in anger

"Rena, answer me" Jun gently said while lifting Rena's face up

"They aren't my friend. They just bullied me all my high school. He is nothing to me. Just because his family is rich, he always goes around and bully other" Rena shakily said

Jun can feel his anger. He turns to them

"If I ever see you come closer to Rena again, I will punch you guys even if you are a girl" Jun shouts and point at them

"Who do you think you are, pretty face?" the girl said

"Don’t bossing us around like that. My father didn't even raise his voice in front of me." the man shouts and rushes to Jun

"Then I will teach you what the manner is" Jun catches his hand and twist behind

"You dare to hit me. Do you know who my father is?" the man shouts

"Tell me, I really want to know" Jun said

"My father is captain of police." the man shouts

"Hee! So scary, let’s call him right now and said that Matsui Jun just hit you to see what his reaction is" Jun said in challenging voice

"You challenge me? Do you think that I lie? Let me show you how to respect me" He said and takes out his phone

"Jun" Rena holds Jun shirt and shaking

Jun turns around and smiles at Rena

"Don't worry Rena, everything will be fine" Jun said and pats Rena’s head

When he is about to call his father, he sees someone coming toward them

“Hey kid, what are you doing here?” a man calls him

“Uncle Natsu, this guy picks a fight with me.” He calls out Natsu

“Really?” he asks while running there with his other two friends

“Prepare yourself; I don’t need to call my father now. Uncle Natsu is also a police. Apology to me now” The man said and smirks

“Really? Let’s see about that” Jun said and crosses his arms

“Police here. What happened?” Natsu comes and raises his bandage

“Uncle, I was playing with my friends here. This man did some improper action toward my friends and hit me.” That man said

Jun turns and said

“Hello Natsu”

Natsu widens his eyes in surprise

“Hello sir” Natsu and two men behind him greet Jun

The man is taken back

“D… you know him, uncle Natsu?” The man said

“What are you doing, Taku?” Natsu shouts

“He will never do what you just said” Natsu continues

“He said that his father is the captain of police, so he can go around and bullies other people” Jun said

“Sorry sir, I will tell his father to teach him again.” Natsu said

“Why did you have to afraid a little brat?” Taku said

“Apology to them now, reflects what you are doing. Don’t think that I don’t know what you are doing every day. Doesn’t focus on studying, always fooling around with those people. My sister spoiled too much” Natsu scolds Taku

“Enough of that lesson. Let’s go guys. Standing here for another minute I will die because of goodness.” Taku said and left

Before he leaves, he turns and glares at Jun.

“Sorry sir about his manner.” Natsu turns to Jun and said

“It’s ok. I just don’t want them to bother my friend again” Jun said

“I will tell my brother in law about this” Natsu said

“Please excuse us, we are going back now.” Natsu continues

“Ok, see you later” Jun said

“Have fun” They wave at them and leave

Rena looks at Jun with confused look

"Everything is fine now Rena. Let continue our game" Jun smiles and said

"Why did they so scare of you?" Rena said

"You know that I'm a police right?" Jun said

"Uh" Rena nods

"I'm the chief of police department. That is the reason" Jun said and laughs

"You are? Wow I never thought a chief can be this young and childish" Rena said and laughs

"You think of me like that" Jun pouts

"I'm sorry" Rena looks down

"Rena, I'm just kidding. I'm glad that you smile again." Jun said

They go and play a lot of different things, until night. Then they go to the Ferris Wheel and sit on one of the booth. Rena excitedly looks at the night view from the high place. Unknowingly to her that Jun is looking at her.

“You know what, Jun?” Rena suddenly speaks up

Jun snaps out of his though

“What is it, Rena?” Jun said

“When I was in high school, I used to be bullied every day. They hit me, threw my books away, and laugh at me. I was really scared.” Rena said in shaky voice

“Rena” Jun pulls Rena into his embrace

“I always thought that what did I do wrong that make them did that to me. I tried my best to avoid them everywhere I go. However, they would never leave me alone. I always hope there will be someone there and save me.” Rena hugs Jun back and said

“And today, my wish finally came true. You were there and saved me from them. It makes me very happy” Rena continues

“Rena, don’t be afraid anymore. From now on, I will always protect you no matter what” Jun gently said while stroking Rena’s back

Then Jun breaks the hug. He takes deep breath and holds Rena's hand. Rena looks at him with confused look, but at the same time shyly look because of his look

"R...Rena, I have something I want to tell you" Jun stutters

Rena looks down to hide her blush

"When I heard that jerk said that you love him, I was really sad. I knew that was a lie, but somehow I still feel very sad when hearing that you love someone else" Jun said

"Do you believe in fate, Rena?" Jun asks

Rena looks up at him

"I believe" Jun smiles and said

"If I'm not investigating Atsuko’s kidnapping case, I will never meet you. I also will never have a feeling of missing something in my heart. I will never know what jealous means. Because all of that feeling, I knew one thing" Jun said

He lifts Rena's face up and looks directly at her eyes

"Because of the case, I finally met my second half." Jun gently said

"I love you Rena. Will you be my girlfriend? From now on I will never let you feel scared again" Jun said

“I also believe in that. I have to thank my cousin because she asked me to take picture at the airports for her. Therefore I can be your witness.” Rena smiles at Jun and said

"I love you, too Jun. Properly, when I see you for the first time"

Jun pulls Rena close to him and kisses her lips. Outside of the booth, the firewood starts appearing in the night sky. After a while they reach the ground

“Let’s go home Rena” Jun said and takes Rena’s hand

Suddenly, Taku and his men appear before Jun and Rena again

“You people again” Jun said and takes Rena behind his back.

