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Author Topic: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife (COMPLETED)  (Read 40566 times)

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Yes is a must happy ending
But im fine if at first it difficult.but the end must happy


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Isn't this like the ideal marriage life?  :shy2:

Now if you suddenly give them a bad ending, me and all the readers here will haunt you down even to the end of the earth. :shifty:

Everyday Juriken

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Happy wedding for them. Why do I feel that part 3 will be disaster ?

Hope it just my imagination.

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A little bit of angst for part 3 would make it more interesting hehe

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oooo i love wmatsui

they live happy forever!!!!


update soon!!!

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Thank you for the update... :bow:

WMatsui  :inlove:  :inlove:  :inlove:

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The WMatsui is so cute!!!!! :luvluv1:
Thanks for update and looking forward to part 3 :hee:

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happpy want they happy married couple!!

and what juri boy job? as a husband he must take a good care for his family

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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3
HAPPY ENDING!!!!!! PLEASE~ >< This is just so sweet I don't want them to be sad... XD  :deco:
It's an awesome update! I'm super keen to your next chapter!!

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I hope this story can be longer hehehe
still waiting for part 4
thanks for update...

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maybe..... drama?.. marimii o.o

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Oh. part 3? i'm guessing that there will some kind of intervention between them. or some kind of conflict? i hope it wont be affecting them that much! love the fanfic! <3

I fucking love nail art.

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Finally Manatsu no Dome Tour has ended today and i will be flying home soon from Tokyo and will try to squeeze out part 3 by end of week!

Thanks for reading part 1&2!   :) :) :)
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please update ASAP

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The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Part 3 (Wmatsui) Updated:02/09/13
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Here's the RAW version of Part 3, I will constantly do some proof-reading to correct the errors and bugs.

Sorry that part 3 is a shorter update as I had originally planned to make this FF into 2 parts only.  :lol:

There will be a short "Bonus" coming up next week to give a this FF a more complete wrap-up.

Last but not least, thanks for reading  :)

Part III: And they lived happily ever after…?

"Sob, Sob, Sob…"

Someone was heard weeping softly.  On a king-sized bed found inside a traditionally-decorated bedroom, there sat a girl with long raven hair and pale skin. Behind the bed, there was a blown up large size wedding photo displaying the happy faces of a confident-looking handsome groom and a shy looking beautiful  bride. Under the dim light emitted from the bedside lamp shade, the girl was seen covering her face with both her hands while string of tears dripped down through her fingers and splattered onto the blanket.

That is our protagonist of our fanfic here, Matsui Rena-san.

"Why does it have to turn out to be like this? *In between Sobs*. Did I make the wrong decision to marry him?"

Gradually, Rena-san managed to fall asleep on the bed, probably getting too tired after pouring out all of her tears.

So, what had really happened to our newly wed couple???


As the saying goes: Time waits for no man, and for woman as well. I guess.

In the blink of an eye, Jurina and I had embarked on our exciting journey to a new marriage life for almost half a year.

If you asked me how am I coping with my new life during those months,  if you are merely my acquaintances, the model answer will be:

Basically, it is just adding something "extra" to everything that I had already own.

For instance:

~ An extra toothbrush and cup in the bathroom.
~ An extra pair of room slippers.
~ An extra pair of chopsticks at the dinning table.

Most importantly, a hot body by your side to warm you up under the blanket in the cold winter night.

Sounds good, right?

I guess the above will be true for most newly-weds.

However, if you my were close friends, I will tell you frankly that for Jurina and I, our case would be slightly more difficult than usual couples since we had very different cultures, thinking, habits and lifestyles to begin with.

Being often labelled a prim and proper person, I admitted that even most average person would find it difficult to get along with me as I tend to be a bit too particular about cleanliness and tidiness. And you can easily tell that my few pet peeves on my top list could be a little overbearing for an happy-go-lucky plus easy-going young chap like Jurina to cope with.

However, I couldn't help but getting frustrated with him some times. Those things irritates me so much these days that I have started to wonder how long I could continue to put up with these nonsense without exploding my anger on Jurina's face one fine day.

Ok, let's do a count of the unfortunate events that ticked me off.

