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Author Topic: aruka's OS Collection | Various pairings  (Read 58307 times)

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #20 on: September 04, 2011, 09:28:29 AM »
wow... this is awesome!!!!  :twothumbs


i wonder why Suuchan and Komorin doesn't have line in that skit, but they gave lines for Lovetan and Maachan!  :thumbdown:

Even the 2nd Orange were given extra training to lose her weight.

i feel bad for White Satan.. too much humiliation coming from The Black Princess!  :rofl:

the AtsuMina, KojiYuu, Sayaka and Mariko-sama's appearance... EPIC!!!!
don't forget Aki-P!!!  :cow:
1st and 2nd most powered and pied member! AtsuMina! i watched that special episode! LOL

Team Rocket and Captain Tsubasa!  :rofl:

the Oobasan thing with the mad dog's badmouth of Myao!!! The Best!

MaYuki!  :wub:
plus Erepyon and Myao!  :cow:

All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘A’ in the air) “A!!”
Yellow: "Eto~ (confused) A team's Takamina is a failed obaasan!" (mad dog's badmouth)
All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘K’ in the air) “K!!”
Blue: "Eh~ err~ (more than confused) K team's Sayaka is not failed but she's older than a obaasan!" (such insolence to her captain!)
All rangers: (drawing the letter ‘B’ in the air) “B!!”
Red: "B team's Yuki-hime isn't a obaasan unlike Yellow said!" (not confused at all, but totally biased)

mayuyu being bias so cute!

it laughed so hard while reading this!

you're so awesome aruka-san...
i love this fic!
write more!
thank you for making my day!


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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #21 on: September 04, 2011, 12:15:07 PM »
hey, you notice the eremyao!  :w00t: such sharp eyes you have there! Thank you!!
:mon cigar: ... :mon ignore:
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :mon determined: :mon pray2:

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #22 on: September 04, 2011, 02:01:27 PM »
You're AKBRANGERs story the best!!! It was so hilarious!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: The best! :twothumbs I'll support you from now one ^^ :D
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #23 on: September 05, 2011, 06:59:27 AM »
@aoi_sora: wow! such a long comment...
i wonder why Suuchan and Komorin doesn't have line in that skit, but they gave lines for Lovetan and Maachan!  :thumbdown:
     i also wondered.. since i like Suuchan and Komorin better than Lovetan and Maachan..  :?
i feel bad for White Satan.. too much humiliation coming from The Black Princess!  :rofl:
     yeah... he's quite a sore loser here. this time's victim was too difficult to handle.. :lol:
don't forget Aki-P!!!  :cow:
     i'm quite surprised myself when I decided to insert Aki-P himself in the story.  :lol:

thank you for the love and hard laughs. :D really... i'm flattered when you say this made your day.. :D

@MESS: I'll try to update soon. :D Please wait for more...
@karomuwi: Glad you like and laugh at it!! :D Thank you for the support!! :D I appreciate it...
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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #24 on: September 22, 2011, 11:01:46 AM »
please update soon!! i'll die if you don't!!  :bow: :bow:

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #25 on: September 23, 2011, 04:19:28 PM »
@haruhi16: oh my... :( I'm sorry for making you dying :bow: just like the case of several writers in this forum, I'm also caught up in my works. I mean college works + thesis, so my writing progress is slow (too slow, I guess?). FYI, currently I'm working on two new titles for this 'book' of mine. but yeah... the process is slow, thus I can't guarantee for a fast update. I hope you can still keep the patience in you.

but thank you very much, haruhi16-san :D ... it's a relief, knowing that my next writings are still awaited.
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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [AKRangers ~Princess in Distress~] (update 9/2)
« Reply #26 on: September 24, 2011, 04:30:35 AM »
haha it's okay aruka-san! i'll wait! i'll just keep checking  :)

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The Book of My Single-Shots [Negative x Negative = Positive] (update 11/14)
« Reply #27 on: November 14, 2011, 05:25:25 AM »
My notes:
  • "Normal sentences" are talks. "Italic sentences" are thoughts.
  • Since English isn't my first language, possibilities of mistakes (i.e. grammar, vocabulary) always exist. Let me apologize about this from the start.
  • So, not updating for more than 2 months? I really must apologize again to you all. :bow: Very very SORRY. :bow: Many things happened during those missing times, from college works to reduced confidence in writing, yet I always get jealous with other writers whom managed to update fast and often. How I wish I can catch up with their speed, which still seems (unfortunately) impossible for me currently. :cry:
  • I don't see this pairing a lot in fanfics and I don't know why. Instead I often see these two paired with other members, and this somehow urged me to write about the two. XD Well, since this is a super looooong piece, hope you don't get lazy midway! You've been warned! :lol: :peace:

Negative x Negative = Positive
Pairing: RinoRie (Sashihara Rino x Kitahara Rie)

     “Kitahara-han, Sasshi-sempai! Yameteeee~!”

Yui struggled hard to keep steady on her position, which appeared to be fruitless as her Not Yet colleagues, Sasshi and Kitarie, pulled both her arms to their respective directions.

     “Yamete kudasai~. You’ll rip me apart!” cried Yui desperately.
     “Rie-chan! Release her!” shouted Sasshi. She drew Yui’s left arm and half body to her side.
     “Yada~! She’s coming with me, Rino-chan! Let go!” Kitarie replied in the same volume. She defied the force Sasshi produced while pulling Yui’s right arm.
     “Yui-chan is mine!”
     “No, she’s mine!”

Dizzy should Yui be. Being pulled by opposite gravities certainly rendered her queasy. Her condition worsened when the remaining Not Yet member, the oldest Yuko wasn’t there to intercede. Really... poor, Yui.

     “Yuko-sempai~! Tasuketeeeeee~~~~~~!!!!”

At exactly the same time in a different place near the ‘warzone’, Yuko crept out alone and stealthily. She absolutely heard Yui’s painful shriek, but ultimately decided to ignore it. Not that she didn’t care about the younger gen member of AKB, but she herself was in a hurry to meet a member of Not Yet’s rivaling sub-unit.

     “Please bear with it, Yui-chan.” Yuko pleaded indirectly to Yui in her mind. She just hoped the best for Yui concerning her involvement in Sasshi and Kitarie’s ‘war’. “Can’t afford to be late now. My dearest No3b’s goddess is waiting for me.”

Back to the ‘warzone’, where the clash of two gravities was still occurring in the first place.

Being giddier than before, Yui finally broke free from the two. She walked hastily and tottered step by step to the nearest wash basin possible. Butterflies did indeed flying in her stomach and she felt the urge to release all those pesky butterflies.

