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Author Topic: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)  (Read 48767 times)

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ My Feelings For You (08/24/13)
« Reply #60 on: August 24, 2013, 01:02:36 PM »
That was.... sad... mysterious... strange....
Takamina..... you are sick... killing someone just because you're jealous?
You should've talked to Acchan first....
And in the end maybe Acchan did love Takamina
Am I the only one who thinks you should make another part??

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ My Feelings For You (08/24/13)
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Am I the only one who thinks you should make another part??

I think you should too.  :cry:

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ My Feelings For You (08/24/13)
« Reply #62 on: August 25, 2013, 03:01:23 AM » continue this....


and thanks ^_^

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ My Feelings For You (08/24/13)
« Reply #63 on: August 26, 2013, 04:54:58 AM »

You have to make a Second Part!!  :bow: :kneelbow:
U'r killing me here!!!  :panic: :bleed eyes:   :fainted:

this is the first time I read Takamina being like this...and it surprised me a bit...
but.. I LIKE IT~...  :panic:

but i'm seriously not kidding about wanting a 2nd part.... :doh:
U can't just leave us hanging!....  :x

anyway... Thanks for zee OS!!!
Can't wait for more!!  :panic: :twothumbs
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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ My Feelings For You (08/24/13)
« Reply #64 on: September 13, 2013, 05:10:38 AM »
holy shit!!! That was sooo good

I really like how Minami killed Takeru, that bitch deserve to die anyway X3 lol I really can sympathize with Minami. I felt bad for her and I can really feel her pain. Love can make you do crazy thing and thats fine with me :D

I'm glad that Minami didn't die from whatever it is that she had, but Atsuko really was a bit too late recognizing her love for Minami >_< I hope you could write another Atsumina story :) I look forward to it and if you can make another similar one, where one of them kills for the other, that would be awesome <3 hehe
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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ My Feelings For You (08/24/13)
« Reply #65 on: September 25, 2013, 07:13:33 PM »
FlameHazeKatsu-san, I love all of your OSs. XD Please can you write some more? :bow:

Please update more of your OSs soon. I'm really looking forward to it. XD

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ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« Reply #66 on: January 23, 2014, 01:37:34 AM »
Osu! my last update was last year! xD lol so uh...I was actually debating if I should leave replied from those comments from  ze past OS but decided not to...since it's been a few months... o.o though thanks for the comments :3 I really appreciate them~ So a new OS and seems long again ^^; idk how it ends up being more than 10k words >_<" lol I was actually trying to finish and post this like a few days ago before my exams, but I got too addicted playing games now...and reading doccubus fics... o.o and so...since there was supposed to be a "blizzard" today they cancelled school, and I just really wanted to get it all over with since today was supposed to be the last day for exams... DX sad thing is the blizzard didn't hit us here... =_= BUT well one good thing happened and that is I finish! on~ oh and uh...bare with it? lol

Forever In Your Heart

She isolated herself from everyone, ever since she lost the person she loved. No reason to live. No reason to make her move forward. Nothing at all made her want to live. Every passing day seemed like a torture for her. If only she could kill herself or someone would kill her but it’s not happening. She didn't know the reason but she was scared- scared of dying. Not knowing what she wanted made it so confusing. An irony really, she wanted to be gone from the world yet it scared her. It was pathetic and she kept telling herself that. Ten years of living in isolation, this day made it ten years. This day...April 10 was the day her lover died. Every year on that day, she would go to where her lover is buried. Breaking down on her knees...crying, asking for forgiveness, telling her sorry and that it was her fault. That her fear took over and everything went wrong after. Every year, her grief and anger would resurface. She doesn't know why but she would go on frenzy, go to the nearest village to let it all out. Her anger would take over all of her senses. It was her body but she could only watch herself kill everyone that she would come across to. A dark side of her would appear. The months that she hasn’t fed, the emptiness in her was useless. Every year she would be full again. The villagers knew that when the day would come. A village would lose half of its people. And every year it would always be a different village. That designated day, everyone was scared. They didn't know how to stop her. The warriors would fight but she would just crush them. The villagers calls her a...vampire.

She walked on the empty street, her pale skin glowing under the bright moonlight. Her eyes red with hunger. Fear, she smelled fear and that made her excited. It thrilled her. She would give them a chance to run and hide and after a certain time she would chase them. Just thinking about it made her body squeal in delight. She turned on a corner and found herself suddenly surrounded. Humans, with their weapons in hand. Sweat trickled down on their temple, nervous seeing the vampire in front of them. The vampire smiled, and her fangs gleamed. The warriors swallowed in fear. One man gripped his sword and ran screaming, charging towards her. "No! Don't!" Another man shouted but it was too late. The warrior swung his blade at her, but she sidestepped, dodging the blade. He swung it again and this time, the vampire caught the blade with her right hand. A cut forming in her palm. The man tried to pull his weapon back but it wouldn't budge. She tightened her grip on the blade, breaking it into two. His eyes widened in shock, fear forming on his face. He trembled in fear and took one step back, ready to run. He quickly turned around but found himself on the air. Her left hand wrapped around his neck lifting him slightly. He struggled, swinging his legs back and forth, but it was useless. His comrades should've move to help him but they were petrified. She smiled and brought her fangs on his neck. Her fangs sinking in his skin. He kept struggling, but weakened as second passed, then he suddenly stop struggling. His blood drained from him and his body was so thin that bones were visible. She dropped the body on the ground, the warriors's eyes staring at their dead friend.

The vampire finally spoke, breaking whatever spell was casted upon the warriors. "Ah, that was refreshing...but his blood wasn't delicious at all." She sighed and wiped her mouth. The warriors's eyes widened as they saw the cut on her palm slowly heal. Staring at her healing palm, "'s not healing as fast as it should...well that blood wasn't enough." Lifting her eyes up, looking around she grinned, "Who's next?" They all came charging at her but it was useless. She dodged their attacks, drank their blood and if they manage to land a hit on her. Her healing abilities are the one to take care of it. She tossed the last one on the pile of bodies. "This is not enough." She grumbled. Fifteen men died and it still wasn't enough to satisfy her hunger. A slight noise caught the vampire's attention. Turning around, she found a little girl carrying a doll. The human looked at the pile of bodies on the ground and at the vampire. Back and forth, her eyes kept darting between them. The vampire watched the little human, intrigued that she didn't run from her…yet. She walked towards the human and stopped when she was in front. Squatting so they were in front of each other, the vampire started at the human, "Tell me, why don’t you run?"
The little girl tightened her grip on her doll, "Why would I?"
"Everyone runs away from me." The vampire answered. She really didn't mind...humans always ran away from things that they can't defeat or scared off. Although her past lover was different. She accepted her and loved the vampire. Treated her like a normal person. That's why she fell in love with the human.
"Really...Why?" The girl asked.
"To your people, I'm a monster." She smiled, remembering what her lover would say whenever she would say that.
"You don't look like a monster." The girl smiled at the vampire. The vampire was startled with the response. When the girl said that, to the vampire it seemed that she saw her lover standing behind the little girl.  "Atsuko?" She mumbled. It was a part of what Atsuko would always say. She closed her eyes thinking about everything. Thinking back to how they met.


