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Author Topic: The Everyday Life - Chapter X (WMatsui) (12/8/14)  (Read 31815 times)

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The Everyday Life - Chapter X (WMatsui) (12/8/14)
« on: May 10, 2014, 04:52:46 AM »
I'm back with a new fic and this time it's gonna be the 'chapter' type  :lol:

The major otp is wmatsui but i'm also gonna potray a few pairings that i like too  :ptam-ok:

I don't have any plans yet, to do the other POV. So I'll just stick with only Jurina's  :)

This chapter is a little bit short, I think?  :depressed: The next chapt will be slightly longer  :hee:


Some people say, you don’t need a college degree to become one of the people who knew what was really going on. If you paid attention, you could pick things up on your own. I began my studies with eagerness but I soon discovered college wasn’t the stereotype thing you watched on television. Many of dreams that had delighted my young inexperience became beautifully less and faded into the light of common day. Sometimes I feel like advising people  to skip college and read Wikipedia for free instead.


       By the way, I’m Jurina. I’m just going to start my sophomore year in college. It’s not that I have a bad social skills or anything, it’s just that I’d rather kept a few company near me rather than a whole pack of people who you don’t even know you could trust. But even with a few friends, there could still be a disguised person hiding inside a mask. So the point is, trust no one. Ah, but my dad always tell me to trust people, even if they backstab you, you still need to trust them. Seriously dad, I don’t get you.

      After a three months break, now its time for me to go back to that lousy campus. Well, the campus isn’t so bad but the students. Most of the students there came from a good and rich family, since it’s a private college. So they’re bound to be groups of people who’ll be like, “My dad donated a huge sum for this” , “Your work is to teach me not to lecture me”. Some lecturers here are just like dolls. They don’t utter a word and just get on with it. But there are also the good ones. Lecturers and students. There’s  people who studied hard, and have sufficient time to have fun. I don’t really think I could be placed in any category. I do things on my own pace and I don’t really give a shit on anything sometimes.

      I stared at the foggy window in my car, while my dad drove beside me. A heavy rain occurred earlier but now it’s just a few drizzles. My dad beside me was a humming to the same tune for the past 10minutes and it was driving me nuts technically.

           “Dad? What song are you currently humming to?”

          “Oh, its just a new tune I created.”

          Should’ve have known. She thought her dad get the hint of her, getting annoyed on the same tune, but yeah, her dad continued humming and now, it’s getting louder. Jurina tilted her head on the window and it was a bad idea since the road their crossing now has a lot of bumps. Ah, its not that far from her campus now. She took out her phone from her pocket and see if some of her friends texted about their arrival at the campus. Nope, nothing. No text. Sometimes she always questions herself on why she actually have a phone.

         “Yosha ! We’re here!” Mr Matsui said happily, as they enter the campus entrance gate.

        “Just drop me off over there. I can go in by myself.”  Jurina pointed out at a walkside on their left just after the roundabout.

       “You sure you don’t want me to send you in to your hostel?”

      “No. Besides, I need to get my key first from the hostel warden at the office.”

       After her dad parked at the side, she unfastened her seatbelt and half sling her bag. Her dad went out of the car to the trunk, to take out her not so huge luggage. Well it was just one luggage. She doesn’t need much. Well most of her friends and her colleagues, be having like two or three huge luggage plus a couple of hand carry bags, as if they’re going to some vacation. Her dad then lifted the only luggage she has, beside the bag on her shoulder, and place it beside Jurina.

      “Thanks dad. You can go now. Bye.”

     “Not so fast ! Where’s my hug?”

      Her dad then open his arms wide and Jurina mentally face-palm and secretly hope no one saw this embarrassing  father-daughter scene. Jurina stiffly hugged her dad and her dad ruffled her hair after letting her go. Great, just great. How about greeting everyone with her hair in a sloppy mess like this. Sounds cool. Not.
“Be a good girl ne? And oh, your mom has been bugging me all day today to tell you that you should find a love interest or anything.”


        “You know… as you are my one and only daughter. If you have someone on your mind, you should tell me straight away okay ! I need to see whether that person is sufficient enough for  a person like you.”

       “Not interested.” Goodness why is her dad giving her a lecture about this kind of things. Like seriously how can this day be more embarrassing. Luckily there wasn’t anyone nearby them, not that she could spotted any.

      “Alright dad. You should go now.” Jurina gritted her teeth and she slowly turned her dad facing the car before pushing him.

     “….And don’t forget to call us if there’s any problem. Especially if there’s a boy trying to hook up with you or—”

    “Won’t happen.” She rolled her eyes. Ugh, she really don’t have time for this sort of thing.


          She walked along the corridors inside the building. Some students passing by looked unfamiliar which automatically makes her labeled them as freshman. But then, she didn’t even knew the whole student on the campus last semester, so they might be sophomores or seniors. Ugh whatever. Jurina reached her destination which is their warden, Oya-sama’s, office. The door was half open so she knocked twice before slowly peeking in inside to find her warden was stuffing on donuts in a hungry mode.


        “Oh! Jurina ! Tadaima !” that was what Jurina manage to interpret at her warden’s greet while her mouth was stuffed with donuts.

        As her warden finally swallowed her remaining donut in her mouth, the warden opened several drawers and search for keys. Seriously, how does she became a warden when her office and herself is such a mess. Someone knock the office door again and this time, one of Jurina’s senior, Sayaka, peeked in. Sayaka bid hello to Jurina before talking to the warden.

        “Eto there seems to be something wrong with the shower. Can you call someone to fix it?”

        “Yeah yeah I’ll call someone. You’re in the 2nd floor , room 25, isn’t it? Don’t worry someone will fixed it up soon” the warden said while still rummaging the drawers, searching for Jurina’s room key.

        “Yatta !! Found it Jurina!” the warden exclaimed in happy tone. “Your three roommates is already in their room. You’ve gotten the same roommate as the last semester but there’s a new person in. Try and make friends with her too ne?”

        “Hai. Arigatougozaimasu.”


        Jurina slowly climb up the stairs to the top floor, the fourth floor. Talk about private college where people contribute a lot of money, their elevator broke down and their college committee didn’t even bothered to quickly repair that one and only elevator. Not that her luggage is too heavy or anything, she just feel like lying on her new bed right now. And why does  this time she gets a room at the top floor. Last semester her room was on the first floor and now it drastically ascend to the first. Every floor has 20 rooms and each room has 2 units inside. Only 4 people are allowed in one room. Sometimes when they held  a party or anything, there tends to be more than 4 people in one room .

        Jurina finally reached the top floor and heaved a sigh before walking straight to her new room. The warden said her roommates are already there. Which means, Mayu and Paruru, her so called “best friends” is here, plus the new girl. Jurina looked at her key number before scanning the number 102 embedded on the door. She found her room and tried to twist the doorknob beforehand, seeing if the door is unlock. And it was, so she swing open the door and immediately face with Paruru who just came out from the small kitchen on her right side with a melonpan still wrap in the plastic on her hand.

       “Oii ! What took you so long!”

       “That was a nice greet,” Jurina shut the door behind her and walked in. Inside this room, there were two other rooms both located on the left side. And there was one bathroom just beside the walkway to the kitchen and a living room. It was not a really a spacious living room, but it was enough for the three of them back then. But now there’s four, but I don’t think it’ll change anything.       

