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Author Topic: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Falling [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]  (Read 8101 times)

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A/N: Hi there! This is my first post on JPHiP so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’ve been reading fanfictions here for quite a bit and I guess you could say I felt compelled to give fanfiction writing a try… again. I’ve only ever written one fanfiction in my life and that was around 3 years ago… lol.

I realize that a Miichan/Mayu fanfiction is a rare sight, but being that Miichan is in fact my oshimen and I rarely see any fics dedicated to her, I decided it would be appropriate to write my first fanfic here on her. 

My goal for this fic was not so much to focus on plot (as it is, admittedly, a fairly clichéd one -_-), but more so on the exploration of feelings that occur within a person. But I’ve come to realize that I still have a long way to go when it comes to writing fics like these in order to measure up to some amazing writers I have encountered here and in many of my other fandoms.

Even so, despite my insecurities, I still really hope that you do enjoy this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it!  :)

A few important sidenotes before we begin:
  • There is one part regarding “Miichan and men’s clothes” which some of you might find familiar…. To bou-j525 who wrote the amazing fic, Pink Vitriol, I hope you don’t mind that I took one part of your AKBINGO segment from chapter 2 and incorporated it here. Please don’t be mad  :kneelbow:
  • This was only edited by me so all mistakes are mine.
  • This is an AU fic.

Ok! So enough of my ramblings…. I present to you my fellow AKB fans…..

Even Cupid Falls in Love

Minami Minegishi (or ‘Miichan’ as her friends would call her) was considered by many to be what some could coin as the ‘ultimate third wheel/sidekick’. She personally took it as her job to not only provide comic-relief during the most awkward and tense moments, but to play matchmaker amongst her friends. Her two most famous accomplishments -and there were a few- were with her two best friends, Takamina and Haruna, whom she, along with the help of her other friends, have successfully paired up with their significant others, Acchan and Yuko, respectively.

Heck, at this rate, she might as well change her name to Cupid. Well… minus the diapers, but the bow and arrows would undeniably be fun to shoot.

With this knowledge in mind, it was of no surprise that Natsumi Hirajima, nicked-named by others as Nacchan, came to her asking for assistance regarding her best friend, Mayu Watanabe, who had hopelessly fallen in love with Yuki Kashiwagi, the new girl from the next class over. After a couple of days of reconnaissance, Miichan found herself finalizing the plans with Nacchan for Mayu to get her girl.

“Are you sure this will work?” inquired Mayu with a skeptical look in her eyes.

“Definitely. Based on our reconnaissance we have come to the conclusion that Yukirin-senpai is definitely interested in you. This plan will just be the final step in pushing her over the edge…and into your arms” said Miichan giving her a cheeky wink.

“Plus it’s the oldest trick in the book. People want something that they cannot have even more” added Nacchan.

“Right…ok?” said Mayu while turning to Miichan. “But is it really necessary for you to dress up as a boy?”

“Well I don’t want Yukirin to recognize me since I’ve spoken to her a couple of times and I actually want to be friends with her. I’d rather not go through all that awkward tension and stuff when this is over you know”

In reply, Mayu merely shot her an incredulous look “That’s a stupid excuse.”

“Hey that’s mean! And that was a good excuse!” retorted Miichan with a pout. “Fine, fine, I just have fun dressing up in men’s clothes okay? Plus, remember that part time job I got at the danso café? I had so much fun! Besides you like Danso don’t you?”

“Yeah but…”

“And she was totally popular with the girls!” piped Nacchan excitedly.

“What can I say? I’m a pimp” said Miichan with a smirk.


Soon the plan was set in motion. On the first day, they organized an outing with Mayu, Yukirin and some other friends. Miichan, dressed as her male persona Kuu, joined them and throughout the course of the day acted like the perfect gentleman as a means to flirt with Mayu. To which Mayu, playing her part well, had willingly reciprocated. At the end of the day, Miichan could have sworn –and may she be forbidden from eating shrimp for a year if she was wrong- that Yukirin had a glint of jealousy in her eye.


Time passed, and for Mayu, the plan was going extremely well. Yukirin had acted and reacted exactly as they had expected.

But in Miichan's case? It was a different story.

As both her friend and ‘boyfriend’ (although that fact was not explicitly confirmed to the others), Miichan found herself spending more and more time with Mayu (whom she had taken to affectionately calling “Mayuyu”). The two had genuinely enjoyed each others company and had sought to spend more time with each other even when ‘the plan’ was not being carried out.

Miichan does not know when these…feelings began. Perhaps it was the first time she saw Mayu cry? The girl had come to her one day in a sombre mood and when Miichan had inquired on what was wrong, she saw tears fall from her friend’s face. Quietly she admitted that she had seen the one who held her heart in the arms of another (an incident that they had later discovered was merely a misunderstanding). As Miichan held her friend close, comforting her in the best way she knew how, she came to realize that Mayu, a girl who was renowned by her peers to bear a robot like personality and who’s natural bluntness made her come off as cold to others, had a vulnerable side. To see her crying was a rare sight indeed and Miichan could not help but feel honoured to be one of the few to be exposed to this side of Mayu.

The fact of the matter is, the more time she spends with Mayu, the more she craves for her attention. With every smile from her, Miichan melts. With every “I like you” she receives, Miichan feels her heart swell ten times its normal size. Miichan would reciprocate with a “aww I love you too Mayuyu” along with a hug and sometimes, an attempt for a kiss (which Mayu would cutely reject most of the time). Even when these actions were done in private, since it was her normal behaviour around most girls, it was passed off as Miichan being well… Miichan. But Mayu would never know that every hug and every kiss was special. Just for her. Only for her.

