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Author Topic: Let me make it up to you [Wmatsui] - Chapter 2 (20/8/18)  (Read 2634 times)

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Let me make it up to you [Wmatsui] - Chapter 2 (20/8/18)
« on: July 28, 2018, 05:57:20 PM »
Hello guys~
I'm new in writing here and I've read tons of Fanfics from websites all around so I figured I'd try and have a go at writing my own. Please treat me well :)
I'm not sure how quick I'd be updating but hopefully it wont take too long for each Chapter to come out.


2 girls.
1 bullied, the other the bully

'Argh she's such a creep?!'
'Why does she bully me so much?'

One day however, after witnessing something, the bully stops bullying and starts helping...developing feelings on the way


I know it's not much but hopefully you'll stay for Chapter 1 coming soon~ :roll: :twothumbs
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Re: Let me make it up to you [Wmatsui] - Prologue
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Chapter 1

Rena's POV


Ah shit! I over slept. Why does this always have to happen to me?! Omg. I'm going to be late for school at this rate. I got dressed at the speed of light and ran downstairs. There's something I'm forgetting. Hm, wonder what it is. Who cares. It’s not like I care.
As I was scoffing my breakfast down, Mom and Dad just came up to me and was there like 'Happy 17th Birthday Rena'

That’s it. I was forgetting my own bloody birthday! I'm so dumb.

'Thanks...Love you too...' I said quietly slightly embarrassed before leaving for school.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!'  The loud deafing noise came from behind. I knew who it was before I even looked back.

‘Thanks Mion, but u really didn’t have to scream that loud’

‘Mou, who cares? Here! Your present’

 She handed me a pretty sparkly bag that had red and black stripes. I was so happy seeing that. I’m even more excited to see what the other have gotten me at school. Gosh.

‘Hey Rena, we gotta get to school quickly’

‘Eh? Why?’

‘Don’t ask any questions. It’s a surprise.’ She exclaimed before grabbing my arm and running. As if I hadn’t already had my morning exercise. I mean, it’s a surprise so it’s worth it. Surprises are honestly the best.

We finally reached the school gates out of breath. Other member of our group came up to me saying Happy Birthday. 

‘Rena, turn around. We gotta blindfold you. Can’t ruin the surprise.’

Without questioning anything or anyone I just turned around and let them blindfold me. As they were leading me somewhere I kept thinking they were going to murder me. But it’s school. They know I’d rather get murdered outside of school.

‘Stop it. Let go of me!’

What? Who was that? What’s happening? I took off my blindfold and saw Jurina being held down by some of my friends. But..why?

‘Happy birthday Rena’ Mion said as she poured freezing water all over Jurina.

‘Guys st-‘
‘Just be quiet and enjoy the show’

Yuihan then came with a bin and all the rubbish inside was poured over Jurina. I mean, how could they do that?!  To Jurina...

‘I hate you guys.’ I exclaimed ‘It’s my birthday, so why won’t you let me pour anything nasty on Jurina?  But Jurina, that trash on u suits u. Trash belongs with trash. Don’t ya think?’

Everyone just burst out laughing.

But I really owe it to them. This was a pretty good present.

Jurina’s POV

It was Rena’s birthday today. I should of known why her friends called me over behind the school. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday they always seem to do these things to me. A few weeks ago they even poured cooking oil for Paruru’s birthday. I was so stupid to listen to them and follow them. But have no choice. It was either that or be beaten up and pay 10,000 yen. Why is life so cruel to me?

Luckily, I still have time to dry up before going in for Homeroom.  As I was walking to the changing rooms to dry up I got a lot of stares.  Ugh, I hate this. I’m getting of stares. Not good ones too. Everyone looks so disgusted like I’m some sort of cockroach.  I went down to class after getting myself dry.
‘She’s coming. She’s coming.’ I could hear a guy from my class just whisper that in a hurry.
 I walked in and could see my desk covered in writing. I walked down and it said things like
 ‘die’ ‘dirt’ ‘pathetic bitch’ Ya know? All negatives. No positives. 

Nonetheless, I just sat down as if were nothing. It was pretty obvious Rena’s group told everyone to write this. She’s like the most popular person in our grade. Let alone in school so everyone is practically like her underdog.


The bell went for homeroom. As Kuramoto-sensei came in he mentioned something about this badminton club outside of school. My eyes lit up.

‘Hai~ If you would like to know more about this come down to the staffroom and I’ll give you a leaflet so you know more.’

As soon as homeroom ended I left for the staffroom.

‘Ah, Jurina, this is rare. What can I do for you?’

Nervous and quietly I just said ‘Um, could I have that leaflet for the badminton club outside of school?’

‘You?! Wow. I never expected this of you. You never take full part in P.E you’re not even in the Badminton club in school! What brought this up today?’

You could see the happiness in Sensei’s eyes.

‘I want to try it out. I do enjoy badminton, I just-‘

‘Don’t bother telling me. I’m just so happy for you. Here. Take it!’ Sensei gave me 2 leaflets in case I lost one. For once, I was happy in school.

As I walked out the staffroom I was met by Mion. I held my head low in fear.

