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Author Topic: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei)[Update:CH. 14 12/13/15]  (Read 31028 times)

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Thank you everyone for the comments and support! I am glad many of you like the story! It truly means a lot! I update a bit fast because I have a lot of ideas going through my head and I just want to quickly write them all down for all of you to read! Please excuse all my mistakes and typos! Happy reading, everyone!
Also, someone new appears in this chapter! A new pair makes it appearance too!

Chapter 10

“Sentences with quotation and in bold” = Yui’s thoughts

Italics = flashback

Yui places the star charm inside the wooden box and back into its respectful place in the drawer. She glances at the clock and realizes she has slept for about an hour or so. She gets up to go take a nice, warm bath.

Once Yui steps into the warm water, her body slowly releases the tension on her shoulders and eventually she feels relaxed throughout her whole body.
She closes her eyes and her mind starts to wander off about the dream she just had.

“Could it be…the Paru in my dreams is the same person as Miyuki’s cousin, Haruka aka Paruru? Perhaps, this is why I have been getting more and more of these dreams. Maybe, it is because of her. Ever since, Haruka-san entered my life, my dreams have become more frequent than usual. I have so many unanswered questions. I need to get to know more about Haruka-san background.”

Yui can feel a headache coming with all these constant thoughts floating through her head. She stays inside the warm bath for a little longer before getting out and wrapping a towel around her body. She wipes the fog up mirror in her bathroom and can see the tiredness in her eyes despite having a nap for an hour or so.

Yui dries her body and dresses into her comfortable clothes. She walks out of her bathroom while drying her hair with a towel. When she steps outside, two pair of eyes stare right back at her. The intruder is now sitting quietly on her bed.

Yui smiles brightly and slowly walks toward the intruder who has entered her room without any permission.

She lifts up the intruder and nuzzles her nose against his. “Bisu! I haven’t seen you in a while! Where have you been hiding? You always greet me when I come home! Wait, did you sneak over to Sayaka’s house again?” The cat just simply rubs his cheeks against Yui’s as if to distract her from the fact that he might have sneak over without her knowing.

Bisu and Sayaka actually get along with each other. Sayaka finds the cat so cute that she once told Yui, she might just steal him away from her one day. Whenever Yui is running errands, Bisu will sneak over to Sayaka’s house to seek for companion. Yui lost count as to how many times she has to go next door to Sayaka’s house and retrieve Bisu back.

“I must have been so occupied with the dreams that I have neglect Bisu. Gomen, Bisu!”

Yui is glad that the next two following days are weekends. She can stay home and rest more rather than worry her friends at school. She decides to kill time by getting a head start on her homework. Bisu is lying comfortable on Yui’s lap. Here and now, Yui finds herself lightly scratching Bisu on the head. Yui likes having Bisu around her, she feels calm when he is by her side.

After halfway through her homework, her fingers start to hurt from all the writing she has been doing. Stretching her muscles, she looks down at Bisu. A smile plastered on her face as she sees how peacefully Bisu is sleeping on her lap.

Figure that she needs to clear her mind; she gently carries Bisu to her bed and kisses the cat on his forehead. She quietly whispers to the cat before leaving the house for a stroll. “Bisu, I am going to go take a stroll. Do not sneak over to Sayaka’s house, okay?” Knowing that the cat cannot verbally respond, she trusts him to have heard her and understand. She pats him on the head once more and left the house.


“Onee-chan! Paruru and I are home!” Miyuki announced.

Paruru and Miyuki take off their shoes and neatly place them into the shoe storage. They both walk towards the living room and see two people sitting on the couch watching television.

“Ohayou, onee-chan, Yuki-san!” Paruru and Miyuki greeted.

Yukirin awkwardly greets back as she stills feel uncomfortable around them ever since the kitchen incident. Mayu has her head resting on Yukirin’s lap while Yukirin is gently stroking Mayu’s hair.

“Welcome home! Have you two eaten anything yet? Yukirin made some extra curry rice in the kitchen. You both can go help yourself.” Mayu said without taking her eyes off of the television.

“Arigato, Yuki-san” they silently walk to the kitchen and enjoy their meal.

Mayu got bored after the show she was watching is over, so she turns her head towards Yukirin’s waist and nuzzles her head into Yukirin’s stomach. She wraps her arms around the waist and closes her eyes. She comfortably enjoys cuddling into Yukirin.  Yukirin awed over the sight that is display in front of her. She keeps stroking Mayu’s hair, admiring the peaceful angelic beauty silently sleeping.

Yukirin makes sure that Mayu has fallen into deep sleep before gently carrying her in a bridal style. She does not want Mayu to catch a cold in the living room so she escorts her to her bedroom.

Yukirin softly places Mayu on her bed and gets under the cover herself. Mayu automatically wraps her arms securely around Yukirin’s waist. Yukirin cuddles into the embrace and kisses Mayu on the forehead and joins her into dreamland.


Miyuki happily proclaims, “Hmm…this curry rice is so delicious! Onee-chan is so lucky to have a girlfriend that cooks delicious food for her!”

Paruru chuckles, “Sayaka-san doesn’t cook for you?”