     “Rino-chan.. look what you’ve done to her.” Kitarie blamed the one in front of her now after Yui’s gone.
     “Oi oi~ Rie-chan, you were also contributing. You can’t put the whole blame on me.” protested Sasshi, unwillingly to be the sole source of faultiness.
     “If only you didn’t resisted by pulling her back, she wouldn’t have to rush.”
     “I already told you before and I will say this again: Yui-chan is mine. SasshiYui should be forever!”
     “You mean KitaYui, don’t you? Thank you for admitting, He-ta-re.” the sexy lips finally emitting some sarcasm and emphasis on the very last word.
     “You’re welcome, U-na-gi.” said the other sexy lips in response, also enriched with the same measure of sarcasm and emphasis.

Their sharp glances met respectively to their opposite direction, together with their frowned faces that drew closer and closer. Then in a split second, they turned their backs to each other.

Another bunch of missing seconds made them turned their heads once again to the person behind their backs. Eyes to eyes again, plus pouts on their lips that significantly built their unique grim visages.

     “Hontou ni~ what’s happening with us?” unexpectedly, their brains generated the very same mental question themselves. A mental facepalm on their respective heads expectedly came later.

Just recently this kind of ‘war’ often went on between Sasshi and Kitarie, much to the others, especially their Not Yet fellow members, disarray. Both Sasshi and Kitarie were already widely known as one of the best of friends, even since their kenkyuusei days. Now that they often quarreled each other really made the people surrounding them uncomfortable.

Nobody knew but them whether they just acted or really made it out of the blue.

However, none of the two was willing to back off completely whenever they engaged in another new quarrel. Their stubbornness forced them to put a tough act towards each other, though it made them look very childish.

     “Having a good day, Yui-chan?” greeted a merrily Yuko, several hours after her date with her so-called No3b’s goddess. A tired and blowzy Yui was resting on a long chair, rubbing her own stomach to ease the pain she received earlier.
     “Yuko-sempai~ where were you that time?! They almost cut me in half!” cried Yui, her stomachache was obvious.
     “Gomen~" Yuko apologized, in a lighthearted manner though. "My NyanNyan asked me for a date in a sudden. I would be a complete moron if I reject her.”
     “Please don’t lie, Yuko-sempai. I knew it’s the other way around.” sounded a skeptical Yui.

Yuko smiled bashfully. The younger one got her.

     “Persistence is needed.. and you know my own's hasn't been in vain.”

She took an empty seat and sat near Yui. Her right hand caressed Yui's stomach to help Yui releasing the pain.

     "Arigatou~ Yuko-sempai."
     "Don't mention it. As the older one, that sense of responsibility to take care of the younger always exist."

Yui was stunned. The usually happy-go-lucky and irresponsible Yuko suddenly turned into a wise and caring oneesan for her. This made her feel like forgiving Yuko after the older one neglected her during the last chaos.

     "But, as the young ones grow older, they sure get harder to control.." Yuko let go another bashful smile. "..don't they?"
     "I guess so."
     "And two of your sempais are prime examples of these youngsters-whom-turn-into-rogues."

A small chuckle released itself from Yui's mouth. She knew who Yuko was referring to.

     “I know. Like the day when they tried to claim Akicha for themselves...”

--- Flashback ---

     “Akicha~ let's play together..”
     "Akicha~ want to go with me?"

Akicha didn't answer both of them. She was too busy maintaining her balance while being pulled from both sides. "Itai! My arm hurts! Such full-power."

     "Rino-chan, let her go with me!"
     "Dame~ she's coming with me instead, Rie-chan!"
     "Go with someone else! You have a lot of stock!"
     "They can wait. Now I want to be with Akicha only!"
     "Arrgh~ you're so pigheaded!!"
     "Just as same as you! Now let go off her!"
     "No way! I claimed her already!"
     "Oh no you can't! She's mine!"
     "Dame~ you all make me nauseous. Hanase yo!!" cried Akicha.


     “Please, stop it you two!” a desperate Mocchi tried to separate the two apart, but unfortunately both Kitarie and Sasshi’s grip on Akicha were too strong to break.

The remaining Not Yet members, Yuko and Yui, hastily marched into the room. They’ve been rushing there since one of the backstage crews informed them a ruckus at French Kiss’ waiting room after their show.

     “Yuko-san, Yokoyama-chan! Can you please help us here?!” asked Yukirin the moment they arrived. She looked confused and not knowing what to do about it.
     “Minna-san~” Yui called the people in involved in the chaos, also sounded desperate and perplexed.

But of course the warring factions wouldn’t pay attention to their surroundings.

     “Okay, that’s it kids! Stop it now!” rushed an irritated Yuko. However, despite being such, she couldn’t hold a simper at the chaos happening in front of her, which she thought was funny.
     “Ita..ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~ta~!!!” this was Sasshi’s, while..
     “Itaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....!!!!!!!!!!!” this was Kitarie’s, when Yuko pinched their earlobes while dragging them away from the now shocked Akicha. Sasshi got her left earlobe tweaked while Kitarie got her right one.
     “Can’t you see the three of them are french kissing right now? You’ve just spoiled their precious moment together!!” Yuko scolded both of them, with her left and right fingers still pinching them.
     “What?! It’s not like that, Yuko-san!! We’re not...” a protest came from Yukirin’s mouth, which was soon cut short by Yuko’s ignorance since Yuko was too busy handling her Not Yet partners.
     “Alright! Let’s get out of here!” ordered Yuko again.
     “B.. but... Yuko-san! It.. ita... ita.. ita~” cried Sasshi.
     “Keep going! Or you’ll wake up the Yankee Idol inside her.” reasoned Yuko. “You sure don’t want to berserk too, right Akicha?” she asked the ‘victim’.

Akicha nodded weakly. Her shock from the franticness hadn’t been recovered completely.

     “Akicha! Itai~.. Yuko-san! I’m sure I can.. itai~.. handle the yankee side of her.“ convinced Kitarie between the pain she endured.
     “Dame~ dame~ dame~! Stubbornness aside, kids!” no one could stop Yuko once she had decided something (well, except Haruna perhaps), then with a softer voice she continued her reasoning, ”... and I bet you also want to stay away from messing up with French Kiss’ center, don’t you? Unless you wish for a Death Verdict...”

Hearing the ‘Death Verdict’ finally made them stop whining. Believe it or not, this phrase had been proved effective as a threat. At least, several members of AKB trembled in fear when they heard that phrase.

     “Good girls! Keep going!!”

The walking group was covered with silence now as they got out from French Kiss’ waiting room.

