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Author Topic: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 4 UPDATE 25/01/15  (Read 21056 times)

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Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 4 UPDATE 25/01/15
« on: October 10, 2013, 05:29:51 PM »
I think of you then I hate you
I live like I forgot you then I remember you again
the thing that dosen't change is that you're here
here, in my my breath
countless days and years flow by
my heart hurts though I don't shed tears
whenever I hear about you
you teach me that time is so vain
I fall in love and I say goodbye
with people who cared about me more than you did
but the thing that I always run into is regret toward you
love?? -- I have no right for it
actually, I have no confidence
I can't even cry
No one knows that I'm like this
I have nowhere to lean
My outer being and heart are different so I just sigh
I love you , I do
will I be able to tell you?
I don't want you to know that I'm feeling like this because it will be burdensome for you
your eyes that looked at me, your face, your scent
they aren't as clear to me anymore
But when I think of your face again
time-there's no use
my heart is just the same
I hate you acchan......

[Atsuko POV]

Do you know about my love that I haven't taken out?
Do you know the words covered by my sigh?
Do you know how much I want to go to you?
Do you know?
I tell you that I love you when I'm alone
But in front of you, I only say cold words
Oh Love is like a sad fairy tale to me
But in my dream -
I walk on the street with you
I make my eyes meet with yours
when I laugh with you, the world get erased
I tell you that I love you countlessly
I want to stay like this
But when I open my eyes, I'm alone in my cold room
Filled with reasons that I can't love you
words I need to say that are the opposite of my heart
behind you, I only look at you
In front of you, I only look somewhere else
Please forgive me minami...
TBC ??

huaaaaa this is my first fanfic and I'm so embarrased by this mistakes.....
for the further I will be better , so give me a chance
thanks for comment and remind me  :kneelbow:
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Re: --Don't Look Back---
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 05:32:46 PM »
Izzit so hard for ya to just C&P it, rather than upload?

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Re: --Don't Look Back---
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2013, 05:45:04 PM »
well,im already read your fic, and i think its intresting  :thumbsup

and btw, please copy and paste your fanfic to this thread  :grin:

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Prologue
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2013, 10:40:21 PM »

Can't wait to see the start if ur story

Thank you for the prologue...

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Prologue
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2013, 04:32:06 AM »
hmmm...if it was translate to malay...jangan pandang belakang....congkak... hahahaha okay stop this nonsense!!
dont look back...interesting!! update soon!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Prologue
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2013, 05:24:17 AM »
nice :3

its okay ezha, pls continue  :hee:

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Prologue
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2013, 04:29:21 AM »
AshuraX : First, I apologize for the mistakes that have been done  :kneelbow: . I have a little trouble hehe . Thanks for reminding me and I hope you still read my story.
blackwite : wah Interesting?? haha thanks blackwhite-san and yeah I will continue this fanfic bcz as you know we both while to finish chapter 1  :on study: HAHAHAHA
ryuuka : WOHOOO ryuuka-san you also know that drama  :shock:?? I Love Shark drama too bcz full of revenge and sad but I HATE THE ENDING  :on voodoo: !! yeah for prologue I got inspiration from shark OST but for the story I would make different version from that drama , I hope u will like  :luvluv2:
cisda83 : thanks for read my story ...I'm still progress for finishing chapter 1 so please patient cisda-san hehe  :hee:
chiqinna : are u from malay?? and yeah I understand "jangan pandang belakang"  :kekeke: . I will update soon chiqinna-san so please be patient too hehe
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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2013, 08:33:34 AM »
Hello everyone .....
This is my first fanfic and I don’t know why I stuck myself in making a Sad Story for my first try LOL (It’s just that ideas are coming out of my head) and This is my project with blackwhite-san (Thanks sensei for your help) . Forgive me if you found errors here

Don’t Look back chapter 1

“how is it sir? What should I do next?” ask the secretary.
“we just need to watch it for now, It seems like all my plans went well ” answer the man, he is a CEO at famous hotel in america.
Some say that we live full of grudge then we can't find happiness, but i think that just a proverb  and maybe people say that because they are dont know  what betrayal feels like.
So, what about me? Yes, i have a grudge, this pain make me wanna end my life and that’s make me life until now. It’s already 3 years after that accident, but that past still always appear in every dream.
Today is the day of my departure to maintain branch offices in Japan and also to avenge to someone who had once been very meaningful in my life.

“ATSUKO MAEDA” yes thats the only name in my mind all of this time, after that accident i dont believe about love or loyalty anymore after you broke it 3 years ago. Before my departure to japan, news about your engagement with a man lively discussed. Are you wanna to repeat about our engagement? Just think about that make me eager to avenge it.

