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Author Topic: Knives and Forks (Furuyanagi, WMatsui, SKE Goddess) - Chapter 3  (Read 17224 times)

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Hands down, I know I'm on still on hiatus but I can't help not to pot this one. I just had an English Test and it has a cooking recipe text and a restaurant ad too, so pretty much this is inspired by that and also by a Korean drama called 'Pasta'. Please do enjoy and sorry for the bad English~

Knives and Forks - Teaser

The heat in the room was hot enough to melt butter in less than five minutes; luckily the ventilator and the fan did a good job of cooling the entire room. But, nobody was relaxing or stopping to take a breath. Everyone is always busy here.

“Table seven: One Linguine with Cuttlefish Sauce, one Swordfish and Sweet Pepper soup, one Fish Vol au Vent, and one Tuna tart!” yelled the head chef from his table with the order slip in her hand.

“YES CHEF!” we synced together with no stopping.

“Takanayagi, where’s the Chicken Pie I ordered five minutes ago?” yelled the chef when I pulled it out of the cooling rack.

“Coming in thirty seconds!” I yelled back. I put the food on the plate and drizzled the sauce neatly before handing it to the Head Chef which then she tap the bell to let the waiter know that it’s ready.

“I want one Hot Apricots with ‘Cream’ and Cherry Soup for table twelve!”yelled the head chef again.


As I walked to the oven to retrieve the next orders, I saw my friends working in the kitchen. Working on various dishes they’re specialized in and so that it can be served to the customers. Spices and ingredients, all dwells in to create unique flavors and texture to entertains it’s consumer’s tongue.

Now I remembered how things we bared upon together in this place. The dreams we wanted to grasps were different to each other. But all that were based from the human’s nature to stay alive by consuming food. Our job here is to make that ancient tradition into a much more memorable experience in each bite from our produce.

“Takayanagi, focus! I want the Spinach Pie in less than two minutes!” barked the chef.

“Yes, Mam!” I saluted to her, earning a grin from her and my other friends whom are smiling as their hands works.

I pulled out the baking tray from the oven with my gloves and placed the pie on the cooling rack as I gave a quick smile to Airin who’s doing the same thing with her dessert. Nothing is better than having to cook beside your girlfriend after all.

Ah, my name is Takanayagi Akane; a member of the pastry station. Welcome to our restaurant, The Sakae House.

Yes people, Cometerz48 also ships Furuyanagi.

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Re: Knives and Forks - Teaser
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Rare pairing ><

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Re: Knives and Forks - Teaser
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FuruYanagi  :ding:

Thanks :kneelbow:

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Re: Knives and Forks - Teaser
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Furuyanagi, yay~~~~!!!

The Chief is Jurina? Or Rena? :dunno:

Can't wait for the update! :heart:

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Re: Knives and Forks - Chapter 1
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Yay~ So glad everyone loves Furuyanagi~
Honestly, this is the first time I've ever written up about this two and this first chapter here is probably the most romantic chapter 've ever written in my life.So I hope you guys enjoyed it~

Sorry for the bad English and Enjoy~

Knives and Forks – Chapter 1

Just as the clock struck at 9.00pm, the ‘OPEN’ sign board to ‘CLOSED’ marking the end of today’s session. After a huge clean ups of the kitchen, we all find ourselves collapsed on the couches in the staff room.

“That was one hell of dinner session!” exasperated Kinoshita Yukiko as she collapsed on a couch and claimed it all to herself.

“How many orders we’ve made?”asked Suda Akari letting go off her hair from the bun she usually put up every time she cooks.

“About one hundred orders in the last three hours.” Read off Nakanishi Yuka the head chef. “Well done~”

“Yay~” I collapsed on a couch next to the tired Airin. “That’s worth celebrating honestly.”

“Shall we then?” joined in Matsui Jurina who just came in followed by Kizaki Yuria. “I know a good gyoza store around the corner~”

“Just let us rest first okay..?” asked Oya Masana fanning herself and just sat by Yukiko’s head. “It’s such a tiring day..”

“Thank you for the hard work today~” Matsui Rena’s voice chimed in followed by the figure. “I don’t think we need to go anywhere, let’s just celebrate here.”

“Ooh!! Let’s call up some pizza!!” suggest Yakata Miki. “We can order like heaps with cokes then just celebrate~”

The others seemed agreed with the idea and soon we were eating boxes of pizza and drunk cans of coke. As well as everyone was celebrating and talking happily, I stayed beside Airin on the balcony looking at the starry night sky.

“It’s a beautiful night.” I whispered as I leaned my head over to Airin’s shoulder.

Airin nodded, “It’s no wonder that the restaurant full today. Everyone feels like tonight is the best night for a dinner date.”

“I’m glad..” I smiled. “How long has it been since we worked in this place?”

Airin frowned, “Five years I suppose.. We start off together as Kitchen Assistants like Kaotan now..”

“Then we choose our path..” I continued. “I choose pastry while you choose desserts.”

