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Author Topic: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit four - Kumiyuri/Sayamilky  (Read 15064 times)

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*sighs* I'm being invaded by this idea, so I have no choice but to write it...  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Don't worry, I'll still update my other fics. I'm currently have no motivation for them, only this one..  :nervous :nervous :nervous

Well, enjoy reading!!!!



   On the cloudless night, was filled with trillions of stars. Under the sky, is a young girl that was on the edge of the 20-feet high cliff. Her raven hair shone like a sparkling river. Her white blouse acted as a little protection against the cold wind. Her jeans stretched to the lower knee. The girl was looking to the black sky with admiration.

   “Ehhh, sugoi. I can see more of them when I’m on the highest place on earth.” Her eyes sparkled due to the reflection of the star’s light.

   A sound of the screeching tire disturbed her star viewing moment.

   “What was that?” The girl asked herself with curiosity.

   100 feet far from what the girl stood was a three-way highway that stretched both of the girl’s view horizon. The road was being surrounded by the moderate grassland and several trees. Streetlights were lit on the edge of the road for guiding the travellers on their safety trip.

   The girl saw four pairs of light came from the edge of horizon of the road and they were moving at the high speed. The sound of the roaring engine was also being heard.

   “Looks like they were on race.” At the same time, she saw several red-and-blue mixed lights coming at the other light. The sound of the siren was heard.

   “The race turns into a high-speed car chase.”

   The girl clearly saw the four cars running away to the several high-speed police cars. They currently passed away to the cliff, where the girl stand. After that, the cars gone to the opposite horizon.

   The girl still looking to the side where the cars were gone, her eyes were filled with determination and motivation.

   “Someday, I will become the best street racer and no one will stop me.”


End of Introduction
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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit one - Kumiyuri
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 07:14:47 PM »
Well, here's my update.. Enjoy reading!!!!  XD XD XD


Pursuit one

7 years later, present time

   The birds were flown above the silent road Hokuriku Expressway in Niigata Prefecture. Trees were dancing along the wind. The wave current of the Sea of Japan were moderately fine.

   The silence were broke by the sound of the high speed car. It then followed by several high speed car, this time a multiple siren was heard.

   In a fast aerial view, a blue sports car was being chased by several police cars.

   “I repeat. The suspect is in blue Maserati Quattroporte.” The voice on the girl's CV radio which tracks and spies the chat transmission of the police.

   “Shit, this is so unfair. Why the hell they’re using Ford Shelby GT500? Are they really try to kill me rather than arrest me?” The girl said.

   “Dispatch requesting for 10-73. I repeat, requesting for 10-73.

   “Oh my god, they want me to crash on roadblock.” She pressed the button, activated the Nitrous Oxide. Then the car gained some speed to make some distance to the police cars.


   At the same time of car chase, an exotic car was on beside the tree, 30 feet away to the intersection of Hokuriku Expressway and a Joushin-etsu Expressway. Inside, is a girl who’s eating her favourite donut while watching anime. It looks like the episode was already ended.

   “Ehhh, that’s short. Oh well, to the next episode!” The young girl press the next button for the new episode of her favourite anime.

   As she watching her favourite show, her silent moment was currently ended when she heard a fast moving vehicle passing by to her at high speed. The girl looks to the source.

   “Maybe it’s racing. But I saw it’s one vehicle. I wonder what’s going on?” This will answering the girl’s question when she heard several sirens came from to the other side.

   “Wait a second. The racer is driving a Maserati Quattroporte, but I saw several police Ford Shelby GT500. Yabai, that racer needs help.” The girl finished her snack and went back to the wheel. The sound of the engine was head upon the start.

   “Ok, time to save the poor one.”


        On her peripheral vision, she saw some police cars lined up to the road and tried to block the way.

   “Must hit them on the rear end, must hit them on the rear end.” But her wish failed as the speeding police car from behind perform a PIT maneuver (bumbing the car’s rear end), causing her car to turn sideway and lose control of the grip. Much worse when her car suddenly flipped and hit to the fences.

   “The suspect car has crashed on the fence, I repeat the suspect car has crashed on the fence. It looks like the driver wants to avoid the roadblock.

   “Code 1 (situation under control) can you arrest the suspect, over?

   “Roger that, dispatch. Over and out.

   The young girl crawled out to the ready-to-explode vehicle. Before she could run farther, the vehicle’s already exploded, causing her to send 10 meters away.

   “Itai!” The young girl suffered fracture bones and deep wounds along with cut on her head.

   “Damn, my ride is gone, the police are here to get me. I guess my dream of being a street racer is over.” While the police are ready to arrest the
girl driver, she suddenly heard another vehicle coming to them at the high speed.

   “Another police? Great.” In a slow motion, the car went to the right side and drifted to the left, separating the police to the girl.

   ‘This is not a police. This car is Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR!’ the door opened revealing another girl holding the wheel.

   “If you don’t want to be arrested, get inside now!”

   After the girl get in to the vehicle, it suddenly accelerated away to the police, totally losing them.

   “Code 6, were losing the suspect. Another car suddenly appears in front of us. We can’t able to react quickly. What’s the next order?

   “Dismiss the pursuit, I repeat dismiss the pursuit.

   The car ran at the high speed and continued to get away to the cops.

   “Finally, looks like the cops don’t follow us. They can’t even react on time.” The driver smiled.

   “Wow, this is the first time I’m sitting to the Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR. This must be a dream.” The young girl amazed, the pouted when the driver giggled at her

   “Well, I guess I should thank you for saving me.”

   “Nah, it’s just a coincidence. Luckily I found you because I could see you’re totally on disadvantage.” The young girl sighed.

   “My ride was being destroyed. I can’t able to continue my street racing life.”

   “Don’t give up, girl. You can still able to get a ride, just not the cars lower than 180 mph in top speed.” Both of them giggled at the same time.

   “BTW, I’m Yuria, Kizaki Yuria. As you can see, I’m formerly drive the blue Maserati Quattroporte which was destroyed. And I want to know the name of my saviour.”

   “Me? I’m Kumi, Yagami Kumi and I drive this blue and white Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR. Nice to meet you.”


End of Pursuit one
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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit one - Kumiyuri
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2014, 03:17:42 AM »
Will Furuyanagi appear in this fic?

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit one - Kumiyuri
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A new one featuring Kumiyuri. .
A good reason to take a break =.= :on study: :on drink:

I'm expecting a bit of wMatsui in here XD
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Lame Story ahead!

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit one - Kumiyuri
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Yay! I've been waiting for so long to read a kumiyuri fic again  :cow:
Thank you so much.  :bow:

And Kumi saved Yuria? As expected of Kumi-sama   :thumbsup

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit one - Kumiyuri
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Its so nice to see kumiyuri fic here!! :ptam-cry:
Its been so long since the last time i read kumiyuri ff:ptm-hbk:
Pleasss continueee

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit two - Kumiyuri
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Thanks to read this fic and for the comments.

teru_fi : Yup, since this fic only focuses on SKE. SKE is the main character of this fic. But not all SKE members are here.
Rinca : I dunno about Wmatsui, hehe.  XD XD XD
snopcoff: I love Kumiyuri. sadly, there are few Kumiyuri fics here, mostly one-shots.
everyday48: Kumiyuri and Sayamilky are the main character pairings in here. About Sayamilky, maybe a very later update for making them to show up.



