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Author Topic: Rival Forever? (NatsUme and various pairings)- Chapter 10 (Part 5) 16-10-2013  (Read 33938 times)

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Basically the government has a hit list and to save the girl they took her away from the situation at hand
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Sorry for the delays and the short udate. This is the end for the Bloody Summer, and will give you the mission chapter soon! Enjoy and sorry for the bad English!

Rival Forever?
A Little Piece of Story: Bloody Summer

“Where am I?” asked Natsumi as she looked around the room. Her heart was pounding of course after being trapped with another girl in gas mask and a wounded dummy, she has no idea where she is and more importantly her mother isn’t here. “Where’s my mother?”
“Relax! You’re in my room.” Said the masked girl, whom sounded annoyed. “And I think your mother is dead.”

“No..” whispered Natsumi, her eyes started to fill up with tears as the flash back came for her again. “No! She can’t die yet!!” yelled Natsumi as she run for the door, she pushed it open but it wouldn’t budge. She kicked the door and screamed to anyone that hears her to open the door, but no one came for her. Then she gave up and ended up slumping in front of the door, gasping for air as her throat hurts badly.

“Done with your tantrums yet?” asked the masked girl approaching closer to her. From her tone and the her body language, she doesn’t sounded pleased. Natsumi’s heart pounded faster as she came closer, she moved back but the door behind her refused to let her do more. “Now tell me, you must’ve hate the color red aren’t you?” asked the girl suddenly as she produced a red rose suddenly from her hand. Making Natsumi’s facial expression turned to fear, her eyes widened and she started breathing heavily.

“Get away from me..” croaked Natsumi due to her hurting throat. Her mind started to twist itself suddenly..

“What’s wrong?”asked the masked girl again as she came closer. “Ah, that’s right! It’s the last color you saw from your mother, eh?” Natsumi’s eyes widened again as if her eyes were about popped out. How could this girl knew about it?

“Stop it..”

Red.. The color of the strawberry sorbet that she wanted instead of ice cream..

“Stop it..”

Red.. The color of the sorbet that she just bought spilled on to her white dress..

“Stop it..”

Red.. The color on her mother’s shirt after the loud noise…

“Stop it..”

Red.. The color of the liquid that trickled down her mother’s smile before it faded…

STOP IT!!!” yelled Natsumi angrily after the flashback attacked her again. She trashed her head  as her hands clenched over her ears as if trying to crush her own skull.

A hand touched her forehead and suddenly Natsumi’s vision went blur in red before slowly it turns darker and darker into black. But one thing was sure, as soon as her vision went black suddenly her heart calmed down and stopped pounding. The flash backs stopped their attacks, leaving it in peace..

“Oka-san..” whispered Natsumi before she falls to the ground in peace.

“She’ll probably wake up tomorrow..” said Rapper. Her face was still covered by the gas mask but her dress was now black with some red frills on it, kind of like the ones that goth Lolita wears for tea party.

“Good job, Rapper..” said Sata as he took a sip from his drink in his hand. “Ah, having a daughter like you really made life easier.” Said Sata, little girl just stood there motionless. “My little daughter, O…”

“Dad,” cut Rapper suddenly. Her voice was sharp and annoyed too, “First of all, I am not little.” said Rapper in a deep tone especially on the “little” bit. “ And second, don’t call me with my name. My name is Rapper, and that’s it.”

“Fine.. You really do like your nickname, don’t you?” said Sata sheepishly as he took another sip. “I hope when she wakes up, your talent goes on work. It’ll be hard to train her if she kept on remembering things..”

“I assure you,  father. Matsubara Natsumi will definitely continue her family’s legacy..” said Rapper before she bowed politely to Sata and left the room without being dismissed. After the sound of the closed door roamed in the air, Sata sighed and pulled out his phone before dialing a number.

“Kiyoto? It’s me. Your request has been done.” Said Sata taking another sip. “Take care of your bike? Really, Kiyoto.. And what? Watch the government’s movement? Of course I will!” yelled Sata.
“There’s no way I’m letting that guy lay his hands on Matsubara Takagi’s daughter!”

The End

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Such a haunting ending to this fic.  It ends with death and a continuation of life
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Hmm, little? O? Who is Sata's daughter XD

It's interesting, I wonder if the Rapper is someone in the squad as well.
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Rival Forever? - OMG, ANOTHER SPOILER IS HERE!! (25-06-2013)
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Okay, SPOILER TIME!! Mwehehehehe    :twisted:


"Bloody piece of rock.."

"Two teams, different undercover."

"Nice eyebrows."

"First one to make it, got the job."

"Welcome to Le Cruz, fancy an ice cream?"

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Re: Rival Forever? - OMG, ANOTHER SPOILER IS HERE!! (25-06-2013)
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Rival Forever?
Chapter 8



A Week Before

"Target:  Mario Guerrimo, the boss of  one top mafia gang in the world, Le Cruz." Said Noro as she read through her file. We all hurdled around the table of our hotel room. Photos, maps, and classified folder lay in front of our eyes. My eyes caught the picture of a Latin guy in his forties getting out of a car, dark curly hair with a thick mustache and sun glasses. His hands were holding on a wooden walking cane with a metal carving shaped like a bat on it.

"Mission: Exterminate him and retrieve the Eye of Pablo." Said Yuka as she threw in a photo. It looks like a regular red ruby from the museum, but something was different somehow to me..

"The eye of Pablo is a magical artifact created by the ancient societies of south america hundreds of years ago. The color of red came from the blood of Spanish conqueror that were sacrificed in the process of making it. It's power is still mysterious, but it is believe to be one of the container of chaos power that caused the epic plague in Mexico that happened a century ago. " Explained Yuka as she went through one of her thick books that she had brought along. My eyebrows rose up, kind of sounded ridiculous to me if this was read to me before I knew the task force. But, this time my brain managed to absorb the unusual information now.

"Bloody piece of rock.." I commented, everyone stared at me then.

"Sorry. Just continue please.." I apologized.

"Pablo Guerrimo him self was said to be a descendant of the priest involved in controlling the Eye of Pablo. Making him also one of the toughest mafia on the planet since he can eliminate his enemies by his power over the stone. And not only that, he also got some mysterious bodyguards by his sides.." said Umeda Ayaka, throwing in four snapshots of each different person. One caught my eyes and made me smiling a little bit.

"Nice eyebrows.." I compliment, "kind of hard to find a woman with a thick eyebrows."

"Yeah.." added Yuko. The other midget rolled her eyes and took a sip of her drink, looking unsatisfied.

"Can't you both see the similarities of the bodyguards?" asked her boringly,

"They're all females." Yuko said.

"They're all looked Asian." said Noro.

"And they all looked Japanese.." I simplified, my eyes widely opened when I realized it. Yeah, they all have white skins, dark hair and the way they dressed.. Kind of teenage girls that hung out in Shibuya.

"Bingo." said Umeda Ayaka, putting down her drink. "Apparently, Mr. Guerrimo likes to recruit foreigners as his bodyguards. Especially Japanese."

"Why would he? Need an opponent or something for a sumo wrestling competition?" I asked sarcastically. I mean, that guy seriously looked pretty much like a Latin sumo wrestler already.

"He adores the Japanese since we have a hell of great mafias that he can make a deal with. From illegal Tobacco to drugs, all exported from him." explained Yuka before throwing in another picture to the table, my heart drops a bit when I saw the guy in the picture. Reminded me of the days before my betrayal.

"Sata Masaki, eh?" asked Yuko sheepishly. "Former bikers in the old days and now the head of 100.000 members of Yakuza that spreads across the country.."

"Not forgetting he's your ex-boss, Natsumi." said Umeda Ayaka as she sipped her drink again. My hands clenched and started sweating, remembering the day where I betrayed the guy that has took care of me. The day I pointed my gun at him..

"Any news about him?" I asked Umeda Ayaka, trying not to sounded so worried. But the girl just raised her shoulders

"So far the Government hasn't heard anything about his death yet." said her. I looked down, thinking what would happen to the old man once he's recovered. Hunting me down would probably be his top "things to do" list.

