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Author Topic: Rival Forever? (NatsUme and various pairings)- Chapter 10 (Part 5) 16-10-2013  (Read 34602 times)

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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10 (Part 2) 07-08-2013 UPDATE
« Reply #60 on: August 07, 2013, 07:27:03 PM »
Lol seriously I reread this fic only yesterday night and now you've updated it. About time! XD

Yuka's position here is really dangerous but good thing she's a good actress... but still, I'm so afraid of what will happen to her when the mission's over.

And haha Yuuko is a cyber squirrel... but she is an assassin, too. Insane genius  :shocked:

Natsumi's family background....... and Kiyoto, with Kiyoto connecting to Sata, I wonder if he will reveal about Natsumi's situation to Rapper.

Can't wait for the next update!
Yeah I know school is time-costly.  :banghead:
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10 (Part 2) 07-08-2013 UPDATE
« Reply #61 on: August 24, 2013, 07:27:04 PM »
@Yuki88: Hahaha, I guess so. School has taken most of my time lately  and it was quite worthed I think since I got a perfect score in the latest chemistry test *yeay* and eventually was chosen as a back up for the district representative for the upcoming national English Debate Competition *another yeay*.
Anyway, yes Yuko is the insane genius. I think about how Yuko was often praised for her multiple talents that she has, so it kinda inspire me to make her as multi talented character too.. About Natsumi's next fate, all I can say is that her fate will be in Kiyoto's hand.


"I'm listening~"

"You're not the only ones.."

"Thank God I brought you both here.."

"Stay out of this!"

"Jane. Jane Doe.."

Author's voice chimes in: J..J..Jane.. D..Do..Doe?! Find out more on the next update! Mean while, please do wait for this sarcastic author to complete it nicely! Yoroshiku!!

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Re: Rival Forever? - Spolier for Chapter 10 (Part 3) 25-08-2013 UPDATE
« Reply #62 on: September 04, 2013, 04:04:41 PM »
Helloooo~ Cometerz48 is here!!

I finally managed to type this chapter in the middle of my school projects and stuff, and so I'm bringing you the next Chapter~
ps: Sorry for the English mistakes that might be found in this story and Atsumina shippers, I'm sorry too~

Critics, Suggestion, and comments are welcome! Silent Readers, don't be shy!!

Rival Forever?
Chapter 10 (Part 3)

After snuggling our self into the hole, we found our self standing on the attic of the building. The sound of the party bellow was loud enough to conceal our footsteps upon approaching a wooden trap door.

"Coast clear. The corridor bellow you should be empty since no one is in the sight of the security camera." said Yuko through the earpiece. I carefully pull the trap door open and jump down into the corridor. The sound of my leather boots landing on the iron floor was soft yet still made me winched, I turned 360 degrees of my surroundings and found it all empty.

"Clear." I whispered to double check before the other two jumped down. "Yuko, is there anyone on this floor?"

"Should be not since I've sneakily mess up their patrol schedule. Natsumi, go straight forward and turn to the next right turn where there should be a gate there. I've unlock the access there but hurry before it closes by itself!"

"Got it!" I signaled Noro and Ume to follow me into the directions Yuko gave me. After a few minutes later we managed to approach a big heavy vault door with equipped with security coding lock. Noro stepped forward and pull out her device, she started typing codes into it after plugging in a cable connected to the lock. With a few seconds of rustling it opens.

"Bingo~" said Noro happily before opening the vault door. But suddenly a red light jets out towards her face where she peeks behind the door, she managed to dodge it and the light jets to the wall behind. Noro cursed, "Backup Infrared sensor, as expected of this place."she carefully avoided the infrared light and open the door wider before stepping in.

I carefully slipped in and amazed how big the vault door was hiding behind it, a long corridor with many displays along the side. From necklaces with jewels and luxurious stone to a crown in velvet embroidered with precious goods. In the end of the corridor, a display was standing gracefully and elegantly as if it was the main star of the room and I can see the gleaming red to where I'm standing.

"Wait." said Ume before any of us started walking towards it. She produced a bottle of baby powder from her pack and pour some on her palm, she avoided my questioning gaze and blew the powder towards the corridor. To my surprise, the powder that were flying through the air stopped mid way and formed bits of strings in the air, Ume blew more and more strings showed up, forming webs of string on the corridor.

"Back up invisible infra red.." she murmured in a pleasing tone, I can tell she likes it judging from the small stretches she's doing as she stare at it.

"Crap, I hate this thing.." growled Noro as she joined to stretch too. "How come Yuka got the easier bit?~" complained her.

"Because these are your speciallity, Noro.." said a new voice in the earpiece. I smiled hearing the voice and I was sure that Ume was happy too hearing her girlfriend on the line. "Now, the ceremony is about to start and from what I'm seeing, the security haven't notice the alarm issues yet. So please hurry up!" she whispered in the earpiece.

"Yuka, is everything alright?" I asked her. "Guerrimo's with you?"

"He's getting a drink now and meeting with his colleagues, but Comeback is near me. So I can't talk much Natsumi.." she whispered back.

"Yuka," spoke Ume suddenly, "just be careful there.." she said. I imagined Yuka smiling by herself a little since there was a pause after Ume's words roamed through the network.

"You too..." she replied. "All of you.. I'll be listening~" she said before cutting the connection. I stared at Ume with a smirk, ready to tease her. But when I saw the look on her face, my smirk faded. The midget's expression was worried as if something bed was going to happen.