Pursuit two

   “Ne Yuria-san, are we close now to your hideout?” Kumi asked while she’s driving.

   “We’re almost there. Just when you see Hiyoshi Shrine, take right before that.” Yuria said.

   “Wow, I never thought that your hidden place is in the forest section.”

   Kumi and Yuria are in the Nanao, Ishikawa to search Yuria’s hideout. They’ve finished evading the police, although it takes thirty minutes to Kumi for disabling 50 very heavy Ford Shelby GT500, avoiding spikestrips and almost being captured by the helicopter if they didn’t hide in the bushy area of

   “Kumi-san, please call me Yuria. I’m don’t like formalities.” Yuria requested.

   “Sure, then call me Kumi. I don’t like formalities too.” Kumi smiled, making the young girl blushed.

   ‘Why am I blushing? I only just met her a few hours ago, and yet.’ Before the young girl finished her thoughts, Yuria saw what she want to find.

   “I can see it now.” Kumi saw what Yuria’s pointed at. A 19th century warehouse surrounded by walls and forest. A gate was slightly opened, maybe due to the strong wind.

   Yuria opened the gate to let Kumi’s car make inside the stronghold.

   “Um, Kumi. Can I borrow your phone?” Yuria asked.


   “My phone was inside of my car. Since the car is totally damaged, I can’t able to get it.”

   “Here.” Kumi let Yuria borrows her flip phone. She watch the young girl dial and put the phone to her ears.


   Inside of a warehouse, is a multitude of equipments, machineries and some paints. There are some cars but most of them are not capable of high-speed racing, few are totally damaged or rusted.

   A Ford Mustang GT was being lifted by hydraulic platform for maintenance checking. Below the car, is a figure wearing a dirtied white t-shirt, the upper portion of the blue jumpsuit are loosen.  The belt held tools like screwdriver, small hammer and electric tester. The figure held a wrench while
checking the lower portion of a car.

   “Churi!” The figure called. A minute have past, a woman appeared behind the lift.

   “Yo Airin, why are you calling at me?”

   “Looks like I saw a problem here.” The person called Airin, checked near the transmission section.

   “What is it?”

   “It looks like there’s a problem in transmission, especially in gears. The gears are either loosen or destroyed due to sudden grinding. It looks like
we have to replace those gears and clutch. There seem to a problem with the wirings. But the rest, it’s almost fine.” Airin explained.

   “How long it will take to repair?” Churi asked.

   “With sufficient materials, approximately three days.” Airin felt some vibration to her pocket. She picked her phone to look the name who called
her phone.

   “The caller has no name, I wonder where did that person get my number?”

   “Maybe that’s an emergency call, try to answer it.” By Churi’s suggestion, Airin answer the call.

   “Moshi-moshi? Who are you?”

   “It’s me, Airin.” Airin knew who owns that voice.

   “Yuria? What the hell, man. And I thought it was my stalker.”

   “Sorry. By the way, could you please open the gate?

   “Hey, Churi. Open the gate, Yuria was on outside.”

   “Wakarimashita.” Churi went to the gate control system and she pressed the green button. Then the gate slowly moved upward, enable them to see to the outside. They saw Yuria standing behind the gate while holding four boxes.

   “Tadaima!” Yuria smiled as she went to the table and put the heavy boxes.

   “Yuria, what happened? Why you have cuts on your head?” Churi went to the injured young girl.

   “We’ve been chased by the police, but we lose them completely before going home.”

   “By the way, where’s the Maserati Quattroporte.” Airin asked

   “Well, as you can see. The car is, the car is. Well I can’t able to explain it.” Yuria was in loss of words. Then in an instant, Airin held Yuria’s shirt
and started to shake her.

   “Yuria! Why the hell did you totalled your car!” Airin continuously shook the poor young girl.

   “GOOOOOMEEEEENAAAAASAAAAAAIIIIII!!” Yuria apologized while being shaken.

   “That Maserati is our only racing vehicle that we have. This Ford Mustang is still on repair.” Churi said.

   “Yeah, and I still can’t able to repair that without materials.” Airin said.

   “Yuria! Can I enter now?!” Someone shouted from the outside.

   “Hai! You may enter now!” Yuria shouted.

   “By the way, who’s that person?” Churi asked.

   “Oh, she’s the one that saved me from the police.”

   “Saved?” Furuyanagi simultaneously asked.

   “Yup, after my car has been totalled she suddenly came in front of me and she let me get in to her car.” Then they saw a car entered to the warehouse and parked it to the empty space near the wall. The girl turned off the engine before getting out from the car. The girl then went to Yuria and smiled at the unknown persons.

   “Hi, I’m Yagami Kumi. Nice to meet you.” Kumi offered a handshake which Churi replied it.

   “Hi, I’m Takayanagi Akane, a car graphic designer. Beside me, is Furukawa Airi and she’s a car maintenance technician.”

   “Nice to meet you.” Kumi offered her hands to Airin.

   “Nice to meet you too.” Airin replied. Her eyes went wide as she saw something behind Kumi like a treasure ready to open.

   “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!” Airin squealed like a fangirl.

   “What is it, Airin?” Churi wondered.

   “Oh my god! Is this real? Is really really real?” Airin ran to the Kumi’s car and inspected it carefully.

   “Wait.” Churi looked to the car. As expected…

   “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!” Churi squealed like a fangirl too.

   “Oh my god. It’s Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR!” Churi frantically said.

   “I really can’t believe it. My dream car, is already in front of me!” Airin hugged the birdgirl.

   “I know right? This exotic car is beyond my expectation!” Someone patted on Airin’s shoulder that made them stop and looked at the source.

   “Um, excuse me. You’re holding to my car that you’ve been dreamt off.” Kumi smiled at them. Suddenly, Airin handshake Kumi like a fan.

    “You’re my biggest fan now.”

   “What’s the top speed of your car, Kumi-san?” Churi asked.

   “Without Nitrous Oxide, 239 mph, with Nitrous Oxide, 243 mph.”

   “What?!” Yuria, Airin and Churi asked.

   “What’s going on? Why the hell there’s a screaming child in here?” A girl wearing in civilian clothes appeared behind the doorway.

   “Rena-senpai! I can’t believe it! I really can’t believe it!” Airin frantically shook the pale girl.


   “A Dodge Viper, Rena-senpai. A Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR was inside of our sacred place!”

   “Wait what? Viper? That’s impossible. Neither one of us can’t afford that expensive exotic car you know. We’re currently lack of resources.”

   “Actually, Rena. You’re already saw it from your naked eyes.” Yuria pointed the blue car.

   “Wow. So it is real. Yuria, did you buy that? Where do you steal the money?”

   “Hey! I didn’t steal something and this is not my own car.”