This was wrong. This was all wrong. For this was not her love story.

Cupid was not supposed to fall in love.


Eventually, as all good things do, the plan does comes to its end. Too soon in Miichan’s opinion. Out of her disguise as Kuu and clad in her normal clothes, Miichan watches Mayu excuse herself from her day out with her friends for her first date with Yukirin. Miichan convinces herself that the pain in her chest was merely due to the fact that her fun had ended so soon, but Mayu’s words from before still ring in her head. That’s a stupid excuse.

Don’t go.

If this was any other story, Mayu would be running into her arms, declaring her undying love for her, saying this was all a mistake and that she chose her over Yukirin.

But this is not that story.

Those two words, which meant everything and yet, nothing, would not escape her lips.

However, surprisingly, Mayu does stop, turn around and make her way towards her.

While enveloping her in a warm embrace, Mayu whispers thank you in her ear complete with a promise to go visit her the next day.

“No problem and sure.” Miichan replies with a smile. A genuine one. “Just go get your girl okay?”


What is love anyway? Is it the warm feeling that fills you up whenever you are around that one person? Or is it the unbearable sadness you feel when you watch them go? Or perhaps it’s the genuine happiness you feel when you know that they are happy. A happiness that you do feel even if you know that it is not you who gives them that. Whatever it is, it remains that love is an inevitable feeling that does affect us all.

Even Cupid.


A/N: For the record, the MiiMayuyu pairing is not a total crackship… <.< >.>
I mean the two have admitted to be spending more time with each other and their interactions are so cute! (Seriously, go take a look at some of the behind the scenes from their various concerts)

So anyway, to those that have come this far, first of, thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope I have at least met your standards =)

A note about this thread:
I am planning on making this a one shot thread, but I’m not sure on how frequently I can update now that school is coming. I do have a KojiYuu fic in mind, so I’ll try my best to post that up if you guys are interested.

To everyone reading/ has read this:

Since a few of you have suggested for another Miichan fic, I'd love to hear suggestions (since my creativity is fail...and I'll need help lol) Out of curiousity, is there a particular person you all would like to see with Miichan? She's completely shippable with anyone for me as long as she is seen interacting with them so I'd like to hear some insights from other fans as well.

As a sidenote, I don't think I'll be planning on writing MariMii, not because I don't like them, but because it's been done in several other fics before... HOWEVER, if someone is able to come up with a good storyline I might reconsider ;)
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Hey this is good!!!
Miichan  :(

I really like it!!!

Hey can I request for another Miichan fic???
I just watched this weeks Akbingo and Miichan is super cute and handsome!!! I think I fell for her :P
And now reading your fic kinda makes me sad! I want Miichan to have a happy ending too

I'll be looking forward to your future fics :D

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
poor miichan...! :cry:
now i'm sad..! it not easy seeing the one you love with someone else..! :(
i love mayuki but this fic is about miichan!  :smhid
it had to be a happy ending but is your fanfic not mine  :oops:
thanks for posting..! :cathappy:
please update soon..!  :thumbsup

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I LIKE THE STORY..  :twothumbs
Poor Micchan, If Mariko-sama is in this Story,
Maybe Micchan have a Happy Ending, haHa..  :P

and Watch too, there Behind the Scene on there New Conto..
Micchan was trying to Kiss Mayu there but Mayu reject it, haHa..
Umh Yeah! that's aLL, Nice Job Crimsonwing..  :twothumbs Thanks!


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Miichan~~~  :w00t: :w00t: nice fic!!!  :twothumbs

but sad~~  :cry: :cry:

Hey can I request for another Miichan fic???
I just watched this weeks Akbingo and Miichan is super cute and handsome!!! I think I fell for her :P
Make super cute and handsome Miichan's fic... please~~~  :bow: :bow:

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It's nice but poor Miichan T_T I want to make a story with Miichan too but I don't know with who and I don't want to make an Atsumii lol

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@blughise: Thank you for reading! I am very pleased to hear that you like it!

Sure, I'll see if I am able to come up with something remotely decent lol. Forgive me for saying this, but for someone who writes fanfiction, my creativity is quite limited... And by that I mean it takes awhile before stories come to me you know? I'm more of a reader than a writer you see  :nervous But nevertheless, I'll try my best  :) (Hopefully before school starts... -__-)

and yes, Miichan in AKBINGO was so  :heart:   :nya: :luvluv1: :heart: I cannot even begin to put my feelings into words lol.

@cmze: Thank you for reading! And sorry I made you sad lol. I will admit that I LOVE angst. Especially with storylines similar to the one I gave Miichan. The whole unrequited love concept is a very familiar territory for me lol.

But anyway, I still hope you'll be interested in reading my future fics (whenever they'll come) even if they are angst pieces :kneelbow:

@blueangel65: Thank you for reading and I'm glad you liked it!! A MariMii pairing? Haha I've seen that done in quite a few fics XD. The reason why I chose to pair Miichan up with Mayuyu for this fic was not only because I find them cute together, but also because I wanted to try out a pairing that no one has done before (Or at least as far as I know...has anyone done a MiiMayuyu fic? I'll gladly read it =D).

@Flean: I am glad to have at least met your standards :kneelbow: and thank you for reading!

