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Author Topic: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012  (Read 9672 times)

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #20 on: June 22, 2012, 06:41:33 AM »
wow juriboy... amazing


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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #21 on: June 22, 2012, 07:56:07 AM »
It took me almost 30 mins to read this chapter..(slow reader) LOL.. :lol: but it's really worth of reading..  :twothumbs

hahaha.. love all the partners interactions here.. and my AtsuMina..  :heart: :heart:

and the part Acchan got 'ticked off'.. so funny..  :lol: :lol:  poor Jurina.. but I love her chara.. XD

I have no idea what kind of mage Jurina is..  :nervous (being slow again) so please update soon ..  :bow: :bow:

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #22 on: June 22, 2012, 10:42:05 AM »
UWA, the AtsuMina pair is cute, KojiYuu awesome like always, and Jurina is too blunt, but she's a kid, so hehe

Acchan being ticked off  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Mariko-sama is a troll like always, ignoring the situation, hehe  :w00t: :w00t:

I wonder what kind of mage is Jurina (I'm not good with those things, coz when I play MMORPG, I do not choose mages, ever. Dunno why... :nervous)

And Rena-sama is really sweet here  :wub:

But of course, Yuko-sama is the best and she provides us with the hilariousness  :wub: :wub:

Update this, I'll be waiting!!  :bow: :bow:
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
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My eyes hurt I was reading this so fast LOLOLOL

Omg, the introductions was the bestkjsndjfnh This is the best xDDDD The butt lovers just want love Husb!

WMatsui soon, yes, yes? I wish for fluff homie!

I also want to know about everyone's backgrounds, hope for it soon too! Tis getting intresting 8D I also love the AtsuMina moments.

Update soon~!

 :heart: :heart:
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #24 on: June 23, 2012, 10:37:49 AM »
Cool as always  XD
I's been waiting for your update  XD At least you did, I'm glad  :lol:
Yay! That little girl is Jurina  XD So cute and so high  XD Always love Rena, this kid   :lol:
I love how Acchan feels comfortable just by being next to Takamina  XD The way they comfort each other  XD Also the way Takamina react whenever Acchan does something to her, so cute  :lol: I love of them, thank you very much  :cathappy: My AtsuMina  :heart:
And Rena is a martial artist, with that fragile body of hers?  :shocked It does surprise me but it looks so cool  :lol:
Yuko is an archer, with love arrows. Looks like Cupid  :lol:
I wonder what kind of power does Mariko-sama possess? Does she have one? I'll love it if she does have one  :bow:
Just a random thought but I think Jurina's power is blood-control  :cathappy: (but I really don't know if there is that kind of magic or not  :lol:) All your writings about the blood streams back into the wound, the vital points and the large veins make me think about something related to blood  :lol: A~ I don't know, I'm waiting for your answer wwww  :lol:
And thank you very much for your update  :bow: I'm waiting for chapter 3  :cathappy:
And this chapter is not boring at all  :lol: It's funny and cute and I love it  :twothumbs

P.S: I'm sorry if there is something unclear in my post, my English is not really good :P

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #25 on: June 23, 2012, 11:27:23 AM »
@Ryo Hiroshi: Yes, Rena is a martial artist. Have you seen Tifa in Final Fantasy 7? ;D
Yuko is an archer, but the love arrow part was her joke XD you'll see what her arrows do later  :lol:
And Mariko-sama... she, as she said, is just an informant, with a twisted mind to be the troll master  :lol: she shall troll the lovely moments ;D
And if you're thinking about that blood-control, I believe it's blood magic XD
You shall have your answers soon :P

And thank you all for letting me know this chapter is not boring, I really appreciate it ; v ;

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #26 on: June 25, 2012, 12:44:45 PM »
 :shocked YEi! Update!

Can't wait for next!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 2 Updated! 21/06/2012
« Reply #27 on: June 27, 2012, 01:52:12 PM »
It's been a long while since I read anything that interesting me this much..  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:

Now my only wish is you won't drop this like my other fav authors.  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

And it's been even longer while since I actually comment in any fic XD XD XD

I love the interaction between Acchan and Takamina. Truly partner.  :thumbup

Thank you. I'll be awaited. 