You're safe as long you stick with these guys.. I assured myself.

"Okay.." cut Yuka, "let's stick to the subject shall we?"

"Here's the plan, tomorrow Guerrimo will be having an open recruit to be his bodyguards. Yes, our source has sniff some Japanese most wanted criminals arriving tomorrow and we're splitting up. Two teams, different undercover.” Explain Noro, “One team will join the recruitment, the rest will join in later on.”

“Okay, cool..” I commented. Noro grinned at me, and somehow I don’t like that grin on her face.

“Glad you said that, because you and Umechan will join the recruit tomorrow as a team..” she said happily, while my jaw dropped instantly.

“What?? I’m partnering with her??” I asked sarcastically to the chubby ninja. She nodded and as for my assigned partner, she just continued sipping her drink. “What can this midget do anyway?” Ume’s eyes bulged when she heard the word and stopped sipping her drink.

“Oi!” she stood up and faced me angrily. “Don’t ever call me that!” she yelled. I couldn’t help myself not to grin though, after all I just found another thing to tease her with.

“Aren’t you one?” I asked innocently.

“Okay that’s it!!” she pulled out a gun from her pocket, which my body responded spontaneously by also pulling out El-Draco that hung on my waist all the time. We then ended up in a stalemate; she got her gun pointed to my head while my sword is just a few inches away from her neck.

“That’s enough you both!” spoke Yuka loudly, in a Kansai dialect. Making both of us stopped staring at each other and ended up staring at her, making her blushed slightly. “I mean it!” she added.

“Yuka’s right..” said Yuko throwing her soda can into the trash bin. “You can’t kill each other when you are both assigned as partners.” She said, but then she tilted her head slightly as if considering something. “Well, maybe you can but not now..”
The brown haired midget then eyed me dangerously before pulling back her weapon, to my surprise her brown eyes changed color slightly from deep purple before changing back to brown. I froze for a second there before realizing how odd situation has become, so I put back El Draco in it’s sheath.

Deep purple eyes.. Where have I seen that..?

As I tried to figure out the answer the meeting continues until Noro said it’s time to go to bed. But Umeda Ayaka then excuse herself to go outside for some fresh air when there’s actually a balcony in our hotel room, but then she said that she needs to have a walk around the city of Mexico first before the undercover just so she can get used to things. Yuko went to the bath and from the sound behind the door  (not that I’m eavesdropping on her) she seemed to be on the line with someone and started giggling unusually. Noro went to the hotel’s pool downstairs to have some swimming, leaving me and Yuka still sitting around the table, examining the folders again.
It was awkwardly quite between both of us until I decided to start the conversation.

“So..” I changed my sitting position slightly, “You and Ume going out together or something?” I asked innocently. Yuka blushed again, this time her face was redder.

“It’s not like that really, Natsumi..” answered Yuka quietly and still blushing. I could tell she’s hiding something.

“Then why do you have to lie to Sayaka when she asked you about why you came late?” I asked straight forwardly to her. Yuka’s eyes widened in surprise when I confronted her with such question.

“How did you..”

“Forget how I know it. Three of you were hiding something and probably Yuko knows it too, you all hiding something from me and Sayaka..” I confronted her, making the girl looked disturbed suddenly. “I may be new to this task force, but we’re a team now. Please don’t hide stuff from me, Yuka.”

“Natsumi, it’s not like that..”

“Then what is it?” I asked back. Yuka looked worried and disturbed more than ever now. She had put down her folders and leaned on her chair.

“I.. I can’t explain it to you..” I’m about to protest but Yuka still continuing her words, “yet. I promise I will tell you once it settles. Just don’t tell Sayaka, okay?”

I considered before finally giving in to her offer, I’m not going to push her further I think. “Fine.” I said, “But why would you lie to Sayaka? I mean she’s the captain of Team K, right?”

“The thing is Natsumi.. Sometimes being a leader like that carries big responsibilities. Not just for missions, but also to Team members too and sometimes it can led to unwise decisions.. “

“What you don’t trust her?” I asked. Yuka shook her head furiously.

“No! It’s not like that.. We just couldn’t let her be involved, since she has a lot of burdens already in her hands.” said Yuka.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll find out later on, Natsumi.. But for now..” Yuka faced me, “Please get along with Umechan, Natsumi. I know she could be a sharp tongue and easily offended when it comes to height..”

“Not to mention slightly arrogant and kind of annoying when she used her melodic voice..” I mentioned, Yuka glowered at me then. “Sorry, continue please.”

“Sigh.. I guess that too.. But the thing is, she’s a really kind person deep down in her heart. I know she is.. And also she might look strong but she’s actually weak, Natsumi..”

“Wha? What do you mean?” I asked. I’ve heard that before I think..

“Just please watch her back for me, Natsumi. Do me that favor and I’ll tell you what you need to know later.” asked Yuka. “I swear I will.”
I looked at her in the eyes, that gentle dark irises of Yuka. It calmed me somehow, making me nodded to her calmly.


Later that night, I crashed myself into one of the bed and took the ride to the dream world. But then the sound of flapping wind woke me up from my sleep slightly. I turned and saw the balcony door was open, the incoming wind made the curtains flapped which caused the noise. Luckily, my bed was located beside the door and I could hear people speaking there.

“She hasn’t come back from hunting?” the curious sound of Oshima Yuko was heard in my ear.

“Nope.” Said Yuka.

“Unusually long.” said Yuko. I could hear Yuka sighed then.

“The seal..” spoke Yuko. “It got loose didn’t it?” Yuka sighed again.

“Yeah.. Took two nights to tighten it.” answered Yuka briefly.

“And you’re not telling Sayaka?” asked Yuko.

“I can’t. She has enough burdens already in her hands, if she knew about this. She could lock her away for real.”

“Or kill her.” said Yuko. Making the tension goes silent somehow.

“I’m trying to figure out a way, okay? Been talking to Meetan and Kana about it..” said Yuka started to sound tired.

“Relax Yuka.. She’ll be fine. The seal got tightened again, right? And plus if there’s anything that’ll happen..”

“Yuko, I don’t know how Natsuki saw it. But that thing is dangerous!” said Yuka angrily somehow.

“But it’s the only chance to stop her if the seal goes off.” fought Yuko back. “I may not be good in magic and supernatural stuff, but I’ve seen what’s inside that thing Yuka. We both have.”

“Sigh.. I’m going to bed Yuko. This discussion is over.” said Yuka before I heard her coming closer. I close my eyes and pretended to sleep again, but then suddenly fatigue pulled me back into the trip to the dream world..


The Next Day

"Guerrimo's base is located on the country side of Mexico, takes probably two hours to reach it." said my partner when we finished breakfast. She had put on her black coat and a pair of boots. While as for me, I've put on a long sleeve jacket over my tank top and a camo pants that goes to my knees. I was surprised how the jacket actually made me feel chilled instead of boiling hot.

"It's heat proof, cold proof, fire proof, water proof, and bullet proof." said Yuka. "It deflects your heat temperature when your surroundings are cold and it charges battery for the mini air conditioner in the jacket by being under the sun.

"Whew.. Conventional." I commented. "Now how are we going to reach his place?"

"I was happy you asked." grinned Umeda Ayaka. "Our ride is in the lobby."

After saying our goodbyes to Yuka, Noro, and Yuko, we headed down to the lobby with our backpacks and found our ride parked just outside the lobby. A black Ferarri with some white paintings and some touches of green. on the wheels and some parts of the car.

I whistled, "Sweet.."

"Yep." she pulled out the car key and pressed the unlock button.

"I'm on the wheel!" I yelled excitedly when I grabbed the keys from her hand and got in the driver seat. She just rolled her eyes and got into the front passenger seat. I turned on the ignition and drove to the country highway. We were both silent for a while, until I decided to follow Yuka's suggestion.

"So.." I began while my attention is still on the lonely road. "Is it easy for your eyes to change color?" I asked easily. She turned her head towards me, I took a glance. Her expression was surprisingly nervous somehow.