   “Then who?” Airin, Churi and Yuria pointed at the girl. Kumi raised both of her hands.

   “That’s mine.”


   “Well, thank you for saving Yuria. If weren’t you, we can’t able to see her anymore.” Rena served Kumi a tea.

   “Don’t mention it. Thanks for the tea.” Kumi said and drank the tea. Then she inspect the whole place.

   “I assume that this place is your team hideout, right?”

   “Yeah, we’re not very rich like the AKB team nor have a large hideout like NMB team.”

   “There are currently thirty of street racing teams battling each other for fame.” Rena explained.

   “But out of those thirty teams, four of them are superior teams in Japan.”

   “Who are they?” Kumi curiously asked.

   “The top one to four are AKB team, NMB team, HKT team and KKS team.”

   “Those teams possess many resources. They have large facilities, high-tech tools equipment, several maintenance crews, and even spaces. Also,
they have hyper-series cars used in racing, each of those cars equipped with cutting-edge weapons for battling to the police that also possesses the said weapons.”

   “In short this is a three-way battle, racers vs. racers and police vs. racers.”

   “What about it?” Kumi asked.

   “AKB team has twelve strongest street races known as Kami-12, NMB team has nine strongest too, known as Cloud-9. HKT has seven strongest,
also known as Rainbow-7.”

   “Our team, SKE team, has only one professional street racer, and it is Yuria. And we only possess two cars, the Maserati Quattroporte which was
totalled and the Ford Mustang GT, which is currently under repaired."

   “In short, we’re hopeless. Our dream of becoming a best street racing team will be vanished forever.” Then a silence formed. Kumi then started to remind something.

   ‘Someday, I will become the best racer and no one will stop me.’ Kumi smiled of that thought.

   “Ne, how about I will join to your own little merry crew?” Kumi suggested.

   “What?” All of them surprised to the girl’s suggestion.

   “Well you said you don’t have any cars to race. So in short, how about my car?”

   “You’re right.” Yuria said.

   “Well, if you let me join. I could use my Dodge Viper, since I customized it to maximum for finding a perfect street racing, only later found Yuria having her car totalled.” Yuria pouted of Kumi’s statement.

   “Last question, do you really want to join us? You know our team is the lowest of all the lowest. We only have limited resources if your car’s getting damage.”

   “I will going to pull this team up to the rank. It doesn’t matter for me if you only have limited resources, we will earn a money for that. Yes, Rena-san I want to join to your team.” Kumi said with determination.

   “Well, we don’t have a choice right?” Rena asked to her crew.

   “Yup, we don’t have.”

   “Then, I would welcome Yagami Kumi as our new crew and second street racer. Welcome to SKE team. Oh, I forgotten something. This is Kimoto Kanon, she’s our cook.” Rena patted the girl’s shoulder.

   “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.” Kanon bowed which Kumi replied by bow too. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turn she saw Yuria.

   “Welcome to our family, Kumi.”


End of Pursuit two
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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit two - Kumiyuri
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An update. Yay.  :cow:
I smell Furuyanagi here, still funny as usual  XD
And Kanon? The return of the baka-trio?  XD

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit two - Kumiyuri
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Cool. Those names for the teams are funny thou.

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit two - Kumiyuri
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Kuminyuri + non :3. . .

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit two - Kumiyuri
« Reply #10 on: October 18, 2014, 11:36:42 AM »
wow.. even KKS is one of top team huh XD

it really show SKE team is the lowest of all the lowest.

Goodluck SKE team to climb the rank :thumbsup

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit two - Kumiyuri
« Reply #11 on: October 23, 2014, 04:53:39 PM »
street racing theme! much cool cars will appear yeay!  :shakeit:
welcome to the club kuumin! ah i miss this bakakumin
the leader of ske is rena? wheres juju? is jurina on ske side or.... haha
there are churi airin, kanon
trio baka kumiyurinon!!!
:hip smile:
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

Oshi: Shinoda Mariko,
Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit three (Part 1) - Kumiyuri
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Hello guys... Sorry for the late update...

So, everyone here wondered where's Jurina right? Well, Jurina's whereabout will be revealed very soon...  XD XD XD

Well for the first part, ENJOY READING~!!!!!


Pursuit three (Part 1)

   Three days later

   “Kumi, are you done?” Yuria shouted outside.

   “Wait!” Kumi adjusted her denim jacket then shook off to remove dirt and dust.

   “Something’s missing. Ah!” Kumi went to the drawer and picked the headband.

   “Perfect.” Kumi then went out to her room, which was located on the second floor of SKE auto-garage, in front of Yuria’s room. The room was supposedly used as stockroom.

   Kumi saw Yuria’s waiting downstairs. She’s wearing white blouse with blue denim vest and blue pants. Her hair was decorated with several hairclips.

   “Wow, you’re fabulous.” Kumi praised which made Yuria blushed.

   “Well, you too.” Yuria said in low tone. The young girl didn't notice Kumi's blushed face. Airin, who was taking a break on machinery repairing, saw them while holding a coffee.

   “Where are you guys going?” Airin asked to them.

   “We’re going to Kyoto.” Yuria said.

   “Yeah, we’re going to get some food stock.” Kumi butted in.

   “And some races to join.” Yuria finalized.

   “Well, if you want to go to Kyoto, instead of driving the car, you should borrow my motorbike. Your Dodge Viper was currently on search list after you save Yuria.”

   “Ehh, you have motorbike? What’s the model?”

   “BMW S1000RR. There’s a pair of helmet beside the bike.”

   “Wow, since when did you have that superbike?” Kumi asked.

   “Received that on my 18th birthday.” Airin smiled at them.

   “Lucky girl.” Kumi and Yuria went to the parking room where Kumi’s car was being parked. On the right side, they saw a silver bike with two helmets.

   “That’s my bike.” Airin threw the key to Kumi which, the latter caught it right on time.

   “Please take care of my bike. Don’t let either ruin or impound. Understand?”  Kumi and Yuria nodded. After that, Airin left them to finish her job.

   “Well, that was scary.” Kumi checked the helmet.

   “She’s always like that, especially when comes to her bike. It’s uncommon for Airin let us to use her own possession.” Yuria said.

   “This helmet has a built-in communication and voice-command system and user navigation interface.” Kumi passed the helmet to Yuria. As soon as she put the helmet on, a voice was heard inside.

   “Initializing scanning process.

   “Scanning complete. Preparing activation of processing system.

   “System activation complete. All systems are ready to use.

   After that, Kumi saw the black area of the visor was being pixelized. Then she finally saw the whole field, the visor screen has two-dimensional cross axes display with map on the upper right side of the screen. On the upper left side is the speedometer which said “0 mph”.

   “Kumi, can you hear me?” Yuria’s voice was heard in Kumi’s helmet.

   “Yes, Yuria. I can hear you, loud and clear.” Kumi sat on the on riding area. Yuria joined her and sat behind Kumi.

   “Destination, set to Kyoto Tower.”

   “Kyoto Tower, Location: Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto Prefecture. Distance: 380 km passing through Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Preparation for direction, complete.

