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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 215734 times)

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Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:04:58 AM »
Note to readers! I decided to make this for my OS compilation, it might make it easier to track down all my OS fanfics if I put it all in one together! I hope to expand my writing skills as well as the pairings! For request options, scroll down and you shall see the Request Board I made!


~Mutli-Pairing One-Shot List~

[MaYuki + AtsuMina] ~ TRAP!

[wMatsui + FuruYanagi] ~ Soul Beats

~MaYuki One-Shot List~

[MaYuki] ~ E. Devotion OMAKE:
Part-I / Part-II / Part-III / Part-IV / Part-V /Part-VI / Part-VII / Part-VIII / Part-IX / Part-X

My Flatmate

~WMatsui One-Shot List~

~RenaYuki One-Shot List~

~JuriMayu One-Shot List~
REQUESTED BY jell_o_jello
[JuriMayu] ~ Crossed Path Once Again

~FuruYanagi One-Shot List~
[Furuyanagi] ~ My Beloved


You're welcome to request for your favorite pairings and genre and any kind of ideas you want to put it.
Unfortunately, likely I will write OS for requests only.  :bow: (Gommen for that part)
If you request anything, it should appear on this list.
If your request is not showed up or if there's any mistake I make upon your request (accidents can happen!)
If you don't want your name to be mentioned and rather keep it private, do PM asap and I'll make the changes.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Little Notice:
1. I'm a type of writer that doesn't have a standard pace. Your request could ended take only 1 day to be done, or VERY long...I can't guarantee the time period.
2. Making things fair, I'll go in order of requests I received from posting the comment in here or PM me (I'll check the time you requested me)
3. Can't guarantee when it will be done (Refer back to #1) But I will do my best to fit to your preference!  :deco:

1. Requester: olive29
Pairing: Atsumina + MaYuki
Idea: Playgirls falling in love...and slowly started to change

2. Requester: mo-chan
Pairing: MaYuki
Idea: Hate each other, then obliged to be together
Genre: Comedy + Love

3. Requester: kevinwkl
Pairing: WMatsui + Furuyanagi
Idea: At first its Renairin and JuriChuri...
Genre: AS fluffy AS possible

4. Requester: honjouta
Pairing: YuiParu + ManaChuri
Idea: Living in one house

5. Requester: Sherin
Pairing: wMatsui
Idea: Jurina a highschool girl in day and a man host at night...and she meets Rena at the host club.

6. Requester: Minamiyuki
Pairing: KumiYuri + MaYuki + wMatsui + Atsumina + Kojiyuu + TomoTomo (GOD DAMNNNNNNNNNN!  :shocked :shocked :shocked)
Idea: Fallen-Angel love story (love with a mortal)
Genre: Sorrowful + Romantic

7. Requester: Imteedee
Pairing: MaYuki
Genre: Fluffy~ (BUT CAN BE ANGST AT THE END~  :twisted:)

8. Requester: sakura_drop_
Pairing: GekiBlack + GakuranShaku
Idea: Halloween theme~

(Sorry, got tooo much request in hand already ^^")

My first time writing OS, I hope you guys enjoy it! It's quite fun to write OS now...hehe, I guess I'll write more later~  :deco: with more pairings? I guess I should start writing more pairings since I only do WMatsui and MaYuki...If you guys have suggestions please don't hesitate to request it!  :bow:

We will meet again…
~Pairing: WMatsui + MaYuki~

A/N: I wrote this back when I’m too stressed out from my exams. I’m not good with one-shot stories but I hope you all enjoy it. Those who read this before on AKBlasphemy or Tumblr, I did add a little more at the end, not much, because you might recognize it.


“…Mayu! Oi Mayu!”

“Sigh…What?” The girl focused on reading her comic book instead of the tomboyish looking girl in front of her. They were both sitting in the café near their school, and the tomboy girl was just yelling loudly at her without concerning that the people might look at them.

“So mean…aren’t you listening to me at all?”

“...Jurina, this probably the 10th time you’re whining already.” She accidently made an eye contact with her friend and sighed. Mayu couldn’t get the courage to push aside those pleading puppy eyes.“ Fine…I’ll hear it one last time and stop repeating it would you?”

“Yay! This time its different from the other stories I told you.” Jurina spoke firmly and begun her long detailed explanation about her girlfriend, Matsui Rena.

Jurina started off with what happened few days: After since they came back from their last date. Rena never had spoken a word with her at all. She tried to talk to Rena at school but she would fail. It made Jurina worried what she had done wrong during their last date but she couldn’t recall anything bad that happened.  They were both happy and they even kissed each other too…

Especially yesterday, Jurina tried much harder to confront Rena but failed again. It made Jurina’s heart crushed but what made her worried more is that her beloved girlfriend had this sorrowful face all the time. Did her uncle beat her up again? Jurina wanted Rena to consult and tell the problems to her. To Jurina, Rena’s happiness is her priority.

 “I see…Rena didn’t talk to you after that at all huh…?” Mayu stirred her drink with the straw. This time, she actually listened to what Jurina said.

“So I need your help!” Jurina pleaded her friend. “Can you talk to Rena for me?”

She sighed and checked her cellphone. “…It’s this Sunday huh?” Mayu turned to Jurina and decided to at least help her friend out, for once, and for one last time. “Fine, I’ll help you out, I have a plan…and just follow Rena quietly. DON’T say a word.”

“A-Alright! Deal!” Jurina nodded like an obedient puppy. However, Mayu somehow seemed to be exhausted or either listless…


On that weekend, Mayu called Rena out to meet at the café before she had to go out somewhere else. While she was waiting at the front of the café…a tall longhaired woman came up to her. “It’s been a while Rena.”

“Yeah…how are you Mayu?” Rena’s voice was weak and soft. It sounded like someone that didn’t have enough sleep. “Even though we’re in the same school we barely meet.”

“True that…shall we have a cup of tea first?”

“…I don’t mind that.”

They both sat down at the table while Jurina, who was waiting, was sitting behind Rena’s table. Mayu purposely picked that table for the sake of Jurina eavesdropping their conversation.

“How’s Yukirin doing?” Rena questioned since Yuki was in another school. “I hope she’s doing good now.”

“She’s busy with her exams right now, aside from that she’s doing great.” Mayu smiled and had a look at Rena’s face for quite a while. “…You really looked pale from the last time I met you.”

“…I see.” Rena didn’t deny that fact, but also she didn’t plan to explain anything to Mayu as well. “I think I have to go now.”

“Yukirin will be here in 10 minutes. She really wanted to meet with you though.” Mayu convinced Rena to stay but she refused. Rena shook her head softly and used her silence as a reply. It seemed Rena didn’t want Yuki to see her condition right now, since it would make her over worried again. “I see…Take care, and I’ll pay the tea this time. Since I asked you to come out early today.”

“…Thank you Mayu, and please give my apology to Yukirin. I’m just not ready to face her like this yet…I don’t want her make her worry.”

“Alright. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah…Take care too.” Rena had left the café, and it’s about time Jurina went after her, but then Mayu grabbed onto her first. It made Jurina surprised and turned her attention towards Mayu instead.

“What is it Mayu? I have to follow Rena-chan before I lost track of her.”

“You have to remember it, Jurina.” Mayu looked into Jurina’s eyes before let go of her friend’s hand. Leaving Jurina dumbfounded Mayu looked much more peaceful and relaxed than the last time Jurina saw her. As if she had taken off some burden from her shoulders. “Rena would be heading towards the train station at the corner. Follow her.”


Jurina rushed out from the café immediately and without realizing it. She accidently crossed paths with Yuki right at the entrance of the café. The girl was surprised and turned back to look at Jurina that ran passed her. However, she didn’t pay attention to that and went inside the cafe to meet with Mayu.

“Sorry did I make you wait?”

