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menamarco96's OS Collection | WMatsui
« on: May 02, 2014, 08:08:50 AM »
I'm back with a new OS ;)

This is my 2nd OS actually and this fic is a little bit personal since 75% of the incidents actually occured in my life  :ptam-hbk: :depressed:

This fic is also 6K words. I wonder if its long? I dont think so  :doh:

Oh well....enjoy reading  :)



" I guess it's goodbye then," said the jet black haired girl towards the long raven hair girl infront of her. The girl tried hard not to cry while saying those words which she really doesn't feel like saying.

     The girl in front of her stiffled a sob before pulling her into a tight hug. Both of them started to embrace each other for the last time before one departs away. And after that, that was the last time the jet black hair girl, Jurina, saw the person who once lighten up her dark world, Rena.


*flashback for the 2nd time

        Jurina was a 2nd year in her high school. She has a lot of friends and was very active in her school co-curiculums. She doesn't really think she's pretty or ikemen but those kind of things were often said to her by the students and several teachers. Eventhough she maybe thought of as goodlooking and such, but she never really dated anyone before. Well there were a lot of boys who asked her out since middle school till now, but she rejected them all politely because frankly, she has no feelings for them. There were also some freshman girls and even seniors who secretly sent her letters and such, so that people wont caught them, and asked her out, but she rejected them too.

       Her friends were always annoyed and will get iritated when she rejected someone very good looking. They even sometimes planned to set up a date for her, but she pushed those thoughts away for them. She'd rather wait for love to come by itself rather than finding for it.

       On the middle of a still-quite-chilly February, the news of an extremely pretty girl who just moved in to their school started to spread like fire. During breaks, Jurina often saw some of the boys from the low classes who often skipped classes walk passed Jurina class heading to the next class, just to see the "pretty" new girl. Jurina didnt really care much but there still was a twinge of curiousity since her friends been talking about her a lot.

      "I heard her family was rich and she's from Nagoya"

      "Does that mean she eats chicken wings a lot?"

      "I heard she has no dad"

      "Wait a sec I thought her d--"

Jurina slapped her textbook shut and glared at her three friends infront of her, "Have you guys actually SEEN her already?"

     "Duhh.. " All three of them said at once. " Youre the one who didnt see her yet? Or did you secretly see her already?

     "No, I got no time to spy on someone. Even if I do wanted to see her, she's always with a crowd of people. So basically, no point."

     "She's got a point, " said one of Jurina's friend, Mayu, "the students had been on her back so much this week. I wonder how is she going to have a one on one conversation properly."

      They all agreed and nodded to the statement. Jurina sighed and looked outside the window. She was curious a little about the girl,but its okay, she thought to herself, maybe someday she would bumped in with the girl or whatever.


      Few weeks passed and another rumor starts to spread within the school. By now, Jurina already knew what the girl name was and shockingly they had the same family name which made it more surprising, since now, both of them were kinda popular at the school. Well the rumor was that some people claimed that they saw Rena riding a motorbike with Sato Sumire's boyfriend lately and hellyeah, Sumire was super pissed for sure.

      While Jurina was at the girl's washroom that day, she was inside the cubicle but she heard some girls gossiping outside infront of the mirror.

      "I heard Suu-chan slapped Rena yesterday evening near the bay"

      "Yeah, she did, Suu-chan told me she did it."

      "Really? Wasn't it too much? Suu-chan must know by now that her boyfriend is a player?"

       Jurina got out from the cubicle and see who's the girls talking about the topic. Turns out it was Suzuran and Miorin. Jurina wouldn't say that these two girls were her best friend but she did knew them since middle school. Jurina had been in the same class with them.

     "Hey Jurina.." said both of them with a smile.

     "Hey...." Jurina fixed her slightly mess hair while looking at the mirror. Jurina couldn't help but to feel a little curious so she asked, " So...the rumors about Suuchan slapping Rena was true huh ?"

    " know Suu-chan wouldn't slapped someone unless she's super pissed"

    "Sou desu ne...."

   "But Jurina, are you close with Rena?"

Jurina slightly frowned a little. Frankly, she haven't even saw the girl properly for once at all, how come she's already friends with the girl. The last time she saw Rena, was actually Rena's back. Well Jurina could see that Rena had a smooth silky raven black hair just a little bit further than her shoulders and she wore a polka dot bag which kinda stands out.

    "No. I never talked to her before. Didn't get the chance."

    "Really? You should. She's very nice you know and not to mention kind" said Miorin while clasping her hand together and put on a dreamy look.

    "Umm... I hope I could talk to her soon I guess. Now gotta go back to class ne."

     For some reason, Jurina felt a slight pity for the girl, Rena, who just moved in a couple of weeks, and now just got slapped by what Jurina heard earlier. Its tough to be famous. Better be a nobody than people perking on your privacy, thought Jurina as she went on her way to class.


*the school bell rang*

      "Yosh !!! School's over babe ! See you guys next week, I mean this monday. " Sae streched her arms wide and stood up with the other students

      "What are you talking about? You and I have extra chemistry classes tomorrow at school since we flunked it." said Mayu who packed her books into her bag.

     "Yadaaaaaa mou ...." sighed Yuko , " Why can I just have your brains Jurina?"

    "What are you talking about? I just barely passed the way, you guys can go back home first. I gotta give the drama club's money to sensei." said Jurina

     As the three of them departed ways, Jurina went to the teacher's lounge and handed out the club's money she collected to the sensei. As she got out from the teacher's lounge at the first floor, she walked to the west side of the stairs, near the school garden and as she finally stepped out from the stairs. She saw someone sitting alone at one of the benches at the school garden. Jurina only saw the back of the girl. The girl's head droop a little, looking down at the grass. The wind blewing at that time, also blew the girl's hair swiftly. Jurina slowly walked towards the bench. The girl might not notice that someone was slowly walking towards her, since she's facing the other way.

      "Ano.....excus-- kyaaaaaaa!!" Jurina tripped on one of the huge thick roots. And fell to her knees. How the heck did she didn't spot that root. Jurina looked up towards the bench to see the girl staring back at her with a slight concern look and possibly, a small smile tugged at the end of her lips. At that precise moment, if it was a movie, they'll be lights shining on the girl and Jurina at that time, plus a background choir song with hearts fluttering around Jurina. That was how she felt when she first made an eye contact with the girl.