   “Let’s go?” Kumi press the starter switch, causing the engine to start. Then she revved the handle to release some building cas of exhaust. The gate opened, revealing the mesh walls being surrounded by bushy trees and medium high grasses.

   “Hai.” With the single rev, the bike ran to the very low grassed soil. After that, they’ve reached to the solid asphalt road of National Route 160 at the speed of 100 mph.


End of Pursuit three (Part 1)
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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit three (Part 1) - Kumiyuri
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Kyoto, here they come~~~~

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit three (Part 1) - Kumiyuri
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ya know i realllllly reallllllyy like / love to play ALL need for speed game in ps2 not the movie  :ptam-glow: so thats why when i read this fanfic i feels so  :ding:  :tama-lotsaluv: :mon star:
Im totally into this fic~~  :mon runcry: and the way you write it, its make me so easy to read it  :thumbsup also KUMIYURI~~~!!!  :mon crazyinlove: kuumiiiinnnnn~!
no. no. dont make it into kumiyurinon :< i dont wanna non crying ;A;)

hoping for the next chapter >O<)/ please keep writing if you can   :mon pray2:
thankyou very much  :bow:

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit three (Part 2)
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Hello guys~!!! Sorry for the late update.. Well here it is.. ENJOY READING~!!!! XD XD XD


Pursuit 3 (Part 2):

Location: Kyoto, Japan
Time: April 15, 2040; 2:00 pm
Race Event: None

   The silver BMW S1000RR and its riders were finally arrived to the former imperial capital of Japan and the City of Ten Thousand Shrines. They went to the Kyoto station parking lot and parked their ride. After that, they exited to the train station.

   “Ne, Kumi I’m going to buy some supplies. How about we separate for a while?” The young girl asked.

   “Sure, same place where we parked the motorbike. Mail me if your there.” Kumi answered.

   “Wakarimashita. Ja, ne.” Then the two separated.

   “Now, where am I going now?” Kumi put her right index finger to her mouth while looking to the sky.

   “I know that there are too many temples here, but nah. Maybe I should take a walk for a while.” Kumi wore her shades and went to the eastern road, away from the tall Kyoto Tower.


   “Damn it, where is it?” The short-haired girl ransacking her things looking for her most important property.

   “Maachun! Where’s my phone!” A girl shouted from the bedroom.

   “I don’t know! Ask Ainyan or Fuuchan!” The girl named Maachun replied by shout.

   While the girl continued to search for her phone, the door was opened, revealing a girl holding a cup of coffee and bread. The girl heard the door opened and started to ask her.

   “Nana, did you see my phone?”

   “Your phone? I saw it on the side of flower vase in the living room. You’ve forgotten to carry it to your bedroom for charging. So I’ve charged your phone.”

   “Ok. Arigatou, obaa-han!” And the girl passed through another girl and ran down the stairs.

   “Dou ita- HEY!”

   After getting her phone, she went to the mirror. She wore black hoodie vest with blue blouse and denim skirt. After checking her appearance she went to entryway and put her rubber shoes. After that, she opened the double-door and went outside.

   “Ittekimasu! (I’m going!)”

   “Haaa. This girl.” Maachun shook her head. She saw Nana went down the stairs.

   “Ne, Maachun. Where will she go?”

   “She’s going to electronic shop to buy a headphone.” Maachun answered while preparing her coffee.

   “Oh, so that’s why she’s very excited. And even she called me ‘old woman’.”

   “I agree with her, Nana-baachan.” Maachun sips her coffee.

   “Who’s old woman? Hey, I’m not old woman!”

   “Our ace racer is very energetic ne?” Maachun calmly said.

   “No wonder, Maachun. She’s one of best of our team, along with me, you, Ainyan, Fuuchan, Akarin, Rikanyan, Keicchi, Ripopo and Riichan.”

   “And that will form Cloud-9, NMB Team’s best racers.” Maachun continued and sipped her coffee.

   “Although we have Anya as replacement, without her, the scale will be tilted.”

   “By the way, any reports of AKB, HKT and KKS?” Nana refilled her coffee.

   “Well nothing special, aside from accidents happened due to KKS’s unorthodox ways. AKB and HKT are currently silent but I predict that they will going to participate in the race three days from now.”

   “KKS Team again? When will they stop for their unorthodox style of race?”

   “I don’t know, let’s just hope that someone will going to make them stop. Speaking of reports, you’ve heard about Kizaki Yuria right?”

   “Yeah? She’s the ace racer of SKE Team, the lowest-ranked team.”

   “Her car was being totalled by the police forces, I saw it on TV.”

   “Oh really? Did she arrested?” Nana asked.

   “She’s almost being arrested, until someone saved her. I’m suddenly amazed of the skill of that driver. That person perfectly drifted to eight police cars that semicircle surrounded Kizaki-san. And they escaped quickly before the police went back to the car. That person drove a blue Dodge Viper."

   “Wow, really? That amazes me a lot.”

   “Since Kizaki-san’s ride was totalled, I wonder if they’ll going to continue to race.”

   “Or maybe, that person will substitute Kizaki-chan, since she has no ride.” Nana assumed.

   “If that will happened, then this will escalates more than I’ve expected.” Maachun said.

   “What do you mean?”

   “If that person will going to join the SKE Team, then that person along with Kizaki-san will be our potential rivals. No, the SKE Team will soon become the Top 4’s rival team.”


   “Finally! Sennheiser Urbanite XL, I finally got you now!” The girl put her headphone on her ears.

   “Time for my favourite playlist.” She played ‘Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo’ from her iPod Touch.

   She walked to the Karasuma street while listening to her newly bought headphone. But she didn’t noticed an oncoming person which make them bump each other and fell their butt to the solid tiled sideroad.

   “Itai!” Both of them said at the same time. The short-haired girl rubbed her butt.

   “Onee-chan, daijoubu desu ka? Here let me help you.” The girl looked up, and saw a girl wearing denim jacket and a shades that hanged to the blouse. The standing girl reached her hands to another girl which she hold it and being pulled up.

   “Daijoubu desu, it’s like my butt fell to the floor. And it looks like you’re in the same situation as mine too.” She smiled at the worrying girl.

   “I’m sorry if I bumped at you.” The girl bowed down to her.

   “Oh no, you don’t need to apologize. It was I who should be apologize to you. I also don’t felt your presence.” Then the two girls laughed cutely.

   “By the way, I’m Yamamoto Sayaka. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” ‘Wait what is this feeling? It’s like my rival is finally come. No, that’s impossible.

   “Yagami Kumi desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”   ‘Wow, what is that chilling sensation that flows in my body. That’s the first time I’ve felt this for a long time.

   After their introduction, her phone suddenly rang. After she looked to the caller’s name, she excused herself to the stranger for a while and answered the phone.

    “Ne, Ainyan what is it?”

   “HKT Team are issue a race challenge to Ripopo and Fuuchan. And they will going to race two hours from now.”

   “Really? Ja, I will be there.”

   “Ok, Sayanee.” Then their conversation ended, the girl went back to the stranger that waited on her.

