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Author Topic: It started with a "Hi..." (YuiParu, SayaMilky, FuuKei)[Update:CH. 14 12/13/15]  (Read 31767 times)

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I will forever wait for the next chapter lol take your time and good to know you're still alive xD

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 Please continue the the fic. I will forever wait for your fic.
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
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To my fellow and lovely readers, I announced on 12/10/15 that I have returned and stated that I will update soon. Honoring my words, I present to you Chapter 14. I would like to thank you all for supporting me and waiting patiently for new updates. Your support means the world to me! I have been on hiatus for nearly a year so forgive me if this chapter is a little rough! I had to change quite a few things and add a few things! Also, this chapter will not have much of Yuiparu, but rather talk about other pairings to develop their story as well! I tried very hard to include everyone in the story. I hope you all like it!  Please enjoy! I apologize for all of my mistakes and typos. Also, I know this is a slow development in the story. I am sorry but things will be revealed one at a time.

Bold = thoughts

Chapter 14

Miyuki is waiting anxiously for Sayaka to showcase any form of cuteness for her. Everyone is silent, simply watching to see how this scene will unfold.

“Miyuki…I can’t do it.” Sayaka lowers her head at her failure. “looks like we are going to have to separate for three days!”

“Sighs…” can be heard around the room.

“NO!” Miyuki proclaimed. Everyone intensely looks at Miyuki, wondering what is on her mind.

“The punishment is changed. I am not going to kiss you ever until you ask me in the cutest way.” Miyuki folds her arms against her chest and puts on a determined expression.

The first person to break the silence with laughter is no other than Jonishi Kei! Everyone just shot Sayaka a sympathetic look.

“You’re kidding right… there is no way you can last without kissing me, Mirukii!” A wrong move for Sayaka to have made as Miyuki gives her an intense look while adamantly challenged, “TRY ME!”

“HMPH!” Miyuki turns her head away from Sayaka. By this moment, Keiichi has stopped laughing.

“The tough Sayaka has fallen in the hands of a dare!” Kei started laughing once again. Feeling bad for Sayaka, Fuuko steps up to stop Kei-chan.

“Kei-chan, if you do not stop laughing, then you will NOT get to kiss me ever again!” Fuuko threatened.

After hearing that, Kei immediately shuts her mouth and stay absolutely quiet.

The others try to help Sayaka out by persuading Miyuki to change her mind and mentioned that it is just a game.

“Miyuki, don’t be like that! You know how Sayaka is. Asking her to be cute out of nowhere is a bit impossible for her.” Yui tries her best to defend her good friend.

“Sigh…” Miyuki slowly let go of her childish act and turns to see Sayaka still having her head down, looking so defeated and crushed.

Miyuki was about to apologized, but something unexpected happened.

“Mirukii! Kisu Onegai ~~” Sayaka looks up at her with cute big cat eyes. Sayaka’s hands are shaped into cute little fist against her chin with her lips slightly in a pout form. (IMAGINE THIS: ; Note: I do not own this photo nor the movie. Credit to the person who uploaded on Google)

Everyone was shocked and speechless except for Paruru who remained calm about the situation. Silence overcome them for a few seconds until a thud can be heard echoing around the room. Miyuki has tackled Sayaka and showering her with numerous kisses. The kisses quickly escalates into a full on make out session and hands were roaming each other’s body.

Rena and Churi quickly cover their significant other eyes. “Oi! Rena-chan! I can’t see anything!”

“That’s the point,” said Rena. Jurina eagerly proclaimed, “But, I want to see! I am old enough!”

“No, you’re still young in my eyes,” Rena explained. Jurina always act very childish and cutesy around her, not to mention, she is always the youngest in the group, so it is very difficult for Rena to see her as an adult.

“Churi! If I can’t see, I can’t draw! This will go wonderfully with my collection!”

“Baka, Airin! Hentai, Airin!” Churi keeps hitting Airin for her pervertness!

“Ow..ow..Ouch! Okay I will stop! Please stop your Iron Man punches!”Churi finally stops but turns away from Airin while Airin is just busy relieving the pain from the bruises. Holy…who knew Churi was that strong…Airin shivers as she does not want to get Churi mad again…

Yui sighed and shook her head at the rated r scene in front of her while Paru still remained calm and collected.

 “Hey! You two! Enough! Stop corrupting my innocent Fuu-chan!” During the whole scene, Fuu-chan buried her face into Keiichi’s neck while trying to suppress her blushes as the moaning sounds coming from Sayamilky was not helping.