“I always wondered why you choose desserts even know you don’t like sweets much.” I frowned.

Airin laughed lightly, “I guess this world just need some sweetness, and the best sweets usually are from the ones that doesn’t like sweets.”

“Hee? Really?” I asked. Airin nodded, “But at least you like one certain sweetness right?”

“Hmm.. I guess I do.” Said Airin.

“Tell me what it is then~” I urged with a smile.

Airin lift up my chin so I looked at her straight in the eyes, making me slightly flustered with these butterflies in my stomach to add with.

“You are one sweetness I love.” she said. Then she leaned in to kiss me, which I welcomed her to.

Her lips moved slowly on mine, but I enjoyed every seconds of it with my eyes closed. Sweetness filled in my mouth, unlike artificial sweetness from candies but more like a natural sweetness from honey or something. It felt warm from lips to my chest.

“Oi, you guys! Don’t you think you both should get a room or something?!” chimed in a voice. I rolled my eyes in a bit of annoyance but still smiling on Airin’s lips.

“Kaotan, you should really stop recording harassing people when they’re having nice moment there!” chimed in another voice followed by the sound of skull being knocked.


Both of us laughed watching Matsumura Kaori being dragged by Sato Mieko back to the room, leaving us on the balcony alone.

“shall we get back in?” asked Airin.

“Sure.” I pecked her lips before dragging her back in.

When we came in, everyone was still enjoying the party. Akarin was playing Russian roulette with Jurina, Rena, Miki, and Kanon. But instead of using knives or guns, they’re using cans of coke.

“One out of these five cans has been shaken up.” smirked Akarin. “Guess which one~”

“Aww, man..” whined Jurina. “Akarin, I didn’t bring any change of clothes today if I got sprayed.”

“You are one mean devil, Akarin-san..” pouted Kimoto Kanon taking a can of coke.

I saw Rena took one two and glanced at Jurina, “I’m scared.”

Jurina smiled, “Me too. Let’s hope none of us gets it and it’s Akarin that gets it later.”

“I’m betting on Jurina getting sprayed!” chimed in Yuka. “Anyone interested in betting?”

“I’m putting mine on Kanon!” joined in Mieko with excitements. “Airin, Akane, you guys in?”

“I don’t think so, Nee-san.” Said Airin. “How about you?” she asked me. I shook my head.

“I’m in for Miki getting sprayed!” laughed off Yukiko. “It will be fun getting that on the camera, right Kaotan?”

“Camera ready!” exclaimed Kaotan with a handy cam in her hand.

“Okay then guys, ready?” asked Akarin as she looked around at the contestants and the gamblers. The smile on her face is absolutely triumph full.

“Ready? GO!” I watched the five of them opened the can and watched four fountains of coke splashing on the contestants except Akarin herself.

“OI!!” complained Jurina after her fountain calmed down. Her face was totally soaked by the coke. “I thought you said it was one out of five that’s shaken!”

“Hee? Really?” asked Akarin with a completely angelic innocent face. “I guess I made a mistake.. It should be one out of five that was unshaken.”

“SUDA!!!!” yelled Kanon, Jurina, Miki, and Rena with a tone of anger. I couldn’t help but to join in the laughed with the others as they watched Akain getting chase around the room with four figures covered in coke.

“Gomenasa- Oofff!” yelled Akarin before she crashed with someone at the door. She looked up and saw the restaurant manager, Yuasa. All of us stopped laughing instantly and bowed a bit to the manager.

“Yuasa-san!!” exclaimed Akarin before she bowed down. “Sorry for crashing to you!”

“It’s alright, Suda-san.” Said Yuasa. “Good job with the vegetarian dish today, I had some staff from the vegetarian magazine about your ratatouille and they’re releasing a review about it next week.”

“Sasuga, Akarin!!” I exclaimed and clapped followed by the others. Akarin smiled and I could see some reds on her cheeks.

“ Thank you, Yuasa-san.” Bowed Akarin.

“And also I’m afraid I have some news for you all..” said Yuasa.

“I don’t like it when he said ‘I’m afraid’..”whispered Airin from my side.

“What is it?’ asked Yuka with a serious tone.

“I received a notification from the restaurant association of Japan and it says that there will be a program of exchanging chefs from other restaurants.” Said Yuasa.

“What??” exclaimed Jurina. “You mean like there will be another chef coming in and cook and work with us all? And we go to another restaurant and do the same thing?”

“Most likely that will be the case, Matsui.” Said Yuasa.

“That’s a bit risky, wouldn’t it bring up some troubles later on?” asked Yuria with a concerned tone.

“Hopefully it won’t since there’s only four restaurant that were in this program and The SAKAE House is one of them.” Said Yuasa wiping his glasses.

“When does it starts?” asked Rena anxiously as she held tight to Jurina’s hand.

“Probably next week. Don’t worry this shouldn’t be going long, it’s just that we have to amuse the elders of the association.” Said Yuasa rolling his eyes. “Well then, please continue your party and don’t forget to clean up and lock the doors for tomorrow then.”