   “I’m sorry for that, but I need to go. It’s very nice to meet you.”

   “I’m sorry for what I did to you. Nice to meet you too.” Kumi smiled at her.

   “Ja, I will going now.” Sayaka walked away and waved at her. Kumi replied with a wave too.

   “Maybe I should go to 7-11 for a drink.” Kumi walked away to the scene.

   “Hmm, Fuuchan and Ripopo. Time to watch the excitement.”


   “This would be enough.” Yuria said while walking to the Shinmachi dori. She’s carrying a small bag filled with hardware tools and materials.

   She didn’t noticed a girl with leather jacket and wore a black shades, but as she passed through her, she seem trembled slightly that made her stop for a while.

   “What is that feeling?” Then she looked back, only found too many people walking rushfully.

   “Maybe it’s just a wind.” Then Yuria continued to walk. After a 10 minutes of walk, she saw Kumi drinking a coke in 7-eleven. Yuria waved at her which Kumi replied a wave too. Kumi went to the refrigerator to get Yuria a drink. After the payment, she went to Yuria who’s waiting at her. Kumi gave the drink to Yuria.

   “Any place that we can scout for race?” Kumi asked while drinking her coke.

   “I know some underground areas where we can able to look for some races. Although it’s very far from Kyoto. But one of the most recent race event is the battle of the low ranked teams. The race starts three days from now.” Yuria opened her drink.

   “I don’t mind of that. As long as we need to race.” Kumi said.

   “Then we need to go now.” The two nodded each other and leave to their parked ride.


   “That feeling. It freezes me like hell, despite I’m wearing a leather jacket. And why my excitement grows exponentially?” The girl asked herself then she shrugged that feeling away. After her while for a walk, she finally reached her destination.

   “Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters, still did not changed.” The girl went inside of the building. As soon as the two police officers saw her, the two police saluted. She went to the door of the highest officer in the prefectural police department and knocked it many times.

   “Hai! Come in!” As soon as she heard that, the girl opened the door and closed it. Then made a salute and introducing herself.

   “Chief Inspector Watanabe Miyuki of Kinki Regional Police Bureau, sir!”

   “You don’t need to introduce yourself to us, Milky. It’s been a while since your transfer to Osaka Department.”

   “How many years, Chief Superintendent Iriyama Anna? Four years?” Miyuki sat down to non-occupied seat.

   “Yeah, four years since your promotion to Chief Inspector and transfer to Osaka Prefectural Department going to Regional Department.” Another girl beside Milky said.

   “Aw, don’t be sad, Inspector Yabushita Shu. Here's my present for you.” As soon as Miyuki gave the said thing, Shu couldn’t contain the excitement and suddenly grasped it.

   “Chief Superintendent Iriyama Anna, Inspector Yabushita Shu, Senior Superintendent Nakanishi Yuka, Superintendent Oshima Mai, Inspector Jo Eriko and Sergeant Tano Yuka.” Miyuki said.

   “Yeah and that will leaves you and the highest command in National Police Agency, Commisioner General Kasai Tomomi. That will completes the Japan National Police Agency’s Octagon, the eight ace police.”

   “Speaking of which, where’s Tano?”

   “She’s currently on the garage, trying to improve your ride.” Nishishi said.

   “Ok, I should go there.” Miyuki excused herself to leave and then went to the police garage. Then she saw Tano checking to the opened hood.

   “Hey Tano!” Miyuki called her causing the technician to look at her.

   “Milky!” Tano wiped her dirty hands to the towel and went to Miyuki to hug her.

   “How’s my ride?”

   “Since you’re here, everything’s set. I’ve upgrade your Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce so you can able to overtake those very fast car. I know of your skill, so I improve your favourite item in the car to its ultimate performance.”

   “That’s our Tano the Technician!” Miyuki smiled at her, making Tano blushed. Then suddenly an alarm siren rang very loudly.

   “Attention! A race has been detected in Wakayama Prefecture, request immediate respond.” Then Miyuki went to the two-way radio.

   “10-4 (Message received), this is Chief Inspector Watanabe Miyuki of Kinki Regional Police Bureau. I’ll respond that request. Over.” Miyuki said.

   “Affirmative, Chief Inspector Watanabe. Over and out.” Then the alarm went down.

   “Ok, Tano. Time to use my personal toy.”

   “Here it is, Milky. Lock and load.” Then Miyuki started the engine.

   “Showtime.” A single kick to the gas pedal follow by the release of handbrake making the car accelerated very fast.


End of Pursuit three
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this is what I call an update. . . .  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Seeing how you gathered members from the different group to form your Octagon-8, and I'm seeing my former Oshis MaiMai and Tomo~, plus I'm still excited on how will Milky drives the Murcielago (which is again, one of my fav rides in the nfs series)  :twothumbs :twothumbs

you will have fuuchan and ripopo first, but I'm looking forward with the Lolis  :3

Thanks for this update and;

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Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Awww...That's it  :cry: :cry:  :cry:
Waiting for update .. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Need for Speed: Fast Forward ---> Pursuit four - Kumiyuri/Sayamilky
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Wow, it's been 2 years since my last update.. Hehehe...
Anyways, here's the update.. Enjoy reading~!!! :)


Pursuit four

“Ne, where’s Kumi?” Yuria asked.

“Apparently, she’s still in the room.” Churi adjusted her ribbon headband.

“Yuria, where is the exact location of the race event?” Airin checked her polo.

“According to the flyer that we saw in Kyoto, the location is in Tomei Expressway, Shizuoka Prefecture, between Okazaki, Aichi and Tsuzuki, Hamamatsu. The race is 41.2 km sprint race.”

“Really, 41.2 kilometers? That race was only for the mid-ranked teams, and the minimum car’s top speed should be about 200 mph because it takes some time to finish that. Unless there something interesting.” Airin said. Churi went to the refrigerator to get water.
“The reward is 45,000,000 US$.” This made Churi spat her drank water and Airi almost dropped her helmet.

“Forty-five million dollars?” Furuyanagi said at the same time while their eyes are widened.

“Yes, four, five and six zeros dollars. And also.” Yuria went to her sling bag to getting her modified Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Then she went to the gallery and found a photo.