"Did you see?" she asked back. I nodded.

"Well, it might only be my imagination. But since you asked just then, I assumed it's real." I answered back. "Spill it out, Umeda. If we're going to be a team, we need to know each other more. You know mine, now let me know yours." I said sharply.

"You can't." she said quietly.

"Why can't I?" I asked still focusing on the road.

"Well at least not yet.." she added. And with that answer, I stopped the car on the side of the road.

"Does it have to do with seals?" I asked. I peeked again and found her staring at me in surprise.

"How did you.."

"Look, doesn't matter how I know it. Like I said, if we are going to be a team at least let me know more about you." I said grumpily. She shook her head and looked away to the open side window.

"Tell me Natsumi, do you ever fear if there's something big inside of you?" she asked quietly in melodic tone. "Like an eternal anger that will never calm? You always feel angry all the time." she sounded sad.

"Not sure about it.." I replied. "But I do fear something like that to El-Draco." she suddenly snapped her head back to me.

"What?!" she yelled. "Don't tell me that Natsuki.."

"You've seen what's inside it haven't you?" I asked but then I remembered last night conversation that I heard in the balcony. "Yuko and Yuka have seen it too, didn't they?"

"Natsumi." she said once.


"Drive." she said.

"Tell me more, Umeda." I urged.

"JUST DRIVE!" she yelled. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Sorry.. Just drive back okay? We need to be there in 15 minutes." she said. I scowled but I did what she asked, soon we're back on the road.

"Sorry." I apologized quietly.

"I'm sorry too." she said. "I can't tell you the details, but I just got something inside of me."

"Something fragile?" I asked, focusing on the road.

"Yes, fragile." she nodded. "We're here." she announced.


The Guerrimo's base was huge. Like resort more likely to be located on the mountains in the country side of Mexico. We parked our car in the parking lot and walked to the lobby.

"Recruits?" asked the receptionist. We nodded before then he showed us the way to the pool. There, a bunch of people have gathered around the area. From a small genius looking to big bluff man like Togasaki, all gathered here. Like what information said, they all seemed to be Japanese and a nasty ones.. They all turned their attention to us as we came closer, some has that mocking face on to us.

"If they have something about height to talk about, I'll answer them with my bullet." said my partner annoyed.

"Look on the bright side, at least there's someone shorter than you." I said, eyeing the small genius looking man.

"Everyone has gathered?" asked a voice from the speaker, sounded like a female voice. There's murmurs of "yes" in the crowd, and considering it as a yes answer another group of people came. A four females around 18 or so, all dressed like teenagers in Shibuya, just like in the photos last night. One of them has the thick eyebrows that I compliment, she looked young but those eyebrows really gave a brutish look on her pretty face.

One of them stepped forward, a girl with brown straight hair and some weirdly purple extensions on it. "Welcome, recruits." she said. "As you all know, Mr. Guerrimo is looking for new employees to work for him. And since all of you have gathered around here, we can't recruit all of you at the same time, can we?" she smiled coldly. "A test will be lay out for all of you. But before I explained, please gather your ID cards to Yagi here. You'll get it back once you make it back here."

"Okay, get you ID cards and put it in this bag!" yelled another girl with the red extensions.She went around and offering a small knapsack to people and soon filled up with ID cards. I threw mine in too, AKB S.Q.U.A.D has secured the ID cards so that they have a fake identities once it got searched. Ume throw her's in too.

Once Yagi gave the signal that all ID has been gathered, the girl with purple extensions continued. "Now, we've seen some of your rides that you used to get here. Around a few miles from here, there's an abandoned town in the desert. A big stock of marijuana was stored there for some reasons and police are coming after it." she grinned. "We want you to get the stocks first before the police got it. First one make it, got the job."

"You're allowed to use your weapons and so on. You've seen how much payment you can get when you are recruited in the contract, so for those of you who were already used to things, look how easy you can get from killing people." she said sarcastically. I nodded, I read the contract last night, and oh boy.. I think I can buy three Ferrari each year with that much of money.

"We have some surveillance camera around the areas, so we can see how is it going. And we will be watching you all with this guy.." she continued, then a man came out from the door beside her. A man with messy hair and a white suit, he looked old to me and surprisingly childish since he's actually licking an ice cream in his hand, from the look of it it seems like strawberry ice cream.

"Welcome to Le Cruz, fancy an ice cream?" he asked offering the crowd his half licked ice cream. "Like Hell I'm going to give you." he then said coldly. His eyes suddenly went cold and glowering,which gave me a little goosebumps somehow. But there's more, his aura radiates some coldness to the air somehow..

"Okay you heard him. You got one hour to do it before the police started searching." announced the girl again.

"Your time starts now."

Sorry for the bad English, people. Fancy some pics? I hope you like it.

Matsubara Natsumi's El-Draco:

Umeda Ayaka's silver gun, Excessum 4:

Natsumi and Ume's ride: Ferrari F430 Toxic Splash (Green)

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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 8 (27-06-2013 UPDATE)
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Umechan and Natsumi get paired up for action although they don't see each other eye to eye and that seal seems to be a big secret within everyone.  I wonder how the past will catch up to Natsumi :nervous
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 8 (27-06-2013 UPDATE)
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Dammit you make me curious what will actually happen to Yuka XD

UmeNatsu in action! What will they do?

Thanks for the update!
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 8 (27-06-2013 UPDATE)
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Ahmmm.. Me like your fic~! :fap

Seems everyone not answering Natsumi.. :nervous

I wonder what are they hiding.. What's the big secret? Mystery~! :fap

Uwaaa~ Umechan and Natsumi paired up! I get to see some action! Hehe :thumbsup

I can't wait to witness everything! Can't wait for the revelations~!

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 8 (27-06-2013 UPDATE)
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@kurosawa87: Well, actually the past already kind of catch up with Natsumi.. It's in the few last paragraph of the chapter 8.   :nervous

@Yuki88: Hahahaha, sorry for keeping you anxious on what I'm going to do with Yuka. But please do wait for the awesome plan that I've got for her. And about UmeNatsu, I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with big mounted machine guns. :D

@kenjoy12: Thank you for your interest on my fanfic!  XD Well yeah, big secrets and mysteries are to be reveal soon. Yes, Ume and Natsu will do actions soon later!! But for now, please wait patiently for my next update :D

Fancy spoiler time? Sure.


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Rival Forever?
Chapter 9

“Your time starts now.”

As soon as she said it, the whole group ran towards the lobby. I ran as fast as I could and was actually leading, I was sure that Ume was way behind me when suddenly I felt a gush of wind beside me. The next thing I found then, the midget was already in front of me.

“You’re quick.” I grinned. She just raised her shoulders and kept running. Then suddenly I felt another gush of windswept just a few inches from my left cheek and the sound of glass breaking after being hit by something. The next thing that happened then, I felt more of it coming and passed my sides just by a few inches.

Great, someone just started the fun already and we haven’t reach the car.. I complained.

“Who’s on the wheel?” yelled Ume as we kept running and dodging the incoming. One suddenly got too close to her head and luckily it only got her hairs, but it’s enough to piss her off. “Okay, that’s it!” she pulled out her gun and shot behind without looking. From the sound of it, it seems like she hit one.

“Your turn!” I yelled and pressed the unlock button. I lounged myself on the passenger seats and Ume got to the driver seat. She started the engine and when the seatbelt sounded click, we hit the road.

Coming down the mountain was kind of hellish. There are many sudden turns and the idea of falling on the edge of the road was about the same as killing yourself. Thank God, Ume can drive swiftly as a street racer. She managed to get both of us safely to the bottom of the mountain without so much fright.

As soon we hit the bottom of the mountain, we drove on the dusty desert road. Thanks to the wind, the dust rose up to the air as our car passed the road. It was alright for a few moments until I heard something cracking behind us. I looked at the back and found a crack on the glass window at the back, then another one appeared after a gun shot.

“They’re shooting us!!” I yelled in panic.

“Sounds like a bad news…” said Ume kept focusing on the road.

