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Author Topic: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ON HIATUS [21/5/16]  (Read 38516 times)

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VI [28/2/2015]
« Reply #60 on: February 28, 2015, 10:53:28 PM »
So... Churi has to fight in Airin's place and kill WMatsui.... Sure.... So will the other couples who have died, do the same?

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VI [28/2/2015]
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Currently in my mind it's a no. Only the first (pair) to die and last (pair) to live have the privilege of something occurring to them.

The fact that Churi was given a chance to fight on behalf of Airi is a special case... err.. I know it's kind of unclear at the moment but you'll see  :nervous

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VI [28/2/2015]
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“Yes… unless the winner this time is able to break this chain of fate...
A hint at what's to come maybe?  :)

@TeenyTae: An update that I really hope you'll like! Looking forward to what you think of it  :nervous
Yes, thank you! This is an update that I really like. Furuyanagi coming back!  :inlove:
Poor WMatsui is going to have everyone after them now though.  :( Hopefully Churi realizes that the orb they have is a fake (?) before it's too late.

This chapter was a bit confusing so I was rereading through it a few times to see if I could find any hints at what's going to happen in the future chapters. I'm glad you could find some time in between your hectic schedule to give us all an update and that you found your motivation for WMatsui back as well. I'm excited for the next chapter, and I hope that your university life is going well!

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VI [28/2/2015]
« Reply #63 on: March 01, 2015, 07:07:35 AM »
Things are getting more interesting here.
Dark and corrupted Churi on its way, I'm loving it.

Thanks for the update and hard work. I'll be waiting for the next one.

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VI [28/2/2015]
« Reply #64 on: March 01, 2015, 03:34:43 PM »
Yeey update \o/

This chapter was rather intriguing! I'm starting to wonder if  the world they are in are a dimension designed for this 'game'. If it's a cycle, the couples are bound to fall in love and die to trigger the game. And this is rather sad and angst.

So furuyanagay is back, though I can't say I'm happy to see them back  :sweatdrop: Poor Akane  :cry:

But things are getting more and more interesting!

Ganbatte~, Shishido-san  :cow:

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VII [1/3/2015]
« Reply #65 on: March 01, 2015, 05:32:17 PM »
I hope this doesn't seem too rushed  :sweatdrop: This was already written to be honest as a follow up on the events of the fight, but due to the previous chapter, I had made quite a lot of amendments and yes, I have scrapped ideas after ideas to come to a short, follow-up chapter. The 'Churi' chapter was an add-on I decided that hopefully would make the story more... interesting?  And yes, I have been constantly thinking that  I killed off the Furuyanagi couple too quickly so this is pretty much one of the main reasons why Churi is back :nervous I know there was quite a lot of confusion but yes, please hang in there with me guys! I will try my best to explain as the story goes on, through the characters  :)

Thank you for all the comments and for taking the time to read this unplanned story of mine! I really appreciate the support.  :thumbsup

Though this chapter is rather short, I hope you'll enjoy it regardless. :) My next update will probably be... hmm... the end of this month? Or in April :) So I thank you all for the patience and waiting that you have to put up with!  :lol:

Now to reply to a few users:
@TeenyTae: About the hint... I'll let you think about that ;) Ah yes, I apologise for the confusion. I'm glad you took the time in trying to understand the gist of whatever is going on at the moment.  :lol: Thanks for being considerate about my uni life and... motivation?  XD
@Rinca: Yup, a crazy bird is coming to kill haha. Hope you'll enjoy this chapter :)
@BbSis: Whoa~ I have to watch what I answer you now, BbSis-san. :lol: I hope you'll like this new chapter too ;)

Indestructible Fire


“You’re the first prey of mine… Prepare to die, MATSUI JURINA!!!!!!”

Yuko had launched herself into the air, diving straight at Jurina with the tip of her Naginata targeting Jurina’s head and within that split second, Jurina had embraced the panicking Rena tightly to brace themselves for impact and lifted her free fire-engulfed hand directly at where Yuko was going to strike.

She shut her eyes in fear for the worst and deep in her mind, cursing how weak she was. She hated seeing her best friend cry and yet, this is all she could do against an adversary like Oshima Yuko?

That was when the practice session with Airi flashed passed her mind. She remembered the feelings she put in to every punch—the feelings of protecting Rena-- and a surge of energy transmitted through all parts of her body.

When the tip of Yuko’s naginata collided with Jurina’s palm, there was a momentary burst of power that reflected Yuko’s strike like a shield emitted around Jurina. She had unconsciously created a dome-like fire shield that shielded both Rena and her. She let go of Rena slowly and stood up, the dome enlarging itself to fit her shape.

Yuko landed back on both her feet, spinning her naginata in a circular motion coolly, “Hehh~…” Yuko grinned, “… I’m impressed… your flame is weak… but yet it tells me how serious you are… about your partner.”

“Of course I’m serious…” Jurina stepped forward, exiting the dome-like shield that made it extinguish and readied her stance. As she clenched her fire-engulfed fists, she realized she was trembling, her legs soon followed which made Yuko laugh.

“O-Oi oi… quit the whole act, kid. You managed to kill your friend in cold blood and yet,” she scanned Jurina’s shaky posture with a taunting smirk, “… You’re shivering when I’m facing you? DON’T KID AROUND WITH ME!” Yuko suddenly exclaimed, giving Jurina a shock but she maintained her posture, albeit the uncontrollable shaking.

“… I-I didn’t kill Airi-san!” Jurina exclaimed in retaliation which just agitated Yuko who dived at her once again.

“Rena-chan, get the bag and run!” She exclaimed as she avoided Yuko’s strike.


“Hesitation’s going to cost you, MATSUI RENA!!!” Yuko who missed Jurina, decided to change her target to Rena who was still on the floor and had the tip aiming for Rena who ducked her head in fear until Jurina, with her reflexes, stopped Yuko’s attack with her hand as if she was the catcher of a baseball game, but due to the fact she is unable to control her powers properly, her fire extinguished by accident, causing Yuko’s naginata to stab through Jurina’s left hand.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Jurina screamed at the top of her lungs at the pain inflicted on her hand which made Yuko leap back, pulling her weapon out of Jurina’s hand.

“J-Jurina!!!” Rena exclaimed when she saw Jurina collapsing on the floor, holding tightly onto the wrist of the hand that just got stabbed right through, in tears of pain. She wrapped her arm around Jurina to calm her down as she was still wailing loudly in pain and mustered her courage to give Yuko a glare.

“… D-Does… fighting like this amuse you…?”

Yuko was honestly at loss for words, but gulping down her saliva, she forced a sadistic grin, “… Yeah. If it’s for the sake of returning to the land of the living, I will do whatever it takes... no matter how cruel it is… even if I have to decimate a body or two…”

“I-I won’t let you hurt—"

Jurina suddenly placed a hand on Rena’s thigh and tapped on it lightly, as if it were a sign to tell her she’s alright now and broke away slowly from Rena’s arms, facing Yuko once again, with her left hand dangling as if her arm had been broken.

“… Thanks… Rena-chan…” She said with a raspy voice, “… But… I’m a Guardian… your Guardian… I can’t have my Master protecting me after such a small injury…”


Yuko laughed once again, “Oh? So you still have some fight in you huh?” She spun her naginata around once again, “Well then, let’s start this over once again shall we?”

Jurina tensed her only working hand which engulfed itself in a brighter flame and placed it near her face, showing her seriousness and to Yuko, was intimidating her, “… I’ll use just one hand to blow you away…”

“Big words!” Yuko this time stood where she was and started swinging her naginata around, creating destructive blasts of wind which instinctively made Jurina create the dome-like shield once again to protect the radius of Rena and her bag before dashing out of it and landing a palm strike right onto Yuko’s torso that blasted her to the front of the classroom, crashing straight into the wall of the next classroom.