‘Oh, hi Trash.’ That was my nickname. ‘Wait. Is that? No way!’ She saw the leaflet I had in my hands ‘You’re seriously deciding to join that Badminton club! Don’t make me laugh. You can’t even throw a ball straight in dodge ball let along talk properly. You’ve got to be kidding me right?’ She said in such a manner I left like tearing up.

I response with my head still down ‘Yes... I, um, like badminton’

Mion then snatched the leaflet out my hand ‘Sorry, but you suck.’ She said before deciding to rip up the leaflet and throwing it out the window.

In pain, I ran off into the bathroom and broke down.

After 10mins I got out the toilet and my eyes were sore. Very sore. The day then went by with surprisingly no one harassing me. Rena had to go home early to celebrate her birthday. Thank god. Else after school would have been worse. But no one talked to me. I feel so lonely. I try to talk but they always push me away.

Few hours later

School’s finished for the day. I went down to my locker to change my shoes and it was full of glue. ‘Should of known they wouldn’t leave me along’ I thought to myself. I had no spare shoes so I had no choice but to wear them.

I went home with very uncomfortable shoes, avoided my parents and jumped into bed. I must have fallen asleep since by the time I awoke it was 7pm. Screw dinner. I’m not hungry. I’m not eating with him downstairs. I decided to do my homework instead. I reached into my bag and realised I had the spare leaflet for badminton. I forgot about this.

I had a better look at it and decided that I would go give it a try. I mean, No bullies, Fresh start-ish. What could go wrong?

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Re: Let me make it up to you [Wmatsui] - Chapter 1
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Sounds fine for me~

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Re: Let me make it up to you [Wmatsui] - Chapter 1
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Sorry for the late update guys~
I went on holiday for a  few weeks so this is what I managed to write in the 2 days I returned home   :panic:
This hopefully won't happen again unless I get crammed with homework when I start school again in 2 weeks :cry:

Chapter 2

Jurina’s POV

It’s Saturday morning.  I sigh. I look at the clock. I cry inside. It’s 8am and I am awake. Great. It’s too early. Gosh...Why did my alarm go off this early anyway?

Slowly like a sloth I end up getting out of bed and in a dazed state I walk into the Bathroom to brush my teeth.  After that was done I just walked back into my room and went downstairs to the living room in my Pajamas.

‘Wow,’ I thought to myself as I was walking down the stairs. ‘I can actually wake up this early’

 “Jurina~” My mom called to me

“Yes mom?” I called from the other room


“Yes mom?!” I called out even louder


“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME MOTHER?!” I screamed my lungs out.


‘Mothers....’ I thought to myself as I made my way to the kitchen ‘Always deaf when you want them to hear you and always having hearing like a bat when u mumble something under your breath’

I walked into the kitchen in frustration and mom told me to sit down for breakfast. I couldn’t see my dad anywhere but it’s not like I care.

“Here you are.” She said as she gave me a plate of pancakes.

My face lit up. I love pancakes.

“THANK YOU MOM!” I said as I hugged her back squishing her as she was being hugged. 

“Careful now Jurina. My arm still hurts after what happened a few days ago.”

“Is it-?”

“Yes it is. But don’t worry about me.  Worry about yourself first. We’ll get over this at some point in life” Mom said.

I sat down and started scoffing the pancakes down my throat adding Maple syrup as I ate.

As soon as I finished eating I went into the living room to watch some TV. AKBINGO! was on. ‘LUCKY!’ I thought to myself. AKBINGO! is my favourite variety show. It’s so funny seeing all the members of AKB do all these weird things. Though I prefer it when Bad Boys were still around... It was crazier back then. More games as well such as Shoujiki Shougi etc I mean nowadays it’s more of a talk show then variety as such. Still love it though. Every episode makes me laugh [Writers note: These are my real feelings for AKBINGO! don’t hate on me if you disagree]

After AKBINGO finished I went back upstairs to do some study and thats when it hit me.


In a rush, I looked round my room for the leaflet which mentioned the timings of when it was going to start. I found the leaflet under my bed after 5minutes looking for it and the time of when it was going to start was 11am-2pm.

‘F*ck.’ I thought to myself. It was already 10am and the area where it’s being held is at least half an hour away via bus.  Luckily I didn’t need to being any sort of kit as it’d be provided so I ran round the house getting my water and getting changed.

   As I was about to leave the house I started getting second thoughts about this. What if Mion was right? What if I really did suck? What if I fail and embarrass myself  and everyone teases me for it? I was getting paranoid and anxious. The bullying and personal circumstances didn’t help my thoughts either.  With an ounce of courage I went outside and legged it for the bus. I made it just in time but the Bus stopped every 5 minutes it really annoyed me.

15 minutes until it starts...

10 minutes until it starts...

Finally! I’m here!

I got there with 5minutes to spare and boi am I relieved. I looked around and I saw so many people.

I was in the queue for signing in and I hadn’t been this excited for a while. After I checked in I started walking down looking at all the displays of all the trophies, certificates and photos. But then my heart sank, it was like a huge storm just blew away all my happiness. I saw Rena in the photo. Matsui Rena. My bully. 
“I can’t believe you chose to do badminton Trash. Guess I can have more fun with you here eh?” I heard Rena.
I was scared. I chose to do this so I’d get away from anyone I knew. I chose to do this because I enjoyed it. I chose to do this so I could make new friends. But my life really is unlucky. I hate this.
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