Now there's an idea XD. I'll try and see if I can come up with something fun =P How's "The Adventures of Miichan the Player" sound? LOL I'm just kidding. We'll see how things go ok? :)

@kahem: I know, I feel bad for doing that to my oshimen ;__; But this kind of situation is somewhat familiar to me so I wanted to put it into words and make a fanfic lol. Albeit, it's not as complex as I would like it, but we'll just say I was going for 'simple beauty' shall we? XD

Why not AtsuMii?  :lol: Acchan is Miichan's oshi and they are married ;) I'm just kidding. Atsumina/Takacchan is one of my OTPs so I don't think I'll ever write AtsuMii since the story would just end up being exactly like "Even Cupid Falls in Love" y'know?

Also, thank you for taking the time to read this and if you ever do come up with a Miichan related fic, I'll gladly read it :)

To everyone reading/ has read this:
(this will be added to the first post so everyone can see it)
Since a few of you have suggested for another Miichan fic, I'd love to hear suggestions (since my creativity is fail...and I'll need help lol) Out of curiousity, is there a particular person you all would like to see with Miichan? She's completely shippable with anyone for me as long as she is seen interacting with them so I'd like to hear some insights from other fans as well.

As a sidenote, I don't think I'll be planning on writing MariMii, not because I don't like them, but because it's been done in several other fics before... HOWEVER, if someone is able to come up with a good storyline I might reconsider ;)

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Wooo, that was good. These kinds of unrequited love stories are probably the saddest, but the most interesting as well. Great job writing it :on GJ:

As for Miichan stories, it'd kind of be fun to just see a fic where she joins the Oshiri sisters on a day of pranking. Not a shipping fic, but I guess you could make it into one.

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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Stupid Mistakes [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]
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A/N:  I know it's been...awhile since I've written anything, and I know many of you have requested for a Miichan related fic… and I am here to apologize for not being able to fulfill your request. The story hasn’t come to me just yet :kneelbow: (if it's any consoliation, Miichan does make a quick appearance on this fic =D *shot*)

I’m honestly not sure how many fans that are out there that ship Team Baka (I know there's a few over on tumblr, but I'm not too sure about over here), but being that Kumi is my SKE oshi and that Team Baka is my SKE OTP, I figured it’d be a nice fic to attempt to write.

Anyway, it’s actually Christmas morning over here, so Merry Christmas everybody!

I was actually supposed to post this fic much earlier, but due to school ending incredibly late this year and from the fact that I had a little trouble with inspiration, this fic took much longer than planned. I know Christmas day is already coming to a close for some timezones…so I apologize for the lateness of this fic. I hope that doesn’t deter you from reading still!

Oh and one more thing: Before anyone accuses me of plagiarism or anything, this fic is also posted on my tumblr

Stupid Mistakes

Truth be told, it would be wrong to say that Yagami Kumi’s first meeting with Kizaki Yuria was “love at first sight”. In fact, as disappointing as it is to admit, Kumi has only a vague recollection of their first meeting. But that fact matters not, because by becoming friends with Yuria and just being able to talk with her on a daily basis, Kumi realizes that she is more than just a cute face. Yuria is honest, straightforward and she understands Kumi the way no one else does.

Kumi has never kept her love for Yuria a secret. In fact, she tends to enjoy proclaiming it whenever the moment arises. Usually Yuria tends to reply with (a rather cute) Ku~mi-san~ and nothing else so sometimes Kumi wonders if Yuria ever realizes the sincerity behind those words.


Kumi was never noted to be the brightest crayon in the box. After all, she once had thought that the English word “young” meant “jungle” (then again, now that she thought about it, saying “You look like a jungle today” makes no sense… but that’s besides the point.) and it was a well known fact that she had once received the lowest test scores on one of those ShukanAKB tests. In addition, she makes up one half of the infamous Team Baka as well, so it is undeniable that this particular trait of hers was something that she herself has acknowledged time and time again.

However, in comparison to all those incidents, standing here, having succumbed to her desires and is now kissing the girl of her dreams has to be her dumbest moment yet.


It wasn’t supposed to be date…but somehow, it ends up turning into one.

After shooting a joint program with their sister group AKB48, both Minegishi Minami and Oshima Yuko had excitedly invited the other members of both groups to a nearby park just a short distance from where they were shooting to go view the Christmas lights. The two had wandered to said park during their break and knowing the shooting would last until the evening, the two had wanted to witness the illuminated lights in all their glory at night. Since most of the girls present had no other work to attend to after the shooting, fueled by Miichan and Yuko’s enthusiasm, they had eagerly agreed to the invitation.

So here they were, a group of 14 girls standing at the entrance of the park with an awestruck look donning each of their faces as they took in the scenery. Every tree had its own string of lights masterfully woven through them, and below, there was every kind of Christmas and winter related figurines all skillfully created by the different sets of white and multicoloured lights. At the centre of it all, stood an enormous Christmas tree, its own lights and massive structure giving it a majestic predominance over everything else.

As the girls entered the park, it was as if by some inexplicable magic force, their large group was soon broken up as each of them gradually gravitated toward smaller groups of two or three.

Technically it was all Yuko’s fault as immediately upon stepping into the park she grabbed Kojima Haruna’s hand proclaiming (with a suggestive smirk) that she wanted to have some “alone time with her Nyan-Nyan”. Following Yuko and Haruna’s lead, Takahashi Minami and Kashiwagi Yuki calmly left with their own significant others, Maeda Atsuko and Watanabe Mayu respectively.