The senior rubbed her stomach that just got blasted at and got up as if nothing much had happened, laughing at the sudden change in behavior of her junior.

“Wow… if that kid’s flame was stronger, she really could have killed me… I guess I should not take her lightly... she is the strongest after all…”

Jurina looked over her shoulder at where Rena was for a moment before storming towards the other classroom through the hole that Yuko had just created by crashing straight through it.

- - - - - -

In the other classroom, all the ‘people’ in it just seem like they were decorations, like ‘dolls’. Some of them were sprawled over the floor thanks to Yuko’s impact. It was unsightly and it did make Jurina’s stomach churn in disgust.

“What’s with the sickened expression huh?” Yuko kicked a body that was in her path to the side which made Jurina look downwards and grit her teeth in anger, her bangs hiding her angered orbs.

“… You see kid…” She stabbed another body that was on the side over and over again, blood seeping out of the body due to the multiple stabs Yuko is inflicting on it, “… We’re living in a crazy world… if you can’t understand the thrill of killing and seeing dead bodies everywhere… you might as well let either one of us Guardians kill you so you can get over with it.”

Each time she could hear the slushing sound of the tip of the naginata with the blood from the body, Jurina could not help but feel even angrier at her sadistic senior. She knew if she was with Yuko in the same room any longer, she would definitely go on a frenzy despite how ‘weak’ she may be and literally rip Yuko’s guts out of her body. Her sadism was driving her poor mind to insanity.

“… Shut up…” She said angrily, slowly facing her senior who was still enjoying herself with stabbing the same body.

“Hmm…?” Yuko stopped and swung her naginata to clean the blood off the tip of her weapon but some of it splashed onto Jurina’s face, making her lose herself and Yuko swore she witnessed Jurina’s angry black orbs turning into red, crimson ones that made it look like she was possessed by a demon, followed by a glowing red aura that surrounded her very being.

Yuko knew in her mind she was in for trouble.

The younger of the two suddenly raised her injured hand and within seconds it seemed like the tissues had completely healed, along with the raptured fabric of the glove that protected it. Yuko’s eyes widened in shock but at the same time, thought that play time is over and the fight she had been waiting for has finally begun.

“Regeneration huh… I thought only Acchan could,” Yuko readied her stance, “I guess I was wrong about you huh, Matsui Jurina?”

The latter did not say anything but instead, charged straight at Yuko with punches of devil-like speed which made Yuko have a hard time deflecting and when she knew she was already at her limit, Jurina did a somersault that caught Yuko off guard, causing her to get sent flying into the air and crashing back down to the floor.

“C-Crap… what the heck?! Her power is on a completely different level now!” Yuko exclaimed to herself as she quickly got her weapon and stood up, albeit limping from the injuries she sustained from dropping to the floor hard.

As Yuko started to run in circles around her causing a storm, Jurina calmly assessed the situation and when she knew that Yuko had arrived right in front of her when she simulated the scenario in her mind, she made a punch that sent out a fireball that hit Yuko’s left shoulder and she got blown to the side.

“D-Darn it… fireballs now?” Yuko groggily stood up, finally beginning to feel scared for her dear life in the presence of this different Matsui Jurina.

“… I can’t fight her like this… Haruna didn’t give me enough juices for the day… I have to get out of here…” The senior thought, scanning the classroom for an escape route.

As if on cue, the ‘people’ who were scattered around the room due to the two fighting, suddenly started to stand up like zombies and approached the two Guardians.

“O-Oi… what the heck…?!” Yuko fended them off as a huge bunch was about to crowd around her until all of a sudden, she disappeared into thin air.

Jurina, on the other hand, had suddenly snapped out of her blind rage and fell to the ground, feeling like her energy had been completely sapped out of her by an unknown force. She saw the zombie-like people heading towards her but she just could not stand up, nor lift a finger. However, that was when a familiar pair stormed into the classroom and zapping sounds could be heard.

“Jurina!” The voice called out to her and she felt her warmth when she lifted her body into her arms while kneeling, “Are you okay…?!”

“… Re… na…”

“R-Rena?! Where is she?!” She voice exclaimed, wanting the latter to stay awake before she loses consciousness.

“T… There…” She lifted her arm weakly to point through the hole in the wall that was created thanks to the fight with her and Yuko.

“Miyuki! Hurry!”

“R-Right!” Miyuki nodded at her Master’s request and rushed into the next classroom, where she saw Rena trying to fend herself with a broom and her school bag.

“I’m glad you’re tenacious, Rena-chan!” Miyuki said with a smile and proceeded to rescue the girl, striking her enemies with her electrified arrows.

“W-Why are you here, Milky-senpai?!” Rena asked in confusion.

“We heard the commotion on this corridor obviously. Now we have to get out of here okay?” Miyuki was trying to pull Rena away when the other tugged backwards.

“Where’s Jurina?!”

Miyuki gave her a smile, “She’s with Sayaka. Trust us, we’re not here to hurt you both. Not when these ‘dolls’ are trying to start a zombie invasion. Now come on, we have to go!”

Rena complied at last and dashed out of the classroom with a hand being pulled tightly by Miyuki and as they escaped through the hallway, waves and waves of ‘dolls’ pursued and attacked them relentlessly but thank to Miyuki’s trustworthy skills, she was able to protect both Rena and her from any harm.
When they got to the front entrance, Rena saw Jurina unconscious in Sayaka’s arms and went closer to check up on her.


“She’s alright. She’s just unconscious. We have to get out of here right now,” Sayaka said calmly before running out of the building with Jurina and Rena following suit, into the rain.

- - - - - -

Yuko had just gotten herself ‘summoned’ by her Master who was shouting for Yuko to help her and with one sweep of her naginata, she had completely cleared the area around her Master of the ‘dolls’.

“K-Kojipa! You used a ‘Command Seal’?!” Yuko exclaimed at Haruna.

“What else could I have done?! Yuu-chan was nowhere to be seen!” She fought back.

“Yeah but…” She poked through one of the ‘dolls’ and used it to ram into the other approaching them in a circular motion, “You know how precious those ‘seals’ are! You could have ran away or something!”

“So these ‘seals’ are more important than me now, Yuu-chan?!”

“That’s not… aargh! Let’s stop arguing and get out of here okay?!” Yuko grabbed onto Haruna’s hand ready to run but the other just flung it away.

“I won’t leave until Yuu-chan apologises!” Haruna pouted with her arms crossed and her face tilted to the side.

Yuko facepalmed as she continued to battle around where she and Haruna were standing, “R-Read the atmosphere, Kojipa!!!”

“A-po-lo-gise!” The other continued her annoyed pout.

“Alright alright I’m sorry, Kojima Haruna!!!” She swung her naginata around to create destructive blasts of wind that sliced her enemies into half before landing right in front of Haruna with a wry smile, “… S-So can we leave now? Please…?!”

Haruna, unnaturally comfortable with what is going on around her like an airhead gave the latter a smile and nodded which Yuko sighed in relief and began pulling her partner away from the hall of ‘dolls’.

- - - - - -

“Looks like someone is messing around with the ‘game’.”

Minami walked through her classroom filled with pillars of ice that had the ‘dolls’ in it and softly touched them one by one, giving a smug look at every single one of them.

“No matter…” She turned to her partner that was behind her, a rapier made out of ice in her hand, without an emotion on her face, “With you by my side, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about yes?”

Atsuko nodded coolly.

“Oh…” Minami went straight in front of Atsuko and helped her adjust her glasses, “Your glasses were out of position on your pretty face, Atsuko. You should be more aware of your presentation.”

