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Author Topic: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife (COMPLETED)  (Read 40567 times)

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Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! This is so much fun!! Aw rena-chan wants to have kids xD thats adorable! :deco: thanks for updating and no matter how many times jurina vs. rena....rena would always win~ xD

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Rena is in ctrl here, both for daily chores and in bed now! haha!

This will be the last part .. but there will be Bonus  :heart: coming your way:

Bonus 1- Look out for special guest appearance! (Guess who?  :lol:)
Bonus 2- Final wrap-up of this little FF.

 :) :) :)
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so funny!..

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very funny chapter.
Please write when rena was pregnant!

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Eh... Jurina wore rena's panty...

Interesting story...

Great update..thank you...

Is this the last chapter..?

If yes, please continue with some side stories or sequel...

Thank you again...

Can't wait to see your next story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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To be honest, you deserve like a Nobel Prize or something.
Thank you for writing this! Such an awesome fanfic.
I'm hoping to have some epilogue what happened when Rena got pregnant and they finally had kids.

Anyway, thank you for the awesome story again!  :cow:

I fucking love nail art.

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when i read it i
i thought it'll be a sad ending
but thak god u make it happy
(if u don't maybe i'll curse u :twisted:)
great job :twothumbs

btw i like Rena as the way she is
the shy, innocent and timid girl
but imagining Rena as a bold and aggressive girl is just... :bleed eyes:

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Author-san: Rena vs Jurina. Rena wins! Yeah!
^omg cant stop laughing at this XD
wahhh i really love this fic.. :wub:
thank u for the update :on gay:

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this fanfic is soooo funny  :twothumbs :twothumbs can't stop laughing since the first chapter!!!!
Sae-Oshi and SaeYuki Shipper~~

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Minna, I'm glad I could complete this Bonus 1 by this weekend as promised.  :)

Find it hard to make it short since there are 2 lovely guests appearing in the this Bonus 1 and couldn't help to write a bit more of them.  :nervous

My 1st time trying to add some pics in the fic to spice it up a bit.

Anyway, hope to keep the fic light-hearted and as enjoyable as possible!  8)

Ok, enough of rambling...Here we go!  :peace:

Bonus 1: The Tsundere Doctor and Her Nerdy Childhood Sweetheart

I put on my glasses and switched on my laptop while waiting at the boarding gate. To avoid the crowd passing by the security hand-carry checks at the entrance of the gate, I had in fact make the effort to report early for check-in so now I was relaxing at the waiting area while the long queue of passengers for the same flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo as me were busily going through the security procedures. Just when I was browsing through the latest medical reports from my lecturers, there was a ruckus at the entrance of the boarding gate.

"Minnie gonna get stuck! Oh god! Someone please help!" Someone exclaimed loudly which caught my attention. Huh? Somebody getting stuck at the X-ray machine? That's new! In curiosity, I turned my head to look the direction of the noise and saw a tall guy nervously hovering around the airline security officer at the X-ray machine. A girl with pale skin and dark hair was trying to pull the guy away, looking all embarrassed. I took a glimpse at the X-ray machine and to my amusement, what seems a butt sticking out with like a long mouse tail was showing at one side of the machine, while there was a big pair of ears appearing at the other end! The airline security officer sighed and eventually gave a strong push at the butt and sent a big plush Minnie mouse through the machine.

"Thanks, officer!" The tall guy grinned happily and grabbed the Minnie mouse plush instantly when she's out of the X-ray tunnel and gave it to the girl excitedly, and completed his movement by giving the girl a peck on the cheek. Oh, how disgusting lovey-dovey act! I rolled my eyes and decided to turn my eyes to the laptop, trying to ignore the silly lovey dove couple who to my displeasure, had walked and sat down at the row of bench in front of me. The girl was holding on to a giant Minnie mouse that was rescued from the X-ray machine earlier.

Author-san: This is how gigantic Minnie looks like. Obviously the WMatsui had just visited Disneyland!

In the next couple of minutes, I had to endure the love birds displaying affection in front of me. Actually most of the time, it was the guy who was sweet talking to the girl and what I can't stand was his hand was liked glued to the waist of the girl all the time! The girl looked decent with her long plain dress and minimal make up, with beautiful almond-shaped eyes and fair skin that looked like porcelain. I could tell that she was also Japanese but why is such an elegant, innocent looking Japanese doll-like girl with a hem… foreigner-looking guy?

I gladly shot up from my seat when the announcement for boarding was heard. I couldn't wait to get into the seat and have a good rest, and most important of all, getting away from the PDA sights that were starting to hurt my eyes. I purposely spent more money on purchasing a business class ticket so that I can have better rest with more space onboard the plane before I reach my homeland which I was away for 4 whole years.

"Ms Watanabe, here's your seat." The beautiful air stewardess of ANA directed me to my seat. I settled my things down and closed my eyes to rest for a while while waiting for the flight to take off.


