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Author Topic: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)  (Read 112858 times)

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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
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Too many comments I'm lazy to reply to each one of you all so I'll just write it as one. XD
Thank you for all enjoying this completed series. It did make me happy to see people still liking it despite its done for years already.  :deco:
After seeing comments from everyone it kinda gave me an inspiration to write a short MaYuki to explore their life that takes place several years after the epilogue. Just gonna be focusing on MaYuki, so I hope you all will enjoy it.

For some particular questions addressing to me:
Kriyu: Do you take fanfic request???
= Yes I do, but currently I don't because I have quite a number of requests already. It takes me a while already to write my current two ongoing stories (AMNESIA and WHO IS MY PRINCE?). Besides from that, I have quite a number of ideas for one shots and another new series (IN THIS CAGE). So yeah, it will be tough for me to take requests...I value quality more than quantity :P I hope you get what I mean~

fath107: Maybe next is mayu birthday  :D *request*
= HAHAHAHA! Who knows? Depends I guess. Instead of Mayu's birthday one, have this one instead. I think this portrays more of their relationship and I hope you'll enjoy it. Consider as an my indirect response to your request :P

I know its still 11 days from the actual day (Feb 14), but I guess this still works anyway.
Whether it is Valentine's Day or not doesn't matter to both MaYuki anyway :P

~Special: Valentine’s Day?~


The lady had a sip of her coffee as she read the files that were printed from the lab instrument. As she read all the data closely through her thin glasses, a smile of satisfaction beamed across her face before she placed it back on the table. The results went according to her anticipation. She walked up to the wall where there were tons of photos hanging on the thin string. All of those pictures were marked of blood patterns from the crime scene. While she was quietly analyzing the results in her computer brain, another scientist entered the lab room to see Dr. Watanabe.

“Watanabe-san. You’re still here?”

“Just checking out the results for one last time. This would nail the case, have a look and see if you understand it.”

“O-Oh? Okay.”

The man walked up to the files on the table and that was when his eyes grew wide with shock. All the results strongly supported the prosecutor’s team and it would be a powerful evidence to allow them to win in the court in the next few days from now.

“Watanabe-san! This is amazing! You figured it out by yourself??”

“Pretty much, after simulating countless cases in my head for days. I’m satisfied with this result.”

“Yes, this is amazing.”

“Anyway, what brings you here?”

“Oh right.”

The man remembered he was here to give Mayu the paper files for her to fill in. Apparently the head of forensic department wanted Dr. Watanabe to be the expert witness and presented it in court. The woman sighed as she preferred working in the shadows and unnoticed by others…but because of her phenomenal talent in presentation made her receive this task.

“I hate being expert witness…I thought Akimoto knew about it already.”

“She knew, but she still wanted you to do it.”

“…I demand a raise from her.”

The scientist took the files reluctantly and agreed to be the expert witness. As she was signing the papers, the male colleague of hers stared at Watanabe silently. He seemed to have a crush on this talented lady, but he didn’t have the courage to confess or ask her out. Mayu put the paperwork back into the folder before she passed it back to her male colleague.

“Here, is there anything else?”

“N-Not at all!”

“Good, I’m leaving now. I’ve been up for 20 hours already. Finally I can go home and sleep…”

“You should leave and get some rest, sensei. It’s not good to push yourself too hard. You’ve been working on this case for over a week and didn’t leave this laboratory except for the team meetings!”

“I know what I’m doing, don’t worry. Thank you for your concern, Ishida.”

Mayu was backing her back and files into the boxes before she was about to leave the laboratory. However, the man looked up to the clock and realized it was already late 2am. He turned back to the lady and asked her how she was returning back home. At very least, she had a car and would be driving back. He only smiled softly before he told her to drive safely in this late night.

“Drive safely and take care, Watanabe-san.”

“See you tomorrow Ishida. Take care of the files for me. I’ll be here by 6am.”

“Akimoto-san said you have a day-off tomorrow. So don’t worry about coming in.”

“Oh, okay then. That’s good for me. See you later.”