“What do we do now..?” I asked the others after Yuasa left.

“I don’t know..” said Yuka. “This seems to be rather serious..”

“I don’t want to get separated!” exclaimed Kanon. “My place is here in Sakae House!!”

“It’s our place together, Kanon.” Said Mieko hugging the young girl. “We still got time till next week to figure out what’s really going on.”

After that, soon no one was in mood for party anymore. Everyone fell silence until then Airin and I excused our self to head back home.

“I don’t want to get separated..” I quoted Kanon’s words as we walked home with hands to each other.

“Neither am I, Churi..” said Airin sadly. “Remember our promise?”

I nodded, “The one about our future?”

Airin nodded, “If this were to happen, I hope it won’t effects it later.”

“I love you, Airin.” I said to the girl beside me.

“I love you too, Churi.”

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Re: Knives and Forks - Chapter 1
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Daasu is so funny :v

EHHH? SEPARATED? Will they go into the group? :panic:

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Re: Knives and Forks - Chapter 1
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The FuruYanagi moment was so sweet  :luvluv1:

They will separete???  :stoned:

Anyway this was a nice and funny chapter

Can't wait for next

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Re: Knives and Forks - Chapter 1
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Whoa the exchange might a game changer but I'm guessing that they'll make it through but I wonder for FuruYanagi :nervous
Random Thought:


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Re: Knives and Forks - Chapter 1
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Kennin chefs version hahaha

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Knives and Forks - Bonus: Characters Position
« Reply #9 on: June 14, 2014, 07:52:13 PM »
Welcome to The Sakae House

Restaurant Manager
Yuasa Hiroshi

Chef de cuisine (Chef)
Responsible for overall management of kitchen; supervises staff, creates menus and new recipes with the assistance of the restaurant manager, makes purchases of raw food items, trains apprentices, and maintains a sanitary and hygienic environment for the preparation of food.
Nakanishi Yuka

Sous-chef de cuisine (Sub-Chef)
Receives orders directly from the chef de cuisine for the management of the kitchen, and often serves as the representative when the chef de cuisine is not present.
Sato Mieko

Saucier (saucemaker/sauté cook)
Prepares sauces and warm hors d'oeuvres, completes meat dishes, and in smaller restaurants, may work on fish dishes and prepare sautéed items. This is one of the most respected positions in the kitchen brigade, usually ranking just below the chef and sous-chef.
Matsui Rena                                

Matsui Jurina

Cuisinier (cook)
An independent position, usually preparing specific dishes in a station; may also be referred to as a cuisinier de partie.

Matsui Jurina

Ishida Anna

Poissonier (fish cook)
Responsible for fish items, often including fish butchering, and their sauces. This position is sometimes combined with the saucier position.
Suda Akari

Matsui Rena                                

Entremetier (entrée preparer)
Prepares soups and other dishes not involving meat or fish, including vegetable dishes and egg dishes.
Kizaki Yuria

Yakata Miki

Saito Makiko

Rôtisseur (roast cook)
Manages a team of cooks that roasts, broils, and deep fries dishes.
Sato Mieko

Kinoshita Yukiko

Azuma Rion

Pâtissier (pastry cook)
Prepares desserts and other meal-end sweets, and for locations without a boulanger, also prepares breads and other baked items; may also prepare pasta for the restaurant
Takanayagi Akane

Furukawa Airi

Kimoto Kanon

Apprenti(e) (apprentice)[/size]
Are often students gaining theoretical and practical training in school and work experience in the kitchen. They perform preparatory work and/or cleaning work
Matsumura Kaori

Kitagawa Ryoha

Bartenders are responsible for positive guest interactions while accurately mixing and serving beverages to guests and servers in a friendly and efficient manner.
Furuhata Nao

Shibata Aya

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Re: Knives and Forks - Bonus: Characters Position
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Now i know what are they doing ╮(╯_╰")╭

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Knives and Forks (Furuyanagi, WMatsui, SKE Goddess) - Chapter 2
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@48matama: Portraying Daasu here as a hilariously cute chef here~ Oh you will see what I've got in store...

@NewHeaven: Yes they are sweet couples. I do think this is one of the greatest potential couples in the 48 shipping business. Well, thank you for your attention to this fic.

@kuro_808: It certainly is, Kuro-san.. Just wait for it to come out..

@qr.rima: You read me well.. You seemed to be new here, welcome to jphip fanfic!!

Okay minna, been busy with things and I'm back. Credits for wonderful things I've got here to because I get a lot of ideas for lot's of cooking there in my daily time (Yes, Cometerz loves to cook at home). Sorry for the bad English and I shall awaits for your wonderful replies and feedbacks~

Knives and Forks – Chapter 2

That morning, I woke up thanks to a strange sound of a rooster playing in my ears. Groaning slightly, I sat up and saw the TV in front of the bed was turned on with Airin in control next to me.

“Morning~” greeted Airin with that classy smile of hers. I bobbed my head a little and turned my attention to the TV.

