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Author Topic: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School - CH.3: 04/02/17 [HKT48/MJSK]  (Read 5535 times)

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SO.. will basically be me trying to building up the characters in that short so it's very self-indulgent.. it'll also probably be sakura/katsuzetsu centric because their dynamic really intrigued me :P i'm actually more of an artist than a writer so there'll probably be many points where i'll try to make up for my storytelling skills with artwork weeps

i'm not super familiar with formatting & what not so please forgive how plain this looks LOL..


  Despite nearing what should be the final hours of daylight, the sun in a certain Kagoshima neighbourhood was still shining strong upon the inhabitants of the prefecture. The air was humid, its warmth feeling pleasant to the skin. Children were still out and about, tripping over pebbles and crying out to any parental figures who had been supposed to be supervising them. Sakura-jima was still in clear sight, minding its own business and thankfully showing no signs of an upcoming major eruption anytime soon.

  “Mom, it’s for the best, really…”

  A young girl had been comforting a crying lady at a doorstep, while one final box was thrown into a nearby moving truck. The air was still warm and children were still playing, but neither of them seemed to pay any mind to those facts.

  “Sakura...” the woman sobbed into her daughter’s arms, “You’re so young. You shouldn’t have to be going through this.”

  “And you shouldn’t have to overwork yourself in order to provide for the both of us.” The daughter replied, in an attempt to reassure her. “If I leave, it’ll be much easier for you.”

  “I know, I know…”

  “So, please don’t worry. I can take care of myself.”

  “I know, that’s not what I’m worried about…” The lady wiped her eyes, looking up as the driver was motioning for his departure. Her daughter was to be on a train to Fukuoka in less than ten minutes. The station was a twenty minute walk by foot, but how she got there was the least of her worries. Her eyes fell to Sakura’s fists, which were gripping her arms tenderly. Contrary to their roughed up appearance, their touch was far from unfriendly.

  As Sakura gave one final nod and turned away, her mom lightly latched onto her wrist.

  “Just control yourself, okay?” She said.

  Sakura took a deep breath.

  “I’ll be fine.”


  A crowd had been forming outside of a local convenience store, full of concerned employees, teenagers with cell phones ready to record and the like. They were surrounding what seemed to be a riot of high school girls scrambling to reach the center of the whole mess, only to be thrown back out. A nearby old man nearly had a heart attack when a bloodied tooth came from the chaos, falling right in front of his dog who was on a morning walk. The man stopped momentarily in order to see what the fuss was about, but upon hearing the string of profanities and the sight of his dog sniffing the aforementioned molar, he quickly left the scene.

  “Ah, geez...” A young, short-statured girl groaned as she pounded at the face of yet another high school delinquent. “This is so annoying, really!”

  Her only present companion, who happened to be another young, short-statured girl, nodded her head. “Damned yankees can’t even pick a good time to fight. It’s too early!” She whined, kicking another delinquent down with one swing.

  Soon enough, the two of them, relatively unscaffed, were standing above a pile of struggling, almost limp bodies. One rubbed her eyes, letting out a child-like yawn. The other dusted off her jacket, grinning at the face of a girl who was being squashed beneath her foot.

  “I didn’t really catch any of your names… but don’t tell me, ‘cause I’ll forget anyways.” The girl donning a red jacket laughed, stepping over them and making her way out of the crowd. “I’m Namaiki, though!”

  The one in black followed suit. “Otona. If you guys are gonna bother us again, try later in the day.”

  “Uh, excuse me.” A voice came from outside the crowd.

  Namaiki raised an eyebrow, shooting a glare towards the girl who had interrupted their little triumph. They were wearing a gray sailor uniform, not unlike the one that a certain commercial’s girl high school issued. “Eh?!”

  Otona was quick to form a proper reply. “Woah, you… you go to—”

  Relieved to hear that the two of them knew of the location she was going to, Sakura Miyawaki bowed her head slightly in response. She had never visited this part of the city when her and her mom had come down for the occasion of visiting a family friend, so any kind of help would be appreciated. “Shekarashika? Yes. I just transferred there, actually.”

  For a moment, the two middle school girls seemed to be dumbfounded. In the next moment, they appeared to be revelling in something. In the next, the two of them had their mouths fall open, letting out two youthful squeals.

  “That’s so cool! That is so cool!” Namaiki jumped in place, ponytail bobbing up and down in excitement.

  Otona was no less thrilled. “Oh, man… I heard Oshiri and Kakuni go there!”

  “Don’t forget Bouyomi and Megaphone!” Namaiki added quickly, before the two of them looked at each other and seemed to come to another revelation.

  “AND KATSUZETSU!” They screamed in unison. “Ah… we wanna go there so bad…”

  Sakura, both looking and feeling completely lost, raised an eyebrow. She didn’t understand why these two troublemakers were so excited upon finding out what school she went to, and especially not what the significance of those names where. However, she wasn’t oblivious to the point where she had no idea she’d been transferred to a school full of delinquents, so it didn’t take long to put two and two together.

  “Katsuzetsu?” She interrupted them. “Who’s that?”

  The two of them looked at her as if she just kicked their dogs.

  “You’re transferring to a yankee school and you don’t know who Katsuzetsu is?!” Otona cried, face palming herself. “You must seriously be new. Like, seriously.”

  Namaiki was slightly more forgiving to her ignorance. “She’s only the strongest yankee in the area. She’s only a first year too! Isn’t that so cool?! Like, seriously cool!?”

  “I see…” Sakura quietly indulged in their knowledge, nodding as she caught a glimpse of a nearby clock. “Um, could you guys show me where the building is? I’m lost.”

  “Sure!” They said. They ran past her at top speed, having forgotten that they were supposed to be on their way to their own school at the moment.

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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Nice start!

Can't wait for the rest :hip smile:
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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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Good Start :onioncheer:
Pls Update Soon :pleeease:
GoodLuck To You :kneelbow:
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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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finally someone writes about this! i've been wanting to read a story about majigaku 0 but they're almost non-existent. anyway, good start! looking forward to your story! :D

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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Actually all of them were in 1st grade in MG0 timeline lol so this is a bit of alternate universe with both Namaiki and Otona being mid-high student instead but OH WELL. I love SakuZetsu's chemistry too and I've been waiting for someone to write it out!!!!!
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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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@kuro_808 thank you!! i'll do my best  :)
@秀樹片倉 thanks for the support !!
@gekikarabuACE i'm happy! and yeah, i was hoping there would be more about it too but : ( hopefully more people will get into it
@Yuki88 in my first draft i actually had it so it would Otona and Namaiki meeting them at the gates of the school,  but i thought it would be a better idea for them to be a year younger for the sake of having different dynamics :shocked but yes this will probably end up being an alternative universe based off what i have in mind!!

this took a bit longer than expected, i'll try to quicken my pace from now on  :(


As the three of them made their way out of the town district, their surroundings took a dip in terms of what you may expect from a suburb so close to the city. What had been smooth walking on concrete sidewalks turned to bumpy sailing on old, rough pavement. All the craters beneath their feet would prove to be a nuisance for most hikers around here, but ‘yankees don’t get bothered by little things like this,’ according to Otona, who almost immediately let out a cuss word after stubbing her foot on a jut out rock. In addition to that, the few houses in the area seemed to be pretty rough around the edges. The graffiti plastered everywhere was to be expected, but the fact that no one seemed to care enough to even clean what looked like dried up blood on a nearby wall was mildly concerning, in terms of hygienics.

