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Author Topic: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot  (Read 4890 times)

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I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« on: December 28, 2012, 02:56:58 AM »
Heyo made another fanfic sorry if it's cheezy and sorry about the spelling :nervous enjoy :)

Mayuki one-shot.

Mayu’s pov.

For a while, I was lost in my thoughts, clinging on to what’s in my memories
These dream-like memories are far more stronger than reality
I remember everyday, every second, I continue to be like this
Though nothing has changed, and though that was everything I had, why is our love so unfamiliar like this?

Though I promised for myself to get out of this
I realised I definitely hope with all my heart to go back someday again

So from there I watch from afar.


Flash back (a month ago).

Mayu’s waiting outside of school for Yuki,

“what’s taking her so long?...” Mayu’s says wondering.

Mayu looks at the small pink and gold watch strapped around her thin wrist.

“She should be finish by now...maybe I should go look for her?”

Mayu heads inside the school searching for Yuki, in the classrooms...until she spots her heading into the school’s storage room.

Soon to find Yuki with another person...

Mayu peaks through the small keyhole and beholds such a sight before her own little shiny eyes.

“Sae-chan...I love you” Yuki’s whispering.

“Yuki...” Sae cups Yuki’s cheek with her right palm.


Stepping backwards slowly, Mayu’s eyes widened and starts running out of the school building.
Ever since then Mayu and Yuki’s relationship (as friends) starts to fade, as Mayu starts to distance herself more from Yuki.

But Yuki hasn’t noticed how Mayu has gotten more quiet these past few weeks, instead she has been going out on dates with Sae..

Afternoon classes finishes.

“hey Mayu wanna have lunch with us?” Jurina happily asked.

“are you okay Mayu-san?” Rena asks quietly.

“yeah I’m fine...I’m just tired” Mayu replies with a fake smile.

“do you want to go to the nurses office?” Jurina asks worried.

“no...really I’m fine”

Mayu gets out from her seat and starts making her way out the classroom, only to look back and say...

“come on let’s go” Mayu exclaims.

Rena and Jurina follow her to the roof.

Meanwhile Yuki is eating in the canteen with Sae, Sayaka, Kojiyuu and Atsumina.

“say ahhh...” Sae tells Yuki, holding a spoon of pudding.

Yuki blushes, “ahhh...”

Sae plops the spoon of pudding in Yuki’s mouth.

“so how is it?” Sae asks.

“oishii desu” Yuki answers happily.

Everyone goes “awwwww”

“you two are so cute” Atsuko exclaims, Takamina nods and agrees.

“hey why don’t we do karaoke after school today?” Kojima asks.
“great idea nyan-nyan” Yuko hugs Kojiharu from behind, leaning her head on Kojiharu’s shoulder.

“YAY!!” everyone shouts.

“then it’s settled, meet straight after school by the sakura tree” Kojiharu said.

“HAI!!” everyone says in union again.

Lunch break finishes.

Rena and Jurina are walking through the hallway...

“hey Ren-chan have you noticed Mayu’s acted more strange lately?”

“yes...actually I haven’t seen her hanging around with Yuki-chan for a while”

Suddenly the two are stopped by the Kojiyuu couple.

“hey you two!”

“hey Yuko-san”

“were doing karaoke today after school wanna join” Kojiharu asks.

Rena and Jurina look at each other for a moment before answering with a,

“ok...but can Mayu also come?”

“oh yeah I forgot to ask shirii-chan”

“sure if Mayu-san’s not busy then yeah she can come”

“busy?” Both of the Matsui’s reply.

“yeah lately Mayu has been rejecting to go out with us cuz she says shes busy...” Yuko answers sadly and annoyed.

“well we can get her to come no worries” Jurina says.

“really...oh thanks Matsui couple” Yuko says happily.

Wmatsui blushes.

Yuko gets slapped in the head by Kojiharu.

“oww...itai nyan-nyan what was that for?!” Yuko’s running her head, where a small pink bump has formed.