Mayu removed her coat and put on her black blazer just before leaving the room. As she just came out into the corridor, the male colleague bit her lips and turned around to call Mayu once again. He called out her name and caught her attention. While she was staring at him with confusion, he only smiled with a sigh before he finally spoke what was in his mind.

“Since it’s already the day, Happy Valentine’s day, Watanabe-san. Have a great day-off.”

“…Ah right, it is Valentine’s Day today! Thanks for reminding me though.”

“Hahaha, as expected from you who’s so obsessed with the case that you forgot the days… and no problem.”

Mayu finally arrived back home after she was away for a week. She yawned widely before she checked her watch to see that it was already 3am. It was very late already and knew that her partner would be asleep at this time. She entered the house softly hoping to not disturb anyone that was sleeping. She dropped all her stuffs in the living room before she went up to the 2nd floor to take a quick shower before dropping on bed. She came out from the bathroom with a towel on her head to dry off her wet hair. However, the moment he stepped out from the bathroom into the darkness of the corridor, she saw a dark figure in the dark and was facing her, and it literally gave her a heart attack.


“Ugh…don’t yell…”

“Jeez…you freaked me out…”

The figure replied back and Mayu realized that it was Yuki. She woke up from her sleep to come to the bathroom. The older raven-haired walked passed her into the bathroom to use it, but before she closed the door she turned to Mayu and gave her a cold glare.

“Stay there, and don’t you dare move.”

“…O-Okay ma’am.”

Mayu stood there in the hall waiting for Yuki to finish her business. As the raven-haired came out from the bathroom, she turned to look at Mayu who was still drying her hair with the short towel. The scientist was already in her sleeping attire—sleeveless men’s shirt and shorts. It was quite an awkward silence between the two and the moment Mayu was about to say something, a brute force stopped her abruptly.


The nurse student walked up to her and slapped Mayu across her face out of blue. The forensic scientist was in a moment of stun and she placed her hand onto the red bruised cheek. No words were uttered from Yuki before she walked back into her bedroom and left Mayu standing in the hallway alone. The younger one sighed before she turned towards the stairs. She walked down to the living room and used the sofa’s pillow to sleep onto.

“…Well, I guess I’ll do some work before hitting the couch tonight.”

She was checking some few things on her laptop and stared at the numbers on the screen. She started counting and seemed to be coming up with several approaches she could do to make what she planned work. She glanced over at the clock and it was already 4am, and that was when she realized she needed to hit the bed before Yuki would wake up.


Yuki woke up in the morning at 6am and after she washed her face and dressed up, she came down to the living room to make her breakfast. She saw Mayu still sleeping in the couch quietly and tons of paperwork scattered on the table. She walked up to see her and she had such a peaceful expression before it made Yuki sighed softly. She went to get a blanket and put it over her before she went to make breakfast for the day. How fortunate that today was Saturday and also didn’t have any practical shifts today. She decided to relax for the day and watched TV at the couch whilst Mayu was still sleeping. The older one had her coffee with croissant that she bought yesterday after her shift.


Mayu’s phone rang loudly and it made the younger one sprung up from sofa. She stretched out to pick the phone but then she fell off onto the floor. Yuki’s eyes grew wide with surprise. She watched her drowsy partner got on her knees and stretched out to grab her cellphone before she rushed out to the hallway of the house.

“Yo Akimoto, you got my email right?”

Yuki quietly eavesdropped the conversation but she had a feeling it was just about work like always. Akimoto was Mayu’s boss and sometimes they would have a long conversation on the phone regarding cases they’re on. Sometimes Yuki would get jealous over how Mayu and Akimoto were good friends with each other.

“C’mon, just consider it as a token of appreciation for me that I accept to be the expert witness.”

[Jeez, what a demanding employee you are.]

“Duh, I TOLD you already! C’mon Akimoto, do it for me please! Just like what I written in the email!”

[…You’re such a troublesome but yet a very valuable coworker. I’ll do it now, and it should be all good by 11am. Is that okay? That’s the fastest I could do.]

“Great! That’s perfect, thanks Akimoto.”

[Good luck with your expert witness presentation. I look forward to your promising result, Watanabe.]

“…Yah, whatever.”

