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Author Topic: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 6  (Read 10446 times)

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Re: baby blossom chapter 1 part b
« Reply #20 on: December 25, 2013, 05:41:50 PM »
merry christmas to all^^
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) chapter 1 part b 6.6
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*sigh* i checked my phone if there is a message..but there's you see im here on the rooftop today's nyan nyan's birthday and my surprise for her is not ready yet.
"ah im also worried about the band"i just blurted it, i dont know whats going now in my head,well even though we have enough members now to play we haven't practice or just play a few songs.well i started recruting a month ago,and the ones i recruted are takahashi minami,shinoda mariko,itano tomomi,matsui jurina,minegishi minami,sashihara rino,the one i just ontroduced yesterday kahiwagi yuki and of course the one i love kojima haruna and my lil sister yokoyama yui.yeah i know we have different usernames,we have different fathers my  father died while i was in my mom's stomach.

well that's all i can say now cause someone opens the door


"oh jurina, what are you doing here?"yuko said

"same as what you are doing"jurina grinned

"haha skipping too huh"

"yeah,nee yuko want to go to an arcade?"

"ah inee,let's go!"

>>at the arcade<<

"yuko!,let's play this game"

"yeah!! the one who loses the one who will have to treat later!"


in the end it no one wins cause the both of them has a game over

"ahhh~ i thought i was gonna win"jurina whined

"haha well no one wins, but because im in a good mood ill treat yah"

"hohoho~~ and what's the reason?" jurina smirked

"haha that's none of your buisness"then yuko tapped jurina's head

"mou~~ yuko share it!!,ahhh i know!,it's because it's your nyan nyan's birthday"jurina elbowed yuko

"that's one of the reasons"

"and the other?"

"himitsu!!"then yuko get outs of the arcade

"oi yuko!! wait for me!!"

whle they were walking

"nee yuko why dont you confess to haruna?"

yuko looks at jurina"*sigh* im scared"

"why?"jurina was confused

"if she only see me as a childhood friend or sister or whatever,im scared to lose our relationship now"

"even she rejects you at least you said it to her,so that burden feeling to you will get out of there"jurina weakly punches yuko's chest

"ill think about it"then jurina's phone ring.jurina answers it

"moshi moshi"

"dare da jurina?"

"mariko-sama da,wait ill talk to her"

"ah wakatta" then jurina ended the call

"what did she say?"

"she said that we need to go at haruna's house to celebrate her birthday"

"ah jurina you go ahead,ill just do something"

"what?,ill go with yah"

"i need to fetch that new member i was saying yeaterday,i will gonna introduce her to all of you later at her house"

"ah wakatta,ja ne~~"

"jaa!!"and jurina walks off

yuko was now alone and she opens her cellphone

"moshi moshi rena,let's meet ill gonna introduce you to the members"

>>at haruna's house<<

jurina knocked at the door and kojiharu opens it

"oh jurina i thought yuko was with you"and jurina walks in the house and goes to where they are

"oh jurina!!"mariko shouted

"where's oshima-san?"yuki asked

"ah yuko said she will just go fetch the new member she said yesterday and gonna introduce her to us"

after 30 min.

yuko just walks in at the house and shouts "minna!!!!! i introduce you matsui rena!!!,she plays a trumpet!!"

"matsui? jurina are you related?"takamina ask

but jurina was like a statue looking at the introduced member,tomomi goes infront of jurina andwave her hand but it does not move or blink.tomomi smirked and *SLAP!!*

"oi!!! itano tomomi!!! why did you do that!!"

"haha calm down jurina i was just helping you" tomomi smirked again

"ah what did you say bakamina?"

"i was asking if you are related with her"and pionts her finger to rena

"ah no no, it's the first time i met her" jurina said still stunned in rena

then mariko pulled jurina and goes at the sofa and put her ars around jurina's shoulder and whisper to her ear "i could help you confess with that girl"

"yosh!!!!! lets party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"takamina said

"oi oi takamina dont be excited"mii-chan said and goes to the sofa where mariko and jurina seats

"i could help too with that"

"ok!! let's play a game!!" mariko stand up from the sofa

"haha good idea mariko" mii-chan gives mariko a  :thumbup"

then yuko received a message, and looks at her cell phone, she reads the message and smirked.jurina saw it and goes to yuko's direction and said "what are you planning?"

"haha a surprise"

"ill help yah with it

"ok,then how about.."yuko whisper to jurina about something

"only that, ok!! yosha!!!"

and someone knocks at the door

"ill get it"yuko said and opens the door "yui!!,right timing!!!"