“Nope.” Mayu got up from her chair to pay for the cup of teas. “There is a place I want to go, can you come with me?”

Yuki didn’t have much clue what’s going on but she followed the flow of her friend, for now. “Ah…sure.”


Jurina had walked after Rena without her catching her. Rena bought a flower and held it delicately. It made Jurina wondered what’s Rena going to do with it. Finally, Rena had arrived at her destination. It made Jurina surprised and wondered what business Rena had here…at the graveyard.

“Why is Rena-chan here at the graveyard?” She mumbled to herself. “Ah! I better catch up with her before I lost her!”

She rushed up the stairs after Rena and turned at the corner. She stopped in front of one tombstone. Jurina wondered who died; it might be one of Rena’s relatives. Rena crouched down beside the tombstone with this weak smile on her face. She looked happy yet filled with despair at the same time.

“Rena-chan…” Jurina walked in closer to Rena but before she could say anything else…

“It’s been a year isn’t…?” Rena muttered and tears started to form in her beautiful eyes. “…I miss you.”

Jurina walked in closer to see the name on the tombstone and it’s the name she never expected to see.


“I-It’s my…!” She froze and backed away. “No it can’t be…!”

Jurina jumped in and raised her voice as highest as she could to grab Rena’s attention. “Rena-chan! Do you hear me? It’s me! Jurina! I’m here right now!”

Rena cried. She heard nothing that Jurina said. Everything started to become much more clear than before. Rena didn’t ignore Jurina because she was angry; it was because Rena didn’t see her. “T-Then it means I-I’m…”

“…So Mayu knew it…she knew that I’m…” Jurina clutched onto her shirt. She had completely forgot that her best friend, Mayu, had 6th sense: she could see, talk, and touch spirits. That’s why Mayu was the only one that actually responded to Jurina, while none did at all. “B-But how did I die…?”

“You have to remember it, Jurina.”
Mayu looked into Jurina’s eyes before let go of her friend’s hand.

Jurina recalled Mayu’s words before she left the café. “So that’s what she meant…”

“Jurina…I’m so sorry…”

Rena muttered, while crying. “Its all my fault…that you died…it’s all because of me…I’m so sorry.”

“Rena…! No please don’t blame yourself…” Jurina pleaded, only but hope her words reached Rena, but it didn't. Right now, she wanted to throw her arms around Rena and embraced her girlfriend in her arms tightly. Despite she realized that she’s no longer alive, she tried embracing Rena, but her arms went through her immediately. It’s just proving more that Jurina’s dead. Now that Jurina had started to calm down, she tried to remember what happened to her. She couldn’t remember how did she die… she forced herself to think and remember the last image she saw… Suddenly, an image of a truck flashed into her mind. The next thing she remembered was that everything was covered with black and red…Jurina felt like puking. Her head was burning and spinning like a storm.




It was the day of their last date together. I went on a date with Rena-chan, it’s on her 17th birthday, and we went to the amusement park and enjoyed our times together. Right…I remember, we shared our kiss on the Ferris wheel too…

“Did you have fun today?” I gave a puppy smile to my lovely girlfriend as I held her hand tightly in mine.

“Of course silly.” Rena’s angelic smile always made me happy. It’s a smile I missed for so long. “I like being with you…”

“Me too!” I snuggled on her shoulder and felt like I’m in heaven. As long as I’m with Rena she satisfied with life. “…I love you Rena-chan.”

It made Rena blushed badly and looked away from me. She’s so adorable! That’s what I love about Rena too. “…Me too.”


However, it wasn’t a happy ending as I thought it would be. I heard a loud yell from behind and saw a man escaping from a group of police. He’s heading towards our direction, towards Rena’s direction…He’s not planning to stop and it doesn’t seem he saw Rena and I.

“Rena!” I pushed her away and got crashed by the robber instead. We fell onto the middle of the road. I heard the police officers yelled at me to run but the robber grabbed me and used me as his hostage. “U-Ugh…!”

“J-Jurina…” Rena looked paled immediately with worries. I will be alright…That’s what I thought…but then…


The robber forgot we’re in the middle of the road. I turned and what I saw was a truck coming towards us.


That’s the last thing I heard…Rena’s voice calling me…before everything faded away with mix of red and black…


“…!” Finally, she had finally remembered what happened on that day….

She died together with the robber, by that traffic accident. She couldn’t say anything except for just standing behind Rena, watching her crying all alone. The reason Rena looked really pale and filled with sorrow was because of Jurina’s death. It made her felt much more sadder to learn that she’s the cause of Rena’s pain for this long…

“I’m so sorry Jurina…I’m so sorry…” Rena kept weeping. The young spirit crouched down beside her lover and slowly moved her hand on top of Rena’s head.

“I’m the one that have to say sorry…even though I promised that I will never leave you…” As soon as Jurina touched Rena’s head, she turned immediately towards her direction and made Jurina surprised. She thought that Rena felt her, but it seemed something behind her caught Rena’s attention by coincidence.

“…Yukirin…Mayu?” Rena muttered with surprise.

Jurina flinched and turned around immediately. That’s when she saw her best friend, Mayu. Judging from Mayu’s look, she could see Jurina. Yuki rushed to Rena’s side and lent her a handkerchief.

They changed spots and sat at the bench instead. Yuki was really worried and became overprotective on Rena after since Jurina’s death. The two girls decided to have this private talk with each other while Mayu waited for them alone under the tree. Jurina slowly approached Mayu with the painful expression on her, after she had remembered the truth of her death. “Mayu…”

“…So it seems you remember already…yes, you’re no longer alive in this world already. You didn’t survive through the night of accident at the hospital.” She looked very painful when she had to speak the truth right in front of Jurina’s face. “I’m sorry…that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth directly.”

“It’s alright…thank you for helping me out, but…” Jurina looked indecisive before she continued to talk. “Is there a way for me to talk with Rena again? At least…for very one last birthday present for her.”

Today, was an anniversary for Jurina’s death, as well as Rena’s birthday. Jurina remembered it and Mayu could tell it from her eyes. “…Talk to her when she’s sleeping, and she will talk to you.”

“…Thank you so much Mayu, and thank you for everything. You’re my best friend.” Jurina gave Mayu a hug and she’s able to touch her due Mayu’s special ability. “I guess it would be the last time we meet…”

“Yeah…I hope the best of luck for you, Jurina.” The young spirit pushed away from her friend with a smile but before she could have gone away to do her last mission, Mayu told her a pleasant fact as her farewell gift. “…You died, with Rena right beside you, holding your hand until the very end of your life…you should be happy for that.”

Jurina was slightly surprised and had this wide childish grin across her face. It’s filled with happiness. “I see…I’m glad to know that! Also, isn’t it about time you should ask Yukirin out?”

“M-Mind your own business!”

Mayu gave a punch on Jurina’s shoulder as her face started to blush harder. Since she had this crush on Yukirin since two years ago and didn’t ask her out yet.

“Believe me, you just have to take the risk if you want her!”

“You know I hate taking risks…” Mayu sighed and Jurina seemed to enjoy teasing her friend. Unfortunately it was about time that they actually had to say a real farewell. “But I’ll consider that…and good bye, idiot.”

“Good bye to you too. Give my wishes to Yukirin too! I hope we meet again.”

She walked away, heading off to accomplish her final objective before she wouldn’t have the chance anymore. Mayu couldn’t help but to be glad to talk to her best friend again and it was just about time Yuki had returned back. It seemed Rena had decided to head back home due to her weak physical condition at the moment, so Yuki did took her time to drop Rena off at the entrance of the cemetery.

“Just now…I heard you talking to someone?” Yuki asked back to her. Due to many complications, aside from Jurina, she knew about Mayu’s 6th sense abilities as well.

