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Author Topic: Athena48's OS Collection (WMatsui, MaYuki)  (Read 16399 times)

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Re: Rena-chan is vampire?
« Reply #20 on: October 09, 2015, 03:43:13 AM »
LOL... I know where you got this ideaaa..... XD

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Re: Rena-chan is vampire?
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LOL... I know where you got this ideaaa..... XD

Do tell where? :3 *curious*

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LOL... I know where you got this ideaaa..... XD
Lol!! kampret itu emang jstonedd! langsung terbesit buat bikin ff wmatsui gue! XD

Do tell where? :3 *curious*
hahaha.. i already said in the author note that i got the idea from a tumblr post about Love Live! XD

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bahkan cuma random-an nya doi bisa bikin ide buat ff ye.. XD

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its really cute.. sometimes jurina really think out of box.. :w00t:
Of course rena not just a vampire, she is the queen.. LOL XD

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MaYuki OS - Cyborg vs UFO catcher
« Reply #25 on: August 28, 2016, 04:11:29 PM »
Hi~ i'm back!! hahahaha..

This time is MaYuki!!! hope you all like it~ here we go~

pardon for grammar mistake and error were found

Cyborg vs UFO catcher

Today Mayu and Yuki go out to celebrate their 3th anniversary, instead having a romantic dinner in five stars restaurant.. Yuki choose to have date on game arcade! Mayu cannot understand what’s going on her girlfriends mind!.
“Are you sure you don’t want to have a dinner on five stars restaurant?? I still can make reservation for us” said Mayu to Yuki. But Yuki only shaking her head and smiling.
“That’s too usual Mayu.. don’t you think it’s so exciting to have a date on game arcade? You know it’s just like scene on dramas!” said Yuki excitedly.
“okay whatever..” Mayu can never win arguing with her girlfriend! She always gives up to her girlfriend, in other words Mayu is so whipped to Yuki.
“Awww~ Thank you Mayuu!! Let’s go!” and with that Yuki dragged her cyborg girlfriend to game arcade.
To be the truth this is a first time for Mayu to go to Game arcade, well Mayu never tried what ‘ordinary people’ usually do.. Because of her family background and her strict parents, she cannot experience what people on her ages do. But Yuki is different! Even thou she came from the same background family with Mayu, her parents is not strict like Mayu parents.. even Yuki attending  public school instead of a private school which only for an upper-class kid.
Mayu abruptly stopped her steps making Yuki look curiously at her girlfriend “Are you sure Yuki?”Asked Mayu make sure once again.
“Seriously Mayu?? Don’t you want to try it out?? I know you never going to game arcade before!”
“What?? Who said??” defend Mayu.
“Me.. I said it just now..” answer Yuki flatly.
“Sometimes I hate you everytime I cannot retort back to you” mumbled Mayu.
“That’s because you love me so much Mayu~ that’s why you always gave in to me,hihihi” said Yuki while pinched her younger girlfriend cheeks.
“Mouu stop it! I’m not kid anymore Yuki!”
“Hai! Hai! Hai!” and the two of them continue their steps.