“Since when being shot multiple times by the best criminals becomes a good news?” I asked sarcastically. Ume smirked and kept on driving, I rolled my eyes and kept watching on how much more can the glass hold on.

“It’s bulletproof, Natsumi. And if you’re getting bored being shot and doing nothing, you can try opening the dashboard.” Said Ume. I sighed and pulled the dashboard cover and found multiple buttons ready to be pressed on. “Suggesting you the black button, you’ll love it.” She added.

I did as what she said. And suddenly the car's roof folded up by it self and tucked in at the back seat. A platform suddenly rose up at the back seat and to my surprise, there stood an automatic machine gun ready to be fired. I smiled in relief and took off my seat belt and stand on the platform.

"Whoever made this things, I LOVE YOU!" I yelled to the air.

"Tell that to Kana." yelled Ume as she kept driving.

Okay, flat face made this?
I took my aim, there's a few cars already showed up behind. They gawk in awe as I grasp the handle, too late my smirks already shown on my face. They haven't start shooting again to us, and so I'd like to return the favor.

"SO LONG SUCKERS!!!" I yelled before going crazy with the machine guns. In a few seconds, countless of bullets flew in the air and hit the cars behind. I tried to aim only on to the engines and avoided the front mirrors as much as possible, tying to get something that I've been longing for since I bust out of my gang's head quarters.


The cars engines blew up, sending big mushroom of fire to the sky. Smokes and dust nearly blinded me from the view, and the heat.. Combined with the Mexican desert, it is hot as the oven. 

"Yatta!!!" I yelled with all my might, watching the huge explosion behind us. I would at least take out a few cars with that, making us on the lead. The last time I made an explosion like that was when I shot a barrel of fuel in the head quarter. It was a happy moment for a second before suddenly a bullet missed my head by a few inches.

"Whoaa!!" I stumbled. Luckily, I didn't fall on top anything or out of the car. I hanged on to the machine gun's handle and pinched my eyes, vaguely behind the smokes and dust I could see another car. Red Jeep with another mounted machine gun just like ours. Who's driving it?

"Ume, we've got a copy cat." I yelled. Ume took a glance at the side mirror, her expression was surprising. She was pouting and rolling her eyes.

"Natsumi, get back here." she said. "This is going to get rough." I did as she said and came back to the passenger seat, the platform sunk and the car's roof was spread out again on top of us. I can hear the bullets raining down on our back window.

"Okay, what are you planning?" I asked.

"Watch and learn." she winked to me. Suddenly she turned the wheel drastically to the right, making the car jerked to the right. But it doesn't stop there.

The car's point turned 180 degrees and now moving backwards.

I can see the the Red Jeep in front of us now, and the driver's face was beyond shock probably after seeing a car that just turned to face them and still moving backwards in a high speed. Forget about him, I think my face was worse.

"ARE YOU NUTS OR SOMETHING?" I yelled to the driver next to me. The young woman just smiled crazily and started laughing as if she was a little kid. I glared at her and suddenly looked at the direction we're moving, thank God that there are no cars heading towards us.

"Just watch the back!" she yelled. She pressed a button on the driving wheel and suddenly an automatic gatling gun appeared. Not only that, the driving wheel suddenly shrunk and turned into another form of steering wheel. Kind of like the ones in an airplane cockpit.

I just stare in awe as she started going crazy with it, sending more bullets to the red Jeep.

"Watch the back!!" she yelled. I glanced behind and vaguely saw a big truck coming in a high speed.

"Truck's coming!!" I yelled sarcastically. Ume just smirked and stopped shooting, the steering wheel turned back to normal. But we're still moving backwards.

"HOLD ON!!" she yelled and jerked the steering wheel to the right. Letting the incoming truck crashed in to the red Jeep, and sent another explosion to the air. I was too shocked to leave some comments or some swearing for the crazy driver next to me.

"Let's go shall we?" she said and start getting the car moving in the right direction properly, but still in it's top speed. As we drive on the dusty road, I made a mental note to my self not to let her drive again next time.

Unless I feel like for a heart attack.


No-one's POV - Le Cruz's HQ

"Got some information, Mayuge?" asked the girl with purple hair extension. She sat on a long couch as she watched a big screen showing the actions out there in the desert. So far she was impressed with the Black Ferrari since they've took out a few of their rivals already with some explosions, but the most amusing of all was when she saw the car moved backwards and started shooting bullets to the other car. Ending it with a sudden surprise, sending another big explosion.

"The driver: Umeda Ayaka, the youngest daughter of professor Umeda Yuuichi and professor Nara Akane. Both are famous scientists that discovered and proved some kind of ancient theory about biological weapons. The family was massacred ten years ago, and she's the only survivor. No more backgrounds about her, I'm afraid Comeback." said another girl who sat in front of a huge computer monitor nearby. Her thick eyebrows scrunched in confusement.

"What do you think, Kiyoto-san?" asked Comeback to the figure sitting next to her. The figure just continued licking his ice cream and stare at the screen blankly, his ice cream somehow started dripping on to his white suit.

"Umeda.. I think I've heard the name before." he said. "Their massacre case is still unsolved. No traces of clues and other thing that belonged to the suspect was found from the crime scene." he added. Comeback tilted her head as if trying to get the information into her head.

"Who's with her, Sanshoku?" asked Mariyagi who sat beside Comeback and was licking an ice cream. "Kiyoto-san, your Raspberry ice cream is delicious.." compliment Mariyagi to the man, earning a look from Comeback.

"The key of it is fresh fruits!" said Kiyoto winking to Mariyagi whom happily ate her ice cream. Comeback just sighed in annoyance.

"I got it." said another girl who also facing a computer monitor next to Mayuge. Unlike her other friends, she wears a colorful scarf around her head. "Matsubara Natsumi, the last member of Matsubara clan." Comeback froze and Mariyagi stopped eating her ice cream.

"Matsubara? As in the legendary Matsubara Clan?" asked Mayuge to the girl beside her, Sanshoku nodded. Comeback blew out a whistle and Mariyagi licked her ice cream awkwardly.

"Wow.. This year recruit isn't too shabby, isn't it Kiyoto-san?" asked Comeback. "Kiyoto-san?"

The man didn't answer nor licked his ice cream. His face was hard to read, either he is day dreaming or thinking about something.

"Kiyoto-san?" asked Comeback again. This time he jolted up to the call and suddenly grinned.

"Ahh, sorry about it." said Kiyoto. "Pass out a little there hearing the name." he added. Earning a look from each of the four girls.

"Passing out with your eyes open is probably one of your specialty, Kiyoto-san." commented Mariyagi licking her ice cream again.

"I suppose so.." he sighed. "Well, anyone wants ice cream? I need to get more ice creams." he announced as he stood up.

"Kiyoto-san, you're still holding your ice cream you know.." pointed out Comeback.

"Going to run out soon." he said with a grin. "Anyone?"

"Blueberry!" yelled Mayuge.

"Bubblegum!" yelled Sanshoku.

"And you..? asked Kiyoto to Comeback. The girl sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Mint with chocolate chips." she gave in. Kiyoto smiled again before walking out of the room.


N-one's POV - Out in the corridor

"Hey, it's me Kiyoto." said Kiyoto on the phone. "Your father's awake yet?"

"No, still lying on the bed motionless." answered the receiver shortly. Even her sentence was short, Kiyoto can easily sense the anger on the tone.

"Listen Rapper, you've got to take your father's place. Until he recovers, everyone will get confuse." said Kiyoto.

"Well guess what, Kiyoto? We lost about 20 people that night, and police drops by at the base. Why don't you come here and do it yourself?!"

"I can't. Lat time I've heard, the government is still hunting me."

"Then you're a coward. Just like that stupid Matsubara Natsumi!!" yelled Rapper on the phone.

"Listen, if you want to find her, get your powers back together. Gather the gangs and continue your father's work,you'll easily find her." said Kiyoto.

"Oh sure. Someone took her away when we cornered her that night, Kiyoto. And I got my self a bullet on my leg thanks to that!"

"Who took her away, Rapper?" asked Kiyoto.