“I don’t know why my uncle is afraid of you, but I’m not.” Taku said

“Guys get him” He shouts

Then the two men rush to Jun. Jun kicks the man on his left side at his face. Then he punches the man on his right side. After that he rushes to Taku. He twists his hand behind his back and presses Taku on his knees. He takes out his bandage and said

“I’m a police. Next time, if I see you people bother Rena again; I will throw all of you into jail.”

Jun pushes Taku to fall on the ground. They stand up and run away.

“Jun, are you ok?” Rena asks

“I’m fine, Rena. I will never let anyone hurt you again” Jun said and hugs Rena tightly

At night

When Jun walks pass Rena's room, he hears some sound in it. He knocks her door

"Come in" Rena said

When Jun walks in, he sees Rena is packing her stuff

"What are you doing, Rena?" Jun asks in confuse

"The case is finally solved. I guess I can be safe at my house now. Therefore I pack my stuffs" Rena said

"I troubled you for a long time" she continues

Jun is frowning with her words. He is not happy.

"Why did you say trouble Rena? You know that you will never trouble me. Moreover you are my girlfriend now" Jun sits on her bed and said in sad tone

"You sound like I'm a stranger to you" Jun pouts

Rena looks at him. Then she stands up and sits next to him

"Of course not. You are my boyfriend. How can you be a stranger? I'm sorry." Rena said and pecks on his lips

Jun smiles evilly and pushes her down on her bed. Rena blushes at his action

"Let me tell you this Rena" he said when his face is very close to her

"What is it, Jun?" Rena shyly said

"Sooner or later you will be the Mistress of this place. This place will be your house. Why would you be bother to move back there?" Jun said and smiles at her

His words making Rena blush. Then she rounds her arms around his neck

"What make you so sure that I will accept to be the Mistress of this place?" she playfully said and smirks

"I will definitely make you accept." Jun said

"Matsui Rena, you are captured under Matsui Jun. I charge you to be with him forever." Jun said seriously

"I won't let you escape from my hand, Rena" he said

"You sound like I'm your criminal" Rena said

"You are. You are a love thief. You are under my arrest because you stole my heart and soul." Jun said and laughs

"So, I also have to arrest you, because you did the same thing to me. You stole my heart and soul. I will charge you to be with me and love me forever, do you accept my decision?" Rena said and smiles

"Gladly, I will always be with you and love you." Jun smiles and said

"So, you accept the fact that you will be the Mistress of this house, now?" Jun said

"Let me consider about that" Rena said in teasing tone

"There is no other answer for that. That is official decision. All you have to do is obey" Jun said

Rena looks at Jun and smile sweetly

"Thank you Jun." she said softly

"For what Rena?" he asks her with gentle tone

"For loving me. For giving me a very strong but comfortable shoulder to lean on. For your warm hug every time I'm sad or scared." she said and smiles

Jun smiles at her

"Also thank you, Rena. For loving me. For allowing me to love you and protect you" Jun said

"I love you Jun" Rena said

"I love you too, Rena" Jun said and kisses her lips

Their kiss soon turns into more passionate and intense. Rena hugs Jun's neck tightly to deepen their kiss. Then Jun slips his tongue in Rena's mouth to explore. Jun slowly unbutton her shirt while still kissing her. That night, they drown in their own world of love and passion.

In the morning

At the hospital

Jun parks his car and opens the door for Rena.

"I will see you this noon Rena, have a great day" Jun said and pecks her lips

"Ok, see you later." Rena said

When Jun is about to go back to his car Rena calls him


"What is it Rena?" Jun asks

“Jun, are you free tomorrow?” Rena asks

“Uh, I don’t have anything to do. Why?” Jun asks

“I want you to take me to this place” Rena said

“Where is it, Rena?” Jun asks in curious

“You will know when you get there. It is very special place to me” Rena smiles and said

“Ok” Jun said

"Thank you Jun. See you later. Love you" Rena said and kisses his cheek

"Ok, I love you too" Jun said the he leaves

Then Rena walks into the hospital and heads to her office

"Someone got for herself a police boyfriend” the nurse said

"Plus, she is extremely happy today" she adds

Rena turns to the sources of the voice

"Saki" Rena calls

"See you later, love you."

"Ok, I love you too"

Saki imitates Jun and Rena making Rena blushes madly

"Stop it Saki." Rena shouts in embarrass while smiling shyly

“Look at you. The aura of happiness is flying around you.” Saki said

“Is it that obvious?” Rena asks

“Hahaha...It is written all over your face” Saki said

Rena smiles and blushes

“Stop showing that happy face to me. I’m still single you know” Saki whines

“Aww, come on Saki. That is because my best friend is so picky. A lot of handsome men who want you to be his girlfriend” Rena said

“Don’t try to flattering me” Saki said

Then the two laugh

“Anyway, I’m happy for you because you found a good man” Saki said

“Thank you Saki” Rena said

The next morning

In Jun’s house

Jun’s POV

I’m sitting in my family room to wait for Rena

 “Where did Rena want to go?” I thought to myself

After awhile Rena come down from her room.