“…Jurina told me to give her wishes to you.” Mayu grinned before she turned to make an eye contact with the taller girl who seemed to be shocked with her words. 

Her eyes were about to gush out with shock, confusion, and surprise. As usual, Mayu enjoyed Yukirin’s dramatic reaction. “S-So just now was…Jurina?? Is she…okay?”

Mayu could tell much of a sense what Yuki was attempting to ask. Yuki was also hurt after Jurina died. Everyone was. It’s normal if Yuki would worry about Jurina despite she’s in her afterlife now. “Don’t worry, she’s smiling and happy like always. Right now, she’s going to meet who she’s supposed to meet.”

“I see…so my feelings didn’t play with my mind after all.” Yuki sighed with relief. She recalled remembering Jurina instantly out of blue at the café. It was the moment Jurina ran passed her (obviously she couldn’t see her), however at that instant, it seemed a coincidence happened that Yukirin felt Jurina’s presence. “I did felt Jurina back at the café…so it must be her…isn’t?”

Mayu nodded, and made Yuki smiled. Even she wasn’t able to communicate with Jurina, she’s happy that Jurina, after many things had happened. It was about time they decided to head out from the cemetery and turned to the train station. Yuki seemed to have to go back home to study for her exams. Mayu knew that they would separate again, and she didn’t want that to happen. Suddenly, out of blue, she just recalled what Jurina told her about taking risk…

“Believe me, you just have to take the risk if you want her!”

“You know I hate taking risks…” Mayu sighed and Jurina seemed to enjoy teasing her friend. Unfortunately it was about time that they actually had to say a real farewell. “But I’ll consider that…and good bye, idiot.”

She gulped and tightened her fist. “…Yuki!”

“Yes?” Calling out for her love, Yuki turned around with slight surprise because Mayu rarely called her by her name like that. She did sure take her time before she grasped the courage to confess. Taking a risk was not her style, but if she wanted Yuki as her own, she had to do so.

“I…I love you Yuki. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Yuki was dumbfounded and gawked with shock. Mayu’s blunt confession made her blushed badly. She looked around and hoped no one heard them. Gratefully, none heard since everyone was paying more attention to what they were doing.  Yuki immediately grabbed Mayu’s hand and turned at the corner to be away from the huge crowd.

Yuki grasped her breath before she turned to Mayu with a reddened face. “M-Mayu…that’s so embarrassing saying in the middle of the crowd like that…!”

“Hehe, I guess I am this time…just for once.”

Mayu shrugged her shoulders. She never thought that confessing her love would make her felt this relaxed. “So…your answer?”

“I…I’m gladly to.”

Yuki smiled with relief. It seemed she had love interest for Mayu as well. The 6th sense girl couldn’t help but to be so grateful she confessed her love. Taking a risk wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. “I like you too…Mayu.”

“I’m so glad~” Mayu walked in and hugged Yuki tightly in her arms, embracing her girlfriend. Deep down in her mind, she thanked Jurina for giving her the courage to take risk; as a result, she finally Yuki had became hers. She couldn’t be more grateful that her 6th sense allowed her to meet with her best friend again… to receive that courage for one last time.


In Matsui’s residence: in Rena’s room.

As soon as she returned, she locked herself up in her room. She closed all the curtains and only hoped for today to pass by quickly. Her birthday became a day she despise the most, since it’s the day that her loved one died because of her. Rena eventually fell asleep on her bed while curling herself against the wall.

Time flies and it’s finally midnight…

Jurina had finally come into Rena’s room and saw her lover sleeping in an unrelaxed position. She’s still curled up like a worm and with trailed of tears all over her cheeks. Rena must have been crying since she got back into her room. Jurina sat on the bed and stared at Rena. She remembered what Mayu told her and decided to try it…. In order for her words to reach Rena, she had to talk to her while she’s sleeping.

“Rena-chan…can you hear me?”


Rena mumbled and there was a reaction coming from her. Tears started to run down her cheeks. “Jurina…”

“Please don’t cry…I’m here.” She wiped the tears out from Rena’s cheeks and touched it gently. This time, it seemed Jurina could touch her much more than this afternoon. Maybe it’s because Rena’s sleeping, she’s able to reach Rena. “I’m really sorry for leaving you…I miss you Rena.”

“I miss you too…I’m so sorry…It’s all my fault.”

“It’s not…stop blaming yourself on things that isn’t your fault…I never think that its your fault.” Jurina moved in closer and held Rena’s hand gently. “I want Rena to smile and be happy, even though I’m not around, I’ll always love you.”

“Jurina…I love you…love you…”

Jurina was blushed. Even though she’s in a relationship with Rena for 3 months back when she’s alive, she could count how many times Rena said she loved her directly like this. She couldn’t but to be really happy.  “I know, I love you too…Rena.” Jurina kissed Rena’s forehead and slowly placed her lover down on the bed for her to sleep properly.

“No…please don’t leave me again…”

“…” Jurina knew that she couldn’t do such things like that. She’ll have to be gone soon, no matter what. “I’m sorry Rena-chan…I can’t do that.”


“Please Rena…smile for me. For one last thing I would want to see is your smile…” Jurina pleaded and she saw tears flowing down Rena’s cheeks, her grip became tighter, as she smiled. Rena smiled painfully because she didn’t want Jurina to leave her, but at the same time, she couldn’t express how happy she was that she’s able to talk to Jurina again.

“Jurina…kiss me…”

She bent down to give a last kiss on Rena’s soft lips, their last final kiss. “I’ll definitely find Rena-chan again, no matter please, smile, and be happy. Also…”

The spirit smiled brightly from the bottom of her heart for her lover. “…Happy 18th birthday Rena-chan!” Jurina stepped back and then vanished into the darkness of the room, and that was the last time everyone seen or heard of Jurina Matsui…


“Nngh…” Rena slowly regained her conscious and woke up from her vivid dream. “…Is that a dream?”

She remembered so clearly she had a conversation with Jurina clearly like it actually happened. Then she had realized she’s lying on the bed and with a blanket on top of her body tidily as if someone put it for her. In the dream, it was Jurina that put the blanket on her. She could still feel the tinge feeling on her lips, she remembered that Jurina kissed her before she disappeared.

“I-It’s not a dream…”

She cried again, but this time with utmost content. She could feel Jurina’s presence in her heart and ever since that day, never she felt alone anymore. Her birthday was no longer the worse day anymore…It would always be the day that reminded her of Jurina’s final smile. It’s carved right down onto her heart ever since and it would become an everlasting memory for her…


For certain, Rena knew one thing…Jurina came back and gave her courage the courage to move on. She wiped her tears away, and decided to move on with this determination in her heart. Finally, she revealed out a smile that she never had after since the incident.

Without any clouds of doubt in her heart, she’s ready to move on with the strength and love Jurina gave her…

HOPE had bloomed out from the seed of DESPAIR.




A/N: There will be epilogue after this one-shot, just feel that this is not quite complete yet! ><” (Being a little weird here) I’m still wondering how to finish it so it will take quite a while.
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Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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ahhhhhhh I'm still crying  :cry:

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Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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That was really good.  Mayu is a middle person in this situation with connecting Rena to the death of Jurina and Yuki accepting her proposal
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Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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Ah... that was sad  :cry:

i'll be waiting the epilogue.  :cry:

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Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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I read it on AKBlasphemy and I enjoyed reading it once again, I like it being slightly altered and I am waiting for the epilogue!!!
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Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! this so sad but so sweet :on speedy: :luvluv1:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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Koneki: Wow, ><" gommen? I never though I could write a fanfic that could make someone cry!
kurosawa87: yup! Mayu connects both of them together, glad you like it!
rise: Aw yes, about to upload it now~
sakura_drop_: I guess altering it a little at the end makes it end better! Glad you enjoy reading it again >< I do too~
mayuki_daisuki: Sad and sweet~ >w< glad you like it!