Do you know that there was much pain from you grow in this heart. Everytime i see mirror the more i hate shadow in front of me, and because of you, i must change all of my appearance, even im not a woman you know and im not TAKAHASHI MINAMI anymore!!! ,  but now im a man when we meet we dont know each other anymore. This is i do with one purpose, that’s it to make you fall in love with me again for the second time and feel what is betrayal feels like.
No, i’m not regret to what have i dont to you later. Even you apologize to me i wont stop this revange, because when you broke im broke too because what i do now, maybe God will never forgave.

[Normal POV]
When he arrive at the airport, the young CEO greeted by an Assistant who will help him in carrying out the work in Japan. After a little chat, that assistant Lets his boss to get in the car.
“sir, im really admire you, because in your young age you were able to succeed in the main office and make it as a top-class hotel no.1 in the United States,, is this the first time you go to japan?” ask the assistant when they are going to the hotel. “i’m must to study more so dont praise me much, and yes,  this is the first time i go to japan” answer the CEO with cold.

[ At Hotel ]
At the hotel, all employees that working, gather at the hotel lobby to welcoming their boss that will be working at japan for a while, they are all thinking that the CEO from united states is a foreigner and his age is already old. After waiting for a while, the car that carry the CEO is coming and park in front of the hotel, when the driver get off the car and opened the door car, there he is, the young CEO go straightly wit the secretary and his assistant follow on his back.

All the employees bow when the CEO passing by, and they are shocked when they see the CEO is still young , handsome, and he is not a foreigner but just like a japanese too.
When walking in the hotel hallway he is seeing that a party  at the hotel, so he asking his assistant About what event is ongoing because there is too many reporter and cameraman that waiting outside. When hearing the assistant, the CEO suddenly stop walking and look at the ongoing party direction with a petty smile he said in low volume “the wedding of maeda atsuko and onoe matsuya? It seems God choose the easy way for me”

 [Atsuko POV]
Today is the happiest day in my life, because finnaly im engaged with  someone i love. But this engagement is remind me with someone 3 years ago. Yes, arguably we almost got engaged but all ended because of my stupidity. Until now i cant forget that even its already 3 years and that’s not a single news about her until now. The last time i know it she already leaving this country. I hope we can meet one more time and I will ask for forgiveness to you even with my souls, I will give it.

“You look beautifull in that gown honey, looks like im more fall in love with you A-C-C-H-A-N haha” minami kissed my cheek when we are fitting the gown.
“ahh mouuu, minami dont do that in the public, im embrassed” with one of my hand grab my cheek and my other hand punch minami’s shoulder slowly.
“you dont need to be shy acchan, ahhh are this afternoon you shy and at the night you will become wild? If like that i must more becarefull hahahaha” after she said that minami running to evade my another punch. “MINAMI....!!!!!!!” acchan shouted and running to her and suddenly stopped and look at her. Minami smilling and said “i will never let you go acchan, never, because im really really love you” but im just answer it with smile.
“please dont say that minami i dont know how much you will hurt when all of this end” i said in my mind.
[End Of Atsuko POV]

“hey honey, why are you crying?” ask the man that already become my fiancee.
“huh? Crying? Oh this is because im really happy because today i have been officially become your fiancee” acchan answered while wipe her tears on her cheeks.
“im happy too because i choose you as my life partner honey” and then they are kissing lovingly.
After a while they are stopped
“okay if like that, i will get a drink for you, wait for me in here and take a rest. Let me take care of the guests outside” then onoe go out to got a drink.
When onoe go outside the room he dont know that is someone hiding behind the wall. That man grip his fist with hard after he hear and see what’s going on inside, after a long time stationary to calming his heart, he is planing to leave that place, but suddenly there is a woman wear a gown see a man standing outside her room, and then she come near him.
“sorry are you freind of my fiancee and want to meet him?” ask atsuko. The man that who since the first time looked at the floor, startled to hear someone approaching him and he lift his face calmly and smilling to that woman.
“congrats to your engagement miss, sorry im not a friend of your fiancee but im just look around because this party is so livelier, ahh im forget to introduce myself, my name is Takahashi Kai and i am the new CEO in this hotel.” Kai smiling and bow to atsuko.
“thank you to congrats me takahashi – san, my name is maeda atsuko, its a honor to meet you” atsuko answer it imidietly and bowing to the CEO.
“you look tired because too many guests, sorry to interrupt your resting miss, i excuse myself because there is something i must do, i hope we can meet each other again, and congrats on your engagement” after he bowwing for the second time, the young CEO leaving atsuko.

[Atsuko POV]

TAKAHASHI ??? . it same like your family name minami...
are you okay??
Are you happy out there??
Do you already have a replacement??

[End Of Atsuko POV]

[Kai POV]
After leaving acchan, kai go to his bathroom and closed the door.