People stared at her as she passed by. It was strange to see someone wearing a full hooded cloak during summer. The vampire sighed, she was used to being looked at but it still felt weird. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't really walk under the sun. The sun would kill them if they were exposed too much. However they could avoid that. In order to freely roam they would need to wear a cloak. However not just a normal cloak. It had to be a special cloak, where they needed a rare material. Since gathering the materials were difficult, only those vampires that were strong enough or rich could acquire the cloak.

She walked until she finally reached a dead end. Looking around to check that there was no one, she pushed a brick, opening an entrance. Entering the dark entrance, she soon arrived at the bottom of the stairs. The narrow hallway lit up, the wooden torches on the sides coming to life. "Welcoming." She mumbled and kept walking. The vampire arrived at her destination- a bar. Entering the bar, she stood on the entrance. Her eyes slowly scanning the occupants all around. Putting her hood down, she went to sit on one of the stools.
"What can I get for you?" The bartender asked as she wiped the glasses.
"Just anything to drink."
The bartender gave a nod and started pouring a drink. "You're not from around here, are you?"
"Just passing by."
"Heading somewhere?" The bartender asked and put the glass in front of the woman.
"Nowhere...really. Just wandering." She chuckled, and took a small drink.
"Well, the name is Miyazawa Sae."
"Takahashi Minami."
"So Takahashi-san why not travel around the world?"
"Been living for a couple of centuries, don't you think I tried that already?" She grinned and kept turning her glass.
Sae laughed, "I guess. So you've been here then?"
"You could say that."
"Well what do you think of it now?"
"Nothing really changed." Minami grinned and finished the rest of her drink.
"Nothing really exiting too." Sae sighed and refilled the glass.
The two women talked for a while and Minami stayed for a few hours waiting for the darkness to come. As soon as the sun had set, she bid her goodbye to Sae and left. "Well, I guess time to find somewhere to wash." She mumbled, thinking since it's been a while since she last felt refreshed. "I wonder if the tavern is still standing until now...considering it’s been 60 years."

"Uh...I'm sure it was here..." She sighed and looked around, "I guess it's gone." Minami jumped up on the roof, checking to see another tavern where she could go. Traveling on the roofs, a sound of laughter caught her attention and she stopped. Stealthily walking to where they were, she squatted down, checking to see what was going on. Three vampires were laughing as they surrounded one human. "Seriously?" She asked herself, she always saw this kind of situation but never bothered to interfere. It wasn't really her business. Sighing, she stood back up and looked at the human. This time she saw her clearly, she couldn't see before because the other vampire was blocking her view, but she knew it's a human because of her smell. Their eyes met. The short vampire dismissed it and started to turn her heels but suddenly stopped. Something about the way the human looked at her made her not want to go. It was strange...but in a good way. There was something different about her. Jumping down from the roof, she faced the three vampires, "Get lost, she's mine."
"It doesn't seem like it." The one standing in the middle smirked.
"You don't want this to get messy."
"There's three of us and you're the only one here right now."
"Dude, I don't think this is a good idea." The other vampire whispered to his friend.
"Why? We can win this."
"No, look." He said and pointed at a tattoo on Minami's left hand. "She's one of them."
"You better listen to your friend there." Minami grinned.
"Who cares!" He shouted and threw a punch, but the little vampire simply caught his fist. His two other friends stared in horror.
"Last chance." Minami sighed, still firmly gripping the vampire's fist.
"Screw you!" He shouted and spit on her face.
"Ok, that's it." She heaved another sigh. Turning around to look at the human, "You might not want to see what will happen." She nodded and only looked on the ground. Minami looked back at the vampire, "You just stepped over the line." Gripping his fist, she twisted his hand until the vampire's hand got dislocated. He fell down screaming gripping his shoulder. The two other vampires running away, leaving him. Falling on the ground after, the short vampire kicked him on the chest; Minami stepped on his chest and hovered above him, "You see, I don't get why you people well...I should say this kind of things. Normally I wouldn't interfere since it would be none of my business but it's just..." Placing her foot on his shoulder, she put all her weight on her foot, the fallen vampire screaming in pain. "…Anyways I might just leave you a reminder." Minami grabbed the vampire's right hand. "...too bad we can't grow limbs huh." Right then, Minami was ready to take the vampire's hands off but she was suddenly stopped.
"Please don't." The human whispered and gripped Minami's cloak.
"But he was about to..." Minami glared at the vampire, still not letting go.
"It's fine..."
Minami let go of his hand and hissed, "You're lucky but next time...I will really leave you a reminder." She punched him on the face. "Now get lost." She heaved a sigh. 'Almost lost my cool there.'
"I...umm...well...thank you."
Minami turned around to face the human. Struck as she looked at her, her face flushed. Up close, the human is really beautiful. Centuries that she lived, she had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. 'What's wrong with me? Why can't I just reply?' Minami could only nod in embarrassment. She just noticed it but they were really standing close to each other. Only an inch apart. In her lifetime, this was the very first she was close with someone like this...literally.
"Are you ok? Your face is red- wow you're really pale." She smiled and placed her hands on Minami's face. Minami flinched, not used to to someone touching her, but soon relaxed under the human's touch. Her touched felt warm. Snapping out of it, Minami took a step back.
The woman put her hands behind her back. "Thank you for saving me."
Minami only nodded, still couldn't reply.
"I'm Maeda Atsuko...what about you?" She smiled.
"Takahashi Minami." She replied and started to walk away.
"Thank you Takahashi-san! I'm sure we'll see each other again soon." Atsuko smiled and watched the vampire go.

Finally spotting a suitable inn that she liked, she went in. To her surprise, Atsuko stood on the other side of the counter.
"Welcome!" Atsuko greeted enthusiastically even though she wasn't looking who entered. Looking up to see who it is, she had the biggest smile on her face. "It seems that we met really soon."
"I guess." Minami answered and looked around the place, trying to avoid looking at the human. The place also served drinks and food on the first floor while the second was an inn. She cleared her throat. "So uh...can I get a room."
"Sure, follow me." Atsuko still smiled as she led the vampire to a room.
"If you need anything, just call ok?" Atsuko told the vampire as she opened the door.
"See you around." Atsuko grabbed Minami's hand and left the key on her palm. Minami's body tensed, not seriously used with someone touching her out of nowhere.

After Atsuko left, Minami quickly entered her room and let heralded fall on the soft bed. It wasn't like they needed any sleep, they didn't need it. Still, Minami liked laying down on the soft bed. Then her thoughts drifted to one particular human: Maeda Atsuko. She heaved a sigh and lightly laughed at herself, "Seems I've been sighing a lot today." Standing up from her chair, she walked over to the veranda. Touching her throat as she felt a slight burn. She sighed again, "It's been a few months since I fed...only six months huh." Roaming endlessly for a few years, after her travels- seeing the whole world. There was nothing else new to do. "Being immortal is a curse." She smiled sadly. Those words became a daily saying to her. She looked at the people walking on the streets. "I don't think I'll feed...let's see how long I last." She chuckled and went back in.