A/N: In the end...I felt like doing an epilogue for WMatsui and MaYuki version...So for this one, it's WMatsui version! So please enjoy it!

We will meet again…
[Epilogue ~ WMatsui ver.]


Konichiwa…This is Matsui Rena.

Before I realized it again, it has been 10 years since the last time I met Jurina. But it felt like yesterday…that last kiss we shared…that last smile of hers. Those memories were still fresh in my heart. To be honest, I remembered Jurina’s last words clearly.

That she said…she would find me no matter what. I don’t how but…deep down, I hoped that she would find me again…like how she did back then.

She saved me from despair…gave me hope…and taught me about love. I wanted to teach the kindness that Jurina taught me, maybe because of that; I decided to become a schoolteacher. I’m currently kindergarten teacher in a small school back in my hometown.

“Matsui-sensei! The principal called you.”

Another teacher called Rena, she’s her colleague, Akane-sensei. Rena nodded before she turned to her students with a lively smile. “Everyone, be a good kid and sensei will be back.”

“Hai~” Everyone replied in unison. All of Rena’s students loved her, including the student’s parents. She’s well known to be a great teacher and built reputation to this kindergarten school. As Rena left, Akane would look after the classroom at her place until she return.

“I leave the kids with you.” Rena bowed slightly as another teacher smiled with thumbs up.

“No problem~ You don’t have to be so humble Matsui-sensei!”

“Hehe, alright.” Rena giggled before she left the classroom and headed to the principal’s office.



“It’s Matsui Rena.”

“Come in.”

The woman inside the room replied and I entered. She’s waiting for me and I sat down at the couch. “Sorry to call you out during your class.”

“Not at all. Is there something a matter?”

I asked and she seemed to be a little worried. She explained me the issue we’ve been having recently… the kindergarten school at Rena worked in had this orphanage center as well. It seemed some adults used that as a place of opportunity to leave their child. Since there were lots of kids in the kindergarten school as well, before the teachers and staffs realized it again they were already left here. Polices were trying to track down the parents. Sometimes they found the parents, sometimes they failed…as a result, the number of children left at the daycare increased and it seemed we’re reaching the limits of taking any children right now. So they’re sending children to the bigger orphanage instead.

“Ah I see…that’s really a bothersome, but I don’t see any problems in it?”

“Well you see, the problem is something that I wanted to ask you.”

She sighed softly before she made an eye contact with me again. “No matter what Yagami-sensei or I said, this child wouldn’t leave here no matter what. So I wanted to ask for your assist.”

Rena seemed confused, but she accepted the task. The principal felt relieved and told that the child was at the orphanage section under Kumi’s care. As it was decided, she headed to the orphanage center to meet with the problematic child that Rena had to deal with.

“Oh! Rena-san, finally you’re here!”

Kumi exclaimed with excitement before she hopped to Rena’s side and spoke softly instead. “I leave the boy in your care…he’s over there.”

She pointed towards the corner of the room where there’s a young boy sitting alone coloring the picture book with color pencils. She never recognized this boy, but it wasn’t that surprising. Since she didn’t work in this section for almost three years already. “Ah…so it’s that boy?”

“Yup, Rena-san you’re sure popular...”

Kumi’s words made Rena confused and she asked for clarification. “Oh? The principal didn’t explain? The reason the boy wouldn’t leave is because he said that he didn’t want to be separated from you.”

“Eh? Really?”

Rena was surprised and sounded misbelief with what Kumi said. She didn’t remember this kid at all. Now she’s starting to feel a little guilty for not remembering this boy that was fond with her so much.

“Yes! I guess he’s fond to you? You only come occasionally to this section after you moved to primary section…which doesn’t make sense somehow.” Kumi shrugged her shoulders but then Rena’s attention seemed to be on the boy. Since she gave her words to her principal, she decided to talk to this boy in order to understand why he wouldn’t move out. She might be able to convince him. But something about this boy was…attracting her somehow.

Matsui-sensei approached the boy and crouched beside him slowly in order to not make him scared. He seemed to be caught up with coloring the book so he didn’t realize Rena’s presence close by.

“Hello, what are you doing?”


He turned around and their eyes met. Those innocent eyes of the boy captivated Rena instantly. At that instance, she felt an immediate connection with him. It’s like a storm tackled her right in the face. He was surprised to see Rena there, since she was the reason that he didn’t want to move out from this orphanage.


“How are you?” Rena began with an easygoing conversation in order to make the tensed boy calm down before she started to negotiate with him.

“I-I’m good thank you…and sensei?”

“Yes, thank you to you too.” Rena smiled and she felt awkward that the boy knew her name, yet she didn’t know his name. It’s been few years since she worked at the orphanage section as Kumi’s assistant. Maybe he came after she had left.

“Rena-sensei…you don’t normally come here…are you here to convince me?”

Bull’s eye! This boy knew Rena’s objective here. It made her slightly at guilt since the boy caught her. However she couldn’t back down just yet. Rena sighed softly and then tried to continue the conversation, that was the least she could do now. “I’m sorry I don’t recognize you…what is your name?”

“It’s alright, I don’t think sensei ever met me before…”

He stopped coloring the book and turned to Rena to make a full eye contact. “My name is Jun…Nakajima Jun, 9 years old. I’m glad I finally get to talk with sensei~”

“I see. I’m glad to talk to you too Jun-kun.”

Rena finally made Jun relaxed and thought that it’s about time to start talking about real business with him. “Just as you know…I’m here because principal and Kumi-sensei told me that you don’t want to move is it?”

“Yes. I don’t want to move out from here.” He spoke firmly. “I want to be where Rena-sensei is. I’ll not move out no matter what!”

He’s really persisted and Rena was slightly surprised. Since he’s still a child, she believed she would have to continue negotiate with him in order to make him convinced enough to move to the bigger orphanage, for his own benefit.

“If you move to the bigger orphanage, you’ll get to meet more friends there and able to do much more things than here. Don’t you think that’s good?” Rena asked and it made the boy felt really uneasy. Likely he’s debating in his head, he gripped his shirt tightly and looked like he’s about to cry.

“N-No…I don’t want anything…because…I finally met you.”

He started to cry but what surprised Rena was is words. But not just his words, his aura, his eyes, and the way he cried…it’s reminding Rena of someone important to her that was no longer alive anymore…

“When I saw sensei for the first time…I feel like I knew you.”

Jun was still crying and forced himself to continue to talk to his teacher. “I-I don’t understand this feeling at all but, it felt like I’ve been waiting for so long to see sensei…always…for so long…”

Rena listened to Jun’s word by word and couldn’t help but to be stunned. The flames in her heart that longed extinguished started to burn up again. She remembered, this feeling…the nostalgic and longing feeling she lost…Rena started to remember this familiar feeling once again, it’s been 10 years since she felt like this again. This feeling happened when she was with her girlfriend back in high school…when she was with Matsui Jurina.

“Sensei…why are you crying?”


Rena didn’t realize the tears flowing down her cheeks, she wasn’t sad. But she couldn't stop those tears. “I…why am I…?”

“Please don’t cry…” The boy grabbed Rena’s hand and tried to cheer the teacher up. He grabbed his handkerchief and wiped the tears out from Rena’s eyes. It caught the teacher off-guard as she saw an overlapped image of her lover on top of Jun. She couldn’t believe her eyes and how senses making her hallucinating.


“Huh? Sensei, I’m Jun…not Jurina?” The boy corrected her but Rena was still too shocked to respond to the boy. She finally broke into tears and touched the boy’s cheek. “Rena-sensei?”

“…” She didn’t speak a word and suddenly embraced Jun tightly in her arms. She couldn’t help but to feel this utter happiness blooming inside her chest. For all these years that passed by, Jurina did kept her promise…that she would come back and find Rena no matter what…

…And she did kept her promise, Jurina found her way back to Rena once again. After Rena realized that, she could hold back her tears anymore and let it all out.