     “Taku~ now I’m being the fierce okaasan for them. I know I'm already legal and proper to have children, but still, this kind of responsibility is a bit too fast for me to bear.” grumbled Yuko inwardly.

Yui bowed to the French Kiss members, apologizing for Sasshi and Kitarie’s outburst earlier. “Gomenasai~”

Then she followed Yuko and the two out.

--- Flashback ends ---

     “I don’t understand. I mean, they’ve been together since joining AKB, haven’t they?” recalling that piece of past somehow made Yui feel unsure.
     “Yeah... what about it, Yui-chan?”
     “Ano~ for them to be in dispute this often, in recent times, is kind of... eto~ how do I say it?”
     “I think something is off between them. I’m not sure though.”
     “Mmm... I see. I think I understand what you are trying to say.”

Yuko and Yui silenced for seconds. Their mind were still trying to process the Sasshi and Kitarie related things inside their head.

     "Don't you think both Kitarie and Sashiko are just trying to look for each other's attention?" Yuko came up with a guess.
     "Eh~?" Yui frowned.
     "Well, I think so."
     "I don't have any idea about it!"
     "Ck ck ck~, you still have to learn a lot of things, young lady."

Yui silently agreed. After all, Yuko knew both of them better than herself, since she knew them longer.

     "I know why they were doing that." the sound of confidence emanated from the shortest Not Yet member.

Yui remained silent, still waiting for Yuko's answer.

     "Sashiko and Kitarie actually love each other! They both are just afraid to admit it!"
     "Eeh~? Maji de~?!"
     "Come on, Yui-chan. Don't say like you don't know. Can't you see it? It's already so obvious."

Yui recalled again the past events related to her and the two of them. The day when she went together with Kitarie to Disneyland... the day when she carried Sasshi on her back in a TV programme... and many others. She knew both of them felt so happy with her presence during their respective events, but that’s that. Nothing happened more than what it supposed to be. She once felt like loving either Kitarie or Sasshi with the love of a romantic partner, hence the shipping between her and Kitarie or Sasshi became quite popular among their fans, but she couldn’t do anything further. Their long history, as well as their chemistry had already told Yui so much that she felt it would be better if she stepped back.

And now, Yuko reminded her again about it when she had started forgetting them.

     "Well, since they're the Negative Dolls, wouldn't it be best if they get together?"
     "Negative Dolls? Kitahara-han and Sasshi-sempai.. ?"
     "Yeah, like the old saying, a negative multiplied by another negative gives you a positive result."

A negative multiplied by another negative gives you a positive result. ( - ) * ( - ) = ( + ). Negative x Negative = Positive.

     "Ano~ Yuko-sempai, what you said before isn't an old saying. It's an algebraic operation." corrected Yui.
     "I know! I was just testing you!" dodged Yuko, being aware of her own mistake but didn't want to admit it. "Thank God their attack earlier didn't make you stupid."

Unbeknownst to them, a lone figure had been leaning on the wall outside Not Yet's waiting room along their whole talk.

     "I love... Rino-chan?" Kitarie asked herself while staring at the ceiling with an empty look. She exhaled a deep breath. What she overheard before sounded like a revelation to her ears. "Is it true?"

With a puzzled face she slowly tiptoed away, lost in her own thoughts. However, that's only until when she ran into someone so familiar.

     "A~ Rie.. -chan?" a faint voice called her. Kitarie startled herself knowing the one whom called her was... Sasshi!
     "Ri.. Rino-chan?" Kitarie replied in surprise.

They stared to each other, but silence engulfed them all. They felt bad after fighting over Yui back then.

     "Rie-chan.. I really want to explain everything to you, but the situation..."
     "Why do I feel so bad towards you, Rino-chan? I want to talk about it with you, but..."

Nobody dared to break the ice between them. They were both afraid of doing so, afraid that the respective person in front of them would burst again.

     "Gomenasai~ Rino/Rie -chan~" they inwardly apologized to each other.

They stepped pass each other without speaking, yet their heartbeats subbed what they feel inwardly.

After she went through step by step a bit further, Kitarie turned back only to find Sasshi's back moving away from her.

     "I guess there's no chance, huh?" she thought downheartedly, then continued walking away following her own path.

But she didn't know that Sasshi also stopped and turned back, right after she decided to continue walking.

Sasshi's eyes looked sad upon looking at Kitarie's back.

     "As Yuko-san said, negative x negative = positive.. but can we become like such?"

Kitarie also didn't know that Sasshi had been leaning on the other side of the outer walls of Not Yet's waiting room.


     “She loves me... she loves me not... she loves me... she loves me not... ... ...” mumbled a clueless Sasshi as her fingers were plucking petals of an unlucky sunflower which she took from a small garden at the park. Her eyes were staring at the whole plucking, but it was more of an empty one that strongly hinted the dominant void inside her mind.

The words Yuko said to her before no doubt created a gradually growing tension in her heart. Between happy, confused, and scared she tried to process pieces of Yuko’s words repeatedly until now.

(“Sashiko and Kitarie actually love each other! They both are just afraid to admit it!”)

("Yeah, like the old saying, a negative multiplied by another negative gives you a positive result.")

     “She loves me... she loves me not... ...” and she kept going on and on, still accompanied by her anxieties.

Meanwhile Yuko, who had been peeking from behind a nearby taiyaki cart, couldn’t help but feeling tense about Sasshi’s current condition. “That young woman has already been depressed too long...” was what Yuko thought, “...and to think it’s because of a cliché thing.”

Still munching her purchased taiyaki, Yuko marched to the bench where the younger Not Yet member was sitting.

     “Itai~” Sasshi grimaced after she felt a light slap on her ‘connotatively’ empty head. “Yuko-san?!” her eyes widened at Yuko’s presence in front of her. “What are you doing here?!”
     “I’m doing what I’m doing. Let’s go, Sashiko!” ordered Yuko. Sasshi felt Yuko’s force on her arm dragging her. Both Yuko and Sasshi who had their respective hand and arm connected now, briskly walked through a certain course which seemed to lead them back towards the theater’s direction.
     “Eh~?! Where are we going?!” asked Sasshi as she tried to match the speed of her steps with Yuko’s.
     “To the sea...“ answered Yuko randomly. “Where else do you think, you baka?!”
     “Huh? Don’t tell me we’re going to... Rie-chan’s?” guessed Sasshi out of the blue. She didn’t know why, but the best guess generated in her mind was only Kitarie’s presence.
     “See? The first guess coming out from your mouth is a proof of what I said to you back then.”
     “Wait, Yuko-san, you knew I was overhearing you?”
     “Aaa~ not important. The important thing now is... what was the option you mumbled back then when you plucked the last petal just before I slap your head?”
     “Mmm... ‘she loves me’?”
     “That’s it! What are you waiting for, Sashiko?! Go go go!!”

