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Author Topic: Bite Me! (Chapter 17) [YuiParu, SayaMilky, Mayuki, WMatsui] 6/28/16  (Read 51436 times)

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Why don't you make some surprise, like this Sayaka is also a vampire? or maybe a werewolf? or a bigfoot's child or..  :shakeit: #slap
Just kidding, update soon!

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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awww  milky is in love
update soon please

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Bite Me! (Chapter 5) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Chapter 5


I slept on the floor as Haruka slept in her bed. I guess you couldn’t really say I was sleeping...even though some people say it’s stereotypical, and that a vampire can’t sleep, it’s true, we cannot do such a thing. I looked up at Haruka’s sweet and adorable facial expression….

That’s right…

She almost tried to kiss me….I rolled over and covered my face as I thought about her facial expression when that happened.

Why didn’t I let her….? Argh, this is irritating me! That could have been my only chance with her, now it’ll never happen. I sulked under my blankets as I frowned.

“Yui...” My ear twitched as I heard her sleep talking. “Yui… Yui, don’t leave me… I-I love...”

She’s starting to remember. This is good. If she progresses like this, her memories should return soon.

I should at least treasure the moment when she’s asleep…

I gathered my strength and lifted myself up from the floor, crawling over to the side of Haruka’s bed, then sitting.

“So cute….” I whispered to myself in a soft voice as I ran my fingers through her hair. She hadn’t flinched at all as I continued. I stared at her with hungry eyes as I slowly leaned closer to her, she wouldn’t know unless if I told her. I closed my eyes and paused before my lips touched hers…

So soft… So sweet...

I’m kissing her without asking...isn’t it bad? I've been begging for her since decades ago, I should do it. I closed the gap between us and passionately kissed her, I couldn’t find myself to pull away from her, but if I got caught who knows what she would do, I forced myself away from her as I covered my mouth.

“I can’t believe I did that….” I murmured under my breath as I shyly stared at her.

It was worth it though….



I see her. I hear her voice again. Once more, I finally feel at peace.

“Haruka, I love you..”

“I love you too.”

I closed my eyes as she came closer, her arms wrapping around me. I feel her warmth once again, and I can’t help but feel incredibly happy.

Then, I felt something soft pressing against my lips. She was kissing me, I realized, and it felt wonderful. I softly leaned into her as she continued to kiss me with passion.

I couldn’t help but to wrap my arms around her neck as she hugged me tighter, I could feel her lips quiver and her heart beat become faster…..then it disappeared. Everything disappeared.

I was quickly awoken from my sleep as I looked around to see Yui in her homemade bed, sleeping.

Ah, it was just a dream, I shouldn’t think anything of it...right?


I’m so hungry…

I haven’t drank any blood in a few days. I’m starting to feel my hunger get to me. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to control myself…

I stumbled around the streets that were only illuminated by the shining of the moon, no one was out, there for, no one to feed on. I rubbed my forehead as I continued to walk towards an unknown area.

“Ahh...she’s so young…” A group of boys spoke as they stood in the middle of the sidewalk. It was obvious that they talking about me. I raised my eyebrow as I softly smiled at the group.

“Why don’t you come over here and show us somethin’….”

Without responding, I walked to the group of boys and began to use my hypnotic powers on them.

“This way, sweetie.” One of them grabbed my wrist suddenly.

“Eh…?” I looked in their eyes. They weren’t under my spell… they’re drunk! I tried to let go, but they pulled me hard and pinned me to the wall.

“Just keep quiet and you won’t get hurt, kay?”

My eyes widened as I began to grow paralyzed. Yes, I am a vampire, but we only have certain powers, not the same.

I began to become a scared child under them. Their hands touched my body, I couldn’t help but to scream loudly and call for help, it was instinct.

Someone… please help.

“Leave her alone.”

What? I tried my best to look past the group of men that were surrounding me, it was a familiar voice.

It was Sayaka! Wait, what was Sayaka doing out so late?

“Oh, you wanna play with us, too, eh?”

“Get away from her.” She spoke in a different voice from normal. It was cold and harsh…

She was angry. Seriously angry.

“Wow, you're quite up front.” One of the men spoke out to her as she just stood with a frown and furrowed eyebrows. I couldn’t help but to feel my heart skip a beat, she was willing to risk herself to save me….


She slowly walked closer to the men and became more aggressive.