Frankly speaking, I was a bit nervous to be back to Japan. My heart felt a bit uneasy as I thought of how my childhood friend cried so hard that he almost flooded the floor when he was sending me off at Narita Airport 4 years ago. It was embarrassing to see such a tall grown up man behaving like a cry baby in front of so many people but deep in my heart, I couldn't bear to leave him as well. However, it was my dream to further my study in America and you can't imagine how happy I was when I first knew that I was selected for the fully-sponsored scholarship plus internship at a prestigious hospital in America! I remembered I had practically jumped in joy and stayed in the air for an amazing 30 seconds!

Author-san: Here's the doctor few years back in high school when she did that stunt in her uniform after receiving the good news. LOL!

It was truly dream come true for me and I swore to Kami-sama that I will be the top scorer in class and studied hard like mad when school started. I want to leave my name "Watanabe Mayu" proudly in the hall of fame in the school faculty of the hospital. And now I did it! My hard work did not gone wasted. But it was somehow at the expense of my love life. Well, I couldn't confirm if it ever exist since my childhood friend is so dense that we did not go out like a couple nor did he ever confess to me.

I had known Kashiwagi Yuki since I was 3 years old. We lived next doors and our parents were long time friends. My early years of childhood was spent with Yuki most of the time, since we were both single child in our family, Yuki who is 3 years older than me, had been holding my hands since I had my memories at young age. Our parents often teased us and called us "the couple of the century" but we were too young to understand what the teasing meant then.

I first realize I have feelings for Yuki after the incident when I accidentally gave my first kiss to him. Unfortunately, he might not even know that he had claimed my first kiss since he was unconscious then.

What had happened was: when I was ten years old, one day we went to the river near our house to play during the summer. It was pretty hot and I decided to kick off my sandals and dipped my feet into the cooling water at the river. Yuki who was no good with the hot and humid weather so he caws hiding under the shade of the big tree nearby and was reading a thick classic novel. While I was playing with water at the riverside, I somehow lost my balance and fell into the river.

Yuki was shocked as he heard the water splashing sound. "Mayuyu!" I could hear his panic voice while I struggled in the water but soon I was able to cope as I was a rather good swimmer. However, the silly Yuki did not think twice and just jumped into the river immediately, hoping to save me from drowning, and without realising that he could not swim at all! So the situation got worse and I ended up having to drag the half-drown childhood friend of mine up to the land and I was exhausted and panting heavily as I managed to pull him onto a dry ground by the river.

Wait..he was still motionless and his face was turning pale. Even when i slapped on his face hard, he did not respond at all. Oh no, the fear of losing him suddenly filled up my mind and I broke into tears and started screaming his name and shaking his shoulders, desperately trying to wake him up.

"Yuki!!!" I couldn't lose him! I shook my heard ferociously and suddenly I remembered I was taught CPR in school once and decided to try it on Yuki. I pressed my hands in his chest and started the pumping action, then followed by blowing air into his mouth. When our lips touched, I experienced some kind of electric current passing through my little body but I had no time to stop and enjoy the nice sensation and was determine to continue to do the rescuing act until I could revive him.

Thank goodness, Yuki coughed out water and opened his eyes after my several attempts. "Baka!!!" I held him tightly and cried loudly, too happy to have him back to life. Yuki was in a daze and all he knew was apologizing repeatedly for his rash actions. Sigh! That was my pathetic first kiss since the other party was unconscious all the time. It just struck me at that moment that I have an unusual feeling for my best friend. And it was after that incident that i have decided to be a doctor when I grow up as I wanted to be learn and be able to save my love ones.

However after so many years, we just remained as best friends and never even gone on official dating. I wonder if Yuki see me only as a friend or more than a friend. I have noted that he did not have any girlfriends but that doesn't mean he does not want to, maybe he was too nerdy and not popular with girls! Sorry for being mean, Yuki, but you were such a big nerd (but cute to me…*blushed*) and only likes reading and indoor activities. and your obsession with vegetables will not attract normal girls…Well, Yuki's family own the largest grocery chains in my hometown, ok you can actually call him the future heir of Kashiwagi Corporation and he loves everything to do with vegetables - from eating, cooking to growing. I often called him the "Walking Dictionary of Vegetables".

I wouldn't think that he was't into girls as I ever caught him hiding some graphic books of woman with revealing oshiri under his bed and discovered his obsession with oshiri other than vegetables. Well, at least this is a more usual hobby for boys, right? From then on, I always remind myself to do enough exercises to keep my oshiri in good shape...just in case...we could get together one day. *blushed*

As far as I could remember, he only showed me some passion once. That was during my birthday before I left for America. He gave me a bouquet of …not flowers but my favorite vegetables! As expected of someone like him, I was in fact rather happy to receive his unique present. But sadly, he did not confess to me or do anything further to spark off a romantic relationship with me. Maybe he was too upset after knowing that I will be away for 4 whole years. He did say he wanted to visit me in America but I totally turned him down as I wanted to put all my time into study and the internship at the hospital.