In any case, Sakura was one who enjoyed sitting back and basking in any sort of scenery-- or what scenery she managed to get a glimpse of as she had to make the effort to keep up with the middle schoolers who were skipping over trash and inconvenient roadblocks as if it were nobody’s business. The two of them appeared to be familiar with the pathway, and the reason as to why should be pretty obvious. The whole area had a ‘don’t bother if you don’t want to get bothered,’ sort of atmosphere, and the kids had that vibe oozing out of their skin. Sakura wondered what kind of trouble she would’ve gotten into if she hadn’t been wearing her uniform.

“It’s right up ahead!” Namaiki called out, but not bothering to look and see if Sakura had been matching their quick pace. She had been, if anyone was wondering.

Even before they reached the gates of the school, Sakura could tell that the building was lovingly located, seeing as how the neighbourhood they’d been walking through clearly suited the intimidating structure. It wasn’t big place, necessarily, but it had a suffocating aura. Something along the lines of cigarette smoke, which would normally be a nuisance to be around, but can be easily welcomed if you’re that type of person. The fact that the whole area smelled as if a barbecue had happened recently didn’t really subtract from that. It was still rather early in the day, and Sakura didn’t expect yankees of all people to make it to school on time, so she was surprised to see a number of students hanging out on the grounds-- and from what she could see, none of their menacing appearances seemed to surprise her.

“Oh, yeah,” Sakura breathed, having gotten caught up in the environment. She bowed slightly to the junior high students, getting a roll of shoulders in return. “Thank you for the help.”

The two kids had only taken a step away when a group of students had approached them.

“Oi, oi, oi,” The girl in front hollered, raising her head up high as she drew closer. “What’s this? A transfer student?”

She was wearing a backwards cap, along with a graphically patterned bomber. Judging by her-- in addition to the other half dozen of theirs-- facial expression, they didn’t come over here to give a friendly introduction. Sakura wasn’t necessarily surprised, but she hadn’t been planning on getting into trouble before she even managed to step a foot on the property.

Sakura bowed a bit more formally to them, despite knowing that they were probably in the same grade. “Yes, I’m Sakura Miyawaki. I’ve transferred from Kagoshima. Er, do you mind--”

A taller girl wearing her uniform rather… provocatively... cut her off, shushing her as she gestured towards the middle schoolers. The two of them had been staring at the students in awe. “The hell’re you bringing your little siblings for? This isn’t a daycare.”

“Uh, actually, they’re not--”

“Hey, don’t mess with us!” Namaiki angrily shoved past Sakura, Otona fuming behind her. “Just ‘cause we’re short doesn’t mean we’re little!”

Sakura squinted at them, raising an eyebrow. You’d expect the two to be apologizing on their knees if an upperclassman from their dream school had insulted them, but that didn’t seem to be the case. They had their tiny fists balled and a fire of fury burning in their eyes as the strained their neck to glare up at the taller girls, as if they weren’t intimidated in the slightest. “Yankees at heart, I guess…” Sakura thought quietly to herself, attempting to move past the crowd and make her way to the building.

“Where do you think you’re going, Miyawaki?” Another student, who’d been wearing a striped dress shirt with her hair in pigtails, had chimed in, grabbing hold of Sakura’s collar before she made it any further. Sakura grunted as her shoes skidded across the ground, being unable to react fast enough as she was shoved back to the gates.

The girl in the cap placed her thumbs in her pocket, swaying her head as she seemed to size her up. “Y’see, onee-chan, we don’t really want to fight any shrimps. It’s a waste of time, you know?”

The shrimps in question were about to bark at them again, but Sakura held them back.

“We’ll let them off with no hard feelings,” she added, nodding to herself, “but you, on the other hand… well, you’ve gotta take responsibility for bringing them here, you know?”

Otona had been in a fighting position for awhile. “Get back! We can handle them!”

“No!” Sakura replied sternly, “They’re right. I need to take responsibility.”

The middle schoolers grit their teeth, still raising their fists. The two of them furrowed their eyebrows at Sakura’s back.

As a moment of silence went by, the group of students had been looking upon them. Smiles were pulling at the edge of their mouths as some of them started cracking their knuckles. On the contrary, a girl with her hood shadowing over her face looked as if she was about to cry any minute, but her stance was action ready as well.

Sakura had been maintaining eye contact as she took a deep breath, then proceeded to make a sharp, forty-five degree bow.

“I’m really sor--” She began, before almost immediately getting decked in the face by the cap wearing girl.

“Don’t fuck with us, transfer student!”

Despite being taken by surprise, Sakura had held her balance. She stared at the ground, waiting for her vision to clear itself from the shock, her cheek almost visibly stinging. For a moment, she wondered if her hearing was also affected, but it turns out nearly everyone else had been frozen in shock. Lips agape but silent. Otona and Namaiki looked like they were about to topple over onto the floor. The other students had their smiles fall, eyelids raised as they attempted to register what had happened. The girl who they’d assumed was just a new kid in town who didn’t realize they were going to a school full of delinquents seemed to know exactly what she was doing upon facing them. In the midst of the confusion, the pony-tailed girl had straightened her posture, loosening the stiffness of her limbs. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes, then let out another long winded breath.

Then she pulled off her scarf and the cap wearing girl didn’t know what hit her.

“Augh!” She groaned, crashing into her friends as they simultaneously tried to soften her fall and force her back up onto her feet.

Sakura was approaching quickly, so the student in the immodest uniform swung her feet low in order to trip her opponent. The girl hadn’t even looked down once as she leaped over her leg, leaving the other scrambling to get back up on her toes. A girl with imbalanced pigtails and a belt had paired up with one wearing feathered earrings and a hemmed skirt, trying to tag team the dangerous transfer student. Their efforts were proved fruitless as their punches seemed to go right past her. Another girl, who was wearing the top of a black jumpsuit, had intercepted Sakura’s path, managing to grab hold of her shirt. After a quick moment of struggle, Sakura elbowed her in the side of her neck and her grip was broken. The aforementioned hooded girl pounced on her almost immediately after, successfully pinning her to the ground.

“W-Who do you think you are?!” She sniffed, hands trembling. Sakura was shocked to find that it difficult to push her off, but after the impact of a sudden headbutt, she’d been a bit too stunned to care.

However, even that didn’t seem to stop her. Sakura quickly retaliated by kneeing her in the stomach, then stealthily turned around to grab the ankles of the two girls from earlier. They fell onto the gravel and winced. Meanwhile, the cap wearing girl had managed to find her footing, and Sakura had been surveying her fallen victims as she felt her collar being pulled once again. She came face to face with the girl in the striped dress shirt, who had taken the chance to drive the base of her sneakers into Sakura’s stomach. Seemingly unfazed, Sakura grabbed the girl’s shoulder and drilled her fist into her abdomen, resulting in her toppling over into Sakura’s arms.

The transfer student had felt cold blood trickling from her lips, but her focus had now diverted to returning the opening hit back to the girl who had provoked her.

And when the punch hit, it really hit.

The girl lost her balance, dizzy from the heat of the fight. Somehow, she had her forearms take most of the impact from the fall, and she cursed at the ground where her cap had fallen.

Sakura’s eyes seemed to be in a daze as she looked upon them. Unbeknownst to the students, she had wondered how long it would take for her to wipe the floor. “That was … nearly two minutes. One and a half, maybe?” The girl hadn’t doubted her ability to best them for even a moment.

When it came to fighting, Sakura was very serious.