For Matsui Rena her departure was not as smooth as she was pulled into two separate directions by Furukawa Airi, who wanted to the see the snowmen and Matsui Jurina who wanted to see the polar bears. As with all important decision these days, they ended up settling it via a quick Jan-ken-pon match.  Much to Jurina’s dismay, Airin had won, but Jurina still tagged along anyway, fighting with Airin and claiming that the janken result meant nothing and that she was still Rena’s number one.

Miichan, while laughing at Airin and Jurina’s antics, invited Kimoto Kanon to join her and Sashihara Rino to go see Santa and his reindeer. But before leaving, Miichan decided to whisper (rather loudly) to Kanon, warning her about Sasshi and her “lolicon ways”. Sasshi protested claiming that Miichan had no idea what she was talking about, but then proceeded to fawn over how cute Kanon was. Kanon, on her part, although slightly embarrassed, was still thankful to be receiving so much attention by an AKB senpai. The three had left, with Kanon clinging to Miichan’s proffered arm, just happy to follow her idol wherever she went.

That left Kumi and Yuria.

Just the two of them.



Kumi isn’t exactly sure how it happened, but nevertheless, it was not to say that she was not grateful to have Yuria to herself. Turning to Yuria with an excited grin, she asked, “So where do you want to go?”

“No where in particular I guess. I kinda just want to see everything you know?” replied Yuria giving Kumi a slightly lopsided smile.


As they continued their stroll through the park, the two began to naturally fall into conversation. They talked about everything and nothing ranging from upcoming Christmas and New Year’s plans, to work, and even the topic of the new K-on movie Kumi got a chance to view recently was brought up.

To Kumi, being with Yuria is like breathing. They could talk about the weather for all she cared, and she would still be happy because in the end, just being with Yuria was all that mattered to her.

Somewhere along the way Kumi feels an arm snake around hers and part of her wishes that this simple action, which probably meant nothing, did not make her heart soar to new heights. The truth is, it made her feel wanted, it made her feel loved and it made her feel…special.

And because of that, it made everything just a little harder.


The park itself, although simple in comparison with the other light displays in Tokyo, was far from a disappointment. The collection of lights were probably one of the most magical things Kumi had ever seen in her 17 years of living. The white lights, coupled with the vibrant multicoloured ones lacing every tree and figurine in the park lit up the darkness in such a way that it complemented the stars from above.

It was the perfect winter wonderland… well, except for one thing.

“If only it would snow,” sighed Yuria and Kumi couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately for them, none of the weather forecasts had predicted any snow for the day –which really, was not a surprise as snow in Tokyo was a rare occurrence.


The quietness of the pair’s sightseeing adventure was soon interrupted by the pleasant sounds of “Slient Night” that befell the ears of the girls. Kumi, despite not knowing the lyrics (it was an English song after all), knew the melody and opted to softly hum the song while they made their way towards the carolers. When she turned to look at her friend, she saw that Yuria had her eyes closed while swaying to the gentle rhythm. She looked so serene, so much at peace, that Kumi’s heart seemed fill with adoration for the girl that stood before her. She wanted nothing more than to give Yuria a kiss, but she pushed those thoughts aside noting that kissing her would change the course of their friendship, for better…or for worse. After all, saying “I like you” all the time was one thing, but to actually kiss her? That was a whole different story. 

For Kumi, who treasured her friendship with Yuria too much, taking a risk and sacrificing their friendship in favour of her selfish desires was not something she planned on doing.

But sometimes, especially in moments like this, Kumi wishes that it would be alright to be selfish just this once.

Soon, however, Kumi’s internal battle began to slowly dissipate at the sudden change of tempo as the carolers started to belt out their own rendition of “All I Want For Christmas is You”. Ever the energetic one, Kumi could not help but dance as the upbeat song began to fill her. While she was not as familiar with this song as she was with “Silent Night”, nevertheless, she still decided to attempt to sing it using random words of incoherent gibberish much to Yuria’s amusement.

After a little bit of coaxing, Yuria too joined Kumi’s antics and the two danced their impromptu dance without a care in the world. Some young children had spotted them and soon a small group had formed with each person bouncing and twirling, in time with the beat, their spirited laughter filling the cold winter air.

The song had eventually come to a close, but Kumi, still completely fueled by the energy from what they had just done, had spotted the immense tree centerpiece and with a quick “Catch me if you can!” at Yuria, she made a run for it.


“Kumi-san! WHAT. THE. HELL?” exclaimed Yuria with a huff as she attempted to catch her breath. But no response came from the energetic girl as she was too mesmerized by the sight before her.

The massive tree truly was the centerpiece of the whole park for a reason. Not only were there an abundance of white and blue lights woven into its branches much like its smaller counterparts, but adorning each branch were hanging crystals that sparkled under the influence of the thousands of small lights so as to give them their own ethereal glow.

Kumi remained entranced by the sight only for several moments more until she felt Yuria’s hand brush against hers as she attempted to get a closer view of the Christmas tree.

Before her very eyes, Kumi watched as Yuria came to life. Her mouth parted ever so slightly in wonder and her eyes widened like a young child at Christmas morning opening their first present. She witnessed the girl who unknowingly held her heart glow from the reflection of the lights as she absorbed herself in the Christmas tree’s own radiant glow. It was a sight unmatched by anything Kumi had seen today and if it were possible, Kumi’s heart brimmed with renewed love for the younger girl.

Kumi isn’t sure if it’s the residual adrenaline rush or some kind of possession by an evil Christmas spirit bent of destroying her life but before Kumi realizes what she’s doing she can feel her body moving. It was as if in slow motion, she finds herself slowly leaning towards the other girl. In the one second before her lips meets Yuria’s, Kumi whispers an “I’m sorry” and crashes her lips unto hers.