“please atsuko dont do this, dont leave me... I BEG YOU ATSUKO, i dont mind if you are just using me because im rich, i will give you so much money atsuko. I dont care if all of this time you dont love me  And only consider me as your toy. Its enough with me loving you, its already enough for me. I dont care about what i hear, please atsuko dont go i dont know what happen if you are gone, my reason to life and be happy its you atsuko!!!. Are you not ready to engage with me today? We can post date it whenever you ready, or are you dont like the place?? I will change all of it. I will forget what happen this day, i promise i will never change a little bit after this accident and always be the minami you know. Please dont go with that man, do you cant see me just like past?? Do you dont have any feeling for me even just a little?? Are y--- PLAAAKK
Minami fall down to the floor after she got slapped from atsuko and then crying.
“you already know my reason why i cant be with you anymore!!! I cant using you anymore. Rich?? You are now not rich anymore, how do you let them go?? What can you give to me? LOVE? Is this relationship is enough with just LOVE?? You are still innocent to understand what a real life is minami.
STATUS and MONEY can make us survive in this world. So, after you dont have any STATUS and MONEY what must i hope from you again?? I never love you minami. Even when im in relationship with you i feel  disgusted. How can two woman in love with each other, hugging, even kissing at public? The longer I spend time with you more and I want to go from you. So let’s end this with fast and dont hope not much hope for me like it used to anymore because what have I done in the past just an acting” after said that atsuko walk pass minami and leaving the room.

Minami that crying hard on the floor now shouted as hard as she can so atsuko will not leaving, but it's all useless because atsuko will never comeback ......

[next 2 days]
The accident on the engagement day when atsuko leaving minami cant make her give up.
Every minute minami send her a message to have a talk about what happen and find the solution.
Minami promise that she will work hard so she can make a lot of money. but none of them replied, even when minami call her she dont pick up. When she never got the answer and because minami worried for the first time acchan got that mad maybe there is something she hide and consider what is being said atsuko 2 days ago is probably just a momentary emotions.
And then with reckless she went to her  apartment to solve the problem quickly. When she arrive at her apartement, minami ring the bell, but there is no answer, after waiting for a while, minami decide to open the door with the key that atsuko give her when they are still in a relationship.
When she go in ,minami see two pair of shoes in the shoe rack. After that she calling atsuko name repeatedly and there is still no answer, and then minami searching the room one by one, when she come near the bedroom she hear a moan from the bedroom. Then minami know what he might have see will be very painful. After she come near the bedroom she take a peek and then she shocked from what she see.
Two people without a clothes doing sex on the bed and make a sound that make minami shed a tears without stopping. From what she see make her believe on what atsuko said its true if she never love her. Minami cant see it anymore and leaving the apartement slowly with shocked face. Minami think that world is really hate her because make her loved one doing the cruel thing to do that minami might never imagine.
Minami leaving all of she got just to be with atsuko even she sacrifice her relationship with her parents for LOVE.
The weather that day is so cold and minami walking without direction after leaving the apartement and just wish about what she look is not real. unknowingly minami was crossing the road, and the traffic light showing red that means pedestrians should not cross. But minami keep crossing the road and from a far there is a car with high speed, and from a far the driver see a woman standing in the middle of road, with panick the driver Relentless honking so minami will avoid, but minami just crying and dont move a little bit just like she was freezing.
Even the driver trying his best to stopped but the crash cant be avoided.

“I always love you Atsuko...”

TBC ...

Okay let me know if you’re interested or not ?? Please give me a comment and reply so that I can motivate my self...Thanks

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #8 on: October 12, 2013, 09:12:24 AM »
Interesting..another Minami revenge story...

Different setting too and concept...

Atsuko such a cold person and a gold digger

Does she really regret her action toward Minami?

Did Minami have a gender operation turn into a guy?

Or was she just cross-dress to be a man?

Would Kai ruin the atsuko's ceremony?

How Kai going to proceed his revenge?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #9 on: October 12, 2013, 09:17:31 AM »
Poor takamina...

I hate atsuko in this story..

Such a cruel person..

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Re: Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #10 on: October 12, 2013, 09:31:56 AM »
this is really good!

Atsuko have her reasons or is what I think... waiting for the next one!!

keep going with this!

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Re: Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #11 on: October 12, 2013, 11:27:53 AM »
Atsuko so cruel to Minami but at the end of her engagement with onoe, she remember Minami & hope for her forgiveness. Hmmm. Two time Atsuko.