The thought of Sayanee cooking for her makes her heart skip a beat. “Sayanee secretly cooks for me. She doesn’t want anyone to know especially Jonishi Kei because Kei-chan will tease her about it.”

“But, it is just cooking. There is nothing embarrassed about that. In fact, it is quite romantic.” Paruru said before she puts a spoonful of rice into her mouth.

“Exactly, it is romantic! But, Kei-chan and Sayanee both want to keep their so-called “cool” and “dominant” image. If one of them finds out that the other has done something romantic for their girlfriend, then non-stop teasing will happen.” Miyuki explained.

“It is okay to get tease. They both should just let it go. Being romantic once in a while doesn’t hurt.” Paruru said.

Miyuki replies, “I know! I wish they thought the same as you. They just won’t admit to each other that they are actually the romantic type of person.”

Paruru nods her head. “When I have the opportunity, I will let them know.”

Miyuki notices that Paruru has not been eating much of her food and just aimlessly stirring around with her spoon. “Ne, Paruru, are you worried about Yui-han?”

“Am I that obvious? She seems very tired today. I can tell it has happened to her before, since Sayaka-san reacted a bit severely. Do you know what is going on with Yui-san?”

Miyuki shakes her head. “Only Sayanee knows more than I do. They are very close friends. When I first met them, they were already inseparable.”

Paruru caught a hint of any emotion when Miyuki said that. She wasn’t sure if it was jealousy or something else.

“Are you jealous of their close bond?” Paruru curiously asked. “I can sense an emotion coming out of your tone just now.”

Miyuki giggles, “I was once jealous with the two of them, but not anymore. When I first met Sayanee, I immediately fell in love. When she introduced me to Yui-han, I saw how well they complement with each other and thought they were dating. I will admit I envy their closeness, but Sayanee assures me that they are just close friends and that nothing more can ever happen.”

“Oh souka, it is understandable, you tend to form a close and unbreakable bond with your childhood buddy.” Paruru smiles sadly as she reminisces about her childhood memories. “But, why was Sayaka-san so certain that nothing could have happen?”

Miyuki replies, “I also ponder the same as you, so I asked her one day.”

Miyuki and Sayanee have started dating not long ago and they are casually taking a stroll around the park. When they spotted a nearby bench, they decide to rest there for a while.

Miyuki had her arms cling onto Sayaka’s left arm and laid her head on Sayaka’s shoulder. Sayaka nervously sat there as she has never felt her heart beating so rapidly.
“Ne, Sayanee, can I ask you a personal question?” Miyuki asked.

Sayaka tries to calm her heart down and stutters out, “Hai…what…what do you want to know?”

Sensing Sayanee nervousness, Miyuki comments, “Relax, Sayanee, I do not bite. You don’t have to answer it after hearing it.”

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to hide, go ahead.” Sayaka confidently said.

Miyuki starts to ask, “When you told me that nothing more can happen between you and Yui-han, why were you so sure?”

Sayaka instantly turns her body to face Miyuki. “Before I answer that question, did I do something wrong to make you doubt my love for you? Milky, I only have feelings for you!” Sayaka looks into Miyuki’s eyes full of sincerity and seriousness.

Miyuki immediately blushes and said, “No, you didn’t do anything. I know you love me. I was just curious. You seem very positive about it too.”

“Oh, sorry…I didn’t mean to overreact like that.” Sayaka lowers her head, but it was swiftly lifted by Miyuki. Miyuki pecks Sayaka on the cheeks to tell her that she has nothing to apologize for. A hint of pink is visible on Sayaka’s cheek.

Sayaka looks shyly at Miyuki, “Ahem…to answer your question, it is simple. Nothing can ever happen is because someone from Yui’s past has already stolen her heart. No one can ever replace it. I don’t know if Yui-han can see it or not, but I can tell that Yui-han already likes that someone, long before she even met me.”

“Paruru, are you okay?” Miyuki waves her head in front of Paruru’s face, hoping to get her attention. Paruru has spaced out a little after hearing what Miyuki told her.
Paruru finally snaps out of it and apologize to Miyuki. Miyuki has a concern look, but decides to let it slide. They both clean up their mess and went to their respective room.

Paruru lay comfortably on her bed. She takes out the key locket from under her school uniform and stares deeply at it. “Please remember…”


Coincidentally, Yui finds herself back to the place when she first met Haruka, the front of the café. She smiles as the scenes from that day play out into her mind like a silent movie.

She enters the café to enjoy a cup of tea and Fuu-chan is the one that greets her.

“Just you today, Yui-han?” Fuu-chan kindly asked.

Yui-han answers, “Hai, I was just taking a stroll and I somehow ended up here, so I thought I would enjoy a cup of tea while I am here.”

“One cup of tea, coming right up!” Fuu-chan excuses herself.

When Yui came inside the café, Churi happen to observe her. She saw the troublesome expression hiding behind the smile Yui gave to Fuu-chan.

Churi walks over to a certain customer who was sitting on the counter drawing something. “Ne, Airin, stop for a second and look at Yui-san.”

Airin did as she is told and turns back to Churi for an explanation. “What is it that you want me to see?”

“Well…what did you see?” Churi asked.

Airin responds, “She does have a nice body if that is what you are implying.” Airin instantly gets smack in the head by Churi.