"ahh yui-chan!!!"jurina shouts

"mariko how about we reserve the games for fun and first i have something to give haruna"

"wohooo!!! a birthday present from yuko!!"mii-chan shouts

"gambare yuko!!!!!!"tomochin shouts

"jurina"yuko looks at jurina then jurina nods

jurina turns off the light.then yuko puts a ribbon at the door knob of haruna's door entrance

"jurina turn it on"

"eh what happen?"yuki ask

"nothing happened yuko"mariko said

"haha nyan nyan this is my present for you!!!"yuko shows the doorknob

"eh?? you only put a ribbon at the doorknob yuko"miichan said

"not only that,minna!! shout 3 2 1!!,then haruna after they shouted it open this door"

"okay!!" everyone shouted






sorry if it is boring cause my brain right now is not processing because im still worried about yuko's graduation

but ill do my best to write!!!! :hip smile: :hip smile:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 2 UPDATED!!
« Reply #22 on: January 04, 2014, 09:47:09 PM »
I want to know what next

Everyone going to help Jurina to get Rena

Cant wait for the next ch

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 2 UPDATED!!
« Reply #23 on: January 05, 2014, 03:42:35 PM »
@kirozoro: thank for always commenting ^^





kojiharu opens the door.everyone was expecting for a thing or a gift,the in front of their eyes is a girl

"mayu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"kojiharu shouts surprising everyone

"mayuyu~~!!"yui runs at her direction and hug her

"eh??"everone was confused expect for yuko,yui,and kojiharu

kojiharu also runs at mayu's direction to hug her.

yuki speaks out "by any chance, is she watanabe mayu?"

"yeah soudayo"yuko also goes to mayu's direction

"ehh?!?!?!"everyone was surprised

"haru-nee,yui icant...breath"

"ah gomen gomen"yui breaks the hug but kojiharu dont wanna break the hug and she's hiding her face at mayu's shoulder

"*snobs snobs* mou~~~ mayu what take you so long?"still hugging and hiding her face at mayu

"haha sorry to make you wait haru-nee,yuko and yui too~~"mayu hugs back kojiharu and pats her back

"haha minna~~ this is my another surprise, i know you all know her but this is watanabe mayu,our keyboardist"

"eh? i thought haruna was the keyboardist"miichan was confused and at last kojiharu break free form the hug and goes to yuko

"arigatou for the gift yuko"

"domo~ watanabe mayu desu!! *bows* and to your questionboth of us will be the keyboardist,because our song has difficult keyboard parts"

"eh?"jurina was also confused

followed up by mariko "how did you know that our song will have difficult keyboard parts"

and followed again by sasshi" yeah!! we haven't either practiced yet"

then rena finally speaks up"as  all you know mayu is a composer at the amerika"

"yeah we know that cause she is a celebrity she is a popular composer" mariko said

"then that means.."jurina said

"mayuyu will be our composer!!!!"yui was over joyed

mayu called yuko "yuko!! have you forgotten something"

"ahh haha ah souda!!"then the both of them did a pose like a w and both shouted "OSHIRI!!"

"eh?"yuki was confused "oshiri?"

"haha yuki and rena was still a new member to the group, as you know yuko loves oshiri, but in the case of nabe-chan~~ i dont know"

"ah both mayu and yuko loves oshiri that's why they call themselves oshiri sister,mayu calls yuko 'oshiriko-chan' and yuko calls mayu 'shiriri-chan'"rena explained

"eh? rena-san how did you know that?" yui was confused

"rena plays the trumpet right?,and the one who teaches her was me and yuko,we often have video call at skype"

"ehh~~ i didn't know about that,that"kojiharu said

"well now that we were complete let's party!!!"

first they eat and then after eating they form a circle

clockwise :mayu,rena,yuko,kojiharu,yui,sasshi,miichan,tomochin,mariko,jurina,yuki. that's the formation

while they were chatting yuki was taking glances at mayu and yuko noticed it and smirked

"souyeba, how did you know mayu if she were that famous?"tomochin asked

"mayu,nyan nyan and yui,since we wore a diaper we were always together. mayu when we were young she loves music and intruments, so we were influenced by it and came to love music. as you know now in music mayu is an all rounder she can play many instruments so when she was born she was fated in music.when she was 3 she learned to play piano and by time flies she also learned how to play ohter instruments,we also came to love music that's why we studied it.when mayu was 8 she already knows how to play bass guitar trumpet and keyboard/piano, and that was the time we were amazed by music,mayu was the one who taught us to play our instruments,she taught me how to play a bass she taught nyan nyan how to play a piano/keyboard she taught yui how to play a trumpet, and she also taught rena but when she was to graduate elementary her parents builds a buissness at amerika and had no choice but to move there.but we promised to each other that mayu will came back and build a band that has a members who really enjoys music."

everyone was stunned by the story when everyone looked at mayu they saw mayu not getting attention to what had happened she was only talking to rena they are in their own world when mayu noticed everyones eyes is on her she as confused "eh? what's wrong ? ,is there something on my face?"



mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3 UPDATED!!
« Reply #24 on: January 05, 2014, 03:55:56 PM »
Wow Mayu is a geniuse at music

Everyone was shock at her past

Thx for the update

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3 UPDATED!!
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Finally, Mayu finally come out!!