Minami stayed at the village a little longer than she originally planned. Not having any idea why, but a small part of her knew the reason. She would pass by the entrance and catch a glimpse of Atsuko. It became natural to the vampire to watch the human. She was careful not let herself get caught but there was a day where she did. Atsuko smiled and waved at her. Minami quickly turned her head away and walked hastily to her room. As each days passed, her hunger- thirst was also becoming a problem. Then an eventful day finally came. It was almost midnight, Minami had lost the track of time. Sighing she mumbled to herself, "Ah...I wonder if she went home already." She smiled, "I wonder if she was worried." She stopped, "Hah, I don't even know where she lives or anything about her. Finally arriving in front of the building, ''s noisy in there.' Opening the door, she stepped inside, the scent of alcohol, hitting her hard. She groaned.
"Atsuko!" A man called.
"Yes father?"
"Bring more beer here, for me and my friends!"
Atsuko nodded and did what she was told to do. Minami quietly watched Atsuko as she made her way up the stairs. Deciding to not go in her room yet, she stayed and kept watch on the second floor.
Atsuko made her way to the table, the tray in her hand. As soon as she set them on the table, her father's friend touched her where he isn't supposed to. Minami who was leaning on the walls wasn't leaning anymore. Annoyed, Atsuko slapped his hands away and started to walk but she was stopped when the same man grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him. He whispered to her "C'mon, play nice." She looked at his father but he was just laughing. It was disgusting, to be even related to him that was worst. She shut her eyes, trying to not the tears escape. The man played with her hair, sniffing it. Her blood boiled and she wanted to hit him, but she knew that if she did, she would be questioned later by her father.

The situation wasn't really helping her. Her hunger and anger was mixed and that made it a bad thing. She leaped off from the second floor and sighed to herself, "I'll probably regret this." Walking towards where the man who held Atsuko, she grabbed him on the shoulder, "Let her go."
"No way, besides who the hell are you!?" The man said, ignoring the vampire.
"I wasn't asking and I'm just a concerned someone passing by." She answered and tightened her grip on his shoulder. "Now, don't let me repeat myself. Let. Her. Go." And her eyes flashed bright red. She quickly closed her eyes, hoping no one saw them. Well probably except for the guy in front of her. The drunken guy gulped, he felt scared yet didn't know why. He felt that there was something about the woman in front of him. His hands started to tremble and he loosened his grip on Atsuko. Minami also did the same and walked away or rather disappeared in front of them.
His eyes widened, "Where'd she go?"
"Who?" His friend asked and took a big swig of his beer. "And you were talking to yourself."
"There was a girl here, she was short and wore a cloak."
"Man, you're thinking things!" He laughed. The man went quiet and looked at the spot where she saw her. Atsuko who heard what the other guy said was confused. She knew it was Minami that saved her. But she was also puzzled, the woman instantly disappeared. Needing to know what all of that was, she only did what she could think of, and that's to ask Minami directly.

Atsuko knocked on the door but there was no answer. She knocked again, "I know you're there Takahashi-san." As soon as she said it, the door opened. Minami sighed and stepped away from the door. "Come in." Atsuko nodded and closed the door behind her. "You saved me again."
"I guess."
"No problem." Minami went to lean against the wall and watched Atsuko closely.
"Say...what happened earlier?"
"What do you mean?" Minami asked and looked away, even though she asked, she knew what Atsuko was talking about. Atsuko made her way in front of the vampire and stood directly in front of her, her eyes stared at the shorter woman's eyes, "You of them said no one was there." Noticing something, she leaned forward, her face came close to Minami's. The vampire couldn't go anywhere, since she was trapped, between Atsuko's arms, her arms on either side of the vampire's. Atsuko squinted her eyes, "Your eyes...they're like a red-ish color. You never notice since from far away, it looks like brown but up close they're not." Atsuko's eyes still not leaving hers. "What are you?"
Minami locked eyes with Atsuko, studying her. Trying to read what she's thinking. She licked her lips.
"Are you scared?"
"Why would I be?"
"You know what I am?"
"It's better if you don't."
"Why not?"
"Why do you care?"
"That's saved me twice already."
"Then you can just leave it there."
"I can't."
"And why is that?"
"Because...I want to know who the person is that keeps staring at me every day."
Minami was caught off guard and smiled inside. 'So she knew.'
"Does that mean you were looking at me too?"
Minami laughed. It's actually been a while since she laughed like that. Years perhaps. The human really fascinated her. What was it about her? Did she want something from Atsuko? If so, what is it? Then she turned serious.  "Why do you bother with me?"
"I don't know, but whenever I think about you...I feel strange." Was it this that Minami wanted? Living for more than centuries, knew what this meant. After all, she was in several relationships before. 'Wait, why am I thinking about relationships?' The vampire blushed. She was jumping ahead.
Atsuko continued. "...I want to know you." Now it was her turn to blush.
"Do you even know what you're saying?" Minami smirked. It was really strange with everything that is happening however it was 'happy strange'.
"You say that even though you just asked me earlier, 'What am I'?"
Atsuko nodded and her voice had certainty. "I'm not scared of you."
"Even though...I'm this?" Minami's eyes glowed red and she showed her fangs. "I'm a vampire Atsuko." Atsuko stood on her ground, sure she was surprise but she wasn't scared one bit. She also noticed that, it was the very first time the vampire called her by her name and it made her heart flutter. From that sentence, all she really paid attention to was her name being said. Of course she heard the word 'vampire' but she couldn't care less about it. She smiled. "You called me by my first name."
Minami lightly laughed. "All of that and you were engross about that?"
"Who said I was engross about that." Atsuko said looking away. A little tsundere side of her showing up.
Minami smiled at Atsuko but she's still serious. "I'm a vampire."
"I know."
"Aren't you scared of me?"
"Like I said...I'm not."
The vampire chuckled. "You really are an interesting human."
"So...where does this lead to?"
"Can I be your...friend?" Minami asked. She also didn't where this 'strange relationship' would lead to but she didn't want it to move quickly.
Atsuko smiled and wrapped her arms around the short vampire. "Yeah, I would like to be your friend Takamina."
"Takamina?" The vampire raised her eyebrow at the new nickname. She did like the ring of it.
"Yup, Takamina!"
"Then...I'll call you Acchan." Minami surprised herself with the name. She didn't know where it came from but it felt natural. It just popped out from her mind. That was their exchange and start of friendship.

