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Author Topic: T's and J's no title yet -- continuara xd  (Read 57228 times)

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Re: T's and J's P - part 2
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Yeah... you continue it at last...

Fun scene there....

Very refreshing...

Thank you...

Can't wait to see the next

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Re: T's and J's P - part 2
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Yeah , some updates !!!
Plz go on like this !

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Re: T's and J's P - Oh dear
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T's and J's 'Oh dear last part'
- - - - -
The girls finished eating a while ago. While Takamina and her sisters were cleaning up, the girls were now hanging out on the deck. Miichan was nowhere in sight.

"Where's Miichan?" Mariko asked while looking around.

"Why?already missing her?" Haruna teased.

Mariko blushed but cleared her throat. "As if" she scoffed. Haruna just chuckled.

"Chiyuu is full...can't move" Chiyuu put her head on Yuki's shoulder. Mayu was spacing out.

Mariko noticed Atsuko who was leaning againts the rails with a distance look.

"Care to share your thoughts?"

"...." Atsuko thought for a moment before sighing. "Nothing escapes you huh.."




Miichan had to jumped to Croco's boat when Mariko and the girls came back. Croco almost pushed her off startled.

"Hehe sorry bud" Croco snorted and resumed to watch the bubbling salty water.

She heard Mariko looking for her. She smirked when the older girl denied. "As if huh"

She continued to listen to their conversation.

Oh she was glad she did. Indeed something was fishy with that Daisuke dude.

Once they left , she climbed back up and headed inside to inform the others.

- - - - - -
Late evening

The girls were preparing to sleep.

Mariko wore a red nighty that showed her curves. She just finished combing her hair. A little bit of perfume and she's done.

"Wow Mariko-sama~ are you going to seduce someone with that?" Yuki asked while drying her hair. She had a white robe on with a pair of pink slippers.

"You mean Miichan?" Chiyuu rubbed her eyes already dozing off.

Atsuko and Haruna giggled. Mariko's eye twitched.

Irritated, she took a pillow and threw it at Chiyuu.

"Uff!" Chiyuu blinked. She just got hit right on her face by the now snorting Mariko. 'You wanna play huh...' She smirked.

But before she could do anything, she got hit again. 'What the?!'

"Pillow fight!" Mayu shouted then started throwing pillows at them.

"Hahaha- ack!" Haruna looked at the smirking Atsuko. "You're so dead Acchan!! Come here!"

She jumped on her and started tickling her sides. "Pahahaha" Atsuko laughed. The two began a tickling battle.

"Wait Haruna where are you touching- hyan~!" Atsuko gasped.

"Ohoho someone got bigger in front" Haruna teased The others stopped what they were doing.

"Really? Let me touch them too!" Mariko joined Haruna.

"Kyaa what are you doing! matte!" Atsuko tried to get away from the two perverts but it was futile.

Yuki heard a thud from the other room. "Oh dear..." She shook her head.

- - - - - -
I'll go back to the farm~  XD
Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's
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Re: T's and J's Oh dear
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Yeah... another refreshing and fun chapter

Mariko is such a tsundere

Atsuko is being teased and touched everywhere...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

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Re: T's and J's Oh dear
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So good the fic... I love it  ><
And I can‘t believe that my favorite character is.. Croco xD

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Re: T's and J's - No title ye Editing in progress.
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T's and J's

No title yet - part 1

After Miichan felt better, the rest of the T girls followed Mariko as she guided them to their cabin. Their companions stayed around the decking area.

'Here we are. There are 3 bunk beds inside and probably enough space for your companions.' Mariko opened the door and let them in.

'Sae, Yuko, Jurina take the upper beds while me, Miichan and Tomo will take the bottom half' Takamina exclaimed as she sat down on the nearest bed.

'I wanted to be at the bottom.' Yuko pouted ' Oi Tomo switch with me'

'Yada' Tomo ignored Yoko as she put her things down.

'Miichan-nee is already fast asleep' Jurina poked Miichan but there was no response.

'Can't be help. She's exhausted spilling her guts out' Sae chuckled as she hopped high enough to reach her bed.' Oh that's comfy'

Mariko watched amused as Yuko kept on pestering Tomo to change their bed arrangement as well as keeping a glance at the sleeping girl. One eye opened suddenly and looked at her. She quickly averted her eyes.

'URUSAI!!' Miichan suddenly shouted as her sleeping was disturbed. She threw a glare at Yuko. Yuko just made a peace sign with a wink. Miichan then tackled both of them down.