      “So which is my room?” Jurina trying to swung the first room, but eventually it was lock.

     “Hey, that’s my room with the new girl. Wonder why she locked it? But she gave me these though.” Paruru  tear off the plastic and took out the whole melonpan bread.

       Jurina move on to the next room and swing it open violently. The left side of the bed is already preoccupied with a girl wearing a pastel color hoodie, with both of her ears plugged in with an earphone. Yeah, that’s Mayu. Watanabe Mayu. She was the first friend Jurina befriended on the “Get To Know Each Other” session during one of their first days as a freshman. Mayu and her are in different faculties but there are certain subjects that they have in common.

       “Sup Juju,” Mayu put out a “V” sign while her eyes still stare at her phone screen.
Jurina just grunted and nodded. She quickly put her luggage and her bag near her now, bed, before immediately jumping to it. Ah, the fluffyness of the pillow and the warmness of the bed sheets makes her desire to take a nap more deeper.

     “You saw the new girl ?”

     “No,” muffled Jurina, her face still buried in her pillow.

    “She has the same family name as you are. I thought you guys were related or something.”

    “Guess not.”

     Jurina finally swing her body and lay down properly. She turned her head to look at Mayu who has now plug off the earphones from her ears. Mayu was now playing some kind of game on her phone, judging by the sound emitting from it. Jurina noticed something different in Mayu’s phone. What would that b--?

     “Nice phone cover,” Jurina grin a little at Mayu

    “Un. Thanks,”

      Mayu’s face turned red crimson by Jurina’s compliment. Jurina noticed the phone cover was different than the last one she saw. This time, Mayu’s phone cover was decorated with some cute stickers and beads, plus, there were also two alphabets sticker on her phone cover which is, a “Y” and an “M”.  See, Mayu has a girlfriend which was one of the seniors in mass and communication department in their college. They started dating last semester. Jurina was happy that Mayu could finally date the person she likes, since Jurina noticed that Mayu had a huge crush on that senior, Yukirin, back then. But as for Jurina, she doesn’t really feel like being in a relationship that much. Sure there were a couple of students who ask her out  back in high school and even in college. But she gently shook them off.  Being in a relationship is too bothersome and a little burden for Jurina. Ugh, why am I even thinking of this?

      After taking a shower, Jurina thought they’d be eating outside since none of them really cooks that much. But then Paruru told her that the new girl offered to cook for them, so they all simply agreed. Jurina still hasn’t seen the new girl who shared the same last name as hers, not that she was curious or anything. As Jurina went out from her room to the tv couch outside, she could smell a nice aroma fill the surrounding.

      “Smells good doesn’t it?” Paruru said to her.

     “Yeah,”  Jurina sat on the couch with Paruru by her side.

     “Have you said Hello to her?” asked Paruru while her eyes still fixed on the TV screen.

     “Nope. I’ll say it later.”

      Paruru came closer to Jurina’s ear and whispered, “ She’s very pretty you know.”

      Jurina raised her eyebrows and looked at Paruru. What does the new girl being pretty got to do with me?

     “But she’s a little shy though,” Paruru shrug off and stare back at the screen.

        Jurina’s stomach starts to grumble after a few minutes. Maybe she should go help the new girl at the kitchen and took out the plates or something. At the same time, she could just say Hello and stuff. Jurina then stood up and head to the kitchen. She was already at the doorway of the kitchen but she suddenly stop in her tracks. The girl was facing  back from the doorway and scooping the rice to the plate carefully. The girl had a slightly long black hair and judging from her back, she had a pretty slender figure. Wait, why am I talking about this?

       But the girl almost drop the two plates she was holding as she turn back and saw Jurina staring at her.  Oh great, I must have look like a creeper. What a nice way of introducing yourself Jurina. Good job.

      “Sorry for shocking you. I..uh..can I help you with that?” Jurina started to walk forward towards the girl, while the girl, still holding the two plates with omurice, stood in a stiff position.

       Jurina walked past the girl and scoop out the balance rice to the other two plates. Jurina heard a movement behind her and she knew the girl left towards the dining table. Weird, Jurina thought. Something was weird about the girl but she just didn’t know what. Jurina did take a good look earlier on the girl’s face. The girl had a wide eye look when she saw Jurina. She also has a very white skin. Quite pale too.  Her eyes were also dark brown in color. Yeah, that’s how fast Jurina would notice the little exquisite things on people. The girl also did look like what Paruru said earlier. But there’s still this weird feeling about the girl inside Jurina. Ugh whatever.

      Later they all ate in silence and total graceness. No, actually they ate in a full hungry mode as if they’ve never eaten for years. The girl cooking was very good. Or maybe they’re all hungry and that’s why the food taste good. Ah whatever. Jurina sat besides Paruru but facing the girl. The girl seems to be eating a little for some reason. Jurina also noticed a worried look on the girl.

     “Oishii! Your omurice is so delicious,” Paruru said after her plate was squeaky clean.

     “A-Arigatou,” The girl bowed her head a little

    “My omurice always taste so bland if I cook it.” Mayu said after swallowing down her last remaining.

    “You cooked?” Jurina asked in a teasing tone. For all Jurina remembered, the last semester she only saw Mayu cooked twice. And one of that time, the food almost got burnt.

    “I do!” Mayu replied in an annoyed tone.

    “I think the last time you tried to cook that fried tempura, one side of the tempura has the color of a charcoal”

    “Shut up Jurina….”

      All of them laughed. Including the new girl who tugged a smile at the corner of her mouth. Later, Jurina volunteered to wash the dishes,  since the girl cooked and her other friends are too full to even wash dishes, lazy-ass. Jurina and the new girl put the plates and glasses at the sink. The girl seems to be still staying at the sink. Did she forget that Jurina was the one who volunteered to do the dishes.

     “Uh……Matsui-san..let me do the dishes.” It’s kind of weird to call the girl Matsui since she herself is a Matsui. The girl looked a little taken aback as Jurina stand beside her and started to wash the dishes too. Their hands accidentally brush each other while both of them took the plate inside the filled water, which makes the girl beside her blush. Is she sensitive to cold water or something or did I just shoot electric powers to her.

    “It’s okay. Let me do it.”

     The girl half nodded and she wipe her hands on a small towel. As she was about to go out from the kitchen, Jurina’s curiousity on the girl’s name was on point. Don’t get her wrong, its just that she felt awkward to call the girl by “Matsui”.

    “I’m Jurina. You?”

     Jurina heard the girl stopped in her steps. She took her time answering the simple question. Jurina almost thought the girl actually left the kitchen already, but then.

    “Rena,” the girl answered in a small, husky tone.

    “Thanks for the food. Your omurice taste good, Rena.”


      Rena left the kitchen slowly as she said thanks. Its just Jurina and the dishes now. Rena, that sounds like a nice name. The name suits her a lot. Wait, why is she thinking about the girl’s name. Its just a name after all. But really, Rena kind of has an undescribable weird vibe to Jurina. Ok, for the hundredth time, why is she thinking about other people names and stuff. This is so not her. She must have been tired the whole day to actually think about other people. Not that she doesn’t think of others, but she’s like…ugh whatever.