Thanks for the update  :bow:
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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3 UPDATED!!
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rena's POV

after yuko-san intoduced mayu, mayu walked to my direction

"hi rena" she smiled at me

"hi mayu" i smiled at her too

"this is our first meeting nee?"


"rena!!!" yuki hugged me from behind,the truth is yuki and i were friends


"never thought you'll join this band"

"haha well yuko and mayu here convinced me"


"ah mayu,this is yu-"i was cut off by mayu

"yuki,kahiwagi yuki right?" mayu extended her hand at yuki and yuki shake hands with mayu

"nice to meet you watanabe-san" wait did i just saw yuki blushed,hihi ill just ask her later

"nice to meet you too, well just call me mayu"

"just call me yuki then"

after a few minutes of talking with mayu and yuki we formed a circle

mayu sat bside me and yuki sat beside mayu. i saw itano-san ask a question to yuko-san but i did not hear it because mayu said something

"nee rena how was your trumpet?"

"i just learned how to play gavotte the last time"

"jaa want it to play it with me,i'll play it with my violin"

"honto ni?!"

"un!, and ill teach you more about trumpet,it's more easier in person than just having a skype call"

"wakatta arigatou mayu~"

"haha then let's do it at my house tom. since you do not have a class"

"eh mayu i don't know your house"

"haha my house is just right beside yuko's house"


well im excited tomorrow cause it's my first time hearing mayu play an instrument, although i saw her play in tv cause she's a composer in amerika,it's just amazing to hear mayu playing an instrument in person.but there was im just curios about,every one was looking at mayu

Mayu's POV

"eh? what's wrong ? ,is there something on my face?" i said that because everyone is looking at me

"you're amazing!!!,then watanabe-san could you play a guitar??!?!" that takahashi minami said to me, well i know all the members of the band cause yuko said it to me

"yeah i can play"i just smiled her


"ah by the way everyone just call me mayu, dakara takahashi minami drop the honorifics"

"eh? how did you know my name"

"i know all your names, even your blood types"

"then mayu do you know me?" that shinoda maiko ask me

"yeah shinoda mariko birthplace is in fukuoka march 11 is your birthday type A"

"haha attari da!"

"YOSHA!!!!!! time for the games!!!!!"yuko shouted "and for the fun" yuko goes to the kitchen and when she goes back she was holding an alcohol


"hoho game yuko~~"tomochin said

"hey we are not allowed to drink alcohol we are still in high school"takamina said

"one try won't hurt"mayu said

"game!"rena said

"okay jaa spin the bottle and like the normal who gets point by the bottle will have to choose truth or dare"yuko grin


"game!!"jurina shouted

"wait wait a minute"mayu stopped yko from spinning a bottle

"to have some adventure everyone must take a shot first"mayu said

"haha interesting mayu"miichan said

then yuko filled up everyone's glass

"and if you don't  want to do a dare you need to drink up 3 shots of alcohol"mayu said

"nice rule"mariko said

"kay minna kampai"haruna shouted"

"KAMPAI!!!!!" and eveyone drinks their part

"ahh feels good this is the first time i drank an alcohol"yuki said

"okay minna ill spin the bottle"yuko spins it and points at..

"haru-nee!!"yui shouts


"since it's your birthday ill give you something simple"

"what is it yuko?"

"okay since i know you miss mayu kiss her"

"what an easy task yuko i could even kiss her even if you don't say"yuko stands up

"huh?!?! that was easy for you?? even yuko cannot have a kiss from haruna"miichan exclaimed

"haha when mayu was in a cyborg mode the way to have her back to normal was give her a kiss from her lips and the one who always do that was haruna,that's why she is comfortable with it,and even mayu was not in CG mode she stole a kiss oftenly to nyan nyan which i was jealous" yuko pouts

"oshiriko-chan dont worry" and she holds haruna's chin and holds it up and kisses haruna slowly on the lips

*FLASH!* mariko takes a picture of it

"haha sorry mariko-sama you can't use it to troll me"mayu said

"how did you know that too?!"sasshi said

"haha yuko told me, im updated to the band even though im far away"

then haruna  spins it and points at ..

"hoho jurina!!, this is your chance!!"mariko elbowed juina

"truth or dare?"


"then hm...what shall i ask ... jaa if you were to kiss some girl in this circle who would it be?"