Another thing struck Sasshi’s mind again in a flash. But this time it’s more of an... enlightenment. She suddenly knew what she must do to respond the situation concerning both her and Kitarie.

     “Chotto matte, Yuko-san.” she brushed Yuko’s grip off her arm and immediately walked back to the small garden. She picked another sunflower from its group and return to Yuko’s side.
     “Ah~ so you will give this flower to Kitarie together during the confession. That’s one brilliant move! This is the first time I see you not as a hetare person!!”

Sasshi’s eyes for the second time locked on to the single sunflower on her hands, automatically ignoring Yuko’s praise.

     “Confess to her... not confess to her... confess to her... not confess to her...” mumbled Sasshi again as her fingers started plucking (again!), disregarding the fact that they should be running back to the place where Sasshi’s object of confession was.

Yuko literally facepalmed in frustration with her mouth gaped. She heaved out the heaviest sigh she could do. “K.. kono yarou~”

     “I... I take back my words earlier. You really are useless, Hetare.” Yuko’s head dropped down. This time Yuko really wanted to slap hard the near-to-airhead-state girl so hard. But, shortly after her hand was sweetly positioned above Sasshi’s head, a sound of a whistle blow made her and her victim wannabe nearly jump on their spot.
     “FREEZE!! You two have been charged for public property vandalism!”

Sasshi and Yuko slowly looked back, only to find a police officer standing behind them with a ferocious smirk on his face. Cold sweat dripped from their now wet foreheads.

     “Now where are you going, huh? You delinquents of this city.” the officer sounded quite intimidating, frightening the now shaking Sasshi. She kind of felt responsible after what she did before, picking flowers and dumping its petals randomly everywhere. But meeting a scary policeman to fix it? No way!
     “Yabe~! This is bad. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?” whispered Sasshi, yet still displaying the shiver she’s having right now implicitly.
     “Stay calm, Sashiko.” said Yuko while giving her a subtle hint of what they were going to do next, which fortunately got immediately understood by Sasshi. They kept steady, waiting for the right moment. “On my count. One... two...... THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

     “Yui-chan...” called Kitarie, confusion sounded clear on her voice. Yui who had been reading on a vacant seat inside the nearly empty theater, save for the janitors, turned her head to the one calling her.
     “Hm.. Kitahara-han? What’s wrong?” asked Yui without any prejudice present.
     “Err...” Kitarie hesitated. Her lips strangely locked itself and wouldn’t open, “... nothing. Just calling.” she lied. It felt so heavy for her that she dared twisting her tongue the other way than she wanted.
     “Eh~? You don’t call someone for nothing, do you? Something’s must be bugging in your mind.” prejudice started to appear in Yui’s mind, yet she still keeping it low.
     “Well.. I know. It’s just...” Kitarie’s mouth still wouldn’t tell anything.
     “Is it about Sasshi-sempai?” inquired Yui further. She believed her insight say so that she felt like opening it in front of the other person.


     “Ah~ mm.. hai... ie.. errmm... ano~” faltered a now shy Kitarie, shown by her corresponding crimson-toned cheeks.
     “Kitahara-han, you want to talk to me about Sasshi-sempai, don’t you? It’s okay.”
     “Gomen ne~ for bothering you, Yui-chan.” apologized Kitarie, now sitting beside Yui. She tried gathering her courage to say, “It just feels strange today. At least for me.. and yes, it’s involving Rino-chan.”
     “Strange? How so?” Yui’s forehead wrinkled in curiosity.
     “I don’t know how to describe it, but...” she paused a bit. Yui patiently waited for the continuation of her sentence. “ seems that something’s going to happen between me and Rino-chan today.”
     “Eh~? How do you know?”
     “No clue. It’s just coming out of the blue. I don’t know why... but my heart is beating faster and faster every time I think about it.”
     “Well, your face seems a bit unhappy right now.“
     “No, it’s not that I’m unhappy... I’m just wondering whether it’s something bad that would happen.”
     “Are you worried about her?”


No answers were coming out from Kitarie’s mouth. She only stared at the floor she occupied, while her fingers played the tip of her t-shirt.

     “It’s useless to hide it, especially when your face shows the opposite.” commented Yui, hoping that Kitarie would speak out more. Few seconds later, she gave Yui a slight nod.
     “You’re right, Yui-chan. To be honest, I’m so worried about her. I don’t want her to be the one experiencing it later.”
     “Please stop it. Don’t say like it’s already certain.”
     “But..but... oh Kamisama~, I don’t want to even think about it. I’m scared!” she shook her head with both hands closing her face.
     “Don’t worry, Kitahara-han! I’m sure Sasshi-sempai’s going to be alright!” assured Yui while grabbing both Kitarie’s shoulders to calm her down. “You know Sasshi-sempai that well. She’s a lot stronger than we think she is.”

For seconds, silence decorated the air between them. Yui’s words undoubtedly made Kitarie remember something she forgot. How could she doubt Sasshi’s might after they have been together for a long time...

     “I know. Perhaps it’s just the negative side of me doing the talking.” the intensity on Kitarie’s voice eventually toned down.
     “You have to put more confidence in yourself. You know.. the confidence to trust her more than before. Just... believe in Sasshi-sempai.”
     “Yui-chan...” said a now amazed Kitarie. Just like the words of her MajiJo counterpart, Yui’s words sometimes also had that certain depth, considering her being a ‘kouhai’.
     “Hm...” Yui’s lips formed a convincing smile. She gave Kitarie the nod that finally relieved the long-haired girl.
     “Arigatou~ Yui-chan.”
     “Don’t mention it. It’s only about time you become more honest with yourself.”
     “Eh~? Honest? Me?”
     “Mmm... I actually have a question for you. A very important question.”

Kitarie arched her eyebrows, wondering what the question would be.

     “Kitahara-han, you might find this cliché already, but I want to confirm something...”

She swallowed herself. Cliché?

     “... what does your heart feel when you think about Sasshi-sempai?”


Both Yuko and Sasshi blasted off as fast a rocket could be, leaving the enraged officer alone with the messy petals on the park’s concrete track. It’s not that they’re trying to run away from the law, it’s just something more important was waiting for them than being charged.