“Since when you watch things about farming?” I asked with curiosity from the choice of her TV program currently.

“Thought I might try thinking to become a farmer once I retire..” answered Airin. “You probably can take care of the poultries and I can take care of the cows.”

“Right the cows…” I said. “Like hell I don’t know you actually want to grope the cow’s milking point!” I retorted and shot a look at her.

Airin poked her tongue, “You got me, churi~”

“Mou.. You’re such a hentai, Airin!” I pouted and turned my back to her and pulled the blanket up to my neck.

“Hehehe.. Gomen ne, Churi.” Apologized Airin. But I didn’t responded to that and still turned my back to her. I wasn’t that mad honestly, it’s just that sometimes having a girlfriend that is perverted and like to think indecent things makes you a bit insecure somehow. And that’s how I feel right now.

I felt movements on the bed and the next thing I knew, the hair on the back of my neck rises from a gentle air blew to it.

“Chu~ri.” Whispered Airin in my ear. I swear I could feel my face blushed slowly in shade of red and warmness. What’s more to add is when she managed to clinged her arms on my waist, straining me completely so that I could not move further from her.
“Gomen ne.”she spoke softly on my ear with such a caramelized covered chocolate, bitter yet sweet and smooth that melts in your mouth.

That’s it, I gave up. So I faced her again and pecked on her lips as we hold into each other’s body. I could not help to always admire Airi’s dark brown shade of her iris and the smile that’s plastered right there on her face.

“Mou, Airin..” I pouted and looked down, flustered.

Airin chuckled and leaned in to kiss me on the lips as she played with my hair. The coffee on the side table clearly approved my mind that she just drank coffee because of the slight bitter creamy sensation she gave.

“Well, what’s your plan today?” asked Airin after we finally settled down and just hugging each other on the bed.

“Hmm..” I hummed. “Yuka told me that it’s time to change the menu in two months, so there will be a taste examination by Yuasa and her to decide on the menus we suggested.  I probably going to be in the kitchen for the rest of the day and opened up my recipe notes then trying it out. But before that, I think I’ll need to go to the super market.”

“Well, today is free day after all since the restaurant is closed till tomorrow.” Said Airi. “I guess I’ll do the same then.. But I think I’ll go down to the restaurant tonight.”

“Hee? What for?” I asked.

Airin shrugged, “I just got a feeling that Ryoha would forget to prepare some liquor soaked pear for my menu tomorrow. She’s still new after all, so I think I’ll check on that and probably help easing Kaotan’s burdens on marinating other ingredients.”

“I guess you’re right..” I nodded. “We only have two kitchen assistants after all when the kitchen is actually quite big. I’ll come with you then~”

“Hee? Really?” this time it was Airin asking it.

I nodded, “ Then probably later we can get some dinner at Mieko’s Ramen House.”

“Sounds perfect then.” smiled Airin before giving me a light peck. “Should we invite some testers?”

“Sure, invite Jurina, Rena, Yukko, and the others.” I replied. “I wonder if they already prepared for the menu change..”

“I heard Rena and Jurina finished theirs already.” Said Airi. “They’re both are genius after all..”

“WMatsui, as expected..”I nodded. “

I laughed and kissed her nose before getting out of the bed and headed to the kitchen as well as grabbing my recipe notebook from my desk. I opened the cabinet supply and checked out for any shortage of flours and yeast.

“Seems like a visit to the super market is necessary after all.” I hummed as I tick of the list for the supermarket visit.

“Can’t find some from mine too.” Inspect Airin with the fridge open and her own recipe notebook in her hand.

In just half an hour then, we were ready to go after a quick shower and a piece of toast for each of us. We were just about to go by the door when I suddenly remember something.

“I forgot to feed my birds!!”

Airin smiled as she shook her head, watching me going back to the apartment and get to the balcony. She’s still there after I finished my daily job as a bird lover plus owner then shuts the door once I’m out.

It was a quick stroll to the super market since our apartment located nicely near the center of the city.  It doesn’t take that long until I found myself in front of the butcher and watched my orders being taken care of.

“I thought you don’t like using birds, Churi.” Frowned Airin with a basket full of her ingredients.

“Chicken is a different story, Airin.” I said. “Although they’re all so cute when they hatched from their eggs.”

Airin smiled and shook her head again before leading me to the cashier after receiving my items from the butcher.

Once we arrived back to the apartment, I unpacked my loads.

“What time are they coming in?” I asked as I unpacked the butters.

“One o’clock.” Said Airin as she also started dealing with some vanilla pods. I looked up at the clock, still two hours to go.

“Wonderful.” I said before leaving the two of us to work in silence. We always do that to let each other concentrated with each of our own work. Just a bit protesting once it comes to oven, but we managed it.

Just as I got my dish out to the cooling rack, the doorbell rang. Airin runs for it and revealed the WMatsui.

“Yo, expecting to have a good lunch here Miss and Miss Furuyanagi!” said Jurina quickly approaching the counter while Rena puts down a bottle of wine on the table.