Rena swore with her life this time that she wouldn’t commit the same mistake again. They won’t be apart anymore, and this time, she will be certain that she will protect Jun no matter what even it costs her own life. It’s the time she would repay her debts for Jurina. Her girlfriend taught her happiness and love, she would do the same and give it to this young boy in her arms. 

No matter how many years went by,
…Jurina will always be in her heart…


Yahoo! I’m Matsui Jun! 10 years old desu~

It’s already a year that Rena-chan adopted me, that’s why I changed my surname to Matsui instead. On the very first day I talked with Rena-chan…she seemed to have this confusing and complicated conversation with the principal. I don’t know what they’re saying but in the end, I was asked whether I wanted to be adopted by Rena-chan instead…

…And who doesn’t want that!? I wanted to always be with Rena-chan. It has already been 2 years since I live under the same roof as the prettiest mother in the world. I’ll make sure no man comes close to my mother! Well…it’s because I secretly like her though, despite she’s SO much older than me~ Age is just a number! At least my feelings are real~

But sometimes I wondered whether this feeling is mine or not. I occasionally had a dream about when Rena-chan was in a high schooler uniform. She looked really young back then, but I’m pretty sure I never see Rena-chan as a student before…why I have a dream like that? Also…since I was a boy, I always would go run outside alone around the village as if looking for my long lost treasure. Hehe, it hit the point that my biological parents thought I’m insane.  Too bad I’m not!

But right now…I felt like my goal in life is fulfilled, felt rather complete after Rena-chan decided to adopt me. I never felt this happy before in my life, and I’m glad that I accepted Rena-chan’s offer.

“Jun-kun! Breakfast is ready.”

I heard Rena-chan’s call and tried to finish my diary before I leave me room. “I’m going down!”

Oh right, also, she doesn’t allow me to call her ‘Rena-chan’, but I always do~ She’s about like 20 years older than me. I’m still 10 and now she’s 30! Since she’s officially my mom now, but I always like to tease her by calling her Rena-chan~! I can’t resist that temptation. I love her reaction so much! <3

Before I left my room, I kept my diary in a safe place where Rena-chan wouldn’t find it. I grabbed my school bag before I rushed downstairs for breakfast. At the kitchen, that’s where I saw my beautiful mom in a blue apron. “Good morning Jun-kun, did you have a good sleep?”

“Good morning~ Yes I always do! I’m starving now.” I sat at the table and ate my breakfast that Rena-chan prepared. Ah! It’s so tasty~ Rena-chan’s cooking is always good.

“Hehe, you don’t have to rush that fast! The food isn’t going anywhere.”

She laughed at me and I loved her laugh too. She’s like an angel~ “But you better not be too slow that you don’t make it for your school!”

Now she’s rushing me, but well I usually eat fast anyways! I finished the food and went to wear my shoes while waiting for Rena-chan to clean up the dishes. She would drive me to school every morning before she headed off to work at the kindergarten school. Good think that my school is close to the place she worked, makes things easier isn’t?

“I’m done Rena-chan!”

“I’ll be there in a second, and Jun-kun! I told you not to call me like that!”

Hehe, that’s the reaction I meant! Isn’t she cute? She didn’t take that long to finish and then Rena-chan dropped me off at the entrance of the school. “I’ll come pick you up at the usual time.”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Be a good boy and study hard okay?”


“Alright,” Rena-chan moved in closer to me and kissed my forehead gently. Wah, it made me blushed a little. “I love you, Jun-kun.”

“I know~” She always said it every single day, but I loved it so much. I got out from the car and waved at her. Some other adults would feel pity for me that I don’t have a dad…but Rena-chan gave me everything that I wanted in my life already. I don’t need anything more than this, I’m already so happy just to live with Rena-chan for the rest of my life.

“I’m heading off now~ and I love you too mom!”


She’s my mom…my savior…my angel…my light…
…and I’m in love with Rena-chan.
I’ll grow up and become an adult, so I can protect her
It’s the boy’s job to protect the girls after all~!
Eh…even with 20 years apart, I wonder I can make her fall in love with me or not~
MEH! Bad idea, if she knows she will kill me for sure!
Better go now~



A/N: Took me quite some time to figure this out. Hope it’s a good epilogue, and thank you for your patience with this update~

I would like to ask everyone's opinion whether I should write epilogue MaYuki version or just leave it there? I don't mind writing it out in case people want to read MaYuki moments (consider as fanservice?) If you have any comments feel free to say~ if there's going to be an epilogue for MaYuki version, it will be in during the same time as WMatsui one (10 years later).
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Nice epilogue for the WMatsui.

As for the other one,  if it seems suited to you...
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Re: We will meet again… [OS] ~ Epilogue MaYuki Ver. [Update ~ 18/7/13]
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A/N: Finally it's here!! It took me quite some time to figure this out. It felt more of I’m actually writing another one-shot of MaYuki instead. But well, guess it works in some ways? It’s MaYuki moments after all! Hope you all enjoy and find pleasure reading this!

We will meet again…
[Epilogue ~ MaYuki ver.]


Konichiwa…This is Watanabe Mayu.

Ah…time flies by so fast. 10 years already? I couldn’t believe that…it had been years since I broke up with Yukirin…but it felt like it’s just yesterday.

Many things happened…and we broke up. I didn’t have a choice to decide, or even tell Yukirin the story behind all. It’s for her sake…without having her know is to protect her.

Now, I wondered what’s Yukirin doing? She must have a normal life with an ordinary man already. I want her to be happy…and that’s probably the best option for her. At first, I thought my love for her wouldn’t last long after we broke up…but ended up that I loved and yearned for her even more.

That’s the worse. The pain in my chest is killing me…


“Hm? Someone’s here this late?”

Jun jumped off the couch he was sitting and went to the door. He looked through the hole to see who came to visit Matsui’s residence this late and it’s someone he’s familiar with. He opened the door without hesitation and with excitement for the mysterious guest. “Ohh~!”

“Jun-kun!? I told you to not open the door until you know who it is!” Rena yelled from the kitchen but then Jun ignored her scold instead.

“Mom~ It’s Mayu-san!”

Right after Jun told her mother the guest’s name, Rena immediately dropped all what she’s doing and jerked her head out to see Mayu. Her eyes stared upon her very friend, who had this pale expression on her. Rena didn’t felt good about this. After she had done putting the laundry in the machine, they sat down at the living together without Jun bothering their private conversation. Mayu’s appearance had so much. She let her hair down and didn’t look like a kid like she used to be anymore. It’s due to her current job that shaped up into a mature aura; she’s working as a lawyer since it’s due to her father’s demand. Her father was one of the Supreme Court judge himself. They had to admit that they became quite close with each other right after Mayu broke up with Yuki. They occasionally met and talked with each other through out the past years already.

“Mayu, what happen?”

“…You see…”

Rena listened to Mayu’s story and was in complete shock. It was just this early evening that Mayu received an wedding invitation from her father and she’s forced to attend since it was her cousin’s wedding. However, what made everything much more badly was that the bride was no other than Kashiwagi Yuki, her love. Mayu didn’t know how to deal with this stress, so she decided to come straight to Rena’s place right after she received the news from her father.  Rena couldn’t believe it and suddenly went out from the room. Then she came back with same wedding invitation card that Mayu received from her father. So it seemed she also received an invitation from the wedding as well but she still couldn’t believe it until Mayu came here. “I just got it today, probably it’s from Yukirin too…”

“I knew that this day would come…I never knew that it could be this painful.” Mayu sighed and stared down onto the ground with that hopelessness in her eyes. “I guess that’s how things goes…”

“Hey don’t give up so easily like that!”