“Churi, what was that for?”

“For being a hentai! Who told you to check out another girl when your girlfriend is standing right here!?!”

“Mou, Churi, you were the one who told me to look at her! Besides, you know I will never cheat on you. Aishiteru, Churi!”

Churi blushes upon the confession, but quickly compose herself. “I am asking you to look at her as in what you see from her expression, not her body. Draw her, and then get back to me.” Churi asks Airin to draw because Airin is able to read people better in her drawings rather than in person.

Airin complies with the request. Within a matter of minutes, she fully drew Yui. She waves at Churi to come over, signifying that she is done with the drawing. “I can see that she is lost, trouble, and tired. Someone or something is clouding her mind and she is looking for answers, but doesn’t know where to start. Am I right?”

Churi rewards Airin with a kiss on the cheeks. “Good job, here eat this lovely cake I baked for you.”

Churi then calls Fuu-chan over, “Fuu-chan, I want you to take a break and talk to Yui-san. Something seems to be bothering her. She looks like she needs someone to talk to.”

Fuu-chan glances over at Yui and nods her head to Churi.


“Is this seat taken?” Fuu-chan politely asked.

Yui looks up and smiles, “No, please sit. Are you on your break?”

Fuu-chan nods her head, “I am order by someone to take a break and talk to you.”

Yui smiles and glances over at Churi, mouthing “arigato”. Churi cares for her customers and friends a lot. She wants to make sure that everyone is enjoying their time in the café.

“Yui-han, is something bothering you? Is it because of your lack of sleep?”

Yui didn’t bother hiding anymore, so she nods her head. “I have been having these dreams lately. They are coming more frequently than ever. I cannot stop them. I can’t seem to have a peaceful sleep after waking up from one of those dreams.”

Fuu-chan looks concerned. “Are they nightmares? If you don’t mind telling, what are those dreams about?”

“No, there are not nightmares, but memories…my childhood memories to be exact. It is about a girl from my past. I kept dreaming about her lately.” Yui explained.

Fuu-chan is not sure how she should approach this situation. A chair slides out next to Fuu-chan and the person takes a seat next to Fuu-chan.

“Churi thought that Fuu-chan might need some reinenforcement, so she sent me. Don’t worry, the WMatsui can handle the customers since it is a bit slow right now.” Kei-chan said.

“So, what have we got so far?” Kei asked. Fuu-chan filled her in with what she knew so far.

“Do you know who the girl is in the dream? If you do, then find her.” Kei-chan suggested.

Yui-han sighs, “I have someone in mind, but I am not sure if it is her. What if I am wrong, then I will be back to square one.”

Fuu-chan comments, “Well, you won’t know if you don’t try! Maybe, this someone is the person you are looking for! Have faith!”

Kei-chan agrees, “Fuu-chan is right. If you are just going to sit here and ponder about it, then you are not going to get your answer. You have to go search for it. Also, I am not the type that likes sleepover with lots of people, but if these dreams keep getting in the way with your sleep, we are helping you!”

“Okay, I understand. Arigato.” Yui-han said to both of them.

Before she left, she did not forget to thank Churi.

She walks out into the warm, fresh air and heads back home, knowing Bisu is probably waiting for her.


Sayaka, Miyuki and Haruka are keeping their eyes on Yui because Yui looks a lot worse than the last time they saw her. Yui has never been so fatigue in her entire life. She thought that the weekends will be relaxing but how wrong. Those dreams kept coming one after another. She keeps waking up several times in the middle of the night, tossing and turning.

Yui currently has her head down on the table, not paying any attention to Mariko-sensei’s lecture. After Mariko-sensei wrote some math problems on the board, she scans around the classroom, planning to call on some students to solve the problems. Her eyes laid on Yui, seeing her head down; Mariko-sensei immediately picks on her.

“Yokoyama-san, since you have time to sleep in my class, then you will have time to solve one of my math problems on the board!” Mariko-sensei loudly said.

Yui is not completely sleeping, but resting her eyes. Reluctantly getting up from her seat, she tiredly walks over to the board.

Haruka, Miyuki and Sayaka watch every single movement Yui made. They felt bad that Mariko-sensei picked on her.

Yui picks up the chalk and starts to solve the problem. But all of a sudden, her vision is getting blurry. Her head starts to hurt a lot and the world seems to be spinning rapidly.

The sound of the chalk squeaks against the chalkboard and a thud echoes throughout the room. Yui has fainted in front of the class.

Bisu appeared! For those who does not know who he is! He is Yokoyama Yui's cat! This is him --->

This is Bisu with Yui --->

Furuyanagi appeared! I know I already introduced Churi in any early chapter, but Airin is introduced here!

I will update soon! Have a great day, everyone!
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yey~! Bisu appeared! CX ... now I can ship Yuihime and her cat! XD .... loljk XD ... thx for the update! CX  :heart: :heart: :heart:
hallo ... ds is ket

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Of course we know bisu ~, that lucky cat!! :3

yeyfuruyanagi!! I love them too

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Hi everyone, I am sorry for not updating for these past few days! I will make it up to you all soon! I just had a lot of ideas flowing through my head and it took me a while to write this chapter. At some point, I did have a writer's block. I am not very confident about this chapter, but I hope all of you will still enjoy reading it! Please excuse all mistakes and typos! Feel free to comment and ask questions if you need clarification! Happy reading, everyone! I will update soon!