Weeks passed and they became closer and closer. Minami still stayed at the tavern. And still with her stubbornness, she didn't feed yet and it was getting worse. She didn't want to. If she didn't feed, it would make her more 'human'. If she doesn't do it, it won't remind her what she is. She sat down on the stool, the same stool she sat when she came over.
"Oh, Takahashi! I thought you already left since you haven't been here since the last time you came." The bartender woman said. She was surprised to see the other vampire here since she said she was just passing by. It made her wonder what changed and made her stay a little longer. Taking a shot glass, she set them on the bar table and poured the drink.
"Thanks and you might see me here for a while." The short woman grinned and took her glass but didn't drink yet.
"So what changed?"
"Nothing, just thought that I should stay for a while."
"Are you sure?" Sae smirked and looked at the woman in front of her still continuing to clean the glasses.
"What make you say that?" Minami raised her eyebrow, a smile forming on her face.
"Oh...I don't know...a certain human's scent lingers around you." Sae grinned.
Minami chuckled and downed her drink. The liquid slightly helping the burning sensation in her throat. It would help a bit but wouldn't fill her up.
"Bulls eye? I take it." Sae took the bottle before Minami could and she refilled the glass for her.
"You know the rules right."
"Yeah and don't remind I’ve been around longer than you.” She teased.
Sae just laughed. "Does she know?"
"And what did she say?"
Minami chuckled, remembering that moment. "She said and I quote: 'I'm not scared of you'."
Sae burst out laughing. "Wow."
Minami nodded, agreeing with what Sae said, 'Wow.' She drank the shot and choked when Sae said down something that caught her off guard.
"Well, what are you going to do with your hunger?"
"Eh? How'd you know?" Minami coughed and set the glass down.
"Your eyes, they keep turning bright red."
"That noticeable huh."
"You know this drinks won't really help with your hunger."
"I know but at least they ease my throat up a bit." she sighed and looked at the liquid. In their 'world' drinks were the same however blood was mixed when making it. Though it wasn't exactly blood either, a liquid close to blood.
"Is that why you came back here?" Sae smiled, lightly teasing the smaller vampire.
"You could say that."
"And here, I thought we were becoming friends."
"I thought we were already friends?" Miami smiled.
Sae laughed but soon her laughed died down upon seeing three vampires enter the place.
"I take that you don't like them?"
Sae nodded. "Always think they own the place."
"Want me to take care of them?"
"In your condition? Honey, just sit down and relax."
"I offered."
"Thanks though."
The three vampires came laughing towards the bar. Talking about a woman that their boss took interest in and so got captured. As they describe the woman, Minami's anger flared, realizing who they were talking about. Her glass broke immediately as soon as she clenched her fist. 'How dare they!' She thought. Soon as the trio arrived at the bar, she grab and slammed one of them on the counter. "Woah." Sae said and took a step back. Minami looked at him. "Care to repeat what you boys were talking about? Wait- I know you, you're from the other day. So you went running to your boss to take her huh!?"
He gulped.
"I guess stupid people never learn." She hissed and threw a punch on his face.
"Please no more." He cried holding up his hands in surrender, "I didn't do it. Our leader just stumbled across her and took a liking." His other two companion nodding in agreement. She just looked at him. Knowing that he probably won't get out. "Ok! Ok! Ok! I'll take you to where she is!"
Minami raised her eyebrows, "Really?" He nodded, "I know not to cross paths with you." She looked at Sae, who was giving her the look 'What the hell is going on?'. She let go of the guy. "When I come back, I'll explain."
"If I'm thinking what I think it is...then well...just don't die or something."
"I'm already considered dead." The small woman joked.
"You know what I mean!"
"Yeah...yeah...and I'll try not to." She sighed. "This is the third time."
"Third time what?"
"That I have to go get her."
"Wow, if you stick around her too much, you might find yourself fighting a lot." Sae teased.
"That's a risk I have to take...for her..." She smiled. "...besides I'm used to it.
"Aww, that was deep and sweet... anyways go get yo' girl!" Sae chuckled and shooed her friend away. Minami rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the three vampires, "Ok, now we can go."
The three nodded.
"Oh and if you try to do anything weird, I suggest you don't want to do that." She smirked and walked out. The trio following closely behind her.

Minami looked at the building in front of her. The castle was made out of concrete but everything was falling apart. Making the castle, look eerie on the outside especially in the dark. On the arc shape entrance, it had two torches lit, one on each side. "Is it really this place?"
"Yes ma'am!" The three answered at the same time.
She frowned and wait when did they start calling her ma'am? She sighed. Oh well. "You three can go now but if you tell anyone, I will track you down and kill you myself."
"Yes ma'am!" They answered and went away.
Minami smiled to herself. "Let's see if I still can do this, I may have lost my touch." She observed the building, closing her eyes, she let her vampire senses see what was ahead of her. There was more than thirty vampires. At least. Opening her eyes, she cursed. "That's a lot." She approached the entrance carefully. She brought her hands up and touched the huge wooden door, creaking wide open the moment she touched it. "I guess I was expected." She sighed and didn't even bother to go further in anymore, since two female vampires appeared beside her. "Can't I just find way in? I don't really like escorts." The two vampires shrugged and didn't say anything to answer. The one on Minami's left just simply said to follow them. Thinking that it was better to follow than start a chaos. It wasn't a short walk, they had to turn left and right, the place was like a maze. Outside, the castle looked huge but inside, well its way beyond huge. After the long walk, they finally arrived to the heart of the castle. It was busy, more like of a party busy. She frowned and ignored them, just focusing checking where Atsuko is.
"Go talk to the leader." One of the girls that escorted her stated.
"Well, where's this leader of yours?"
"Just keep going straight."
"So who's this leader?"
"You'll see for yourself." They both said and disappeared.
She sighed and just went straight, like they said. On her way to there, she had to dodge some of the vampires just because they started fighting. She rolled her eyes and just passed by. Soon she found herself standing in front of the "leader". Her jaw dropped as she saw who the "leader" is. "Ray?"
"Hey." She smiled and looked at the short woman from head to toe, "You've been doing well I see..."
Minami took a step forward and slightly lifted Ray up by her collar. The other vampires suddenly got quiet and stopped what they were doing to look at what was happening to their leader; ready to attack, but what stopped them from moving was their leader. She slightly raised her hands signalling them to stop. "Where is she?" Her voice growling a bit. If it was Ray that "kidnapped" Atsuko then well, it was problematic since Ray always hated humans. Ray would always see vampires as more superior than humans. She hated it that they couldn't reveal themselves and do whatever they wanted. There were the rules after all but Ray just ignores it and would kill a human to feed. Sighing, Ray asked. "Is she that important you?" and removed herself from Minami's grip then sat back down.
"What did you do to her?" Minami asked, her tone not showing any friendliness.
"So you know her after all? I knew it was your scent on her."
"I'm not asking again."
"She's safe, I can tell you that." Ray sighed. "I never thought you would associate yourself with a human. I thought you didn't like them."
"I said...I didn't mind them." She crossed her arms on her chest. "Stop avoiding my questions. Tell me where she is."
"And if I do then what?"
"You see, I didn't find her...this man gave her to me as payment because he couldn't pay and when he brought her…I was really surprised when I smell your scent on her."
"Then...what can I do to have her back? I know that you don't let go quickly."
"Well..." She stood up, lightly touching Minami's shoulder and walked in circle around her before stopping in front of the shorter vampire. She leaned in. "There's always that option." Minami's stepped back. "No way. You're the one who left me."
"And I'm sorry for that." She sighed. "We were young and I...didn't know what I...wanted."
"I loved you once but that was it."
"So what's the deal with this human?" Ray asked deciding to change the subject.
"Nothing that you need to know."
"Well...if you want me to free your human..."She smirked and went back to sit on her throne then crossed her legs, " know what I want."
"I can't do that." Minami answered and clenched her jaw.
"Well...come back when you change your mind." She said and made a waving gesture with her hands, the two vampire that escorted her, appearing beside her again, "Escort her outside." Minami clenched her fist, her fingernails digging in her palm then she unclenched them, her palm slowly healing back to normal. "Alright." She said and looked at the ground, "I'll do it." Ray smiled, a wicked smile on her face. She felt like she had won. Minami then looked at Ray, "But...I'll be the one...leading." Ray nodded then smirked, "Just like old times." The short vampire didn't say anything...just shrugged. "I'll see you shortly." Ray grinned.