Rena stood up and yelled out loud to her. It made Mayu stunned. She never thought the Rena would raise her voice like that at her. She believed that Rena knew the answer to begin with yet she asked.

“Hey…Do you actually love Yukirin?”

That question struck at her heart, she rose up and raised her voice up at Rena. Mixed of sadness and anger rushed up to her face. She couldn’t believe that her friend would even ask her this. Rena was the only one that knew so well how much Mayu loved and cared Yukirin. “Of course I do! She’s everything to me! I love her…”

Mayu’s voice got softened down and Rena could see her friend’s body trembling. She could tell that Mayu was afraid, but then she grabbed onto her shoulder tightly. She looked up to make eye contact with Rena quietly.  “Then you have to take that risk! You can’t get anything if you never risk for it…you have to if you want Yukirin back.”


The young lawyer was completely dumbfounded as she saw the image of Jurina overlapping of Rena. The image of her best friend had made her mind blown away. However, before she could’ve said anything further, Rena continued where she left off. “I know how it feels to risk…It’s painful isn’t?” She embraced her friend and stroked her head gently with worries.

“No matter what, have faith in yourself and your love for Yukirin. Tell her what you felt with no regrets…neh?”

Many things ran through her thoughts. She remembered Jurina’s words that she had long forgotten. That was Jurina’s final courage that was given to her on the day she asked Yuki to be her girlfriend. It made her wondered why did she forgot about this…something had started to bloom from inside her heart. She hugged Rena back and let out a soft smile with relief. It seemed Mayu had made some decision inside her head. Her face clearly that she had finally carried a resolution in her already. “…Rena, thank you. You really did change after all.”

“Did I?”

“…That feels great. It felt as if I was lectured by Jurina again.”

Mayu giggled with relief. Rena’s glad that she could make her friend smile right now, but that’s not the end of it yet. Fortunately, before she could say anything Mayu had a request to ask her first. “…Rena, I want you to watch me and witness the ‘risk’ I’m deciding to take.”

“You don’t have to ask me, I’ll definitely be there to see for sure.”

They both giggled before they exchanged handshakes firmly. Mayu had decided to return back home even though Rena offered Mayu to stay at her place for tonight. However, she didn’t want to bother Matsui-sensei further. She had to make some plans and make up her mind before the wedding night. No one knew what’s the risk that Mayu decided to take and only Rena could do was wait until that day to come.


It’s the night of Yuki’s wedding event. Both relatives from Kashiwagi and Watanabe side came to congratulate both the groom and the bride of the event. Yuki had grown up to become a beautiful woman. She was in her pure white wedding dress and greeted the guest that came to her wedding, however she also wandered her eyes around to find her best friend through the huge crowd of guests. Spotting a very familiar figure, her eyes grew wide and a smile stretched across her face. “Ah…Rena-chan!”

“Yukirin!” Rena was in a black dress and it made her looked extremely elegant. “You looked really pretty tonight.”

“Thank you Rena-chan…you too.” They both stood with each other and had a quick chat before her to-be-husband called her over. There were still guests that they had to go greet, but before she left Rena she made sure to ask a question first. “By chance…did you see Mayu today?”

“I didn’t see her yet. But I heard from her that she’s coming.”

“I see…”

Yuki sighed softly hopefully no one caught that from her. But Rena was a teacher; she could catch that slightest change in Yuki’s expression. She looked sad despite today being the best day that all women wished for. She had this forced smile on her face before she left. “Thank you so much for coming, I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you around.”

Rena immediately knew what occupied Yuki’s thoughts from her expression. Also, she knew Yuki long enough that they shared secrets with each other, that’s how Rena knew that Yuki had to marry with this man she didn’t love due to family’s businesses. Now that she had thought about Mayu, she wondered what her friend was plotting for this wedding. She couldn’t do anything only but watch everything until the end as Mayu requested her to do so.


…The wedding ceremony was about to begin.

Rena started to be impatient and wondered where could her friend be and what’s she planning to do right now. She could see that Yuki’s face was completely lifeless. The bride had no desire to marry but she’s forced for her family’s sake. They’re doing an official marriage ceremony here in this grand hotel. They even invited a priest to conduct the wedding ceremony for both the groom and bride. Rena could tell from Yuki’s expression that she’s simply counting down to eternal despair…there’s nothing she’s looking forward to at all. Her life would be under this man’s control forever. She didn’t have a choice to decide whom to marry. 

“Watanabe Satoshi, will you take Kashiwagi Yuki as your wife?” The priest asked and the man nodded.

“Kashiwagi Yuki, will you take Watanabe Satoshi as your husband?” He turned to the listless bride and the woman forcefully nodded.

“…I will.”

“Well then, you may kiss the bride---” Right before the priest could finish his words, a yell interrupted him out of nowhere.


It had caught everyone’s attention to the person standing alone in the middle. The moment the bride had her eyes met with that person, she couldn’t hold back her dramatic reaction. She’s a woman, not in a dress, but a pair of jeans and casual clothing of hers. Yuki was emotionally impacted, as she hadn’t seen her ex-girlfriend’s face ever since they broke up. Mayu never showed up ever again, it had been years since she saw her.

“M-Mayu…!?” The bride’s voice quivered as she uttered her girlfriend’s name.
“Sorry, I got objection with the marriage.”

Mayu actually smiled, and that made Rena stumbled. The teacher didn’t expected reckless thing like this to happen, especially by her all-time-cautious friend. Suddenly, Mayu’s father stood up and everyone could tell that he’s completely furious with his daughter’s outrageous actions.

“Why are you in that clothing? Where are your manners Mayu!?”

His roar echoed loudly. Everyone remained in deep silence, however it didn’t have any effect on Mayu at the slightest. She turned to him and gave that eyes of rebellion back at him. It’s a rare sight to see Mayu glared back at her father. It really did have on his nerves and made him even angrier than he was at the moment. “How dare you even look at me with those eyes…?!”

She tightened her fist and yelled back at him immediately after a short pause of silence. “I had enough with your control now. At this moment, I’ll do what ever I wanted.” She walked up without hesitation towards the bride and grabbed her hand tightly. It caused both Mayu and Yuki to make eye contact with one another at that second, but she didn’t utter a single word to the bride. “…”

Yuki wondered but then Mayu diverted her gaze away and turned towards the groom instead.

“I’m sorry Satoshi, but I can’t let you have Yuki as your wife.”

Mayu grinned widely, which was completely contradicting with that serious face she had a second ago. Now, the commotion was escalating among the guests in the event and it’s especially getting on her father’s nerves.

“I hope you didn’t forget the deal! You insolent child…!”

He grumbled and threatened Mayu, but this time she chose not to be affected by it like how it happened in the past again. She gulped softly and decided that this would be the change for everything, including the change for herself as well.

“You’ll regret this!”

“Too bad, I won’t regret what I’ve done now.”

She declared out to the guests and everyone in the room. “Only thing I regret is to abandon Yuki like a coward because of you, and I won’t make that mistake again!!”


Out of a sudden, the light went out and caused a huge commotion and shock in the room. Rena immediately realized that the timing was too perfect to be a coincidence. It must have been Mayu’s plan, that’s what she thought. It took quite a while for the lights to turn back on but when it did, Mayu and the bride had already disappeared from the room. Her father immediately knew that it was all according to his daughter’s scheme. Everyone in the room got panicked with the disappearance of the bride and Rena was left gawked at where she was sitting. But at the same time, she couldn’t hide her laugh from what she’s witnessing with both her eyes. Everything happened so fast and with a perfect timing, everything was calculated perfectly just like how typical Mayu would be. However, what was different this time was that she’s taking such a huge risk by kidnapping the bride right in the middle of the ceremony like that.


It’s a starry sky. Also, a full moon too.