     “HEEEYY!!! STOOOPPPPPPPPP!!!!” an unbelievably loud voice was roaring in the air. A small portion of Akihabara soon became the witness of a noisy ruckus. An officer, the pursuer, chased two little girls, the pursued.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard the officer tried to catch up, his plumped figure eventually stopped him of doing so as he ran out of breath too quickly, whereas his targets had arrived at the theater safe and sound approximately eight minutes later.

     “Th.. that was dangerous. Thank God we could run away.” sighed Sasshi in relief with her lungs still pacing fastly. She bent her body and had her hands resting on her knees as she tried to make herself comfortable while capturing fresh air.
     “That’s what you got for picking flowers at a public park.” replied Yuko, also caught between her rapid breathing. “I should have left you alone back then.” she tried to crack a light joke. Bad timing.
     “Ahh~ you’re so mean, Yuko-san!” pouted Sasshi at the suddenly-looked-evil Yuko. She failed registering Yuko’s supposed joke.
     “C’mon! There’s no time to sulk right now. You still have something to do, don’t you?”
     “Ah~ guess I still have to run. This is very tiring.” Sasshi heaved her breath for the umpteenth time.
     “Hey, look at the bright side, Sashiko! At least you get to tell her about it.” Yuko gave her usual dimpled smile. ”Just don’t be negative again on this matter, you get that. Trust me, this would worth far a lot more than today’s run. It’s priceless!” she assured Sasshi that everything would be okay.
     “Hai!” responded Sasshi with a tint of relief covered her already. “Arigatou~, Yuko-san. You’re actually kind for someone who’s perverted.” she chuckled lightly and immediately ran before Yuko could say something. "Ittekimasu~!!”
     “Oi~ bakayarou~!! How dare you speak like that to the person who let your chance of confession opened wide!” Yuko grumbled at the running Sasshi, then continued in a gentle voice, “Nevertheless, ganbatte ne... Sashiko.”


Sasshi rushed upstairs to the place Kitarie’s supposed to be. Several times she hit and bumped her surroundings during the run, from the crew of a caterer whose face got covered with the cream of the cake he’s delivering to a middle-aged producer of a variety show who fell down the escalator and fainted upon looking at the white panties under the now-ascending-to-the-upper-steps Sasshi’s skirt. After the whole frenzy and her added ‘sumimasen’s and ‘gomenasai’s along the running session, she finally spotted Kitarie whom was again, together with Yui.

Sasshi looked at them in discouragement, but unfortunately her exhausted body disallowed her from doing anything about it. A quite dejected heart was the only thing she could feel in the moment.

     “Rino-chan...” muttered Kitarie in a gasp. She startled on her standing spot, not because she’s surprised by Sasshi’s sudden appearance, but because she felt wrong getting caught together with Yui instead.
     “Rie-chan..” called Sasshi weakly. The run once again almost took her breath away, reducing it back to small but rapid pulls of air. Her eyes showed a hint of little sadness and an opposite big jealousy. Sensing the surge of awkwardness, Yui sensibly rose from her seat, moving away from Kitarie.
     “Oops.. seems I must take my leave. I’ll see you both then.” Yui permitted herself. When she walked pass Sasshi, a whisper came out, ”Please don’t misunderstand, Sasshi-sempai. We weren’t doing anything odd. So... don’t pull me.”

And so Yui completely left the scene, leaving both the exhausted Sasshi and the confused Kitarie alone.

     “Rino-chan... are you okay?” Kitarie noticed the lack of Sasshi’s lively power. Judging from what she saw, her best friend looked unusually worn out, like someone who had been running for a long distance.
     “I’m okay... I was just running straight from the park.” revealed the nearly powerless Sasshi. She immediately decorated her face with a fake smile to reduce the apprehension. However...
     “Eehhh~?! You ran nonstop from the park?!” Kitarie dashed from her seat. “From the park to this theater is like eight blocks away!!”
     “Relax, it’s no big deal. I’m totally okay. See?” she even posed herself a bodybuilder’s one to power-up her convincing attempt, but still...
     “Rino-chan, why are you doing this? I mean, the running...” Kitarie remained unconvinced. Sasshi’s failure.
     “Well, I.. I... ano~ errm... how do I start? Ah, ano~ I.. I...” Sasshi bit her lower lip, not sure what to answer.
     “Why is it so difficult for you to answer? Are you hiding something from me?” Kitarie tilted her head. For Sasshi to be stumbling over her words was also kind of unlikely.
     “Eh~? No way. What are you talking about?” defended the inquired person.

     “Oh no! How should I answer? How should I answer?” though it’s inaudible, it’s obvious that Sasshi was nervous.
     “Today you’re so tense. What’s with you, Rino-chan?” Kitarie looked puzzled since she didn’t understand a thing. Her eyes were pleading for the truth though, in a way no one could resist.
     “The way you look at me is so.. cute. Arrghh~ you make me so embarrassed.” shades of red started running down on Sasshi’s face.
     “Please speak it up! What else are you waiting for?” Kitarie’s eyes pleaded for more, with the eyes of a puppy.
     “I must tell you about it now. Must...” Sasshi gulped nervously.

     “So, Rie-chan... I.. errrmm.. ano~.. you know... that.. eh~ ah...” she tried to talk it, but her tongue didn’t let her words flow smoothly.

     “Yabe~ this is too bad. My tongue blocked it out!” a slight feeling of panic was creeping on Sasshi’s.
     “You stopped talking, Rino-chan. Why?” Kitarie couldn’t help but being confused.
     “Kamisama~ why is it so difficult to tell Rie-chan ‘that’?” thought a now tense Sasshi.
     “Do you hate me so much that you can’t find the words to express it?” negativity rose on Kitarie's surface again, much to her own dismay.
     “Rie-chan... I.. what I want to say is...” Sasshi felt like forcing her thoughts to the one in front of her.
     “Gomen ne~ Rino-chan. Maybe I should leave you alone... perhaps you’ll get better that way.” concluded a now dejected Kitarie.

In reluctance, she turned her back away from Sasshi, ready to leave her. But to her surprise, a desperate Sasshi quickly jumped in her way, instantly blocking her steps.

     “Chotto matte kudasai!” pleaded Sasshi, not wanting Kitarie to go. Desperation sounded obvious in her voice.

Kitarie didn’t continue her steps further. Sasshi indirectly convinced her not to leave.

     “A-ano~” paused Sasshi, seemed like waiting for the right moment to speak. But the next thing she did was... kneeling down before Kitarie!
     “Eh~ Rino-chan?!”
     “Sashihara to tsukiatte kudasai! Onegaishimasu!” she even bowed her head down.

Deep down she didn’t care anymore of what people would say about her kneeling down in public. She didn’t mind throwing away all her shame, if that’s the only thing that could make Kitarie welcome her.