Mayu hung up the call and walked back into the living room with a big yawn. As she just entered, that was when Yuki passed her a warm glass of coffee to her. She turned to look back at the raven-haired and she just only gave her a poker face before Mayu took that glass of coffee. The young one couldn’t help but to let out a soft smile of relief before she had a sip of the coffee her lover prepared.


“Did you have enough sleep?”

“Longest I ever have for a week. I’m happy enough.”

“Are you hungry? I’ll warm up your breakfast.”

“I’m starving.”

Mayu smiled before headed over to the dining table and waited for her breakfast like an obedient child. Yuki made omurice this morning and the younger one was so focused on eating that she didn’t even bother to talk at all. Yuki simply sat down in the chair next to Mayu, and watched her focused on eating like no body’s business. She must be starving so badly that Yuki decided to wait until Mayu was done eating before uttering a word. The moment the younger lady placed her utensils back onto the table, she stretched her arms up into the air with utmost satisfaction.

“I missed this so much! Your cooking is always and will always be the best. This I the BEST meal I ever have through out the hellish 7 days.”

“What have you been eating for the past week?”

“Junk food and takeaways. We needed to wrap up a lot of things and we’re running out of time. I was able to figure out the results this morning before I came back.”

“Ah, I see. So…you’ll be an expert witness again?”

“Akimoto forced me to do it, but at least she’s giving me a raise. That asshole forcing me to do the job I hate again.”

“So when are you leaving today?”

“I’m not leaving for work today, Akimoto gave me a day off. How about you?”

“I don’t have any shifts today.”

Both of them remained in silence as Mayu smiled softly before she picked up her plates and headed towards the sink. She offered to wash all the dishes and Yuki only nodded softly. Kashiwagi went to grab all the cups and plates from the table before passing it to Mayu. She waited for the young one at the dining table and watched her from behind. It turned out both of them had a day-off today and Yuki seemed to be wondering what to do.

“Is there anything you want to do?”

“Let’s go together to the city, I need to pick up something from Yuko..”

“Hmm, sure. It’s been a while since I met Yuko-chan.”

Yuki replied with a shrug and after Mayu finished washing the dishes, she walked up to Yuki and stood next to her. They both looked into each other’s eyes and the young one placed her hand on top of Yuki’s silky hands. She bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead before she smiled with love towards her.

“Good morning, Yuki.”

“…Morning, Mayu.”

“Not going to give me a morning kiss?”

“Well I gave you one this morning already. Right on your cheek.”

“Haha! Nice try, and that one hurts.”

Both of them laughed if off before Mayu decided to go change to her casual attire for the day. As she was about to get up the stairs, Yuki went after her and grabbed onto Mayu’s hand to get her attention. The young scientist turned to her partner but then what she received was another slap across her face. Her face swiftly turned due to the impact of the hit and her eyes dilated with surprise.

“…Ouch, you really didn’t hold back.”

“I didn’t.”

Mayu only rubbed her cheeks in silence and accepted that slap. She realized she deserved it because she didn’t tell Yuki that she would be staying at the laboratory for the entire week. She would only text Yuki once or twice a day during her working hours. Mayu sighed softly but then that was when Yuki cupped her cheeks and pulled her in to seal those lips. It was quite a surprise kiss, but then Mayu accepted it and kissed her older partner back. 


“Change in plans, we’re not leaving.”

“What? I thought you have—”

Before Yuki could finish her line, Mayu kissed her again and it made her blushed again. She held the raven-haired lady’s hand tightly before she pulled her in to embrace in her arms. She really missed this warmth from Yuki’s body that was always by her side every single night. However, she had been missing it for the past week due to work.

“…It never feels right without having you next to me at night.”

“Jeez, you’re such a child.”

“Does that bother you?”

“…No, not at all.”

Both of them rested their forehead against each other while they felt each other’s warmth close to each other. They missed being next to each other, and right before they were about to kiss again…they were interrupted by a phone call that came in through Mayu’s cellphone. It made the young one sighed with annoyance before she hung up the call right in front of Yuki.

“You’re not going to pick it up??”

“It’s not important, its just Yuko.”

“I though you’re going to pick up something from her?”