"Ume, you're okay?" I asked her carefully. She winched as if she just came back to Earth and shook her head.

"I'm fine." she replied shortly but enough for me to detect a tinge of worry in her tone. "Come on Noro, Natsumi you stay here and guard the door." I nodded and watched the two in action. They zigzagged  the strings in the air expertly, curling their body through narrow openings, rolled swiftly on floor without touching the strings, and stopped once in a moment to blow more powder before they reached the target.

"Ume got the highest score in gymnastic class back there." said Yuko through. "Noro and I was the second."

"I can see that well.." I commented as I watch them fiddling with the display. Suddenly, my ear caught a noise behind. I turned and pull out El-Drago from it's steath, I stood there as I narrowed my eyes to the empty scene. "Yuko, is there anyone near us?"

"Holy shit.." Yuko swore, "Natsumi, a virus just attacked my computer!!"

"What??!!" I said loudly. God, right now??

"I can't..." the sound of rustling keyboard played in, "I can't break it!!" yelled Yuko panicked. I glanced behind and saw Ume and Noro's face of horror after hearing Yuko's announcement. I can see the gleaming red target in Noro's hand already. I signaled them to hurry back before feeling a gush of hot wind past me, I caught the sight of it and watch the tiny object crashed into one of the display glass and triggered the alarm.

I was about to yell some swearing before eventually got cut off by an unexpected attack from the door. I raised my sword and successfully blocked the attack then found my self staring at a pair of brown eyes with my sword crosses with another between them. I kicked the figure and it manage to dodge it gracefully and jumped back towards the vault.

I took a quick look at the figure, dressed in black, she was tall, slender with perfect model face framed with short brown hair and a curved sword in her hand. I noticed she wasn't alone, two other figure was standing behind her with one holding a gun in her hand. The one holding the gun was short, shorter than Ume to be precise, dressed in black along with a tall hat sat on top of her brown hair flowing hair. The other figure was also slim but about as tall as I am, brown hair and a simple black dress, the look on her face was triumphal.

"You know Noro, you're not the only ones that has an eye on that jewel.." said the triumphal face in a sweet tone. Noro who stood beside me growled lowly.

"Sato Yukari.." gritted Noro, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh don't worry, we're just on a mission here." she replied "How about you? Having a little flashback here, Noro?" she said sharply sweet. Noro was taken back by the last word as if she just punched her straight on the perfect spot.

"You.." growled Noro. I never seen the calm Noro goes berserk like that before, she was growling and I could tell she's going to blow up soon. But before Noro can start, Ume stopped her.

"Not here." she eyed the three new companies dangerously. "We're on a mission too involving this object. Therefore, we have the right to object any types of action that will cause failure to this mission."

"That's a pity.." spoke the short one. "But I'm getting it." she said with a flash of movement. My eyes was too slow to see her movement and the next second I knew was both midget has already standing in a different position than seconds ago. "Umeda Ayaka, still trying hard to control your power?" she smirked. Ume stared much more dangerously in reply at the midget. She was biting her lips and her eyes had turned purple again.

I heard footsteps coming closer as well some yelling in English, I could tell the security guards are coming and staying here would be a bad idea. I don't need for the other three to agree, so quickly pulled out a smoke bomb out of my pocket and threw it to the first guard in sight. Soon, the room was filled with smokes as I ran back to the attic followed by the other two. Once arriving at the hole at the glass roof, another sword attack and a smirk welcomed me which I managed to block it with El-Draco again.

"You really like surprises, don't you?" I complained at the smirking girl as I pushed hard on her.

"Pretty much.." she answered in a sadistic tone before jumping back to where her companies standing. "Now, give us the stone." she said dangerously.

"Thank God I brought you both here.." sighed Noro before she threw a knife towards Yukari. The girl dodged it and welcomed Noro's punch with and opened palm.

"My, my, my.. What kind of a ninja are you? The ones who can't keep her nerve down?" asked Yukari in a mocking tone. Noro growled and pulled out another knife and chased Yukari who jumped to the next buildings.

"Oii, Noro!!" yelled Ume, she was about to chase the ninja before her path was blocked by the model in black.

"Stay out of this!" said Ume trying to move past her. But the model just swiftly followed Ume's movement until she was completely unable to move anywhere. Pissed, Ume pulled out her gun. "Get out of my way, Mariko."

"Sure, after we got that stone." replied the smirking model before diving in to dodge Ume's bullet. As she dived, her sword made a screeching sound as she dragged it on the floor towards Ume's legs, but the midget just jump over it and aimed a flying kick towards her opponent. I can see her eyes were flickering purple now..

"She has improved.." compliment a voice next to me. I saw the other midget standing there as she watch the uneven fight of heights in front of her, the look on her face was pleased but in the same time she seemed quite cautious. When she noticed that I was watching her, she jolted up a little as if she just remember that I was beside her. "Ah, you must be Matsubara Natsumi aren't you?" she asked pleasantly. "My, my.. So the news of new member of Team K turned out to be true, eh?"

"Yes, I am Matsubara Natsumi." I replied coldly. The look on her eyes and the way she spoke was quite an opposite if I were to judge, her voice was friendly but the eyes weren't. Her eyes were filled with.. Hunger

"Well nice to finally meet you."she grinned. She put her gun into her pocket and pulled out a silver rod with a heavy edge on the end. "Mariko seems to be taking care of the jewel. It's a pity, I missed holding expensive stone like that.."