 “Sorry for making you wait Jun” Rena said

“It is ok, Rena” I said and stand up

“Where do you want to go, Rena?” I turn to her and ask

“Before that, I want you to take me to a flower shop” Rena said to me

I look at her with confused look

“Ok” I said

Then I take her to the flower shop nearby

“Wait for me here. It won’t take too long” She said to me, and I nod

After awhile, she walks out with two bouquets of white roses.

“White rose?” I’m really confused right now

I look at her, and she smiles at me as saying

‘I will tell you later’

“Here is where I want to go Jun” Rena said and gives me the address

“Ok” I said

Then I start the car and drive away. After 2 and half hour, we reach the destination. That is a cemetery which located on the mountain.

“Why did she want to come here?” I thought

“Let go Jun” Rena holds my hand and said

I take the bouquets and follow her. She leads me to a far part of the cemetery. There located two graves. She walks toward them and place the two bouquets on each grave. I look at the grave.

“Matsui” I thought in surprise when I see the man last name

“Hello, Mommy, Daddy. I come to visit you” Rena speaks up while wiping their picture

“They are her…” I thought in surprise

“Rena…” I call her softly

She looks up at me and smiles

“Daddy, Mommy, today, I bring the most important person to me to meet you two. He is my boyfriend.” Rena said while holding my hand

I smile and tighten my grip on her hand

“Hello, uncle and aunty. My name is Matsui Jun. I’m Rena’s boyfriend. As Rena said, I’m her most important person, she is too. To me, Rena is everything to me. She is the most important person in my life. I will always love her and take care of her” I said and bow before them

We look at each other and smile. We stay there and talk to them for a while. Then Rena and I go to the cliff of the mountain. We just stay silent and look at the nice view. I’m very curious about her parent, but I don’t want to ask her. Somehow I have a feeling that that thing is very hurt. I want her to tell me when she is in good condition.

“Today…” Rena speaks up

I look at her while holding her hand

“Today is my parent’s death anniversary” She said

I keep silent and wait for her

“18 years ago, when we were out on a vacation, a truck from the other side of the road was lost control and hit our car. I was the only one that survived on that accident. My parent was taken away from me from that day” Rena said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“When I wake up from that accident, the only people I see are from an orphanage. I was taken there and rise as an orphan.” Rena said

“Rena” I thought

I didn’t know that she had been through that. I pull her into my arms and hug her tightly. I stroke her back to comfort her. She hugs me back and buries her face on my chest.

“It’s ok Rena. Everything is in the past now. Cry as much as you want and then forget all the sad past. Just remember about your parent, their love, and your happy time together with them” I gently said while patting her head

She cries silently on my chest. We stand like that for a while until she calmed down

“Are you ok, Rena?” I ask while wiping tears that left on her face

“Uh, I’m. Thank you Jun” Rena nods and said

“There is a Sister who loves me and took care of me since then. I see her as my mother, my only family. I want you to see her” Rena said

Then Rena takes my hand. I hold her hand and stop her. She looks at me with confuse.

“From now on, I will also be your family, Rena. You are my everything and my dearest family. I want you to know that” I sincerely said to her

She looks at me and smiles brightly

“Of course you are my family, Jun.” Rena happily said

“If I don’t see you as my family, I don’t have to tell you to take me here so that I can introduce you to my parent. I also want to introduce you to my second mother” Rena said while looking away to hide her blushing face

I smile and turn her face to look at me

“I love you, Rena. I will always be your family” I said and lean to kiss her lips

She replies my kiss. I hug her waist and pull her closer to me while she rounding her arms around my neck as we deepen our kiss. We kiss each other until out of air. Then we break the kiss and smile to each other

“I love you too Jun. Very much” She said to me in cheerful tone

Then she leads me to the orphanage to meet the Sister who raised her. The orphanage is not very far from the cemetery. When we reach there, I see a gently looking woman in a Sister’s outfit standing there and watching a group of little kids.

“Sister Maria” Rena happily calls her while running toward her

She turns around and looks at her. She smiles a very gently smiles. Rena runs to her and hugs her tightly

“Rena” She calls her and hugs her back

“Sister, I miss you” Rena said

“I miss you, too. How have you been?” She asks her

“I’m good. How about you?” Rena asks

“I’m fine. Thank you Rena” She gently said

“And may I know who is that handsome looking man behind you” She said and smiles at Rena

“He is...he is my boyfriend, Matsui Jun” Rena shyly said

“Hello Sister, my name is Matsui Jun. Rena’s boyfriend” I said and bow before her

“Hello Matsui-san” She smiles and greets me

“Ah...Rena-neechan” The kids happily call her

“Hello, how are you all doing?” Rena smiles and asks them

“We are doing good” They said in union

“It has been so long since you visited here. We missed you a lot” a little girl said

“Sorry, I was busy. I brought for you all some gifts.” Rena said and takes out a big candy bag in her bag to show them

“Yay…” The kids shout in happy

“Come on Rena-neechan, we have something very cool to show you” a little boy said while pulling her with them

I just stand there and look how happy she is. That makes me feel happy too.