Chapter 11

“From what you both told me, I can say that she has sleep deprivation. Her body is exhausted due to lack of sleep. During class, she must have experienced dizziness and headaches which resulted in her fainting. These dreams are causing her stress which makes it much more difficult for her to fall back asleep. If she can somehow reduce the stress and clear her mind, she can slowly go back to her regular sleeping habits. When she feels better, suggest to her to share about the dreams. It can help reduce stress and worries by talking about it to others.  ” Koyanagi-sensei explained to Sayaka and Miyuki.” You both can go back to class. I am sure one person is enough to look after her, Shimazaki-san can stay. Also, she can go home when she wakes up. If any changes let me know, I will be in the teacher’s lounge to print out some reports.”

Sayaka and Miyuki both thanked and bowed to Koyanagi-sensei as she exits the health office. Sayaka and Miyuki glance over at Yui who is resting on the bed with Paruru by her side. They can see Paruru holding Yui’s hand tightly, hoping to be able to take her burdens away. Yui is still unconscious with her eyes moving rapidly, displaying a very distressed expression. They can tell that she is yet having another dream.

Sayaka and Miyuki quietly left the room. Sayaka immediately leans against the wall with her head down. Miyuki already knows what is going to happen next, so she tightly hugs Sayaka and rubs Sayaka’s back in a circular motion to comfort her as Sayaka silently shed tears.

After several minutes, Sayaka stops crying, but Miyuki still continues to comfort her. Moments of silence passed, Sayaka opens her mouth to speak.
“Milky, I fail…” Sayaka is quickly shot down by Miyuki before she even gets to complete her sentence.

“Do NOT dare say you have failed Yui-han,” Miyuki firmly exclaimed. “Sayanee, please stop blaming yourself. It is not your fault that she fainted. These dreams are causing her to abruptly wake up at random times. It made her sleep pattern become inconsistent. It is not you.”

“But, I couldn’t help her! I am her close friend who she always rely on since she moved here. Yet, I did not try hard enough to help her and look what happened! She fainted!” Sayaka franticly declared. Sayaka is extremely frustrated with herself. When she was about to say more, she was caught off guard by a kiss on the lips.

Similar to all the other kisses they have shared, Miyuki’s kisses never fails to calm Sayaka down. “I hate when you do that.” Sayaka shyly admitted. A triumph smile is plastered on Miyuki face. Miyuki places her hands on Sayaka’s cheeks and align their eyes to look directly at each other.

“WE couldn’t help her. WE, Sayanee, not I. You are not alone. Stop putting all the weight on yourself. Besides, Yui-han has more than just you as a friend, Sayanee. If you keep Yui-han to yourself, then I will get jealous.” Sayaka was about to interrupt, but Miyuki places her index finger on top of Sayaka’s lips to keep her silent. “Don’t worry, I know. I know she is only an important friend and family to you.”

Miyuki continued, “She has Fuu-chan, Kei-chan, Jurina-chan, Rena-chan, Churi, Paruru and I as her friends too. We all failed her, not just you. You need to understand that there is only so much we can do. If I can magically dig into her brain and pull out those dreams, I would do in a heartbeat, but I can’t. We can only support her on the side and figure out ways to help her sleep.”

Sayaka opens and closes her mouth several times. At a loss of words, Sayaka just initiates a very passionate kiss with Miyuki. Once Sayaka pulls away from Miyuki’s lips, she lay her forehead on Miyuki’s and looks into her eyes. She can see Miyuki’s face is all red from the kiss.

Sayaka sincerely confessed, “I love you. I am so lucky to have you.” Sayaka hugs Miyuki tightly in her arms.

Their sweet moment is interrupted by Koyanagi-sensei who returns from the teacher lounge.

“Yamamoto-san, Watanabe-san, I told you both to go back to class. What are you two still doing here?” Koyanagi-sensei asked.

Miyuki replies, “Gommenasai, Koyanagi-sensei. We are just worried about Yui-han. We just want to calm ourselves down before heading back to class.”

“Sigh…Watanabe-san, Yamamoto-san; you are both excused for the day. I will notify Mariko-sensei personally. Seeing how concern you both are, I doubt you guys will be able to focus in class. I will ask Shimazaki-san to inform you when Yokoyama-san wakes up. Please safely head home now.” Koyanagi-sensei said.

Miyuki and Sayaka bowed to Koyanagi-sensei and left to head home.

-Inside Health Office-

Haruka gets up from her chair and went to obtain a towel on the counter. She wet the towel with water and dries out the excess water. She went back to Yui and lightly wipes the droplets of sweat off her forehead. The gesture seems to have helped as Yui’s expression starts to relax a little. Haruka places the towel on the bedside table. Both of her hands grasp onto Yui’s and laid her forehead against the top of the intertwined hands. Haruka closes her eyes and hopes that she can magically take all the stress and worries away from Yui.

After a few minutes, Haruka starts to hear mumbling sounds from Yui. She instantly lifts up her head and lean in closer to Yui in order to hear clearly.