"rena-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!"jurina grinned and rena blushes

"lame question haru-nee,jurina let's switch seats"

"haha arigatou mayu~~" and the both stands up from their seats and they high five and jurina seats beside rena and mayu seats beetween mariko and yuki

then jurina spins the bottle and points at

"yui!! hihihi "yuko smirked

"truth i know you neechan you will make me do hard things"

"jurina!"then yuko whisper something to jurina at rena's back,then yui just rolled her eyes and drinks her juice

"yui-chan!!! is shimazaki haruka your girlfriend?"

yui choked at the question and blush

"...yes" yui said in a low voice

"wohooooooo!!! our yui-chan got a girlfriend!!!!"miichan shouts

"lets also celebrate that too!!"sasshi said

"jaa let's drink another shot!!"mariko said

"hahaha yeah!!!!!"

yuko poured everyone's glass another shot

"then kampai for yu-chan's gilfriend!!!!!!!!!"mayu shouts

"mouu mayu~~"


the alcohol is taking effect at yuki ,miichan,sasshi,yui

"ho~~ the alcohol is now taking effect"tomochin said

"well it s because all of us is first timers at alcohol"haruna said

then yui spins the bottle and points at

"rena-chan~~~ kiss ..jurina!!!"yui said like a drunk man

"mayu you're right the alcohol is strong!!!"yuko said

"haha well i bought it for $450"

"wow!! this is si exxpensive~!! let me drink more~~"miichan poured some alcohol in her glass and drank it and down!!

"one down!!" mariko shouts

"since there's no school school tomorrow everyone can spend the night here"

"yey~~!!,it's been years since ive slept here"and mayu pulls miichan out and place her at the couch

"rena-chan kiss jurina!"yuki said

"then everyone shouts "KISS KISS KISS KISS!!"

"*sigh* wakatta yo"

"yey~~!!!"sasshi shouts

then rena kisses jurina at the cheek

"ehh~~~ RENA-CHAN WHY ONLY AT THE CHEEK"mariko shouts

"haha well you didn't say any specific area :p"

"hahaha well i think it's enough look at jurina's face,it's blushing like a tomato"tomochin said

then rena spins the bottle and points at

"yuki-chan, it's your turn"nyan nyan said

"etto truth"

"and yuki-chan choose truth!!!!!!"yuko shouts

"okay hmmm can i just whisper it?"rena said

"it's up to yah"mayu said

then rena whisper something to yuki "do you like mayu"

"maybe..."yuki said and blushes

"no fair!!! rena-chan what is it?????"yuko said

"hahaha himitsu desu"

"ok yuki-chan spin the bottle"mayu smiles at yuki

"hai"yuki blushes

"hohoho naruhodo nee rena-chan!!"yuko said

"minna im having now a headache im going to sleep"yui said

"uhh okay yui-chan, you know where to sleep right?"

"ahh okay there wakattta"and rubs her eyes

"oyasumi yui-chan"mayu said

"oyasumi mayu"

then the game just continue like that and drinking alcohol,the alcohol is now taking effect at everyone cause they have now drank many shots

"okay to finish this up let's drink the last shot!!!"mariko shouts!!!

"kampai!!"yuki-chan said while drunk

"KAMPAI!!!!!!!"and like that everyone drank their potions and collasped except for mayu and yuko and yuki well for the case of yuki she was down but she was still awake and just have a heavy headache

"nee yuko,everyone slept here"

"so what leave them alone there,and im gonna take a sleep too"

"okay yuko ill just go to my house later just want to have a little session,oyasumi yuko"

"okay be careful on your way to home"


"well i can't leave these guys like this"mayu goes upstairs and get a many sheets

Mayu's pov

ah these many blankets is heavy,i just go downstairs and give them blankets , i just can't them have colds.
while im putting a blanket at yuki she moved

"ah mayu?,ah my head aches"yuki said

seems like she's awake,well i think i have a medicine at my bag

"just wait here yuki-chan"

"un..ahrghh"she said while she holds her head,the alcohol is very strong that's why she can have that heavy head ache.i took my medicine at my bag,well i have a plenty of medicine because of my schedules in my amerika , my sleep is only 5 hours in 2 days that's why i need to drink medicine to lessen my head ache sometimes

"here yuki"i give her the medicine and a glass of water

"arigatou"and she drinks it

"you will feel beter after a few minutes"

after a few minutes

"ah feel better"yuki said

"nee yuki can you walk?"

"yeah why?"

"want to go to my house?,ill let you hear jazz.cause jazz is so soothing you can relax by only listening to it."


"haha you have the same expression with rena,hahaha"

"well let's go"


we go outside and..

"ahh samui"i said well it's really cold outside



well nothing interesting happened here  :banghead: :banghead:

@kirozoro:well mayu is really amazing,thanks for commenting^^

@qweakb:even me im waiting mayu to come out XD thanks for commenting ^^

and thanks who reads my fic :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3.1
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It Mayuki, Wmatsui, and there more my favourite couple yea

Wow Mayu and Yuko are strong with alcohol

Please update soon

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3.1
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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3.1
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MaYuki  :shy1: kawaii  :cathappy:

~I want more~  :inlove:

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 3.1
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minna sorry for not updating

i got my laptop so net all day again for me ^^

so here it is


"ahh,samui" mayu said

"it is really cold"yuki claps her hand and blows it,mayu saw it and holds yuki's hand

"wahh better~~,yuki-chan's hand is so cold... are? yuki-chan is blushing!!"