      Jurina and the girl both stood up at the same time. Jurina wiped her knees which was a little speckled with the dirts from the ground. The girl slowly walked to Jurina and asked, "Daijobu desu ka?"

     "D-Daijobu desu!! " Jurina answered a little loud which made the girl flinched a little but then the girl smiled. Jurina straighten up her pinafore before looking back at the girl who was looking at her quite expectantly somehow. Jurina didnt saw it earlier but now that the girl was infront of her, she saw that the girl had somewhat puffy dried eyes, you know, the kind of eyes that just done crying.

     "Are u okay?" Jurina murmured


     "Are you okay?" Jurina asked again in a more louder tone than earlier.

     "I'm fine. Why?" said the girl with a fake smile.

     "You dont seem like you're fine though...."

The girl chuckled a little before walking back to the bench and picked up her polka dots bag. Matte..polka dots bag!!? Then this must be--

     "I'm Matsui Rena, from 2-B" Rena said as she walked back at the still-standing-at-the-same-spot Jurina. "You must be Jurina, right?"

    "How did you know?"

Rena pointed at the nametag above Jurina's school badge. Jurina must've look stupid enough since Rena chuckled again a little. Jurina started to felt a tinge on her cheeks when Rena started to chuckle at her.

    "Do you want to walk back home together?" asked Rena

    "Umm y-yeah I guess so....sure"

Noticing Jurina's hesitating, more like stuttering to her, Rena asked "Do you actually have something to do right now?"

    "No. The teacher lounge was my last destination before going back actually.." answered Jurina while Rena walked by her side.

   "Then why did you come at the school garden just now?"

   "Because I was curious on who would be still at school when everyone's gone back home."

   "Oh... I see."

      They walked in silence after that and out of the school gates. There were a few stalls outside their school so there were still pretty much a lot of students still hanging around here and there. Some were at the bustop and such. As they walked outside, people kept saying "Hi" and such to both of them. Some boys even whilst at them but they totally ignored them. As they walk passed by another stall, Jurina saw Sumire and a couple of her friends standing under a shady tree. They looked like they've been waiting for someone and as they saw Rena, they were about to walk towards her but then one of her friends nudged Sumire and nodded at Jurina, so they halt their steps. But Jurina could saw Sumire staring daggers at Rena, while Rena, obviously who saw them, pretended to not notice anything and looked ahead.

     "Did she really slapped you?" Jurina blurted out while not looking at Rena


     "I'm sorry......"

Rena stopped at her tracks as they reached the traffic light, "Why?"

    "Because I asked you a personal question.... ?"

     Rena smiled a little, but Jurina could see a little pain in her eyes, "Its okay. I bet the whole school already knew about the incident. By the way, I'm crossing here. Are you going back the same way too?"

     " house is still straight ahead." answered Jurina. She doesn't know why but she's half wishing she could just continue walking with this girl she just got to know.

    "Oh okay. It was nice walking back with you. I guess I'll see you at school this Monday, nee Jurina?" Rena tilt her head on the right and look at Jurina as if to wait for her answer.

    "Yeah.....take care." Jurina didnt manage to count how many facepalms she did inside her head right now. 'Take care' ? Lameeeeeee.

     Rena smiled at Jurina and nod a little before crossing the road. For some reason, Jurina stood at the same spot seeing Rena from a distance till she turned at another corner and completely out of sight.


       Since the next day, Jurina started to befriend Rena and eventually they became closer after Jurina actually saved Rena from Sumire slapping Rena again for the second time at school. We'll just skip that part, but whatever it is, their friendship bond became stronger and soon, they're pretty much like a bff. Except one thing, Jurina started to realise that she actually had feelings for Rena more than just a friend. She figured it out by herself since lately, all she's been thinking was Rena..Rena..and more Rena. But she couldn't help being extremely sad and depressed at the same time since it wouldn't just be an unrequited love, the feelings she had for Rena was also wrong since they're the same gender. Its still a taboo thing within the school for the same gender to have a relationship. There was once a senior of Jurina who had a relationship with their ex-senior, both of them were girls and the students found out and some crap mouth told a teacher and both of them ended up getting counselling and called their parents. It was shameful.


       Despite knowing the consequences and all, those feelings won’t go away. It became more and more firm every single day. Every evening, Jurina would go to Rena’s neighbourhood just to meet her. Rena lived in an apartment near the newly built terrace houses area. A plenty of students from their school stayed at the apartment too. So, when Jurina hang out with Rena, some other students such as their seniors and juniors will hang around with them too.

       Sometimes, she and Rena would talk alone at the park nearby and just talk about the things revolving around them. Jurina found out that Rena had dated several girls before and Jurina asked whether her parents are okay with it.

      “My mom doesn’t really mind. She’s more happier to see me happy with someone.”

       Jurina just gaped in amazement in how Rena’s family were very open to these sort of things. Jurina could also still remember that one evening. They took a different stroll this time. They walk in between the newly built terrace alleys. And at that time, the wind blew softly swiping of their hair. They walked in a peaceful silence, both enjoying each other’s company. But suddenly, a soft and tender hand slips in Jurina’s right hand, interlocking them together. Jurina remembered feeling slightly anxious but extremely happy inside. She stole a glance every few seconds to Rena, and saw that she, too, has a brightening look on her face that one couldn’t explain.


       It was on a certain evening when Rena invited Jurina to come over to her house. It started to rain by the time Jurina reached Rena’s apartment. She knocked on the door and Rena’s little brother peeked his head to see who’s the person standing in front of the door. His eyes widened before opening the door wide and went back inside yelling,

     “Nee chan!! Jurina-san is here !!”

    “Jurina come in~” Rena’s voice trailed in somewhere.

     Jurina sat on one of the couch in front of the television with Rena’s little brother who’s sitting on the floor, eyes fixed on the screen. Jurina heard the sound of water hitting the floor so she guess Rena was probably having a shower at the moment. Few minutes passed by, Rena came in her view after coming out from the shower. She was wrapped in a white towel and Jurina could see Rena’s pale white skin glowing. It was very intoxicating and arousing at the same time, Jurina couldn’t help but blush a little. Rena then excused herself to her room for a while. A few more minutes passed again, and Rena opened her door and ushered Jurina in to her room.