“Don’t go…please don’t go…” Yui mumbled tremblingly. “Please don’t leave me…Paru”

Haruka looks at Yui with teary eyes. She whispers toward her ears, “Yui…I am here…your Paru is here.”

When Haruka turns to look at Yui, she sees tears falling down Yui’s eyes. Haruka puts her hands on both of Yui’s cheeks and softly wipes the tears away. Haruka slowly brushes Yui’s hair away from her forehead. She closes her eyes and very delicately places a kiss on Yui’s forehead. Then, Haruka puts her forehead on Yui’s. When she opens her eyes, two beautiful brown eyes stare right back at her.

If anyone of them slightly moves forward, then their lips will surely touch. Their faces are so close to each other that they can feel each other breath.
“Paru…are you my Paru?” Yui asked.

Before Haruka can respond back, Koyanagi-sensei enters the room.

“Oh…I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb.” Koyanagi-sensei is about to briskly walk back outside, but immediately turns around. “Wait… What are you two doing?! Public display of affection is not allowed in school!”

Haruka finally realizes their compromise position and quickly remove her body away from Yui. “Koyanagi-sensei, this isn’t what it looks like. Yui-san was sweating earlier, so I wanted to confirm whether or not she has a fever by checking the temperature on her forehead. We were not doing anything intimate.” Thanks to Haruka quick thinking, Koyanagi-sensei relaxes her posture.

“Oh is that so? I am sorry for accusing the both of you.” Koyanagi-sensei walks over to Yui. “Yokoyama-san, how are you feeling?”

“I…am… okay.” Yui dryly said. Hearing the dryness in Yui’s voice, Haruka went to pour a glass of water for Yui. Koyanagi-sensei steps back to give room for Haruka to attend to Yui. Haruka lifts Yui upper body a little and tilt the glass of water for Yui to drink.

“Arigato, Pa…Haruka-san” Yui said.

Haruka notices the slip of the tongue from Yui. She knows that right now is not the proper time to discuss about it since Koyanagi-sensei is here and Yui is exhausted.
Koyanagi-sensei speaks up, “Shimazaki-san, if you can please take her home. She might be okay, but physically she is still fatigue. She is not in the state of walking home alone.”

“Hai, I will safely escort Yui-san home.” Haruka said.

Koyanagi-sensei added, “By the way, Yamamoto-san and Watanabe-san was standing outside earlier even though they were suppose to go back to class, but seeing how worry they are, I told them to just go home. I also told them that when Yokoyama-san wakes up, I will ask you, Shimazaki-san, to inform them, so if you would please deliver the message that Yokoyama-san is fine now, that will put them at ease.”

“Hai, Arigato, Koyanagi-sensei. I will let them know immediately.” Haruka assured. “If there is nothing else, then I will now take Yui-san home.”

“No, that will be all. Please take care, Yokoyama-san! Thank you, Shimazaki-san for looking after her.” Koyanagi-san answered.

Haruka takes out her phone and calls Miyuki. It took a while before Miyuki finally answered. After she is done, Haruka supports Yui by putting her arm around Yui’s waist and they slowly walk out the health office.

-Sayaka’s House-

“Hai, onee-chan, I will stay over at Sayaka’s house tonight. Don’t worry about me, okay. Sayanee will take care of me. Bye onee-chan!” Miyuki enters Sayaka’s room after ending her call with Mayu.

Sayaka is currently lying on her bed looking at the plain ceiling. Miyuki slides into the bed and wraps her arms around the Sayaka’s waist. Miyuki rests her head on Sayaka’s chest and listen to the soft heartbeat pounding into her ear. Sayaka’s left arm wraps securely around Miyuki’s waist while her right arm just lay flatly on the bed.

The room is complete silence that you can hear a pin drop. Sayaka assumes that Miyuki has fallen asleep, so she lifts up the blanket with her right hand to cover over their body. She does not want Miyuki to get sick or else Mayu will think she is being inattentive to Miyuki.

Sayaka feels a gentle kiss on her right hand and the culprit is no other than Miyuki. Sayaka is afraid that her sudden movement has cause Miyuki to wake up. “Sorry, did I wake you up?” Miyuki shakes her head and lifts up her body with her arms supporting her from falling on top of Sayaka.

Miyuki inches closer and laid her forehead on top of Sayaka’s. Their lips tentatively touch each other. “Your heartbeat is like music to my ears, did you know that?” Miyuki whispered before diving into those soft lips that she loves the most.

Their lips are delicately overlapping against each other. It started as a slow, tender and passionate kiss. Soon, the sensual level starts to build up as Miyuki bites onto Sayaka’s lower lips eagerly, but swiftly smooth the bitten area with her tongue. Feeling the arousal increasing inside of her body, Sayaka grabs onto Miyuki’s hips and rapidly flips her over. Miyuki gasps at the sudden action. Sayaka takes this opportunity to slide her tongue into Miyuki’s mouth. Their tongue meets and fights for dominance.

When oxygen is needed, they both pull away from each other at the same time.  Sayaka observes the flustered girl under her. Seeing the redness on Miyuki’s cheeks and chest rising and falling arouses Sayaka even more. A moan escapes from Miyuki, when Sayaka starts to kiss against Miyuki’s jaw down to her neck.