“Go away…”

“What are you gonna do about it?” all of the men’s attention flickered over to her as she stood. Sayaka didn’t even flinch as their cold eyes reached her. By this time everyone was paying attention to Sayaka, this could give me time to escape, but I can’t leave the one I love behind. I quickly ran beside the men in a specific way so I wouldn’t get pulled at.

I look back to her once more before running off.

Sayaka… Please be safe.


I remember I saw Miyuki being harassed by some drunkard men… Then, darkness took over my world.

It was her. My other self. Whenever she took over, I had no control. I didn’t know what I had done. I would wake up in another place and wouldn’t remember how I got there. Sometimes I’d have this pulsing headache and feel sick to my stomach. There was even one day I got so ill, I vomited up blood.

There’s a monster inside me, and right now, that monster has gotten loose. She’s out there probably tearing those men apart. I can feel it, her anger. Was it because I wanted to save her she came out? To save Miyuki from those men…

I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’m just scared….

Miyuki, please be okay…

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Comment first, read later!!

Edit: finally an update! So, Yui stole a kiss from Paru?!  :mon lovelaff:

And Sayaka...I wonder why and how she has a dark side... :mon curtain:

Update soon!!!  :mon yeah:
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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A stolen kiss!! :w00t:

Ah so Sayaka have another personality?? :?

Interested me more and more! XD next next next! Lol

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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I've recently started to really like YuiParu and this has made my day as I am reading it thanks so much for the update I'll make sure to keep reading

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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There’s a monster inside me
That's it! Is that you,.... Bigfoot? :wahaha:

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Sayaka becoming Naruto' s nine tailed monster.
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Sayaka becoming Naruto' s nine tailed monster.

No. XD

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Chapter 6 (Part 1)



“Sayaka! Sayaka, wake up! Sayaka!”

“...ugh...” I woke up and saw Miyuki above me, tears at the rims of her eyes. “”

“Oh, thank God! I’m so glad you’re okay!”

“What… happen--ah! M-my head...”

“Here, I’ll help you up,” she wrapped her arm around me and helped me up to my feet. I tripped a bit and fell onto her, clutching onto her shirt. I can hear her heart pounding. I looked and saw her cheeks flushed a bit.


“Eto… y-you’re close.. to my chest...”

“Ah, gomen.”

I fixed my position and tried to walk, but she caught me before I could fall.

“I’ll walk you home.”

She helped me walk all the way back to my dorm. Neither of us spoke a word, and a deafening silence of the night surrounded us. I don’t know why, but I feel like something is different about Miyuki, it’s not because she likes me but it’s something else that jist sparks my interest about her. I glanced over at her as she turned the door knob and walked me inside without hesitation.



“Do you think you can stay here...with me?” I softly spoke as we stood in the middle of my room, things grew awkwardly quiet. I didn’t have a thing for Miyuki…it’s just...she comforts me, a lot. Miyuki stayed frozen in her spot until I coughed a little to get her attention.

“Ah! yes! Thank you..!” She quickly dragged me over to my bed and set me down softly like I was glass. I closed my eyes as she let go of me, but when she did my body felt so cold, and useless.

“Sleep with me…” I carelessly muttered into the air, and again there was silence. I gripped my blanket and raised it so she could come into bed with me. Miyuki is such a good friend, not many people would do this for me….

She crawled under the blankets and muttered the simple words..

“Oyasumi, Sayaka.”


Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re sleeping in the same bed!!!

It feels good, but it also feels like I’m going to have a heart attack. I’m so close to her body, it’s unbearable. I stayed there in silence. Without notice, Sayaka suddenly slipped into a deep sleep. I glanced up at her as I softly smiled at her innocent face, the face that resembled a child.

“Kawaii...” I said softly so she wouldn’t hear me.

I felt her move in her sleep and before I knew it, one of her arms wrapped around me, her cheek perfectly nuzzled against my shoulder. I couldn’t help but blush madly as I felt her slow breathing on my skin.

I moved away some of her hair and saw how peaceful she looked, a slight smile curved on her face. I should just let her stay like this… just for tonight…

This is so perfect… How can loving someone like her be a sin?

“Please… Miyuki, please.”

Ah, Yui…

“Haruka was the most important thing that had ever happened to me!”

Is this why she became a rebel? Was this the love that she had experienced with that girl? If that is so, then…

Then, I am….


She called my name in her sleep. Oh God, that’s too much!