Sayamilky was not paying any attention to their surroundings and kept going at it until Paru went and physically pried Miyuki away from Sayaka.

Milky felt annoyed that someone interrupted their session and harshly said “What!?” to Paru, but Paru did not feel threaten. She just raised one of her eyebrows and said, “there are still people here you know.” Then she just walked back to her seat.

Milky feeling embarrassed now, simply rubbed her neck with her hand and cutely said “Gomen!” with her tongue sticking out.

Sayaka was still on the floor catching her breath as that was one of the most intense makeout session she ever had. ”Milky was really aggressive.”


The game resumes relieving the awkward atmosphere after SayaMilky makeout session. It was Sayaka’s turn to spin the bottle and it lands on Keiichi.

This time an evil smirk can be seen on Sayaka’s face. “Payback Time!”

Keiichi tries very hard to put up a strong front but she cannot deny that she is not a little nervous of what Sayaka might have up her sleeves.
Everyone else had the same thought…”Here we go again.”

“Dare…” Keiichi hesitantly stated. “Wise choice, my friend…I dare you to give Fuu-chan a lap dance.” Sayaka demanded.

Fuu-chan instantly blushed. Before Keiichi can say anything, Miyuki is already putting on Sayaka’s ear!

“Ow…ow…Milky, my ear!” Sayaka whined. “I thought we agreed on not corrupting Fuu-chan!” Miyuki remarked.

Sayaka defeated, “Fine! Get into a push up position and hold it for three minutes – your hands should be under your shoulders…” Keiichi interrupted, “That should be easy”

“I am not finished…you have to do with Fuu-chan sitting on top of you.” Sayaka smirked.

Fuu-chan sadly said, “Sayaka, anata wa hidoi desu.” (you’re mean)

“I give up on this game.” Sayaka sighed. Keiichi reassures Fuu-chan that she can handle it.

Keiichi gets into position with Fuu-chan sitting on top of her. So far so good

Everyone looked on and praised Keiichi for her strength. However, after the two minute mark, everyone can see Keiichi’s arms shaking and sweats dripping down the forehead. Fuu-chan feels sorry for Keiichi.

Jurina announced, “Kei-chan, it’s three minute! You can stop now!” Keiichi collapsed immediately and Fuu-chan started to massage her arms while the Furunayagi and WMatsui couple was complaining how cruel Sayaka was.

Sayaka went over to Keiichi and see if she is okay. “Are you alright, buddy?” Keiichi can see the sympathy and how worry Sayaka is. “Of course! Strong like a tiger! That was nothing. Besides…I will take my revenge back.” Sayaka smiled, “Bring it on!” Everyone just sighed as the battle between them will never end.

“Alright let’s continue!” Jurina proclaimed. Fuu-chan decides to help Keiichi spin the bottle and it lands on Jurina.

“Woohoo~~~ Finally! I pick truth!” Jurina excitedly said. “Have you and Rena-chan already hit homerun already?” asked Keiichi.

Rena blushed,”Kei-chan! How can you ask Jurina that!?” Everyone chuckled, but unfortunately Jurina did not understand the question so she said, “No, because we never played baseball before?”

Everyone burst out of laughter even Paru who is usually calm, also joined everyone into laughter. Jurina still holds a puzzled expression. “Eh…I don’t understand why everyone is laughing…Rena-chan did I say something funny?” Jurina turns and see Rena’s face red as a tomato which provokes Jurina’s curiosity even more.

“OMG…somebody help me…I can’t…stop…laughing” Sayaka said.

“She is too innocent…omg we just corrupted her” Airin added.

Keiichi laughed, “this is hilarious…not even…Fuu-chan is that innocent to not know what it means…hahaha..I can’t breathe.”

“Well someone tell me what is going on here!?!” Jurina impatiently said.

Churi still taking to catch her breath, “Rena…I think…you should…let..her know..hahaha”

Rena decided to spare her lover from the confusion and whispered to Jurina, “homerun have nothing to do with the actual baseball here. It means something else.”

Jurina asked, “then what does it mean!?!” Rena said, “I can’t do it! It is too embarrassing!”

Paru finally calmed down while the others are still trying to recover from laughing even Yui is having the time of her life laughing. Paru bluntly explained, “It is a baseball metaphors indicating sex. First base is French kissing (mouth to mouth), second base is touching the upper body especially the breasts, and third base is the lower body, below the waist. Lastly...homerun…I am sure you can take it from here.”