“I’m happy that she can find her second half” the Sister said to me

“Rena was a really pitiful kid. She has been through a lot. I still remember the first time I saw her. She was quiet and all alone. She seem to can’t join into the group, and she was never smile” she continues

“Slowly she became more open up and cheerful like right now. I’m very happy” she smiles to me

“Please Matsui-san, please take good care of her and love her” she sincerely said to me

“I will Sister. I will use all my life to love her and protect her. I won’t let her drop any sadness tear ever again” I firmly said

“And just call me Jun. Rena told me that she sees you as her second mother, her family, so just treat me as one of your too. I promised to her parent. Now I promise to you that I will make her happy” I said

The Sister gently smiles at me.

After a while

Rena comes back. After saying goodbye to the Sister and the kids, Rena and I leave the place. We are walking back to my car hand in hand.

“Thank you, Rena” I said

“For what, Jun” Rena looks at me with confused look

“For showing me here.  For telling about your past. For letting me walk into your heart and be your family” I gently said while caress her face

“Jun” Rena calls me

I can see tear of happiness build up in her beautiful eyes. She hugs me tightly and buries her face on my chest. I hug her back and pat her head. After a while we reach the car. I look at my watch. It is time. I turn and smiles at Rena

“Rena, are you hungry?” I ask her

“Uh, a little" Rena answers

"Let go to the restaurant. I think it is time now." I said and smile

"Time?" Rena looks at me with confused eyes

"Today I also want you to meet someone" I said to her

"Who is it, Jun?" Rena asks me

"My parent. They just got back here yesterday" I said

She widens her eyes in surprise

"What? Your parent? Why don't you say that sooner, Jun. How do I look? How can I see them? What should I d....?"

Cutting her panic words, I kiss her lips to calm her down. After a while I pull out. I look at her and smile

"Don't worry Rena. Everything will be fine. I already told my parent about you. Just act as normal" I said and pat her head

After that I take her to the restaurant to meet my parent. I lead her to the VIP room that I already booked.

End Jun's POV

Rena's POV

"Hello Mr. Matsui, your parent is already inside." a waiter bow and said to Jun

"Ok, thank you. You can bring the food I ordered out" he said

"What should I do? What should I do his parent is already there? What if I make mistake? What if they don't like me? What should I do?" I thought in panic

As knowing my thought, Jun squeezes my hand tightly. He holds my shoulders and smiles at me

"Everything will be fine. Just be yourself, ok. I will always be here for you" he gently said to me

I take a deep breath. Then I smile back at him.

"Thank you, Jun" I peck his lips and said

Then we walk into the room. Jun’s parent looks at us and smiles gently

"Mom, Dad, this is Rena who I told you. She is my girlfriend" Jun introduces me

"Hello Mr and Mrs Matsui, my name is Matsui Rena." I said and bow

"Hello Rena-chan, we are Jun parent. Just act normal. Don't be so nerves." his mom tells me and smiles

"Uh, just see us as your family. By the way, don't call us like that. It sounds so distance. Just call us as Jun" his dad said to me

"Now Rena-chan, can you call us once again" His mom said to me

I can feel my face is getting hot

"Remember, calling us as Jun. Just look up. Don't need to look down" his mother adds

They are very nice. I think they try to make me feel comfortable. I slowly look up and call them

", dad" I call them then look down to hide my embarrassment.

"Good, Rena-chan. We are waiting for so long to hear this call from his girlfriend." they said and laugh

Then I sit down together with Jun.

"Sorry, dad, mom. I have to make a phone call. I will be right back" he said to his parent

"Rena, I will be back, ok" He said and kisses my forehead

Then he leaves the room. I feel my nerves just come back to me. Now I'm alone with his parent. I don't know what to do

"Don't be afraid, Rena-chan. I heard that you helped Jun to find Atsuko, right?" his father said

"Yes, I was the witness in her case." I said

"Thank you for helping my niece. I was so happy when she is safe" he said

"It is nothing. That is what I should do." I said

"Rena, we bought you some souvenirs when we on our vacation. Jun told us a lot about you." his mother said

"I'm happy that he finally found someone he loves" his mother adds

"From the first time when he told us about you, I already had the feeling that you will become his special one." his father said

"Really honey?" mom asks dad

"Yes, because he sound just like me when I told my parent about you" he said and laughs out loud

I also laugh with them. I can feel a little lighter. Then we happily talk to each other. After a while Jun comes back, and we happily eat and talk about a lot of different things. His parent is so nice.

End Rena’s POV

After the dinner

After Jun and Rena say goodbye to his parent, Jun take her to a mountain nearby.

“Rena, just sleep a little. I will call you when we get there” Jun said and smiles

“Ok” Rena said

Then she closes her eye and sleep

At dawn

“Rena, Rena” Jun gently calls her

Rena slowly opens her eyes. Jun smiles at her

“Let watch the sunrise together Rena” Jun said

Then they go and stand on the mountain to watch the sunrise. The sun slowly rises up behind the mountain. The white rays of the sun slowly spread around the sky lighten up the dark sky.