“Need help on setting up the tables?” asked Rena.

“Sure do.” Said Airin handing a tablecloth before going back to decorations for her dish.

“Airi, that looks wonderful!” said Jurina. “Can I-“

“No you are not getting a lick of that!” snapped Airin as she slapped Jurina’s hand away from her dish.

Jurina pouted and I couldn’t help to laugh a bit as I get my plates down. The doorbell rang again and this time it was Akarin and Yukiko with them dragging Azumarion.

“What’s with dragging Azumarion here?” I asked the two of the older girl.

“She has something to share with us later, right?” said Akarin smiling sadistically at the young girl.

“Oh man..” exasperate Azumarion.

“It seems like a boy has touched her dear innocent heart.” Winked Yukiko with a grin.

“It has not!” flustered Azumarion.

“Well whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll grow into something nice~” said Airin shot a smile at me which I replied back. The doorbell rang again and this time was Anna, Miki, and Makiko.

“Where’s Yuria?” asked Rena curiously pouring Akarin a glass of wine.

“She says that she has something to do and couldn’t come at all.” said Miki settling down. “Are we on time?”

“Yes you are~” I announced as I put down my first dish on the table.

Cornish Cowboy Pasties" I smiled. "Perfect for lunch time."


"Churi, this is so good!!" exclaimed Miki followed by nods of approvals.

"Very buttery, but still tasty pastry!" said Akarin.

"I thought you wouldn't use any type of birds on your dishes, Churi." said Rena pointed out the chicken.

"She managed to grew out of it." said Airin as she patted my back.

"That's not the only one though.." I said as I bring out the second dish. "Salmon Filo Pie"

"THE CHEESE!!" yelled Yukiko as she ate the first bit from her plate. "Freakin perfect.."

"This is definitely good combination, Churi." nodded Jurina. "Salmon and feta.."

"I figured out that the restaurant needed some Greek taste." I shrugged before taking a bit off my portion. "But I think it's lack of salt though.."

"Nah, I think you got it just right." said Airin from her portion. "Don't you think?" she asked the others.

In just a few minutes, the visitors were sitting and satisfied with the meal I served. All of them recommended the two dishes must be assigned for the tasting examination.

"It's good for both lunch and dinner." said Makiko.

"Guess it's time for mine then." said Airin bring out her dish. "Sour Cranberry Bakewell With orange & lemon sherbet drizzle sauce"

"My,my... These praline are rich!" exclaimed Akarin enjoying the sensation in her mouth.

I put a mouthful in and tasted the warm sweetness and sour, "The pastry was sweet and buttery then you get the sour cranberries blending in with the praline.."

"Don't you think it's a bit too overly taste, Airi?"asked Anna sipping in a glass of water.

"Nah,I think it's perfect." said Makiko spooning a mouthful of the praline. "Sweet and sour then adding the creamy nutty praline, super dessert."

"That's not the only super one I've got." smiled Airin giving each person a plate of the next dish. "Green tea & Vanilla Pannacotta with chocolate sauce

"Glad someone else is going to do an Italian dish." smiled Azumarion.

"You're thinking of Italian dish too, Azumarion?" asked Airin which was answered by a nod from the younger girl. "Well this one isn't really one, I kind of gave a twist of Japanese by putting green tea into the cream.

"Ohh, Airi..." said Miki rolling her eyes to the ceiling. "This is heavenly heaven.."

"It melts in your tongue as soon as it gets there.." said Yukiko nodding in agreement.

"You can taste the green tea blending with the dairy nicely." said Akarin. "I care for second portion here, Airi!"

"Gomen nee Akarin, this is a tester event remember?" said Airi. Akarin pouted and managed to grab a spoonful from my plate naughtily.

"OI!!" I pouted at the cheerful girl which was replied by her angelic smile trademark. Everyone laughed watching the next act of Akarin running around the room with my plate in her hands and my self chasing behind her.

"Okay, so we each got two of our dishes recommended for the next tasting examination." concluded Airin as she rinsed the plate on the sink. The visitors have gone home now except for Jurina who's waiting for Rena which was still drunken.

"That's what you get if you're dating a girl way older than you, Jurina." she pointed at Rena who's snoozing on the couch with such a red face thanks to the wine.

"I suppose so.." sighed Jurina caressing Rena's silky black hair. "But still, she's the best thing that's ever been on my life." she kissed her forehead.

"Ouu.. This is so sweet~" I whimpered looking at the young couple. "Hope you guys will marry someday.."

"Speaking of which, when are you guys going to marry?" asked Jurina innocently.

I froze and I could tell Airin also did the same, we met each other's eyes instantly as if signalling for answers.

"Well..?" demanded the young girl.

Airin cleared her throat, "now, now Jurina... We both are still loving our career here and to get married and settle down it takes..."

"It takes a lot of considerations and decision making!" I finished off Airin's words. "Right, Airin?" I asked her and she nodded furiously.