Jurina dumbfounded, “Oh…” Everyone started to be able to catch their breath again and resume back to their normal state. Jurina did not say anything else for a few minutes.

“Hey kid, you alright?” Airin asked. Jurina looked at everyone and vice versa. Rena looks at Jurina with a concerned look and said, “Of course, Rena and I hit homerun! I lost count how many times we hit homerun.”

Once again, everyone burst out laughter except Yuiparu who chuckled and Rena covering her face out of embarrassment.

Jurina just looked at Yuiparu for answers, “What did I say this time?” Yui chuckled, “It was very blunt…you could have saved Rena-chan from the embarrassment.”

Jurina looked at Rena and hugged her. “Sorry, Rena-chan.” Rena shook her head, “Baka, just next time don’t be so blunt!” Jurina gave her a cat smile and said, “Hai!”


There was a moment of silence as everyone enjoyed what happened earlier in the night. They were happy to be with one another and share the joy and laughter.

“Okay! Let’s play a few more before we all go to bed!” Everyone agreed and then Jurina spin the bottle and it lands on Airin.

“Truth” Airin simply said.

“Aww…I was hoping you said dare.” Jurina pouted.

“Ha! Knowing you, I don’t want to end up like Keiichi or Sayaka. This kid has lots of pranks and ideas up her sleeves. Be careful everyone!” Airin suggested.

“I still remembered how Mayu and Jurina were always up to no good and pulling pranks on everyone! Luckily, Mayu now have Yukirin to preoccupy her time and Jurina also have Rena, so the teachers were finally spare from their misery.” Miyuki happily reminisced.

Jurina tries to defend herself, “Hey! We weren’t that bad! Right, Rena-chan?”

Rena disagreed, “Jurina…you both switched out the cream inside the oreo cookies with colgate toothpaste, stapled a teacher’s tie to the desk while he is sleeping then waking him up to see him fall, AND not to mention, you both pretended to give chocolates to the teachers, but when they opened the gift box, it was cockroaches inside…if you tell me, you both were pretty bad.”

Jurina sulks and pouts while Rena rubs her hand against her back to make her feel better.

Paru chuckled, “wow, I wished I came sooner. I would love to see those pranks.”

“You love to see them, but you will hate what the teachers do to make us suffer…essays and projects on top of one another. It was a nightmare everytime
the two pranksters stir up troubles.” Yui added.

Out of curiosity, Churi asked, “Why did you move here, Haruka-san?” Everyone was curious as well especially Yui, but only Miyuki was the only one shooting anxious and concern looks to Paru.

Paru noticed Miyuki’s expression and gave her a small smile. “That is a story that I will tell if you are lucky enough to land the bottle on me.”

“You are on!” Churi had determination on her eyes. “Alright, someone land the bottle on me!”

“Oi, I haven’t even finished my turn.” Airin stated. “Well hurry up!” Churi eagerly yelled.

Airin retorted, “Why are you yelling at me!?! She is the one who didn’t ask the question yet” Airin pointed at Jurina.

“Oh right, Airin, was Churi your first love?” asked Jurina. Airin was beginning to be nervous and shooting glances at Rena and Churi.

Sayaka noticed, “What’s wrong, Airin? Shy to admit haha.” Jurina added, “Airin, just be honest haha. You already admit you cannot live without Churi!”

“No, Churi is not my first love.” Airin answered. Yuiparu, Sayamilky and FuuKei all noticed an awkward atmosphere between Rena, Churi and Airin. No one
said anything as they did not wanted to create any trouble between the couples.

Not noticing the sudden awkward tension, Jurina innocently pushed further “Eh…dewa dare ga? (then who is it?)” Airin smartly replied, “I believe you only get to ask me one question in which I answered so my turn to spin the bottle!”

“But..” before Jurina can continue, Miyuki came to the rescue, “She is right, Jurina-chan. Only one question. Go ahead Airin!” Airin smiled at Miyuki as a signal of gratitude while Miyuki reciprocated the smile.

Jurina was still dying out of curiosity as she saw the glances between Rena and Furunayagi but decided to let it go for now.

Airin spins the bottle and it lands on Churi! “Hai! Haruka-san, you just wait, victory is mine!”

Paru simply smiled and nod her head. “Now, truth!” Churi said. Airin took a breath, looked directly at Churi’s eyes and asked sincerely, “If you found out something about my past and it is one of my wrongdoings, would you forgive me?”