“So beautiful, Jun” Rena said

“Uh” Jun nods

“I’m the happiest person in the world because I have you by my side” Rena smiles and said

“Me too” Jun said

Then he pulls her close to him and kisses her lips. She hugs him and replies his kiss

“I love you, Rena” Jun whispers

“I love you too, Jun” Rena said


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Part 15: Final

2 years later

At night

Atsuko is lying on her bed and looking at her phone.

Atsuko's POV

I'm bored. I didn't meet Minami for whole two weeks. I miss him so much. In the last two weeks, he has a big project in the company, so he is super busy. After that incident, Minami came to Papa’s company to work since he has a master's degree in business. He also moved to Tokyo. He said that he wants to be close to me.

In two year, he became very famous among business field. They say he is the genius in that field. I’m also going to work at Papa's company after I acquire my Master’s Degree.

I heard Papa said that his project was done today. He is very pleased with his new plan on a new product. I'm very happy for him.

"I wonder if he is still awake" I look at my phone and thought

I want to call him. I want to go out with him tomorrow because that is our 2nd year anniversary.

"Does he remember or not?" I mumble while calling his number.

I'm impatiently waiting for his voice. I don't know why my heart beats very fast.

(Hello) he said

Somehow, just hearing his voice makes me so happy. Those two weeks just texting to him, I miss him so much.

(Hello?) He said again

Because too deep in my thought, I forgot to answer him

"Hi Minami, it is me" I said

(Atsuko? You are still awake?) He said in surprise

"Yes, I miss you. And what with that reaction" I said and pout

(Sorry Atsuko, I thought you already asleep by now. I miss you too) he said

"What are you doing, Minami?" I ask him

(I'm working) he answers

"You are still working now?" I ask him

(Uh, I have some very important things to prepare) he said

"What is it, Minami?" I ask him in curious

(Just some plan in the company. You don't have to think about that) he said and laughs softly

He is acting weird

(By the way, why did you call me, Atsuko?) He asks me

"I miss you, so I call you, can't I?" I said in hurtful tone

(Of course you can. You are my girlfriend. You definitely can call me whenever you want.) He said

(I miss you too, you know.) He continues

"Uh, by the way, I want to congratulate you with your successful project. I heard Papa said that your speech is perfect" I happily said

(Thank you, Atsuko) he said and laughs

"Another thing, I want to ask if you are free tomorrow" I said

(Uhm...) he pauses

I think I know his answer to my question

(Sorry Atsuko, tomorrow I have a new and important project to do. So I...)

"It is ok, your work is more important. We can meet some other time" cutting his words I said and laughs softly to reassure him.

However, I can feel something wet rolling on my cheeks

(I'm sorry, Atsuko) he said in sad tone

"It is ok, Minami. Really, don't worry, ok" I said trying to make my voice as much normal as possible

"If you are busy, I will hang up now. Don't stay up too late ok." I said

(Uh, you too. I promise after this project, I will meet you) Minami said to me

"Ok, bye Minami. Good night." I said

(Uh, good night Atsuko) he said

"I love you" I said

(I love you too) he said

Then we hang up. I sit on my bed and look at his picture on my phone. My tear just keeps dropping

"I miss you, Minami" I whisper

Suddenly, my phone rings

"Rena?" I thought

I wipe my tear and prepare my voice. After preparing everything, I answer her call

"Hello Rena" I said in cheerful tone

(Hi Atsuko) she greets me

"How are you and Jun-nii doing? How is your trip?" I ask her

(We are good. We just get back from our trip. It was great) Rena said happily

Rena and Jun got married one year ago. This year to celebrate their anniversary, they went to EU. I'm happy for them especially Jun-nii. He finally found his second half

"It is good to hear that" I said

(How about you, Atsuko?) Rena asks me

"Good. I still have to study some more classes." I answer

(How about you and Takamina?) She asks me

"We are doing great. Though I didn't get a chance to meet him, he was busy with his project." I said trying to hide my sadness

"Are you ok, Atsuko?" Rena asks me worriedly

"I'm fine, Rena. Don't worry. I just called him. Hearing his voice and knowing that he is fine is enough. His work is more important" I said and laugh softly

"I see. I'm glad that you are ok" Rena said

"Uh. I'm perfectly fine" I said cheerfully

"Sorry Rena, I have some assignment to do. I will talk to you later." I said to her

"Ok, talk to you later Atsuko. Good night" Rena said

"Good night" I said then hang up

Then I just lie down on my bed.

End Atsuko's POV

In the morning

Minami’s POV

Today will be the most important day in my life. I'm on my way to her house now. After two weeks didn't meet her, I feel like I lost my oxygen. I miss her so much. I want to see her every second. I'm glad that her father happy with my project. That mean my sacrifice doesn't go in vain.

Yesterday, I lied to her that I can't meet her because I want her to be surprise. Through her voice, I know that she was very sad even though she tried to hide it. My heart also very hurt when knowing that she was sad. However, I have to make everything perfect for today. While I'm driving, I receive a phone call.

"Hello Jun" I said

(Hi Takamina, are you on your way now?) Jun asks me

"Uh, I'm near the house" I answer

(I hope your plan success, and you can make her happy. Yesterday, when Rena called her, she said that Atsuko was very sad.) Jun said

"Uh, I knew that. Today, I will make up everything for her. Not only today but forever" I said

"Glad to hear you say that. Good luck" Jun said

"Thank you" I said

Then we hang up.