“There is a chance that we will be selected to a race in Aomori Prefecture. There are 16 positions and there’s only one vacant seat left. So all we need to do is win the race and voila, welcome to the tournament.” Yuria explained.
“And once we win on that race.” Furuyanagi said.
“Then our team will rank up two times and gain popularity at the same time gaining more attention to the police and to the top four teams.” Kumi appeared behind Furuyanagi pair, surprising both of them. She’s wearing sleeveless shirt and denim pants. Her red-checkered long sleeve polo was been tied around her waist.
“Hey, is it the time to go there?” Kumi remind them.
“Oh yeah, we almost forgot.” Airin went to her motorcycle and threw the helmet to Churi that she catches it in one hand. Yuria went to the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird motorcycle, which was owned by their Manager, Matsui Rena.
“Guys, you should go there first. I need to check the my car first.” Kumi requested.
“Ok, you should go there before the race ne?” Yuria asked. After Kumi nodded to her, the young girl signals the pairing for allowed going to the race first. After the two motorcycle disappeared from the sight, Kumi opened the hood of her car, revealing the car’s engine bay.
“Hmm… Engines without any leakage, check. Battery must not in short circuit, check. Brake fluid must not have any dirt, check. Power steering must be in maximum, check.” After the checking, Kumi closed the hood then cleans her hands using towel.
“The suspension has not any problems. The electronic stability control is still in good condition. Shock absorbers are in better function. Tires are in good health for better drifting and acceleration. Well looks like everything’s clear.” Kumi went to the front seat and started the engine. Then she saw Rena coming to her.
“Well, I guess this is your first race in this team, so I say good luck.” Rena said.
“Thanks, Rena-san.”
“And be careful, especially when you meet one of the aces of the four teams. I predict that they will going to come to the race to observe the event, especially to the AKB’s aces that always went to the races, Watanabe Mayu, Oshima Yuko and Kashiwagi Yuki.”
“You seem to know about AKB Team, Rena-san.” Kumi was curious.
“It’s because I’m formerly one of them before this team formed.” Kumi was slightly surprised upon Rena’s revelation.
“Why do you have to say this to me?” Kumi asked.
“It’s because I have a hopes that you, along with Yuria, will become the ace of this team. Soon, you two will gonna battle the four team’s ace, although not enough cause you’re dealing with more than two racers. Nevertheless, I believe that there would be a miracle. So, good luck on your race and don’t be caught by the police.” Then Rena went to her room.
“Thanks Rena.” Kumi pressed the accelerate pedal as the car rapidly boomed away to their hideout.

Location: Tomei Expressway, Okazaki, Aichi
Time: April 18, 2040; 10:00 am
Race: Sprint race
Starting line: Owari Ohiracho, Okazaki, Aichi
Finishing line: Kashiage, Tsuzuki, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Total distance: 41.2 kilometers
Police presence: None as of now

Several racing teams meet below the flyover of Tomei Expressway. There are currently 10 racing teams are participating on this mid-tier race. Each team checked on their own available arsenals that will be use on the race. They know that this race is highly risky. Aside of the fuel consumption, their worries is this lengthy race will caught the attention of the police, mostly the Special Rapid Response Unit of the National Police Agency.
One girl wearing denim vest over her white shirt is leaning to the hyper-series car, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. She’s currently surveying the scene, despite having a bored face. She saw a short-haired girl wearing black tank tops over her all-button opened, checkered polo and denim pants.
“What’s with that bored face?” The short-haired girl asked.
“Ne, Sayanee. Why you pulled me here? You know this is a goddamn boring race.” This girl said.
“Gomen ne, Ainyan. I know you’re bored. However, I need a companion.” Sayaka said.
“You already know that with all of these junk cars can’t even reach the finish line.” Aina said.
“I know, but to make three of the 16 aces of the AKB team and three of the 7 aces of HKT team appeared on this place, this race makes more interesting. And looks like they have the same feeling as mine.” Sayaka leaned to her own ride.
“You’re right. With the appearing of the three top teams in this place, somehow there’s a miracle will happen.” With the sound of the engine, the two aces of NMB team saw a two bikes coming to the venue. After shutting down the engine, the three riders removed their helmet and setting up the equipment.
“Hey, Sasshi. Is that Kizaki Yuria of the SKE team?” A short-haired girl asked.
“You’re right, Haruppi. It is Kizaki-san. I heard that her car was totalled. Sakuratan, dou?” She asked to the girl sitting on the hood of green Lamborghini Reventon.
“They’re still the participants in the race. Maybe they have a substitute.” Sakura said.
“A substitute eh. I wonder if that person is strong.” Suddenly, they heard a roaring sound coming out of nowhere. Then a blue car appeared behind the overpass and went to SKE Team’s site.
“What the hell? A Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR? That is an exotic-series car!” A girl blurted out.
“Shut up, Yuko-san. So this is the car of the rumoured driver that will substitute Kizaki Yuria.” A twin tail-haired girl with wearing glasses said. She’s sitting on the top of her silver SSC Tuatara
“Ne, Mayuyu. Who is the driver of this Dodge Viper?” A black-haired girl asked leaning on her metallic gray Porsche 9FF GT9R.
“I don’t know, Yukirin. If this driver can finish this race, I think that person has the potential of becoming their ace racer.” Mayu said. The door opened revealing a girl wearing white sleeveless shirt.
“That driver is a girl. What do you think, Sayanee?” Then Aina saw her friend’s eyes grew wide.
“That girl. It can’t be.” Sayaka whispered.
“Am I late?” Kumi asked.
“Nope, you’re just in time.” Yuria answered.
“By the way, your ride have caught many attentions to our fellow racers.” Then Akane put her mouth on her ears.
“Especially to the three top teams that currently present here.” Akane winked.
“Eh?” Kumi airheadedly asked. Then she looked to her surroundings and saw the racers are staring at her.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Mazda RX-8, Toyota Supra and some Supra Impreza. Almost all are sport-series cars.’ She saw three high-class cars not so far from the meeting.
“Lamborghini Reventon, exotic-series car. On the other side, Porsche 9FF GT9-R, another exotic-series car, SSC Tuatara and SSC Ultimate Aero XT. Two hyper-series cars?” Kumi raised her eyebrow. Then she looked on her left side.
“Lastly is Saleen S7, a hyper-series car.” Kumi’s expression changed to surprise as she recognized the girl leaning to the Saleen S7.

That girl, Yamamoto-san?’ Kumi walked towards the two girls. Sayaka replied by walking also towards Kumi. Then the two girls standing in front of each other.

“I’d never thought that you’re a driver of that Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR.” Sayaka said.

“I’d never thought that you’re the racer like me, Yamamoto-san.” Kumi said.

“I’d forgot to give a proper introduction. Yamamoto Sayaka desu. I’m one of the aces of NMB Team. That Saleen S7 that you saw is my ride.”

“Oh, an NMB ace. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Yagami Kumi desu, I’m recently joined in SKE Team. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.” Kumi offered her hand.

“Yoroshiku ne.” Sayaka replied with a hand shake. Then the two girls went apart to their respective team.

“You know that girl?” Aina asked.

“Last time. When we bumped to each other. She gave me a chill there.” Sayaka said.

“A chill eh. It means that girl will soon to be your rival?” Aina grins.

“Well, if she wins.” Sayaka said.

Meanwhile, an exotic-series car parked beside Sakura’s Lamborghini Reventon. Then the door opened, revealing a long-haired girl wearing black jacket over head white crop top shirt and black skirt.

“Natsu, what are you doing here?” Sakura asked to one of the seven HKT aces, Matsuoka Natsumi.

“I just happened to saw you guys here after warming up my ride.” Natsumi coldly said, referring to her black Ferrari 488 Spider.

“You mean destroying police vehicles, right? What a way of warming up.” Sakura rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Oh Natsu! Good timing, this race will be more interesting to watch.” Rino said.