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #12 on: October 12, 2013, 11:28:55 AM »
I just find this fic out and yes, this is the best!!~
-Oh...So now, it is all about REVENGE right??~ Yeah...
-Could you explain about, did Minami really turn into a guy or...
-She is just cross-dressing as a guy??~ But meh...More important is..
-What will Minami do that even GOD won't forgive her?! Woah...
-I'm on the devil side~ Lol...JK, anyway, seriously...That's so evil of Atsuko..
-She deserve who-knows-what'll-Minami-do...Interesting that is!!~ xD

>So pls update it soon, i really can't wait for it~ Man, her fiancee...Garh!!~

PS: Pfft...Jgn pandang belakang congkak is a comedy drma...But i prefer this Jgn Pandang Belakang (Don't look back) version..xD

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #13 on: October 12, 2013, 01:34:49 PM »
ONOE!!! WHY!!!!! WHY ONOE??!!!!  :scolding:
WWHYYYYYY!!!  :on blackhole:
KENAPAAAA!!!  :frustrated:
ugh...even my malay is getting worst...  :badluck:
Don't worry ezha-san, I'm okay with only~
i'm just acting~ lol~
are u malay too?!
Ryuuka mau berkampung sini...

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #14 on: October 12, 2013, 06:53:51 PM »
cisda48 : I'm glad you like my concept . hemm for minami have a operation or cross-dress , I dont know bcz minami so mysterious in here and dont want to tell me her secret LOL hehehe . It's still secret cisda-san but I promise all your questions will be answered sooner or later, So I hope u still continue to follow this story  :wahaha:
olive29 : Yeah the past atsuko is a cruel person but maybe she have a reasons why acting like that  :wriggly: hehe
abrari : I'm so happy u like this boring story  .. Yap atsuko have a reasons. As your wish I will write for next chapter, So please be patient hehe
SydneyW : Maybe in the next chapter will be a lot of secrets are revealed about atsuko and minami .. :kekeke:
Kochiki : Thanks kochiki-san . yeah I'm on the devil side too  :glasses: haha and OMG minami really eager for revenge (what should I do??) . I use that man as atsuko fiancee so I can make him suffer HOHO  :ding:(Kidding) . I dont know if I will update soon bcz I have so many Homework, presentation , and next year I will graduate from college, so I must prepare about my Final Project arghhhh  :imdead:
Ryuuka : wow u finish that drama in just 2 days SUGOI ( I need 4 days to finish) haha. Please forgive the author who wrote this story is really cruel to make them suffer  :kneelbow:, but I hope you still continue to follow this story bcz I'm not going to make them forever misunderstood and Also I need help from the great author like Ryuuka-san to give a comments or remind me if this story so annoying hehe
chiqinna : Why onoe ? bcz I want to make him lost atsuko and suffer for disturb TakaAcchan relationship in past .....Opsss . Mungkin lain kali saya akan menggunakan nama CHIQINNA hahaha. ahh I'm not malay sorry hehe .are u from malay chiqinna-san??
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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2013, 01:03:12 AM »
Am I malay? I dont know... wait, I dont think so...
Haha...i'm malaysian but not malay...malay refers to our language...
And malay is not my daily language...:P
                                  ♥ Chiqinna

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #16 on: October 13, 2013, 02:00:33 AM »
aww poor minami -__-

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #17 on: October 13, 2013, 04:08:14 PM »
Hi, ezha-san.

I love your plot.  :)

Is Minami dumped by Achan just because of money?! I can't believe it...  :cry:

If I'm Minami... I'll do the same thing... revenge.  :mon zoom:

I'll wait your update patiently. Can you give us a hint.... how many chapters left? :mon psst:

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #18 on: October 13, 2013, 07:15:07 PM »

Ryuuka : ahhh ryuuka-san you're great authors especially about smexy smexy scene hahaha (OMG I think I'm more perv right now) :shy1: . thanks for your support sensei   :kneelbow:, hemm about acchan really only love because money or else it will revealed in chapter 20 hahaha LOL (kidding) I'll do my best sensei for not disappoint you and my readers ....
chiqinna : woooo chiqinna from malaysian . maybe I can private to learn malay language hehe
haruko : yeah poor minami but I will make her happy again  :kekeke: (maybe? hehe).
anakpanti : wahhh anakpanti-san thanks for comment . I'm your fans and your story about wmatsui I LOVE IT !! .  How many
chapter left?? hemm I dont know.... maybe just a bit longer ?? hehe  :hee:

whoaahhh my favorite authors are here  :shock: and I can feel the pressure .... :stoned:
I'll do my best on this.... thanks everyone !!! For the next chapter I want it to be more dramatic and you know it'll be not happy ending yet (wait I'm giving spoilers now?! ) :on crazygran:

PS : Chapter 2 (Coming soon)

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Re: Don't Look Back [Atsumina] Chapter 1 UPDATE
« Reply #19 on: October 14, 2013, 02:28:57 AM »
Aw! poor of my Oshi...


so sad...

continue soon!!

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