Finally they reached into the game arcade, because it’s a weekend it kinda crowded with people.
“Why this place is so crowded?? Did this place always crowded like this?? Should I call my man to clear up this place?” offers Mayu.
“Mayu don’t be crazy!!” hissed Yuki. Yuki know what her girlfriend capable of, and Mayu tone seems like she didn’t joking around.
“What? How can we enjoy our date with this bunch of people?? It’s supposed to be only the two of us” said Mayu innocently. Yuki only rolled her eyes hearing her girlfriend remarks.
“believe me it’s totally fine Mayu. And  can you wait for second here? I want to buy a token for us to play.. stay here don’t go anywhere!” said Yuki giving warning to her girlfriend.
“Yes ma’am” answered Mayu. Mayu waiting patiently for her girlfriend who now get on the line in front of counter table to exchange some money for arcade tokens for them to play. It didn’t take too long for Yuki to buys the token.
“Lets we play!!” said Yuki excitedly while showing Mayu a bag full of tokens.
“do we need bought that much?” asked Mayu while pointing the a bag that yuki carried.
“Oh Mayu.. it’s just fine..”
“Fine then if you said So..” said Mayu. “tell me again.. why I agreed you having this commoners date thingy?” mumbled Mayu hoping Yuki not heard what she said, but too bad Yuki can clearly heard what her girlfriend just said.
“This is not commoner thingy Mayu..” Said Yuki while smacks Mayu arms.
“Itaaiii” pouted Mayu
“Let’s go we play that game!”  Yuki pointing to one of game arcade machine and dragged her girlfriend along with her.
After playing a few games, Yuki can see that her girlfriend finally can enjoy their date. Well, Yuki know that her girlfriend will enjoy it eventually! The two of them almost played all the games in that arcade, it’s so funny looking at Mayu determined face when she’s playing the game. Yuki cannot hide her smile when she saw how serious Mayu when she’s playing a Call of Duty game. Yuki need to drag out Mayu from that game because Mayu didn’t let others to play that game until she complete all the mission!.
“I swear! I’ll buy that damn game machine and finishing that damn game! Oh! I can ask Jurina to team up with me and we can finished that game together!” said Mayu excitedly.
“Seriously Mayu?”
“What? You not letting me play that game!”
“Mayu you need to let the others play that game too..”
“Why?? We already pay for playing that game! We bought the tokens remember?”
“that’s not the point..”
“so what?”
“because that game is not yours!”
“Don’t worry.. I’ll buy that game machine soon! I don’t need to share it with the others then”
“o-okay.. whatever you said..” said Yuki in disbelief.. Mayu is such a kid sometimes. “Mayu can you wait here? I need to go to the toilet”
“do you need me go with you?” asked Mayu
“No need.. no need.. just wait here.. you can continue playing the games..” smiling Yuki.
“Okay then.. don’t take too long” said Mayu.
“wait here! Don’t going anywhere.. its so crowded today.. I don’t want you to get lost later” joking Yuki before leaving her girlfriend.
“I’m not kid anymore Yuki!”
While waiting for her girlfriend back Mayu decided to try once again the Call of Duty game, but too bad that game now occupied by the others. Mayu leant her back on a nearby ufo catcher and folded her arms, waiting impatiently for the person who plays the game that she has been eyeing finished.
“Excuse me Onee-san”
Mayu felt a little tug on her sleeve. She glanced down uninterestedly at the eyes of a little girl.
“Can I help you?” said Mayu
“Ano.. I was wondering if you could move out the way so that I can play on this?” the little girl said, pointing to the ufo catcher which Mayu was leaning on.
“Go find something else to play. I’m leaning on this” Mayu said flatly, shooing the little girl away. Mayu didn’t want to be out of sight from the game that she has been waiting.
A little while later, the tugging was back. She looked down, annoyed, to find the same little girl looking back up to her, except she had her bottom lip jutting out.
“Pleasee Oneesan, I really want to have a go” her little eyes were large and watery.
“Kawaiii” thought Mayu. Because she cannot resist with that kawai looks finally Mayu move out from the UFO catcher.
“You little cutiepie specimen! Don’t throw that looks on me!” Grunted Mayu.
“Thanks Neesan!” The little girl shows her brightness smile to Mayu and she hurriedly inserted her tokens into the machine. Mayu watched the little girl try to win a toy but ended up falling, she silently laughed, what was so fun about a claw that grabbed stuffed animals?
After two attempts, the little girl sighed in defeat. “This is too hard”
Mayu made a face of disbelief, “what do you mean it’s hard, all you had to do is press a few buttons and grab a toy kid”
“But really, it’s really hard neesan!” the little girl protested, “Why you not try it then neesan?”
Mayu narrowed her eyes, “I will not associated myself with these type of.. Imprudent devices”
“What does imprudent mean?” asked the kid innocently
“you will find out when you’re older”
Just then, the little girl’s mother came.
“Ikoma-chan.. we have to leave now, papa’s waiting for us” the woman then dragged the little girl away who waving frantically at Mayu with a happy grin.
“Bye neesan! Let’s play together sometime!”
Mayu smiled slightly before waving back. After the little girl had left, Mayu check once again the game that she want to play, but too bad it’s not finished yet.
“What the?? How come he didn’t game over yet??” hissed Mayu. “And why Yuki take so long in the toilet??”