Before their make out session can escalate any further, Miyuki’s phone starts to ring. Sayaka reluctantly halts what she is doing. She reaches for the phone on the bedside and hands it over to Miyuki. Sayaka slowly untangled herself from Miyuki and laid her body besides Miyuki.

Miyuki sits upright and calms her breathing down before answering the phone. “That was Paruru. Yui-han is okay. Paruru is going to take her home. She told us not to worry.” Sayaka simply nods. Miyuki’s hands met Sayaka’s cheek. She kisses Sayaka on the lips and cuddles into Sayaka. Miyuki silently falls asleep listening to Sayaka’s heartbeat. Sayaka ponders for a moment before succumbing to sleep.

-Heading Home-

Once they walk outside the gate of the school, Haruka lets go of Yui and kneels down, signaling her that she will carry Yui back home. At first, Yui refuses to comply, but arguing with Haruka at this situation is futile. In the end, Haruka manage to convince Yui to let her carry her home.

Haruka’s arms are tightly tucked under Yui’s thighs, making sure she will not fall off. Yui’s arms are loosely wrapped around Haruka’s neck. Yui rests her head on Haruka’s shoulder and closes her eyes. As Haruka continues to walk home, once in a while, she will steal glances at Yui.

Haruka carefully places Yui back down and asks for her key. Haruka casually unlocks the door and pushes the door open. Haruka supports Yui as they walk inside the house. Haruka notices there is a cat waiting for them, right when they entered.
The cat went over to Yui and rubs his cheek against her legs. Bisu looks up at his owner and sense that she isn’t feeling well. “Bisu, gomennasai! I am not feeling so good. I will play with you later.” Bisu glances at the unfamiliar person next to his owner. He puffs out his fur, arch his back and shows his sharp teeth. Bisu is showing aggression towards Haruka as he thinks that Haruka is responsible for causing his owner to be in bad condition.
Yui gathers up some energy to lift Bisu up to face her. “Bisu, stop! Haruka-san is helping me. She didn’t harm me.”  Bisu slightly relaxes but doesn’t completely let down his guard. He is still ready to attack Haruka-san, if she harms Yui. Yui drops Bisu back on the ground and shows Haruka where her room is. Bisu follows them, but is deny entrance to Yui’s room.

Yui is now lying on her bed, while Haruka takes a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Your cat is quite something. If you didn’t stop him, he would have eaten me alive.” Haruka chuckled.

Yui tiredly apologized, “Gomen, Bisu is not friendly towards stranger. He gets overprotective sometimes. I am sure you both will get along eventually.”

Haruka nods her head. “ I will leave you alone, so you can rest.” Haruka stands up and is about to leave the room, but Yui grabs onto her hand.

“Stay…” Yui shyly requested. “Don’t leave.”

Haruka flashes a smile and returns back to her seat. “I will be here. Go ahead and sleep. I won’t go anywhere.”
Trusting Haruka’s words, Yui slowly fall asleep. Haruka holds onto Yui’s hand lightly and places a soft kiss on the back of Yui’s hand.

Haruka waited until she is sure that Yui has fallen into deep slumber. She tucks Yui’s arm under the blanket and quietly steps outside of the room.

A pair of vicious eyes glaring right at her, Haruka did not feel threaten at all. She simply kneels down and pats Bisu on the head. “Bisu…is it? Thanks for being a protector to Yui, but don’t worry, I am not going to harm your owner. I am just like you, trying to protect her. Do you think we can be friends?” Haruka didn’t know what came over her. She reaches her hand out to Bisu for a handshake. Bisu seems to understand everything Haruka said. He tilts his head sideway and looks at the hand. A second later, Bisu places his paw on top of Haruka’s hand. A bond is formed.


Yui is tossing and turning in her sleep. She is mumbling incoherently, but it soon escalates into screaming. Haruka, who is in the kitchen cooking food for Yui, heard the scream and sprints toward Yui’s room. Bisu is following close behind.

Haruka barges into the room with Bisu beside her. Haruka runs to the bed and places her hands firmly on Yui’s shoulder. She shakes Yui’s body vigorously, hoping to wake her up. “Yui! Wake up! Open your eyes!”

Not long after, eyelids slowly opens and Yui instantly tackles Haruka into a hug. “Paru…don’t leave me! Come back to me!” Haruka can feel Yui’s body trembling.

Haruka returns the hug and rubs circular motion behind Yui’s back as comfort.

“Yui, your Paru is here. I am not going to leave you again.” Haruka declared.

I had a hard time writing the make out session between SayaMilky, but I hope it turned out fine! From here on out, YuiParu's relationship will start to progress which means going on dates together and having their first kiss etc. I will update soon. I hope you like this chapter so far!

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I liked your fic. Can't get enough YuiParu moments. The fact that Yui was sick is kinda depressing but she is gonna get better soon, right?

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  • Bisu is love~
I AM LOOKING FORWARD FOR YUIPARU'S FIRST KISS 8D ... also, you did a good job with the SayaMilky make out scene 8D looking forward for a YuiParu make out scene = w =)~
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I want a handshake with cute Bisu too  ;)
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I thought author-san updated the story. .  </3

Still waiting on what will happen with Yui-han, Paru and the lovable Bisu!  :bow:  :nervous

Lame Story ahead!