After a while I reach her house. I stop my car at the gate and call the security

“Good morning Master Minami” a man said

“Good morning” I smile and greet him

Then I park the car and go into her house

“Good morning Master Minami,” the maids and butlers bow and greet me

“Good morning” I greet them

“Where is Atsuko?” I ask one of them

“Atsuko-sama is still sleeping in her room” A maid told me

“Do you need me to wake her up for you?” she continues

“It is ok, I will go there and wake her up” I said

When I’m about to go, the maid calls me.

“Master Minami”

I turn around and ask her.

“What is it?”

“Because Master and Mistress have an important meeting, so they have to leave very early this morning. They told us to say “good luck” to you for them” she said

“I see, thank you” I said and go up stair

I open the door of her room and come in. I see she is sleeping soundly on her bed. Her face looks just like an angel. Looking at her like this I really don’t want to wake her up. I walk toward her bed and sit on the edge of her bed. I see that she is still hugging our picture on her chest.

"Minami, I miss you" she said in her sleep

Her voice is very sad. I can feel my heart hurt. I raise my hand to move some hairs that cover her beautiful face.

"I miss you too, Atsuko. I miss you so much" I whisper while caressing her face

Feeling my touch, she opens her eyes. Suddenly she sits up and hugs me tightly. Because of her sudden action, I lost my balance and fall on her bed

"Minami, I miss you so much" she said while burying her face on my chest

I can feel her tear on my shirt

"I'm sorry Atsuko. I made you sad" I said to her while stroking her back

"..." She stays silent

"I come here today to go out with you. Where do you want to go, Atsuko?" I ask her

"..." She still keeps silent

"Atsuko?" I call her and look downs

I realize that she is still sleeping. I smile and kiss her forehead. Then I pull her closer to me and hug her tightly

In the afternoon

Atsuko's POV

I slowly open my eyes. Feeling something around my waist, I look at beside me. I see Minami.

"Am I still dreaming?" I whisper while caressing his face

"If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up anymore. I want to stay by your side forever" I said to him

Then I feel he tightens his hug on my waist

"Atsuko, I'm sorry for making you sad. This is not a dream, Atsuko. I'm here. I'm here with you now." Minami opens his eyes and said

I'm surprised by his words.

"This is not a dream, but how can he be here?" I thought in confuse

"Yesterday, you sa..."

Haven't finished my words, Minami pulls me closer to him and kisses me on my lips. I close my eyes and reply his kiss. He kisses me gently and softly. I can feel his love through this kiss. He moves on top of me still kissing. I round my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. The kiss, I miss for so long. Our kiss slowly turns into more passionate and intense. We kiss until we out of air. Then we break the kiss and look at each other eyes. Minami bends down and connects his forehead to mine.

"Atsuko, I miss you. I miss you so much. Two weeks ago to me as centuries. I pass through it with a lot of effort. Your texts every night is my energy. I miss you so much. You can’t ever imagine that feeling." He whispers to me

"I also miss you too, Minami. Two weeks to me like torture. I want to see you, but I know you are doing your best with your project. Therefore, the only thing I can do is support you from afar" I said and hug him tight

Then Minami breaks the hugs and gently look at me

"Atsuko, go and prepare. Today we will go out and play together" He said while caressing my face

"You aren't busy?" I ask him

"No, today, I'm all yours" he said and smiles

I'm very happy when hearing he said that.

"Thank you, Minami" I hug him tightly while buries my face on his chest.

I miss his hug so much. He hugs me back tighter than me. 

After a while, I sit up from my bed and go to prepare my things

End Atsuko's POV

Minami's POV

I sit on her bed and wait for her. After a while, she steps out.

"I'm ready, Minami" she smiles and said to me

I pull her to sit on my laps. I hug her waist and bury my face on her neck to exhale her scent. I miss this feeling so much

"Where do you want to go, my love?" I ask her

"Anywhere, as long as I can be with you" She said while resting her back on my chest

"Are you hungry?" I ask her

"Uh" she nods

"Then let eat first. After that I will take you to this place" I said and take her hand

"Where?" She asks me

"That is a secret. I will tell you later" I said and smile

Then we go out of her room

“Hello, Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama” a maid greets us

“Hi” we said

“Do you want me to prepare lunch for you two?” she asks us

“Uh, please do” I said to her

“Ok, right away sir” She said and bows

After we finished our lunch, we go out of the house. About 2 hours of driving, we finally reach our destination.

"Where are we going, Minami?" Atsuko asks me

"Fishing" I smile at her

"Fishing?" She said in confuse

"Uh, you like it, don't you?" I smile and said

"Yes, it has been so long. I want this" she happily said and smiles brightly at me

"Thank you Minami" she jumps to hug me and said

"You're welcome, Atsuko" I hug her and said

Then we go to the boat that I prepared before and start enjoying our fishing time. I sit there and look at her face. She is very happy. Looking at her like this makes me very happy. I want to see her smile every day, every second. That smile makes me feel relieve. I put my hand in my pocket to feel that special item.