“Hehhhh.” Natsumi in uninterested tone.

“Unless you saw someone riding an exotic-series car, that tone of yours will be changed into interested one.” Haruka pointed out on blue car parking beside SKE Team.

“Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR? And I thought that lower-than-rat team can’t afford that kind of car.” Natsumi mockingly said.

“Well, the one that you said lower-than-rat team, has a recently joined member that owned that car.” Haruka said. They saw Kumi entering to the blue car and close its door, then started the engine.

“According to the recent update of SKE Team’s database, her name is Yagami Kumi. She’s the owner of blue Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR. Aside of that, nothing to know much about her.” Rino explained while holding a laptop.

“Yagami Kumi ehhh. Interesting.” Natsumi’s expression showing her curiosity.

While Kumi finished adjusting the fingerless gloves on her hand, Yuria approached her.

“Ne, Yagami-san. You have to be careful. Like I said last time, aside of this lengthy race, you will attract the cops. So in case if you see them, try to shake them off. And watch out if you see any exotic-series or hyper-series cars with police design or appearance, it could be the rumour elite police group in National Police Agency. Especially if you saw a storm-like design.” Yuria warned.   

“Eh? Storm-like design?” Kumi asked.

“Eh? You didn’t know?” Yuria reacted at Kumi’s reaction.

“No. I only stayed in United States for ten years, so I didn’t know much anything.” Kumi replied.

“Oh. Well, that storm-like design is the insignia of the highest elite traffic enforcement group in National Police Agency. They are known as Special Traffic Operations and Rapid Manoeuvre Unit or S.T.O.R.M. Unit. They possessed state-of-the-art cars, which is highly durable. So not trying to fight them.” Yuria warned.

“Hm… Understood. I take that warning as advice.” Kumi went inside to her car.

“Eh? Advice? Wait, you’re not trying to fight them, right?” Yuria exclaimed.

“More likely I’ll be forced to fight them. I’ll just shake them off. Well, see yah!” Kumi said in American accent.

“Kumi!” Kumi didn’t hear Yuria’s call as she drove the car to the starting line, where the other cars lined up.

“Mou! That girl.” Yuria pouted while she’s walking to their camp. Akane put on the headset then opened the large briefcase, reveals its main function: holographic terminal. It has holographic touchscreen display with holographic keyboard. The screen displayed two separated GPS, one for Kumi’s location and one for their location. On the central screen is the status display, contains the current condition of Kumi’s car. Finally, a two video-feed displays which show the live-feed of the race, one showing Kumi and one on the road.

Kumi, can you hear us from here, over?” Akane said.

“Yup, loud and clear.” From the live stream, Kumi showed a thumbs up.

Ok. I know that you’re a seasonal driver, so we don’t have to tell you about the details of the race. Just watch out from the cops and try to survive or not being busted even after the race. Got it?

“Got it!” Kumi lined her car alongside the other cars.

You already know about the S.T.O.R.M. Units so be careful if you ever have a chance to meet them. Over and out.” Akane’s last advice before disconnecting the video call.

Hmmmm, S.T.O.R.M. Units ehh. Accordingly, they are the most fearful elite special police units, known for their usage of aggressive force to end high-speed chases and pursuits. What if they used that ‘thing’ to shutdown high-speed vehicles? If my suspicion is right, then I think I will use mine too.’ Kumi’s eyes now focused on the road.

“Let’s go.” Initially, Kumi stepped the gas and clutch pedal at the same time released the brake pedal and pushing down the handbrake, which causing the tires to skid and burnout before moving forward. The other cars followed the suit, which starts the race. All of the cars zoomed at high speed while trying to overtake each other.

On the main camp, several people started to cheer the racers. Yuria, Akane and Airi watch live image of the race. They saw Kumi’s car avoid civilian vehicles despite moving at high-speed.

“She’s good, Churi. Her driving techniques may be unique, but she’s slightly similar to Yuria when comes to fast shifts.” Airi commented.

“I can’t disagree with that. I may have greater experience at driving, but Yuria’s level is too far to reach.” Akane sighed.

“Oi! It’s not like I’m that good~! I’m not actually that good, you know.” Yuria complaint.

Poor Yuria. She didn’t realize that her skills are far greater than ours. You really didn’t know that you possessed a unique talent. All the ace racers of AKB, NMB and HKT possessed that talent. Who knows, Kumi-san might have that talent too.’ Airi thought.

On the road, the Dodge Viper overtook two racing cars, turning the rank for her team in to first position. They still have 25 km away to the finish line. However, some of the participants gave up due that their car can’t handle the distance as well shortage of fuel.

“Time to maintain the rank until the finish line.” Kumi said. Until…

Dispatch, we have receive a call regards of the street race appeared near to them.

Location and status, over?

Racers have been spotted on Tomei Expressway in Toyokawa, Aichi. We’re trying to pull them out. Permission to initiate pursuit, over.

Affirmative, you are authorized to initiate pursuit.

“And this is where the fun starts.”  Kumi saw two police-designed Nissan GT-R SpecV from her rear mirror.

Kumi, be careful! You’ve been chased by GT-R SpecV.” Akane said from Kumi’s two-way radio.

“I know, and this will be a very rough ride.” Kumi said.

“This is Aichi Prefectural Police Department! Pull over!” Despite the police’s warning, the racers still didn’t stop.

All units, you have authorized to use force to take down the suspects.

10-4 (Understood)” The two police started to ram the racer’s cars.

“Oh really?” When one of the police cars ready to sideslam Kumi’s car, Kumi pressed both clutch and brake pedals simultaneously, causing the car decelerated avoiding the sideslam. Unfortunate for the officer, he slams through the railings causing the car to crash towards the wall.

“Not me, dude. Not me.” Kumi smirked.

The top teams watch the pursuit via their own satellite. The big three possessed state-of-the-art satellite system that it could be used for surveying the area, analysing the roads they take and locating police forces.

“She’s good, Sasshi.” Sakura said while watching from her laptop.

“I can see it. Maybe she’s better than you, Haruppi?” Rino teased Haruka.

“Shut up.” Haruka glared at Rino. The older girl saw Natsumi smirked.

“I can see that you’re in a good mood, Natsu.” Rino smiled.

“I can be sure that she’s there.” Natsumi said.

“Who?” Rino asked.

“That girl, the one that Natsumi stalked.” Sakura said.

“Oh, that elite police officer?”

“I really wonder why you are stalking her.” Haruka said.

Dispatch, I need someone chase this driver. My car has been totally damage.

Affirmative, officer.


Somewhere from the gasoline station in Aichi, a girl went out from the convenient store bringing a paper bag of foods and drinks as she walked towards her ride that was currently being filled with fuel.

Any patrol units in Aichi respond, over.” The girl picked the radio.

“This is Moriyasu Madoka from S.T.O.R.M. Unit. I’m currently in Aichi right now. What’s the situation, over?” The girl said.

Ah, Ma’am Moriyasu. There’s a race coming from the Tomei Expressway. Right now, one of our units have totally damage and we need a backup to deal with them.