     Rena’s room wasn’t so big but it really fits her style and such. As usual, they talked and talked for a while and suddenly they don’t have any topic to talk anymore so they stay silence. Jurina glance at the window pane and see that the rain is still pouring hard and she thought on how the heck is she going to walk back home in this state. Jurina’s eyes also strand off to Rena who looks a little timid at the moment. Rena looks like she was about to say something but she kept on hesitating and biting her lips every few seconds. Maybe Jurina should just ask what is the probl-

   “Eto….I have something to tell you.”

  “What is it?”

    Rena’s hand grabbed hers firmly, “ I… I like you.”

Jurina remembered feeling extremely delighted and happy upon this confession but at the corner of her heart, she was slightly scared and worried. Jurina was lost for words but she didn’t replied anything but with just a slight nod. Her little brother barged in the room moments later and their confession session simply cuts off and they played with Rena’s brother later.


       Weeks passed by, Jurina still hadn’t replied to Rena’s confession. She just couldn’t. She doesn’t have the guts to confess. She came from a quite religious family background and she is ever so scared of people finding out. But then, she kept Rena close to her. She’s always protective around her and several students already thought both of them were an item. Jurina remembered that day when they had a marching practice, a senior asked her whether she’s gay and she likes Rena. Jurina remembered feeling so abashed and denied it convincingly. Due to the rumors that were spreading about her and Rena being an item, Jurina slowly drifted away from the girl. Eventhough all she wants was to be close with her, Jurina just couldn’t take the risk.


     More weeks passed by, Jurina busied herself by focusing hard on the mid-term exams. Jurina rarely went to visit Rena’s residing place and they don’t meet that often at school nor outside anymore. Jurina’s friends were also curious upon what happened between her and Rena. They did asked whether both of them had some sort of a misunderstanding but Jurina brushes those thoughts away by saying there’s nothing wrong with both of them. Even if they bumped with each other at school, only a short conversation such as “Hey” could only be exchange. There was an air of awkwardness between them and Jurina knew it was her own fault by creating it. But Jurina was a coward and she acknowledge that.


      A month passed by like a speed of light, so does the rumors. Another rumor came and said that Rena is having a relationship with some basketball player dude from their school. But that boy is no good in academics and only ace in his basketball playing. Nothing can stop a curious and an in-a-jealousy-state Jurina. She secretly investigates the truth about this rumor and was relieved when she, herself, asked Rena about this rumor when the school session ends.

     “I cant believe you actually believed that. Why would I date him? He’s such a player.”

     “I see… I just thought..maybe…you know.”

Rena chuckled a little before saying, “Nee Jurina.. you’ve been busy lately. You haven’t come over like you use too.”
Jurina heard a hint of a sad tone in Rena’s voice. A rush of guilt surged in within Jurina. She really, really wants to be by her side, but her cowardness wins over herself.

     “Gomen ne, Rena. I’ve been busy with studying and stuff. It’s okay. I’ll come to the park at 5 today, ne?”

Oh, that ever so cute face enlighten right in front of Jurina as she spoke those words. Rena suddenly pulled her in a quick hug, which make Jurina’s insides melt.

      “I’ll see you this evening then !!”

      As Jurina arrived home, she pondered whether it was a good idea on doing this routine again, knowing some consequences were bound to be taken again. But this time, she felt a sudden bold feeling arising within her. During those days when she didn’t contacted nor visited Rena at her place, she really felt a huge missing piece inside of her and she terribly missed her. Even at school, she only managed to cure her heart by watching Rena from afar.


       Jurina and Rena were on the swings that evening and they were competing who can swing the highest. Of course, Jurina let Rena win because, she just like to see Rena being so happy about the winning. The wide smile Rena have keeps replaying and stuck in her mind. Later, they talked about the marks they received from the recent exam. As they were talking, Jurina saw from afar, the tomboy girl who was Jurina’s ex-senior passing by the park while riding her motorbike.

      “Oii ! Gakuran !”

       The tomboy, Gakuran, was confused on the direction of the person calling her name. But then she turned behind and saw Jurina who was waving at her. At first, she just nodded in acknowledgement, but the second time Gakuran looked back, she was staring straight at Rena. And the next thing Jurina knew, there was Gakuran trying to slow talk Rena in one of those flirtatious way.

     “So what’s your name pretty?”


    “That’s such a cute name for a cute girl like you.”

    “Thank you…”

    “Hey Jurina, would you mind giving me that swing of yours. Its no fun talking to this cute girl while standing. You can just stay at my bike over there ne?”

     Despite not really wanting too, she budge off from her swing and walked straight to Gakuran’s bike, she couldn’t help but having this burning feeling inside her. This enraging jealousy. Never once Jurina felt such rage in her heart before, and yet, she couldn’t do anything and just let that freaking tomboy flirt with the girl she likes. Jurina tried to look away at the giggling here-and-there scene between both of them. She was also irritated on the long conversations both of them kept having.

     “Aren’t you two finished talking already?”

     “Hey hey chillax. Don’t tell me you’re jealous Jurina?”


      Both of them laugh. Jurina couldn’t handle this crap situation anymore. So she excused herself from the park. Jurina told both of them that its getting late and she needs to go. But leaving Rena with Gakuran was actually the last thing she wants to do. Later that night, Rena texted her for a moment.

      “Nee Jurina, were you jealous over us earlier?”

      “I don’t know....why?”

     “Nothing.. You left so early.”

Of course she left early. What does Rena expect? Did she want her to witness the lovey-dovey scene in front of her? Hell no, thought Jurina. She was too fed up so she decided to off her phone that night.


       Many more days go by and Jurina is ever so restless inside. The huge rumor surged in once again and Jurina knew that this rumor might have been a 100% true. A lot of girls been talking behind their back and Jurina was there when they discuss on the topic that day. It was during recess break at that time, and some of Rena’s friends and the same neighbourhood come and sat together at one place. They also invited Jurina to come and sit with them too.

      “So did you really saw Rena with Gakuran?”