"Don't underestimate her, Midget." I said sharply. I can see a nerve on her forehead and the sound of "tsk" produced from her lips, I can tell she's about as pissed as Ume when it comes talking about heights.

Her cheek blushed red, "Dare to call your senpai a midget?!" she said out loud. I can tell she's gonna blow up soon, so I just gave her my best angelic smile that I have.


She swing her metal rod to my head that I managed to dodge before welcoming an attack from her heels towards my stomach. So far her attack hasn't got me at all but I can feel an unusual power each time she swing that rod, like flickering red auras coming out of the rod. When it hit my shoulder, I winched and cried out. I used to receive a lot of hit from metals like that but this time was a hundred times worse than that, other than the strong force, the rod was molten hot as if it was on fire. When it hit me, I felt like my bone crackled and burned at the same moment.

"Natsumi!!"yelled Ume noticing my condition, she was about to approach me when Mariko blocked her way again.

"Let Minami have fun, Umeda~" said Mariko with a smirk before attacking Ume again.

 I staggered back and gripped my injured shoulder, I looked at the spot where the rod managed to hit me. The place where the black fabric supposed to be on my shoulder was scorched and smoking but no hole at all. I gripped on my sword and managed to parried her hit towards my head before she pulled out her dagger to my chin. I froze and cursed, her dagger's point punctured a little of my part of my skin on my neck, making a little tinge of pain that was way better than my shoulder. This time she smiled angelically and moved her face to my right ear.

"You know, you're quite skilled as a swordman and a fine lady.." she said seductively. My eyes widened hearing the sudden tone, it was as if Meetan speaking to me for the first time. I can feel her warm breath on the side of my face as her dagger still close to my neck, and with a quick move she moved her face to my neck. I gasped as I felt something wet over the little hole where the dagger punctured, unstintingly making me moan in pleasure. "My, my.. You're delicious too~"

"Minami, if Atsuko knows..." called out Mariko nearby.

"Who cares..?" said Minami as she swift back to my ear. I groaned as I feel the soft lips on my ear and nibbling it. "I have one thing to say more though to you..."she whispered. I can feel her warm breath again before she took a deep breath.

"DON'T EVER CALL ME A MIDGET!!" she yelled to my ear all the sudden. My ear popped like crazy as the loud yell went through my ears, I was black out for a moment and paralyzed. I tried to open my eyes and it was fuzzy, my right ear was hearing strange "singg" noise.

I shook my head and saw the Midget who just defeated me standing, her metal rod was pointed under my cheek where the dagger was a few moments ago. My shoulder is still hurting like hell as I tried to move it.

"Don't even think about it." said Minami. "You won't do until that thing is properly healed.."

I sighed, "Well in the mean time, what should I call you?" I asked annoyingly. Minami just grinned in victory and turned her back.

"Takahashi Minami." she said, "But in the mean time I'm Jane. Jane Doe..."

To Be Continued

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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10 (Part 3) 04-09-2013 UPDATE
« Reply #63 on: September 04, 2013, 06:29:17 PM »
Thanks for the update! Yay!

And... hollllluyyyy cowww, team A vs K rivalry? Will we see team B too later? 8D

Noooo Nattsumii don't lose to the midget!

Hmm, Yuuko got attack by virus? This means a hacker who's more skillful is with Mariko's group. I wonder who she is hmm~
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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10 (Part 3) 04-09-2013 UPDATE
« Reply #64 on: September 07, 2013, 04:53:32 PM »
@Yuki88: You're welcome. Yeah, I decided to write a rivalry between Team A and K. I might add Team B in too I suppose as this fic goes~ Natsumi vs Takamidget, eh? You know in real life I think those two dances well~
And I don't think I'll need to tell who's Yuko going against... *mwehehehe*


"Only you can do that.."

"Minami~ I heard that."

"I won't not give it to you."



Author's voice: What will happen next?? What will happen to UME??!! Find out on the next chapter!!!

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Re: Rival Forever? - Spoiler for Chapter 10 - Part 4 + reply
« Reply #65 on: September 22, 2013, 05:38:02 PM »
Heyhooo~ Cometerz is back with a new chapter!! Sorry for the delays, I was focusing for NSDC for a lot of time and wasn't able to upload the next chapter.

Well here it is, sorry for the bad English. Please do leave some comments, suggestions, critics, blabber, or anything else, I would be pleased to answer every single of them~  XD

Rival Forever?
Chapter 10 (Part 4)

No one's POV

Not far from the two team's fighting scene, an opened window of a nearby building was opened and revealed a girl sitting in front of her laptop and typing furiously. Despite the cool air of the night, she was sweating especially around her forehead. The computer screen was beeping in red abruptly as she type faster and harder. In the end she threw her hands up in surrender and frustrated, she grabbed the wireless mouse and threw it across the room. It shattered to pieces after the object hit the wall and Oshima Yuko was left with a beeping computer screen and pissed heart.

Those virus... Only one person could do that.. Thought Yuko as she leaned on her chair back to the window and took some breaths as she tried to calm herself down.

"I hope you guys are fine.." she spoke through her earpiece needlessly. She knew the connections were cut by the virus attack and now she's hoping the rest of the crew isn't helpless.

"Sure they aren't since you're all break in to one of the museum with the toughest security system in the world." spoke someone sarcastically from her back. Recognizing the voice instantly, Yuko automatically pulled out her gun and turned her chair around, there standing at the window was the figure she was expecting and Yuko wasn't pleased.

"What are you doing here?" she growled to the figure.