“She can drop by to our place instead. Right now, I want to be like this.”

Mayu hugged Yuki tightly and it made Kashiwagi sighed softly with a sweet smile across her face. She patted Mayu’s head and allowed her girlfriend to hug her for as long as she wanted, but before she realized it the short one swept her up in her arms. She carried Yuki into the living room and dropped her onto the sofa before she get on top of her and slept on top of her.

“I’m still sleepy…”

“Didn’t you have coffee already?”

“I slept at 4am, and its just 9am right now…I need more hours. I’ve having only 2-3 hours of sleep per day until now…I think I’m crashing.”

“Jeez, why are you overworking yourself like this?”

“This would be the last time, don’t worry…”

“Promise? I won’t like it if you collapse out of exhaustion.”

“I promise, but even I did I’m certain my nurse will nurture me up again right?”

“Don’t push your luck, Mayu. I can be very mean, you know?”

“I don’t mind being a masochist for my sadist queen.”

“I’m not a sadist, you masochist.”

Mayu only giggled before she buried her face onto Yuki’s soft chest and slowly drifting off to sleep again. It was less than a second that Mayu went into deep silence, and that was when Yuki realized that her girlfriend fell asleep in her arms already. Mayu was sleeping so peacefully and Yuki couldn’t just push her away. She allowed herself to relax on the sofa while her beloved Mayu was in her arms, but before she could use this opportunity to take a nap, Mayu’s phone buzzed again. It seemed Mayu left it on the table and put it on silence. Yuki picked it up to check and saw that it was Yuko again. She picked it up this time and talked in Mayu’s place.

“Hi Yuko-chan.”

[Mayu you jerk how dare you—Wait, Yuki??]

“Haha, yes it’s me. Sorry, right now Mayu is sleeping right now…she’s very exhausted from lack of sleep.”

[Yeah, what an idiot. Anyways, I guess I’ll drop by to your place later at 3pm? I need to pass something to that jerk. Will you guys be at home?]

“I’m certain we will, if not I’ll make her stay home by the time you arrive.”

[Thanks Yuki! I know I can rely on you! I’ll see you soon then.]

“Not at all, will see you soon Yuko-chan.”

Yuki hung up the call and could feel Mayu snuggling up closer to her before she patted her head softly. She hugged her back and the warmth from Watanabe’s body was drifting her to sleep as well. She also didn't have a lot of sleep but she woke up early due to a habit she picked up after she started having shifts in hospital. Both of them fell asleep in each other’s arms and thankfully that the sofa was wide enough for the two of them to sleep together.


Few hours passed by and Yuki slowly woke up from her long nap, and the moment she opened her eyes she saw Mayu watching her sleeping with that soothing smile. It seemed the younger one was awake before her, but she didn’t bother to get up at all.

“Nngh…Since when you’re awake?”

“Just few minutes ago, I want to stay like this for as long as we could.”

“…Mayu, I miss having you next to me when I go to sleep.”

“Me too.”

“Can you not stay overnight like that again? I hate it.”

“I won’t anymore, I promise.”

“You better, or else I will be mad. Very mad.”

“I keep my promises, don’t I?”

Mayu’s smile of confidence made Yuki smiled before she scooted in closer to the younger one’s body. The younger one wrapped her arm around Yuki and pulled her in to kiss her nose gently, which caught her off guard. However, that act made Kashiwagi pouted softly instead. She wasn’t satisfied with what Mayu did…because she wanted more than that.

“Just that? C’mon…”

“…Don’t do that, it’s hard to resist temptation you know? I still want to follow the plan I made today.”

“What plan?”

“Yuko texted me. We’re going to meet with Haruna and Yuko at the plaza close by. We’re meeting there at 3pm instead of having those two coming over.”

“Eh!? Haruna too?? I didn’t see her for ages!!”

“Its good to catch up right?”

Mayu sat up and checked her phone to see the time and it was about 2pm. They had about an hour before they need to leave the house to meet with their friends, but as the young one was about to get off from the sofa, Yuki pulled her down again and she buried her face into Mayu’s chest.


“Didn’t you say you want to stay like this for as long as we could?”