"but mayu-san's hand is really warm"


after a minute of walking they reach mayu's house

"here we are"

"uwaahhh mayu-san's house is so big"


mayu opens the gate and goes at the door and opens it

"feel free yuki-chan, i live alone for now so we are the only people in here"

"you only live alone? , but your house is so big for one person"

"well i live alone for now , i bet yuko, haruna and yui will also sleep here time to time"


"when we were kids we were always sleepiing together. we also have our own schedule, monday and tuesday we will sleep at yuko and yui's house,at wed and thursday at haru-nee's house and friday and saturday at our house and for sunday it's random.

"haha you four were really close aren't you"

"yup ^^"

"ah just wait at the living room,i'll just make some tea"


yuki walks at the living and seats at the couch beside the couch she seats is a grand the right corner you can see a shelf that is full of photo frames (with pictures of course xD).yuki goes at the shelves and notice the pictures are the same at kojiharu's house.

"yuki-chan omatase"

"oh mayu-san"

"here" mayu place the tea at the table

"arigatou, *yuki face the shelves* you have many pictures with them nee"

"maa ne we love taking pictures"


"ah souda , chotto mate ne"mayu goes upstairs

"eh? what will she do??  :? " mayu came back with a camera in her hand

"nee yuki-chan let's take a picture"



"ahh iiyo"

"yatta!!" then mayu takes the stand of the camera in front of the couch where yuki was sitting,mayu set up the camera "jaa yuki-chan in 3 sec." mayu clicks the button and goes to yuki's side. mayu and yuki make a peace sign and *FLASH*. mayu goes to check the picture " kawaii~~~ nee let's take one more" mayu sets up the camera again "nee yuki-chan this will be two shots" and click the button , goes to yuki's side. 3 2 mayu hugs yuki and *FLASH* "another shot yuki-chan" 3 2 in the second shot mayu kiss yuki's cheek and *FLASH*

mayu goes to check the picture " haha yuki-chan kawaii~~~"

"..." yuki is frozen and her mind can't process because of that kiss and hug

"oi~~~ earth to yuki~!!"

"ah ah  gomen nasai"

"are you okay?"

"ah hai, i was just shocked cause of the hug and ...kiss"

"ah gomen if you don't like it"

"ahh iie iie it's not that i don't like it's just i was shocked" yuki said it in a low voice and blushing

"hmm ja do you want more"mayu said with a grin in her face

"mou~~ mayu-san"

"yuki-chan stop with -san " mayu said as she sits in front of the piano

"then mayu-chan?"

"better, then as i promised,i'll play for you"

the song

"night and day"


every note she put, it makes me relax.
every key she make it makes me comfortable.
everytime she press it makes me sleep
it takes away all my tiredness

this is mayu's music

as i listen to the song i didn't realize i was falling asleep


i was playing the song whilst closed eyes

it makes me relax too
i didn't realize yuki was already sleeping at the couch
i suddenly stop playing at the time that i realize she fell asleep

"mattaku this girl *sigh*" i go to my room to get a blanket and goes down again to cover her.after that i came again to my room and seats in front of my computer.i get the memory card of my camera and insert  it at the computer,i search the photo we shot a while ago and develops it in 4 copy in different sizes.two of the copy i place it in a frame,i placed one of the frame in my bedroom and the other one is in the living room.two of the copy is a smaller one i intend to keep it and the other one is to give a copy to her.

"kashiwagi yuki" i blurted out her name *sigh* i dont know what i'm feeling when i am with heart is beating faster when i'm with her.i think i'm gonna ask yuko tomorrow. i came back at the living room and lay at the couch to sleep in there.i just cant leave a girl living in my living room while i was in my bed.

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 4
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Mayuki is so cute...Mayu is hug and kiss Yuki

Update soon

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 4
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Kawaii~~ MaYuki  :wub:

update soon  :cathappy:

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 4
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V(^0^)V at kojiharu's house  \(^0^)/

*groan* yuko groaned as the sun was hitting her eyes signaling that she has to wake up.yuko stands up as she remember last night's events "souda, they were here *sigh*" she sighs as she see everyone sleeping at the carpet with blankets "good thing mayu put some blankets" she goes upstairs planning to wake yui. she walks to kojiharu's room where yui sleeping."oi yui okkiro" she shakes yui "oi yui" yuko say gain as she shakes yui more harder "'*groan* nandayo~ nee-chan 5 more minutes~~" as she covers her face with a pillow "dame wake up, help me make some breakfast for them" yuko said as she exits the room "*sigh* wakatta yo"

yuko comes down and went to the kitchen to prepare.

while yuko and yui is cooking..