Jurina said, “Airin, why so serious? Of course, Churi will forgive you, she loves you.” Airin ignored everyone and was waiting patiently for the response.
Churi thought to herself: could this be about her? Then she just said, “It depends.” Airin closed her eyes and sighed as she nodded her head. Rena looked on with concerned. Airin…

Jurina noticed Rena looking at Airin with deep concerned and all of sudden, something clicked…Airin’s answers and her questions.

“It is Rena, isn’t it?” Jurina harshly proclaimed. Everyone knew what Jurina was referring to as they all caught those glances exchanged between Rena, Airin and Churi about the first love question.

In that instant, this truth or dare game became something much more serious than ever. Everyone could feel that the atmosphere have dropped significantly. Keiichi tries to break the ice, “Oi, come on guys when did this game got so serious!?”

Fuu-chan also tries to extinguish the fire, “We are all here to have a great time and a wonderful sleepover. Let’s calm down.”

Miyuki whispered to Sayaka, “Sayanee, this is bad. Someone have to step between them. You know how aggressive Jurina gets when things revolve around Rena.” Sayaka replied, “I know. If anything, I will separate Jurina from the group.” Miyuki nodded.

Jurina ignored Fuukei’s comment and stood up while she asked once again, “It is Rena, isn’t it?!”

Rena pulls on Jurina’s hand to try to get her to calm down and away from Airin. Jurina flicked her hands away. “Answer me, Airin!”
Churi stepped in, “Enough, Jurina! She has no obligation to answer you anything!” Jurina knowingly smirked, “so it seems like you know something as well and trying to protect your lover.”

“Why!?! Then you know what she did!?!” Jurina frustrated and points to Airin. Yui went to stand in front of Jurina and tries to push her back. “Calm down, Jurina!”

“Out of the way, Yui! This is none of your business!” Jurina harshly said. Paru interrupted, “Hey! You do not talk to her like that!”

Fuu-chan was looking at Keiichi as to what to do, but not even Keiichi knows where to start. Sayamilky were already standing up in case a fight breaks out.

Airin finally voiced out, “ENOUGH! Yes, Jurina! As you smartly deduced, I am Rena’s first love. I admit that I have done wrong and I only have myself to blame.”

Yui looks around and thought to herself, “sigh…what the hell is going on.” She seeks guidance from Sayaka to let her know what to do but that is futile as Sayaka also just stood there to see how this all plays out.

Rena finally takes action and pulls a very reluctant Jurina away and led her to the backyard.

After several minutes of silence, Keiichi bluntly asked, “okay, what the heck just happened?”

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Ships that make me weabo

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Thank you for the update!
SayaMilky's scenes are getting bolder.
What happened? It was such a mess.
Jurina is very aggresive here.
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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the fact that you came back after a real proves that miracles do happen! thank you  :bow:

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH :farofflook:


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For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Forgot how much I missed this story. Hoping that if you can find some free time to write, that you continue on with the story. I really enjoy it.  :)

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Yes! I've caught up and I'm enjoying so keep up this story! Weeee!

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Waiting for an update author-san.
And I'm also very excited for the next chapter.
Stuff gets a little bit serious during their game.
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I saw this thread on the upper part of AKB Fanfic list.
I immediately clicked it to open the thread, thinking that you have come up with an update, hoping to read more.
I went straight to the last page, ran my eyes through the whole page and thought...
Ooh, I've read this chapter....
It was a new comment from Janix123...but, no update...
Thinking of closing the page, yet I changed my mind and decided to leave a comment.
Yes, Author-san. We're still waiting for more of the story.
I'm one of those who would definitely read it when you post an update.
So... I hope you are well.
Keep on writing! Your story is really interesting  :)

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Ships that make me weabo

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  • Shipping Sayaka x Everyone... especially with milk

I can't deal with this cuteness -  from Sayamilky being cute af to Kei constantly protecting Fuuchan... Ahhhhh so cute... Not forgetting Yuiparu either who obviously love each other but just won't say anything,  especially when Paru stopped the kiss

And you left it at such a great point with WMatsui and Furuyanagi drama happening. Please update this soon!!

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This story is wonderful! Please Please Pleaseeeee update! I want to read more!!  :panic:

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I guess I'm quite an adventurer lol I happened to find this fic when I was strolling around the akb48fanfics section

And damn.. please update :kneelbow:

if some readers happen to see this update, I'm sorry.. I just commented lol

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