I wonder how is Yuki now and whether he will be there at the Narita Airport…he did not reply to my email when I wrote to him to inform the date of my arrival…maybe he already had a girlfriend? It has been 4 years since we were apart and there was no commitment on his part to wait for me, right?…


I opened my eyes to some noises next to me. To my horror, the silly couple from the boarding gate earlier on was sitting just next to me, with the Minnie as well, which they were fumbling to settle it down and almost pushed it to my face. I gave them a cold glare and declare my unfriendliness and immediately the girl apologized "Gomen!" and tried to move the Minnie away from me as much as possible. The guy was clueless of my annoyance and smiled at me in a friendly manner. "Hi! I'm Matsui Jurina and this is my wife, Rena. We are on our way back from honeymoon! And this is our newly adopted child Minnie. Haha. Ah, sorry, if we were a bit noisy just now." His face came close to me and I scanned his face and noticed that he was actually very good looking. Long eye lashes, sapphire blue eyes, nice jawlines. I did not know why but I just blushed under his stare.

Author-san: Even the cool acting tsundere doctor couldn't resist the charm of our Jurina here!

"I'm Watanabe Mayu, I'm going to take a nap. So just go ahead with whatever you guys wanna do". I cut the conversation short and took out my earphones and just turned away. Mr Matsui looked a little disappointed but he turned his attention to wife pretty fast and continue the lovely dovey act. 

It was a long haul flight and I decided not to waste time and continue to do some reading of the reports on my laptop. I couldn't help but heard the conversations of the newly-wed beside me. There were taking a delayed honeymoon 6 months after their wedding and had visited the hometown of Mr Matsui who was originally from America. What interest me was Mr Matsui had given up his job and everything in America and had settled down in Japan for the sake of his wife. Wow, how romantic! I was starting to feel envious as I saw how loving the couple was. Even though Mrs Matsui was rather quiet throughout the journey, she was listening attentively and giggling cutely to every cold joke that Mr Matsui was cracking. 

And despite they looked so different from appearance and outlook, I could sense that there was a strong bonding between them and their characters, one introvert and one extrovert are not giving any problems at all. Rather, the differences complement each other so well, it's like how 2 pieces of jigsaw puzzle could fit perfectly together.

How I wish Yuki and I can achieve that level of relationship. Sigh.

Night came and the lights were dimmed and almost every passenger immediately went into dreamland. Just when I was about to doze off, I felt someone tapping on my shoulder and opened my eyes to see a worried face of the ikemen sitting next to me who was clasping his hands together as he asked. "Ano…Ms Watanabe, are you a doctor?"

I was puzzled by the question and raise my eyebrow. "Yes, I just got my doctor qualification. How did you know?" I asked quizzically.

"Oh that's great! Early I saw you reading some medical stuff and guess that you might be a doctor. Dr Watanabe, I need a favor from you. Rena is feeling nausea and I am kind of worried about her. She had the same condition yesterday morning. I hope it's not because we had stayed up too late playing these few weeks." Mr Matsui gave me a puppy look which I felt my heart skipped a beat. Damn, you charmer!

I kept calm and moved closer to take a look at Mrs Matsui. She was looking pale and was holding tightly to the brown bag, obviously trying to take care of the nauseous . I took my bag containing the basic medical kit and signaled Mr Matsui to make way for me as I shifted to his seat besides Mrs Matsui and proceed to perform the examination on her.

"Did you missed your period this month?" I questioned Mrs Matsui. Mrs Matsui was blushing and her pale cheeks suddenly redden a bit. "Mmmm… I think it was late this time because I was on holidays?" Upon hearing that, I gave the cute looking Mrs Matsui a warm smile. "I think you don't have to worry then". I signaled Mr Matsui to come back to his seat and then looked at both of them for a while before I replied.

"Mr and Mrs Matsui, I think you don't have to worry. There should be nothing wrong with Mrs Matsui.." Mr Matsui looked relieved immediately.

"And I think it will be a good news, though I cannot confirm it right now but I think it's highly possible that Mrs Matsui is pregnant. Since she's showing symptoms of morning sickness. "

Both of them looked surprised at first but was immediately overwhelmed with happiness.

"Yeah!!! Rena!!! We are having a baby!!!"

The overly-excited Mr Matsui was eventually given a warning by the head air stewardess for waking up every passenger in the flight with the loud announcement of the good news. But it did not dampen the mood of the couple at all as they were seen hugging and grinning to each other happily throughout the rest of the journey.

"Dr Watanabe, thanks for the help." Mrs Matsui said to me in a soft voice.

"Oh, it's my pleasure. Anyway, you need to see a doctor at the clinic for proper pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. This is my name card, you could make an appointment at the Gynaecology Clinic that I will be starting work in next week." I passed the card to her and then turned around to look at Mr Matsui who was looking overjoyed with a cat-like grin. I cleared my throat and said with a serious face. "And my advice to you, Mr Matsui, would be not to play that much at night with Mrs Matsui from now on. Please control yourself."

Isn't it obvious? What else would a newly married couple played at night? I couldn't help but tease him a bit. Immediately, the couple's faces went red and I had a good laugh in my mind. Hahaha!

Oh yah, the new parents-to-be requested me to help snap of photo of them to remember the happy moment. The silly father was trying to place his ear on the pretty mummy's still flat tummy, telling me that he was attempting to listen out for the heartbeat of his little baby, which made me rolled my eyes at his corny action while snapping this photo with their camera.

Author-san: The plane was a bit shaky and thus explain the blur photo!