"nee nee-chan i never thought mayu would your surprise, i was completely shocked last night and coudn't hold my tears"

"haha yappari, 3 months earlier before haruna's birthday mayu said to me that she will be returning home and gonna her career there. well i was happy and excited  at that time to tell you  but she said to not tell anybody especially you two cause she plans to surprise both of you"

"haha that mayu~"

after cooking...

"souyeba where's mayu??"

"she returned to her house"

"well time to wake up everybody!! , feel free yui to use any kind of way to wake them up " yuko smirked

"hehe i love that" yui also smirked


yui dived to kojiharu and yuko tickles her."wahahahaha yui wahaha yuko haha yamete haha", "well that waked her up morning nyan nyan~~" yuko was ready to steal a kiss but was stopped by haruna."wahaha sorry for you nee-chan" yui tapped yuko's shoulder "well try again next time for me, nyan nyan get your camera, ah get mt camera and yours too yui" yui put her hand in her forehead and posed "youkai"

"here's yours nee-chan"yui gives yuko's camera to her

"well you know what to do now right?" yuko said as she turns on her camera

haruna and yui smirked because they know what yuko is reffering too


yuko made sasshi make a pose that she is eating her thumb finger like a baby. and takes a picture of it. after she takes a picture she blows her ear which made her awake and surprise "wahh!!"


yui takes a picture of jurina while sleeping. she didn't need to make her some funny pose because jurina's sleeping position is weird and funny ( it's up to you what kind of position it is xD)

then takes her water gun and shoots it to her face "what was that?!?"


haruna takes a picture of rena's sleeping face and was ready to tickle her but "matte!" jurina stops her from waking her up "let me wake her up"



yuko makes a board sign that has a " im an idiot , i'm small i am bakamina" and puts it beside takamina and takes a picture of her after that she tickles her


haruna takes a picture of tomochin sleeping in a funny position after that borrows yui-chan's water gun and shoots her "what the f!!!!!"


yui just takes a picture sleeping with a saliva at the corner of her mouth and shoots her  with a water gun "cake!!!!!!!!!, ahh!! who the heck wake me up, iwas just about to eat my cake~!!"

-last one mariko

yuko draws some crap in mariko's face with a permanent marker "listen minna, be sure to shut your mouth" and takes a picture of mariko
yuko shakes mariko-sama gently"mariko-sama okkiro" jurina goes to join in the fun "mariko-sama wake up!!" jurina shouts in mariko's ear

"what the heck!! jurina"

"hahahaha "

"why are you laughing oi!!!"

"because of your reaction 'nantene :p it's because of your face "

everybody was holding their laugh

"yosh!!let's eat !!" yuko said

"nee-chan and i prepared a food, ikkimashou"

while eating...

"souyeba where's yuki and mayu??" haruna said

"mayu went home last night" yuko said as her mouth is full of foods

"oi yuko manners"

"wakatta yo nyan nyan~"

"i'll call yuki"

at the living room some cellphhone is ringing..

"hey isn't something ringing at the living room" yui said

"ehh?? i don't hear a thing" tomochin said

"i'll go check" jurina goes at the living room and spoted the cellphone that is ringing  and gets it

"nee who's cellphone is this? "

"it's yuki's cellphone!!"

while at mayu's house

mayu was cooking some breakfast.after she prepares everything at the table she goes to yuki and about to wake "this girl's face is really beautiful" mayu blurted it out "what am i saying!" she slaps herself, but she gets an idea mayu takes out her phone from her pocket and takes a pic of her cute sleeping face. "sigh* need to wake up, yuki-chan~~" mayu shakes yuki gently "hmmm" yuki rubs her ayes."let's eat breakfast"mayu smiled at yuki.yuki blushed because of it "un.."

at the dining room...

"wow mayu you prepared this!!"

"uh huh"

"it looks delicous!!!!"

"saa let's eat before it gets cold"

mayu pulls a chair signaling yuki to sit in that chair while yuki blushes as she sists in that chair.mayu also eats


"ittadakimasu"mayu takes a spoon of her food " uwaah~!! oishii~~~~!!!!!"

"glad that you like it ^^"

*sakura no uta ga machi ni nagare~* mayu's phone ring

"oh yuko?"

"mayu is yuki with you?"

"yup'she's with me"

"yeah wakatta"

ends up call

"who was that?"

"yuko da"


at haruna's house...