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YuiParu!  :inlove:
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IMPORTANT: Hi Everyone, I am deeply truly sorry for disappearing abruptly!  :kneelbow: I am sorry that I did not have the time to leave an explanation! My father has suddenly collapsed and I have been in and out the hospital for weeks. I had to balance school, work, club and going to visit the hospital. If I wasn't at school, I was at work. If I wasn't at either one of them, I was at the hospital with my father. He got released a couple days ago and is in recovery, so he is doing better now. Finals is done, so school is out of the way for now. My father is home safe, so no more going to hospital. Therefore, I finally have time to give a brief update. I was planning to post more than one chapter but I was not satisfy with the other chapters yet, so I am taking a moment to re-gather my thoughts and ideas to assemble them in a much presentable way as possible. [ I don't know if that made any sense haha] Thank you to those who supports and reads this story, you have my uttermost gratitude! Enjoy reading, I will update soon! Again, I am sorry! I hope you all can understand and forgive me!

Chapter 12   

Bold = Thoughts

Quietly eating the delicious soup Haruka made for her, Yui observes the scene in front of her. She can feel her mouth slightly turned up as she watches her significant other and her favorite pet in the world getting along with each other.

Feeling unpleasant from being stared at, Haruka looks up to be greeted with a grin from the girl sitting opposite of her.

“What?” Haruka questioned.

“Slept for no longer than an hour and you two are suddenly best friends…that is quite something.” Yui stated. “I mean earlier, he tried to eat you alive. What exactly happened when I went to sleep?”

Bisu and Haruka exchange eye contacts. Facing towards Yui again, Haruka shrugs, “We just bonded.” Yui’s right eyebrow lifts up in a doubtful way, but decides not to push the matter any further.

Haruka resumes to playing with Bisu while Yui continues to enjoy her soup. After a few minutes of silence, the sound “ding dong” resonates throughout the house. Haruka and Yui looks at each other with a questionable expression.

“Expecting someone?” Haruka asked, gently placing Bisu on the floor. She saw Yui shaking her head and walks over to open the door.

As Haruka opens the door, two people came into sight. “Konbanwa, Shimazaki-san.” The two visitors greeted.

Haruka returns the greeting and steps aside for them to enter the house.

Hearing voices coming from the door, Yui emerges from the kitchen. Seeing the visitors, a smile is shown on her face. Although Yui can already guess why they came to visit her, she asked anyways. “Fuu-chan, Keicchi, to what do I owe this pleasure?”

Fuu-chan and Keicchi quickly exchange a concern look. Fuu-chan speaks up, “Here, we got you some fruits. We didn’t want to come empty-handed.”

Yui kindly accepts the gift, “You both didn’t have to, but thank you.” Haruka politely takes the basket and excuses herself to go cut up some fruits for the guests.
The three left remaining in the living room settles down onto the couch. “Fuu-chan was feeling restless when she heard that you fainted in school. So, I decided to bring her here to pay you visit. I am sorry for intruding,” Keicchi informed.

Yui deeply sighed, “I am the one who should be sorry for making the both of you worried.” Yui places her hand on top of Fuu-chan’s, “I am okay now. Pa… Haruka have been taking care of me.” Yui awkwardly smiled as she noticed her almost slip up.

Keicchi isn’t the type of person to meddle into peoples’ lives, but she is quite an observer and she is certain that she almost heard Yui say the word “Paruru”.

“Yui, where do you put your plates? Also, can you feed Bisu? I think he is getting hunger!” Haruka shouts from the kitchen. Yui kindly excuses herself from the living room to help Haruka in the kitchen.

Keicchi swiftly places her arm around Fuu-chan’s shoulder and whispers into her ear, “Ne, Fuu-chan, did you notice something different when Yui was talking?” Unknowingly to Keicchi, the proximity between the two is making Fuu-chan blush like a tomato.

“Ehh…I…I …didn’t. What was …I supposed to notice?” Fuu-chan stuttered.

“Why are you stuttering? Your face is red too…are you getting sick?” Fuu-chan does not know if her face can get any redder as Keicchi initiates the forehead to forehead touching. “Hmm…you are a little warm, but you don’t seem sick. I will make you some porridge or soup just in case when we get home.”

Fuu-chan cannot really think straight at the moment to reply back to Keicchi so she remains silent, “Mou, baka Kei-chan, how can she be so dense?” Keicchi has good observation with other people’s love life, but when it comes to her own love life, she can be quite oblivious, but luckily a little bit better than Yui.

Fuu-chan creates a small distance between them and tries to calm her heart. She shakes her head, “No, I didn’t notice anything. Yui-han seems the same to me.”
“I am not a hundred percent sure, but it seems as though she was about to call Shimazaki-san, “Paruru”.. Didn’t you notice how she dropped the honorific? Keicchi expertly deduced.

Fuu-chan ponders for a moment. She tries to replay the conversation she just had with Yu, but unconsciously pout as nothing came into her mind.