I sincerely hope that the happy couple will have a healthy lovely baby and they could live happily ever after. *Smile*


The flight finally touched down and we alighted from the plane and finally collected our luggages after having our passports cleared. Mr Matsui helped me to place my luggages on to the trolley and asked if anybody will be there to fetch me. If not, they could send me home in their transport. Upon hearing this, my heart started to feel uneasy again (and I am damn sure I did not have heart diseases) as I am unsure if Yuki will turn up to fetch me. When we moved out of the immigration hall to the public area, by instinct I turned my head around to search for the familiar figure of that someone who had been occupying my mind these years but to no avail. Seeing my disappointment face, Mrs Matsui placed her hand on my shoulder and asked if I'm ok.


Just as I was about to tear up, I heard the familiar voice calling my name from far. Then I saw Yuki dashing towards me.

"Sorry..*pants*..I..I'm late…*pants* …Silly me, I forgot about the time zone difference! *pants* and I did not check that my email reply to you did not get through..*pants* I must have let you worried…*pants* I had thrown away that stupid old computer!" He was in sweat when he was trying to apologize to me.

"Baka Yukirin!" I scolded him softly when he got nearer. Unable to control my longing for him, without a warning, I jumped on him and gave him a peck on his lips. Oh my, I must have been badly influenced by the lovey dove couple! I pulled away immediately, trying to hide my redden face.

His eyes widened in shock, overreacting from the sudden passion he was getting from me. "Mayu???What was that for???" I really couldn't stand his ridiculously exaggerated facial expression and felt hurt at the same time…does it mean that he hates it???

With my fragile heart filling with disappointment, I turned around and was going to run away in shame. "Mayu, wait!!!" Yuki shouted and chased after me and grabbed my hand hard. "Mayu. listen to me!!! Don't get mad at me, please?" He pleaded.

I stopped in my spot and sighed. Yuki came to my front and took a deep breathe before he got into some funny poses and actions:

Yuki: Listen, Watanabe Mayu.

Yuki: I love you!

Credit: akb48gifs@tumblr

What! Why the sudden confession! Gosh!!!

My jaw almost dropped at the dramatic action from my nerdy childhood sweetheart, who was trying hard to charm me with all he had. I caught sight of Mr and Mrs Matsui who were standing behind Yuki controlling their laughter at the embarrassing act of Yuki's funny way of love confession. Mr Matsui gave me a thumbs up and Mrs Matsui gave me an encouraging nod. Yuki kept looking at me shyly while still remaining at his last pose. To cover up the embarrassment I was having, I walked up to him and slapped his arm softly. "ok..Ok..OK…enough! let's just go home" and dragged him to pick up the trolley of luggages that I had left behind.

"eh..Mayu…how about you…do you…also…like me?" Yuki asked me in an unsure soft voice as he pushed the trolley besides me.


I smacked the back of his head hard and answered in a soft voice that only Yuki can hear and walked hurriedly ahead of him, feeling all embarrassed.

"Of course I do love you! Bakarin!"

THE END (and it was THE BEGINNING of a romantic relationship!) :deco:

Author-san: So, will the tsundere doctor and her nerdy childhood sweetheart also live happily ever after?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
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I wish there would be more Yukirin but.... hahaha that was cute confession XD
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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
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I was wondering if you'll do a Furuyanagi bonus?

Awwh, it's kinda awkward when you see Mayuyu blush at Juju while she loves Yuki xD
No one can resist Jurina's charm xD

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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
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All 3 couples will appear in Bonus 2! It will be a noisy and crowded one haha.
Yuki88: there will be more on Yukirin coming up next :lol:
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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
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nya~ I've fall in love the nerdy handsome  :inlove:
I hope tsun tsun Mayuyu won't kill me  XD

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
« Reply #54 on: September 08, 2013, 12:19:31 AM »
So sweet~ :wub:
LOL on Yuki confession :lol:
and finally Rena is pregnant yosha!!!
i wonder how Jurina will control his lust?
anyway nice update :twothumbs

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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
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I think you should write MaYuki series.  :otomerika: that would be great!!!  :grin:
Update soon pleassee!!can't wait for mayuki lovey dovey chapteerr :cow:

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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
« Reply #56 on: September 08, 2013, 08:21:29 PM »
hahahahahahaha Yuki is so funny

at the end whit that confesion


so much ^^

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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
« Reply #57 on: September 08, 2013, 09:17:07 PM »
Thanks for this additional chapter.
 :shy2: :shy2:
Although it has been more dedicated to Mayuki that Wmatsui, but I love the two couples. :thumbsup

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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
« Reply #58 on: September 09, 2013, 02:39:31 AM »
Thanks for reading the FF, hope u have enjoyed the Bonus 1 and the new couple  :lol:

After this series has completed, Wmatsui will take a break and the next FF will focus on Mayuki plus some others.

Being a new writer, I had wanted to spend more time learning the writing techniques and planning the storylines and develop the characters and improving on dialgoues etc, without forgetting to schedule the updates in comfortable paces for readers. I started off with one-short and tried out this FF with 3 chapters. Will be trying out longer FFs after i have figured out ways to cope with time management too.