"You sure about this?" Ray asked, her hands resting on Minami's hips.
"Hah, you're the one who wanted this. If I didn't, it's not like we're stopping."
"Just asking." Ray smirked and leaned down to kiss Minami. Surprisingly, Miami started to kiss back. She was surprised herself. Was it because the need to touch someone?  And Ray was here to fill that role? Is it the inner part of herself? The one that wanted contact with someone?  Even though centuries passed, she remembers the feeling of being kissed by Ray. Soon the kiss went to hot and wet kisses of exploring each other’s mouth. Minami started to feel guilty, she doesn't know why but she did. However she put that feeling at the very back.  Then the two vampires found themselves on the king size bed. The kisses continued, Minami placed hot wet kisses up Ray's jaw line, then down on her neck. Ray moaned with each kisses. She really didn't like being vulnerable so she reciprocated their places. Ray was now on top. "Didn't I tell you I wanted to be on top?" Minami breathed, refusing to let herself be taken yet. Ray leaned in and whispered beside her ear, "I didn't promise anything." Her hands rested on Minami's abdomen, slowly making their way up. Minami hissed at the contact. She really didn't like being the one under. She was about to switch their places but she saw glint on the ceiling and instead pushed Ray aside.

The attacker then was eye to eye with Minami. Minami held the assassin's arm, preventing the assassin to stab her with the knife. The assassin had a mask on so she couldn't identify whether it's a girl or a guy but something about the assassin felt familiar. The assassin's knife was slowly getting closer to Minami's face. The short woman brought her knees up and hit the attacker, right on the groin. Taking advantage of the situation, Minami slapped the knife away, the knife flying out of the assassin's hand, clanging on the ground. She put her hands on the assassin's shoulder and pushed them, the vampire now on top of the assassin, "Who are you?" The assassin didn't say anything and just struggled, trying to get out but Minami pinned her down. "Alright, if you don't want to say then..." She removed the mask, slightly falling off guard for a second. "...Acchan!?" With Minami caught off guard, Atsuko tried to push the vampire away but Minami didn't let her, the vampire regained herself quickly.
"How the hell did you-" Ray was the one who spoke. Getting up from her fall.
"Escape? Well, those guards of yours were slackers." Atsuko answered, her eyes looking straight at Minami's. Really, it was a good thing nobody was naked because it would've been really awkward. Minami was really surprised, she never thought that Atsuko could be an assassin. She could've defended herself easily. An assassin was quick and precise and they can have a good match fighting vampires. Minami just laughed. She'd fallen for this woman in front of her. Who she taught she knew but the human had a secret. Ray looked at the laughing vampire and frowned then stepped forward. "Minami get away from her so I can kill her." Minami stopped laughing and released her grip on Atsuko. Her face turned serious. "I can't let you do that."
"She was here to kill me and anyone who tries to kill doesn't get away...alive."
"Then I have no choice."
"What? You're going to try to kill me too?" Ray laughed. Minami shook her head and scooped up Atsuko in her arms. "I..." She shook her head. "What we had before...I cherished those moments...tonight...well...forget about was a mistake." Minami walked towards the windows and turned back to face the other vampire. "Don't bother to look for that for me." She sighed and ran forward, breaking through the window.

"Are you crazy!" Atsuko shouted at the fall. "It's like a hundred feet!" Minami just grinned, "Relax...I've got this. It's not like we're falling to our deaths...though I don't mind when it's with you." Atsuko blushed, "Who says that!" Minami laughed, "I've done this before. This drop is nothing." Atsuko nodded, deciding to trust her and held tightly. It became a comfortable silence. She looked at the vampire's face, the moon's glow, lighting up Minami's face. Atsuko then noticed how beautiful she is under the moonlight. Her skin seeming so pale, her lips was red, and her's bright red like a scarlet. Minami smirked, "Didn't your parents tell you that staring at someone is a rude thing." Atsuko looked away and mumbled, "I wasn't staring." Even though she said that, Minami knew that she was. She was just amused, before she would feel uncomfortable if someone kept staring at her but when it's her...she doesn't mind. The vampire turned her attention to the ground, checking if they'll be having a good landing or not. They were quickly getting closer. Finally, the two landed. The ground beneath the vampire made a crack from the force. She smiled to herself, ""
"Can you put me down now?"
"Oh, uh..yeah...of course."
Minami glanced at the woman beside her. Thinking on what to say. 'Hmm...what should I say?'.
"We probably need to get moving..." Atsuko looked around the dark forest. The different sound of the forest howling with the wind.  She would be lying if she said she's not scared, the place just gives her the creeps and to add to that she doesn't even know where she is. Minami grinned and decided to lighten up the mood. "Eh? What's this? You're scared? And you weren't scared of us?"
"This and that is different!" She pouted. "...anyways you can get us out of here right?"
"Sure, I already started planning our route when we hit the ground,'ll be a long walk."
"It's fine." She sighed and started walking.
"The other way." Minami informed her. Atsuko turner around. "Right, I knew that." The vampire chuckled, "Right. Just be careful when or rather where you're walking."
"I'll keep that in mind." Atsuko smiled. Minami "walked with her vampire speed" and in a second, she's walking beside her. They walked in comfortable silence for the rest of the way.

While they walked, Minami staggered. She cursed to herself. 'Dammit, this is bad...' Atsuko took notice and stopped, "Hey, are you ok?" Looking at the vampire, she noticed her eyes, it was light was different than earlier. They locked eyes, starting at each other for a moment then Minami closed her eyes and turned away. "I'm fine." She smiled weakly, "Let's keep going, we're near." taking a step forward and it went badly. If Atsuko didn't catch her, she would've fallen. "Tell me what's wrong."
The vampire exhaled, even though it wasn't needed. "Nothing." Atsuko shook her head and sighed, "I'm not stupid, there's obviously something..."
"Like I said...nothi-"
"You're hungry." Atsuko cut Minami off and she knew she hit the spot.
"..." Minami couldn't answer. Atsuko touched the vampire's face and made Minami look at her. "Feed from me." Minami's eyes widened and close her eyes. "No, I can't do that." Inside, she was madly laughing. How can Atsuko not be scared? The human's courage was really something. Though, she wondered how her blood would taste. Would it be different from the others? Or will it be the same? It was tempting, Atsuko offered after all. The dark part of herself wanted to taste her, while the other side kept reminding her about the promise she made herself and also that it wouldn't be a good idea. She promised herself, that she wouldn't feed from her. Minami sighed and went to sit in the ground, leaning against a tree. She looked up at the human, and the human also looked back at the vampire. "You need to feed."
"No I c-"
"I'm giving you permission," Atsuko sighed, “…why are you so stubborn?"
"Tell me, how long has it been since you last fed."
Minami looked down in the ground, "A few months." Atsuko didn't hide shock. Who wouldn't? A vampire not feeding for months, that's ridiculous. She really was surprised.  "Are you starving yourself to die...? That's stupid." Atsuko extended he right hand towards the vampire. "Now, feed or else I'll force you too."
"Fine." She agreed and took Atsuko's hands to stand on the ground.