"Minami look, I caught a big fish" she happily shows me

"That is great, Atsuko" I smile at her

We fish there for a while. Then I look at my watch. It is 4:30.

"Atsuko, let's go. I have some place, I want to show you." I said and pull her

"Where is it, Minami?" she curiously ask me

"You will know about that later, my love" I said and peck on her lips

Then we go back to my car

End Minami's POV

Atsuko's POV

Minami takes me to the car. Then he takes me to the place that he wants to show me. He drives for one hour to get there. While he is driving, Jun-nii calls him

"Ok, I got it" that is all he said

"What is it, Minami?" I ask him

"Nothing Atsuko" He said and smiles to me

Today he acts very weird.

"What did he want to show me?" I thought in confused

Then he takes me to a coffee shop near the sea.

"This is where he wants to show me?" I thought

When I'm about to ask him, he said to me

"Sorry Atsuko, can you wait for me here. I have something to do. I will be back." Minami said and runs out of the restaurant before I can say anything

"What's wrong? If he is busy, I don't mind. He doesn't have to leave me alone like that." I thought and pout.

I called something to drink while waiting for him. I look at the window and smile while remembering the time that we spent together.

"Did he remember our 2nd year anniversary?" I thought

While I’m sitting there, someone talks to me.

"Hello miss, can I sit here?"

I look up and see a strange man

"Who is he?" I thought to myself

"Sorry, I'm waiting for someone." I say to him

"Come on miss. Don't lie. You are here alone right?" He said

"What's wrong with him?" I thought

"I said that there is no free seat here" I said annoyingly

He ignores me and sits down.

"Hey," I stand up and raise my voice

"Let have fun together" he said and holds my hand

"Let's go..."

"Take your hand of my girl" haven't finish my words, Minami comes and takes my hand off that rude guy

"Who are you? This is none of your business shorty." he shouts at Minami

"She is my girlfriend. You are disturbing her." Minami said

Minami said loudly making the customers in the shop looking at the rude man. He looks pissed

"Remember that shorty." he slams the table and leaves

"Minami" I call and hug him

"Atsuko, I’m sorry. I’m late" he hugs me tight and said

"Let go, Atsuko" He said and pulls me with him.

"Where are we going?" I ask him

"You will know about that later." He said and smiles

He leads me to the beach. We sit on the sand. It is about time of sunset. I got it. This is what he wants to show me

"You want to show me sunset right, Minami?" I ask him

"Uh," he smiles at me.

Then we sit there silently watching the sun slowly goes down and disappears under the horizon while entwining our hands together. Around us slowly turns dark

"Minami," I call him

"Huh?" he looks at me

"Thank you Minami, that is so beautiful" I said and smile at him

"Everything for you. However, that is just the beginning." He said and pecks my lips

"Let go, Atsuko." He said and pulls me with him

He runs to the other side of the beach. Suddenly he stops

"Atsuko, can you wear this" He said and gives me an eyes patch

"What did he want?" I thought

“What is it, Minami?” I ask him curiously

“Just wear it. You will know about that shortly” He said and smiles mysteriously

“Ok” I said

I take and wear it. Then he leads me to somewhere I completely have no idea.

"Can I open it yet, Minami?" I ask him

"Not yet, Atsuko. A little more" he said

After a while

"Ok, Atsuko, you can open it now" He said

I slowly open my eyes.

“Huh?” I thought

Around me only darkness. The only thing I see is the dark sea. I try to look for Minami. I see him standing not far from me.

“Minami” I call him

“Atsuko, don’t move. Just stand there” He said to me

“Ok” I listen to him

Suddenly a sparkly light appears. Then a trace of light quickly flashes before my eyes. I widen my eyes in surprise. I can't believe in my eyes. The light lightens up around me creating a heart shape. However, that is not it. The sparkly light creates a sentence in front of me.

"Happy Our Second Year Anniversary."

"He remembers it" I happily thought.

Tear of happiness slowly fill up my eyes. Then I hear Minami shouts loudly

"Atsuko, I love you"

Then another sparkly light appears. It forms another sentence under the first sentence

“Takahashi Minami Loves Maeda Atsuko Forever”

I stun at my place. I can't describe my feeling right now. Then he shouts loudly again

"Atsuko, please accept this"

Follow up is another sparkly light. The last sentence slowly appears in front of my eyes. I’m speechless with the last sentence. I cannot control my tear now. I use my hand to cover my mouth to stop my choke from happiness.

“Maeda Atsuko Will You Marry Me?”

My head went blank. All I could see now is that sentence.

“Atsuko” Minami calls me

I look up. He slowly walks toward me.

“Minami” I whisper

He is standing in front of me. Then he downs on one bended knee. I can feel my heart is beating very fast

“Maeda Atsuko, will you make me, Takahashi Minami, the happiest man in the world?” He said and raises a ring box before me.

I cannot describe my feeling right now. The happiness fills in my heart and my soul. I’m the happiest girl in the world.

“Yes, Minami, Yes” I answer him in tear.

He wears the ring in my hand. Then he stands up and hugs me. He picks me up and turns around.