It only lasts for a second, but to Kumi, it seems like an eternity before realization comes to slap her in face. She feels Yuria’s tense, unmoving lips and she backs out, the shame of what she had just done washing over her. Hadn’t it only been a several minutes ago that she had stopped herself from committing the very same mistake in order to maintain her friendship with Yuria?

Their love was a mutual, platonic love.

It could never be anything more than that.

It was impossible to be anything more than that.

‘God Kumi… why do you have to be so stupid?’

“Oh my god Yuria…I’m so sorry. I-I wasn’t thinking and I just got too into the moment and I don’t really know why I k-k-kissed you and - ”


Upon hearing the nickname Yuria so rarely ever used on her, Kumi stops her babble as she awaits the scathing words to come from her Team Baka counterpart.

But nothing comes. Instead, Kumi feels a slight tugging at the front of her jacket and an impact from a pair of lips meeting her own. Being caught completely off guard, Kumi freezes, but as the warmth of Yuria’s soft lips slowly fill her entire being, all the fears begin to melt away and she feels her own lips glide along with Yuria’s.

The two soon part and exchanging bashful smiles, Yuria leans her forehead against Kumi, her warm presence soothing. With the faint feeling of the others’ lips lingering on their own, they stare into each other’s brown orbs, and they truly see each other for the very first time. No words had to be said because everything was communicated through each of their eyes. The two were in a world of their own and neither one wanted to be anywhere else.

Maybe, sometimes, even the most stupid mistakes aren’t really so stupid after all.

And maybe…just maybe, Christmas really is a time for miracles because the two only break their gaze when they feel something cold, yet soft brush gently against their cheeks.

It was snowing.


-   The ‘park’ that the girls had visited was supposed to be in Ebisu since Miichan and Yuko did visit it some time before, but because I wrote the fic before I did my research and was too lazy to change everything up, I ended up having to ditch that idea.
-   Kumi’s rather odd mistake of thinking “Young” meant “Jungle” is actually a real incident as shown by Nishi’s (Nakanishi Yuka’s) blog post here

So yeah as mentioned, this fic, for some particular reason, was quite difficult for me to write as nothing seemed to work. And a bunch of edits later, this fic still didn’t completely turn out the way I envisioned… >.> (I really do have a long way to go as a writer). But nevertheless, I still hope that some of you at least enjoyed it.
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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Stupid Mistakes [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]
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Awwww I really liked this  :heart: KumiYuri~ so cuteeeeee :heart:

oh, before I forget...Merry Christmas!! ^^

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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Stupid Mistakes [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]
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awesome!!  :twothumbs

another KumiYuri~~

baka kumi is really adorable  :luvluv2: actually,i am having trouble to understand this fanfic so, i visualize them in my head  :P

i guess another sleepless for me since Kataomoi Finally short PV (why isn't it January)

i'll read this again before sleep  XD thanks anyway
i followed you on tumblr already  :cow:

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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Stupid Mistakes [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]
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I really liked.
You got everything I can imagine the scenario that you have prepared for the story.
Kumi is great!

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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Stupid Mistakes [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]
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Hehe it's good being stupid and doing stupid thing ^^

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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Until This Dream Ends [a KumiYuri fanfiction]
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A/N: Why did I even post this I don’t know. Well hello everyone, long time no see right? OTL *digs this thread up from the deep dark abyss of page 7*

This fic was actually on my computer for...quite some time, but I never really found the motivation or the inspiration to complete it. Being such a relatively short and simple fanfic, I still struggled with it. I made so many alterations especially when it came to choosing whose voice I was going to emulate as well as what type of POV I should set this fic (yes I actually debated and switched everything around multiple times).

But nevertheless, in the end it came out pretty...satisfactory? I suppose.

Well anyway enough of that, please enjoy….

 [as always it’s also posted over on my tumblr]

A HUGE and very special thanks to my most epic Trollbro, Divine Vengeance for editing this and putting up with my complaints! You rock!

Until This Dream Ends

“Could you tell me a story tonight, Kuuchan?”

You’re surprised by such a sudden request, but you don’t question it. It’s not like you could have denied anything from her anyway. You never could.

“Can’t sleep?”

She doesn’t say a word as she crawls into your bed and buries her head into a pillow.

“Nervous for tomorrow?”

With a quick glance at you, she nods sheepishly and you can’t help but smile. You know that although she rarely shows it, Yuria always gets nervous the night before a big concert. Even so, when she gets up there, all inhibitions seem to melt away, and with renewed energy on stage, her body takes over and she dances the same routines that they have been practicing for many months without many flaws.

“What kind of story would you like, Yuria?”

“Hmm… any kind, I guess. I just want to listen to you.”

Heat rises in your cheeks and you pray that the dim light of the room would be enough to hide your blush.

As you sort through your mind, thinking of a story to tell her, you realize with her so close, looking at you that expectantly, you suddenly become distracted by everything about her: her scent (wisps of that strawberry shampoo she loved using, so beautifully sweet and intoxicating), her smile (unfaltering, soft, and inviting), and her eyes (mirror images of your own brown orbs, yet with a perpetual brightness even in the soft light of the room).

It’s her eyes that you find distracts you the most. They’re the same eyes that greet you every morning, and they are the same eyes that bid goodbye to you every evening. They are the same eyes that hold such an entrancing gaze that one look could send a ripple of electricity down your spine.

You wonder if she would ever understand how much you love looking into them.