KYAAAAAA, what do I do?!

I buried my face in her hair, smelling her sweet scent. I felt my heart pounding, gulping as I had the sudden urge to drink from her blood and taste it for the first time.

No! I can’t hurt Sayaka…

Then, I noticed something strange when I looked down at her neck. Something I didn’t notice before. Sayaka normally wears a choker around her neck, with a cross on it, but now, some of the choker was slipped off and revealed a red mark on her neck…

“Masaka… that’s..!”

I quietly untied her choker, revealing the symbol.


That’s a blood seal! But, that means…

Sayaka… is a vampire?!


I woke up with a soft headache as I sat upwards from my bed, the first thing I did was look down at Yui, she looked so comfortable….. She also had the slightest, most awkwardest smile on her face. I wonder what she dreamed about.

Quickly forgetting about it, I instantly stood up and walked towards the bathroom to get ready for the day. We didn’t have school today either, which was great. I came back to my room and walked over to the dresser as I picked out clothes for me to wear for the day.

Yui stayed still, as she slept peacefully.

After putting on my clothes I glanced back down at Yui. Softly smirking as I put on my hoodie.


“Mmm…” She slowly started to force herself off the ground, then sat on her knees as she stared up at me. Her eyes had something gleaming in them, but I don’t know what.

“What did you dream about? You seem happy...”

“Ah… nothing… I didn't have a dream.”

Didn’t have a dream? Then...what was she smiling about? I decided to shake off my curiosity for now and threw Yui some clothes she could fit into.

“C’mon, we don’t have school, so I wanna spend a day in town.”

Yui slowly slid on her clothes as she spoke.

“Ah! That would be great… What are we gonna do?”

“I dunno, but we will figure it out, right?”

Yui finished putting on her clothes and waited for me as we went downstairs to eat.

“What do you wanna eat?”

“Hm… bacon and eggs.”

“Then, me too.”

“You want some juice?”


“Alright. I’ll take… tomato juice.”

“Eww! I didn’t know you liked tomato juice.”

“I think it tastes sweet.” She opened a can and drank it.

I couldn’t help but to cringe a little as she swallowed the red painted liquid, it made chills run up and down my spine. I quickly tried to shake off my traumatization as I glanced around my cupboards and fridge to  find the things I needed to make breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, and some spices to help with the taste.

In an instant, Yui ended up drinking every little drop from the tomato can without hesitation. I set everything on and put them in their correct place, letting them cook as I turned around to face Yui.

“So, just a minute ago, I saw you smiling in your sleep.... Were you dreaming about a boy, haha?” I softly chuckled as I joked around with her.

“Haha...ha…. Yea, there is this really great guy that I like, I’m sure you know him…you guys are almost like the same person!” She smiled awkwardly as a response and suddenly covered her face in her hoodie, how weird…

“Are you okay?”

“Mm-hmm..” she nodded softly.

She’s completely lovesick. It’s actually really cute.

“What’s he like? Maybe I do know him.”

“Hmm… he’s.. shy, sometimes. But.. he’s caring and sweet… and sometimes, he says things that just make me smile and warm my heart. He’s everything to me.. and I love him.”

“He sounds really nice. I hope I can meet him someday.”

“Maybe you will.”

I looked back at the breakfast I was cooking and noticed that it was about done, I quickly took it off of the stove and slid the two eggs onto two different plates. Quickly handing one plate to Yui as I placed mine on the table.

“The bacon will be done soon..”


I often kept looking at my shoulder to see her staring off into space, sighing with a smile on her face.

Yup. That’s complete lovesickness.

“Ah, the bacon’s done.” I said before taking a few strips of freshly cooked bacon onto each of our plates.

Yui’s face softly lit up as she looked down at her food.

“Can I have more?”

More? I gave her a lot already, and she wants more?!

“You haven’t even touched your food thought…”

“I know, but I probably won't be full after I'm done.”

I stood slightly surprised with her, but quickly sat at my seat after.

“Where's your parents, Haruka?”

“Work, both of them leave pretty early...I never get to see them.”

“...I know how that feels..”

I softly raised my eyebrow as I looked up at her after swallowing some of my food, what is that supposed to mean?

“What do you mean..?”

“Ah… Umm.... My parents died..a long time ago….” She softly spoke and quickly continued to eat her food.

“Did you ever have company from someone afterwards, someone that was as important as your parents?”