"Our mission, you're not the only ones with a mission similar to us." said the figure simply. As it get closer, the lights started revealing more of the figure's appearance. She was certainly taller then Yuko with short black hair and a pair of glasses, sneering, she took off her glasses and secure it safely.

"I knew it. Only you could do that..." said Yuko still pissed without lowering her gun to the figure. "Team A's Ace, Maeda Atsuko. Ace and also one of the greatest virus creator of all time."

"I appreciate your justification of me, Oshima-san." she sneered. "Despite being easily overcome by my virus, of course."

"Go away Maeda, our mission is much more important than yours!" said Yuko. "I know you brought your whole team here, what have you done with mine?" she gritted.

"Not much, but so far from what I'm hearing, they're getting along well."

"You..." glowered Yuko. She jumped from her chair and aimed a kick at Maeda's stomach, but the girl just side stepped easily and released a spinning kick towards Yuko's head. Nevertheless the Oshima girl dodged it and run for the window, as soon as she stepped on the window frame, she kicked out as powerful as she could and fly to building roof in front of her.

As she flew in the air, she tried to remember a trick that Yuka had taught her once if there is a situation when there isn't any communication available. Yuka said even normal person can do this trick if they're willing to focus hard on it, Yuko clossed her eyes and concentrated as the milliseconds of flying in the air passed.

I hope you guys are fine... Yuko sent her thoughts.

Not so much.. said a new thought sounded like Noro's. You're okay..?

Not really, Maeda is here with her crew. thought Yuko again.

Figures, because we're fighting her crew here. said Noro again.

What happen to Ume and Natsumi?

Ume's fighting with Shinoda I think and Natsumi's facing the Takamidget..

Guys, what's going on?? said an new thought

Yuka!!  thought Yuko.

We've got a new company on the museum roof, can you help us out? asked Noro

I'll try my best, Noro. Comeback is so persistent here, she keeps her eyes on me the whole time.

I have an idea, how about...

Noro's voice was cut off by Yuko's broken concentration. She felt new presence in front of me and instantly blocked the incoming force with her guns, she opened her eyes and saw the familiar twist of lips on Maeda's face as she forced her swords to Yuko's blocked guns. The two of them were staring at each other as they flew in the air.

Yuko threw her guns up, bringing Maeda's swords up also and gave a spinning kick towards Maeda's chest which were received perfectly by Maeda. She was thrown backwards and fell on her back as she slammed on the roof. Yuko landed on her feet in front of the girl and stared across to the Museum's roof blocks away from where she stood.

Even know it was far away, Yuko can see three pairs of figure fighting. And to her worries, she saw a bit of red energy surrounding one of the figure with a tall hat. Her eyes widened realizing what it was...

Oh no... Thought Yuko. Not that power, you Bakamidget!

She ran to the edge of the roof and planned to get to the fighting scene as soon as possible, but her path was suddenly blocked by Maeda.

"You're not going anywhere." she stated. Maeda released a dark aura as the sneer faded away from her face and was replaced with a murderous look. Her swords was gripped tightly as they also released a dark aura, Yuko can suddenly feel the sky above her was rumbling and the scent of electricity filled the air all the sudden.

Yuko gulped but she can't show her weakness towards the Ace. She was aware of what she will have to face soon, and she held out her guns protectively as she stand infront of the Ace.

"You know, maybe Takamina is flirting right now." fished Yuko suddenly. She was aware of the Ace's relationship towards the thief, and the Ace's jealousy on the thief's playboy act at all times as she flirts with trainees by the name of Kuramochi. "Since we have a new member of the Team, I bet Takamina's trying on hitting her."

The Ace blushed all the sudden, her hearts was thumping and constantly thought about the short thief. The news of her relation with the thief of course was known by everyone in the task force including Team K as their juniors.

"Aren't you jelous..?" teased Yuko. The Ace blushed brighter and gripped her sword tightly harder as the dark aura surrounded more.

"Minami~ I heard that." she spoke through her earphone as Yuko felt the sky rumbled more and flashes of electricity started filling the air. Yuko grinned in pleased, she was winning over the ace.

"Minami's flirting again isn't she~..?" teased Yuko again in her best teasing tone. The Ace seemed to be fed up by the situation and released a clap of thunder near her.

"THAT'S IT!!!" Yelled the ace as she rush towards Yuko in rage. Pleased after successfully teased the Ace, Yuko stood against the wrath of the Ace. Waiting and hoping she wouldn't get fried by the Ace's wrath.


Matsubara Natsumi's POV

My shoulder hurts like hell now, and I was in danger of blacking out at any moment. Defeated by a stupid midget with a glowering rod was silly for my mind to take but another thing that I thought was silly was when the midget suddenly shuddered  in horror. Noticing it, Shinoda's yell chimes in.

"Minami, you're aware that Atsuko heard what you just said and did, right?" The midget nodded and suddenly was jolted up by the sound of thunders.

I looked at the sky and saw the night clouds was getting darker especially thick ones above one of the nearby building. I turned my eyes again and saw the midget's expression was in horror and at the same time was blushing. I wondered what relationship does this flirty midget has with that "Atsuko". Lovers?

"Mariko, we have to finish this quickly." said the midget all the sudden. She ran towards Ume and released her red aura again, she swing her rod to Ume's head which Ume dodged again as she welcomed Shinoda's sword attacks.

Um's eyes was still glowering in purple as she kept on her stance, she shot some bullets towards the thief but Shinoda parried every single bullets successfully with her sword. I can see Ume's dissatisfaction on her lips and I knew I was helpless to help her and even to help my self up.