Not to worry, i won't stop until I had completed my next few FFs that I had already had in mind: next series will be around 10 chapters long and the rest of the two in the plan will be much longer FFs wit multiple couples. Hope to post all by end of year!

My ultimate dream is to do an ecchi FF based on all couples that i like! But that have to wait till I have gotten all the writing experiences  :thumbup

 :twisted: pl continue to support me while i continue to challenge myself into creating more FFs!
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Re: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife Bonus 1 (Updated:8/9/13)
« Reply #59 on: September 15, 2013, 06:52:50 PM »
Finally the day has come when this FF is going to end completely.  :thumbsup

It was an amazing experience for me trying to put my imagination, crazy ideas and fantasy into writing during these weeks and I can't believe I am able to spin up Part 1 to 3 plus 2 Bonus despite my busy schedule lol :yossi:

I know the storyline of this FF was a bit silly  :w00t: and cheesy  :jerk: (just like the author lol)... Was it a crazy + fun kind of experience for the readers too?  :lol:

Anyway, thanks for following through the FF and let us wish all the best to the 3 pairs of lovely couples in the FF!  XD XD XD

Cheers!   :twothumbs

Bonus 2: The Matsui Family and Friends

It was a cooling afternoon in Autumn of Japan. In the peaceful courtyard of a traditional looking house, there were 3 fine and elegant ladies sitting under the sun, sipping on good graded Japanese tea and chatting in a refined manner. Seated on the extreme left was one lady who was at the advanced stage of pregnancy as shown on her big round tummy. The beautiful classic-looking lady who was sitting in the middle was the host and will politely serve the guests more tea every now and then. The third lady was petite as compared to the other two. Even though she was expressionless like a cyborg, she has a cute face similar to a 2D anime female character.

Just as when they were softly chatting and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding...

"You gotta kill them quickly, Yuki!!!"

"Oh no! The big boss is coming…How!!! Jurina, help me!!!"

"Arghhh!!!! It's too late!!! Damn!"

Noises came from the room nearest to the courtyard and instantly destroyed the ambience in the courtyard.

Immediately, the lady host and the cyborg woman shot up from their seats and briskly walked to the room where the noises came from, while emitting a scary black aura.

"Smack!" "Smack!"

"Ouch!…Ah! Mayu! Sorry for interrupting you ladies", Yuki looked shocked showing that signature overreacting look as he rubbed his head rigorously that was freshly smacked by his Fiancee,  Dr Watanabe Mayu. Messing up his hair as a result even though he somehow still looks handsome as ever. Mayu narrowed her eyes and sent a "you better behave yourself, boy!" signal at Yuki which made him gulped hardly and nodded his head obediently,

"Ouch! Rena-dear! What's that for?" The dense big kid Jurina was still puzzled after receiving a hard smack from his beloved wife, Matsui Rena, and was trying to fake tearing and stuff with a childish look. He was met with Rena's glare as she placed her index finger on her lips and softly whispered. "Shhh!!! Quiet! Jun was napping and we do not want to wake her up, else we will not have peaceful time with our gal pals!"

"Oh yah, better don't wake up our cheeky Princess Jun!" Jurina grinned and nodded his head as he recalled what happened during the last gathering.

Little Jun had showed the guests an embarrassing pic of him and Rena doing a little role-playing of high school theme in their bedroom. The interesting pic was captured with the iPad which Jurina had given to Jun for her to test out some educational apps that he had developed. Wmatsui was teased by their friends for almost a month after that incident. And they were getting the knowing look from other parents in the nursery school as apparently Jun had successfully uploaded the juicy photo in her Facebook page with the title "Mum & Dad working hard in their room" and merrily shared with all her classmates.

Author-san: Here's that pic taken by the innocent Jun. Yup, Papa Jurina, Jun is the dangerous paparazzi! Hehe!

"Talking about Jun, I guess Ren should be on the way back soon. Churi had tasked Airin-san to pick him up from his Archery class, saying that she wanted Airin-san to learn to be a father." Rena giggled as she casually glanced at her watch to take note of the time.

"Can't wait to check on the progress of the lesson with Ren-boy. He sure look smart in the costume and with the kiddy bow and arrow! I'm going to prepare some juices for him." Jurina kissed Rena on the cheek lovingly before he moved to the kitchen. Rena followed him to the kitchen and winked at Mayuki couple who was still in the room and left them with some private time. Yuki smiled happily at Mayu and waved for Mayu to come over to his side. He then nervously glanced at Mayu and said in an unsure voice.

"Mayu, shall we do it now?"

The tsundere doctor turned her head away and said in her usual cold monotonous tone. "Ok, make it fast.. Since it'll be dead embarrassing if we get caught.."

"Yeah! Mayu's the best!" Yuki extended his hand to reach Mayu... No... not the tsundere doctor but the game controller next to Mayu and started the "King of Vegetables" (similar to King of Fighters) game specially developed by Jurina for promoting Yuki's grocery chain. Mayu deemed it was too childish to play fighting games using vegetables as characters and she will never want to admit that she was the unbeatable legendary gamer by the name of "Queen of cabbage" that had reached level 999! She will only play with Yuki in private, deep in the tsundere's maiden heart, she just do it to make her nerdy sweetheart Yuki happy.