     After Jurina had done with the dishes, she walked out from the kitchen and saw all three of them sitting on the couch staring at the TV. They were watching that certain solving cases kind of drama again. If Jurina wasn’t mistaken, it was acted from a girl group or something.

      “You wanna sleep already?” Mayu asked while her eyes still fixed on the television.

     “Nah just wanna read something…” Jurina answered.

      Jurina’s eyes accidentally met with Rena, but then Rena looked back at the TV again while blushing madly. There goes that weird vibe again that Jurina felt. This Rena girl is sure one of a heck shy girl.

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Re: The Everyday Life (WMatsui)
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 05:10:32 AM »
Yay new chapter type fanific!! :cow:
Hm~ what's this I smell  XD MaYuki ( clearly ) and YuiParu? :?
Lol! Jurina vows not to fall in love but looks like she's starting to break that! :P
Mou~ Rena at least talk more to Juju :mon yeah:
Hm~ is it possible that Rena fell in love with Jurina already? :mon huh: :bigdeal:
Wah~ Mayuyu is so cute by adding Y and M to her phone cover!  :mon lovelaff:
Wow! Jurina's parents sure are something! :mon sweat:
Menamarco - san! You never fail to surprise me with these Amazing fics!! :mon fyeah: :mon thumb:
Update soon~ :sashiko:

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Re: The Everyday Life (WMatsui)
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CAN"T wait for the next chapter~  :nya: :gmon nya:
MAYUKI~ YUIPARU~  :gmon hot:

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Re: The Everyday Life (WMatsui)
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yeah wMatsui! thanx for the fic

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Re: The Everyday Life (WMatsui)
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K-k-kawaii O.O
Continue please!

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Re: The Everyday Life (WMatsui)
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Omg Wmatsui!!!

Rena is so kawaiii >///<

Jurina XD realize ur feeling already

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Re: The Everyday Life (WMatsui)
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Maybe Rena knows Jurina before that? Her secret admirer? haha.
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Re: The Everyday Life II (WMatsui)
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Was actually going to post earlier but something happened so  :err:

But enjoy the second chapter  :doh: :sweatdrop:


            “……All days are nights to see till I see thee,
                   And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me….”


            Jurina kept tapping her pen on the table while listening to her lecturer drowning over these long poems from one of Shakespeare’s work. Don’t get her wrong, but Shakespeare’s poems and plays are really a work of art but his poetries about love and such, sometimes just doesn’t make sense and it makes Jurina very, very, bored.
                “…Well the sentence shows one person who’s madly in love with their partner and their desire to meet and see their love every single day,” explained their lecturer, “Umm, need I explain the second stanza? I’m sure most of you understood what it means. Surely everyone must’ve experience this feeling by this age?”
                   Most of the students laugh and agreed to what their lecturer said. But Jurina just rolled her eyes at the sight of her colleagues being all work up and flustered by just thinking about the meaning behind the poetry. Minutes later, the literature class ended, much to her relief. Jurina couldn’t take more lovey dovey words in her brain right now, plus, her stomach is making some sort of a rock music, signaling her to inhale food as fast as she can.


                 Jurina was too lazy to have lunch outside, plus, her friends, Mayu and Paruru’s class isn’t over yet and she doesn’t feel like eating alone outside. So, she decided to eat at one of the college cafeterias, putting aside the rumors of the food there taste bad. Another crap thing is, the distance, between the Language Building and the cafeteria is so irritably long. Jurina needs to pass by the nursing building, medicinal building and so on. As she was on her way, she spotted a couple of “doctor wanna-be” students in their white lab coat shoveling the ground.
                Wait, does doctor wanna-be students needs to learn how to shovel the ground or something? Weird, thought Jurina. As she was making her way straight, a person walking from the left sidewalk was holding a medium sized aquarium in a troubling way.
               “Rena??” Jurina call out.
                Rena almost slip the aquarium when she call out her name, luckily Jurina rush and managed to hold it on one side. Their fingers had a slight contact, making Rena blush a little and Jurina receiving that weird vibe again.
             “Uh, where shall we put this thing?” Jurina looked downwards at the fish swimming in the aquarium in an odd kind of way.

            “Inside that lab..”

            Both of them carry the aquarium and placed it on a table provided. It really was a sunny day today and Jurina already feels like she’s bathing in sweat. Jurina crouch down to the golden fish eye level and stare as the fish starts to swim in backwards. Weird, is this fish hurt or something? As if Rena heard her unspeakable question.
           “The fish is hurt. It was involve in a fight with the other fish…” Rena explained.

           “Oh…so that’s why the other doctors are shoveling the ground? To bury the dead fish?” Jurina look up to Rena. But Rena seems to cover her laugh a little, making Jurina think of what the heck she says that makes this girl laughed.

          “Uh…..sorry did I said something..stupid?”

          “We’re not doctors. We’re the veterinary students,” Rena clarified.

         “People who wear those white lab coats all looked like a doctor to me. Sorry about that,” Jurina scratched her head.

        “I-It’s okay,” Rena then crouched down beside Jurina and stare at the fish in the aquarium. “Do you know why it’s swimming backwards?”

        “Umm…. I’m not that much of a fan of fishes. Care to explain?”

         Rena blush and bit her lips a little before explaining, “ The fish was badly bit at the pectoral fins and the ventral fins. Pectoral fins control the pitching of the fins causing it to swim upwards or downwards and the ventral fin controls rolling and the yawning of fish. That’s why the fish is moving that way since those 2 main fins are injured.”
         Jurina was set in a daze as soon as Rena starts to give out information over the fins. All Jurina could think of was, ‘this girl really loves animals or something’. “You sure know your stuff huh……..”
         Rena blushed as she sees Jurina’s dark black orbs staring deep at her and her mouth slightly gaped open in an odd kind of way. “T-Thank you.”
         Jurina then stood up and took a one last look at the fish. As if to remind her, that fish is also a type of food that people consume daily, her stomach starts to growl again. Loud enough for Rena to hear since she asked.
        “Are you h-hungry?”

        “Y-Yeah….. I was actually on my way to the cafeteria. Umm, w-wanna have lunch with me?”

         Rena look a little stunned before her cheeks tints red again. “Y-You want to have lunch..with me?” Jurina doesn’t quite know why Rena is questioning on why does she wants to have lunch with her. “Um..yeah…I mean, aren’t you hungry? It’s lunch time now.” “Um….okay. Can you wait for a second? I-I mean….just a second!”
         Jurina just stood at the same spot as she sees Rena hurrying over to another room while she undo the buttons on her lab coat. Jurina heard some boxes falling over to the floor inside the room Rena was in and questioned whether to see if there was something wrong. “Are you okay? Is anything wrong?” “N-No!” Ah, this girl, Jurina thought to herself, it’s been almost 2 weeks and a half since they stayed together as roommates, but Rena still isn’t that comfortable (?) with Jurina. Not in a bad way but, Rena seems a little clumsy sometimes when Jurina is around and it is really awfully cute. Matte….cute? Umm….not in ‘that’ that kind of way. You know, cute, as in cute? Ugh whatever.


        They ate lunch in an awkward silence and Jurina thanked God that Mayu and Paruru came over to their table because the silence was so unbearable and Jurina seems to be lost for words and questions at that time.