She slightly smiled as she looked back up at me, something shined in her eyes that I couldn't identify. “Of course. That guy I was talking about before, he always comforted me. We were actually a couple.”

“Oh… that’s nice. I really wanna meet this guy now..” I slightly chuckled as I continued eating after.

“Oh, um, you can’t! Because..he…. is on a trip…”

“A trip?”

“Y-yes. He went to America for 4 months starting last month.”

Aww….how sad, she can’t see him for 3 months.

“I’m sorry.”

“’s fine, it still feels like he never left haha.”

She must really be in love with this guy.

I wanna fall in love, too…
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Masaka?!  Sayaka's a vampire?  :shocked:

If so, how did she have the seal and why? :w00t:

Can't wait for the next update!!  :cathappy:

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 6 //part 1) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #31 on: February 10, 2015, 01:33:03 PM »
Sayaka as a vampire. That's cool.
YuiParu and SayaMilky is escalating well.
I'm still curious. How strong would Sayaka be...

Can't wait for the update.
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 6 //part 1) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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what !!!! Sayaka is vampire !!!!!!! .........  author-san please hurry up to update ...... I can't  :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile: wait.

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 6 //part 1) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Chapter 6 (Part 2)


I can’t… I can’t go to Tadashi-sama now…

I’ve committed a sin. I’ve fallen in love with someone, a girl… who may or may not be a vampire… This is so confusing.. I can’t take it!

I can’t go back…


I heard Sayaka wake up as I laid there, staring at the ceiling.



“What’s wrong? You look a bit flustered...”

“Ah, um… I’m fine.” I lied. I wasn’t fine. I was so confused, I could burst into a million pieces.

She smiled and got up, patting my head.

“You’re weird, y’know?”


“But, a cute kind of weird.”

Sudden words like those love to make my heart flutter. Whenever she says things like that, the words she speaks wrap around my heart like chains. They grasp onto me, tighter and tighter, making my heart feel like it’s about to burst...

“I’m gonna get ready for the day. Do you wanna wear the same clothes or…?”

I snapped out of my day dream as soon as she began to speak again.

“I’ll borrow yours….”

Sayaka simply nodded and smiled as she got up and began to get ready. I started to get changed, too, moving as quickly as I could. I unconsciously looked back and saw her changing, blushing red before snapping my head back.

I finally got into my clothes and started putting on my makeup. Once I was done, Sayaka was also ready and itching to go do something, I could tell.

“What are we gonna do?”

“Well…. there’s this place not too far from here I like to go often. Would you wanna come? I could use some help with a few things.”

“Ah, sure. That’s fine.”

“Awesome! Let’s go.”

She grabbed her jacket and started heading out. I got my bag and followed her, but then I noticed she had forgotten to put on her choker, making me remember the mark I saw on her neck.

Does that sign really mean she’s a vampire…?

I took the collar and put it in my pocket. When I got downstairs, she was already waiting at the door, her jumping and shaking legs showing her impatience.

“Let’s go!”


The walk was short and pinned by boredom, all I could think of was that stupid mark, how was I not smart enough to pick it up before? As we reached the small looking building, I became horribly puzzled by the run down look of it.


“It’s my parents old shop, I always wanted to restore it. I basically grew up in it.”

She nonchalantly walked closer to the small entrance and pulled out a golden key, placing it in the keyhole and twisting it until a small click was heard.

She turned the knob and opened it, smiling as she yelled, “I’m here!”

Some people turned and looked, while suddenly waving to sayaka with ease. I was completely mistaken by the outside of the store, the inside of it was full of beauty, I was actually quite surprised by it.

“What do you think…?”

I looked back at her in awe as I suddenly smiled. I don’t know why...

“Did you decorate this place?”

She answered with a small nod and smiled gently. She looked so cute, and adorable, I could feel my heart pound against my chest and my temperature rising.

“Sayaka, you’re so perfect, I love you!!”

I squealed as I tossed my arms around her neck, pushing my cheek into hers playfully.

Her face grew red, she was even adorable when she’s embarrassed.

“M-Miyuki, stop.”

She tried pushing me off as I stuck like glue onto her. I glanced over and I couldn’t help but to notice two familiar looking guys staring at us two, not with envy, but hatred. They also seem different from what my instincts tell me. I glanced back at Sayaka and pulled myself away on purpose.