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For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3
« Reply #28 on: July 07, 2012, 09:19:41 AM »
Uhh... I'm sorry for the long wait (approximately two weeks?). Since I got lazy after posting Chapter 2 and Hallucination: Forget-me-not in the same week OTL
I tried my best to stay close to their real characters like in real life, but if they're different from real life, I'm sorry OTL
I hope this would be pretty comic. I tried my best to put in some comedy, which I don't have = 3= so if you don't find this funny, I have nothing else to say OTL

A/N: This is going to be a term mentioned at the end of this chapter, "breaking the fourth wall." In case you don't know what that is, breaking the fourth wall is like...when the characters acknowledge the audience, the author, and their existence as characters in a fiction only. A good example of breaking the fourth wall would be a play for kids in the theater, when the characters acknowledge the kid audiences and talk to the audiences from the stage. Or another example is Shaku in Majisuka 2, when she keeps jumping in front of the camera to have more "screen time." Breaking the fourth wall is usually used for comedy effect.

All right, enough babbling from me OTL

Chapter 3

“Bam!” A boulder made from ice was cleanly sliced in half as it flew towards a short swordsman. Said midget jumped back and did a triple flip whilst in the air, swiftly dodging several icy spears piercing at her. Landing on the ground, she ducked an incoming ball of ice, kicked the floor to gain momentum and threw her body aside, avoiding a same ball as it turned back and chased her. Finally, she smashed it to pieces with the flat side of her sword.

“Swish~” Sitting comfortably on a bench, Atsuko swung her legs back and forth, a ghost of a smile of her face as she shot another bolt of ice at Minami. Seeing her attack being warded off, she pouted and glared at her partner, who gulped and backed away nervously. She stopped and positioned her legs perfectly still. Four rings of ice enclosed the short girl and began closing in on her.

Minami let out a deep breath, held her sword up, and quickly pressed the pommel. As the object sprang open with a click, a spiraling air column extended from inside the pommel.

Smirking openly, she swept her palm along the length of the spiral air in the blink of an eye and then in place of the column was now something that resembled a lance. Now her hand was holding a stick that at one end was the blade of her sword and at the other end the head of a spear. “Dun dun dun!”

Atsuko frowned; she tilted her head and prepared a large number of ice arrows behind her, ready to fire at any moment. “Whoosh!” Minami, already aware of her partner’s plan, spun her weapon in circle, creating a high speed wheeling fan. Standing in the middle of the closing rings, she kept spinning her weapon with both hands and eventually slashed the rings.

“Oh snap!” The ice arrows were released and flew towards Minami at once; however, they were stopped by the rotating fan. Still hurling them at the short girl, Atsuko separated some arrows away from the rest and flanked her partner.

Mariko yawned, one hand covering her mouth, and resumed her short commentaries to kill the boredom. “Oh?” she mused, smirking at the scene, “One down.”

Minami, being the fastest in the area, had managed to dodge the attack miraculously but could not fight against Atsuko’s sulk. The ice mage had left her bench for another to ignore Minami, her arms crossing in front of her chest. Widening her eyes, Minami’s jaw hung open as she tried to beg for forgiveness.

“Acchan, Wait! I lost! I lost! I surrender!” Shouting and chasing after the tall girl, Minami almost tripped in her haste.

“As if I care,” Atsuko mumbled as she sat on a bench and ignored Minami, who wailed, “I’m so sorry!”

“A good distance away from the squabbling pair, it seems our favorite pervert is having a hard time with her training partners,” Mariko commentated, leaning forwards to have a better view at the mock fight.

“Right,” Mayu whispered lowly to her partner, standing a few feet away with her hands behind her back. Always being able to pick up Mayu’s voice wherever she was, Yuki thrust her right arm out and melted an arrow charging at her.

“One step left.” Complying with Mayu’s words, she narrowly avoided another arrow which pierced the floor where she previously was. Glancing at the disappearing object, she gave a victorious smile at her opponent.

Yuko scowled at she cautiously took a few steps to the edge of the roof on which she stood. Being the only archer had given her complete sovereignty over the roof. She stretched her right hand and four arrows materialized at the space between her fingers. One of them was flickering with fire; one was freezing with ice; another absorbed the air around it; the last was covered with stones.