          “Hey can I take that pumpkin?” Mayu point out at the slice of pumpkin on Jurina’s tray.

          “Yeah yeah sure,” Jurina stuff the last bits of rice in her mouth.

         “Oh my gawdddd! Why is the egg so salty?” Paruru make a frown face while she munch on her eggs.

        “Too much soy sauce I suppose.” Rena muttered and offered Paruru a glass of water.

        “I guess the rumors about the cafeteria food here kinda sucks is true, huh”

        “I suppose so. By the way, Rena, are you just eating that, for lunch?”

         Jurina did noticed for the past 2.5 weeks, Jurina swore she’d always seen Rena eating that melonpan and wonder where she even got the supply. And melonpans are very sweet and contains a lot of sugar, and sugar can make people ‘high’. But Rena seems to be ‘high’ in a more clumsy way, thought Jurina and she tried to cover her smile.
        “What are you smirking about?” Mayu raised one eyebrow.
         Jurina flapped her arms, “Nothing. I just find it unique for her to consume a huge amount of sugar everyday.”
         Rena suddenly coughed and almost choked on her melonpan. She quickly drank the whole glass of water to make way for her food to be swallowed properly. They all chuckled at the small incident, making Rena’s cheeks turned pink.
         “Umm, guys,” Mayu slowly stood up from her chair, “I gotta go somewhere. See y’all later.”

        As Mayu walked away from the table, Paruru hit the table, making both Rena and Jurina flinched, “I bet 500Yen she’s off to meet Yukirin,” “Bet is off because we all are 100% sure she’s off to meet her,” Paruru shrugged her shoulders before finishing off her food.
        “So…..when are you going off to a secret meeting to see someone too?” Jurina asked Paruru.



      It was a lovely, lovely Sunday and all Jurina could think was is to sleep, sleep and sleep. Today is one of those days where she didn’t appreciate the birds chirping merrily over the branches and the sky being so crystal clear. Jurina slept late last night and it’s all thanks to Mayu. They rented one of their seniors PS3 and to sum up, they had a continuous Tekken battle which involves Paruru smuggling a couple tin of beer out of nowhere and Rena being the silent supporter on the couch.
         The most awkwardest and embarrassing thing is, Jurina didn’t woke up in her room. She quickly stood up from her bed, and become a little dizzy after that. Just how much beer she consume yesterday? She saw Paruru sprawling and sleeping soundlessly on her own bed, which means, the bed she was sleeping in was—
         The door slowly peeked opened and a wide eyed Rena jumped a little in shock as she saw Jurina looking a little wild and bewildered, not to mention, Jurina’s hair sticking out in all the wrong places.

         “O-Ohayo……” mumbled Rena


         “Mayu told me to wake b-both of you…..”

         “I’m sorry.”

         “……. ?”

         “Uh….where did you sleep last night?”

        “I-In your room….”

       “Oh…okay. Umm, sorry for… know….sleeping…”And Jurina rushed out of the room in a flash of light. Words like “what-the-heck-were-you-thinking-matsui-jurina” keeps popping in her mind.


        Despite they had become pretty crazy last night, they had agreed to go to their college library and do some of their assignments there today. But Paruru was somehow a bit reluctant to go to the library. Giving excuses that doesn’t really seems to make sense such as “the library is quite huge, don’t you think you’ll get lost in it”, “we can find a more smaller library somewhere outside you know”. Seriously what the heck is going on with Paruru. Most probably, the alcohol from last night didn’t completely wear off yet.



           Their college library is as huge as the states library, thought Jurina. Its architecture has a slight touch of Greek arts and somehow looked very majestic to her. They shuffled into the library and went into their separate ways. Some went and search for some research books while Jurina and Paruru stay at the empty table nearby the librarian. As Jurina was doing her phonetic writing exercise, she noticed Paruru was looking a little dishevel and kept glancing back and forth at the bespectacled librarian. Do they know each other or something, thought Jurina, but her thoughts were interrupted as she heard books thudded on the floor.


         Jurina look over behind her to see Rena picking up the books on the floor while holding her right foot. There goes this cute little clumsy girl. Jurina pushed her chair and went to help Rena picking up her books. There were two thick books and one of them was entitled “Vertebrates in The Earth”. This girl is sure digging the animal kingdom, thought Jurina.

         “T-Thank you.”

          Jurina just nodded and both of them went back to their table. Paruru who still looked a bit cautious somehow said in a loud tone, “You know Rena, you really are pretty clumsy. But it’s cute.” While Paruru said that, she kept glancing at the librarian, trying to catch her attention.


        “Yeah…very cu—“

        “Could you keep your voice down for heaven’s sake, we’re in the library!” hissed Mayu as she came to the table with her reference book.

         They all did their own work in silence after that. Well, not really. They did talk a little too loud sometimes which makes the librarian look at them quite a fair few times. As they’ve been at the library for almost 2 hours, they decided to leave. The three of them head to the librarian counter since Rena had a couple of books to lend, while Mayu waited outside and Paruru seems to be standing a little bit far from the counter.
         The librarian looks like the same age as them or maybe just a little older. Her eyes are quite slant behind those glasses, but she has a nice cheerful smile. Jurina notice her name was ‘Yokoyama Yui’ based on the golden embroided letters on the black nametag.

        “Do you have your student card?” she asked Rena. Rena rummaged her small bag and purse like crazy but then.

        “Here,” Jurina gave out her student card.

        “Thank you very much,” the librarian said with a smile. Jurina notice at the corner of her eye  that Rena was staring at her like she save the world or something. Well, you know, since Jurina is the kindest person on earth. A student card is nothing. Pfft.

        “You should bring back this book by 29th of May, Matsui-san,” the librarian said towards Rena.

       “You know her?” Jurina somehow blurted this question out of the blue and she was so regretting it because it sounds kinda stupid.

      “Umm ...yes. Your roommate did told me a lot about all of you.”

      “Roommate? Who? You mean, Parur—“

      “Guyssssss let’s goooooo…” Paruru dragged both Rena and her in the arm and out from the library.

          They went to an ice cream parlour after putting their books back at their apartment. And as they sat on a bench, under a shady oak tree, Jurina couldn’t help but to think, maybe, just maybe, Paruru might have something going on with that nice librarian, but for some reason she’s hiding it from all of them. Her ponder came to a halt as she felt someone tapping her shoulder.

        “Your student card,” Rena hold out to Jurina, “ T-Thank you..…again.”

        “It’s nothing,” said Jurina as she keep back her card in her purse.

       “Must be annoying……”


       “Must be annoying to y-you… that I’m always clumsy..” Rena bowed her head down a little while licking her ice cream.

          At that moment, Rena kinda look like a small puppy licking its treat in a sad kind of way, but whatever it is, its really cute, thought Jurina. Okay, she surrender. The ‘cute’ word really is starting to grow on Jurina, about Rena. “Annoying? You kidding me?”

         “Y-You’s….it’s more worse than annoying?” Rena asked in a horrified tone.