"Can't see it's face, it's hooded just like I am now. But her weapon was a silver gun I think." said Rapper. Kiyoto's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Hmm.. Call me when your father is awake, Rapper." said Kiyoto.

"Did you found an information about that?" asked Rapper. "Tell me, Kiyoto. I swear I'm going to kill that girl!"

"If you want to revenge for your father, get your powers back together and find her." said Kiyoto sharply. "Remember call me when your father is awake." said Kiyoto before hanging up the call.

"Well, well, well... Matsubara's last heir is back." said Kiyoto to the empty corridor.

Sorry for the bad English and the bad descriptions and the lack of actions. I'm going for a holiday for a week so next chapter would probably be uploaded 2 weeks from now.

Hope you like it and see ya!!

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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 9 (01-7-2013 UPDATE!)
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Hhmmmm, what's with Sata and Kiyoto turning their back on Nattsumii when they were supposed to protect her back then? :/
Intriguing for sure.l

Thanks for the update ;3
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 9 (01-7-2013 UPDATE!)
« Reply #52 on: July 01, 2013, 02:58:26 AM »
I guess they might as well have fun.  Kiyoto and Sata are testing their abilities from afar
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 9 (01-7-2013 UPDATE!)
« Reply #53 on: July 06, 2013, 06:12:38 PM »
Hello people!!! I'm back from my holiday!!! :cow: :cow:

I got really tan, thanks to the coast areas.. BUT I have been typing for the next chapter!!  :yossi: :yossi:

Just before I revealed the spoilers, I found this video on youtube. And you know what? I LOVE IT!


"Get her away from here!!"

"Something doesn't feel right.."

"Cute girls."

"She's really enjoying this, doesn't she?"

"Why are you here?"

"How could you do this to me?!"

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Re: Rival Forever? - Spoiler for Chapter 10 + extra (06-07-2013)
« Reply #54 on: July 09, 2013, 11:38:48 AM »
Heyy, Chapter 10 is here!! I'm splitting it to a few parts alright? Sorry for the bad English and the compositions, but I got a little UmeNatsu moment there.. For Yuka's fans, Gomenasai!! *bowing deeply in 90 degrees angle*

Critics, comments, and suggestions are welcome!!

Rival Forever?
Chapter 10 (Part 1)

The room was on fire. Everyone tried to rescue one another with their powers, but they soon got weary of it. Some had some burn marks on their skin, a few parts of their clothes was left scorched by the fire, some people looked like having troubles with their breathings thanks to the smokes all over the place. Medics are having troubles to deal with the wounded ones.

“Are you okay?” asked Meetan to a girl who’s lying on the ground. The doctor looked a little younger and healthier. She put her hands on the girl’s chest and it glows as the lying girl released a relieved sigh. Besides her, other medics helped some more victims too. Chiyuu was giving a CPR to another girl and Maachan was attending a badly wounded girl nearby.
I looked around, the wounded increased quickly and some people were trying to put out the fire with their powers. But the fire became bigger for every minutes spent.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself. I approached the fire and touched it with my fingers, I was expecting a hot pain running through my fingers. But miracle happened, I don’t feel a thing at all..

What the… I thought to myself confused. I reached someone’s shoulder whom just walked pass and my hand just went through it.

“Am I a ghost..?” I asked to myself horrified. Before I knew the answer, I heard a loud growl from the fire. I walked straight into the fire and found myself facing a creature that only found in fairytales.

A twenty foot tall red dragon just stood there in front of me.

I just gawked at it and thankfully thankful that I’m a ghost. If I’m not, I was sure the dragon would have an enjoyable time to breathe some fire to me and turning me into a crispy fry or something like that. Suddenly something caught the dragon’s neck and wrapped around it, making the dragon yelped loudly. I saw chains wrapping around it and when I saw the edge of it, Noro was there pulling it tightly.

“Yuko, a little help would be wonderful here!!” she yelled. Yuko was on my right suddenly, her short figure was accompanied by Yuka. They both looked horrified at the dragon, as if they just saw a nightmare in front of them. “Yuko!!” yelled Noro again. The dragon struggled, making the chains rattled. Luckily Yuko snapped out of it and run to the nearest wooden box and pull out another set of chains.

“On it!” she yelled. The little midget threw it and it caught the dragon’s snout, she pulled and snapped it shut. She smiled and suddenly her expression changed as she yelled, “No!! Don’t come, Sae!!!”

I glanced to Yuko’s direction view and saw Sae walking limply towards the dragon with her fist wrapped around a long piece of metal with sharp edges. The tomboy’s expression was outrage; I can see her hand bleeds when it closed around the metal. But she doesn’t seem to cared, she just kept on walking with a murderous auras around her.

“Get her away from here!!” yelled Noro, struggling to keep the dragon in place. Before I could reach her, a hand stopped me from my left. I glanced quizzically at my left and saw Sato Natsuki standing there grimly.

“Natsuki..” I whispered. “You can see me?”

“Of course I can. How can I stop you if I can’t see you?” she asked back. Her face was extremely grim thanks to the dark rounds around her eyes, but she doesn’t seem to look much pale anymore.


“Just watch.” She said pointing back to Sae. I glanced and saw someone running towards her, she grabbed Sae’s shoulder and jerked her back so that she’s facing her. I closed my mouth as I horribly saw the sharp metal in Sae’s hand punctured the girl’s stomach.

“Sayaka!!” yelled Yuka. She ran towards the fallen girl and pulled the metal out, Sae was standing there looked horrified what she had just done. She saw her own hands, covered in blood and saw her surroundings in fire. Her face was terrified, her knees buckled and she covered her ears as she released a scream.

“Sae..” croaked Sayaka. The wound looked pretty bad and her face was drenched in sweat. She tried to get up, but then she coughed up some blood and moaned in agony.

“Sayaka! Please stay still!!” said Yuka. I saw her beautiful face in confusion, panic, and terrified. But she kept doing what she’s up to, which is healing Sayaka just like Meetan did.

“No.. Sae..” croaked Sayaka as she tried to crawl, making herself experienced more pain. Suddenly a pair of hand brought down the captain’s shoulder and forced it to the ground, knocking the captain out.

“Kana..” said Yuka. The flat face surprisingly looked worried and glanced sacredly at the raging dragon. She glanced back to the fire and another figure stepped in, turning everyone’s expression into horror.

“No way..” gawked Yuka with her mouth opened.

“I’ll take care of it.” said the figure. I recognized the melodic voice immediately without a doubt.

“You’re going to blow this place up!” yelled Yuko.

“I won’t, I promise.” She said. “Kana, get Sayaka to Meetan. Yuko, let go of it and grab Sae out. Yuka and Noro, I need you here.”

“You’ll die!!” yelled Noro. The figure smiled.

“I won’t. That thing’s power was about the same amount of power as mine, I should be alright.”

“You are not!!” yelled Yuka, Yuko, and Noro in unison.

“DO IT!!” she yelled back, making everyone looked taken back. “It’s the only way..” Yuko nodded and let go of the chains before dashing down to grab Sae’s waist.

“Sorry, Sae.” She said before dashing through the fire with the struggling Sae. Kana did the similar, she put Sayaka on her back before ran out of there. Leaving us with the dragon.

“Don’t overdo it..”said Yuka.

“Let’s see about that…” said Ume before she sneered. Her eyes changed color into dark purple and suddenly turned bloody red.

Kill.. I heard a voice in my head, making my body shivered.

Before I could see what happened next, Natsuki snapped her fingers. All around us freeze like statues, even the fire and the raging dragon.

“What the..?” I said.

“Memories..” said Natsuki. “Easier to be shown than to be explained. You want answers right?”

“But this…”

“Well it’s a part of it.” She shrugged. “You have to figure out the rest, Natsumi.”

“The dragon…” my eyes widened. “It’s El-Draco isn’t it?”

Natsuki nodded and looked at the frozen dragon. “Nearly burned down the whole building that day.. And as the captain, Sayaka was put on her last strike. If another thing happened, she
would be kicked out from the task force..” she said grimly.