Mayu let her eyes travel around the arcade and to her annoyance, it seemed that the ufo catcher were the most popular machines.
‘tsk.. what so fun about that ufo catchers?’ Mayu scoffed after seeing countless people inserting their coins in the claw machines. She could buy the whole of this arcade if she wanted too, but too bad she only wanted the call of duty games.
“Here you go babe, its for you” The male grinned triumphantly, handing the teddy bear to his girlfriend. Mayu just cringed at the boy greasiness.
“tsk! That’s so lame” mocked Mayu. Then the girl squealing of happiness because her boyfriend just winning for her a plushie from the UFO catcher, and for Mayu that was so lame! Why he didn’t just buy the plushie instead if he want give his girlfriend a plushie?. What so special about this UFO catcher? Why so many people/couple trying so hard to get the plushie? Mayu just cannot understand with what all these commoners thinking.
“is this a commoners things?” whispered Mayu. Mayu take a glance at the UFO catcher that she was leaning on, she noticed that one of giraffe plushie was looking at her with a smirk on its face, almost challenging her.
“Ha! I shall not take part in this idiocy!” but somehow that giraffe plushie keep throwing her a smirks that seemed mocking her, telling her that there’s no way Mayu could win at one of these ufo catchers.

“Still nope!” said Mayu while diverted her sight from the UFO catcher machines. But she still feels that the giraffe plushie staring at her and challenging her!

“Urgghhhh! Fine! You really challenging me huh ugly giraffe plushie! If I want, i can buy a hundred plushie tho! And of course more expensive not some cheap plushie like you!” pointing Mayu to a innocence plushie. Finally Mayu inserting her coins to the ufo catcher machine, trying her luck to grab the giraffe plushie who mocks her!.
“I’ll win you on the first go! Just wait and see I’ll prove once and for all, these machines are stupid. You’re going regret this giraffe!” mumbled Mayu while directing the claws and put down the claws to the giraffe plushie. Mayu pressed the button and the claws going down straight to the giraffe plushie and grabbed the giraffe.
“See! Its easy right?!! Hahahahaha” laugh Mayu.
“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?” said the automatic robot from the ufo catcher machines. Mayu can’t believe with what just happened! She can see clearly that the claws already catch the plushie!
“What the?!! How come!!!” Mayu complaining! “this machines is totally scams!” pointing Mayu to the Machines! However Mayu still inserting coins to try the game again.
“This time I’m not gonna lose! Its just a fluke!” with a full concentration Mayu directing the claws to the giraffe plushie again! She didn’t know why she must pick the giraffe plushie tho! Maybe because that giraffe had annoying smiles plastered on its face, that’s why mayu targeting the giraffe plushie!.

A few seconds later.

“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?”

“What the?!! What is this?!!” Mayu’a eye twitched. There was just no way she could lose to this stupid machine nor that giraffe plushie who seemed to love watching her fail.

She inserted a further 3 tokens in the machine.

“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?”

The routine repeated itself again and again, with each time, Mayu getting more and more frustrated.

“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?”

“Dammit!” Mayu inserted 3 more coins.

“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?”

“GAH!! Baka kirin!!” 3 tokens clanged into the machines.

“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?”

A long, LONG period of time later…

A small crowd had gathered around to watch the hilarious scene of Mayu getting extremely frustrated at the machine and was endlessly inserting tokens into it. This was the 11th bag of tokens she had purchased from the cashier, looks like Mayu had just became the highest paying customer of the year.

“Sorry, you didn’t win anything this time, try again for 3 tokens?”


Mayu stopped in the middle of her rage and glanced at Yuki who had an amused smile and a camera in her hands.

“W-Wha- Yuki how long have you been there?”

“I’m not sure, maybe half an hour ago?” Yuki smiled while shrugging her shoulder.

“WHAT? You didn’t even bother telling me!? I was playing this stupid machine whilst waiting for you and-“

“You seemed to be having the time of your life so I didn’t stop you.” Yuki laughed.

Mayu eyed the camera in Yuki’s hands, “Why have you got that…”

“Well you look so cute while getting worked up” Yuki smiling seeing her girlfriend flustered face.

“Mouuu! Stop it!”