This is one of the typical gathering that the Matsui family had with their friends during the weekends, basically making up of the FuruYagani couple and Mayuki couple. FuruYagani were old friends of Wmatsui and they were in fact the ones who brought the Wmatsui together. After several years of courtship, the couple had finally tied the knot after Churi had gotten pregnant unexpectedly. Since then, Airin has become a total slave to his pregnant wife, who is now experiencing behavior change during her pregnancy and could be somehow too "demonic" for poor Airin to handle some times.

As for Mayuki, they met the Wmatsui 6 years ago before they were even a couple. The prodigy Mayu who had become one of the most famous gynecologists in Japan, is the doctor who delivered the twins - Ren and Jun for Wmatsui and had become closed friends to the young parents since then, along with her fiancé, Kashiwagi Yuki. Yuki had officially become the "Prince of vegetables" after the recent taking over his home business comprising of the largest grocery chains in Japan, from his father. Today, he had brought over 2 full bags of grocery, mainly the rare vegetables air flown from France and some exotic looking fruits from South America. Rena was delighted to receive the gifts as she was a vegetable lover too and Jurina was amazed by the exotic taste of the fruits.

For the protagonists of our Fanfics, the Matsui couple is going strong after all these years, even more loving after having the twins in their life. Rena still look the same and never seems to age a bit despite being a mother of 2. In fact, she has become sexier and more womanly and easily set Jurina's heart ablaze just by a sexy gaze she gave to him. Jurina remained as a perfect ikemen with his nice foreign features and well-maintained body. His career has taken off and he is one of the most sought after game designer in the industry even though he only do free lance and would focus on one assignment at a time to ensure the best quality of his production. The talented guy would rather do free lance and spend more time with his lovely wife and children rather than to be buried under piles of work and that explained why he had declined numerous offer from the gaming companies to engage him full time.


"Good afternoon, Aunty Churi." The shy and handsome young Ren-boy greeted Churi as he entered the courtyard with his Uncle Airin. He was still wearing his archery costume and looked incredibly dashing in it despite he was only 5 years old. Actually if you examine him closely, you will notice that he has gotten his features and looks mainly from his mama - fair skin, dark hair, pretty almond-shaped eyes and thin lips.

Ren-boy in action!

Author-san: Imagine Ren-boy as a chibi version of Rena in AKBINGO! Danson segment. So kakoi ! :drool:

Papa and Mama Matsui rushed out from the kitchen. Mama Rena brought out a tray of juices in her hands while Papa Jurina happily hug and hold the young boy up in the mid air while the shy boy was blushing from the affection received from his parent. "Hello, Ren Onii-chan!!!" A cute princess like Jun was rubbing her half closed eyes with one hand holding on to her plushy as she walked out from her room to greet her brother who is older by just a minute. Jun has blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes just like her father and she even inherited his cute cat-like grin!


Author-san: Imagine Princess Jun having the look of a chibi version of Jurina in "Sugar Rush" PV. Totally kawaii, right? (≧∇≦)

Mayuki stopped their private game and come joined the rest at the courtyard. All of them gathered around the tables and having a good time feasting on some snacks, tea and juices.

"Airin, why are you wearing sunglasses? It wasn't that hot today, right?" Jurina questioned while passing a glass of cold juice to Airin.

Unwillingly, Airin removed the glasses and immediately Jun pointed at Airin and shouted "Panda!!!"

Jurina and Rena burst out laughing at the dark eye rings under Airin's eyes. It was true that  Airin no longer looked like a hamster but resembled a human size panda! Even Churi was controlling her laughters. "Stop laughing!" Airin protested with a pout on his face. Churi moved her hand closer to Airin and patted his head. "Sorry, darling, for having sudden cravings for Takoyaki all of sudden last night and made you suffer"

"Haiz" Sighed Airin. "It wasn't easy looking for a Takoyaki stall at that wee hours, it's a mission impossible, you know?" Airin turned to Wmatsui before continue with his complaining. "I ended up having to do it myself, after driving for 2 hours desperately looking for the stalls. The flours, the octopus, the eggs, all the the ingredients were luckily found in the 24-hours supermarket but for the utensils, I had to drive another 25 km back to my parents' house and ransacked the whole kitchen for the old tools kept somewhere.." "Darling, you are so sweet to me! I love you!" Churi placed her head on Airin's shoulders after the praising and Airin's expression instantly changed from grumpy to one full of blissfulness.

"Churi totally gotten Airin wrapped around her little finger..." Wmatsui couple was enlightened by the treatment Churi had given to Airin but they were drawing different lessons learnt from the episode:

Rena: Wow, that's impressive, Churi! I need to consult you on how you manage to control your hubby!  ^_^

Jurina: Oh that sucks! I must be careful not to fall into the same fate as Airin! O_o

Princess Jun was basically clinging onto her beloved Onii-chan while Ren was struggling to peel his hyperactive imouto off while giving the embarrassed look.

Unable to get the wanted affection from Ren, Jun went to complain to her Papa and Mama.