“That’s why you’re hiding it from Sayaka..” I said. “About you and Yuka tightening Ume’s seals.. If she knew..”

“She would probably kill her.” spoke Natsuki before she glanced back at me. “You should probably head back now, Natsumi.”

“Wait! Head back to where?” I asked confusedly. But Natsuki just smiled thinly.

“It’s just a dream Natsumi. Go finish your missions now.” I don’t know if my eyes started playing tricks on me or something but I can vaguely saw Natsuki’s body started to disappeared, I looked at my hand and the same effect happened to me too.

“Wait!” I yelped to the girl. My brain started to malfunction again due to the weirdness around, but Natsuki just smiled again to me.

“Don’t be scared of it, Natsumi. You’re it’s master, it should obey you. Not the way around.” She said before the last part of her body disappeared into the thin air. I looked around, horrified. Then before I knew it everything was dark.


Le Cruz’s HQ

I opened my eyes and stared into the ceiling before I sat up. The room was surprisingly cold but my body sweats a lot as if I just got out of the saunas.

Or maybe the fire…

“You’re awake.” I looked at the balcony and found Ume’s figure standing in the balcony with her back facing me. “You really should eat a lot, you know. You know.. Stay healthy or something like that.”

“What happened?” I asked annoyed as I got out of the metal bed. Ume turned and threw something at me which later then I caught, it’s my ID card.

“You passed out when we drove to the small town. I got the package and got myself ambushed by the police and no one backed me up.” She eyed me coldly.

“Well at least you seemed to look alright now.” I said sheepishly as I head down to the balcony and stood beside her. The view there was amazing, the mountain ranges of Mexico spreads across the horizon.

“Took a few minutes to take care of them.. But in the end we got the job and when we returned you had a high fever.” She said.

“What?? I had a fever in the middle of the desert?” I asked in disbelieve, Ume just shrugged.

“Probably because of the heatstroke or something.” She said. “And the Guerrimo wants to see us at six o’clock tonight.”

“Roger that..” I said with a sigh. “I might take a shower first before that then.” I turned around but her hand caught mine, making me glanced at her. “What’s up?”

What she did next surprised me. She put her palms on both of my cheek and pulled it down towards her face, then she edged her forehead forward towards mine until both of them touched each other. I can feel my cheek grows warmer as I felt it blushing awkwardly.

Her face.. It’s so close..

“Ume..” I whispered nervously. “Just what are you doing..?” Her forehead was cold against mine, making me shivered a little. The thin lips closed to mine and her closed eyes formed thin lines on where her eyes supposed to be.

Everything about her.. Something doesn't feel right..

"Ssh.. I'm trying to check your temperature." she said softly. Somehow the awkward tension made me closed my eyes, I felt her warm breath for the first time since I was so close to her. But before I could enjoy more of it, I can feel her pulling away and with a matter of milliseconds she flicked my fore head.

"Ittai!!" I yelped as I rubbed my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw her grinning at me as if enjoying my agony.

"It's not as hot as yesterday, you should be fine." she said with a grin which made me scowled as I rubbed my forehead.

"Damn you, Ume." I growled. She poked her tongue out in victory before I turned to head to the bathroom.

~at six o'clock

I heard a knock on our door and Ume opened it. Two girls stood there by the door with the smug faces, I tried to kept my face as flat as possible. They came in to our room and when they looked at me, the one with purple hair extension beamed at me.

"Ah, you're awake!" she gleamed then she offered her hand to me. "I came back from the bottom of hell, Comeback." she introduced herself.

I took her hand simply, "I supposed so.. Matsubara Natsumi desu, yoroshiku." we shook hands then. The other girl with pink extension then offered her hand too, I recognized her by the thick eyebrows she has.

"Natural born. Mayuge~bon!" she said. And before it gets too awkward, she added "Mayuge desu."

"Right.." I said as I shook her hand.

"Ready to meet the boss?" asked Comeback. I just shrugged and followed her out, followed by Ume and Mayuge.


No-one's POV

~Mario Gerrimo's room

The hidden camera that has been set inside the room revealed it's results. Mario Guerrimo has been watching for a few minutes on his new employees, he was impressed by Comeback's report on the recruits and he looked pleased on what he saw in the big screen. He continued to smoke his cigar as he leaned leisurely against the sofa, in his other hand was a glass filled with smooth scented liquor that he adores.

"Cute girls.." he spoke in Japanese. He normally would speak in Spanish or Latin, but he found him self stuck in love with the Japanese culture. Making him eager to learn Japanese until he's fluent at it. Not only that too, he's not alone in his room. Another figure was leaning on his lap, slowly laying her head on it.

"Do you really thing that they are cuter than me..?" asked the figure with a seducing tone. Thick and heavy tone but giving it an ecstasy effect for those who heard it. Guerrimo glanced down and stroke the girl's smooth skin, making her moaned slightly.

"Of course not.." he spoke softly, bringing his nose to the girl's ear and nibbled it slightly and Made the girl moaned again in pleasure. "She's really enjoying this, doesn't she? The girl whom came to me just a while ago really enjoying this?" he asked on the girl's ear.

"Yes.." she whispered softly. The man's word really had tingled her ear and making her nape shivered slightly. "Too bad you only made me revealed my new lingerie~" she said seductively.

"Now.. Now.." he tried to assure the girl. "Now is not the right time.. I have to go down there in a few minutes to meet them."

"Do you have to?" pouted the girl. Guerrimo just smiled and got up from the sofa.

"Would you accompany me?" he asked as he offered his hand to the girl. "Masuda Yuka.."


AKB S.Q.U.A.D's HQ - Sato Natsuki's room

Natsuki opened her eyes and stare into the room. She only sat cross legged in the middle of the room for a few minutes, but yet she's panting and sweats quite a lot as if she just work out. She smiled and thought about what she had just done, even if it cost her a lot of energy. It was worthed.

"Welcome back, Natsuki." said a cold voice from the corner of the room. Natsuki glanced and saw a tall figure standing there, even there's little bit of light in the room she doesn't need more to know who's there.

"Sayaka.." she gasped. "Why are you here? How long.."

"Long enough to hear the whole thing." she said stepping closer to the clairvoyant. "How could you do this to me?!"

"Sayaka.. It's.." Natsuki's words were cut off by Sayaka's grasped on her collar.

"Don't talk rubbish, Natsuki. You and the others hiding it from me? Your captain?" she said angrily. "Your friend..." she said softly. Natsuki looked ashamed at the captain but in the same time trying to let go of the captain's grasp. No need for her to succeed, the captain suddenly fell towards her, knocked out.

"Sayaka!" Natsuki caught the captain's body then saw who done it, a girl with a childish face and a jet black hair. "Erepyon.."

"Hey Natsuki." said the girl. "Need some help?" she offered. Natsuki nodded and place the captain lying on the grong facing the ceiling.

"Could you delete some of her memories? The recent ones I mean.." she pleaded. Erepyon's eyebrows rose in an interesting peak, then she bent down beside the blacked out captain.

"You sure? If we're busted, we're doom you know.." she asked. Natsuki nodded then looked at the captain with a troubled face.

"It's the only way for the sake of Team K.."

To be Continued 

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Re: Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10~Part 1 (09-07-2013 UPDATE)
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Wow... what's inside Umechan? O.o

And then the UmeNatsu short scene there fufuffufuuf

And lastly...... Yuka, I don't wanna assume she's being double agent, so I guess she's being a spy here? Infiltrating using.. *ahem* sex?

Thanks for the update and No I'm not angry XD
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Re: Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10~Part 1 (09-07-2013 UPDATE)
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The first part was a dream for Nattsumii to see her concern.   Then the moment between the two :3

Natsuki loves playing with fire though
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10~Part 1 (09-07-2013 UPDATE)
« Reply #57 on: July 11, 2013, 03:51:37 PM »
@Yuki88 hmm.. That's going to be revealed soon, Yuki-san. Don't worry about it. Love UmeNatsu moment like yeah and don't worry I'm not letting baby Yuka to betray team K!!