“Ignore the ice one; that’s a trick. It should miss you on purpose. Keep your eyes on the fire one; it’ll go for your left leg. Be careful when you dodge it, the air one will explode to your right.” Mayu kept her eyes straight ahead as she unfolded Yuko’s plans to Yuki. “When you’re done, make sure you run far away from where the rocky one lands.”

True to her words, an arrow whizzed past Yuki’s face when she was not paying full attention. Without taking a run-up, Yuki jumped forwards and did a front flip, evading the arrow aiming at her leg. Whilst in midair, she extended her arm towards the next arrow, which began to distort the place and create and explosion. To Yuko’s dismay, the force of the explosion was reduced to almost nothingness as Yuki absorbed all the heat.

Holding a ball of heat in her hand, Yuki landed on the ground, tossed her black hair over her shoulder, and glued her eyes to the last arrow. Yuko clicked her tongue, narrowing her eyes, and released her ultimate plan.

Before the arrow entered the dangerous zone of about one meter in radius with Yuki as the center, the black-haired beauty slammed her hand on the ground, crushing the ball of heat. The space under the tall girl exploded, the subsequent pressure sending her high in the air. Below her, the arrow plunged into the ground; mini mountains, as big as huge boulders, emerged from the land, ready to pierce anything in their way.

Her eyes wide open, Yuki grinned at Yuko—the archer whose arrows control the power of all elements—and threw a fireball at the speechless midget.

“Yikes!” Yuko gave a shriek and abandoned the roof as she jumped down. Yuki landed elegantly, brushed the dust off her uniform like a princess, and high fived Mayu.

Not as fortunate and graceful as Yuki, the squirrel fell on the ground face first, rolling a few times in the process. She finally came to a stop and lay sprawled out on the hard floor. Furiously raising her arm, Yuko pointed accusingly at the other two and complained, “No fair! She told you my moves! Two versus one! Cheaters! Black! Cyborg! Heartless!”

Covering her wide grin, Yuki justified in a matter-of-fact tone, “You know, it’s because your partner doesn’t want to participate…with you around.”

Away from the training members, Haruna was squatting down by a bush at a corner. Around her, some spring flowers had already bloomed even though it was only the start of winter. She had a spaced-out look and was holding a bud in her palm. Her fingers brushed over the unopened petals and she smiled as the bud turned into a full blown flower.

Bringing her hand up to push her jaw, which had dropped wide open, back up, Yuko wiped her drool on her sleeve. The midget looked down at her own palm and gasped; her face fell as she sniffed loudly. “Nyan-nyan…” she whimpered and crawled over to Haruna, “Nyan-nyan…”

“What do you think she will do?” Mariko asked aloud.

The space on the bench beside Mariko was now occupied by a young-looking girl. With a serious look on her face, the girl rubbed her chin and answered after a while of pondering, “She’ll definitely take advantage of the situation and touch ‘bleep, bleep, bleep’ Kojiharu.”

“I’ll bet you one hundred coins she’ll try to get a kiss!” Mariko said and held out her palm.

Slapping Mariko’s palm lightly, the girl agreed, “Deal! Then Kojiharu will most likely use her magic on Yuko, seventy-five coins!”

“Deal,” she slapped the girl’s palm back, “she’ll slap Yuko until that pervert passes out!”

The girl grinned excitedly and asked, “Isn’t that too harsh?” to which Mariko clicked her tongue with that you-must-be-kidding-me look.

“As if using magic on the squirrel is any better.”

Haruna shifted her attention to Yuko as said girl crawled on all four towards her. “Nyan-nyan,” Yuko called again as a tear rolled down her cheek, “Nyan-nyan, my hand…” Yuko clutched her left hand to her chest and continued making her crestfallen expression, “Nyan-nyan, my hand… I’m sorry I have shamed you as your partner!”

“What’s wrong, Yuuchan?” The air-headed girl frowned as a genuinely worried look crossed her face. “Let me see your hand, Yuuchan.”

Shaking her head, Yuko sobbed as more tears fell from her eyes. She said in a low voice, “No, Nyan-nyan, I’m sorry. You don’t have to worry about me!”