In the meanwhile, Otona and Namaiki’s mouths were as open as ever. Although originally promising themselves to intervene during the fight to defend their pride, it had all gone by so fast and so suddenly that before they knew it, the pony-tailed girl was standing above seven struggling frames. They had only received maybe a punch or two each, but it had been more than enough to get them off their feet. If the two of them hadn’t been looking at Sakura as if she was the second coming of Christ, they probably would’ve been wondering if the Shekarashika students were what they were made out to be.

“So cool…” they whispered in unison to each other.

Moments later, the fallen high schoolers had gotten back up, but there appeared to be no sign of vengeance written on their faces. The hooded girl was tearing up and had to be comforted, but other than that, they seemed to be satisfied with the battle. Satisfied, for the lack of a better word. To be more accurate, they were not satisfied, but rather had come to an understanding of a certain fact.

“You’re tougher than we thought, Sakura.” The girl with the revealing uniform said, nodding. Sakura later learned that her name was Fukurotoji. Or, at least, that’s what they called her.

To that, Sakura simply blinked. She soon realized that she needn’t be on her toes if there was no threat nearby. Upon recalling her mother’s send off words, she quietly kneaded her slightly bruised knuckles with her thumbs, feeling bad for going against them so early in her move. But, in the end, this was the path she’d chosen for herself. She wasn’t planning on going off route any time soon.

She let her hands fall to her sides, then looked up to the group of students. “Katsuzetsu...”

Hearing that name drop seemed to widen all of their eyes at once, and they looked at each other in a silent exchange of words. “Eh?”

“Where is she?”

If their faces could’ve appeared any more startled, it did. They side-eyed her as they whispered amongst themselves. “Is she serious?” One said, “Does she, like… know who she is?” said another. It wasn’t long before they were essentially huddling together, murmuring about a girl who was a mere meter away. If it had been any other hot tempered yankee, they probably would’ve gotten pissed the moment they looked away, but Sakura considered herself to be pretty patient if necessary. She looked back once to find that the kids were still staring at her, then continued to wait for a response.

“Do you know her?” Ogi, the cap wearing girl, asked.


“Why do you need to know where she is?” said Chikoku, the girl in the blazer.

“I’m going to be the top of the school.”

“Well, she’s honest, that’s for sure…” Ogi said to herself, lips turning into a fine line as she wondered how to respond. She couldn’t ridicule her for having such unreasonable aims if she’d just beaten her-- along with six other people-- in a fight. But, then again, she had to know better.

“You know she’s, like, way stronger than us, right?” Narushi, the one who’d been wearing feathered earrings and a scarf, began, “Just ‘cause you beat us doesn’t mean you stand a chance against her.”

“I do.”

“What makes you believe that?” said Neji, the girl with lopsided pigtails.

“Because I’m serious.”

At this point, the seven of them realized that their words of warning were going right out the other ear. It felt as if it would take a shorter amount of time for them to gather to strength to beat her rather than reason with the girl. “Whatever you say, transfer student.” Ogi scoffed, deciding it was about time for them to retreat back into the school and tend to their injuries. The other girls followed, but before Sakura could ask her previous question once again, the cap wearing girl pointed to one of the classroom windows on the top most floor.

“If you’re really serious, you’ll find her there.” She called out behind her.

But before Sakura could take a step forward, she felt two pairs of hands grab onto her shirt.

“Hold on, onee-chan!” Namaiki squeaked.

“We brought you here, now walk us back to our school!” Otona added on, also in a makeshift cutesy voice. “And tell us your fighting secrets while you’re at it.”

A/N: google docs made this seem a lot longer than it's displayed here WOW
but anyways!! no katsuzetsu here but she'll definitely show up in the next chapter  :twothumbs but will they fight? who knowsssss

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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I think the introduction of the new characters will lead to the interest of the rest of the student body :nervous
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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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Otona and Namaiki are rather cute, aren't they? Lol! Can't wait for the other characters to appear. I'm expecting Buoyomi, Megahon, Oshiri and Kakuni to put up a fight in case they encounter Sakura. Especially the latter two. They looked quite strong in the series. :D

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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Namaiki and otona are nakomiku right? Thought they're going to ditch going to school and have fun in shekarashika

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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To be honest lol, Otona and Namaiki are a pair of evil in angel disguise, and the last part where they asked Sakura to take them back to their school is hilarious, got me cackling.
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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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I haven't read anything for quite some time. This one is actually interesting.

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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@kuro_808: that's for sure :grin: as you can see from this chapter !
@gekikararabuACE: theyre good kids, for the most part lmao.... and yep! i also think kakuni and oshiri would be the strongest of the four of them :P
@Yuki88: thank you!! and yes they are delinquents after all LOL
@Rinca: i appreciate the kind words  :bow:  !!


There was a certain musical club room on the top floor of a certain school building. However, in this certain musical club on the top floor of a certain school building, musical instruments were very rarely found. Instead, you’d be more likely to find toppled over desks, garbage strewn everywhere and spats of blood scattered across the room. Considering the nature of a certain aforementioned school building, you’d find those things in virtually every classroom. But these toppled over desks, garbage strewn everywhere and spats of blood scattered across the room? They were special.

“Damn it, let me go see her!”

Those toppled over desks, garbage strewn everywhere and spats of blood scattered across the room were toppled, strewn, and scattered by who could be considered the ‘top’ of Shekarashika Girls’ Commercial School. Yes, they were on the top floor, but that title held a lot more connotation than just where they spent their time. As with any school, there was a social hierarchy ingrained in its student population. But this social hierarchy wasn’t determined by class, grades, or even looks. It was a lot more straightforward. Anyone new to the school would start at the bottom— sometimes referred to as shrimps, runts, or anything demeaning, really— and they would simply have to work their way up if they want to avoid being ridiculed. How exactly would shrimps be able to work their way up this ladder? By proving their strength through fighting, of course!

“Calm down, would you?!”

As a result, those who were considered the ‘top’ of the school were obviously those who have proven their strength and those who have proven it well. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong. In most cases, when the ‘top’ has been determined, the lineup remains stable until a horrible tragedy such as graduation occurs. Occasionally, one member gets cut due to an unplanned, extended hospital visit, but, really, if you’re good enough for the ‘top’, you should be good enough to avoid such a mishap. Either way, when a spot opens up, most students are eager to take part in the decisive blood bath. After all, being the ‘top’ is considered a pretty big deal— as long as you aren’t about to put it on your resume, that is.

“Hey, why don’t you help me out instead of just sitting there?!”

Explanation of every yankee infested high school aside, it’d been mere days since summer vacation had ended. That in turn meant that it’d been mere days since a certain transfer student had walked onto school property. Even if the girl hadn’t gone ahead and beat up half a dozen of their strongest links, she still stood out like a sore thumb. She wore her uniform correctly, for starters. If not for the single band-aid across her nose, she’d look completely out of place as far as fashion goes. She’d been attending class on schedule, and, believe it or not, actually listened to the lectures that their teachers had nearly given up on distributing. Somehow, her generally well-mannered demeanor and conformist ways have been ticking off most of the student body. However, since most of them had heard about her first day at school, they couldn’t do much but glare at her as she finished assignments. The only students who bothered to interact with her were the ones she’d beat up from before, and they knew better than to provoke her.