“… Understood. Minami.”

Minami swirled around and stepped out of the classroom along with Atsuko who followed suit and into the hallway filled with icy pillars of ‘dolls’ trapped in it and clapped in praise.

“The hallway is eerily quiet like this… yet… so peaceful and beautiful… And this is all thanks to you, Atsuko.”

The latter did not respond but followed her partner every step she took forward.

“… We’re going to win this right? Atsuko?”

“If winning is what you wish… then your wish is my command, Minami…”

“Excellent reply…” Minami smirked to herself.

- - - - - -

At the rooftop, a cloaked figure looked down from the railings and saw Sayaka and crew running out of the school. The figure smiled in satisfaction.

“You sure you’re alright? You barely had any rest and insisted on following me…” The figure turned back to face another person in a cloak, but did not have the mask on, “… Takayanagi Akane.”

“Yes… if I don’t do anything when everything is going chaotic… I will lose my chance… to kill Matsui Jurina… and Matsui Rena…” She said emotionlessly.

“Very well. You know that the ‘dolls’ are controlled by you now yes? It’s one of the three powers you have gained in exchange for your ‘command seals’,” Yami explained in which the latter nodded without a word.

“I’ll leave you to make a mess of things then. Please do try your best to impress us, alright? You ARE the chosen one after all…”

Akane nodded once more.

“I bid you farewell then, Takayanagi Akane…” Yami walked past Akane and disappeared into thin air.

The manipulated girl held the dagger in front of her and smirked evilly to herself.

“For Airi… I will take your lives… Jurina-chan… Rena…”

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VII [1/3/2015]
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Ooh WUpdate, eh? Churi really is going to spice things up now ;)

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VII [1/3/2015]
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Trust us, we’re not here to hurt you both. Not when these ‘dolls’ are trying to start a zombie invasion.
Good to see that at least one pair isn't targeting WMatsui (yet).
I'm excited to see what else Jurina can do when she gets a hang of her powers since she is the strongest. On a side note, it's a relief to see that Haruna's still oblivious even when it's life or death.  XD

Thank you for the double update!  :inlove:

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
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I thought my update would be at the end of the month but I just had to post after writing today. Probably because Juritan's birthday is in a few days, it's giving me motivation to update PLUS happy events happened to me yesterday~ Albeit... well... this ain't a lengthy update?

Though~ I really hope you guys will enjoy it regardless! Thanks for the support once again  :twothumbs

I'm not sure if I'll be updating anymore after this, or maybe I will due to the 'explanation' that needs more 'explaining' at the end XD But till then, mm~ just continue to tune in?  :nervous

Replying time~:
@MaYukiIsLife: Make it triple update for March hahaha. Or probably even more, depending on time and 'feels' to write :) Churi is gonna rip everyone up! Jkjk.  :lol:
@TeenyTae: Yep~ SayaMilky have their reasons and~~~ it's sort of implied in here. Sort of.  :P Jurina can do magic~!  :lol: And yeah, I figured NyanNyan ain't much of the serious type, probably worse than Miyuki in terms of seriousness.  XD Hope you'll enjoy the third update~  :thumbsup

Indestructible Fire


After a while of running in the rain while avoiding ‘dolls’ that chased after them in the form of ‘people’ on the streets, with the help of Miyuki shooting down any enemies that got in their way, they finally arrived at a seemingly normal Western-style penthouse nearby a hospital.

Upon stepping into the penthouse, Rena was definitely amazed at the sight. She felt like they had entered a rich Westerner’s home. There were stairs leading to another floor right opposite of the entrance and to the left was a homely living room with milky white furniture and even a fire place. The other room on the right of the entrance was a kitchen with an outstanding range of utensils and cooking utilities which would make an actual cook jump in glee.

“Follow me,” Sayaka gestured with her head to show that she wanted Rena to follow her upstairs and so she did.

“I’ll go ahead and boil a kettle of hot water first~” Miyuki expressed loud enough for Sayaka to hear.

“Sure! Come up and change out of your wet clothes immediately after that okay?” Sayaka responded with the same tone of voice and got acknowledged with a casual “okay~” from the girl.

- - - - - -

Upstairs, they went into a seemingly vacant room and Sayaka laid Jurina down carefully onto the bed before them.

“I’ll go get a set of bathrobes for both you and Jurina here. That alright with you?” Sayaka said, proceeding to the light switch near the door and flipped it on.

“Mm,” Rena nodded and bowed briefly in gratitude, “T-Thank you… very much.”

Sayaka shifted her gaze to the unconscious Jurina, “Get her out of her wet clothing in the meantime then,” and with that, she left the room, leaving the Matsui pair alone in the empty room.

It was pure silence, other than the tattering of the raindrops on the roof outside. It was quite a peaceful scene. However, there was another sound that resounded throughout the room, or at least in Rena’s imagination.

It was her own unnaturally fast heartbeat.

“… I… need to take off… E-Eh…?!!” Rena blushed at the imagination of seeing the other Matsui’s bare skin before her.

She inhaled and exhaled heavily before taking robotic steps to the bed side and looked down at Jurina’s sleeping face. She had to admit, she was pretty darn cute sleeping. But something was off about the girl. She had a pained expression.

Noticing that, she also saw Jurina wincing in her sleep, and a soft, but still barely audible voice came out of her lips as she leaned down carefully, tucking loose strands of hair behind her ear to hear what she was saying.

“R… Re… na… chan… Re… na……”

The girl was calling out to Rena’s name over and over again, grabbing tightly onto the sheets beneath her as if she was having a nightmare.
Rena proceeded to then trying to shake Jurina awake, however the girl was trapped in her own nightmare.

“Jurina… please wake up…!” She exclaimed.

- - - - - -

Jurina’s POV


All I see is darkness before me.

No, that’s not exactly true… I may be trapped in a dark place with no boundaries however I see a figure before me. Someone I know like the back of my hand, yelling my name over and over again to save her, trying to run to me but she just can’t. She reaches out to me, as I do the same, but we just can’t reach each other.

“RENA-CHAN!!!” I yelled back, telling her to not give in to the darkness absorbing her.

Suddenly, the darkness turned into a kaleidoscope of black butterflies flying away, revealing a familiar room before my eyes.

Rena-chan who had disappeared after being fully absorbed into darkness had reappeared in her room… only something was gravely wrong with her. She was holding tightly onto her knees with her head buried on top of her knees, trembling in fear. As I was about to approach her to ask what was wrong, abruptly, I heard loud shouting from behind her bedroom door. Immediately, it struck me.

She told me the reason she had a horrible bruise on her hand… she interfered a violent argument between her parents…!

“R-Rena! Don’t you dare go out there!” I exclaimed but she did not budge, in fact, I tried placing my hands over her in hopes she would stop trembling but my hands went straight through her.

“W-What the heck is this?!” I looked at my semi-holographic hands in frustration and tried again, obviously, to no avail.

The shouting definitely did not subside but instead, got worst. And as she told me, she lifted her head up, showing her miserable face to me and leapt out of her bed with a serious face and stormed out of the room. Being unable to stop her, I cursed myself under my breath before following after her.

Her mother was on the floor in tears, crying while pleading her husband to stop but Rena-chan’s dad had that wooden block in hand, closing up on her.
“S-STOP!!!” Rena-chan yelled before diving in between her parents with open arms, as if to shield her mother.

“Get out of the way Rena! Don’t interrupt me and your mother!!!” Her father yelled angrily at her.

“I… I won’t…” She glared at her father, “… I won’t let you hurt mom. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!”