My appearance and emotion quickly was placed into a serious mode.

“Can I use the bathroom?” I asked Sayaka with a girly smile that was only there to hide my true intentions.

“Sure, just go down that long hall and then go left.”


I softly made my way to the long hall and glanced back at the two men, as they were still glaring. I nonchalantly walked down the hall some more, inching my way closer to the bathroom.

Without looking back, I entered the small room that was still neatly decorated, walking towards the mirror on the other side of the room and waiting. I obviously knew who the two were.

The two men came bursting into the door at the same time. I knew them from working with them a couple of times.

“Watanabe Miyuki, you are sentenced to death do to the crime you have committed upon our race.”

“For what?”

“For falling in love with a human and not retrieving Yokoyama Yui.”

“How do you know if I've fallen in love though?” I replied with smart ass comment as they grew angered.

The two men looked at each other with disbelief.

“Kill her.”

“Guys, guys, guys, come on~. Let’s sort this out, we used to be so close and you're seriously gonna betrayed me for Tadashi?”

“We aren’t the betrayers.”

One of the men quickly lunged at me with incredible speed, it was actually quite impressive. I dodged without thinking and quickly hit him in the middle of his neck with a kick and moved onto the next guy. I stared into the others eyes as I tried to work my charm but I noticed that, the necklaces the wore were power proof, it deflects everything.

I stayed paused as I tried to sum up everything but before I could finish I was struck in the back as I fell to the floor, the wind was blown out of my lungs.


One of them quickly picked me up off of the floor and held me by my arms, trapping me.

“This is gonna hurt, but don’t be angry at us, he ordered us to make it painful.”

The man in front of me grinned and clenched his fists tight as the man behind me held me tighter than before. I tried squirming out of his tight grasp but it was too much, he was too strong, I couldn't even jump.

I closed my eyes waiting for my heart to be ripped out.

But all I heard was silence.

I was released from the tight grip as I opened my eyes to see one of the men on the floor, and one of the men is still standing.

“I never liked Tadashi anyway... Look, I’ll keep your current place safe for now, but you need to hurry. Tadashi is planning something big.”


“We’ll keep your little secret… for now,” he said before taking the other man and leaving.

I stood there, alone for a while. I gulped.

I was a little shaken. They must know something about Sayaka that I don’t know, or at least one of them does. 


Yui’s POV

“Let’s go, Yui.” Paru murmured with a light smile on her face. I trudged along beside her as I examined every building there was in sight. I always had this feeling whenever I’m with her, and I never knew how to deal with it.

It kind of hurts me that she doesn’t remember us, us being together, in our far off past. I softly wrapped my fingers around my other hand as I held them behind my back and thought of things to say to her.

“How much money did you bring?”

“I was supposed to bring money?”

Paru looked confused and a little shocked.

“Yea, that’s what you do when you hang out at the mall, you're supposed to buy things, right?”

“W-well...” She giggled a bit. “Yes.”

I looked up ahead as I kind of shrugged it off. Is that what these people do now a days? Why can't they just hang out and walk around like we used to do.

“When can I meet that guy?” she mentioned the conversation from this morning.

“Are we seriously on this again?”

“C’mon, tell me~” That smile, too cute..!

I really didn't know how to answer that question, I didn’t know what to say.


“Don’t be shy.”

“Uh.. well… the truth is, I...”

I can’t say the truth, she won’t trust me anymore!


“Paru… I--”

When I looked at her, I saw her expression changed and she slowly collapsed, knocked out.

“Paru!” I caught her body before she fell. I sensed the presence of another vampire, and when I looked, I saw two men I hadn’t seen in a long time.

“So, this is where you ran off to, eh, Yokoyama?”

Tadashi, and his little pet, Yuuki.

I had a slight scowl on my face as I held Paru in my arms as gently as I could.

Tadashi walked closer and closer as he grinned with satisfaction.

“You know, I actually thought that I wouldn’t be able to retrieve you, but I did.”

“Tadashi… I-I can explain.”

“Oh, Yui, you naive girl… you know the only way this will ever work is if--”

“No! I won’t do it! I will NEVER sire Paru!”

“Oh really?”

“No...” I held her close. “I won’t… I will never taint her pure soul.. with such a curse...”

“Are you turning on our kind, Yokoyama?”

I took a minute to examine his question.

“No. I’m not. Your rules are very strict, you don’t allow anything.”