For months you knew that your feelings for her grew beyond just merely platonic ones (you probably should have realized sooner, but hey, you were never known to be quick about most things). Had they been platonic, then how could you justify the antagonizing pain in your chest whenever she was around someone else, or the constant craving you have for her to look your way, or the absolute joy a simple smile at you could cause?

At times, you can’t help but hate this.

You hate how you’re always thinking about her, how much influence she has over you.

You hate how there’s always a yearning to see her every morning when you head off to work and how you can’t ignore her presence no matter how hard you try.

You hate how close she is to you now that every detail of her face is etched into your mind that even when you close your eyes, she’ll still be there.

You don’t want this.

You wish these feelings would just stop.

“Kuuchan? Is everything okay?”

Her voice, like her eyes, is filled with affection. She reaches towards you, brushing your bangs away, her hands slowly grazing your cheek.

Suddenly, you can’t remember why you wanted it all to stop.

“I’m fine, Yuria. You should be resting. We’re rehearsing early tomorrow.”

“No way! You promised me a story, remember?”

“Alright, alright. Let me think. Just close your eyes first, okay?” You can’t stop yourself so you reach out to her, the same way that she did earlier, and you gently trace her eyelids closed.

For some reason, it surprises you that she lets you do so for a moment before she stills your hand with her own and, placing it aside, she snuggles closer to your chest.

You never do get to tell her a story tonight.

As you feel her breathing even out, your mind begins to recall a myth you had studied in class.

It was about a boy with wings of wax who ignored the instructions of his father and drowned because he flew too close to the sun.

You start to wonder if you’re like him.

Yuria became the sun that you flew too close to, and because you did, your wings started to melt and you began to fall.

But then you think that maybe it isn’t so bad. That maybe, despite the fact that you don’t know what awaits you below, despite the fact that there will be no one to catch you in the end, you still want to fly closer to her

Because, for one fleeting moment, no matter how small, you got to see the sun up close. You got to feel its warmth and experience its dazzling beauty in a way no other person ever could.

You think that the part of you that wishes that these feelings would stop don’t really wish that at all.

There are moments, kind of like now, as you feel her heartbeat against yours, as her warmth begins to cradle you as you too begin to drift away, that make the reasons for not wanting it all become forgotten.

You figure that, perhaps, it’s the little moments like this that make the journey worth it, no matter the outcome at the end of it all.

And you realize that there’s a part of you inside, where you find yourself wishing that the glowing numbers of the hotel room clock that count down the moments to daybreak would stay still, even if it’s just for a little while.



Couple of notes:

-This fic was originally supposed to be written from Yuria's POV, however I felt that I couldn't write her as well as I could Kumi...

-The inclusion of the myth of Icarus was actually inspired by a certain Nanofate doujin haha. I wonder if you know which one I'm talking about?

As always, reviews and comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading.
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kumiyuria <3

honestly, it's the first time i know about the story of a prince whose wing of wax. i love how you match that myth with kumi's feeling toward yuria.

awesome fic d^^b

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I love to read special pairing fic (not that I hate mainstream pairing tho')..

But KumiYuri is soooo this baka pairing  :wub:

It's fun to read...

You even mention this in 2nd fic:
For Matsui Rena her departure was not as smooth as she was pulled into two separate directions by Furukawa Airi, who wanted to the see the snowmen and Matsui Jurina who wanted to see the polar bears. As with all important decision these days, they ended up settling it via a quick Jan-ken-pon match.  Much to Jurina’s dismay, Airin had won, but Jurina still tagged along anyway, fighting with Airin and claiming that the janken result meant nothing and that she was still Rena’s number one.
what an issue right? LOL

Great Job!!  :twothumbs

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It's pure,beautiful and I'm not talking about KumiYuri but the story itself I felt like reading from a beautiful novel or something.

 :twothumbs Yes these kind of moments really takes your breath away...
But KumiYuri FTW!

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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man i love all of these fics!

i actually want to read more fics on mii-chan cos it just seems like shes always the extra or a character provided as comedy would be awesome if there were a more serious side to her shown

haha anyways~ love kumiyuri! just fantastic! i get so engrossed in reading i dont ever want it to stop!

keep up the good work :D

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A/N: It’s an actual Christmas miracle that I got this all written down and found the courage to post it.

I TRIED OKAY. Like, there was an actual attempt as you can see. So I apologize for the multiple facepalming that I will be causing in matter of seconds. And I apologize for the fact that this fic reeks OOC-ness. In an attempt to make this more “fun” the writing for this fic is much more…casual (?) than my previous fics.

Oh but wait one more thing, since it’s Christmas morning over here, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE (even if it’s almost over in your timezone ;A; To which, I apologize for the lateness of this fic. Blame my brain. Oh, and finals too.)

[This fic was not proofread by anyone else other than me. So I take full responsibility for all questionable English grammar and possibly spelling.]

Edit: Now with improved English! You can thank my super awesome Trollbro, Divine Vengeance for that!

Also posted on my tumblr


Kizaki Yuria has always associated Yagami Kumi with falling.


And she means that in the most literal sense possible.




She was 13 when she moved into the same neighbourhood as Kumi.


It was her first Christmas in this neighbourhood and so she decided to wander around the park and experience the freshly fallen snow from the night before. It was very unusual for it to snow around that time of year, so the neighbourhood children wasted no time in relishing this rare opportunity.