Firstly, he doesn't like to wear room slippers while in the house and often rushed into the house without changing into a pair. It kind of made me mad as I would need to mop the floor clean every time it happened. He had took over the mopping nowadays after one time when I showed him a super-duper black face that scared him a lot and sent him off to frantically searching for a mop. Ok, for that I will forgive him since he will be the one doing the cleaning up if he ever forget about the slippers again.

Secondly, as a foreign kid, he doesn't like using the bath tub and argued that there is absolutely no reason for getting into one after showering. Once I coaxed him into using the tub, and my blood boils when he simply ignored the bathing etiquettes and did all the washing and shampooing inside the tub!

At first, I did try my best to explain to him that it is a tradition for all the members of a household, to share the same bath water, this is the why the washing of one’s birthday suit, must be done outside the Japanese bath tub. He just laugh it off and couldn't care much and always attempts to skip the process in a childish manner. Or resort to replying in a childish tone, "It's too lonely to soak in the tub alone. I want Rena-chan to get inside the tub with me." I had no choice but to totally ignored his bad bathing manners after that one incident when he lured me into the tub with him and then did all the unexpected ecchi things to me in there. We never managed to get out of the tub for hours which caused me to have a bad cold which last for a week after that.

Since then, I swear I will not ever enter the bathroom together with him anymore. It gave me headache. I felt that I am dealing with a kiddo!

Another thing that I couldn't stand was his laid back attitude and sloppiness in doing his work as a game designer. He had the habit of staying up late for work. At first I thought he was trying to pull an all-nighter to meet the deadline but then I caught him several times watching soccer matches on sports channel rather than doing his work. He better don't let me catch him watching the late night porn channel or else I will put his head on the chopping board!

And the most serious "offense" of Jurina that had caused me the greatest headache was his hentai antics *blushed* which was far too much for me to accept!

Well, it goes like this...

"Tadaima!" I chirped happily and went inside my house after changing into the room slippers at the doorstep. The tea ceremony lesson in the afternoon had ended early and I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing break time with my hubby. Summer-time in Japan can be so unbearably hot and I think the temperature today was more than 40 Degree Celsius. I wonder if my foreigner hubby will be able to cope with the weather change here. Even though there are 4 seasons in America, the level of humidity here would be very much different from that of America.

"Okaeri, Rena-chan!" I was greeted back with the happy voice of my energetic young husband who should be busy doing his work at the room next to our bedroom. We had transformed this small guest room into his working room and spent some good money into installing what looked like a sophisticated link up of PCs and peripherals and what-so-ever gadgets for his game design assignments. It does look like some alienated set up to a IT dummy like me.

Besides doing game design, Jurina shared that he was also doing game testing whose main objective is to get rid of some "bugs" from the software. To me, it sound rather weird to know that crawlies do exist in a PC. Well, I hope he got the bugs in control and they do not start roaming and creeping around the house while we are not looking.

I walked into the working room and saw Jurina sitting at his workstation, typing away in a tremendous fast speed on the keyboard.

What attracted my attention immediately is…well, he was shirtless, which made me gulped and felt flushed on the face.

Upon noticing my entry, he stood up delightfully and came towards me to greet me with his usual welcome hug.

I stared at him. Oh gosh, he was not only shirtless, he was basically only in underwear!

Well, I do not mind seeing his fabulous body in broad day light in summer - beads of sweat forming on his wide shoulders went trickling down from his chest to his perfectly toned abs which makes him look extremely sexy and hot like the underwear model you could find in foreign advertisement.

And those fine blonde facial hair on his body glistening under the natural rays of sun light from the windows was forming an erotic picture in my mind. Everything seems fine but…

Again, he is wearing MY favorite fair of panties - the silky one with white laces! *Face-palmed*

He ever explained to me that "I want to be closer to Rena-chan every moment" was the reason and it made him really happy to feel connected to me in this way. And every time when I ordered him angrily to take them off, he would do so without any protest but will always seize the opportunity to slowly peeling them off in a seductive manner (and a bit ridiculous manner since it was MY pair of panties after all! ) and jump on me me for some love-making live actions.