“YOU STUPID GIRL!!!” As he was about to strike her, out of rage and impulse, I stepped in, praying it would work, to block her furious father’s attack.

“W-What the… What the heck...” He stepped back slowly, falling backwards to the floor beneath him, dropping the wooden block.

A sensation came over me. A sensation to kill the man who bruised Rena in the deepest etches of my memory.

I walked towards him and he looked like a coward, groveling in fear as if he’s seeing a ghost right before him… or maybe, he is.

I grabbed him by the neck with just a hand and managed to lift him up into mid-air, glaring angrily into his eyes, “Don’t… you… dare… hurt… Rena-chan…”

“Y-You’re… J-Jurina-chan…?!!!” The evil man said, gasping for air as he wrapped his hands around mine, trying to make me unhand him.

“J-Jurina… w-why are you…” I heard Rena-chan squeak behind me between sobs and that fueled my anger.

Tensing my other hand, I had engulfed it with fire and without a second thought, I stabbed through Rena-chan’s father’s stomach, leading to him spitting blood directly into my face before I threw him at the wall behind him, emotionless.

Yes… I felt nothing after killing Rena-chan’s dad in front of her. Nothing at all…

I turned back to her, with a forced smile on my face, “N-Ne… Rena-chan… I killed—"


I got slapped right in the face by Rena-chan.

“Why…” She said in tears, grabbing my collar, “WHY DID YOU KILL MY FATHER, JURINA?!”

“… H-Huh…?” I said blankly.

“I hate you… I HATE YOU…!!!” She yelled at me tossing me to the floor before proceeding to pick up the wooden block that her father had just dropped.

“I-I was… I was trying to save you! YOUR FATHER WAS ABOUT TO HURT YOU, RENA-CHAN!!!” I defended myself but it seemed like nothing got through to her.

“SHUT UP!!!”



Ahh~… looks like Rena struck me out for good…

I’m back floating in darkness…

If this is my psyche, I must be seriously corrupted by some kind of evil force or something…

“… rina…!”


“Ju… na…!”

Voices… calling out to me…


I definitely recognize this voice.

“Rena…!” I said softly under my breath with a smile as a blinding light showered me from above, dispersing the darkness…

- - - - - -

“Rena!!!” Jurina exclaimed, literally pushing herself out of bed with a frightened expression on her face, only to see said person’s face right beside her along with the face of the person who saved her a while ago in the fierce fight against Yuko standing right behind Rena with a bathrobe hanging on her arm.
Rena embraced Jurina right away, burying her face on the latter’s shoulder.

“You kept calling out to me in pain and just wouldn’t wake up… I was so worried about you…” She said in a quivery voice.

“S-Sorry… to have worried you…” Jurina returned the embrace, tenderly caressing Rena’s wet hair with a smile of relief.

“I hate to break the sweet moment between you two now but will you both change into these bathrobes before you get a cold?” Sayaka said nonchalantly, placing the bathrobes on the edge of the bed.

“A-Ah… right…” Rena quickly broke the embrace and straightened herself up, taking a set of the bathrobes, “I apologise for the fuss, Sayaka-senpai.”

“It’s alright,” Sayaka coolly crossed her arms, “Get changed and dry your clothes over the heater over there yeah? The hair dryer is in the bathroom. Come downstairs once you’re done. We need to discuss about something.” She pointed at a heating system with a few hangers over it before leaving the two alone once again.

“… Rena-chan… umm…” Jurina just could not look into her partner’s eyes after such a horrible dream involving her, “… You uh… okay…?”

“Yes… Milky-senpai saved me from those creepy ‘dolls’,” Rena handed to Jurina the other set of bathrobes, in which she took without meeting the gaze of the other.

“Jurina? What’s wrong…?” Rena asked worriedly.

The latter shook her head and immediately jumped out of the bed she was lying on with the bathrobe in hand before placing it on the edge of the bed and proceeded to take off her blazer and unbutton her wet clothes then and there. 

“Y-You’re changing here?!” Rena shrieked, a faint blush appearing on her face.

“Well yeah, we ought to hurry don’t we?” Jurina said, her head tilting slightly to see Rena over her shoulder as she took off her shirt, tossing it to the floor and was about to unbuckle her wet bra.

“A-Ah…” Rena stared at Jurina’s bare back for a second before snapping out of it, blushing furiously, “I-I’ll change in the bathroom!!!” She said, flustered, as she dashed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Jurina chuckled as she swiftly unbuckled her skirt, letting it drop off her waist and took off her wet panties. Putting on the bathrobe in one swift motion and tying the knot of the fabric belt around her waist, she took the wet clothes on the floor and hung them to dry, glancing nervously at the bathroom door, knowing Rena was changing right now.

“… Nightmares is one thing… seeing Rena-chan changing is another…” She said softly but mischieviously to herself, “… After all… she always changes out of my sight… so…”

Slowly, she crept towards the bathroom door, trying her best to open the door as quietly and sneakily as she could to at least get a peak of Rena changing, only to be foiled of her plans when Rena grabbed the handle of the door and opened it, making Jurina fall flat onto her face in disappointment.

“W-What do you think you were up to, Jurina?!” Rena asked, still blushing while shielding her upper body as if she was facing a pervert.

“N-Nothing… I just thought…” Jurina lifted herself up and gave Rena a sheepish grin, “… I could see you change for once~.”

“Y-Y-You...” Rena’s hair started to stand like an agitated cat as her whole face turned red before a loud shout followed after.


- - - - - -

Downstairs, Sayaka and Miyuki were waiting patiently near the fireplace, enjoying their cup of tea and a few pieces of shortbread fingers.

“What a noisy pair we decided to save…” Sayaka shook her head and let out a sigh.

“There there~” Miyuki smiled, “It isn’t nice to talk about our VIPs behind their backs, Sayaka~”

“… The fact I already have my hands full with you…” Sayaka shrugged as she had a sip of her tea.

Shortly after, Jurina and Rena came down to the living room and sat down on the longer sofa in the centre, directly facing the fireplace in which Rena made Jurina sit apart from her, leaving the two with a space between them. Jurina was rubbing her cheek, rolling her eyes with a pout while the other Matsui crossed her arms in frustration with a pout as well, still flustered over what had transpired just now.

“You both look like a really cute couple you know~?” Miyuki voiced out with a teasing smile as she rested her face on the palm of her hand that was supported by her thigh.

“W-We’re not—"

“—a couple!!!”

“See? You both are even in sync~” Miyuki teased them further which made them turn to each other momentarily before avoiding each other’s gazes once again.

“Miyuki, cut it out. We need to talk about serious things now okay?” Sayaka facepalmed.

“Hai~” Miyuki said with a lax voice before murmuring to herself with a pout, “… Spoilsport.”

Sayaka cleared her throat before starting, “Alright. I’m sure you both are aware of the current situation yes?”

“The fact that strange ‘dolls’ are attacking us now…?”

Sayaka nodded at Rena’s answer, “Exactly. However, as long as we’re in a building that belongs to us, no one can interfere with us, not even them.”
“Us meaning…?” Jurina questioned.

“You and I. The Guardians and Masters of the ‘game’. Our houses have absolute protection from any harm on them. It’s a leeway given to us by the man pulling the strings, which I’m thankful for to be honest.”

“And what Sayaka means is that whatever we say in here, stays in here~ no one will hear us, not even Mr. Charon-sama~” Miyuki waved her shortbread finger around before putting it into her mouth happily.

“Miyuki! You’re saying too much!” Sayaka yelled at Miyuki in frustration but the latter just shrugged in a carefree manner.

“Charon-sama…? Who’s that?” Rena looked at Sayaka with serious eyes, wanting answers.