     “Yup. Every evening Gakuran would come and pick her with her motorbike and they’ll go wander off somewhere,”said Kanon

      All of them shook their head a little, dissaproving on the actions. Jurina just sit there and remake a scene in her mind, where Gakuran came with that motorbike and pick Rena up infront of all people thinking it was fucking cool or something. Jurina’s hand formed a fist by just thinking about it.

    “My friend also saw them kissing near the bay 2 days ago..”

   “Eh? Kissing?”


   Jurina’s heart tightened even more. No, she couldn’t handle this rumor. She needs to confront Rena for good about this. No, Rena can’t. Rena can’t date Gakuran. Jurina knows about Gakuran who’s a freaking player. Jurina doesn’t care if Gakuran was dating other girls, but not Rena.

   “Nee Jurina, you’re close with Rena, right? Do you know anything about this?” one of them asked.

   “I did know they were sorta friends, but I didn’t know it’ll turnout like this.”

    Jurina answered truthfully. Actually before the rumors spread out, she did have a gut feeling that the conversation between Gakuran and Rena wasn’t the end of it. And I thought you liked me Rena, Jurina’s thought once again went back to that day when Rena confessed to her.

   “Say, how about we go to her apartment this evening? Jurina, you could talk to her one on one later.”

   “Umm… I guess so.”

Yes, definitely. Jurina couldn’t handle this shit anymore. She needs to tell Rena this evening. She needs too…She needs to confess.


       By the end of their marching practice later that evening, Jurina and some of the people from the discussing group earlier went off to Rena’s apartment. And they saw Rena was sitting at one of those marble white chairs, probably waiting for someone. She turned to look at them as they walk towards her. Jurina stood aside at first, as the group circled Rena. She doesn’t want to confront Rena about this situation with the girls hovering over her.

       When the girls end their talk with Rena, they ushered Jurina to make her turn. Rena had a slight frown in her face and oh those angelic eyes ever so pretty, now looks like it was about to cry. Jurina slowly walked to Rena and sat beside her. They sat side by side and stayed in silence. The girls drifted away from them to give some space.

       “So…you’re dating Gakuran huh?”


       “It was my fault. Sorry.”

Rena turned to face her, looking slightly puzzled, ““What do you mean?”

      “If I haven’t called Gakuran that day, you wouldn’t have even know her.”


    “She’s a player. I can prove that to you. I befriended her since a long time ago. I don’t want to see you sad when she hurts you. And you said….didn’t you said…you liked me?”

Jurina couldn’t take this anymore. Tears started to pour down on her face. Tears of frustration, tears for shamefulness, tears of sadness, call it whatever kind of tears it is. Rena then gripped Jurina’s hand. She, too was crying.

     “Jurina… I—“

     “I like you Rena. I like you a lot.”

     “I’m sorry. I thought you didn’t felt the same way back when I confessed to you. You keep running away from me and I took that as you see me nothing more than a friend. I’m sorry.”

      Rena then pulled Jurina in a hug and they cried and cried. Ignoring the stares that were given from the passerby and from the group watching them from afar, thinking maybe Jurina managed to talk to Rena. And once they stopped crying, that bitch came. With that motorbike trying to look all grand and stuff.

    “Sup! Hey, did you two just cried?”

     Gakuran looked at both of them for explainations but neither one of them spoke. Then, Gakuran grip on Rena’s hand and take her away and went off with that bike. Jurina couldn’t do anything but just stare as they went. The group then came towards Jurina and asked what happened, and Jurina told them lies. But not all were lies, Jurina did told them that she told Rena that Gakuran was a player and stufff.

     “I wonder if Rena’s going to ask for a break up…” trailed on Masanya

     “I hope she does…” said Kanon.

      All of them sat down on the marble chair with a daze look on their face. All hoping for a break up to be the end of the forbidden relationship between Rena and Gakuran. Minutes later, Gakuran and Rena came back. Gakuran had this angry look on her face and she told the group to go away for a moment, except Jurina. Gakuran sat face to face with Jurina, while Rena stood near between both of them. Rena seems to be crying again for some reason.

    “You. You like her right? And now you fucking want us to break up? You think I could just let her go if you talk sense to her?”

    “I don’t think you’re fitted to be her girlfriend.”

    “Then you think you’re the one who fits to be with her??”



   “Be quiet Rena!”

   “You’ve got your chance. She did told you she liked you before. But you didn’t response anything, and now you want her when she’s with me? There’s no fucking way I’ll give her to you.”

   “Fine. Have it your way. I’m done with this shit!”

    Jurina stood up from the table and left the place. She heard Rena and some of the group calling her name, but she ignored it. She walked back home in a fast pace and as soon as she entered her room, she leaned back at the door and muffled a cry. It’s too late, she thought to herself. If she just hadn’t been so coward...If she just didn’t called Gakuran that day... None of this would happen. Jurina was in a grumpy and sad state for a couple of days. She lied to her parents by saying she’s having a bad headache and a fever. Adults, they easily believe the lies she tells.


        Since that incident, Jurina never talked to Rena again. For sure they would bumped to each other or have a few accidental eye contact, but both remains cold towards each other. Jurina also told her friends to never talked about Rena in front of her again and maybe her friends could grasp the situation and they respected her decisions and never asked what happen between them. Several months later, Jurina was back to her normal attitude. Her emotions were a little stable now. Although she still have feelings for Rena, she decided to bury it down at the corner of her heart and just wish for her happiness. But she couldn’t help being slight annoyed at the blinded Rena. It was obvious. Too obvious. Jurina, being like any normal teenager, with a Facebook account, likes to scroll down on her timeline. And every once in a while, she would see post and pictures of Gakuran with some girl looking so lovey-dovey and such. Gakuran even made an “in-a-relationship” status with some other girl. And she bets Rena doesnt even know a shit about this.


     Another month passed by, it was the last week before they had their 2 weeks school holiday. As Jurina just came back from the cafeteria with her friends, she heard someone called her name. Jurina turned around to see Kuumin signaling her to come over.

    “You guys go ahead first....” Jurina told her friends.

Jurina walked towards Kuumin who decided to walk to another destination. Jurina just followed her from behind. They stop behind one of their school block.

   “What do you wanna talk about?”