Personal space was invaded, Minami's arms rested on Atsuko's back. She could feel, the human's heartbeat. It was beating fast. From nervousness? Or the closeness? It was either one of those or maybe even both, "You sure about this?" Atsuko just nodded. Minami's fangs appeared, she closed her eyes once again then opened them. Her fangs sank in Atsuko's flesh, the blood rushing in her mouth. Minami gulped, it was warm and sweet. A blood that she never tasted before, it's different. She couldn't really explain but it was beyond what she ever tasted. The hunger in her screamed for more and she didn't stop. No, not yet. Her thoughts about stopping was disappearing. She heard Atsuko moan, the feeding also gave pleasure to the other woman. Hearing the other woman moan, her senses was returning and that was good however she continued to feed. The vampire spun herself and Atsuko, the human now leaned against the tree. Atsuko's hands wrapped themselves around Minami's back. The feeling was sensual when the vampire bit her, she felt amazing. She heard herself whimper once the vampire pulled back. She was about to protest but Minami didn't let her since the vampire kissed the human. Atsuko allowed Minami to enter and could taste the blood- her blood. Atsuko felt the cool touch of the vampire underneath her shirt and Minami's legs were pressed between her own. She was pinned against the tree. Their bodies pressed together. Atsuko let out a moan when Minami started to touch her there. The vampire's pulled away from the kiss and started to kiss the human's jaw. Just with all of those Atsuko felt herself getting close. Then her thoughts started to come back. Her eyes snapped open and she was suddenly embarrassed, her face was flushed. She pushed the vampire away and out of nowhere, she brought her right hand up and fling it across- slapping the vampire hard across the face. After that she took off, running towards the town. Minami was paralyzed, she just stood there, analyzing the situation. What the hell did just happen? She was feeding, then it turned to kissing then it was leading to that. The vampire shook her head, trying to erase the memory of what happened. It was a good thing, Atsuko slapped her, if she didn't, then she probably would've lost control. Heaving a sigh, she decided to go for a run.


Minami sighed, she was in her room, thinking about the things that Sae suggested. After she went running, she went and talked to Sae. In this village she was actually her only friend. When she came in the inn, she hoped that she wouldn't see her yet and that wish became true, Atsuko wasn't in her usual spot. She would give it a day, then after she'll talk to her. They needed to talk about everything around them. Sae said the sooner the better, but waiting for a day is better, right? It would be better since they could sort out their feelings and think straight. Thinking about it, what makes her so sure that Atsuko will talk to her? If she wouldn't, that would be a problem. She'll try, she would make them talk. The feelings that they have isn't something that can be easily ignored. If her relatives were here, they would probably laugh at her for falling in love with a human. It isn't prohibited because it rarely happens but that was the thing, it rarely happens. She sighed, she'll use this day to sort out her feelings and think about what she will say. A day to do it and think about what she wants.


Her eyes was still closed, the little human still watching her even though time has passed. The little girl heard someone was calling. "Hey! Come here immediately! It's dangerous!" She looked at her mother then back at the vampire, hesitating to leave. The vampire with her eyes still closed nodded and smiled. Somehow an indication that she should go. The little girl nodded and looked at her mother, then back at the vampire once again, before walking away. Minami never once move, still in the same position she was a while ago. Everything was quiet again. Soon it would be morning. Soon. She had made up her mind. She can go, set herself free. Meet with her. Realization came upon her when she thought about what had happened. The thing that she was most afraid of. Why she didn't want to die. It was still the guilt but the thing that scared her was Atsuko wouldn't look at her the same way. After all, it was her that killed her lover. By her own could say. Maybe if she was quick enough, she could’ve saved her after all. The fear of not being accepted again. That was the reason. But now she knew. She could face them. Face her lover once again. If the after world really exist, then...things will happen. She would make something happen. Apologize a thousand times, be it, anything. She slowly opened her eyes, her eyes filled with determination. Everything that she'd done to the innocent people, she couldn't take it back. If only she could rewind back time then she wouldn't have done it. But it already happened. There was nothing she could do except for one thing. She left the village. That was the very last one and would be the last.


"'s been years since we were together..." Atsuko said to her lover, who was beside her in bed. Minami played with Atsuko's long hair, "Mmm...yeah?" and looked at the human.
"Don't you think it's time?"
"Time for what?" Minami grinned but she knew what her lover was asking. The moment that was one of the thing she feared was finally coming up. She tried to avoid this subject as much as she could but she knew that eventually they will talk about it. "You know what I'm talking about." Atsuko pouted. Minami smiled and stopped playing with Atsuko's hair. Her attention now with the human. She moved to kiss her lightly on the lips and whispered, "I don't want to hurt you." It was true, she didn't know if it will be a success. She never did it. Her fear was that she won't be able to stop or something will simply go wrong. Anything could go wrong. She really have to stop thinking about the negative and just focus on what’s in front of her. Their face was only cm apart from each other. Atsuko took a hold of Minami's hands and brought them to her lips, kissing her knuckles, "I trust you." Minami smiled and lightly squeezed Atsuko's hands, "I'm afraid that something will go wrong. I have a feeling it will. I don't know why but I do and if...I...hurt you...I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." Atsuko moved forward so that their heads were touching. She looked deeply into the vampire's eyes, "I love you. I trust you. I want to be with you…forever.”
"Don't you think I feel the same way?"
"I know…but you know we will eventually have to do this."
Minami closed her eyes.
"I don't want to wait," Atsuko smiled, "...I've waited long enough...each year I get older and you d-"
"But you're always beautiful!" Minami opened her eyes and protested, interrupting her lover before she could say anything else.
"Hah, you only say that." Atsuko smiled but she actually blushed from the compliment.
The vampire chuckled. "See, you're blushing."  She took a deep breath. "...and win...I knew that someday we will have to do this." The human smiled, thankful about the response. She pulled Minami closer and gave her a hug.


She stood up in front of Atsuko's grave.
Now, all she have to do is wait. Wait for the light to come. Minami smiled sadly, "My love...I'll be there soon..."


Minami's eyes were wide open, shocked from what was in front of her. She stood there watching...watching as the whole village burned. The smoke was rising up was so thick. Dropping what she carried, she quickly ran to their house. Along the way, she found bandits. They were the cause of it. She ignored them, her priority was to find Atsuko and see if she's ok. Arriving at their house, she went in even though it was on fire. "Acchan!?" She called and looked around the house. There was no answer but there was no body either. 'At least she's not here.' With their house searched, and not seeing Atsuko, she went back out.