     “Rie-chan, I hope you say ‘yes’. I beg you...” Sasshi hoped inwardly while still kneeling and bowing her head down.

But opposite to what she wanted, Kitarie let out a small chuckle instead.

     “And here I’m not even playing the PSP right now...” she smiled.

Sasshi lifted her head in bewilderment. She blinked her eyes several times, trying to register Kitarie’s recent words.

     “You really enjoyed acting in the game, didn’t you? You’re mimicking it again..” Kitarie’s smile widened.

Now that Sasshi had realized what Kitarie was referring to, she joined the already existed chuckle. She laughed at her own doing and yes, while still kneeling down.

     “But I have to admit... you are very sweet this time, Rino-chan.” said Kitarie embarrassed. The same tint of red that perched on Sasshi’s face earlier was also invading her features now. “I’ve been waiting for this day... the day when you say you want me to be with you.”

Sasshi didn’t mutter any response. Her heart was already so excited when she heard Kitarie speaking the last two sentences.

"I believe it, negative x negative = positive... so, Rino-chan..." Kitarie gave herself one last thought.

Few seconds later, after a slight heave of breath, Kitarie continued shyly,

     “Ha-hai~ Kitahara will be yours.. for this time... and the rest of our life.”

Sasshi immediately stood up. “Hontou desu ka?!”

Kitarie just nodded with a happy smile.

     “Maji ureshiin desu kedo... maji ureshiin desu kedo...” Sasshi let all her happiness out like her body couldn’t contain all that happiness she’s feeling now. She was even unaware that she mimicked her game-counterpart’s expression again. “Maji ureshiin desu kedo... maji... hontou ureshiin desu kedo.”

Without them knowing, the proximity between the two reduced greatly as Sasshi wanted to embrace Kitarie. However, the slightly shocked Kitarie instinctively pushed her lover’s advance back, resulting in a dumbfounded Sasshi.

     “Rino-chan, what are you doing?” a defensive Kitarie suddenly put on a strained face.
     “Huh~? What did I do?” Sasshi pointed her finger to herself. “Now that we’re officially reciprocated, I thought I could get closer to you, like other newly-couples do.”
     “Dame! Dame yo! Stop it!!”

O-oh... it seemed a new war is going to begin. The umpteenth round of Sasshi VS Kitarie quarrel series.

     “Are~? Nande?”
     “I don’t want you to touch me now.”
     “I want to be one touching you first, then you get the second time.”
     “But Rie-chan...”
     “You’ve been on the aggressive side for too long. To Komori, Rabutan, that maid from the maid café, and Yui-chan. Just this time please slow down.”
     “You know I’m always like that. Let me be aggressive to you too, Rie-chan.”
     “No way! I demand you to be passive now!”
     “Why are you so unbelievably pushy?! Do you think you can do better than me?!”
     “Hey! You underestimate me, Rino-chan!”
     “Of course. Because I’m more experienced than you in touching!”
     “Being experienced doesn’t mean you’re better than me! After all you haven’t felt my touch!”
     “Really?! Let my Sashiharassment do the talking and that’s that!”
     “The era of Sashiharassment is over! This time it’s Kitaharassment on the top!”
     “Kitaharassment?! Find a more creative name for it!!”
     “Why? Afraid the names will be mixed up by people again?!”
     “Like hell I’m afraid. Isn’t it you?!”
     “Dream on.. people will soon distinguish Kitaharassment based on its Kitahara Quality!”
     “What the hell? You’re stealing my 'Sashihara Quality' too! That’s illegal!”
     “Oh, come on! You haven’t even patented both terms legally!”
     “But they're already well-established among people out there! You can’t claim it randomly for your own benefits!”
     “Fine! Let’s fight over it! I challenge you!”
     “Okay! Let’s get it on! Pick the battlefield!”
     “You pick it, wherever you want! I will prove Kitaharassment is the most effective in all fields, either grass, clay, or concrete.”
     “Don’t be ridiculous! We aren’t playing tennis, Rie-chan!”
     “Don’t complain, Rino-chan! Just pick it already!”
     “How about we do this in bed?! My Sashiharassment against your Kitaharassment!”
     “Alright, I agree! Pick the time!”
     “This night! My place! My bed!”
     “Don’t run away when I get there, you get that?!”
     “I won’t chicken out! Throw the sexiest and sluttiest you can give! How good will you fare against me?!”
     “You’ll be sorry for looking down on me! It’s going to be a whole night fight till the morning!”
     “Just one night?! Don’t make me laugh! Let’s fight till the next night!“
     “Being confident, huh?! Think you can endure this, Rino-chan?!”
     “Hell yeah! Since you’re angelic hot and always easily give me a hard on!”
     “Okay! Thank you!! Let’s do it bare skinned then!”
     “Prepare yourself, Rie-chan! You’ll end up begging me to harass you again and again!”
     “Heh~! I’m waiting for it! The time when we’re all touchy and filthy!!”
     “Should we shoot it using my cellphone then?!!”
     “I dare you do it!!”
     “Should I put it in my blog?!!”
     “Dame!! That’s our special one! Not for public consumption!!”

In the middle of their ‘couple’s argument’, someone bumped on Kitarie’s back. The sudden force Kitarie felt made her stumbled over to her partner’s.

     “Ahh~ mmmppphhhh...” Kitarie’s faint sound was heard.
     “Oops... my bad.” said a thick voice coming from the stranger, yet the stranger kept on walking.

The newly-couple didn’t say anything. The only thing they knew was their lips were now locked together, effectively stopping the heated quarrel between them.

     “Rie-chan’s lips of chocolate... I finally taste it!! Yatta~”
     “This isn’t what I expected first, but... it’s Rino-chan’s. Arigatou~”

No sounds were coming out from the still kissing couple. Instead it was just a shocked expression shown by their respective widened eyes, due to the unexpected outcome of the bump.

-----< E N D >-----

=== O M A K E ===

Not far from where the quarreling couple was standing, a terribly embarrassed Yui cupped her cheeks while closing her ears with her middle fingers. She had been peeking the whole time and eavesdropping the whole conversation, the actions which she later regretted doing so.

     “No way.. what are they doing talking like that? This is a public place and they’re far too open!“

Just hearing their suggestive sentences rendered her cheeks chili red, followed by a rise of her body’s temperature. Still being quite the rookie in AKB48, she wasn’t used to this kind of talks with other members publicly, either direct or hearing from afar.

     “Hazukashii~ please stop it Kitahara-han.. Sasshi-sempai... this is embarrassing!”