Back to the ‘top’, this year’s lineup consisted of a rather colourful group of delinquents, namely;

“YOU GUYS ARE TOO LOUD!!” Megaphone, a girl who didn’t seem to have any volume control whatsoever—

“N-No, I think you’re the one… that’s too loud… Bouyomi, who didn’t seem to know what the word volume even meant—

“You know what? Just for yelling at me, I’m gonna sit right here and not help you out. How’s that, huh? Huh?!” Kakuni, a mature looking girl who had a penchant for teasing—

“Kiss my ass, bastard.” Oshiri, who had a sharp-tongue and a glare you could feel on your back from miles away—

“I’ll kill you all, seriously,” and finally, the strongest, most infamous member of the ‘top’, Katsuzetsu. “I’m serious.”

Generally, the five of them would be lounging around in the club room, engaging in either mindless banter or skirmishes with each other. On occasion, they’d send one member to patrol the school and look out for any potential threats to their power or to just scare off anyone who may pose a threat in the future. Just wandering around with a stern look on their face seemed to get the message around, but Megaphone liked to really make sure you knew she was around. Hell, even the neighbouring houses knew, but that was besides the point.

With Oshiri wrestling to keep Katsuzetsu in her arms, Kakuni watching her while she sat on a couch, Bouyomi making reluctant but powerful jabs at a punching bag, and Megaphone voicing out her complaints about the tattered shirt she was wearing, you could say that it was one of their off days.

The news about Sakura’s arrival had obviously sparked the club’s interest once it reached their ears. Katsuzetsu was particularly intrigued, wanting to go so far as to challenge the girl right then and there. However, the other four felt that her doing so would be a colossal waste of time— time which could be spent wasting in their exclusive club room instead. It wasn’t as if those seven weren’t to be thought of as strong at all, in fact, they were considered to be the next ‘top’ contenders. They defended their pride by saying they hadn’t warmed up for a fight at that point, which had apparently been enough to convince the four members to turn their back on the matter. On the other hand, Katsuzetsu was as stubborn as ever.

And apparently, so was Sakura.

“Excuse me—” The door to the club room creaked open, and a certain proper-uniform-wearing student peeked into the class. As her bandaged nose perked up to survey the scenery, Oshiri had gone to the means of covering Katsuzetsu’s mouth to keep her from talking.

Sakura made brief eye contact with the girl being held back, intrigued by the flustered yet determined look in her eyes. She was forced to look away when Oshiri used her other hand to cover up Katsuzetsu’s eyes as well.

“Who are you?” Kakuni stood up from the couch, clearly recognizing the face of the most famous delinquent this week.

Megaphone had also stopped fumbling with her clothes in order to cross her arms very sternly. She managed to keep her voice from breaking ear drums when the atmosphere called for it, but that wasn’t to say it was still indoor volume. “Do you need something?”

“Sakura Miyawaki.” The girl answered, bowing slightly. “Is Katsuzetsu here?”

The four of them faked looking confused at each other as they silently discussed what to do, as Katsuzetsu herself squirmed in Oshiri’s grasp.

“Yes, she’s right over there.” Kakuni said almost immediately as she pointed at a trembling Bouyomi.

The blue coded girl freezed up on the spot, pupils darting between Kakuni, Katsuzetsu, Sakura, and a nearby exit. Her timid demeanor suggested that she was anything but a yankee, much less the strongest one in the area. Thankfully, Sakura being new to the city gave them an advantage, and her being patient gave them enough time to glare at Bouyomi so she’d go along with their plan.

“Um.” She stammered, straightening her back as she made an attempt at looking intimidating. “Yes, that’s me. I’m, um. Katsuzetsu.

Megaphone quickly made her way over to the terrible actress of a girl, and threw an arm around her neck. She looked up proudly at Sakura, as if she was showing off her pride and joy. “Now, don’t be fooled. She might seem like a loser, but that’s how she gets ya. By surprise!”

“Yup!” Kakuni nodded, patting Bouyomi on the back. “The first time I messed with her, I just thought she was some weakling who’d be easy kill. Boy, how wrong I was!” She laughed obnoxiously. “She threw me out the window! Couldn’t move for the whole summer, you know.”

Oshiri groaned inwardly as she kept herself from insulting their ridiculous improv, feeling Katsuzetsu sigh into her hands just the same.

 “Anyways, you were looking for her, right?” Kakuni continued. “Well, here she is! Why don’t you guys go talk outside? I don’t think there’s enough room for six of us in here.”

Megaphone seemed to have gotten the signal, and as such, proceeded to push Bouyomi over towards the exit. “SEE YOU LATER, GUYS!” She said, shoving the two of them out and shutting the door behind them.

Sakura raised her eyebrow, suspicious. When she’d imagined meeting the strongest students of the school, she expected them to speak to her through stern glares and clicking tongues. Suffice to say, seeing them be so rowdy left her in a bit of a shock, but it wasn’t as if that was going to stop her.

“Are you the one reigning at the top of the school, Katsuzetsu?” She asked.

Bouyomi had take it upon herself to walk ahead, hands placed in her pockets. She hoped that her exaggerated posture made it seem like she wasn’t feeling threatened in the slightest, but really, she just had no idea what facial expression she should be showing right now. She was the type to still look as if she was about to break down even if there wasn’t a single ounce of self-doubt in her.

“Mm.” She managed to choke out a response. “That’s right. Yeah.”

“I see.”

An awkward silence loomed over the tense atmosphere. Bouyomi wasn’t exactly sure where she was supposed to take the girl, but she supposed that as long as her hearing couldn’t pick up the conversations in the club room, it’d be fine. 

“Don’t think you’re so cool, transfer. Transfer student.” She started out of the blue, even surprising Sakura. “Cocky yankees… they’re really, really-- really naive!”


Bouyomi suddenly turned around, feeling like they’ve travelled far enough. “So, what is it?!”

“What?” Sakura had just been quietly following behind, under the impression that Katsuzetsu was apparently not very talkative.

“... W-What is it that you want with me, I mean.”

“Oh, um.” The girl found herself unable to react as quickly as she could’ve. “Well, I’ve come to challenge you to a fight.”

“Seriously?” Bouyomi scoffed, hearing exactly what she’d expected. “... I don’t want to.”

“What did you say, Katsuzetsu?”

“I-I don’t want to!” The hat wearing delinquent who was definitely not Katsuzetsu grumbled in frustration. “I… can’t be wasting my time on… shrimps like you. I have better things to do, seriously!”

Sakura intercepted her as she tried walking back, stretching her arms as far as she could, her stoic face unsuitable for the ridiculous pose. “I won’t let you leave, seriously! I’m serious!”

Bouyomi rolled her eyes. “Just get out of my way!”


Suddenly, Bouyomi had grabbed the girl’s shoulders with an unfriendly clench. She headbutted her, feeling the recoil, but ignoring it as she drove the heel of her shoe into Sakura’s stomach. The transfer student had been testing her patience for far too long, and as much as she felt that she was wasting her energy, yankees were yankees. Yankees were hot tempered, prideful, and easy to piss off— and despite Bouyomi’s inability to communicate well, she fit the bill perfectly.

Sakura was propelled backwards onto the floor. She blinked rapidly, feeling her eyes rolling around in their socket as her vision struggled to come through. When they did, she looked up only to find Bouyomi, staring down sternly with that baby face of hers. Sakura, in an attempt to stand up, gripped tightly on a nearby window sill. She’d been taken off guard, but she wasn’t surprised in the slightest. The girl’s newborn deer-like demeanor didn’t suit a delinquent in the slightest, but she figured that was all a ploy in order to get her to underestimate the girl.