"Yay!!!" He happily shouts

Then he puts me down and looks at me by a sincere look

“I love you, Atsuko” He whispers and kisses my lips

I close my eyes and reply his kiss. I round my arms around his neck, and he holds my waist to pull me closer to him. We deepen our kiss. After a while, we break our kiss and smile at each other. Now, we are sitting on the sand, and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“So, you prepared all of this while I was waiting for you at that coffee shop right?” I ask him

“Uh, Jun and Yuu helped me”

Then I remember something

"Then yesterday, when you said that you have a very important thing to prepare was this?" I ask him

"Uh, I try to make this as memorable as possible. I want you to be surprised and happy." He said and strokes my hair

"When I finished my project, I really wanted to rush to your house immediately and hug you tightly in my arms. I miss you so much. Not those two weeks, feeling not meeting you in one day makes me lose my energy." He continues

"Then in those times alone at home by myself, I decided. I want to see you every day. I want the first person I see in the morning is you. I want to hear you say "good morning" to me every morning. I want to hug you every night. I want you to be with me forever. That is why I did all of this." He caresses my face and said

My heart is jumping in happiness

"Last night, when I hear your broken voice, I really want to run to you and hug you tight in my arms. However, I have to endure to this day." He said and hugs me tightly.

"Minami, I love you so much. I also want the first person I see in the morning is you. I want to sleep in your arms every night and feel your warm." I said to him while buries my face on his chest

End Atsuko's POV

Minami's POV

Then I break the hug and look at her eyes

"Are you happy, Atsuko?" I sincerely ask her

"More than you could ever image." She smiles and said to me

"I'm glad" I sigh in relief

"You know what Minami?" Atsuko asks me

"What is it, Atsuko?" I ask her

"Somehow, I'm glad that I was kidnapped that day" she said to me

"Huh? Why so?" I ask her in confuse

"Because of that, I can meet you. My most important person in my life" she turns and kisses my lips

"I'm also thankful that I changed my direction that day so that I can meet my angel." I smile and said to her

Then we continue sitting there silently

“Atsuko, you know what am I thinking, right now?” I speak up

“Huh? What is it, Minami?” she asks me

"I’m think about how I can let the world know that you are mine so that those stupid know and don't dare to approach you" I said and kiss the ring on her left hand

"You still remember the incident this evening." Atsuko asks

"Of course, I do." I said

"I just went out for 45 minutes and that jerk approach you. What if I come a little later" I continue

"He dares to use his filthy hand to touch my Atsuko" I said and kiss her hand.

"You are mine and only mine" I said

"I'm always and forever yours Minami" Atsuko said and turns to look at me

I pull her closer to me and kiss her lips. She replies my kiss while hugging my neck. Our kiss turns into more passion and intense.

"I love you Atsuko" I said to her

"I love you too Minami" she said and smiles sweetly at me

And that is my love story about how I meet my lovely and beautiful wife

5 years later

In Tokyo

At Maeda's mansion

A little boy runs around the garden while chasing a dog. There are his grandparents looking at him and smile gently. Then he runs to them

"Grandpa, Grandma. Uncle Jun and Aunt Rena come. Ren is also with them too" he said

"Is that so?" Akio said

"Hello uncle, aunty" Jun and Rena greet them

"Hello Uncle Jun, Aunt Rena" Kai happily said

"Hi little Atsumina" Jun said playfully.

"Ren, go and greet grandpa and grandma" Rena said


Then he runs to greet Akio and Minako.

“Hello grandpa, grandma.” Ren bows at them

“Hi Ren” they smile and pat his head

Then he rushes to Kai

"Hello buddy." He said

"Hi buddy" Kai greets back

Then they high five with each other

"Kai, where is your mommy and daddy?" Jun asks

"Mommy and daddy go to Greece to celebrate their wedding anniversary" Kai said

In Greece

Minami's POV

Here I'm, walking side by side and hand in hand with my dearest person in my heart. She is my lovely and beautiful wife. Atsuko and I got married for 5 years now. We have a lovely son, Takahashi Kai. He is three now. Right now, we are in Greece to celebrate our 5 years anniversary. I'm very happy to always have her by my side.

"Atsuko, is it really ok to left Kai at home with mom and dad?" I ask her

"It is ok, Minami. Papa and Mama offer that. They said that they want to play with their grandson. Plus today, Jun and Rena will bring Ren over to play with him. They are best buddies so don't worry" she said to me

"Uh, next week, he will go to beach with Jun, Rena and Ren right?" I ask her

"Yes, Mr. CEO" Atsuko playfully said to me

"I like that but I refer to be called darling, husband, honey, or my Minami" I tease her

"Bakamina" she said and laughs out loud

"That name is forbidden" I said and tickle her

"Hahaha...ok, I'm surrender. My cool husband" She said and hugs me

I smile and hug her back. Then we continue our walk. Then Atsuko said

"I wonder what Kai are doing, right now"

"What happened, Atsuko?" I ask her and smile

"I miss him already.” She pouts.

"I thought you said that there is no worry" I said

"That is that, but I still miss him." She said

"Then, you don't miss me" I said and pout

"But you are right beside me" she said

"But I miss you now, Atsuko. I miss your kiss and your hug" I said and lean to kiss her lips

She hugs me and replies my kiss. We are standing there and enjoy our kiss.

"I love you, Minami" she said

"I love you too, Atsuko" I said to her

The end

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