"mayu's with her"

"yokatta..." rena said


mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 5
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as promised mayu and rena will jam at mayu's house so they decided to meet at the nearby cafe.


mayu was sitting waiting for rena to come and as well eating some snacks.suddenly someone covers mayu's eyes with its hands "dare da~??" said by the unknown person."for tagi's sake rena you are the only one who i expect to meet here " said mayu while taking off the hands off her mayu's eyes open she see a rena with a simple outfit, a short and a hite shirt and on top of it is a red jacket. on her shoulder is a bag and on her side is the case of her trumpet.

"hehe, well who's tagi?? :?"

"the name of my favorite guitar" mayu said as she took a bite of her shortcake "uwaahh~~ oishi~~ here rena take a bite the sweets here are the best" mayu offered a fork with a cake on it and feed her , rena just opened her mouth and accpeted the offer of mayu "hmmmm oishi~ :shy1:"

"darou?? the cakes here are better than amerika"

"ehh?? i thought the cakes there are more delicous "
"you'll see one day  :bingo:"

"nee those two couples are cute feeding each other~~" said by the other customer at the cafe " yeah yeah they are really a cute couple " said by the other

"haha it seems we were mistaken as a couple rena , well shall we go??"


>> at mayu's house <<

"your house is big mayu  :mon dunno: " rena said as she was looking everywhere

"i have so many collections that's why i need a big house , it's troublesome for me too"

"ehh~~ but this is like my dreamhouse  :mon huh2: "

"then do you wanna live here??  :shifty: "

"ii no??!?! :ding: "

"haha well ask your parents first "

"ok ok" then rena took out her phone from her back and called her parents

"mama can i live with my friend ??"

"what are you saying rena! is this a prank?? , well be sure to go back home early later okay? *TOOT TOOT*"

"haha she hang it up , sad to say you can't live here hahaha :on lol: well you can't just call your parents saying you want to live with her friend and you can just wait to say it to your parents after you got home plus i'm joking"

"*sigh* soudane :gyaaah: but this is my dreamhouse  :pleeease:"

"you can live in a house like this you just have to wait after 10 years  :wahaha: "

"well let's go to my room we can play there "


>> mayu's room <<

"heck mayu i know we're both an otaku but you're on a different level , heck so many anime stuffs, your wall is covered by many posters "

"hehe just wait here gonna get my violin "


rena just sat at mayu's bed and her eyes wondered the room " i'm like in a anime world with this stuffs " mayu grab the pillow in the bed and hugs it "uwahh~~ mayu's smell~~" she sniffs the pillow and hug it more. then she noticed a picture and takes a closer look at it "wait isn't this yuki :O hehe so that was it  :wriggly:".

"i'm back" mayu came back with a violin on her left hand a bow on her right hand

"so that was is huh mayu" rena showed the pictures of her  and yuki

"oi!! put it where it came from!! :grr:"

"so did you already confess :hehehe:"

"okay let's play just get your trumpet and let's get started.  :on_plug: "

"haha changing the conversion huh mayu, fine i'll let you off the hook right now" rena opened the case of her trumpet and gets the trumpet"

"gavotte right??"


"then on 3 okay? 1 2 1 2 3"

rena's pov

uwah~ mayu's music is too relaxing . her playing is too good, i think i just wanna listen to her playing. but playing with her is like we're on a different dimension. like we were too sychronize that the music is taking you to the other world.

yuko's  pov

i'm here at mayu's house to develop the pictures earlier, i didn't gave her a notice about me going at her house . well i think she's just lying in her bed watching some anime or playing her i was climbing up the stairs i hear a sound of a violin and trumpet.well i think it's just mayu but wait.. two instruments??, she has a visitor?? , i saw the door of her room opened , i came in and saw rena and mayu playing, i think this piece was gavotte.

they blend together, it feels they are one. they play with passion. ahh it feels good listening to their music.

normal pov

*clap clap clap*

"you've gotten better in playing the trumpet rena" yuko said


"well she really have gotten better, well why are you here yuko?"

"ah souda mayu take of this , it's the pictures of the prank earlier"

"hoho~~ wakatta wakatta gimme that!!"

"wait our pictures while sleeping!!?!?!"

"yeah!! don't worry i'm gonna give you a copy of your picture"

"oi!! *sigh* well there's nothing i can do to stop your doings"

"hehe so how did they wake you up??" mayu asked

"well jurina kissed me in the cheek "

"eh?!?!? i didn't know that, i thought nyan nyan was the one who wake you up!! but oh well, so our lil jurina has made her move huh :hehehe:"

"yeah!! let's cheer for the both of them!!"

"ehh?? what are you two saying??  :?" rena said

"i said let's play again this time with yuko , so yuko what instrument you wanna play??"

"hmmm classic music??"

"yup since we were playing trumpet and violin here"

"how about rock? i'm gonna play a guitar and mayu in drums rena in vocal how about that?"

"eh?!?! vocal?! eh!! yadda!!"

"pls just this once!!" mayu kneel in front of rena

"pls!!" also yuko kneeled in front

"hayy wakatta yo!"