"Papa, Mama! Onii-chan doesn't want to play with me anymore after he has gotten a girlfriend!" Jurina pouted cutely while shaking the hand of Mama. Papa and Mama looked at each other in surprise after hearing the unbelievable tale from their beloved daughter and turned to Ren. "Oh my, Ren you are too young to have a girlfriend!" Mama rena can't believe her well-behaved son will be so bold. "Relax, Rena. It's ok for boys to go for their love early!" Papa Jurina was ready to give his son some support. Ren's face was bright red and he was shaking his head in panic. "Papa, Mama, dun listen to Jun! I do not have any girlfriend".

"But that day I saw Takamina-senpai holding your hand?" Jun tiled her head cutely while asking her brother who is as red as cooked lobster now.

"It's not what you think! My hand was cut by the bow during the archery lesson and Takamina-senpai was just helping me putting on the band-aid." Ren almost cried when he replied.

Author-san: This was what happened. Takamina was helping a slightly injured Ren. However, it does look like the 2 have some feelings for each other, isn't it? Haha.

"Really? Come hold my hand too and I will believe what you have said, Onii-chan!" Jun said in a teasing voice.

"Alright..then." The shy boy was totally defeated and grabbed his imouto's hand.

"Yeah! On-chan, let's play!" Jun exclaimed happily and dragged Ren to the play room.

Churi: What a manipulative princess!

Airin: Poor Ren, Uncle Airin is very sure that you will have a hard time dealing with scheming girls when you grow up! *shedding a tear for Ren.

Mayu: Hmm… so, this is how you can act all cute and get the attention all you want? (The tsundere Doctor here is still no good in showing her affection to her fiancé and have a lot to learn from Jun the natural teaser).

Yuki: Hehe, Jun-chan is so adorable! Reminds me of how cute Mayuyu was when she was that age *silly smile*

Wmatsui: Kyaaaaa~~ Our twins are so lovely! *hugged each other and smiled widely*


The friends stayed for a sumptuous dinner prepared by the lady host using mostly the ingredients brought over by Yuki. Since Dr Watanabe is completely bad at handling a kitchen knife as compared to holding a scalpel whereas Churi is too burdened for her to move around in the kitchen, it is thus advisable to keep them both off from the kitchen.

The kids were shooed to their bedroom after dinner and the big boys continued staying in Jurina's working room while having beers. The ladies were discussing about the preparations for Churi's baby since the delivery date is estimated to be in 2 week's time.

"Ne, aren't you excited of going to become a father?" Yuki asked the soon-father-to-be Airin.

"Yes! it's like a dream coming true. You know, I have been proposing several times to Churi over these years and she never agreed to it. I wanted to have a family with her and to have a kid together while she prefers to enjoy life more before being tied down to marriage. So i was having a hard time then trying to figure out how to get her accepting my proposal…"

Jurina intercepted. "Haha! You gotta thank me! If not for my tips, you won't be able to get her pregnant!"

"Shhh….not so loud, Jurina! She'll kill me if she gets to know about it!"

"Huh? How? Hey, can you guys share the tips with me?"

Both Jurina and Airin turned to yuki and smirked. "Yuki, don't think you need the tips yet since you and Mayu had not done "it" yet, right?" Jurina teased at Yuki mercilessly.

Yuki became frustrated and said bitterly. "That's because Mayu seemed so cold whenever I wanted to get closer! She kept saying she wanna kept it till the wedding night." He continued. "Hey dun change the topic, tell me the tips to get the girl pregnant!"

"Alright, Yuki. Listen carefully." Jurina paused on purpose and laughed when Yuki moved his head closer with full attention.

"You gotta do it in the kitchen!"

"Kitchen? Why is it so special?"

"Rena and I did it there and here we have, 2 lovely bouncing kids! When Airin tried it, Churi got pregnant too! We have concluded that the temperature, the smell and the mood in the kitchen is just the best! And can you imagine the excitement in doing it at the kitchen counter…"

Yuki is trying to process the information received and the following are the images invading his mind:

Kitchen counter…*steam* I pushed Mayu on the counter and slowly removed her clothes….*hot* she was pretending to struggle with a cute reddened face, keep telling me "no, yuki. Stop it!"  but I could sense that she actually wanted it badly…*desire overloaded* she struggled and managed to turn over…*pant* that was at that moment when I saw her pair of fair and soft oshiri! The perfectly shaped pairs that set my heart racing….Oh dear…


The wild imagination had proven to be too much for the sexually deprived Yuki and he fainted on the floor with a silly smile on his face and blood trickling down his nose. The best part was Mayu happened to go into the room at the right timing to find her fiancé fainted due to his lustful thoughts of her oshiri, nose bleeding from his nose and most embarrassingly, she unavoidably noticed a bulge forming on the front of his pants.

"What had happened?" Mayu sent a cold glare to the 2 boys who started to get panic.

"Well, we only heard Yuki-san mumbling your name and calling out Oshiri before he went into that state." Jurina and Airin said in unison.

"Bakarin!" Mayu hid her embarrassed face and threw a cushion at Yuki to cover his front and starting to treat the nose bleed of her fiancé who was unconscious but seems happy with a perverted smile plaster over his face.