“…You’re making this very hard for me. I really want to touch you now.”

“Keep your pervert hands to yourself. We have to go out later in an hour.”

“You’re being too adorable here.”

“…Well, it’s your fault for leaving me for a week. You better make it up to it.”

“You slapped me twice, doesn’t that make it up already?”


“Nope, it’s not enough.”

Right after Mayu finished her words, she got another slap on the cheek out of blue and made her blinked with surprise. Yuki only giggled softly before she bent in to peck on Mayu’s lips before resting her head against her neck. She didn’t say a word and the young one only hugged Yuki back. They both sure had quite a complicated relationship with each other. It seemed Yuki picked up such an abusive form of love after spending many years with her lover.

“How abusive my girlfriend is…do I need to take 4 more slaps to make up for 7 days that I’m gone?”

“Something like that.”

“How about I do something else in return for you?”

“Maybe, what are you going to do?”

They both stared at each other and the younger one only smiled with that confidence before she ruffled Yuki’s head. It seemed she had something in mind that was yet to tell her. However, Yuki didn’t persist to ask Mayu because she knew that even though she asked her…the young one wouldn’t tell her until the time was right. Mayu just pulled her in and kissed her forehead before embracing her tightly once again. Yuki didn’t resisted and just rested her head onto her chest and embraced every second she’s next to her girlfriend. They just stayed like that for the entire time until it was about time to leave and head off to meet with both Yuko and Haruna.


The two arrived on time at the plaza where they saw both Yuko and Haruna waiting for them in front of the fountain. She still had that squirrel face and she rushed in towards Mayu before extending her fist out towards her old friend.

“Hey! You’re late!”

“It is called on time, you jerk.”

Mayu extended her fist forward to bump with hers before they gave one another a big hug of reunion. Haruna and Yuki were both excited to catch up with each other after not seeing each other ever since their annual reunion six months ago. They decided to walk around the plaza checking out stores and supermarket. It seemed Haruna had to buy food to restock her fridge at her and Yuko’s apartment. Mayu and Yuko left both two ex-officers to enjoy their old times together and that was when Yuko gave Mayu a plastic bag containing something inside.

“A 7-11 convenience store bag? How classy.”

“Shut up you jerk, does that even matter?”

“Nope, thanks for your effort.”

Mayu took it and put it into her bag before Yuko threw her arms over her shoulder and pulled her friend in closer to whisper against her ear. It seemed they were having some sort of secrets that didn’t want to overhear their conversation in public.

“So…how romantic you picked valentine’s day to give her this?”

“Actually I forgot it is on Valentine’s day, it was an accident.”

“The heck, you serious??”

“I’m joking.”

“…I actually believed that, you troll.”

“I think I knew it was Valentine’s Day long time ago, but I just remembered it was Valentine’s Day this morning by my colleague. Isn’t it just another damn day in a year anyway? Its just people gave importance to it and make it a lover’s day.”

 “…Said by someone who’s living with her girlfriend for years. Oh well, at least you remembered it. Enjoy your day my friend.”

“So do you, enjoy your day with Mrs. Oshima.”

“Shut up.”

Yuko knocked onto her head and Mayu grumbled back as her response. They continued shopping and it was about time that both Oshima ladies had to return back to their apartment to enjoy their valentine’s date together. Both Watanabe and Kashiwagi headed back home and as soon as they arrived they dropped their groceries onto the table. Before Yuki could ask Mayu what she wanted for dinner, the young one offered to cook instead.

“I’m making dinner.”

“Eh? You?”

“I’m NOT that bad. I can at least make good meatball pasta.”

“Hehe, you sure?”

“I take that as a challenge then. Go sit down, and embrace your defeat upon my dish.”

“Ah, I’m so scared.”

Both of them laughed at each other before Yuki offered to clear out the table and prepare the drinks for both of them. They both bought a bottle of red wine to drink together for tonight. It didn’t take that long for the young scientist to finished cooking pasta for two servings and it was about time they both were starving. As Yuki had the first bite and Mayu watching her with a smirk of confidence, the older one had to admit that it was better than last time Mayu made. It exactly tasted like how Yuki would love to eat her meatball pasta and she had to compliment her girlfriend about it. Mayu could tell from her lover’s expression that she enjoyed it.