The pony-tailed girl got up, maintaining eye contact with the one who’d kicked her down in the first place. Bouyomi had taken on a high guard fighting stance. Her arms covered her face, mildly shaking fists balled in preparation. Her lower body was basically an open target, but Sakura knew better than to fall into the trap of the ‘strongest yankee in the school.’ She felt as if she’d known the girl’s plan all along; first, deceive them by seeming weak, then beat the hell out of them before they realize. “I’ve got this. I can beat Katsuzetsu.” She thought to herself.

She hadn’t even raised her fists when Bouyomi threw a quick succession of punches. What they lacked in power and speed was made up for in technique; two of five punches grazed her cheeks, another two of five punches had scraped by her shoulders, and one of five punches managed to land clean on the face.

Sakura shook it off, quickly wiping her upper lip as she found it to be cut. She retaliated by getting a hold of her collar, then kneeing the girl in the stomach.

Bouyomi groaned. She hadn’t expected the impact of the hit to be felt so violently. “You… You shitty brat…”

The hat wearing girl broke free from Sakura’s grasp, throwing a cutting right hook. When the transfer student tumbled back, she threw a left hook, successfully downing her once again. Bouyomi grabbed her shirt, placing a knee on her stomach as she kneeled down, keeping the girl in place.

“You’ll never be able to beat Katsuzetsu like this!”

Sakura’s eyes widened. A hard fist came at her temple, but it seemed that she was too shocked to feel any pain.

“You… aren’t Katsuzetsu?”

Bouyomi swore under her breath, having let up the act before she even realized what she was saying. She punched the girl underneath her once again. “What does it matter?”

She stood up, pulling Sakura’s lightweight body with her. She threw punches at her ribs, then her face, the girl going off balance but not reacting back. It was infuriating— did she really not want to fight anyone but Katsuzetsu? “How self-centered could a yankee be?” She wondered.

“If you can’t even beat me— B-Bouyomi— then don’t even bother saying Katsuzetsu’s name!” She yelled out loud, throwing a final punch that would silence her once and for all.

But Sakura had caught it— the punch aimed straight towards her nose. She caught it one-handed, grasping the shaking fist, then tossed it to the side. The look on her face had changed. She had been serious before, but now it seemed that she’d reached a whole other level. There was a silence in the air that was almost deafening. Bouyomi, who was uninjured for the most part, let out a sigh.

And as Sakura grabbed hold of her scarf, throwing it away, she wondered how long the girl would stayed uninjured after all.

Cautiously, Bouyomi took a step back. She was about to raise her arms up when it looked like Sakura was going to throw a punch at her face, realizing too late that she was being misled. She buckled over as a fist penetrated her stomach, then was thrown upwards as the girl followed up with an uppercut. Blood trickled down the side of her mouth, and Bouyomi made the grave mistake of taking a moment to wipe it off. Sakura had grabbed her wrist, swinging her against the wall. Bouyomi winced in pain, then coughed.

“You tricked me...” Sakura breathed, planting yet another punch.

Then another.

And another.

When she finally let up, Bouyomi fell to the ground, knees limp in a matter of minutes.

Fine… Fine… ” She groaned, voice getting weaker and weaker. “You... win…

Sakura looked down at her, squinting as she struggled to make out the words she was panting out. The girl had done a great deal of damage to her, Sakura realized this as she eventually found herself struggling to catch a breath. It was nothing like the one-sided fight that had went down in the school’s courtyard, just the other day. Her face stung. Her body ached. The band-aid on her nose was serving an additional use at this point, judging by the blood smeared over her lips. Sakura was not one to underestimate people— especially those who were feared by multiples. Even when the girl had confessed to not being Katsuzetsu, Sakura knew there had to have been a reason why those four other girls hadn’t been too concerned about the real one’s reputation upon sending her out. But, still… she was annoyed as to why they had to do so in the first place.

She offered a bruised hand to the fallen girl, only to be dismissed.

"I told youto get out of my face..." Bouyomi said, attempting to raise her voice well enough so she could hear. "You’re not going to beat Katsuzetsu looking like that… that’s… for sure…"

A/N: here's some visual aid lol...
anyways, i was wondering how i could differentiate all of their fighting styles to make them stand out from eachother  :huhuh i tried taking cues from their irl counterparts (their performance level and such), even though realistically mio wouldn't be a very good fighter lmao :grin: but that's that! i'll try to bring another update sooonnn

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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School: The 1st Steps [HKT48/MJSK]
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Awesome update!  :twothumbs Didn't really know what to expect much from Buoyomi, but she surprisingly gave Sakura some grief, lol. And this is also turning out to be more... light-hearted than a typicap yankee story. I definitely like the humor.  :lol: I don't really know how to differentiate their fighting styles either, since we weren't given much fight scenes. I think Oshiri was using more kicks (making full use of those thigh high skirt slits, lol), while Kakuni uses open fists to hit, iirc. Anyway, can't wait for your next update!

P.S. just a suggestion but you might want to edit your first post and change the thread title to indicate that you've updated with a new chapter. That way your readers will know to check the thread. :)

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@gekikarabuACE edited!! thank you for the tip  :twothumbs
yeah, i wouldn't have expected too much from Bouyomi either, but she was hanging out with Megaphone, Kakuni and Oshiri in the short so I just assumed that she had to be pretty tough.
also the majisuka series is pretty fun as a whole (not including mg5 because obviously lol) and i wanted to have the same nature of it!! hopefully i manged to get that across orz...

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Sakura beats the crap out of Buoyomi thinking that she was Kasuzetsu

While the real one probably had been left observing a fight to see her strength
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Oshiri covering Katsuzetsu's whole face with her palms lol this surely sounds hilarious especially cuz Katsuzetsu somewhat let her do it to her. XD
I wonder why they held Katsuzetsu back though (apart from the obvious plot device lol)
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Re: Shekarashika Girls' Commercial School - CH.2: 28/05/16 [HKT48/MJSK]
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LOL it being months since the last update aside, i decided to quickly wrap up the draft i had for this since i'd found the time.
for anyone keeping up with this, i suppose i can't promise regular updates anymore-- but that isn't to say i'm not interested in continuing!! there is a lack of HKT fics IMO and i still want to help fill that hole :(


“Dude, this popcorn’s gone stale.” Chikoku said.

Fukurotoji, while fumbling with a chewed piece of popcorn in one hand, sighed several times in succession. “Where did you get this crap? It’s like you scooped up all the popcorn residue from last week off your hands, shaped them into kernels, and boiled them in warm water.” She added, flicking the popcorn over towards the girl in the cap.

“Shut the fuck up.” Ota replied, shielding her face. “I tried grabbing some from the usual place, but there were cops around. The fact that they had all of our photos at the front with ‘keep out’ underneath didn’t really help.”

“Don’t be such a loser. Getting arrested is what being a yankee is all about!” Katakana said, standing up to add emphasis to her statement.

“Not everyone has bail money sticking out of their socks, be more considerate.”

Neji nodded, grinding her teeth in attempt to crush down the piece in her mouth. “If it makes you feel any better, I’d bail you out.”

“Wait, really?” Ota said, her face almost lighting up.

“Yeah, but you’d have to pay me back twice as much.” Neji laughed with the rock-like popcorn rolling around her tongue. Ota groaned, getting a handful of popcorn and tossing it in her direction.

“What are you, a loan shark or a yankee? Just die.”

“Holy shit,” Chikoku said, spitting onto the floor. “I don’t know if that’s my tooth, popcorn, or the rock I thought was chocolate earlier.”