“Let me see!” Haruna forcefully took Yuko’s left hand, pried it away from the midget’s strong hold, and peered at it. Her expression remained perfectly emotionless.

“It might be better if you kiss it,” Yuko suggested with an innocent smile.

From her bench, Mariko grinned as the girl handed over her end of the deal: a hundred coins. “Such an actress!” the girl commented in a jocularly annoyed tone.

Haruna stayed silent as she tightened her grip on Yuko’s wrist. “Ouchie! Nyan-nyan, ouchie!” she yelped.

“Yuuchan, I hope you will learn your lesson,” the cat girl warned in a sickeningly pleasant voice. Confused, Yuko’s irises moved in all directions as she tried to figure out the situation.

“Aw, no kiss?” Yuko whined. She was about to say something when a dizziness washed over her. “Huh?” she blinked, looked down at her hand as a reflex, and gaped as blood oozed out from her one centimeter scratch more than it should have. There was a tickling feeling as she sensed her blood being forced to circulate to the wound.

Her jaw dropped once again when she realized what happened. Her lips shook uncontrollably as she looked at Haruna pleadingly. “Nyan-nyan, I’m sorry! I was wrong! I won’t do it again! Please don’t! I don’t have much blood to begin with, look!” she begged and pointed at her short body, indicating—or rather, exaggerating—a possible lack of nutrition. “I’m sorry!” she wailed, but her insincere apologies and promises fell on deaf ears.

As the girl grinned widely, making a satisfied victory sign, Mariko scowled and gave back seventy-five coins.

“Hey,” the girl shook Mariko’s arm, pointing at Jurina, and asked, “Who is that girl?” Mariko only relaxed in her seat and crossed her legs with a smug smile on her lips.

Quite a peaceful pair the two partners were: Jurina had been helping Rena practice awhile without a commotion. In Jurina’s hands was a rather large brick; all around her lay little smashed pieces of what used to be a large pile bricks. Visibly happy, the new member kept swaying her body left and right and whistling upbeat tunes.

“Rena-chan,” she called her partner, lowering her hands slightly, “can I ask you something?”

Rena, who was bending her legs in a fighting stance, ready to break the bricks, straightened her back and looked at Jurina. “Yes. What is it?” she asked.

“I was wondering…do you always wear gloves?” she inquired, glancing around them. “No one else does.”

The princess-like girl narrowed her eyes slightly, her head bowing in unknown thoughtfulness. Her hand pulled the right glove down tightly, as if she was afraid it would slip from her hand the moment she loosened her grip. “Being with me…” she mumbled in her mouth, “I’ll only hurt you.”

“What was that?” Jurina asked, leaning towards her partner to listen more closely. “I couldn’t hear you.”

Shaking her head, Rena smiled and said, “No. I’ll tell you when the time comes, okay?”

Nodding hesitantly, Jurina made a noise of agreement in her throat before lifting her head up, seeming interested in something. She looked around the training ground, sniffing and flaring her nostrils, turned back, and found Yuko, who was still wailing tearfully. Walking over to Yuko and crouching down, she sniffed one more time and asked, “Are you bleeding?”

Thanks to her very flexible face muscles, Yuko’s mouth twisted downwards in such a way that should not be possible for a human and whined, “Nyan-nyan doesn’t forgive me. Can you stop the bleeding?”

Rubbing her chin, Jurina frowned playfully. “I might kill you, since my magic will be working against Haruna-san’s,” she said as her fingers ran over Yuko’s blood on the floor. “I can sense her magic working on you… I think I understand your example from earlier perfectly now.”

Rena, who continued practicing alone, had somehow kicked up a brick using her leg and was now juggling said brick easily. She took a deep breath, adjusted the right angle, and raised her leg to kick it.

As Jurina stood up and began to return to her partner, Mayu suddenly stopped talking to Yuki and called out, “Jurina, dodge!”

The energetic mage stopped in her track in time to see Rena’s foot make contact with the brick, shattering it to pieces. Through the dust of the broken object, Rena’s leg still swung forwards by inertia at Jurina, who happened to be in the way.

Cringing, the young girl quickly brought her arms up to cover her body by instincts, her fingers making a red arc in the air as the tips were stained with Yuko’s blood.