"I suppose you're right.." said Jurina."I'm just worried about Rena though.."

"What's with her?" I asked.

"Just keep it between the three of us okay..?" asked Jurina. The both of us nodded, "She got an offer in New York."

"That's wonderful!" I squealed. "America got lot's of talented chefs and variety of culinary techniques gathers there in New York."

"I know.." said Jurina. "But the thing is I got an offer too from Tokyo's AKIBA."

"AKIBA as in that famous five star restaurant which consist of top cooks in different range of culinary and considered to be the number one in japan?!" said Airin with a shocked face.

"Yes.." nodded Jurina.

"When the hell did you two get these offers??" I asked with a dropped jaw.

"Yesterday night after you guys went back home and there were only the two of us left with Yuasa."

"Is this one of those crazy plan that the council said? The shuffle??" I asked again mortified.

"I think so.." said Jurina sadly. "I don't want to get separated from Rena.."

I looked at Airin for a hint, she looked confused too with the Jurina's situation as she wiped her hands before joining us on the couch.

"Listen kid, you two have to decide on something. But once you do, respect each other's decisions. If you're meant to be together, you will be no matter what's gonna happen." said Airin patting Jurina.

"Are you saying we both should break up?"

"No we're not saying that Jurina.." I said. "There are chances that you two can still become couples like for example you both can do Long Distance Relationships."

"With chances 13% of success, Akane." growled Jurina.

"Now I definitely don't want to get separated." I sighed on our way to the restaurant. The WMatsui left our place around sunset with Jurina goes a bit moody and Rena confused.

"I don't want that too happen to, Churi." said Airin. "The councils seemed to be doing a really good job giving these offers for the shuffles.."

I started to pout sadly in Airin's arm but then I felt her fingers on my chin and rose it so we both met each other's eyes.

"Listen to me, we'll get through this no matter what okay? Remember our dream later?" she asked.

"Yes." I nodded and turned my head towards the an abandoned building in front of us. The thin iron plates covered it's cracked windows and doors where I used to remember the colorful brightness of the goods inside when this place still operated. I smiled remembering the sweet scent of flours and butter blending with other ingredients giving my childhood a colorful memories which inspired me to become a Pastriere..

"We'll revive this place no matter what." said Airin. "The Ramune Bakery.."

To be Continued~

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Re: Knives and Forks (Furuyanagi, WMatsui, SKE Goddess) - Chapter 2
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The FuruYanagi dream is revive a restaurant  :ding: :ding:

Hope they can make it true soon

your fic is awesome, more please

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Re: Knives and Forks (Furuyanagi, WMatsui, SKE Goddess) - Chapter 2
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I need moreeeeeeeeeeee  :wigglypanda:

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Re: Knives and Forks (Furuyanagi, WMatsui, SKE Goddess) - Chapter 2
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The food make me hungry ╮(╯_╰")

E-eh? Wmatsui will separated?

NOOOO ╮(╯_╰")╭

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Re: Knives and Forks (Furuyanagi, WMatsui, SKE Goddess) - Chapter 3
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@NewHeaven: Thank you and here we go~

@Sara-chan: Douzo~

@48matama: did it make you hungry? well you should try cooking it you know~ More infos about WMatsui will be revealed soon. will they get seperated or not? just wait for it~

Warning: None of the recipes are mine! The owners are awesome people who I think are so cunning in spreading the love of kitchen's food to the world~

Knives and Forks – Chapter 3

I pushed open the restaurant’s back door which was unlocked, I could smell certain ingredients cooking inside.

“Kaotan is one diligent person I have to say..” said Airin after she sniffed the air behind me. “I wonder why Nakanishi haven’t promoted her yet like since ages ago?”

I shrugged, “Whatever she’s cooking there, it smells good. Let’s check it out~” I tugged her hand towards the kitchen.

Inside, I could see two figures busily preparing for tomorrow. Marinating meats, filling up empty bottles of oils, stocking cooking wines in the appropriate shelves, Gut out fishes and crayfish, preparing pickles and many more. I have to say each time I saw the two of them work, I can see how hard they are working as trainees to  get promoted into cooks. Especially Kaotan.

“Ah..” said Ryoha realizing that we have arrived. “Good evening.” She bowed a bit with a box full of salt in her hands.

Kaotan looked up from her piles of tomatoes before throwing a smile, “Akane, Airin! What are you guys doing here?”

“Going to try easing your burden.” said Airin taking off her jacket. “Have you got my strawberry jams perfectly?”

Kaotan smiled and grab a glass jar from a shelf before passing it to Airin, "Sure I have, Incredible Homemade Strawberry Jam!!!"

“Perfect.” said Airin after taking a spoonful of the red substance. “I’m gonna miss this taste when it goes out of season soon..”

“You’ve got your recipes for the examination, senpai?” asked Ryoha.

We both nodded, “What have you got cooking in there Kaotan?” I asked pointing to the pot.