“Are they now?” Tadashi shook his head as he glared at me with disgust. “Must I always remind you, dear, acting selfish like this will get you nowhere.”

“You don’t understand… I.. I..!”

“You what?”

I bit my lip, feeling tears in my eyes.

“...I love her.”

Tadashi stood in silence as the soothing wind passed by calmly. I can tell he felt somewhat betrayed.

“Why?......why would you fall in love with your own prey?”

“She’s not food, Tadashi. Don’t ever categorize her as food.”

“Well, then what is she to you?”


“out with it…”

“She’s someone I can’t live without….she’s more special than you’ll ever know.”

He shook his head as his follower glared at me through his pitch black glasses. I stared down at an unconscious Paru as Tadashi clenched his fist tightly.

“Your a delinquent. I’m ashamed to even call you one of our kind. Take her with us.”


I wasn’t allowed to even finish my sentence as they ripped my hands from Paru and pulled me by arms. I tried fighting and using my power but Tadashi’s power was basically deactivating anyone else’s power. I squirmed and squirmed.

The tears that filled my eyes began to fall out onto my cheeks as I screamed out Paru’s name. I want her to hear me. I want her to see me. I don’t want this to be the last time I get to see her, I didn’t even get to tell her I loved her.


“Screaming won’t help..” Tadashi muttered as he summoned something that I have never seen him summon. He quickly dragged me inside as they entered and I saw my old home. The place where I used to stay with all my other species.

I’ve given up…..what’s the point of trying….I already lost.

“Congratulations….you caught me………………..what are you gonna do now.”

“Keep you locked in the castle’s dungeon forever….” Tadashi’s pet answered for him blatantly.

I looked back down at the floor as I saw it slide from under me.

Save me Paru.


I suddenly woke up from the cold cement floor as I looked around for Yui, has she gone some where?

I was so confused...I don’t even remember falling asleep, maybe I fainted from shock. I slowly shook my head as I removed myself from the hard ground.

My head ached and my ears rang. I glanced around again to find Yui, but nothing was to be found. I must not think about it too much at the moment...I’ll ask her at school about it tomorrow.....

I stood silently as I stared down at the ground. I can't help it, this doesn't feel off.


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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 6 //part 2) [YuiParu and SayaMilky] NEW
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Finally you came back I'll wait next chapter..... 
I can't wait what happen to them .  ><

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 6 //part 2) [YuiParu and SayaMilky] NEW
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oooooooo .... what are they gonna do with Paru?? >.<

please update soon! >.<  :bow:
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 6 //part 2) [YuiParu and SayaMilky] NEW
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Finally you're back!
Some SayaMilky moments here.
What kind of being is Sayanee?  :?
Stolen kisses from YuiParu.  :lol:

Thank you for the update.
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 7) [YuiParu, SayaMilky, Mayuki, Wmatsui] NEW
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Chapter 7


“This is punishment for disobeying the rules...”

I heard the sound of the whip crack, then felt a sharp pain in my back. I screamed out, hearing my voice echo on the walls.

“Does it hurt?” Yuuki said sadistically. “Remember this pain… Let this moment burn into your memory.”

Another whip cracked. I shouted loudly, the strong laps from the whip repeatedly hitting my body.

“Just imagine, if you sneak out again, it’ll be worse.”

He leaned forward, grabbing my hair and pulling my head up to face him.

“You should be grateful for Tadashi for not letting me kill you. But, I won’t allow you to get your feed. And you know how monstrous that can be.”

I sneered. “Not letting me eat… isn’t this form of punishment good enough? You’re too cold, Yuuki...”

He just chuckled, letting go of my head.

“Say what you want. You can’t do anything while you’re chained to the wall like that.”

I gripped my fists. I already felt how empty my stomach was; I haven’t eaten in a few hours, and I was growing weak…

He chuckled again.

“Wait until we get our hands on your lovely girlfriend…”

“Don’t you dare hurt her..!” I growled angrily. My body moved forward, pulling the chains a bit, but binding me tightly.

“Oh, darling...” His cold hand caressed my cheek. “It’s not like she loved someone like you anyway. You're just a monster, nothing more.”

Why is he saying these things? These aren’t true...are they?

I slowly glanced down at the floor as my lips began softly quivering. I tried stopping the tears from falling.

“She will never love you...”

“No…!” I shook my head, trying to block out his lies. “You’re lying!”