Next to her, Goukyuu was starting to sniffle. “I was just trying to enjoy the shitty popcorn, but you guys kept making fun of it and now it tastes super bad…”

“Nothing we can do about that.” Fukurotoji called out, stretching her arms up above her head. Leaning on a nearby desk, she used her foot to move the popcorn bag a good distance away from her. She was about to take a power nap until she heard sniffling from another direction.

“Ah… it’s so gross I can already feel my skin breaking out…” Narushi was tearing up. She’d been clawing at her tongue in an attempt to get the taste off as the others rolled their eyes.

“Stop crying! That’s my job!” Goukyuu whined angrily, throwing popcorn at the overdressed delinquent.

As the banter carried on into the period, the door of the classroom slid open with a light bang. Sakura strolled inside, bag in hand. With the teacher hopelessly writing notes onto the chalkboard and students spread out across the class minding their own business, no one really paid any mind to her. Or, you could say, they were reluctant to catch her attention.

It’d been a mere couple of days since her fight with Bouyomi had taken place on the top floor, but it hadn’t taken nearly as long for the news of the upset to spread across the student population. The two of them had taken time off to recover fully, so in that time, people have been buzzing about their return. How bad did she mess up Bouyomi’s face, some wondered, while others speculated, what does this mean for the ‘top’ now? Sakura’s face was lightly bandaged with slight swelling, but as curious as they were about how much damage was done to areas unseen, it’s not as if the lot of them were about to ask. The girl had partaken in only two fights and yet, she’s managed to intimidate nearly every single one of her peers to a certain extent. Many of them didn’t even want to do so much as make eye contact.

But, as for the ones that did want her attention, it seemed as if they’d go to great lengths to do just that.

The seven girls surrounding the pile of stale popcorn had gone silent when Sakura had entered the room, fourteen eyes carefully following her as she made her way to her seat. By some luck of the draw, she’d been assigned to a desk only a meter away from where they usually loitered in the class, so she could definitely feel the stares against her back. It was unsettling, to say the least.

“Ara, Sakura is back.” Ota said.
“Oi.” Chikoku said.
“Sakura, come here.” Fukurotoji said.
“Miyawaki.” Neji said.
“Hey, Sakura.” Narushi said.
“Oi, Sakura.” Katakana said.
“O-Oi. Sakura.” Goukyuu whimpered.

Sakura attempted to block them out as she looked over the review sheet the teacher had given her.

“Sakura-sannnn--” Ota said.
“Get over here, Sakura!” Chikoku said.
“We missed you, Sakura-chan.” Fukurotoji said.
“Did Bouyomi make her go deaf?” Neji said.
“That would be ironic. But her ears are the same size, so probably not.” Narushi said.
“What the fuck? That makes no sense.” Katakana said.
“Sakura… Hey... ” Goukyuu whimpered.

Sakura pinched the bridge of her nose, tapping her hand against the desk.

“Phoning Miyawaki Sakura. She’s from Kagoshima, wears her skirt about an inch above the knee. Big eyes and ears, slightly trimmed eyebrows.” Ota said.
“God, this tastes so bad. Makes me wanna die.” Chikoku said, tossing another kernel into her mouth.
“Miyawaki-senpai, I have a confession. I’m in love with you.” Fukurotoji said.
“Wait, are we really sure that’s Sakura?” Neji said.
“Of c-... Well, actually, it could be that Hori girl...” Narushi said.
“Oh, Miona? Mayb… Hold on, are you kidding!? That chick goes to a whole different school!” Katakana said.
Goukyuu said nothing, having already given up.

“What…” Sakura began, managing to shut all of their mouths at once with a voice that was barely above a whisper. “... do you guys want?”

Instead of having her come over to where they were sitting, the seven of them immediately decided it’d just be quicker to surround the girl at her desk and interrogate her there. A few of them pulled out chairs, either from empty desks or from underneath girls who’d been seated, while Ota rested an arm on Sakura’s right shoulder, Fukurotoji leaning on the other. You’d think that they’d want nothing to do with her for the sake of their pride, but they were really the only ones willing to gather the courage and have a conversation with the girl. In fact, they’d gotten extremely comfortable, much to Sakura’s dismay.

“Guess you didn’t get to see Katsuzetsu so quickly, huh?” Ota laughed, having expected this to happen. “I’m not surprised. Beating all of us isn’t much to brag about if you’re aiming for the top, you know.”

“What? Are you saying we’re not strong?” Fukurotoji turned towards the cap wearing girl, the others scowling at her just the same.

“I didn’t say we were weak, dumbass.” Ota side-eyed her, rolling her eyes. “I’m just saying that they’re on a whole other level, especially Katsuzetsu.”

Fukurotoji lowered her fists and sighed. “Fair enough.”

“Can you guys shut up! ” Goukyuu whined, rubbing her eyes. “I just want to hear about Sakura’s fight, but all I can hear are your annoying voices…”

“Fine, fine,” Ota groaned, turning her attention back to the seated girl. “So, how’d it go?”


Meanwhile, a certain musical club room on a certain top floor was also having their fair share of interrogative conversations.

Bouyomi’s absence had left them bewildered. Sure, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that she may have been the weakest link of their group of members, but even the worst kind of diamond was worth millions. As the ‘top’, it was their job to remain leagues above the next contender for the strongest, which meant that just one of them alone would be able to take on the entire school at once. (Which, to be fair, isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds considering their school didn’t have too many students to begin with) But it wasn’t as if they’d sent her out under Katsuzetsu’s name expecting her to soil it. That’s just how much faith they had in the girl, in addition to how much they’d underestimated the transfer student, not like they’d want to admit it.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Oshiri glared at the kneeling figure on ground, her voice in disbelief.

Bouyomi, who’d been on the floor and apologizing profusely for the past couple of minutes, bowed once again. “I’m sorry! She was just-- It was just--...”

“This was a pleasant surprise.” Kakuni leaned over the couch, resting on her elbows. She’d been doing her best to keep up a disappointed expression, but it wasn’t hard to see through. Her attempt at sarcasm sounded particularly sincere. “Honestly, this is hilarious.”’

On the other hand, Megaphone’s feelings on the matter could be seen-- or, more accurately, heard-- quite clearly. She was pacing around the room, screaming internally, occasionally stopping to kick over a desk. The floor shook as someone from the lower level hit the ceiling in order to shut them up, but it went unnoticed. Her frustration was enough to tempt her into wanting to punch a wall, but the best delinquents saved their fists for real fights, in the end. “DAMN IT!” She bellowed.

Katsuzetsu had been standing in front of the wall behind Oshiri, looking out the window as she kept an ear open to their conversation. Despite her arms being crossed and a seemingly indifferent expression on her face, she’d been listening pretty intently. It wasn’t every day that one of the top fighters in the school got pummeled by a new kid on the block. She took a deep breath and sighed, then turned her head to look down at her fallen comrade, who was still apologizing profusely to all of them.

“Let me go see her.” She said.

“No,” Oshiri replied, not even looking back, “it was probably just luck.”

Feeling her pride receive yet another blow, Bouyomi glared up at the girl towering over her, but grimaced immediately as she realized she was challenging the girl at a game she’d probably created.

Letting out a fed up sigh, Katsuzetsu made an attempt to push past the girl who was preventing her from leaving. With her strength unmatched she’d done so with ease, but Kakuni ended up strolling right into her path before she could get any farther. Oshiri made eye contact with the girl, a hint of desperation on her face that could easily go unnoticed if you didn’t know her like they did.