The arc immediately widened into a reddish transparent shield, which blocked Rena’s incoming kick with a dull thud that resembled a head butt sound.

Silence enveloped the training ground; Mariko and the girl watched the event with disbelief. Yuko had stopped her annoying wailing and Haruna’s attention was not on the flowers anymore. Mayu and Yuki froze like fossils from thousands of years ago. Minami and Atsuko had also forgotten their childlike fight.

Still in her kicking pose, Rena stared astonishingly at the girl behind the red barrier, whose mouth was hanging open. Jurina blinked until her eyes seemed about to fall out and lowered her arms warily. As soon as her overly burnt head cooled down, the barrier narrowed into a thin line and dissipated with a sibilant noise, filling the air with the smell of blood.

“Oho!” A flat voice tinted with interest exclaimed. Stepping out from the building’s door was a long-haired girl, followed by another who had her hair up in a short ponytail.

The ponytail-haired girl raised an eyebrow and asked, “Is our new member a blood mage?”

The other commented, smiling sourly, “Blood mages are strong, but the magic itself is quite dangerous.”

“Wait,” from where she was, Jurina jumped and bounced all around in excitement, tearing up a bit. “Blood magic? That is so cool!” She shouted, clasped her hands together, and thanked an unknown deity, “Dear lord, my dreams of unicorns are still intact and alive!”

From her seat, Mariko held her forearm across her face and smashed her forehead against it. The girl beside her also snickered after hearing Jurina’s sentence.

“All right,” Mariko called, standing up, “get over there and introduce yourself to her.”

Smiling amiably, the girl with a ponytail said, “Sashihara Rino. I gather information around here,” and pointed at her uniform. “That’s why I wear gray shirts.”

Yuko, being Yuko, jumped in the conversation, “Sounds like nothing, but she knows everything going on around here. And I mean literally everything.”

“Oh Yuko, you’re not dead yet?” Minami asked incredulously, surprised at the amount of blood Yuko had lost. Behind her, Atsuko was, once again, clinging to her back, her arms wrapping around Minami’s shoulder.

“Oh Takamidget…I can’t die that easily; there are still many beauties in this world to enjoy, right Mariko?” Yuko turned to Mariko and they grinned at each other. Then as if remembering something, she smirked evilly, her eyes twinkling with mischief, “Wait now…weren’t you two fighting?”

Minami straightened her posture and froze instantly as she felt a cold aura emitting from the person hugging her. She felt goose bumps on her arms and bit her lips when Atsuko spoke lowly in her ear, “I’ll get you some tomatoes later. And I don’t want to hear any complaint from you, clear?”

Nodding fearfully, Minami looked daggers at Yuko, who took them with a provoking smirk. “All right, cut it out, midgets!” To accompany her order, Mariko smacked the midgets, eliciting complaints from both of them. She glared playfully at Yuko   and gave the girl a free cheek pinch. “And that is Sama to you!”

“No one here calls you Sama!”

At this, the woman hardened her face and glared at the girls around her.

“Hello Sama…”


“H-hi Sama…”

Mariko nodded satisfactorily and said in a teasing voice, “See, squirrel? Everyone does~” Yuko only scrunched up her nose and mouthed, “Traitors.”

“As lively as always,” the girl who was with Rino commented; she wore the same gray uniform as Rino. “I’m Sasshi-san’s partner, Yokoyama Yui. We make sure all information is as accurate as possible.”

 “Anyway, we should hurry up and go inside. The Twin Towers are waiting,” Rino said.

“Twin Towers?” Jurina asked.

“The Twin Towers are Gorilla and—”

Yuko, again, started poking her nose in the conversation; however, before she could finish, a voice stopped her, “Stop calling me that.” A tall woman appeared from behind Yuko, as natural as though she had always been there, drawing a surprised cry from Jurina.

“A-are you an assassin or what?” the young girl stuttered.

“But we are assassins,” another voice spoke up, this time from behind Jurina, making the girl jump in Rena’s arms.