I tried to stand with my hands for support, I can feel my shoulder bones crackling again and forced me to release a painful groan. I was brought on my knees again as I gripped my shoulder tightly. The pain was unbearable and I knew I was close to blacking out if it weren't for my will to stay on.

"Natsumi!" yelled Ume. I saw her running to me, her hair was swaying to sides as she run towards me. Her purple irises are still there but her face looked different than I saw all the time, tired and worried. I saw her standing in front of me and stood with her back towards me, I was aware she was protecting me from an incoming attack from Shinoda's sword. She was too late to put her guards up and received the slash by her shoulder, she limped back as the blood drips down from her scar yet she's still standing.

"You're okay..?" asked Ume as she tilted her head to face me, a bit of blood came out of the side of her mouth as she grinned. Her eyes are still purple but I noticed that another color soon fill in the whites around the iris.


"You dummy..." I gritted as I bear down my own pain, "Why did you do that for??!!" I yelled.

"Cause you're my Nakama, now.." she answered. I froze all the sudden when I saw a tear rolled out her eyes, I noticed again it wasn't a normal tear, it was red and thick.

"Ume..." I whispered, ignoring the pain on my shoulder all the sudden and focused on the incoming figure of Takahashi Minami and Shinoda Mariko.

"Last chance, Umeda. Give the stone to us.." said the midget, pointing her rod to Ume.

"Not a chance, Takahashi. I won't give it to you." replied Ume.

"Then I guess it comes to this then..." said Shinoda as she ran for Ume. I opened my mouth to yell but a voice in my mind froze me, it was annoyingly musical.

Close your eyes Natsumi..

I obeyed the voice and heard the voice spoke again,


I felt a gush of hot wind hit my face all the sudden and suffocate me for a moment. I remembered this experience once in my dream and when I open my eyes to confirm my deduction, a dark winged figure was standing where Ume was before and was gripping Shinoda's blade with it's clawed hand.

"Tsk.. You're playing a nasty game, Umeda." said Shinoda in a murderous aura. She spin her leg and kicked the claw hand, to my surprise the claw hand broke off and fell on the ground.

Shocked, I screamed.


To Be Continued.


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Re: Rival Forever? - Chapter 10 (Part 4) 22-09-2013 UPDATE
« Reply #66 on: September 24, 2013, 05:40:56 PM »
Just want to add some pics of the newly described weapons. I also opened a new poll for this fic, please kindly vote for the options you wish..  :oops:

Sorry for the over sized pics..

Oshima Yuko's twin guns: Cerbrerus

Maeda Atsuko's twin sword: Ikazuchi

Takahashi Minami's rod: Kouenku

Shinoda Mariko's Sword: Black Padma

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Re: Rival Forever? - Extras~ NEW POLL!!
« Reply #67 on: September 28, 2013, 11:36:49 AM »
Thanks for the update, finally!!

Oh mannnnn, Team A girls are so bitches I wonder what has ever happened between both team in the past haha.

And then Umechan! Why is she turning into an unknown creature by Nattsumii's release? o.o

Can't wait for the next update, I'm curious! D:
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Re: Rival Forever? - Extras~ NEW POLL!!
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@Yuki88: No worries. Yeah, I suppose the rivalry of Team A and K really had something to do with their past. I was inspired by some footage how the original team A which was created by the first gen was unhappy when the second gen (team K) was to be held, since then I had a good amount of thinking that I should include this into the fic. Ume's tranformation has got to do with her seals and (probably) the next side story I'm going to write soon..



"Stay back.."

"Been a long time since I have a chance to kill anyone.."

"This place is going to blow up.."


Author's voice chimes in: What really happened to Ume and what exactly she is?? Who's going to kill who?? What happened to Acchan?? What's going to happen next?? All will be answered in the next chapter! Otanoshimini~

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Re: Rival Forever? - Replies + Spoilers for Chapter 10 (part 5)
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Sorry for English mistakes. Warning: This chapter contains coarse language, gory scenes and members dying. I strongly recomend those who have a big guts to read this chapter. Enjoy!

Rival Forever?
Chapter 10 - Part 5

Oshima Yuko's POV

Despite my lack of super natural powers, I still can sense things when they suddenly gone wrong.

Fighting Maeda Atsuko took most of my energy away already, mostly from dodging her swords attacks. I know she wasn't called as an ace for nothing. She was younger than me and yet her hacking abilities are not something that I could underestimate, also her sword fighting skill are top notch in the whole task force.

But that wasn't the only thing she has. Her special power was her ability to summon lightning and controlled it in her own will, she could summon it out of thin air and even in a nice weather. As I was carefully dodging her attacks, I could see sparks of electricity were flickering on her swords. She must had use her power to coat her swords with pure electricity.

If she got you, you're doom Yuko.. said my thoughts as I did a back flip to avoid an incoming lightning from Maeda. I realized that I was at the wrong side of the situation, fighting a lightning elemental on a roof instead of the safe ground bellow. I knew if I jumped down, I wouldn't have time to reunite with the others.

Suddenly I could feel a big tug on my chest and the next thing I heard was,


I turned to the source of the voice and found the roof where I saw the others earlier was covered in a familiar thick dark mist. My eyes bulged in horror as flashbacks of events came across my mind once again..

No way.. It weren't suppose to happen!!