   “ know you’re not”

Kuumin somehow keeps hesitating, which makes Jurina a little impatient, so she grabs Kuumin’s shoulder and shook her.

   “What is itttttt...”

   “I know you’re not in good terms with Rena but um...”

   “ wanna talk to me abou—“

   “She’s moving back to Tokyo this Saturday!”



    The news about Rena moving back to Tokyo has spread fast like a fire. By the end of the last day of school, Jurina could heard the next class, which is Rena’s class, celebrating her farewell party. When the school session is over, most of their classmates went and bid farewell and stuff. There were also a couple of people who cried. Jurina just walked with Mayu behind a huge crowd circling Rena as they all went back home, heading towards the school gate.

    “You sure you don’t wanna say goodbye to her?” Mayu asked.

     Jurina just shrug off and bid goodbye to Mayu who’s going to a different route. Jurina continued to walked behind the now starting to lessen crowd behind Rena. Jurina could see Rena was holding quite a few gifts too in her hand. As they were nearing the traffic light, it was now only Rena with a couple of students who stayed at the same neighbourhood as her. As Rena waited for the red light to turned green, she took a sideway glance and saw Jurina. They had a few seconds eye contact before Jurina pulled away, and just walked passed her. Deep inside, Jurina actually wanted to say something to Rena, but the words, the actions, it’s just a little difficult.


         It was Saturday. And Saturday meant that Rena’s going to move back to Tokyo. Jurina didn’t knew whether Rena is going to start moving away in the morning or so. Well usually, people would move early in the morning isn’t it. Jurina keep staring at her phone that day, her mind keeps moving back and forth whether to text Rena or not. At the same time, she also hopes Rena sent her some sort of text or something. But her anticipation slightly fades away as it was already mid-evening. Jurina groaned in frustration and locked herself in her room.

        It was 15 minutes to 5.30pm at that time, Jurina was just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, when suddenly her phone vibrated. Jurina slide her phone to look at the new message. And it was from the person she was anticipating earlier.

“Jurina, I’m going at 5.30pm. I hope we could meet for the last time.”

       Without replying, Jurina quickly rush out of her house without even telling her parents. She ran as fast as she could to Rena’s neighbourhood, which was a little further from her house. As she ran, she kept glancing at her watch, hoping it wasn’t 5.30 yet. As she reached Rena’s apartment, there was a truck parking nearby with some furniture on board. And standing near the truck was Rena and her mom.

      “Rena !” Jurina called out.

Rena quickly turned and see the person who called her. She had a half shocked look in her face. Maybe she probably thought Jurina wouldn’t come. They both walked towards each other and stop as they were face to face.

     “You came.....” a soft murmur slipped out of Rena.

    “Of course I would......”


    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier........”

    “No, it’s okay. I understand why...”

      Rena’s hand suddenly held Jurina’s. She gave it a small squeeze and they just stood there staring at each other eyes. Exchanging the sorrows between them that one couldn’t just say with words. Jurina could hear it. She stood still, vision blurring, and in that moment, she heard her heart break. It was a small, clean sound, like the snapping of a flower's stem. Memories of the good times they spent with each other started to flashback right in front of her eyes. Jurina’s heart felt like it was being tortured at that time. It hurts. So bad.

     “Rena-chan ! We’re about to go now~ ,” Rena’s mom called her from their car.

     " I guess it's goodbye then," said the Jurina. She tried hard not to cry while saying those words which she really doesn't feel like saying.

       Rena stiffled a sob before pulling her into a tight hug. Both of them started to embrace each other for the last time before one departs away.

      “I’ll never forget you!” Rena said in between sobs at Jurina’s shoulder.

     “I won’t forget you too...” tears started to trickled down from Jurina’s eyes.

      The car hon and they released from each other embrace. Rena gave a quick peck on Jurina’s cheek before running off to the car waiting for her. As the car slowly passed Jurina who’s still standing at the same spot, Rena put her hand at the window glass and stared at Jurina with those sad angelic eyes, while Jurina stared back too with a solemn face. And then she’s gone. And after that, that was the last time,Matsui Jurina, saw the person who once lighten up her dark world,Matsui Rena.

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2014, 09:09:25 AM »
Jurina was so slooooow

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2014, 12:35:24 PM »
Ehhhh  :cry:

They will not meet each other again ???
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2014, 02:43:21 PM »
Ehhhh  :cry:

They will not meet each other again ???

I guess they wont  :err: :mon cry:

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #5 on: May 02, 2014, 03:32:36 PM »
aa you must make the sequel!!
make them togetherr !!  :mon mad:

but,it's a great fict! please make more :3

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #6 on: May 02, 2014, 05:34:29 PM »
Omg why is Rena have to go?!?!

I hope they will meet again

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #7 on: May 03, 2014, 12:17:28 AM »
I know that feeling, Jurina. Hey, you guys have each other mail addresses, just keep in touch, will ya?
Thanks for the nice OS (๑'⌣'๑)づ

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #8 on: May 03, 2014, 09:12:21 AM »
aa you must make the sequel!!
make them togetherr !!  :mon mad:

but,it's a great fict! please make more :3

Sequel ? Hahaha  :O :lol:
I'm wondering how im gonna make them together  :banghead:

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #9 on: May 03, 2014, 08:17:15 PM »
 :pleeease: :on speedy: I am such a crybaby.

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #10 on: May 03, 2014, 08:41:26 PM »
Rena comeback!!!  :pleeease: :mon waterworks:
Wah~ I want them to meet again! :tantrum:
Just anything~ :mon surr: All I need is for them to at least meet each other again!  :mon whine: :mon pray2:
Great OS by the way~ :on GJ: :mon thumb:

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #11 on: May 04, 2014, 09:56:14 AM »
Rena comeback!!!  :pleeease: :mon waterworks:
Wah~ I want them to meet again! :tantrum:
Just anything~ :mon surr: All I need is for them to at least meet each other again!  :mon whine: :mon pray2:
Great OS by the way~ :on GJ: :mon thumb:

Me wants Rena to comeback too  :pleeease:
Its impossible for them to meet again  :on speedy:
Thankyou for reading it too by the way !  :on asmo: :gmon bang:

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #12 on: May 07, 2014, 03:37:37 PM »
Meanwhile...when we're busy talking about them here, Jurina and Rena are video calling via skype and all lovey-dovey :D
Well,it's 2014,people ! Long distance relationship is no big deal :p

By the way,otsukare menamarco-san :D

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #13 on: May 20, 2014, 05:43:07 AM »
a good one

but i agree juju was so slow!!!