The vampire cursed, she couldn't find her yet. If there was no fire, she could easily track her but the different smell was messing her up. She turned into a corner then finally spotted Atsuko. She was about to call out to her but surprise took over her. All of it was like slow motion, their eyes met and Atsuko smiled. She faced several bandits, surrounded by them. A few already on the ground. "Behind y-" Minami shouted, but it was too late. The human got stabbed on the back. The sword piercing her body all the way. The vampire reacted quickly, going for the bandit that stabbed her lover. She threw a punch and it connected with his face, the bandit flying with incredible speed towards one of the burning houses. Atsuko removed the sword and dropped it. She was about to fall but Minami caught her. "No..." the vampire mumbled in disbelief, "This can't be..." Atsuko smiled weakly, and touched Minami on the cheek, her blood smearing the vampire's face. Minami closed her eyes when Atsuko touched her. Blood, came out from Atsuko's mouth, "I love you...Minami..."
"Shhh... don't talk." Minami said, tears were starting to form. "I love you too."
Atsuko smiled, more blood coming, her face was pale, "Don't ever…forget the…kindness you have...I will always love you...always..."
Tears started to fall from the vampire's eyes. "I...I can fix this. It's still not too late...I can still turn you to a vampire."
Atsuko shook her head. She knew that a human must be in their best condition in able to survive the process. It was too late now, she was getting weak. Minami denied it. "No...I can still do it." She kissed Atsuko on the lips and whispered I love you before she bit the woman in the neck. Even though Atsuko was weak, there's a slight chance. That slight chance is her only hope. " on..." Atsuko said, the human knew that Minami wouldn't try to get over her but she understood, she had to say those words even though it hurts her so much. It's for the vampire's safety. It was only faint since her voice was getting weak but the vampire should've heard it. Her hands falling from Minami's face, her eyes closed. Minami cried. "No! No! No! No! No!" She screamed. "This can't be...this can't be happening. Atsuko...I need you...please..." She pleaded, but there was no changes. She hugged her, tears fell, crying more than ever before. She sat there on the dirt, crying and crying...holding the person that was dearest to her. The feeling, it felt that she lost a huge part of her...there was a missing hole there and it would never heal. It'll stay empty. Loving someone deeply, that person becomes a huge part of you. A part of you being strip away, a void it was painful…empty.


The vampire remembered all of it, the memory she never let herself remember. Rethinking about it, she missed what Atsuko said to her but now she knew. But it was too late, she'd been living years without her and it was unbearable. Atsuko was her soul mate, the other part of her. She already found her soul mate, hat was good enough. Living for more than centuries, she's tired, all she wants is rest. Rest forever. To go the other side and meet her. That was all she wishes. Nothing more. She looked at sky, it was almost morning, just few seconds then the sun would start to rise. She was ready, she didn't need anything else. There would be nothing left of her anyways, so it didn't matter, all she have to do is be where Atsuko's grave. It can be both of their graves. Then sun started to rise, she watched as it slowly crept towards her then it hit her. At first it was warm. She never actually knew the feeling of the sun. Atsuko told her before, that it was warm and she was right. She knew the feeling wouldn’t last forever. Her skin started to burn, not with the "firey" way but smoke was being produced. In truth, she was scared. Who wouldn't be? But she didn't shut her eyes, she would stay strong until the end...her end. Everything burnt like hell, it was painful, like she was just boiled and her skin was now being pilled. Oh, how painful it was. Dying painfully was the worst. There were other options for her but she didn't take it. All the pain that she inflicted on people. She needed to feel it herself or else she would never move on from what she'd done. There would be regrets. The whole sun, it felt like she was under it. No matter how much painful it was, she didn't scream. Screaming was weakness and she didn't want to show any weakness at all. She could feel it. The feeling of death. She knew it was almost time. She closed her eyes, a single tear dropping down. Bracing herself, she whispered, "Atsuko...I'll be there soon...sorry for making you wait so long." Those were her last words, before everything turned into dust.


"This is a do or die." The vampire mumbled to herself. She stayed in her room for the whole day, thinking of what to say. It seemed the day went shorter than expected. Stepping out of her room, the presence of Atsuko was there. Even though she couldn't see her, she knew she was there just base by the smell of the building. Her sweet scent gave her away. Minami suddenly felt petrified, her body wouldn't move. 'C'mon...go! Stop being want this, and you know she does too.' her conscious told her. After heaving a sigh, her body started to relax a little, then made her way to Atsuko.

Minami saw Atsuko starting to walk away, once she revealed her presence. She caught up to the younger woman, "Wait...can we talk?" Atsuko didn't stop nor look at the vampire. "What is there to talk about?"
Atsuko didn't say anything, just kept walking forward. Minami still followed her, still wasn't sure what to do. This went for a while and when it seemed that no one was going to talk, Minami went in front of Atsuko, blocking her path. There was no other way, so that was the only thing she could come up with. The human looked down the ground, avoiding eye contact, "Can you move?" Minami crossed her arms, "No, not until you talk to me." Atsuko knew she didn't have a choice, she couldn't outrun a vampire and she couldn't force her way through, it'll be useless. "Fine. Follow me then...better taking some where private."

"Do you want tea?" Atsuko asked then took it back. " you even drink tea or..."
The vampire chuckled, "Yeah I could drink tea but no...I'm good... thanks for the offer though." The human nodded and just went near the window leaning against the wall. Everything went quiet, Minami thought she was ready but damn, seeing the human changed it. Few more seconds of silence passed, then finally someone spoke or rather both of them did. "Listen-" They stopped, then it happened again. "You go first." Surprisingly it went for the third time. " can go." Minami lightly laughed, Atsuko wanted to laugh but she hid it. The vampire was thankful that somehow the awkward mood was gone. Now it was a perfect time to talk. "Listen...I'm not going to lie...I like you, heck...I love you. The first time we really talked...I knew what I wanted but I was scared...I was scared of hurting you. This..." She waved her right hand back and forth, pointing at herself and at the human." and you...a vampire and a human, it’s rare for us.” She sighed, “I'll be blunt...I know you like me. That was why that night...well..." She scratched the back of her head. " led to that. I thought I had control when I fed, but were intoxicating. I became overwhelmed and I started to want more. More than just the feeding, that's why I made a move. I thought that you didn't mind since you know...but then you pushed me and slapped me...well I...felt rejected. After that, it seems I read the situation wrong since you did'm sorry. Sorry if I tried to force myself upon you. I can't apologize enough. I'm really sorry. You're probably mad at me and don't want to see me...but I had to tell you. Tell you that I love you. And since u made everything so awkward, I'll leave. Please forgetting about everything...about me and what I am. It's better since that way you'll be safe." She stood up. "Again...I'm sorry." Then with that she disappeared, not even waiting to hear what the other woman was going to say.