“Here.” Yuki reached into her bag and pulled out a giraffe plushie which she had won earlier from another grabber and tossed to Mayu.

“T-This is… But how-“

“Because I’m amazing.”

“But you… this… what…” Mayu stood there, staring dumbfounded at the giraffe plushie she had tried hard to win for the past hour and yet… Yuki had beaten her to it.

Yuki smiled, seeing this side of Mayu. “Come on then, let’s go get something to eat. I bet you’re starving from all that anger.” Yuki grab Mayu hands and drag her walk in the direction of the restaurants.

“Mouu!” Mayu followed quietly behind, leaving the crowd of disappointed people who had been watching her play on the ufo cather. She stuffed the giraffe plushie into her bag harshly.


See ya next time~   :)

p.s: I might make Keyakizaka46 fic in the future too! TeeHee~  :P
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Wow, Mayu is very rich, isn't she?
Want to buy the machine, 11 bag of token, wow.

They are too cute in this story. Thanks for your story
Usually a silent reader.

Sorry for my broken english, english is not my first language.

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Jurina Tricks!
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Jurina and Rena were alone in Jurina’s room. It was a usual day after school. Both of them were sitting at the round table, doing their homework. Both Jurina and Rena attend the same School, and Jurina was Rena kouhai. They might not from the same grade, but they like to help each other with their respective homework. Needless to say, Rena has a higher level of motivation and concentration than Jurina who get distracted very easily.

“Rena-chaaaannn we should take a break” Jurina said, lying on the floor.

“We just had small break 10 minutes ago Jurina”

“I don’t remember it” Jurina get up and stare innocently at her girlfriend. “Don’t you want a break? We can have ice cream and then I won’t ask for break anymore!”

“That’s what you said 10 minutes ago”

Rena continued to do her homework, ignoring her bored girlfriend next to her.

Rena knows that her younger girlfriend is actually a great student, her grades in school is always in the top ten, but she just lacking a lot motivation and really hard to concentration!

“Are you hungry Rena-chan? I can make a super spicy ramen for us.” Offer Jurina, trying to lure her girlfriend.

“No I’m not, and you don’t like spicy Jurina”

“Do you need something?” Jurina asked again.

“No, thank you”

There’s silence for a moment before Jurina break it again.

“Have you heard about Takamina-senpai confessing to Maeda-senpai?”

“There is no such thing! Takahashi-san is coward” Rena still focusing to her homework.

“How about Mayuyu kissing Yuki-senpai on the lab room?”

“That’s sounds so Manga alike”

“And Akane-san is actually can transform into bird!!”


“Airi-san is having crush on you.”

“I know that” Jurina only frowned hearing her girlfriend answer.

“Fujita-san confessing to me and I said yes to her”

“Okay.” Answer Rena flatly, but suddenly she realized what happen. Rena put down her pen and glaring at her younger girlfriend. “What?!!”.

“Ha-ha.. it was just joking..” said Jurina awkwardly.

“Focus Jurina! Study!” scolds Rena. It was almost impossible to disturb Rena when she’s studying. Of course, nothing is impossible and Jurina knows it better than anyone else.

“Can I just turn on TV? It will help me concentrate..” Jurina found and excuse to put her plan into play.

“How come?” asked Rena.

“Well, I just can’t study with this quietness” excused Jurina while throwing her arms in the air.

Rena looked at Jurina like she was crazy, but she allow her. Jurina turned on the TV and the DVD player. She made sure that Rena wasn’t looking and putted a DVD in. Then she went to sit back next to Rena and acted like nothing was going on.

“Ahhh now I can concentrate! I’ll do my homework without any interruptions.” Said Jurina, and she can see that Rena already focusing back to her own homework. Rena really into her homework till she heard a intriguing narration from the television.

She put her pen down and turns around her body to see the television. “This is train documentary???”.

“Oh.. isn’t this documentary about trains? How come??” Jurina acted dumb.
Rena was already sitting in front of TV, staring at the rectangle object without blinking while Jurina smiled proudly. She closed her book and turned to Rena.

“Rena-chan, you still have 3  exercise to do” she said.
Rena eyes were glued on the screen where a vintage footage about steam trains first were made. “I’ll do it when its on commercial breaks” Rena answered without even looking at her girlfriend.