"Maeda," I spoke and stopped my movement without hesitation. Maeda also stopped and looked at the same direction as I was before, her face was probably in the same horror as I am. "I don't care if you're going to kill me here. But you've got to help us on this.. You know what will.."

"Yes of course I know what will happen." butted Maeda. "Just this once, Oshima. I will help you guys.."

"Thanks, I..."

"Don't think that we're in truce forever, Oshima. Just this once I will go truce for all of you." said Maeda before jumping towards the dirrection of the dark mist. I smiled and followed her anxiously as I prayed that it wouldn't be like what it was a few months ago..

"Oshima," said Maeda


"You guys should've kill her that day.."


Matsubara Natsumi's POV

My voice was loud for sure, loud enough for the figure to turned it's face towards me. I froze and held my breath when I saw it's face. Instead of Ume's eyes, it was just red glowing large irises with no other facial organs. It was as if it's wearing a mask with a few dark cracks on it and glowing red eyes. It's clothes were torn up and it's wings were dark. The arm where the claw were before was sizzling and to my surprise it suddenly grew back, the piece where Shinoda kicked earlier had disappeared from the floor.

Is that Ume...?

Yes it is her.. said a voice, the same voice that teased me earlier. I looked around to see who's voice was that, but no one was around.


I am your new partner, Matsubara Natsumi. And I think you and I should have a talk face to face now...

Wha..? As if someone just switched the lights off, my eyes goes dark. And when it was back on, I wasn't there anymore. I found my self staring at the exact twenty foot tall red dragon I saw back in my dream.

Greetings, Matsubara Natsumi. I believe you have seen me before have you..?

"WHOAA!!!" I yelped.

Apparently I didn't leave a good impression did I..? I nodded furiously, since when a twenty foot tall dragon that burned the whole AKB S.Q.U.A.D building left a good impression?

"You're the same dragon that burned down the building.." I spoke carefully.

Yes, I am. I was uncontrollable that time, as you can see I am one of the ancient beast of the world and humans came before my era; the era of dragons. They used us to do horrible things and in the end we were hunted down for prides. I was one of the last survivors of the dragons and was captured by the Miyazawa clan..

"Sae's family..."

Yes. They sealed me into one of their weapons and it was painful, a complete torture of hell to be extracted from my body into the weapon. I was locked away for many generations until one day, one of the Miyazawa successor decided to re-apply the sealing magic after being abandoned for many years. I took my chance and was finding my self in complete outrage as soon I was out of my sackle, I was on rampage and destroyed so many until the successor gave his last power to seal me back into the weapon. I was back in my torturous state until I felt you..

"You what??"

I felt you Matsubara Natsumi. Years ago, the early humans were friendly to the dragons and we leave together in peace and harmony. Often, special humans formed some kind of bond with dragons and an ancient contract was made between them.

"Does that mean that I'm..."

Yes. The fate has chosen you for me, Matsubara. We're created for each other, partner to be exact.

"Eueh, does that mean that I have to make out with you?" I asked sloppily. The dragon released a vaguely sound like chuckling.

No. What I mean by partner is that we're going to be a team, I will be your companion in fights that will be played out in the future. I will give you all my strength and all my dedication for you.

"What if I refused?"

What chances you have against the creature you saw earlier? asked the dragon back.


I've been reading your head since you touched my sword, Matsubara Natsumi. I know that brat shared her flashback with you on the day I was rampaging..

"Why were you rampaging anyway? You killed a lot of people you know that?!"

Someone was attempting to use me. Dragons will get anxious when a sudden stranger tried to make a connection with them..

"Aren't I'm a stranger?"

You are physically, but mentally we've already knew each other. It is just a matter of time..

"Fine.. Back to Ume..?"

Right. As I was saying I knew you saw my rampage before and do you think you can start connecting it?

"Hang on..." I turned my brain on quickly. I remembered the last ones that was in the fire was Yuka, Noro and Ume and they were saying something not to overdo..

"Ume fought you." I guessed. "What ever happened, you were sealed back in then. It means that you and her has about the same strength." I simplified.

Correct. Yes, it has been a long time since I fought a creature like her. I was surprised that a creature like that still live on Earth..

"What is she?"

We dragons ad humans do not speak it's name. They are savage creatures and unforgivable to us, we used to hunt them together with humans and making sure they die before leaving it's corpse.

I didn't response to that. I kept thinking about what the dragon had said, it was impossible right? Ume, the short midget that saved me from death... The one that took the bloody slash for me..

I know what you are thinking. Time is running out soon and we do not have much time, are you willing to make a contract with me?


Takahashi Minami's POV

I, Takahashi Minami aka Jane Doe, the captain of Team A, solemnly swear to finish this mission successfully.

Not literally making it worse..

It wasn't until what I saw on the darkest day of AKB S.Q.U.A.D appeared again in front of my eyes, I knew this situation has to be quickly finished. The creature's hair was swept by the wind, revealing it's masked face and it's glowing red eyes. Matsubara was frozen behind it and was helpless thanks to my attacks. She yelled to Umeda which then the creature turned it's face from me to her, the claw that Mariko kicked earlier has reformed and it was ready to deliver it's deadly strike towards her..

I knew that I have no choice to do this. I concentrated my energy into my rod, putting as much until it I can feel my weapon's heart beat.

"Minami.." said Mariko astronished. "You shouldn't.."

"What choice do we have Mariko?" I asked without looking at her.

Wake up, Koenku!! I felt another surge of energy rushed to me, covering me in a thick flame aura. I jumped towards the creature's back and raised my rod, attempting to release my maximum surge...