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #14 on: June 25, 2014, 06:13:35 AM »



can you make sequel of this? ;A;

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Re: Ardor Memories (WMatsui OS)
« Reply #15 on: July 02, 2014, 06:14:26 AM »
ok, a lil bit of my tears falling down... :cry:
i know what it's feels... it's happened to me in the past :D
will you make a sequel for fhis os?
thanks for the ff menamarco96!  :bow:
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

Oshi: Shinoda Mariko,
Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Be With You (WMatsui OS) - COMPLETED
« Reply #16 on: November 04, 2014, 02:21:39 PM »
I first wanted to apologize to some readers who read "The Everyday Life" ff.
I have made a sudden decision to end it just like that.
Some of you sent me messages and anticipate the continuation but yeah... :sweatdrop:  :banghead:

I'm very sorry  :badluck: :kneelbow:

On the other hand, I had a lot of draft in my folders. So I decide to finish this short fic.


Rena was always the timid girl since she was little.  She went to an all-girls school and she had a slight culture shock once she entered the college world. Well back I high school, the girls always tell that the co-ed high school could be crazy at times like for example throwing crazy parties and such. But once Rena stepped in college, she’ve seen worse.

During her fourth semester in college, she got to know a popular girl in her 2nd semester studying music. The girl was widely known because of her handsome and beautiful looks at the same time. Moreover, the girl was dating the current top model in the industry.

   Rena didn’t even know how she ended up being friends with the popular girl, Jurina. But she did remembered the first time Jurina smile and said “Hi” to her while Rena was sitting at the stands, waiting for her friend Yuki, who was the secretary for the Music Club.

“Hey, I’ve never seen you around before?” Jurina scrunch her eyebrows as if to recall the amount of people waiting in the stands.

      “I’m waiting for my friend…” Rena timidly answered.  Jurina make an ‘O’ shape and continued to converse with Rena.

From that day on, Rena would always come to the auditorium to wait for Yuki and at the same time, when Jurina had free time in between, she would come and chat with Rena.

   At first, Rena was slightly reluctant to talk with the girl since she has this outstanding cool aura around her. Plus, she’s extremely popular. Why would she talk with a simple girl like Rena. But then, Jurina started to be more open and clingy towards her and Rena just seems to cant push the comfortable feeling being around Jurina.

   As many months go by, Rena started to realize that she’s slowly falling head over heels with Jurina. Just a slight contact of her skin with Jurina could make her flush red. One day, Rena had accompany Jurina while she finishes up her assignment. Jurina’s phone rang and it turns out her model girlfriend, Annin, was calling.

   They talked for a while, being all mushy, which makes Rena suddenly feel like bolting out of the room. Which Rena was about to do, but then Jurina grab her hand, making Rena stop in her movement.
“Jaa….see you tonight ne. Love you” Jurina trailed off before ending the call.

Rena slid her hand away from Jurina’s grip and said, “I-I was just going to buy refreshments for you..”

      “No need to. I’m done with this. We could go back home now..” Jurina revealed her happy Cheshire smile, making Rena’s insides melt.

As they were leaving their college compound, heavy droplets started to pour down from above. Luckily, Rena always brought along her mini umbrella. Then she and Jurina hunch together as they walk in the rain, underneath the umbrella.

   They soon ran to Jurina’s sporty red car. Although it only took them several seconds to reach into Jurina’s car, they were still already half soaked.

“Crap…and I just bought this shirt yesterday..” Jurina mumbled in disgruntle.

“Do you want to change at my place?” offered Rena on seeing the latter’s sad face. Jurina’s face brighten up at the offer, “Sure!”

Rena rent a small apartment with two rooms and a small kitchen with Yuki. But recently, Yuki have been staying overnight with her girlfriend, Mayu. So, Rena’s been living alone lately.

“Wow…..” Jurina mouthed as soon as she stepped in to Rena’s apartment.

      “It’s small isn’t it?”

      “I expect it to be much smaller from the outside appearance, but this turns out pretty good..” admired Jurina as she stood staring at the whole room. Rena later brought out her clothes and asked Jurina to choose which one she’ll be wearing.

      “I think this and this will be fine…” Jurina grab the fresh, dry white t’s with a black stripe and pants before running off to the bathroom.

Jurina later came out looking extremely cute, in Rena’s eyes.  Jurina asked Rena whether she looked okay in it, on which Rena just replied with a smile and a thumbs up.
“Thanks a lot for the clothes Rena!! I’ll give it to you back once I’ve wash it.” Jurina hugged Rena tightly which makes the girl blush crimson.


      “Say Rena, would you mind if I drop off here sometimes?”

      “Sure!” Rena replied a little too fast which makes Jurina laughed.  “You really like my company, don’t you?” teased Jurina as she poked Rena’s already tomato cheeks. “Jaa… I’ll go now. See you tomorrow okay.”

Jurina didn’t came the next day. Rena presume Jurina simply overslept or she had other things to tend. Rena also wondered about the date Jurina was supposed to attend with Annin. Maybe it went so well till Jurina couldn’t come today. Rena’s sudden firm grip on her plastic rule snapped it into half. Hey, blame, the sudden bubble of jealousy in her. She’s jealous alright, but she cant do a thing to comfort her own hidden jealousy.

   The other day while Rena was heading to class, she spot Jurina entering the college compound. A slight sulky face wore on Jurina’s face. Her eyes were also somewhat…

“Rena!” Jurina call out as she spot her from afar. Rena smiled and waved before Jurina jog towards her. “Hey..umm…sorry I didn’t replied to your text. I overslept,” Jurina flash her usual cheeky smile.

      “Are you sure you’re okay? You look like you haven’t slept for ages!”

      “Nah don’t worry. By the way, see you later okay?” Jurina pinched Rena cheeks before she hurried to her own class.