Talking about doing lovey-dovey things, I understand that Jurina is still at the highly hormonal-charged age and have lots of energy and ever-ready sex drive but it could be too much for me to handle since I wasn't as energetic as him. I even found a karma sutra guidebook hide in the drawer of his work desk that he had ordered online.

Out of curiosity, I flipped through the pages and to my horror, the different positions and techniques displayed in the book seems to be highly challenging and even "dangerous" to master. I would not want to risk breaking my bones or sprained my limbs while attempting these challenges. Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be to be sent to the hospital arising from these accidents. Therefore, I had secretly kept the book away and stashed it at a dark corner of the store room.

I prayed hard that Jurina will never notice it. Or best still, I do hope that he had not memorized any of the acrobatic positions illustrated in that book so that there will no chance for Jurina to attempt the moves on me.

Sad to say, even though Jurina is rather enthusiastic in making out with me, to my disappointment, he wasn't keen of having children and would always mentioned he wanna us to remained as DINK - dual income, no kids. We had a few heaty arguments over this. As the single child, I felt pressurized to fulfill my duty in expanding the Matsui family, for the sake to carry on the name of Matsui. But Jurina would find excuses to brush it off every time I brought up the topic and seems reluctant to consider having a baby and continue taking measures for birth control, ignoring my feeling totally.

Talking about birth controlling, Jurina seems to be obsessed with trying out different kind of condoms when we were in bed. He had bought large quantities of the product in all shapes, flavors, textures and placed them everywhere in the house - bedroom, living room, working room, bathroom, store room, outdoor zen garden and even our kitchen! - always ready for action. His reasoning is "you never know when you will need them, it's best to get ready. Anytime, anywhere". The greatest problem was I don't know where he got the stupid idea of keeping the condoms inside the empty tea leaf boxes which were easily available in my house, since I had plenty of them after the lessons.

Once, I accidentally brought a tea box full of colorful condoms to my tea ceremony lesson and almost show it to the whole class of students! Luckily I was fast enough to discover the mistake and managed to swop it with a new tea box before the box of vice was revealed to my students who are mainly from the elite, traditional families. Thank goodness! Guess I will lose my job and even would even died of embarassment if I ever made that boo-boo! Of course, after the lesson I stormed into the house and gave my perverted hubby a good lecture.

Guess what he did then to "solve the problem"?

After my complaint, he just went on to print out label stickers with the 2 words "Love Seeds" and gotten them pasted on the boxes that he stashed his prized possessions.

Love Seeds? What an irony! I should told him straight in the face one day that by using these stuff, "His "Love Seeds" will never, ever get planted on the fertile land in my "Sacred Garden"!" Hmpf!!!

As days go by, we had conflicts every now and then. Every time, he would just attempt to coax me with sweet words and try to get away by showing me his puppy eyes. Slowly, I begin to feel the pressure building up in our relationship. I felt that I couldn't understand him and his actions well. It is slowly causing me to feel a little bit insecure over our relationship since we had rushed into our marriage without building up firm foundation and having in-depth understanding at the first place.


The last straw was when I found a strange and suspicious looking name card in the pocket of his jacket while doing the laundry. It said "Ero-Picture Production House" with an web address embossed in gold print on the card. There was even a company logo which looked like a combination of "a bird and a bee".

Feeling something was wrong with the card, I sneaked into Jurina's working room and keyed in the web address into the computer and did a check on the website while Jurina was taking his bath. He was heard singing some cheesy english pop songs aloud in the bathroom.

The moment the website appeared on the computer screen, some erotic moaning sounds coming out of the speakers startled me as I fumbled on the speakers to turned off the volume. The explicit pictures that appeared on the screen was so gross that they stung my eyes badly. Obviously, I could tell it was a porn site even though this was my first time visiting one. I felt uneasy and decided to confront Jurina when he was out of the bathroom.

"Jurina, care to explain what is this all about?" I waved the name card in my hand and sent a cold glare at Jurina while he was drying his wet hair with the towel after coming out of the bathroom.

"Gosh, I must have forgotten to clear my pockets before putting my clothes in the laundry basket again! Gomen, please don't get mad with me!" Jurina thought I was going to reprimand him for this bad habit of his. Yes, another bad habit.