Mayu had brought Yuki up to roof deck as they were running all the way. Gratefully, the room where the wedding was hosted was just few floors below from here. She only could hope that no one would catch them here. She took a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoyed the moment of her success with the kidnapping plan. The sky was clear and they could see the stars so clearly.

“Ah~ the air is just so fresh.”


 Yuki fidget uneasily and felt quite awkward right now. However, before she could even think of anything, she couldn’t help but to ask Mayu a question. “Why are you doing this…?”

“Well, you see…” Mayu rubbed her head and left a gap of silence. She didn’t know where to start much but decided to start somewhere or else the conversation wouldn’t be going anywhere. “I don’t want to make the same mistake again…and I don’t want you to marry him.”


“The mistake that I left you.”

She approached Yuki and held her hand tightly. It had caught Yuki’s attention to her. “…Many things happened and forced me to give up on you, and I decided not to tell you why. However, I didn’t know it’s the worse decision ever. After since you’re gone, I couldn’t help but to think more of you, and love you even more than before.”

They made an eye contact with each other and the bride didn’t know why she couldn’t let her eyes away from Mayu’s at all. She felt totally captivated by the liveliness and passion in her eyes. She decided to tell Yuki everything that happened. Yes…it’s the story after since her father found out about their relationship, everything flipped over like a hurricane just went through. Her father threatened her to break up with Yuki since by coincidence; Yuki’s father was one of her father’s subordinates in the court. Her father wouldn’t care to fire Yuki’s father from work. Also, he’s having Mayu engaged with this man he chose for her. What kind of face could she have to face Yuki again after those things had happened? She didn’t have the courage to even confront Yuki anymore…she felt so ashamed of herself. She thought that breaking up with Yuki was the best choice to protect Yuki and her family, but now she had regretted it so much.

“…It’s been so long since we broke up, but…I love you. I don’t want us to be just friends, or couples. You’re my everything in my life.” Yuki was too stunned to even say any word and it was about time Mayu finished where she left off…once and for all.

“Yuki, allow me to take my cousin’s place in the ceremony instead? I want to be the one that will be by your side for the rest of your life.”

It was the sweetest smile Yuki ever seen from her and the bride blushed badly. As for Mayu, she could felt the huge burden lifted out from her chest after she said what she had wanted to say for so long. “This is my resolution. You might not forgive me for what I’ve done, you might not love me anymore…but I’m willing to risk it if it’s for the sake of being with you again.”

“…” Yuki remained in silence and couldn't help but to cry silently. Those tears made Mayu stunned and worried about the bride immediately. She wondered she might have said something wrong or not to upset Yuki.

“A-Ah…” Mayu’s voice was shaking but then she felt a strong embrace from the bride immediately. She could hear Yuki crying on her shoulders silently and she gently embraced the bride back. “Yukirin…?”

“Idiot…you idiot…”

She pushed away and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I never wanted to marry that man, the only person I wanted to be with is you since the beginning! After since we broke up…I couldn’t forget about you, every single day…”

After hearing those words Mayu couldn’t help but to blush with utmost contentment and kissed her lover immediately. Yuki wasn’t prepared for that forceful kiss but then she did kissed her back. She longed for the kiss for so long and she couldn’t hope for more than that. She wrapped her arms around Mayu’s neck to bring her closer to her body and deepen the kiss. Eventually, they had to broke that passion kiss because they need to inhale more air. Yuki eventually released Mayu and crouched down on the floor in order to hide her embarrassment. “Ah…this is so embarrassing! You’re just too daring…”

“Hehe~ because I want you as my own.” Mayu crouched down as well and stroked the bride’s head. Before Yuki could say anything, Mayu pulled out a ring from her pocket and held her hand right in front. “Allow me to ask again…Yuki, will you marry me?”

“…Of course, you idiot.”

Finally, Yuki had revealed her smile of utmost content. Mayu had put the ring on her bride, right at that second Yuki started to cry again. She couldn’t describe how happy she was at that moment at all. “I-I never thought that this would ever actually happen…!”

“You’re such a crybaby.”

“I’m just too happy right now…let me cry.” Yuki couldn’t force herself to hold her tears but the same applied to Mayu as well. She could feel her own tears running down her pink cheeks. She’s just too happy that Yuki accepted her proposal. Mayu caressed Yuki’s cheeks up so that they could make an eye contact with each other. Yuki smiled from the bottom of her heart, it’s an expression that she never had after since they broke up. “Mayu…I love you, even more than before.”

“Me too, this time I’ll protect you at all cost. No matter what happen, I’ll never regret what I’ve done.” Mayu smiled and kissed her lover’s forehead gently. It made Yuki felt ticklish and giggled.

“With you by my side, I had nothing to fear. I believe we can go through this together…” Yuki replied and received another gentle peck on the corner of her eye. She couldn’t hope for more, this was the best moment of her life as she’s able to be with the person she loved once again.

“Please don’t leave me again…”

“Never it will happen again, I swear.”

Mayu’s strong reply made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat. They made eye contact again and slowly Mayu’s lips touched with the bride’s once again. Slowly and passionately it developed into a romantic kiss. Mayu snaked her hand through Yuki’s hair and slowly pulled her head in closer to her in order to tighten the kiss. As the bride hugged and kissed her lover back with yearning for Mayu. They want this moment to last forever…


“M-Mayu…do you think that is a good idea?”

Yuki asked with worries as both of them were walking down the corridor of the hotel, holding each other’s hand. Mayu didn’t tell her anything in much detail yet but she said she would go meet with Yuki’s parents, who were in the wedding event as well.

“I don’t know too, I hope it works. Just have to place a bet on it.” Mayu wasn’t like her usual at all. She didn’t panic or worried about the consequences. Surprisingly she looked excited about what she’s planning to do right now.

“I want us to be together again, and I’ll do anything to make it happen.”

Yuki blushed with Mayu’s strong passion words, and she’s really happy to hear that from her lover. She felt the same as well and believed that they could go through this together, no matter what happened. “…Me too!”


They had finally arrived back to the room. It was as both expected, the room was a complete chaotic after they returned. There was a huge uproar of argument between Mayu and her father in the room. No matter what her father said, her mind was not wavered. What surprised everyone the most was that Mayu kneed down in front of Yuki’s parents and begged them to allow Yuki to be with her. No one could ever expect to see that from Mayu, especially Rena and Yuki who knew her for a very long time already. With her constant persistence, the Mayu’s mother came to side with her as well as Satoshi, her cousin. He didn’t have interest in Yuki as much as how the bride had no interest in him.

Yuki didn’t expect that coming but her fiancé was amazingly flexible and generous to both of them. He was surprised to see Mayu this serious and knew immediately that her love for Yuki was real. Therefore, he didn’t want to interfere with his beloved cousin’s love….Yuki felt as if she was witnessing a miracle before her eyes, one by one was persuaded and accepted their relationship due to Mayu’s strong determination.

…As everyone could’ve expected, the wedding event was completely a mess. On another day, Yuki’s parents called Mayu over for further conversation between her relationships with their daughter. Surprisingly, both of them were strongly convinced by Mayu’s determination back on that night. They could tell that Mayu was being honest with them through her eyes and words.

“Can I trust you that you won’t make her cry again?”

“I swear with my life on it!” She declared while she held Yuki’s hand tightly. “I’ll make sure she’s the happiest woman ever.”

The father remained in silence and had this soft smile across his face. “Well then, I guess I don’t have anything to worry now. I had witnessed your sincerity…I’ll leave my dear daughter in your care.”