“Not yet, Katsuzetsu,” Kakuni’s serious face was only a little different from her amused one, “we can handle this. Seriously.”

Katsuzetsu’s eye twitched as she raised a brow. She didn’t completely understand why her members were so against the idea of her confronting Sakura, but judging by their expressions, she knew nothing she did would convince them otherwise. They hadn’t known each other for too long, but she knew them well enough to realize that fighting all of them at once would just be a pain in the ass.

Saying nothing, she decided to go and lie down on the couch.

“Alright then,” Oshiri said, walking up to the pacing girl and placing a hand on her shoulder, “Megaphone, you’re up. Shrimp, got any tips?”

Bouyomi felt another blow upon hearing her nickname. “Just… I don’t know… Be careful? I mean… I thought I was beating her until she, like… pulled out her scarf…”

“Oookay…” Kakuni side-eyed the girl, “so, basically, she’s like the Hulk. Got some sort of trigger. Maybe if she takes her scarf off, try and put it back on?”

“You’re a fucking idiot,” Katsuzetsu called out from the couch.

“I was kidding!”

“Anyways,” Oshiri rolled her eyes once again, “okay, just watch out for the moment where she takes her scarf off. Otherwise, just do what you do best.”

“What I do best?” Megaphone nodded, staring at her fists.

“Yeah. Like, scream really loud and punch really hard.”

“OKAY!” Megaphone exclaimed, then stormed out of the room.


“OKAY!” Megaphone said loud and clear to the ears, despite having already made it her way down the stairs.


Upon retelling her first experience with one of the strongest of the school, Sakura had failed to dismiss the girls from her desk as they bantered about what should be her next course of action. Sakura herself, while having considered a couple ideas, was more focused on getting this review out of the way. Now, she wasn’t particularly a model student, all things considered of course, but her mother had let her study away from home on the sole condition that she actually complete her homework. It was a bit of a problem back in her hometown, to the point where she’d been at risk of flunking an entire grade, so she was due for a wakeup call either way. Besides, she wasn’t stupid. She just didn’t have the drive for things she wasn’t interested in.

Nor did she have the patience to deal with seven girls throwing popcorn over her head as they chattered endlessly into her ear.

“Thing is,” Ogi began, whilst crunching down on a couple kernels inside her mouth, “Bouyomi’s a pretty gimmicky fighter. She can’t get rid of her… well, lack of a voice, so she uses it to her advantage. Look weak at first, then surprise ‘em.”

Chikoku nodded towards her, having gotten sick of the popcorn. “Yeah, yeah. But once the surprise is through, it’s not like she isn’t capable. She can hit good, just not hard, you know? That’s the problem.”

“You act like you’ve survived one of her punches,” Fukurotoji rolled her eyes.

“... Okay, but that’s besides the point.”

“I mean, I get where you’re coming from,” Neji spoke up, inspecting her nails for any sticky butter residue. “She’s just too reluctant. No offense.”

“But Bouyomi’s been working on it, right?” Katakana said. “Can’t go a long while without seeing her in those training gloves. I hear the bag a lot, too.”

Goukyuu scoffed at her. “What, you can recognize who’s hitting the bag by its sound? She probably just wears the gloves for aesthetic purposes. Like Fukurotoji. Or Neji’s gross pig tails.”

“What’s got your panties in a bunch, man?” Ogi smacked the hooded girl’s head, before immediately going to rub the injured area after seeing tears well in the girl’s eyes. “Guess you’re still sore after that accidental run-in with the queens a couple weeks ago, huh?”

“H-How was I supposed to know that the kid I was butting in line for ice cream was Kakuni’s little cousin? I didn’t even know that Bouyomi b-babysat for a goddamn part time job.”

“Maybe that’s why she doesn’t hit too hard. ‘Cause she spends her off time touching and making food for babies.”

“Sure as hell hit hard when she saw Goukyuu, though.”

“You know,” Fukurotoji said, leaning back on a nearby wall, “It’s kinda sad hearing about how many times you guys got pummeled by Ms. Pipsqueak, considering that Sakura over here beat her down in one try.”

But before the rest of them could chime in to defend themselves, the door slammed open once again, startling even the teacher.


Megaphone called out into the room, while simultaneously basking in the look of fear mongering in her peers’ eyes. While it wasn’t exactly uncommon for any of the “top” members to be seen loitering around the school, especially for this member in particular, they usually never did so without reason. Whether it was to find another washroom as a result of their school’s lack of a budget for plumage or do the aforementioned monthly walk around to remind the shrimps that they will never see higher heights, they found little reason to leave the cozy abode that is their club room. Save for the times that they are bored beyond their minds, in which case they might go out and take someone’s food or something.

“Tell her Katsuzetsu is here.”

Either way, there was a purpose for Megaphone’s visit. And it was quite obvious, even if she didn’t state-- or rather, yell it upon her arrival.

The students who’d been loitering around the classroom turned their heads towards the girl who stuck out like a thumb at the back of the class, who was looking back curiously at the girl who barged inside, dubbing herself as Katsuzetsu. Ogi and friends raised an eyebrow at the girl who was clearly not the Katsuzetsu they knew and feared, but didn’t want to intervene at the risk of getting pummeled. Instead, they simply shrugged at each other and pointed at Sakura. “Right over here, boss,” Fukurotoji said, taking a step back, “Knock yourselves out, you two.”

Megaphone nodded, her expression turning stern. She turned her body, leaving the room and closing the door with a slam as loud as the one she’d done to open it.


Her voice could be heard from outside, startling them before they could wonder why she hadn’t just told Sakura to come while she was still in the room, before they remembered that it was Megaphone they were talking about.

After Sakura quickly stowed her books away into her bag, she pushed her chair out from underneath the desk, knocking on Narushi’s head which had been leaning on it. Narushi immediately patted down her hair before looking to glare up at the girl, but wasn’t able to as Sakura’s book bag decked her in the nose when she stood up to leave. Katakana, who’d witnessed the whole scene, turned her head to hide the laughter which would otherwise disrupt this incredibly tense moment, but Narushi took notice and proceeded to kick her in the face. The two of them, as did the rest of those in the room, waited patiently for Sakura to close the door behind her before they resumed usual business-- which, for them, was to start wrestling in the middle of the class.

“So, who do you guys think’ll win?” Chikoku said, carefully waiting a moment before speaking up so that the two wouldn’t overhear them, “All respects to Megaphone and all, but I’m gonna bet on Sakura. She’s a real all-rounder.”

“All-rounder, you said? Doesn’t matter if she’s decent at everything, you’d need more than decent defense to tank one of Megaphone’s insane punches. Girl’s got gorilla hands, I swear to god,” Fukurotoji shivered, having recalled a moment in which she’d experienced those gorilla hands face first.

Ogi thought to herself, thinking back to the fighting style Sakura had used that ended up destroying all of them in one go. “Yeah, Megaphone’s a hard hitter. But she’s kinda reckless. Sakura’s the opposite, she doesn’t waste a single swing,” she scoffs, “Hell, the chick didn’t even want to fight us to begin with. Probably thought we weren’t worth her time.”

“Tch, I’m betting on Megaphone,” Narushi spoke up, surprising the rest of them considering the fact that she sparingly participated in their fighter analysis sessions, “Haven’t you heard? She’s been in a real bad mood lately. Something about her favourite red shirt getting torn in a scrimmish. Totally understandable, by the way.”