No matter where she looked, everyone seemed to be focused on their own activities and no one was paying any mind to her. A group of kids rushed by her as they chased each other, their boots crunching through the snow. Over by the playground, a young girl with a catlike smile holding a mistletoe in one hand was chasing after several other girls in hopes of getting a kiss. Her current target was a long, dark haired beauty who was trying to get the mistletoe holding girl to leave her alone so that she could listen to her music in peace.


“C’mon, Rena-chan, just one kiss? Please? It’s Christmas! It’s the season of giving!”


“Nooooo, go away, Jurina!! I’m taken!”


“Aww, Furukawa-san will never know! Plus, it’s just one kiss under the mistletoe! It’s tradition!”


“Why do you know this? You’re twelve!”


Yuria chuckled to herself. Deciding to look away before one of the girls caught her staring, she continued to scan the park. By the hill, she spotted a girl by herself, playing with her dog whose fur was as white as the snow itself. Figuring that it wouldn’t hurt to at least try and make some friends in this new neighbourhood, Yuria gathered up her courage and walked up to the girl.


“Your dog is pretty cute!”


Startled but quickly recovering herself, the girl looked up and flashed Yuria a smile.


“Ah, thanks! His name is Muffin! Would you, uh… like to pet him? Don’t worry, he won’t bite you”


Nodding her head, Yuria proceeded to bend down to pet the dog, who seemed to look at her expectantly. However, right as Yuria was about to pet Muffin, some kid in his haste had bumped into Yuria, who had then bumped into the girl, who then, in turn, had latched on to Yuria’s jacket by reflex and thus caused them both to roll down the hill.


Yuria thought that this kind of clichéd thing only happened in mangas, anime, and stories. Because, much like in those mangas, anime, and stories, she found herself on top of this girl whom she had met just literally 10 seconds ago.


What a way to make friends, huh?


“Um… Are you okay?”


Being drawn out of her thoughts, Yuria actually took a look at the girl she was resting her head upon moments ago. Flushed, Yuria hastily got up and apologised profusely while mentally wondering how long she had lay there while spacing out.


“… Kumi.”




“My name,” said the girl while giggling shyly. “I figured that… you know… now would be a good time to introduce each other? I’m Yagami Kumi.”


“K- Kizaki Yuria. I just moved here”


“Well then, Kizaki-san, it’s nice to meet you!”


“It’s nice to meet you too!”


Thus began not only a friendship, but a series of accidents that always strangely seemed to occur around Christmas time.


And again, much like in those clichéd moments, for that very brief moment when Yuria actually looked at Kumi’s eyes for the first time, she saw something… bright. Needless to say, Yuria couldn’t quite place what she felt at that moment, her embarrassment aside. But there was one thing she was certain of. Yagami Kumi was certainly a very pretty girl indeed.




She was 14 when Kumi had enthusiastically invited her to go ice-skating.


It had been a while since she went ice-skating, but with her friend’s relentless bouncing up and down and absolute refusal to take no for an answer, Yuria had no choice but to agree.


It wasn’t like she wanted to spend time with Kumi or anything. And no, she didn’t enjoy the tight hug and “I love you, Yuria!” that came from Kumi after Yuria had agreed to her invitation.


While waiting for Kumi to make her return from the washroom, Yuria had taken an interest in watching the commotion caused by a couple of teenagers on the other side of the rink.


“Miichan, I swear if you let go, so help me God…”


“But aren’t you god?  And you clearly can’t help yourself, isn’t that right, TaKAMIna?” replied a girl who Yuria thought kind of resembled Gachapin.


Somehow, Miichan had managed to release herself from Takamina’s vice-like grip and with a devilish smirk, she gave Takamina a gentle push.


“AHHHH! Help me, Acchannnn!!!”


“Haha, don’t bother asking your girlfriend for help. Look, she’s over there watching you struggle while happily eating the cake that I bought her. This is probably the best Christmas ever for her.”


Due to the cries of “Why must you do this to meeeee” from the ribbon haired girl, Yuria barely took notice of the shouts of “Yuriaaaaaaaa” and a very distraught Kumi failing her arms in an attempt to regain her balance quickly approaching her.


Kumi’s distress would have probably been incredibly amusing had Yuria not been suddenly reminded how cold and hard ice actually was.


Well wasn’t this familiar.


“Ahaha I’m sorry, Yuria. I guess I got kind of excited when I saw you,” said Kumi while sheepishly looking to the ground. “Thanks for catching me. Yuria is quite soft, did you know that?”


“N- no problem. You caught me last time, remember?”


In spite of the screaming blades of death that could potentially decapitate them at any given moment, neither girl made any attempt to move from their position. Yuria wondered if the pink tint around Kumi’s cheeks was from the cold or something else. That gentle smile that adorned her features was so childlike and innocent that for a second, Yuria fantasized about keeping it all to herself somehow.


While she tried to shake those thoughts away, she ended up feeling that if these accidents were going to be a regular thing, she guessed she really didn’t mind having Kumi this close to her. After all, right now, Kumi was certainly was diverting her attention away from her sore butt.




She was 15 when she got invited to her first Christmas party.


Being a close friend of Kuwabara Mizuki, she had arrived at her house early along with Kumi and her other close friend and “elder sister,” Ogiso Shiori, in order to help set up for the party.


Probably due to the stress from hosting a party, for some reason, Mii had assigned the task of setting up the Christmas lights on the porch to Kumi and Yuria, who were both infamously dubbed “Team Baka” by their circle of friends. It wasn’t exactly the smartest move on her part, but no one wanted to question Mii in fear of her snapping at them. It was a well-known fact that Mii was pretty scary when she got angry.