“Ok, I’ll call the others. Get ready for everything as soon as possible. Over and out.” After that, Madoka pulled her phone and tried to call them.

“Hello, anyone who’s in Toyokawa, Aichi right now? Aside from me.” Madoka asked.

Well, I’m in Aichi. Currently having a break here. What happened?

“Oh, Milky-san. Apparently there’s a race in the Tomei Expressway, not too far from my location.” Madoka said.

Oh really? Then two of us is enough. Unless Chiizu beside me will come too.” Miyuki said.

Nah, I’m still not done on my tuna sandwich here.” Umemoto Izumi, another S.T.O.R.M. Unit Interceptor, said from the background.

“Ja, later!” Then Madoka went to her police modified Audi R8 GT.

“Those lawbreakers. I’ll make sure you won’t race ever again.” Madoka angrily said. With a single press to the gas pedal, her car zoomed out at high speed.


“One down, one to go.” Kumi said. She’s currently reached the 200 mph while avoiding the civilian cars.

“Nissan GT-R SpecV may be fast.” She saw another police car behind her car. The police officer attempted to ram the rear of her car. She responded by pushing further the gas pedal, allowing to her car to accelerate.

“But not fast enough, man.” Kumi smirked.

“My turn.” Kumi shifts the gear to 5th, causing her car to slightly slowed down, allowing the police car to overtook her.

Dispatch, the suspect slowed down his vehicle. I think he will surrender.

“You think?” Right after she’s been overtook, Kumi instantly pressed the gas gear to make her car accelerate. Then, she activate the nitrous oxide boost to increase her car’s acceleration. With enough boost, Kumi rammed the police car, causing the latter to swerve sharply to the right. Then the police car suddenly crashed to the incoming civilian vehicle.

“Now it’s clear.” Suddenly, she heard another police sirens not far from her. “Or we don’t.” She saw a navy blue police car coming from right interchange in front of her, moving at the high speed. Kumi increased her car’s acceleration until the top speed to get away. Unfortunately, the police car appeared beside her.

“What the hell? Wait a second.” She inspected the police car. “Audi R8? And that stormy-like decal.” Suddenly, Akane appeared from her monitor.

“Kumi, what’s happening?”

“I managed to disable two police cars. However, another cop appeared in front of me. This thing is totally different from the others.” Kumi explained.

“My car is on the top speed, and this cop managed to overtake me. By the way, I saw a stormy-like decal on the left side.”

“Stormy-like decal. Kumi, be careful! That’s the S.T.O.R.M. Unit Interceptor we’re talking about! They are totally different from the other cops you’ve met before.”


A police-modified blue Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce raged out on the road at high-speed. When she saw 24 cars moving past to the required speed limit, she flipped the on switch to the siren.

“Ne, Madoka. I saw 24 cars moving at high speed. What’s your status?” The girl asked.

Apparently, I’m currently chasing the racers.

“Ok, I’ll take care the others here.”

Be careful, Milky.” Madoka said.

“No worries, they’re nothing like an ant to me.” Miyuki increased her car speed allowing to catch up with the racers.

“Showtime.” Miyuki rammed the rear side of the racer’s car, causing it to uncontrollably swerve and crashed to the metal fence. One of the racers tried to side slam her.

“Oh no, you don’t.” Miyuki then respond with a side slam, which the car recoiled away and crashed to the fence.

“Don’t underestimate us, you bastard cops!” One of the racers said. Suddenly, her car detected something.

“EMP lock-on signal? So these cars possessed some offensive technologies eh. However, you don’t have this aren’t you?” Miyuki pressed a red button beside the monitor.

“Aegis System, activate.” The monitor displays the Aegis in acronym as a start-up, then it displays eight icons, beside the GPS, containing the weapons. Then a Head-up Display appeared on her windshield.

Aegis Tech System, initialized.” An A.I. said from her car. Miyuki positioned her car right in front of the racer’s car, one that locked the EMP to her. Then she tapped the second icon.

Spike Strip deployed.” In an instant, a small case appeared below the rear of her car then expanded horizontally into a 100 cm metal barbs, sliding on the road. The racer saw the spike strip and tried to avoid it. However, it was too late as it expanded rapidly and already caught the tires, causing to deflate. Due to the sudden deflation of the tires, the car rotated many times and crashed.

“Really? That lock-on was so slow. Let me show you my EMP.” Miyuki tapped the first icon. Then a lock-on target, in shape of square, targeted the racer’s car, while it compressed and rotated at high speed. After locking-on, the racer’s car suddenly generated an electric discharge from the body that followed by uncontrollable swerve then crashed to the fence.

“Three-second lock-on, bastards.” Miyuki smirked.


“I can’t believe it. That cop in Lamborghini Murcielago, took down 24 racers easily.” Yuria said with shock face.

“This is the power of S.T.O.R.M. Units. This means Kumi is in great danger.” Akane frantically said.

“Mayuyu, that Murcielago. That cop used Aegis System.”

“She has the same surname as mine, Yuko-san.” Mayu said.

“Watanabe Miyuki, one of the S.T.O.R.M. Units, she drives a police-modified Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.”

“Then Yagami Kumi is in real danger now.” Yuki said.

“Tsk. All boring. And I thought that Yagami is really strong.” Natsumi said.

“The probability of surviving from that pursuit is 1%.” Sakura said.

“That low probability? It means she still have no chance of escaping.” Haruka said.

“Ne, Sayanee. I don’t think that girl will not survive. Twenty police cops plus two S.T.O.R.M. interceptors are chasing to her.”

“Don’t underestimate her. I know that Yagami-san has a triumph card. I can feel it.” Sayaka said.

“Oh you’re kidding me. Right?” Twenty police cars appeared behind her while an Audi R8 still following her.

“That car already disabled 7 racing cars. Just how skilful are they.” Akane appeared on the monitor.

Kumi, you’re in highly great danger. You have to get out of there now!

“Ne, Churi-san. I saw that Audi R8 released a spike strip.”

That’s part of their Aegis System.

“Aegis System?” Kumi tilted her head.

Auxiliary Enforcement Ground Integrating Simulated Technological System, shortened for A.E.G.I.S. Tech System, or just Aegis System. It’s a set of cutting-edge auxiliary technologies that can be used as offensive weapons. Due to the complexity and large cost of this system, only S.T.O.R.M. Units and AKB, NMB, HKT and KKS team are capable of possessing those things. And when in the hands of professionals like those I’ve mentioned, this will be turned into a dangerous weapon. And that’s the reason why you need to get of there now.

As I thought, they really possessed that thing.

“Ne, Churi. Do we have that Aegis System?” Kumi asked.

None. We can’t afford that technology. It’s three times more expensive than Maserati Quattroporte.

“Then I think you already have one.” Kumi smirked.

“Eh?” This made Yuria, Akane and Airi looked at the monitor.

“Aegis System, activate.” A head-up display appeared on Dodge Viper’s windshield.

Aegis Tech System, initialized.” An A.I. from her car announced. Then the monitor displays eight icons beside the GPS.



End of Pursuit Four
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