“But we have to study” Jurina continued her act.

“.. Just wait for a moment.. please..” Rena begged.
Jurina smiled proudly before joining her girlfriend in front on TV’s. She lay down beside Rena and looked at her princess with a smile.

“Don’t you like that better than homework?” asked Jurina.
Rena only nodded with eyes still glued to the screen “Trains is better than homework” answered Rena innocently.

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Oh by the way there is no commercial breaks, it’s a DVD Rena-chan, the duration of this documentary might be more than 2 hours.. are you going to watch it till the end?”


“Can I get a kiss?”


“What if I turn off the TV?”

Hearing the thread, Rena immediately bend down her head and kissed Jurina who was laying beside her. She was only going to give a quick peck to Jurina before focusing on the TV again, but when she was going to pull away, Jurina stopped her and grabbing her head deepen their kiss for a longer time.

“There.. enjoy the show princess” said Jurina finally parted their lips.

“Mouu! I don’t catch what he said! Its your fault!” pout Rena while grabbing the remote control and push the reverse button to move back to the scenes that she skip because of their kissing moment.

Jurina grinning happily because her tricks is worked.

“Matsui Jurina 1, Matsui Rena 0! Hehehe” mumbled Jurina.


I miss wmatsui so bad! huhuhuhu..  :cry: :cry:
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Re: Wmatsui and MaYuki OS fic [Update WMATSUI OS 12/09/16] - Jurina Tricks!
« Reply #28 on: September 11, 2016, 11:19:28 PM »
Nice trick, Jurina. :)

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Re: Wmatsui and MaYuki OS fic [Update WMATSUI OS 12/09/16] - Jurina Tricks!
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So funny!
Jurina knows how to get what she wants.

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Re: Wmatsui and MaYuki OS fic [Update WMATSUI OS 12/09/16] - Jurina Tricks!
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I miss wmatsui tooo!!
Nice fic btw, write moree wmatsui pleassseeee~

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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I Can't - WMatsui
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A/N: Hello~ How are you? its been awhile right? hahahahahahaha... and here i back with new WMatsui drabble!!! so actually i found a list abt 100 prompt idea challenges.. and i kinda triggered to do the challenges! and i already finished make 4 other fic! *maybe soon i'll update it all*. So for now i give you all this first.. the other fic still needed to Beta-ed first.. Hope you enjoy all!~ :)

I Can’t

   “No Rena-chan! Please don’t go!!”
With tears brimming in her eyes, Jurina hold Rena hand tightly. There’s no way she gonna let it go.

   “Jurina.. let it go” pleaded Rena.

   “No! I won’t too!”

   Rena looking around her surrounding and she can see that the two of them now gaining people attention. Even she can hear a people murmuring about them.

   “Jurina please.. you’re making a scene right now!” hissed Rena still trying to let go from Jurina grips.

   “You know right that I can’t..” said Jurina

   “Then just let me go! If you can’t, just let me-!”

   “You know that I can’t do it! Then why you suggested it?” Jurina butted in. Rena only look at Jurina in disbelief.

   “Seriously??” sighing Rena. “Jurina! Stop being crybaby! You’re grown up now! And let go my hand right now! I’m being serious!” scolded Rena.
Reluctantly Jurina let go her grips, and wipes away her tears, while looking down at her shoes, she just can’t look up at angry Rena. Meanwhile Rena, she gives apologetic look to people who got bothered by the commotion that she and Jurina make. 

Rena takes a deep breath before releasing is slowly, calming herself.

   “Listen Jurina..” Jurina slowly looked up at Rena. “I know you can’t do it.. But till when you gonna be like this? Forever? Nah.. it can’t be right?” said Rena.
        “You need to face it by the way.. be it now, or in the future.. be it with me, or someone else”
        “No! I only want to be with you Rena-chan! Only you!”
        “I’m not finished yet!”

   “Sorry..” mumbled Jurina.

   “I’m gonna ask you again.. you will do it or not?”
        “I… I can’t..” whispered Jurina.

   “Geez!! It’s just a freaking Haunted House Jurina!”

   “I just Can’t!”