But it already seemed impossible for the two to stop, since they were secretly enjoying this quarrel aside of the loud sounds they produced. Well, who wouldn’t enjoy getting engaged in a topic that would later lead them to... bed?

Right when Yui’s struggling to stay calm in her composure, a pat on her left shoulder almost made her hysterical.

     “Aaaa~ ungggghhh.” she felt her mouth quickly being gagged by someone. She would almost berserk if only she didn’t look that Yuko was the one who gagged her.
     “Sssshhhhh... keep quiet.” Yuko put her finger on her own lips, giving a sign for Yui to shut up.
     “Y.. Yuko-sempai?”
     “Yeah, Yui-chan. This is what they’ve wanted for a long time. It’s obvious.”
     “But, Yuko-sempai.. this is...”
     “Sssshhhhh... just shut up and watch. Let them be honest to each other.”

Yui reluctantly complied to Yuko’s order, and the eavesdropping continued with the now excited Yuko entering the zone. As excited as she could be, Yuko couldn’t stop grinning at the couple in dispute. Not only because they finally got open to each other, but also due to that ‘certain’ topic, much to Yuko’s delight. She decided to let go that quarrel along with time and not breaking them midway.

     “Hohoho~ aren’t they fluent, Yui-chan? I hope I can have this kind of talk with my aphrodisiacal NyanNyan.” Yuko’s body tingled. “Kamisama~ I bet my horniness will be out of this world!! Ooh~ I feel the electricity tickling my privates already...” wondered Yuko whom felt like expressing what’s in her mind in a way as suggestive as what she listened to.
     “A-hai~ Yuko-sempai. I.. I guess so...” replied a very uncomfortable Yui. If only she knew it would turn out like this, she wouldn’t stay near Sasshi and Kitarie in the first place.

Yuko’s mischievous squirrel grin went up towards her junior. She really liked seeing her junior little by little lost composure because of something that sounded... nasty.

     “No, Yuko-sempai! Please, just stop them already! They don’t know what they are talking about!” asked a now desperate Yui. She sounded terrified after looking on Yuko’s naughty grin.
     “Oh yeah they know it too well. They consciously want it for real.” denied Yuko, disagreeing with Yui.
     “But my ears can’t afford to hear them anymore. This is getting super-embarrassing. Cho hazukashii~!” Yui tried to reason her senior.
     “Hold on a little more, Yui-chan. This isn’t embarrassing, this is SUPER-EXCITING!” Yuko still wouldn’t stop that so-called exciting thing she did.
     “Please... I beg you, Yuko-sempai. I already feel so dirty hearing it. Onegai~” Yui shook Yuko’s shoulders fiercely, an attempt to make Yuko stop them.
     “Alright.. alright... sheeesshh~ you’re really no fun, Yui-chan.” she finally gave up her persistence and decision as she felt Yui’s being overwhelmed by her own uneasiness. “What a pity, Yui-chan.” she thought. “Sure you don’t want to hear them any longer?”
     “Sure you don’t want to feel the sensation of being dirtier?”
     “Sure you will not regret all this?”
     “No! Just do it already, Yuko-sempai!” Yui forcefully pushed Yuko towards the direction of the couple whose conversation she wanted to cut off.

But Yuko, after tiptoeing a few steps further.. she turned her head back to the girl she left earlier.

     “Want to see the smut? I can sneak in their room later and record it for you...”


     “NOOO~!!” Yui closed her face already. Once in her life she felt too ashamed like her clothes being ripped off by someone until nothing remained. Yeah, it’s an exaggerated description, but it was what she truly felt entirely. Yuko’s final offer sure was such a very threatening thing for girls with a good-girl image like her. “YUKO-SEMPAI~!!”

Yuko sighed of disappointment upon receiving Yui’s response. “Damn it! What a boring girl. Let me repeat it... she’s no fun at all!”

She continued sneaking nearer to Sasshi and Kitarie’s spot. However, since the two were still involved in their ‘interesting’ talks, they put no attention to their surroundings, thus unaware of the squirrel’s existence. At one time between her wide chance, Yuko did a feigned stumble which looked natural at the same time and bumped on Kitarie’s back.

     “Ahh~ mmmppphhhh...” Kitarie’s faint sound was heard.
     “Oops... my bad.” said Yuko with a thickly made-up voice and continued walking like nothing happened. Her mischievous squirrel smirk followed soon after without anyone knowing.

There was no further response heard in Yuko’s ears as she got away from them. She didn’t take a peek over her shoulder to the back, afraid that the two might recognize her. However, a now stupefied Yui froze on her spot after watching the short scene rolling.

That intended bump made Kitarie stumble over Sasshi and the next thing they both knew was... their sexy lips connected each other, accompanied by their now widened eyes, out of shock.

-----< E N D >-----

To be honest, I wrote this in slightly less confidence than my previous three (perhaps it's the effect of not updating for too long) and also felt that several parts and characterizations in this story were kinda weird. :grin: Just hoping this is good enough for you readers. :nervous Well, please let me know if you find any flaws in this piece. Anyway, thank you very much for reading!! :D

I wish I can update this book again not more than a month later.
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  • I LOVE Mayuki, WMatsui, GekiBlack and Kojiyuu~!
I totally love their bickering! Especially at the end! It was damn hilarious! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I just love your updates! It's just so interesting! LOVE IT! :inlove: :twothumbs
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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Hahahah it's awesome!!!
Yui's strike!!! Yuko is a pervert genius rofl!
And the argue made me smile lol
I like the title by the way ^^

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@karomuwi: usually bickering means public disorder and I always get irritated when I'm near one :smhid, but all is forgiven as long as 'they' are the ones involved.. :D ...and the topic is 'special' :lol: :lol: Thank you very much! :D     btw, when I said in the beginning notes that I always get jealous with fast updaters.. one of them is you (with your Akiba family). :P

@kahem:  :grin: -Can't stop showing my teeth when reading your whole comment- :grin: -Help me! My mouth won't shut!- :lol: Thank you very much for reading! :D

@all Thank-ers: You're very welcome...! :D

btw, I suddenly think I need to apologize for the length of the story to you all (don't know why, this concern somehow grew bigger and bigger in me since I upload it...)
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Bwahahah Kitahara&Sasshis argument are so hilarious! :rofl:

Poor innocent Yui! She felt molested by their argument in some way
Good long one shot indeed  :thumbsup

Thank you  :sashiko:
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You're very welcome, Sashihara-san! No, I mean Megumi-san. :D

Yui being put in Not Yet is actually 'dangerous' for her own mentality and purity, :grin: :grin: despite the hilarity her mates provided. :lol:

Thanks a lot for reading! :D
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The Book of My Single-Shots [Aku Ingin Bertemu Denganmu] (UPDATE 12/24)
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My notes:
Yeah, still getting caught in the euphoria of AKB's Kouhaku and the rise of the newest ***48 family, suddenly there's an itch to write about them. So far, this is the story that took me the shortest time to write (of course! the story is short anyway). Well, as usual.. enjoy! :D

Aku Ingin Bertemu Denganmu  -Prelude to Aitakatta-

--- Ghaida’s POV starts ----


This is godlike! Japan, the land of paradise! Anime goods... J-rock stars... Kamen Rider transforming-guys... everything I’m crazy into!