“for not being careful with what you say...honestly Yuu-chan” Kojiharu sighs.

Meanwhile Mayu is not to be found in class.

Instead at the back of the school.


“urghh...” Mayu groans in pain.

“hahaha look girls the cyborg fell down” 3 girls surrounding Mayu.

One of them grabs Mayu by the collar and threw on the floor, while the other girl started kicking her in the stomach.

“cough...cough” Mayu spits out blood.

“where’s your protector now cyborg?...oh wait she ditched you for that ikemen girl...hahaha”

All the girls are laughing at Mayu, and tears start forming in the corner of her eyes.

“ha...your just like a cockcroach, unwanted but keep crawling back”

The girl in front of Mayu steps on Mayu.

All Mayu does is close her eyes and endures the pain.

The bell rings and school has ended.

By the sakura tree Mayu starts walking towards the tree, until she spots Jurina waving.

Her eyes don’t just look at Jurina but sees Yuki standing there holding hands with Sae.

“hey Mayu-chan!!” Jurina shouts still waving.

Mayu sighs.

“ok spill it Jurina, you wanted to tell me something”

“we’re going to do KARAOKE!!” Jurina shouts excitied.

“no thanks I’ll pass” Mayu says bluntly and starts walking away.

Then someone grabs Mayu’s wrist.

“please Mayuyu” Yuki asks with a pleading smile.
Mayu hasn’t heard Yuki call her Mayuyu for ages, let alone hear her voice.

“fine...whatever” Mayu says releasing herself from Yuki’s grip.

“YAY shirii-chan is coming!!” Yuko is very happy and puts her arm around Mayu’s neck not wanting the smaller girl to run away.

At the karaoke place...

Jurina finishes singing and hands the mic to Atsuko.

Jurina sits down, then looks at Mayu but notices the bruises on Mayu’s hands and the dirt on her clothes.

Mayu realises Jurina’s staring at her and hides her bruises.

Jurina was about to ask Mayu why she had them, but Yuki interupted and asked Mayu to sing with her.

“hey Mayu sing with me?” Yuki asked already typing in the number of the song.

Mayu wonders if she was lucky that Yuki asked her to sing since she knew Jurina would press on for details on what happened to her or if she was unlucky that she had to sing.

Mayu picks up the mic but looks on the screen of the tv and notices the lyrics, although painful for her happy memories came flooding back.

‘ashita ga kurunara (English translation)’

I won’t leave with a goodbye
Because I’ll see you everytime I close my eyes

If tomorrow comes then I don’t need anything
I just want you to keep on smiling forever

Don’t say it, I still want to feel your touch
If you say it, I feel like I’ll fall apart
So all I could do is feel the warmth as I held your hand

Time won’t stop and will tear us apart someday
I want to watch you more and hold you in my arms forever
Time is slipping away

If tomorrow comes then I don’t need anything
I just want you to keep on smiling forever

Don’t cry, we have a little more time left together
And there’s still something I want to tell you
Though I find it hard to put into words, stand by me

As time slips away it makes us both feel lonely
So I’ll try softly smiling, I don’t ever want to leave you
Livin’ life for today

If tomorrow comes then I don’t need anything
I just want you to keep on smiling forever

If I was only born so that we could meet
Then I want to remember every moment in my heart
Even if it’s just for a second more
Let me stay by your side

If tomorrow comes then I don’t need anything
I just want you to keep on smiling, forever more
If tomorrow comes then I don’t need anything
I just want you to keep on smiling forever

I won’t leave with a goodbye

After the song finishes.

Mayu and Yuki share eye contact, Yuki smiles while Mayu just turns away.

“I have to go...” Mayu says coldly.

And runs out the room.

“Mayu...” Yuki mumbles.

Outside walking on the streets, in the cold and under the dim lights.

Mayu starts crying silently to herself walking with her head down.

Mayu’s pov.