“Face it, Yokoyama...” He grabbed my neck. “All that you are, and ever will be, is a demon marked by Satan… your so-called love is never to be.”

What’s wrong with me? I feel like I’m going crazy..!

“You can never be with her! Not for all of eternity!!!”



“..!” I just sensed something bad…

“Miyuki, is something wrong?”

“I...” I can’t tell Sayaka. I smiled and pretended to be okay. “Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”

“Okay.” She smiled simply. “I’m gonna get us some drinks. You want anything?”

“Mm~ tomato juice.”

“Alright,” she walked off. I leaned up against the wall, remembering the scary feeling I had.

It was a strange feeling, a mixture of emotions, pain, despair, fear, all at once. It made me feel scared, to be honest. I’ve never sensed such a strong presence like that…

Speaking of… I sense someone near. Who is this?

“Watanabe Miyuki?” I heard a voice from behind.

There were two people. One with short black hair, with dark, almost black eyes, the other was taller and thinner, with long hair and similar black eyes. There was a collar around the shorter girl’s neck, with a chain that connected to the other’s arm. Is she her pet or something, or are they doing some kind of S&M thing?

“Yes… who are you?”

“That’s not important right now,” the girl stated. She came forward, looking at me intensely. “Do you know the location of Yokoyama Yui?”

I shook my head.

“Hmm… then, do you know where I can find anyone named Shimazaki Haruka?”

Eh? They know about Yui AND Haruka? Who are these people?

The girl suddenly leaned closer, sniffing my neck.

“You have quite an interesting scent...” She licked me, causing me to shudder. “You could be of use to us.”


Is this girl.. a vampire?

The taller girl pulled on her chain slightly. “Jurina...”

She looked at her nodding, then looked at me.

“If you need anything, come to this location,” she handed me a card. It was black, with a white rose on it. There’s nothing written… “It’s special ink; it can only be seen under the moonlight.”

The other girl came closer, “If you are unable to find Yokoyama Yui… come to us immediately.”


The two walked off, the girl named Jurina clinging onto the taller girl’s arm and laying her head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arm around Jurina’s waist, their hands intertwining.

“What a couple,” Sayaka came back. She must’ve saw everything. “Do you know them?”

I shook my head.

“That’s weird. I wonder who they were,” she said before opening the can of tomato juice. “Here.”


We clicked our cans together and took a drink from them.

I looked at the card again. If it only appears in moonlight, I better wait until it gets dark. I put it in my pocket.

I softly looked over at Sayaka as she drank her drink slowly and casually. This curiosity that I have has been growing and growing, I have to ask her.

“Sayaka, that mark you have.. on your neck… Are you...not...human?”

She looked at me, slightly confused. “What are you talking about?”


“Miyuki, things like that don’t exist.”

I cautiously looked down at the ground as I grew nervous.

“’re right… What was I thinking…?”



Yui’s been gone for a while. I wonder where she is…

I’ve tried texting and calling, but she’s not picking up. I sighed, putting away my phone. I decided to take a small break and went inside a cafe.

After ordering a cup of hot chocolate, I waited and looked through the menu. Then, I heard something…

“Sniff, sniff...”

“Hm?” I looked to my side and saw someone wearing a hoodie, sniffing my shoulder. “Kya! You scared me..!”

She had a blank expression, an almost completely bored one. She sat down beside me, placing some gum in her mouth.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak...”

“Um, do you need something?”

“I was watching you,” she said. “You’re looking for someone, aren’t you?”

She said blankly as I looked at her with alarmed facial expression. She was overly plain and her face rarely moved, it would be boring to be around her all the time.


She grinned wickedly. “Me too.”

“Why are you--?”

After blowing a bubble, she spoke again.

“Let’s make a deal. If you help me find my friend, I’ll help you find yours. We both get what we want, and everyone’s happy.”

“You’d… do that?”

“Of course.”

I smiled widely, taking her hands. “Thank you!”

I paid for my small lunch and we both left the cafe.

“I’m Haruka, by the way. Shimazaki Haruka. What’s your name?”

I saw her smirk. “Nezumi. Like the mouse.”

“Interesting. Nice to meet you, Nezumi-san,” We arrived at the crosswalk. “So, what does this friend of yours look like?”

“She has ivory skin that shines in the moonlight, and raven black hair that’s long and smooth as silk. She had round eyes with pitch black night orbs. She wears a cross necklace and carries a Bible with her. She rarely speaks unless spoken to, and she is exceptionally light on her feet.”