“It’s good right?”

“It is better than last time! Wow, I’m amazed. It tasted like—”

“Your mother’s meatball pasta, right?”

Yuki froze and stopped whatever she was doing. She slowly lowered her fork and turned over to Mayu who was looking at her with such calm smile across her face. The older one wondered that it was her girlfriend’s intention to perfect her mother’s meatball pasta that Yuki would always talk about. This indirectness made her heart skipped a beat and she nodded softly in return to Mayu’s question. The young one smiled with satisfaction before they continued eating their dinner.

“Let’s eat.”


Yuki didn’t leave a single pasta strand on the plate and was more than satisfied with the meal. However, she couldn’t help but to be curious how did Mayu perfected the meatball pasta that her mother made back in Yuki’s childhood. As the short Watanabe washed the dishes, she had a sip of red wine from her glass and had to ask out of curiosity.

“…How did you know this is my mom’s signature meatball pasta?”

“From your past comments, and two weeks ago while I was cleaning the storage room I came across it. Your mother has a recipe book.”

“Eh?? Where!? I was certain that it wasn’t there!”

“Apparently you suck at finding things. Anyways, do you like it?”

“…No, I love it. It was as if I ate my mom’s pasta once again.”

Yuki’s face was slightly blushing from the alcohol and Mayu couldn’t help to notice that sweet smile on her lover’s face. She was reminiscing her past when her everyone in her family was home and enjoying mom’s signature meatball pasta. Yuki could remember her sister, mother’s, father’s smile at the dining table and remained in deep silence for a while. Mayu just left her be and after she finished washing the dishes, she went to get something from her backpack before placing it on the table in front of Yuki. The older one was curious but Mayu just simply told her to check it out before she had a sip of her wine. Kashiwagi was overly curious and had a look inside the bag. It was in such an old thin wooden box, but she didn’t seem to recognize it. She removed it out from the bag and Mayu told her to open it up.

“What is this?”

“Just open it, and you’ll know.”

Yuki was still confused, and the moment she opened it she saw a set of pearl accessory—earrings, necklace, and a ring. It seemed to be very old as well. However, its beauty still remained just like how it looked like 30 years ago. The moment Yuki’s eyes laid on it, her eyes grew wide and it was like its beauty paralyzed her. Mayu didn’t utter a single word because she already knew that Yuki would have that kind of reaction. Kashiwagi took the necklace into her hand and stared at it closely to observe every single detail on it…before she turned over to Mayu with eyes of misbelief.

“How did you…!”

“It took me quite a while to find these after it had been pawned for years. Thanks to Yuko and Mariko-san helping me out.”

“T-These are very expensive!! These are Mikimoto pearls! How did you manage to get it back!?”

“Yeah, it is bloody expensive. That’s why I need to work overtime to get some raise from Akimoto. Today was actually the deadline to the payment and Yuko would meet up with the owner of the pawn shop in Aichi for the item.”

“A-Aichi?? Isn’t that really far?”

“This thing sure travelled very far. But it’s back to where it should be already. She really helped me out.”


“I know it is important to you. It is your mother’s memento that she left behind. It’s horrible of you to pawn it at the shop.”

“I-It was because—”

“I know, to support both of us when we’re trying to get back on our feet.”

Mayu sighed and took the necklace away from Yuki’s hand before she unhooked it. The young one hooked it back again behind her girlfriend’s neck for her to wear this beautiful pearl necklace. The young forensic scientist worked overtime in order to get a raise in order to pay back for Yuki’s mother’s pearls. Yuki couldn’t believe that Mayu did all of it for her and she couldn’t hide her tears. She wept silently and Watanabe knew it was tears of joy…but she still hated to see her love cried. She bent in and wiped those tears off from her ears before she got Yuki’s attention to her again. She cupped her cheeks and whispered closely to her face.

“I wanted it to be a surprise. I know that if you knew, you would be against it. At least, you should be honest that you didn’t want to let this go because it's the only thing that will forever remind you of your mother.”


“So, am I forgiven yet? Your slaps hurt so I don’t want to take four more to make up for disappearing.”