   “You really ask me why?? Of course there will be ghost inside there!!” pointed Jurina to the entrance gate to the haunted house.

   “Oh my god! Its fake Jurina! Fake!” without they’re realizing both of them shouting at each other again, and once again gaining people attention.

   “Okay.. okay.. can we stop shouting at each other?” said Rena who now in calming tone. Jurina is really stubborn! And it’s really draining her energy, persuading the stubborn Matsui Jurina!.

   “Can we go home instead?” ask Jurina.

   “No! before you going to this haunted house first!” said Rena with stern look.

   “Whyyy it must Haunted House in the first placeeeeee??” whining Jurina.

   “You lose the bet, so this is the consequence” shrugged Rena.

   “What bet? I didn’t remember it”

   “Oh really?? Then what is it?” said Rena while showing a screencap of her convo with Jurina from last week on her phone.

   “Damn!” hissed Jurina.

   “So?? Oh don’t be spoilsport Jurina~” mocking Rena.

   “O-okay.. then.. but you’ll come with me right?”

   “Should i?”

   “Arghhh!! Just now you want to go by yourself! Now what? You don’t want to?” frustrate Jurina.

   “Hahahaha! I’m just kidding! Of course I’ll come with you..” Smile Rena. Rena really loves to see working up Jurina, she looks cute.. usually Jurina full of confidence, but when she’s afraid.. she looks like a lost puppy!.

   “So shall we?” said Rena while give her hands to Jurina.

   “What?” Said Jurina still irritate.

   “You don’t want to hold my hand? Okay then~” said Rena with a fake shocking expression and retreat her hand. But before Rena can retreat her hand back, Jurina quickly grasp her hand.

   “Says who?” Said Jurina who’s now hold Rena hand tightly. And finally both of them entered the Haunted House together, after almost one hour arguing.


See ya soon~ ciao~


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Re: Wmatsui and MaYuki OS fic [Update WMATSUI OS 20/05/17] - I Can't!
« Reply #32 on: May 21, 2017, 03:56:46 AM »
Thanks a lot Athena48-san!
See you!

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New WMatsui OS 27/07/2017
« Reply #33 on: July 27, 2017, 05:50:42 AM »
Well, Happy birthday Rena-chan~
this is gift for all the desperado WMatsui shipper~ enjoy all~

sorry for typo and grammatical error were found


Jurina been checking her phone for hundred times already, but still no news from her girlfriend. Did Rena-chan forget about their appointment?. Jurina only can sighing and wait patiently for Rena.

“Miss your order already set, should we serve it now?” asked the waiters waking up Jurina from her own thought.

“Oh.. can you served it later, I’m still waiting for someone” Jurina smiled little.

“Alright then.” With that the waiters take his leave. Jurina back to her phone again, this time she tried to call Rena.

Before her call got into the line, Jurina heard the familiar voice, yes it was Rena-chan voice. She put back her phone and cannot hide her smile when she saw Rena-chan walking toward her table.

“Sorry for keeping you wait” Said Rena while take her seat.

“Hmm.. no its okay” smile Jurina. Jurina give the waiters signal to serve her order.

“So? Why you insisted to meet up in here?” ask Rena-chan curiously.

“What? D-did you forget what today is it?” said Jurina disappointedly.

“Did I miss something?” ask Rena unsurely.

“Are you that busy till you forget about our anniversary?” Jurina smiled sadly.


“Really??” said Jurina unbelievable.

“Gomen.. its just slips off of my mind”


“Are you angry?” asked Rena. And now suddenly the atmospheres become heavy.


“But you sound angry”

“Just forget it Rena-chan.. it doesn’t matter anymore.. please can we enjoy this dinner instead?” said Jurina in defeated tone. She just didn’t want to make the situation become uglier.

With that Jurina give signal to the waiters to serve her order.

In no time everything already placed in its place, Jurina especially order all Rena favorite.. and yes its include a melonpan! Weird isn’t it?.

“So how is work?” asked Jurina tried to break the ice.

“its fine.. nothing new”

“I heard you got offer for new drama role?”

“hmm..” humming Rena. Jurina only stare at her girlfriend who now busy with her salad.

“good for you then” said Jurina flatly.


Rena suddenly put down her utensil, and staring sharply to Jurina.