         For some reason, Jurina’s hands started to work on their own. Yes, someone is exorcising her body, help! Jurina gently put a hand on Rena’s shoulder and said, “Your cute clumsiness is actually your charm point to me.” And as Jurina realized what her lips had just spoke, both of them blushed and Jurina quickly ungrasp her hand from Rena’s shoulder and look sideways. Jurina visually slapped her mouth quite a few times. What the heck has got into her these days? This must be the blame of the literature class. Screw you Shakespeareeeeeeee!!! Jurina’s inner thoughts screamed. And after that they didn’t spoke towards each other at all that day.


       Jurina was heading back to her apartment that afternoon since she her literature class was cancelled, because the lecturer had a high fever, much to Jurina’s happiness. But as she reached her room, she found that the door is unlocked. Wait, I thought all of them have classes till mid noon, thought Jurina. She turned the doorknob and found someone was laughing. An unfamiliar girl’s voice. Jurina turned to the kitchen and saw Rena just finished brewing a coffee and handing out to this girl whose holding a drawing sketchbook. As soon as Rena met eyes with Jurina, she dropped the glass of coffee to the floor.


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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter II (WMatsui) UPDATED
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2014, 01:22:14 PM »
 :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer:
AWESOME chapter~  :nya:
SOMEONE APPEARED. I guess that will be Airin?  :shock:
NEXT CHAPTER PLSSSSS~ :tantrum:  :on comhere:
GOOD JOB! :deco:

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter II (WMatsui) UPDATED
« Reply #9 on: May 12, 2014, 10:33:32 PM »
Update , YaY~ :cow:
Of course the person in the end is Airin!! :P Hm~ almost felt like calling her RinRin  XD
Lol~ imagining Rena doing that sad, but cute puppy move and Jurina comforting her just make me blush!!
Hahaha! Paruru come on and introduce Yuihan already :P2
Guessing Rena already developed feelings for Jurina, considering that she was blushing all the time and got pretty shocked seeing Jurina while with Airin!  :nervous  :catglare:
I'm expecting for Jurina to become jealous of Rena having fun with Airin :angry:
Love this chapter! Update soon~

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter II (WMatsui) UPDATED
« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2014, 03:41:37 AM »
Update , YaY~ :cow:
Of course the person in the end is Airin!! :P Hm~ almost felt like calling her RinRin  XD
Lol~ imagining Rena doing that sad, but cute puppy move and Jurina comforting her just make me blush!!
Hahaha! Paruru come on and introduce Yuihan already :P2
Guessing Rena already developed feelings for Jurina, considering that she was blushing all the time and got pretty shocked seeing Jurina while with Airin!  :nervous  :catglare:
I'm expecting for Jurina to become jealous of Rena having fun with Airin :angry:
Love this chapter! Update soon~

I cant help but to imagine Rena in that cute puppy move too lol  :ptam-glow:
Paruru is still shy about it  :lol:
Thanks for liking this chapt  :heart: shall update soon :P

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter II (WMatsui) UPDATED
« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2014, 03:48:57 PM »
Eeeh? That unbearable clumsiness of Rena-chan XD
Wait, wait, why Rena dropped the coffee (۳ ˚Д˚)۳

Update soon ! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter III (WMatsui) UPDATE !
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Why do we feel jealousy? Therapists often regard the demon as a scar of childhood trauma or a symptom of a psychological problem. And it's true that people who feel inadequate, insecure, or overly dependent tend to be more jealous than others. But this really got nothing to do with Jurina. Childhood trauma? The only thing she has a trauma is drinking the milk right from the bottle. Jurina had experience countless time of drinking spoilt milk and you don’t wanna know how it tasted like. Is she secure with her life? Umm yeah…because she just don’t give a what or anything sometimes, so what is it to be insecure about. Overly dependent? No. Jurina is a very independent person and everyone in her family knows that. Pfft.


   Jurina tied the black plastic bag in a knot before lifting it up from the bin. Shards of broken pieces of glass could be heard as Jurina headed out of the apartment. Holy crap it’s still raining, thought Jurina as she pressed the down button on the elevator. Yes, the elevator has already been repaired. The huge dustbin where the trash lorry comes and collect is located not that far from the apartment. Around 100 metres. But the thing is, it’s raining like crazy. Ah, whatever, I could just sprint there, thought Jurina. Back when Jurina was in high school, she’s also known as the fast sprinter, so…yeah.


   Their apartment door opened once again, but this time, a soaking wet Jurina enters the house followed by drips of water falling down from her hair and clothes.  Rena who was at the couch with that sketchbook girl stood up as they see Jurina in that wet condition. Not to mention that grim expression plastered on Jurina’s face as she walked to the apartment with her shoes soggy wet, plus the annoying squeaky sound.
         “You’re soaked!” the sketchbook girl said
         “Yeah yeah….. don’t mind me. Chat along with her will you,” Jurina shoo-ed her hand before entering her room.
        “……..she’s a little grumpy huh, Rena-chan…..”
           Grumpy? Yeah right, thought Jurina as she rolled her eyes. Who’s that girl anyway? And why is she in their apartment, thought Jurina as she undressed herself from her wet clothes and put it in a bucket. Jurina changed into her brown color sweater before tucking in her bed. It’s still noon but the sky out there looks like it’s almost nighttime already. Ah, this rain and the temperature around her makes her feel more drowsy and sleepy. She did feel a little hungry, and she could just cooked ramen at the kitchen, but Jurina doesn’t have the mood to have a conversation with the sketchbook girl nor Rena. And that is bound to happen if Jurina goes out from the room, because sketchbook girl looks like the talkative type. Whatever it is, all Jurina could remember before she slips away to dreamland, is the slight twinge of annoyance she felt as she saw Rena’s huge smile as she was giving the coffee to the sketchbook girl. Weird….

           Jurina’s eyes flutters open as she heard some movements in her room. Turns out Mayu was back and she just came in to their room while holding Jurina’s bucket.
          “What are you doing with my buc-- *a-a-achuuuu* bucket?” asked Jurina while she searched for some tissues to blow her nose.

          “I took it to the washing machine. And I also mopped the small puddle you made on the floor. Seriously Jurina, am I your maid or something?” Mayu joked

          “Ah….thank you for your kindness. How could I ever repay you?”

          “Ha Ha Ha,” Mayu said as she lay down in her bed while staring at her phone, “By the way, did you throw the rubbish just now?”


          “Why? I thought we replaced with a new one yesterday?”

          “There was something that I throw in there that needs to be thrown away to the big bin as soon as possible.”

          “Like what?”

          “Horse poop”



   Basically, it was almost 5pm and Jurina haven’t even had lunch and she’s almost at that point where she could turn into a cannibal or something. Plus, the irritating sneezing every once in a while, just makes things worst. She went out from her room to find Paruru eating a bag of chips on the couch, while her eyes plastered on her phone screen. Paruru seems to be indulged with her phone lately though. But whatever it is, Jurina headed to the kitchen and took out the instant chicken soup ramen flavor from the cupboard, pour some hot water, and waited a few minutes before slurping the whole thing off.

   It was around 8.30pm that night and Jurina suddenly remembered, right after she and her colleagues found the note sticking on their cancelled literature class, she was too un-excited to read the other details besides their lecturer says he isn’t going to come. But Jurina’s quite sure he did added something in the notes that are related with small assignments to do. Maybe she should just text Nao-chan, thought Jurina. As she sees the dark screen on her phone, holy crap….I forgot to charge my phone. Screw this smart phone with this dying A.S.A.P battery!