“Now you’re making me feel guilty for hitting you. How devious you are to have this planned.”

“Yup, I planned all this so that you’ll be guilty for being mad at me.”

“…You haven’t changed at all, my devious little mouse.”

Yuki couldn’t hold back her smile and that was more than enough for Mayu to feel that her effort paid off. To see her lover’s smile was the best reward to her.  As Mayu was about to step back, Yuki quickly grabbed onto her arm and stopped her from moving away. The younger one looked back at her and Yuki quietly stared back with that such a sweet face. Mayu only sighed quietly before she flashed a vague smile to her. 


“…You’re mean. Now I can’t stop crying…”

“I don’t mind a crybaby Yuki.”

“Stop teasing me but… thank you…thank you so much…! This really meant a lot of me and now…it meant so much more than before because you brought it back to me. I promise I wouldn’t let it go again.”

“You better…and a smile always suits you the most.”

“How cheesy you are, Mayu.”


Mayu only smiled and she was satisfied that Yuki was smiling with her heart out upon reuniting with her mother’s memento. Her smile was just so beautiful that Watanabe couldn’t resist the temptation. She tilted her chin up so that their lips could meet one another in a proper angle. Yuki accepted the kiss whole-heartedly and enjoyed this sweet longing kiss they shared with each other before Mayu broke off shortly with that troubled face. That instant, the nurse student could tell that her lover wanted to be close and intimate with her right now…and she caressed her girlfriend’s cheek before Mayu placed her hand on top of Yuki’s.


“Can you hug me the entire night?”


Mayu pulled Yuki off from the chair and swept her up in her arms easily. Despite her short and slender appearance, she was still very fit from back in those old days she used to be a criminal. The shorter one flopped onto the couch on her back whilst Yuki was still in her arms…and she slowly adjusted her position so the two of them were facing each other on the cough.

“Isn’t this couch a little too small for two people to sleep?”

“Doesn’t it force us to be really close to each other?”

“…True that. Hey, Mayu.”


“I love you.”

Yuki spoke out with utmost love for her, and Mayu could feel it very well. She only smiled before she cupped her cheeks and pecked her lips softly. She didn’t like to say it as often as how Yuki would do…however, she allowed her actions reassure her lover that her feelings were still burning and remained strong ever since they came together. Mayu only patted her head before she let out a sweet gentle smile that made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat…and then the older one buried her face into Mayu’s chest with embarrassment.

“Gah, what a charming smile—!!”

“If that’s what is in your mind, then that is very loud.”

“Just be quiet, and hug me. Don’t let me go until morning.”

“You’re ordering me??”

“What if I am?”

Yuki grinned cheekily and it made Mayu sighed with a smile across her face. She wrapped her arms around her lover tightly and kissed her head before she enjoyed feeling Yuki close to her heart. Mayu didn’t bother to reply back to that question, but her actions told the older one that the young one would obey her demands. It seemed Kashiwagi was getting good with dealing with her rough girlfriend and she accepted that Mayu had her ways of showing her affectionate, which was different from hers. However, Mayu’s quiet love was something that made her so appealing and attractive. 

“Yuki, did you know today is Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah? What about it?”

“Not going to make a big deal of it?”

“I don’t care if its Valentine’s or not. Isn’t it your job to always give me your 100% love and attention every single day for the rest of your life?”


Mayu cracked up so hard and she had a smirk of satisfaction across her face. It seemed both of them shared similar thoughts after all. Both of them didn’t care whether it would be Valentine’s Day or not, but all that mattered was that they’re still by each other’s side as they vowed to each other. They couldn’t live without one another as Mayu has Yuki’s heart…and Yuki has Mayu’s heart. They couldn’t live independent from each other anymore, as they could only live and be alive when they’re next to each other like this. Just the way it was, no need for anything special, they’re happy with their love life already.

“Actually, it would be nice to hear you say ‘I love you’ to me though. You only say it on my birthday!”

“I’ll say again in the next 5 months from now.”


“D-Don’t tickle me there—H-Haaahahahahahahahaha!!! STOP!!!”

“No~! Until you say it!”