“Why? You seem sound not happy at all”

“No. I’m not.”

“Seriously.. I’m really sorry if I forgot about our anniversary.. I know you Jurina”

“Sorry is not enough Rena”

“Then what do you want?”

“You always busy.. can you spare just a little time for us? Even its hard for me to get your call” said Jurina who now leaning her back on her chair.

“I’m sorry Jurina.. I’m not you who born from well family, I need to work hard to get what I have now”

“You don’t need to work hard if you accept my proposal!”

“Ok, that’s it! If you want to bring up this topic again.. I better go.. I still had things to do” with that Rena stand up and ready to leave Jurina.

“You always run away Rena-chan!” Now Jurina also stand from her chair and both of them stare at each other intensely, good thing Jurina already booked the entire place, if not of course they’ll draw people attention.

“I’m tired Jurina.. we already agree to not bring that up again”

“Why? Do you really love me?”

“I love you!”

“Then why?”

“it’s just.. I’m still not ready” sighing Rena.

“Then when? How much longer I need to wait?”

“I don’t know..”

“This is nonsense” said Jurina bitterly.

“If you cant wait for me.. then i’m setting you free Jurina”

“What?!” shouted Jurina. “No.. no.. no.. you really out of your mind Rena! Are you serious saying that words?!”



“Jurina.. I know I might can’t give what you want.. I don’t want to tied you down with me without certainty”

Jurina only can look at her girlfriend soon to be ex- in disbelieve, how can god so cruel to her? She’s not going to lose her girlfriend on their anniversary day right?
 Jurina can see that her girlfriend taking a deep breath before released it slowly and saying the word that she hope she would never hear it!.

“Let’s we take a break” said Rena surely.

“hahaha.. you’re fcking joking right!” Jurina turn her body back facing Rena. She can’t show her tears to Rena, she’s not that weak.. well, that’s totally lie of course! Rena is her kryptonite.. without Rena she cant imagine what will happen to her.

“No.. I’m serious Jurina.. let’s we take a break”

“I-I don’t know.. I need to think clearly” with that Jurina grab her belonging and walk away from Rena who still stands in her place. She needs to get away from Rena, or she’ll breakdown in front of Rena and she didn’t want that to happen.

Jurina drive her car without fix destination, she just want to get away from what just happened. She still digest what really happen to her and Rena relationship. It can’t ended just like that! Her relationship for three years cannot end like that.

She have been driving for hours now, and her phone keep blinking since last hour ago.. Maybe its Rena who’s calling her, or maybe not.. After that occasion no way Rena would contacting her. She choose to ignore the incoming call and keep driving.

But the caller is keep persistent, Jurina take a glance to her phone tosee who’s calling her, and her mom’s name flashing in the screen.

“Okaasan?” mumbled Jurina. Finally Jurina reach her phone and answer the call.

“Okaasan? What’s wrong?” asked Jurina.

“Jurina where are you now??” Her mother tones sound so hurried.

“I-I’m still on the way.. I’m driving now okaasan”

“Go to hospital now!” said her mother over the phone.

“Hospital? Why? Who’s sick?” Its weird thought Jurina.

“Did Takayanagi-san didn’t tell you?”

“Churi? What happen mom?”

“Its Rena-chan Jurina… she’s in the hospital now”

“What??” said Jurina in disbelieve.

“Hurry now!”

“O-ok… I’m going there now” with that Jurina ended the call and hit the break taking a detour going to the hospital. How can Rena in the hospital now? Just an hour ago she had big argument with her! What’s god planning to her?.

Now Jurina didn’t care anymore about the traffic rules, she need to get to hospital soon! She still didn’t know what actually happen to Rena, but based on her mother worried tone it can’t be that bad right?.

Fortunately the traffic this night not that crowded, its no problem for Jurina to speeding. If there’s any police doing patrol right now, Jurina surely will get a ticket for over speeding! But luck is on her side that night.

Finally Jurina arrived at the hospital, she run to the receptionist table and asking for Rena room. The officer give her Rena room number and Jurina hurriedly going to her girldfriend room.

When she arrived, she can see her mother and Rena manager standby in front of Rena room. Jurina walk approaching Churi who now pacing back and fro in front of the room.