Rena had lunch with Jurina and the others later. Mayu invited Rena, Jurina and some of her clique to her slumber party at the weekend. Rena was quite hesitating on going to these type of parties since she heard things could go wrong when people are in a party. But then, they are no boys. Maybe….maybe it’s okay…

“C’mon Rena…it’ll be fun!” assist Yuki

      “There won’t be any boys Rena-chan. So nothing bad will happen… I hope” Yui nodded on while giggling with her girlfriend Paruru.

      “It’s not gonna be fun if there’s no you…” pouted Jurina.

Damn, Rena thought, that pout is one of my weakest point. “Umm….o-okay…but….are you guys planning to get drunk?”  They all tumbled down laughing at Rena’s question and she doesn’t even know what’s funny.

   The day came by sooner than she expected and it was Rena’s first time going to someone else’s house, for the purpose of ‘slumber party’. And her parents were a little strict back then. Even in certain class trip back in high school, her parents weren’t really agreeing on the thought of it. Moreover, this type of late night party, definitely a NO.

   Mayu greeted her and Yuki at the front door and ushered them to come in. Well, the music was loud for sure but everything looks kinda safe until Rena spotted a packed of tin beer on the mini table.

   Jurina came few minutes later, bringing in 3 boxes of pizza for them to devour. She greet Rena with a hug, when she spot her sitting at the couch. Making the latter felt a tingling sensation all over her. They all started off by karaoke-ing to their heart contents. Rena who just prefer to clap her hands to the beat of the music while her friends sing, was suddenly force to sing a song too.

   She chose a sad song which she had been listening recently, Kareha No Station. Once she managed to sung the last lyrics, everyone sat in silence.

“Why did you choose a sad song?” Paruru asked in her usual salty tone


      “Your voice…….melancholicaly…EPIC !!” cheered Yuki

They all nodded in agreement and continue the hype by singing another couple of few songs before playing Truth or Dare. Jurina then started to uncapped the beer and took a gulp. Everyone seems to be doing the same thing, except Rena, whose beer remains untouched.

“C’mon Rena…just take a sip..”

After a few seconds of thinking back and forth, here goes goodbye to her innocent world of no-drinking. She uncapped and slowly take a sip. Bitter. That’s the first thing that came to her mind about the taste. But later on, after taking another sip a couple of times, some kind of warmth starts to seep in. Weird.

   They started playing the game. Everyone started off by using Truth. Some funny, and shocking amount of truth were revealed. Rena’s face heated up when Mayu asked if there’s someone who’s currently in Rena’s heart interest.

Rena bit her lip. Hesitating to answer, “Umm….”

      “You know you need to answer this truthfully…or else you’ve been curse to have diarrhea the whole month” reminded Yuki

Rena, left with no other choice, just nodded at the question she was given, making all of them saying ‘Oooh’ and guessing who the person was. Rena sneak a quick glance at Jurina and saw that she was staring at Rena with a quizzical look.

   They proceeded with an amount of crazy dares which involve the making a prank call. Paruru chose dare and she needs to call her mom and tell her that she’s pregnant. But the funny thing is, Paruru’s mom didn’t even believe a word.

“You’re gay. How come you ended up with some guy and getting preggies?”

      “Moooooommmmm !!!” wailed Paruru over the phone and they all laughed.

All of them were half-drunk in Rena’s eyes. Soon, they were laughing on small things which were not really funny and making sense. Somehow, Rena doesn’t seem to be shaken by the liquor.

“Alright…hic...Alright... The ultimate..hic.. final dare..” hiccupped Mayu, “Jurina…I dare you…to kiss the prettiest girl…within us.”

Rena was a little tense as she listen to the crazy dare. But what is more crazy is when she felt a pair of lips leaning in to her and closing the gap. Bitter but sweet. That was the thing that struck her over the pair of lips. Was it 5 seconds? Rena didn’t manage to count as she just sat froze, even after Jurina moved away.

   Everyone whistle around them and they mumbled about keeping a secret from Annin about this thing. Rena look up at Jurina and saw her staring back at her with a slight confuse look.

   They later slept on the mattress already sprawled on the floor. All of them slept soundlessly once their head touched the pillow. But not Rena. She lick her lips, still rekindling on what happened earlier and wondering whether it was real or just imaginary.  If it was real, then…it was her first kiss. Her sacred, valuable first kiss. Taken by the person she likes but who isn’t hers. But then, the kiss must’ve didn’t mean a thing to Jurina, since it was just a dare…and Jurina might be under the influence of the alcohol, so probably she won’t remember what actually happened the next day. But…but why does Rena feel that Jurina might have….


Rena tossed to her left and saw Jurina underneath the streak of light entering the window, still unasleep, turning to face her. “Hmm?”

“I’m…I’m sorry about earlier…”

“It’s a dare… I get it.” Rena replied sounding a little punctured somewhere in her heart.

      “But I….”


      “I mean it...the kiss. I really wanted to kiss you.” Jurina answered truthfully.

   Rena tried to search Jurina’s eyes. What’s the meaning behind this? Is this a dream?

      “Rena…I know you don’t feel the same way—“

      “How are you sure I don’t feel the same way?” whispered Rena as she stare into Jurina’s eyes.  “So…you do, like me?” Jurina snuggled her body closer to Rena. Rena could feel Jurina’s breathing by now.


      “But what…”Jurina was staring deeply in Rena’s eyes.

      “But I don’t want to get in between you and Annin…”

At the sound of Annin’s name, Jurina looked away and heaved a sigh. She stared at the ceiling, a sad look wear upon her face. “You know….the other day when me and her was supposed to go out on a date, right?”

“Yeah…what happened?”

      “When I went to her place to pick her up, I saw her room was half open. And I….and I saw her….making out with some guy!” Jurina try to swallow back her tears but ended up bursting to tears as Rena immediately pulled her in a hug. Rena hoped she doesn’t look like someone who is taking an advantage over the heartbroken girl. Jurina continued to sob quietly on Rena’s chest while Rena softly stroke the latter’s head, till both of them fell asleep.

From that day onwards, both of them started to get more closer than usual. They are not an item but there’s definitely something going on between them and just can’t be explain as ‘just friends’. Although the current status between Jurina and Annin seems to bug in her mind a few times. She just brush it away and enjoy the current present.