“In Greek mythology, there’s this ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. The ferryman I speak of is Charon-sama, the mastermind of this whole ‘game’. Right now… I suppose you can think of the world we’re currently residing in as part of the ‘river’ in the legends… And depending on our outcome or how Charon-sama wants to steer his ferry, we either end up dead forever in the underworld or back alive, in the world we came from,” Sayaka explained seriously, crossing her hands together to support her chin.


“… crazy…”

“B-But how do you know about the mastermind being Charon-sama?” Jurina quickly asked with suspicious eyes after ending her sentence from before.

“… And how do you know about our houses being protected and all…?” Rena asked with the same suspicious tone of voice Jurina used.

“Sayaka…” Miyuki suddenly had a serious gaze that pierced through her partner’s eyes, causing the other to lean back on her individual sofa after placing her tea cup down on the saucer on the table in front of her with eyes closed.

“… Miyuki and I…” She paused for a moment to take a deep breath.

“… We’re survivors of the previous 'game'.”

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
« Reply #69 on: March 04, 2015, 05:07:06 AM »
“… We’re survivors of the previous 'game'.”

SayaMilky won the previous game? . . . does it mean that the winners can remember what happened previously or is it one of those special cases?

Thanks for the update.

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
« Reply #70 on: March 05, 2015, 03:36:52 AM »
The ferryman I speak of is Charon-sama, the mastermind of this whole ‘game’.
If he's the ferryman, is there someone above him even?
That ending though makes me wonder how many games there were previously...  :O

Thank you for the now triple update! You're really spoiling us.  :inlove:

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
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Misakichan~ i love this fic :inlove: it always make me held my breath when i read it :twothumbs update soon please :pleeease:
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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
« Reply #72 on: March 09, 2015, 03:40:55 PM »
Jurina and rena so cuteeeee  :nya:
so the survivors
they will keep playing the game..??
Thanks for the update author san  :kneelbow:
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Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
« Reply #73 on: March 17, 2015, 10:01:09 AM »
Finally, I've caught up...:sweat:
This is epic Misaki-san..  :farofflook: You mixed action, romance and mysteries together very well.. :on GJ:
But I'm very curious about Jurina's dream when she killed Rena's father, Is it just dream or reality? :dunno:
It just seem to real... Well gonna wait for the next chapter then.. :on gay:

P.S Don't push yourself to much, hehe..  :twothumbs

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
« Reply #74 on: March 25, 2015, 10:35:08 AM »
I just want to say that THIS FANFIC IS SO AWESOME. WMatsui is too adorable I CANT HANDLE THE FEELS ASDFGJKLNC  :bow:

I love the plot of your fic, seriously? These ideas are pure awesome! I'm imagining this as a movie and it seems so interesting.

I'm anticipating for the next update and take your time author-chan~  :cow:
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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT VIII [3/3/2015]
« Reply #75 on: March 29, 2015, 07:25:43 PM »
Wow.. so freakin' cool..
story about survival game (this Charon kinda remind me of jigsaw  :lol: :lol: )
So the survivor of the previous game must play this game again or what? didn't fully understand bout this hhhh  :lol:
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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT IX [29/7/2015]
« Reply #76 on: July 29, 2015, 05:49:46 PM »
Jyan jyan~ here's a long-awaited update of Indestructible Fire for you awesome readers who have been waiting for it! Yes yes, expect more question marks popping out of your head and hopefully some closures on how their 'game'/'war' works. I've been using those terms instantaneously that I kinda lost track halfway what I called their whole battle royale initially  :nervous

I've actually written this Act a month or two ago, but it had undergone many (and I mean seriously many) attempts of drafting and changing and crazy editing because I was really unsatisfied with how boring the Act is (and it still probably is due to the fact there's a lot of explanation that's done in this chapter, sort of ><). Plus, new ideas come and replace my old ideas and I would have to figure out which should I be using. Tough decisions were made and lots of brainstorming was done, but I really hope it was worth all the work...  :sweatdrop:

Enough of my tiring ramblings. Please enjoy this latest update!  :D

Replying time~:
@Rinca: They're a special case and it'll definitely be explained in their backstory in one of the future chapters. :)
@TeenyTae: Spot on ;) As for how many times these games have taken place... hmm... I thought of it as well after you posted the question. And all I can say is, it'll be mentioned in one of the future chapters :) Thanks for the support so far, TeenyTae-san! :D
@junchan48: Here's the surprise for you. Thank you so much for waiting and asking me about it constantly through FB  :lol: It makes me never take my mind off this fic in a good way. :)
@kuro_black29: Yep, they'll continue being a part of it. Exhibit A would be the SayaMilky pair :P
@Raizel: Hmm that~ well~ I'll leave it to your imagination for now :P
@wmatsuified: Thank you very much for reading! Though... JR is rather the most 'useless' pair at the moment but like any movie, the weak protagonists will turn strong in due time ;) Hope you'll enjoy this update :)
@fael_c00l: Jigsaw?  :? Mmm... no. SayaMilky were the only exceptions. That is... hmm. I won't spoil, please do continue tuning in and do not hesitate to PM me if you're seriously confused about stuff in the chapters posted yeah? I'll try to answer you, without giving anything in the future chapters away. :P

Indestructible Fire



Both Jurina and Rena were flabbergasted and in disbelief after hearing what Sayaka had just revealed to them. Miyuki had also looked downwards at her sad reflection displayed on the surface of her cup of tea, as if to strengthen the authenticity of Sayaka’s statement.

Sayaka let out a sigh once more before shifting her gaze to Jurina and then Rena, preparing to speak.

“Miyuki and I... we were the winners of the previous war.”

“WHAT?!!” Jurina and Rena jolted up from their seats with a shout of disbelief. Who could blame them after what Airi said about the winning Guardian being reincarnated into flesh and blood to live on as a human being. Just how could Sayaka and Miyuki be the winners if they were still here, paired up to fight? It was completely nonsensical.

“The thing is... we don’t know. Our memories of when we won were completely wiped out, what remains is our experience in the previous war... at the expense of our initial memories, or at least mine,” Sayaka winced, and seeing that, Miyuki decided to continue for her.

“What do you mean...?” Jurina squeaked, eyes still wide open due to Sayaka’s revelation.

“I was Sayaka’s Master the previous game, so she had her memories of when she was alive and my death intact previously... but when we were both reincarnated here… apparently she lost her initial memories but the both of us remember whatever transpired in the previous game till the point of winning though now...” Miyuki let out a sigh, arching her body forward, “We swapped roles for unknown reasons, not to mention, elements.”

“What was Sayaka-senpai’s element previously then?” Rena asked.

Sayaka shrugged, “I was the previous Guardian of Fire,” Sayaka noticed Jurina’s darkened expression and nodded, “Yeah like you, Kid.”

“... H-How... is this possible...?” Jurina’s legs gave into the shock and she fell backwards onto the sofa that she had shot up from and buried her face into her hands, finding ways to comfort herself.

Rena followed suit by slowly taking a seat to calm herself down as well, while rubbing Jurina’s back softly in hopes of helping her partner digest the revelations her two seniors just thrown at them without warning.

“Sayaka and I were thinking it was probably because we weren’t the ones who were supposed to win... though it sounds really unfair in context huh?” Miyuki said softly.

“What do you mean by that?” Rena questioned on, wanting to understand more and to see if they were lying to them.

“You guys are apparently the Chosen Ones. The ones who are favoured by whatever God that is overseeing this game to win. The last ones to appear before the game begins are usually the ones with not much knowledge on what’s going on unlike the others but as compensation, you have an ability that the other Guardians don’t have. The ‘Burst Stream’ ability,” Sayaka explained with a tint of anger fuelling in her voice as she balled up her fists.