Minami banged her head against the wall. All those words that she said, it wasn't the words that she planned to say. Everything changed. Now the other woman was probably thinking she's crazy. And why did she leave right away? She was actually scared of what Atsuko would say. It's better of not hearing. She had to go...move one...she was used to this anyways. Leaving and going somewhere again. She heaved a sigh, she have to go. But before going, she should go and say goodbye to Sae. She smiled...she'd actually miss everything here. Though there wasn't much to miss. Leaving her room, she went out, it was night but there seems to be a lot of people outside. Then she remembered that there was a big event. She and Atsuko actually planned together that they were supposed to go. Guess, that changed now. Though, since she's already there, might as well go and look at it.


"Bakamina!" The vampire heard someone scream. She recognized the voice, a hint of smile forming on the corner of her mouth. Turning around, she found the human a few feet away from her. "Baka!" Atsuko said and started walking towards her. The other people getting out of the way, making a trail straight to the vampire. They were curious, they watched the human as she made her way to the surprise vampire. Probably thinking, "what the heck is happening?" Atsuko stopped in front of Minami, they looked at each other. Then Atsuko slapped the vampire, this time on the left. "Eh...what's that for?" The vampire asked, it didn't hurt but well...getting slap the second time from the same girl who slapped her the first time, she had to ask.
"That's for leaving after you finished speaking. Who suddenly leaves in the middle of a conversation. You didn't even hear what I had to say."
Atsuko cut her off, it was her turn to speak after all. "So you think I hate you thought wrong!" Grabbing the collar of the vampire, she pulled Minami towards her and kissed the vampire. She couldn't care less about the audience, all she needed to say is that she feels the same. To prove the woman in front of her that she thought wrong. She had her reasons that night and it was embarrassing, so she did what her instinct did.

Minami was surprised at the sudden initiation, not that she didn't like it. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the human, pulling her closer. Then they pulled apart, eyes staring at each other, their forehead both touching. It was the sweetest thing. They didn't care about the people that looked at them, didn't care about their differences, all that mattered was that they love each other. The two confirmed it with one another. Minami smiled, "So I totally guessed wrong huh?"
"Yes, yes you did." Atsuko happily answered.
Minami pulled back, noticing all the audiences they were getting. She couldn't care less, but she wanted to be alone with her lover. So she grabbed Atsuko's hands and ran.

The two sat down near the river, watching the water flow.  On the other side was where the festival was being held. A huge bonfire was in the middle, people interacted with each other, danced, are food, etc. Only a few people passed by on their side, since most people are in the festival. Their fingers were intertwined, savoring the moment. Minami felt Atsuko lean on her shoulders, she smiled, she really wanted to tackle the human on the ground and kiss her forever and not stop. And while at it, do some stuff too. She blushed at the thought. What's wrong with her? Ever since that day, her libido's been...well...out of control. Good thing, she's in control most of the time. Though, she's sure it's because of the woman beside her. She sighed.
"What's wrong?" Atsuko asked.
"I...uh...was just thinking."
"You eventually we have to talk about us and the things that happened before. Like me and uh...R-"
"I don't have to finish. We'll talk about it one thing at a time, ok?"
Minami nodded, the she grinned. "Though...I never knew that my sweet, beautiful, harmless girlfriend is an assassin? I never could have guessed."
Atsuko chuckled, "Didn't I say one thing at a time?"
"Hah, well I'm just saying...because before I guess you didn't need any rescuing." Minami said, remembering about the times she did "rescue" the human. Atsuko looked so exposed at those times. Never really guessing she has those feisty skills hidden.
"Usually I wouldn't tolerate and would probably do something but that time, I couldn't let them know I can do things." Atsuko replied, thinking about the second incident in the inn. She was that close to losing it. If she did act, her damned father would be questioning her 24/7.
"Aren't you going to tell me how and when you became an assassin? I want to know."
"Maybe soon, I just want to stay like this for a while and not worry about things."
The vampire lightly laughed, "You're right." What would she do without her lover? It's unthinkable now. Everything felt complete. This day was the happiest moment of her entire lifetime- finding her soul mate. She smiled and made Atsuko look at her. Minami leaned in and gave her a kiss, whispering "I love you." then "tackled" her on the ground. Who knows? Maybe it'll become true after all.

The End.

Ahah, so yup...what you peeps think? Tbh when I started this, everything was supposed to be a happy ending? perhaps...? but changed my mind and well it headed towards this direction...I also wanted an aaangsty feeling...though I didn't know if that was accomplished... As for the ending! Well...I was debating if I was going to end it like this (how it ended as now) or the other way around where the very last piece of "memory" wasn't there.... but I was like..."if I do that...if I'm in their position...I wouldn't like it like that?" but well it depends...but's a bittersweet ending? ahahaha...well...until next time...thanks for reading! Going back to study...the last minute again since forget the four essays that I memorized word per word DX for the damn exam today

P.S. comments are welcome (if you have some)  (or if it happens that you were soooo...speechless from reading it... I understand xD lolololol) good or bad...whichever...hit meh XD

P.P.S. The very last tine...awesome right? xD I just had to put that :3 (that was the only sentence that I adored lol jks)

P.P.P.S. just realized that it's been a year since I discovered this site and started writing and getting to this OTP!

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« Reply #67 on: January 23, 2014, 05:49:02 AM »
Can I just say that, I really really really love you? Like I love you sooo much that I could fall in love with you  :shy2:

That was truly amazing, like, no words can describe how fucking good that story was. You have my full respect  :kneelbow:

That was totally worth the time that I'm suppose to be reading for my homework. Like who gives a damn about my school work when I can indulge myself in an awesome AtsuMina fic? lol

I love the whole Minami turns bad because Atsuko died. I wish you could have made this longer instead of a one-shot. Maybe you could write a long chapters story on this instead?

Anyway, thank you sooo much for writing this, I really love it. I hope you write more and looking forward to it  :on lol:
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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« Reply #68 on: January 23, 2014, 07:54:10 AM »
Ah... been a while since I have seen any atsumina...

Great OS there...

Very deep love story

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« Reply #69 on: January 23, 2014, 02:39:11 PM »
I think this is my first post in here?  :?
yeah it is~ but It's time for me to comment I guess  :sweatdrop:
All of your OS are really great!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I really loves them~ thank you so much for it~  :heart:
and Forever in Your Heart~  :heart: :yep:
sweet sorrow~ sad that Atsuko is died  :cry: but the way you arranged the part is  :thumbsup
at least we're thinking that it is a happy ending...of course it is! Minami will get to see Atsuko in heaven~  :yep:
is vampire going to heaven too?   :?
hope to see more from you soon!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« Reply #70 on: January 23, 2014, 03:51:07 PM »
P.S. comments are welcome (if you have some)  (or if it happens that you were soooo...speechless from reading it... I understand xD lolololol) good or bad...whichever...hit meh XD
im still shock flamey~  XD :shock:
im happy that ur back with a new os..
more please!!but please i want my atsumina to be happy  :luvluv2:

update more please :on gay:

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Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
« Reply #71 on: April 23, 2015, 07:54:34 AM »
I'm very impress after read this storys
some of them very sweet others very tragic
but all with to much Atsumina love :heart:
great job  :twothumbs

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