"Just tell me why did you have this card for "Ero-Picture Production House"? It's a company producting AV movies, right?" I tried not to blow up while questioning him.

Jurina then told me what had happened. My blood pressure shot up instantly after I heard the whole story:

"One of my ex girlfriends in college suddenly contacted me. Her name is Cindy and she was a blonde girl. Cindy told me that she had heard of me settling down in Japan recent and she happened to be working in Japan as well and would want us to catch up over a cuppa. I went to meet her yesterday at the hotel she was staying (Rena: I couldn't believe he would do that without telling me! I was clenching my fists hard while telling myself to keep cool and listen to him further).

When I saw her at the hotel lobby, she gave me this name card and informed me that she is currently working for this AV movie company and they are having some problems with the shooting of a new AV titled: "The Foreign Boy and the Japanese Doll".

[Rena: (Angrily): Who the hell will come up with such a stupid-sounding and cheesy title!]

[Author-san: (Shocked). Wait. The title sounds kind of … similar to this FF? Was the title of my FF so bad? -_-""" ]

Cindy looks troubled and asked me to help her. She brought me to one of the hotel rooms where there was an audition going on to scout for the male actor. It was a big room with amazing erotic theme and I met the director and whole crew there. They had been holding auditions for weeks and couldn't find a suitable one and they were now in hot soup since the deadline is drawing near. The director seems to be pleased with my look and body and urged me to give it a try. He told me the plops were all set up and ready for shooting…and they could even skip the audition part and start the real filming immediately…"

Ok, that's it, I couldn't listen anymore!!!

"Why the hell are you doing this to me, Jurina!!! You idiot!!!! I snapped and started yelling non-stop at Jurina.

Jurina looked astonished by my sudden outburst and froze on the spot with his eyes opened wide.

At this point, I could not contain my anger anymore! It was obvious that my hubby was cheating on me with his dumb blonde ex and what made it worse was he was even willing to show his cheating act in front of the camera!!! I felt my body trembling uncontrollably and couldn't stop my tears from flowing down my cheeks. The stabbing pain on my chest was unbearable which showed how much I was hurt by Jurina.

"Rena-chan, listen to me…" Before Jurina could step forward and continue his word, I grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it hardly right onto his face. "Itai!!!"

"Get out, now! I don't want to see you ever again!!!" I shouted in frustrations and chased him out of our bedroom with another pillow and a blanket thrown hard on him.

Jurina looked defeated and lowered his head. He grabbed onto the pillow and blanket and left the room with a sad face.

For the next 3 days, I simply ignored him and shut myself in the bedroom most of the time. Even though I could hear Jurina's pleading voice outside the door, I was still mad with what he had done and would not want to see his face nor am ready talk to him yet.

So, here I was, sobbing at the wee hours of the night, feeling heart broken and angry at the same time.


I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a foreign land. There were beds of colorful and pretty flowers all over the vast plot of land in front of me. When I looked up at the sky, it was clear and blue with white fluffy clouds that looked like contain candy, forming cute shapes of animals spreading all over the sky. I realized that I was in this environment that somehow looked like what it was described in a fairytale story book. Nice breeze was felt on my face and the air was amazingly fresh!

"Rena-chan.." I heard a voice calling me from behind. This voice which I had never heard for a long time…and had always wished to hear it again….

"Grandma!!!" I exclaimed as I turned back and met my Grandma who had passed on when I was 10. She was sitting on a wooden bench with our old family kitty, Whistle, who had also passed on for years, on her lap.

"Grandma, I missed you so much!" I ran to Grandma and hug her and Whistle, and cried out in pure joy.

"Oh my Rena-chan has grown up so much and is now a fine lady." Grandma smiled at me and patted my head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this happy moment with my dear Grandma and had temporarily forgotten about the hurtful event earlier.

Grandma looked into my eyes and said,

"Look, Rena-chan. I know what had happened between you and Jurina. That's why I am here to guide you."

I was surprised by Grandma's words and could only looked at her blankly. Grandma smiled at me and continued talking...

"Poor Rena-chan. You must have felt really hurt of what Jurina had done. But before you give up on him, let me show you something…" Grandma signaled to Whistle and immediately, lights were shone from Whistle's pair of eyes and images were projected on the clear blue sky like what you see in an old movie theater.