“It’s the state Jurina-chan was in halfway through fighting with Oshima Yuko-san. The berserk state that can be controlled were she to learn how to hone it in this short period of time,” Miyuki continued, noticing the question that Rena was about to ask when the latter was seen biting her lip.

“In the previous game, there was a pair who had the same conditions as you both... Shimazaki Haruka and... Yokoyama... Yui,” Sayaka’s expression strained at the mention of the second person’s name, in which Miyuki quickly placed a hand on Sayaka’s shoulder as if it was a form of remedy to the unknown pain Sayaka was facing, which Rena took note of, “... Yui was the Guardian of Ice in the previous war and was deemed the Chosen One... however, an unexpected turn of events occurred and we won… guess the Gods were angry at the outcome and sent us back to fight instead of returning us to the land of the living as promised when we were thrown into this whole ordeal...”

“I’m sure you realized it by now but we’re not in the world that we once lived... we were gathered here to do battle against one another in this alternate universe... it looks like where we came from but fundamentally different. I mean... with the Dolls and all...” Miyuki let out a sigh, followed by a grimace.

Jurina finally lifted up her head from her hands with full understanding of the situation so far and could not help but had that darkened expression on her face as negativity loomed the living room’s atmosphere.

“... So why tell us all this? Do you guys tell everyone your sappy story so that we’d let our guard down?” Jurina said with a supposed-to-be- intimidating smirk that just looked awkward. She knew what was being shown on her face and mentally hit herself for that. So much for trying to act courageous and stand up for both her and Rena.


Rena cried out, shaking Jurina as a gesture of asking why she had said what she said and on the other hand, Miyuki looked like she was about to give Jurina a good smack but Sayaka reached out for her and shook her head, pulling her back down to the seat beside her and looked straight into Jurina’s intimidating eyes which she knew were just because Jurina was being defensive around the two suspicious seniors.

“... It’s understandable that you’d doubt us. I’m well aware of that. That’s why you can choose to leave here after you’ve rested for the night or you can choose to team up with us so we can question Charon and whatever Gods out there about this whole charade,” Sayaka answered with confidence that instantly shook Jurina’s.

The hot-headed Matsui looked away momentarily, embarrassed of her outburst when Sayaka handled her without hesitation and returned her gaze after she had briefly given the choices some thought.

“... Why team up with us when you could’ve teamed up with Yuko-senpai? Or the Guardian of Ice?”

“Because you’re the closest chance we’ll get to questioning Charon or some other God in charge of this were we to have defeated both Oshima Yuko and Maeda Atsuko. You both are the Chosen Ones after all. It’d be pointless to team up with anyone else other than you both if we want to know the reasons for us remaining here,” Sayaka swiftly answered again, with the same confidence displayed a short while ago.

Jurina shook her head and exclaimed back in annoyance, “Are you crazy? Sure we may be the Chosen Ones or whatever but we--... no... I can’t even
hold a candle to Yuko-senpai! I can’t even fight properly! How is THAT supposed to be a fighting chance overall?!”

“Simple,” Sayaka smiled to herself, “I’ll just have to pass down my fighting skills to you. Do not forget, I was once, like you, the Guardian of Fire. And it so happens we had the same Guardian weaponry— our fists.”

“So what you’re saying is that if we joined you, you’d teach Jurina how to fight while on your end, you’ll be able to confront the mastermind behind all this?” Sayaka nodded to Rena’s question in confirmation.

“When the last two Guardians are left, it’s a given that Charon would be there to oversee the proceedings personally. And at that time... you’ll be
made the victor. We just want to know the reasonings for this unfair system.”


Jurina was cut off by Miyuki, “As Sayaka said, you’ll most probably have to win by default no matter how much we want to attack you due to what we have experienced however, that doesn’t mean we would go easy on you both~” Miyuki had a mischievous smile formed on her lips.

“... Nngh...” Jurina pouted.

“We can give you the time you need to think about this. However... I’m pretty sure you realize time is of the essence here. The longer we stay put, the harder it is to survive in such conditions and eventually if no winner can be declared in this ‘game’, it’s highly possible that there would be yet another ‘game’ that we may participate in or... we could very well die, not knowing what would happen to our partners in the actual world,” Sayaka explained, leaving a food for thought for Jurina as she contemplated on the choices presented to her.

Rena nudged Jurina on the waist, making the latter turn to her with a conflicted expression, speaking in a soft tone so that it sounds like they were mumbling to each other, preventing the seniors from tuning in to their conversation, “It seems like a good idea to team up with Sayaka-senpai don’t you think?”

“Yeah but... don’t you think a story like that and all the facts are kinda... convenient? Don’t you find them suspicious?” Jurina voiced her concerns in the same tone of voice.

Rena agreed but continued on, “True but... they don’t look like they’re going to backstab us though...”

She paused for a while, side-glancing at the serious expression on Sayaka’s face as she looked on at the two Matsui’s discussion and Miyuki who had a worried look and hands that were clasped together as if she was praying for them to join their side.

“Plus... Sayaka-senpai’s offering to train you.”

“... I’m doubting the whole situation now though...” Jurina cupped her chin before side glancing at Sayaka who still had her face of confidence on, “You two Senpai know about the Orb that we have on us right?”

Sayaka briefly nodded, “Yes, Rena had told me about it when you were knocked out cold just now. I’ve also inspected the object too.”

“... And?”

“As far as how an Orb looks like, that is exactly it. However, to ‘claim your victory’ properly per say, the Guardians must... hmm... absorb the Orb into their weaponry and you probably hadn’t noticed but, your glove has what, four unnoticeable indents on each knuckle. At least that was how my glove was previously.”

Jurina squinted her eyes and took a while to notice the small but still barely seeable indents that Sayaka was speaking of on her gloves and acknowledged her statement with a nod before Sayaka continued with her explanation.

“Those small little indents are where the Orbs are supposed to be ‘stored’ till the final two Guardians are ready to have their showdown. It’s the same for Miyuki’s bow. The thing is,” Sayaka sighed, “The Orb that you and everyone else claims as Furukawa Airi’s Orb, is just a dupe.”

“W-What?!” Both Matsui exclaimed in unison.

“And we think that it’s the Game Master’s way of giving this whole ‘game’ a flying start. Since neither of the pairs know how the storage of the Orbs actually work other than the both of us, everyone would have naturally assumed that the Orb is just carried around like that after every win.”

“... Hence pinning the blame on us,” Rena finished Miyuki’s sentence with a face of shock.

“Then doesn’t that mean Airi-san and Churi-san are actually still in the ‘game’?!” Jurina asked, hopeful eyes beaming at Sayaka.

“I don’t know… though we shouldn’t dismiss the idea that they could still be around somewhere,” Sayaka cupped her chin in thought, not wanting to jump the gun and give too much hope to her juniors.

Miyuki smiled, “But till then~ we’re probably the only allies you both would have since Yuko-chan’s out for your blood and Atsuko-chan should be too~”

Both Jurina and Rena gulped and shivered animatedly after Miyuki’s scare which got her a light chop on the head from Sayaka and she stood up slightly after.

“A night,” Sayaka received the confused looks of her juniors face before shrugging and continuing, “I’m giving you both a night to consider. Meanwhile, do feel free to use whatever utilities you need in my house. Miyuki and I will be out securing the area for the night ‘cuz well… I know that I said my place is safe from those Dolls but it doesn’t mean that the other two Guardians who would attack us, especially you both on sight, would just ignore our presence in this house.”