   Jurina walked outside in the chilly night. Passing door by door. Howling winds coud be heard. Wait, it’s not scary as you might think. There were a few passer bys here and there and sounds of slamming doors and sudden burst laugh coming out from several rooms. Mostly, that would be the seniors room, because, well, the seniors are the pharaoh here. I mean , not the evil pharaoh. The reason Jurina is out here is because, she’s heading to Nao-chan’s room to ask the goddamn assignment and luckily Nao-chan stays just one floor below, so Jurina just went down by the stairs.
   Knock knock

   The door swing open and a girl with deep dimples stood at the door. If Jurina isn’t mistaken, the girl’s name is Kanon or something. Jurina could hear loud music coming from the room somehow.


           “Uh….can I speak with Nao-chan?”

                “Ah……chotto matte ne,” The girl went back in while leaving her door open wide before running off to one of the room. Later, Nao came out from her room, wearing a white comfy shorts with a pink shirt.

           “Jurina…? What do you wanna talk about?” Nao asked with her twinkling, bright eyes. It shines more as they were talking under the door light.

           “Umm……is there any assignment that Tsubaki sensei gave to us earlier? I took off kinda fast earlier.”

           Nao chuckled a little before answering, “Yeah, there is. Sensei told us to write the full poem of Sonnets in our notebook and interpret the first and second stanza.”

            “Ah I see…” Jurina heaved a sigh as she imagined the long stanzas that she needs to write, “Thank you very much Nao-chan. By the way, your room is really lively.”

           “Lively? Well you can drop off here anytime you want,” Nao winked at her. Luckily Jurina has her heart shield with an armour so that she doesn’t fall for people easily. Because Nao is considered as one of the prettiest girl and pretty much the wink effect will hit you hard after 3 seconds and you’ll completely fall for her. But not Jurina. Although she has to admit, Nao really is pretty.

            “Haha thanks again. See you tomorrow. Goodnight,”Jurina bid goodbye before turning away.

           Jurina head back to the stairs again but she almost halted in her step as the girl who just came out from the room nearby was.

           “Thanks for the manga. I will read it as soon as possible!” said Rena cheerfully as she got out from the room. “Matane. Goodnight..”

        As Rena turned around, she froze at the spot as she saw Jurina walking at her direction. Its because the stairs were near the room Rena was standing infront with. Jurina doesn’t know why but she just didn’t even greet Rena and just walk off and climb the stairs but—

           “J-Jurina…!” Rena suddenly call out from behind.

           Jurina turned around and look at Rena with a puzzled look on her face.

           “Let’s w-walk together….”

        Their room is just one floor above and Rena called her just to walk with her. Well, Jurina did seem to be a little cold. Jurina doesn’t even know why she’s been acting a little cold to Rena since the broken glass incident earlier. “Sure..”

   Somehow, they climbed the stairs in a more slower pace. Technically, if Jurina did her fast sprint, they’ll be there in not more than 10 seconds. But this time, as Jurina walked side by side with Rena aka Cute Clumsy Girl, her feet seems to be a bit heavy somehow as she dragged her feet on the stairs. Jurina doesn’t know why, but she just wanted to break the awkward silence between both of them as they climb the seemingly never ending stairs.

           “You like to read mangas?”

           “Un. Do you?” Rena asked in a curious tone.

           “I prefer watching anime more than reading mangas…”

           “I like to watch anime too.”

           “Cool. Guess we have a mutual likings…..”

   Rena blushed and bit her lips before saying, “If you have any anime you wanted to see b-but you’ve never seen it yet, y-you can tell me. My friend likes to download a lot of animes and if…if…”

           “You mean the friend earlier? The one in our room?”

                 Rena nodded. “Her name is Airin…”


   And there goes that silence again but this time they’ve reached their apartment and as Jurina open the door, she could hear Paruru talking on her phone in the kitchen.

           “…..How long are you gonna work there? You rarely have time for me now….”

   Paruru ended her conversation abruptly as she heard the apartment door close. Jurina and Rena entered together and turned to look at the kitchen to find Paruru staring at them with a cover up blank expression kind of face.

           “Where did you two go?”

           “Friend’s room” both Jurina and Rena answered in unison

           “You mean the same person for both of you?”


           “Why don’t you just continue your conversation with the person who rarely have time for you, ne?” Jurina winked at Paruru and caught a heavy blush creeping in her face right before Jurina walks away. Jurina also caught Rena covering her snicker as she said that towards Paruru.


   As usual, Jurina’s stomach was playing that Linkin Park song kind of tune as she made her way, to the cafeteria, once again. She passed by the veterinary room but the door was close shut, either they’re having classes, or they’re not. Jurina took her tray from the cafeteria lady and sat at an empty table, alone. As she was ‘inhaling’ her rice, she heard that not-so-unfamiliar laugh once again, and turned around to see, not that far from her table, that ‘sketchbook’ girl or so called Airin, laughing to Jurina-don’t-even-know-what with this bird looking girl and…..Rena.

   Rena has a huge smiling face at that time. She also laughed till her gums could be seen while clapping her hands. This is definitely a rare sight of Rena that Jurina has never seen. How can she be so free and happy over there laughing at that sketchbook Airin girl jokes, maybe (?). For the past 1 month they had been roommates, Jurina never saw that kind of laugh and carefree Rena before. Maybe Paruru and Mayu did, but not her. Why can’t she laugh and smile like that in front of me? Wait……..why do I actually care? Jurina, this is so not you. Don’t get sidetrack Jurina, she reminded to herself in her mind.

           “Jurina-chan~~,” a melodious voice suddenly calls her, earning head turns from Rena and her friends. Turnsout it was Nao with her dimple roommate, Kanon. *KABOOMMM canon sound effect*


           “Can we sit with you?” Jurina haven’t even answered but both of them had already settled down.

           “Um…you already did.” Jurina point out.

   And later after that, for some odd reasons, Jurina keep cracking up some of her genius puns and earning laughters from both girls. Take that, sketchbook girl, you think you’re the only group who can laugh, Jurina thought in the back of her mind. Wait……..since when has Jurina been so competitive? But oh well, she shrugged off the thought in her mind. Jurina took a slight glance at Rena’s table and Rena seems to be stealing glances at her too at the same time, and their eyes met. Jurina just blankly stare at that dark brown orbs from afar while Rena shyly stared back. Jurina pulled away from the unofficial staring battle as she felt someone patted her shoulders.

           “Nee nee, see that girl.” Kanon nod off at the girl who just walked in inside the cafeteria. If Jurina wasn’t mistaken, isn’t that—

           “Yui-han?” said Nao

           “You know her name?” Kanon asked in a disbelief tone.

           “Duh, she’s the part-timer librarian at our college,”

           “Part-timer? I thought she’s always working there in the library..” Jurina asked as she eyed the librarian.

           “Nope, she works only on Saturday and Sunday. She’s a student here too. Majoring the same thing as us, except that she’s a senior,” Nao explained.

           “Oh I see….”

           “She looks kinda cool and cute at the same time,” Kanon clasped her hands together in a dreamy kind of look.