@Kurosawa87 I suppose so, other than being a clairvoyant, Natsuki can control dreams too. And yeah pretty much everyone like to play with fire. Who doesn't?


"You've got to be joking me.."

"Pigeon Blood."

"You don't like ice cream?"

"I'm sorry for your loss.."

"Let's roll."

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Re: Rival Forever? - Replies + Spoilers for Chapter 10 (part 2)
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I thought Nattsumii have prophetic dreams.. :? Heehee :oops:

Scary Natsuki as if she's controlling everything..

Sorry late comment.. :bow:

Looking forward for your next up.. :thumbsup :bow:

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Re: Rival Forever? - Replies + Spoilers for Chapter 10 (part 2)
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Minna-san!!! *hugging my own thread* Sorry for the late update, school already starts and man, it really took my time greatly.. -___-

Anyway, here's the next part! Sorry for the bad English and Composition! Enjoy and please, critics, comments, suggestions are welcome!

Rival Forever?
Chapter 10 (Part 2)

Comeback and Mayuge gave us a tour around the base. The hallways were packed with some ornaments or displays of antique stuffs worth of fortunes. I recognized one of the painting on the wall as an antique painting that was stolen ages ago from a museum, seems like Guerrimo has enough money to make it his.

"Seems like boss really likes collecting antiques here.." I whistled amusingly, enjoying the hallways like going through a museum. Ume nodded in agreement as keeping an impressed face at the collections.

"Hmph, I suppose so." snorted Comeback. "Never really bothered to look at it my self." she added ignorantly.

After a few more steps we stopped in front of a heavy looking wooden door. Instead of opening the door, Comeback leaned to the nearest wall and crossed her arms across her chest as if waiting for someone. Mayuge also did the same, accept she pull out a phone out of her pocket and typed on it.

"Are we waiting for someone?" Asked Ume taking an empty spot on the wall to lean herself. Comeback nodded and glanced behind us, a smile spread across her face as my ears caught the sounds of footsteps coming closer.

"There you are." said Comeback lightly. I turned and saw a group of people coming closer with another faces that I recognized, a girl in colorful bandanna and the girl who collected our IDs, Yagi. Two more new figures also joining in the group.

"Sanshoku desu." introduced the bandanna girl to us. "These guys will also join you on tasks later on." she added, introducing the two figure behind them.

"Oshima Yuko." said the smallest figure between the two. She gave me one of her squirrel grin which later then I replied with a sneer.

"Noro Kayo." said the other figure. She gave a slight a salute to us along with a confident smile.

"Since we're all here, let's meet the boss shall we?" cut Mayuge quickly. Comeback opened the wooden door widely then and we all followed her into the room...


Last Night~

"You've got to be kidding me.." I groaned. "Don't you guys ever think that it's too dangerous?" I eyed them in disbelieve.

"You've got another plan, Natsumi?" asked Noro calmly despite my rudeness. I gritted my teeth because no I don't have any other plan.

"But.." I tried to spin my brain for an idea. "Come on Ume! You know this is dangerous!" I spoke to Ume desperately. Her facial expression was hard to read, either she's giving a thought about it or actually kept her anger low after hearing the plan.

"Natsumi.." she spoke. "I don't like it too, being honest. This plan of yours.." she eyed Yuka who stood next to Noro worriedly. "But that's our only chance to get closer to the target.."

"So you eventually agree with this?!" I asked sarcastically. Ume sighed in desperate before eventually nodded. That's it, I threw my hands up in sign of giving up.

"Don't worry I can take care of my self.." said Yuka carefully. Her face was just as hard to read as Ume's, she looked determined but I can sense a tinge of fright in her tone. I didn't say anything.

"Okay.." spoke Yuko finally after watching our little drama passing by. "So Yuka takes care of Guerrimo and we both..." she pointed to herself and Noro, "Will join another recruits session they have."

"Guerrimo also recruiting some "professional" thieves for some reasons. And it will also be held tomorrow." explained Noro further. "Me and Yuko will get job so we can all at least made a contact with each other better than transmitting with radios."

"Speaking of thieves, it's been a long time I haven't been one." grinned Yuko happily before being eyed dangerously by Noro. "Anyway.. We've got to be careful of those four girls there." she eyed the photos of Comeback, Mayuge, Yagi and Sanshoku. "We don't know their abilities yet."

I nodded as my mind to process the whole thing before glancing at Yuka. The risks that she put on is much more dangerous than ours.... I thought.

Yuka seemed to notice my worries and gave me a smile. "Don't worry I'll be fine, I'm a good actress. " she winked to me.

I swear my face blushed when she did that.


Back to Le Cruz's HQ

We entered the room and was offered the view of a long room with many windows on the walls just like in churches. Instead of being filled with many benches, there's only one grand sofa located in the front of multicolored windows in front of us. We approached it closer by walking on the thick red carpet that sprawls to the grand area, I can see three figures waiting for us there. Two was on the sofa and another one stood by it's side, watching us.

"Stop here." whispered Comeback to four of us. We stopped at our spot and formed a horizontal line facing the grand area, while Comeback, Mayuge, Yagi, and Sanshoku entered the grand area and stood next to the standing figure whom I recognized as the ice cream guy that I saw before.

Guerrimo smiled down upon us as he stood up from his seat and widely open his arm. "Welcome to Le Cruz!" he welcomed us. His mustache was shaved than we saw in the pictures, and despite of his wide flamboyant smile he has put on, I can see his eyes were surveying us one by one.

I kept my self cool and so does everyone else. I knew we're facing one of the top mafias in the world and not forgetting a descendant of ancient priestess with possibilities of magic. So yeah, being panic is not an option at all.

"Not so much of being talkative, eh?" he smiled again. "Very well.. I'm sure you all know what Le Cruz is all about. And since all of you past your tests, I will give you your very first mission.." he grinned before an large panel descended from above and covered the multi colored windows. An image appeared before our very own eyes, a pair of transparent sandal decorated with many precious stone was displayed in a glass case and surrounding it were armed polices. The image zoomed closer into a part of the sandal where a big rosy colored ruby was attached there.

"The stone there is an abnormal kind of rubies. It has a darker color than other regular rubies due to some rare chemical reactions that occurred in the process of forming the stone thousands of years ago. Because of it's dark color, the stone was better known as Pigeon Blood." Guerrimo began to explain with his hands in his pocket. "Legends said that the stone holds a mysterious power, powerful enough to start a world war III." he smirked. "I want you to get it for me."

I raised my eyebrows after hearing his explanation, my mind raced to figure out ways on how is he planning to use it once he got hold of it. I kept myself to stay composed as much as I can, glanced a little to my left when Yuko raised her hand.

"So you're saying that we'll have to steal some kind of so called "magical" item there?" she asked with a confused reaction. Guerrimo caressed his cheek as if he's trying to figure out on what is he gonna say next.

"Well... Apart from the legend, the stone it self was a rare item which cost quite a fortune in the black market. Many collectors are willing to pay for such a beautiful stone like that." he replied with a contemned eyes. "The stone will be displayed in two days in an exhibition at the a famous museum in United States. I will be invited as a guest on the launching of the exhibition and I expect the museum will be packed with securities."

"Wait! We're going to United States?" asked Noro in surprised. Guerrimo nodded and carried on.

"I have secured some save passages for our journey there, so most of your criminal records wouldn't make a loud beeping noise in the custom area." said Guerrimo with a sharp tone and a careful eyes towards us especially Noro. "The four of you will go as a team in this mission. Each of you have your own abilities, and I expect this would be done perfectly without the alarms going off."

"Understood?" he asked to all of us, I nodded and so does everyone else. "Good, the museum layouts will be distributed by Comeback and you have two days to figure out your moves for the day." he went back to the sofa but didn't sit on it instead he offered his hand to the figure who's sitting on the sofa. My eyes caught the familiar curling lips filled with hunger for a split second, a tinge of worry dropped in my mind.

"Stop worrying, I'll be fine." her words replayed on my mind. I gulped in nervousness but I managed to keep it cool, slightly.