With Sakura trailing close behind, Megaphone led her through the graffiti stained hallway. Only having arrived a mere few weeks ago, Sakura hadn’t really found the time to get a feel for the building, as the security that came with knowing a place well was somewhat comforting to her. But, with her having to catch up on a couple of assignments (they never really handed out too many, since, well, they hardly received anything back in the end) and having to leave school as soon as she could to have time to prepare her own meals, free times have been scarce.

Her old school wasn’t as yankee infested as this one. In fact, Sakura had gone to a relatively normal middle school, teachers handing out work and getting work back and all, so it’d be safe to say she wasn’t exactly used to these kinds of circumstances. Most of her delinquent business was done outside of school hours, but it wasn’t as if she never stirred anything up during class, of course. At the same time, the yankee culture back home wasn’t as intense as the one here, so Sakura hadn’t gotten the details about how wearing your uniform properly was actually considered weird-- but then again, she had to keep her reputation clean enough so her mother wouldn’t have to take a train all the way down to her local police station just to bail her out.

Long story short aside, Megaphone had taken it upon herself to open a door to a vacant classroom, politely beckoning for Sakura to come inside. Upon closing the door, Megaphone’s manners seemed to dissipate as she slammed it hard enough to audibly startle a couple of grunts who were loitering outside. Sakura, who’d only flinched slightly, gulped down any look of hesitation as the red coded girl sized her up.

“So,” Megaphone began, her indoor voice still being hard on the ears, “Did Bouyomi put up a good fight, or what?”

“She was a formidable opponent,” Sakura nodded to herself.

Suddenly, Megaphone let out a hearty laugh, going so far as to comically slap her knee and wipe invisible tears from her eyes. “Formidable? God, how did such a tightass like you ever become a yankee?”

But the laughing quickly subsided, and as she straightened her posture, the icy glare returned to her face.

“I asked if she put up a good fight, are you going to answer properly? Did her punches hurt?”

A bit taken aback by the sudden interrogation, Sakura struggled to get the words out of her mouth. “She… She was strong. Her punches were strong--”

“Good, you answered,” Megaphone smiled, clapping rather obnoxiously, “Now, let me tell you one thing, Sakura. Bouyomi’s punches are strong, sure. The kid can barely topple a sandbag, but sure. They’re strong.”

“But my punches? Let’s just say...” Sakura felt the incoming danger as Megaphone steadily approached her, but soon was met with a wall that prevented her from creating any more distance between them, “I like punching a lot more than Bouyomi does.”

Immediately going to grab her scarf, Sakura’s wrist met with both an iron grip and a knowing smile plastered over Megaphone’s face. As surprising as it would be to her club mates, Megaphone was actually rather observant, and a “pretty good” listener as she would say so herself. Figuring that she’d be next in line to be sent to Sakura in consideration of the unspoken hierarchy between the top members, she’d kept an open ear to Bouyomi’s breakdown of their fight. She also happened to catch a few tidbits of what the half a dozen goons were saying upon their exit, but it wasn’t much.

Sakura managed to break out of her hold, kicking Megaphone away from her. The girl readied her position, keeping a guard up as Megaphone let her fists sloppily fall to her sides. Megaphone knew herself that she was a sloppy fighter, but what did it matter when her punches had enough of an impact to even leave a mark on Katsuzetsu’s right arm (which also happened to be her most crowned achievement)? Each of the top members had a specialized way of fighting, and while Bouyomi’s feint didn’t seem to trip Sakura, Megaphone was confident that she’d be able to take the girl down.

“Pah!” Sakura let out, getting sick of being stared down by a hungry looking Megaphone and going in to throw a punch to her face.

Megaphone let it land, wincing for a moment before showing the girl her true specialty-- a counter punch.

Falling onto the floor as she felt double her own power sock her good in the jaw, Sakura, feeling pretty pissed off, decided to spit onto Megaphone’s shoes as she recovered from the blow. Megaphone was unfazed, kneeling down to take the fabric of Sakura’s scarf and used it to wipe the red tinted saliva off her boots. She was about to get up and call it over when the sounds of an outside conversation seeped through the door.

“D’ya hear that Megaphone dragged Sakura somewhere for a fight?” One voice said.

“Haha, I was in the damn class when it happened! I was ‘bout to be like, ‘Oi, Megaphone, you’re too goddamn loud upstairs,’ but then she was all, ‘Hi everyone, I’m Katsuzetsu!” Another replied.

“That’s fuckin’ deadly. I’d probably start laughing on the spot,” another voice chimed in, “No disrespect to her, and God fuckin’ forbid she hear this, but she’d be an annoying ass Katsuzetsu.”

“Yeah, calm and collected tops are the best.” The first voice said.

“Calm and collected? Sure, but Katsuzetsu can get insane when she’s fightin’.” The third one said. “I see what you’re sayin’ though, she looks mad cool when she’s all quiet ‘n’ sittin’ on the throne ‘n’ shit.”

“Yeah, I’d be pissed the hell off all the damn time if our strongest fighter was a loudmouth like she is. Though maybe things would be a hella a lot more entertaining, y’know. Everyone looks up to the top, so maybe everyone would be screamin’ in the halls ‘n’ all.”

By that point, the voices began to trail off.

Sakura, who’d been listening as intently as Megaphone was, looked up to see the girl with a hard expression on her face. The two of them had gotten two different things out of that conversation:

For Sakura, it was that she was not, in fact, fighting the real Katsuzetsu.

For Megaphone, it was that she had a lot more faces to beat in than Sakura, at the moment.

But, having recovered long enough and seizing the opportunity, Sakura had lept up from the ground, ripping her spit ridden scarf off and threw it off to the side. She grabbed hold of the still kneeling Megaphone and headbutt her, waking the girl up from a daze. Realizing what was happening, Megaphone stood back up on her feet, deflecting one of Sakura’s hooks with her arm before knocking her down with another counter.

Sakura ignored the pain this time, grabbing hold of Megaphone’s ankles and yanking it back so that the girl would be an even ground. Megaphone had taken the chance to use the impact of her fall to drive the heel of her shoe into Sakura’s head, which had shaken the girl enough to let go. But as soon as she was about to land another fight ending stomp, Sakura rolled out of the way and stood back up.

“Why do you all keep lying to me?!” Sakura growled, making Megaphone let out a chuckle, “Why can’t I meet Katsuzetsu?!”

“Tch! You still think you’re worthy enough to even say that name?” Megaphone yelled, having kicked Sakura’s face on her way back up, “Quit underestimating Katsuzetsu like that, you cocky bastard! Just fucking die already!”

Megaphone latched onto Sakura’s collar, punching her with her good hand and keeping her standing up with her left. She felt Sakura’s legs go weary after consecutive hits, and was about to land another clean one when she felt her hand move off target.

Having managed to deflect Megaphone’s punch by doing the same technique that she’d shown her, Sakura took advantage of Megaphone’s shocked expression and landed a counter punch that was all too familiar to the girl.

It was at this point in time that Megaphone somewhat resented her high power punching, as being on the receiving end of one that was meant to double her own didn’t exactly feel too nice.

With that, Sakura watched Megaphone fall to the ground. She found it quite fitting, really, for the end of a fight with such a booming opponent to have such an eerie silence pour over the room.

the next chapter will be more katsuzetsu centric !!!! for sure!!! one of the reasons i started writing this was because i felt that katsuzetsu's character was not given justice in the show... but we will see if i can deliver that haha

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