It first showed the wish that I wrote on the paper tied on the bamboo tree during Tanabata last year that reads,

"To meet someone who truly love and cherish me".

The image then changed to the scene when Jurina was celebrating his birthday alone last year where he bought himself a cake and placed candles on them to make a birthday wish. And I heard him whispering "Hope to find my true love, someone who is willing to share my joys and tears." as he showed his signature cat-like grin while closing his eyes to make the wish. So cute...

As i watched the scenes in awe, Grandma turned to me and explained that both our wishes were heard by the Kami-sama upstairs and he decided to bring the 2 of us together. We were in fact, one of the luckiest couple to be picked and matched by the mighty god who would only do so for kind-hearted good kids. So it explains why we were able to meet though we live so far apart and was able to fall in love in an instant.

"Even though Kami-sama could bring you two together, it is now up to you two to work hard together so that the love would last. In every relationship, there is bound to be conflicts and disagreement. It would depend very much on the power of love between the parties to make it work out. Rena-chan, try to understand Jurina's feelings more. Very often, you are just being too uptight. You should open up your heart and try to listen and communicate with your husband. I have watched the 2 of you from up there and I have seen things that you have not, especially things that Jurina never tell you or show you.

Do you ever wonder why he doesn't want to have kids?"

I shook my head in silence.

The projected images appeared again and this round it showed another scene which showed of young Jurina (Oh, so chubby and adorable!) sitting on the floor of the living room all by himself and  played with some toys. At the background, there were loud quarreling noises. It is pretty clear that his parents were having another heaty argument and started to shout abusive words at each other. Even though Jurina was humming a happy tune while playing with the toys but if you looked closely at his eyes, there was no sense of happiness at all. At that moment, I somehow could feel that young Jurina was trying to block himself away from the unhappy childhood he was facing.

I felt guilty that I had failed to understand why Jurina was so reluctant to have babies. Poor Jurina. He must have been badly hurt by his parent's bad relationship and how they neglected him since young which makes him not having confident to give happiness to his children. I could have probed him to open up his feeling to me more instead of letting this dissenting opinion building up grievances in my heart.

The light in Whistle's eyes flickers as we on moved to the some other scenes: It showed Jurina when he was back in America after the proposal.

How he talked excitedly to Uncle Mario about me and his eyes were full of determination when he informed him that he was sure of his decision to marry me;

How he packed up his stuff at his last workplace giving his office a last loving look at his workstation before bidding goodbye to his colleagues and bosses and all his friends in America;

After moving to Japan, how he had to cope with the weather change and new living environment; and

He was actually working very hard for his game designing assignment and had stayed up all nights to watch soccer matches since he was designing a new PC game on soccer.

It must be hard on him to leave his hometown and to give up his previous job to start a fresh life with me in a foreign land. Not to mention to endure the weather change, to cope with different culture and to build a career from scratch…and at the same time having to deal with a strict traditional wife like me.

His smiling face, his childish voice, his loving eyes, his warm fingers etc came into my mind and suddenly I could feel the rush of feelings in my heart with the realization of his love towards me.  I felt the urge to quickly run to him and hug him tightly before my heart would explode from the mixed emotions I am feeling.

"Rena-chan. Have a good talk with him. Everything will be fine. Don't forget that he is god-sent to you." Grandma winked at me and pointed at a far direction. She is guiding me back to the reality world where my loving hubby, Jurina is.

"Thanks, Grandma!" I bid Grandma goodbye as I ran towards that direction. I can't wait to go find my Juri baby.

"Don't forget to give me a great grandchild soon!" Grandma shouted from behind…

Ah…I will , Grandma. If I can find a good way to do something to those "love seeds"…I giggled to myself softly as I sped up, running across the land with the breeze embracing my face...enjoying this nice feeling while feeling the longing for Jurina in my heart...


I woke up to the smell of food filling up the air. I rubbed my eyes and realized that it was already 9am which is way past my morning wake-up time. I cleaned myself in the bathroom and followed the smell into the kitchen.

There he was, wearing an apron and cooking something at the stove.