“Our dinner.” Said Kaotan washing her hands. “So glad that Yuasa and Nakanishi allows us to have cooking practice outside work time in the kitchen. Want some?” she mixed the pot with a wooden spoon.

“Well, I guess we’ll be the judge this time then.” Shrugged Airin. “You still want to grab dinner at Mieko’s or here?”

“We can still grab some gyozas from Mieko for late night snacks.” I smiled. “What have you got there Kaotan?”

A Classic Irish Beef Stew.” Grinned Kaotan as she handed me a bowl of it. “Ryoha, pass that pieces of bread over there.”

I took a sip of it with my spoon, the warm broth just warms up my chest. “It’s delicious!!”

“How on Earth did you suddenly think about making this?” asked Airin dunking in the bread and tucked it in to her mouth.

“I don’t know. I saw a TV program yesterday about Loch Ness and I thought maybe we could do something Irish.” Shrugged Kaotan.

It doesn’t take long for the four of us enjoying a bowl and going for seconds. Soon, all that’s left from the stew pot was about a quarter of what it was half an hour ago.

“That was good.” Compliment Airin as she licked her spoon for the last time.

I nodded, “The meat was tender and adding some carrots there was good too.”

“I was thinking maybe I can have that for the examination for winter season next year.” Said Kaotan.

“You better.” Grinned Airin. “What’s up Ryoha?”

The shy girl smiled a bit before handing a plate of cake towards Airin and I, “I hope you don’t mind that I practiced some baking…”

“It’s alright..” I smiled accepting the plate. “So what have you got here?”

"Raspberry White Chocolate Sponge Roll."

"Well done on getting the sour Raspberry to show it's flavors." I said with the dessert in my mouth.

"It's better to have the Raspberry sour, rather than having it's sweetness overlapping with the white chocolate." said Airin wiping her mouth and put down her empty plate. "Well done, Ryoha. I think promotions coming soon~"

"Oi how about me?!" asked Kaotan. "I haven't got myself promoted since like three years ago!"

"Time will come for you, Kaotan.." I patted her back. "Just don't give up."

"Akane, we should leave now." said Airin as she looked at her watch. "If you still want to grab some food at Mieko's."

I nodded and thank the two for the wonderful meal before walking out with Airin behind. The two us headed for Mieko's Noodle House. Well, it's not hers technically.. It's her family who owns it and she helps running them in her spare time. Since she was the oldest, her family wants her to have the Noodle House which she declined it and persuade her parents that her younger brother should be the one having them. I heard that she got in a fight with her parents a bit since she decided to be a chef in a restaurant than running her family's Noodle House, but times seemed to let the two sides to understand each other and accept Mieko's decisions.

The doorbell rang as we pushed the entrance door. The Noodle House isn't so crowded as what it would be on dinner time, maybe because it's already past that.

"Welcome to Sato's Noodle House! Ah, Akane and Airi!" greeted a woman behind the counter which was Mieko herself. "The usuals?"

"Yes please." said Airin before settling down on the counter bar seat. I took a seat beside her and eyed a lone figure in black slumping on the counter by the far end.

"Is that..?"

Mieko nodded, "Nishishi. She's been drinking alcohol for the last two hours there. Thank God she's quiet when she's drunk."

"What happened?"

"Who knows. She looked pretty mucked up when she arrived." shrugged Mieko.

Airin approached the ikemen girl and put her arm around her, "What's up, Chef?"

"Aaah~ Airin?" groaned Nishishi raising her head to get a view of her. "Oh man, I feel like the worst being on the planet.."

"Hey what makes you said that?" I asked settling down next to her. "Did you pissed another girl?"

Nishishi shook her head and started sobbing suddenly, her breath smells like alcohol and she looked so messed up that I felt pity for her.

"Get her up there. First door on the right, take her there." sighed Mieko as she pointed her chin towards a small staircase.

The two of us took each of the Chef's arm and guided her to the room Mieko told us too. The Chef quickly slumped on the mattress and started sobbing up again. The two of us looked at each other in questions.

"Boss, just spit it out what's going on." knelt Airin beside Nishishi.

"Come on, we promised not to tell anyone.." I begged as I sat down near them.

"The truth is.." sniffed Nishishi. "I met my ex just a few hours ago."

I raised my eyebrows, "Which one of your ex are we talking about?"


"Kumi?? Yagami Kumi??" asked Airin. We both know the name of course, she was one of the first cooks of SAKAE House with Jurina, Rena, Mieko, and of course Nishishi. But unfortunately she quit after gotten herself an offer somewhere else. "Then?"

"She told me she was getting married with a foreigner in three weeks."

"Ah..." the two of us pronounced it and heard the Chef's sobs again.

"Chef! Don't be sad.. I'm sure you'll get over it.." I patted her back.

"Find someone else, Chef! You're handsome enough for girls to fall for you~" winked Airin.

A knock was heard on the door and Mieko walked in with a tray of warm cocoa in cups, "I thought I can hand the rest to my workers since it's already late and check up here. So what's up with her?"