"Best of luck to all of you!" yelled Guerrimo before he left with his arm wrapped around the slim waist. Before the door closed behind them, I caught  the vulgar view of Guerrimo pecked on the girls lips. I looked to my side where my partner stood and saw a flickering pair of purple irises. I could feel a slight of dark aura swirling around her and for a split second I thought that she's gonna blow up. Thankfully Noro put her hand on her shoulder as if she sees it too.

She shot a relieving yet confident smile before she looked at Comeback. "So we're really going there? United States I mean.."

"Yep. We've read each of your records, each of your criminal records." snickered Comeback. "Noro Kayo, known as Queen Joker. The famous thief who broke in to the San Francisco Museum a few years ago and stole the "Azure Blue" Saphire worth of twenty five million Dollars.."

"That's me.." sighed Noro in surrender.

"Not to mention getting hunted by the Interpol for stealing other precious stones worldwide." continued Comeback as she settled on the abandoned couch.

"Yep, that's me.."sighed Noro again.

"We've secured your pass for later,so you don't have to worry much about it." said Sanshoku sitting on the couch next to Comeback before she glanced at Yuko. "Oshima Yuko, known as Cyber Squirrel. Graduated from University in the age of 15 before making it to the most hunted hackers on the planet after hacking into the NAVY SEALS network."

"I miss that name.." hissed Yuko. "I haven't been touching computers for a while now.."

Sanshoku shrugged, "Your name is still on the list you know." she pulled out a tablet and slide her finger upwards towards the large panel. Yuko's face pops up on the screen with a few information on the side. I whistled lowly when I saw the price for her head.

"Five million?" I glanced at Yuko with a raised eyebrows, Yuko shrugged in pleased. I never really thought that she was a hacker, all I know for a fact was that she's really smart despite her squirrel figure.

"Ah, by the way..." said Mayuge as if she just remembered something. She glanced at me and smile before approaching me and grabbed into my hand, "I'm honored to meet you, Matsubara-san." she said as she shook my hand like a fan girl meeting her idol. My eyebrows raised again and glanced at Ume for help.

The midget just shrugged in enjoyment, I scowled and mouthed "not helping" to her before giving an awkward nod at Mayuge.

The thick eyebrows girl just smiled happily, "I've heard a lot about the Matsubara family, and I can't believe that I've got to meet one!!" she said. I froze for a second after what she said.

My family..? The truth is, I never know my own family.. I mean, since the gang took me in, I don't remember anything else..

All the sudden my head starts to throb hard painfully that I let go off Mayuge's hand and clutched my head as well as closing my eyes. Strange images starts to play on my head, a grave stone and an image of bloody red ice cream. My knees sunk all the sudden and before I completely fell, I felt an arm caught my body and supports it.

"Oii, Natsumi!!" the voice of Ume played in my ears. I opened my eyes hazily and saw her cradling me in her arms as everyone else gathers around us all. "Her fever broke out again!" she said after placing her palm on my forehead. I closed my eyes and cursed in my mind for this weak body of mine as my head was hurting again.

Damn it... Why now?! I cursed. Stupid Natsumi...


I opened my eyes hazily and stared into a the blank ceiling, I sat up and felt a cool napkin fell into my lap. I picked it up and put it back on my forehead as recalling my mind to play my last memory as best as it can, which ended up making my head hurts again, slightly. I shook it off and looked around the room. Simply small with painted white walls, a curtain divided the room into two small section and behind the opened curtain, I could see another empty linen bed like mine.

"You're awake."

I glanced at the source of the voice and found the ice cream guy standing by the door as he licked his ice cream. He was licking a white creamy ice cream as his other hand was holding a familiar ice cream and offered it to me, it was the identical one as the one in the images. I shuddered slightly as my eyes stared at the bloody red ice cream.

"What? You don't like ice cream?" he asked.

I shook my head as keep on staring at the ice cream before glancing to him, "Isn't it a bad idea to give ice cream to someone who just passed out a while ago?" I asked. The guy chuckled but still offering the ice cream to me.

"Nonsense! Ice cream is for anyone, even people who has tonsillitis surgery are encouraged to eat ice cream." he said.

I shrugged, "if you say so.." I took the food nervously and stare at it before taking a lick. The taste of Raspberry burst into my tongue all the sudden, making me wonders trucked.
"Oishii!!!" I exclaimed happily. I haven't ate ice creams for a while, the last time I remember eating them was after one dinner party on Rapper's 12th Birthday party. Come to think of it, it really has been a long time.

"Glad you like it, I made it my self." said the guy taking a seat on a chair next to the bed. "I'm Kiyoto by the way, the security supervisor of this place." My eyes widened in surprise after hearing the confession. Well you don't see a security supervisor of a mafia group that has good potential to open his own ice cream shop.

"You seem to be just fine to open your own ice cream parlor instead of working here, Kiyoto-san." I praised as I continued eating the ice cream. "So where am I? Where are the others?"

"You know, I might actually do that after I retire.." he said dreamily as if he's considering it. "This is the hospital wing and your friends are probably in the common room now to figure up the strategy for the upcoming event." he explained. I nodded awkwardly as I continued finishing my ice cream.

"You know, you really looks like your parents.." he said, making my tongue froze midway before touching the ice cream.

"You know my parents?" I asked, putting the cup of ice cream on my lap. My heart throbs with the guy possibly knowing my family past in front of me. "You know my family, then?"

Kiyoto nodded, "Well, Matsubara clan's name hasn't been popping out these days but their powers are something to be remembered by everyone for centuries. Especially in the world of assassination."

"My family is..." I said shakily before he cuts me off.

"I wouldn't be surprise if you don't know your family history at all, Matsubara-san. The truth is, your family was annihilated before you were even born." he said. My eyes widened in shock hearing it, the truth of my family...

"Then how could I..."

"Your parents was the last bit of the clan who survived the annihilation. They managed to give birth to you before death comes for them." he explained. "You are the last of Matsubara, Matsubara Natsumi-san."

"I...I.." I was speechless hearing the information and without realizing that a tear drops on my cheek before it trails down. "Who..."

"Unfortunately, that's a mystery." said Kiyoto looking at other direction. "No one knows who did it, many tried to solve it an failed. Matsubara clan's annihilation was put into the 'unsolved' files. And still remains as a mystery.."

"I..." I couldn't say anything after hearing all of it. For the first time I felt my heart empty as the vast desert, feeling it blown the wind of sadness and desperation. I couldn't help not to let another tear drops.

Kiyoto watched me carefully as he expressed his sympathy. "I'm sorry for your loss.." he said. "Your father is a good man. A professional guy who loves his family dearly." I sniffed hearing it and looked at the sympathetic face of Kiyoto. "Your mother is a great woman too. Not letting opportunities slipped by her hands all the time.."

I looked down to my melting ice cream, after hearing the stories I couldn't help to think how much fate has made me suffer so far. Planning to make me insane somehow by the looks of it.

Kiyoto raised from his chair and head towards the door to leave me to rest. When I saw the door opened, I urged my self to speak.

"Thank you, Kiyoto-san.." I spoke slowly, processing my mind again. "Thank you for your condolences.." I said before lifting my ice cream, "Thanks for the ice cream too by the way!" I grinned sheepishly. Kiyoto just grinned back before stepping out of the room, leaving me completely alone..


Two days later: A famous Museum in New York, US

"Thirty seconds before the security breakdown starts." informed Yuko through the earpiece.

The voice of the party held on the main floor was loud enough to secure our hiding spot on top of the building, especially with Ume scanned the surroundings with a binocular. I pulled out a laser cutter from my pocket and looked at Noro for confirmation. The black dressed ninja nod was enough for me to traced a circle big enough through the glass with the cutter, once I've done that Yuko's countdown played in.











"Security breakdown: starts! You have ten minutes until it goes on again." hissed Yuko as the sound of furious typing rustled on the line, Ume approached us quickly.

"Coast clear, hopefully." she informed. Noro curled a smile she leaned in to the hole I made earlier.

"Let's roll." she winked before sliding herself in.

To be Continued

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