“Uh, so do you have any idea what we’re supposed to be doing?” inquired Yuria as she stared at the tangled mess of Christmas lights they were supposed to work with.


“Nope!” answered Kumi with a laugh. “But we’ll figure it out somehow!”


There she went again, with that easy going and carefree attitude. Why must this idiot be so cute?


What? No, she did not just admit that out loud in her head.


“I guess we’ll start with untangling the lights?”


For the first few minutes, things were going fine. That was, until Yuria decided to help Kumi out. Of course, right at this moment, whatever spirit that had cursed her these past couple of years decided to pay a visit and left a stray cable conveniently by Yuria’s foot. She, naturally, tripped and found herself on top of Kumi, much in the same way she did two years ago.

(Yuria briefly wondered if they would interchange positions every year).


So there they were, amongst that tangled mess of lights, frozen yet again.


“… Mistletoe.”


Come again?


“… above us.”


Did this mean…?


“Should we? I mean, do you want to? I suppose hugging is fine? Or we can ignore it and pretend we never saw it. Or…”


As Kumi babbled on, Yuria’s brain was close to malfunctioning. The idea of kissing Kumi wasn’t something she was repulsed by. Certainly not. Kumi was pretty and kind and warm and gentle and all the things good and pure in this world, and for a while, Yuria had struggled with this pull in her stomach that seemed to arise whenever she was near, every time she would hear Kumi’s shameless proclamations of her love for her, and every time Kumi would smile at her and call out her name. She even consulted Ogi-chan about it, but Ogi-chan merely laughed and patted her head saying, “This is something you need to realize for yourself.” Yeah, a whole load of help that was.


But then kissing Kumi now, wouldn’t that change everything? Although, Kumi didn’t seem exactly against it…


Not really knowing what to do, Yuria made the mistake of looking into Kumi’s eyes to find them looking back at her questioningly. Those eyes, that brightness that she saw two years ago was still there, drawing her in, closer and closer…


“Oh my god. HOW?” came the amused voice of Mii, breaking the spell between the two girls. “How does anyone get tangled in Christmas lights while just setting them up?”


Wanting to see what all the commotion was about, Shiori decided to peek her head out of the doorway. Seeing the position her friends were in and looking up, she understood. Donning on her infamous ,self-righteous smirk, she said, “You guys do realize that that’s holly, right? Not mistletoe? See the red berries? Mistletoe is white.”


‘Cocky prick,’ thought Yuria.




She was 16 when Yuria realized how much it hurt not having Kumi around anymore.


It wasn’t even for a very long time. Kumi simply had gone on vacation for 2 weeks to go see her relatives, but to Yuria, those 2 weeks might as well have been 200 years or something.


“This is about the fifth time I’ve caught you looking out the window since the party started.” Turning to her best friend, Yuria sighed in defeat at being caught.


“What? I like the decorations next door!”


“Oh, just admit you miss her already.”


Dammit. Ogi-chan knew her too well.


Did they tell her the correct time? Was Kuuchan even coming in the first place? After all, it was Christmas and people do normally spend time with their family. Why was she so bothered by this?


Okay, fine. It was true, she really did miss Kumi. This girl occupied her thoughts constantly, at every waking moment of the day. No matter how much she tried to ignore her, she just simply could not. They’ve been running around circles all year long, neither girl daring to make a move. It was apparent that each one liked the other, and yet both remained careful of each other, fearful that any move would ruin whatever friendship they had between them.


“Looking out that window won’t make her come any faster, okay? Just enjoy the party!”


She tried, for a while at least, but somehow she ended up wandering over to the window.


‘Just one more time. Then I’ll try to stop thinking about her. Maybe I’ll call her tomorrow…’


It was then that she saw her in her white winter hat, arms carrying a bag of souvenirs from her trip.


She did not understand what came over her, for the normally cool, calm, and collected Yuria was grabbing her jacket and was out the door and tackling Kumi into the snow.




And she was kissing her because she missed her. She was tired of running in circles, of waiting, of being too cowardly to make a move. Nothing else mattered anymore because Kuuchan was here. The girl that she has loved for so long was really here.


Yuria blames the Christmas spirit for this impulsive behaviour.


“Took you a while.”


Yuria realized that there was a different kind of falling when it came to Kumi. Sure there was plenty of “falling on,” but she never banked on “falling for.” It has always been like that, but Yuria was just too slow to see it. After all, Kumi, being the simple girl that she was, has always made it obvious what she felt.


Ah. There it was, that sparkle in Kumi’s eyes and that genuine smile. That smile that Yuria would run though a hundred kilometres of snow for if it meant seeing it again.


“Merry Christmas, Yuria.”


“Merry Christmas, Kuuchan.”



Shhh I know that was pretty redundant (and rushed) but nevertheless, if you made it this far, THANK YOU! It definitely was not the best fic I could've written, but I hope you still enjoyed it (even it's a just a teeennnsy bit)


But before I go, I just want to say that this fic is dedicated to some very special people (you guys better know who you are!) whose presence has made my days this year pretty bright. So this is kind of a token of thanks (I’msorryit’ssocrappy) for sticking with me and talking with me and putting up with me.


So yes, to everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS again and here’s hoping your Christmases (or what’s left of it haha) are filled with joy and all kinds of flufftastic awesomeness.
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Re: Crimsonwing's Oneshots: Falling [a Team Baka/KumiYuri fanfiction]
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love the miimayu fanfic and the kumiyuri  :cow: :deco: :love: :love:
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