           “Cut your imaginations. She’s taken,” said Nao as she unwrap her onigiri.

           “Really??” Kanon and Jurina said in unison.

           “Wait….Jurina, don’t tell me you don’t know. She is dating your friend. Your roommate? Paruru?

   [inserts gossip girl’s narrator voice] Some secrets couldn’t be kept forever. Not even from your closest friend. What will happen as Jurina found out about her friend’s secret lover? And what will Jurina’s sudden competitive feelings turn upon to towards Airin the sketchbook girl? Tune in on “The Everyday Life Chapter III” coming soon. XOXO.

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The Everyday Life Chapter III (WMatsui) UPDATE!
« Reply #13 on: May 14, 2014, 02:53:51 AM »
you really got amazing writing skills author-san! :)

your opening chapter where you describe what jealousy is reminds me of a korean series titled 'you who came from the stars'. lol never mind what i'm saying hehe..

you never fail to make me smile as i read your story. looking forward to the next chapter! :)

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter III (WMatsui) UPDATE!
« Reply #14 on: May 14, 2014, 02:57:35 AM »
Haha~ Paru no running away from the truth now! :P
I thought Jurina would have already guessed that YuiParu became a couple already. Well Jurina is sometimes clueless XD
Airin makes her appearance! And so does Churi!! :) Non - chan is here too~ :lol:
Come on Rena show that laugh and smile to Jurina too~ :nervous :sweatdrop:
When will Jurina open up from her cold like heart and open her eyes to see that she became jealous when Rena is with Airin! :angry: :smhid
These updates just make me so happy~ :D This chapter made my day after a long work from school!  :twothumbs  :cow:
Thank you Menamarco-san! :thumbsup
Update soon ~

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter III (WMatsui) UPDATE!
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2014, 03:28:05 AM »
Aaaah~ A relax, teenage life story ft WMatsui... There's nothing better than THIS! :thumbsup
Great work, Menamarco-san!

Someone gotta punch Jurina in the face to hit off her naivety and obliviousness XD
Looking forward for next! :kneelbow:
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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter III (WMatsui) UPDATE!
« Reply #16 on: May 14, 2014, 04:56:10 AM »


Yuihan is a senior and she works part-time?! No wonder she barely has time to spend with Paruru!

How did they even get together? They better interrogate Paruru next chapter!

*coughs* ANYWAY, it seems that Jurina's secretly (and unconsciously) developed feelings for Rena...

On a similar note, Nao is either crushing on Jurina or is oblivious and adorable

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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter III (WMatsui) UPDATE!
« Reply #17 on: May 14, 2014, 07:54:07 AM »
Great story as always (∩_∩)
I love competition, especially when it comes to JuriRenAirin XD


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Re: The Everyday Life Chapter IV (WMatsui) UPDATE!
« Reply #18 on: May 16, 2014, 02:40:26 AM »
  @ainivel : Thank you ainivel-san  :lol: you who came from the stars? that korean drama ? i like that drama though..

  @River1721 : River -san !! Hiiiii ! lol  :D Jurina is sometimes a little dense, that's why she still can't figure it out lol

  @embee5442 : I also have the urge to shake Jurina off some sense

  @yuuyu : Lmao at the gif  XD hellyeah yuiparu !!!  :heart:



            “Ouch ! You stepped on my foot !” Mayu whimpered in pain


            “S-Sorry…. I- I didn’t mean too…” Rena kept bowing towards Mayu.

            “You guys…….” Jurina turned to them and put a finger on her lips, signalling them to be quiet.

        All three of them continued to watch the scene in front of them behind the gaps of book shelves in the library. Acting like some pro stalker. Yes, they are stalking someone. Not some unknown someone. They’re stalking they’re roommate, Paruru, who told them earlier that she’s off to meet some friends for group work assignment, but ended up in this particular library. Paruru is seriously one of the worst liars, Jurina thought. She really couldn’t think up of a better lie sometimes. She needs to learn from the pro, whose hiding behind this bookshelves.
“Rena-chan, you keep an eye on the librarian okay?” Mayu commanded to Rena

           “Hai !”

       Because it was Friday. And Friday means Yui isn’t working that day. Thanks to Nao for the piece of information. Paruru and Yui were at the far corner of the table and they were talking or maybe explaining (?) Yui seems to be giving an explanation towards a displease-looking Paruru. Just then, they saw Yui stroke Paruru’s cheek. Wow, wow, didn’t knew Paruru was already at that level in terms of skinship, Jurina eye them in awed.
     “Pfft…. That’s normal,” Mayu smirked as she saw Jurina’s reaction.

     “I bet you did way more high level stuff than that, huh?” Jurina rolls eyes.

     “What? I’m not a perv—“

   #####ACHUUUUUUUUU!! ######

   Jurina quickly dodged down before both of the lovebirds saw them peeking in. But the crap thing is, not only that Rena sneezed loudly, she also managed to toppled off a couple of books from the shelf, on the floor. 10 points for CCG!! , Jurina mentally said in her head.

   “S-Sorry…the….the bookshelf…I-It was a little dusty..” apologized Rena as she picks up the book around her.

   Just then, they heard a chair pushing, either it was one of the lovebirds, or the librarian, Jurina don’t know but all she knew, is they have to crawl out from this shelf section before anyone thinks they’re some suspicious bomber or something. Jurina crawl ahead first before signalling those two to follow her. Luckily, the library was pretty much deserted. They kept crawling like they’re in some military training or something. They turned to another section of bookshelves before Jurina heard some footsteps and—

   “Eh? What are you guys doing there?” a puzzled looking Yui appeared.


   And here they are, all three of them, at the same table, in an awkward kind of silence. All three of them sat facing Paruru and Yuihan, while bowing their heads as if they had commited a crime or something.

   “Did you guys come and stalk us?” Yui asked sounding amused.

   “No.. not really. We..umm.. actually came to accompany, Rena—“


   Due to Rena, “Eh”-ing, the lie seems to be pretty obvious. So, it ended up with Jurina explaining the whole thing and somehow Yui doesn’t seems to be piss off but she finds it amusing. Paruru on the other hand seems to be blushing like mad.

   “Paruru must’ve not told you guys about us yet didn’t she?” Yui chuckled.

   “Mou………” mumbled Paruru.

   “Just tell us since when have you both started dating?” the impatient side of Mayu starts to arose, “Don’t tell me it was since last semester, because I swear Paruru is freaking single at that time.”


   “Lonelyyyyyy *hic I’m Mr Lone-- *hic lyyyy… I have nobodyyy…*hic out of my own…yeahhhhh!!”

   Jurina put a hand to cover Paruru’s drunk song cover of Akon before some of the people in their apartment will notice. Paruru was unsteady on her feet, so Jurina and Mayu both took Paruru’s arm on their shoulders and walk with her back to their apartment. It was a Saturday night and they decided to go and have a few sip of beer but Paruru went overboard and this is what happens in the end.

   “Mayuuuuu, you cutie little doll……..” Paruru really stank of beer the most between the three of them, “I’m so jealous *hic …of you….”

   “Why?” Jurina wish she never asked that question.