Wow… she sounds amazing, and beautiful… I’m so jealous, I’ve never known someone like that.

“Where would she normally be?”

“She likes to read by herself, so she’s probably somewhere quiet.”

Hmm… I think I have an idea.

“Follow me,” I said to the girl. I lead her to the old library downtown. Not as many people go here like they used to, and its filled with all sorts of old books. I thought that maybe if Nezumi’s friend was here, maybe Yui would be, too. Hopefully…

We went inside, it was almost empty and dust almost everywhere.

“Sniff, sniff… I smell her.”

“Eh?” She can smell her? Is she wearing perfume?

“She’s here.”

She started walking off on her own. I ended up following her into a deeper part of the library. I remember, when I was a kid, I went through here once. I vaguely remember what happened, but I was certain I saw a beautiful woman here. I thought maybe she was a ghost or an angel, but as I got older, I marked it as a figment of my imagination and forgot about it.

I fanned away the dust and cobwebs, then saw someone standing at a large bookshelf. She was reading a Bible, a cross necklace around her.

It’s her..!

“Nezumi-san, there she is,” I said, pointing to the girl.

She smiled.

“Black,” she called her friend out, catching her attention. “I brought her.”

Eh..? Her, as in me? What is she..?

“Good girl,” she patted the hooded girl, kissing her forehead.

She then walked over towards me, staring at me intensely with pitch black eyes.

“Shimazaki Haruka… we finally meet.”


“I see. You still don’t remember. No matter, you shall understand soon.”

She touched my forehead slightly, then, I fell deep asleep.

Not this again...


“Nee, Black…what do we do now?”

I stared down at the unconscious girl and then up at Black as Black looked down at me softly with her stinging black eyes, they were captivating, I felt like crumbling to my knees as she looked at me. I quickly looked away from her and looked at the ground.

“We need to take her to the hideout...”

“I’m not carrying her! You do it!” I glanced back up at Black as she wasn’t very pleased, i’m not gonna have her tell me what to do no matter if she bit me or not!

“Your being so stingy!”

She rolled her eyes and quickly picked up Haruka, giving her a piggyback ride. I intertwined my arms as I glared up at the two.

“You never do that with me…”

Black rolled her eyes as she summoned a wide portal to the hideout and walked in.


I quickly followed behind. As we walked in, the portal closed behind us and we immediately found Rena and Jurina. Rena’s eyes lit up as she witnessed who we brought.

“Ah~! You found her!”

“Yep, thanks to me actually…” I shouted as I walked over to a dusty chair and sat down carelessly.

“So, what’s the plan?” Black murmured out as she raised her eyebrow and sat comfortably on a dusty couch.

“We have to get one knows where she is, we have to find someone who does.”

“We met someone…!” Jurina slightly piped up as she sat up.

“You could obviously tell she wasn’t human, she was slightly nervous looking when we asked her, she had a certain aura around her.” Rena softly admitted.

“And,” Jurina licked her lips, “she smelled just like us. The sweet smell of roses, the vampire’s blood. She smelled delicious, right, Rena-chan?”

Rena blushed. “Sh-shut up...”

“You two, are you sure you aren’t related?”

“NO!” Both of them yelled at the same time. Why can’t me and Black be like that!? This makes me feel uneasy. I looked at the ground as everyone stayed silent.

“If she’s what you guys says she is then she must be most active at night...why don’t we snatch her at midnight? You two still remember what she looks like right?” I quickly murmured out as I gave them a serious glare.

“Yea! she has long curly hair, a cute childish face, natural height, she kinda looks like an idol.”

I sat there pondering on who it could be. My mind was stuck in a haze for a few minutes until it finally clicked, I slightly grinned at the image of the girl.

“By any chance does her name start with a M?”

“yea, her names Watanabe Miyuki.”

Just who I thought...

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 7) [YuiParu, SayaMilky, Mayuki, Wmatsui] NEW
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Awesomeness overload....wmatsui and mayuki nicee~
Let the party did mayu know miyuki..??

Thanks for the update author san..~
waitin for next chapta~
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 7) [YuiParu, SayaMilky, Mayuki, Wmatsui] NEW
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ooooooo .... I can't wait to find out more about Yui~ *-*)  :sashiko:
hallo ... ds is ket

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