"Ohayo!" I hesitate a bit and then decided to greet him with a usual tone.

"Oh…Ohayo, Rena-chan.." Jurina answered me in an unsure tone. It seems like he was still having a bit of fear in his eyes probably due to the episode that night.

I eyed at him from head to toe and kind of whistle in my mind. He was wearing a wife beater and a pair of boxer shorts which makes him look so hot and sexy. But then, I also noticed that his hair was  in a total mess and he has some dark shadows under his eyes, It's easy to tell that he had not been sleeping well these few nights. I felt a bit sorry that since I had chased him of our bedroom, he must have slept on the couch for the last few nights. But at least I had given him a pillow and a blanket, so I wasn't that cruel, right?

Remembering the golden advice from Grandma, I decided to take the initiative and step forward to close the gap between us.

"Hmm…what are you cooking? Smells good." I approached him with a smile.

Jurina looked relieved and answered me with his usual energetic voice.

"I wanna cook breakfast for you but all I know is to cook omelette. It will be ready soon, so honey you can wait at the table. Breakfast will be served in a minute." He gave me a winked and shooed me to the table.

I smiled to him and waited for him at the table. In a couple of minutes, he came with 2 servings of omelet with some toasts and made coffee for himself and tea for me.

I don't know what came over me and I started to have naughty thoughts. "Feed me, Jurina". I whispered to him seductively.

Jurina was surprised at my forwardness as usually I am the reserved one whom he likes to tease. He couldn't believe that I would turn the table around. "At my pleasure, honey!" he seemed to be thrilled by my suggestion. He cut the omelet and feed me bits by bits.

I happily enjoyed his service and then an idea came into my mind.

Instead of gulping down the last bit of omelet, I leaned forward and joined our lips together before shoving the piece of omelet into his mouth. Jurina couldn't believe the tease he was getting and his face turned red and his eyes went wide opened. I let out a soft laughter and was about to pull back when I realized he was very much turned on with my unusual boldness as shown in the stiffness in his boxer shorts. I knew very well what's going to come next and was mentally prepared for it.

Just when Jurina was frantically trying to grab the tea box of "love seeds" kept at the side of the dinning table, I slapped his hand off the box and look at him in the eyes.

"No love seeds this round or I will ignore you again!" 

I could hear Jurina gulped hardly.  My heart softened a bit when I saw him looking like a scared puppy.

"Jurina, I want to have your babies. I know you have not much confidence right now but please give ourselves a chance to learn to be good parents. Don't worry as I am here to go through this learning journey with you." Jurina seemed touched by my comforting words and nodded his head with his eyes getting wet.

Not wanting to give him any chance to change his mind, I caressed his chest slowly and then travelled my hands down to reach his boxer shorts…This time, I was in control and I want to be sure that all single drop of his love seeds will be poured into my fertile land...

Author-san: Rena vs Jurina. Rena wins! Yeah!


After making a mess in the kitchen, while holding on tightly to me, Jurina asked if I had totally forgiven him.

Gosh! Only then did I realized that I was being overwhelmed with lusts and the need to have babies and still had not find out the details of that stupid AV thingy.

"So did you did "that" with Cindy?" I asked him with a sinister smile. It was a total 360 degree change from the lovey dove wifey I was a minute ago.

"Of course not, Rena-chan! I would never do such awful thing!!!" Jurina almost shouted.

I was really happy at that moment… I should have trusted that my loving hubby wouldn't cheat on me.

"And I wouldn't want to be caught wearing your favourite pairs of panties! Only I am allowed to see them and no one else!" He exclaimed like a matter-of-fact.

Wait. He was wearing my panties on that day...again? WHAT!!!



Oh, I almost forgot to include this important disclaimer here:

And they lived happily ever after!!!

 :lol: :lol: :lol:

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He wearing her panties?  :lol:
Of course they lived happily. :) :P

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Oh Jurina you disgusting son of a...  :rofl:

Will this part be the last or will you continue?  :grin:
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haha other than being hentai and a bit childish, Jurina is still the god-sent hubby. Almost perfect...
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woahh thanks for update,,

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hahahahahaha Jurina is weird but still cute...



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