   “Why? WHYYY?” somehow Paruru seems to be a little bit aggressive now. Screw you alcohol! “She has a *hic ….perfect girlfriend? Whereas I?? We? What do we have *hic…. Jurina? WE’RE A BUNCH OF LONERS FOR THE REST OF OUR LI—

   “Shut up!!!!! Or you’ll get us into trouble later!!” hissed Mayu as she covers Paruru’s mouth with her hand. “We are seriously not gonna drink with you again.”

######END FLASHBACK######

   As Mayu finished telling her flashback story, Jurina felt a kick under the table, which was supposed to be made for Mayu, but in the end, Jurina’s the one who received it.

   “Ouch !! What’s that for??”

   “Eh? Sorry, wrong leg..” Paruru shrug off as if saying kicking Jurina’s leg is fine too.

   Why you salty little ponkotsu, Jurina mentally make a note to tell all Paruru’s drunken moments to Yui someday.

   “I can’t believe she got drunk to that level,” giggled Yui, “Well……it actually started on the last day before the 2 months holiday. Paru asked for my number.”


   “And then we started to contact each other during the holidays. We also became official during the holidays too,” Yui looked upwards with a thoughtful look, “Umm… what else to tell?”

   “How did you fall for this human?” Jurina points at Paruru.

   “She’s a sweet girl hahaha. How could not one fall for her?” Yui scratched her head, a little embarrass of the question.

   “SWEET??” Jurina and Mayu visually face palm.

   “…..Sugoii…..” mumbled someone furthest to the left.

   Jurina turned her head to see Rena having this sparkling look in her eyes. What is this girl on about, looking all dreamy? Is she fantasizing and hoping for a relationship like this or something?


   “See how she leans her cheek upon her hand.
         O that I were a glove upon that hand,
         That I might touch that cheek.”

         Jurina scribbled down one of Romeo and Juliet poems again on her note. From what Jurina could interpret from the three lines, this Romeo dude have a case of pervness inside of him. He wishes to be a glove, just so he can feel the girl’s cheek? What the heck. Serious case of lust indeed, thought Jurina, as she close her notes shut.

         It was the weekend and Jurina’s all alone, except maybe, Rena’s in her room too. Mayu and Paruru went out for a date with their partners and left Jurina with this pile of literature. Jurina looked outside the window and saw the green grass and trees, plus the wind blowing at a speed where she felt like she should take a walk or something. Jurina changed her clothes and went out from the apartment. Rena wasn’t there too, since Jurina slightly peeked in her room and saw that it’s empty.

         It was one of those perfect English spring days which occur more frequently in memory than in life. When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest. The only thing that could spoil a day was people and if you could keep from making engagements, each day had no limits. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.
Jurina sat on the thick and plush grass, like a brand new carpet after mowing, a smell so fresh you can almost taste the green. Ah, it’s great if she could sit and lay in this grass all day long. With this kind of weather, for sure the colleagues here will be spending their time outside rather than caving in their apartment. As Jurina sat comfortably on the grass, she saw a couple of lovebirds holding hands and being all giggly and stuff. Jurina realised her perception towards “dating” and “being in a relationship” starts to change recently. As she see most of her friends are in one of those happylands, she really couldn’t believe a small thought struck in her mind on when it’s her turn to date someone. This is completely ridiculous, thought Jurina. This is all your fault, weather.

       As Jurina was about to lay on the grass, she heard some movement nearby. Something like a stomped in the ground. Is someone exercising nearby or something? Jurina crooned up her neck to see whether there’s anyone nearby but to no avail.


      She heard it again, that thumping sound. As if someone was falling on the ground for numerous times. Jurina squinted her eyes to the bed of bushes not really far from her. Underneath those bushes gap, she saw some white thing floating along. Sometimes appear, sometimes disappear. What the heck? Jurina thought. Jurina then stood up and slowly walk towards the bushes. She looked over and saw her. Rena, crouching down on the ground, holding something in her hand.

      Rena turned around, “J-Jurina…What are you doing here?”

    “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?”

     Jurina took a distance before sprinting and jumped over the bushes. Rena was gawking at her over the jump. Jurina feeling slightly shy over the gawk, for some odd reason, decided to sit down on the grass beside the crouching Rena.

    “What’s that in your hand?”

     Rena slowly open her palms and revealed…

   “A cricket!?” Jurina back off a litte. Insects, pfft, one of those things Jurina don’t like.

    Rena giggled as she saw Jurina backing off a little. Maybe she didn’t expect the charismatic Jurina to be afraid of insects. “It’s a grasshopper.”

   “Eh?? What’s the difference between a cricket and a grasshopper?”

   “Grasshoppers are diurnal, they are active during the day, while crickets are nocturnal and active during the night. Besides, grasshopper is a symbol of good luck.”

    Again, Jurina was captivated for a moment when Rena starts to explain. When Rena starts to explain diligently towards her, something about this CCG began to shine in Jurina’s eyes suddenly. And this kind of feeling have been appearing quite often lately. Rena sure does have this weird vibe, thought Jurina.

   “Good Luck? So you wanna keep it?”

   “Umm…. I don’t think so,” Rena’s expression turns a little solemn, “I’ve seen people keeping insects as their pets and locking it in jars. I-I just don’t think it’s comfortable for them…to be in it. It’s better if they’re free in this wide nature.”


   “Ju-Jurina? Are you alright?”

  “Y-Yeah….” Jurina literally space out a little again as she saw the considerate side of Rena. And Jurina doesn’t know why, she felt very happy to see this side of her.

  “S-Sorry……” Rena looked at the ground.

  “Eh?? For what?”

  “I must have looked like a weird person explaining this kind of things to you. I get that a lot back then….”


   Rena slightly lifted her head in confusion.

  “It’s not weird to me. The weird person is the people thinking you’re weird when you’re explaining this kind of thing. They don’t have this kind of epic knowledge and enthusiasm like you. I think you’re…. I think you’re cool.”

   Rena blushed furiously at the coming compliments she just received from Jurina. “Me? Cool?”

  “Yeah… you… t-to me, you’re cool. And I won’t change my mind about that fact,” Jurina’s heartbeat started to beat louder and faster for some reason. Jurina also felt her cheeks flushed. Okay, this is not the first time her lips have spoken for itself, thought Jurina.

  “T-Thank you…..” Rena’s eyes seems to be glistening. Eh? Is she about to cry or something? Did Jurina just—Wait what did she said—“I haven’t heard…. of a genuine compliment…. from someone, regarding to my likings for a quite a long time.”
Jurina flashed a smile at Rena. “Then you should keep that compliment in mind, ne?”

   Rena nodded and starts to wipe her eyes. Yup, she’s tearing up and Jurina just stood and stare. Even seeing Rena crying seems somewhat… angelic (?) for odd reasons. Jurina hands also have this twitching kind of feel, where she wants to wipe Rena’s tear off her cheeks. Holy…..this is really…. Yabai..… Please blame Romeo and Juliet notes she just scribbled earlier. Your fault Romeo. This feelings are entirely your faut!

   “Hey…umm…you wanna go for a walk with me?”

    For the uptenth time, Jurina swore she needs to see some sort of priest or maybe people who specialize in exorcism or something. Because lately her lips are slipping out things that makes her heartache over the waiting of the answer. And the questions and words itself seems to be bold. Very bold.



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