“With both our energy flow accumulated together, we stick out like a sore thumb,” Miyuki giggled, “So it’s best that we, the experienced combo, protect you both through the night~”

“I hope you can come to a decision even before tonight ends, it would speed up our course of proceedings,” Sayaka smiled before reaching out to a drawer near her shelf of books and taking an automatic pistol out of it, which gave arise to panic to the the two Matsui.

“O-Oi! I-If you’re thinking of threatening--”

“No stupid,” Sayaka retorted at Jurina’s exaggerated reaction before slowly handing it over to Rena, “This is for you. It’s a great advantage if the Master knows how to protect herself when needed. Even if you both decided to not join us, that gun’s for you to keep.”

“Sayaka-senpai…” Rena reached out for the gun with trembling hands in which Sayaka grabbed onto to stop her trembling and helped her grip hold of her new weapon, “T-Thank… you…”

“Sorry to interrupt the sweet Senpai-Kouhai moment but I sense company,” Miyuki voiced out with a deeper tone of voice which was a sharp contrast with her usual cutesy voice. Sayaka gave a nod to Miyuki who nodded in return and disappeared like a flash of lightning.

“W-Whoa where did she go?” Jurina asked, astounded at how Miyuki just vanished into thin air like that after an eye-hurting spark of light.

Sayaka took off her robe right then, revealing a cool, navy blue sleeveless karate outfit on her and took out a pair of gloves that had numbers engraved on them and put them on, cracking her knuckles right after.

“Miyuki went off in advance to check who’s in the parameters. I’m going after her so you two stay here and if anything… hmm…” She gave Jurina an unimpressed look, “... Find a way to signal to us you’re in trouble. I doubt you know what you should do--”

“Of course I do! I’ll just shoot a fireball to the sky if it’s necessary!” Jurina could not stand her senpai’s sarcasm and shot back at her promptly, receiving a reassuring pat on the shoulder with a thumbs-up gesture from her senpai.

“That’ll do,” Sayaka walked swiftly towards the entrance of her house and both Matsui followed suit, “I’ll see you both later.”

“Please be careful,” Rena said with concern, earning a nod from Sayaka before she dashed out of the house.

“... So uh… what should we do now…?” Jurina asked, feeling rather awkward to break the silence that filled the house, but at that moment, they felt slight tremor within the house, followed by a loud crashing sound coming from upstairs.

Rena immediately jumped behind Jurina, gripping hard on the fabric of her bathrobe from behind, hiding for security, despite having one solid weapon of defence clasped tightly in her right hand. The latter gulped and tensed her hands, allowing her pair of hands to be engulfed in fire in case any worst case scenarios occurs.

“... S-Should… we go upstairs to check…?” Jurina asked, earning just a few tugs on her back. She supposed Rena was a bit too shaken by the sudden transpiration of events to even answer her properly.

It was up to her to make the decisions then, so she took a step forward slowly, dragging Rena along behind her, as they made their way up the stairs to face the unknown.

- - - - - -

Miyuki was standing on the rooftop to find where the source of power came from only to see a tornado spinning towards their area, however it was an unusual tornado. It did not cause any damages more like, it just looked like a spiral or a cluster of wind blasting through the town without causing any apparent harm.

“Miyuki!” Sayaka called out to her from below.

“Sayaka, it’s dangerous!” Miyuki leapt down forthwith from the rooftop and landed right beside Sayaka, engaging with the source of the tornado right on queue when it turned into the junction that led to Sayaka’s place. The spiral of wind quickly subsided, revealing a squirrel-like figure who was princess carrying a much taller figure in her arms and let her down carefully. The figure stepped in front of the taller figure, summoning a spear twice her size and pointing it directly at Miyuki who just looked on smugly.

“Just the person I’m looking for... since you interrupted my fight with that killer of a kid!!!” Yuko roared.

“You jump to conclusions too fast, Yuko-chan,” Miyuki calmly said, summoning her bow and arrow, pointing at her target.

“Y-Yuu-chan...” Haruna softly called out in concern but Yuko quickly reassured her with a wink before returning a glare towards Miyuki.

“You’re acting too hastily, Miyuki,” Sayaka spoke in a soft tone of voice that was only audible to said person.

Miyuki smirked playfully, “It’ll be fine. Don’t be such a worrywart.”

“Oi,” Yuko caught their attention rudely, “Where’s the kid and her partner? Spill the beans and I won’t pay your mumbling with each other to mind.”

“It’s sad that your element doesn’t do well in scanning for people huh~... Too bad,” Miyuki briefly nudged Sayaka on her arm with the tip of her bow, the latter quickly understanding what she wanted, “You’ll just have to go through me if you ever want to find them!”

Ending her sentence, Miyuki shot an arrow charged with electricity straight at Haruna which was swiftly deflected by Yuko’s spear and that broke the squirrel-like girl’s cool and made her lunge herself out of anger at Miyuki who smirked to herself and made Yuko follow her away from Sayaka’s home.
Haruna looked at Sayaka in fear, falling backwards and landing on her bum hardly when she accidentally tripped. Sayaka grinned intimidatingly and stared right into Haruna’s eyes, further scaring the poor soul.

“If I got rid of you now, we would have one less of a problem,” Sayaka let a puff of air escape her lips before cracking her neck and scanning her surroundings, noticing a few lifeless bodies on the floor beginning to rise to their feet.

Sayaka readied her stance which seemed like she was protecting Haruna, “... I have no interest in fighting someone who can’t even fend off for themselves,” she looked over her shoulder with a pair of cold, serious-looking orbs staring down at the helpless Haruna, “... so if you value the life you have now, get the heck outta here. NOW.”

Haruna scurried away towards the direction where Yuko possibly was at right after she struggled to get on her feet that was giving into fear, hence she had involuntarily limped to escape danger, bursting into tears of helplessness while cursing her partner for leaving her alone to enjoy a fight.

As for Sayaka, she was confident in defending herself and right now, she had to protect her house despite the fact the Dolls were prevented from access. She threw powerful punches at the enemies that approached her in a zombie-like manner, taking them down one by one with ease without even breaking a sweat. She truthfully enjoyed the thrill of boxing the ‘life’ out of her enemies even if she didn’t have any form of powers then.

“Hraahh!!!” She did a uppercut that sent a doll flying and slamming back down to the ground. Immediately after the coast was finally clear, a series of loud explosions could be heard a few blocks away from where she was. Feeling concerned about her partner’s safety, Sayaka quickly ran towards the source.

- - - - - -

Miyuki nearly ran out of breath trying to evade from Yuko’s constant waves of long-range attacks due to the reach of her spear and finally got a chance to catch her breath when she quickly found a narrow alleyway to dash into and hide momentarily,knowing eventually she might be found despite Yuko’s weaker accuracy in locating the aura of other Guardians.

“... Geez... I wanna chapu chapu when I get home...” Miyuki said softly to herself as she leaned against the wall behind her, wiping beads of sweat dripping from her forehead.

The next thing that happened were the sounds of buildings getting caught in some kind of destruction. She knew Yuko was a bit whacked out in the head but not as insane as to find her prey through crazy violence and all she could do was drag herself despite her worn out body and escape through the other end of the narrow alleyway which thankfully was Yuko’s blind spot at the moment.

“I... I’ve got to get back to Sayaka... I didn’t expect to use this much energy just to get away from Yuko-chan...” Miyuki said to herself once again, forcing her shaky legs to continue moving to safety but that didn’t help when she noticed a few lifeless bodies which are basically known as Dolls now, moving towards her in a horde of zombie-like manner.

“C-Crap...!” Miyuki cursed, lifting her arms as fast as she could and used whatever ounce of energy she had in her to summon her lightning bow to shoot a myriad of lightning arrows at her enemies, knowing full well this would lead to alerting Yuko. She had no choice if she wanted to get through and could only take the risk at this point to surrender to Yuko were they to clash right now.