“C-churi.. what happen?” asked Jurina unsurely.

Churi finally stop in her track and facing Jurina.


Okay.. she didn’t see that coming. Why Churi slaps her?

“Jurina” shouted her mother.

“Where have you been?? Why you not pick up you calls?!!”

“I.. i..”

“Dammit Jurina! Don’t you know that Rena-chan is sick?! Why you not realized it?!! She insisted to keep it secret from you!” Angry Churi.

“Re-rena-chan sick?”

“Both of you is such a fool! How can both of you is so clueless??”

“What are you talking about Churi?” whisper Jurina.

“Where do you think Rena-chan away all this time?”

“She’s doing her job r-right?”

“No.. actually she already finish all her job there months ago.. she’s taking a break now.. and why do you think she’s coming late to your appointment? She’s been sick Jurina! She insisted to go to see you eventhou the doctor forbid her!”

“Why… why she’s not telling me”

“Cause she didn’t want to make you worried..” sighing Churi.

“how her condition now?”

“I’m not sure.. the doctor still inside examine her” after Churi said that, finally the doctor finish examine Rena condition.
Jurina abruptly asking the doctor about her girlfriend condition.

“Sensei! What happen to Rena-chan?!”

“I’m sorry are you Matsui-san relative?” asked the doctor.

“It’s okay doctor.. you can tell her..” said Churi.

“Well, Matsui-san condition is getting worse.. we need to do the operation as soon as possible.. if not the tumor cell in her brain will effecting the other” explain the doctor.

“Noo… noo.. Rena.. Rena.. Rena!”
Suddenly Jurina feel the room sound so quiet, and her head spinning so hard.. she hear faintly someone calling her name and then everything become a pitch black.





Jurina wake up abruptly and look up to the person who’s calling her name. its Rena-chan!

“Wake up sleepy head” giggle Rena.

“Wha.. what?” confused Jurina while looking at her surroundings. She’s now with Rena sitting in the passenger seats, Airi driving the car and Churi seated beside her.

“You had bad dream huh?” asked Churi who now also looking at Jurina.


“Yeah.. you keep calling my name Juu..” said Rena.

“It was a dream?” said Jurina to herself.

“What are you dreaming about actually? You sound like you’re dying.. keep yelling Rena name,hahahahaha” teasing Churi.

Jurina take a look Rena and Churi back to back.. and she can also hear Airin giggle while driving.

“You’re healthy right Rena-chan!” asked Jurina seriously to her girlfriend.

“Of course I am! Why?”

“No brain tumor?” asked Jurina again.

“What? Pfffttt… what’s wrong with you Jurina? ahahaha” laugh Churi.

“Yep! I’m sure I’m healthy.. no brain tumor or other deathly sickness” smile Rena.

“Thanks god..” said Jurina in relieve. And then Jurina remember about one thing. “Ah! You also didn’t have plan to break up with me right??” now Jurina become anxious waiting for her girlfriend answer.

“Okay Rena.. your fiancé is completely lost her mind! Why you chose her instead of me?” said Airi while taking glance from the rear mirror.

“Airin! Why you said that!” said Churi while hitting Airi.

“Woah.. woah.. be careful.. I’m driving here” said Airi.

And Rena she only smile looking at her friends antic, while Jurina still waiting for Rena answer. Rena saw her girlfriend worried face, she grab Jurina hands and guide jurina finger to her ring fingers. Jurina seems shock and immediately checking out what she just touch.

Yes, its ring!

“Why? You look so shock.. are you forget that last night you just proposed to me?”

“Eh.. me? How?”
“Jurina you just had bad dream.. of course I’m not going to break up with you.. how can i.. you already tied me down” smile Rena.
And finally Jurina back to her sense.. the bad thing that happen to her is just a dream! Rena didn’t break up with her, and she’s also healthy! Thanks god its only a dream.. but somehow its also feel so real.. thinking about losing her precious Rena its same like a dying! But fortunately its not really happen.
“I love you Rena-chan” said Jurina while looking directly to Rena eyes.
“Yucks! Stop it you lovebird!” said Churi with a disgust face. And all of them laugh at Jurina greasiness, once flirty always be a flirty.


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