"then let's go!! "yuko said

"ehh?! where??"

"just wait ad see, mayu the key!!"

"ah just head ahead first gonna grab the key at the other room"

"oh okay, let's go rena-chan!" yuko holds rena's hand exits the room

-on the way-

"where are we going yuko??"

"oh!! finally you called me yuko and no -san!! yatta, well we're gonna go to our studio, well actually our practice room,it's just mayu practice room but because the studios here in japan have a fee we decided that we can practice here in mayu's house" then yuko opened a door leading outside

"ehh?? outside??"

"look there" yuko points at a place well like a house

" a house?"

"not just that, see that door" yuko points at the entrance door of the house and it has some sign 'baby blossom'

"this is the practice room"

"eh?!?! it's like a house"

"yeah cool right?"

"oi yuko here's the key" mayu throws the key she is holding to yuko

"oi oi be careful" yuko opens the door

"tada!!"yuko shouts

"uwahh~~~ sugoi~~"

in inside you can see a two door at both side , many speakers,ampli , instruments,mics and etc.

"well this cost me a lot"

"yeah!! cause this is so cool!!!!!" rena said

"hehe wait i'm gonna set this up" mayu goes at the ampli and set it up while yuko also set up the mic. mayu goes inside the door in the right.

"so what song do you want rena-chan?"yuko ask

"hmm how about ...... sakura no hanabiratachi"

"ohh~ yeah! that song! "

"all set up" mayu said who came from the door

"mayu sakura no hanabiratachi"

"heh~ okay" mayu goes at the drums , yuko gave rena a mic and yuko and rena sat on a chair

"okay 1 2 1 2 3 4 " mayu also taps the drumsticks

Kyoushitsu no madobe ni wa
Uraraka na hidamari
Ato wazuka no haru no karendaa

Jugyouchuu miwataseba
Onaji seifuku kita
Nakamatachi ga
Otona ni mieru

Sorezore no mirai e to
Tabidatte ikun da ne
Sono senaka ni
Yume no hane ga

Sakura no hanabiratachi ga saku koro
Dokoka de kibou no kane ga narihibiku
Watashitachi ni asu no jiyuu to
Yuuki wo kureru wa
Sakura no hanabiratachi ga saku koro
Dokoka de dareka ga kitto inotteru
Atarashii sekai no doa wo jibun no sono te de hiraku koto

Kenka shite denwa shite
Naita koto atta ne
Nayanda hi ga
Nazeka natsukashii

Yorokobi mo kanashimi mo
Furimukeba michinori
Donna toki mo
Hitori ja nakatta

Sotsugyou shashin no naka
Watashi wa hohoende
Sugiru kisetsu

Namida no hanabiratachi ga harahara
Kono hoho wo nagareochite arukidasu
Aoi sora wo miage ookiku
Shinkokyuu shinagara
Namida no hanabiratachi ga harahara
Omoide no sono bun dake utsukushiku
Me no mae no otona no kaidan issho ni nobotte te o furou

Sakura no hanabiratachi ga saku koro
Dokoka de kibou no kane ga narihibiku
Watashi tachi ni asu no jiyuu to
Yuuki wo kureru wa
Sakura no hanabiratachi ga saku koro
Dokoka de dareka ga kitto inotteru
Atarashii sekai no doa wo jibun no sono te de hiraku koto

Namida no hanabiratachi ga harahara
Kono hoho wo nagareochite arukidasu
Aoi sora wo miage ookiku
Shinkokyuu shinagara
Namida no hanabiratachi ga harahara
Omoide no sono bun dake utsukushiku
Me no mae no otona no kaidan issho ni nobotte te wo furou

"uwah~~!! that was good!!"

"yeah! rena's voice is so good"

"then next song??"

they just jam until afternoon and after that also bid each other farewell,since yuko and mayu's house are just near yuko decided to stay at mayu's house

>>>school day<<<

-at haruna and yuki's class-

"class we have two transfer students and it seems they are both accelerated, please enter" then a two certain someone came inside the classroom

"watanabe mayu desu 15 years old yoroshiku!" //bows

"yokoyama yui desu also 15 years old yoroshiku negaishimasu!" yui bows

"eh?!?! mayu yui!!" haruna shouted

also as yuki the reaction queen "eh?!?!?!?! mayu-chan yui-chan!!! why are you here" yuki stands up from her chair and suprise the whole classroom


mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 6
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Wahahaha Mayu and Yui hasjiin Yuki school

This is going to be interesting!!

Update soon

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 6
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Hmm~ so Yui and Mayu is transfer to Yuki and Kojima class :hehehe:

This has become really interesting  :cow:

Update soon  :pleeease:

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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 6
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Re: baby blossom (mayuki,kojiyuu,atsumina and others) CHAPTER 6
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This is interesting...........
Please update soon :on GJ:

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