"Airin-san and Mayu…Churi seems to be in labour now " A panic Rena ran into the room with a worried face. Airin sprung up from the couch and ran to his wife. Mayu sighed and slapped Yuki on his face hard enough to wake him up and pull him up to the couch before rushing to Churi.

"Itai!!!" They found Churi bitting hard on Airin's shoulder as she was in great pain. Airin broke out  in cold sweat and tried his best to endure the sharp pain while trying to hold onto Churi. Mayu got into action and started to do the preliminary examination of Churi after Jurina and Rena had managed to pull away Churi's bite off Airin's shoulder. After some ruckus, Mayu informed the group that Churi needs to be sent to the hospital immediately as it's likely that the baby will be arriving earlier than planned.

"Mayu, the car is ready!" Announced loudly by Yuki who suddenly appeared at the doorsteps. Nobody know how Yuki has managed to recover from the earlier nose bleed incident and was calm enough to get ready his car to transport Churi to the hospital. He looked at Mayu with serious face that was full of confidence.

Mayu was impressed by his fiancé's swift action and was fangirling inside her mind. "Oh my, my Yuki looked so cool!" She blushed when she realised it's a mystery how Yuki is able to get rid of his "excitement" that fast as she noticed that the bulge in his pants was gone.

After Churi was brought into the car, Airin and Mayu followed into the car and sped off immediately, leaving the Wmatusi behind to take care of the kids and to tidy up the mess in the house. The Matsui couple waved them off before returning back to the house and ended the day's chaotic activities.


After the tidying up, Rena was ready to end the tired day with a warm shower when Jurina came up to her from behind and covered his hands over her eyes and said, "Now Rena-chan, can you keep your eyes closed and just follow me?" Rena felt the excitement and nodded happily. She was led to the working room with Jurina holding on her pinky. Ok, rena. You may open your eyes!"

Rena opened her eyes and was immediately impressed by what she saw: It was a big screen displaying a game title: The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife" - with the background that looked exactly the same as their house. And the large screen proudly displayed their individual photos with the captions: The 1st stage: Jurina and Rena ready to go on a date.

Author-san: Here are the pics of the main characters in the game. They looked so compatible despite the differences, isn't it? ^_^

"Ne, Rena-chan. happy 6th year anniversary! I have designed a game based on our love story as a gift for you! I have the game stages developed according to our path from how we met, how we wed till the present. We can now play this game together to remember the lovely moments we had shared together all these years..."

"Rena, I love you."

Jurina hug Rena from behind and whispered those sweet words softly in her ears.

Rena turned around to face her lovely Jurina. They stared at each other in the eyes and both felt like the happiest couple in the world. Rena closed up the gap between them and whispered "I love you, too. Jurina! " before she leaned forward and connected their lips together.

The moonlight shone from the window casted a glowing shade onto our favourite couple who are connected not just by their lips, but also by the pure love in their hearts.

Kami-sama, the real matchmaker of Wmatsui, was watching the couple from above.

And he shed tears of joy as he witnessed the happy ending of this Fanfic.

Scroll down

Jurina went home and walked straight into the kitchen and met with an extremely sexy Rena, wearing only an apron and nothing else. Feeling the blood rushing to his brain and "other body parts", the excited young man was ready to pounce on his lovely wife.

"Not so fast, Jurina." Rena teased and extended both her hands to push Jurina away.

Jurina was wagging his imaginary tail while tilting his head to the side and looked questionably at Rena.

"Quiz time: When was the first time I cooked for you?" Rena put on her glasses and ask Jurina as if she was a teacher.

Jurina was dumbfounded by the sudden quiz that Rena had thrown to him. Sweat started to trickle down his forehead.

"Erm..erm…why don't we discuss this after dinner?" A nervous Jurina was basically begging Rena to bypass this quiz.

"You mean you couldn't answer this simple question, Jurina-dear?" Rena narrowed her eyes at Jurina with suspicions.

"…" Jurina avoided her eye contact and scratched his head hard to recall the answer.

(Author-san: Aw, Jurina…how could you forget? Go refer to Part II of my Fanfics.)

"Alright, go settle your 3 meals outside starting from now until you give me the right answer." Rena stated coldly and slammed the kitchen door hard, leaving a poor Jurina standing in front of the door, feeling ashamed of himself.

 :smhid :smhid :smhid :smhid :smhid

Jurina slumped in his seat and stared at the computer screen unbelievably.

"Damn! Silly me! How could I accidentally added in this question that i could not recall the answer completely!" Well, Jurina, who asked you to allow Rena to add in the quiz question to your prized Game "The Foreigner Husband and The Traditional Wife"? Now Rena had happily added a whole list of quiz questions and now the poor 2D animated Jurina had to face these unexpected obstacles!

When Jurina was scuffling up his hair in front of his computer, Rena called in a sweet voice, "Jurina, Ren and Jun, dinner is ready!"

Jurina, Ren & Jun: Hai! Coming in a second!

Luckily for Jurina, the earlier scenario only happened in the game, and the real Jurina is going to enjoy his dinner with his family as usual.

A whistling, laid-back Jurina stretched his hands and switched off the computer in a super cool manner.


Wmatsui: Minna, thanks for reading!!!

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