As Jurina stared dumbfounded at the two newcomers, the girl who was betting with Mariko stepped in and grinned energetically. “And this,” she stressed her voice, emphasizing ‘this,’ “is where I come in the picture. First, I should introduce myself. I am Minegishi Minami, otherwise known as the famous Miichan. No? You don’t know me? That’s fine; I’m still expanding my reputation. Anyway, the only reason I’m wearing gray is because I don’t engage in battles directly, okay?” Miichan paused, took a deep breath to boost herself, can continued her long self-introduction. “My specialty is making poisons, so don’t try to mess with me, okay? Who knows what’ll be there in your food tonight? Oh yeah, I’m Mariko’s partner.”

“What do you mean, ‘Oh yeah’?” Mariko asked with an elegantly annoyed face.

“That means I just remembered you,” Miichan replied, poking her tongue at Mariko.

Focusing back on Jurina, Miichan pointed at the tall person behind Yuko and began, “That Gorilla and the one behind you are the Twin Towers. They’re the only ones who wear black uniforms.”

“Hey, we can introduce ourselves!” The so-called Gorilla objected, earning herself a displeased Miichan. Snorting, she said, “I’m Akimoto Sayaka.”

“We’re partners in crime!” the girl who scared Jurina spoke up with an excited grin. “Miyazawa Sae. Sayaka and I are both assassins. But since no one else is an assassin here, people call us the black Twin Towers.” Sae finished with her lips pursed, apparently not very fond of the nickname.

Meanwhile, Jurina was observing the two assassins closely, her mouth hanging open. She said absent-mindedly, “Matsui Jurina…Rena-chan’s partner…” After stopping to reorganize her messy brain for a minute, Jurina chirped up. “Awesome!” she cried. “Do you have that throwing things? The one that has four blades and such, do you?”

“We’ve only thrown daggers and needles before,” Sayaka replied slowly.

“Do you mean the throwing stars? Aren’t they used by ninjas, though? And are ninjas even real?” Sae gave an efficient answer with her backhand question.

“Oh,” the kid mumbled, clearly dispirited, “and here I thought unicorns were real.”

Shaking her head, Mariko grunted, “What have that girl been reading?”

“Okay! That’s enough attention on people!” Miichan complained loudly. She pouted, her whole face twisted downwards in depression. “I don’t even have any appeal time here! There is not enough of my beautiful presence!”

“Miichan! Calm down!” Oshima Yuko also participated in Miichan’s whimsical nonsense. “Miichan, don’t break the fourth wall! Do not break it! I say!”

“Enough joking around, kids,” taking on a serious face, Mariko put an end to the playful ambiance. “Anything new?” she asked.

“We’ve found something,” Sashihara Rino answered. “Let’s go inside. The walls might have ears.”

End of chapter 3.

How was it? OTL
Please read and review ; v ; b


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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
« Reply #29 on: July 07, 2012, 10:15:43 AM »
I've been waiting for this chapter.. finally!!! :on lol: and it took me almost half an hour again to finish reading it.. :depressed:
but this was a good chapter.. love the training scenes especially the one Yuki and Mayu against Yuko..  :hehehe:
Jurina's power so awesome!!!  :bingo: need to see more of that soon.. and what with Rena and her gloves??
your fic full of mysteries!! I'm still curios with Acchan's left eye and now this!!! :frustrated:
and the twin towers are assassins?? that was so cool.. totally can see that they were sneaking around behind people's back..   :ding:
so many new charas and the story getting interesting!! you need to update soon!! :mon whine:
my AtsuMina moment..  :luvluv1: me love it.. their childish fight.. so cute..  :shy2: and Taka so obedient toward Acchan!!  :hiakhiakhiak:
The Ice Queen totally owned the Suberi Queen!!!  :mon inluv:

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
« Reply #30 on: July 07, 2012, 04:45:30 PM »
Wow, I like the fighting scenes  :thumbup :thumbup
Jurina's power is cool!  XD XD
hahaha... Miichan has shaku's character here, breaking the fourth wall  :lol:

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
« Reply #31 on: July 07, 2012, 06:26:39 PM »
Ohhhhh, I've have been waiting for your update, Titi-chan  XD May I call you that?  :D
And yes, when I read about Rena being a martial artist, I also thought about Tifa of FFVII, what a coincidence  :D That's why I told you it's really cool  :lol:
For this chapter, I think you did a good job in the comedy parts, they are quite entertaining, I love them  :thumbsup
The betting scene between Mariko-sama and Miichan is so hilarious  :lol:
The fighting scenes are good and cool  :twothumbs And Acchan being tsundere, poor Minami  :lol: 
Poor Yuko, one versus two  :lol: But her power is cool, she can control all the elements  :cathappy: MaYuki is such a duo  :thumbup
And Haruna is cold-hearted I guess, made her love bleeding nonstop  :lol: Poor Yuko again  :lol:
About Jurina's power, I guessed it right, didn't I?  :D Blood magic  :lol: Although it's not really like I imagine but wow, it's super cool  XD A blood shield, huh?  XD Sugoiiiiiiiii  XD
Talking about Jurina, I LOVE this kid  :inlove: (Well, I always love her but it's not necessary to say it out loud here  :lol:) Such a cute kid with all the things about unicorns and throwing stars  :lol: She even fangirl over herself  :lol: And Mariko-sama facepalm  :lol:
And Rena's gloves, I smell tragedy here  :catglare: Another unhappy past I guess?  :catglare: Anyways, I'm still waiting for it  :oops:
About Miichan, well, her introduction is hilarious  :lol: No wonder she is Mariko-sama partner  :lol:
Twin Towers in black uniforms and being assassins   :panic:  Black Twin Towers FTW  :twothumbs

“Oh Takamidget…I can’t die that easily; there are still many beauties in this world to enjoy, right Mariko?” Yuko turned to Mariko and they grinned at each other.
Well, does Mariko-sama join in with Yuko to enjoy many beauties in that world?  :lol: I mean in which way?  :lol: Not that way, right?  :lol: Mariko-sama is not pervert like Yuko, right?  :lol:

She glared playfully at Yuko   and gave the girl a free cheek pinch. “And that is Sama to you!”

“No one here calls you Sama!”

At this, the woman hardened her face and glared at the girls around her.

“Hello Sama…”


“H-hi Sama…”

Mariko nodded satisfactorily and said in a teasing voice, “See, squirrel? Everyone does~” Yuko only scrunched up her nose and mouthed, “Traitors.”
AND THIS PART  :lol: I laughed so hard when I read it  :lol: Poor Yuko (the third time :lol:) You can't win against super trolling Mariko-sama  :lol:

That's all for this chapter 3  XD I'm waiting for chapter 4  :lol: In the next chapter, the real story is going to start I guess XD I mean no more introduction, right? XD
You can rest as much as you can but please don't forget or drop this fic in the middle  :bow:
Thank you for your hard work  :bow:

P.S: And I heard from someone that you are a Vietnamese  :D Another coincidence because I'm a Vietnamese too  :lol: Nice to meet ya  XD
To think that a Vietnamese can write really good fics in English like that make me feel ashamed about my poor English  :P

Please continue to work hard, I enjoy reading your fics  :thumbup
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
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Tii-chin I like your fic so much  :tama-heart:
The combat scene are really good ! And funny (Mayu/yukirin vs Yuuchan xD so unfair!!)

Atsumina moment  :k-wink: Acchan is angry at Takamina but she still embraces her  :k-inlove:

And Juritan's power is cool (but a little scary!) This girl is so cute with her unicorns dream  :tama-laff:
And she so excited by everything  :k-great:

Please continue this !! I want mooore  :luvuluvu:

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
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Lol poor Yuko

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
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So because I had this sudden urge the other day, I decided to draw something = 3=
Consider this Acchan's birthday gift from me, but she probably will never receive it OTL
The picture has a big size, so please click on the link if you don't mind~

Anyway, Happy Birthday Acchan~ XD

NOTE: That block of thing in Acchan's left hand is supposed to be an ice bolt that was slowly materializing itself.

Edit: Thank you, Flean OTL
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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
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Can you draw Takamina too?? Or I need to wait until Taka's birthday next year??  XD

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
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more characters are coming XD
please continue this :twothumbs

really love your drawing :thumbup

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Re: For our sake (AtsuMina) - Chapter 3 Updated! 07/07/2012
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I want to know the rest of the history

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