'Yare yare' Takamina couldn't help but shake her head at their antics.

'Are they always like that?' Mariko asked as she leaned againts the wall.

'Ma ne' Takamina then laughed when she remembered something 'Remember last time? Miichan got a shock when the top floor suddenly collapsed and almost fell on her while she was sleeping'

'Yuko-ne and Tomo-ne had an argument about who was faster but indeed up in a brawl' Jurina dangled her legs while watching her 3 sisters fight.

'We had to repair all the damage afterwards though'' Sae added, throwing one of the pillows at them and hit Yuko in the face. 'Ack' Miichan and Tomo then tagged team to beat Yuko. 'NyanNyan help!!'

Inside the kitchen room

Haruna, Atsuko and Tomo~mi were busy preparing lunch.

'NyanNyan help!!'

Haruna stopped what she was doing. ' Did you hear something?'

'Nope, just your imagination. Tomomi pass me the plates please' Atsuko stirred  the beef stew curry with the ladle. The rice was almost ready as well. Haruna shrugged. 'Oh well'

But instead of Tomomi, a scaly tail brought the plates instead. 'Thank you..She sure follows you around ne' Atsuko started to fill them up, adding extra portion to you-know-who.

Yang just hissed slowly behind her queen's mate. 'Yang is such a cutie' Tomomi giggled as she busied herself making the drinks. 'Atsuko

The door of the kitchen door was slightly pushed opened and a wolf's head looked inside as it sniffed around. It then turned its head to Atsuko's direction and tried to give her the puppy eyes. 'Dame da yo Lex, stay outside and be a good boy or else no food for you or Takamina' Atsuko scolded the hungry wolf.

The white wolf's ears dropped as it softly whined its discontent but obeyed nonetheless. As soon as the door closed, Atsuko couldn't help but laugh.

'That was mean Atsuko, you even included Takamina's share' Haruna stifled a laugh.

'Hmm~' Atsuko just smiled.


'Surrender!!' Miichan tightly held Yuko down with the scorpion hold. Yuko hissed. ' No..way' She muttered gritting her teeth as she struggled to free herself. Tomo was busy combing her hair with the tiny mirror as it got messed up during the fight. 'Stupid Yuko'

'Ganbatte Yuko-ne!!'

'Miichan put more pressure!!'

Sae and Jurina cheered as they watched the two on the floor. Mariko and Takamina were busy discussing over things.

A knock stopped their fun as Yuki came in with the change of clothes. 'I was wondering what was the commotion..' Yuki sighed. 'Ah, here Mariko, I've already asked the girls so I've taken a set  for each' Mariko took the clothes and handed them to Takamina and her sisters.

'Thanks Yuki-san , Mariko-san.' Takamina exclaimed as the others started to undress. 'Omaira...'

Yuki blushed as she saw Sae's bare back so she turned around and started to fan herself with her hands.

Mariko cleared her throat 'Well then, we'll leave you girls to rest. Atsuko and the others might need extra hand for lunch, come on Yuki' Mariko made her way out with Yuki.

When the two of them left, Takamina turned her attention back to her sisters.

Tomo was now wearing a pink mid leg denim shorts and slim fit light pink shirt with three of the top buttons' open. 'Pink...'

Sae with dark blue fitted jeans and a white polo shirt. 'Ne ne How do I look?' Sae grinned as she did some poses.

'Sae-ne kakkoi!' Jurina was also wearing jeans but in black with gray sleeveless t-shirt.

'It's a little bit tight around the waist area Miichan muttered as she fixed the skirt. She put on a bare shouldered blouse and yellow knee length skirt.

"That's why we tell you to eat less" Yuko reprimanded. She was wearing a loose flowery shirt with a matching short fitted leggings. Miichan just rolled her eyes.

'Taka-ne are you not gonna change?'

'Oh, sou da ne..what do we have here...'

Takamina was about to check her clothes when the the speaker made a sound so all looked up to hear what is was about.

'Pin~pon, Lunch is ready~ the first to come will take  half the share of the last one...Ready?start!!' It was Mayu's mischievous voice, you could hear sound of laughter in the background.

'EHHH!' Takamina didn't have enough time to even get herself dressed when the others made a dash for it. 'Chotto Matte!!' She put the clothes on as quickly as she could without aggravating her back too much and tried to catch up with the rest.

'Foooood!!! Miichan screamed her way all the way through. Jurina hugged her tightly from the back.



Quite outdated but oh well  :panic:

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Still shipping them early pairs. 1st generation ftw!

Editing in progress ~ T's and J's
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