“O-OVER my dead body—A-Ahahahaha! Oh god, stop it Yuki—!! Hahahahaha!”

“Give up already, Mayu.”

“B-Baah—ahahahahahahaa!!!!O-Okay! I love you! S-Stop!”


Yuki finally stopped tickling her girlfriend upon hearing her confess and she stared at Mayu panting after the most exhausting battle she went through. However, the young one will surely have her revenge, someday.

“…That’s the statement of the year, so wait for 2017 then I’ll say it again.”

“Hey don’t do that! Meanie!”

“Who is the one being mean here?? You’re torturing me to death to get what you wanted!”

“Make me an exception.”

“…Jeez, so greedy. How did I become such a softy like this?”

“Hehe~ Because you're madly in love with me, right?”

“...Whatever you say, idiot.”



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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #261 on: February 03, 2016, 11:52:55 AM »
 *slapped this a dream...??
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #262 on: February 03, 2016, 02:16:03 PM »
Kyaaaaaaaaa...... when i realize that you update this fanfic, i smile very much , this story is very good, i really love all your fanfic. Please continue make more fanfic in the future. :hip smile:
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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #263 on: February 04, 2016, 03:02:38 PM »
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I really love this fic! And thank you for an update!!!!

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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #264 on: February 06, 2016, 06:44:12 AM »
I did not suspect that love capture will be updated again, valentine edition!
I think this has been really ends on the last update.
I'm happy with this valentine edition, has not heard the story of the capture mayuki in love so I'm really happy

hope you are more frequently update the others as well, yes of course do not have to hurry but I'm looking forward to the work of other gold, honestly I want amnesia is more frequently updated haha

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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #265 on: February 07, 2016, 01:21:11 PM »
Uwaaaa! Nice to see you again katekyohit-senpai  :bow:

I love all of your fic. Well... it's because they're MaYuki fic  XD but i love it too when you're writing another pair :3

I'm looking forward to your fic~ thank you~  :D
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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #266 on: March 18, 2016, 11:54:02 AM » update and it's for valentine's day!
How sweet of Mayu to plan such a thing for Yuki!
Yuki must have been very happy~
Author san, thanks for updating! :D
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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #267 on: March 18, 2016, 02:00:00 PM »
I didn't expect an update omg i was smillig all the time my fav fanfic T__T i love your fanfics
Mayu so cute awwww T____T a great extra  :wub:
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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #268 on: August 28, 2016, 04:22:14 PM »
I wanted to scream out loud "I want more fanfics like this!!!" when I finished yours ~ XD
I must admit that your fics are so good I just had to spend my whole day reading them, especially this one (and made my mom shouted at me lol for doing nothing else...hehe :P). Really, this type of story is kinda typical which can be seen anywhere, but you do a great job making the story slowly become addictive as it go on ;) Not to mention the happy ending is epic 8)
My purpose, other than giving my thanks for your creating such interesting fics, is to ask for your permission to translate this fic of Mayuki into Vietnamese because there are VERY few Mayuki fanfics in my country which I consider actually well-written. So I would REALLY love to be able to share your story on Wattpad for the Vietnamese readers who can't find this. Of course the credit is yours, my only job is translating, and I will make sure to introduce your other fics to them :twothumbs 
~I hope to see more of your work in the future~ :peace:

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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #269 on: July 16, 2017, 06:06:55 PM »
WOW this fiction made me cry a lot
so romance more action and sweet!! i read this with feeling that rooting about their love!!!
 i really like how growing of the mouse here hahaha tsundere watanabe!
thanks yuki that never give up about her love that she had for mayu and thank to rena that light an answer to mayu
and your special shot is so good all so sweettt i'm blush with the relationship along :thumbsup

thank you very much for write a wonderful fic  :twothumbs
Ps. sorry for my bad english hahaha

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Re: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
« Reply #270 on: April 25, 2018, 08:04:41 AM »
I binged read this until 4:20am  :nervous because its just that good! I pove these kinds of story lines, a Thief/Cop relationship  :twothumbs also love stories where theres no love triangle drama makes it better 10/10 ill reread this again someday especially the special chapters xD
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