Instead of hitting the creature, I found my rod clashed into Oshima Yuko's guns that she crossed in front of her. She was defending the creature!

Peeking through her back, I saw Acchan standing in front of Matsubara with her swords raised. She was flawless in my eyes of course, even if she wasn't her true self there. Such dark expression can creep anyone out but not for me..

"Acchan, I..."

"Save it for later Minami, when this is over.." snapped Acchan. "I'll make sure you got your punishment." she added with a creepy grin plastered on her face. I gulped, I knew I'm doom after this..

"Hey, can we save the chit chat later, midget?" asked Oshima. I glared at her.

"Stop calling me midget, Oshima! Aren't you a midget too?"

"But at least you're shorter than me, Takamina."

"Only by a few inches!"

"Still, it means I'm taller than you."

"Would both of you midget, shut up?" said Mariko.

"Don't interfere and don't call me midget!!" yelled me and Yuko. We both shut our mouth when we saw Mariko's deathly glare.

"Guys.." said Acchan. I turned back to Acchan and saw her already in combat with the creature. She shot a lightning towards the creature which it quickly dodged and swiped it's claw towards her in an amazing speed. Mariko then run towards them and joined the combat after she gave us each a look.

"Oshima, you should get Matsubara out of here." I said. Oshima nodded and dashed towards Matsubara who was already blacked out. Just as she was about to carry her, Noro Kayo arrived with Yukarin.

"Don't think this is over, Sato.." growled Noro before she ran to help Oshima. Yukarin just flashed her smug face before dashing towards me.

"How's the hell did this happen?" she asked.

"Apparently her seal seems like it wasn't tightened properly.." I answered. I gritted my teeth when the creature suddenly produced a ball of fire and threw it towards Acchan.

"Acchan!!!" I yelled and dashed in a lightning speed. I stood in front of her and held out my rod just a few moments before the fireball was getting closer...

"Koenku!!" I yelled and produced a burst of flame from my rod. It collided with the fireball and created a massive explosion, it was so strong that we were both thrown back into another building's roof. I wasn't prepared and neither was Acchan, we landed on the roof on our back.

"Ouch..." I moaned, I knew my back was hurting now..

"Ah.. Minami.." said Acchan beside me. "You're okay?"

"Yep.." I said as I tried to stand up. Ouch, how painful my back was...

"No you're not." said Acchan curtly. She crawled next to me and put her hands on my back, I can feel her palms soothed my back slowly.

"So good, Acchan.." I whimpered in relieve. "Glad that you were in the medics department before.."

"That should do for now.." she said. "I'll do it again later. But that back need to mend a few minutes before you can stand back up.. So for now," she edged close to my face and landed a kiss on my forehead. "Stay back.."


"No buts!!" she yelled before jumping back to the other rooftop. I just sighed helplessly as I tried to straightened my back carefully.


Shinoda Mariko's POV

As soon as the explosion took it's place, I quickly took my chance. I slashed down the creature's back and sliced one of it's wings. It screeched loudly, so loud that it made my ears popped. I squinted my eyes and did a back flip, kicked the creature in the head with my heel and did another back flip to dodge an incoming fireball. I saw the sliced wing on the ground, it's black feathers were tainted with blood.

"Come on Umeda. I know you're in there, why the hell did you released that?!" I yelled before dashing towards her. As I dashed, I willed my self to be covered in my silver colored aura. I tugged my sword and filled it with energy, feeling another full course energy rushing in to my body.

"Now!!" I yelled. My body constantly reacted in a super speed, glowering in silver aura I encounter the creature's strike and giving a few slashes from my self. Willing my self not to overdo, I punched the creature hard in the stomach making it thrown back a few feet.

"Nice move." said Oshima. I panted and plastered my sadistic smile towards her. "As expected of an ex-demon hunter."

"Well, duh." I replied, but my smile quickly faded when I started to realize the new happenings. The creature screeched again in agony and this time it was glowering in red.

"The stone!!" exclaimed Yukarin. I cursed, forgetting about the stone.

The Pigeon blood has an unknown power, but mostly connected to chaos. It was rumored as the source of chaos back in the World War I where many soldiers died from mysterious disease and rumored to be controlling Adolf Hitler back in World War II...

"F*ck.. If that thing can control Adolf Hitler then I suppose..." My voice was cut off by an extreme blow to my stomach, it was blurry and I can felt my ribs cracked as the blow send me flying back.

"Mariko!!!" I vaguely heard Yukarin yelled my name, I felt a hand caught my body before it send me back to far. I felt blood filling my mouth and my stomach was in an incredible pain that I couldn't release my agony, I coughed and spewed all the blood in my mouth. I look down to see my stomach and saw a huge claw mark flowing my own blood.

"Mariko, hang in there!!!" yelled Yukarin. She lay me down on the cold floor, I can see tears formed in her eyes as she pushed down the blood. Even know the pain was unbearable, it was quite enjoyable to see Yukarin's rare expression. I couldn't help not to grin at her.

"Yukarin is cryin.." I chanted slowly, teasing her.

"Shut up you sadistic demon!!" she yelled as she kept on pushing. "You're dying and you still have the guts to tease me?!" I grinned before took another look at the creature that is now fighting with Oshima.

"F*ck you, Umeda.." I cursed before my eyelids closed by itself..


 Noro Kayo's POV

"Oi, Natsumi!! Wake up!!" I yelled to the blacked out figure, still she didn't response at all to my yelling. I checked her pulse, still beating.