Though mentally, she was blaming Sayaka for not giving her much energy due to Sayaka’s reluctance of skinship. Back in the previous game it was a different story. Miyuki was the Master and her fondness towards skinship definitely helped Sayaka gain victory in the end for both of them... is what she thought.

“Heh. Found you, Watanabe Miyuki!” A loud shout came from behind Miyuki and she closed her eyes, already fearing the worst for her.

“What’s wrong? Tired?” The voice mocked her, but she didn’t give in and continued moving forward after clearing the path before her that was previously blocked by Dolls.

“Oi!” Yuko appeared right in front of her and whacked her in the torso with the back of her spear, knocking the already-limping Miyuki backwards and right onto the cold, hard ground beneath her.

She cringed in pain, wanting to get back on her feet but the muscles in her body just wouldn’t allow her.

Yuko spat at her angrily and stormed off with Haruna when she realized another horde of Dolls were coming from the direction that Miyuki was supposed to go to, leaving Miyuki on the ground, looking rather lifeless from afar. Her consciousness was fading and all she could do is curse herself and partially Sayaka, for just giving her 1/3 of her energy for the day thinking nothing grave would happen. She tried her best to keep her eyes opened, looking at the ominous dark clouds looming above her and the eerie zombie-like sounds of the Dolls approaching where she was.

She had already given up all hope and held in her tears when out of the blue, a cold sensation tingled all over her body when a wave of cold air passed through her whole body. It was the feeling of opening a fridge that had the lowest temperature, only a whole lot colder. Miyuki knew at the back of her head that this could only be the work of the Guardian of Ice—Maeda Atsuko.

Clear footsteps were approaching her and all Miyuki did was try to get up once again, but surprisingly succeeded this time, and feeling the injury on her torso slowly disappearing. She looked directly at the figures who were a few metres away from her and quickly stood up, preparing herself in a defensive stance.

“... Looks like we managed to rescue ya by accident huh. Guess this is a setback of Atsuko’s abilities...”

The shorter figure shrugged and stopped in her tracks when Atsuko walked pass her until she was in arm’s length with Miyuki.

“... I presume Yuko was here yes?” Miyuki just nodded, “... I see...”

“I don’t know what you did but... thank you...” Miyuki said in gratitude in which Atsuko just adjusted her glasses coolly and turned back to walk towards Minami after analysing the area.

“... Minami... Yuko and Haruna were really here.”

“NyanNyan and that midget huh...” Minami grinned, “...Great. Let’s proceed.”

“What about Watanabe-san here? Shouldn’t we finish her off?”

“Miyuki!!!” A familiar voice resounded in the cold,quiet surroundings along with loud footsteps that echoed thanks to the thin layer of hard snow on the ground.

“Our primary target ain’t them,” Minami looked over her shoulder with bloodshot eyes at Sayaka who was approaching them soon and clicked her tongue, “... Let’s go.”

Atsuko lowered her head submissively, “... Understood.”

They walked past Miyuki without another word, leaving her dumbstruck for a few seconds before noticing that her surroundings have actually turned into an ice-filled row of houses. In a way, it looked breathtaking like a Winter Wonderland but it just lacked any form of life that made it quite unnerving and above all, chilly. It was not even Winter in this supposed alternate world so it was unnatural.

But that made it extremely clear that the Guardian of Ice was not a force to be reckoned with, despite her abilities having some sort of healing effect that could even assist her opponents.

Miyuki fell back on her knees, hugging herself in hopes to stop her sudden shivers due to the cold.

“Miyuki!” Sayaka approached her and quickly supported her by wrapping an arm over her shoulders, “You alright?!”

“Y-Yeah… if it weren’t for Atsuko-chan’s healing effects, I probably would have ‘died’,” Miyuki pouted, “... You had better let me touch every part of your body tonight…”

Sayaka blushed, “D-DON’T SAY INAPPROPRIATE THINGS LIKE THAT, BAKA MIYUKI!” A nerve in Sayaka suddenly made her tense her muscles and made her susceptible to the cold around her, “C-Crap it’s cold! We better hurry out of here and back home!”

“W… What about Yuko-chan? And Atsuko--”

“Let’s forget about dealing with them right now and prioritise our safety,” Sayaka slowly supported Miyuki back to her feet until the latter gestured she was well enough to walk on her own. As much as Sayaka was genuinely concerned if Miyuki was truly alright, her getup was definitely in the way of playing the cool protagonist card.

She was thankful Atsuko froze most of the places they had to go through despite the fact they had to bear with the cold since they could get back without the intervention of any Dolls.

All they both hoped and prayed for at the moment was that Jurina and Rena were doing alright back at their home.

- - - - - -

Each step they took up the stairs felt like they still needed a thousand more years to get up to the first floor of Sayaka’s house. Jurina tried to put a brave act up halfway through but it crumbled after all when she imagined weird, haunted house-like sounds in her head. That definitely didn’t help Rena as well, who jerked whenever Jurina scared herself due to her wild imagination.

They tried to be as quiet as possible when they got to the room where the source of the noise should have come from. Peeking through the gap of the room, it was just too dark to see anything. Jurina took a deep breath and told Rena to stay a few inches away from her for safety so she could kick the door open. It was a state of emergency, she thought, and prayed Sayaka wouldn’t mind if she kicked the door down.

“Here it goes……” Jurina said under her breath and with both eyes tightly closed, she put in all her strength and kicked the door down with a loud thud that followed after.

She dived in, emitting as much fire as she could from her gloves that would enable her to have a wider vision of the interior of the room but that wasn’t needed when her surprised orbs fell onto a dark figure a few inches in front of her. The figure wore a long, black robe that swayed with the wind coming in from the hole of the roof, the hood pulled towards his or her front obviously to cover the face of whoever it was.

“W-Who are you?!” Jurina shouted, causing Rena to enter the room post haste, pointing her gun shakily at the foreign figure that was currently deemed a possible threat.

The figure did not say a word but turned around slowly, revealing a person in a golden, domino mask. The shadow that casted over the eyes of the person definitely did not help in identifying who it was but it was then, the person took a familiar looking dagger that emitted a warm, brown light from within the robe and pointed it intimidatingly at Jurina, still remaining quiet.

Both Jurina and Rena’s eyes widened in shock. The only person who was the bearer of such a weapon could only have been……

“A… Airi…?”

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT IX [29/7/2015]
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So WMatsui found Churi, eh? The thing is, they don't know it's her, the dagger makes them think it's Airin....Sayanee and Milky knew about everything and that "Airin's orb" Jurina had was fake....

Umm.... This is getting out of hand.... Hope to see another update :D

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT IX [29/7/2015]
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An update... :cow:
I already read this fic even before I joined JPhip.. :sweatdrop:
And since I am able to comment now, well, I want to say..
THANK YOU for making this fic, author-san.. :twothumbs
I love this fic so much.. :luvluv1: And the story is getting much more interesting.. :yossi:
I need to say this. You always made me curious like hell every time I read the end of each chapter... And I was like, "AAAARGhhhhh...!!! Why it should end now??!!!" :banghead:
 U always put a mystery in each chapter... And that's coolllll...~~~!!! :otomerika:
Well, I think I should stop now. Gomen for my blabbering :bow:
I'll look forward to the next chappiee.... :grin:

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Re: Indestructible Fire (Main: WMatsui + Multi-pair) - ACT IX [29/7/2015]
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I... Wow! Wow! Well done, senpai!
I'll take my spot first here.
I... Thanks for make me held my breath (again).
Gonna comment later due to my troubled phone and broken computer-,-
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