Keicchi giggles softly and pats Fuu-chan on the head, “you’re so adorable.” Fuu-chan blushes again and instantly hits Keicchi on the arm.

“Ouch, what was that for?” Keicchi asked as she is rubbing her arm. “Mou, Kei-chan, Baka!” Fuu-chan averts her eyes elsewhere.

Keicchi looks at Fuu-chan carefully and smirks when she sees the blushing cheeks. “Fuu-chan, are you embarrassed? Did you like it when I called you “adorable”?”
“Of ..course…not” Fuu-chan stuttered. “KAWAII!!!” Kei-chan tackles Fuu-chan into a hug. “Mou, Keicchi! I can’t breathe, let go!”

“I won’t let go until you give me a kiss!” Keiichi declared as she tries to aim for Fuu-chan’s lips.

“Keicchi! Stop it! Yui-han and Shimazaki-san will back in a minute!” Fuu-chan tries her best to create some distance between them, but it seems futile as Keicchi is stronger.

Keicchi replies, “Well, we can avoid from being caught if you just give in and give me a kiss.” Fuu-chan stops struggling and shyly looks at Keicchi.

Fuu-chan nods her head and Keicchi takes that as a signal to slowly initiate a kiss. Keicchi’s hands are placed gently on Fuu-chan’s cheeks. Keicchi sees that Fuu-chan has her eyes closed so she slightly tilts her head a little. As light as a feather, their lips finally touch each other. It starts out with small kisses, lightly pecking each other. Soon, Fuu-chan gathers her confidence and returns the kiss with more passionate.

The innocent kisses soon turn into a heated make out session. They both were so in depth with the kiss that they didn’t hear the footsteps of Yui and Haruka walking back into the living room.

“Ahem!” Haruka coughed.

Fuu-chan swiftly pushes Keicchi away from her. Unfortunately, she underestimates her strength. “Oof!” Keicchi groans in pain as she slowly rubs her bottom. Realizing she has accidentally pushed Keicchi to the floor, she rushes to help her up. “Gomen, Kei-chan.” 

After the ordeal, the two settle back to their original seat. Fuu-chan did steal a quick glance at Haruka and Yui. She can tell that Haruka was not bother by the kiss, but Yui has a hint of pink on her cheeks as she awkwardly looks in another direction. Fuu-chan was utterly embarrassed as she completely distances herself from Keicchi. Keicchi, not being fazed at all, scoots closer to Fuu-chan to fill the gap and casually wraps her arm around Fuu-chan’s shoulder. Fuu-chan simply has her eyes averted downward.

Haruka places the plate of fruits on the table and pushes it towards the guest. After that she walks over to sit next to Yui on the couch.

An awkward silence fills up the air. “Are you feeling better?” Keicchi decides to break the silence.

“Hai, I got some sleep when I came home so I am okay now.” Yui stated.

Fuu-chan still embarrassed about being caught in action and shyly said, “That’s good to hear. I think Miyuki has already mentioned to you before about the sleepover idea. We can find ways to put you to sleep or comfort you if you abruptly wake up. What do you think?”

“I appreciate what all of you are trying to do for me, but I am fine. I just need to sleep more.” Yui-han kindly rejected.

Keicchi commented, “What you need is to get rid of your dreams! This little girl from your past is haunting you every time you close your eyes. We can help you. Even if you cannot physically take your dreams out of your mind, but we can try ways to make sure you sleep peacefully without disturbance.”

Fuu-chan looks at Yui-han with a pout on her face while adding a cute please. “Please, Yui-han!”

Haruka pats Yui on the shoulder and gives her nod, telling her to agree. Yui sighs and nods.

Fuu-chan jumps a little, feeling excited for this upcoming sleepover! “So let’s make it this weekend! I will contact Sayanee and Milky to let them know!”
“Okay, now that is clear, Fuu-chan and I should leave the both of you alone.” Keicchi and Fuu-chan gets up and take their leave.

Yui gives them a thank you and waves goodbye. She sighs once again while leaning her back against the door. Haruka has her hands on Yui’s shoulder and says, “It will be okay. They are just trying to help. You will be fine.”

Yui gives a tired smile and can only hope for the best.

I am sorry for the short update! I will go in more depth with the story soon. I am just gather up my thoughts. Thank you for reading! I am sorry if this story is lacking interest to some of you! I will try my best to make up for lost time.

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FuuKei moment is too kawaii. Their plan, the sleep over would be awesome. It's like something good is going to happen.

Much hope that your father will be in a good health.

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I hope your father is better now!

Arigato Author-san!

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Finally an update :D

Ah I'm sorry to know about your father, hope he will be fine in no time..

Thankyou for this chap, author-san!
Paruru & Bisu could be a cute combi~ XD
And with that FuuKei sweet moment there, even it turned to funny when they got caught kissing LOL

I'm eager to wait for the next update :)

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Thanks For the update :mon inluv:
fuukei sweet kiss moment made me  :mon blood: :mon lovelaff:
its okay~ i can wait~ i will always waiting for your update  :mon yeah:

get well and i wish your father get recovery soon~
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I'm glad to hear that your father is now at home~ :) ... also, thanks for the update~ ^ ^
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thanks for update and don't worry
I hope yor father is fine now, take your time
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