Well, at least you're alive...

I glanced at Yuko who was now fighting what's meant to be Ume, I saw Yuko shooting her bullets and dodged ferocious attacks from Ume. My memories flashed back to the day when I saw the similar creature back then..


"Don't over do it." said Yuka helplessly.

"Let's see about that.." said Ume before suddenly strange mist appeared and surrounded her.

I glanced to Yuka in confused before finally the mist revealed my curiosity. A gust of wind swept hard before finally something stepped out of the mist.

A humanoid creature stepped out, it's hair was red blood with large pair of black wings. It's face was covered in some sort of mask with only a pair of glowering red eyes, it has one large claw with talons razor sharp..

"Kayo-chan, let go of the chain." spoke Yuka as the creature walked closer to where me and the dragons were standing.


"Do it. Umechan can handle it.."said Yuka assuring me, I nodded and dissaparate  next to Yuka.

"What happens now..?" I asked the younger girl next to me. She didn't answer, instead the dragon's screech answered it as the humanoid's claw dug deep into the dragon's eyes.

"What the..." I cursed. It wasn't like what I was expecting, the humanoid dug deep into the dragon's eyes until it crushed the dragon's eyeballs in it's socket. I was mortified with such scene but it wasn't over...

*Flashback end*

I saw Yukari kneeling next to the wounded Shinoda and screaming her name, she must've either blacked out or in comma thanks to that blow. Still it seems like just small comparing to the dragon's fate that night. What I couldn't believe was the fact that creature there fighting Yuko was Ume..


No one's POV

Yuko was struggling to keep up with the pace now, she have fighting with the new upgraded creature for almost ten minutes in her best speed. She shoot more of her bullets to it's chest but quickly got deflected away by the talons.

"Shit..." cursed Yuko. She then rushed to the creature in her other shot of her speed and curled her fist, when she had the chance she punched out the creature's face with her power. "Wake up, you damn it!!" she yelled as she successfully hit the creature in the face.

Yuko's fist felt like she just hit a solid concrete but nevertheless she can also feel the mask cracked a little from her punch. She smiled in pleased before she jumped back. Her fist is in agony and possibly she's the only one good enough to fight for now, she shook off her pain. But before she could start attacking again, the creature already raised it's talons which were now hovering over Yuko's head.

I'm doom... she thought. Just as it about to strike down, another claw stopped it.

"Been a long time since I have a chance to kill anyone.."

Yuko looked up and saw Comeback standing in front of her with it's claw gripping to the talons. Not long after that, shots of chains rained down on the creature.

"Chain Technique #3: Hell's Shackle!" yelled Sanshoku. The chains then quickly tightened the creature and bind it's movements, which the creature then screech in wild and shot multiple fireballs blindly.

"Earth's Technique#5: Earth's shield!" yelled Mariyagi. Suddenly the floor shot a wall of earth before it clashed with the fireballs and was burned down.

Yuko stared at the new company before suddenly realized that Comeback turned to her and lashed out her claw. Yuko dodged it smoothly and jumped back.

"Change of plan, Guerrimo wants you all dead." she grinned. My eyes widened as I welcomed two attacks from the newcomer. One from Comeback and another from Mariyagi.

"Where's Yuka, you bitch?!" Yelled Yuko.

"Mayuge is taking care of her, mean while..." said Mariyagi but her voice was cut off by a sudden shot of lightning struck her square in the chest. I turned and saw Maeda standing there with her swords out.

"Yagi!! You bitch!!" yelled Comeback rushing to Maeda with her claws but then she stopped all the sudden. "Sanshoku, you heard what boss said. Take her."

"Yes, Comeback." said Sanshoku. Before Yuko could protested, the girl has disparate along with the bounded creature.

"Ume!!!" yelled Yuko. "Give her back you bitch!! Give her and Yuka back!!"

"No chance, Oshima." said Comeback jumping back next to the blacked out Mariyagi. "You all going to die anyway.." she added before she disparate along with her companion.

"You bitc..." suddenly a loud explosion was heard and the building shook hard.

"She set up a bomb bellow!!" yelled Maeda. "This place is going to blow up.."

"As a matter of fact it's already!!!" Yuko yelled back. "Everyone move out of here!!"

Noro and Yukari got the cue and jumped out of the roof, each their wounded friend. Yuko glanced around and saw a glimmering red object laying on the ground a few feet from her.

Masaka... Is that Pigeon Blood?

But then the roof suddenly collapse and bringing the object down below.  Before Yuko could reach out for the object, Maeda Atsuko snatched it quickly and was also falling with the collapsed roof.

"ACCHAN!!!" yelled a voice. A blur of figure shot across and caught the falling Ace as well as jumping into the safety zone.

"Minami.." spoke the Ace as soon as she realized the person who had caught her in bridal style.

"You're okay?" asked Takamina. The Ace nodded slowly, her hands are now holding the Pigeon Blood tightly.

"We're late aren't we?" asked another voice. The couple turned and saw two figure standing behind them, one was Team K's Sato Natsuki while the other one was a long haired woman in a dark mini dress, her long hair was blown by the night wind under the moon lights.

"Nyan-nyan!" yelled Yuko.

The woman smile curtly to the shorter figure, "Hello Yuko. Seems like situations can't get any worse now, eh?"

To Be Continued

I did a drawing of what the creature looks like, sorry for the bad drawing. Mostly inspired by Bleach for the mask ._.


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