“Nee Rena, let’s go to that chic café later. I’ve been dying to eat Red Velvet since last week,” Jurina pleaded as they walk through the hallway.

   “Oii you both….” Yukirin wave ahead of them, accompanied with Mayu.

   “Somethng is fishy between the two of you…” Mayu put up a detective look.

“Did something between you guys happen right after ‘the sacred kiss’ last week?” Yukirin teased the both of them.  “Wow…Jurina, you cant be two-timing Annin aren’t you?” Mayu joke around, completely unaware the slight air of tension between Jurina and Rena.

Jurina managed a small laugh. “Umm… we’re heading to the café. Catch you both later.” Rena felt a small pat on her shoulder, as a sign from Jurina to get a move on. They walked in silence after that.

The silence ended when Jurina sat facing her favourite Red Velvet cake. She was so excited Rena just couldn’t help but to laugh at Jurina’s adorable actions.

“Why…Why are you laughing at me?” asked a slightly confused Jurina  while she licked her small fork.

   “It’s just that you look….cute” Rena’s eyes diverted the ground as she blush.

Jurina too, blushed, but managed to crack a small joke “Of course. Jurina is always the cutest ne” Rena look up and rolls her eyes, pretending to be slightly disgusted by the Jurina’s self praise. Rena then noticed there was some cream at the corner of Jurina’s upper lip.

“You got some cream over there…”

Jurina put down her fork and kept wiping her mouth in all the wrong places. “Is it gone now?”

   “No, it’s on your right.”

   “Ah here?”
Rena took a tissue and held Jurina’s chin in one hand while her other hand wipe the smeared cream. “Done..” Rena finally dap the tissue for one last time before their eyes suddenly met. Both seems to be stiffened on the sudden closeness between them. Rena’s heart starts to beat wildly. Their intense stare only came back to reality when one of the waiter accidentally let the plates fall to the ground behind them.
“T-Thanks Rena…”

   “No problem…”

They went out of the café in a slight awkward silence. But then Rena pluck up the courage and asked “Are you doing anything later?”


   “Wanna come over to my place? Remember that CD you wanna lend from me?”

   “Ah right!! Sure!!” Jurina answered excitingly.

But as they were about to walk back to Jurina’s car, someone honked and park at the sideways. The driver door open and reveal the gorgeous looking girl, whom Rena always see in the magazine, Annin.
“Jurina…” Annin came to both of them.

   “What do you want?” Jurina asked in a cold tone.

Annin grab both of Jurina’s hand and started pleading “Jurina don’t be like this. I’m sorry about what happen that day. I was….I was drunk. I didn’t knew it’ll ended up like that. Baby please I’m sorry.”

Jurina released Annin’s grip. “I’m done with your bullshit talk. You think I don’t know about all the other guys you’ve been sleeping with? I’ve been a making a blind eye about this… No. We’re done Annin. It’s over between us.”

Jurina grabbed Rena’s hand and they both walk away. Jurina completely ignoring Annin’s pleading and call. They reached Jurina’s car and entered. They sat in silence for a moment while Jurina tighten her grip on the steering wheel.

Rena saw Jurina was trying hard not to cry. Rena can’t offer words of calmness at the moment because she knows Jurina needs to properly think and all about what just happen. Rena really wants to console Jurina with a hug, but she doesn’t want to look like she’s taking advantage.
“Rena…can I stay at your house today?”


Rena stared at the girl outside her small balcony, draped in a blanket, while she took a small sip from time to time. Jurina had been outside for almost an hour, and the weather is getting chilly these days. Rena wanted to call her inside but she’s afraid she’ll interrupt Jurina’s thoughts or anything.

   Rena, trying to avoid an awkward situation, switched on the TV and had been switching to a lot of channels, not really digging the shows that were shown on the screen. Her eyes kept looking back and forth at the girl outside.

   After a few minutes, Rena heard the sliding door open and closed, she knew Jurina came in, even if her eyes were plastered on the screen, watching some idols variety show. Rena felt a slump beside her and a small sigh came from the person beside her.

“Eh? I didn’t know you like to watch this kind of thing?”

Rena flinched a little, upon realizing Jurina was talking to her, “Not really. But sometimes they are sorta fun to be watch. The games are funny and they’re kinda cute…”

   Rena suddenly felt warm breath near her left ear, “Ah….which one is cuter? Me or them?” The question surprised her, that she suddenly turned to her left, making her face just slightly inches from Jurina. Upon realizing how close they were, she furiously blushed and diverted her eyes to the ground.

urina giggled before gently cupping Rena’s cheeks. “You know…you are seriously cute when you blush I just can’t.…I just can’t even express how cute it is.”

“Are you okay now?”

Jurina softly caressed Rena’s cheeks with her thumbs, “I’ve been thinking a lot earlier. About the thing this evening, about you….about us. And now that I’ve got to know you more, I think I haven’t felt this kind of happiness for quite a time. Back when I was with that bitch, she always taken me for granted and never considered my feelings at all come to think of it. But you…”

“What about me?”

   “You noticed me. You spend a lot of time with me. You even give me space whilst I was confused. You’re just….ugh…I don’t know how to express this…but I’m 100% sure that…that I really wanna be with you.”

   Rena reached her palm to Jurina’s cheeks and caress them in turn, “You don’t know how much I want to be with you too. I love you Jurina…”

   Both of their eyes glistened with tears and both of them collided their foreheads and let their lips sealed in a sweet kiss. After a few seconds, Jurina broke from their kiss and whisper, “I love you too Rena.”


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Re: Be With You -WMatsui- (One-Shot)
« Reply #17 on: November 04, 2014, 03:34:00 PM »
LOVE IT TO THE MAX. As always your fanfic is awesome. :) :cow:

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Re: Be With You -WMatsui- (One-Shot)
« Reply #18 on: November 04, 2014, 04:57:07 PM »
I love it~ :inlove:
It so good, Rena was always by Jurina's side when she was feeling down.  :twothumbs
Happy Ending for Wmatsui~ :D :wub:

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Re: Be With You -WMatsui- (One-Shot)
« Reply #19 on: November 04, 2014, 06:54:31 PM »
OMGOSH!!! They so cute

Yea Wmatsui 4ever!!!

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