And of course... our senpais in front of our very eyes!! The very AKB48 I’ve been in its fandom!


Anyway, speaking of AKB, where’s my oshi? I know she must be among the ones watching right there. But searching her from this angle is quite difficult.

Oh, well... they will see us anyway.

Yet.. can we do it properly? We’re going to perform it in front of them.. the real performers of this song!

Hope everything’s going to be fine.

Okay, I admit I’m star-struck. Who won’t anyway?

Someone please pinch me now! I need to know whether this is real or not! Tell me this isn’t a dream!


No, everyone’s too busy watching HKT performing now. I guess I’ll pinch myself then. Where’s my arm?



--- Ghaida’s POV ends ---

--- Nabilah’s POV starts ---


I’m so terribly nervous now...


So this is the feeling of standing on a foreign country like Japan.
Being far from mom and dad.
But here, I’m looking at the real AKB48 right now!

This is a dream come true...


Nervous... so nervous.


     “Ayu, is anything wrong? You don’t look okay..“ someone’s voice surprised me from my reveries.

It’s Sonya, or we all usually called her Panda, whom was now looking at me with a worrying face.

     “Aa~ I’m fine. I’m just so nervous right now.” I could only respond weakly.

She didn’t say anything again, yet she moved and stood closer to me. She grasped my hand tightly.

I’m sure we’re all nervous... the most since we’re first formed.

--- Nabilah’s POV ends ---

--- Cleopatra’s POV starts ---

Ah, a crew has already giving us a sign. HKT48’s performance will finish soon.

Must standby and keep focus.


But let me say this once again... God, I’m very grateful of this opportunity.

The opportunity to be in this group, meeting new friends... Shania.. Rena.. Dhike.. Achan.. everyone!

Even get to fly and performing in a big venue with such big names and a big audience watching.

It just happens so fast and I’m so overflowing in excitement.

And to my parents, thank you millions for your blessings. I won’t let myself fail both of you.

Yosh, minna! Let’s give our best!

<HKT48 finished their performance and left the stage>

Okay, it’s our turn. Gotta run to the stage now.

<Intro of the song started playing>

To our senpais... to the audience... please, look at us!

We are JKT48!!!

--- Cleopatra’s POV ends ---

:note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:

Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Aitakatta! YES!
Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Aitakatta! YES!



:note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:   :note:

-----< E N D >-----

=== O M A K E ===

     “Zannen de, Takamina. You and the Akagumi lost to us. Who’s the boss now?!”
     “Hai~ Shirogumi... omedetou! ... argh~ you made me repeating this again and again. It’s tiring, Yuko.”
     “No matter what you say.. I’m still the winner! Hehehe~”

<smile together>

     “But, that’s quite a shock back then. You know.. our latest little sisters.”
     “Ah~ you mean JKT?”
     “Yeah, so young.. so energetic. Kawaii desu nee~”
     “Soudayo-ne, Yuko.”


     “With new little sisters born.. I can’t help but feel getting older and older now.”
     “Yeah, right. NMB.. HKT.. JKT... we have too many sisters! This is a massive family we have.”
     “And we’re really becoming the oneesan-tachi.”
     “Mmm~ can’t run away from it, definitely.”


     “Yosh! Must work harder now.. or else we’ll be overtaken by them.”
     “That’s our captain! No giving up, eh?”
     “Of course! Never let the ‘ganbaru’ leave you.”

     “Well, I'm actually thinking maybe you want to put the ‘ganbaru’ away now, Takamina.”
     “Believe it or not, you’ve already lost against the JKT girls since the start. A very severe loss even against the youngest ones.”
     “Eh~? How so?”

     “They’re all taller than you already.”

     “Shut up, Yuko!”

-----< E N D >-----

For other fans and keen observers of JKT48, have I described them quite right in the story?
I learned and deduced their personalities mostly from their introduction videos and daily tweets. Nevertheless, excuse me for being a wiseacre a bit at the moment. :roll:

And speaking about the names I've mentioned in this story, in case you're wondering whom, I'm giving you the liberty to guess or search who they are.  ;) :peace:
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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [Aku Ingin Bertemu Denganmu] (UPDATE 12/24)
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Woah!!! Ghaida!!!!  :mon lovelaff:  I was shocked when I read the title.. LOL.. :on lol:  But then again, that's what it means by Aitakatta... LOL..

I need to start stalking JKT too~~~  :wahaha:

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [Aku Ingin Bertemu Denganmu] (UPDATE 12/24)
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i'm really surprised when i read the title  ( i'm indonesian  :) )

i'm so happy because JKT48 could performed in japan..

the omake  :rofl: poor takamina..

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Re: The Book of My Single-Shots [Aku Ingin Bertemu Denganmu] (UPDATE 12/24)
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Hehe~ :grin: I've already predicted the people nearest to JKT's base would be the first ones to comment.

@Flean: that's right... 'Aitakatta' = 'Aku Ingin Bertemu Denganmu' indeed. :D yes.. yes.. you better start stalking them.. :lol:
@yukofan: yeah, we're both happy. until now there is always this proud feeling when seeing them perform in their senpai's land. :D

@Thank-ers: you're welcome. Thank you for thanking. :D
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The Book of My Single-Shots [Anata wa My Only Kurokami Shoujo] (UPDATE 01/29)
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あなた は My Only 黒髪 少女      -Anata wa My Only Kurokami Shoujo-


Please proceed to the AKB48 Perv Fanfics section here.

Due to the establishment of a new rule in this thread, asking me to PM this story is now strictly forbidden. I really hope you understand.

And since it's uploaded in a danger zone... WARNING! EXPLICIT CONTENT!

So please make sure you're at your LEGAL AGE before reading this!
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I'M AT MY LEGAL AGE SO...... PLEASE!!! :bow: :bow:
i love akb48!!!!

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can you send it to me too please!!!!!! :kneelbow:

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