"I met Kuumin." confessed Nishishi accepting the cup.

Mieko sighed, "Figures. You play with too much girls and somehow you ended up sobbing over them.."

"Hey! Jurina plays a lot with girls like that too!" exclaimed Nishishi. "Not to forget her brother too!"

I choked a bit on the last sentence, Airin turned to me quickly.

"You're okay..?"

"Just surprised." I assured her as a wiped my mouth. But from Airin's eyes, she knew I was lying. "I'll just go to the restroom to clean my spills here." I pointed the cocoa spill on my clothes before heading out the door.

Jurina's borther..

I ran down the staircase without realizing little tears appeared on the corner of my eyes as I remembered the past times. I guess it wasn't just Nishishi that can get stuck in the pasts...

I didn't realize then that I crashed to someone and felt a sudden cold splash on my chest. Feeling like a complete ruin, I bowed down without looking at the person's face before rushing to the bathroom. I cursed lowly once I locked the door and somehow slumped on the toilet seat, sobbing. Between my choking, I heard a faint knock and heard someone's voice.

"Hey..? Did I hurt you?"

I blinked and rubbed of the tears with my sleeves and tried to talk properly, "Ah, are you the one that I crashed into? I'M REALLY SORRY!"

I heard the voice's laugh, "It's alright. It was my fault too for not seeing you too. Listen, I should really be the one saying sorry for ruining your clothes.."

"Ah, it's alright.. I think it's really my own fault."I sniffed.

"Listen, why don't you come out and maybe we can talk who's fault is it actually is, how about that?"

I slowly unlocked the door and saw the figure's face. I could tell she was a girl, but how she dressed nearly made me scream to say there's a man in female restroom. But thank God, the strawberry earrings she wears proved me wrong.

"Hello there~"she greeted warmly before looking at my clothes. "Oh man, I really did ruin it.."

"It's alright." I assured her. "It was already ruined before I crashed into you."

"Oh no, I insist." she said. "I hope you don't mind if I replaced your clothing here. My friend has a good collection of clothing in her bag, if you'd like~"


"Suuchan~ You're there?" called the girl through the cubicles.

"Sae-chan! How many times do I have to tell you to stop being so loud in the toilet?" pouted girl as she came out from one of the cubicles.

"Nee, do you have a spare in your bag that maybe we can lend to her? I crashed into her and ruin her top."

"Oh my..." said the girl looking at my top. "I do have one and I think it would fits you nicely!"

"Wait what??"

The other girl quickly dragged me over to a cubicle and in a few minutes I was out with a new fresh top. I gazed upon the two strangers who I just meta few minutes ago.

"That looks good on her." said the tomboy girl.

"I knew that spare clothings would come and handy~" said the other girl. "Ah, I haven't introduced my self haven't I? I'm Sato Sumire."

"Sato Sumire?" I asked. "Are you related to Mieko or something?"

"Well technically, I'm her cousin." winked Sumire. "Mieko's family is quite well known for the noodle soup they have since ages ago. They cook it every year when it comes for family gathering."

"Ah, Suuchan! I think we should go now!" exclaimed the tomboy girl. "We promised to meet him in five minutes!"

"Sae-chan! Do you even know how much it takes to get from here to that bar?" sighed Sumire.

"Gomenne.." bowed the tomboy before she faces me. "Ah, I'm sorry we have to go now. I'm sorry again fro crashing to you."

I shook my head, "I told you I was the one who did it and therefore I should be the one apologizing." I bowed. "Thank you for the top."

"It's alright~ Fashion Rescue ~" smiled Sumire. "Let's go!" she dragged the tomboy out of the toilet.

"Wait! I didn't get to know your name!" I said to the tomboy.

"Just call me, Sae-chan!" exclaimed the girl before she disappeared out of the door.

The door opened again, this time it was Airin. She approached me and eyed my new top, "Where did you get that?"

"Long story." I replied.

"You're okay?" asked Airin caressing my cheek. "Did you cried or something?"

"I did I guess." I smiled thinly without looking at her eyes. I felt a tug on my chin before she forced me to look at her in the eyes.

"What's wrong? Is it something that Nishishi said?"

I avoided her eyes, "Maybe.. Ever had that time when you remember your ex all the sudden and had the memories coming back from the time?"


"Well I just have that thing." I confessed. I felt her hand on my cheeks before she directed my lips towards hers, "Airin!"

She kissed me lightly before looking at me in the eyes, "Takanayagi Akane, stop thinking back. You left him for good and he should be the one feeling sorry, not you."

"I know but I..." she kissed me again, this time a bit more urging. "Airin!"

"Churi, the past is the past. Future is here and happening right now, you're not a history book that looks back in the past." said Airin as her arm wrapped around my waist before straining me closed to her.

I closed my eyes and kissed her back, asking for her forgiveness in the back of my head. It was unsaid but I knew she heard it and forgiven me right away as we kissed.

"I love you, Airin."

"I love you too, Churi."

To be Continued

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