I wanna erase you

I wanna stop crying because of you, from here on

I wanna detest you

Though I'm left alone, I'll do my best; even so, the one who will get hurt is me

I wonder when would I be able to finally erase your image from deep inside me?

All of a sudden, Mayu feels the embrace of another.

“Mayu...are you alright?” Yuki looks at the younger girl in front of her with her round loving eyes.

Mayu pulls Yuki in for a kiss,

Yuki gasps then pushes Mayu, causing Mayu to fall onto the ground.

“what are you doing?!” Yuki stares in shock and disbelief in what just happened.

“I’m sorry that I was a coward and I didn’t have the courage to comfront you...but I’ve always loved Yukirin” Mayu still on the ground, trying to avoid eye contact with the older girl.

“The thing that I'm hoping for, that I hoped for, is to let you go...
No matter how much I shout or call out, you won't answer
Even though the "us" in the photos still looked like what it was back then
It’s still not the same...” Mayu says with a trembling voice.

“Mayu...” was all Yuki could say.

Mayu got up and ran through the streets crying and tears spilling out.

Yuki felt her own tears rolling down on the side of her cheeks.

The days pass by...

Outside of Mayu’s classroom Yuki comes barging in and drags Mayu by her hand, up to the roof.

Yuki slaps Mayu around the face.

Mayu’s eyes widened with shock, she could of sworn she wanted to cry out with pain at that moment, but something stopped her.

“you promised you wouldn’t say goodbye remember” Yuki starts sobbing and hugs Mayu.

Both of them start crying...after they calmed down.

Yuki tells Mayu she broke up with Sae.

“but is Sae okay with this?” Mayu asks.

“yep, in fact she’s in love with Sayaka” Yuki replied.

Both of them connect their foreheads together and share a peaceful moment with each other.

Until the silence is broken...

“I love you Mayu and I’m sorry...”

“I love you too...and I promise to never say goodbye again”

Both of them laugh happily.

The end.
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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 12:24:20 PM »
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2012, 12:44:39 PM »

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2012, 07:40:36 PM »
Thanks for the nice story!  :)
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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2012, 08:09:26 PM »
nhyooooohohohoho suppa cuuuuuuute *.*

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2012, 02:24:15 AM »
oooooowmt, so cuteeeeeeeeeeee  :inlove:
thanks for this story  :deco:

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2012, 03:03:19 AM »
wow I liked how you end it ^^

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #7 on: April 27, 2013, 07:03:52 PM »
Aww missed it
How could i am not read this before!


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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #8 on: April 28, 2013, 07:07:36 AM »
Interesting... though can someone breaks up with other just like that... and okay with it...

Why did Yuki and Sae went out anyway... if none likes one another like that?


Well overall it was interesting story...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #9 on: April 28, 2013, 07:17:25 AM »
Aww that sucks for Mayu and Yuki but it comes out good at the end
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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #10 on: April 28, 2013, 07:18:13 AM »
First, I thought it'll be a sad ending even I don't know why :sweat:
But in the end it a happy ending :on woohoo:
Your OS is so good that no word could describe it :shy2:
Hope you'll have another great Mayuki OS :nya:
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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #11 on: April 29, 2013, 05:15:11 PM »
Awesome job you did there :twothumbs

Love it!


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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #12 on: December 11, 2014, 02:13:09 PM »
This is so touching and cute at the same time T////T
I found your OS while randomly searching for Mayuki fanfic I havent read yet and I found yours !
Thx god for this !!
And thank you for your touching story I totally love it !

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #13 on: December 11, 2014, 09:06:44 PM »
Yea!! The Mayuki couple would be together forever

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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #14 on: December 13, 2014, 03:35:53 PM »
That flashback broke my heart... :cry:
But the end was beautiful  :wub: Mayukiiii!!!!  :twothumbs
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Re: I wanna...Mayuki one-shot
« Reply #15 on: July 12, 2017, 01:24:10 PM »
At beginning i really hurt when mayu knows about saeyuki
But the end is happy mayuki are happy! I'm happy yayyyy

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