They received approve from Yuki’s father, as well as her mother. Yuki let out a cry with utmost content. She couldn’t believe that miracle was happening. She’s able to be with Mayu again and her parents approved them. The smile he saw from Yuki was a smile hadn’t seen for so long…her father didn’t regret his decision at the slightest. To him, Yuki’s happiness was the priority. However it didn’t went smoothly on Mayu’s side…

The dispute between Mayu and her father never came to an end and it seemed her cut tied with her. However, Mayu’s mother acknowledged their relationship, it made Mayu felt happier than ever. She knew well that her father would definitely cut ties with her and banned her from her career. It’s the risk she decided to bet on and in the end, her father still didn’t understand his very own daughter until the very end…


…It’s been months since that incident. They both were currently living in a small house that Mayu bought from the money she saved up from her career. Mayu had to get a new job and Rena introduced her a position in the university. She might not be able to go back to become a lawyer, but she could become a professor and teach in universities. They needed professors that could teach law, which fitted perfectly into Mayu’s field. Also, today Rena had decided to pay a visit along with her son, Jun.

“It’s great to see that you’re doing good now.”

Rena had a sip of tea that Mayu prepared for her. “I’m sorry that Jun’s might be bothering you and Yukirin now.”

“Don’t worry. Yukirin seemed to enjoy herself as well.” She glanced towards Yuki who was playing with Jun at the little lawn outside the house. Mayu turned back to her friend to continue the conversation where they left off.

“I heard the story from Yukirin…I’m really in debt with you.”

“Don’t say like that! I want you two to be happy.”

For few days ago, Yuki had shared her story to Mayu about how she actually did asked Rena for advice after they broke up as well. Rena was the one that told her not to give up on Mayu and believe in her. That’s the reason why Yuki deeply still have faith in Mayu until now and she never regretted it at all. How coincidently it also matched up with Mayu’s side as well. Rena knew the story from both sides and knew all along that they loved each other since the beginning.

“Back then…if it wasn’t for you that help us, I won’t be able to meet Jurina again.” Rena turned to look at Jun with those caring eyes. She recalled the memories when she last met Jurina and because she had faith until now, she had finally met with Jun. Rena knew all about this because she once had this discussion with Yuki before. However she had no chance to actually thanked Mayu for it and this is the moment for it.

“I should’ve thank you for that time too.”

“Heh…I guess its bygones then?”

“We can put it at that!” They giggled and then Rena had spotted the ring on Mayu’s left hand. She let out a smile and wanted to tease her friend about it. “How does it feel to be newly-wed couple?”

“W-Well, y-you see…” Mayu blushed badly and Rena couldn’t help to laugh at her friend’s childish respond. “D-Don’t laugh at me!”

“You’re just downright adorable!”

Rena enjoyed teasing Mayu so much. Then they had spent their lunch together and it wasn’t that long that the Matsui family had to leave the newly wed couple alone. “Well then, I’ll see you around.”

“Thank you for coming Rena-chan!” Yuki turned to Jun and patted his head energetically. “Let’s play again sometimes okay?”

“Yes! I’ll look forward to it!” He replied back lively and finally had left.

Right now, only Mayu and Yuki were alone in the house. Out of surprise, she felt her hand being held by Yuki gently. She turned and eventually made eye contact with Yuki, but it made Mayu wondered what her lover was thinking. However, she didn’t wait and suddenly kissed Yuki’s ear softly to tease her. Yuki jerked back and blushed badly at the same time. “W-What are you…doing?!”

“Eh? Isn’t that what you wanted?” She giggled before she moved in closer to Yuki. Their face was just few inches away from each other.

“So…last night wasn’t good enough?”

“I-Idiot! I didn’t meant like that!”

Yuki pushed herself away and covered her blushing face. She knew that Mayu was teasing her and then she felt a hug from behind. This time, it was gentle and it calmed Yuki down. “…What is it this time?”

“Neh, can we do it tonight?” She whispered with a low sexy voice and made Yuki fidgeted. She hoped that her lover wouldn’t push her away again this time. “Please?”

“M-Mou…do you really have to ask that?” Yuki got out from the hug and turned around to make eye contact with Mayu. “Isn’t the answer…obvious?”

“You’re just so cute Yuki~”

She threw her arms around her lover and enclosed her lips with Yuki’s. Even though it’s a short romantic kiss, it was good enough to turn Yuki on slightly. After they broke the kiss, Mayu whispered softly into her ears. “…I’ll make sure you don’t sleep tonight.”

“I wonder I’ll regret this now…” She sighed softly.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let you escape~” She hugged and snuggled Yuki tightly. Even though she wanted to push her perverted lover away, but Mayu acting like this was just too adorable for her to do something so mean like that. Only she could follow with the flow and let Mayu do what she wanted to.

…She thought back to few months ago when she was right about to marry a man she didn’t love. It just felt like a dream to Yuki. Despite all the pain and conflicts they both went through for years…in the end, there’s an actual happy ending after all.


Everything felt like a miracle…
I’m living with Mayu for the rest of my life…
I couldn’t hope for anything more than this…there’s nothing we’ll regret.
What future awaits us is not worth to be afraid of…
We’ll always be together until the very end…until death do us part.


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Re: We will meet again… [OS] ~ Epilogue MaYuki Ver. [Update ~ 18/7/13]
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Happily ever after! SWEEEEEET~! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Thank you for the OS you shared :bow: :twothumbs

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omg! I barf rainbow after i read this!
Mayuki~ so sweet!i think i have a cavities now XD

Thank you for this wonderful os :wub:

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Incredibly cool ending for them :thumbsup

Mayu knew the risks and went with it anyway :)
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Wow.... so great....
the actual thing: teary... Jurina dead... Mayuyu finally confessed to Yuki smiles... Sayonara type message through dreams...
WMatsui Ep: Oh... nod nod, Akane and Yagami, smiles.... despite being like cameo.... Jun = Jurina reborn!! type of feeling
Mayuki Ep: Crash the wedding!! Yay!!! Boo Dad guy.... hooray, Mayuki~~
Your writing is great... so nice...

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Hi there! I've been reading your fic since when you posted it on tumblr. Your fics are really cool and great, I love them all XD (I love both Amnesia and Love Capture)
Anyway, thanks for making a Mayuki ver. epilogue XD I love it, so sweet!

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kenjoy12: yay, glad you like it!

Chichay12: LOL, I guess you have the check the cavities soon! :D glad to know you enjoy it!

kurosawa87: Yay! I'm glad I write both epilogues properly XD

Shinoki:MaYuki~ XD wedding crash are awesome~! and thank you! I still need to improve more with my writing but glad you enjoy it!

clubhappy: Oh wow, thank you ><! Glad the MaYuki epilogue worked out and glad you like it! :D

YAY~ I'm glad everything worked out pretty well! XD I guess I'll use this post to post more OS fanfics if I'm going to write more...and definitely would do, hehe~ If you have any request for pairings or anything, feel free to suggest! It would give me more weird ideas to write XD  :fap :bow:

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YAY~ I'm glad everything worked out pretty well! XD I guess I'll use this post to post more OS fanfics if I'm going to write more...and definitely would do, hehe~ If you have any request for pairings or anything, feel free to suggest! It would give me more weird ideas to write XD  :fap :bow:

A WMatsui without a painful end ;O; xDDD  ... but really, your stories are awesome :O I don't have words

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Koneki: Request accepted! :D I'll come up with a one shot~ Shouldn't be that hard   :deco:

....OH! I know what to write now, thank you~ XD apologize for my sudden randomness, I was thinking about WMatsui one-shot and yes it did came up just now while writing this post. :lol: :lol:

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Re: We will meet again… [OS] ~ Epilogue MaYuki Ver. [Update ~ 18/7/13]
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truly amazing, i felt like i just watched a series and i didnt want it to end  :wigglypanda:

my hat is off. saluting.

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:heart:We Will Meet Again :heart:

[MaYuki Version]

~Wow! Thanks for making a MaYuki version of it!

~It’s a good ending  :deco:

~Please make more! :otomerika:

~I really like all of your fanfics

~Thanks~  :wub:

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